Evil Black Witches Strike Again!


But according to mangled maggles such as the so called ‘educated therapist‘, Dr Umar Johnson as well as the fake academic, we’re supposed to overlook horrific behaviour like this and still take these types of women onboard without question, smh. Where is the critical examination from these pro black female minstrels concerning the terrible way in which most black women are raising their children, where is it, I’ll wait?

Unfortunately, this is all too common within black society, most black children are raised under these same hostile, putrid and foul environments where the mother doesn’t care for the children outside of the financial contribution he/she brings to her and additionally she won’t hesitate to abuse the child if somebody rubs her up the wrong way or she’s seeking revenge against her baby father.

Do you know why I continue to bring these types of videos forward, because most black men unfortunately were raised in horrible single mother environments like this or very similar, as young men and boys they were neglected, beaten black and blue from pillar to post, not shown any love, care, attention or affection and we wonder why there are so many black men walking around mentally damaged and broken.

I keep getting asked the question as to why I don’t move on and talk about other things, because there are many black men walking around today who believe that the abuse they suffered at the hands of their mothers was normal and a part of everyday life. You cannot move forward in life if your mind has been fragged, contaminated and destroyed to the point where you’re unable to recover from the years of trauma inflicted upon you by a female who was supposed to be your first line of defence against danger.

The fake academic is a classic example of a black man who has never dealt with the demons of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his mother, like most black men he doesn’t have the courage to face his dark past and begin taking the necessary steps to bring the reparations to his mind that are much needed, so instead he chooses to go against those men who are calling out this evil believing that he is on the right side.

However, when you choose to openly defend those who engage in abusive behaviour, you’re just as guilty as they are. The fake academic Fountain openly railing against SYSBM as well as other black male sects who have chosen to step forward in order to denounce and expose the evil nature of your typical black mother clearly demonstrates that he just like the educated therapist is a sympathiser of wicked black women.

This is some evil garbage of epic proportions, from those same black men who grew up in hostile single mother households, unfortunately a cadre of devil spawn, evil condoning acolytes have arisen whose soul aim is to give black women even more room to continue their wicked reign of terror unchallenged. Both the fake academic as well as the mangled maggle ‘educated therapist’ are black female non accountability specialists who in exactly the same manner as corrupt politicians turn a blind eye to the black woman’s wicked actions in the hopes that they will gain favour with her.

This is why these gravel sucking, industrial grade level maggles in the same manner as the black witch have no choice but to use shaming tactics in their efforts to attempt to get you to return to the proverbial plantation, however free thinking black men left and WE’RE NEVER COMING BACK. Gentlemen, as accountable, heterosexual free thinking black men it is our responsibility to put an end to the cycle of abuse that most black women take pleasure in, breed these black sirens out, DON’T give these devil spawn harpies access to your seed at all.

Is it any wonder why more black men are choosing non black women, based upon how most black women treat black men as well as black children this type of outcome is a predictable one.

I don’t know who the black female barbarians are in the above videos, however what I do know is their behaviour is the norm within black society and there are always low frequency black men who are willing to line up and make 1001 excuses for these black female abusers. Take note of these guys, just like the modern day black woman they’re your enemies, they are NOT your friends even though you may share the same skin complexion. Know your enemies and always act accordingly. Finally, in other news:


Firstly, who would even believe that the above picture is of a woman, looks like a straight up dude to me. In 2020 this is how way too many black women look. Secondly, she stabbed her son 8 times and only received probation?????? Again, remember what I’ve stated before about black women being assets of the state, the reason why they’re able to literally get away with murder is because they have a mission to keep black men and black society flat upon their faces as per the edicts of their white lord and saviour Major Avalanche.

Had a black man performed the same heinous crime the book would’ve been thrown at him with full force. When it comes down to Satan’s right hand henchwomen however, she has to be let back out onto the streets in order to continue her reign of terror against her own people

The modern day black witch never ceases to amaze with the limitless ideas that flow into her mind when it comes down to inflicting pain, suffering, misery and abuse upon others especially children, smh. Horse Trade, negotiate, date, marry and procreate with these devils, NO THANK YOU, I’M GOOD, I’LL PASS.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Child Abusing Women And Those Who Make Excuses For Them

Most High Bless

117 thoughts on “Evil Black Witches Strike Again!

    • Michel,

      I agree, as I stated before this beyond foul treatment of children is all too common within black female lead and ran households. I point blank refuse to place my seed into the womb of child abusers and child killers.

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      • @Verbs

        This is why I have ZERO sympathy when “Queen Kong” gets her face smashed in by FrankenFrost in a Dallas parking lot or gets karate kicked in the throat by Hang Pong in the weave shop.

        If I see FrankenFrost leaping from a lamp post and applying the “People’s Elbow” to the crown of her weave like WWE “Hell in a Cell”, I’ll smile, nod my head in approval, give FrankenFrost a slow clap👏👏, and keep walking. Those 2 are one in the same anyway and they deserve each other.

        I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY for these hood whore scum and they literally need to be breed out of existence.
        #BreedWith Becky

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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        I couldn’t agree with you more sir, the disgruntled heifers who recently swarmed my Twitter feed after my article exposing their colourism garbage has only reinforced the same position in myself 1000 fold.


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  1. Mercy, it was uncomfortable watching those videos; I agree with the caption of the first video except for locking her up. She needs to be put down for that abuse she inflicted on that child; same goes for that second witch of a mother.

    As for that ugly, masculine, Harambe look alike who stabbed her son, they simped up for that stragg by playing the mental issues card; Major Snowfall never comes to a Black witch’s defense unless she’s on her absolute worst behavior possible. Dr. Gerbil Face, Mr. Fontaine, and that edumacated maggle are just the same in their ways.

    SYSBM not only ensures Black men saving themselves, but their children as well. Save yourself, Black men!

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      I remember The Straight Shooter made a video at the beginning of this year talking about how SYSBM is for the children, in light of the horrific footage above I would say that he’s 1000% right.

