All The Best With Building A Strong Black Family With Black Women, You’re Going To Need It and More!


This type of mentality in 2020 unfortunately is the view held by the majority of black women, I’ve told you many times before black women for the majority part don’t have a commitment switch built within themselves, they just aren’t interested in strong black families and restrengthening the black nation, this is why I have to laugh at the pro black simps, manginas and blue pill knights who are so adamant that black men for the betterment of black society must get together with black women.

It doesn’t really help the situation when you are dealing with a group of women who really are NOT interested in anything to help their people arise out of the gutter. Black women having been strategically placed as the leaders of black society by their white lord and saviour Captain Frost have absolutely NO INTENTIONS of relinquishing their power under any circumstances.

I keep on telling you, black women as a collective serve the state, they are the enemy of black men and the sooner more black men read and accept the writing on the wall concerning this is the sooner they can free themselves from the oppressive black female and seek out quality stargates elsewhere. Black women are just dysfunctional individuals period, this is why black men with their heads screwed on straight can never mesh with such women and will find themselves physically repulsed by them.

Here is yet another example of a dysfunctional, mentally challenged black female engaging in unnecessary, nonsensical dumb and goofy behaviour:

This is what black men who still choose to deal with black women typically have to put up with, imagine that, this weave wearing, masculine, ugly looking super tanker was bored so she decided to instigate trouble by phoning her boyfriend under a private number pretending to be somebody else and then starting a beef with him regarding the same phone calls she made, smh.

I keep on telling you guys about how black women just aren’t right in the head and how the overwhelming majority of them need to be sectioned under mental health legislation, placed into straight jackets and locked up in mental asylums, one day somebody will take me seriously. Check this one out:

Yep, there you have it, once again black women lusting after prison inmates and criminals. I’ve still yet to hear a viable proposal being put forward by those pro black female pundits who speak out against SYSBM and who want black men to stick to dating black women exclusively, how they plan to wean black women off their addiction to thug love and the gutter trash of black male society.

Gentlemen, all of the above and much more is why choosing a quality stargate matters, never sell yourself short. It’s pretty obvious in 2020 that as a heterosexual free thinking black man, in order to increase your chances of finding a quality woman, you MUST look well beyond your own female counterparts. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From These Dysfunctional Dark Sirens

Most High Bless

67 thoughts on “All The Best With Building A Strong Black Family With Black Women, You’re Going To Need It and More!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Ive given up on black women 22 years ago when I was 16 years old all the way back in 1998 and I haven’t regretted it since. Also I don’t feel guilty about not dating black women because all they’re interested in doing is dating the worst black man ever in their sexual prime years, get knocked up to become single mothers with multiple kids from multiple different baby fathers and then cry about it when they can’t attract a decent childfree black man when these same black women hit the wall in their 30s and beyond and remember these are the same black women who rejected these good black men calling them lame, soft and not gangster enough when they were in their highest sexual market value in their prime years in their teens and twenties and these same good black men decided enough is enough decided to date decent good looking childfree non black women to create their own nuclear families from scratch and I too want to have my own nuclear family and build it from scratch with a beautiful childfree non black women. I am never going to be the clean up man for a black single mother with her multiple bastard kids from her multiple wutless baby fathers. As far as I am concerned these black women can clean up their own disastrous mess that they themselves created.

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    • I fully don’t mind being curved by mentally gone girks who would rather open their WAP to Tatted-up Jonny, Scum Z and Lil Bizkit. Let them enjoy they jail bait. I don’t cry or lament anything to do with nasty individuals, nor negotiate or horse trade jack.

      I’m over here doing my own thing, building my own shit, getting my own life up. A dirty, HPV addled ho adds nothing to my life.

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      • @Michel

        Amen. When I found out the truth about black women I was relieved. I don’t ever have to pretend to be attracted to such ugly, pathetic, disgusting females again and I don’t have to feel guilty that I was never attracted to them.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      We see the same pattern over and over again with black women, yet as per the “blame it all on the black man” culture most black women subscribe to, it’s the free thinking brother’s fault that black women made the jacked up mating choices which end up repaying them with rightly deserved negative consequences.

      Black women are the only women en mass who outright reject the best and the brightest of black male society but instead worship and chase after the Slim Sauce, knuckle dragging type Negroes. Let them clean up their own damn mess, like you said, I’m not a clean up man either.

