Black Women Continue To Dive Deeper Into The Dark Side – The Witchcraft Is Real!


Be forewarned, the foul looking creature in the link directly below is a tranny by the way, yet doesn’t he look like your typical black female:

I’m glad that I stuck to my guns in addressing these black females as witches because that is exactly what they are now openly manifesting themselves to be. As I’ve stated many times before, when I first began calling black women witches, I was, mocked, ridiculed, laughed at and told that this wasn’t a Harry Potter movie, however already knowing the particular technique of deception and deflection that was at play, I continued calling them out by their true nature and status and have been doing so up to this day.

These are the same black women meeting in dark corners and smokey rooms casting spells and curses upon heterosexual free thinking black men, yet we’re told by the pro black female simp brigades that somehow we’re “weak” because we refuse to deal with women who engage in deviltry and Satanic rituals. Can you imagine being involved in a relationship with one of these dark sirens above(excluding the tranny) in some brainwashed efforts to “keep it black”?

You’ll notice that in the overwhelming majority of circumstances the black women who get involved in Wiccan and witchcraft look ugly and are typically post wall rejects who couldn’t get the men they wanted or who refused to take up their natural duties as women. Now you understand why there are so many bewitched black men who will defend these sorceresses to the hilt, they have been placed under a deep trance from which most are unable to break free.

Gentlemen,, whether you believe in spiritual entities or not, what cannot be denied is the fact that this world is becoming an extremely hostile and evil place, the evil has a definite base and there are certain individuals on this planet who purposely go out of their way to tap into that evil source in order to bring it upon others, your modern day black female is a perfect example of this.

Just look at the innumerable transgressions and the endless wickedness the black witch has brought upon black folks in general and black men in particular. Remember, the likes of Christelyn Karazin, Kendall St Charles aka Breukelen Bleu, She Ra Seven, MsArchDuchess and the rest of the scum buckets of black male hating black female Youtube society practice what is called “dark wisdom” which is simply another form of witchcraft.

Stay safe out there gents, black women are coming at us from all corners using any and all tools at their disposal including those handed down from Satan himself, this witchcraft department unfortunately isn’t taken very seriously by most black men, hence why they are so easily manipulated, ensnared and enchanted by the spells of these sirens and have no problems unconditionally jumping to their defence despite being treated like garbage by the same black women they’re standing up for, smh.

Finally, check out this particular curse that these malevolent black witches have created and most likely already used against black men(I don’t believe for a second that black women would use this curse against their white lord and saviour Captain Frisby). I sure that at this point you all fully understand the term “black girl MAGIC” in its proper context now:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Dealing With Witches Is Undoubtably Bad For One’s Health

Most High Bless

94 thoughts on “Black Women Continue To Dive Deeper Into The Dark Side – The Witchcraft Is Real!

    • Michel,

      Some form of forgiveness(for your own welfare mind you, not for the black witch) can only realistically take place once an individual has gotten away from the black female and has begun their road to recovery. Even then the process isn’t a quick one, it can take many years to reach that point.

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      • The worst of them is the ugly, evil black Jamaican obeah workers female bitches..Jamaican bitches are deadly….many a time have they cast spells upon me, won’t a few months ago have a managed to actually get it off after many years,,, much destruction,,, they have destroyed their country and their people especially their make folks…there is nothing I despise more than a black Jamaican bitch,,, enough said

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      • Paul,

        Any country in the world where the first language is English the black women within it should be avoided at all costs, Jamaican women have always had a bad reputation for being violent, loud mouthed, uncouth savages. The attitude is seething off those women like a super saiyan aura, just take a visit to your local grease spoon and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

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      • the English speaking ones are the worse, but they are not the only ones,, in brazil, I’m other parts of Europe as well as Latin America and Africa, crappy ones,,,,black people and black women are cursed

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      • @Paul
        I I couldn’t agree with you more. That shit is so deep in my “family” it’s sickening. Put it this way I have two uncles who died because of that, and I know for a fact it has affected me personally. Here in Toronto in the black community there are so many “spiritual” shops it isn’t funny.

        Run run run!

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      • Verbs,

        I recall reading somewhere that the French, the Spanish, and the Portuguese were slightly less brutal than the English during slavery times.

        Maybe this is why black females in English speaking societies have sunk the lowest.

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      • Americanblackman,

        Black women are even worse than the white men their follow, worship, serve and pine after. I cannot think of the words “black women” and “mercy” coming together at anytime.