      Again, we can’t even say that child abuse is a rare occurrence in black society, it’s so common in black communities, however the children are indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that such violence is a normal part of life, smh.

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  2. As a black man, these women abusing their children makes me sick. They should never be allowed to have children. They should be in jail for the rest of their lives. There’s no father figure around, so you already know the child is facing an uphill battle. These women love to play the victim card and blame everyone else for their irresponsibility when they’re the ones who have no remorse for what they’ve done. Stay as far away from these women as possible. Arrogance has no color.

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    • Anthonym78,

      I refuse to give the black witch any room on anything yet alone child abuse. It’s the same old story with black women and their religious and ritualistic abuse of black children and I’ve got more evidence of the same in the pipeline coming soon.

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  3. The woman who stabbed her son should have been arrested no debating. As for the other two, nothing else to say other than pissed off and hope these two women receive the worst kind of karma possible.

    Besides that, thank you @Verbs2015 for posting articles like this as it adds up to the cases of dysfunction and mental disorder in modern Black women in the U.S. these days. From all fronts as even in literature and history is revealing this f***very.

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    • Blackdjedi,

      But according to certain elder Gen X men of the Black Manosphere, we should be forgiving, coming to the table to have a conversation, negotiate and horse trade with these monsters. Your average black female in 2020 is a blood thirsty savage who doesn’t deserve the gift of bringing forth children into the world. It’s all good bro, at least free thinking brothers now have a hub that they can come to where all the evidence is laid out for them to see.

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      • Yup. Keep on spreading the message. Also you can’t forgive someone or something if they aren’t willing to forgive themselves.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    I will never ever have kids with a black woman because they make the worst mothers, wives and girlfriends on the planet because they lack any motherly instincts. If I do ever had kids, it’s gonna be with a childfree non black women because on average they make better wives/girlfriends and better mothers.

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    • I wouldn’t say they lack motherly instincts. That is like saying my mother lacked those features which isn’t true my mother loved me to death and my sister. She’s gone now so while I will agree with you overall, those BW in those video are poor.

      They are apart of another generation of BW who have had children unprepared financially and socially; Just repeating what happen when their mother had them.

      That is why I say in the ideal dating range of 18-45 they are the worst prepared mates possible.


    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The maternal instincts in the overwhelming majority of black women are simply non existent, they typically don’t bond with their children, furthermore in many circumstances the child is merely used as a financial tool. When was the last time you heard a black woman say “I love you” to her black children or give them a hug, I’ll wait? Even a crocodile demonstrates more care towards its offspring than these black women do towards their own children, smh. No doubt, black mothers collectively are the worst hands down.

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  5. This why free thinking black men have move on. But you got maggle like Aaron Fountain and faggle simp Derell trying to defend these black witches.
    The other reason is brothas have put up so much evidence and still got fools that want keep believeing the bullshit. Yes like me and other brothas that know. All we now leave those men behind and tell them to stay over there and keep obeying the order your hyena queens you braindead simps.

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      Those maggle simps who defend the black witch’s beyond reprehensible behaviour are worse than the black females they bootlick for. This long standing issue of child abuse is what these maggles ought to be focusing on, however being bewitched and indoctrinated by these black sirens themselves, the maggle is taught to turn a blind eye to blatant abuse committed by the sacred cow of black society, smh.

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  6. I can’t watch children being abused it does not sit well with me one bit. I think those women should be punished to the full extent of the law for harming children, the FULL EXTENT!!!! That behavior disgust me, we should have a cancel culture on bad mothers, lets see how far that goes.

    The woman that stabbed her son should be in jail for attempted murder period. I have no jokes or funny puns or euphemistic statements for that awful situation.

    #sysbm #getout

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    • G1,

      Black women as a group exhibit traits that simply are not human when it come down to the way they raise black children, the ultra cold heartedness they display towards their own seed is not of this world, it’s straight up devilish. Yet the maggles fully expect us to put these horrible abuses aside and still form unions and confederacies with these Satanic females, no thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass.

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  7. The narcissist is always right, even when she abuses the most vulnerable. The narcissist can do no wrong, because she can rationalize everything she does — whether she does evil to her children, or to perfect strangers with whom she has zero history. The narcissist is cold, entitled, and can only feel sorry for HERSELF.

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    • Yesindeed,

      This narcissistic personality is unfortunately what makes up the overwhelming majority of black women today, hence why SYSBM practitioners are strongly advised to seek out love and companionship elsewhere. Cold hearted monsters cannot raise children in the correct and proper manner.

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  8. OFF-TOPIC – The hot news, in mid-July 2020, is that Joe Biden may pick MICHELLE OBAMA as his running mate. — What are your thoughts?

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    • I detect that there is a real concern inside the Biden Campaign with enthusiasm. As I have said, Biden is a Neoliberal and it’s going be tough to get the young vote who were Sanders supporters. Black women have thrown their chips in with Biden.

      My guess is that any of the Obamas have more name recognition than any of the women they have been trial ballooning in the media.

      Somebody suggested Susan Rice and I thought that was interested. Relevant to this blog, she’s married a White man and further proof that it’s really only one segment (or two) of society that is dick policing Black men, it’s not the elites….

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      • djfourmonie,

        If Biden picked Susan Rice or any of the scraggle daggles jockeying to be picked for VP, I would consider it an insult to my intelligence and so should all freethinking black men should. The very notion that I as a black man, will vote for you just because you picked a scraggle daggle as your running mate, is insulting.

        Freethinking black men should have gotten enough of this sort of nonsense with Obama. To be honest, black men as a collective were worse off after 8 years of Obama. The scraggle daggles did not fair much better. However, Obama did pander to them in a very simpish fashion. And the scraggle daggle loves attention, and loves being flattered, even if the flattery is all lies.

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      • djfourmonie,

        If Biden picked Susan Rice or any of the scraggle daggles jockeying to be picked for VP, I would consider it an insult to my intelligence, and so should all freethinking black men.

