291 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

      • @Verbs

        I always wondered why white people loved Ray charles so much and even gave him a better record deal than frank Sinatra. Turns out it was because he couldn’t look at white women. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
        You can’t make this stuff up!
        How can anyone take white males seriously? Literally their entire existence (and hatred of us) is predicated on their inability to get it up. 💀💀💀😆😆😆

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      • Black Caesar,

        Captain Snowy must be blowing his mind with all of these Tik Tok videos emerging of so many white girls and women confessing their appreciation and love of black boys and men. As you keep on saying, racist white men and black women are one and the same, we already know that the black witch is blowing her weave/wig/lace front up every time she sees a black man with Jane, Melissa, Lopez, Ming, Abdul, Sadiq or Yomoho.

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      • @verbs
        No wonder they’re going crazy now and pushing for a race war. Whining “all lives matter” and etc. They can’t take all those global images of non black women marching for us! In their minds they’re supposed to hate us too and worship them. The fallout from this is going to make white men more impotent than radiation. 🤣

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      • Black Caesar,

        Enacting a race war against the true chosen people of the Most High would not be a good idea at all, Lord Euro is going to have to accept the fact that Babylon is fallen and will never rise again. These dudes are trying so desperately to hang onto power, however through his own corruption Captain Snowy and anybody who follows after him have already sealed their own fates. We’ll gladly take onboard the non black women who are in our corner.

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      • @Verbs

        They are definitely clinging to scraps at this point. It is fun watching them go insane. Happy to be alive during the end of white supremacy.

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      • I knew that didn’t come from Stevie Wonder…. Ray Charles ended up on the country charts a time or two. But yeah Shotgun Ryan wasn’t checking to see if making eyes a Thelma Ray, the assumption was he couldn’t see, so it’s no big deal.

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      • @Verbs 💀💀💀
        I have read about 4 or 5 AUTObiographies* now by just famous black musicians who either confirmed, encountered or both in writing their experiences with the white man’s sexual insecurities. Chuck Berry, Rick James, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles to name a few. Literally every single book.
        I emphasize “autobiography” because I prefer and in many cases will refuse to read the story of black people written exclusively by the same whites and Jews who are sexually inferior to the black man. They would never mention those experiences.

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    • Are you serious? Last week, I stopped at a gas station to fill up, and before I even exited my car, I noticed this White guy and his girl walking out of the market; i noticed dude was looking in my direction hard. When I get out of my car, I turn and notice dude smooching his girl before they get in their vehicle; like bruh, I could care less about that girl!

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      • Brother!! That just happened to me over the weekend coming out of a convenience store. As, I was walking out I noticed this Latino guy beaming hard on me while simultaneously grabbing the hand of his women!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 GTFOH!!! And, the pathetic part about the whole episode…mami still took a lustful look at THE CHOCOLATE!!!😁😁😁 So much for being proactive in guarding your “property”…she still desired to bask in the presence of the ORIGINAL MAN!!!!!

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      • @BC,

        Tell me about it; my radar stays on detecting the insecurities of non-Black men everywhere I go now.

        @Ger Tzedek,

        Last year, I had a Latino dude get into a dispute with my boss, and he threatened to hurt me for checking out his daughter who’d jog up and down the street.

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    • And I reckon athletically insecure too when trying to “measure” up against the BEST who dominate the sports that they invented. 😄

      There will never ever be better GOATs (MJ & LT) than these 2 dominant brothas produced from Captain Euro’s genes. It’s just not happening. King Cold can never reach this level of athletic domination.

      Afrocoids already dominate on the physical & entertainment side. I have no doubt we can do it on the academic side too — IF we’re nurtured properly at a young age & in an environment conducive to learning & pursuing excellence. ie. No deliberate destabilization of our communities by the usual outsider COINTELPRO suspects who probably know more about us than we do of ourselves.

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      • @Black Picard
        Well said.
        If black males were raised by non-black women our problems would be over almost overnight. Lack of mothers and economics is literally the final wall that needs to come down that stands in the way of complete black dominance.

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  1. Is it me or have I just noticed the uptick of escorts using dating apps such as tinder. I’m from the UK and escorts have their own avenues to find clients but online dating shouldn’t be one of them and the worst thing about it is they’re not honest about it. They don’t put it on their bios that their escorts, I don’t really use online dating much although I have some success but I’m more for meeting women in real life.

    My annoyance is when these escorts don’t put it in their bios then try to trick guys. I hope they go broke and feel real hardship. Tinder is a hookup app 1st and foremost. I also blame simps for enabling this behaviour. They need to get real jobs

    What do you think?

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    • My Tinder passport location is in Eastern Europe. Not surprising to have Escorts on Tinder. I’m not looking for western women at all.

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  2. I don’t 100 percent agree with the SYSBM brothers. One probably shouldn’t be 100 percent in agreement with any philosophy. But one thing I totally like about SYSBM brothers, is that they take a hard line against simping. They don’t hesitate, they don’t equivocate, when it comes to calling out simp behavior.

    That’s a good place to start. To educate Black men about engaging in simping behavior with women, especially Black women. And we older Black men should start educating younger brothers about simping when they are very young. But given the misandry and matriarchy that is in the DNA of today’s popular culture, any Black man who engages in out dated behavior like paying 100 percent for dates and trying to impress women, is losing already.

    And to the extent that misandry and matriarchy exist in today’s popular American
    culture, they are on steroids in the black subculture. And most Black men are simps without even knowing it.

    And given the toxic mix of racism, matriarchy, misandry against black males, and white male sexual privilege, that contaminates our cultural ecosystem, it is more imperative than ever, that Black men be educated about simping behavior. This toxic American culture gives black women distinct advantages over black men. And black women have never hesitated to maximize any advantages afforded them over black men by toxic American culture.

    Black women as a collective have never been, and never will be, the black man’s friend. Toxic American culture does not allow that. Once the black male collective accepts this, it can stop living in a state of denial, stop simping, and hold its own against black women. There will always be black male simps. But in an ideal world, they will comprise the lowest elements of the black male collective.

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      • @illmatic
        Yeah he had to do 2 or 3 years on account of a false rape accusation from…
        …you guessed it…
        a BLACK BITCH.
        The Youtuber “Straight Shooter” who is in touch with him said he would be released in June or July of this year, I can’t remember.

        Oh yeah, initially it was his WHITE, SCOTTISH, long distance girlfriend who raised money for his bail.

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      • @illmatic
        On his last YT video he discussed this but I think YT buried the video. I only saw it once and it doesn’t show up when I search Hardcore Tito.

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    • BrotherDanUnlimited usually has information about that. Last I heard, he was scheduled to be released this summer. Hell, who knows? He probably already released due to COVID-19.

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    • Why am I not surprised a black bitch was behind it?? But they love to say “watch out for them white girls” when Black Women are the MAIN demographic that will land a Black Man in either jail or in an early grave. I downloaded all of Tito’s vids from ScrewTube because you never know when they will delete an account but on the flip side will allow all of the hardcore swirling and anti black man accounts to still be up that calls us “bullet bags” and wish police brutality on us despite the cops killing them as well. I hope brothers KEEP going SYSBM because it’s the only way to free ourselves and our minds.

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      • @illmatic if you come across his farewell video lemme know. All I remember is he was wearing a suit in it. It’s one of those black and white vids.

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      • @illmatic826

        Do you have them on your personal hard drive or something? I would like some of them, maybe to repost them on my youtube channel.

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      • @Verbs

        Hope when he gets out he’s got a place to stay
        A computer or smart phone
        And a good internet connection

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      • @Verbs

        I was there when he put out his first video. I had no idea a revolution was taking place. He opened my eyes to a lot of bs concerning the black bitch. Same with gw3-extreme.

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  3. Kingcold has had access to all worlds women for years through colonization…back then people were naive not now..now he’s feeling the heat.
    True say @blackcaeser..! That the hatred the iceman has had for blkmen is due to penis envy..something he helped promote through portraying us as bigd..ked savages..rather than regular men.simply he should’ve picked his own cotton..and left blkmen in Africa alone .

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    • @cosmicbodi

      “something he helped promote through portraying us as bigd..ked savages..rather than regular men”


      If the white man had left us alone and did his OWN work and said nothing about black men or even talked about how nice we were, they wouldn’t have made us the forbidden fruit which women love! Idiots! 😂
      Women love a man who does his own work. I have witnessed this. Women are not attracted to men who have cushy easy lives over men who fight and survive even in the face of brutality. That is primal and biological in women. A man who is able to survive all that abuse tells them that these are better protectors and providers than men who have to kidnap other men to do the hard work for them. This is why the number one thing white men had to do is control us economically. But that is falling apart too because there have been plenty of non-black women who would rather a black man regardless of his financial state than their own men. Hell, even Malcolm X had a white woman who took her husbands money and bought him stuff with it. My first serious gf was a latina who used her ex-boyfriend’s credit card to buy me stuff. LMFAO!!!!

      The black man is the only REAL man.

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      • Well said my brother!!! A spot on analysis of a historical truth that few know and even fewer comprehend!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  4. Good Morning Gents,

    Spent some time reading black misandrist “divestment” Twitter the other day. If ever the case was made for SYSBM, black hoes are doing it for us. Just leave these bitches in the muck and mire of the Blackistan that they created. Let them keep searching in vain for the 6′ tall unicorn Pookie with a degree, six-figure income, and no kids who will somehow stay faithful only to them.

    How do you figure to hate somebody into sticking around and dealing with your unattractiveness, obesity, debt and psychological baggage?

    SYSBM is sheer genius in its simplicity and effectiveness.

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  5. Verbs 2015.

    Some white men are so insecure against black men for just existing. I was walking through my local street last week and I walked past this white couple and the white women gave me a little smile and her white boyfriend grabbed her hand so tight that she felt a little uncomfortable and I must say that the white woman looked beautiful. The irony is that I don’t have any money, power, status or resources, but the only thing that I got going for me is my good looks at 38 but I am still a threat to these white guys and non black guys even though they have everything going for them in this world like success, good jobs, money, power, resources, status and women throwing themselves at these men plus I am only 5ft 7in tall and slim athletic build so I don’t see myself as a threat to anyone.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Captain Snowy stays being insecure, in 2020 one of the most effective ways to deal with racist white men is to get with white women, attractive ones at that. Lord Lime is afraid that his daughter is going to be ensnared by the BBC, oh well, his insecurity problem, not mine. The negative propaganda surrounding black men just isn’t working anymore, Millennial and Generation Z white women are going to date who they want and there is nothing that Rooney and Stan can do about it.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and as a millennial black man I see lots of black men with non black women in mixed race relationships especially in London and they are going against the racist system that hates interracial relationships between black men and non black women because it destroys the negative propaganda and racist views that black men can’t do well in every facet of life.

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  6. https://www.tmz.com/2020/07/01/breonna-taylor-family-outraged-kentucky-attorney-general-engagement-photos/

    The Daggles just can’t be honest and “woman enough ” and admit they’re mad because he’s a successful Black Man engaged to a White Woman.

    Just because they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time dosen’t mean he can’t. Is he allowed to eat dinner, go to bathroom, pick his nose? Is he allowed to have any type of personal life while deciding to charge the officers?

    Just read the mother’s comments, ”

    Tina writes, “I have no problem with who he marries, that is his personal business. That is not what this post is about! I just don’t understand his actions!!! And where are their masks?”

    That’s EXACTLY what that post is all about, because if it was an engagement party with a Black Female, weaves would not have DETONATED.

    Oh and BTW, I didn’t see anyone asking “where are the masks” when they where out protesting for her.

    They keep showing their PSYCHOTIC HATRED and HYPOCRISY for BM/WW couples.

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    • Why would you wear a mask for someone you’re probably already living with, and definitely ****ing? Are they supposed to wear masks on the wedding night too?

      We talk about Karen’s, but inside every black Woman is Someone WORSE than Karen: LaToya. The hood professional busy body who gives attitude to everyone, ESPECIALLY black men.

      You know that this girl’s family isn’t even paying the guy that much, if they gave a red cent to give. All he’ll get for his troubles us probably a half eaten bucket of chicken, an old bottle of Murray’s and/or a Just for Me, a coupon or voucher for Leroy’s Gospel Strip Club, and if he’s “lucky”, head from a toothless 75 year QUEENIE.

      Dudes future wife is pretty too, as opposed to having a face like a hippo’s anus like these QUEENIES. And my GOD, the black chicks at the top look like something from Resident Evil!!!! Tattoos and weave, ugly bull dog faces, but it’s MY fault that the pale face underneath would be the only one to make me hard? Hell, I’d have to take horse viagra to ever get as hard as those chicks’ faces!

      Crapcom presents: Resident Weavil: Code Laveronika

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      • “Why would you wear a mask for someone you’re probably already living with, and definitely ****ing? Are they supposed to wear masks on the wedding night too?”

        You wouldn’t believe how bat shit crazy these idiots are. Over here they’ve let the slaves go out on patios now, so I was at a local patio and there was this youth there on a date. When the date ended him and the bitch gave each other a FUCKING AIR HUG! I couldn’t believe it.

        I remember thinking does she give you air pum pum too? I swear if they told the slaves that the way to stop corona virus was for men to take sperm in their mouth 25- 35% would do it.

        And these black bitches only pull those cards when it’s suits them. They don’t ask Brad to mask up.
        And only ugly girls wear masks.

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      • 25/35%? That’s it? lol

        Masks, like blue and purple hair, as telltale signs of liberalism and potential Karenhood. Again, I give employees some slack as they have no choice. When you wear a mask in the office though, I literally wish ill upon you.

        Women wearing masks is bad enough, supposed men, young ones especially, who wear these face maxipads deserve to be drug onto the streets by their pathetic excuse for a nutsack and eaten alive by boars. Remove them from the gene pool

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      • Blacks bitches are really stupid, they don’t get it. IT’S A WRAP! No half decent dude is fucking with them. That man is the AG. Very accomplished. Look how happy he is.

        Black bitches. He’s gone. Out. Dipped. Dueces. Audi 5000. They’re releasing pookies by the truckload because of the “virus”, just be happy with that.

        Oh yeah I forgot to add. Breonna Taylor should have a mask permanently surgically attached to her face.