    • @Michel
      Too many of us have been caught in the web but not enough of us are willing to admit it and talk about so it grows like mold. I think that just admitting that it has happened to us we can begin to process it and heal. Cleanse your mind and seek some peace, like Verbs said step one is you have to get away from them.

      Them work them out of your mind.

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  1. Verbs 2015.

    I am staying away from these black women witches as much as possible. I find it very insulting when a black women tries to chat me up or add me as a favourite on the dating apps that I am on even though I made very clear that I am not interested in them, I refuse to date them and I am not interested in keeping it black because black women make terrible wives/girlfriends and mothers. I am only interested in dating good looking childfree non black women period. I rather stay single for the rest of my life then to date a black woman or a single mother. People can call me racist for refusing to date black women, but I don’t give a shit.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I remember writing an article back in 2017 illustrating just how dangerous it had become to deal with black women, these heifers will be the first to attempt to out a hex on a black man if he says or does something they don’t approve of. I don’t want to deal with a group of females who have no problems dabbling in deviltry either.

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      • yeah but they don’t put witchcraft spells on whit men, or Asians or other non-blacks,, only on black men……black women despise us…..

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      • Verbs,

        Even if a man doesn’t believe in the witchcraft, the fact that the sheboon believes in it, puts him in jeopardy. These dumb animals will put foreign substances in a man’s food, believing this will bring the man under their control.

        You might be unknowingly ingesting things that cannot be good for your health. The sheboon will put things in a man’s food and serve it to him. Or she will slip stuff in his food and drink when he is not watching. These are the types of things that the average black simp, who deals with scraggle daggles on a regular basis will endure.

        I don’t even feel sorry for the black simp, because he causes so much trouble for free thinking black man. Black simps, because they are so stupid and are perpetually frustrated, are extremely violent to other black simps. They fight each other over these garbage scraggle daggles. Black simps tend to be very jealous of free thinking black men.

        Free thinking black men tend to have their stuff together, and carry themselves in a manner that shows this. The black simp can never move about the world with the confidence and grace of the free thing black man. The black simp instinctively sees the free thinking black man is his superior, and burns with envy.

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    • The worst of them is the ugly, evil black Jamaican obeah workers female bitches..Jamaican bitches are deadly….many a time have they cast spells upon me, won’t a few months ago have a managed to actually get it off after many years,,, much destruction,,, they have destroyed their country and their people especially their make folks…there is nothing I despise more than a black Jamaican bitch,,, enough said

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    • The worst of them is the ugly, evil black Jamaican obeah workers female bitches..Jamaican bitches are deadly….many a time have they cast spells upon me, won’t a few months ago have a managed to actually get it off after many years,,, much destruction,,, they have destroyed their country and their people especially their make folks…there is nothing I despise more than a black Jamaican bitch,,, enough said//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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      • I have never been one to be big on witchcraft (or religion for that matter) but as of late, I can’t seem to think there’s something to it especially with everything going on in the world and all of the evil that is slowly coming to light. I’m not saying I’m fully convinced, but I’m definitely more open minded to the fact there is a real possibility there’s some truth to this.

        At the risk of sounding ignorant, anyone have any beginners reading for me to actually read up on this topic??

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  2. This is a great subject, I’m glad you brought up. Did you guys know that when our society was more sane and more moral there was a law on the books that stated if a women used lipstick, makeup or false hair or other false appendages to ensure a man into marriage who was charged with the crime of WITCHCRAFT?

    Here is a link to them actually admitting that makeup is witchcraft.


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    • Upgraydd,

      I’m glad you posted that link, nothing has changed accept the rejecting of a moral compass and thus the acceptance of more evil, deception and skullduggery. Additionally remember once upon a time that it was predominantly prostitutes who wore makeup, now the cosmetics industry has managed to persuade large swaths of women that they can’t live let alone go out into the streets without Max Factor or Maybelline witchcraft and sorcery spray painted on their faces, smh.

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    • This article made me think of the biblical character Jezebel, the archetype of the wicked woman, who put on make up and a formal wig before looking out of her window to taunt King Jehu as he passed by; who do we know today who wears loads of makeup and dons wigs and fake hair to seduce men?

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        Funny you should mention Jezebel and makeup, when you read the book of Enoch you’ll find out that it was the fallen angels who were the ones that taught women how to use all of this makeup garbage, they were also responsible for teaching men how to wage war and create weapons for the same.

