They Continue To Promote And Sexualise Themselves Like Whores Readily Supplying The Proof – Why No Men Of Means Want Black Women For Anything Other Than Sex!


Always remember, these are the very same black females calling into Kevin Samuels’ livestreams putting on a pleasant voice acting as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths feigning ignorance as to why they can’t get “a man of means”, as we already know most of these whores only seek out quality men once their options have run out, they exit their prime years, they have 2,3,4,5 children en tow and an overclocked, used up, worn out “wet ass pussy“.

This is all these black women have to offer, sex, sex and more sex, nothing more. Sexual intimacy in a relationship is what couples use to express their love for one another as well as to keep their connection to each other strong, however what the modern day black female doesn’t seem to understand is there is much more to a relationship than sex, black women as a collective believe that they can carry a relationship through with just sex, no love, no affection, no attention, no femininity, no basic skills of womanhood(cooking, cleaning etc), and black women wonder why they continue to remain chronically single at such a high clip.

This is why when MBD hosted the livestream 6 months ago entitled and asking the same question “Can A ABW Be A Quality Stargate“, the obvious conclusion drawn at the end of it after much critical thought and debate was a resounding NO! Again, when you think of black women, thoughts of love, romance, passion, dedication, friendship etc do NOT spring to mind at all. When you ponder upon groups of females who are renowned for being affectionate, caring, loving and supporting the man they’re in a relationship with, women of all ethnicities come to mind EXCEPT BLACK WOMEN.

Instead black men particularly free thinking brothers face a constant uphill struggle if they choose to deal with black women and frequently run into disjointed mindsets like this below:

Outside of weave/wigs, heavy makeup(witchcraft), fake eye lashes, fake nails, a funky disposition, an extremely negative attitude and a WAP that is frequently worn out, used up and smells like a putrid sewer pipe, exactly what items of quality are black women bringing to the table, I’ll wait? This is why fake weave wearing harpies like Jessie Woo need to take ten seats because all I see black women putting on the table in terms of what they can bring to a relationship is their contaminated snatch and a big behind(if they have one).

Again, maybe I’m missing something here, maybe my mind has accidentally omitted information that should’ve been considered and included, you guys correct me if I’m wrong, exactly what items of value are modern day black women bringing to the table? Outside of a WAP and a big butt which these days to be honest can be found amongst other ethnicities of women, what do modern day black women have to offer that is a better deal than what can be gained from dealing with non black women?

Additionally, black women have an even bigger problem and is one of the pinnacle reasons as to why men of means are not taking them seriously and are extremely reluctant to deal with them outside of sexual gratification purposes. Your Sukihanas, Cardi B’s, Trinas and Meg Thee Stallions are now the spokeswomen and the frontline representatives for the modern day black female. Thus black women as a collective as I’ve stated before are now being looked at as copies of those women above.

Black women have no desire to change their dirty, filthy, in the gutter image and reputation, if they did then they would’ve been calling out and denouncing those members of the sisterhood from day one who have been dragging them into the dirt, but instead what have we seen, that’s right, black women cosigning videos like WAP and instead petitioning that Kylie Jenner be removed from the video instead of the video being banned completely, this is the utter stupidity as well as the mental insanity of your modern day black female on display right here.

The video WAP which is clearly showing black women in an extremely negative and bad light THEY(black women) WANT TO REMAIN IN PLACE, yet a brief cameo appearance by a non black female, millionaire Kylie Jenner these same retarded black females want that part clipped out and permanently removed, smdh.

Again, do you really want to horse trade, negotiate, converse and reconcile with a group of women who for many years now without hesitation I have been stating are dumber than a box of crushed up rocks? Black women are done, through and will continue to sink deeper and deeper into reprehensible filth and depravity. If you want confirmation of what a black female brings to the table then simply watch the collage of videos above again.

Black women as a group are NOT relationship or marriage material, the sooner more black men accept this is the sooner they can free themselves from the chains and shackles of the proverbial plantation. After this episode black women can never again fix their mouths to complain about being labelled as sluts, slappers, whores, harlots, skeezers and hoes, via their bold support and acceptance of WAP they’ve openly embraced and cosigned ALL that comes with it, including being called whores and hoes.

Black women want to be treated like whores and sluts, they embrace the culture, never listen to them whenever they pretend to object being called the same, once again, where is their outrange over WAP, that’s right, nowhere to be found.

Additionally, black women shouldn’t be taken seriously whenever they talk about long term relationships, WAP in connection with the type of men they choose are two pieces of evidence clearly pointing to the obvious, black women are NOT looking for long term relationships, they’re more looking for a black man to work for and serve them ie a slave. Don’t ever find yourself being hoodwinked and bamboozled by their “relationship” talk. Gentlemen, SYSBM as always.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Never Treat Whores And Sluts With Respect And Honour

Most High Bless

105 thoughts on “They Continue To Promote And Sexualise Themselves Like Whores Readily Supplying The Proof – Why No Men Of Means Want Black Women For Anything Other Than Sex!