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      • Rice as VP doesn’t make sense. Her experience is foreign policy. Her and Samantha Power are quite bellicose. If anything both of them make workable Sec of State picks if you want to load up the cabinet with women.

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  9. >they’re your enemies, they are NOT your friends even though you may share the same skin complexion.
    There’s a saying for this over here:
    “They may be your color, but they ain’t your kind…”

    Words to live by.


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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      It’s what I said before, the first horrid interactions young black males have with black females in most circumstances are with their mothers. In 2020 an upstanding, loving, nurturing, affectionate, caring, attention and affection providing black mother is an extremely rare thing.

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      • Absolutely true. Black women give themselves far too much leeway in their interactions with all other human beings — including their kids. They don’t hold themselves to any real standards because they’re far too entitled for that. There are no “guard rails” on their behavior because they simply don’t do “self review” and they lack self-awareness. … So they break the social contract on a whim, ignore the “golden rule” easily thanks to entitlement, and take out their frustrations on their kids without conscience.

        I honestly don’t think black women are capable of feeling guilt, because they can rationalize ANYTHING. They lie to themselves and then believe the lie — it’s a “protective style” of behavior (protecting the rotten ego beneath it).

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  10. The Buffalo sheboon looks like a dude, a big ugly brute of a dude. The government actually gives these beasts monthly cash payments, subsidized housing, food stamps, and all types of grants for all types of things, and in return these beasts abuse children.

    These beasts will have multiple bastard children by multiple deadbeat Tbones and Lil Pookies, just to get a bigger welfare check. The more bastards they plop out, the bigger their checks. In most cases the kids don’t stand a chance. Its a miracle that any of them grow up to be halfway functional.

    Most black men under 50 were raised by emotionally disturbed sociopathic black females, with no father in the household. Its no wonder they grow up to be the simps who perpetuate all the unholy dysfunction that constitutes da black communitah.

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      • What I don’t understand is why would you record yourself beating your child? Talk about self-incriminating…

        That screams lack of awareness. Then again if that was on Facebook and on Black Facebook specifically then the “no snitch” rule is in effect.

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      • @djfourmonie

        As David Carroll says, black people use social media to record and broadcast their dysfunction for the world to see. It’s like a source of pride to the backward black race.

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    • AmericanBlackMan,

      Non black women know full well they’ve gotten black women beat, they simply observe their dysfunctional behaviour as well as the horrible way in which they treat their black male counterparts as well as black children and immediately know it’s a chicken wrap for black women as a collective.

      Black women will “transform” for their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost all day, yet according to them the black man isn’t entitled to the best version of the black female, smh. The conclusion is simple, black men, walk away and never look back.

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    • @AmericanBlackman

      And even we are no exception.
      I myself was raised literally by the biggest deadbeat black bitch probably in the city. She’s also a suspected pederast/incestuous whore. And of course she worships white people and is a white Jesus worshipping mammy. A total garbage human being. The closest thing I has to having a mother was a white babysitter I had back in the day. That was over 30 years ago.

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      • Black Caesar,

        My mother had serious issues. This is something I am not yet comfortable talking about. So this is all I will say about it for now. The healing process is an ongoing.

        Going forward, productive Black Men should disassociate from the scraggle daggle. We need to teach our sons to never get entangled with the scraggle daggle. To have children with a better stargate. To build a life with a better woman. As collectives, all non black races of women are better than the black scraggle daggle. The black scraggle daggle is unredeemable as a mate for a productive Black Man.

        The scraggle daggle collective views productive Black Men as beasts of burden whose purpose is to provide for and raise other men’s spawn, to save da dysfunctional black communitah, which gives nothing back to productive Black Men except crime and violence. Furthermore, the scraggle daggle collective believes it is their right to be argumentative and disrespectful to productive Black Men, believes it is their right to cheat on productive Black Men, and believes they need not bring anything good to the table while expecting the productive Black Man to bring everything good to the table.

        The only type of Black Men who should be with the scraggle daggle are deadbeat Tbones and Lil Pookies, as well as self hating simps who willingly choose a life of misery and unhappiness with the black scraggle daggle.

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      • Try having TWO narcissistic parents…

        No love or affection, just pure mental rape, humiliation rituals, incessant criticism for being “no good” and the whipping belt for the crime of being born a child. “Feed the dog, kick the dog” was my childhood.

        Stockholm syndrome was really named after black mothers.

        For those still in the throes of trauma bonding (abuse reinforced with intermittent kindness), I would highly recommend listening to EMDR music therapy tracks on YouTube.

        If your mother couldn’t be bothered to properly care for you with kindness in your infancy, why the hell should you look after them in their dying state?

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      • @Michel
        No fucking way I am taking care of my whore of a mother but my younger bro whose kind is completely destroyed by her is doing so. Oh well. He allowed himself to be completely feminized by her. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if one day he comes out of the closet. What I will do is wait out her death which hopefully is coming soon so I can collect some of that insurance money. It would be the first time in her pathetic life she actually provided for us. My philosophy is: I will take care of the bitch as well as she took care of us. I won’t e en help bury the whore. They can dump her carcass in a dumpster for all I care.

        I tell black men to go ahead with their non black queens. Because a relationship with a she-monkey should be an insult to you. Your seed deserves better. Even my dad went SYSBM after this whore.

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  11. A she-monkey here in Toronto stabbed two of her kids.
    I cannot watch those videos. Child abuse makes me want to kill.

    Black women: Go straight to hell.

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    • Black Caesar,

      I remember debating the pro black maggle Amiri Brown on TPOT series a while back and he actually had the audacity to claim that the reason why black women treat their children with such disdain and hatred is because of their socioeconomic status, smh. The real answer is simple, they’re evil creatures by nature who want nothing do to with anyone who resembles them.

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      • @Verbs
        I guess to black women, killing your kids is easier than getting a job or earmarking some of that weave money to feed them.

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    • Straight to hell. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. The way these babies are being treated is sick. And this is the trash I’m supposed to uplift? Yeah, I’ll uplift these bitches… into a wood chipper.

