Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Some screenshots courtesy of contributor Afrofuturism1:

As Afrofuturism1 pointed out to me, notice there are very few if any black celebrities speaking out against the damage that is being done to children via ANTIsocial distancing or as some have labelled socialISM distancing? Children are supposed to interact with one another especially via touch, that image above is extremely disturbing, so called “social distancing” is Satan’s protocol straight from the pit of hell.

Instead we have modern day bootlickers like Phil Advise Show labelling white folks who are actively taking a stand against the COVID-19 tyranny, “Karens”, smh. Moving on to side piece Kamala Harris, here is one I found earlier:

Here are some other screenshots supplied by Afrofuturism:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here folks, roll that dice, talk about the issues you want to talk about, you’ve got the floor, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Strong Strong During These Tough And Crazy Times

Most High Bless

241 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Have you heard the one about the unhappily married, 2,3,4,5,6 hour livestream having, pro black, black first, back to Africa, red black and green nigger who writes bad hip hop songs about SYSBM?


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    • Black Caesar,

      This dude here, what kind of a track was that, lol? Notice how we’ve moved on and haven’t really talked about the so called “educated Youtube therapist” save for a few obscure mentions here and there.

      He can’t keep SYSBM out of his mouth because nobody is paying him any attention especially those scraggly black witches who keep putting the battery in his back and winding him up.

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      • Black Caesar,

        We already know the score with this shine bucket, he’s NOT happily married, hence why he’s got so much time on his hands to make lame songs about SYSBM. When we call out these black sirens, we’re most probably speaking about his wife, lol, hit dogs will always cry out, lol. He has to retreat into the sanctity of his studio to escape the oppressive regime of his black queanie.

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    • What the fuck kinda noise did I just “listen” to?? 👀👀
      Shit “music” like that is why I don’t listen today’s Ghetto Hip-Hop/Rap.
      That is definitely not #SYSBM material.

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    • I don’t know about you, but the thought that comes to mind when I viewed (actually skipped from one minute to the next viewing just a couple of seconds with each skip) is:

      People are actually using precious time to make wack ass videos, instead of using this downtime to enhance their skill set. That Negro is a supposedly a therapist. You mean to tell me there aren’t any continuing education units (CEUs) that he needs to knock out to maintain his certification?


      “Lame Niggas, do and say lame things…”

      Making wack ass videos like the one about is Exhibit #1.

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  2. Good morning, SYSBM brethren; so, this video has been making its rounds on social media:

    So, this racist dude named Billy Steel was harassing these 3 Black guys on the London Underground calling them ‘pets’ and telling them that England is his country and they’re all going back to Africa; this guy sounds like he adheres to White nationalist ideals and he seems to be a bit of a whackjob. So, the train makes a stop, and he steps to the 3 young Black men with clenched fists, and one of them delivers a vicious right hook that leaves ‘Mr. Steel with the glass jaw’ unconscious; this has to be 2020’s Knockout of the Year!

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  3. As Covid-19 infections increase along with the death rate, unemployment, mass firings, hiring freezes, and evictions are seemingly spiraling out of control. The county I’m reside in Georgia has the highest COVID-19 cases in the state. It seems that many aren’t heeding the advice of online-distance learning. In the past 4 months, I really realized Americans are of a low ilk & intelligence.

    I understand the need for education & children should be in a learning institution. But how are these students supposed to not catch COVID-19 being in an enclosed area for more than 8 hours a day. Mask or not.

    In other news, I found interesting tweets in Tariq Nasheeds timeline. Before I get into that,I would need to show a clip prior to his tweet.

    If you have opened or seen it the link above, your wondering were this leads to🤔
    Now let’s get to these specific Tariq Nasheed tweets…shall we?

    Although I take tweets with a grain of salt, residents in the area stated Kimberly Klacik was formerly Kimberly Bray. She worked at her now husband’s “adult entertainment” club as a stripper while attending college for political science. Her, using her sexual lure & dirty husbands connections, ended up getting a seat in Baltimores Republican Senate being a “conservative”.

    All while being a smutted-out bedwench, she married her pimp (which residents have rumored to state he smutted her out to others and encouraged her to smut around to get into a position of power) which had 6 different bi-racial children with 6 different black women 😂😆😯

    Can’t make this shit up. Recently, she lost an a poll election to another democratic senator but the city knew what kind of whore bedwench she was😂 And that’s why she lost. Now she is being endorsed by Trump as a Republican Congressional Nominee in District-7 in Maryland😂🤣😂🤣

    Trump probably wants to get his rocks off knowing her history as an obedient bedwench and she has been passed around🤣 He’s probably thinking,”She’s more obedient than Omarosa and hella better looking than Diamond & Silk. I wonder how much her husband would let me pay or rent her to get my nut off.” I won’t be surprised if she has a seat in the Senate after 2020 when her members in the House run a 🚉 on her🤣

    Sometimes you gotta laugh at the lowlife desperate shit Black Bitches do. Just when you think they can go no lower, there is always another threshold or benchmark to set🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      • Apparently, they don’t have value in that either. I wish I could find the stat online but it quoted, “Black strippers make 3x-5x less than White,Hispanic, and Asian strippers”😂
        Very few have a strong whore game😂 Even in the adult movie genre, they are paid less and overworked significantly. Their careers burn out and they are no longer a shell of their former selves.

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      • @Ryan LOL true, hence the WAP video.
        Look at the way BW have to practically be walking advertisements for it while non-BW don’t have to whore themselves out to get good quality men.

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    • Ryan,

      I’m going to have to push back on your COVID position. What COVID-19, you mean that same COVID-19 was never isolated and proven to exist via Koch’s Postulates to begin with:

      What exactly would people be wearing masks for when its been proven that face masks do not work to protect people from viruses:

      Additionally, even if we go along with the mainstream media narrative, increased cases is not equating to an increase in the death rate:

      Also to add, what country are the test kits for COVID-19 being manufactured in, that’s right China, where the alleged virus came from. The common surgical face masks that the overwhelming majority of people are wearing are also being made in China.

      The “virus” comes out of China but yet all of the measures as well as the equipment being used to “combat” COVID-19 are coming from the same country where the so called Coronavirus originated. You’ve heard the saying, “there is a sucker born every minute”, however I am not and point blank refuse to be one.

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    • Ryan,

      I came across “Kim K”‘s video on Twitter. I knew from that Polish/Eastern European last name that she was a bedwench. Just like that dark-skinned conservative woman with the Italian last name. Crazy that “Kim K”‘s got that open stripper whore background. I guess her political enemies can’t use it against her if it’s out there. Props to Tariq for airing her out. Racist White Zaddy All Lives Matter Twitter is going insane for her, though. She checks all their boxes with that video.

      Wow get a gander at her pimp/husband. His white skin covers a multitude of imperfections and sins.

      I guess this is the era of colored hoes openly sucking dick and putting out ass to move up in politics (see: Kamala Harris and former SF Mayor Willie Brown). What do you bet “Scandal” has influenced these hoes to some degree?

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      • Speaking of that lovely Kamala gal, here’s an article by her daddy in the Jamaican Observer:
        Always good to see some redpilled comments even though many brainwashed bluepillers couldn’t handle the truth based on their responses. 👇🏽👇🏽
        VXtruth wrote:
        Prof. I appreciate this heart felt column.
        Thank you, for your service to Jamaica.
        But. Kamala Harris, unfortunately has no foundation or moral authority.
        She was on a late night show, and asked how come, she and Joe Biden are pals now.
        Remember, she said Massa Joe, that opposed certain policies that had her bused across town, that mass Joe featured prominently with segregationists, that mass Joe wasn’t the best candidate. And so on.
        Only to say, to the interviewer that it was all a debate! So, she is now Joe B biggest co-signer, who new?
        So, guess what? She cannot be taken seriously, as she is an empty suit, a political opportunist.
        On top of that, she only embraced Jamaican culture, when it was fashionable to do so during her rise to national political stage, so as to lend her some street cred. I am not one, to be a wagonist, in being against anyone. But, I am certainly not for wishy washy morally bankrupt political charlatons.
        However, she doesn’t support life, in the womb, she is pro homosexual, pro gun confiscating liberal, pro government expansion in every area. Such policies are antithetical to my beliefs.
        The Dem party, in a rush to be seen as big tent, has become intolerant of anyone who thinks and believes differently. Multiculturalism has never saved any civilization from imminent collapse, and I can say, that the Dem party is the spear tip of America’s down fall.