  1. I think I’d rather slam my dick in a car door or put it in a vice rather than a niggerbitch. Having a “wet ass pussy” means nothing when it has a 50% chance of being infected with herpes according to the CDC. Having a “WAP” means nothing if it is never washed properly. Sex with a black bitch is probably like eating from a trough. I’d prefer my whores clean, thanks.

    Oh yeah, think back to all of the “chick flicks” you can name. How many of them feature black bitches? When it comes to romance, the black bitch doesn’t even come to mind. They are too damn masculine for that type of dynamic.

    Niggerbitches are for low IQ gutter negroes and white men who can’t do any better.

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    • Black Caesar,

      Black women in 2020 just aren’t appealing on any level, it’s been this way for quite some time, some saw the writing on the wall earlier than others. I really have to commend those black men who either haven’t dealt with black women at all or who stopped dealing with them at a very young age, both groups have put years back onto their lives.

      These are the types of women who Kevin Samuels and Obsidian are trying to steer black men back in the direction of. The bottom line is free thinking black men are the main element needed to broker any type of deal with these used up, washed up, rinsed out, diseased black sirens and over here we’re most definitely NOT INTERESTED.

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      • Black Caesar,

        Did you notice that the simps in these videos had less base in their voice than the daggles ? What’s up with that ?

        The scraggle daggles are getting more ratchet and more masculine, while the simps are getting more ratchet and more feminine. SMH

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      • @Verbs

        FACTS. And I will be steered by men like Obsidian or Samuels because they didn’t even steer themselves. Neither of them are married to negresses. But I understand their hustle.

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      • @americanblackman

        I’ve noticed that for a while now. 🤣 Hard core, pro-black, B1, back-to-Africa, pro-black-FEMALE monkeys do sound effeminate. And it seems these sheboons are sounding more and more like Melvin Franklin of the Temptations. 🤣 I dunno if you listened to the “Crystal Meth” video David Carroll posted on fsavenger but some woman called into to Crystal Swirlz show and it took me ten minutes to figure out if a man or woman was speaking. It was disgusting.

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      • They’re absolute gutter TRASH. That’s what’s wrong.
        Feminism has destroyed the black community. A household can only have one head in charge — and that’s usually an alpha male with a brain who knows how to create or produce things. The “people” have allowed EASY crony gangster bankster capitalism — where wealth can be created out of thin air by printing unlimited ezy money — to destroy their societies.

        Yep, trickle-down economic destruction which leads to all these socio/economic PROBLEMS.
        Aliens, if you exist, please get me OFF this insane planet b4 everyone degenerates to a Lord of the Flies REALITY.

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  2. WOW……….these are definitely going in one of my productions Verbs…’ll know I’ll have to put my twist on them though. SALUTE BRO!!!!

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  3. EWWW. This is just straight up nasty! The ABW is done. They wanna be nasty in public, they wanna be nasty in the club, they wanna be nasty on the internet, and they wanna be nasty around their sons. I ain’t saying nothing when they get older, they start complaining about why nobody, especially a black man with common sense wanna take them seriously. That song WAP that these ABW, and other women who this stuff too out here in America, I should change it to YDF meaning “Y’all Done For.” There’s just too many hypersexual people out here in America, so many people got onlyfans, trying to be wannabe adult entertainers (which a lot of them ain’t gonna make it), no wonder why I support nofap heavily because watching one or too many x-rated flicks can kill your brain completely. Plus, it’ll mess up your thinking about sex too, because research and other people say that Adult Industry sex is totally different from real sex. Either limit that mess or quit watching that shit.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      These are the same women who range from ghetto hoodrat to college educated to working in the corporate world, pretending to be so called “professional” black women by day but transforming into a bunch of whores, harlots and sluts by night. To be honest many of these black females are also daywalking sluts, in other words the time of day doesn’t matter, they’ll get their “slut” on regardless.

      Kevin Samuels and Obsidian have their work cut out for them as through their reckless and irresponsible behaviour black women as a collective have completely written themselves off from ever being considered as quality female companions whether they be girlfriends or wives.

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    • These ABW have been done. These women killed the black communitah, killing off out race thru abortion and they keep proven us black men right thru their fuckery. These reason that free thinking men don’t be around these type women. They proven to be useless to black and they have nothing to excep that stank ass WAP.
      Too many times they continue show why nobody don’t want them. And you alot these women telling young girls what the should be doing. Can’t train them how to be lady like just teach how to hoes and useless to men. Last the ABW as been replace and black men don’t really need you. Stay being the whiteman’s whore and stay being his headache. Beside their nothing but find’em, fuck’em and flee.
      SYSBM FOR LIFE!!!!!