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      • Neither surprised or shocked. I do find it a bit unbelievable they will actually post this sh*t online as if only Black people will read it.

        They don’t put disclaimers up before they post stuff on Twitter, maybe they should if they don’t want anybody else reading it..

        Why would you get banned for talking about how you really feel? Black woman have long ago lost the plot. The only muthafukas still trying to keep you on the plantation have nowhere to go themselves.

        BGS posted a segment of Garcelle Beauvais’ podcast, it was a complete mic drop moment.

        Black men, these are your Black women.

        SYSBM community these were never your women.

        Black women do not have a Black child’s best interest in mind, even when they have the means to provide for them.

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    • @Quincy

      Ive given up on black women 22 years ago when I was 16 years old all the way back in 1998 and I haven’t regretted it since.

      Damn Q, I envy you! You were redpilled at 16? Mondo respect!!

      At 16, I was a naive bluepilled “teen” baller who didn’t get any pussy from the fine cute sistas back then since they were always rolling with the hoodies or guys with wheels.
      I was a good baller…always outplayed the hoodies & most of the older guys, but never got anywhere with Canadian black women – especially since they’re not rough like the typical American scraggle daggles.

      But Canada has always, naturally, been #SYSBM territory since the black population is so small. Today, un-assimmilable immigrants cough, cough, cough!!! Somalis have come in & on numerous occasions given black Canadians a bad name because they’re so fucking hotheaded. I really don’t know why we let them in. I’d prefer Tanzanians, Ugandans, Ethiopians, Kenyans, Malawians, Zambians, etc…but Somalis? They don’t fucking assimilate. Who does that?

      Anyhow, it was always easier for me dating white or Asian-Canadian gals with a preference for classy French-Canadian women from Quebec. They have a much different mentality from the Protestant-influenced Anglo-English skirts. And they take much better care of themselves, too, by a wide margin. It’s a “French” thing.
      Viva Montreal!!

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      • Black Caesar,

        It’s what Afrofuturism1 keeps on saying with regards to these other cultures, it tends to be the men who are the problem as opposed to black culture where the women are the bane. I don’t think they’d be any major problems if the overwhelming majority of Somali immigrants were women.

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  2. All got to say is WOW. Thes black women continue show how worthless they truely are. They fake calls to start arguing and wanting to date ex cons release from prison. Verbs is right they are not righr in the head. This reason why black are leaving a looking else where.
    Dumb ass like C Boogie will tell you that thes women are not your enemy. When they reall are. This why stop listen ro Bluepill knights and pro black simps. These women are done and they are nogood to black men.
    Brothas fine you better woman that follow your lead and wanting be your wife. Not these black women that enjoy being nothing but piece of trash and useless.

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      C Boogie is your Slim Sauce, Midnight Freddy type black man, therefore as we all know black women will gravitate more towards black men like him but at the same time openly shun and mock so called “educated lames” and squares ie classic black men.

      Any black man telling you to form a coalition with a group of females who are clearly written off and done for is nothing short of a blue pilled feminist who does NOT have your best interests at heart and in fact is more likely trying to get you to walk down a road of calamity and disaster because he doesn’t want to see you thriving and getting higher quality women.


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  3. Verbs

    You keep putting the first hand evidence out there for all to see over and over again, yet the likes of Defeated Derell and Fake Academic Fountain still can’t see this? Do these negroes have a genetic blind spot?

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    • Michel,

      Black male feminists like Derailed as well as the fake academic will do as typical male feminists do, they deliberately choose to turn a blind eye to the obvious. Fountain Top doesn’t even have the testicular fortitude to man up and admit that black female society has some severe problems that it needs to deal with.

      Derailed acknowledges that black female society is problematic but that’s as far as he’ll go, somehow via some miracle he still expects black men to remedy dysfunctional black female behaviour even though it’s the black woman’s responsibility to do that.

      Like you said, we don’t sweat being rejected by a group of women who are observably not right in the head, who don’t know the meaning of the words natural, feminine, classy, submissive etc and who only have their washed up, overclocked snatch to bring to the table.

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    • Actually remember that comedian who told that Black female heckler that she was the reason Black men are dating White women?