        Mark Chue wrote:
        A woman who officiates same sex weddings? A woman who supports abortion? A woman who sent thousands of black men to prison? A woman who supports Christians being jailed for exercising their religious beliefs? A woman who supports illegal immigration and open borders? Clearly It takes very little to win your admiration…
        WOW!! A democrat running for office can be traced back to ancestral slave ownership? According to Democrats she is a beneficiary of white “privilege” and now looking for the black vote? This modern day Democrat party is built on double standards, confusion and dishonesty….with a perfect VP pick in Kamal Harris.

        When the DemonRATs lose in November, the Deep State will trigger a Civil War. I’m sure of it because things just can NOT stay the course like this any longer: $25 TRILLION debt & growing, recession with unofficial unemployment around 20%+, racial tensions, 800+ military bases around the planet. Something has to give.
        Time to order LOTS of popcorn cuz interesting times ahead. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

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      • “What do you bet “Scandal” has influenced these hoes to some degree?”

        Scandal probably made them more bold to do what they were already doing.

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      • @Black Picard
        If the Republicans had any brains they’d be trying to groom a candidate with the same policies as trump but a little more professional. Now’s the time to be thinking about 2024. Trump will win 2020 that’s a no-brainer.

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    • That’s why I think both Democrats and Republicans are trash. Neither party is looking out for the interests of black people, especially black men. Look into the history of any candidate on either side of the isle and you’ll find a ton of dirt. It seems only broken, mentally deranged, narcissistic sociopaths run for elected office. Trump is wholly unfit for the Presidency. But Biden is no better. Only a viable 3rd party will shake up the system and finally give us the government we need, but the powers-that-be will never let that happen. So, I’m either voting for a write-in candidate in November or abstaining altogether.

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      • “That’s why I think both Democrats and Republicans are trash. Neither party is looking out for the interests of black people, especially black men.”

        Both parties attracts my enemies. Democrats attracts feminists, and Republicans attracts the alt-right and Neo Nazi-sympathizers.

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      • I’ve been saying this foreva. The Amerikan sheep keep getting PLAYED in a dangerous game called Political Charades. Every other democracy on the planet usually has more than 2 VIABLE alternatives. But in the US, home of the exceptional apple pie freedom-luvin, liberty-luvin, democracy-luvin folks, it’s OK to only have 2 main crooked “parties” duke it out every 4 years. What a fucking joke.

        And clueless Millennials sit back & take that shit up the ass even though it is THEIR FUTURE that is at stake. Destructive Hip-Hop, Feminism, idiot box Hollyweird TV “programming” & Big Pharma drugs like vaccines, Ritalin & all the other exceptional psyche drugs have really done a number on the sheep.

        Go to sleeeep dear Amerikan sheep!! Baaaaaaaaa, baaaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaa. 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑


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      • @Black Picard

        It’s not much better if you have more than 2. In Canada we have a bunch but it’s usually the Libs vs the Conservatives duking it out with a small minority of NDP trying to get a foothold. I think the green party managed to get one seat once. LOL
        All these major parties are corporate socialists anyway.

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    • I personally don’t buy into this narrative of the COVID-19 surge due to the failure of students keeping distance from one another and not wearing masks; what that news bit failed to show is the proof to back up their claims.

      As for Kimberly Klacik, she’s nothing more than a reformed hoe who “leveled up” and married a White zaddy pimp whom she use to hoe herself out for; I also couldn’t get past her attempting to use her sex appeal in the ad (the zooming in on her red heels as she walked, the red dress she wore, that soft voice, etc.). Oh, and who could miss that weave?

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    • I grew up in Baltimore, and have seen it transform from when I was a child in the 70’s and 80’s to what it is today. Baltimore has always been under the stewardship of Democrats, and I can tell you the Baltimore of today is not the Baltimore of when I was a kid. Yeah, Baltimore is a rugged town, but when I was a kid, it was safe, and relatively safe in my late teens.

      The black whore in the video is picking the worst of Baltimore in a sorry attempt to go viral. You know, just like when a black whore picks the worst example of a black man and tries to portray all black men that way.

      But let’s be real here– Baltimore, overall, is a good city. It’s BLACK BALTIMORE that is mainly the problem, and the problem isn’t party-affiliated.

      It’s not party-affliated, because I remember a much better Baltimore during my adolescence and teenage years. It was run by Mayor William Donald Schaefer, a Democrat. Schaefer was a “mayor’s mayor.”

      Schaefer would drive around the city looking for potholes, eye-soars, etc. Then he would get on the phone and order Public Works to fix it, pronto! Schaefer started a summer jobs program for kids. Each summer, in my teen years, I always had a summer job, courtesy of the city. The jobs were manly unskilled labor jobs– trash pick up, renovation, etc.

      Much of the crime and heinous acts that occur in Baltimore are along the East/West thoroughfare. North and South Baltimore has very little crime, and virtually no violent crime.

      Shit started going sideways after Schaefer was elected governor, in 1987. Kurt Schomke, Baltimore’s first black mayor, Yale graduate, took over after Schaefer. Things started out good under Schomke, but conditions became bad ay the end of his 12 years in office. Martin O’Malley reeled things in, by instituting stop and frisk, and there was a precipitous drop in crime.

      After O’Malley was elected governor, THREE BLACK FEMALES were elected, successively, to office, and that’s when Black Baltimore went to deep shit.

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    • Someone on Twitter said:

      “There are many Black communities in Baltimore that are thriving. She picked W. Baltimore. A corridor that’s riddled with drugs and poverty. Why didn’t she go to Hamden where the poor whites are living and overdosing on heroin in the middle of the street?”

      Which is a valid point. They will make it seem like only Black people are fucked up when every race/community has it’s good and bad spots.

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      • Bingo. She didn’t go to Ashburton, and Forest Park. She conveniently picked Sandtowne-Winchester and filmed abandoned houses.

        There is a reason why those houses are abandoned and vacant. It’s part of the gentrification initiative, which is a good thing. For example, if you head West on Presstman, there was a section of abandoned row houses, on the left side, between Pennsylvania Avenue and Division Street, that were torn down and made a vacant lot.

        If you go to East Baltimore, there are several vacant and dilapidated row houses that were renovated along Greenmount Avenue, North of North Avenue around 20th, and 21st streets.

        Has the recent Democratic leadership sucked in recent years, YES! You get no argument from me on that. But the black whore is a consummate politician. If that bitch gets into office, she ain’t gonna do shit.

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      • Speaking of Hampden, I remember as a kid that black people couldn’t even live in Hampden. The racists motherfuckers firebombed an Ethiopian family who tried to move into their community, talking about they aren’t black.

        Many Ethiopians look down on black Americans. I guess they got their sand nigger wake up call that day.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    That racist white man in the above video deserved to get box in the head for being racist towards those black guys. Next time he will think twice about being racist and ignorant towards someone else. If anyone was being racist towards me in front of my face I would punch them in the face too.

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  5. Well I’m all for homeschooling children anyway because… so where do I belong?

    Anyway Welcome to a segment I like to call “Are you Fucking Kidding Me?”

    I saw a black man get arrested for defending his (white) wife and two children because an anti mask Scraggle decide to be a bitch and cough on the wife and almost on one of the children. All he did was yell at her and push her back a little not even a full Hercules type push. I wasn’t there but a witness told me what happend. What really was heartbreaking was his children cried when he was being taken away (His older son I’m assuming 8-9 even said that’s not fair he must’ve been taught well)

    Also am I weak for wanting to avoid politics? I always join forums to avoid politics

    Am I weak for being suicidal?

    I don’t know I’m gonna need some help

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    • You’re not weak for wanting to avoid politics. Although, I don’t avoid politics entirely, there are times when I avoid politics, and that is in the work place. You can throw religion in the mix as well. To be honest, I only discuss politics with one neighbor, family, and a few people here in passing. That’s it.

      Being suicidal is not being weak. What’s weak is not getting help. Help doesn’t have to come in the form of a professional Help can be as simple as confiding in a friend or a family member.

      As far as the black whore who decided to cough on someone is concerned, why can’t people mind their business and leave others alone, whether they are pro-mask or anti-mask? That incident could have went sideways with someone losing their life over a decision to wear on not to wear mask.

      It’s simple, if a person is anti-mask, then they shouldn’t wear one. I respect their right to not wear one. If person is pro-mask, then they should wear one. It should be a personal choice.

      Regardless of which camp a person rolls with, people need to MIND THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS, AND LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE. In other words, people need to grow the fuck up.

      All this hoopla and division over a fucking mask? Really?

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      • @BA

        How come people never had a problem with masks when it was only doctors, nurses and dentists wearing them?