        Just as Jezebel was thrown down from her own window by a couple of eunuchs, so shall this modern day black female be thrown down from the false throne she’s erected in order to rule over “da communitah”.

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      • While we are on the subject of witchcraft by the queans, are these the same ones that highjacked the entire planet with their perverted Black Lives Matter protests which is nothing more than LGBT propaganda onto the masses and the using the death of George Floyd as a disguise to hide their true intentions? Man, it fits so perfectly how these BLM witchcrafters/opportunists/communists did it and during Pride Month last month. Yep, like one of the co-founders stated: “We are TRAINED marxists.”


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      • Brotherdanunlimited,

        I have to reiterate the point that I mentioned 3 years ago how it’s become too dangerous to deal with westernised black women, especially when they stand for philosophies that are contrary to masculinity, patriarchal values as well as strong family units. I refuse to deal with any women who advocates on behalf of feminists, trannies, sodomites and any other related branches. Black women are in deep with their practice of witchcraft which manifests itself in many different ways, BLM is definitely one of them.

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  3. Bro I had an ex that was doing my laundry for me but when she brought it back a pair of my socks was missing. I searched for these socks and finally found them at her house hidden in her closet. A week later they were gone again from my house and to this day they remain missing. I found out that a co worker of hers had a neighbor that was a “witch” and she was doing things to keep her husband “in line”. Apparently, my socks was used to keep me from “walking out of her life”. It indeed was difficult to leave her but when I finally did I left and never looked back. The whole so called black community is cursed under a demonic principality that is full of witchcraft. Most of these woman are in agreement with and make pacts (either knowingly or unknowingly) opening the doorway to demonic forces with the music and media that casts spells, openly being rebellious, all the way down to her false coverings ie fake hair and makeup which is witchcraft in of itself. When a so called black man removes himself from under the umbrella of this community steeped in witchcraft he will see changes in his life that were unimaginable before. Doors will open that were once shut.

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    • Optimum One Sigma,

      This is how these black sirens roll, they fully immerse themselves into the deviltry and evil mechanisms that are available around them and they’ll try their best to put the same garbage on you if you don’t fall into line with their program. It’s a pity that more black men aren’t aware of these dark, smokey room extreme strategies that these heifers will employ without hesitation.

      Clothing, hair strands, fingernail clippings and any other items a person uses are very popular instruments black women will use in order to cast their spells.

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      • @Optimum Sigma One @Verbs
        We have to show the younger men just how serious this is. I had a similar situation as Sigma where I left a sweater at a chicks house who I shouldn’t even have gotten mixed up with in the first place.

        When I met her she was looking good but that was because she had a ton of witchcraft makeup on. Then one day I saw her without it and I was like wtf? So I broke up with her, and for some reason everybody, and everybody kept telling me to go back to her, and I was in a really bad place and I did, but in hindsight that was strange because she is my far the absolute worst woman I have been mixed up with in all aspects. Even my best friend said I should take her back. That has never happened before or since, that much outside pressure.

        She told me one day how hard she had “prayed” (obeah works) to find a man like me and God (satan) had answered her prayer. Anyways I left a sweater there I never got back, I kept asking for it and later learned she was heavy into witchcraft. I would never get with somebody like her in the first place so it was strange that it even happened, but my spirits were low when I met her so maybe my will was weak, and I haven’t been with anyone like her since.

        I found out from one of her former friends that she worked a ritual to find me, one to get me back and keep me, and a curse when I woke up and ghosted.

        I wish I could say I made this up. Serious business.

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      • Upgraydd,

        I keep on trying to tell black men that black women as a collective have completely sold themselves out to Babylon via unconditional servitude to their white lord and saviour Colonel Lime. The irreparable derailment of this modern day black female illustrates exactly why women need to be lead and female nature must be controlled by men at all times.

        All the best to those black men who still choose to deal with these harpies, they’re going to need some serious prayer after those black women get through with them. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate encounter, however on the bright side at least you were able to snap out of the trance and thus save yourself, most black men aren’t that fortunate.

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      • Verbs,

        The black man continues to deal with the scraggle daggle because he is conditioned from birth to be loyal to the scraggle daggle. At least in the US, this is the case..

        Black preachers, black teachers, uncle Sam, da communitah writ large, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, fathers, grandparents, but most of all black mothers; all condition black male children to be loyal to the black scraggle daggle. This is the psychological mountain that every black male born in the USA must climb, in order to free himself from this conditioned loyalty to the scraggle daggle.