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  12. Watching those videos made me so freaking angry! but it makes me so much angrier that they can nearly get away with every evil that they do! Topics like these are very sensitive to me because from watching and seeing videos like these brings back flash backs from when I used to get beaten like this.

    What also makes me super angry is the reasons why these children get pounded to the ground! The children probably did something that they totally didn’t deserve! Maybe the child spilled milk, maybe the child wanted to play and broke something by accident. Maybe the child was crying for her father , who WANTED to be in the childs life, but as all black women do, they will beat the child to the near inch of it’s life until it “hates” it’s “deadbeat” father!

    The children live under a tyrant, under mini-concentration camps and have to deal with brutal beatings, mental abuse, sexual abuse and even death! When these children cry for help, they get ratted on by their teachers, doctors, or other adults who all happen to be black women. It is like a tyrant network owned and operated by black women in the most core essentials places that you cannot avoid and they work together to keep you mentally locked and chained under them. This is pure reverse Nazism only it is worse because black women can literally get away with killing. whether it is through abortions, killing their infant, or using Tyrone to get another black man killed, or get a white police to get black men killed. Black women are the only group, aside from white men, who go on a killing spree just for the sake of being evil! It is all she knows!

    They say women have more maternal instinct than men. Nope sorry, I am not buying it. There are far too many videos and articles to show otherwise! Yes I totally agree with verbs in that people who defend (Black) Women’s abuse are just as guilty as the woman doing the beatings! They should be condemned and punished just as equally as the black women! It is unbelievable to me how some black men can sit up here and NOT SEE the 800lbs Gorilla in the room. And these nutless back to africans want US to clean up the crap they made in the first place?

    I do not agree with sex changes but I now understand that there are many black men who do indeed need to be sex changed! These “Men” are really women inside men’s bodies! Even living in Ultra conservative countries like Kyrgyzstan and Georgia (Sakartvelo), there is no misandry like black misandry!!

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      This is precisely why I continue to highlight cases like this, helping black men like yourself realise that the beatings and the abuse that came your way as a youngster was not your fault. The area of abuse from black mothers and black women in general is one of the if not the biggest area that many black men have to decontaminate their minds and souls from.

      When you think of a woman saying to a man or her child “I love you”, a black female doesn’t spring to mind, however when you think about abusive, loud mouth, rebellious females who love beating on they children for the most minor of infractions, black women are the first set of images that pop into one’s head.

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    • @Carnio

      I’m convinced this is another reason why these she monkeys try to shame thinking black men tinto staying. One black man walking away equals one child taken away from them and one less child for them to sacrifice to their God. I am of the firm belief that a black man deserves to be around and see beauty. That’s why I support SYSBM. No man or child has to be around ugliness (black bitches).

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  13. Here is a very good question that I have and I cannot find the answer to this. The women in these videos beat their children all the way up until they are in their late teens (Sometimes long after they are adults). How many black men, because of years of trauma and abusive have committed suicide because of things like this which we have just witnessed? I am specifically talking about BLACK MALE SUICIDES, NOT black women suicide or white male suicides!

    Black males have NO safe space to talk about these issues with any trusted sources as most social workers are almost always with women, and chances are he will be conditioned into getting a black woman social worker. These black woman social workers will most likely shame him, gas light him, do magic mental gymnastics tricks and make himself seem grateful and stupid. Then he ends up taking his own life and no one knows why because it will most likey be unreported.

    Black people love to jumo in white men talking about “White men are so weak, see, we blacks are strong and we are happy and have so much to live for,” No , sorry, I am not buying that one bit! I believe the black male suicide rate is very high but completely unreported, and black women tell these lies like everything is ok and blacks are mentally stronger and capable of tough times when in reality, many black men are miserable, traumatized and depressed but it is a taboo subject to openly talk about it without the black thought police to tell him to “Blame the white man” when ever he has a valid concern.

    All of this starts from his upbringing, his childhood andis beaten and conditioned into him before he even got the chance to have the mental ability to question the life and actions of his own community…

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  14. I still stand behind my statement from a few weeks ago that I am going to be a radical SYSBM advocate! It has gotten to the point that unless you too are indeed an SYSBM/Thinking black man, I don’t want nothing to do with you, I don’t want to hear/listen to you, nor do I care about what goes on in blackistan or the black community world wide. When I see videos that reminds me of the mental and physical abuse I went through and the black population wants to defend or deflect their actions, made me have complete apathy for any non-thinking black man as a whole. If they say, “who hurt you?” I will tell them, “you are as blind as a bat to not see who did it!” The sound of their voices, just pisses me off! Any sort of black thought policing or dick policing, I will not be afraid to use any kind of violence! I am sooooo Glad I do not live in the west any longer and see them, but don’t think black women aren’t gonna start chasing black men to the ends of the earth to make sure you do not get to try some Sushi, Curry, or Borsh! Maybe not now, but after the next elections, I am sure there will be a mass exodus to where ever thinking black men go….

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  15. Every time I hear Dr Umar Johnson’s name, it makes me cringe like crazy. This man said that us black men have to date, be in relationship or marry these ghetto ratchet scarggle daggeles? What is this man smoking? Listen here; there reason why these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are being their children like this is because that they are getting revenge on the baby father. They do that will child support as well. When it’s the black girl getting beaten by their mother especially when she a teenager, when she gets older, we see her fighting other girls in the rave, in the street, in shopping centres, in buses and trains, even they fight their boyfriends as well. And when they beat the black boy now, he becomes feminine, violent when he enters in a relationship or marriage.

    You all know I was raise in a two parent home and my mum and dad are from Jamaica. Right, when I was a young boy, I use to get beating from my mum. And when I becoming a teenager, I was getting rude to her. The more I got lick from her, the attitude got worse. And as I’m becoming 39 next month, I still have that attitude. And right through my 20’s when I had girlfriends, I thought I was goanna put my hands on them, but thank God, I didn’t. But they treat me like shit though (Goanna talk about on Monday). These ghetto gaggers are beating their children and worse of all they are recording it. When the young black girl gets to teen hood, the mother beat the crap of her because she is developing and the mother has hit the wall. And the young can’t fight back because if she fights her mother, her mother will tear her apart.