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      • Antonio Johnson,

        Quality stargates matter very much. Black women have been a write off for a very long time, the problem is up until recently many black men didn’t want to accept that this was the case, they were still holding out hoping that “the one” would one day come along.

        Feminism has rendered the overwhelming majority of black women useless, they’ve written themselves off to such an extent that there really isn’t any remnant of womanhood left in black women as a group period.

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  4. The only way that a contemporary BW can be a STARGATE is… if she was raised solely by her father. I say this because I’ve actually encountered a few BW who’ve been raised by their dads. In absence of their mothers. The character and personality traits of them is a complete 180 in comparison to the Devil’s Minions we have to encounter on a day to day basis. I’ve witnessed how they cater and care for their men just like the Old School BW. I can even tell from the overall demeanor of the BM with them…they don’t display the stress, anger, and confusion you will see with the typical BM dating your every ratchets. By having a thinking BM as their fathers, they were able to learn how to provides those qualities that any man needs from a women to be in a relationship with her. Now! Let me clarify something…THIS IS AN EXTREME RARITY!!! NOT TO BE HOPED NOR PRAYED FOR!!! The vast majority of BW today is straight shit!!!! And, with the evidence that brother Verbs provided us, we have every reason to stay the coarse and seek out greener pastures. This display of blatant disrespect for themselves has literally placed them as the go to whore, if you want to get your rocks off for a few hours. Nothing more and definitely nothing less…they’re already at the bottom of the barrel. The only way for them is up…GTFOH!!! We all know that’s never going to happen. If, their not raised from the womb by a thinking BM is a absolute surety she’ll go in the other direction. Oh well!!!! Like we actually give a shit!!!! Stay focused my brothers, the battle has just begun!! #SYSBM

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    • Ger Tzedek,

      Like you stated, those types of black women are extremely rare, hence why there is no point in “holding out” hoping that one will come along. In 2020 a black man has more of a chance being struck by lightening than meeting a high quality western black female.

      As I will continue to say, those brothers who still desire to “keep it black” so to speak are better off dealing with women from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, as far as I am concerned, based upon her abysmal track record, this western black female has completely written herself off as a consideration for a quality long term companion.

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    • @Ger Tzedek

      Any halfway decent BW has had a white dick in her mouth, no exceptions. Shit, Obama was President of the United States and Malia got a white boy the first chance she got and not a dude who looked like her father. If top brothers like Obama, Will Smith, Steph Curry and Boris Kodjoe can’t get respect from these broads, why should normal guys even try? And what are the odds that you’d even find a sista raised strictly by a single dad? You may as well be looking for the Lost Ark like Indiana Jones lol.

      Sorry, it’s SYSBM all the way.

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    • @Ger

      Nah. I won’t be sticking my hand in a pit of rattlesnakes to try and pluck out a garden snake.


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  5. All of the videos at the beginning of this article messed up my whole morning (especially the whore who defecated herself); I’m not only turned off at how ugly these Black sirens look, but I’m absolutely disgusted by the rampant simpin from the Black men in those videos. I feel like I need to go take a shower now.

    Regarding the stragg who had her butt licked by that little boy, see how she didn’t seem embarrassed or appalled at his behavior? She actually seemed to enjoy it or find it cute! That reminds me of a video where an older stragg who had an abnormally large derriere was followed by an Asian boy at a laundromat, and she enjoyed the attention, saying she was going to take him home with her.

    Mark my words, in the coming months, Black whores and the leftist media will be complaining about the oversexed image of Black women, and will somehow spin it to be the fault of Black men. #SYSBM

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Right, complaining about the oversexed image that they are not only putting out themselves but also reinforcing via their own hands. When they decide to switch on a camera, press record and start twerking, that decision has NOTHING to do with black men yet even at that stage they will still attempt to shift the blame onto us.

      As much as a laugh hearing these women calling into Kevin Samuels’ show pretending they don’t know why black men aren’t checking for them anymore, we always have to remember that this is the direction that the likes of Kevin Samuels and Obsidian are trying to steer black men towards, back onto the proverbial plantation, in other words the black female must be the focus of attention once again.

      From a spiritual standpoint outside of being hypnotised and bewitched, I really don’t understand how any man can deal with this modern day black woman in good conscience. Let them have their “WAP” moment of joy for now, once the dust settles and the smoke clears ie reality sets in again, they’ll soon be back to the same old gimmicks and complaining.

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      • @ Verbs

        More evidence to illustrate your point about the wonderful “Melanin Queens” bringing nothing to the table but sex and unattended bastard babies ‼
        As the previous gentlemen said, I’d rather slam my penis in a car door than deal with black female filth‼

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      • @ #TeamWhiteGirls – I couldn’t watch the whole video. The vernacular sounds like they only had a second grade education and slavery ended yesterday.