        To protect the public.

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      • @afrofuturism1
        Look at the mans nice wife, why would he want to put a mask on her?
        I bet if Breonna Taylor doesn’t wear her mask she gets refused service lol

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Nowadays the average black female looks less attractive than the average non black woman. It must have something to do with all the inbreeding in the communitah from the offspring of the black single mothers. Just think about it, those kids have no idea they could be blood related and could be cousins or siblings fucking each other, ewww. These (hate to say it) bastard kids are welfare checks, in most black women’s minds it’s more beneficial for her to get pregnant as much as possible just to stay afloat in society. That one basketball player that called them bulldogs should have never apologized, because even if they were to cancel him it would not impact his life (he’s the one in a powerful position with a wife I assume gives a fuck about his well-being). Personally, I would have responded to that one dude who asked the question “Why are you with that white woman?”(Not exactly what he asked but that’s what he’s trying to ask), with “Why does any human being get with another human being they love?”, or just not respond to that peasant at all . See the best way to make these people STFU is to throw logic at them, make them think…especially on an individual bases.

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      • The detonation power of a blown weave is the equivalent of 10 atomic mushroom clouds.

        The weaves blown for the Kentucky AG’s engagement is a solid acknowledgement and realization that THEY ARE NO COMPETITION for non-black females. Full stop.

        Another prime example of a thinking black man choosing the correct path of SYSBM. I chose that path many years ago, and living a happy, peaceful, drama-free life with my Mrs. Snow Bunny – and NO REGRETS!


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    • Tariq Nasheed had a post on Twitter about this very thing.

      Who knows how many “Breonna Taylors” curved and swerved this dude growing up. Or how many rEaL niGGas accused the dude of tAlKin liKe a wHitE bOy. A black dude his complexion who obviously went to law school and built a career isn’t dumb. And we all know how BW and the communitah as a whole treat not-dumb black dudes. Hence he is in the arms of the woman you see in the photos, living his best life, and clearly doesn’t give a shit.

      Once again they need the real packmules of the community to leap into action for them on command after a lifetime of ignoring or outright abusing the best and the brightest.

      PS: It would not be wise for the AG to comment during an ongoing investigation.

      What did I say above? SYSBM is working.

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    • They make a nice couple; congrats to Bro. Daniel and his White Nubian queen!

      P.S. Tina Lawson told on herself at the end of her post; if that’s not what the post is about, why bring it up?

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    • I don’t care about the couple but he still needs to arrest the killer pigs. It should have been done immediately.

      I draw the line at SYSBM when it begins to influence justice.

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    • She missed the BIGGEST problem. HE HAD HIS PARTY ON THE WEEKEND JUST like most people who get married usually do.

      Just Black Bitch Babble.

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  7. U.S. Army PFC Vanessa Guillen:

    The 20 year old soldier has been missing since April 29. She was stationed at Fort Hood, TX. The Army suspects foul play is associated with her disappearance. Further, Guillen told her family and friends that she was sexually harassed by a sergeant. She said the sergeant once followed her into while she was naked.

    A couple of points:

    1. Fort Hood is the largest Army installation, with over 400,000 personnel. As a soldier, I never served at the installation; however, I had a very low opinion of Fort Hood. Soldiers jokingly called Fort Hood, “Fort in Da Hood.” I will allow you draw your own inferences.

    2. I have suspicions about who is responsible, and his race. Given the present climate of the country, I hope I am wrong, DEAD WRONG.

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    • Welp, unfortunately, it appears my suspicions proved to be true. The killer is a black simp, Aaron David Robinson. He was also the supervisor that Guillen said was sexually harassing her previously. I was hoping I was DEAD WRONG, but I knew my hope was for naught.

      You see, having served in the Army, I know that the Army is full of thirsty black simps/savages. Many of the jaw-dropping and unbelievable stories involving sex in the Army has involved black simps. The Aberdeen Proving Grounds story that broke many years ago involved high ranking black NCOs. Another story involved a black NCO running a prostitution ring.

      When I first read the story, and learned of the location, I said to myself that a black simp killed Guillen.

      As thinking black men, whether we like it or not, we carry the burden of black simp’s antics until we prove ourselves otherwise. It’s not fair, but it is what it is.

      May PFC Guillen rest in peace.

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      • “You see, having served in the Army, I know that the Army is full of thirsty black simps/savages.”

        Both my mother in law and my father in law told me this, they both served. My father in law said that he refused to allow his sister to join the Army because of how poorly women were treated.

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      • James SYSBM,

        Anyone who has served more than six months in the Army would probably agree with me. My kid expressed interest in joining the military. I am against the idea totally. However, I said if she ever joins, go Air Force.

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      • @B A

        Aberdeen Proving Ground

        I only know that name because that is where I was supposed to attend AIT; my boot camp was supposed to be Fort Jackson, but I didn’t even make it to boot camp due to a condition with my brain; they found that I was at risk for a seizure, so I got discharged (I did not reveal this at MEPS). This was back in mid 2005 (a couple of months after I graduated High School.

        With the way the military is today, and how it progressively went downhill since 2005, maybe I had a guardian angel looking out for me; there is no way in hell I would join the military today.

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      • Kameron Brown,

        With basic training at Fort Jackson, you probably would have started your Army enlistment on the wrong foot. I never been to Fort Jackson (Slackson), but the things I heard about it isn’t good.

        Also, I don’t believe in co-ed basic training.


      • @B A

        Good call! Something is definitely going down with this “incident.”
        It turns out the black simp’s fugly girlfriend with orange coloured hair was also caught disposing the body.
        So the simp shot himself in a car when the Popo were about to pinch his idiotic black ass.

        Vanessa Guillen is Latino so there’s a huge outrage right now with a lot of sexual assault allegations coming into the limelight about King Cold’s Army. I would not be surprised is higher ups are involved in this thing.

        From reading the Youtube comments, it sounds like Fort Hood has some serious fucking problems. And these bankster globalist cats in DC, Jew York & London want to start a war with Russia, China & Iran with this kind of morale on their military bases? They’ll be grinded to a pulp by the EurAsian alliance with that mentality — especially since most military servicemen who enlist are really only there to earn a paycheck.

        I really don’t think low/middle class citizens would join the US Military as soldiers IF they had BETTER PAYING civilian JOB OPPORTUNITIES. Thankfully my family members in the US who put in their 25 years of military service were smart enough to avoid combat. They were all in Logistics, Mechanical/Calibration, Fitness, Food & Beverage Administration roles so they’re doing well in other related endeavours after leaving the service.

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    • You what? This incident pisses me off. As a former NCO, this incident give the NCO Corps a black eye. The ******* was Guillen’s squad leader. I was a squad leader, and a team leader, and I would have never imagine harming a soldier under my supervision and leadership. Yes, there were times I had to grab a soldier by the collar because he was being a knucklehead. But murder?? WTF?

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  8. First off, why the hell can I only log in while in private mode?

    Secondly, speaking of white men showing off the slit in between their legs:

    The CEO of my company (which I am trying like hell to leave) sent us a picture of his new dog. Now, why in the **** was the dude, who’s in his own home, by HIMSELF except for the dog, wearing a damn mask?

    Karen has a male counterpart: Bryson. Inside almost every white man is a Bryson waiting to come out and menstruate everywhere. They will bitch about feminism by day, while watching CNN, interracial porn, and putting dildos in their ass by night. Just look at “conservative” Gavin (GAYvin) McInnes.

    These dudes will try to be like rebels on the outside, but in reality, are as much slaves and cucks as they come. At least stupid ghetto Pookies have something of a reason, what is white men’s excuse? I get why women would fall for this mask LARP, but a grown ass man?

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    • Ironic that you just mention that because I watched his video on BLM movement is basically daddy issues 101. Which based on the women’s sexual preference and history definitely makes sense. Aside from that how are you doing overall?

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      • Ready to gtfo of America, that’s for sure. Legit only two/three places I’d live in the states: Provo, Anchorage, and Pierre. All lack geecheees to an almost laughable degree.

        Hopefully bout to sell some old goods and make quick cash though.

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        Vigilant Citizen is right on the money once again, especially in the concluding part of his article. It’s horrible when you as an individual can see where all of this is going, yet people around you are blindly following what the authorities are telling them to do believing that they’re doing the right thing.

        This is why I’d much prefer to live in a secluded area away from people especially during times like this. First don’t wear a mask, now you’ve got to wear a mask, this COVID-19 plandemic is nothing short of a farce, a mockery and a joke on the world population, however only a minority of people can see it for what it truly is.

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      • @Verbs

        Agreed. This plandemic has been a swimming success for the usual bankster 1% suspects. The world is full of weak-minded sheep. Now that King Cold knows what works, you can be sure there will be more of this shit in the future. We are NEVER going back to NORMAL unless the people rise up. It’s time for bankster heads to roll before they do something even more bold & dangerous — like really offload Ebola on the ignorant black masses over here.

        Well, at least I have 2 colloidal silver generators so I don’t give a flying fuck if or when our globalist money changers decide to crash everything. Never in my life have I seen so many fucking ignorant sheep. I really need to get off this fucking insane planet.

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      • Black Picard,

        When the mainstream media began blowing this COVID-19 trumpet constantly, from that moment I knew it was a scam. The mainstream media have NEVER told the truth, unfortunately in this situation many folks now believe different because of the worldwide lockdowns, the mainstream news has become their best buddy again, smh.

        This plandemic is a straight scam of monumental proportions, unfortunately most folks fell for the spell and were successfully bewitched. There is nothing normal about the “new normal”, I walk these London streets and observe just have gullible most people are, it’s such a disappointment. Most people regrettably won’t awaken to the tyranny unfolding until things get hellish.

        The obedience of the sheeple has always been the reason why totalitarianism has been successfully rolled out at different points in history and we’re now venturing down the same road once again.

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    • The CEO of my company (which I am trying like hell to leave) sent us a picture of his new dog. Now, why in the **** was the dude, who’s in his own home, by HIMSELF except for the dog, wearing a damn mask?

      When I read this, I busted out in laughter. LOL.

      They said that COVID-19 can pass from pets to the humans. But still it makes no sense. That like wearing a mask and the only person in the house is my kid and the two of use don’t go anywhere.

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  9. What do you all think of the media making BAME especially black people the face of this virus?

    In the news I hear that black people are disportionally affect. However I do not believe this to be the case. This virus has taken out people with compromised immune systems and health issues, don’t get me wrong some healthy people have died. Do you think it will get better or worse.

    Another issue is with the protesting is that not much progress has been made. I think it was black caesar or another poster that said this “no tangibles no forgiveness”. In the news there’s talk about putting up status’s for black people. I’m just thinking what is that going to do, it’s only symbolic we want action and change. I’m glad Lord euros kingdom is falling is just a shame of the amount of black lives especially black mens lives wasted to get to this point when you really think about all the injustice that’s taken place, I don’t think anything in the world will allow for true forgiveness. Talk is cheap, action is what counts and this is the reason I am no fan of both sides of the political spectrum.

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    • @Jon,

      They are making us the face of COVID-19 because they want to test their vaccines on Black people first; they even said George Floyd tested positive for COVID-19 (I believe that’s a distraction tactic).

      As for the protests, I agree with your sentiment that no progress is being made; early on, I foresaw that things will continue as usual, and my thoughts were vindicated by the events that followed, such as LGBTQ getting the Supreme Court to rule in their favor.

      Blacks could’ve exercised their voting rights to enact real change, but like sheep, they participated in the foolish ‘Blackout Tuesday’ social media hype…on the day of the primary elections!

      It’s over for the communitah; save yourself, or suffer with the underclass.

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    • @Jon
      I believe the virus is real but it is mostly affecting whites. That is why they’re coming up with anything and everything to rationalize the huge L they’re taking.
      Pigskins really do believe they’re “Aryan godz n sheet”

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      • Black Caesar,

        This is why I posted the video below by Dr Andrew Kaufman, it’s time to look past your beliefs and examine the actual data, COVID-19 is a straight up hoax:

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      • @Verbs
        Thanks but I am a reader and I believe in peer-reviews. I don’t subscribe to anything scientific based on private youtube videos. Do you have any documents?

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      • Black Caesar,

        You’ll be very hard pressed to find a peer reviewed study published that doesn’t support the official narrative. That’s a needle in the haystack situation. There was a video Dr Kaufman did where he listed the papers he researched in relations to COVID-19, however that video was removed. If I come across it I’ll be sure to post it so that you can research further:


        Kaufman is more than qualified to talk about the issues surrounding this supposed pandemic, that’s good enough for me and mind you he hasn’t been the only doctor to come forward and speak against the official narrative, however those same doctors haven’t been given any mainstream media spotlight which doesn’t surprise me when there is pandemic propaganda to be pushed to the general public.

        If you’re waiting for something official to be published that goes against the common mainstream narrative then you’re going to be waiting for a long time. What does Dr David Carroll talk about all time, connecting the dots and reading between the lines.

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      • @Verbs
        Im gonna need more than one guy to corroborate the claim that somehow the entire globe is in on this COVID-19 conspiracy. Just to enslave humanity. Because they don’t already have that power if we look at the videos of militarized police beating up people without consequence. If this global conspiracy were true there’d be more than one whistleblower, a good amount of leaked documents, especially these supposedly falsified death certificates, and other leaked documents. Where is Anonymous in all this. Why haven’t they leaked anything.

        Sorry but I’m not convinced.

        And I thought this community promoted the free exchange of ideas and opinions. 🤔

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      • Black Caesar,

        You’re late. Myself and others here posted the evidence you’re asking about months ago, however at that time you were taking a break from social media, since then most of it has been taken down. Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, Dr Buttar, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Russell Blaylock, Dr Andrew Wakefield are just a few individuals who have come out either against COVID-19, the lockdown as well as other related restrictions or both.

        You believe the official narrative ie the virus exists, therefore by default you aren’t going to seek out information to the contrary. Remember, 9/11 was exposed as a fraud in order to commence the war in Afghanistan, however the people who came forward exposing it were NOT given mainstream media airtime.

        Enslavement in the 21st century simply means restriction, if you’re looking for visible chains and shackles, outside of actual prisons you won’t find them. Try to get a passport and get on a plane, at this moment in time it’s not going to happen, that is a restriction ie part of your enslavement.

