Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

On this Open Mic Wednesday I just thought that I would bring up the subject of face masks in light of the supposed COVID-19 “pandemic” as well as the growing mask wearer vs non mask wearer battles and contentions that have recently been growing in the US. Here in the UK we’ve been told that face masks/coverings are an effective method for helping reduce the spread of the virus as well as helping save lives. Additionally, here is some of the information that has been put out in the US by the CDC:

You probably notice like I have that most people with face coverings are wearing the light cyan coloured ear loop surgical masks which are for one time use only, however there is a major problem with these masks:

Here is a closer look at that label:

Here is the same label from a box of surgical ear loop masks sold here in the UK:

Since it clearly states on the box that these masks will NOT protect a person from COVID-19, in light of surgical masks being manufactured to a higher standard, we can safely and logically conclude that homemade reusable masks as well as reusable designer masks made from basic materials won’t provide any form of protection either.

From this logical and common sense conclusion two questions immediately spring to mind.

1. In light of clearly reading that these masks DO NOT provide any protection against COVID-19 or any other infection or disease, why are people still buying them in huge numbers and wearing them?

2. Are there any masks available that can protect an individual from the supposed COVID-19 virus or any other viral type pathogens?

The answer to the first question is simple, most people are sheep, they don’t think and reason for themselves, they follow what the mainstream media, their governments as well as other “official” organisations tell them without questioning the validity and accuracy of the information handed to them, in short they’ll do what they’re told. How many people have actually read the surgical mask box warning?

This is what the fight/flight mode does to people once activated, they’ll do anything to survive. This is all well and good when you’re being chased by a dangerous animal, however this mode is very dangerous and completely devoid of any rational and logical thought process when dealing with a killer virus that has never been proven to exist yet alone be taking the amount of lives claimed.

Go out into the streets and you’ll see that very few individuals have read the warning, get on the public transport system here in London and you’ll see that even fewer people have conducted their own research ie simply read the surgical mask warning label. Yet these will be the same brainwashed and indoctrinated lemmings who will attempt to bully, berate and disparage you because you’ve actually bothered to read the box warning, have conducted your own research and thus logically and correctly concluded that wearing an ear loop surgical mask, a reusable homemade mask or anything similar is simply a waste of time in trying to prevent/slow down the spread of any virus, disease or infection.

The above 3M N95, N99, N100 face masks aren’t effective against the Coronavirus, those masks are specially made to filter out dust, fumes and mist particles, this is why you’ll see them frequently being used by construction workers on building sites, in houses and apartments where as a result of the work being carried out there are considerably more dust, fume and mist contaminants in the air.

N95, N100 and other similar face masks filter out particles up to 0.3 microns, the Coronavirus however measures between 0.06-0.14 microns, in other words the virus being smaller than the filter element capabilities can easily pass through regardless.

Now, in answering the second question you’ll notice that the warning label also made mention about a respirator indicating that this would be the minimum requirement for protection against COVID-19. So, what does a respirator mask look like? Here are a few pictures below of respirator masks, the minimum level of protection that is required in order to protect one’s self from a virus/infection, in this case COVID-19:

Unless you are walking out onto the streets wearing one of the above respirator masks or something similar where your entire face needs to be covered in order to prevent contamination via the eyes, you are NOT protecting yourself against the supposed COVID-19 virus or any other disease or infection.

The fact of the matter is because of the Coronavirus particles being so small, you’ll require a type of mask that can filter out gases, smoke and vapours as those particles tend to be of a similar size to COVID-19. You’ll notice that people who work in laboratories especially those managing viruses and infectious diseases typically wear respirator masks like the above, in fact you’re more likely to see them wearing a hazmat suit in addition to the respirator, something like this:

This basic research took me but minutes to find and compile. For all these people walking around with earloop, reusable homemade and fashion face masks believing they are helping reduce the spread of infection as well as protecting themselves from the Coronavirus, those apparatus aren’t doing a damn thing for them, NOTHING.

Look at all of the movies that have been released that deal with virus/infectious disease outbreaks, do you see the people who are trying to stop the spread of the infection as well as attempting to find a cure wearing hazmat suits and respirator masks or do you see them simply wearing flimsy ear-loop one use surgical masks or reusable homemade masks, you tell me?

This is what happens to an individual who refuses to use his/her own brain, somebody else is always standing by ready to use it for them to the victim’s own detriment. Those companies who are making the earloop surgical masks are making an absolute killing even though those masks DO NOT protect against COVID-19 as stated on the box itself.

There is a big difference between feeling safe vs being safe, as can be observed around you it’s obvious that the overwhelming majority of the public want to FEEL SAFE, however they’re too lazy to carry out the specific actions required in order to BE SAFE(according to the official narrative regarding the threat of the COVID-19 virus), smh.

Don’t be a grade A dunce and a lummox, don’t get hoodwinked by this COVID-19 scam, again, if there was really a killer virus lurking about then hazmats and respirator masks would have to be the standard practice for EVERYONE EVERYWHERE.

This isn’t a so called “conspiracy theory” this is a fact. Please check out clips from the movies Outbreak(1995) and Contagion(2011) just to mention a few and note the PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) being used. In the real world however concerning COVID-19 to date there has been NO STANDARDISATION of PPE whatsoever, it has now become a “wear/use what you want but just ensure you use/wear something” pandemic, smh.

I honestly have to laugh at not only the ear loop mask wearers but also the many strange contraptions some folks are wearing in their efforts to protect themselves from the boogie virus that’s supposedly slaying people left and right indiscriminately.

Some people just cannot connect the dots in relation to this alleged COVID-19 “pandemic”, leave them, let them find out they’ve been suckered and bamboozled the hard way. Don’t be one of the sheeple who completely throws out logic, common sense and rational thinking. My second to last point is this, if you believe in the COVID-19 virus and you’re serious about protecting yourself from it, then CARRY OUT THE JOB PROPERLY.

Finally, many thanks to contributor Upgryadd for sending me the PDF below of the US H.R.748 CARES(Coronavirus) Act which as far as I’m concerned adds even more credence to this COVID-19 pandemic being nothing short of a total scam. If you look at the introduction date of the Act at the top of the first page, you’ll see that it was first introduced to congress on the 24th January 2019, OVER A YEAR BEFORE THE SUPPOSED COVID-19 VIRUS OUTBREAK:

H.R.748 – 116th Congress (2019-2020)_ C…t _ _ Library of Congress

The obvious question here is how did they know to introduce that particular bill a just over a year prior in 2019 knowing that there was going to be a so called “pandemic” one year later if the entire virus outbreak scenario wasn’t already preplanned, I’ll wait? Perhaps those who believe the virus is real can explain this one, I await your responses. Additionally, here is a video of Anthony Fauci in January 2017 warning of about “surprise outbreak” that would challenge the Trump Administration:

As I’ve stated before, you won’t see any concern/panic/alarm/worry from me regarding so called disease/virus outbreaks until I see a scenario similar to the one below happening in front of my own eyes. As far as I’m concerned I’ll continue to stand by my statement, it’s a chicken wrap, this so called “pandemic” is phonier than a $3 bill:

All of the measures that have been put in place to combat the spread of so called COVID-19(social distancing, wearing a mask in public places, regularly washing and sanitising your hands, not being able to visit other family members etc) have NOTHING to do with keeping people safe and EVERYTHING to do with social conditioning. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, as TPOT would say, pull the trigger, drop whatever topics you want to talk about on the table.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your mind, Always Remain Rational, Never Neglect Common Sense And Logic)

Most High Bless

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  1. I’ve been noticing that despite normal ear loop face masks of any kind NOT providing any protection against COVID-19, people who are rightfully refusing to wear them not only because they don’t work but also in standing up for their rights are also being labelled as “Karens”. A “Karen” is typically a post wall, unattractive white female who goes out her way to racially profile, harass and call the police on black folks for no valid reason.

    A Karen IS NOT an individual who chooses to stand up for their constitutional rights. Additionally, a Karen is NOT an individual who refuses to follow the sheep and instead chooses to think and reason for her/himself.

