It’s Too Dangerous To Deal With Black Women, Part 2 – 2015 Flashback Video!


Before I jump into anything else, did you notice that at no point did the black siren who was the centre of this entire kerfuffle step forward and attempt to defuse the situation properly, and these brainwashed maggles have the audacity to ask SYSBM practitioners what are we saving ourselves from? Protecting and preserving our necks and lives so that we can avoid very messy situations like the above is exactly what we’re saving ourselves from.

Don’t mind the goofy naysayers and haters who see you making moves and are envious of the fact that you had the courage to step away from these dark harridans permanently. All this stupid heifer had to say for herself in the background was “calm down” when 12 Gauge Mike took off his shirt ready for action, smh.

I don’t know the complete story behind the video, I know the lighter skin guy mentioned something about having a child in the house, its possible that he had a child with the chick beforehand or from a previous relationship, they broke up, she then decided to get herself a Slim Sauce/Cheezy Grillz type negro but he may have been sent to jail/prison for a short stretch where she’s then decided to get back with the babyfather/former dude and all was well and good up until Midnight Freddy showed up once again ready to claim his daggle. It’s also possible that Slim Sauce was homeless and needed a place to stay, hence why he told old boy to vacate the premises.

The video according to Worldstar states that the dark skinned dude broke into his ex’s house, however notice how the hyper masculine savage was speaking as if the house was his own just because she’s got pictures of him and some of his family members up on the wall. This is my whole point right here, the pro black female, black women first squads as well as certain black manospherians would have you believe that it is your duty to step in and clean up after this witch.

This is exactly what happens when you lower your standards and volunteer to clean up after women who really aren’t worth a morsel of mouldy bread, remember these are the same black harriets stating that you shouldn’t have any problems dealing with them now that they’re washed up, rinsed out and no longer have the same options that were available to them in the past.

Black women as a collective have stated on many occasions that they are not attracted to the so called “educated lames” and the “squares”, they desire the trouser sagging, gold grill wearing, gang banging thug negroes, however some of these termagants in view of the Blackistanian mess they created called black society are now attempting to improve their image in order to attract white men(who really aren’t interested in black women at all outside of a smash and dash encounter).

Gentlemen, save yourselves from these dysfunctional black females and the feral, bottom of the barrel, fresh out of the penitentiary Negro males they love getting dicked down by, this is exactly what we at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable are saving ourselves from. SYSBM adversaries would do well to stop asking the same dumb questions over and over again already knowing what the real deal is.

Black men with sense and intelligence who haven’t yet made the move to break free or are on the fence at lease need to make the decision to stop allowing themselves to be used by these enchantresses, that would be a good place to start. Let the volunteer janitors step in and mop up the mess this modern day black witch has created.

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

I’ll Never Be A Clean Up Man For Any Woman

Most High Bless

77 thoughts on “It’s Too Dangerous To Deal With Black Women, Part 2 – 2015 Flashback Video!

  1. Black women have way too many entanglements. I’m continue to stay in my lame, education lane. I felt like spider
    man after he took for the venom suit.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      I’m like most others here, I keep my interactions with black women to a minimum. As stated before I know black women who don’t fit the dysfunctional demographic, however they are extremely few and far between.

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      • Verbs2015,

        I too know black women who don’t fit the dysfunctional scraggle daggle demographic. But the honest truth is this. For every one of them, there’s at least 20 scraggle daggles. The ratio might even be worse than that.

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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        I would estimate around 96% of western black women are beyond repair defective stock that need to be discarded of alongside the blue pill simps that support them.

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      • Hope all is well, Brother Verbs.Spoke with Brother Dwight Hayes yesterday as he is in the states in Texas now.I was happy to hear that you and he are “Brothers” also.He as well as I (Roger Spice) are proud of you

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      • Roger Spice,

        Always good to hear from you brother, just doing my part to help more free thinking black men decontaminate from the years of brainwashing and indoctrination at the hands of these malevolent black women. There is nobody else out here who will look out for black men but ourselves. A maximum salute to brother Dwight Hayes too.