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      • BA,

        I completely agree with you, people should be minding their own business, however when you look at this mask wearing situation, in the overwhelming majority of circumstances it is the pro mask wearers who are the ones instigating trouble and harassing those who are mask free.

        I don’t wear a mask, I haven’t worn one and I don’t intend to as far as I can. I’m not going around harassing people who are wearing them, the most I’ve done is debate the issue here amongst others who are in favour of wearing them. Here we have another skirmish between a mask wearing and a black witch who wasn’t wearing her mask properly, we already know who started it:

        When the vaccines roll out guess who already are and will be the main aggressors, that’s right, pro vaccers, they’ll be rolling around just like the pro face mask squads physically assaulting, berating, disparaging and ridiculing anybody who hasn’t taken their Bill Gates soft kill/sterilisation inoculation despite the extremely bad reputation and documented track record Gates already has with his vaccines and black folks especially.

        Most black folks don’t learn anything and are quick to forget history, most of those blacks who are wearing masks now will most assuredly be lining up to get their vaccines from Mr Gates and his Jezebel wife. Don’t forget Tuskegee:

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      • @Verbs

        What’s stopping them from doing soft killing through the vaccines that have already been around for decades like polio, tetanus, measles and hepatitis. Vaccines that just about every baby gets?

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      • Black Caesar,

        The vaccination soft kill agenda has already been in place for many years, why do you think in recent times for example cancer which was overwhelming predominant in the elderly is now all of a sudden affecting much younger people including children?

        The agenda now is to simply speed up the depopulation process in line with Agenda 2030. This is where the COVID-19 vaccines as well as 5G will come into play.

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      • @Verbs

        I believe in depopulation agendas and also the danger of vaccines which is why I never took a flu shot. main reason was because it did not prevent the flu. You have to think about this logically though and ask yourself a few questions like what would be the most efficient means of executing this agenda. Creating a pandemic whereby they will attempt to vaccinate adults who have the agency to refuse, violently if necessary is not as efficient as using the vaccines that are already there such as the ones I mentioned above and administering it to babies. That way they nip whatever it is they are trying to achieve in the bud and fewer people can refuse. I remember when they were vaccinating for red measles, we weren’t allowed to go to school unless we got the shot. Now from a population control aspect, this COVID pandemic is purely unnecessary. First off, the population of the Earth is already plummeting and they did not require any vaccines to do it. Feminism worked better than any vaccine. They’ve had toxins in vaccines for decades, as well GMO foods, fluoridated water and other things like BPA in plastics, Wifi and cell signals and etc just as long and while they do have an effect they certainly have not made “slaves” of us all or accelerated de-population by any significant amount.

        Now I do believe they are using this virus to implement some lockdowns and try to infringe of people’s rights. But why are some places listing the lockdowns if this is supposed to be a permanent strategy? Or is this a trial run? As I said, Canada is lifting the lockdowns and we’re almost into stage 4. Things will probably be closer to normal by the end of the year. They do not report daily infections at the moment (in Ontario) because the number has plummeted with 0 deaths. All this without any vaccine.

        I think some of y’all are blowing this way out of proportion and fear-mongering. If the elites want to make you slaves they can do so overnight and without setting up some elaborate global scheme where they have to act in secret. They have the military power and power over money and resources. All they have to do to make you slaves is cut your power, devalue currency and send out the militarized cops. If they want to mess with your DNA they can do so with the food and air. All these objectives were accomplished while you were sleeping.

        A lot of your findings are indeed suspect but too inconsistent, sporadic and scattered to corroborate a concerted global scheme where every single hospital on the planet is in sync. Sounds more like individual governments taking advantage and not letting a crisis go to waste.

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      • Black Caesar,

        Your fundamental mistake is assuming that we’re still in the same phase of this ongoing agenda, 9/11 was one phase, 7/7 was another, the Madrid bombings were yet another, global warming, GMO foods, fluoride in toothpastes and the water, wifi etc again were all different phases of the same agenda and now we have the Coronavirus plandemic which is a much larger step up from the rest(but still part of the same agenda. They’ll still be giving babies vaccines, however in line with the NEW PHASE vaccines for adults will now be administered in order to speed up the process in line with Agenda 2030.

        Folks will resist if need be violently UNLESS you create a situation whereby it is incredibly hard to do so, ie an economic depression, which is exactly what this COVID-19 hoax has created. Folks have lost their jobs, many hereafter will find themselves homeless and unable to buy food as well as other basics. Agenda 2030 aims to drastically reduce CO2 output by around 50% by the same year, mankind is the biggest expeller of CO2 on the planet, it really isn’t hard to do the maths here.

        Your main issue is you don’t have the ability to perceive where all of these incremental draconian steps are going, you’re looking at what is going on currently and you’re basing your conclusions upon what you see happening today. The slavery you scoff at is happening right in front of your eyes, how many individuals in the US, Canada and the UK have signed up for unemployment benefits since this so called pandemic hit the stage?

        Slavery has NEVER been an overnight implementation anywhere in history, no tyrant has been stupid enough to initiate such a reckless scheme knowing full well that the people would immediately rise up and overthrow him/her, thus the enslavement of a population in order to work must be brought about in small stages that look unrelated to one another.

        What we’re talking about here is far from being blown out of proportion, as I’ve stated before at this stage you don’t have the ability to perceive the future events that will come about as a result of this COVID agenda, we do. We’re simply showing you what will come to pass in the near future, when you see all of the things unfold that we’ve talked about, just remember where you heard it first.

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  6. I was reading the comments from 1 of Brian Solange’s previous video on YouTube and this comment stuck out from the rest.

    ” This is why blackmen don’t walk away clean from these tragic arrangements(i.e. “interracial” couplings/relationships/marriages) Why? They don’t have the potential, the balls, the spine, the will, the ability, the confidence and the courage to ask…the fundamental yet rhetorical question that I’ve always asked them when I was in my ignorance.
    And the question is as follows…..

    “What race of males have you only dated and dealt before you decided to date me?”

    Ooooooh! But Of COURSE! that’s “the most stupidest question” you can ask a western white female check?…according to the white “stargate” entertainment capital of the youtube streets. Sysbm movement.
    And I can betcha right now, that they will automatically disapprove of this…and that garbage. Now that’s a guaranteed B.O.L.O. ”

    What do you all think of this?

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    • Jon,

      Brian Solange is completely black pill(doom and gloom, no hope, all women are like that etc), after he broke up with that ugly black queanie(his words, not mine) he was dealing with, he’s never been the same since. Again, note how just like the pro black female/black women first squads he seems to believe that SYSBM practitioners only deal with white women when we’ve already seen that the preferences for non black women at least from the comments I’ve seen here on this website are completely across the board.

      SYSBM Original Knight Kirigakure Jones is married to a Japanese woman, I believe SYSBM practitioner Sigma Jones is in a relationship with a Japanese woman as well, SYSBM practitioner SKC is also dealing with an East Asian woman, what is this dude talking about with his own obsession with white women?

      I just can’t respect dudes who are going to feign ignorance when it comes down to SYSBM, MBD has stated numerous times that high quality stargates can be found amongst all races of women, we’ve just concluded based upon their abysmal track record that finding a quality female amongst western black women is next to impossible.

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      • As Ive said, MGTOW/AWALT crowds are just male feminists. What I mean by that is that their lives suck, and misery loves company. So they want everyone else to be as miserable as them and preach their own crapholes of a life as the gospel.

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      • @Verbs

        Thank you for telling the truth about that guy. He’s got some good content but he strikes me as someone who never got over red pill rage. If you are over the age of 20 and you can’t get over a chick in at least three months, you’re a beta male simp. I remember the words of hardcore Tito when he said racial purity is the mating call of the undesirable. Only being attracted to one race of women isn’t even scientifically possible. The male anatomy is racially agnostic. So it strikes me that this guy is classic misery loving company. He can’t seem to move on from his ex sheboon so all men must suffer likewise and voluntarily.
        I admit as well that most women are fucked up and not worth a ham sandwich but there are exceptions to every rule. Some of these mgtow types aren’t able to live that life happily.