        It does not surprise me that most black men can not climb this mountain. Most people will take the path of least resistance in all aspects of life. And the path of least resistance for black men, is to give in to their conditioned mindset, as it relates to the scraggle daggle. .

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      • Verbs,

        The black male also has peer pressure to be loyal to the scraggle daggle. Imagine being fed a narrative that the black women is a Quaen, a goddess, a giver, an earth mother, a saint, a victim, too good for the world. Imagine being being fed this narrative from birth, from all quarters, and never a counter narrative.

        The American black man is loyal to the scraggle daggle, even without witchcraft, because he’s been totally brainwashed to be that way. The brainwashing is so complete, that the average black American simp will not believe his lying eyes, when he witnesses the scraggle daggle engaging in her fuckery.


    • Dam a sock WOW!!!! Thank god women I dealt with never did laundry even in college. They would never take my sock. I use to date a lot of boujee chicks who were suburban born and raised who took there clothes to the dry cleaners. I literally saw a girl from work who put over $500 dollars worth of clothing in the dry cleaners per week. I would only take my shirts and suits no more than $25 dollars once a month. Maby i am weird i just don’t want a woman messing with my stuff, I just don’t trust them enough.

      However one did take a jersey i liked but she was a basketball/volleyball player and wore it for years. One has my basketball shorts but again she was trying out for the Walk on spot for the Basketball team. Hell I had teammates that have my jackets but those are the younger guys from high school that could not afford a jacket. But those were dudes not broads, My cousin always gave guys his old coats and shirts, due to the fact he is over 6’6 or 6’7 most guys arms are so long they cant fit into a normal dress shirt or suit jacket or regular jacket. Remember Wilt Chamberlain gave Kareem Abdul Jabbar numerous shirts, suits, Jackets, and gear due to them being the same arm length and height. It is common when you are a black man here most clothes are to short in the arm length.

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  4. That’s some demonic f***ry I have just heard of. Thank you Verbs for revealing the toxic mindset many Black women possess. I even saw one video where one woman even mentioned that Kobe betrayed the “Black Queen” for marrying a woman of a different ethnicity.

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    • Blackdjedi,

      It’s all good brother. They call themselves queens whilst at the same time involving themselves in acts that you would expect only from degenerates and low grade reprobate scum. Black women just like racist white men honestly believe they own black men and will go to ANY lengths in order to solidify that delusional belief including Wicca, witchcraft and sorcery.

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      • they only put black magic spells on black men, but not on white or Asian men or people of other races….they hate us and them ar evil…they see their black men as competition and they are envious of us, black women are very envious of black men… I keep away from them like the plague

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  5. Here’s the deal. The biggest reason why black women are pulling this witchcraft game now is accountability, or the lack thereof. People at least know SOMETHING about Christianity and Islam, so inevitably when the QUEENIES start acting up, they can use said religions they black women typically claim to believe as moral judgments. After all, what’s Christian about having 5 kids by 6 different men, none of whom you were ever married to?

    Meanwhile, witchcraft is amorphous and esoteric as hell compared to the Good Word, and generally has far less structural dogma than the Abrahamic and other major organized religions. Thus, they can get away with far more debauchery and depravity, especially if they claim it’s all for “Mudda Erf.” Speaking of which (witch?), there is far less of that dastardly a PATRIARCHY in witchcraft, something black women can really get down with.

    It’s no different from a liberal white person LARPING as a Hindu or Buddhist, it’s virtue signaling to seem different and “spiritual,” without the “judgement and intolerance” of that pesky Christianity.

    Again, this is also the same group that go out looking like Halloween or Comic-Con is everyday with these weaves. Never take religious, spiritual, or mental advice from a burnt clown with purple Yaki and enough bastard kids to form the Mormon Tabernacle Choir of Cabrini Green.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They need to place themselves into a religion whereby they can do whatever they want and witchcraft is the perfect one for them. Didn’t the wizard/devil worshipper Alistair Crowley state the following, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”? Black women as a collective are straight harlots of Babylon, they’ll fit right in with all the skullduggery that’s coming down the pike and will even attempt to ensnare and physical impede others who refuse to go along with the program.

      The weave/wig, the fake nails, fake eye lashes(which look absolutely repulsive), the make up, the implants etc are all part of the black witch’s arsenal. I still remember that video of the black witch in I believe it was Jamaica who cut off the hair on the horse’s tail just so that she could get her 22 inch yaki, smh.