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    • @Robert Chavis,

      I didn’t feel sorry for any of the characters in this video. First of all, I hate the scraggle daggle, I hate everything about these beasts. Then there is ape-man Tbone, who took off his shirt to show his prison physique. Then there is the soft spoken lighter complexion simp, who should never have been with the scraggle daggle in the first place.

      I hate the scraggle daggle for reasons that speak for themselves. I also hate the simps, every variety of simp, for enabling the scraggle daggles. As I’ve said before, the simp feeds the scraggle daggle’s fuckery. The scraggle daggle thrives in an environment where there are plenty of simps. The scraggle daggle won’t survive without the simp, and vice versa.

      I’d liked to put all simps and scraggle daggles in a huge pit, fill it with gasoline, and set it on fire.

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    • @Robert Chavis,

      I’ve seen little prison Tbone simps like the dude in the video, get knocked out with one punch. And you could tell that he couldn’t fight by the way he was posing, wolfing, and keeping a safe distance with his hands down. Plus, he had to have his boys with him when he broke in.

      Anyway, the daggle wasn’t worth fighting over, and both dudes were simps for even being with her.

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      • I got confronted by a little dude like that years ago after a wreck, dude walked up to me trying to look tough, it was almost cute in a childlike way. The only thing that I was scared of were the sores on his arms and face, the little dude looked to be a serious drug addict. Dudes like that know that they are little so they will put on airs to try to look tough.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid black women like the plague and I refuse to date them because you have to deal with their crazy ex boyfriends like a slim sauce or midnight freddy type of black man and the worst thing about it is that black women allow these potentially dangerous situations to manifest themselves. Also you get these scraggle daggles and pro black simp black men who have the audacity and cheek to ask us SYSBM free thinking black men what we are saving ourselves from. We are saving ourselves from idiotic imbeciles like you so that we can live to at least 90 years old and we won’t achieve that by getting with a black women so therefore us SYSBM black men will get with a non black woman so that we live a long healthy successful life so that we can build our own families with our own DNA from scratch and have our own children, not take on another mans kid from a black single mother who have a football team full of different kids with different baby daddies. Only in the black community that single motherhood is celebrated whereas in non black communities single motherhood is looked down upon and shamed and so it should be.

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    • “Only in the black community that single motherhood is celebrated whereas in non black communities single motherhood is looked down upon and shamed and so it should be.”

      THANK YOU!!! I’m so sick of these whores expecting to be called queens when they have stray kids by numerous men. It would be different if she was widowed (which suggests she was a respectable woman), or only had one and got her shit together. But these whores will have a litter of dindu nuffins by any thug with a pulse and still think they are worthy of reverence, and that’s bullshit.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      SYSBM is one of the very few black male groups who reject single motherhood and that is the way it’s going to stay. Single motherhood is an utter mockery and a disgrace to womanhood and so are the blue pill simps who expect us to join them in uplifting single mothers and their devil spawn seedlings. Absolutely out of the question.

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  3. Tommy said this a while ago but he was spot on (I’m paraphrasing) “they should’ve never gave you niggas internet”. And he was spot on. If for any reason people think we’re joking or making things up about these dangerous, morbidly obese and heifers all they need to do is go onto any social media platform, Worldstar, and of course here for a full catalog of they willingly put up of their dysfunctional ways.

    I can not stress enough just how much I cannot stand most of these broads. I will gladly shop at the more expensive stores, and go to nicer areas to avoid dealing with the them, their fatherless (or useless father) hellspawn, and their brigades of brain dead maggles and simps.

    If you still decide to roll the dice and get involved with one of them, you deserve the hell that is coming your way…

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    • FDC,

      Yet black women still want to pretend that they have no idea why more black men are choosing to avoid them and opting for women of other ethnicities instead, smh. Oh well, their problem, no mine. We have many legitimate reasons as to why we rejected black women as viable companions, the first and main reason simply being they’re not fit for relationships to begin with.

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  4. “…did you notice that at no point did the black siren who was the centre of this entire kerfuffle step forward and attempt to defuse the situation properly, and these brainwashed maggles have the audacity to ask SYSBM practitioners what are we saving ourselves from?”