      He’s willing to say what most of America ain’t less they want to lose their job or status. Even he couldn’t have said what he said if he had his own show on a major network.

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  4. All I have to say about that first Facebook post is, Isaiah 4:1. BW know that their chances of getting married to a Good man are slim, so they have sub consciously accepted being mistresses and baby mommas. They think they are fooling people by telling them that being a mistress is better than being a wife (lol) and that its fine to be a baby momma, but no one is fooled, society knows that mistress and baby momma are most BW’s only options. They are the least picked for marriage for a reason.
    I posted this article a while back, I see this a lot even at work. Single mother BW wearing fake wedding rings on their finger because they don’t want people to know that they are single mothers:
    “Still, for me, the hardest part of my pregnancy was navigating the self-imposed shame of being a black single mother. At the time, I didn’t own a car, so I was taking public transportation everywhere. People would stare at my belly instead of offering me a seat. Eventually, I did start wearing a ring on my wedding-ring finger, as though I were a married black pregnant woman instead of another single black woman with child. I did feel there was some difference in how I was treated in public β€” but it’s hard to really know if it did. I feel it did, though.”
    SMDH. Isaiah 4:1
    “Some of my friends have asked me why I didn’t file my child support. But to me, there’s no point. He already believes that this has nothing to do with him. It would have made no sense to add the stress of having to go to court, to prove paternity β€” there was no way I was going to have blood taken from my son to prove who his biological father is. It just would not have been beneficial both emotionally or financially. There are no ties to him, except in my son’s DNA.”
    Translation: She wasn’t sure who the father really was.
    “When my water broke, I was sitting on the couch, watching an NFL game on TV. It took me a second β€” did I need to use the bathroom or was this something else? Once I determined that it was something else, I called my doctor and I called my mom. And I started timing my contractions; I used an app. I didn’t have someone else to do it for me. In those moments, it became very real: I was about to become a parent.”
    I mentioned this on here before but when my wife and I were expecting we went to various classes and open houses at local hospitals, I noticed that the overwhelming majority of pregnant BW at these classes and events were either alone or with another BW, no man in sight. There was one BW in an elevator with my wife and I who was pregnant and with her mother, my wife and I talked with her mom for a minute, the girl stood there looking embarrassed.

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  5. I bookmarked and saved this post for ready access.

    The reason why I saved and bookmarked this post is because this single post this Friday morning ends the discussion about who is to blame for the state of the black community with not a tap but a shot from a gavel audible on Mars.

    1. Everyone always wants to blame black men for the fatherlessness in the black community. My contention has always been that black women are too insufferable and disagreeable to be around. The comment from the niggerbitch above proves they go out of their way to be insufferable and incapable as wives. The she monkey above basically admitted that black women are incapable and unwilling wives. So why do we suppose black men leave? Black men leave black women, and consequently grudgingly leave their kids behind, because living with a black bitch is unbearable. Ask anyone, especially a white cocksucker, how much time they’ve spent around a black bitch the next time they accuse black men of being the face of fatherlessness in the black community. Furthermore, if black men were deadbeats then Newsweek would have nothing to write about when they debunked the claims about the deadbeat black father and even went on to state that black father are the most involved in their kids lives. My own father was the same.

    My black trash whore of a mother tried for years to get me to hate my late dad. Unfortunately, this was doomed to fail from the beginning because I hated her since I was six and disowned her mentally when I was 10 or 11. The reason why that was easy was because my dad, warts and all, was very involved. Even after the divorce. And I know my whore of a mother was the problem, nearly driving him to suicide I might add, because my dad immediately went SYSBM after the bitch and that white woman was the woman he was married to until death.

    2. Nigger bitches cannot function hout conflict. The black bitch is such an unfathomable loser that she literally will die spirituality without some kind of negative conflict. Hardcore Tito made a video I reference frequently that explains how black women purposely go where black men are likely to be killed dressed in their Sunday best like they are white men going to a lynching (see the parallels?). Non black women stay the fuck away from places like this. Main reason is they know they will not find quality men in places like that. But the black bitch loves the sights and smells of black male blood. Why do you suppose nigger bitches make absolutely no effort to leave the ghettos? Those places are supposed to be for families who fall in hard times and only a temporary pit stop. You out away money in a savings account until you can afford a better place. Instead, these nigger monkey bitches keep their kids in these dangerous hoods a) for the conflict and drama, b) for the pleasure in watching black men die, c) to break their children’s spirits so they don’t dare amount to better than her and d) in the hopes their own children get killed so they can collect sympathy and and insurance cheque. Let’s not forget also that the government free money stops should they become self sufficient and we all know the sheboon is too lazy for that.