      These modern day black females have seriously fallen off, as I’ve already stated in Negro Wars, the bottom hasn’t even dropped out yet with the level of evil, debauchery and wickedness black women as a collective will throw themselves into.

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  6. Stuff like this makes my skin crawl…

    Soooooo is it true or a stereotype that witches, like black wen, can place a curse on you for an example, to let’s say, fall in love with one of them or make it impossible for you to leave them or is that only effective IF you allow the “curse” to affect you?

    What I mean is, if a witch is trying to bewitch you, do they have power over your will and you just become “bewitched” or can you easily reject their bewitchment by rejecting her entirely?

    Suppose she sees a black man happily with his non-black gf. She decided to break them up by placing some sort of spell. Can he easily just reject it overall?

    I am only asking because it seems to be so easy to get bewitched due to the fact that all of us were subjected to it by our mothers, church leaders or other brainwashed simps. If we ever get bewitched or began to realise we are getting caught in the bewitchedness by her simp lackeys or just in general, how do we reject it as much as possible?

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      You sir have nothing to worry about, not only do you NOT deal with these dark sirens but you also taken your actions to the next level and moved an area of the world where they are very few in number if any at all.

      Contributor and fellow blogger Michel said it best, the spell can and is frequently broken when black men who are ensnared experience functional non black females, Julie, Marisol, Yokohama, Sadiq, Patel, Abdul etc can snap a black man out of the trance just by acting like a woman ought to.

      Black women more time will first opt for the basic witchcraft like trying to bully, intimidate, emasculate and effeminise you, unfortunately for most black men those techniques alone will work so they don’t have to take things to the next level.

      Their spells don’t work on free thinking black men because we don’t give these heifers any room. When you start bringing them into your spaces(which is normally the first error), giving them admin rights, allowing them to disrespect other black men(sounds very familiar doesn’t it) and letting them get away with things you ought not to, that’s when you can be bewitched and ensnared by them. SYSBM when practiced correctly is a pungent and fully effective repellent against black women’s spells, witchcraft and sorcery.

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      • “……when black men who are ensnared experience functional non black females, Julie, Marisol, Yokohama, Sadiq, Patel, Abdul etc ….


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  7. Also, tell me these chicks don’t look like many of the black women in 90s and early 2000s rnb Videos, especially with the lipstick. Swirlers, Hotep Hoes, and Witch Doctor QUEENIES LOVE blue and green lipstick for some reason.

    Also, liberal non-black women who don’t care of themselves, namely white women, hit the wall after 30. Black women hit the wall 3 seconds after turning 18, ya know, after they’ve had their 7th child.

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    • afrofuturism1,

      “Black women hit the wall 3 seconds after turning 18, ya know, after they’ve had their 7th child.”

      That line made me crack a rib laughing ! ROFLMAO

      I stay away from sheboons and the occult. The better to protect myself from it. But I’m certain that most scraggle daggle sheboons practice it.

      A lot of good its done them. They are still broke, still ugly, still have the lowest of IQs, still are undesired by quality men, still are loaded with venereal diseases, still are the outiers among the world’s women. LOL

      Their simp army believes in it too. That’s why the communitah continues to go backwards while the rest of the world goes forward.

      Their entire communitah has degenerated into a collection of sheboons, pro black sheboon worshipping simps, and their ne’er-do-well spawn, all stewing in a toxic mix of ignorance, degeneracy, and witchcraft.

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    • @afrofuturism1
      “Black women hit the wall 3 seconds after turning 18, ya know, after they’ve had their 7th child”

      That’s the line of the week hahahah!

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  8. Ok any black womane that is witch is an evil bitch. This crap them cursring us for not taking their fuckery. These black witches will never understand. Think black men were never your allies. We don’t eantcbe around evil women especially evil black women. These black women have been replaced and they still losing.
    The free fellas and stay away from black witches
    SYSBM for life.

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      The devil always requires repayment and the price is one that black women will have to pay with, their own lives. It’s a wrap for these broads, let them continue to trundle downhill to their own demise. We’re free black men, let’s keep it that way.