    I swear, brother Verbs, you have an uncanny ability to sum up an entire issue inside one paragraph. See things like this are exactly why I stay away from these whores with ties to thugs. I don’t know the entire story, but it seems like the bitch led the guy to believe that she had broken up with the hyper-masculine simp and said simp came by to mark his territory. And you’re correct. At no point did that deceitful bitch try and diffuse the situation, nor did either of these dudes sit her down and check her on that bullshit. These bitches have no problem playing with black men’s lives and should be avoided like the plague. Imagine if this situation had turned volatile. One dead, one in jail, and she gets to hop onto the next dick like nothing happened. THIS is just a portion of what we save ourselves from when we walk away from these bitches.

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    • “One dead, one in jail, and she gets to hop onto the next dick like nothing happened.”

      The BW would have been on TV crying and being dramatic, never mentioning that she caused this situation.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      This is exactly what these black sirens do, when one penis goes to jail or ends up in the grave, they simply jump onto another one in order to keep the dick carousel going. Already knowing that single motherhood is the highest in black female society, this is even more of a reason to avoid these women like your life depends on it(which it does).

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  5. Good post. The solution is to not put yourself in this situation to begin with, thinking BM don’t have to worry about being in a position like this. A lot of BW date thugs when they are young, then some when they get older try to put on the “good girl act” to fool a good BM into dating them. If she has kids leave her alone, if she used to date thugs leave her alone (no matter how much she swears that she has changed), its not worth it. If she has ever messed with pookie and ray ray, let her STAY with pookie and ray ray.

    The “smarter” BW likely wont even tell a Good BM about the thugs and bums they used to date, or the abortions that they have had, etc., you will likely have to find out on your own, best to just leave them alone and keep the Wall up.

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      • James SYSBM,

        Typical disrespectful black harridan, but we’re supposed to want to have conversations, negotiate and horse trade with a group of women that hate us, right??? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

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  6. I remember this video from a few years back; that stubby psycho simp is a textbook example of the type of dangerous dude Black women love to date and procreate with, willing to kill another man (and a child) over a brawd. Like you said, the Black women didn’t even step in to protect her new man.

    To me, it seems like the lighter skin guy was the fallback option after Slim Sauce; the stragg in question never counted on Slim Sauce coming back. Thank goodness he gave dude a pass, because I believe he would’ve killed the guy on the spot (which is not Alpha male behavior).

    Simpin ain’t easy, bruh!

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      I don’t understand why so many black men bother, the indoctrination and witchcraft worked upon them to where they feel that they need to “keep it real” and only date black women exclusively runs very deep. Like James SYSBM stated, free thinking black men won’t find themselves in this kind of predicament, it’s only those Negroes dealing with the black witch as well as those still on the fence who will run into severe issues similar to that above.

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  7. Today’s article shows how the stereotypical black culture is so far messed up. In order for young black boys and men to get the same type of women these stereotypical ‘about that life’ Slim Sauce, Cheezy Grillz, 12 Gauge Mike and fellows has instant, direct access to, said boys and men have to change their physical and attitude image to reflect the bad boy deathstyle. Becoming a ‘about that life’ wannaber will not guarantee you the chance at these sexuallly burned out black women. The negative, hypersexualized messages in television shows, movies and music from black society has consumed a lot of black Gen-Y/Millennials since the late 1980s, throughout the 1990s and the 2000s. Black men flexing for these stereotypical women and black women fronting for these stereotypical men under this deathstyle banner will not help this ilk of black folks to thrive and survive so they can produce offsprings of future generations with good morals and commonsense.


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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      All I can say as I always do is those who still choose to deal with black women do so at their own risk and they can’t complain when things return to bite them in the backside.

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  8. “You prepared to die for that pussy? I am! I am!”

    SMH. There it is. Spoken like a true simp. The other man needs to leave and never come back. The woman made her choice.

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  9. These maggles and scraggles are not adults. They are teenagers, kids raising other kids and suffering in every human way possible physcologically because of their Mom’s selfish decisions. That’s why I laugh at these negroes splitting the blame between both genders in the black community when it clearly started with one, the black woman. All this fucking beating around the bush is just an excuse to recycle the bullshit for more generations to come. The black American community will never amount to shit as a collective as long as these false queens are running things.

