Divesting/Levelling Up/Burn The Cape – Swirling 2.0 Movement Destined For Failure And Collapse Just Like Swirling 1.0
















I don’t really check my Twitter account that often, the links to my articles have been set up to where they’re automatically posted on my Twitter feed whenever I release a new post. I honestly had no clue that Twitter was full of so many scum bucket, bottom of the barrel, vagabond, abominable angry, disgruntled and bitter black women who spend all day on social media berating, disparaging and blaming black men for all the calamities in their lives these same black women brought upon themselves with their own hands.

I was recently checking out my Twitter feed and I saw a load of disgruntled black women posting their commentary regarding my recent article about colourism, where I explained the real deal with the term being used as a guilt tripping victim card by rejected black females(typically ugly, dark skinned, overweight black women) in their feeble attempts to get black men to date them or at least look in their direction exclusively. Remember what I stated in the article I wrote about white men knowing their black female flunkies well:

“Black women are full of garbage, they need to continue berating and disparaging black men in order to keep their expired victimhood narrative perpetuating, this is why they continue to hover around us and attempt to gaslight the same men they claim to hate, smh”.

I find it very interesting that these same black women going around talking about “divesting” and “levelling up” are still hovering around black men spaces and immediately jump on the “hate the black man” bandwagon whenever a black man says or does something they disagree with. Now, let’s talk about and break down this divesting and levelling up garbage. I stated the following in a recent comment:

The first swirling campaign ie Swirling 1.0 launched in 2012 by the pink pill pimpstress/black witch of Swirl Mountain Christelyn Karazin has been an abysmal and total failure due to the fact that non black men don’t want black women en mass nor do they want anything serious with them in most cases. Now these same wannabe swirlers are attempting to relaunched themselves under the “levelling up/divestment” banner, the same Swirling 1.0 failure but now under newer different titles(Swirling 2.0).

I told you back in 2016 that the swirl movement was dead when the Pink Pill Pimpstress Karazin had her run in with The Vegainator, a young white male who stated that he wasn’t interested in swirling with black females. Of course you already know that this didn’t go down very well with Karazin and her wannabe swirling cronies who then set out to persecute the Vegainator beyond measure to the point where he lost his job and eventually quit YouTube.

The above is one of the main reasons why so called “divestment/levelling up” aka Swirling 2.0 will be an miserable and an abysmal failure just like the swirling 1.0 movement. Other white men watched and noted how these disgruntled black sirens dealt with a white male who wasn’t interested in them, based upon the horrid outcome which white man is willing to take any one of these bitter black harridans onboard knowing that if he sets a foot in the wrong direction, the black witch will savagely rip him to pieces, I’ll wait??

Black women as a collective are not very bright at all for another reason, they believe that they can rebrand themselves simply by repeating the words “divest” and “level up”, yet somehow they’ve neglected to take into consideration the fact that white men have observed how horribly black women treat their own male counterparts.

Again, don’t they think that this will make an impact upon Captain Euro’s mind and steer him towards giving them a wide berth instead? Looking in from the outside white men will rightly conclude that black women are NOT loyal and therefore cannot be trusted. Again, in order to “divest” and “level up” there have to be recipients on the other side, in other words white and other non black men have to desire getting together with black women in significant numbers.

In the overwhelming majority of circumstances we don’t see that and if black women are picked up by white men it typically is for sexual purposes only. It’s funny, black women would always say the same thing about black men and white women until white females began making endless Tik Tok videos expressing their love and appreciation for the brothers as well as showing themselves in happy and fruitful relationships with black men, something we haven’t seen from these benighted black harridans forever.

If black women are so desired by other races of men in like manner, then where are the volumes of videos TIk Tok or otherwise where truckloads of white boys and men are expressing their love and appreciation for these black females, that’s what I thought, they’re nowhere to be found just like these new age wannabe “swirlers” with their supposed white men, lol.

Black women are delusional in that they don’t understand the relationship they have with white men, Admiral Frost views the black witch as a flunky and a useful idiot who he can use to keep black men and black society in the toilet, however unfortunately black women have deliberately deceived themselves into believing that they can gain something more from this one sided relationship.

Gentlemen, sit back, relax and watch the overwhelming majority of these rebranded swirlers fail once again to reach the summit of Swirl Mountain. Like I said before, black women who claim divestment and levelling up aren’t going anywhere because they need to hold onto their “woe is me” victimhood narrative and the only way for them to continue doing so is to pull out the “it’s always the black man’s fault” card whenever required.

For many of these so called “swirlers” especially in the case of the super tanker mentally disjointed sorceress Cristal Swirlz, levelling up means moving a white male meth head into your home and getting your backside beaten from pillar to post by him. As we already know with the divestment squad any white man will do, even if he’s a homeless bum living on the streets black women will still claim that they’ve “divested” and “levelled up”.

Finally, many wannabe swirling black females practice Wiccan, witchcraft, sorcery and dark wisdom, yet why aren’t they able to create spells in order to manifest these white men they desire so much into reality, where is this so called “black girl magic”? Additionally, since so many more black women are openly telling black men to get lost, I would strongly advise that you take their advice and seek out love and companionship amongst non black women where you will be greatly loved and shown more appreciation than you’ll ever receive from these so called divestment squad ingrates.

Black women stay delusional until they hit the grave, nothing will ever change that, they’ll go down eating, drinking, being merry and engaging in morally bankrupt carnal behaviour right up until their point of death. Like I stated before, notice how they’ll always look to introduce the LGBTQP agenda into any movement they create.

The black female’s obsession with homosexuals and trannies is straight out of the bottomless pit, and this is the abominable filth we’re being asked to converse, horse trade, negotiate and reconcile with. No thank you, I’ll pass, I’m good. Let the simps deal with these failures, after all, this is exactly the purpose they were created for, to be the black female’s last bastion of hope.

Black women will not be able to escape their due repayment and coming judgement for the dysfunctional Blackistan society they’ve created with their own wombs and I don’t want to be anywhere near them when the lightning strikes. Black women engage in this kind of behaviour below and then wonder why they’re looked upon as masculine, violent, cold hearted, bloodthirsty brutes by men across the board, smh. What, do they think white men are blind and can’t see this barbaric nonsense. Levelling up, what part, exactly which non black men in droves are scrambling to scoop up black women who claim to be “divesting” and “levelling up”, I’ll wait once again:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Swirling 2.0 Just Like Swirling 1.0 Is Already Dead Coming Out Of The Gate

Most High Bless

198 thoughts on “Divesting/Levelling Up/Burn The Cape – Swirling 2.0 Movement Destined For Failure And Collapse Just Like Swirling 1.0

  1. Black women trying their utmost to appeal to non black men(mainly white men) using various tools including femininity classes pretending to change for the better, however rebellion and belligerence is extremely strong in this modern day black female, it’s only a matter of time until she reverts back to her default savage nature and once again releases Jezebel from her captive stronghold, we aren’t stupid over here, I would like to think that Captain Snowy is the same seeing as he was the one who created these black female monsters to begin with.

