Elder Black Women Aren’t Any Better – 71 Year Old Black African Nanny Arrested For Child Abuse, smh!



Thanks Lillian for sending me this information. Listen, if you have children and you need to get in a nanny to look after them, DO NOT HIRE A BLACK WITCH AND MOST CERTAINLY NOT ONE FROM WEST AFRICA. West African women especially can be some of the worst monsters when it comes down to abusing children. Too many African women are just like the black women in the west, they lack that maternal instinct gene, they have no compassion nor protective feelings towards the young and vulnerable.

This is why I have to heavily caution brothers(not dick police) who wish to get a woman from the motherland, I urge you to be very careful who you’re choosing and from what parts. As I’ve stated before the only African women I personally would consider dealing with would be from the horn(Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia) because I know a good portion of them are mixed which goes back to what I’ve been stating about needing to dilute the black bloodline or departing from it altogether in order to increase your chances of finding a good quality female.

But wait, it isn’t as if we haven’t seen this type of abuse from African nannies before, I’m sure you all remember this savage and what she did to the baby she was looking after after the child vomited back up food as she was being fed:

Being of Nigerian origin I can personally attest to the foul treatment of black children at the hands of African women, I see this when I walk the streets and observe for myself how African women interact so abrasively with their children or the children in their custardy. These women just like the Western black witch never smile and if they do it’s phony, just like the western black female too many African women always seem to have a permanent chip on their shoulder and unfortunately the children around them are normally the punching bags used in their attempts to ease their frustrations which is dead wrong. Even some of the deranged men also want to get in on the act as can be seen below:

And these are the same black women talking about how they can’t get chosen because large swaths of black men are going after white and other non black women instead, well, when you put brutality such as the above on display, what exactly do you expect? It’s amazing how deep the mental instability of the modern day black female goes, she openly demonstrates herself to be a heartless, ruthless, cold blooded savage towards black men and especially black children, but at the same time has the audacity to criticise black men who wisely choose to give her a wide berth.

Remember, as I expounded upon in Negro Wars most child abuse is carried out by women, however the gynocratic state would have you believe that men are the primary abusers of the innocent and have gone to great lengths in order to perpetuate this particular bold face lie. Again, nobody is saying that there aren’t non black female abusers of children, however where you may have for example 2 out of 10 white women who abuse children, that same stat when it comes to black women will be 8-9 out of 10.

71 years old and an innocent baby still can’t catch a break. Notice how these black pastors don’t talk about this wide spread abuse of children in black society by black women, why, because these reprobate black females are the same ones sponsoring these bible thumping swindlers who in turn are living high on the hog in their ivory towers in the suburbs, well away from their parishioners many of whom can’t rub two nickels together.

Gentlemen, as per SYSBM Tenet Number 20, SYSBM is for the children, thus it is important that as a free thinking black man looking to start a family you MUST choose a quality stargate from the beginning. An abusive nanny is easy to get rid of, an abusive mother you choose to have children with is a completely different kettle of fish.

Just look at the woman’s face, look at how beastly and devilish it looks. Feminine women age gracefully, devil filled Jezebels however begin looking rough and coarse from a very young age and things only get worse as they get older.

As I stated before, don’t give these black female monsters access to your seed and you’ll avoid the many traps, snares and pitfalls associated. In addition to what we’re saving ourselves from, this is exactly what we’re also saving our future children from.

Horse trade and negotiate with women who hold to this type of savage mentality? No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. Here is a Nigerian brother who saved himself and chose a high quality Indian stargate to have his children with. This is how wives/mothers need to be and how children are to be treated and raised. #SYSBMISFORTHECHILDREN #QUALITYSTARGATESMATTER:



The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Is For The Children, Quality Stargates Are Very Important

Most High Bless

66 thoughts on “Elder Black Women Aren’t Any Better – 71 Year Old Black African Nanny Arrested For Child Abuse, smh!