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    • Black Tiger,

      I once heard a brother describe the black simp as “having the mind of a child, the body of a man, and the emotional constitution of a woman”. The little prison Tbone simp doing all the posing and wolfing, exemplifies this.

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    • Black Tiger,

      Splitting the blame is a common Kansas City Shuffle I talk about in Negro Wars, it still doesn’t hold black women accountable for their skullduggery. Nope, black women need to be held to account by themselves, the equal distribution of blame racket is just that, a scam and a fraud designed to absolve black women of any wrongdoing.

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  10. We need to quit pretending that the likes of us would be anywhere NEAR that situation. Leave these lowlifes to the streets, and as always, SYSBM.

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  11. Imagine being so low in life that you’d just get out of jail and risk going back all for the lowest females on the planet. 🤣

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  12. I remember this video extremely well. Ghetto Arnie was ready! Listen here. It is not safe dealing with these ghetto hoodrats. It is absolutely dangerous dealing with the scraggs, it’s not worth losing your life. If two men fighting for a woman who is not worth the time and life you want happens at the fight? One goes to jail, one ends up coffin and woman is getting press by the third man. Or fourth! Listen here, if the man with the muscle and he has a good physique, if he killed the guy who was in the house, he’s going to do a 125 year prison sentence and the thot he’s is claiming is getting dick down by another dude. And if he is a alpha male then why is he with a ghetto hoodrat?

    These harridans are more dangerous then walking into a Lion’s den. That is the reason why black men are opting out from black women because not only with their dysfunctional behaviour but the dangers that comes along with it and we just see it on the damn video! The man will go to jail for a scraggle daggle who has the next man in mind? Yo, these simps has no sense at all. And you know why these simps are fighting and dying? Just for that cooch that she has giving it to one man to another! I just have to shake my head people.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night from these scraggle daggles. And yeah, tomorrow, I’m goanna be 39 years old and I’m goanna say this. If you wanna live long like I do, then don’t deal with these ghetto scraggle daggles. It’s not worth dying for really!


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  13. These Pookies and Ray-Rays are real tough when they confront other black men. But as soon as a white cop shows up, they bitch up real quick.

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    • Just about every video that I have seen on this subject shows a Black single mother.

      “Shamika Rollins’ eight children share two bedrooms in Richmond, Virginia.”

      SMDH. Look at her in the video, dark skin, orange dyed hair, eyebrow piercing, she looks just like you would expect a BW under this headline to look. I only feel sorry for the 8 kids who had the misfortune of being born to her, looking at her and the fact that she has 8 kids I would guess that she was a hooker/drug addict.

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      • James SYSBM,

        I couldn’t help but wonder. How many baby daddies Shamika has ? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she has eight kids by 8 different baby daddies.

        If she has 8 baby daddies and got 300 dollars a month from each, she could pay her rent, if she has 5 different baby daddies and got 400 a month from each, she could pay her rent.

        In the states, most of these low class daggles don’t even seek child support from the baby daddies, if the baby daddy is a Lil Pookie, or a Tbone. They’d rather go to Uncle Sam, which is the same as plundering their responsible neighbors.

        When these daggies manage to snag a working simp with a good job, they’ll seek all the child support they can get. Then they’ll spend the child support on weave, nails, intoxicants, and Lili Pookies and Tbones.

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      • James SYSBM,

        I used to feel sorry for the children, however we have to remember that they will be the same ones who once they become of age will be terrorising the same neighbourhoods they grew up in.

        I used to wonder why in the scriptures when the Most High instructed the Hebrews to take over a particular piece of land, he would tell them to kill everybody including the children. Seeing the monsters that black women bring forth from their wombs, I fully understand his reasoning behind putting out that instruction.

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    • I tried to find that classic YouTube video that Straight Shooter did a while back about how benefit cuts would lead to hoodrat hyperinflation but its not up, probably flagged down for being so truthful. lol
      But yeah, we are about to see a lot of BW who will all of a sudden be looking for a good BM and are no longer interested in being “strong and independent”. Isaiah 4:1

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      • James,

        These “divesters” online are pushing this new-found “femininity” hard, man. April Mason says “strong and independent” is no longer a compliment. But these women are not looking for a good BM, but a white boy. According to them, BM do not deserve a feminine BW because we don’t pRoViDe and PrOtEct.