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    • The fact they need classes to learn how to be feminine is all you need to know about the majority of BW in general.

      WW default to being feminine when Feminism no longer suits them….

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      • Djfourmonie,

        It’s the pretending black women engage in claiming they don’t know why increasingly black men are passing them over for the likes of Susie, Paola, Patel, Shazi, Yokohama etc is what is making them look even more ridiculous and foolish.

        As I keep on saying, black women as a group are done, it’s too late for them at this point.

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      • djfourmonie,

        “The fact they need classes to learn how to be feminine is all you need to know about the majority of BW in general”.

        Beat me to it. If your woman needs a class on how to be feminine, you should run away and never look back. That is pathetic on every level, and indefensible.

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      • It’s total slap in the face of Black men that they have the nerve to act differently around White men.

        Everybody see it, everybody knows it.

        But the majority of Black men; As I’ve said before don’t want to be cut off from the communitah so they are very reluctant to consider other women. BGS said in one of his live streams that you can also expect more “sh*t” to deal with. That’s speaks to the racism in this country which leads to few career opportunities and fewer promotions.

        All because you dare consider a non-Black woman for a mate.

        Years ago I posted on the Happier Abroad forum a blog post from a somewhat controversial writer. I can’t remember his name atm but he was generally supportive of IR, especially for Black men. He also pointed out the Latin man/woman’s desire to be White and said that the two most disrespected genders are Asian men and Black women; He argued it would be logically for them to mate more often but they don’t.

        He said White women are naturally attracted to Black men because of all the masculine imagines they see of Black men in media.

        You’ve said it Verbs, I’ve said, the WAR IS OVER. Again THE WAR IS OVER. Only scremishes remain, Black women have lost the culture war over who gets Black women. The answer is everybody but them…

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      • In all fairness, back in the day, “femininity classes” used to be called CHARM SCHOOL. Where an old lady would teach little girls how to act. Ballet classes also used to teach girls how to move gracefully. In my generation, charm school, debutante balls and such black middle class rites were common. Now these hoes are grown, black-ass oil tankers trying to act all dainty, like the old cartoon with the hippo in a tutu.

        As djfourmonie pointed out, they are willing to do all this for the elusive Waldo, but not for your black ass. Not that you’d want those heffas anyway.

        All that is needed to dead the whole convo is to just leave these black bitches alone. Don’t engage them, don’t save them, and if you do know some, keep em at arm’s length, reverse friend zone. But simps can’t do that. They will continue to be disrespected by these heathens. Their problem, not mine.

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    • @Verbs

      To piggy back on two of your fantastic points…

      1. Good God Crystal Swirlz looks like Magilla Gorilla, she’s the poster child for the typical obese, masculine, belligerent, DELUSIONAL and supremely UNATTRACTIVE black female! Oh BTW, I may have insulted Mr Gorilla by comparing Crystal Swirlz to him😂😂

      2. And your most important point…

      TikTok has absolutely DESTROYED, DEVASTATED and defanged ALL of the Daggles and Maggles talking points. All you see on TikTok is White Girls/Women professing their love for Black Boys/Men or White Girls/Women with Black Boyfriends/Husbands.

      But of course since the Daggles and Lord Euro…AKA… FrankenFrost are one in the same, they both stay in the aforementioned TikTok video comments spewing their butthurt, bitter, jealous and envious digital feces!

      Now I would ask anyone to find copious amounts of video or picture evidence of multiple Daggles/Lord Euros coupled up taking a picture with or in a video together.

      However we have a wealth of examples showing multiple Black Men and White Women coupled up in pictures and videos, here are just a few.

      The Evidence…

      Posing Like Their Boyfriends


      Posing Like Their Girlfriends


      A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

      And possibly the greatest #SYSBM picture EVER!


      The #SYSBM movement has wrecked havoc on the psyches of the Daggles,Maggles and FrankenFrost and they know there’s not a damn thing they can do about it except lash out in jealousy, envy and anger.

      So sit back and watch the #SYSBM TSUNAMI carve out a new landscape while simultaneously washing out and cleansing us of the putrid Daggle and Maggle infestations!

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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        This is the major difference between black men and black women, black men who talk about expanding upon their dating options are actually doing it, even the daggles and maggles are having to openly admit this, however when it comes down to black women and swirling the complete opposite is true, where’s are the white men companions of the so called “divestment” squad?

        This is my point, black women don’t even talk a good talk by a long stretch, they’re so desperate to stay ahead of black men that they’ll literally pick up any white guys available and move them into their houses just so that they can say that they’re “swirling” and have divested, even meth heads as in the case of Crystal Swirlz, smh.

        There is no black girl magic, there never was any, black women continue to create all of these various titles, words, terms and phrases believing that something will “pop off” without them having to actually put in the effort in order for real results to come about.

        The laziest bunch of women on the planet bare none, that’s who black women as a collective are in 2020.

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  2. Gentlemen,

    The video below illustrates exactly why Kevin Samuels live-streams have grown so popular in recent months, these black heifers are about to be kicked out onto the streets, so in a last ditch effort they are desperately seeking out janitors/clean up men to swoop in and save them from their pending doom.

    These are the same black sirens who have relentlessly berated and disparaged black men for the last 50 years plus. I point blank refuse to come to the rescue of any of them, let those who wish to reconcile, converse, negotiate and horse trade with these women become the saviours of treacherous and traitorous black women:

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    • yes we have been discussing this for 5 years. Ie the great Shi Dr. Kirigakure Jones. The government fed interest rate manipulation, and bond borrowing at the fed level and the eventual removal and de-funding of gov backed and funded programs. It was written into last year’s Budget Control Act as the next step should the supercommittee fail. It would slash federal spending by $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years.This was inevitable and quite a bit of the initial steps went through 112th Congress in the Pres. Obama era you had the 30 day period which Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012 could be rejected . https://www.congress.gov/112/plaws/publ155/PLAW-112publ155.pdf

      This measure has not been amended since it was reported to the House on July 2, 2012. The summary of that version is repeated here. Then the S.365 – Budget Control Act of 2011 was passed which outlined the 10 restrictions and Title I: Ten-Year Discretionary Caps with Sequester – (Sec. 101) Amends the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 (Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act) to revise sequestration requirements for enforcement of discretionary spending limits (spending caps).

      (4) the earned income tax credit (EITC) compliance initiative, (5) Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) adoption incentive payments, providing new budget authority and outlays or reducing revenue, for purposes of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 (CBA), this Act, and the Rules of the House of Representatives.