        When it comes down to the falsification of death certificates, you have to go by the testimony of the doctors(which again I posted here months ago), here are two videos of doctors confirming the COVID-19 death certificate scam:

        Do you see me restricting your speech here? You have every right to promote ideas and opinions, however myself and others here have the right to challenge those ideas and opinions especially in light of evidence that demonstrates those ideas and opinions to be flawed.

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      • @Black Caesar
        I posted some evidence awhile back and I have no problem posting again. You live in Toronto so you can see this yourself. Every street downtown that had two or more lanes traveling in the same direction has been reduced by a lane. If they were trying to “figure this out” how could they be permanently changing the infrastructure? I live 50 meters from a major hospital that has dead for months and they’ve even closed a wing.

        I’m certain you know hundreds of people, if this is real and so dangerous how come you don’t know anyone who has died of this, but celebrities keep testing positive (Check out shine D.L. Hughley) How come the homeless man who lives down the street, on the street, gets change, and literally eats out of the garbage doesn’t have it. But multimillionaire Idris Elba has it?

        The world was locked down over the CORONA virus. When men like me started pointing out the facts they did a slight of hand and started calling it covid 19(84). Every tenet of communism and the green new (satanic) deal has been achieved. You even have to provide your name and phone number to go to a restaurant and sit at a patio. All small business are being squeezed out existence. Just a coincidence right? By the way I have some prime real estate and a few bridges for sale in Florida, real cheap.

        You should know it was fake just by who presented it to you. Every single thing on television and the news, WITHOUT EXCEPTION is either an out right lie, or a deliberate misrepresentation of the truth. It is all propaganda to bring about the satanic new world order. EVERYTHING!

        Every medical, virology and biology textbook published before 2020 clearly states that the corona virus is the common cold. Keep in mind we were NOT initially locked down in the name of covid 19(84).

        According to Stanford University, not me. https://web.stanford.edu/group/virus/corona/colds.html

        American Medical Association, again not me. https://www.bitchute.com/video/c424VIK1OxaU/

        Unfortunately not all of us are going to make it through what’s coming, only the wise.

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      • @upgraydd
        Where. Are. The. Global. Whistleblowers?
        Half a million dead from this “Hoax” and no doctors or hospital staff are speaking out? What’s stopping them? The entire world is on that BLM trip so no one can claim fear of speaking out.
        I need more proof.

        I already know the attempt to pin this on black people is fake but they usually don’t do that unless something is affecting white people. Like how they use MJ to hide their pedophilia.

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      • Black Caesar,

        500,000 dead according to who exactly? I see your error, because the entire world was shut down you now believe that the mainstream media has at least some credibility, however nothing could be further from the truth.

        They are are simply playing their part to keep this monumental scam going. The mainstream media have never told anybody the truth and they never will, in 2020 in the overwhelming majority of circumstances the truth can only be found outside of the mainstream news circuit.

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      • Black Caesar,

        Come on brother, are you asking that question for real? You’re making it too easy for me. Tyrannies have always been introduced via incremental steps, bit by bit, if they attempted to bring in the NWO pre COVID too many people would have woken up, clocked on to what was going on and raised some serious hell.

        Since the end of chattel slavery the idea has always been to sleepwalk people into their enslavement, this COVID-19 scam has allowed the 1% cult to take a much bigger step closer to that than would’ve been possible had they not manufactured a so called pandemic.

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      • @Verbs

        Have you owned a cell phone since at least 1996?

        Then you are being tracked.

        Does your computer have an intel processor from the Core 2 era onward? Then you have a chip inside your computer spying on you called the Intel Management Engine that is still operational when your machine is off.

        Do you run windows 10?

        Then literally everything you type is being sent to Microsoft.

        Tyranny is already here. It’s been here. “They” don’t need to make a phony sickness to accomplish it.
        As long as you don’t accept “the mark” you are good. Believe what you want. I do not ignore the findings here as per your claim. I keep it on the backburner. But I am not about to take the risk based on conspiracy theories. I’m just not going to. Because tyranny is already here. We have already seen black men locked up for Facebook posts. Police came to my house based on internet posts. Police can kill you while you are sleeping and not get arrested.
        A phony pandemic is not going to enhance that level of tyranny.


      • @Verbs

        No. Sale.

        And no I don’t believe the “official story” otherwise I’d believe the lies about this affecting black people.

        If the virus isn’t real then why are you congratulating Uganda for developing medicine for it?

        And like I said before, I don’t believe YouTube sleuths, especially since you could only dig up only a few considering this is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Black people here believe it doesn’t exist because the virus doesn’t affect us as much as whites. Why? Because black people aren’t traveling as much as whites, especially not to China.

        There is no comparison between this and 9-11. 9-11 was visibly and demonstrably false and NOT on a global scale. Everyone could see the twin towers falling was a controlled demolition. Skyscrapers do not collapse from being hit by planes. That was the first thing they though of in the 20th century when they started engineering them. Yet we still don’t know for sure if the government let it happen or destroyed those buildings themselves. They hauled off the evidence before a 3rd party could examine it.
        So that point is moot.

        It can go either way. These conspiracy theories can just as easily be propagated by people who want the virus to spread. I think it’s easier to control a few unknown YouTube content creators with dubious credentials than EVERY SINGLE MEDICAL STAFF IN EVERY COUNTRY AFFECTED.

        Furthermore, for people who profess to believe the bible, I am seeing a lot of fear and anger at the supposed events signalling the end of times like the “mark of the beast”.

        Boohoo you don’t get to hop on a jet and have to wear a surgical mask while people are dying.

        Jesus Christ I had to do that every day when I worked at a hospital. And that was long before COVID.

        Some ppl need to get over themselves.

        My question to you and the other conspiracy theorists is. Do any of you have ANY proof that ISN’T a YouTube video?


      • Black Caesar,

        Allow me to push back, this may be a long response because I’m going to rebut other things you said in different comments.

        The reason why I’ve congratulated Madagascar on their natural COVID-19 cure is not because the virus exists but because by coming up with an alternative natural remedy for what they perceive to be COVID, they’ve automatically bypassed and nullified the extremely dangerous vaccine route that health authorities like the WHO want the entire world to take.

        By the way, the COVID-19 test doesn’t test for the virus, it tests for exosomes which are a cellular detoxification discharge element.

        Youtube sleuths, really bro? All of the doctors I listed have official websites and have written articles as well as official papers, they haven’t labelled themselves medical doctors for fun, they actually are hence the Dr in front of their names. Youtube at present is the best place to get information across, hence why so many different people of varying professions are using the platform.

        You’re starting to sound like the fake academic Aaron Fountain as well as the very same black women you regularly criticise, don’t they say the same thing, “you’re using YouTube videos/social media” as if the information being presented in a video format somehow invalidates it, smh. Video evidence illustrating black female dysfunction is acceptable to you, yet the same videos questioning and demonstrating flaws in the COVID-19 official narrative you reject?????

        The reason I mentioned 9/11 is because it was a scam just like COVID-19. It’s funny, you talk about visibly seeing the towers fall via demolition yet I can guarantee you that you haven’t seen any COVID-19 deaths, yet you expect me to automatically believe the 500,000 plus figure even though it’s already been established that doctors were told to put COVID-19 on death certificates even when it wasn’t proven as the cause of death.

        Empty hospitals, nurses and doctors making endless Tik Tok videos to kill the time because there aren’t any patients but yet these are the same individuals being “affected” worldwide by the virus?? Remember, you worked in a hospital PRE COVID, NOT DURING THE SO CALLED PANDEMIC!

        You brought up the bible, the mark of the beast occurs in Revelation 13 yet we read about folks dying in massive numbers from various causes BEFORE that specifically from Revelation 6. You’re too busy looking out for the mark when you ought to be concerning yourself with the many snares, traps and pitfalls that will come before it.

        You can’t prove a death certificate was falsified outside of a doctor’s testimony, exactly what would we be looking for on the death certificate to show that it was filled out fraudulently?

        Most of those who have to rely on their jobs in order to pay their mortgages as well as feed their families will simply go along to get along, most won’t speak out for fear of heavy reprisals from the medical establishment.

        Unbelievable, you’re constantly quoting the WHO, yet Bill Gates is now the primary individual funding them, with Bill Gates, his horrific track record concerning vaccine programs in third world countries and his desire to reduce the world population, surely you can see the pink elephant in the room. Trump recently stopped funding the WHO because of their promotion of fraudulent data amongst many other things.

        You’re already putting your life at risk when you place your trust in questionable sources of information and don’t bother to question the official narrative being pushed by news outlets and organisations who have an atrocious track record for providing unreliable and dubious data.

        It’s easy to keep a global scamdemic “under wraps” when most of the general public source their news and information from the mainstream media as well as other “official” outlets and organisations, figuring that out isn’t rocket science.

        “A phony pandemic is not going to enhance that level of tyranny”:

        It already has, I would suggest that you investigate the huge number of draconian laws that were passed as a result of this COVID-19 plandemic, the deeper depths of the tyranny will begin to play out in months and years to come.

        Even Hitler himself stated that you have to make a lie monumentally large in order for more individuals to be sucked into believing it. He also stated that if you persist in telling that lie for long enough, this additional strategy will also suck in larger numbers of the general populous.

        2 Thessalonians 2:11(KJV)

        2:11 And for this cause God shall send them STRONG DELUSION, that they should BELIEVE A LIE:

        You’re free to believe what you want to and make choices accordingly, however when the negative consequences of those choices come to bite you in your backside, don’t say you weren’t warned and advised beforehand.

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      • @Verbs

        You make some good points here.
        I have been following conspiracy theories for years and just as many have been false as true so that’s why I am wary of new ones.
        I want to reiterate that I do not believe mainstream media. I myself caught them lying about black people and this COVID-19. I also do not trust conspiracy theories anymore. I choose to err on the side of caution. If I choose to wear a mask when I go out and I find it all to be bs then no harm no foul.

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      • @Verbs

        I am not talking about mainstream media. I want LEAKED documents.
        You mean to tell me in a world full of medical professionals they can’t produce a bunch of falsified documents?

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      • The global sick map is inconsistent with a manufactured crisis. One would think they’d make it more even across the board and not decreasing in certain populated areas. And this is coming from someone who witnessed Toronto media claim that a part of this city which is 3/4 farm land had more covid cases than most of downtown.
        A quick search of flu deaths before this year reveals that between 250000 and 500000 flu deaths occur annually. The covid death rate is double that and we’re only halfway through 2020. You expect me to believe there are going to be 250000 falsified death certificates globally with only a handful of people speaking out? Lmao.

        I am not even going to take the risk with my life based on either the mainstream media or conspiracy theorists.

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      • @verbs

        The WHO


        “Until late 2017, WHO estimated that seasonal influenza was associated with a total of 250 000 to 500 000 deaths from all causes annually [1]. Recently, however, three different groups have provided estimates of influenza’s annual mortality burden using different methods. The first to be published, from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and coordinated by WHO, estimated that influenza is associated with 290 000 to 650 000 deaths from respiratory causes alone [2]. WHO adopted this range in late 2017 as its official assessment [2]. In early 2019, a publication from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) estimated a range of 99 000 to 200 000 annual deaths from lower respiratory tract infections directly attributable to influenza [3]. Although the burden of influenza is known to fluctuate greatly between years, neither of these estimates were broken down by year or circulating strains.

        We report here a third estimate, from the Global Influenza Mortality project (GLaMOR), of 294 000 to 518 000 influenza-associated respiratory deaths annually. Our study, like the CDC study, was coordinated by WHO but our extrapolation model did not rely on the same assumptions, particularly that influenza-associated mortality scales with respiratory death rates. We used national vital statistics data to assess influenza-associated respiratory mortality in 31 countries, then used a multiple imputation approach to extrapolate those estimates to the WHO-regional and global levels. Our approach allowed us to make individual annual estimates for the period 2002-2011 (excluding the 2009 pandemic year) while stratifying by age (0-64 and 65+ years). Moreover, we identified factors associated with high seasonal influenza mortality burden, including circulation of influenza A subtypes, demography, health and development indicators.”

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      • @verbs

        “Black Caesar,

        500,000 dead according to who exactly? I see your error, because the entire world was shut down you now believe that the mainstream media has at least some credibility, however nothing could be further from the truth.

        They are are simply playing their part to keep this monumental scam going. The mainstream media have never told anybody the truth and they never will, in 2020 in the overwhelming majority of circumstances the truth can only be found outside of the mainstream news circuit.”

        Can you quote me where I said I believed the mainstream media?

        I don’t believe the mainstream media OR conspiracy theorists. Neither have provided sufficient evidence to prove their claims. What I will not do is risk it because “a surgical mask is slavery!!!111”.

        Lies can be found outside the mainstream media circuit as well. (shout out Alex Jones).

        I would like evidence to see how “they” can keep a GLOBAL “scam” under wraps with at least 250000 falsified death certificates.

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      • @Black Caesar
        Many MANY Many doctors and medical personnel have spoken out, and their jobs are in jeopardy for that, and you can be certain they won’t be covered by the mainstream media. Spying on you is one thing, but can you imagine how many resources it would take to lock down billions of people? Nobody is actively spying on you, you’re communications are being archived for future reference or if they want to get you specifically.

        For example, look at the school curriculum. There is no gay gene and no evidence that a person is born gay. They used to claim that sexuality was set in stone and we had to accept homos because they were born that way, but now when it suits them your tangible mechanical gender is optional and fluid (but you’ll need surgery and years of artificial hormone therapy to change it) two concepts that are mutually exclusive.
        Check out the work of Paul R. McHugh and Lawrence S. Meyer. People were FIRED from their jobs for stating the obvious that it was all bullshit. I know teachers here in the GTA that can’t say anything for fear of their jobs. The ones that do speak out are FIRED and receive no positive coverage or support from the satanic main stream media, who are demonstrably nwo.

        Click to access 20160819_TNA50SexualityandGender.pdf


        Notice how voraciously and viciously the mainstream attacks them.
        I would put up even more links but MANY MANY MANY of them have been taken down due to “hate speech”. If you want I can email them to you because I archive EVERYTHING I come across. I have hundreds of gigs of data worth of evidence.