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    • @BCT

      As some of the forum may or may not know, I read a lot of biographies of musical artists. So far I’ve found out that Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Rick James, Ray Charles, Ike Turner among others were ALL RAPED by older niggerbitches. Ike Turner was raped at age 6 by a middle aged black bitch! Because it is kept relatively quiet, we are not aware of just how many black boys are sexually abused by black females daily.

      And people actually laugh when I say the niggerbitch is exactly the same thing as the white man.


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    • @DWD

      They are lying through their teeth. I lived among white women all my life and they do not act like that in public, PERIOD. Even the sluttiest white women do not act like that in public, EVER.

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  6. ABM are done. Noboy with a I.Q. above 70 is going to even THINK about marrying one of these whores. These bitches are going to start getting real violent after the election.

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    • Yours Truly,

      Yes sir, especially when they see brothers walking down the streets with their mixed or non black female significant others. In these situations black women will not hesitate to instigate trouble, but remember, they stated that they didn’t care about who black men choose to date. Again, never listen to what black women say, instead watch what they do.

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      • @Verbs2015

        Just like the white man the house nigger black bitch is a hypocrite and a crybaby. How can they say “We don’t care who you date just don’t “bash” us in the process” and still proceeds to attack Black Men with Non Black girlfriends/wives that aren’t mentioning nor thinking about them?? lol Black Women are mentally bankrupt

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      • Illmatic826,

        The main reason why more black men are choosing to date out is because of their horrible experiences dealing with black women, black women already know this, they think they’re slick because when you illustrate that they are the very reason why more black men are going SYSBM and furthermore you begin getting into the real meat and potatoes of the matter, black women will automatically class your explanation as “bashing” which it isn’t, you’re simply telling the truth.

        Black women just like many other questionable groups on this planet have a long list of words, terms, slogans and phrases they’ll immediately throw out against any black men who bring the truth to the table and expose them for who they truly are. There is another particular group of individuals who run Hollywood that are experts and professionals at executing the very same technique.

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    • @Yours Truly

      Make no mistake about it, after Trump blows the doors off of Crime Bill Joe and Side Piece Kamala I will be the biggest Troll on Twitter, they will definitely suspend me again before election night is over lol

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      • @illmatic

        Listen, fat. If you’re don’t get on your knees for Kameltoe Harris and are cheering on Orange man bad then you ain’t black!

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  7. You people, black women look worse then a car wreck piled up on both sides on a motorway you know. Bomba cleet! Let me tell you something. Black men, it is now getting harder to look for a good black woman now. As I see the videos with my stress out self, I was like black women are done. I repeat black women are done. They will twerk in public, they will twerk on the internet for free and they will twerk in front of their children. There is a time and place to twerk but not in front of your children, in public or anywhere. Some black men say that go for an African woman but the thing is that some of the African women are weaved out so that is goanna be difficult to deal with one.

    Things are now getting worse now. We are goanna see more and more of these harlots around. And also, the next generation of girls are doing the same thing. It’s a generation thing. As black women trying to sign a fool, fool petition of getting Kylie Jenner removed from the WAP video, they rush into the nearest hairdressers and spend their money they get from the government to put weave in their hair trying to copy the white woman. You think the people are goanna remove Kylie Jenner from the video? Nobody is not goanna listen to these ghetto ratchet, scraggle daggle women whatsoever.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe because these ghetto ratchet heiftys are being serious about coming after non black women, relentlessly. If you have a girlfriend and she’s hating on Kylie Jenner, dump her and get a new one.

    Run black man, run!

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  8. As I have been saying for the longest now.. The modern day Black Woman is the losers choice. She CONSTANTLY makes bad decisions, has no morals, no real thoughts of her own (hive minded) and suffers from an EXTREME inability to cope with reality. I’m sure by now the entire world is well aware that the Black Woman is the worlds cum dumpster, but now thanks to the power of social media the world is getting a glimpse into the psyche of the Black Woman and seeing just how fucked up she really and truly is.

    And to the whore that said that ridiculous twitter talking point of “Black Women shouldn’t be loyal to people that aren’t loyal to them” to attack Black Men is proof that Black Women are hive minded and have no real true thoughts of their own, and studies show that no other demographic watches more TV than Black Women which means that no other demographic is as easily programmed by the media as Black Women are. Now we all know that historically the Black Man has been the only being to fight and die for these witches, never mind the centuries of being seen and an animal and not as a woman by the same white man they love and worship that still til this very day doesn’t love nor worship their dysfunctional no self worth having black asses lol But since we live in the age of revisionist history these whores will pretend that history never happened.