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    • @Verbs2015,

      I don’t know if you have this in the UK, but here in the States, Wal-Mart has directional arrows printed on the ground telling shoppers to enter an aisle from one direction or the other; my mom had spoke on the phone with a friend of hers who told her about an incident where she got yelled at by another lady for not following the directional arrows. Man, that couldn’t have been me; I would’ve lit her up on the spot.

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        I went into a local supermarket around a week ago and saw that they had installed a one way system, however it was only at the entrance/exit. This Coronavirus hoax has gotten so many people shook and acting well out of character. I’ll need to check out other supermarkets to see what is going on with them.

        Now you see why I’m quite comfortable being in my own space, in times of panic and adversity some people can completely lose their heads which will unnecessarily put you on edge.

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      • They have those everywhere in New York damn, even in gas stations. I seriously only put three masks on when an employee of said establishment gets on me for not wearing it. At this point, it’s a joke.

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    • Verbs,

      I know you don’t believe COVID-19 is real. But I’ve got to tell you that from my viewpoint, its real. I now know three people who have had it. All three recovered, but had a rough go of it. Two were fairly young, one wasn’t The two younger ones had no known comorbidities. The elderly one was slightly diabetic. I pray they don’t have lasting side issues, as this virus is new and they are still learning about it..

      Some people might say that they had a bad case of the flu. They were hospitalized, and two spent time in the ICU. I have personally had the flu multiple times in my life. While it made me feel terrible, it was never life threatening to me. I was never even close to being hospitalized for the flu. It lasted a few days, and once it was over, it was over.

      Now I don’t buy the narrative about how the COVID-19 pandemic came about. I don’t buy that for one second. I’m sure it got out into the population thru human actions, whether intentional or unintentional. It could have been produced in a laboratory. It might also have jumped from animal to human in a Chinese wet market. This has happened before. Wet markets are notoriously unhealthy. They are breeding grounds for nasty microbes, and have always been condemned from a public health standpoint. China engages in wet market practices more than anyplace on earth.

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  2. Since more and more people are starting to ignore the “Scamdemic” the CDC and WHO have come up with additional symptoms for COVID19:
    1-Do you breathe through your nose and/or mouth?
    2-Do you squint when looking directly at a brightly lit object? (ie.flashlights headlights Sun)
    3-Do you yawn or sneeze with your mouth open?
    4-Do you sit during bowel movement?
    5-Do you sleep with both eyes closed?
    6-Do you feel a hint of shame and/or sleepiness briefly after masturbating?
    7-Do you go to sleep at night and more importantly wake up in the morning?

    Well then you probably have COVID19, if you’re not scared or confused enough please continue to watch your cable or local news outlets.


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    • @blaksik8
      Over here they first restricted the number of people in the stores at one time and suggested that you wear a mask. I guess we weren’t frightened enough so they kept reducing the number until there were long lines for everything and now indoor mask wearing is mandatory.

      According to our homosex P.M. since we’ve done such a good job obeying it’s finally starting to “curve down” a little, so they might think of lengthening our leash abit, but not to get too excited, it could spike back up at any moment. And he should know because his wife has it.

      Nobody knows where it came from, where it is, if it will strike or where it will strike. But we know for sure that it WILL strike and it will strike everyone everywhere with deadly venom Models predict BILLIONS dead in it’s wake. The only way to stop it is to wear a porous fibrous mask that you breathe through making it saturated in a layer of moisture and keeping 6(66) feet away from your fellow man.

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  3. Good morning, SYSBM brethren; so, I saw this video by MOT the other day:

    I’m glad that MOT made this video, and I agree with him that it is time we had a discussion like this because I’ve noticed the same thing about these fake conservatives; now that I think of it, these SYSBM spaces we have are the first place where I’ve run into other Black men who actually are like minded and notice the same things I see everyday. Anyway, weigh in and give your thoughts.

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  4. Verbs, the mask isn’t to protect you, it’s to protect other people. The doctors have said this often, and make no assertion that the mask you wear is to protect yourself. Check out this image.


    • YesIndeed,

      Think about how ridiculous the doctors advise is, how can you protect others from COVID-19 using equipment that is NOT built to withstand the virus at all???

      The urine analogy is absolutely terrible logic because we aren’t dealing with water which has a much higher density and a much heavier particle size, according to the official narrative in relation to COVID-19 we’re dealing with an airborne virus:

      Again, in order to truly protect people from the Coronavirus, you would need to use equipment that is purposely built for the task.

      The protection goes in both directions. You can’t protect others unless you have properly cocooned yourself and to do that would require the use of the appropriate apparatus.

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      • Purpose-built masks would be better, but of course not everyone has access to that. The regular masks we wear keep the aerosols from traveling farther — as experiments have proven on video. And the fact that even young people are dying (or being left debilitated) suggests that outcomes may depend on the amount of particles you take in initially — so masks and distancing are smart.

        Regarding conspiracy: Have you ever heard the saying “Two people can keep a secret — if one of them is dead”? Corona — involving hundreds of governments — is far too big and global to be some elaborate conspiracy. China built a hospital to take care of the inflow of patients. Conspiracy? I think Serbia (which has shut down again after reopening) is also working on a Covid hospital. Brazil is digging extra graves. Conspiracy?

        This is no conspiracy. You should be more wary of how the powers that be will USE covid — that’s where the various conspiracies will come into play. Spanish flu wasn’t a conspiracy and neither is covid, imho.

        You’re right that this is big and the world and society is in flux, but the disease is real (imho), and even a 1% mortality rate is a big deal.

        Regarding “constitutional rights” — stores have the constitutional right to insist “no shirt, no shoes, no service”, so (as private enterprises) they certainly have the right to exclude people who won’t wear masks. I don’t think the government can constitutionally make people wear masks, but businesses certainly have the right. Masks are a minor inconvenience, imho, for us who care about grandma and grandpa, the immunocompromised, people with asthma, etc.

        Anyway, like I said in my other post, I’m about protecting me and mine from the foibles of society in general, including covid carriers. lol. This shit is making people crazy. Have you seen the video of “costco ken”?


      • Yesindeed,

        Regarding mask wearing:

        Under the Conclusion section reads the following:

        “This study is the first RCT of cloth masks, and the results caution AGAINST the use of cloth masks. This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety. Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in INCREASED risk of infection”.

        In addition to the above I would have to say that social distancing and wearing masks are in fact detrimental to a person’s immune system and health because both are made stronger via exposure to pathogens not isolation. A baby/small child builds up his/her immune system by playing outside, playing in the dirt, putting different objects in the mouth including the same hands that they’ve used for crawling etc.

        In the same way that in order to increase muscle growth, you have to place resistance against the particular muscles you’re trying to build, your immune system in like manner also requires challenges in order to build and continue strengthening itself.

        The first 3 paragraphs under the section Discussion read as follows:

        “In this review, we did NOT find evidence to support a protective effect of personal protective measures or environmental measures in reducing influenza transmission. Although these measures have mechanistic support based on our knowledge of how influenza is transmitted from person to person, randomized trials of hand hygiene and face masks have not demonstrated protection against laboratory-confirmed influenza, with 1 exception (18). We identified only 2 RCTs on environmental cleaning and no RCTs on cough etiquette.

        Hand hygiene is a widely used intervention and has been shown to effectively reduce the transmission of gastrointestinal infections and respiratory infections (26). However, in our systematic review, updating the findings of Wong et al. (8), we did not find evidence of a major effect of hand hygiene on laboratory-confirmed influenza virus transmission (Figure 1). Nevertheless, hand hygiene might be included in influenza pandemic plans as part of general hygiene and infection prevention.

        We did NOT find evidence that surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons (source control) or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility (Figure 2). However, as with hand hygiene, face masks might be able to reduce the transmission of other infections and therefore have value in an influenza pandemic when healthcare resources are stretched”.

        Like I stated before, unless you’re using the appropriate equipment fit for the task, you’re simply wasting your time. According to the above you’re actually putting your loved ones at even more risk, not helping or protecting them.

