How To Deal With Disrespectful Individuals


Apparently the back story to this is the Chinese man addressed the black guy as “NUGU” which in Kenya is supposed to mean monkey, so the black man rightly lit his backside up. What I didn’t like is the fact that another black man came to the dude’s rescue, when will guys like this learn that had the situation been reversed and a black man was getting beaten by a Chinese man, no other Chinese folks would’ve come to that black man’s rescue. Remember, there is no white guilt with Chinese folks.

Black people need to stop showing humility and support to those who treat them like garbage, right now the Chinese are flooding into Africa and bringing all manner of decadent practices with them, fake plastic rice, plastic fish, fake eggs, fake cabbage, passing off fox, dog, rat and other meats as mutton and beef, anything synthetic these guys have themselves steeped deeply in and are the masters of.

And recently I heard that the Chinese have been setting up police stations in certain African countries in response to the loans the Africans have borrowed from China, can you believe it??? The US is in debt to China but do you see the Chinese proposing the set up of Chinese police stations in the US and the US government accepting such proposals? Sometimes African people on the whole are too stupid for their own good and this is a person speaking as an African myself.

So, Africans are trying to liberate themselves from the clutches of the white man only to be ensnared by the traps of the Chinese, from white supremacy over to Chinese supremacy, is that how things work in Africa now, smdh??? As much as I have my fair share of gripes with the west, at least over here we have a relatively free flow of information at our fingertips to where a person can stay informed and wise up to the real agendas afoot.

The Chinese are straight up attempting to colonise Africa and certain African leaders as well as their populations are going along with the program. Talk about putting on your own chains and shackles. This is one of the reasons why black folks in general are disrespected, they feel we are a soft touch and in many ways we are. Could a group of Africans ever set up their own police station in China, I don’t think so.

Again, the question has to be asked as to why so many black folks allow non blacks to do things to them that they themselves would never accept nor tolerate from us? The Chinese coming into Africa don’t mean well, however it seems that the African people on the continent are going to have to learn things the hard way before they put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Anyway, back to the above video, this is exactly how we as a collective once upon a time used to deal with those who abused, disrespected and provoked us, we wouldn’t hesitate to teach such individuals a lesson, however as black society became more matriarchal these high standards we once held to slowly over time were discarded off and thrown by the wayside.

Of course there will be some non blacks who will gleefully step forward and claim that proposing such action is simply a confirmation of the stereotype that black people are inherently violent. However my response to them would be this, this is the exact same blueprint you use whenever you all are disrespected by anybody yet alone a black person, in fact many of you will go to war over being maltreated. What, is it one rule for us yet another completely different set of rules for yourselves?

Black men, DO NOT tolerate disrespect from anybody, amongst non black men we are already viewed negatively, being passive while they insult and berate you because they believe that you are lower than they isn’t going to get them to change their minds. Weigh up each situation and deal with it on its own individual merits accordingly. Don’t deal with these individuals in the same manner as the black witch does.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Disrespectful Behaviour Must Never Be Tolerated

Most High Bless

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  1. I have a strict rule one which my great grandfather gave me. You have only one time to disrespect me there will be no second. What that means is i do not tolerate disrespect what so ever. Would i help the racist Asian man who called another man a monkey? NO you play stupid games you get a stupid prize.

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    • The fucked up part about that is that Africans were colonized but not forced into chattel slavery like our people were. Our people, the descendants of slaves, spent 400 years in the belly of the beast and can see the devils coming and know how they operate, they don’t fool us. Meanwhile apparently a lot of these African Blacks see a non-Black face and automatically think that they are a savior or a friend or something.

      The Chinese go there only for economic (taking land and resources) and geo-political reasons (securing UN votes from African nations they have ensnared in debt and infrastructure projects), and Captain Euro still occasionally comes down when he has a new “medicine” or “vaccine” that he needs to test out. Nobody gives a shit about Black people beyond what they can use us for, we have no friends. With the historical combination of chattel slavery and colonization you would think that Black people globally would understand this shit by now.

      Its like Killmonger vs TChalla in the Black Panther movie. Killmonger was a western Black descended from slaves and trying to explain to TChalla that all these non-Black colonizers understand is force, a bully only understands being punched in the mouth. Smack them around a bit and they will respect you enough to leave you alone, but TChalla, the African Black, wanted to “work with them”. lol

      Shit like this is one of the reasons I am no longer a pan-Africanist.

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      • @James SYSBM

        If you want a pop culture reference to describe the African vs. ADOS, remember the movie Boyz ‘n the Hood? Which of the two sons of Brenda are more likely to obey their mother? Doughboy who gets smacked around or Ricky who gets coddled?

        Africans and Caribbeans worship white people because whites enslaved them with a smile instead of a whip.