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    • @afrofuturism1 @Black Caesar @Verbs2015

      Brian makes good content and I agree with a lot of what he says, but deep down I feel like he’s patiently waiting for the daggle to become righteous and change her ways and come back to him and that’s simply not gonna happen. And from what I’ve noticed is that he seems to have a deep hatred against us SYSBM brothas for escaping the plantation, he thinks that we are foolish to dare think that the house nigger black bitch isn’t worth the drama or the headaches so what does he do?? He shows some white passing hispanic porn chick that cried rape against a Black male porn actor named “Rico Strong” even though the case was almost immediately thrown out in court, but he made that vid as a way to say “See Black Men the grass isn’t greener on the other side you might as well remain miserable like me and keep waiting for these Black bitches to get their act together” lol

      Hopefully the brother understands and realizes that SYSBM isn’t about “worshiping” a woman because she isn’t black like these mentally deranged swirlers do with white men. SYSBM is about self preservation for the thinking well to do Black Man that refuses to let the “communitah” destroy him mentally, emotionally and physically. I don’t know whats so hard to understand about that. When I say that I am SYSBM that’s exactly what the FUCK it stands for, I am literally saving MYSELF and ONLY myself and my best interests.

      It’s a beautiful time to be a Black Man (it always has been) the world is wide open for us, we have so many options brothas and the threat of us freeing out minds SCARES the rest of the planet. From what I have seen here in America the Black Man has been a sleeping giant for the past 60 years that’s finally starting to wake up. It’s no secret why many Black females are showing their true colors now because they know they can no longer pull the wool over our eyes like they have been able to get away with for the last half century. My pops told me when I was 15 he said “The Black Mans job is never done” and I didn’t quite understand what he meant then but now I get it and he was right.

      We must ALWAYS seek to better ourselves to live comfortable lives brothas because with the media and everything else that’s going on this shit is literally a fight for our minds and we can’t let the other side win under NO circumstances. It’s hard being a Black Man but somebody has to do it, why do you think we are so admired by literally every race of woman on the planet?? We are even admired by our haters (racist white men and black bitches) I remember seeing a vid a while back by this white boy that was a klan member and he even said that “Once Black Men finally start to understand how to elevate themselves in this society we are in trouble” And what do Black bitches always say when they name reasons for why they “love” us?? They always say that they admire our strength and our ability to always overcome obstacles that are placed before us. Black Men please understand that your very existence makes the world turn and without you there is NOTHING. #SYSBM

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      • @illmatic

        Solange waiting for black women to reform themselves seems to put him in the IBMOR camp. Those guys believe black women will magically have a come to Jesus moment and be transfigured into Stepford Wives. 🤣
        I gotta laugh at some of these negro simps who think black women don’t respect black men because we lack power or resources. Bullshit. The niggerbitch is the white man’s counterpart. HIS soulmate. As long as white males exist, black men will be seen by them through the very same eyes white men see us. If this were not the case, the concept of “bottom shelf brads” wouldn’t exist and the only white men black women would deal with are those with power or resources. The black woman desires whiteness above all. Period. These simp shines can talk that hotel shot all day long, worship the masculine and undesirable she monkey and fuel her ego with Queen this and mother of earth that. She will take a white man before you in a New York minute. He won’t need a house, an apartment, a car, a clean bloodstream, teeth, arms, legs, thighs or hell, maybe not even a pulse considering how sexually degenerate the black bitch is.
        The only way a black man will ever have a natural male-female dynamic and classical romantic relationship is if he goes SYSBM. Period.
        If this Solange cat dated a white woman, I guarantee you nine times out of ten he wouldn’t have wound up in court like he did with a black bitch. She would have moved on because non black women have options. There are of course exceptions to this rule.
        So I leave these shines who are spiritually conquered by the nigger whore be. The black community has a backward male-female dynamic which is why it is the most fucked up collective out of all species. Negroes who worship these black women who don’t even like being black are fueling this dysfunction.

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    I’m done playing nice. At this point, with the insurmountable evidence against the official narrative, you have to be a blind zombified sheep of a moronic idiot to believe this nonsense. I repeat, you are FUCKING RETARDED!! The same liberal government and media that you call racist, but you believe them on THIS shit? Get the fuck outta here!

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    • It won’t matter much, most Americans get their news from Fake News CNN, the apocalypse coming would be gaslit to fuck on their shite network. Unfortunately the mass awakening is going to be slow and violent for a little while yet.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I fully agree, just like it’s a wrap with this modern day black female, it’s also a wrap with this COVID-19 Simon Says hoax, there are so many more questions that answers.

      Additionally, why are the doctors and scientists who are speaking out against the hoax or at least asking pertinent questions being completed blotted out from mainstream media coverage?

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      • Exactly, how in the HELL can you be distrustful of the government with everything else, but when they’re blatantly silencing people who are speaking out against the greatest hoax of our time, you pull up to the table for more spoon fulls of bullshit?

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      • I’ll also bet any of these pro-corona vaccine bureaucrats like Dr. Fauxi that colloidal silver & India’s “village pharmacy” Neem (aka Muarubaini in Kenya, Dogoyaro in Nigeria) can cure or prevent this bioweapon (er virus) from ever doing any damage.

        But somehow, no one is STUDYING this.

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      • Black Picard,

        Vitiamin D is another supplement that is also be suppressed by the lame stream media, let’s not forget how the west and the WHO shunned the COVID Organics Tea that was introduced by the President of Madagascar. Nope, it has to be the vaccine because there is an evil agenda behind this whole fiasco.

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    • Agreed. I don’t really know what the fuck is going on over too. But when u mix in free Western money with African politicians, what does one really expect the outcome to be? Black Africa’s bureaucrats have a serious problem with keeping their hands out of the public kitty. And this corona plandemic seems like a lovely gift horse. 👇🏽👇🏽

      Then you turn on the news, and you hear about the millions of dollars being allocated to fight the effects of the pandemic. In April 2020, the World Bank sanctioned USD 50 million (approximately Ksh. 5.3 billion) to help Kenya cushion against the effects of COVID-19.
      The European Union as well delivered to Kenya 15 million pounds (approximately Ksh. 2.04 billion) in aid. One can’t help but wonder – where is all the money going? Because really, not enough Kenyans have received relief from the pandemic budget.
      But alas, only 2 months later, we get the breaking news that EACC is investigating top Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) officials over Ksh.7.7 billion tender for COVID-19 PPEs…Coincidence? Time will tell.

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    Straight from the horses mouth. Democrats stepped in deep crap when brainless Biden and Cum-All-On Whoriss are their best bets. This is even worse than when the republicans trotted out McCain and Palin, as at least many republicans (foolishly) wanted McCain for more Bushism.
    Once you open your eyes and see all the prescription cost decreases, jobs, stopped pedos, cut social(ist) programs, skills based hiring help, and other things that particularly aid Black men that trump has brought into play, there’s no way in hell you can sit there with a straight face and say “he’s only a little better than Biden.” I ain’t saying you gotta like or vote for the dude, but many so called “woke” people would literally require the dude to cure cancer to stop regurgitating the same narrative from the same liberal media that they claim to dislike.
    Problem is, once he’s gone, the momentum of that party is problem gone with him.

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    I found this “thing” because its music wa suggested on Spotify. Now, I figured right off the rip that it wasn’t possibly a tranny, and I was right. Here’s some added bonus points:
    Notice that these black trannies are pretty much always dark skinned. I’ve pretty much NEVER seen one of these black trannies that they push out there that looks like Al B. Sure, El Debarge, Steph Curry, or hell, ME! That’s to show how much they’ve conquered most black male psyches, as well as try to make black men the face of this nonsense.
    It DOES prove further why you should probably not have kids with black women at all. For one, they’ll have your sons hating themselves so much that THIS, much like Thanos, is inevitable. Secondly, let’s be honest: though you could tell it was a granny, does this creature REALLY look that different from the average black woman, particularly the dark ones? NOPE! Now let’s wait five minutes, and by then ol’ boy Black British Guy will probably have his nuts hanging out if this thing. 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

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  10. Brain Solonge is on of favorite Youtubers. But that shit said about about question about whites women I don’t agree with. Yes understand thar he blackpill and never been same sence his ex did him wrong. But he did have say what he said about SYSBM.
    Verbs he is right were not just get with white women. Were get with latinas, asians and even indian women ad well. Thanks Verbs for saying that.
    And derrell definitely needs theorpy because this guy has proven bee nothing but clown and he is low level male hyena. I did see the video it more nones that guy so brainwash bu gynocracy that he will never see the truth and not tune in with reality.
    Fuck all you simps, hyenas, maggles and straggs

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      I have serious issues with black men who on the one hand acknowledge that black women as a collective are jacked up but on the flip side of the coin still go out of their way to penalise, berate and disparage other black men for taking the next logical step which is to expand upon their dating options. I refuse to lay under a dark cloud of doom day in a day out when there is no need to.

      In 2020 things have opened up so much for black men in terms of dating, relationships and marriage, only a fool wouldn’t take full advantage while the iron is hot.