        Regarding conspiracy, you believe that this so called COVID-19 pandemic is too big to be an elaborate conspiracy, however remember I posted H.R 748 CARES Act document as well as the link to the website. That bill was introduced to congress over a year before the pandemic breakout, yet you haven’t addressed that at all. What about Fauci warning about a “surprise outbreak”, something else that you seem to be reluctant to deal with.

        The conspiracy is too big for YOU to comprehend and accept, NOT for the psychopaths actually running it. There’s another big conspiracy that had been going on for years until it finally was exposed as a farce in 2009 during Climategate, it was called global warming however the name has now been changed to climate change.

        Cons, scams and trickery can and will always be successful as long as the majority of people believe in them and the truth is hidden or suppressed. Most folks have fallen in line and are doing what they are told according to official guidelines being handed down to them via the government as well as other official agencies.

        Spanish flu didn’t come from Spain, it came about as a result of an electromagnetic frequency change in the earth due to new technologies being created and introduced, not the result of an actual flu strain. If I asked you to prove to me that COVID-19 is real, all you would be able to do is point me to mainstream media news reports of “people dying” and “increased cases”(which is currently the mechanism they’re using to prepare the public for the so called “second wave”.

        You’re right, shops and other businesses have a right to implement mask wearing into their policies, however those will be businesses I will no longer frequent. The “minor inconvenience” of wearing a mask the very line that is being used to march people into tyranny. Like I said before, I see the entire direction of this COVID-19 conspiracy.

        I see exactly where it is going, social distancing and mask wearing are simply part of the social conditioning required in order to get people to the end point. Wearing a mask isn’t about public health, if it was then as stated before standard PPE would’ve been recommended across the board.

        I just looked up Costco Ken, I wouldn’t have reacted the way he did however I can fully understand his frustration where people are attempting to intimidate him into wearing a mask.

        To successfully cook the frog you have to gradually turn up the heat, in the same manner marching people into a world you know that most of them would outright reject must be done in increments, the mask wearing, social distancing, frequent washing of hands etc are those incremental steps towards Hell.

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      • Add to the fact that (paid) doctor Fauci originally suggested back in February they wearing masks doesn’t stop the spread.

        Videos of that seem to have been deleted from YouTube. Wonder why?

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      • Michel,

        Youtube has been performing quite well in scrubbing videos that raise further legitimate questions about this so called “pandemic”.


    • “The conspiracy is too big for YOU to comprehend and accept.”

      I don’t even know what that means. But anyway, if it’s an emotional issue for you, I’ll bow out of this discussion.

      Your not wearing a mask & not taking it seriously doesn’t bother me, and (I hope) my wearing a mask and being cautious doesn’t bother you.

      Something we can agree on: time will tell.

      If it is a conspiracy, we should see the tyranny pretty soon no?

      FEMA camps? Black helicopters? Forced “vaccinations”?


      We’ll see rebellion among the “enlightened” soon enough.

      I’ll watch for all that.


  5. Honestly I think the virus is real (lost my sysbm cousin to that shit) but when I look at the numbers the media provided something really hit me.

    Like, how the fuck did y’all get the death count before the fucking CDC themselves did?

    Truly I don’t believe all those died from it because I had a pastor who is suffering from cancer passed due to his condition but the kicker is they said his death happened because of COVID. You mean to tell me he suddenly died from Covid even though he was tested negative for it?

    But yea the disease is real the amount of deaths is not

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    • DeltaWildDog18,

      Remember, testing positive for COVID-19 at the time of death doesn’t means that COVID-19 was the cause of death. The overwhelming majority of people who have been reported as dying from so called COVID-19 already had preexisting health problems, I highly suspect that this was the case with your cousin as well.

      Hospitals are doing the same thing whether folks test positive or negative for COVID-19, when the person dies COVID-19 is put down as the cause on the death certificate regardless of the true cause of death. The same thing is happening over here in the UK.


    • I ran into a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in a while yesterday. He said he thought he had “the Rona”, he had 2 of the major symptoms, loss of smell and taste. After suffering for about 2-3 days, he was tested, received results 4 days later…negative for “the rona”, but his girlfriend tested positive with no symptoms or ailments, what the hell?

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      • Blackstik8,

        Yet again, more anomalies that don’t make sense, more questions than answers. I’m still going to call this so called virus out as a complete fake.

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  6. Verbs 2015.

    During this weekend gone I travelled to Central London on bus and I wore a bandana over my mouth and nose to get on the bus, but as soon as I got a seat on bus I took off the bandana because I refuse to be controlled by the government or anyone. If there was a sudden apocalyptic outbreak where people are collapsing on the street dying and there was zombies going around killing everyone then I would be shit scared, but until that ever happens I am going to be living my life as normal as possible. These masks that the government ordered people to wear is fucking bullshit.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Bus drivers have been ordered by TFL NOT to enforce the wearing of masks because just like in the US there have been too many arguments on buses between mask wearers and non mask wearers:

      You don’t have to wear anything, furthermore you can print off an exemption label from the TFL website and show it to the bus driver if he/she decides to be a job’s worth:

      I never bought into this so called virus from the very beginning and as time goes on the holes in this so called “pandemic” are both increasing in size as well as number.


      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Also when I went to the pubs in Central London, Twickenham, Angel Islington and Wood Green for Saturday and Sunday just gone for a beer, I had to fill out a small NHS track and trace form first with my full name, mobile number and email address just in case I got the coronavirus and I give it to the bar staff. It’s like this government are tracking people and keeping tabs on people to control their lives in which I think its bollocks. Thanks for info Verbs.

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      • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

        I don’t really go to pubs, any venue that asks for personal details I personally would refuse to go to. It may be an idea to see if there are pubs that aren’t trying to help the government infringe on your privacy and track you.


      • Several places also want your details before you go in: Pubs, clubs, Boxpark. They also want your temperature too.

        I’m not contributing anything to the newly formed UK Government Stasi as well as the Neighborhood Snitch Scheme. Just because Simon (Boris) says, doesn’t mean I have to.

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      • Michel,

        I’m not participating in this Simon Says, supergrass nonsense either. Those foolish businesses who go along with these ridiculous and outlandish government “guidance” measures will surely go under.

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  7. @AfroFuturism

    I Apologize for not responding to the post which you replied to me a few days ago. For some reason, my browser (I’m Using Yandex; Russian Google Chrome) does not let me see the notification on WordPress. I will answer it here,

    “How long did it take you to learn Russian, and how did you do it?”

    Despite what Boomers and other older people say, technology is NOT evil or bad in itself. It is the person behind the technology that makes it evil. Technology is simply a tool. I used the good ol’ Internet to find everything I need. I found some great resources to self-study any language. One particular resource i used was something called, FSI or Foreigner service Institute (i think ). their website has over 70+ language study material all for free to download. There are many other websites like this where all that you need to learn are free and very effective. Do not believe anyone if they tell you to go to a university to study. it is total BS. If you want a private personal teacher/tutor, use You can use a website like interpals to meet actual Russian speakers before you arrive. That way you’ll have some friends who can help you should you decide to make the big move.

    In terms of time. As an English speaker, which belongs to the European family language tree, If you want to speak C2 level Russian, which is the equivalent to Native Fluency, if you are dead hard on serious about learning Russian this well, with the right and proper study method should take you no more than 6 to 7 months tops. To be intermediate level should take you 3 to 4 months. For basic Russian, maybe 1 to 2 months tops. This of course depends on the person and if they have experience in learning languages before. I studied Japanese before studying Russian so I already developed my own study methods. I want to Study Russian to C2 and be fluent in Russian for my own personal reasons. If you are only want to start a family then maybe you only need a month or two in basic understandings and you’ll be fine. Having basic understandings that is, About 1000 words and your basic grammar structures, you will live quite well in any of the post soviet states (Among the Russian speakers, some countries, the people understand Russian but refuse to speak to you in Russian due to Anti-Russian/ Russiaphobic hatred. But they will probably make an exception to foreigners who are from outside the soviet sphere.)