    Social Media has been a God send for us as Black Men because not only can we tell our story (The Truth) but these illiterate borderline retarded ass black bitches will continue to prove us right due to their lust for attention and degeneracy. If you put a camera in front of a Black bitch then prepare for 4K quality dysfunction to be broadcast to the world lol

    No other race of woman on the PLANET will say that their men aren’t loyal to them besides these crybaby ass Black bitches. Literally every other race BESIDES Black Women can make this claim but they don’t. White males literally LEAD in interracial dating with Asian females and we don’t see White women complaining about it, Middle Eastern and East Asian men treat their women like CATTLE and those women aren’t going out of their way to attack their men in the media, Mexican men literally have something known as “rape trees” where they hang the panties of Mexican women that they’ve raped and their women aren’t throwing them under the bus in the media.

    And did you brothas know that over 90% of Mexican Women that illegally cross the border are RAPED?? These women all have legitimate gripes with their men but they choose not to attack the strength of their race because they still believe in the family structure and still love and cling to their men.. but these Black bitches?? lol They will DESTROY their entire race all because of some entertainer they had a crush on has a White or a Non Black girlfriend or wife lol That’s how SPOILED these Black bitches are by Black Men. Even women of other races have said they don’t understand why Black Women have so much anger and bitterness against Black Men. Kinda makes me wonder if Black Men were sold a lie by Malcolm X in the 60’s when he said the bullshit statement of how these Black bitches are the least protected and most disrespected which is a bullshit LIE because the it was the Black Man that was strung up on a tree for no other reason other than being Black on the wrong side of town after 6pm. #SYSBM

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    • “The modern day Black Woman is the losers choice.” Can’t even be put in bold to be said better. This should be the standard.

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    • “If you put a camera in front of a Black bitch then prepare for 4K quality dysfunction to be broadcast to the world”

      LMAO. True. The quality of video nowadays makes their dysfunction impossible to deny.

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    • “No other race of woman on the PLANET will say that their men aren’t loyal to them besides these crybaby ass Black bitches. Literally every other race BESIDES Black Women can make this claim but they don’t.”

      That’s facts all day! Black women have no reason to complain about Black men, but they slam us every chance they get; there is a stragg on YouTube named Cerebral who whined about seeing every race of women with their men except Black women. You’d think it’d be the other way around given the circumstances, but it’s not.

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      • @Blue Collar Trevor

        I checked that “Cerebral” chicks page out and it was exactly what I thought it was lol an unattractive, single bitter, lonely woman talking to other unattractive, bitter, lonely women lol

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  9. I do not have any rebuttal against what the black female in the video said.

    Black men are not loyal to black females nor have any need to be. Drive past black females. Go invest in yourself and your passion. Find respect outside of the black race if you want a family and you want a woman to call a wife.

    You won’t find it in the black community and that is why these females are talking openly about it. Nothing hurts a black female more than seeing a black man taking his resources and going to another race of female to share with.

    Nothing hurts more I promise you.

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      I would strongly push back against their claim that black men are not loyal to black women because that simply isn’t true, we only need look at the hoards of simps who are still willing to lick the black female’s muddy boots despite her current in the gutter condition.

      Now, I would agree with the position that black men don’t need to be loyal towards black women and shouldn’t be because of the irreparable damage they have brought upon us, black children as well as the black nation as a whole.

      No arguments from me, black men should go where they will be loved, appreciated and shown some respect, they won’t be getting any of those from black women anytime soon.

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  10. How dare you incels talk about y’alls QUEENS like dat? All them wimmenz in the videos is high quality females. Just because shit fell out of the one chick’s ass while she was workin the pole AND SHE WAS WEARING A WIG don’t make her not a high quality female! And Sukihana is the best looking black woman on the planet! Black wimmenz is GAWD and y’all SYSBM niggas just can’t STAND IT! Y’all can’t handle a SKRONG BLACK WIMMENZ and it shows! Go run to yo snowbunnies, dey trying to be like US! Take dis blog and shove it up y’all ASS!

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      • Y’all INCELS ain’t shit!!!! We see y’all too running to Karen & Becky when theres so many high qulaity black females out dere whose kids need help! Kylie Jenner want to be black herself! Who wouldn’t want to be liek GAWD! SYSBM? What yall saving yall selves from? Yo mOmma bLaCk!

        Lick dis WAP and STFU!

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    • Shaniqua Harris,

      Have you seen Sukihana’s face without makeup, it’s quite the horror show. Snow bunnies are scooping up black men by the truckloads, I hope you’re ready for your life of Spinsterhood sharing an apartment with 27 cats and 38 dogs, all the best. 😂😂😂👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

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      • Verbs2015,

        You is da mastermind behind dis hellsite! Leading all these black menz off da plantation! Actin’ like everything BW’s fault! We need fathers and mentors for our kidz because they daddies ain’t shit! Never mind we gave our prime snatch to ain’t shit niggas in da first place! It is our right to go from Pookie and Ray Ray thug dick den want to have meaningful relationship with Blue Collar Trevor! But you is educating dese simps and leading them off the plantation to white females! How dare you? We iz GAWD!