      It also limits the amount of money women and graduate students can receive check it out bros. Title V: Pell Grant and Student Loan Program Changes – (Sec. 501) Amends the Higher Education Act of 1965 to increase appropriations for federal Pell Grants for FY2012-FY2013.

      (Sec. 502) Makes certain graduate or professional students ineligible to receive a Federal Direct Stafford loan after July 1, 2012.

      quite a bit of the ineligible students and professionals are females and if you look into the section 502


      Economist David M. Kotz suggests that the implementation of AUSTERITY measures following the financial crisis of 2007–2008 was an attempt to preserve the neoliberal capitalist model. Contemporary Keynesian economists argue that budget deficits are appropriate when an economy is in recession, to reduce unemployment and help spur GDP growth. According to Paul Krugman, since a government is not like a household, reductions in government spending during economic downturns worsen the crisis.

      Across an economy, one person’s spending is another person’s income. In other words, if everyone is trying to reduce their spending, the economy can be trapped in what economists call the paradox of thrift, worsening the recession as GDP falls. In the past this has been offset by encouraging consumerism to rely on debt, but after the 2008 crisis, this is looking like a less and less viable option for sustainable economics.

      Remember after both world war’s UK used austerity and as recent as 2011-19 ie we have Brexit

      Always remember as Nagone11 and Shi Dr. Kirigakure Jones state black woman can not divest if they have not invested ……

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    • The black woman is set to get her single mother ass handed back to her. I see this now where I live. Black females with nothing to do and no where to go but got the time to argue, fuck, smoke black and milds on their stoop and stare at you driving by.

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      • AssengaiDevelopments,

        The streets are about to see many more black women, the dumbest thing they did was stabbing their male counterparts in the back believing that they could find refuge amongst other races of men. Recompense is a dish best served cold, judgements will be appropriately meted out and these black witches will not be able to escape either.

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      • Verbs,

        I remember Madame Logicbomb maybe 2 years ago doing a video where she went out and filmed the tent cities in L.A. where she lives and was doing a running commentary mocking the homeless BM. I told her in a comment it wouldn’t be long until homeless BW and their chilluns will be begging for room in those same tents when Trump and the GOP cut their bennies and put them out on the street. It’s 2020 and here we are.

        Recompense has been a long time coming, but here it is. It’s almost worth it to see America collapse as long as our enemies go first.


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      • Schadenfreude,

        Black women really don’t have a clue as to how bad things are going to get and how they’ll be the first ones affected because they’ve rejected the true backbone of black society. This reminds me of a semi viral article I wrote back in 2017 regarding the up and coming cuts and black women back then were starting to beg black men for help:


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      • @ Schadenfreude

        “I told her in a comment it wouldn’t be long until homeless BW and their chilluns will be begging for room in those same tents”

        The only thing keeping BW afloat were government benefits along with service jobs, both are being cut. As far as the evictions go they can forget about section 8, that program is functionally dead because few landlords will accept the vouchers and the ones that do are likely slumlords. Not only that but there is virus that is going around and killing the unhealthy and the overweight. Like I said last week, get ready for more “Dear BM” videos.

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      • All those years of breeding bastards with pookie and ray ray have lead BW here, they get no sympathy from me. They are the new underclass, with ghetto underclass names to help identify them.

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    • @Verbs

      Why don’t she use some of that “black girl majic” and whip up a spell to stop herself from being literally “kicked to the curb”.

      My cape is not available for the Daggles, they’re so strong and INDEPENDENT, she can handle it.👍

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    • Yep, the SHTF and now BW are looking for a Good BM to exploit. Oh well, BM of means aren’t interested and simps cant help. BW are about to have to prove their “strength and independence” as they live on the streets. Keep the Wall up

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      • James SYSBM,

        Exploit is the optimal word here. Recently I’ve been looking at a new series by Youtuber Bounty Hunter D called Find My Baby Daddy, now that this COVID-19 plandemic has hit, expect more deceitful black females to be coming out of the woodwork thick and fast with many tricks up their sleeves attempting to syphon dockets from a black man’s pockets:

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    • It’s white/Asian/Jewish men who are evicting those scraggle daggles. Black men have absolutely nothing to do with their situation.

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      • Actually Black males with no upbringing helped these women to create bastards. The responsibility simply ends there because I for one do not subscribe to men taking care of bastards. Women know what they are doing and have bastards with weak makes in order that they can make all the decisions and exclude those males in any case.


  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women can level up all they want but white men ain’t checking for them like that especially when it comes to long term relationships. The funny and ironic thing is that we SYSBM black men date outside of our race, black women claim that these non black women only use us for money, sex and nothing else when you see videos after videos on YouTube and tik tok disproving their arguments and that non black women value black men in long term relationships and marriages especially when they have kids together and this pisses the black woman off because they are the least desired woman on the planet whereas black men are the second most desirable man on the planet despite the negative propaganda and racist stereotyping that black men face every day in the world. To be honest with you Verbs, I just don’t find black women attractive because they are way too manly for my liking and they don’t turn me on sexually plus I refuse to date them period and I don’t give a shit on who gets offended.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women wish they could so called “level up”, however the truth of the matter is non black men just aren’t checking for them in significant number for black women to jump ship. They’re stuck in limbo, more black men are rightfully rejecting them in favour of non black women and at the same time non black men even those who wouldn’t have had a problem dealing with black women in the past because of their current abysmal behaviour and conduct are also choosing to avoid them like the plague.

      The modern day black female is genuinely stuck and I don’t feel sorry for her in the slightest. For the 60 years of relentlessly berating and disparaging black men, their judgement is now upon them.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I ain’t rescuing no black women from her stupid poor life choices especially when she becomes a single mother with multiple kids from multiple baby daddies. I don’t feel sorry black women and their so called plight because they was dissing black men for years and now they are paying the consequences.

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      • i just say no to single mom’s period, if she is a black woman with single momhood ie matriarchal goddess worship mentality i just say NO.

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      • At least in the USA, how can most black women “level up” given the fact that black women, on average, have a net worth of less than $5.00 (USD)?

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        This is another point you’ve raised that is often overlooked. in view of this dealing with black women is also a detriment economically as well as all the other areas connected to them. In 2020, when the words “black women” are mentioned, nothing positive comes to mind, NOTHING.

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      • All I see for the most part is Black Women window shopping and digging in the dumpsters for a white man lol twitter is infested with those accounts that hate Black Men amd I am 1000% sure those accounts are either extremely unattractive Black Women or incel non black males

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      • Illmatic826,

        I see the same, they can move the goal posts all they want on what “divesting/levelling up” actually means, however because they refuse to improve and hold their own selves accountable, even if we remove leaving black men to go over to white men out of the “divesting” equation, it’s still a dead horse because black women as a collective don’t believe they need to change period. I have never come across such a group of failures and underachievers before in my life, black women are taking L’s from any and all directions.