    It helped me alot for the fact that I lived in Kazakhstan the longest and many Russian girls were very open
    and happy to correct any mistakes I made if it was that bad. Russian is NOT a hard language. It actually is very similar to English. There are alot of english words and the syntax for many grammar points are in fact the same. Often times if you string words together, the listener will easily understand you even if you butcher the sentences. I have a spiritual sister who is a Russian only speaker. It is very typical of Russians all over the FSU. If I want to communicate with her, which we speak over the phone everyday, I have no choice but to take the initiative to learn and speak as much as I can (not gonna lie, it is very difficult and sometimes gets awkward when I forget a word or do not understand her when she speaks lighting fast) but this is the best and quickest way to learn.

    Also, please do not be one of those people who think that you must be at Level X to start speaking to locals. This is WRONG. If you learn how to say “How much is this bread?” Say it! If you only know how to introduce yourself, then go to a random local and introduce yourself. They do not care if you cannot speak it fluently. If they SEE you are putting in the effort, it will take you miles and miles ahead of some college nutjob at some prestigious school learning textbook Russian. language learning is about speaking and making many mistakes and learn how locals use the language.

    If you were a long term expatriate or traveler, you can easily pick up languages this way even if you have never heard of this language spoken before.It is a good way to make good friends and makes you feel accomplished because it confirms you are making progress when what you just learned is shown that people can understand you. That is so much more helpful and confirming than getting an A+ at universities.

    If you are dead serious about learning Russian, I can give you all the resources you need.

    “Are larger families more common there?”

    It is common outside of Megatropolis places like Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other big cities. If you go to smaller cities, then yes, it can be pretty common. This of course depends on the nationality, mentality or cultural background of the person. Muslim backgrounds tend to breed like roaches and rabbits.while the younger, more worldly educated ones may have less due to economical reasons. What ever your choice and family size all depends on you, no one is going to judge you for it. You can easily find someone who wants a large family if you want. But again REMEMBER, make sure you understand her cultural background and make sure you understand their mentality. Some Ethnic groups have long traditions that they still practice that would be crazy to a modern western man. Let’s take the Turkic tribe; the “Nenets.” In their tradition, they have a cultural practices in which married couples swap wives or one guy watches his friend has sex with his wife. They believe this is one of the best ways to keep loyalty among ther tribes. This is a long thousands of years practice and they do not see anything wrong or “Cultural marxist” or “soy boy” or “Cuck” about this.

    There are some other Nomadic tribes and ethnic groups where, women are allowed to sleep with and have as many children with as many men and in their culture, it is absolutely A-OK and nothing wrong with it. Not all but some do. These are only in small really remote areas in Russia but you will be surprised of all the different ethnic groups you find all over Russia. It is highly unlikely you will run into girls like this or who will follow these practices, but you just never know. If I can find the sources to prove my claims I will provide them for you.

    “Socially, how much of a boon is it to not smoke, drink, and generally not be a gopnik?”

    Personally, in my experience you will have two reactions. The first reaction is if you do not drink or smoke you will be very respected. Especially not drinking. Far too many Men Drink in Russia and it causes them to be abusive or overall morally corrupt. Someone who chooses not to drink will be seen already seen as a better mating choice. The 2nd reaction is “what a boring guy!” These people who say this are probably the young idiots who do not have much going on in their lives and live in a small narrow world. Avoid people like this please!

    As long as you do not dress in all Adidas, squatting and asking for cigarettes or begging for money, it is impossible for anything to thing you are a gopnik. Gopnik are the equivalent to the Chavs in the UK in almost everyway. I do not think we have an exact comparison in the US. here are what they look like:

    “How warm are the “warmer” areas? Being in Tennessee, a.k.a. The lobby of hell itself, I straight up refuse anywhere that gets summers like these, let alone equally as piss poor winters where it never snows or gets cold.”

    I am 100% a New Yorker and lived there my whole life prior to leaving that place. So I have no idea what the weather is like anywhere else in the country. In Georgia (Sakartvelo), Tbilisi, the winter here is like fall temperature. It gets pretty cold but it rarely snows. Summers here are just like in New York City. Where my Spiritual sister lives, as she explained to me (Below the areas of volgograd and I guess East of Cremera)
    It snows but it is not freezing like it is further up north towards Moscow. and summer I guess is about the same anywhere but there is alot of rain. I am gonna check it out when Russia opens the border.


    • Question bro.Do you think it’s possible to learn Russian without paying for any courses or just spending money at all to learn a language? I been doing some research and seems in order to get the best results one must invest money one way or another with it’s in a course or a tutor who is a native speaker.Whsts your take on that?

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      • Yes, 100% without a doubt.

        There are many language learners and polyglots who learn languages all the time without investing too much money or at all, for learning a language. Granted, if you get a personal tutor/Mentor, it might make things alittle easier if there are certain subjects in grammar or cultural context you might not understand and someone will need to explain to you, but it is totally doable. I would say the only time you would need to take a course or get a tutor is if this is your first time studying a second language and you cannot get past the “Beginner’s Barrier” or if You are at a high level and you want to be a writer or another kind of Linguist professional.

        It all depends on you, your motivation and reasoning of WHY you are learning Russian. If you have an intense interest for learning Russian because of dating, History, Food, etc. then it makes it that much more easier to learn. But if you are going to go the self-study route, you need to develop a study method that works for you. You also need to engage in the language also. What I mean is, Listen to Russian Music, Watch Soviet Union Movies, Use Russian Social Media (like VKontact and Odnaklassichniki), Make Russian Pen Pals and so on. Without this, you will NOT do well in Russian.

        For me, I have a Spiritual Sister who is a native Russian (a Slav), I have another good friend in somewhere in Russia. I have some good friends in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. There is a girl from the Ukraine who lives here in Sakartvelo (Georgia) and she always speaks to me in Russian, Not English, where she would normally speak to other people in English. I’m going to make a Russian Youtube channel, where I make all my videos in Russian only. I lived in FSU for at least three years now, and the culture is not foreign to me anymore (although I will never understand the mentality of certain tribes) so I can adapt and live anywhere in most FSU. I point-blank refuse to take courses. If I do not understand something or need help, I can ask any of the number of friends I have, Completely free! You can also do the same no problem!

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      • Well it seems I have been lead astray. Because During my research I was getting the impression that you had to pay to get the best results.Now that I know that this is not the case I can rest easy cause my pockets can’t afford it at the moment.Thanks for your help.

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  8. I honestly believe that this so called virus is a hoax.Too many things don’t add.Too many inconsistencies that lead me to believe that this “pandemic” is completely politically driven.Good about it tho everything that was wrong with society has been exposed. Now it’s up to people to either up end the system or become drones that are controlled by another.

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    • 8 Limb Nak Muay Warrior,

      Too many inconsistencies, more questions than answers, these and many other pieces of evidence as far as I’m concerned point towards a complete and utter scam. The introduction of the H.R748 C.A.R.E.S Act over a year before the so called “pandemic” is a smoking gun within itself.

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      • Right But the sheeple would rather stick their heads in the sand instead of doing their own research thinking about things logically.Its times like this where I really can’t stand the majority of people in this world 😒😒😒😒

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  9. Yes, 50 cent is getting major heat over his recent statement for liking exotic women. So many queans even his ex-beau Vivica Fox is in their feelings over the statement. I just seen 50 cent’s model girlfriend Cuban Link and yep, she’s exotic looking. Oh, wait, she’s around 20 years younger than 50 cent? That means he’s a pedophile.

    fishscale lyssa @damnfishscale: “black men only date black women that they find attractive. shit sad foreal.” August 20, 2019 at 5:04pm. (


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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      We need more like 50 Cent to stick by their words instead of backing down because a load of rowdy black sirens don’t approve of the message. Vivica Fox looks a mess these days, the “black don’t crack” phrase does NOT apply to her. Cuban Link on the other hand is looking really good.

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    • Keep in mind, 50 Cent’s mother is a Black woman and it’s frowned upon to be attracted to younger, prettier women who look exotic; a few years ago, Vivica even tried to suggest 50 was gay (their go-to shaming tactic).