  1. huh!!! ï αgαïη ςαη’† š†αηd ςhïレd αßušε αηd †hïηκ šαïd pεrpε†rα†⊕rš ⊕ƒ αßušε šh⊕uレd ßε ςhαrgεd ƒ⊕r ßᆆεrψ pεrï⊕d.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    I fucking hate child abuse and black women are the worst at it because they are beating kids from pillar to post and it’s no wonder why black men like myself refuse to date black women in large numbers.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      And black women still have the audacity to play dumb and act as if they have no idea what’s behind the increasing trend of black men opting for non black female over them. They’re not fooling us at all, they know exactly why more black men than every before are leaving the building.

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  3. Par for the course for Jamaican children – being whipped by belts, slippers, wire coat hangers, electrical cables, newspapers, bare hands. Beaten for being a child, beaten for crying, beaten to stop the crying.

    Thing is, this is considered normal by people like me who suffered 18 years of the torture cell of family, worse we ≤strong>approve and side with our familial terrorists! It’s considered even funny. Stockholm syndrome for that ass…

    Society allows this, society permits this and we wonder why black men are walking around like war veterans with chronic PTSD. It takes Verbs book to spell outright that normalised child abuse is systemic and wrong and black mothers are culpable.

    Once again, black women who torture main and kill children should be sentenced to death. End of.

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    • I concur as an individual that is American-born but of Jamaican descent. Jamaicans have a well known reputation throughout the islands as fuck ups but the women are well known as abusers. As an adult man middle-aged man, my choice of star-gate at this age & stage of life would be Asian or Caucasian (but preferably Asian). This type of abuse isn’t only isolated to Africans but also many Caribbean & Latino nationalities. If I ever have a wife, be assured that she would have to stay home as I am very suspicious and over-protective of anyone supervising a baby or toddler. No-one is going to care for your child no more than the parents themselves.

      Knowing the upbringing that most Black people have, why would you place your trust in a people who have a track record of abuse & neglect. It’s like Black Women do not grasp the concept that babies & children are very vulnerable (physically & psychologically). Also, they are not at an age where their levels of cognitive awareness or spatial reasoning is at their peak. Babies & children are simple & innocent. Their cries (although annoying) do not constitute abuse. Their lack of understanding and nurturing instinct makes them chosen last as possible wives and mothers.

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      • @Ryan
        Demonic people abuse children. It is that simple. It’s practically mandatory in jew Hollywood and elite circles.

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    • Michel,

      Any country where black people reside and English is their first language suffers from the same. Let’s not forget the lunatic of a mother from Jamaica who while naked decided to beat her daughter with the blunt side of a machete. Also going back even further I remember coming across another video of a black witch from I believe it was Trinidad who decided to beat her son with a shovel.

      I will continue to beat the drum that the ruthless beatings that take place in the black community no matter where in the world are NOT NORMAL. Like I said before, SYSBM is for the children, if we decide to have any we owe it to them to pick a high quality stargate worth her weight in gold who we know is going to be a good mother to our offspring.

      The more black men I can help shake out of the trance the better.

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  4. A pile of feces is worth more than the vile black women child abusers. At least feves can be used in soil to enrich grass and used a as a biodegradable fuel, black women from the west and women from other countries with the same mindset as the black American woman beast are worth less than zero. Hopefully this abuser in the video is abused in jail.

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    • Sean Camp,

      There are so many black men out here walking around like wounded soldiers, yet black women as if they had nothing to do with those men’s outcomes will ask the dumb question, “why are so many black men broken”.

      The ritualistic abuse and psychological breaking of black boys from a young age starts right here:

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  5. In a Jamaican primary school my grade 5 year was a nightmare. the other grades were ok other teachers beat with rulers and belts but for reasons like rudeness, fighting other students, breaking school rules etc during grade 5 this female teacher seems to enjoy beating kids. she will bat us if we get under under 80 or 90% in class work(mostly maths), beat us, if we get a specific question wrong she constantly change the rules spending on her mood. i remember one time i got 56% on class work she didn’t beat me because i got a specific question correct. so it is odd to not get beaten if you get a failing grade but get a specific question right. i just google hear name and she is now deceased since the early 2000s

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      • hxxps://sites.google.com/site/georgeheadleyprimaryschoolja/our-gatherings

        The Club would like to take this opportunity to pay respect to Ms. Pauline Goodhall (deceased), one of the founding members, for her sterling contribution to the development of the Builder’s Club at the George Headley Primary School.

        i graduated from that primary school in 1994

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    • The Beat Man,

      The witch has gone straight down to hell on a one way ticket, first class express. I remember back in the day when I went to an all black school back when corporal punishment was still legal, there was a certain dark skinned female teacher who like in your case enjoyed beating the black boys whenever they set a foot astray. It’s almost always these dark skinned black women who are the most merciless, ruthless and vicious when it comes down to any type of abuse.