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    • @Quincy

      I am not turned on by black women. The attitude above all and transgender /jezebel energy doesn’t help their already hideous looks. 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

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      • Reynagirl14,

        Black women don’t believe black men when we tell them this, therefore they’ll have to find out the hard way. Black women via their own hands have completed soiled their own image and reputation, can we really blame any man for rejecting them?


  4. Narcissism and daddy issues.

    BW are running away from their own deep, agonising soul pain. They blame black men mercilessly because they need a scapegoat to unload and relieve and soothe themselves.

    Naturally the Black man refuses to participate in the madness of being blamed for everything, so they bounce (again reinforcing their inherent daddy issues) but the narcissists continue to stalk harass and harangue all for that temporary pain relief.

    BW then look to their father in heaven (white men) to tell them what they’ve needed to hear since childhood. Unfortunately since any old white man will do (and they already have poor judgement in men – MORE daddy issues) here comes the abuse.

    It’s a cycle of abuse, neglect and projection. But it was NEVER your fault – neither your responsibility to fix. Have nothing to do with them! (Timothy 2:3)

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    • In the words of Verbs:

      “It’s a wrap!”

      The scraggles made their beds, now they can sleep in them.


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    • @Michel

      Look at some of the white trash these niggerwhores need to validate themselves. Crystal Swirlz is a perfect example. You are lower than ain’t shit if you need men as dusty and busted down as these swirlers are choosing to validate themselves. Black men are not proud to have low tier women. In fact, no man is proud to have low tier women. The man is the one who is footing the bill. A low tier woman will always be seen as a loss to any man unless his woman is supporting him.

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    • Michel,

      Notice how black women are constantly accusing black men of having “mommy issues”, however what black man wouldn’t have issues with his mother if he had to go through this everyday of his life:


      They’re so arrogant they refuse to link the abuse they inflict upon their children to the end result which is so many damaged black folks walking the streets in need of serious therapy, smh.

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    • Michel — NARCISSISM is a defense mechanism used when a person feels that he or she is inferior.

      During the first five years of a black female’s life, she notices the long and straight hair on a little white girl. The little black girl then compares her hair to the hair of a little white girl. The black girls that have hair that is closer in texture to the white girls’ hair are described as having “good hair.” The black girls with good hair have yet another situation of narcissism. —– As a defense mechanism to their self-hate, the little black girls become narcissists for life. ———-


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      • That’s the time the mother should model for the child that her own hair is ok.

        But guess what? EVEN THE MOTHER has daddy issues. You can add the brutal “discipline” to the child from mommy for not having that “good” hair.

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    • “Naturally the Black man refuses to participate in the madness of being blamed for everything, so they bounce (again reinforcing their inherent daddy issues) but the narcissists continue to stalk harass and harangue all for that temporary pain relief.”

      That sounds an awful lot like a certain Ph.D. candidate who thinks he’s exposing the Manosphere.

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      • @BCT

        Thats another thing. What does that geechee with the thousand cock stare and Astro-Glide balmed lips think he’s exposing. This site as well as everything he is “exposing” is readily available. To “expose” something is to reveal something that was either in darkness or covered up with something.

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      • Black Caesar,

        Exactly, Slaying Evil has been up and running since 2010, I’ve been prolifically writing about black female dysfunction since August 2016 with evidence to boot. He’s only exposing the fact that he can’t refute any of the evidence we present in our case against the modern day black female.

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      • @BC,

        I, too, have noticed that he’s not really exposing anything; who does he think he’s romping with, the Bavarian Illuminati? He’s only promoting us without us having to fork over a penny!

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        The fake academic is only exposing himself to be a wounded black man who has never dealt with the trauma from abuse he suffered at the hands of his mother. Anybody with their head screwed on straight would look at what SYSBM practitioners are talking about, observe the black female’s dysfunctional behaviour and immediately side with us.

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      • Black Tiger,

        Another reason of so many why heterosexual black men with sense and intelligence must abandon ship on these women, they simply aren’t quality stargates. It is not my job to rehabilitate mentally disjointed women yet alone black females who hate my guts period.

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      • Agreed, they truly don’t understand the role they play in the grand scheme of the modern 21st century. All this so called divesting they’re trying to do is just translation for “I want to run away from the mess I created”, they don’t have that luxury like us. Black men tried to save (rebuild) the communitah many times and the black woman was standing next to shay whitey ready to tear it back down. The scary part is that black women fucked up the black community so bad that even Karens (racist white women) don’t seem like a threat anymore, even they want the BBC, lol. So I was looking at one of your twitter links…and good lord Verbs these shells of women just don’t deserve to exist. They really believe the world owes them everything, even though they did everything there power to keep their own people down. If they truly wanted black people to be free they would stop, get help, reflect, flush out dysfunction and welfare, and prepare young black girls to build with quality black men, not niggas. I’m at the point where I’m ready to hop on the #BREEDTHEMOUT train with Afrofuturism1

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    • “BW are running away from their own deep, agonising soul pain. They blame black men mercilessly because they need a scapegoat to unload and relieve and soothe themselves.”

      Preach. It’s not BM’s fault that they are overweight, dark, and generally viewed as masculine and unattractive.

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  5. Same shit different toilet. Until these heifers make a serious effort to change their dysfunctional behavior and relationships (especially with food), and accept responsibility (Which lets be real, they won’t. That goes against them being constant victims) for their circumstances nothing will change.

    No amount of shaming is forcing sensible brothers back to da communitah, or to clean a mess they had no hand in creating.

    We see the well earned and deserved judgment coming your way, and we are not about to put ourselves in the way of it. Time to be those strong independent women you all have been claiming to be without the government gravy train which Trump has all but ended….

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    • FDC,

      It’s always the black man’s fault, even the black men who’ve chosen to have nothing to do with these sirens, they’ll still fix themselves to blame us for something, in their eyes no black man can go unpunished. Well, now it’s time for these unbridled black female hooligans to be punished for their endless transgressions.

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  6. There are three types of geechees who think sheboons would make a good partner:

    1) The pimp/pastor/race hustler who knows black bitches are dumb enough to fork over all their dough to a shine who gives them a little positive attention.

    2) the effeminate simp who thinks the “black woman is God” yet has no niggerbitch of his own. Neither is he considered by said niggerbitches.

    3) the Oedipus complex shine who never got out of his mammas boy needs since childhood.

    Speakinh of threes. I have had three encounters which white men who told me or portrayed to me the relationship between Casper and the black bitch.