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    • @brotherdanunlimited

      “black men only date black women that they find attractive. shit sad foreal.”

      It’s 39 degrees here in Toronto (120 fahrenheit) and I just got in from a bike ride so maybe I’m suffering from heat stroke. Did I read that right?

      Cause if I did I don’t think they realize they just admitted how pathetic they truly are.

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    Honestly, I don’t disagree with ending Cancel Culture, but what lights a fire under me is that these liberals only now want it to end because they don’t like the taste of the medicine they’ve been forcing their enemies to swallow; not only that, but they could’ve used that same energy to draft up some bills that could’ve helped the Blacks who they believe are so oppressed rather than take down monuments most folks never paid much attention to until recently.

    Abandon these liberals like we do the stragg. SYSBM

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    • I despise Cancel Culture, but at the same time, it is so entertaining to see the beast devour its masters/handlers, even on the rare occasions that it does so.

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  11. Hello fellow brothers, how are you doing. In light of this plandemic, I just realized a thought that someone made in light of the current situation which I agree with:

    If this was an actual virus, then why limit or restrict people who are young, healthy, from going anywhere? Especially since they are very unlikely to get COVID assuming that it is real and they don’t do anything to compromise their immune system.

    Not only that, according to the CDC, the people who are at risk are senior citizens and those with compromised immune system. Which can result from age, obesity and other things.

    Here are sources that one person explain that this situation is fear-mongering and nothing more.

    And the second

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    • Blackdjedi,

      This is exactly what I said to 8 Limb Nak Muay Warrior, there are far more questions than answers. This is a point that was raised at the beginning, the so called vulnerable are the ones who should’ve been isolated, not those who are fit and healthy. Like I said before, this isn’t about health, it’s all about social conditioning and it’s tearing people apart. Here is the video of Cosco Ken that Yesindeed referred to:

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  12. Gentlemen,

    A number of days ago it was brought to my attention that Obsidian on one of Bernard Riley’s livestreams was trying to claim that he was SYSBM, so I went to the video concerned, listened from the 4:50:00 mark and lo and behold there he was claiming that he was SYSBM even after MDB and the rest of us exposed him as NOT being an SYSBM practitioner many months ago(hence his series The SYSBM Question). I wrote the following in the comment section of the video:

    You can’t be SYSBM but still want to have a conversation with a group of women who are NOT interested in conversing. MBD already hashed this issue out on a panel months ago, you cannot be SYSBM, deal with or still desire to deal with Western and Westernised black women. Such a position is also contrary to the SYSBM Tenets specifically numbers 3 and 23.

    Of course Obsidian responded and we had a brief exchange, you can see the conversation if you go to the comment section of the video below. I began watching the livestream from the 4:18:00 mark where a guy named Larro called Obsidian and Kevin Samuels out for turning Black Manosphere 2.0 into a haven for black women which is true but I would say more the original founding fathers.

    Obsidian has also made known his position regarding wanting to see black men and black women to come together to have conversations, something he’s only brought forward as of recent(he never made this position known when he first began podcasting 5 years ago). SYSBM is NOT about conversing with Westernised black women, something that he eventually wanted to persuade us to do had his attempted usurping of SYSBM been successful.

    What was also revealed in the livestream below by Obsidian and Samuels themselves is that they are in the Black Manosphere to make a buck, nothing more. It’s evident that these guys don’t care about the welfare of black men, the only thing they care about is the transferring of your money into their pockets.

    Black Manosphere 2.0 as I wrote before is dead, chiefly because its founding fathers couldn’t resist bringing in the same black sirens who for the past 60 years have been giving them nothing but grief and torment and additionally point blank refused to give black men a voice in their spaces during the 1980s, 90s, early 2000s, even to this day.

    The Black Manosphere that was set up by Oshay Duke Jackson, Angryman and Obsidian at the beginning is GONE and black men need to accept this instead of running to Obsidian(since Angryman has now left and set up his own separate group) and begging him to return things to the way they were pre black female introduction.

    As Obsidian stated himself, he’s now all about bringing black men and black women together to the table to talk, Samuels is about the same, therefore in light of this black men need to decide what they’re going to do about it, continue to support both of these men or walk away from them:

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    • Verbs,

      Obsidian hasn’t learned his lesson from earlier this year on MBD’s livestram when MBD and the panel told Obsidian that SYSBM isn’t part of his version of the black manosphere or any black manosphere period and now he’s still trying to bring our group/lifestyle in his 3.x mess.

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      • Brotherdanunlimited,

        Agreed, whoever is advising Obsidian has given him one guidance tip after the next that has lead him straight into the toilet, since he came out and called MGTOW losers its been downhill from that point onwards.

        Allow me to repost the link to that particular livestream MBD hosted in which he put Obsidian straight about what SYSBM is and isn’t.

        The fun begins from the 56:53 mark and ends at the 1:36:00 where MDB throws Obsidian off the panel:

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    • An enigma or an evolution? Shit, I don’t know.

      The Obsidian of 2017 is different from the Obsidian of 2020. That’s not a criticism. Evolution is good; dogmatic inertia is not. So, kudos to him for evolving.

      If there is one thing I have is a steel trap mind. Whatever goes into it, doesn’t fade out. Having said that, I distinctly remember Obsidian saying that if it doesn’t workout with his “lady friend” that he is done with black American women. In fact, he and Nagone talked about going to Brazil. Obviously, that never happened. But he was open to the idea.

      Hypothetical: What if things didn’t workout with him and his lady, would he still be trying to have a conversation with black women? Who knows? Hence, I find the above comment a bit puzzling.

      A lot of this ambiguity could have been avoided had the Black Manosphere developed tenets. Then there wouldn’t be any questions as to what his goal was from day one. Tenets are good, because they keep you grounded. In IT, there is something called “mission creep,” where the mission morphs so much that it’s unrecognizable and a lot of money was wasted as a result. Rules/goals eliminate mission creep. Looks like the Black Manosphere experienced its own version of mission creep. What it costly? Again, who knows?

      If the man said his goal was to always have a conversation, then I have to take him at his word.

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      • Mission creep exist in society people, mostly associated with the military. That is when your goals once clearly defined have been clouded by other factors that change the goals to one that has no links to the original.

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      • BA,

        Agreed, evolution/change is good as long as it brings about improvement. Obsidian built his audience and his platform on calling out black female skullduggery, rightfully wanting these black heifer to be held to account and being the voice of the everyday brother.

        Now in 2020 it’s all about solely making a buck and wanting black men and black women to come together to the negotiation table to converse. He was meant to have gone to Brazil with Nagone however from what I understand he bottled out of the trip at the last minute, some folks reckon that his lady friend may have gotten on his case and threatened to leave him if he went through with the trip.

        This I believe was the main reason why himself and Nagone fell out. Since then I’ve heard him state on a panel when cornered that if things didn’t work out between him and his lady friend that he would still deal with the western black witch. This goes back to the flip flopping that many people have begun to call him out on.

        He is who MBD talks about when he says that some black men are unable to get their mother’s breast out of their mouth, Obsidian as now revealed is devoted to saving the modern day black female from doom, he even stated this on a panel with King Sigma and BGS a few weeks before his supposed SYSBM “con-version”.

        It was a bait and switch as far as I’m concerned, if he’d come out from the beginning and declared his interest in saving the black witch and wanting black men and black women to come to the negotiation table, I wouldn’t have come out supporting him because I’m not about saving these black whores and haven’t been for the past 15 years. When I walked way from the black witch I left NEVER TO RETURN.

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      • Verbs,

        I don’t think saving them was his initial intention, not with all the CUTS!!!! talk. Nah. His reasoning was (is?) that CUTS would bring black women to the negotiating table.

        He’s not trying to save the likes of Feminista Jones…lol.

        That’s why I said “Enigma or Evolution” initially.

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      • BA,

        We have to go by his own words, he has recently stated that bringing black women and black men together has always been his goal. This is why I said he bait and switched on folks and why others are calling him out on the flip flopping and truffle shuffling(please check out from the 4:29:33 mark of the Bernard Riley livestream I posted).