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    • Whaddya know, it was written by Paul Joseph Watson; he deliberately mentioned George Floyd and Michael Brown (who did NOT have a criminal record) because their names have successfully been sullied in the media, but the greater majority of the so called “martyrs” were not criminals. Perhaps Mr. Watson should read up on who BLM really seeks to protect and affirm on their website.

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    • Brothersdanunlimited,

      These BLM scum buckets at this stage need hammers put straight in the middle of their skills and so does the fat white billionaire who is sponsoring them. In fact, George Soros needs to be tarred, feathered and burned at the stake alongside eugenicist Bill “you can trust my vaccines even though I have a beyond abysmal reputation and track record” Gates.

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  11. Covid is real. One of my employees had to quit because he caught it. He spread it to his mother who was 78 and in 3 weeks she was gone. I spoke with him two days ago after giving him his last check and he feels so responsible for her death.

    5 houses down the elderly couple that lived there has passed from Covid. Yesterday their children came to clean out their home.

    Wear a mask. Take it serious. This is not some hoax, it’s not some race war, it’s a REAL virus out here removing people from this Earth.

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      A real virus whereby customers who walk into a supermarket need to wear a face covering but the supermarket employees don’t, a real virus where people travelling on public transport are told to wear a face covering but transport workers are exempt from the mandate, a real virus that allegedly came out of China, yet all the PPE needed to fight the “virus” is being manufactured in and shipped out from the same contaminated country or origin, China. A real virus whereby in Italy 99% of people who supposedly died from the virus already had 1,2,3 or more underlying causes:

      COVID-19 is about as real as a $3 bill. COVID-19 is so real that they had to exaggerate the deaths in order to make the threat look real:

      You’re quite welcome to believe in this COVID-19 plandemic hoax, however I won’t be, I most certainly will NOT be wearing a Simon Says face covering either.

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      • @Afrofuturism1


        While I think that this COVID thing is legitimate (same as climate change, but I digress), TPTB are using it for purposes of fearmongering, exploitation, & manipulation in order to control.

        In other words: I think this is legit, but I don’t think that it is what those in power are saying it is.

        Just like climate change: I do believe that it is legitimate, but only because IT IS A NATURAL PART OF PLANET EARTH’S PLANETARY LIFE CYCLE. Not this fearmongering, manipulation, & exploitation that politicians use for their own political ends!!

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      • Kameron Brown,

        Climate change has already exposed as a gigantic hoax via ClimateGate which if I remember took place in 2009. Additionally, climate change formerly known as global warming was manufactured out of thin air by the Club of Rome global think tank back in the early 1970s and first initiated in the early 1990s. Here is their quote and where it came from:

        The same Kansas City shuffle is currently being played out with the COVID-19 plandemic, trying to bring the entire world together to fight a supposed “common cause”, an invisible virus which even by the official narrative and numbers has a survival rate of 99.6%.

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    • You’re on the wrong forum, my friend. Too many brothers here believe in the conspiracy theories they see on FOX News or Breitbart saying that COVID is fake. Don’t see how 170,000+ deaths is fake, but that’s just me. The way some of these people talk, you would think they’re being asked to hand over their first-born child, not wear something as simple as a $2 mask. Smh

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      • The same death count that’s been reported as TREMENDOUSLY wrong? The same mainstream media that wants to squash any info on a cure/treatment that as shown by countries that use it?

        You suck up the same nonsense from a media that you will 9 out of 6 call racist, yet calm yourself Morpheus. Make that make sense.

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      • @ afrofuturism – And just how do you know the death count is wrong? From right-leaning conservative media? What makes them right? Just ’cause you want to believe them? I don’t trust the mainstream media completely. But do you honestly believe there is some worldwide conspiracy that every first world government is in on? And what cure or treatment are you talking about? Hydroxychloroquine? Which has been shown to make COVID patients worse? C’mon man, I’m all for healthy skepticism, but trusting some bullshit you’ve seen on YouTube or some conservative-leaning blog is kinda silly. There are a lot of people who thought COVID was a hoax, until they or someone they love caught it and died. Herman Caine thought so, and he’s no longer with us.

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      • Morpheus2275,

        And who informed you that 170000 plus individuals have died from COVID-19, the same individuals and organisations that the general public were rightly beginning to distrust because of their poor track record of telling the truth?

        You obviously can’t perceive what the mask wearing is really all about and where it is going, I hope you figure it out before you end up in a prison yard breaking rocks with chains around your ankles and wrists.

        After Tuskegee you’d think most black folks would’ve been clued up and heavily suspicious of the same government that has been railing against them since day one, apparently not, smh.

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    • Look, you’re as bad as any menstruating female. A 78 year old died. 78. Yeah I’m sorry, but please wake me up when that’s actually a god damn tragedy. The AVERAGE lifespan in America is 76-78. So this virus from hell killed someone who was two seconds from dying anyways?

      Seriously, use logic for two god damn seconds. Doesn’t, ya know, the FLU do the same thing to people who are pretty much about die?!

      Also, why did Sweden never react the way that bloviating Karen’s do, and yet they’re A-OK?

      I automatically lose respect for anyone who calls themselves “woke” or otherwise but blindly swallows THIS bullshit. Sorry, them’s the breaks.

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      • Also. Herman Cain was battling stage four Colon cancer and he survived it. You could tell that he was sick from way earlier.

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    • Yes, it is real. You know what I noticed while wearing a mask? I haven’t been sick in 2020. I caught the flu in November 2019. I normally catch a cold every few months. So far, in 2020, nothing.

      Even after COVID passes, I will continue to wear a mask in crowded places, just to avoid catching the common cold.

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      • @BA
        Same here and I will continue to socially distance. I’ve been doing that all my life so it’s no big deal.

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    • I believe the virus is real but that it doesn’t affect black people because we weren’t going in and out of China and traveling everywhere spreading it like whites are. So that’s why in my opinion the media is trying their best to make black people the face of it. The media’s job is to make white people feel good and if they are dying but we’re not, that puts a wrench in their whole genetic superiority theories.
      Furthermore, the measures taken do work. The cases in Canada has plummeted and Ontario gets less than 100 infections reported per day where it was over 400 a month ago. If this is a Hoax, why would Canadian infection rates be going down. USA rates are rising because they are not following the rules.

      What exactly would be the criteria for those who believe this is a hoax to believe a global pandemic is real. What does a real global pandemic look like and what would be genuine measures to stop it? 🤔

      I am however reading the bs surrounding this. I will personally err on the side of being looked upon as a sheep by people I don’t give a shit about anyway. When it comes to my health I’m willing to look stupid to complete strangers to preserve it.

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      The virus is real, but the mortality rate is overblown. If you’re relatively healthy you have a less than half of one percent chance of dying from it. The numbers do go up the older you are, and drastically go up if you have pre existing conditions on top of that.

      There are plenty of studies out there that show this is nothing more than a slightly worse case of the flu. Chances are, you know someone (or maybe you even had it) right now who had it but was completely asymptomatic.

      As for the masks, they protect you from spreading it if you have it and NOT from getting it. The only mask that offers true protection are the N95 masks (and they only work if you have been fit tested for them).

      You’re free to believe what you believe, and continue to do as you please. But try to research other points of view.

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  12. Back on the 4th, Kristi Noem, governor of SD, had a big huge event as Mount Rushmore and made it plain that there would be NO social distancing or mask mandates at said event.

    Nevermind the fact that this woman (white no less) has more balls than most American men it seems. The bigger question is: where’s the huge surge of people dropping like flies in that state? I mean en masse deaths from people that were NOT high schoolers in the 1930s?!!! Yeah I’ll wait….

    When you come back to me with that, just make sure you wear a mask! 🐑

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    • China is a communist country. They locked damn near the whole country down, required masks, and massive testing — things we never did in the U.S. because while China was doing what it was supposed to do, our assclown of a President was saying COVID is a Democrat hoax. China and NYC are examples of hard-hit areas that did things right and can now get back to some sense of normalcy. But people here would never go for what China did ’cause some of y’all got your panties in a bunch just being asked to wear a fuckin’ mask.

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      • You actually just said New York and CHINA, the country that WELDED people in their homes, handled this correctly. I hope you realize how much of a fucking moron you are.

        A virus so deadly that the homeless seem to NOT be wiped out. Meanwhile, the states with the most deaths include your precious shithole of New York. You’re free to believe what you want, just as much as I’ll keep believing that I have three billion dollars in my checking account. Doesn’t make it true, quite the opposite actually.

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      • @afrofuturism –

        QUOTE: “You actually just said New York and CHINA, the country that WELDED people in their homes, handled this correctly. I hope you realize how much of a fucking moron you are.”