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      • James SYSBM,

        This “we have to/can work with them” attitude will only buy black folks a temporary reprieve, it is NOT a long term solution for anything. There is a serious problem with many Africans viewing white folks as gods especially African women who in my opinion are even worse when it comes down to kissing the white man’s butt when compared to black females in the west.

        Look at the story Afrofuturism1 highlighted on his Youtube channel before it was taken down of all those Ugandan women being impregnated by Chinese men who afterward took off:

        You mentioning Killmonger and T’Challa reminds me of the X Men with Professor X and Magneto, its the same thing all over again, Magneto was right on the money about humans and mutants not being able to coexist, yet Professor X just like T’Challa was of the “we can work with them” mentality, smh.

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      • They have been pushing this “peaceful protest” idea to Black folks for a long time because they know that at the end of the day marching and singing is no threat to them, marching and singing wont change shit.

        We have been holding peaceful protests to get killer/brutal cops held accountable for decades and nothing changed. The young brothers got out into the streets and started rioting and throwing down with the cops and now all of a sudden police reform bills are being pushed all over the country. Force and/or economics is the only thing that they understand, “being patient” and “working with the system” gets Black folks nowhere in this system, because this system isn’t made for us.

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      • @James

        Preach. That’s why I am completely ignoring the protests in Canada. They might as well stay at home. In a country such as this where the black population originate from coon hotspots like Jamaica, there is absolutely no danger of negroes here fighting for anything but another black man’s sneakers. FBA are the only black men (I emphasize black men because we all know the deal with black women) with balls. That’s probably why Africans and Carribeans hate them. Neither of them know the meaning of fighting back.

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      • “You mentioning Killmonger and T’Challa reminds me of the X Men with Professor X and Magneto, its the same thing all over again, Magneto was right on the about humans and mutants not being able to coexist yet Professor X just like T’Challa was of the “we can work with them” mentality, smh.”

        Funny thing about that is that currently in the X-Men comic the X-Men have settled on the island of Krakoa and made it a nation for mutants only, securing UN recognition and economic resources. After seeing multiple alternate timelines Professor X and Moira decided that that was the best option for mutant survival, all other timelines either ended in an apocalypse or genocide of mutants. Its extremely ironic because they have just done what they have been fighting to stop Magneto from doing for decades.

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      • James SYSBM,

        So much for “working together in harmony”, we know that it will never happen, it’s only delusional Negroes who think that they can change the minds of racist non black individuals who have a hatred for black folks that runs DNA level deep.

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  2. I had to watch that video three times before writing this comment; this is how disrespectful people be handled, and any individual who tries to get in my way would be obstructing justice.

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    Any non black man who calls me a racist slur, I will fucking punch them in the face because I will not tolerate any of that bullshit and it will teach them a lesson not to do it to anyone else again.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      That is the way it used to be for black folks, we never used to tolerate disrespect to the extent that we’re putting up with it now. The ‘just ignore them’ approach has only made racist folks get even bolder, blacks adopted that way because we were trying to appease white folks in not looking like we’re a bunch of violent hooligans, however we shouldn’t have cared what they thought of us to begin with, that was our mistake.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I don’t care on what people who I don’t know think of me because I am not seeking their approval or societal approval because I love myself enough and I have the inner confidence within myself to seek my own approval. Also I am not a arse kisser to people to get them to like me and to be my friend.

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    • @Quincy

      I prefer to attack racists psychologically. Whites get really mad when their actions have no effect and they SEETHE when their actions actually have the reverse effect. I would carry on about how many white women (or Asian in this case) I’ve slept with above all. That really gets them. Black people need to learn to psychologically manipulate their enemies. Wounds heal.

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  4. Not gonna lie, The sound of him getting punched in the face had me rolling on the floor laughing!
    I am glad that this African guy knocked him upside the head! But it would be even better/funnier if Black Men would do the same to disrespectful black women!

    Of course there would be consequences if said black man did knock some stupid witch upside her head as he will be gang banged by nearby simps, and possibly land himself in jail. But If more and more tired black men started doing this, I think black women’s attitudes will start changing.

    In terms of the Chinese ( and Koreans in America. I actually have gripes with Korean Americans) although, deep down inside me it seems logical and perfectly fine to punch them in the face, punching them upside the head probably is not the best revenge. The best revenge is total boycott. As in don’t buy or do business with NONE of them! Especially the ones who openly choose to do business in black areas.

    Hurting them financially hurts their ego so much more than physical confrontation! Attacking them financially is the number one way , at least in my opinion, that will really make them feel sorry!