        The women who he brought onto his panels are the women that he wishes to save ie those who were and still are against black men having a voice. Black women as a collective at this point are damaged beyond repair goods, Obsidian is looking for clean up men, mind you this is after his classic podcast “I Refuse To Be The Clean Up Man”.

        Like I said before, change is good as long as it brings improvement, saving black women in 2020 would be detrimental to any black man yet alone those who have already walked away from these western black female failures. I personally believe that he would save Feminista Jones if he could.

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    • @Verbs2015

      Since I can’t say this on YouTube without the bots getting to it, I will say it here:

      Are we TRULY supposed to want to negotiate with these females? What the f**k do they have to offer us that will make up for:

      A) The MILLIONS of black babies that have been slaughtered in those biological death camps that are (collectively) the black womb? Babies that could have been future scientists, engineers, leaders, etc.

      B) The BILLIONS (if not TRILLIONS) they have put in the hands of Asian people?

      C) The COUNTLESS bastard babies that have been born? Or, as Tom Leykis calls them: “The Carjackers of the Future”?

      D) The UNTOLD DESTRUCTION of the community due to said bastards being born and being raised into community terrorists?

      E) The COUNTLESS number of black men in jail or in hell due to the machinations of the so called “Queen”?

      F) The DECADES worth of public slander from our so called “queens”? Via the airwaves, printed press, etc.

      I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this film, but Harrison Ford said in Air Force One:


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      • Kameron Brown,

        The bait and switch by the so called “voice of the everyday brother” goes back to something I’ve stated before, there are very few black men if any who deal with black women and can still call them out on their shortcomings consistently, at some point they’ll fold and begin pandering towards these black queanies.

        This is exactly what we saw unfold with the gradual decline of Black Manosphere 2.0, as you put it, negotiating with the very terrorists that should’ve been kept out.

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  13. Again I ask: What’s the point of living anyway? I’m starting to not give a shit about my safety anymore. This year just wanna make me end it all (still won’t do it just having a lot of thoughts).

    I actually got support from non black girls and my dumbass just pushed it all away.

    Come to think of it: What have I done to deserve life? Absolutely fucking nothing


    • From everything that I have learned myself when it comes to Western women especially Black women, I understand your pain. The best thing that can be done is to forgive and heal yourself. What is lost is gone, but in exchange you will gain something more in value than what was given or presented.

      Don’t give up on yourself and remember that you are the prize. Especially when you can back it up to yourself on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

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    • “What have I done to deserve life?”

      This idea that we have to accomplish something in order to be deemed “good enough”, so prevalent in this society…

      You’ve done nothing, you deserve to be alive because you just ARE. God created you. Isn’t that enough?

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    • @Delta

      I think the key to staying optimistic is to always try to be a better man than you were yesterday, according to your own personal values. You’re in competition with no one but yourself… but be sure to embrace that struggle and its victories (no matter how small).

      Only time you should start to shit on yourself is when you’re not embracing that struggle — but that problem is easy to fix.

      And don’t be too hard on yourself for your shortcomings and setbacks. As long as you’re continually pushing for personal progress, and not holding anyone else back, you’re ALREADY a “winner”.

      Add sunlight, fresh air, exercise, and a bit of socializing to the mix, and (unless you have some sort of chemical imbalance) things will definitely improve for you.

      My $.02.

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  14. In addition to the multitude of questions in light of this “plandemic,” once again David Carroll has been saying what he and many free-thinking Black men have said regarding the dysfunction, degenerate and destructive of Western Black women as a collective:
    The first link I will warn you brothers can make you laugh while at the same time provide more evidence to what we have been thinking.

    Enjoy and looking forward to hear your thoughts.


    • Bro,
      I listened to that stream the other day on my way home from work, I’m still in shock about the hypocrisy that “swirler”. Remember when she went in on Kobe because his money was going to a nonblack woman? Crystal Meth admitted that she spent all he money of a white crack head!

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      • Crystal Meth with that TROUT MOUTH. 307 lbs by her own admission. That bitch is straight disgusting. Ain’t nobody swirling with that. So apparently that white trash crackhead dude was beating her ass. GOOD.

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      • Daaaaaamn. She’s 307 lbs?

        That bitch is a horrible, worthless specimen, and has the nerve to denigrate black men — the men of “her own” culture, yet.

        What a horrible example of a woman — and all too typical among black women. Holds herself to NO standards, while publicly shitting on others. Black female entitlement and narcissism on full display.

        She has a following too! “Our queens.” lol

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  15. To Brotha Verbs and you other thinking brothas,

    I’m deadass serious about making a book using some of the characters we all talk about on here lmao (Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Shaniqua etc). So in my book the main character’s name will be Gerald (Gerald is an SYSBM brotha). Here is an excerpt lol:

    “Gerald had just finished having dinner with Marisol at a 5 Star restaurant. He and Marisol had been dating for a little over a year and were truly in Love. The couple held hands as they began to walk back to the parking lot after dinner. While headed back to the car Gerald saw 12 Gauge Mike and Shaniqua at a short distance. Gerald thought to himself “What are these fools doing here?”.

    Marisol noticed a shift in Gerald’s mood and asked him “Todo bien mi amor? Everything okay honey? You look upset all of a sudden.” Gerald deflected by saying “Yes baby, all is well I’m just tired.” Gerald thought as long as they got to the car in time everything would be fine, the problem was the car was parked very closely to where Shaniqua and 12 Gauge Mike were standing! Upon getting closer and closer to the car Gerald could feel the vibe changing as Shaniqua was giving the couple an ice cold stare.

    The couple got to the car and Gerald opened the door for Marisol like the true Gentleman he was. This appeared to enrage Shaniqua even further as she said to Gerald “You couldn’t find yourself a Black Woman?!” Gerald knew Shaniqua wanted a confrontation and he was trying his best to not take her bait so he ignored her and walked to the driver’s side of the car. 12 Gauge Mike then said “Yo! My lady asked you a question! You deaf?!” Shaniqua then said to Gerald “You a coon! You got yourself a lil bit of money and now you went and got yourself a Latina! So what if she is pretty and treats you good? You still a self-hater!”. Gerald had enough and said “I love myself and I love my girlfriend. If I really hated myself like you say I do then I would have gotten myself a trash female like you.” 12 Gauge Mike immediately cocked his 12 Gauge and said “What you tryna say bruh?! You think my girl ugly or something? Just cause she bald don’t mean nothing! She a queen!”. Gerald showed no fear and said to 12 Gauge Mike “You can tell yourself whatever you like. Go enjoy your “Queen” in peace.” Gerald then hopped into the car and drove off before things escalated any further. Marisol asked “What was all of that about?” Gerald responded “Nothing baby, just some irrelevant people.”

    Gerald had not realized that Captain Snowy had been watching him and Marisol while they were in the restaurant. Snowy went home extremely frustrated that a brotha was able to get himself such a fine Non-Black Woman. Captain Snowy then began looking up local schools in the area, afterwards he began preparing his ammunition…”


    Tell me what you brothas think lmao, I had a few good chuckles writing this lol

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    • JW,

      You seriously need to expand on this story, I was laughing at the part where Gerald just outright called the black witch trash. This was excellent bro. I’m glad that I came up with 12 Gauge Mike, I see that name being used everywhere now, lol.

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      • @Brotha Verbs,

        I’ll try to see if I can keep this going lol. I still gotta come up with a good title for the book and then I’ll try to post excerpts on Open Mic Wednesdays haha.


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  16. I believe the virus itself is real. What i do not believe is the mortality rate, and the inflated numbers. You mean to sit here and tell us with a straight face that it was justified shutting everything down for a virus you have over a 99 percent chance of surviving If you’re a relatively healthy person??

    Think about it….

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    • FDC,

      Around 2-3 weeks ago I worked out the US death rate from COVID-19 vs the population, 0.037%(121,000) of the US population had died from the supposed virus as of 19th June according to the “official” numbers out of a population of 330 million.

      The death rate for the UK as of the same date was 0.067%(42,000) out of a population of 67 million people. Shutting down the entire planet for minuscule numbers of deaths, this is one of many many reasons why I say that this is a scam.