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  6. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Did you HEAR that evil, satanic Nigerian man? Of course the girl didn’t want to go in the house, purely because he probably didn’t greet her in a loving way when she arrived home, which is the typical treatment of most black children from their parents. No, “hey sweetheart, how was your journey to and from your errands”, or “how was school” or “hope all is well and that no one troubled you on the way”, no “thank you so much for getting the shopping in or washing in, or in this case, newly tailored and mended clothing”. Nothing. No love whatsoever. We all know what gas-lighting truly is (when you are made to feel mad or senile by someone close to you, when you truly know what’s what), but this man has taken gas-lighting quite literally and to a whole other level. You pour kerosene oil on your own child, let alone any human being and then have the nerve to say you used a lighter and not matches, like it is some sort of embourgeoisement for child abuse????? This man and his f*****g should be burned alive, not to die, but just be burned, put out, burned, put out, burned, put out……….. and so on. Yet they say that their poor economic circumstances causes them to take out their frustration on their children??????? Africa (west African women and some of the men is all I can speak for) is shameful, shameful, I have no more words other than to say: WE COVER OUR CHILDREN (EVERY CHILD ON EARTH) in the precious healing and protective blood of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. And for now all abusive parents and abusive caregivers to children better take heed to these deadly words from Christ Himself: Matthew 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    Like Willy D Live says at the end of his blogs: NO MO TALK! (well ideally that’s how it should be, but black women just can’t help themselves when it comes to being evil)!

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  7. I love this family….The Arijes!!! Both of them are from N.Y. and are first generation born Americans. Brother Habib’s family is from Nigeria and his wife is Bengali. They have great chemistry and have been together since high school. This family can be a great source of inspiration for SYSBM brothers. I highly recommend you subscribe to their channel. Now! For these demons abusing the young babies…they all need to be FedEx straight to hell!!🤬 This problem has become so pervasive within the various “black communities” when one hear of a child being abused, we already know who the culprit is. And, the sole reason they’re able to get away with so much of their treachery is that they are protected by those bootlicking reverends and decons in the church. Verbs is spot on again, as per usual…when the church is being financially supported by these Servants of Satan, it is quite easy to turn a blind eye to the obvious. Lord forbid if they did give a fuck…that would have a direct correlation with the lose of their income and lavish lifestyle. CAN’T HAVE THAT!!!😩😩😩😩😩 But the warning is most clear for the SYSBM brothers…stay the coarse and keep building and fortifying The Wall of Silence!! It’s simply the most sound and sure path to take in such a world we now face. #SYSBM

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  8. @Lilian

    I’m going to repost what you said 5 years ago to illustrate the typical Jamaican upbringing, which happens to be the gold standard for abusive black households worldwide:

    Why is it that our mothers have all the time in the world to do all kinds of pointless things but have a favourite saying of “Do you think I have time to be sitting around teaching you how to do your homework? Do you think I have time to stand around cooking all day for your greedy self? Do you think I have all day to wash all your smelly clothes?, Do you think I have time to read you a bed time story? Do you think I have time to comb that nappy head of yours? Do you think I have time to be running around behind you?

    Ohhhhh, but they have time to sit in the hair dressers all day doing their weave/braids/nails for Church

    They have time to sit on the phone all day, cussing their husbands/children to their friends.

    They have time to be in the kitchen all day cooking for the pastor and his wife for Sunday but be damned to cook a nice meal for her husband and children.

    She can spend all day out shopping for herself (because “Lord I derserve be pampered)” but would angrily storm around the shop when it’s time to buy your school uniform and shoes.