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      • Shaniqua Harris,

        Yep, the mastermind behind Slaying Evil and I accept full responsibility in helping liberate thinking black men from the evil clutches of you wicked black sirens. The plantation must be burned up as well as those miscreants who subscribe to and partake in it. I’m proud to see more black men throwing off their chains and shackles in rebellion to the malevolent grip black women have over black society.

        Look after your own children, they are not the responsibility of free thinking brothers. I will continue to do my part in helping black men seek out better options and there’s nothing you washed up harriets can do to change your pending fate of being cast upon the mountain of spinsterhood forever.

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  11. Bottom line, is that the image of the ABW has been overrun (overthrown) by hoodrats with stank ass WAPs. There is just way too many ordinary non-productive black people being produced more than quality black people, with ABW having freedom of choice, cosigning BS regardless of social economic level, and locking quality black men away from creating quality generations in the black community, until it’s too late. We could’ve had a place where kids can be kids, no one has to look over their shoulder, no reparations would be needed because a new Black Wall street would have been built on a grander scale, no game required to get a quality black american stargate, no welfare, no abortion, no fighting in public unless it’s necessary, no feminism, no stinky WAP, no weave. Then again, that’s just a dream and it’s all it will ever be. Out here telling a grown ass men where to put their dick, got me fucked up. No amount of diversity quotas is going to hide that image of black women worldwide, employers look at certain social media and I’m surprised these hefiers are still able to make ends meet…(sigh) keep forgetting I live in a gynocentric society, SYSBM.

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    • Black Tiger,

      Being the right hand minions of Satan himself, black women don’t want what is best for their own people, they most certainly do not have the best intentions when it comes down to black men, this is so much more evident at this point. I’ve never seen such a bunch of evil individuals before in my entire life, back in the day black women were a devilish bunch, however that pales in comparison to how evil they’ve become today.

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  12. Also to the Jasmine Rae post screenshot shows just how far behind ABW are in their thinking compared to everyone else, and these are the women that run a sorry ass excuse of a community. Why ask that stupid question when black women have already be providing the answer to that through their actions for years, smh.

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  13. Just to show how the degeneracy of modern & pop culture has gone, look who landed a number one spot on the Billboard 100.

    “Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” debuts at No. 1 on the Hot 100″

    Yup. Twittle Dee and Twittle Dumb. I knew like the consumers they were that Black women & lower-tier non-Black women would love & consume this garbage. Not even Madonna, Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera, or other female pop culture artist have pushed the envelope and received a number 1 spot in that regard.

    In other events, I’ve been noticing Black women getting disappointed & real silent about other women that Kamala Harris has appointed to her cabinet.

    Sabrina Singh & Karine Jean Pierre. Black men left the democratic plantation except the indoctrinated male-feminist simps, trans-faggots, and “binary” faggots. Black women are now scratching their heads and wondering,”What going on here? Isn’t she going to put any African American black women into counsel?”. The answer is no. Many sections of ADOS or FBA wrote her off months ago. Now whoever that still stood by the democratic party (Black women), they are showing they what they think of Black women as a whole. Nothing more than voting fodder and an electoral body for representation.

    Kamala Harris is showing the dumb nigger-cunts that she can manipulate and play multiple sides of an angle. As usual, the will be used for the dysfunctional black female vote and nothing more. She will do nothing for Black women as she isn’t black herself. Her main core she is appeasing to is immigrants (mostly Caribbean, East Indian, and Asian) and the alphabet community. 2020 is going to be a real wake up call and the L-Express is working overtime using expedited shipping to deliver those Ls faster

    Liked by 6 people

      Also note during the COVID-19 epidemic, how many Black women are single, lonely, unemployed or unemployable, somber, and insufferable. In the YouTube comments, I’ve noticed how many women have stated no one is checking on their well-being and status. They have made enemies of Black Men and garnered a reputation for chaos and dysfunction. No one cares nor feels anything for Black women.
      People are running out of sympathy and consideration for this particular group. Whoring and prostitution for profit will not work in the times of a depression neither.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Ryan,

        That video and the comments were a real eye opener. Yet again, we’ve got a calamity where “strong and independent” single BW are caught out there, crying lonely and “unprotected.” Meanwhile, BM are taking care of THEIR black and non-black women, or just spending time with their hobbies or side hustles. You do not hear a peep from these men. If they’re like me they’re actually thriving during this time!

        All these bitches have to do is act like something and they’d have simp BM who’d want to deal with them no matter how fat and ugly they were, but we’re too lowly to change their behavior for or to lose the weight for. They still think their White Jesus will save them. So let them bitches eat cake! LOL

        Like Money Cultural says, hold your white sugar honey all through the night! Hahaha!