    My thing is this. Who would go and nut in these women? Who went up in these women are sink them in these hoodrats? And what’s shocking is that these simps like Bareback Fountain, Faggle Derrell and all the other simps are coming after thinking black men because the thinking black men are refusing to deal with these single mothers. Why don’t these simps don’t date or marry these spell casting scarggle daggles if thinking black men refuse to deal with these harridans? Oh, I know why. Is because that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t like these simps. They want the rough, rugged, roguish and ready types like Whiskey Baron Tony, Ruff Neck Desmond, Rapid Fire Rasta, Rum Smuggler Don and Ruff Cut Larry. These frigging women don’t want them. You know how these scarggle daggles do their sons and daughters. I have something to tell you.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe tonight, all night and all the time. Because these scarggle daggles will do the same thing to your white sugar bunny just as they do their children. https://moneycultural.wordpress.com/2020/07/17/police-harassment/


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    • “Every time I hear Dr Umar Johnson’s name, it makes me cringe like crazy. This man said that us black men have to date, be in relationship or marry these ghetto ratchet scarggle daggeles? What is this man smoking? Listen”

      That’s an extremely good point! Where is his scarggle daddeled wife? Where are his demon spawned children? Why isn’t he setting us a “Good Example”? Does he need any help? Because I am sure we could make a good match making service to find him a lovely Kweenz!

      “Hey keep your white sugar honey safe tonight, all night and all the time. Because these scarggle daggles will do the same thing to your white sugar bunny just as they do their children.”

      It really breaks my heart when I read this because what you say is 100% true! I think about my spiritual sister who is Russian, and I always have these thoughts of how I wold react if they even thought of touching her! Things are only going to get worse after these elections…

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      • Yeah man. I always wanted a dark skin women as my girl or wife but as I see the way they behave the women in my family, it was like “No I’m good!” These young black children, espacailly young black girls are now damage goods and Dr Umar Johnson can have all the single mothers he want. He’s just defending them against the thinking black men but these scraggs don’t want him.

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    • Forgetting all the evidence to the contrary and pandering to BW for a second. To ‘fix” the comminitah, it starts with stable nuclear families. If the problem is the majority of BW are single ignoring the reasons why then it’s a reasonable strategy.

      The reason why Johnson ignores the data is pandering to a demographic that buys his material. They’ll say it’s the “White man’s” data and they do it make Black People look bad.

      Even that statement which I’ve seen a few times usually from Pro Wacks and Black women is nonsensical.

      Which also begs the question. If you don’t like those data sets then pay somebody to do the research and see if it’s different or more in your favor.

      That is also why Black women never put up the income data of single Black men….

      Liked by 3 people

      • With the current situation, now would have been a perfect time for Dr Gerbilface to create a homeschooling program online in addition to having ad-hoc visits in preparation for his black school.

        Oh, he’s not going to do that, because that involves “planning”, “drive” and “funding”. You know, the White man’s characteristics…

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Despicable. And once again, these will be the same whores who will expect us to live by the mantra that men aren’t supposed to hit women because we’re bigger and stronger than them. Yet they never apply that same logic to them and their kids. I’m all for spanking, but this was abuse, plain and simple. The line between discipline and abuse is not that fucking thin. These bitches deserve crucifixion. Or evisceration with a samurai katana. Something that will put them through the same pain they put these babies through.
    “White women do it too-”
    SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THAT BULLSHIT!!! White women aren’t the ones on camera proudly displaying this shit and still expecting to be called queens. Fuck these disgusting black bitches!

    Liked by 2 people

      • It really is. And our children are being caught in the middle of it. And the next time these bitches come around asking, “why do y’all hate black women”, just tell them to press play.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Jordan Peterson has said many times. As men you can’t deal with women the way we deal with each other.

      As men we are a physical threat to women. That said women also trigger men into being violent against them with the things they say.

      So we are conditioned not to hit women but of course if they keep saying hurtful things… That’s why you get a quality stargate they will not let it get to that moment, unless you’re a thunderhead and ignore all but the most obvious signs of problems in a relationship.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Oh, I definitely agree. I’m of the mantra that “if you gotta beat her, you don’t need her.” But these situations highlight a frightening and dangerous level of hypocrisy within these whores. There’s nothing that justifies beating children to this degree. And the fact that they can do this, put it on video, and still require men to show any degree of restraint with females is asinine.

        Liked by 3 people

  17. I’m at the point now where if one of these satanic sirens murdered one of these simps children, the simp would find a way to excuse it. I don’t know how a product so putrid and defective can have such a hold on these maggles outside of witchcraft but it does. I don’t think there is any help for them. I’m not sure if even their own murder at the hands of the black queen of the damned would change their minds.

    Sad and tragic.

    Liked by 2 people

      • @Verbs2015, once again I am not surprised of the dysfunction emanating and displayed by these Black women in the United States.

        In addition, I am curious of how free-thinking Black men who are fathers discipline their offspring that is different from these she-monsters regardless of race but more so American Black woman and those who in the Caribbean and Africa.

        Reason why I am asking is because of the comments regarding physical punishment which some said they turn out fine while the others support this type of beating.

        At least from my upbringing, the belt was back then acceptable when it comes to punishment. Probably due to lack of interest of showing their disciplinary actions for the world to see.

        But now, it has become unacceptable and f***ed up to physical assault their child beyond the belt. Especially when done on video by mothers who not only damage the child’s self-esteem but in extreme cases develop a deep hatred for the parent and displayed that anger to innocents.

        If anything, either for Open Mic Wednesday or an article, as a suggestion you can publish an article based on the subject of disciple the offspring in the worst ways by the worst parents. If you haven’t done so already.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Any black man who was abused and said “they were fine” are straight up lying to themselves. Being brutally beaten is never “fine” as an adult, never mind a child. No child said to himself “thank you for burning my skin for dropping my milk on the floor, I shall learn better in the future. Great discipline”.