        I just wanted to provide that little piece of evidence, because just how you KNOW that homosexuality and the tranny agenda is straight BULLSHIT, somebody could ask “where are the dissenting voices”? They don’t get wide coverage and they get smeared and fired. My friend James Sears went to JAIL for talking about the joos. FACT.


        They have lied to you about everything else, and you CANNOT deny that they are lying to you about homosexuality and the tranny nonsense.

        The author of the controversial sex ed curriculum right where you live in Ontario, you know the one that teaches all 5 year olds how to masturbate and shows children graphic images of homo anal sex BEN LEVIN ((joo)) is a convicted pedophile, yet nobody knows that because the trusted media decided not to make a big deal about it and swept it under the rug, they mentioned it in passing once and then moved on. If he had opposed the bill and got convicted he would have been a household name.



        They have lied to you about EVERYTHING else, and you CANNOT deny that they are lying to you about homosexuality and the tranny nonsense. But when it comes to covid 19(84) all of a sudden I’m supposed to believe them because this time they’re telling the truth. Right.

        Ok keep wearing your mask homie.

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      • @Black Caesar
        This is the last thing that I am going to post on this subject. Above I have posted evidence that all the media is scripted across the board and is a CIA disinformation program PROVED in declassified congressional hearings, I’m not sure if you bothered to look at the links I posted but it would be in your benefit if you did and I wouldn’t need to be posting what I’m writing now if you had. So please look at all of the links I posted in my two above posts.

        As I stated, the corona virus is nothing but the common cold. FACT. I posted the determinations of both Stanford University and the American Medical Association, before 2020. The world was locked down in the name of the corona virus. AFTER lock down when too many people such as myself pointed out what I just mentioned they changed the name to covid 19(84). IRREFUTABLE FACTS.

        The protocols being used against the sheep were spelled out in agenda 21 and the rockefeller 2014 report Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, as well as the Georgia Guide Stones.


        Click to access Rockefeller%20Foundation.pdf


        You asked for evidence I’ve addressed that. You’ve asked about whistleblowers, I’ve addressed that. I even cited precedent to prove suppression, opposition, and repression of whstleblowers in other very wide spread government enforced, media promoted and cheer lead social policy, (McHugh and Mayer) and the suppression of PROVEN damning information against involved guilty parties on an INDIVIDUAL level (BEN LEVIN, homosexualisation of children, tranny agenda).

        I have PROVEN that we have been lied to about being born gay and gender being fluid and a choice, both agendas being pushed by the medical, academic, media and government institutions. Both of those positions are mutually exclusive, which means that if one is the right, the other HAS TO BE WRONG! So right there is proof that they are lying to us! (911, weapons of mass destruction etc do I really need to have to go on?!?!)

        These same liars who in many instances YOU can acknowledge are evil and untrustworthy are the SAME EXACT PEOPLE who are bringing you this corona shit and are curtailing the freedom and movement of the whole entire world, something they documented for years was their end goal (again I will cite agenda21 and Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development).

        And you have the nerve after all of that to ask me, with your last grasping of straws if all the whistleblowers who are the saying the exact same thing are lying? Well of course they could be lying. A wise man must learn to discern. I wonder why you never asked yourself if the establishment could be lying? But it’s either they, the persecuted are lying, or the above mentioned, evil, PROVEN liars are somehow now finally telling us the truth. It’s one of the other, you cannot have it both ways.

        You are either rolling with Bill Gates (son of a prominent eugenicist) and the anti God, anti Christian, pro homo, pro tranny establishment or you are on the side of their opposition. There is no middle ground.

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      • @upgrayyd

        Then why is youtube taking down some videos but allowing the ones you and everyone else here is posting?

        Also calm the fuck down. It’s not that deep.

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      • Black Caesar,

        They’re not, other people are reposting some of the videos on smaller channels after they’ve been taken down. Who knows how long they last before YouTube removes them once again. This is why Bitchute in recent times has become a popular place to archive many of the videos that YouTube is removing, because Bitchute doesn’t censor and allows people to speak their minds(something YouTube stood up for many years ago).

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      • @Upgrayyd

        I dunno who you think you are but there is middle ground and that middle ground is ME.
        I don’t take sides. That same Christianity you preach put your black ass in chains. And I bet you use Windows so STFU.
        You bible ain’t stopping those child trafficking rings but you’re worried about a damn mask?
        Fuck off.

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      • @Black Caesar
        You had issues you asked me to address, I did.
        Now you got more shit to say.
        Wear your mask and take your vaccine like a good slave.

        I’m right. You’re wrong.

        So I guess it’s fuck my facts, your feelings trump all.

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      • @upgraydd

        No one who is confident in their beliefs gets emotional when challenged. So you watched a few YouTube videos and refuse to wear a mask. Now you’re free! Now you’re immune to paying taxes, being put out of a job and even immune to being harassed by police. All you needed was an internet connection and a bible!

        Get over yourself dude. Maybe put some of that sky fairy energy into saving the thousands of kids being trafficked right now. Because they don’t get the luxury if being free regardless of big bad scary oppressive elite endorsed masks.

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      • Furthermore, pastor douchebag, have a look at your immunization record and see which vaccines you already have inside you. Some administered before you were old enough to browse YouTube.

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      • Black Caesar,

        I too believe that COVID-19 is real. What I don’t believe is the official narrative about how it all got started.
        The true story about how COVID-19 got started, is probably more bizarre than science fiction.

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      • @AmericanBlackman

        I believe it is real too. Otherwise they would have tried their hardest to make black people the face of it. I literally have a screenshot of a fake map the media put out claiming that a certain part of the city of Toronto which is literally 3/4 farmland with centuries old farms had more covid cases than most of the downtown core. The places the map claimed to have the most cases are, surprise surprise, that black neighbourhoods.

        I believe the virus is predominantly affecting white people because they’re the ones traveling in and out of China. Black people aren’t going into China like that. And as I said earlier, the global COVID-19 case map is too inconsistent to be part of some hoax. If you look at the map the USA is almost completely infected and yet Canada has hardly any cases. Same with Australia and South American even though those places are very populated.

        I like how “they” this mysterious cabal of elites somehow were able to spread this hoax in literally a couple weeks just to enslave people with surgical masks and vaccines. 🤣🤣🤣

        Totally ignoring the vaccines they already put in us at birth and the fact they already control the food supply. If “they” wanted to harm our bodies they could do it through the food we already eat and not waste money on this COVID-19 which would be too hard to control.

        I got news for the conspiracy theorists. You are already a slave. A mask won’t change that.

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      • Black Caesar,

        I totally believe COVID-19 is real. I’m in the USA. The USA doesn’t behave like a nation. The USA behaves like a huge, gigantic, multinational corporation. These crackers worship dollars. Dollars are more important than anything to them. There is no way these clowns would shut down their economy and lose all that money for a hoax.

        And England’s Boris Johnson was critically ill with this shit. He almost died. What he had wasn’t the common flue. This man had COVID-19. And if he can get it, anyone can.

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      • @AmericanBlackman

        That was the next point I was going to bring up. Countries are spending huge amounts in stimulus and companies are losing a lot of money. Big companies tied to the elite. Governments and companies are going to spend trillions just to “enslave” people with masks and vaccines (on top of the ones they’ve already given the public such as red measles, tetanus and etc)?

        Also, why are certain celebrities getting it and some aren’t? That is no kind of point to prove any hoax. How come Boris got it but not Trudeau or Trump? What’s so special about Boris over Trump? How come DL Hugely got it but not some other comedian?

        And verbs and pastor no count, I now await you to jump all over American Blackman like you did me for not believing in this conspiracy theory. Because as I said before, another member here said he didn’t believe any hoax either.

        Is SYSBM really becoming a groupthink cult?


      • Black Caesar,

        So, SYSBM is now a cult for simply challenging your position, really? I fully accept that any article or comment I write on this website can be challenged by anybody here, what’s your problem with the same? The way things ought to work is like this, you have a belief, I have a belief, we then place both of our beliefs on the table. In order to determine who’s belief is correct we then look at the evidence to determine which belief it supports.

        Most folks don’t want their belief systems challenged because if proven wrong they know they’ll be forced to make some drastic changes many of which may be very uncomfortable. So in most cases they stick to their own belief system which isn’t a problem UNTIL they begin agitating others who don’t believe the same way they do.

        We’ve begun seeing this on public transport here in London where mask wearers are beginning to encroach their beliefs upon those who choose not to wear masks and also those who are exempt from wearing them.

        The mask wearing has nothing to do with reducing the spread of the infection because if it was truly about that then there would be one particular kind of mask type recommended that would’ve already been tested and proven to work against the virus. Instead what do we have, the government is telling you that ANYTHING placed around your face is sufficient enough and you don’t see a problem with this?

        I could place a plastic bag over my head and poke out two holes in it for my eyes, that would be cool and according to government guidelines helps “reduce the spread of the virus and saves lives”. I’m struggling to see how you can’t see no fixed standard being set with regards to face wear as extremely problematic.

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      • @Verbs

        Wheres the hostility and smoke for the two others here that also believe the virus is real?


      • Black Caesar,

        The heat didn’t come until you chose to pigeon hole what evidence you would and wouldn’t accept not because what was presented wasn’t true, but because you wanted it in a different format. This is exactly what black women and their pro black flunkies do when they get cornered and don’t have a satisfactory and adequate response.

        I don’t deal with conspiracy “theories”, if something can be proven to be correct by default it becomes a fact and is true. The evidence was provided many times over, you simply didn’t accept it because it came to you in video format.

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      • @Verbs

        Repeated for your clarity.

        Where was all the smoke for the two people here who said the exact same thing I did. One even said someone they knew had COVID-19. How come you never responded to him since he posted at least a week before I did. You are also not posting links to counter American black man’s argument. I smell lack of confidence in your claims. There is too much emotion in your rebuttals. To the point where you claimed I am behaving like Aaron fountain. The difference is whenever we see videos of black female dysfunction you can view the dysfunction in the videos. On 9-11 you could see the controlled demolition of the towers and then the collapse of building 7 hours later. The links you presented show no footage of doctors falsifying death certificates or confessing they are doing so. I wanna know with a global scale pandemic with everybody video recording everyone why no such footage exists. YouTube claims are not evidence. They are only claims and they are not more valid than mine. Period.

        If you people can’t take it that I don’t agree with you then excuse me while I cry in shame.

        I don’t sense any confidence in yours or any other conspiracy theorist here since you all are getting so emotional. Even so far as that upgrayyd clown bringing up transgender and lgtb crap and Jesus garbage.

        I do not reject the video claims because they are video. I reject them because they show no physical evidence of falsified documents. Flat earthers use the same “evidence”.


      • Black Caesar,

        I believe I understand what it is with you now, this so called virus has you badly shook, you’re afraid and have probably invested a great deal into protecting yourself from it, this so called virus is personal with you for whatever reason. To face the possibility of being hoodwinked on such a monumental scale for whatever reason just isn’t sitting well with you at all, so instead you’ve chosen to dismiss blatant evidence because it is being presented to you in a format that you would’ve readily accepted and embraced if we were dealing with a completely different topic(utterly ridiculous on its face).

        At this stage you’re just being intellectually dishonest, I can’t help you with that. I’ve been posting material concerning the COVID plandemic since late March Early April, as I stated before you were on a break from social media so you may have missed much of what was posted including these videos here:


        Of course you won’t accept what Dr Ngozi Ezike is saying unless somebody places the written transcript of the press conference into your hands because these are “YouTube videos”. The above is what I responded with when somebody mentioned that they knew somebody who died from COVID-19, I would’ve also responded with this article below:


        This ties directly into the death certificate fraud issue which I clearly illustrated before but you’ve chosen to dismiss. This was also happening over here in the UK:

        I honestly can’t believe that you have to be spoon-fed this information and even then you’re still dismissing it for no valid reason other than the format it’s presented in. You’re the one who has invested into believing that the virus exists, I haven’t. I walk the streets and use public transport WITHOUT THE USE OF A MASK, I hug my friends when I see them, that is my confidence in this so called “pandemic” being a complete and utter scam, unlike yourself I’m not walking around in fear.

        I’m really struggling here to make sense of your “evidence” position, as I stated before you’ll accept videos of black women engaging in dysfunctional behaviour yet when videos are presented to you that make the COVID-19 so called “pandemic” look at least questionable, all of a sudden videos are NOT sufficient enough??? Like I said, I believe that you’re afraid and you’re heavily invested into believing that COVID-19 is real.

        As for the question you asked, there really is no point in answering it because your mind is already fixed, you’re not really interested in hearing an answer, at this point you’re simply trying to save face for whatever reason that nobody but you knows about.

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      • @Verbs

        Baseless claims as to my mental state and more youtube videos.
        Why exactly should I take anything you say on the subject logically?
        You are the one too emotionally invested in this.
        That’s why you and every other conspiracy theorist here reacts emotionally to being countered.


      • Black Caesar,

        The term “conspiracy theorist” was invented by the CIA for the purpose of deterring people from looking into alternative views surrounding the death of John F Kennedy, much like the Jewish people invented the word “antisemitism” to block any legitimate criticism of themselves and homosexuals use the word “homophobic” against anybody who refuses to accept their lifestyle as normal:


        As I stated before, I’m questioning your mental state based upon your acceptance of video evidence for any topics discussed except for COVID19, that position is a dysfunctional one.

        Remember this guy below, he was held in jail for 4 days based upon this same “YouTube video, what are you telling me:

        Video evidence is used in courts all the time, what are you saying? I’ve have already stated on numerous occasions that I’m NOT happy that this plandemic has ruined my usual vacation schedule, I’m not afraid to admit that at all, however the inconvenience is a temporary one.

        You’re free to have the last word with regards to this COVID-19 rumble, myself as well as other here have provided you with truckloads of evidence, your all of a sudden issue with video evidence relating to COVID is something that has me completely perplexed, befuddled and confused.

        As I stated before, nobody is trying to force you into believing that the virus is a hoax, however, when you refuse to acknowledge the evidence that is put into your lap, that’s a huge problem.

        Lastly, note how you haven’t been censored once from speaking your mind here, SYSBM is NOT a cult, we don’t always agree with one another, additionally we accept that others have the right to challenge our positions on things that we say, however NOBODY is exempt from scrutiny and examination including myself.