    1) a rich white man who told me black bitches do indeed have an “odour”. 🤮🤣

    2) the shittiest worker I have ever seen (par for the course with white males) and a drug abuser (including crack and heroin) who was married with kid to a black bitch.

    3) a working class white guy who got into one argument with his niggerbitch and had his kid with her taken away and kicked out of the house.

    Honourable mention:

    A dusty, lazy, hideous looking white guy who said point blank he doesn’t date black women. Even the low tier white boys don’t want sheboons! 🤣

    You can’t dress up the niggerbitch any way to cover up what a disgusting option she is for anyone looking for any kind of relationship resembling anything human.

    The black community would surpass everyone on earth overnight is you took all the sheboons and replaced them with non black women. I would take that challenge to the bank.

    The only non blacks who want niggerbitches are those who can’t get women of their own race because they are too effeminate. Black men don’t need anything to get non black women. They need only be black men.

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    • Black Caesar,

      “But deys be our queanies yo”.

      What you said about not being able to cover up what a despicable and disgusting option black women are in terms of dating and mating is a slam dunk and an open and shut case right there.

      But the black witch is so delusional she seems to believe that blaming black men all the time for anything and everything will somehow fool other people into looking in our direction instead of hers, however the complete opposite is happening.

      Black women did this to themselves, the more they hold onto the mantle of victimhood and refuse to change for the better, the more they’ll find themselves being relegated, rejected and forgotten.

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      • @Verbs

        Theyre just like white men. This is why I will apply my same line of thinking about white men who obsess over black men onto black women.

        Keep them distracted enough to annihilate themselves.

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  7. These black women will never level up. These white, asians and latino men see their dysfunction. I even told this to black women abou how their IR dating numbers low. They think IR numbers high. When they are not high. Nobody wants nothing to do with black women.
    Look at Crystal Swirls, all that shit she talks about blackmen. And brothas still debunk her bullshit and she proven fake. It’s the same thang with Chhriselyn Karazen who proven to be fake a well. She rob her supports of money so she can take luxery vacation with her uglya ass.
    These black women will never level up or divest because no nom blackman want nothing do with them and stank ass attitude.
    Black women are done let simps negros have them.
    SYSBM FOR LIFE!!!!!!

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      Crystal Swirlz is a beastly looking creature from the great deep who nobody wants. Christelyn Karazin is a swindler who I exposed in Negro Wars, however black women are so desperate to get one over on black men that they will give their money away to anybody who can promise them pipe dreams. As I stated many times before, Swirl Mountain has claimed many casualties and victims, very few have managed to reached its summit.

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    • They think they are high because black women are easy and everyone is fucking them. Most black women would try to convince or take their casual flings or “tricks” into a relationship. Most black women confuse prolong sexual interactions with non-black males as a relationship. Many aren’t seen in public nor online with them to be claimed in a relationship. Women in general have to lie to themselves to believe a lie and pass it off to others in a game of make believe. It’s funny when these Black women on escort and dating sites specify no black men, then get into the real world & realm of reality to see their sexual market place value is little more than pennies.

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      • Most women don’t even know there is a difference between a woman a man wants to fuck and a woman a man wants to marry.

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      • “They think they are high because black women are easy and everyone is fucking them.”

        Bingo. Look at a group of women’s marriage rate if you want to see how desirable they really are.

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      Black women marry black men at the highest rate because we are their best choice. Why the fuck would they throw the second most desired man (black man) in the world, especially when he stayed original throughout history. There was a time when black men conked there hair to look like white men but that time period was so short we can barely remember it. Black men dropped that shit because we had enough sense to know that shit was unnatural. Fast forward to today, the black woman is still too busy with her weeve. Claiming to be the original woman or queen when she wants nothing to do with her original self for the most part.

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  8. Let black bitches “divest” all they want. lol

    They’re still threatening that shit? Their “divestment” started back in the ’80s, when it became fashionable to have “attitude” (remember that?) and to call themselves “independent and don’t need no man” (remember that?).

    Of course, all that bluster has now disappeared, but they didn’t realize that THERE IS NO GOING BACK.

    Young black men need to see the writing on the wall. Things are NEVER going to get better between black men and black women, so you shouldn’t waste time entertaining their confused, petty, narcissistic, taciturn, spiteful ways. Media OWNS them. Hollywood OWNS them. Owns their aspirations, their insecurities, who and what they want to be, who they look up to, who they see as enemies.

    …And now that media is aware of the “gender war” you KNOW they’re going to exploit it, by appealing to the narcissism of the TRUE “weakest link” — the black bitch.

    E.g. — now on Al Jazeera:

    “Burning the cape —
    Tired of being failed by those they fight for, Black women are pledging to ‘burn the cape’.”



    …As part of the plan, each generation of black women are going too be led to resent, and doubt, and “reject”, and demand too much of black men during their prime reproductive years — thus ensuring that we’re all less likely to reproduce – or – we’ll reproduce with nonblacks (who in turn will be more likely to reproduce with nonblacks). Much of black reproduction will be a “one and done” (if that!) — well below replacement numbers.

    There’ll also be a “brain drain” from the black community (with the added effect that black women who are “educated” are far less likely to have children).

    And those who do “keep it black” will be the pookie and ray ray, and dull greasy church-beast types — constituting a permanent race-based underclass, a media focus for black “inferiority”, to slow down our prospects even further.

    It’s a perfect solution to the “black” problem in the west, and black women’s all-consuming narcissism/insecurity is the linchpin. THERE IS NO FIGHTING THIS. “Pro-black” “afrocentric” types think they can “heal” black women, but they’re just shoveling sand against the tide…

    Don’t be left holding the bag! Your jihad is to improve yourself, make progress in your chosen field, learn to defend yourself verbally, legally, physically against the “cockblockers”, stack $$ and then (if you want children) INVEST your progress in a quality NONBLACK woman, and provide any progeny that comes out of this with stability and security.

    The writing is on the wall! Things are not going to get better between black men and women. Black female minds are too easily controlled by people who hate black men. That’s black people’s “achilles heel” (the true “weakest link”), and that’s never going away until there’s no such thing as black people.

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    • Black women are always saying they do all the work and men do nothing. Their the ones being paid or are told some benefit will be gained by protesting.

      Just sit back and eat your popcorn. If you have a woman in your life (and children) you know what to do.

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  9. With this new “Divest” movement that Black women are on, quite a few have taken that beaten path & gotten nowhere. Take for example Sharika Soal. She has a bi-racial child that was abandoned from day one and the white gentleman has only seen him once. From that, time he has not made any attempt to reconcile or amend a relationship with her or his offspring.