    The reason why I disagree with you on using physical force on an intellectual level (but I totally agree with at an emotional level) is because Now they people will go over kill! Have you ever heard of Rooftop Koreans? These guys are appearntly Sniper users or AK users and will shoot anyone coming near their store. There was a case years ago where a Korean woman shot and killed a black girl, for shop lifting.

    The Far Right and alt-right with their sexual attraction to Guns, as of 2020, will probably back them up as it is “their right” to gun use. Who is to say that they won’t just go on a shooting rampage against thinking black men and claim they were “defending themselves”, if these guys were taken to Court, if they told their Sister’s ass to the Court Staff (after all, white men have their “yellow fever” and treat Asian women in the same manner as they see black women) I am sure white judicial systems will stand up and defend the “Rights” of the Chinese/Koreans for a little tail.

    You did say that Non-White men are not the friends of thinking black men. I agree. And I understand that although they don’t like each other, they will work together into exploiting what they can get out of black men…

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    • @Carnio

      This is why I think COVID is a blessing. It sure is funny to watch Asians whine about racism. They’re just mad because their “honourary white cards” have been revoked. LOL None of these zipperheads and their sympathizers are talking about Asian anti-black racism though. Everyone’s getting exposed in 20/20.

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      • Yeah,

        If you want me to be honest, I’m gonna really miss this COVID situation. It’s removed so much hidden dirt and social corruption more than any alternative news media has ever done.

        And yes, I agree with you 💯% , The “Kick Me” sign has been officially been placed on the backs of Asians. Asians are probably going to be the new “N*ggers” for awhile and I am so curious to see what will happen next year!!

        Asians are the BIGGEST white ass kissers in the world! Let’s see how they look up to their White God when things go back to normal!!



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      • @Carnio LOL

        “Asians are the BIGGEST white ass kissers in the world! Let’s see how they look up to their White God when things go back to normal!!”

        They will need to make double the egg rolls and provide super happy endings next year to make up for this year’s transgressions.

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      • They, Asians, have some fucking nerve to complain about racism. Their native brethren, in China, are known for mistreating guest Africans. The Asians in America have adopted the anti-black sentiment of their white colleagues.

        And let’s not forget the Asians who came out in support of Peter Liang, the Asian NYPD cop who shot and killed Akai Gurley, a black unarmed housing resident, who was simply walking up a the stairs of a dark stairwell.

        A black prosecutor was able to secure a conviction from the jury, but recommended no jail time. WTF?

        An Asian appellate judge reversed the conviction.

        I don’t want to hear the whining of Asians about racism.

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      I completely agree with you, withdraw your support from certain businesses who show disrespect, unfortunately a boycott wouldn’t work with black women because the black witch has to have her weave/wig and get her nails done, we saw what happened when things began to open back up in Atlanta, which places did black women head straight to first, that’s right, Korean owned beauty supply stores and Chinese nail salons.

      These black women keep getting beat up side the head by these same Koreans and Chinese and yet they still choose to head back to the same places. To be honest myself personally I don’t shop in any Chinese stores over here(not that there are many outside of restaurants), I haven’t eaten Chinese food in many years mainly due to their reputation of eating everything and anything that moves as already stated in the post.

      I would say do both, at that moment you’re disrespected deal with it there on the spot and additionally don’t frequent that particular business again.

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  5. I, too, have noticed that Africans are exchanging white supremacy for yellow supremacy. I don’t know why many Africans (and black Americans) believe the Chinese (or non-white people) mean them well.

    I see a variant of this type of thinking among black Americans who chirp that black-brown alliance bullshit, and that America will be majority minority by 2040, as if there is a mutual respect among so-called “minorities.”

    Do they (black Americans, the SJW type) think that if the Hispanics will treat them any better than whites if they suddenly became the majority in the United States?

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    • I guess it’s a “Pick your Poison” or “Choose the lesser of the two evils” Scenario. Blacks DO NOT support Black businesses, Organizations or other institutions. They will most often use you, or destroy you or boycott you because they feel that your life and my life is cheap but White and Asians are bigger, better, and all the round more professional even when it is clear that they hate you. This is what I always saw when I was in USA

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      • The sick irony is that the same people, mainly black bitches, will turn around and say black men don’t build.

        To that, I ask, why should a black man take out a business loan of $200,000 – $500,000 when black people won’t even support it, and will burn it down if a white cop kills a black suspect in the neighborhood?

        Nah, I’ll pass. Let their lord and savior, Captain Snowy or the Snake Charmer build for them.

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      • @BA
        “ To that, I ask, why should a black man take out a business loan of $200,000 – $500,000 when black people won’t even support it, and will burn it down if a white cop kills a black suspect in the neighborhood”

        Exactly, we know that BW aren’t the most financially literate bunch. I doubt they know what it takes to “build”. Most men go DEEP into debt to build and hope that it works out.

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      • James SYSBM, exactly!