        And there you go. First of all, YOU are the one who brought up China chiming in about how they were returning to normalcy despite being ground zero for the virus. I just pointed out that China is a communist country that implemented measures we would never allow in the U.S. That’s why they are in the position they are in. But you can’t even be asked to wear a mask, so forget being able to do what China did. Don’t bring them up as an example if you disagree with their methods.

        Second of all, yes, NYC was in bad shape, but because they took drastic measures, they are now in a position to return to some normalcy, while the states that poo-poo’d any semblance of virus prevention were experiencing spikes in the virus at the same time new cases in NYC were going down.

        Thirdly, the childish name calling is not necessary, bruh. I was respectful of you. If you can’t argue/debate without the name calling, then you’ve already lost. I don’t expect that all SYSBM brothers will agree on everything, but some of you sound no different than the alt-right wackos that show up at Trump rallies, minus the blatant racism. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you are alt-right white males posing as black men. I read many of the same talking points on this blog.

        Like David Carroll says, and I’m paraphrasing, if you leave the plantation (The Left) just to go into the Big House (The Right) you’re still a slave. You wanna discredit any left-leaning media sources, while at the same time giving kudos to those on the right wing? That’s not leaving the Matrix. You’re just trading one master for another. Just my 2 cents.

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      • Well said. I can always tell BS by the presence of emotion. No one firm in their beliefs has to resort to ad hominems and emotional responses. That suggests insecurity. Negroes have this thing where they believe that they are right because they scream and yell their philosophies and insult those who don’t agree. Typical compensatory negro pride couched within the fear of being wrong and looking stupid.

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      • @Morpheous,

        I’m sorry did you just actually write New York handle this correctly???


        Now that I’ve gotten this out of the way, let me as an actual New Yorker tell you New York royally FUCKED this up.

        If they handle this correctly, can you please explain why there are over 32,000 deaths here? Can you explain why this idiotic governor cried he had no masks, PPE, only to then turn around and have to admit to there being all the masks and PPE he ever needed??? Can you legitimately answer why Cuomo (who is the worst time it in the country or up there by far), sent hundreds if not thousands of elderly people back to nursing homes who were fearful of getting COVID from there, only way too many for them to die? And can you explain why/how he “investigated” this claim (he personally did it), and found nothing wrong?

        I’m all for healthy debate, but saying New York handled this correctly is asinine.

        I await your response.

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      • @Schadenfreude

        The jamaican alex jones for one. His name is different on YT. Always repeats the same shit and he always gets offended when I say icky things about whites. He’s my first suspect.


    • I actually have no problem with him receiving death threats. I’d what you’ve said and done fucked up society THIS much, yeah, you need to pay the piper. Examples need to be made so that these pieces of shit me er try this again, and that blind idiots wake the fuck up.

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    • Fauci said masks don’t work

      Fauci said 1m people would die from the virus

      Fauci said gathering in large groups spreads the lurgy (wouldn’t say on protests)

      Trump will have his ass on a silver platter, out by mid September.

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  13. This is old news from May:

    I find this very disturbing; I can understand efficiency and practicality, but this is crossing the line! An innocent hospital visit could become a death sentence for you if they hold you overnight; it sounds like they’re producing these with the expectation of people dying, or they wish to transfer you to a morgue in a coffin while still alive.

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  14. Also, Herman Cain (R.I.P.) was FUCKING and had battled cancer for years. He was on the way out anyways! That’s the problem when you remove logic from the equation, you fall prey to the same emotionalism that you chastise women for. Connect the dots, I learned to do so as a kid.

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      • @afrofuturism1 How do you know he wasn’t? You don’t need to put his business out like that. 😉

        #fuckobama #fuckdembitches

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      • In older cancer patients. Yeah, it can happen very easily especially since you never catch the same flu pathogen. It’s no joke out here.

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    • Also, you’ll notice how they’re labeling other deaths as COVID-19 death. I’m staying safe at work by social distancing but I know the mask is not protecting me. Also, keep yourself hydrated at all times and I do this with my son as well.

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      • Robert Chavis,

        This is one of the main contentions right there, if the virus is legit then why the fudging of the numbers? I remember about 2 plus months ago a guy in Florida died from a motorcycle accident and his death was put down as COVID-19 related, this is how scandalous this entire fiasco has gotten and as you’ve pointed out, there are numerous cases of deaths not related to COVID being designated as COVID deaths, even the director of Illinois Department of Public Health Dr Ngozi Ezike confirmed this back in May:

        COVID-19 is a new form of 9/11 and 7/7, however with this so called “boogieman” virus you can keep the perception of a threat ongoing because unlike a bomb, nobody can see the virus or it supposed effects, you change the case/death numbers whenever you want, you ease and increase restrictions whenever you want, you impose and ease lockdowns whenever you want.

        As I’ve stated before, you don’t need an actual virus, if you can create the perception of one being out there and use it to bring the general public into line with your particular agenda, you’ve won, this is exactly what we’ve seen with COVID, the mainstream media kept on beating the death, death, death, death, cases, cases, cases, cases drums and it has worked, most folks have now succumb to the witchcraft and enchantments and subsequently fallen into line with the State protocols.

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  15. @Morpheus Bro it is 2020, its time to wake up. I made a livestream video called Vaccines +5G(I told you so) you need to go watch that. This fake virus was implemented for the people to willingly inject themselves with foreign dna into their bloodstreams. We called that a slow death. Bill Gates is the one who is enforcing it and want it mandated. Why do you think he made a ted talk about population control? Also if no one knows, China is under a social credit system. Australia is on its way also. China no longer uses money and your life is depended upon your social credit score. A bad score equals no travel, no work, and public humiliation. and maybe worse. This was all prophesied in Revelations 13th chapter. Where we wont buy nor sell. Bill Gates even said that there are trackers in these vaccines? Are you willingly going to inject yourself with it or not? Your soul is on the line, and the father has no time for cowards.

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    • Sorry. While I do recognize that there are things in the Bible that are true, some of you are some hardcore bible thumpers. The Bible makes it clear that the mark of the beast is voluntary not forced. And the “elites” have already fucked with your DNA with the GMO foods you eat. How come you tinfoil negroes won’t wear a mask but you’ll all gorge on GMO foods and drink fluoridated water? 🤔🤣

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    • “The father” has no time for the thousands of children being sexually trafficked but he’s going to be really mad at us who choose to wear a mask? Lmao. Jesus has been stuck in traffic for 2000 fucking years. Negroes have been calling out to him for 1/4 of those years. Jebus isn’t coming. Sorry to disappoint. 😂

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      • Did not the scriptures say the earth has been given to the wicked? And did not 2 peters 3:3 talk about people like you who scoffs at the coming of Christ? How about you sit down somewhere and let those with understanding spread the word. You can keep spreading your over emotional drivel about these heifers and how you feel about them, but THE MOST HIGH’s judgement shall come to pass. Prophecies right in front of your eyes and everything is always funny with negroes. Kind of sad no one liked your comment. It is always one negro who has to make a mockery out of the holy book, same book that the state of California has banned from being sold. You need to get wisdom, once you get it than get understanding.


      • Looool 🤣🤣🤣
        Using the Bible to prove the Bible correct is no different than using mainstream media to prove the mainstream media correct. Some of you are very selective in your sources.

        Bible right, government wrong.
        OK 😂


      • You would not know one stitch of that “holy book” had it not been beaten into your ancestors.

        I’m supposed to believe Bible thumpers on COVID-19 because they cite youtube videos but I bet if I presented the same caliber of sources proving theatory of jebus is a rip off of stores dating back further than Judeo-Christianity you niggas would be crying “heathen!” 🤣

        You need to put that book of fables down and use your own head. Sky daddy is not coming.


      • First of all do you have a life? Like seriously out of the possible 39 times your name is mentioned on this page, 35 of them are you commenting. I teach the scriptures sir. I do thorough research that actually backs up what the bible says. What you gonna go to your so-called Book Of the Dead too prove its false? Nice try. Or the story of horus to prove the birth of christ was copied? I know your games dude and been through this little tit for tat with dudes like you. Isaiah 41:21 says to present your cause and show me those egyptian prophecies has come to pass Ill wait. Christ is the spirit of prophecies in Revelations 19:10 no matter what foolish glamour proceeds out of your mouth or type in your regard, You will be held accountable for what you say in condemnation or being justified. Cause guess what? Proverbs 28:9 can be around your corner and who gonna help you in the time of your calamity? If I were you I will humble down, and exit out. I ain’t the dude for these childish texting wars with guys I don’t know online.