        Liked by 5 people

      • That was really something to read. A lot of single black women out there and unprotected in the comments lamenting.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Ryan,

      Despite the optics, here’s the former FL campaigning for them and pple in the comments lauding her for it. I think they have a shot coz pple are very disheartened by the current state of affairs.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Verbs 2015.

    I am so glad that I have never had sex with a black woman and I avoid black women like the plague. I just don’t find black women attractive at all and it makes me laugh when you get all these pro black male simps and back to Africa type of black men worshipping black women like they’re gods and we all know that they are fucking idiots who made stupid life choices especially when they become single mothers. I am SYSBM for life and I am only interested in dating childfree beautiful single non black woman.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      You did well not having sex with a black woman, you did even better not impregnating one. There are so many black men walking around who wish they were in your position. Evil women are not fun to be around, black women have proven this and then some.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Verbs 2015.

        Thanks Verbs and I fully agree with you bro. I’ve seen so many black men who made the fatal mistake of getting a black women pregnant and now they are fucking miserable because they stuck with that black woman for the rest of their lives and they are jealous of childfree black men like myself because we have the freedom to create our own new families with good looking childfree non black women.

        Liked by 5 people

      • How are these geechees able to withstand the smell long enough to impregnate a black bitch? Probably the same reason soul (slave) food exists. 🤢🤮

        Liked by 4 people

  15. Fix-a-flat asses once again on display. AVOID at all costs.

    You can’t spell scraggle without the “L”.

    Courtesy of L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


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  16. @Elissor – They still won’t win. Remember when Hillary Clinton had the popular vote and still got her ass kicked? This will be the same except Joe Biden is very desperate and many see through Kamala Harris’ scam. The only people that benefited from Obama from “08 – “16 was faggots, trannies, immigrants, and feminist. No one is falling for the shill of Sleepy Joe & Con-Artist Kamala. Trump is an idiot but many will vote for him just because no one wants a Democrat in office but faggots, feminist, and immigrants. Plus, knowing the voting block, it does not favor Democrats in terms of population size. Many of the alt-right, conservatives, former Democrats, and even Black men are voting for Trump if at all. The best shot Democrats had was Bernie Sanders. That shipped has sailed. No amount of emotional pandering and sympathetic sulking will help the democratic party in 2020. Especially from Micheal Obama. And yes, I did say Micheal

    Liked by 5 people

  17. The best shot Democrats had was Bernie Sanders. That shipped has sailed.

    Bernie Sanders with a Tulsi Gabbard VP was the DemonRATs best chance to change their degenerate ways & bring in some long needed reforms. But the ignorant Dem masses hate real CHANGE. They seem to prefer being lead towards imminent destruction both socially & economically.

    Everybody knows Bernie doesn’t answer to nobody so the Dem elites can’t be having that. But if Bernie & Tulsi weren’t such a fucking shills, they would’ve CREATED a true alternative grassroots 3rd PARTY which would take votes from the 2 main bankster-controlled “parties”.

    Folks, get ready for Civil War 2. If “We The People” are too fucking LAZY, IGNORANT & corrupt to force a CHANGE for the BETTER, then so BE IT. You’ve had over 4 or 5 DECADES to right that stinking sinking ship called Amerika, but “You The 2A People” are fucking COWARDS. So accept your fate Amerikans. Accept it reeel good. You’ve sat back for DECADES while Africa, Central & South America and Asia were raped & pillaged with bankster/Islamo terror/economic warfare. And YOU did NOTHING.

    Enjoy YOUR Civil War 2 my Amerikan Exceptionals. You DESERVE it!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Fuck Bernie Sanders spoiler ass. He had HALF the votes in 2020 as in 2015. 40 years in politics, hasn’t accomplished a damn thing. Now he’s sold out to Biden for what? Bernie-Bots are no closer to M4A or any of their pie in the sky bullshit. Nope, we are in this hell precisely because of Bernie, Jill Stein and their psychotic troll followers.

      Nader, Sanders, Stein. What exactly do all these spoilers have in common? No, it’s not Putin.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. @illmatic826 – “Black women are the least protected and most disrespected”

    In the last 50 years, that has been proven a lie. From subsidized government housing, SNAP/WIC, affirmative action policies (which also white women benefited from also), misandrist child support & custody laws, and college enrollment & graduations. I’ve been seeing Black women eating high off the hog. Being a white mans nigger pet and domestic slut servant has done her well.

    Being the corporate ass-kisser & watchdog for corporations while helping overlooking qualified Black candidates in job positions. Mostly Black Men at that. Many of these bedwenches tout their academic accomplishments and status online. Being so high and mighty against Black men who have the same credentials or slightly less than them. Seeing them on LinkedIn makes me sick.