    All this is confirmed also anecdotally by my own whore of a mother who did not do the things above. I had to learn work ethic and move out by myself. These black children out here are really on their own. This is why black boys gravitate towards gangs.

    3. This ties into number 2. Black women love criminals. Do you see how the black bitch is spiritually in lock step with white men? They are as sexually attracted to incarcerated black men as white men were attracted to enslaved women. They know these men have criminal records and the longer the rap sheet, the easier it is to be sent back to prison. So that whole image of the chained black man behind bars plus the power of being able to send them back to prison gets the niggerbitch wet. It’s more about control and power than actually sexual attraction. Most black men are not criminals, so how does the average black men expect to have a normal relationship with the sheboon? The short answer is he cannot. You are trying to have a relationship with a white man in a black bitch’s body.


    All three of these examples make it plan to see that a black men cannot have a normal, natural relationship with the black bitch. You will also notice that there are little to no exceptions to this rule and that is what I believe. The pick me’s don’t count. The reason why is they show up to men’s spaces trying to convince them instead of trying to convince women this is the way to go. That is a classic mating strategy for a bitch that is no different but has no options and time is running out. Sadly, most men fall for this.

    Ignore what the hoteps, the negro beta males, the homosexual stalkers like Brokeback Fountain, the married-into-misery niggas like DERELL who need company, the B1 shines, the pro-black monkeys, the pan African savages, the kemetic lawn jockeys, the red black and green geechees and other simps who are too scared of negresses to expand their options say.

    GO AND GET YOUR NON BLACK QUEEN, BLACK MAN! πŸ‘ŠπŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏβœŠπŸΏπŸ‘¨πŸΏβ€πŸ¦°πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ¦°πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ¦°

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    • 1. Everyone always wants to blame black men for the fatherlessness in the black community. My contention has always been that black women are too insufferable and disagreeable to be around.

      When I was single and childless, I used to believe that bullshit– it’s the black man’s fault for fatherless homes. Then I found myself in the middle of a divorce and custody battle, and that’s when I had a sobering moment and learned that it’s not always the black man’s fault; many times, this black bitch is culpable.

      During the custody battle, I almost threw up my hands to say fuck this, but I couldn’t, because I am not the type to give up. But empathize with black men who do give up– the system is stacked against black fathers. I have to say fighting a custody battle the most emotionally challenging times of my life.

      When everyone wants to blame black men for fatherlessness in black households, no one ever asks the following question:


      A lot of these black bitches will keep the child from seeing the father, and will turn around and blame the father for not being around.

      When it comes to the black fatherless debate, I won’t even entertain it unless the opposition can answer the above question.

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      • @B A

        The black bitch is simply not something you want to be around. She knows she’s garbage, she revels in the fact she’s garbage, she flaunts being garbage. It doesn’t matter to the nigger whore if it affects the children. We all know black women and children don’t mix.

        To give you an example from my own life once more on just how insufferable the niggerbitch is. One time years ago an uncle whom I had not seen since the 80s came to visit from Jamaica and stayed with us. He is a slight soft spoken dude even though my last memory of him was that of a strict disciplinarian. He wasn’t here two days before I hear my disgusting whore of a mother yelling at him and arguing with him at like 7:30 in the fucking morning as I was getting ready for school. It was at that point I learned about the family dynamic on her side of the family.

        More and more I pity my dad but glad he went SYSBM before he died so he could at least spend his last years with a natural female.

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      • Everyone always wants to blame black men for the fatherlessness in the black community. My contention has always been that black women are too insufferable and disagreeable to be around.

        Black women are financially rewarded for booting the father out from the family. Therefore anything that happens from there is the dominion of the State. The State is Crystal Meth’s daddy.

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    • Black Caesar,

      That comment was a victory lap, a home run and a slam dunk rolled into one. What else needs to be added?


      Like you said, black men need to simply pick up and go where they will be loved and appreciated, those black men who still believe there is “hope” for black female reform are not living in the real world at all and as I’ve said before will become casualties and victims of the same black women they pine after and worship.