      I have to keep bring up the US CARES(Coronavirus) Act and the fact that it was first introduced over a year before the so called COVID-19 pandemic, nobody has been able to explain that one yet.

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  17. Is this virus a hoax? Hmmm! Let me tell you something. I was wondering are we goanna go into a big recession? I written a script in 2010 based in North London during the recession 2009. I have seen numerous businesses gone. Even small businesses as well. And the vaccine thing as well. What the hell is in the vaccine? Something deadly? What is Bill Gates is upto? Is he part of this bullshit? Is he losing his billions? I don’t care about that fool man but I hope that everyone is cool. Me, I had a busy day with writing. Right, time to pull the trigger now. There are three types of black men that the so called black community are coming after. The heterosexual black alpha male, the ambitious black male and the thinking black man.

    The reason with these ghetto scraggs and their simps are coming after them is because the heterosexual black male is masculine, the ambitious black male has ambition and the thinking black male is thinking intelligently. We know that S.Y.S.B.M knows how to defend themselves because that these hoes are coming after them and these simps and siding with the hoodrats. But these simps are goanna get hurt, badly!

    Right, did you hear of the man who plow through the black lives matter protesters in New York City yesterday. Right, I’m not with the black lives matter movement but I don’t like it when a cop kills an unarmed black man for goodness sake let the man drive through and let him go about his business. And plus I heard that one of the protesters says to pop his tires. That don’t sound peaceful to me. And when the man in the SUV drives off, a protester got dragged down the street. The man has been taken to custody and no one has been seriously hurt.

    And one more thing. One person died in Bow, East London when a 20m crane collapsed on a house. Three people trapped inside. But then later on, I found out that one person died from the crane collapsing on the house. Sad still but the thing is that what the hell happened?

    Hey, help your white sugar honeys safe tonight and all night. It was raining today and you must be keeping your white honey dry. Lol


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  18. Putin Ain’t Got Time For That!:

    Looks like Putin is flat out rejecting the LGBTQ…XBYABCEDFG movement:


    Man, wearing a mask for hours at the job sucks. I have to find another job that allows me to work from home.


    If you are eating, finish your meal and let it digest first.

    The black quean!

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    • The banks were doing the same, but the government told them to cease and desist in this time of need. The debt collectors might receive the same decree.

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    • RT has a contributor who goes by the name of Lionel. His prediction is proving to be true. He predicted that she would roll over. But damn, I didn’t think should would roll over like that.

      If anything, that bitch is a strategic and calculating thinker. There’s a reason why she kept copies. Extortion of Epstein, or hedging her ass if her worst prediction comes true? Who knows? Regardless, shit has just got interesting.

      Yes, this is fucking HUGE.

      We will see if Alan Dershowitz’s Doucheshowitz indignation over allegations of child molestation/rape are warranted or not. I would swing for the fences and bet the house that he’s guilty.

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  19. Now to the Covid Mask wearing As a man that has actually worn mask while working on Home and apartment projects. Both Wood working, and concrete instillation, Roofing, plumbing, even grass cutting. I knew that the mask were good for preventing dust entering your lungs but against viral agents nope. I do know that with the mask as a so called black man (maby not over the pond but here), I have experienced less profiling due to the fact people can not see my face. Which has been a benefit for a few weeks or so as i do simple transactions once every 2 weeks to go out. I work from home now so i do not have prolonged mask wear. Prejudice has reduced in the suburbs where liberals “try” key word try to act like they have some sense. Now in the Hood where my fellow brethren reside i don’t know how they are dealing with the issue of mask wear. I mean every day i run outside with out one, never get stopped. When i do work on my home i always wore a mask due to allergies. A substitute you can use if you want to prevent infection is a painters respiratory mask
    Both are $35 dollars and there is one for $44 you can add a extra filter that will suffice the requirements to protect youself but this the mask i
    Is like going raw in a scraggle daggle from St. Louis in the late 80s or Atlanta now

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    • Upgryadd,

      It’s all good bro. They still have folks queuing outside of supermarkets over here too and this is despite the 2 meter rule being reduced to 1 meter in line with pubs and restaurants reopening. They’ve stopped focusing on deaths now because we’re moving into summer, now it’s about COVID-19 “cases”, this is what is being used to keep the public on edge and they’ll continue using the cases mantra until the autumn when they can begin ramping up the “second wave” propaganda in order to initiate a second lockdown, smh. I can’t believe how many people are falling for this crap.


  20. Liberal White people pull down Frederick Douglass Statue in Rochester NY due to his speech he made 168 years ago smh. With out the full context of the fact that so called black men fought on both sides of the Revolutionary war. If those idiots actually pick up a book they would know What Douglas actually said on numerous occasions towards this fact. here is the video bro.

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    • G1,

      This is getting dumb now, pulling down statues isn’t doing anything, the same corrupt system that’s been oppressing black folks still remains in place regardless of how many statues are taken down.

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    • After listening to the clip at the start of the video, this quote by George Orwell comes to mind: “The most effective way of destroying people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of history.”

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  21. No that I care because I never watched this show to begin with, but they just hired a gay BW named “Javicia”, to play Batwoman:

    “I am extremely proud to be the first Black actress to play the iconic role of Batwoman on television, and as a bisexual woman, I am honored to join this groundbreaking show which has been such a trailblazer for the LGBTQ+ community,” Leslie said in a statement.

    I give this show one more season before its cancelled. From what I understand the last Batwoman actor hated the role so much that she quit.

    Liked by 3 people

    • As horribly as the liberal CW handled it (they have writing with as much tact as a brick to the nuts), at least the first Batwoman, Kate Kane being a lesbian WAS part of the comics. Them doing this instead of just recasting is the show runners trying to make their stamp on the franchise with their own original do not steal character. The show’s ratings, and similarly liberal Arrowverse show Supergirl, are BAD. CW isn’t known for cancelling shows, but this one won’t last long at all.

      The upcoming HBO Max DC stuff from JJ Abrams will be the only DC TV stuff people watch, with the exception of the actually good Doom Patrol and Stargirl.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I was looking at the ratings in a unrelated manner because I didn’t know Arrow wasn’t coming back for 2020. But with each series they have declining ratings and it seems every show has an LGBTQ charater, including Black Lightning. It seems for now Star Girl has escaped this but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Even Nancy Drew has an LGBTQ and broke up the IR couple mid-way through Season 2.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Stargirl (until next season) wasn’t produced by the CW and she was always based off of Geoff Johns’ deceased sister. I bet if they try to ruin the show, he’ll give them hell to pay.

        Liked by 1 person

    • James SYSBM,

      “I am honored to join this groundbreaking show which has been such a trailblazer for the LGBTQ+ community”.

      I won’t even bother with it or her based upon that statement right there. I don’t support feminists, homosexuals or any of their related branches.

      Liked by 3 people


    Kudos to Ayesha Curry for her weight loss; it seems 2020 is the “year of fitness” for many people including myself. There is one thing, though: I can’t be the only one who notices that Ayesha is starting to show more skin than before, especially after initially gaining notoriety for “slut shaming” women who wore revealing clothes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Like Michel said, she’s ready to let Jezebel out of the cage to run the around the yard unsupervised. The old school Ayesha Curry would have been much more classy in showing off her weight loss, do you see how the tentacles of liberalism eventually get to even the strongest individuals if you fail to build appropriate firewalls to repel the temptation to slide over to the dark side?

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  23. Well, Chattanooga mandated masks indoors and outdoors. You know, to keep that less than 50 death count down….

    I refuse to support and business in Chattanooga until this mandate is lifted in September (if I’ll do it the ) and will now be working remotely. If all goes well the next few weeks, I can leave my shitty current job anyways. Whole city can burn in hell, just build on the ashes.

    Also, a big hearty FUCK YOU to 99.999999999999999999% of Christians. You idiots will take the Mark of the Beast easier than a whore takes a gangbang, but will have the audacity to look down your damn nose at the “people in the world.”