    So many of these nigger-cunts are so proud to be the head of household and breadwinner supposedly. Yet, they are the first to complain about unfair hours, treatment, and how much they make less than their counterparts. Many of these bedwenches do fuck and suck their way into & up the corporate latter. Some just used for sexual gratification and disappointment that her “feminism” didn’t allow her the same psuedo privileges as her white cohort. Many in these positions get treated just like Black men in many cases. Last Hired & First Fired.

    This is why when they make these statements online, I immediately shut them out and they are not targeted like Native American or Black Men. They are arrogant, entitled, and privileged. No one is hearing their complaints as they are offered more than many other female racial groups (except for Whites women).

    No one is demeaning the Black womans imagine more than herself and reputation. And if we were to be honest, the least protected and most disrespected women are Arabs by culture. Due to their religion and patriarchal standard, most have no rights or privileges. Coming from a westernized-Eurocentric gynocentric society, now I can see why.

    No matter if she is a low-grade hoodrat, corporate bedwench, liberal democratic shill, or a conservative side-slut; they are ALL THE SAME!!!

    Their only complaint is their placement in a White dominated eco-structure. The only plans Black women had from feminism (in my opinion) was to oust & separate from Black men to get closer to the lifestyle,privileges,family structure, and genetics of White Men.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Education: Attended Bowie State University, but said she dropped out after being bullied over a medical condition called alopecia that caused her hair to fall out.

      Who’s Kimberly Klacik? Fast facts about the Republican who won Maryland’s 7th District special primary

      Still the same damn mentally-ill black woman hair issues but with a different “party” that preaches 24/7 about “conservatism” yet LOVES to war-monger all over the frigging planet. I guess you can say today’s “republicans” are kinda the “lesser evil” compared to the DemonRATs.

      So she had alopecia in College?? Well geez, if she PROBABLY didn’t fuck her scalp up with so much straightening CHEMICALS. Ya think that might be the problem, Kimberly? 🤔👀

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  19. These black chicks literally admit that all they offer is putrid, nasty, filthy, degrading gutter sex. Notice this: not ONE chick in those videos is attractive. They ALL trannies, and are covered with enough tattoos to resemble a road map.

    Even removing the weave and the tattoos, I honestly have no clue how any heterosexual man can be legitimately attracted to these beasts beyond, again, the most low grade nut busting imaginable. They have appearances that literally preclude them to be prostitutes. As we’ve mentioned, who can actually imagine these chicks in a kind of romantic way?

    I’d literally kill myself before I married one of these fix a flat fools. I HATE them and find them about as sexually attractive as a mountain goat, just with MUCH less hair of their own and a MUCH worse smell.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      How dare you insult mountain goats, they look far better than your average black queanie:

      On a serious note black women actually believe that WAP is a win for them, however let the dust settle and the smoke clear and we’ll see these same black women go back to the same complaints about being single and not being able to snag “a man of means”.

      In 2020 most black women are completely useless, talking about their used up, washed out, overclocked, ultra high mileage vaginas is the only way they know how to appeal to men, and they wonder why they remain so chronically single at such a high clip.

      Liked by 3 people

  20. Yeah I’m just going to stop checking this page from time to time, mostly all these videos are harmless and getting blown way out of proportion, I agree that the shit video was just disgusting, but the rest are sisters having fun, and guess what? Every race can be a little extra when they’re dunk! I used to laugh at the hate you all spewed and now it’s just sad, no different from the KKK, then you attack different spiritual paths when the white man gave you the Bible and taught you slavery 101! Everyday I see more and more mixed couples with black women! So why aren’t these races agreeing with you? I know, it’s the same reason you used to only point out Black women but now will add white women that act the same way,,, guess what you’re saying without realizing it???? That its trash women of every race, and amazing women of every race… Yet you guys are the “SIMPS” that can’t get past whatever horrible situation you’ve dealt with dating sisters… Let go Gentlemen


    • LoveBlackQueanies,

      First and foremost the mixed couples you see on the streets(if such a statement is to be accepted as genuine) mostly consist of black men with non black women, NOT black women with non black men. The numbers don’t lie, black women are the least desired women on the planet and they’ve brought that position on themselves via partaking in the same degeneracy above that you’ve conveniently labelled as “sistas having fun”.

      You liken us to the KKK just because we speak out against and disapprove of the dysfunction and degenerate practices black women happily and regularly involve themselves in, do you ever stop to hear yourself talk? Additionally, why aren’t you talking about black women aborting astronomical numbers of black children which is directly from the KKK’s handbook on how to control Negro population numbers, it’s called Eugenics in case you weren’t aware.

      You obviously can’t see that black women’s behaviour is a serious problem, that’s your business, however just because you have no standards and no self respect, don’t expect us over here to adopt the same position. The fact of the matter is more black men are choosing to walk away from black women in their droves, your ultra lame attempt to brush black female dysfunction under the carpet will NOT change this growing trend of departure.

      All the best on your mission attempting to save your black queans.


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