      All the best to those dudes holding out for ” the one”. They’ll return to the dust of the earth before a quality black female comes in their direction.

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    • Black Caesar,

      If you spun off into your own blog or channel, I’d be the first one to tune in. I was almost in tears reading that shit, no cap. Possibly the best contributor post this year so far. I won’t even rag you on the typos lol. Devastating neutron bomb post that needs to be put out there more widely. Let these no-good, low-seeded black whores read it and get mad. Call ’em out. Big up, brother.

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      • @Schadenfreude thanks. πŸ™‚
        It’s a funny thing to be a thinking black man. We are cursed just like every other black child for having been born to a black bitch but we are blessed for having our brains intact and being able to recognize the problem and deal with it.

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  6. Just remember. They got over 50% of herpes and HIV. Also, some hospitals don’t check black women for herpes, they only check them for HIV and clymedia. Also a lot of black women got HPV and fibromyalgia.

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  7. That first screenshot is proof of how jacked up this Black siren truly is; the most damning piece of evidence for me that I’ve recently seen was the ‘Crystal Meth’ video David Carroll posted on FS Avenger. The saddest part of that video is how Crystal revealed she lamented not having a relationship with her father, and the stragg lawyer she was on the phone with told her that she didn’t need her father; it’s case closed on these witches (has been for decades now).

    That second screenshot is also evidence of how the idle stragg is the Devil’s workshop; these brawds make it too easy for White and non-Black women of color to swoop in and snag all of the good Black men, leaving BumQuisha with Pookie. That toxic behavior is not cute, and will leave you catching a hot one like Megan Thee Stallion did from Tory Lanez.

    Lastly, it’s no surprise that Black women are happy to see the likes of Slim Sauce, Cheesy Grillz, and Field Mouse be released from prison, yet these are the same brawds that tell their chicken head friends on social media not to date or marry a man who is broke; make that make sense!

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      I haven’t watched that video of Crystal Swirlz aka Crystal Meth in its entirety, I’m not a black witch supporter, however it makes a change for a black female to come out and admit that she regrets not having a relationship with her father. Of course as per usual there is also another black siren on sight to pull a lamenting black female back onto the matriarchal plantation.

      These women are completely lost and there isn’t anything anybody can do for them at this stage. It’s not even hard to find this stuff, I’m getting sent this kind of indicting material all the time.

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  8. “All The Best With Building A Strong Black Family With Black Women, You’re Going To Need It and More!” — Slaying Evil, August 2020

    Been there, tried that. It’s a losing proposition. By nature, they are contentious and uncooperative. And when you achieve that rare moment of tranquility, they will squash it by manufacturing artificial turbulence (e.g., the bitch, cited in the article, who made private calls to her boyfriend’s phone just to initiate an argument proves that).

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    • BA,

      Exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars, how there is no peace when dealing with this modern day black female, they’re don’t feel at ease unless they are instigating some kind of trouble. The black female’s mind is always at war and so she feels the need to manifest this in the environment around her, unfortunately her primary victims typically are black men.

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    • Let’s examine the crime in the black community.

      -Black bitch only sleeps with felons.
      -Single mother raised geechee savage who has been broken by his mother into not outdoing her even in terms of mate selection realizes he will get no pussy ie. no opportunity to reproduce unless he is a felon.
      -Single mother raised hood savage joins many other hood savages like him, who were raised and broken in the same manner, in committing a sort of gladiatorial pavement ape games (criminal activity) for unwashed vagina access.
      -Some single mother raised monkeys goes to prison earning elite status of the black bitch ordained rite of passage, the prison term.
      -if/when single mother raised shine comes out of jail he gets the attention of the she monkey.
      -The pavement monkey gets to impregnate the she ape and produce another niglet that is raised just as he was.
      -the cycle of dysfunction continues

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  9. Kimesha

    James SYSBM (or Robert Chavis, don’t remember which) is right on the money. These ghetto names and others are identifiers of the permanent black female underclass, making it easy to avoid these hoes. Not that you’d be attracted to these obese, low class, thug-loving, Section 8 wildebeests. Shun at all costs. Educated Black Men deserve better.