        You just have to look at Defeated Derell and Fake Academic Fountain. They rather stalk and mock other black man rather than dare open Pandora’s box.

        Liked by 2 people

  18. As controversial and taboo as it sounds, there was a reason that the concept of eugenics exists. And here we have it today. Although founded in racial bias and evolutionary scientific biology, I believe many of the fore founders of eugenics were right. Many people should not be having children. Many should be sterilized.

    There is not enough resources nor space to house this many humans on earth. Also, many cultures and ethnicities should not be breeding as they are a burden on the ecosystem of the world as a whole. Many are unfit parents and create lineages of dysfunctional , non-conforming adults who have little to no value. Looking at these children, my heart weeps for them. They did not deserve to be put in or ask to be with a volatile, dangerous caretaker.

    Alot of the journals I’ve read on eugenics state that the parents they surveyed are often violent, unintelligent, nor fit to rear children nor should breed in any compacity. And guess who they were taking journals on and doing studies to find this observation. Black Women😒 It comes to no surprise they are not good caretakers, nurturers, or teachers of children.

    Abortion was made for them as a birth control/depopulation mechanism as they seen forehand how a community full of disjointed and unhinged individuals would handle and rear children. It is known that dumb & poor people create more than the standard needs for kids in a household. Imagine the welfare queens or child support fraudsters that had these children in unfavorable conditions with unsavory male counterparts.

    To think about it,the Black community in the US never had a chance beyond the rise of the welfare state and feminism starting in the 1970s.

    Liked by 4 people

    • You proposed the tough questions that nobody wants to talk about, but they have to be dealt with sooner or later. Sometimes the facts are uncomfortable, unflattering and unpalatable but ignoring them doesn’t make them go away. Society is going to have to deal with this issue sooner or later.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Ryan,

      I agree with you on the fact that certain individuals shouldn’t be permitted to have children, the black witch would definitely be top of the list as her children are observably a burden on everybody else around her. Black women have more than demonstrated beyond any doubt that as a collective they are NOT fit to have or raise black children.

      I don’t buy into the lack of resources and not enough space on the planet talk because the planet currently is only about 10% inhabited. I’ve been to many different countries around the world and passed by nothing but trees and empty land.

      The 1% in conjunction with a few multi international greedy corporations who want all of the resources to themselves, they’re the ones who put out the “limited resources available” mantra and force everybody else to cut back while they continue to indulge to their heart’s content, rather like these celebrities trying to lecture the public on “keeping their carbon footprint low” while they fly all around the world on private jets or own a ridiculous amount of cars, many of which they don’t even drive.

      Most black women in my opinion should be sterilised and any that do want to have children must be psychologically evaluated beforehand in addition to regular psychological check ups every so often to ensure that they haven’t strayed from the straight and narrow.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs,

        Just because the earth can sustain an extremely high population level, doesn’t mean it should. You run into quality of life issues with extreme crowding, even if you can provide everyone with the ‘basic’ necessities of life. There is such a thing as an optimum population level. And humanity is intellectually, scientifically, and technologically able to determine an optimum population level and attain it.

        I do believe China (1.5 billion people) and India (1.3 billion people) are grossly overpopulated. The earth has nowhere near the inhabitable land base, the fresh water supply, the mineral resources, nor the amount of atmosphere, to sustain multiple countries having populations over 1 billion people.

        Even if both India and China had GNPs 100 times what they currently have, no amount of money can prevent the overcrowding, environmental destruction, and quality of life deterioration wrought by extreme overpopulation.

        It is primarily billionaires whose fortunes are based on selling quantity, not quality, who make the dishonest disingenuous argument that the earth can sustain an unlimited human population. The earth, its space, and its resources are finite. Absent colonizing new worlds in outer space, at this time there too many people on the planet to provide a quality life for everyone.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Americanblackman,

        Extreme crowding is almost always found in the cities, you don’t have any problems with overcrowding in the rural provinces. In the cities is where you will run into the problems you listed if they become overcrowded, however if you begin to space people out more, you won’t run into issues such as struggling for the basic necessities of life.

        Certain CITIES in China and India are overcrowded, here is are some pictures of the countryside both in India and China, they don’t look overcrowded to me:

        Let’s not fool ourselves, people are designed to adapt to living in the most extreme conditions, from the Sahara desert to the snow ladened Artic. I agree with your premise if your focus is specifically on city dwellings, they do only have a limited amount of people they can sustain efficiently if you fail to expand them.

        On the contrary, it’s these psychopathic, greedy 1% billionaires who are the ones claiming that the earth cannot sustain the amount of people living on it now, they are the ones continually digging out and hogging all of the resources to themselves while at the same time telling the common man that “there aren’t enough resources to go around” and that HE must “cut back” in order to “save the planet”(not themselves though).

        The everyday man will simply use the amount of resources he requires for that particular moment and later return when he needs more, the 1% however don’t want the everyday common man to have access to any resources at all(self sufficiency), so they’ve invented the cock and bull mantra about there not being enough to go around and that the world’s population needs to be reduced.

        The Most High says be fruitful and multiply, on the flip side the 1% says we need to reduce the world’s population by at least 90% and have been actively engaging in many ways to not only prevent people from having big families like they did in the past(economics) but also through a horrific track record of vaccines programs(Bill and Melinda Gates) which are actually designed to sterilise individuals on the slick.

        This “limited” talk is elite driven, all geared towards making people buy into the false notion that they are a burden upon the earth when the planet was created to be inhabited by many people, far more than we have today.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Verbs,

        We can agree to disagree. This is a case of how two people can see the same reality and perceive it differently. From my perception it is exactly the billionaires like Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and the like, who say the world can and should accommodate more people. Bill gates is famous for saying the world’s population can fit inside Texas.

        The billionaire elite looks at mass overpopulation as the quickest way to mass profits and mass wealth. Their mantra is to sell quantity, no matter what it is. They consider it a form of efficiency to squeeze out the quality, because quality costs money. To them a very small margin on a trillion cheaply replicated items beats the hell out of a very large margin on 100 million costly to replicate items.