    Even though these “Divester” spew domestic violence rhetoric with statistical data on Twitter lately, what they don’t mention is that those numbers are representative of a part of proximity crime. Most relationships are going to have partners of the same race hence many men are going to have the same or similar numbers of case respectively. While these divested swirlers think that the White counterparts won’t be domestic abusers, studies show that IR relationships tend to have higher rates of domestic abuse than mono-racial relationships.


    Also, there are stats and number that show LBGTQ relationships tend to be the most violent and have much higher rates of domestic abuse. Especially Black ones. These “divester” also fail to mention that there is a higher rate of Female-to-Male domestic abuse than Male-to-Female domestic abuse in the Black community.


    When you see these “divesters” spewing such nonsense as unintelligent as they are, forward them this pdf. & tell them stick it up their ass and smoke it. I’ve been seeing an uptick thanks to many Youtuber SYSBM members and swirlers themselves that their savior is putting his foot up their asses recently. From the Crystal Swirls debacle, an entertainer who was murdered in Nigeria, and a cos-play whore who was being jumped by Papi-chulo.


    What these “divesters” dont realize in 2020 is no one is getting married nor having children in large numbers anymore either. They are sadly mistaken that a bottom shelf Brad is going to take them for nothing more than casual flings. Most men, especially White men, are through with the westernized womans mindset. If he’s getting tired of White Women in the west, what make these swirlers think they are of a better counterpart when they both come from the same culture to a degree. Many will be disillusioned and try to come back across that color line within 10 years due to lack of options.

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    • “With this new “Divest” movement that Black women are on, quite a few have taken that beaten path & gotten nowhere. Take for example Sharika Soal. She has a bi-racial child that was abandoned from day one and the white gentleman has only seen him once. From that, time he has not made any attempt to reconcile or amend a relationship with her or his offspring.”

      She is also mentally ill from what I have seen.

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  10. Another episode of “When Keeping The Swirl Goes Wrong” starring Bottom-shelf Brad:

    Hang around areas near The Communiteh, suffer the consequences.


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  11. The delusions of these straggs is so great if they think they can just up and leave from the very Frankenstein monster they’re responsible for creating; they even tried having a movement called BWGTOW [Black Women Going Their Own Way] which Shawn James thought was laughable because a woman can never go any way without men (this was pre-Passportgate).

    Also, I didn’t know that the VeGAINator quit YouTube after his encounter with Christelyn Karazin; I remember there was one of those BWGTOW daggles who said that Black men paid the VeGAINator to go on Karazin’s show and humiliate her, even though Karazin said that she invited him herself! She even called him a White nationalist for saying he preferred the woman of his race.

    As you stated, this “level up/divestment” Kansas City shuffle is doomed to fail; the first I ever heard the term “level up” was from Ciara. Need I say anymore on that?

    SYSBM: The Only Real Way To Level Up

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      The Karazin wannabe swirling acolytes even went as far as to dox the Vegainator as well as call his place of work which is what lead to him having to either leave the job he was doing at the time or he was fired. Also remember, the black witch Karazin additionally doxxed another black female Youtuber and hyena Cluster B Free because at the time Cluster exposed Karazin’s Pink Pill course as a scam(which I wrote an article about at the time, of course it was and still is a scam). Like I said before, black women aren’t going anywhere, this is why they’re flocking to Kevin Samuel’s livestreams, their time had run out and they know it. Oh well, their problem, not mine.

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  12. “I honestly had no clue that Twitter was full of so many scum bucket, bottom of the barrel, vagabond, abominable angry, disgruntled and bitter black women who spend all day on social media berating, disparaging and blaming black men for all the calamities in their lives these same black women brought upon themselves with their own hands.”

    With respect to the above comment, most black people should not be allowed to use social media.

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    • Black People are the most frequent users of social media, especially Twitter and Facebook. I have to see the user rates of Instagram.

      Despite this, they don’t have the largest You Tube Channels, Twitter followers or Facebook Groups. Lots of yelling and screaming but not much else.

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      • I’ve been following Marcus since 2010 I believe, I have to check that. He was entering his first year of college , so the year might not be correct but I’m fairly close.

        Most of the larger YouTubers are not talking about race at all, or only in a way to play on a stereotype. Rich Rebuilds who rose to prominence because he was one of the first people to document rebuilding his own salvage title Tesla Model S, is a very popular YouTube in the automotive space.

        Tommy makes more from donations than he does from Google Adsense these days but he still gets Adsense, if you are on a device where ad blocking isn’t mature or your aren’t doing ad blocking at the router/switch level, ads are played during replays of his broadcast.

        Black People largely on social media think they made it when they can go out and buy a BMW X2 with cash.

        I’m sure there’s a study on Blacks and Social Media, maybe a subject for your blog?

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    • “most black people should not be allowed to use social media.”

      lol. A while back I think Jason Black did a whole broadcast based around that topic.

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  13. I scratch my head too much when black women talk about divesting/leveling up. I’m like cut the crap with that bullshit. Just date whoever, but they ain’t gotta shit on black men, and be throwing it in our faces.That’s just unnecessary for god’s sake. It’s just show their ignorance. What are they divesting from though, honestly? I swear black women stay talking silly when it comes to them trying to “level up.”

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      Trying their best to escape the Blackistani hellhole they’ve created, however payment like the rent is long overdue, black women will not be able to escape their up and coming recompense and judgement. Their “divesting/levelling up” talk is just that, talk.

      It will never amount to anything because black women don’t want to put in the proper work and effort to change themselves first. The hell they’ve created will be the very same hell they’ll reside in forever, nobody will be able to save them, NOBODY!

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  14. I want you guy to take a look at this video clip of that Spike Lee Movie Jungle Fever.

    A lot of niggas will cite this movie as a reason why Black Men shouldn’t date White Women. Look at the comments calling White Women privileged, when during slavery it was this black bitch that had more rights than the the White Woman. These monkeys love to dick police black men. No one batted an eye when Jim Crow Era Black Actresses dated white men.

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    • Reluctant Nabi has a video where he revealed that White male slave owners had left their plantations within the trust of their Black female concubines, not their wives; even then, Black women were more privileged.

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    • I bet if you search their timeline, they are celebrating Serena Williams’ marriage. Are they against interracial unions in general, or are they against one specific interracial union?

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    • See how comfortable they are rejecting someone, because of his/her race? Now, if someone rejects them because of theirs, then its a problem and they will embark on a “cancel campaign” if the person rejecting them has any semblance of fame and fortune.

      Are they stupid or lack awareness of their train of thought?

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  18. So many gems and so little time. I just clicked on each of these Twitter Accounts and clearly these black females are suffering from any and everything.

    This had to be the best post of the week. Monday starting SKRONG

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    • Dude is lost for taking a picture with that bitch’s ugly foot next to his face. lol

      Just goes to show, even when they get with a nonblack man, their need to “dominate” comes out. She wanted that pic out to the world.