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  9. This is of no surprise. Like Verbs…for years I’ve extended clear and irrefutable evidence of the hidden activities of BW!!! Since my early 20’s I’ve worked hard to inform BM about the overwhelming dangers that would befall them, if they decided to interact with contemporary BW and their diabolical agenda. That agenda is the all out destruction of the BM at the behest of their master and their obsessive desire for the world to see them as “goddesses”. Thereby, if successful, having the world utterly convinced that they hold the keys to life and death!! This current installment by Verbs is especially critical in the times we now find ourselves. So little is spoken of it yet…many BM wonder incomprehensibly about how is it possible for BW to achieve so much notoriety within the demonic realm of western media??? Favoring them in countless ways without once extending the BM a opportunity to provide a counter-narrative to the toxicity that BW vomit out on a regular basis. If, BM refuse to awaken to the truth of what is being waged against them and the sinister methods used to carry it out…very few of us will make it.

    I propose here like I have in the past to so many BM…is to study their ways and develop superior counter strategies and tactics to safeguard oneself from these Maidens of The Darkside. The war is very real and should not be taken lightly under any circumstances. Here’s a link to one of the most powerful covens that is making startling inroads into every area where BW have a over representation. Either know the enemy or be destroyed by the enemy. The choice is yours!!

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    • Ger Tzedek,

      As Verbs has stated many times, its the simps who give these scraggle daggles the space that enables all manner of their fuckery. And I totally agree.

      The scraggle daggle has total power over the black simp. But she has zero power over any other cohort of men. In fact, every other cohort of men will only have her, as an ass licker, a piss drinker, a ghetto gagger play thing.

      This sounds crude, but its the truth. The sheboon is a goddess to the black simp. But to every other cohort of men, she’s the lowest of the low. Her only value is as a ghetto gagger sex clown.

      This is why I hold the simp in even lower esteem than the sheboon. If you subordinate yourself to something as low as the black sheboon, you are not worthy of anyone’s respect.

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    • Ger Tzedek,

      Good drop bro, brothers who are serious about making a complete break need to clue themselves up on these sirens and their nefarious activities behind closed doors. Maidens of The Darkside they are indeed.


  10. Yikes, that stragg in the makeup video was hard to look at; as you pointed out, these Black witches are all busted and are post wall in physical appearance. Also, that curse shouldn’t concern any SYSBM practitioner or ally of the ideology because we can’t violate a group of women we walked away from; this also shows how evil and blackhearted the daggle is to produce a curse like that.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Unfortunately most black men refuse to recognise the TRUE nature of the daggle, this is why we still have black men believing that there is hope and that black women can be reformed if given more time. In reality what we are witnessing is black women as a collective becoming worse and worse the more time and space they’re given.


  11. I still remember when these witches said they were down with scarifying their babies to Moloch. You know….. the God of child sacrifice that the Democrats worship in private. The threw us away for the government welfare. When that failed them they turned to Moloch for help rather than repent. Their fate is sealed. The damage is done. God doesn’t forgive baby killers.

    Low key ALL feminists dabble in Marxism that eventually leads to satanism when they get older. “Rules for Radicals” is their bible and the author of that book dedicated it to Satan. You don’t think these people just gloss over that fact do you? It’s a gateway drug into Satanism. Look at what feminist do.

    1.Try and destroy family structure
    2. Promote gay and lesbian behavior in children.
    3. Sodom and Gomorrah style depravity stds run amock.
    4. Complete worship of the state as it is the hand that feeds them.
    5. Entire countries worth of babies aborted.

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      • Okay that’s easy once this rona shit clears up I’m moving to Thailand permanently.

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    • 8 Limb Nak Muay Warrior,

      Stay away from the black witch and any females who dabble in the deviltry, that is the basic foundation of protecting one’s self against witchcraft and sorcery.


  12. Wait before we start bashing this fine black female who has transcended into a Chaos Heretic who just spawned from the Eye of Terror!

    Let’s look at her services she offers!

    Using my divining board, and a gumbo of divination tools (bones, seeds, dice, etc), we will look into matters of spiritual wellness, healing, transformation, spiritual diagnosis/cleansing, psychic and home protection, uncrossing, road opening, and ritual working.

    *This 1hr option is available in the drop down menu on the Tarot + Oracle Readings page.

    *Inquire about couple & group divinations

    *Please make space for your Ancestors/Spirits to connect with you ritually, before our reading (a simple honest prayer/meditation, incense, meditation or honest prayer will work).

    *Also available by appointment in Inglewood/Los Angeles, if you’re familiar and comfortable w/ healing environments in the hood.

    I am also an ordained minister and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist C.C.H.T. operating out of a community healing center in South L.A.

    I offer healing and clarifying Divinations + Astrology Readings, ritual tools in The AfroMystic Shop, and personal Rootwork consultations in person and via phone/skype.