        Good thing white and Asian women are feminine by default.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Since when are traitors and treacherous women worthy of being protected and provided for by anybody? Black women have a very short, ultra selective memory, they conveniently “forget” all of the skullduggery they’ve brought upon black men, yet have the audacity to still ask for our protection as well as to provide for them.

        Not a damn chance, remember since the 1960s they’ve become the property of the State, therefore they ought to be lodging complaints about lack of protection and provisions to them. Oh, I forgot, the government is now discarding of their backsides aswell, I guess black women are on their own, their problem, not mine.

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      • James SYSBM,

        Isaiah 4:1 reads:

        4:1 “And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach”.

        The black woman’s reproach is fast approaching, as I’ve stated before recompense is a dish best served cold. Judgement is upon the heads of these decadent black witches, it’s long overdue.

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    • That woman and her kids honestly look like lower forms of developed hominid life. Again, that incest is a killer.

      Eight damn kids, EIGHT! How do you have that many kids and can’t afford to wipe your own ass?

      I’d say someone should try to save those kids, but, as harsh as it sounds, don’t bother. Even the seeds of these hoodrats are already contaminated at a biological and genetic level, no different from a chimpanzee, despite whatever you try, will NEVER be a Harvard graduate.

      It’s gonna get bad here soon. Notice that when it comes to lockdowns and railing against their governments, Europeans seem to be the ONLY ones doing and saying anything. Not just Russians, but Germans and even (white) Brits too. They will be the ones coming out of this the strongest, and there will likely be a renewed fat right antagonist against migration and certain minority communities, Mark my words.

      Things will not be good for black people as a whole, especially black women. Only thinking black men will manage to get anywhere, and sadly when I say that, I mean the ones who never screwed the pooch. Those who are trying to finally fix their mistakes at this point may be stuck.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Had she been in a committed relationship with a man who was the father of all 8 children and had their own place then there wouldn’t have been a problem, however in typical black female fashion these black women just can’t shut off the spigot when it comes to no good black men unloading their seed into their snatches, smh.

        The children need to perish just like the irresponsible mother who brought them into the world, just as I said to James SYSBM, these children under the instruction of their whore of a mother will go around terrorising their own neighborhood bringing nothing but the grim reaper to anybody and everybody’s doorstep.

        I’m actually surprised that the Brits are beginning to stand up and the Germans too, normally these socialist countries are the last places where you’ll see some sort of uprising, it’s typically the Eastern block nations who are the ones the setting the example.

        The black witch and those blue pill simps who subscribe to her path are in serious trouble, oh well, not my problem.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Had these single mothers chosen the right men to begin with, I dare to say most of them would’ve been living in their own homes and not facing eviction. Recompense is a dish best served cold, they did it to themselves, they have nobody else to blame. Obsidian needs to line himself up to save these women because I won’t be.

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      • Wow all these strong, independent, degreed black single mothers are taking it on the chin. But-But I thought they were doing so much better than us “conquered” nakers. I also thought if all else failed, that their White Kings would scoop them up. Oh well.

        PS: Those Section 8 queens in the last 2 videos were FAT. Sloppy, knock-kneed fat. Just ugh. I feel sorry for the nakers with no options who still have to deal with those fat, loud black hoes. I’m not against a shapely white BBW, but these hoes were just blobs.

        “Black women will regret making Black men their enemies. The warnings are being ignored.” – Rick Scorpio, 2012.

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      • I thought about making a collage video out of the above videos, but decided against it. If I have the desire, I might do it later.

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  14. You fought for/over a QUEENIE?!!! That’s like having all manner of steak, shrimp, and lobster at your choosing, and you choose to duke it out and possibly die over potted meat.