      • Repeated for your clarity. Using the Bible to prove the Bible is cyclical logic. Sit down Creflo Dollar. 🤣


      • Did this jackleg, porkchop, ninja suit wearing, street corner dwelling shine just insinuate that the Bible is right because California allegedly banned sales of the Bible? I thought the Bible wasn’t allowed to be sold? Did they block Bible websites too? Lmao
        No society that dwells on religion ever amounted to anything. That’s why negroes will be at the bottom forever. Oh yeah. I read and type faster than you think. So I dunno how much total time you think I need to spend here. But a claim like that is par for the course when dealing with the average negro who can’t seem to master a language as dead simple as English. 🤣


  16. Also @Verbs2015 do you know before the death of Robert Trump(assassinated) , he revealed that DR. FAUCI was in on this whole pedo sex ring fiasco going on? Along with Oprah, Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres,Will Ferrell, and alot of Hollywood entertainers? Did you see the madonna video of her singing about not getting her adenochrome? He also said that COV19 lockdown in America is permanent just like I said it will? Im sorry but if some of you guys think you will be traveling all free nilly willy you are sadly delusional. I have the instagram pics of his post how should I share this?

    Liked by 5 people

  17. Also, don’t claim I’m just name calling when I’m pointing out that you’re wrong AND I’m name calling. Don’t throw the debate word around when I’m destroying your arguments.

    You can hate on Trump all you want to, I don’t give a shit. It sure as hell doesn’t make you special or original.

    If you claim that a city where COVID patients were placed into nursing homes handled the virus correctly, you are not only incredibly moronic, but you are on the WRONG SIDE of HISTORY. Hell, why do you think Cuomo doesn’t want that shit investigated? The innocent don’t scream out.

    Liked by 4 people

  18. Today was pissing with rain. Gee Whiz Star!
    This Covid 19 thing is going to far now. Phil Advise Show just gives me the cringe once again every time his name gets mentioned. And he’s saying that he’s pro black but his wife his Latino. Kamala Harris is not black, or Indian. She’s mixed race. WAP Video from Cardi B and Megan The Stallion are making black women going crazy over it abd True Semen is still stalking Tommy Sotomayor. Oh, and a black man punched a white beta male in the face on the central line. The man gave him the Mike Tyson.
    You see I have seen more and more young black men with non black women nowadays because that they see the young black girls taking up the dysfunctional behaviour from their wretched mothers, their grandmothers and their aunts. So it was like “Fuck it, we’re off star. We ain’t putting up with this ratchetness. And as these ghetto harridans get breed off by Slim Sauce, Rizla P, Knife Man Priest and Fuck All Night Fred, then all off a suddenly they are looking for a good black man.
    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all the time as these scragglys are coming after non black women and the same way they are coming after Kylie Jenner.

    Liked by 5 people

  19. That HCQ study by the British Lancet journal, which Fauci used as a basis to discredit its use in the US was RETRACTED, due to the authors using dodgy data:

    Turkey, who the British looked down upon for the quality of their PPE materials has a case to fatality rate of 3%.
    Not to mention India was one of the first countries to authorise HCQ in May, its case to fatality rate is 3% (USA 5%, UK 16%).

    (HCQ isn’t a malaria drug per se, but it does treat a host of diseases like heart disease, diabetes and the C word. This is why HCQ is really banned)

    This isn’t some deluded right wing isolationist Trumpaholic conspiracy theory, it’s observable facts, tested and verified worldwide.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Same old Obama playbook from the dems, bi-racial, non-FBA/ADOS, hasn’t done anything for Black people. Harris is actually worse than Obama because she has spent her career harming Black people.
      I’m really curious to see how many Blacks fall for this this time, I think young Black people see the con game, the Black Boomers and a lot of BW will play along though.

      I’m not convinced that Harris or Biden really like Black people tbh, if they get elected and get in charge of the department of education, department of justice, and Immigration the gates of hell may open for Blacks in America. More anti-Black immigrants and “refugees” will be allowed into the country, LGBT education in the schools enforced by the federal gov, and I’m willing to be that mass incarceration will continue in some form in order for them to secure the “law and order” vote from as many right Wing whites as they can.

      Liked by 4 people


    This Dora Milaje looking Black witch is calling for people to cause unrest in the streets (AKA inciting violence) because she feels that Trump-allied politicians are ignoring the concerns of Americans; hold up, who made her the spokesperson of the people? She better watch it because what goes around comes back around.

    Liked by 4 people

  21. Click to access 2020.7.AUTH.PDF

    This is why I continue to caution and warn folks who want to move to socialist commonwealth countries NOT TO. Australia has just taken this Coronavirus plandemic to the next level, section 25a under their COVID-19 Emergency Response Act 2020 on page 33(interesting page number, we’ll leave that one right there) reads as follows:

    25A—Removal of children

    (1) Without derogating from section 25, an authorised officer may, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with any direction under that section, remove a child from any premises, place, vehicle or vessel to a place of residence of the child or to a hospital or quarantine facility, as the authorised officer thinks fit (and may, in doing so, use such force as is reasonably necessary).

    (2) In this section—
    child means a person under 18 years of age;
    place of residence includes, in the case of a child who is in the custody, or under the guardianship, of the Chief Executive under the Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017, any place directed by that Chief Executive.

    Yep, the police can come into your home and remove your children in order to force you to be compliant with any COVID instructions handed down by the State(including taking vaccinations). This is why I keep on telling you brothers in the US, those guns you have are the only things stopping your government from implementing draconian deviltry like this.

    This is exactly what you get with socialist countries, Australia has really flown off the deep end with the State reaching way beyond what it ought to be, smh. This is exactly what to expect when you have disarmed general public and the only groups left who have guns are the police and the military.

    Liked by 4 people

      • Afrofuturism1,

        It’s not like we don’t have recent tragic historical events to reference in order to see where things are going either, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Pot, Mao Zedong etc. Dr David Carroll was right, most Negroes love white folks, however in the case of COVID-19 the white male is represented by the State. So many blacks who back in the day were extremely suspicious of government and rightly so given their horrible track record now all of a sudden can’t see the forest through the damn trees, “they wouldn’t do that” is the common theme of the day coming from the mouths of these individuals, famous last words.

        I wouldn’t sweat it, at this point we’ve done what we were supposed to do, give people forewarning as to what is coming down the pike, their blood is not on our hands if they get caught out as a result of refusing to listen. If folks want to see where things are going, all they need to do is look at Communist China because their current operational model is what is to be rolled out across the entire planet.

        Again, remember who have been the primary people wearing face masks for a number of years now, Chinese folks, I’ve seen them here in London as far back as 2012 wearing surgical masks in the streets. Fast forward to 2020, who else is now wearing masks, the entire planet. 2 and 2 is always 4, looking at and understanding China is the key to knowing where this COVID-19 agenda is going.

        Liked by 3 people

    • @Verbs,

      Australia is on some next level of stupidity with this. The stories that I’ve been hearing about make what’s going on make shitholes like LA and NYC seem like paradise.

      Also, if you’re waiting for a vaccine ask yourself, really ask yourself this question. If the flu the flu shot (which I refuse to get and haven’t since 2012; my last year in the military where it was mandatory) isn’t effective at preventing the flu, what in the hell makes you think this rushed vaccine will protect you against covid??

      And ask yourself and really think about the person who is in the works to create said vaccine. What’s their track record??? What other things have they been involved in?

      If after all that you still want to line up and freely get it, you deserve whatever the complications come from it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • FDC,

        The same Australian government has also given the police the authority to conduct “quarantine checks”, smh. New Zealand is no better either, they’ve now got quarantine camps which they say they’ll put anybody into who has either tested positive for COVID or refuses to take a Coronavirus test:

        Like I stated before, COVID-19 is simply the new form of terrorism. They don’t blow up buildings or trains anymore, now they use “viruses” as their tool to usher in the “new society”.

        Bill Gates has never taken a COVID-19 test, nor has his devil of a wife or their children. None of his family have ever taken any vaccines either, yet I’m expected to take a vaccine from this dude, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Like I said, I almost feel bad for Harris’ husband, he is going to be seeing and hearing this type of stuff all year:

      Liked by 4 people

      • One more thing, Kamala looks like the type of woman would be indignant if a man asked her for a blow job. She looks like she would would do a horrible job….lol.

        Liked by 2 people

      • How about she’s a “Quid pro Hoe?”

        She will exchange her booty to move up the government ladder, just like her counterpart– the corporate America hoodrat that DC has mentioned in the past.