    They have time to stand there and “beat” you all day……..

    But do not have time to stand there and cheer you on when you have graduated from school, take part in a school play, competing in a sports day event. They do not have the time to teach you maths, english, science homework. They do not have time to explain the meaning of the bible they force you to read as a child, they do not have the time to teach you small, small morals, proverbs or folklore like our grandparents did for us.

    They have time to beat you all day though……………………

    They would spend years reminding of of what you did when you wer 7 years old but forget that you have a schol trip next week and pretend that you did not give them the letter from school.

    They embarrass you by not paying your school meals for the week or the month but seem to find the money to visit someone “back home”………………….

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  9. This is horrifying. I’m tired of seeing our children go through this shit. Again, there’s nothing that can justify doing this to a child. And to think, it’s coming from the same whores who expect us to uplift and treat them like queens. Meanwhile, we got that trash ass Megan The Stallion crying about how black women aren’t being protected because SHE got involved and started a fight with a thug nigga. Where is the protection for these babies? These whores deserve no mercy and I hope they meet the most gruesome, uncomfortable fate humanly possible.

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    • “Meanwhile, we got that trash ass Megan The Stallion crying about how black women aren’t being protected because SHE got involved and started a fight with a thug nigga.”

      This is probably the case 80% of the time, BW start a confrontation, get beat up, them play the victim and ask
      “Why are BM abusing us?” and “Why are BM not protecting us?”.

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      • But that’s my point, brother. Why should we be more concerned for a hoodrat than an innocent kid who can’t defend himself? Again, I’m sick of seeing our babies get put through this shit at the hands of these whores.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      Exactly, these black females since 1973 have killed over 20 million unborn children, this is why I have no problem calling them child killers. Since when do child killers deserve protection from anybody, if anything as you said they ought to be executed in public.

      How on earth do you even fathom conversing, negotiating and so called horse trading with such devil spawn, simple answer, YOU DON’T.

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      • YES! I have no desire to even consider talking to these tramps. There’s nothing to say at this point. That’s why I said I want them executed on the spot.

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  10. No words can describe the rage and frustration I have towards these women who physically abuse their child as well as verbal. Especially since there are people who were raised to think that this is ok.

    Which reminds me of what other disciplinary methods that can be used that do not involve physical abuse and actually work? Not sure spanking fits in the physical abuse department.

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    • Blackdjedi,

      There is a clear difference between spanking ie physical punishment and physical abuse, black women can’t tell the difference, they believe both are one and the same, smh.

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  11. First off, that nanny looks atrocious! Second, my mouth dropped open when I saw that video of the witch who knocked the child to the ground after vomiting; it brought back horrible memories of a daycare where I witnessed the Black witches there treat the children in a similar manner. I would never send my enemy’s child to that hell space!

    P.S. That Nigerian man’s Indian wife is really cute; their relationship is an example of interracial dating, melanin style.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      “But deys be our queanies yo, in face dis 71 year old queanie is from da mudda land, she fresh off da boat”.

      Black women pride themselves on how viciously they can beat their children and how much damage they can inflict upon them. Are these the type of women you wish to “horse trade” and “negotiate” with?

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  12. Pertaining to the 71-year old black African nanny arrested for child abuse, after the George Floyd stuff popped off here in the United States, the Government of Ghana is welcoming black Americans to move there and I saw many black folks on my Facebook news feed and travelling groups are considering the idea. Something to think about, why would I move to a country and adopt said culture that was influenced by the stereotypical western black societal way of dying (not living)? Doesn’t make any sense but even though certain black Africans and African countries don’t like black Americans, they will still welcome you in only for you to easily go into cattle slavery with their slave practices.


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    • Personally I see moving to Africa as a cop out if ones ancestors were Black slaves who literally slaved and suffered to help build this country, America and everything that it has to offer is our birthright and you shouldn’t let the racism or white supremacists run you off from your birthright. You should stay and fight, sending Black DOS fleeing to Africa would be a huge victory for the WM.

      I don’t want to live in Ghana, but I thought that it was kind of them to offer that “right of return” to Western Blacks who are the descendants of slaves, most West African nations haven’t offered us anything. AFAIK the governments of Ghana and Benin are the only two west African nations to own up to the role that their people played in the slave trade and reach out to Western Blacks.