      • @Verbs

        And again. Someone else here said someone they knew had COVID-19. Are they lying? If so, tell him to his face. Be a man.


      • @Verbs

        One more thing
        If I were to take a hospital to court to sue them for falsifying documents could I show them any youtube video you presented?

        If your claims will not hold up in court as hard evidence then they are only claims and NOT facts.


      • As for my mental state which you were wrong (again) about. I am acyually enjoying quarantine. I am anti social anyway so four months inside and having to strap on a 50 cent mask doesn’t bother me. I think you and others here are sad because you couldn’t take a trip to south America this year because too many dead bodies are interfering in your vacation plans. And so you’re venting your anger by coming up with totally Baseless conspiracy theories as if anything in today’s world could be kept under wraps.
        Get over it.


      • The problem with the beliefs of the conspiracy theorists is that they consider them fact. You yourself claimed my beliefs were false. You have no conclusive evidence of such.


      • AmericanBlackMan,

        The private central banks around the world own, create and print the money they lend to governments which the State then dishes out to the public. The private banks aren’t affected at all by this so called “pandemic” shutdown, they’ll simply continue printing and leading to governments as per usual once things get up and running again. Governments don’t determine what goes on in any given economy, private central banks do. If a private central banks decides to shut down an economy there is nothing the respective government can do about it because they borrow money from said bank(where they ought to be making their own money instead). The borrower is servant to the lender:


      • @Verbs

        Then what exactly is the ultimate goal of this “Hoax”?
        What can they do with this Hoax that they could not do without it?


      • COVID is way too big and costing too many people money for it to be some elaborate conspiracy. However, I wouldn’t put it past the “powers that be” to use it toward whatever ends they want. That’s the thing to watch out for. For example, the “vaccine”.

        Ghislaine Maxwell might suddenly die of “Covid”.

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      • @yesindeed

        I am beginning to think there are more white people on this board than I imagined. I already exposed one which is why he doesn’t post anymore. Only these alt-right people talk about being made “slaves” by their government because they are used to getting away with everything. No black man is going to talk about a government making him a slave for wearing a fucking surgical mask when he doesn’t even have the right to be in his own apartment without being killed.

        These conspiracy theorists are first class nutjobs which is why I abandoned that whole movement years ago.

        They themselves claim COVID-19 is no different than the flu. OK fair enough. But the last time I checked, the flu vaccine is NOT mandatory. Wearing a mask in most places is NOT mandatory but these clowns are claiming the government wants to make them slaves because their “freedom” is more important than curtailing the infections. That’s why the cases of COVID are rising in the USA but falling in Canada. Canada took quarantines seriously and social distancing and the infections are dropping. The USA is full of white “dOn’T tReAd On Me!” clowns who believe they don’t have to follow rules. If you believe absolutely 100% of everything coming from the government and media is BS then you are NOT a free thinker. PERIOD. I true free-thinker analyzes ALL data and uses logic and common sense and not exclusively YouTube videos which somehow made it past YouTube censors. I can barely get a word in a YT comment section without my comment disappearing after 20 seconds but this supposed global hoax can have total “smoking gun” data in full view of the public and remain. Bullshit. Might as well not wear your seatbelt because you know, that will make you a slave to “muh government!”. Not everyone who wears a seatbelt is saved in a car crash dontcha know!

        These supposedly religious conspiracy theorists care more about their vacation plans being temporarily inconvenienced than the thousands of children being sexually trafficked right now. These monkeys have the absolute GALL to compare themselves to actual sex slaves because the government suggested that you stay home for 4 fucking months and wear a 50$ mask?! If you were slaves then how are these global BLM protests allowed to happen? This is why while I believe in a higher power and believe some of the Bible, I do not follow any religious people or join in with them. They are arrogant, self-righteous nutjobs for the most part.

        I’ll take my chances being a “slave” with a mask and a couple months indoors than to risk it around conspiracy theorists who have already been vaccinated from birth and who already consume GMO foods.


      • At this point I’m all about protecting myself from the ravages of humanity in general lol.

        If some people want to go out into crowds and prove Covid is fake — I say have at it! I’ll protect myself until the coast is clear, learning by what happens to them!

        If someone says it’s real and wants to run out and take the vaccine — I say have at it! I’ll protect myself by learning from what happens to them.

        In the meanwhile, I take the situation seriously, protecting myself as best I can based on triangulation of the info I’m getting and what I already know about media, human nature, disease, Occam’s razor, etc. Wearing a mask? No problem at all (and I do it to protect others, not myself — just how it’s billed). I’ll also try to keep my immunity strong, stay healthy, work from home, etc. (same as I would if Covid had never come along).

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      • @yesindeed

        I will err on the side of caution when it comes to the masks. As for the vaccine, e COVID-19 is supposedly like the flu, I will not take any vaccine. I have never had the flu in my life.

        But this shit is too big for every single hospital on the planet to be on code.

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    • Jon,

      They want to use black people as guinea pigs to test out their nano tech potions, hence why they introduced the outlandish propaganda of black people being disproportionately affect by this imaginary virus. If we go along with the “official narrative” Africa has some of the lowest rates of COVID-19 when compared to the rest of the world.

      What you now need to watch out for now is the so called “second wave” propaganda which has already started:

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  10. Black Americans Are leaving the USA for better life overseas”



    ‘I’m leaving and I’m just not coming back’: Fed up with racism, Black Americans head overseas

    In Berlin, Baggette’s mixed feelings about his adopted homeland are something he has learned to live with. He values the free education and healthcare his kids receive in Germany. He does not routinely fear for their lives.

    When a team from Chicago’s South Side visited a few years ago as part of an exchange program, he was shocked to hear from some of the youngsters that one of the things that most impressed them about Germany’s capital was the easy access to fresh fruit, especially strawberries. It was available on most streets in small kiosks.

    These kids weren’t used to that on the South Side, he thought. At the same time, Baggette feels a little cut off from the American social justice movement that has sprung up in the aftermath of so many Black American deaths at the hands of police: Floyd, Garner. But also: Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Terence Crutcher, Freddie Gray, Rayshard Brooks and many more.

    ‘You don’t get over nothing like this’: Mother of Tamir Rice says moving on has been painful

    Most weeks, Baggette sends out lengthy emails to parents, players and coaches pointing out racist language used by referees. He is heavily involved in various initiatives that raise awareness of racism and xenophobia. He acts as a mentor for disadvantaged kids. He also avoids certain working class areas of Berlin where there is strong support for right-wing, anti-immigration political policies.

    “Being Black in Berlin is a challenge,” he said.

    “One thing I can say is that when those young kids from Chicago visited us here, well, they felt a certain amount of freedom that I can tell you they don’t feel over there.”

    So this article confirms that life abroad IS indeed Better than in America for Thinking black men. I do not understand this Anal MILITANT attitude that you must STAY and LIVE in the Usa as if the other 200+ countries don’t have anything to offer.

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    • I do personally think it is stupid to complain about “xenophobia” while going to a country that is the POLAR opposite of you culturally. That is SJWism, I’m sorry.

      Still, blacks (black men) need to LEAVE the US. Stop bitching and begging for the white man’s acceptance, you’ll never get it. Going to another country to do the same thing is no better though.

      Also, despite racism, notice that blacks who move away from America still want nothing to do with other blacks. Where do they go? Asia, Europe, MAYBE South America. But #blacklivesmatter, amiright?

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      • I agree. If you to to another country and find that the people are xenophobic, don’t complain– either accept it or leave.

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    • Thanks for the article. As I read it, I had mixed feelings.

      My motivation to leave America isn’t solely due to racism. I want to get away from both racists whites and blacks who mock thinking black men, or black bitches who are part of the black men ain’t shit contingent. The last thing I want is to find an adopted country and run into people from any of the aforementioned group.

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      • @BA

        Yes I know how you feel. In fact I am pretty hostile towards these groups of people if I see them overseas.

        The Good news is, most of them only go to popular and “Safe” destinations, like Italy, Spain, Germany Australia Canada etc.The two places where the biggest population of Americans Expat to are Canada and Mexico. Most of them them would never dare go to the places where I frequent. and If they do go to these places, it is usually only for a short stay or they are transiting.

        the ones who stay long term tend to be far more open minded. They usually speak multiple languages, have a local girl/boyfriend, well understanding of the world, do not adhere to American/Anglo mentality and are much more understanding. The short termers (not all) tend to be the trashy ones, Arrogant assholes, Rude, disrespectful behavior, disrespecting local cultures, usually on sex tourism (Not that I have a problem with this), Nationality policing other Americans or British people who do not adhere to British/American Mentality, imposing their feminist/Anglo Christian values on locals and on wards. They are like walking mini-imperialists. Do indeed stay away from them.

        Thankfully the world is very big and they are plenty of places where you can make sure you will never see them again. I have chosen 1 place in South tip of Russia next to the Black sea which I will claim as one of the many new adoptive homes. There are no westerners or racists there. I know you have responsibility that you have to take care of,but If you have the time and money and if you are Open and Daring, You should certainly check out th Eastern hemisphere if you are able to.

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      • Carnio SYSBM,

        When I leave America, I suspect i will make South America my first spot, because I have established friendships there. I also practice my Spanish frequently. If I run into anyone from America, I can simply say “I no speak English” along with a convincing accent.

        But since you have given a mini report of the Eastern hemisphere, I will need to check it out. “No Westerners?” Shit, I am in, even if it’s for an initial visit.

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      • “The short termers (not all) tend to be the trashy ones, Arrogant assholes, Rude, disrespectful behavior, disrespecting local cultures, usually on sex tourism (Not that I have a problem with this), Nationality policing other Americans or British people who do not adhere to British/American Mentality, imposing their feminist/Anglo Christian values on locals and on wards. They are like walking mini-imperialists. Do indeed stay away from them.”

        Carnio SYSBM,

        To piss off the Nationality Police, you should get a t-shirt with an emblem of the American flag that reads, “Love It, or Leave it. I LEFT IT!”

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  11. Gentlemen,

    Some information regarding the COVID-19 plandemic/scamdemic, here is another version of the video that I’ve mentioned before by Dr Andrew Kaufman who explains how COVID-19 was never isolated from the beginning and thus has never proven to be in existence yet alone be causing the mass deaths that are currently being claimed.

    The video is 38 minutes long however it is well worth watching in order to get a deeper and clearer understanding into how this scam first manifested itself, watch the video while you can, you know Youtube already when it comes to exposing the lies concerning this so called killer virus:

    Here is a link to an article by Dr Russell Blaylock who explains the dangers of wearing face masks:


    Here is a link to a bitchute video which shows the reduction of oxygen intake when wearing a mask:


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    • That vindicates my decision to leave my job at a hospital that mandated these have coverings. Funny how the government and the NHS never thought of doing that back in the April peak?

      Add to the nonsense queueing outside stores at 2pm when it’s clearly half full? I told the security guard at my local Sainsbury’s to “fuck his queue” and left. So you want my money or not?

      Far too many people gladly going along with the Simon says bullshit.

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      • Michel,

        The companies making those mask are raking in some serious cheddar. Additionally, how are you allowed to wear anything around your face in order to reduce the spread of the virus, how on earth does that work? Shouldn’t there be specific face wear recommended in relation to the virus because of its nature? Too many inconsistencies, too many holes, too many questions, too many lies and contradictions.

        This is the problem, the sheeple are just going along to get along and will readily turn on those who have independent thought. They have no idea of how many draconian laws have been passed which strip their freedoms away even further.

        My local Tesco I believe have dropped the queuing system and has created a one way system at the entrance instead. My local Sainsbury’s however is still having people line up around the damn block.

        I normally hit the Sainsbury’s around 30 minutes before closing, the downside to that is that you may not be able to get what you want, however at least you don’t have to line up like a slave. I will not be wearing a mask at anytime either.

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  12. Ran across this video years ago. I flagged it many times, but surprisingly, YouTube won’t take it down. This is a clear example of what Captain Snowy/Lord Euro/King Pencil Dick thinks of black men. Notice the buff physique on the black man. And why is he half naked?

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      • @Morpheus

        I say, more power to white males who take the time to make anti-black male content such as this. Time they COULD have used to learn game and court a woman. The more time white males spend obsessing over us is less time they spend breeding.

        I say, BE the white genocide, black man!

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      • Verbs2015 – And look how this guy drew the black man. All big and buff and half naked. Makes me wonder if Captain Snowy here isn’t harboring some latent homo tendencies.

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      • @Verbs

        A dangerous obsession at that. And the sooner a majority of (alpha) black males wake up instead of getting caught up in these “obsessive games”, the better for the black race. Nothing is more destructive to the black community than its strongest black men foolishly getting caught up in King Cold’s dragnet. One always needs to be thinking a few steps ahead of “the game”, anticipating & doing the right things in order to counteract or eradicate this obsessive game. Truth!!

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    • They call them black factories, smgdh.

      Arr. yoo. Schitteeng. Mee?

      They shipped them in during the Communist Party of Zoo York lockdown Volume 2. That means that DESPITE all this bs, black women STILL have a huge demand for weave!!

      China is literally the worlds enemy right now (if you have any sense, at least), but these QUEENIES can’t quit paying chinks for weave.

      You think they’re wearing MASKS when they give head to Sum Yung Gai for a free bundle?

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    • Anyone else notice that the picture they used to package the weave is of a mixed or very light skinned chick?

      Young Jezzy made his millions selling weave, then told the world that he made it selling drugs. When I saw how much money weave made I realized I was in the wrong business. Had I known when I was younger I would have jumped right into that enterprise, I’d be rich right now. But then again I’d have to deal with black women so it’s a good thing I didn’t.

      “like welfare day can’t stop the first of the month, can’t stop weave sales either”

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    • Quick! Sharkeisha and Que’teesha best run to the port before the NYC authority start dumping it all in the Hudson, whilst declaring July 4 the New York Weave Party 🤣

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      • @Michel.
        You just made me picture black women in full scuba gear trying to salvage bundles from an artificial weave reef in the long Island sound. 💀💀💀💀💀


  13. I want to say Thanks to another SYSBM who works in LEO happened to send this to me today. Shoutout to Brother Phocron! She is a KNOWN prostitution and decided to turn him in. Many surprises in this video……


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    • I am going to edit the video to quickly remove the phone number that was listed and I will have it reposted. My apologies brothers.