        Liked by 2 people


        L Express will deliver a huge shipment of Ls to the Democrats in November.

        L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


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  22. @afrofuturism1 @Black Caesar @Verbs2015

    Brian makes good content and I agree with a lot of what he says, but deep down I feel like he’s patiently waiting for the daggle to become righteous and change her ways and come back to him and that’s simply not gonna happen. And from what I’ve noticed is that he seems to have a deep hatred against us SYSBM brothas for escaping the plantation, he thinks that we are foolish to dare think that the house nigger black bitch isn’t worth the drama or the headaches so what does he do?? He shows some white passing hispanic porn chick that cried rape against a Black male porn actor named “Rico Strong” even though the case was almost immediately thrown out in court, but he made that vid as a way to say “See Black Men the grass isn’t greener on the other side you might as well remain miserable like me and keep waiting for these Black bitches to get their act together” lol

    Hopefully the brother understands and realizes that SYSBM isn’t about “worshiping” a woman because she isn’t black like these mentally deranged swirlers do with white men. SYSBM is about self preservation for the thinking well to do Black Man that refuses to let the “communitah” destroy him mentally, emotionally and physically. I don’t know whats so hard to understand about that. When I say that I am SYSBM that’s exactly what the FUCK it stands for, I am literally saving MYSELF and ONLY myself and my best interests.

    It’s a beautiful time to be a Black Man (it always has been) the world is wide open for us, we have so many options brothas and the threat of us freeing out minds SCARES the rest of the planet. From what I have seen here in America the Black Man has been a sleeping giant for the past 60 years that’s finally starting to wake up. It’s no secret why many Black females are showing their true colors now because they know they can no longer pull the wool over our eyes like they have been able to get away with for the last half century. My pops told me when I was 15 he said “The Black Mans job is never done” and I didn’t quite understand what he meant then but now I get it and he was right.

    We must ALWAYS seek to better ourselves to live comfortable lives brothas because with the media and everything else that’s going on this shit is literally a fight for our minds and we can’t let the other side win under NO circumstances. It’s hard being a Black Man but somebody has to do it, why do you think we are so admired by literally every race of woman on the planet?? We are even admired by our haters (racist white men and black bitches) I remember seeing a vid a while back by this white boy that was a klan member and he even said that “Once Black Men finally start to understand how to elevate themselves in this society we are in trouble” And what do Black bitches always say when they name reasons for why they “love” us?? They always say that they admire our strength and our ability to always overcome obstacles that are placed before us. Black Men please understand that your very existence makes the world turn and without you there is NOTHING. #SYSBM

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Jewwywood is going full throttle in promotion of pedophilia. See if you can guess the object of their molestation.

    See if you can guess what this show’s creators look like.

    The. Niggerbitch. Is. The. White. Man.
    Spiritually, emotionally, sexually and in most cases physically identical.

    Black man. You are a race unto yourselves. SYSBM is natural. Black bitches are not.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      That was deep, a powerful skit right there. Two things in particular stood out to me, the first is when he said “let’s make everybody wear a face mask”. Again, as I’ve stated before the face mask wearing has nothing to do with public health and safety, if it did then the State would’ve mandated a specific type of face mask suitable for protection against the virus, not just stating that people can use anything to cover their faces.

      If I walked into a supermarket with a brown paper bag over my head with holes pocked out for my eyes and nose, this would be considered “acceptable” even though the bag offers no protection against the supposed virus either way. The face covering ritual is just that, a religious practice that is part of an initiation ceremony into the “new society”.

      It’s incredible to me that people who don’t believe that they’re religious are religiously wearing these masks and won’t leave home without them. Religion isn’t just about God, Christ, the bible, the Koran, Islam, Judaism etc, religion can also come in the form of instructions handed down to you from the state that you must repeat day in and day out. Yep, people worship the state and don’t even know it, let that sink in.

      The second thing he said really stood out to me “since when has the US government ever cared about its people”, we could expand that question to other governments around the world, however let’s replace “it’s people” with “black folks”. It just goes to show you just how complacent many black folks have become, trusting in the same government that once physically enslaved them as well as injected them with syphilis, you cannot make this stuff up.

      Talking about face masks, yet again we have another situation with the Face Mask gestapo going around poking their noses into other people’s affairs, harassing railway staff for not wearing face masks(they don’t need to, they’re exempt) however this self appointed face mask enforcement officer ran his mouth to the wrong one and got his clock cleaned. I keep on stating the same thing, the police aren’t needed to enforce the wearing of face coverings, the general public are guaranteed to efficiently police themselves.

      Who are the trouble makers and the busy bodies here, those in favour of face coverings once again:

      Liked by 2 people

  24. “Lame Niggas Doing Lame Things, Episode #2”

    Normally, it is Aaron Fountain who frequently does lame things. However, it is his video that captures “lame niggas doing lame things.”

    Exhibit #1: Eight to nine lame niggas arguing and threatening each other on a live stream…

    Liked by 3 people

      • “A 40 year old white woman managed to lose all that weight. What excuse do these butterhog negresses have?”

        How dare you, bullet bag!!!! Dat rich white woman got the best gym and the best trainers! We sustas don’t have no exercise but keeping our legs in da air for Pookie to hit raw! Plus we can’t exercise because of our WEAVES and we busy with KIDS dat y’all don’t take care of! Plus we don’t get NO SUPPORT from y’all aint shit NUGGAS! I think y’all want us fat and ugly so nobody want us, while Y’ALL be all up in the gym looking good for Muffy and Buffy! I see y’all! Take SYSBM and shove it up y’all ass!!!!


    • I’ll be damned….

      They keep stepping in it. It’s like the worst of the usual suspects can’t shut up to keep from making it worse. WAP will honestly send most black men worth a damn who look for love, marriage and commitment RUNNING to non-black women.

      Liked by 2 people

      • The very lyrics of the song shows the dysfunction with them. Any woman who vibes with that song isn’t even worthy of consideration as a mate. I am done with the mating thing, so I am not considering any of them.

        Liked by 3 people

  25. What people are not seeming to realize is that this election IS NOT just another election. With all the things going on, with all of the disgusting things that have come out via wayfair, censoring on social media platforms, this plandemic, the push for acceptance of just horrific behaviors (which I won’t mention but you know what I mean), and whatever that comes out, this election is everything.

    If it goes one way, there’s a shot at correcting all of the sickening things that have come out (and will soon come out) and making things better for all of us. Will it be easy? Hell no. There will be set backs, but there’s a chance and a decent one at that.

    If it goes the other way, WE ARE FUCKED. There’s no other way to say it, and saying anything less than that is disingenuous.

    Two main party system has its many issues, but this is the cards that we were dealt and we are going to have to make a choice sooner or later. I hate to say it, but sitting this one out really isn’t an option.

    Choose wisely gentlemen. My two cents.

    Liked by 4 people

      • @afrofuturism
        The funny thing is that white woman looks better than any black bitch and I am willing to wager would make a wayyyyy better long term partner. She looks like the girl next door type. Probably has no tats. You can tell by the eyes.

        What’s funnier still are the mudsils agreeing with these negresses. Every last one of them would smash if they weren’t so scared of sheboons. 🤣

        Liked by 2 people

      • Most of those Darmanitans wouldn’t know what to do with an actual female. They would eek and ook, as if to initiate some sort of down home, low country geechee mating call, embarrassing the hell out of black people in the process.

        Most geechees are not spiritually high enough to have a real woman or romantic relationship, or any real relationship for that matters. Too much daggle on the brain. Have scraggle, will daggle.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @afrofuturism

        “Most of those Darmanitans wouldn’t know what to do with an actual female. They would eek and ook, as if to initiate some sort of down home, low country geechee mating call, embarrassing the hell out of black people in the process.

        Most geechees are not spiritually high enough to have a real woman or romantic relationship, or any real relationship for that matters. Too much daggle on the brain. Have scraggle, will daggle.”

        This comment deserves it’s own topic. Gunning down other geechees, rims, sagging pants (geechee mating calls 😂) and etc don’t work with natural women. That nigga shit only works to impress the she-monkey. Notural women are not impressed by that. So you are right, most of these shines wouldn’t know what to do with a real, natural, feminine woman. It is sad because a lot of these geechees cannot be reformed and cannot go SYSBM and if they try they will bring their nigga shit to races who don’t tolerate that crap and they will lose.

        Liked by 2 people

  26. Yoooo there’s someone tagging porn videos sysbm 🤦🏾‍♂️😭

    Look I get trying to spread the message to any and everyone but I don’t agree that’s the proper medium

    Liked by 2 people

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