        At first this might seem counterintuitive, but its not. But I assure you, its the billionaire class that wants more people. From their perspective, the poorer and more desperate they are, the better. It increases their wealth and it increases their power.

        More people are simply not sustainable. Absent some breakthrough in space travel, the current world’s population might not be sustainable in the long run. Only a small fraction of the earth’s land mass is habitable. This is why Antarctica, most of the Sahara, vast sections of the Arctic, and most of the great Australian deserts were never settled by people. The list goes on. And our environment has already been irreparably damaged. Our ozone layer is so damaged that it would take centuries to repair itself, if ever. And that assumes a total halt in carbon emissions today, which isn’t possible. Many plant and animal species are already extinct because of man. They are gone forever. And hundreds more go extinct every year because of loss of habitat. And many minerals, once they are depleted, the earth does not regenerate them. We’re talking millions of years to generate. Entire mountain ranges are destroyed to get to the minerals underneath. Entire ecosystems are gone forever, which is contributing to climate change. The Amazon rain forest is disappearing at an alarming rate. It has been called the lungs of the planet earth. The once great North American temperate hardwood forest, was once as big a world biosphere as the Amazon rain forest. Its gone forever. The list goes on and on and on.


      • Verbs,

        I forgot to mention the earth’s greatest ecosystems, its oceans. Life is disappearing from the oceans at an alarming rate. There are dead zones in the oceans as big as countries. This is being caused by pollution and overfishing. The world’s greatest scientists have stated that they can’t even fathom the long term consequences of what is happening to our oceans.


    • Overpopulation is a myth. It comes from the POV that our current level of consumption can not go on when the India(ns), Africans and more Chinese reach the middle class and our level of consumption.

      Preventing more people from being born won’t work without draconian measures. Besides the mature economies are doing it on their own by empowering women and given them a choice to when they become mothers, if they become mothers…

      The much more moral and humane option is to improve efficiency. Especially around energy. What this crisis as taught us is our supply chains need to be more flexible. Relieving poverty will also increase consumption, so like I said we can handle as many people being born going forward with science and intelligent thinking.

      Talking about how BW in America behave is myopic and doesn’t take the wider view. Many of the problems in the Black Community can be fixed with UBI and other forms of direct cash. I am not talking about the current welfare state in the US which is woefully inadequate and leads to generational poverty. The idea wasn’t a bad one, but too many racial overtones meant that it wasn’t adjusted for inflation, technology disruptions and economic shocks.

      Clinton pandering to the midwest middle class lead to the first reduction in the welfare state. This is what happens when you don’t know poor people, think you know everything and your world view is skewed by it.

      There is also an element of racism from the whole “Welfare Queen with a Caddy”. The most well known Welfare fraud case was a WHITE WOMAN that bilked the system for nearly a million dollars.

      Given what the banksters do everyday, I no longer care about this low level sort of fraud. The Gov shortchanges you with the welfare state so I’d say we’re even.

      My 2 cents

      Liked by 1 person

      • No amount of money or reparations will fix a race that has no entrepreneurial genes or any concept of group economics.

        Liked by 2 people

      • You’re talking about a race of people who gave up their entire community and all their businesses just to integrate with their enemy and place them in total control of their livelihood and destiny. No other race is this profoundly stupid. Eugenics is the answer.

        Liked by 3 people

      • djfourmonie,

        Even if what you are saying was true, the toxic subculture of da communitah would still produce these cretins (simps, scraggle daggles, and parasitic sheboons).


      • Where did I mention that the communitah would be successful? That said we are throwing quite a few people under the bus, particularly Black men and Black children. With more money Black men would be willing to fight for custody of their children. If they won’t listen to Dr Claude Anderson my faith level isn’t very high but honestly once you buy all the frivolous items and the girl next to you has a real Gucci bag too, then what?

        Old rich really don’t spend their money. They lease cars a year old (CPO) and while some have expensive hobbies they don’t have homes everywhere.

        Jetsetters live like rock start because they can afford it. Even if the Gov gave them $151 million which was suggested in an article that appears in Newsweek, the vast majority of Blacks will not be welcome in those circles.

        It’s also the only way to reduce violent crimes. There will be jobs for the next 15-20 years if they pass a infrastructure plan with at least a 5 Trillion dollar price tag.

        If you do nothing, the ratchet behavior will continue and only get worse.


    • @RYAN

      I strongly disagree with over population theory. The entire global population can fit inside of the USA with plenty of land to spare. There are enough resources too. It’s only the fact that a few people control them all. Where we are in total agreement is concerning the black bitch breeding. I they are genetically incapable of stewarding children. There is something unnatural about the niggerbitch. I don’t think it has to do with poverty or low IQ because there are other races who are poor and stupid who are far better caregivers of children.
      There is something genetically wrong with the black bitch and they really should be sterilized for the good of humanity.

      Liked by 2 people

      • @ Black Caesar – Even bi-racial children of Black women aren’t safe. They are just used as pretty props to show that someone outside their race wanted them. They still end up being killed or abuse in some manner by the dumb black slut. I’ll give you a few examples:

        White men get with these type of Black women due to the fact of worship, submissiveness, the power dynamics, and him being the head of household knowing he has lost his position with the marxists feminist bitch he created. Notice how in these cases, the bigger bitch kills her kids or puts them in compromising situations which endangers their welfare.

        In 2020, alot of swirl nigger cunt have gotten their wakeup calls being dumped left and right like the Glad Trash bags they are. Everyday, they’re is some story of a swirler crying about how she was dumped or cheat on by Brad, Abdul, or Diego.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Black Caesar,

        Its the entire socialogical-economic-poltical-cultural matrix that blacks call da communitah, that produces these cretins (scraggle daggles and simps).