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      • Actually it was already posted and she removed it off IG but I have SS to show several comments so the link is unlisted. Just enjoy and bring popcorn!

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    • Verbs has appeared on a panel in the past where they discussed if an American Black woman could be a quality stargate; this video helps answer that question with a resounding ‘No’.

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  14. A few things to share before I call it a day: today is the 1 year anniversary of me purchasing my car; it was not one that I was looking for, but I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It’s given me little to no trouble except for one time when it wouldn’t start up; other than that, it’s been a reliable daily driver.

    Also, I was wondering if I’m the only one here who thought that George Floyd being engaged to marry a White woman played any role in their digging up his rap sheet to slander him in the court of public opinion?

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Like I said before I don’t support or condone Floyd’s criminal past, however how he was taken out was beyond execution style and completely unjustified. I don’t think they would’ve been so eager to dig up his past if he was engaged to a black female.

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    • I don’t think Floyd’s fiance was the reason why his criminal record was emphasized in the court of public opinion. It is obligatory to focus on the victim’s criminal record when he is black and the assailant/suspect is non-black. It is a deflection tactic of the anti-black crowd that is used to dehumanize the victim.

      As Verbs said, I don’t condone Floyd’s criminal past. However, I will say that if he’s paid his debt to society and his misdeeds occurred years ago, then his rap sheet shouldn’t even be an issue. The issue is what were his actions just prior to his death. I don’t care about his actions years before his death.

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      • @B A

        This guy didn’t deserve to die, even if he had a criminal record.

        I just say that we should stop beatifying this guy, since he was killed by a white cop.

        We all know that if he were killed by some maggle, no one would care.


  15. @Afrofuturism

    I am in full support in you getting out of america. I do not know if you’ve ever been outside of USA or the English speaking world. But when you leave the USA it feels as if a huge dead weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

    This might not help much. But I found this:


    You can take a peek at alternative ways in trying to get out of the shitty rat race in the US of GAY and slowly break your chains free from that place! Unfortunately, It does not look like anyone will be able to leave the USA until 2021.

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    • How much would you say would afford a decent/arguably middle class living in Russia or Kazakhstan?

      I’m looking into straight up moving to a country to settle down long term and start a family.

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      • Afro,

        If you are able to make around $1,000 Monthly, You can live almost anywhere in the Post USSR like a straight up politician! In fact, I’d say even for much less. for bare basic things, I’d say if you can make $250 should be more than enough to put you as a middle class with all of your bare basic needs and more than enough to make your family.

        I pay monthly around $85 monthly for a nice place. and that’s because I live a bit far from the downtown areas with good connections. And I have all of my basic things like wifi, heat, water. Very safe and people here mind their own business, ie they don’t harrass you for selfies like they do in some parts in Central Asia. I am on a vegetarian diet because my spiritual sister, Olga, is trying to get me to eat more healthy. Food, and I mean healthy food and groceries, is SO FREAKING CHEAP in ALL of these countries.

        In post soviet countries, they have everything. Video Games, all of your favorite groceries, Financial services like western union, etc. some western food chains like Mcdonalds, Wendy’s, etc. They have their own Malls which sometimes look more beautiful and advanced than some cities in the west. Their city planning is FAR superior than USA. You NEVER need a car to survive here, where as if you don’t have a car outside places like NYC or another megatropolis city, you will pretty much starve to death. You can live much cheaper and people over here, almost ALL races, tend to be very helpful and love brining you over to give you food, clothes or what ever it is you need. (But it depends on how open you are, Anglo Saxon mentality is very closed, reserved and untrusting of strangers where over here meeting people, and girls is a natural as drinking water). maybe only in the poor muslim countries (aside from Kazakhstan) they might not have some things you might need.

        It is super easy to open up a bank account in these places and to start a business. For other things you may need a friend to help you if you do not want to learn the language. Because you are a Native English speakers, alot of companies over here will hire you to do some work that requires high level english. Alot of these jobs are super easy to get here when if you or I were to try to get these jobs back in America, It would be cut throat impossible with the moon high competition.

        You said you wanted to start a family. Well, I am not an expert on which women makes the best mothers over here as there are literally 200+ ethnic groups of women (So much for the USA being the “Biggest Melting Pot” in the world)in the post soviet world or what kind of mentality you want your child(ren) to grow up with. But Women here love their children and you do not have to worry about the batshit crazy insane mentally ill women like black women are over there. They do not exist here. at least I’ve never seen them.

        There is no feminism here. There was no need for feminism during the USSR because men and women were seen as equals and they were expected to work like men. After the murder of the USSR, pretty much everyone went back to their traditional pre-1917 revolution days of how men and women interacted with each other and the thought of feminism did not occur I guess. Olga, “says” shes a feminist, but she is no feminist, I’d say she just as traditional. She is just saying that she is because her parents raised her to be super traditional; but she is very rebellious because her father is a workaholic, and her mom is super materialistic who both showed her no love, affection nor attention . She does not want to repeat her parents because she is super affectionate, weather she admits it or not. Misandry, at least in terms of personal interaction with women here is almost non existant. There are women who claim to be feminists, but their idea of feminism does not even come near close to the Anglo Feminism beast that we understand it in the west.

        Dating here in most of these places are super easy, compared to the west. But if you have an interest in one particular group of women, you should certainly learn the language of her mother tounge. Not only does it shows her that you indeed care about her, and her culture, but it blocks out any competition with other foreigners who want to dick ride you for making the first attempt.

        If your going to marry someone over here, make sure to find someone who has a similar mentality as you because some women still live as if they are centuries in the past and it can be frustrating trying to understand her and her family. For an example, In the west, when you marry, you move out and live on your own. Some cultures here, if you marry, YOU have to move in with HER parents and take care of the whole tribe. but you will find what ever it is that you need without much of a hassle like the SJW world in the west.
        And your children will be well taken cared off and loved by their mothers.

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      • Dafuq? This is in Russia and kazakhstan? Wtf am I doing in the US?!! I could be living like a King atm.

        Eastern Europe and Central Asia are both slept on, and the former will be the last bastion of Europe.

        Again, why do you think there is such propaganda against these countries?

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      • “Dafuq? This is in Russia and kazakhstan? Wtf am I doing in the US?!! I could be living like a King atm.”

        If you are talking about standards of living, Except for maybe Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other large cities, YES, It is cheap (compared to western countries) to live anywhere. accommodation is pretty much easy to attain and it is not very hard to find work that pays a decent salary. If you earn some Russian, You have an even bigger chance.

        (I am not racist, but I detest living anywhere where is a large portion of foreigners. I never understand why people tell you to live in Country X or live in district X, because there are Americans/Europeans/foreigners there, as if I am dying to look for them. I lived in Kazakhstan and parts of Russia long before I started to fully studying the language and I was totally fine. Why people move to another country just to be around their own country men are mentally unstable in my opinion)

        If you are talking about women, a big fucking YES! You can find just about any type of girl you like over here. If you want a more modernist type girl, you can go to capitals or near big cities like [Kazakhstan] Almaty, Nursultan, Kapshagai, (and maybe shumkent, but there are far too many country bumpkins there). Russia is humongous; spanning almost 11 timezones but most of the population lives in “European” Russia which is West of the Ural mountains. East of Ural mountains is Asian Russia, there are many ethnic Slavs there, as well as tartars (Beautiful women btw), Mongols, Turkics and other small number minorities. If you want a more Traditional girl, you can find them in cities too but I’d say go for more smaller cities or towns. The only thing you will not find too often are girls who are “THICC”

        If you choose Russia, Which I will head to first after the covid is over, you can check out the southern part of Russia. There, If i am not mistaken has many ethnic groups, Armenians, Kazakhsa, Tuvans, Georgians, Azerbaijians, Uzebeks… the list goes on. I have not been there yet, but many Russians tell me that that area frequents many ethnics. When I go there, I can confirm it for you.

        (Southern Russia, where Crimea (former Ukraine city) and the areas below Volgograd, Northern Caucasus, is going to be one of my new permanent adopted homes. Why? Because of how close and connected everything is. Georgia, where I currently live, is only a few hours away, Ukraine is next door or you can cross the black sea to turkey or Moldova. and did I forget to mention that all this is super cheap too? My Sister, Olga was born in this area. so I can spend time with her. She is a Nature girl and is teaching me all about how to survive off of living off the lands. The weather year round is fair. Not too hot in the Summer not too cold in the Winter! All you need to do learn BASIC Russian, Not fluent russian. You can find “The Garden of Eden” here!)

        If you choose Kazakhstan, it is also a very diverse country, even though the population mostly consists of ethnic kazakhs and Russians. If you decide to live in the two main cities, There are all kinds of turkics groups and tribes not found in other parts of FSU. There are also many Koreans (These koreans are the descendants of North Korea. They look and act like north koreans too.) Dungans, Germans, Kordish and others. All women look beautiful in their own way and I guess it is just a buffet on what exactly it is you want to try out. ALL girls here are flat!

        “Eastern Europe and Central Asia are both slept on, and the former will be the last bastion of Europe.”

        Yes, Eastern Europeans are of a completely different mentality than Western Europeans. Worlds apart different. and they WILL NOT tolerate BS such as LGBT+ABCXZY123♂♀, Man hating feminism, extreme consumerism (although they tend to be more materialistic at times), and other trash we have in the USA. I find it that there is more personal freedom and you even have rights that is equal to that of citizens (aside from voting, but who cares about voting?) in those countries.

        The same with Central Asians and East Asians (Koreans Chinese Japanese). But Central Asians are NOT racists like the Far Easterners are. however, Most of Central Asia(ns) are back in time. If you wanted to ever know what life would be like in say, 1970s (Kazakhstan, outside Nursultan)1940s (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek) or late 1800s or back (most villages) you can check out those places. Which means, there are cultural practices which would mind blow you, such as bride kidnapping and certain Tengrists ( a form of shamanism and folk lore practices) rituals. Many people tend to be extremely closed minded due to lack of exposure to the outside world. But it is very safe there. Don’t listen to mainstream media if they say otherwise.

        “Again, why do you think there is such propaganda against these countries?”

        If you mean USA propaganda against the Eastern Bloc, well, USA is an Imperialist nation that has overthrown over 50 countries, Murdered MILLIONS of people and destroyed and erased cultures all over the world as well as rewrite history. All of this is for their own profit. The USSR was not some tyrannical country that just killed people for fun. It was made because of that fact that most of the world was in a feudal system where most people were uneducated, illiterate, very low life expectancy and all the wealth, resources and education were all owned by the elites of their time. Plus, Western Imperialists nationals like the British Empire and the USA were colonizing, raping and pillaging weaker nations. USSR was made as a reaction to all of these things.

        Life in USSR was far better than life in the USA . Literacy rates went to 100%, Free Education from kindergarten all the way up to PHD, Free housing, free medicine, racism and sexism was banned,life expectancy doubled, and from what I was told by actual Soviets, there was far less corruption (compared to now). Soviet Union also defeated the Nazis. Soviet Union tried to decolonized africa from the European imperialists. All of these things the west will never tell you but will instead tell us, the citizens, lies about how bad it was and how many people were killed during the USSR (as if USA and other capitalists nations were murderless and innocent). They will never tell you that the Ussr was murdered by the USA and didn’t fall because of “mismanaged economy” or some other bogus lies. They will never tell you that some free thinking black men in the USA became communists and relocated to USSR and were treated like KINGS and contributes more to USSR unlike the USA.

        The reason they are propagandizing against these countries is because, Now, Russia (and China) have already set to become the next super powers and they are a threat to the USA global influence. The Eastern bloc is a massive threat to the USA and the citizens of these smaller countries are waking up and rebelling against the pillage the west has done for the last 500 years. If american citizens, like you, me and other critical thinkers, come over here and make contact with former soviet citizens, like i have, talk to these people, listen and hear the things they say about life, politics and history of the USSR, from the horses mouth, you are not only gonna get a completely different story but see the absolute hatred they have the USA. If you learn russian, you can find many books, youtube channels, articles about what actually went down in the Soviet times and the actions of the USA of those times during the cold war, what the USSR has done in many parts of the world and alot of contradictions in what the USA claims. You can never learn about them in English because they are filtered out.

        If normal average citizens of the west, find out the truth behind what actual goes on in the world, the USA would go down the drain and fall almost instantly overnight. So to prevent this, We will be propagated that

        -the east is poor, backwards and shitholes (because of USA’s interference),
        -they are terrorists (Funded by USA),
        -women are gold diggers who just want to use you for a greencard (No where near true. Most people, who are not brainwashed love their country and would rather stay),
        -their governments are authoritarians (Complete LIES. and even if it were true, the USA isn’t?)

        and because most people are consumed with westerns trashy pop culture and don’t like to think or read. or if you are White Anglo saxon who wants to desperately keep hold and maintain the colonist’s fruits and labor of the millions of millions of dead souls who’s blood paid for the wealth and prosperity of the country, most people will believe anything the Government says. Western europe also has their dirty filthy hands on these things which is why I never want to visit, or go live in those places. The same way Verbs feels about China is how I feel about all of western Europe as well as the Anglo-sphere.

        When you come over here, to the Eastern Bloc, you are going to learn so many things that you will never be able to find in the west. This is what I think.

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      • How common is it for men to marry younger women (10 or si years younger)?

        Notice of course that rapefugees don’t bother with Russia or Kazakhstan. Even they know these countries have testicular fortitude and will not back down.

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      • (I am not racist, but I detest living anywhere where is a large portion of foreigners. I never understand why people tell you to live in Country X or live in district X, because there are Americans/Europeans/foreigners there, as if I am dying to look for them. I lived in Kazakhstan and parts of Russia long before I started to fully studying the language and I was totally fine. Why people move to another country just to be around their own country men are mentally unstable in my opinion)

        Carnio SYSBM,

        Exactly. If I were an expat, the last people I am seeking out is other expats. Why the fuck would I do that? If I am an expat, that means I left America for a reason.

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      • “How common is it for men to marry younger women (10 or si years younger)?”