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      • There is a whole book about it, of course it’s REAL. BLM is a perfect example of the non-action, no policy solutions or anything to impact the lives of the underclass. Only to attack Masculinity and the Nuclear Family aka Patriarchy.

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  10. Having a family with a black women is truly damn impossible because of the ratchet nonsense they are bringing. Look here, black women want a family with no man in the household because they can get that money from the government for free. But when they have two, three, five, ten or even twenty five kids, now all of a sudden they are looking for a good black man. Them fool you see! You can’t deal with a scraggle daggle because think of the problems they will bring to you. These hoodrats love being ratchet just like their mothers, their aunt and they grandmother.

    And when these inmates come out of prison, they can’t wait to chase after them. But why they wanna deal with these prisoners in the first place? Do they know where their dicks have been? And these women want these men? As thinking black men looks at this, he thinking that he rather date a non black woman and have a family with her. these harridans don’t want a family with a good black man but they have a family with Cell Block Scrappy, Weed Man Jake from Neasden, Rapid Fire Rasta, 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don and Rizla P. Leave them to them.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all the time now as these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging scraggle daggles are coming after non black women just like they are coming after Kylie Jenner.


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    • Sigh…. β€œbut why do people stereotype us?!?!?!”

      Someone in the comments from there video said they should pull the police from these neighborhoods. I completely agree with them.

      At this point, it’s not even worth trying to save. Leave them to their own devices.

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    • This is why I support a re-instatement of slavery for geechees with IQs lower than 100. That should take care of the hood problem. Forced sterilization doesn’t look too bad either.

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      • Hold on, they underclass dominate the jail population. What do you think they are doing, twiddling their thumbs? They are being paid less than $2 to manufacture various things –

        That is about as close as your going to get to slavery as it’s illegal via the Constitution, same law that freed the slaves made it illegal to have it. You need 2/3rds of the States to have a Constitutional Convention to change it officially.

        I don’t mind over the top rhetoric at times but there no way that’s going to happen especially in this climate.

        As for forced sterilization that isn’t needed either. Leave the underclass where they are, no need to associate with them; I try my best not too.

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    • As a “lame ass nigha” of 30 years, bitches been invisible and that’s God’s eternal blessing.

      SYSBM til the Goodyear tires drop off

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  11. If this was true this bitch would of “exposed” all of those dudes, these whores just love to hear themselves talk and repeat what other hive minded bitches say. Just like Hardcore Tito said, “colorism” is a last ditch mating call of the undesirable”
    And look at this ratchet hood booger here, these are the undesirable thug loving women that are architects of their own hell and will look to blame everybody else for it but themselves

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    • Illmati826,

      I’m going to write an article on the first link you posted, these black sirens stay delusional believing they have the authority to determine what reasons black men put out regarding why they have dating preferences towards white women, smh.

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      • @Verbs2015

        And I find it strange that these women can speak as if they know what Black Men want and feel, how can they tell us what we like or what we do when they aren’t Black Men?? That girl is British btw so her whole view is different from here in the US but she will STILL use these American nigger bitch talking points and paint Black Men with a broad brush but if we do it to them guess what their crybaby asses will say?? We will get told that we shouldn’t generalize Black Women, we don’t uplift Black Women, no there race of man disrespects their women like Black Men do (despite this being constantly proven false but they will say it anyway just to say it), they will throw bullshit domestic abuse and interracial stats at us, they will call us “powerless”, and some will even go low enough to say “the police aren’t killing you niggas fast enough” while at the SAME time begging us to stop abusing them and to protect and uplift them lol the jokes LITERALLY write themselves when you have a dialogue with these black whores.

        The black bitches over in the UK seem to be EXTREMELY bitter tho lol from what I see the brothas over in the UK are EN MASSE ignoring those bitches and dating snow bunnies in RECORD numbers lol And correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it like over 60% of the brothas over there married to Non Black Women?? lol The right of first refusal isn’t an option over there and THATS why those bitches come to twitter to bitch and moan about Black Men leaving them in droves.