        Take 99 percent of the human products of da communitah. If any person who is nonblack behaved as these Negros do, they would be deemed clinically mentally ill. Behavior that is deemed mentally ill behavior for the rest of humanity, is deemed normal ‘black’ behavior for black people. The toxic subculture of da communitah should be eradicated.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I agree other factors do exist but that also means you have to take mental health in this country seriously and reduce the stigma of it. Lots of moving parts and lots of things have to go right. I still wouldn’t be marrying a BW because I’m just not interested.

        Especially in the time table I’ve laid out.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Like most on here…..
    I am BEYOND enraged. I am BEYOND repulsed. I am BEYOND…
    Please keep posting content like this.
    1. So that we can “resolve” the issue/stop the abuse…i.e. get the word out to local law enforcement to protect the children.
    2. So that we can shove the facts down the throats of the Ho-tep, pro-black retards that – TO THIS DAY – still debate on worshipping this beast (modern day black woman) as a literal God.
    3. So that we can call out the smug, overconfident black feminist who will have ZERO problem voicing her oppression from mansplaining, manspreading, air conditioning and who will also hide behind the dead black MEN via Black Lives Matter – only to push HER agenda.

    It’s 2020….black women are done!
    Heck, here in the U.S. the KKK stepped down because they realized they couldn’t do as effective of a job at destroying the black community as the black woman could.

    Liked by 4 people


      Yep, this reminds me of that time someone put out an article stating that black men were the white men of the black community..WRONG!!! It was black women all along time and time again holding down the community or what’s left of it anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. “Buffalo Woman” is right. She looks like my grade school bully with a wig on. Just think, a Pookie put his raw dick in that beast. And after that heinous act of stabbing her kid, she’ll be right back on the streets to terrorize y’alls neighborhood. bUt-BuT wHat arE thEy sAvinG thEmseLves fRoM????” Look no further. Hahaha.

    SYSBM fellas, all day everyday!

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Hi.
    These pple aren’t accountable for their actions but would like to be “uplifted” and any pointing of their misdeeds is bashing and hate mongering. It’s funny how they can switch morality on its face where good is bad and bad is good.
    BTW looks like Verbs has riled up a few “dedicated fans”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elissor,

      The first swirling campaign ie Swirling 1.0 launched in 2012 by the pink pill pimpstress/black witch of Swirl Mountain Christelyn Karazin has been an abysmal and total failure due to the fact that non black men don’t want black women en mass nor do they want anything serious with them in most cases.

      This is not even taking into consideration the fact that there are large swaths of black women who honestly don’t look that attractive and their dysfunctional behaviour has also been another issue that hasn’t worked in their favour for obvious reasons.

      Now these same wannabe swirlers are attempting to relaunched themselves under the “levelling up/divestment” banner, the same Swirling 1.0 failure but now under newer different titles(Swirling 2.0). Sit back, relax and watch these dumb black females crash and burn once again.

      Now dealing with the fake academic Fountain, he came to us, we never went to him, he was the one who claimed that he’d been lurking in the shadows “tracking” the Black Manosphere and SYSBM for the last 2 years.

      The dude is nothing but a laughingstock if he believes that he can all of a sudden somehow claim the role of a victim now that people are turning their sights towards him, sorry Fountain, just like the black witch your victimhood card is denied.

      Liked by 1 person

      • @Elissor @Verbs
        Did you guys notice that the first response to the second thread Elissor posted above was from an incoherent harpy named Alicia who is SELF styled as goddess of hell?

        I really don’t think they realize that every time they open their mouth they just confirm what we say about them.


        Liked by 1 person

      • Upgraydd,

        I checked out that gutter trash black siren’s page, smh. I’ve currently got a whole bunch of degenerate black women on my Twitter feed right now, yet these are the same sirens talking about “levelling up” and “divesting”. I can’t stand these black whores, not an ounce of accountability, responsibility nor honesty within their bodies.

        They’ve divested right, then why are they trying to engage in conversation with a type of man they claim to have hatred and disdain for?

        Black women are full of garbage, they need to continue berating and disparaging black men in order to keep their expired victimhood narrative perpetuating, this is why the continue to hover around and attempt to gaslight the same men they claim they hate, smh.

        Liked by 1 person

  22. Black women enjoy beating the kids as if it were a sexual thing, I honestly believe that. This way, they can stave off the thirst for when Man-Man is arrested and no one is willing to feed em some snatch.

    Eugenics is the ONLY way forward for black people, and that’s worldwide. It would require that at least 90% of black men marry non-black women (the further from black the better) and an equal amount of black women be sterilized. There is no path forward for the current black race en masse, only building a new race by choosing better stargates.

    With the “resources” thing, of course the elites would tell people that there aren’t enough to go around. That way, people who really don’t have resources and probably never will will have to be forced to share their meager belongings, while the aforementioned elites live high off of the hog. It’s not different from pastors, hell, at least we actually criticize politicians!

    Think also of all of the brain damage caused by black women beating their kids to such a level. You have a group Of hoodrats that genetically is already pretty damn dumb, then they reproduce unintentionally (or even intentionally) with cousins, and produce these kids that are one IQ point away from being Sloth from The Goonies. Add in all of the physical, mental, and spiritual trauma, and you have a recipe for a people group that are probably barely capable of dropping fries in grease at McDonald’s. Wonder why they’re so poor off….

    Liked by 2 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      But theys be our queanies yo. Your typical black witch strikes once again and black women think that they can go and get themselves a white men putting this kind of behaviour on display. Even if they worship and swoon over mixed children(black mother/non black father), what white guy is going to take the chance and risk it, he’d rather take his chances with an East Asian female, at least he knows that they are the most feminine and actually have a maternal instinct built within them that doesn’t switch off if they have children that look like them.

      On the topic of the elites, they are the same ones who for the last 30 years have been hiring so called “expects” who have been pushing the global warming/climate change, scorched and doomed earth scam. The climate change scam got exposed big time during Climategate back in 2009, the overpopulation talk just like the resources jargon is directly linked to the climate change hoax.

      Back onto the black witch, we just have to keep on doing what we’ve already been doing, which is to walk away from these degenerates black females never to return EVER.


      Liked by 1 person

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