        Actually it is not so uncommon.

        In the Russian-Speaking-Sphere, there is a term known as “Папик” (Papeek) and “Мамик” (Mameek).
        Papeek is a Sugar Daddy. It is pretty common for Girls to become Sugar babies and for older men to provide them with whatever they can afford. It also happens that some of them end up marrying. Yes, even for normal girls, some do marry an older man if they know you are financially ready. There may be a little competition between you and guys her age, especially if you speak no Russian and do not know anything about Russian Mentality. But I do not think there will be any issues for you if you come fully equipt. If you DON’T smoke and DON’T drink, you will probably be at a high advantage because many many Russian men there drink like fish. They tend to be abusive and or disappear with another gril somewhere. I have not been in the dating scene in Russia because at the time, My mentality was “ALL Russian women are spawns of Satan” (Which, happily, I was proven horribly wrong!!) due to, you guessed it, USA propaganda.

        As for Мамeeks, she is your sugar mommy. I had one in Kazakhstan for a very short time. I was mostly used as a trophy date to show off her friends, but she paid for all our meals and even bought me groceries. There was a poster here who said they liked older women. If you find older women attractive you can even more easy find them in FSU. for every 1 man there is 4 women , according to locals. Some say the gender imbalance is only apparent when a generation is in their 30s or 40s, but this does not seem the case when I was in Moscow. There were many young women and it seemed like there were more of them than men.

        You will not be judged in Russia for your choices.

        Notice of course that rape fugees don’t bother with Russia or Kazakhstan. Even they know these countries have testicular fortitude and will not back down.

        Yes there are a few Reasons for this.

        1. Central Asia is completely unknown to the world. It is a large mass of mystery. It is like a twilight zone there. People in Central Asia are so secluded that people there are either still in USSR or in pre-1917 October revolution days. Any non-Central Asian who goes there will feel so completely out of place that they will want to leave. It is like you are lost in time at some time period when Chingis kahn was around. It is unlike any other culture(s) in the world..

        Russia also a mystery. There are so many stereotypes and myths that most of them are not true. one large stereotype that it is one complete large ice land with freezing cold temperature and freeing cold peoples. East of Ural Mountains, Siberia, is the land of the Tundra and most places are not livable. Russians, are some of the most kind, warm and affectionate people you can know. Once they are your friends, they are your friends for life!

        2. It is not a welfare state. Both Kazakhstan and Russia (to my knowledge) are not known for having a welfare program like how black women overly abuse in the west. The migrants go West and Northern Europe because they are paid to physically be there. Not just from their government. but Women of those countries like Sweden and Germany take them home and sugar mommy them. In sweden these women are called “BATIKHÄXOR”. I read this from some Swedish news and was shocked. In FSU like Russia and Kazakhstan, if you don’t work, you starve!

        3. Europe,particularly western Europe are imperialists. THEY colonized the country of the migrants, stealing resources, overthrowing governments, training terrorists and funding terrorists organizations so that those european powers to steal and take all the resources for themselves. This is why western europe is so rich. This isn’t something that happen a few decades ago, this is an on going force that is happening NOW as we speak. These alt-right channels like Red-Ice-TV, The CUCK boys (Gavin Mc-pansy), The Rebel Media etc. Only want to show you that the Gigolo migrants coming from middle east and Africa are coming in to “Steal” resources and white women. The Migrants are only going to their colonized masters to TAKE BACK what was brutally taken from them. USSR, again, did not have much history and interactions with those colonized countries. You do see some in the FSU, but it is very rare and they always leave.

        @Afro, Keep the questions coming!!

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      • How long did it take you to learn Russian, and how did you do it?

        Are larger families more common there?

        Socially, how much of a boon is it to not smoke, drink, and generally not be a gopnik?

        How warm are the “warmer” areas? Being in Tennessee, a.k.a. The lobby of hell itself, I straight up refuse anywhere that gets summers like these, let alone equally as piss poor winters where it never snows or gets cold.

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  16. MAAAAAAN This sucks

    One of my Kazakh friends (a girl) has just told me that Kazakhstan just went into a complete shutdown because there was a massive “Spike in COVID” cases, so they completely blocked all nationalities and went back to quarantine until further notice….(which means NO SEX with that girl for a long time… ) I was suppose to go back there by November to see some of my friends before I head off to Mongolia. Now I can’t go there at all! Russia is closed until further notice too! American citizens are banned from entering the EU:


    This is true for all of Asia aswell. For the way I see it, American citizens are banned from most countries with very small acceptions. Sakartvelo (aka Georgia), where I currently live, is one of the few places that just open it’s border for most nationalities today, although the airport is still closed for some unknown reason…

    If this Lock Down stays place for too long, it will mean that almost all nationalities will be forced to repatriate back to their original countries due to visa laws. I was dating a thai girl here. She was forced to return home and she hasn’t been to thailand in almost 5 years. Due to border restrictions,airlines going out of business, and for the ones that still operate, ticket costs have skyrocketed. So it is nearly impossible to travel for many of us.I have meet many nationalities here in TBilisi who have not been in their home countries for a long time, some of them had to go back home, with literally no family or friends at home that they can crash on someone’s couch to. The police has been checking everyone’s passport like crazy especially if you are from Iran. Iranian people, I think, have only a 45 day visa free here. After that they must leave.

    I met some Russians here who wanted to start over a new life here as they found new opportunities here. Some of them were living here and established themselves in ways they could never do so back home. Their dreams have been shattered and now must start all over when this “Pandemic is over”. I have until probably early fall before I get the boot. and I am NOT looking forward to it. If I do have to go back, you best believe as soon as the borders open is as fast as I am going out! Georgia(Sakartvelo) is open for Americans so I can just do a big U-turn, IFJFK airport is open. Well, let’s see what happens….

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    • @Carnio SYSBM

      Carnio, I’m blown away by your very informative posts about about life in Eastern Europe & Central Asia. I’m fortunate to have 2 passports being born in the Caribbean (Barbados) & growing up in Canada as a kid. Right now, I’m in East Africa and relatively happy. However, if the shit hits the fan & these corrupt African bureaucrats are not replaced with less greedy, more nationalistic leaders, I will definitely be heading that side. Why?

      Because I’ve always been a big fan of Eastern European programmers. I’m in IT (tech) and believe me, a LOT of kool disruptive open source software tech is developed right in Russia so I think I will be able to connect with the techies over there & maybe implement some of my ideas that I’d like to develop/create.

      Seriously, so much good tech stuff going on in EurAsia that you won’t hear about in the AngloZio “Free” Press.

      Also, being in Africa, I’ve really gotten into herbal medicines so that I can keep my health in tip-top condition. I make my own energetic herbal medicine capsule combinations using Neem, Moringa, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Red Rasberry Leaf Powder, Chia Seeds, Ginger, Black Pepper (for superior turmeric absorption) & Cayenne Pepper.

      The locals, my friends & numerous acquaintances really love them. I just do it as a hobby experimenting with different formulations. I think I’m onto something, so maybe I can bring these ideas over to EurAsia which could earn me a decent income. I wouldn’t even mind investigating the idea of growing Neem or Moringa in Sochi. I’m not interested in “doing business” with the West. I’m looking to the future: Africa + EurAsia. 🤔👀

      Anybody feel me? 👀

      I also showed my good pal, a Ugandan herbalist, how to make cannabis oil a looong time & now he’s curing lots of people upcountry by the border who are sent home to die or with open-minded clients in the big cities. He’s like the Bill Gates of herbs. The light bulb went off in head after I showed him some “Run from the Cure: The Rick Simpson Story” YouTube videos on making the oil. I really have to give him big props for getting me into Red Raspberry Leaf Powder which make a potent combination for rebalancing female hormones in order to ELIMINATE menstrual cramps, etc. Works really well for men too. 👍👌🏼

      My herbalist guru said that adding Cayenne Pepper to any of his formulations helps the liver to utilize the other herbs, so that’s what I do. Cayenne Pepper is AMAZING!! Truth!
      See Dr. Mercola’s article: https://foodfacts.mercola.com/cayenne-pepper.html

      I’m also into DMSO which incidentally was discovered in Russia a loooong time ago. But they just did not know about its commercial value. This is something all you SYSBM cats should have in your medicine cabinet.


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  17. Yes, it’s Open Mic Wednesday. Hope everyone is good still. Right, did you hear about what happened with the black man and his biracial son got stopped by police? The police suspect them involved of a stabbing in a park. The police stopped two innocent people. I tell you the police ain’t easy. My friend called me and told me about it and I have to shake my head. And you wonder why I didn’t join the police. I understand that the job is hard but you wanna stop someone who is innocent? With his son is around also? The metropolitan police said that the police officers are getting retrained but they will do the same mistakes as usual. I have been stopped numerous times by police. I’ve lost count.

    There are more and more Karens then ever. These trashy women will call police on black people, Latin people, Asian people, even their own race. These women are looking for attention. These attention seeking women are just troubling people. There is a video of a black woman with blonde weave fighting a Karen. I don’t like it when I see a black woman with weave, especially blonde weave but these Karens better be careful with these ghetto ratchet black women. Because these scraggle daggles want their hair and they try to rip their hair out of Karen’s scalp.

    And the male Karens, they come like their wives that they can’t handle. They suffer from road rage, they are feminine, they will call cops on people, what more can I say? We have male Karens in the UK as well. And they record themselves as well complaining about everything. Right, there is something I haven’t seen for a long time and that is the drunken black men. When I was a teenager I have seen it in North West London and in the 2000’s and so on. I was thinking “Why are black men drinking a can of beer of street, all drunk and shit? And how do they get the money to get the lager?” I expected white beta males doing that but some black men do it as well. Are these men being raised by black single mothers. Might do a blog on that one day.

    You know when black women are celebrating the death of Kobe Bryant and George Floyd? Well I have something to say. Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight. Hold your snow bunny tight while you’re sitting on the sofa with her and whisper sweetness in her ear.

    Stay away from these scraggle daggles.

    Bless people

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    • Money Cultural,

      Any police in plain clothes who fail to identify themselves beforehand and grabs onto any individual deserves to get their backside beaten to a pulp, That is not the correct protocol regarding plain clothes police. I wish a plain clothes copper would try that garbage with me, he/she would get a full can opened up on them, I would treat them as if they were trying to rob or assault me.

      That is a stupid move right there, however notice how well spoken the father is, these cowardly police purposely pick their targets, however mark my words, they’ll run into the wrong person one day. Where are the so called “good police” speaking out against the bad apples, just like the black witch with regards to the dysfunctional angry and bitter black sisterhood, nowhere to be found.

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    • Not all!!!¡ Not all!!!!!!!

      Really? They try to convince us the Police are in turne with their communities? Please… The MacPherson report has changed nothing.
      We’ll “investigate” (then quietly drop the investigation).

      And we know EXACTLY why they were threatened with tasers – Black Man had sex with White Woman to produce mixed son. Which the racist police officers do not like.

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    • @Money C

      Police don’t have a hard job. Most of the time they are driving around and answering non emergency calls. Something like 1% of police calls are violent crime calls.

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    • Rule #1: The police are not your friends. Especially if you’re a straight black male.
      Rule #2: See Rule #1.


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    • Regarding the “Karen” phenomenon…

      I think white women are becoming more racist in the US, particularly the unattractive ones.

      In racism, the unattractive ones get something to hang some self-esteem onto ~and~ they get the attention of a bunch of guys eager to welcome them into the cause, and something to bond with these guys over.


  18. Here is something I find interesting about the Covid19 Plandemic. When it first started those of us regular folks who questioned it were immediately told “Listen to the experts!”. Then when a multitude of “experts” (Doctors, Nurses, Medical professionals etc) began to question it as well they started receiving different kinds of threats or having their credentials scrutinized. In a lot of cases Doctors who have questioned Covid19 have just been straight up censored.

    I have no doubt there is a sinister agenda behind all of this. The truth will come out in time. Emotions are high right now but one day we will all look back and question if we should have shut down the entire world for this “virus” (That hasn’t even been proven to exist).

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    • JW,

      I said this before and I’ll say it again, when I saw the mainstream media hyping this plandemic up, I immediately knew it was a false flag. Additionally, where were the mass deaths happening around me, nowhere to be found. When I see a zombie apocalypse/World War Z type scenario unfolding in front of my own eyes, then I take what is being reported seriously.

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      • Notice that all the celebs who supposedly got it are fine and dandy. Hell, even Boris Johnson’s slovenly fat ass is better, and he ALWAYS looks like he just got beat up and drunk at a bar

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Additionally, as I stated before, the police over here have never implemented or practiced any social distancing measures amongst themselves during this entire plandemic, they’ve been packing into their cars and meat wagons like sardines, in fact look at the marches/protests that have been held in London recently, check the footage, do you see the police standing 2 meters apart from each other? NO, case closed.

        I honestly don’t believe that Bojo had COVID-19 at all, I think that was just a publicity stunt to get public support behind him in the same manner as these flunky celebrities were told to “do their bit” to convince the public that the virus was real and that folks needed to “stay at home in order to save lives”:

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      • Boris Johnson isn’t corrupt so much as incompetent. He’s like a janitor that was cleaning the King’s wardrobe, fell into it, came out in the King’s clothes and everyone just went along with it.

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      • @JW @Verbs @afrofuturism1
        Even Ray Charles can see this is total bullshit. The evidence is irrefutable, only a heavily programmed and indoctrinated individual would except this without question. The whole world is shut down and nobody personally knows anybody who has died of it but all of these celebs have it, and us plebs who live in filth are healthy.

        They even claim George Floyd has it. I think the only way to catch this shit is to get on the the news lol.

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      • Upgraydd,

        Once the fear/fight or flight mechanism is activated in any individual, its a wrap from there on out, he/she will do whatever it takes to survive the supposed threat. When dealing with actual dangers that can be seen and experienced first hand this isn’t a problem, however when you begin dealing with “threats” that cannot be seen, touched or experienced, this becomes a real issue and it is very hard to break that individual out of that indoctrinated survival mode.

        I was talking to some colleagues at work concerning the same, everybody had an account of them knowing somebody who knew another person who knew somebody else who knew an individual who supposedly died from the virus. Like I said before bro, when I see something like in the clip below happening in front of my own eyes, then and only then will I take the situation seriously.