      And when it all goes left, then the bitch is crying online.

      Yet another “black girl magic” relationship crashes and burns — through no fault of her own of course. lol

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    • She disregards the fact that another white man killed him. However, I do agree with her about not getting involved in the shenanigans of BLM. It’s not worth it.

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      • She also disregarded the fact that Garrett had a FUCKING AK-47 RIFLE WITH HIM and shot at a Jeep driving through who returned fire.

        Divesting? Divest yuh bumboclaat…

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      These black sirens love homosexual or effeminate black men because they don’t pose a threat the the faux leadership positions they’ve been given over black society by their white lord and saviour Major Avalanche.

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      See how these black female tyrants will demonise anybody who stands in the black man’s corner, especially another black female(which is extremely rare) who refuses to fold to the gynocentric mindset of the black witch’s coven.

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      • Yeah, I’ve seen the comments to that tweet…they think defending a black man is fake and disgusting, smh. Black women are so done, sysbm is the only path to salvation for future generations of black men.

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    • She’s not wrong… Classic female mating strategy right there.

      “I’m not like those other BW (I am, really, just needed a lil head start)”

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  23. The mental gymnastics here

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      This is yet another reason why black women as a collective have to be cancelled, as I mentioned before they have an obsession with homosexuality, transgenderism and other abominable related branches that just isn’t human.

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  24. This made me chuckle. I LIVE IN SCOTSSDALE!

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  26. Don’t even know what to make of this one…

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      This is the point we’ve been making all along, the overwhelming majority of black women don’t want marriage and a strong, robust black family, this is why it is beyond dumb that you have certain individuals talking about conversing, negotiating and horse trading with them. Black men just need to read, accept the writing on the wall and accordingly make a sharp exit.

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    • The BW that want to normalize that don’t realize how humiliating that would be for BW. MEN propose when they think they have found the right woman, BW having to propose to men would make them the only group of women having to resort to such desperate tactics to get married.

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  27. Verbs and AssegaiDevelopments,

    Thanks for posting the Tweets. I don’t use Twitter. It never captured my interest ever since the 140 characters limit days.

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    • BA,

      I remember when Youtube back in the day had a character limit, at least they saw sense to remove it. Instagram doesn’t have a character limit either, hence why it has surpassed Twitter in popularity.

      That being said bitter black women lurk on Twitter because they know that they can pull the same flagging and reporting garbage that they frequently use on YouTube.

      They won’t come over here because they know that they’ll be no recourse for them when they get torn out the frame.

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      Notice how the account holder clearly states that she’s “anti black man”. Like I said before black women will delude themselves straight into their graves and thereafter into hell which is exactly where the overwhelming of them are heading. Keep on dissing black men, they’ll pay a very heavy price for it coming soon to a street near you.

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  29. This one is all kinds of fucked up. She isn’t even on the list posted at the start. I just found this one.

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  30. Seems they want to “squad up”

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    • AssegaiDevlopments,

      A black witch from South Africa, why am I not surprised? South And West African women are beyond toast, I wouldn’t touch any of them. Do you see how this contaminated American black female is exporting her janky, disjoined, dysfunctional, misandrist, black male hating culture to other black females around the globe?

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  31. This one made sense!

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      Notice how in the picture presented how her face was caked to the hilt with makeup and she obviously was wearing a weave. I’m in no doubt that she would look like a Rocky Horror show if both were removed.

      These modern day black females make me laugh, they’re so confident hiding behind external appendages(make up, weave, fake eye lashes, fake nails etc) but at the same time lack any serious and notable confidence walking out of the house with natural hair and no makeup on, smh.

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  32. Seems they are competing with asian men for who is the most feminine

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  33. Yeah man, there are whole leap of scraggle daggles on Twitter. These twitter scraggs most of the time, they are going against black men. I have war with these ghetto ratchet harridans every time. And Swirl Mountain 2.0? You know that these harridans are goanna roll of that mountain right? They will not reach at the top of the summit at all because something happens when they climb up that mountain. Let me tell you something, if these heifers get a white man, they will get the worse kind. They will get the racist fruity one, a homeless one, even a drug addict one, they want that white man that bad. And the reason why is that they want the white man to nut inside them so these harridans want to have a mix child because they want that baby to have that good hair.

    When you see a white man with a black woman, there is some weirdness going on. What do I mean? Right, this is goanna be very gross. Today I have seen a picture of a bbw with a big ass and a white man was lying down on the floor. And the big booty bbw just do do in his face. It was ready to drop in his face. Listen, the white beta male is a weirdo like Captain Snowy and Sergeant John from the regiment is always into some weird things and these ghetto ratchet women still wants the beta male so badly.

    Christelyn Karazin, Crystal Swirls, Deena Jacobs and all of these black witches, they are soon gone fall down the swirl mountain. I know Deena Jacobs fall off that already and that fool landed hard. Swirl Mountain 2.0 is goanna end up like a car wreck you see on the M25. Pure cars pill up.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night because these scraggle daggles, ghetto gaggers and these swirlers are coming after her because their bitterest rival the white woman is with the black men that they never wanted. https://moneycultural.wordpress.com/2020/07/27/walking-into-a-dangerous-situation/

    Laters people!

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      This has to be a joke right, black women as a group by themselves are toxic by default, therefore how can they be truly divesting according to that definition. Also, notice how their so called divestment includes being “anti black male” which is misandry and feminism, but these ideologies which have both brought black female society into total ruin somehow aren’t toxic??

      Again, the black men who haven’t done anything wrong to black women ie the educated lames and the so called squares are placed into the same box as 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce, these women are truly full of garbage and seriously mentally damaged. Nothing they do ever makes sense.

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  35. But this female says it’s totally something different!

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      Black women playing move the goal posts. It doesn’t matter what they say, watch what they do. They’re observably pitching themselves towards non black men while at the same time wishing to get as far away from black men as they can, we aren’t stupid over here, we see exactly what’s going on.

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    • She is playing the old “there are ‘niggers’ in every race” racist white boy shuffle.

      If she is not divesting from black men specifically, then who is she divesting from? Why even use the term?

      These hoes think we’re stupid.

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  36. I don’t think any white man has ever said this to her or any black woman in their lifetime

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    • “Hung out with this white woman last night & she told me that black men get shitted on by black women so much that it baffles her that black men still prioritize BW. She said she’s seen BW do any thing to get a white man and that they’ll never stop..”

      There, fixed it.

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    • Well… There was that one White You Tuber that sided with BW and he said basically the same thing, C’mon White men don’t have to save much to get them panties.