      “Doesn’t make any sense but even though certain black Africans and African countries don’t like black Americans, they will still welcome you in only for you to easily go into cattle slavery with their slave practices.”

      Yeah, when you look at how some of those nations are run it makes you wonder if its even worth it to move there.

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  13. On topic post to this article.

    “American Black Men Are The Weakest Men On The Planet” (if they’re for interracial dating (particularly with white women) and ridding their genetic lineage) according to this WokeTuber.

    These faceless WOKERS want our genetics to stay with them on these slave fields.

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    • brotherdanunlimited,

      Who’s still listening to these black racist rednecks, lol. Somebody needs to put these so called “WOKE” people back to sleep because they are still looking at the world as black and white when it’s grey. Black men, if you truly wanna get woke here is the solution: SYSBM.

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    • So why don’t these woke, strong, alpha King Kong niggas rebuild and protect the hood? Why are they not protecting their queans? Why are they not shooting back at these kkkilla white kops? Why is Zimmerman still breathing? Why are they busy dick-policing other grown black men on YouTube like BITCHES?

      The intelligent, productive young brother is leveling UP and OUT of black poverty, black pathology and CULTURAL STAGNATION.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      3 minutes is all I could tolerate from this Woke Progressive bewitched shine, dudes like this are brainwashed to the hilt, they somehow believe that black men are obligated to tolerate and deal with the endless drama and difficulties that come with dealing with the overwhelming majority of black females instead of looking at other options elsewhere.

      It’s a wrap for black women, black men with sense and intelligence recognise this and accept it, it’s only idiots like Sleepy Retarded who still refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall.

      He really expects me to keep trying to deal with a group of women who don’t respect me and for the last 60 years have been openly warring against me on behalf of their white lord and saviour Captain Frost. The modern day black female CANNOT BE FIXED, abandon ship and never look back.

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    • Amazing that these black bitches want to call us “weak” no matter what we accomplish… for being black and male. Remind you of anyone?

      …All while wearing 10 lbs of blonde weave on her head, nursing a bloody nose from the korean she’s addicted to buying bundles from, having negative credit, a dead-end job — and — the highest proportion of criminal records among all women. Instead of trying to solve black problems — by simply showing black men the minimum of respect that everybody deserves — in their overbearing narcissism, they look at us with scorn, and call us “weak” — while not examining themselves at all.

      … AND they think calling us “weak” is going to somehow make us love them and want to come home to one of them, and want to “protect” them… instead of inspiring complete, cold, sober disgust and then disinterest.

      …Now that’s weak.

      …But anyway I hope they continue with this “weak” talk. There’s no going back to normal, so we might as well go all the way through the tunnel to the light at the end: the point when black women’s public scorn and betrayal and racism against black men doesn’t matter at all, because EVERY black man knows to not expect anything good and uplifting from them. That’s their “brand”, and the more that black men understand that and accept it, the clearer our paths to happiness will be very early in our lives.

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  14. Right here this now. I know that black children get abused by African women. We have seen it loads of times. And I know that black family home is patriarchal but there are loads of black children getting beaten by African women and it happens all the time. As a black British male with Jamaican parents, I have seen plenty children get beating and I mean lick. They get beat with belt, stick, clothes line, machete. I remember the video of the Jamaican heifer who beat her daughter with the cutlass in Bath, St. Thomas. And the thing is that these Jamaican scraggle daggles are calling her a hero. My God! Listen, she is raising her children by her own because the man who breed her refuse to provide for his off springs. These black women will beat the shit out of their children.

    Right, you know when you see these nannies beating these children; it looks like they are from West Africa. They don’t make the best nannies at all. But the thing is this. Why they are beating these children? I’m just trying to figure it out. I know when a black boy get abused by his ratchet mother, he become an abuser himself by beating up his girlfriend or wife. And when it’s the black girl gets abused, then she grows up and start fighting other girls and mostly in public as well. Thinking black men just look at this and start to think that why would they put their seed in these ratchet African women or black women in general?