        CJD(Mad Cow Disease), Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Sars, MRSA, H1N1, the list of these made up virus and disease outbreaks over the past 30 years goes on and on:

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      • The only deaths I saw at the hospital were of the elderly and weak.

        I also saw ward nurses wandering into half-full infected wards with no PPE, where everybody had to. That was a big red flag in my eyes.

        It is possible that through the fear effect people are falling ill. Chronic fear puts you in fight/flight mode and weakens the immune system. Television news stimulates that fear. Why do you think CNN has non stop drug adverts?

        There are far too many inconsistencies with this pandémic.

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      • Michel,

        Can you imagine how many people have gotten sick not from COVID-19, but from the 2 month long lockdown sitting in their houses petrified of this supposed virus lurking out there ready to take lives according to the constant mainstream media trumpet? I’ve been working throughout this entire plandemic and I’m glad that I wasn’t furloughed.

        As I stated before, the next stage of this hoax is the so called “second wave” which the mainstream media are already starting to beat the drum on. What we also need to look out for is a manufactured food crisis coming soon that is also going to be blamed on this “virus”. The people who protested and rioted recently had full bellies, watch what happens when folks can’t get food, we’re going to see scenes similar to that of the Black Friday rumbles but on a much more serious and grander scale. Stay tuned, coming to a city near you.

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  19. Both of these videos are outstanding. Highly recommend watching when you brothas get the chance.

    PS – Can someone tell me why Bill Gates continuously seems to pop up in every aspect of this “crisis”?

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    • @ J W

      He’s like a Thanos “easter-egg” you see on a Marvel DVD. Better yet, an “easter-egg” in a video game. A hint that lets you know he’s the final boss in this real-life World War Z LoL….

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  20. Here we have some white woman hating (jealous), Nigerian slave play wench, getting told off by white men after she got publicly rejected by them. 😂 😂 😂 😂

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  21. I do have a question for all free-thinking brothers, have you heard the global population dilemma before COVID-19 aka BS-19? As in the world is becoming too populated and if not addressed, there will be hardly any resource to feed the entire population.

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    • Blackdjedi,

      The critical mass population mantra is nothing short of propaganda designed to open the door for population reduction(the Bill Gates agenda). From what I understand only 3-5% of the world is currently inhabited, the figure could be slightly higher but not by much.

      Let’s look at Australia for example, the majority of that continent is uninhabited, yet we’re constantly being fed this false narrative about overpopulation. There may be cities around the world that are overpopulated, however that cannot be extrapolated to also mean the entire globe.

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      • @Verbs I see. Because from my encounters on the topic from numerous Geography professors while attending their class it got me thinking why this pandemic is nothing more than a scam.

        With the attempt to control the global population to manipulate the masses to either get ill so they will have to rely on pharmaceutical products which will make their health worse. Or die off in support of their theory on eugenics.

        That said, for research purposes, any recommendations on where I can look that challenges the overpopulation argument.


      • I do have one recommended source that does explain their plan to lockdown the world. Look for “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.”

        It is a document written by the Rockefeller Foundation and pay close attention to the scenario narratives especially the Lock Step.


    • I have heard about the global population dilemma at least 20 years ago. Some countries, such as China, place a limit on the number of children a couple can birth. Corporations, such as Monsanto, have attempted to address the issue through the use of GMOs to produce food at massive scale.

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  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Hkfg9unDGQ
    CDC began hiring for Quarantine Program November 15, 2019
    *Notice the job ending date is May 15th 2020, right around the same time the “first wave” ended and states began to start opening up. So they knew they would need Quarantine managers in all of these cities and when the first wave was going to end three months before the “killer virus” was even announced to the public.
    I don’t even think I need to explain any further how big of a planned farce this garbage is.

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    • @ Matt M Well look at that…yet another one of those coincidences again. I swear the creators of this plandemic are lucky most people are sheep. Some of the workings around Covid19 make it so blatantly obvious that this was all planned. The average person allows the mainstream media to be their only source of information and they don’t question the background details of this manufactured crisis.

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    • @Matt M.
      I don’t know how people can’t see how ridiculous this plandemic is, it’s gotta be willful ignorance.

      Have you heard of Yuri Bezmenov? He defected from the ussr in the early 80’s and predicted our communist take over then.

      Here is a link to one of his talks, I think you’ll find it very interesting how long they’ve been planning the world we see today. Peace.

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  23. @Black Caesar
    “Where. Are. The. Global. Whistleblowers?
    Half a million dead from this “Hoax” and no doctors or hospital staff are speaking out? What’s stopping them?”

    Are you serious bruv? There are numerous doctors and medical staff that have spoken out about the plandemic. Brotha Verbs posted several examples of Doctors that had spoken out about it above. Just of the top of my head I recall Brian Rose from London real having a “Round table” discussion with over 100 doctors in which they questioned the validity and the workings surrounding Covid19. Here is a link if you want to see it: https://londonreal.tv/dr-rashid-buttar-hosts-a-doctors-covid-19-roundtable-1000-voices-strong/

    It’s one thing if you believe everything that is happening is natural and the shady aspects of Covid19 are all coincidences. But to say that “No doctors and hospital staff are speaking out” is incredibly false. Perhaps you should do some research before making such a comment?

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  24. Gentlemen, I’m not American, so I want to hear your honest thoughts on this before I express my views.
    I don’t understand why black people want to tear down a statue built and paid for BY black people!!


    • Tearing down statues is virtue signaling, just like these masks. How many kids does it put through college, keep out of prison, how many does it keep off of drugs, how many jobs dies it provide, how many bastard kids does it keep from being born, etc.?

      It achieves literally nothing, but because blacks and their liberal handlers are emotional, they’re gung ho about actions that have next to no real outcome.

      Liked by 1 person

      • @afrofuturism1
        They really just want to be able to express their anger at the “white man” and pull their tantrums hoping to get some acknowledgement and a pat on the head. You ever see a kid throwing a tantrum? He will throw, break and destroy anything he can until someone pays him some attention. What’s the difference with what we’re seeing now?

        As I’ve said before the black man is NEVER leaving America, he really loves the white man, that’s why he refuses to front his own show. Imagine if your kids were kidnapped and were gone for 10 years and suffered horrific abuse, and then were set free, but refused to come back home to you. You would be upset and hurt.

        They would be saying that it is better to be abused by the “white man” (by analogy) then to come back home to you. They’re not serious about real tangible change.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Afrofuturism1
        Excellent points!

        Here’s some more BLM virtue signalling psyops, but you hardly see any black folk. How peculiar.

        Liked by 2 people

  25. Tenets of SYSBM:

    Never let the non-SYSBM public know what you’re thinking. It is not their concern. That will put a big bulls-eye on your back. It’s much harder for your adversaries to hit a moving target.
    A knight of SYSBM moves like a ninja – weaving inside and outside The Matrix in stealth mode.
    SYSBM disseminates valuable information to other SYSBM knights and SYSBM recruits without being noticed by the non-SYSBM public.
    SYSBM never lets the non-SYSBM public know what they’re thinking. Always leave doubt in the heads of the non-SYSBM public.
    SYSBM is aware of the non-SYSBM surroundings, and uses that knowledge to gain and maintain an advantage over the non-SYSBM environment.
    If an SYSBM knight is suspected as such by the non-SYSBM public, follow this rule: Admit nothing, deny everything.

    Go forth and live the SYSBM life of peace and prosperity.


    Liked by 3 people

    • SEE! Now THAT’S what i’m Talking about! This is what I meant in the last post about that Chinese guy who got punched by the African dude!

      I DO NOT CARE what any of you think. This black cop did the RIGHT thing! If black men started doing this to ALL! EVERYONE! Chinese women, Arab Men, Kyrgyz Women, Mongol Men or White women and more most importantly Black women! Black men will get his respect! unfortunately he got fired. But the next time some stupid asshole, weather a black woman or a chinese guy or a green space alien, wants to get rude and disrespectful to Black men, I hope said black man gives the cleanest HADOUKEN he can spot!!!

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    • I jut watched this video over 20x and I just cannot get enough satisfaction from hearing that sound:


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    • @Blade That stupid little Black bitch got her shit rocked LOL! I bet you her dumbass will probably start whining that there were no Black men there to “pRoTeck!” her lmaooo


      Liked by 1 person

    • Blade,

      She got in the cop’s face, that was her mistake. She deserved to get punched, however in typical testosterone fashion notice how the witch didn’t go down until she was dragged down to the ground. The punch was ineffective, lol.


      • Note the moist SIMPs trying to defend that supertanker. The supertanker messed with the iceberg. So she got HIT by the iceberg. Serves her right.

        When she steps up to a man with violent intent, right-hook Rocky treated her like a man.


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    • Dude I keep saying. Sharkeshia thinks she can pull the same masculine, loudmouth shit with the white man as she does with us. Squaring off on a grown-ass man and got chin-checked hahaha. Kudos to this man.

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    • What the fuck?
      She is a stooooopid excuse for a black woman. Ugly, fat & ghetto. “Strike 3, you’re out!!!”

      A question…
      Who is the idiot simp that’s fucking this untamed animal? He needs a serious beatdown too.

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  26. Im split with this virus issue for me its either
    1.This virus is a hoax to depopulate Africans by testing vaccines to make blks less fertile.

    2.This virus is real and killing more whites…that’s why the hatred for us has spiked!..

    Either way I wished blk nations had developed science for self defense.. Say what you want about North Korea yes its an evil oppressive state but captain frost would think ten times over before launching an attack…because they utilized science and got nuks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cosmicbodi,

      I say go with the actual evidence, not the constant mainstream media repeated propaganda. People recognised that the mainstream media were the ones responsible for fueling the fear, however because they continued to blow the COVID-19 trumpet most folks forgot about that and began to focus on adjusting their lives according to the propaganda instead of dismissing it and looking at what was actually happening around them.

      Check out this video I posted about a week ago, check out the first minute especially the part with Pompeo admitting that the pandemic is actually a “live exercise”. The truth is out there if you know where to look for it:


  27. Hello,

    There is a group or a single BW doing what “Mr. Phd” is doing by exposing BW bashing/slander. Verbs book has been mentioned.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elissor,

      Don’t worry, when the excrement hits the fan these black women will be prostrating themselves on the floor licking up dust, grovelling and begging for black men to come to their rescue.

      They’re still attempting to portray themselves as victims by using their propaganda phrase “bashing black women”, however nobody is looking upon black females as victims. They’re through and they know it.

      Liked by 1 person

  28. (1/2) Playing Devil’s Advocate in regards to the conversation on this “pandemic” especially with what was discussed above, I do understand where @Black Caesar is coming from when it comes to conspiracy theories.

    As not all of them are credible as they have to some form of truth or connection to other things in relation to the subject. Much like with mainstream media it is best to take most conspiracy theories with a grain of salt. However, if said conspiracy theory can be tied to other things that are happening, happened in the past, or warned by others beforehand, then the theory itself may be truthful or at least be eligible to have a debate on.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. (2/2) in light of this “pandemic” from my perspective it is definitely a hoax and an opportunity to push or set into motion plans or agendas when no one is watching or giving a relevant f**k about.

    The first that got me thinking that it is BS is in regards to the doctors, psychologists, and other medical professionals who have spoke out against this or at least can provide natural remedies and steps to prevent getting sick; the fact that they didn’t have or weren’t allowed to speak on news media outlets that are mainstream is alarming.

    Because if this was an actual virus that is literally killing everyone healthy or not, you would need the best of the best who will tackle the problem and inform the people who survived of what they actually need to do regardless of their political affiliations or views.

    And since this “virus” even explained originally by the CDC is affecting the elderly and those with compromised immune systems (no different than the flu or common cold), I will call BS on this “crisis” as no one that’s actually healthy is at risk of getting “COVID-19.”

    At this time since Dr. Kaufman and other prominent individuals are not invited to speak for instance CNN, ABC and other household news platforms on this “pandemic” unchained, I can’t take anything regarding mainstream media says seriously since they are relying on sources that have a questionable background. Dr. Fauci and his affiliation with numerous presidents for many years. Especially when that Judy woman got arrested and sentenced to jail for telling the truth. And the WHO/CDC in their affiliation with China.

    Which since this “pandemic” began, the protests that happened in Hong Kong were not noticed or discussed since they were talking about China’s policies and methods towards their people.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Blackdjedi,

      I completely agree, there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there that are junk and we see them pop up from time to time. That being said, one of the biggest indicators to me that this so called Coronavirus pandemic is a complete hoax is the lack of a standardised face covering. When you work in a building with a lot of dust you have to wear a specific type of face mask that prevents you from breathing in the dust, however when it comes down to the “killer” COVID-19, any covering on the face is sufficient enough to reduce the spread of the virus, really?

      In the words of Judge Judy, if it doesn’t make sense then it’s normally isn’t true. Like I said yesterday, if I took public transport with a plastic bag over my head with two holes poked out for my eyes, this would be viewed as “reducing the spread of the virus and saving lives” according to UK government “guidelines”. What’s wrong with this picture?

      Folks must NEVER abandon the use of logic and common sense during times like this because all of the conflicting data will send most individuals over the edge, lastly rather than listen to the supposed reality that the mainstream media wants you to believe, instead look at your own surroundings and process reality according to what is happening around you personally.

      Liked by 1 person

    • GOOD. Notice how freakish these creatures always are.

      Eastern Europe will becoming a tourist and living destination, mark my words. I especially see black men becoming more vocal in their hatred and disgust for these miserable vermin. And of course, HOW long did it take for them to co-opt the bogus black lives matter protests?

      Liked by 1 person

    • The host of China Uncensored (one of the few good news sources) talked about how, if you want to experience real Chinese culture, go to California or New York. The CCP, in wanting to make the state the culture of china, has destroyed the actual culture, leaving at most a westernized, boil in a bag facsimile of Chinese culture. Meanwhile, those that left China years ago and went elsewhere are the true arbiters of traditional Chinese culture.

      Sadly, I’ve seen more and more people, namely black men, worshipping the CCP, namely athletes. Yet you don’t see the white athletes doing it. Hmmm….

      Liked by 1 person

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