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  37. This one clearly has too much time

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      They spend years upon years defending sodomites and trannies, now all of a sudden they’re taking issue with the very same groups they’ve been standing in the corner of?? Like I’ve stated before, the majority of black women need to be placed in straight jackets, sectioned under mental health legislation and locked up in mental asylums because they simply aren’t right in the head.

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  38. She had ENOUGH!

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      They’ll never leave black men alone, as I stated before they need an eternal scapegoat, an enemy, somebody to put the blame on every time something goes wrong in their lives. I wish they would just leave us alone in peace, however that unfortunately isn’t going to happen. This is why we as free thinking black men must distance ourselves as far away as possible from the pestilent black female vermin. They look very stupid attempting to blame a group of men who they rejected and who’ve already completely detached themselves from these same women.

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  39. The SISTERHOOD JUST AINT THERE. She only got ONE comment but two whole children

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    • AssengaiDevelopments,

      They even set up a GoFundMe for that single mother which has already past the half way mark, but don’t worry, people’s pockets won’t be liberal and free flowing forever, the squeeze is coming and black women as per the news clip above are going to be the first ones to feel the pinch. Single mothers must be left to their own devices, sponsoring them only encourages them continue being irresponsible individuals. Instead, they must be left to stew, marinate and rot in their own failures.

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    • She claims to be mentally “ill,” which is the go to liberal excuse of the day, but also says she’s never been diagnosed. Could it be that you’re just a lazy, rudderless bitch?

      Also, by that logic, shouldn’t her kids be taken away? And a non-profit…. smgdh, black chicks stay trying to “seem” charitable while being unable to save their damn selves.

      And look at how ugly and masculine they look! WHO was BORED ENOUGH to buy in her?

      Most black women literally need to be sterilized, and I mean like 95% AT LEAST.

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  40. This is some level 10 shit. These females REALLY hate one another

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    • “@Juju_Magik” ain’t wrong. And if 10 Black Men shot 10 Black Women “recently,” (doubtful) that means that 10 Pookies shot 10 Shaniquas who each passed over a bunch of “educated lame,” “too short,” “no game,” “no swag,” and “too nice” negroes to end up dead by the trap niggas they really chose.

      Oh, well.

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  41. Verbz you hit something on the head today…..I am going to make a Twitter bot and start retweeting these tweets on a few accounts. We need to catalog these things. This was an amazing post. There is so much fucked up thoughts and anger in these women and clearly it’s in the Twitter. I didn’t even have to DIG.

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  42. These “women” are the LOSERS of Black society, they are downtrodden and downright ugly and unattractive. Only a mentally unstable person will make a twitter account JUST to spew their hatred and jealousy against a group of men they claim to hate which we know is bullshit lol Black Men are the center of these women universe that’s why they are trying so hard to make themselves hate us and the shit ain’t working so they go even harder with the anti black man tweets lol

    These chicks want the handsome nigga with all the hoes but they know they can’t have him so they hate him and every other Black Man, light skin/non black chick they see lol Stats show that Black Men are the ONLY race of men that’s more attractive then their female counterparts. If Black Women were so desirable (like they claim to be) to these white boys that they worship online then how come the marriage stats don’t represent it??

    Nobody wants Black Women in large numbers except Black Men and every year that number decreases. these chicks know that we are their only option and when they see us with women of other races they know that’s 1 less Black Man they can destroy and these evil black bitches HATE that shit. A Black Man that’s went #SYSBM is a threat to the WORLD, because this system created the modern day house nigga black bitch to help destroy Black Men by acting as double agents in the so called “Black community” nobody gets Black Men in more life altering shit than Black Women do, the majority of dead niggas and niggas in the pen are there because of a Black Woman, she has gone through a 500 year breaking process and there is NOTHING you can do to bring her back to her right mind, she is gone forever and the best thing you can do as a thinking Black Man is simply leave them alone, they are nothing but liabilities and burdens with expensive weave habits.

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  43. The real problem is bw are “EVIL” down to their core. Almost ALL bw alive today are wicked and demonic creatures down to their DNA, their hatred for bm is boundless, infinite and eternal and that’s 99.9 of them. 🤔

    Black men trust and understand these women are your sworn enemies in the employ of white zaddy, never forget that.

    Do you cry when a fly or roach dies?🙄

    No, well these black women are lower than roaches, rats and flys, there in no life in them, THEY ARE NO LONGER HUMAN, they are walking dead, zombies, preprogrammed automations designed to destroy the black man, actually EVERYTHING black and they are the sole reason for the condition of the black community.

    They will NEVER ever hold themselves accountable for ANYTHING, ever. Avoid them every chance you get, because they want you dead.

    Again they are EVIL beyond measure.

    The will ALWAYS be this way, from now on until they are eradicated off the face of this planet.

    Therefore, you should rejoice when you see their demise, because this is Gods work and it is their just KARMA! 😑

    From twerking to child abuse and abortions, fighting in the streets like wild animals, arguing over small petty crap, skin bleaching, weaves, hypocrisy, promiscuity cheating on black men, worshiping white men, spreading malicious propaganda about bm, killing their kids, to spreading stds/Hiv.

    But its NEVER their fault its always the bm fault and they have been scapegoating us for centuries.

    Trust, i can sit here for hours, basically everything that could be wrong with a person bw have it in spades, avoid them for your own good and safety!

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  44. Amazing to me that all these different ethnic groups of women don’t seem to have a problem with the black man of any stripe, from the Pookies on up to the CJ King high achiever types. Plenty of YouTube and TikTok evidence out there to prove it. SYSBM brothers in Korea, Japan, China, India, Europe, etc taking pics and making videos. MBD once featured an elder brother in I think the Phillippines, with not one but two live-in women! The brother was 50+ or so! Yet American BW and those who imitate them are the only ones who have a problem with the Black Man and are crying “divest.” Weird.

    Maybe the problem is black women?

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    • >Maybe the problem is black women?

      Remove the Maybe, capitalize the ‘t’ and change the question mark with an exclamation point or period, and it becomes a more accurate assessment.


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  45. Another “divester” has been dropped like a failed artist from a record label.

    Let’s keep archive and the Ls coming for the swirlers 2.0. I love to see their failures on display 😂🤣

    Liked by 4 people

    • L Express has multiple shipments of Ls ready for delivery to Swirl Nation.

      L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


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    • Michael Kopech net worth: Michael Kopech is an American professional baseball player who has a net worth of $800 thousand. Michael Kopech was born in Mount Pleasant, Texas in April 1996. He is a pitcher who bats and throws right handed.

      She certainly didn’t get the pick of the litter. He is sitting out the entire 2020 season.

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      • Lets see how long that $800k lasts once the child support order comes through. I wouldn’t be surprised if the judge awards her somewhere in the low-mid 5 figures a month for the next 18 years.

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