    I literally do not see how dudes can want anything out of these ape faced, baritone voiced, kneecap sagging tittied QUEENIES besides MAYBE the cheapest head possible, like getting head for a bag of Chester’s Hot Fries and two or three Swishers. I legit can NOT imagine marriage and families with these chicks, hell making love to them even. All you’ll achieve with these beasts is some freakish form of barbaric jungle “love,” the likes of which even Morris Day wouldn’t want (ohweohweoh)

    THIS is the kinda woman that causes YET STOP fights. I’d take her and her big conservative Jew titties, I’d be all up in that land of milk and honey. You think I’d so much as ARGUE for the “privilege” of nutting up in some welfare sewer snatch? Get with the white woman on top of the skyscraper, not the gorilla that kidnapped her.

    Whenever you fight for a QUEENIE, you fight for a mutant that crawled out of the toxic radioactive remains of Cabrini Green.

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    • “You fought for/over a QUEENIE?!!! That’s like having all manner of steak, shrimp, and lobster at your choosing, and you choose to duke it out and possibly die over potted meat.”

      Potted meat possibly containing a severed rat tail. A true news story, I remember from my youth.

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    • Isn’t that Ben Shapiros sister?! Lmao
      They keep messing with him on Twitter about her big ass titties ctfu

      You know I’ve never really considered Jewish women. All I’ve heard is how they henpeck their sons but that might just be a tactic so men of all races don’t bumrush their women

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  15. Well, here is my opinion about this:

    I know that many people here condemned the dark skinned dude about his behavior and how aggressive and simpish he was being over a black witch, but I kind of see this as an opportunity for SYSBM to emulate the same behavior when it comes to their SYSBM significant other. No, I do NOT mean “Die for pussy” or become of an kind of simp in which his behavior was referring to.

    Imagine that this dark skin dude was a SYSBM! and that he was with a non -black witch, but with Olga, Maria or Suzuki! protecting his non-black girlfriend/wife! imagine the light skin dude was your average Darrick Jackson-like, frying pan african, “4 da comun1ty!! group, who was trying to dick police and shatter his relationship with the dark skin dude. Honestly, I would be rather happy if he acted in the same aggressive behavior the same way towards the simps who dared to try to come in between his SYSBM relationship. After all, it was not too long ago when Verbs posted an article about some jealous asshole who attacked an SYSBM couple because the black boy with dating a white girl! Would that same jealous individual attacked them if he knew he was dealing with the same kind of guy like the dark skinned dude that we saw above? Would black boy friend be a simp if he was protecting his girlfriend? INoticed how the light skin guy backed off and was a bit submissive? They will never go up against Tyrones and 2 gunz about their dating choices because they KNOW what will happen. They will get a beating of their life! Simps will only attack SYSBM because most of them know they can get away with it.

    Let me tell you a story, I personally knew one black guy who was former Tyrone his whole life. Once he hopped the fence and got a becky, it was like god changed this man into a saved being through this white woman. He changed like magic! If black women are witches, then the White girl who he choose to be with was most certainly a fairy! The guy was a hardcore prisoner andI use to help him with his English Composition when I lived in the Bronx (New York City District). He got a job working in Lowes (Hardware Shop), and I guess he was doing some sort of packaging or heavy lifting. There was this white woman customer who would frequent that Lowes and would always go to him for help (for example, lifting heavy tools, reaching things since he was very tall. ). After awhile she was getting really flirty and he ate it all up like delicious ice cream! They ended up getting together with eachother and it was almost like life had just flown into him! After about 4 to 6 months, the guy magically transformed nearly into a semi-business professional When he was working at Lowes, he had the aura of a murderous criminal with all of his tattoos and hyper masculine being about him. Suddenly he became well dressed in business casual attire, Spoke much better English, was more polite, respectful and responsible! He was almost unrecognizable from before. A couple of simps was not happy about his success and I guess they tried to indirectly butt in his relationship and tried to make him look for a black woman, but this guy went right back into his former thug personality and was ready to murder them! Not one single simp dared to try to come in between him and his white woman after that!

    What I am trying to say is, I think the dark skin dude’s aggression is sadly misplaced for the black witch as most of these witches do NOT care about black men! I think one way for thinking black men to really protect and defend their SYSBM family IS to emulate this guy , just a little bit!


  16. Let’s not forget about the ghetto becky’s either. They will actually get you into situations just like this as well, hell, probably even faster.

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