        These bitches claim how white men want them but where are the white boys that’s making videos saying how much they love nigger bitches at?? lol they are extremely few and far between and the ones that do it are simply pandering for pussy to satisfy their chocolate fetish and to mark it off their check list before they settle down with a white woman. But Black Men have literally debunked EVERY talking point about us being “jobless bums” (the vast majority of Black Men are gainfully employed) or about how these whores say they are the “breadwinners” in the majority of their house holds when the stats show that’s true for SINGLE MOTHER house holds (they should be out earning their children lol) but when they enter in a relationship with a Black Man that number shrinks down to them being the breadwinner in only 15% of the households, we’ve debunked the “most abusive men” lie also by exposing other cultures of men in the Middle East that can literally get away with stopping their women from leaving the house and to legally stoning their women to death, Mexican Men have “rape trees” where they rape over 90% of the women that cross the border, the white man stopped his woman from doing anything other than being a house wife to where they had to create the virus known today as feminism, the Asian man literally treats his women like privately owned livestock. But these spoiled ass Black bitches will say how we have privileges and that we “oppress” them simply over us criticizing them lol

        These women can no longer remove the goalposts so they say the most vile shit like “the police aren’t killing you niggas fast enough” or they will call us “bulletbags” or “hashtags” while having Breona Taylor’s name or have “Justice For Breona Taylor” in their bio or as their screen name lol These women are so mentally gone that it should be a crime for them to converse with other people whether it be online or in person lol a hive mind is a stupid mind and it’s displayed DAILY on twitter lol And please write that article bro lol

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  12. I’ll just leave this right here:

    Can anyone show me a non-BW who makes posts like these? LOL
    BW are WHORES. Zero exceptions.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Another prime example of what Verbs continues to highlight in the ongoing series “They keep telling on themselves”.

      It goes without saying – AVOID the Scraggle stargate at ALL costs!


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    • Complete hoe. If pole-vaulting over the majority of decent, stable black men was an Olympic sport, black bitches would win the gold every single time. Only a matter of time before she’s on the same app crying about not being pRoTeCted. But she will find a simp to take on her beat-up, diseased snatch (she also tweets about how she likes for her men to not pull out). Leave her to the streets, gentlemen.

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      • @Schadenfreude
        WTF I didn’t even see that tweet.
        As Tommy S. Sang:

        We got it baaaaaad.

        This is why I don’t claim no damn black bitches as a counterpart. I refuse to claim such garbage as a thinking black men. No man deserves such trash. Calling them my counterpart makes me on par with them and that’s not happening.

        Go and get your damn non black queens black man and kick these pro blacks square in the jewels and then in their teeth if they stand in your way.

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    • @Black Caesar

      I saw this also lol these women have a lust for dysfunction. It’s no secret why the overwhelmingly majority of them are as single as a dollar bill and it’s not because they can’t find anybody it’s because they prefer men that don’t prefer them. These women are so jacked up mentally to where the idea of having a good man scares them because due to their extreme inability to cope with reality and be self accountable they OPENLY refuse good men because they know those good men wont give them the reality tv show type drama and dysfunction that they crave. Stats show that Black Women suffer from 2 things, they watch too much TV and they don’t prefer long term relationships not even with the white boys. No other demographic watches more TV than Black Women do so what does that mean?? They are easily programmed to accept the poison they see on TV. You can see these chicks hugged up on IG with a dude and 6 months to a year later all of the pics of them and the dude is gone and they are pregnant lol I have seen this happen when they are with both Black and white men, these women simply don’t prefer long term relationships. They prefer whoring themselves out and at the same time complaining how “over sexed” they are when nobody sexualizes Black Women more than Black Women themselves. When a woman doesn’t have a father or a positive male role model growing up she makes a lot of poor decisions, she becomes sexually irresponsible and she lacks any kind of self esteem or self worth and will almost reflexively deny anything that’s positive (like a good man). They literally train themselves damn near from birth on how to be a whore or a side chick, they love the shit and can’t get enough of it and then when they get a little older in their mid to late 30’s they want a simp to come save em, that’s why so many of those bitches love Russel Wilson despite not having a Russel Wilson type dude before because that once again helps them escape accountability. And from what I have noticed YEARS ago, having a conversation with these women is about as useful as stepping in a pile of dog shit, either way your face will frown up lol

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      • @illmatic


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      • “When a woman doesn’t have a father or a positive male role model growing up she makes a lot of poor decisions, she becomes sexually irresponsible and she lacks any kind of self esteem or self worth and will almost reflexively deny anything that’s positive (like a good man).”

        Crystal Meth is a textbook example of this!

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