    But I like the interracial couple though and their child is cute. But here this. What happened if the African nanny was babysitting a non black child? It won’t get abuse at all. You see black women treat their children like shit but they treat non black children differently. Black men from America and Britain who wanted a African woman, when they look at this, they’ll probably think twice now.

    Anyway, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night because these African women will come after your white bunny and beat the hell out of her just like they are beating up the children. and they are also coming after the biracial women as well so if you have one, keep her in safe hands especially from the African nannies. https://moneycultural.wordpress.com/2020/07/24/the-other-target-for-black-women/


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  15. Being as someone who grew up around abusive parents, this makes my blood boil. There is no reason, none to do this to a child that young EVER.

    We’re just making this up though right?? Not the thousands of videos, and personal stories or brothers from all over the world who have similar experiences, stories and hardships. This shouldn’t even be surprising from females don’t exhibit any feminine traits.

    I am sick and tired of watching these fully loaded oil tankers beat children senseless for next to no reason, and rarely if ever held accountable. If you idiotically knock one of these broads up, expect your child to be beaten senseless when you’re not around, and possibly when you are around if you’re a spineless simp. Their misery and pain will be 100 percent on you, and that’s something you’re going to have to live with, and you’ll come to find we have no sympathy for your plight

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    • F Da Communitah,

      Yep, according to black women we’re making this all up. They try to shame us into dealing with them exclusively by saying “yo momma black” but then when we look at these black mothers out here, much more often than not they are the worst representation of parents going. As the SYSBM saying goes, QUALITY STARGATES MATTER.

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  16. The Czech Republic has a music video (made in 2011) where a black man is dating and kissing a blonde woman in public. european countries can find black men for their music videos as singers and actors dating local white/euro women hxxps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sgjty6CTlRc they are seen in the first 20-25 seconds, at 41-44 seconds and at 2:20-2:23 and 2:35:2:37 and 2:44-2:45 they are kissing in the streets of the czech republic and at 2:33 – 2:35

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    • BW don’t know when to shut up, don’t go to a comedy club if you are easily offended.
      “I only date Indian women, but if I was Black I would have to holler at Susie.” LOL

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      • James SYSBM,

        “You’re the reason black men date white women”, a slam dunk right there. This is my point, other races of men see exactly what is going on with black women and their inability to shut their mouths and listen, yet these heifers are out here still trying to play victims and pretending they don’t know the reasons why more black men are throwing in the towel and choosing to deal with Susie and Katie instead, smh.

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      • Verbs,

        The jig is up for the scraggle. The word is out among all non-black ethnicities as to the toxicity of the scraggle. They are considered damaged goods. HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials). Rotten to the core and highly TOXIC. Like you said many times before – “It’s a wrap!”


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    • Weave jokes, and how butthurt these bitches get at black men being with nonblack women has gone “popular”, something everyone is aware of.

      One day it’s going to dawn on these bitches all that they gave up in pursuit of narcissism and vanity.

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  17. i just found out that the texas “girl” i have been talking with is using stolen pictures of Amber Hahn. i did a google image search and they matched with amber hahn. always use google image search of any pictures a online girl sent you

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  18. Then these black hoes want to go on Zaddy Worship Twitter crying about abusive black men like they just fell from the sky one day. Abusive black men were raised by abusive black bitches.

    And for every Pookie who beats the shit out of some black hoe, she more than likely passed up 4 dudes who weren’t 6 feet, 3 dudes who were “boring,” 2 dudes that were “too nice” and 1 dude with “no swag.” So when that thug she chose whales on her black ass, I feel absolutely nothing.

    The number of simps who still cape for these hoes is staggering. Even knowing what we now know. More Stockholm Syndrome abusive black bitch programming. Look on Twitter. Unbelievable. SYSBM is for the few hardy souls who shook off the plantation programming.

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    • The Educated Lame,

      This is why I post those videos here, so that black men can return to see the horrors that black women across the globe are inflicted upon children.

      Black women as a worldwide collective are utter savages when it comes to the way they interact with black children. When was the last time you saw a black woman interacting with and treating a black children like this, I’ll wait:

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