    To learn more about the services I offer, please click and read my “Services” tab/page.

    Divination/Ancestor readings with cards, bones, shells, seeds, coins +

    Astrology Chart Readings from an Ancestral-reverence/Past-Life perspective

    Personalized Rootwork Consultations (spiritual cleansing baths, traditional foot-washings, head-washings, road-openings, uncrossings, unhexings, abuse survivor assistance/intervention, etc.)

    Home & Business Cleansings + Home Protection + Business Prosperity Work

    Womb Re-adjustment and realignment massage (a hands-on service)

    Hypnotherapy for healing emotional wounds, deepening meditation skills, improving talents, reactivating ancestral connections, releasing addictions, and more

    Natural Birth Control Consultations (and other indigenous non-pharmaceutical anti-establishment birth/termination services)

    Herbalism/Natural Medicine-Making (for physical/mental/emotional ills)

    California Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (C.C.H.T.)

    CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Certified

    Mental Health First Aid Certified –

    I’ve been trained to “provide emergency help to people experiencing problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis, and substance use disorders.”

    SFAP Level 2 Evolutionary Astrology Certified –

    I honor my African and Afro-Diasporic Ancestors by preserving and continuing the traditions that are my birthright.

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  13. The insecurities with these hoes is real! Listen, this witchcraft thing is something not to play with. Mess with them things and things will come back at you. You know Obeah, Voodoo and all other things, they meant to be use to protect people and now these scraggly hoodrats are using it in a sinister way. This is something which is very dangerous and not to be messed with. And the black girl with the extensions. Look, I know that she is not beautiful. I understand that she is not a good looking woman but she just brown up her skin with makeup. If you’re unattractive, there is nothing you could do about but she is not making things better when she’s putting on makeup and making her less darker.

    Black women seem to be like witches. Because they just casting spells on black men. And the spell they are casting black men are the simps that are defending these ghetto scarggle witches. And the thing that these hoodrats are casting these simps are their punany and that’s what it is. These hoodrats have destroyed the family home of the black race, spreading STD’s, so many destructive things that these harridans have done. And that is the reason why black men are yelling S.Y.S.B.M until the wheels fall off because they will not deal with the craps these harlots are doing.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe from these spell casting, witchcraft scraggle daggles because these ratchet black women are coming after the heterosexual black men while they are getting dick down by 12 Gauge Mike and Slim.

    Oh one more thing. I’m not a religious person but there is a verse in the bible and its Ephesians 6:11 and put on the amour of God so it can protect you from the devil’s trick. So them ghetto hoodrats who loves to be single mothers, they can bring it.

    Have a good weekend

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  14. While we are on the subject of witchcraft by the queans, are these the same ones that highjacked the entire planet with their perverted Black Lives Matter protests which is nothing more than LGBT propaganda onto the masses and the using the death of George Floyd as a disguise to hide their true intentions? Man, it fits so perfectly how these BLM witchcrafters/opportunists/communists did it and during Pride Month last month. Yep, like one of the co-founders stated: “We are TRAINED marxists.”


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  15. @Verbs
    There is a document I want to send you but it’s off topic. If you have an email address I can send it to let me know. Peace.

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  16. Some of them are so powerful in JuJu/Obeah that they can actually appear in your dreams, I one had a landlady who I was friends with because I was friends with her brother. As time went on I offended her in a disagreement. I went to bed one night ans saw her in a dream carrying me down some steps to a squared platform and other black women (she ran a hairdressing shop) stretch me out then she took a sword and was about to behead me but I woke out of the dream. When I mentioned it to her she repeated the dream to me in details I could not believe it. They know the deep things of Satan. I am a Christian and it’s because Christ has his hand on my life even when unsaved that I am alive.

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    • black Jamaican bitches are evil and they have a special talent for black magic and obeah….those dirty bitches are to be avoided at all cost,, they will kill you for nothing..they are very envious, I should know for I am from Jamaica

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    • Karl,

      As this world sinks deeper and deeper into more depravity, the supernatural part of the witchcraft religion will begin to manifest itself more profoundly. Most people don’t believe witchcraft is real because most haven’t experienced the supernatural effects, plus Hollywood has done its part to glamorised and popularised witchcraft and sorcery through films like the Harry Potter franchise.


  17. As Black Caesar said, how come they can conjure up all manner of hoodoo, but can’t get and keep a man. You mean to tell me you can bewitch a dude with love spells or whatever, yet you’re STILL the least dated and least married? Why can’t your “black girl magic” make those pounds disappear, since you typically look like your favorite vegetable is a plate of chitlins?