    Don’t know if I believe this, but saw something recently about how the COVID test actually damages your brain and intentionally lets allergens and bacteria IN.

    Now it’s bad enough that the media is hyping up CASES amidst the dramatically falling death rates, but isn’t it also ironic that this and Trump’s taxes are the biggest topic, and NOT whole Maxwell might name?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      As per usual you come out swinging holding nothing back. What you mentioned regarding the COVID test wouldn’t surprise me at all seeing as they’re not testing for COVID-19 to begin with. This entire so called pandemic is extremely shady as hell from start for finish, however most individual can’t see the massive holes staring them in the face and would much prefer to do what they’re told(Simon Says).

      Yep, the people just going along to get along will be the first ones to line up to get the mark of the beast, so called Christians will line up in droves for their slave mark claiming “the lord told them everything will be alright”.

      Yep, they can’t focus on deaths now because we’re entering into the summer months so they’ve now changed the boogieman to “cases”, smh. People are just going along with this garbage without asking questions.

      Things will have to get extremely rough and hellish for more people in the West to wake up but by then it will be too late for them. As per usual, Eastern Europeans recognise the tyranny and the COVID scam for what it is and are taking action:

      Liked by 3 people

    • Both of my brothers just moved into an apartment together in Chattanooga; hopefully, they are smart enough to keep the mask off in their own place (but I won’t get my hopes up too much).

      Liked by 2 people

    • “Don’t know if I believe this, but saw something recently about how the COVID test actually damages your brain and intentionally lets allergens and bacteria IN.”


      Each time I see that test on television, it make me squirm. There is NO WAY I am going to allow them to stick a swab way up my nose, NO WAY!

      Liked by 2 people

  24. For those blindly wearing worthless masks, impeding their own breathing when doing so, I have no symp shrug for you whatsoever, only a dick with which to piss and jerk off upon your graves when the fools of this world are culled and the righteous and intelligent allowed to rebuild on your pathetic ashes. Death is too good and end for the foolish, they MUST suffer in order to realize the fullness of their idiocy.

    Cut off all those who are unworthy of standing by your side when this is over. Just let them die.

    Liked by 1 person

    • To work Postmates I have to wear a mask to enter restaurants, no choice. I am not giving up $4K-4.5K a month since the epidemic started just to say I disagree with the max mandate. Especially when $600 extra UEB is set to expire at the end of the month and nearly $2100 reduction in earnings as well.

      Liked by 1 person


    I have to agree with the author of this article: Claudia Conway is not a hero. She’s just your average teenage Becky who hasn’t accomplished anything significant; she’s only known for going against her mother’s views publicly by virtue signaling to BLM and slamming Trump on TikTok. Nothing new here…

    Also, there’s nothing praiseworthy about publicly dishonoring your parents by toting the fact that their marriage is failing in response to your father’s plea to the media to leave you alone since you’re still a minor; I hope Claudia enjoys her 15 minutes of fame, because when this election is over, she’ll be forgotten.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. Also, let’s give a great big GO TO HELL to our “healthcare heroes”, most of whom are lazy nursing yentas (be they women or gay men). Why do you think they put all those crap out there to basically worship them? Because the lazy Tik Tok loving whores would get on social media, show their asses, and prove how underworked they are. Thus, if you criticize their stupidity, YOU’RE the asshole. I say, if a meteor struck and hit those hospitals that are otherwise empty, GOOD!


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  27. Ya do know the the so-called coronavirus was going through some type of science fair in which they will test it months before the outbreak happened in october 2019. The coronavirus is created from pig cells( an abomination to god) and that they will test the virus in a secluded area where 5G towers are in abundance. Where was this area? Wuhan, China. And guess who is heavily invested and said to have found a vaccine in a time span of a few hours? Pirbright Institute. And guess who funds and own Pirbright Institute? Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The whole virus is not only fake, but it is used to put fear into the public so the public are willingly injecting themselves with foreign DNA(nanotechnology) into their bloodstreams. This is what you call a slow death method. I had a livestream about this topic. Do not listen to guys like BGS tell you otherwise.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Teacherofisrael,

      “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the son of man be.”

      When you read the book of Jasher you see that just before the flood they were engaging in the same activities, splicing completely different animals together. The real virus will emerge from the vaccine just like HIV did when the WHO went into Africa with their smallpox vaccine back into the late 1970s. This has always been how new diseases all of a sudden appear out of nowhere for the longest while now.

      Vaccines are straight up sorcery and witchcraft, this isn’t even taking into account the DNA altering nano tech that will most definitely be included in them.

      Liked by 3 people

  28. Can not come in to do business without it. Can not make a living without it.

    Hmmm…. I think there’s a bible verse about this….

    Yet those same assholes care more about what kind of music they play in churches.

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  29. I’m about to get into an online course for pixel art. When all of this is said and done, I’m gonna have skills that many never receive in school.

    Only the string survive in this world. Spend more time getting stronger and less time on those who are hellbent on being weak.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. Also, I see more and more of these worthless celebrities and athletes pushing this mask nonsense.

    I’d love for more people to straight up unfollow them on social media. You would literally have a wave of celeb suicides because people wouldn’t care what they think anymore. Better yet, protest at THEIR houses. These ppl would be singing a different tune then.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. Ok this is a late one, but it caught my attention just now. I came across a video of this hippo in makeup taking deep breaths between sentences complaining about light skin/mixed black women being seen as more feminine than their dark skin counterparts, and of course as usual you have the scraggles as usual trying to justify why they are what they are in the comments section. Whoever made the cover of that TIME magizine is a hero for exposing the ugly face of tha communitah. Let’s be real here, black women generally are the most masculine group of women in the world. Studies also prove this,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Black women, you should be ashamed. No where in that cover that anybody else but BW assumes that picture is male.

      You idiot! Overly sensitive BW waking up everyday looking for the next outrage.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Also, notice that she complained about them supposedly, and deservedly, pointing out how masculine black women are, not for trying to make black women the face of black struggles.

        Liked by 2 people

    • That girl was projecting like an SOB. Literally only she saw this, hell, even I wouldn’t have seen it as some conspiracy to make black women look bad (as if they need help).

      Granted, dark skin chicks DO look like that (i.e. more masculine) and the fact that she jumped on this shows that she even knows it and that she finds black features ugly on black women.

      Again, dark skinned black women just need to be bred out, hell most black folks do, because they’ve all been infected by her insecurity and worthlessness. When you look at blacks and see a race of pathetic sniveling cowards who beg for acceptance from the same race they call devils, understand that it’s because they were raised by chicks like this.

      Liked by 2 people

    The world is waking up to China’s satanic debauchery. India is especially tired of them, as well as the Muslims. Hell why do you think the liberal media hates Modi?
    This is also part of why I don’t buy the “Asians are new niggers” pipe dream. Sure, the world (at least those with sense, not the liberals hugging Chinese to price they aren’t racist) at large doesn’t like the Chinese, but Koreans and Japanese are FAR too useful to be shunned. You’d be foolish to think they would ever be lumped in with blacks, who are admittedly FAR, FAR more expendable. Whitey actually respects those East Asians because he needs them, the same way that most negroes sadly need whitey.

    Liked by 1 person

    The official narrative is slipping on ice, why do you think these minor cases are the big thing now? When’s the last time they showed the RECOVERY rates?
    Turn off the mainstream media, lambast them on social media, and read the power from their hands.

    Liked by 2 people

    **** BowelMovementsMatter and the liberal whites that egg them on. Black lives don’t mean shit until it’s time to virtue signal.
    Black people need to EXIT from whites en masse, this shit will never for 99.999% of black people.
    Ya wanna stop racism? Stop trying to put square pegs in round holes.

    Liked by 2 people

    • >**** BowelMovementsMatter and the liberal whites that egg them on. Black lives don’t mean shit until it’s time to virtue signal.

      Notice most of the shit going down is happening in liberal Democrat-controlled cities? That should be a hint-and-a-half for dat ass (to paraphrase MBD).

      In my experience, the farther you get away from cities, the more sane the environment. Full stop. And I don’t mean going to the suburbs, either.


      Liked by 2 people

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