    How come all those STDs can’t be hocus pocused away? God knows your raggedy black snatch smells like Starkist, fix that, witch! How come they can’t make money fall off their weave, since they have such deplorable net worths!

    This makes black women look even worse, and not how you would expect. This is like if I were a computer whiz but couldn’t figure out how to plug in an iPhone. And yet, and YET, AND YET, despite not seeing this going on behind the scenes, black men are STILL escaping this nonsense. Only Pookies are falling for this anymore, no one cares about black women.

    Black people have NO real future in the west outside of second class citizenship and glorified slavery (which they CHOOSE, btw) but they’ll have no future period until they finally turn away from these Creatures from the Crab Rangoon.

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    • @afrofuturism1
      This my opinion on the black woman. If people don’t want what you’re selling you can set all kinds of entrapments for them, act sweet and nice, offer deals and discounts, pretend that you’re a good person and the whole nine.

      But that’s just an act, eventually you go back to being you, the person they were repulsed by in the first place. The thing with witchcraft is that you have to give up something for everything it gives you, nothing’s for free and it always has a time limit. So they run out of things to give, and they tend to rely on it for small minor issues further burning themselves out. They almost always end up with some physical deformity (eye, knee/hip problems are common), bitter and alone. Their time lasts but a season.

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  18. This is why I just stay to myself and converse with other thinking black men who told me stories of this stuff that many black women do. I just try to do my best and stay out of trouble as much as possible even to the point of staying away from family members that do drugs. Forgiveness is very powerful and also, it helps you learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. A lot of black women get mad at me for speaking to other black women on the job, I don’t say nothing wrong or offensive, it’s just that many black women are looking for thinking black men like me to fix their lives.

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  19. Don’t they realise violating another’s free will is punishable three fold by the law of karma? You sow it, you reap it. Big time.

    Also Black men, get your spiritual permits too: heal up any and all past trauma, seal off your energy. These witches take lives and souls.

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  20. I doubt many black women are into witchcraft, but they DO tend to stampede into whatever is fashionable at the moment. If that stuff became fashionable they would be doing it as reliably as they were openly hating on black men when that became the move. Most of them are real “followers” who think they’re original ironically by parroting whatever attitudes come into fashion.

    …And weren’t they all “christian” just a moment ago?


    • YesIndeed,

      More black women are involved in witchcraft than you think, however looking at the women in the video if you saw them out on the street, with those particular clothes they’re wearing you wouldn’t think that they are into witchcraft.

      Most black women are feminists, feminism and witchcraft are closely linked, both are branches of Satanism. I’m not going to take any chances and would much prefer to give black women as a group a wide berth altogether.

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      • And notice, it’s only black WOMEN doing this. You don’t see black men dabbling in vodun, candomble, Payo mayombe, or Santeria. Black women want a quick fix, which is what magic is: a presto-changeo solution to a problem that they probably inflicted on themselves. Thus, it’s really no different than when they were in the church and begging God and that pastor for a Cadillac and a diamond ring. The only difference is, they’ve gotten rid of and no longer give it up for that pimp pastor. In fact, I GUARANTEE you that these chicks who are witches are eating a steady diet of snatch and butthole of other chicks, without fail. Ticking time Dykes….

        Hell, Miss Cleo, the so called psychic from back in the day, came out as a lesbian years ago. Didn’t see that one coming!…. did SHE?

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      • Mi back neck! Ms Cleo is a lesbian? I gwan call har now! lol

        I’m gonna bet right now that all of the swirlers are going to come out as dykes soon. They’re going to have to admit that there is no Waldo.

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      • The bottom line is that black hoes will do ANYTHING other than:

        Lose the weight
        Lose the weave
        Lose the wig
        Lose the Jiffy Pop bag
        Lose the tattoos
        Shut your fat mouth
        Try not to sound like the first Juneteenth just happened
        Act nice
        Be feminine
        Date a “boring,” “normal” brother
        Marry your baby’s father AND STAY WITH HIM

        They will be witches, date white boys, go lesbian, get smutted out by Lil Glock, Trap God Nate and Blunt Smoke Desmond, and go the whole entire route rather than just do what most non-black women do from the get-go.


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  21. State sponsored terrorist witches. When you think you’ve heard/seen it all, the black Quean brings a new level of dysfunction and delusion.

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