        I thought about building a brick and mortar business or purchasing a franchise. Then I looked at the price tag, and decided against it, because people (especially black people) are predisposed to unconsciously boycotting black business. They find every excuse to not support. Where have I seen that before?

        Nah, I am not going deep into debt like that.

        As David Carroll mentioned in one of his videos, many black people lack the entrepreneurial gene, and will never control the economy in their community.

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      • “They will most often use you, or destroy you or boycott you because they feel that your life and my life is cheap but White and Asians are bigger, better, and all the round more professional even when it is clear that they hate you. This is what I always saw when I was in USA.”

        As the old adage goes, “The White man’s ice is colder”; the same can be said for Asians, too.

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    • BA,

      I must say that as of recently there has slowly begun to be a shift in African thinking towards the Chinese especially in light of this supposed COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ and how Africans have been maltreated in China:

      The so called black-brown alliance is a myth, a few years ago when a drunk Eastern European dude decided to smash my front porch window claiming that he was trying to enter my house to ask for directions to his street(I know, it makes no sense whatsoever), it was my white next door neighbours who came to my assistance, the Pakistanis living across the street chose to watch from their windows, they did NOTHING for me.

      This is why as much as I ride on certain white contingents for their racist positions, as I stated before the racism from other non white groups against blacks is far worse.

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      • @Verbs
        My backyard faces a house full of pakis. And let me tell you this. They are worse than the pookies and Ray Rays when they have their little parties. I dunno what makes these people think they’re better than black people. Maybe they’re all permanently high because their whole country smells like Jenkem. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      • Black Caesar,

        What makes me scratch my head is the fact that Captain Snowy brought about India and Pakistan(once upon a time both land masses were one, there wasn’t a border). Yet with all that being said both Indians and Pakistanis as collectives majorly bootlick whites, I believe the elite Indians have breeding parties in which Indian women will have sex with blonde hair, blue eyed white men because just like the black witch they want lighter skinned children believing that the lighter their offspring are, the closer they’ll be to ‘godhood’, smh.

        In all the skullduggery that has been done to them by white vs blacks having done nothing wrong to them at all, both groups without hesitation will still form a confederacy with Lord Lime over black people 10 times out of 10, make that make sense. The black man in their eyes is evil and cursed having done absolutely nothing wrong to them, yet Shea Whitey despite his innumerable transgressions against Indians and Pakistanis gets a clean pass, that behaviour sounds very familiar now doesn’t it?

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      • @Verbs
        Breeding parties? Lmfao
        The funny thing is when I was in school it was mostly white. And one constant was the completely merciless ridicule of Asians and east Indians. The teachers never stopped them either. They didn’t publicly ridicule black ppl like that. I wonder if these bootlicking races know whites are laughing at them behind their backs.

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      • Black Caesar,

        The Negro male has the strongest and most robust DNA on the planet, however because many non blacks obsess over being as light as possible so that they can follow in the footsteps of Lord Euro(the man of the so called moment), they’re hedging their bets on the wrong team. No other group of people could have gone through all that we have and survived, NONE.

        You already know about India and the cast system they have, like the East Asians the lighter skinned Indians in particular obsess over white men hence the breeding parties. Either yourself or somebody else mentioned the fact that their honorary white card privileges are currently being revoked in the same manner as King Cold is handing the black witch her divorce papers.

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  6. Here is another instance where a black man beatdown a white man for allegedly calling him a nigger.

    I have a different take here: Once the white man said he was sorry, the black man should have backed off.

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    • It has been three years since I’ve seen another black American and it is a reverse culture shock to see that his pants is hanging off his ass! Why in God’s name do they do this?

      Wasn’t this the homosexual style many years ago? No one wants to see the same underwear you’ve been wearing for three weeks in a row!

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    • BA,

      I question whether the white guy called the pant sagging dude a nigger because the first thing that white dude said when punched is “what did you do that for”. I feel that something else is going on here though without more background, it’s hard to come to a solid conclusion.

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      • I, too, cannot come to a definitive conclusion. Initially, the victim asked why he was being attacked. Later, he apologizes. I cannot call it.

        Macy’s said the attack was unprovoked. They came to that conclusion after viewing their surveillance footage. However, they didn’t disclose if their surveillance system captures audio information. Again, I cannot come to a definitive conclusion.

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  7. Where do I fall?

    I believe in the whole “sticks & stones” idea; the only time I believe that physical violence should be employed against someone is when THEY throw the first punch. After that, then all bets are off.

    Sure, I’ll call out someone that uses a racial slur against me, and sure, I’ll want to punch their lights out–but I must think about the potential legal ramifications…

    …but there is the “fighting words” doctrine.

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  8. @B A

    “Three years, huh? How did you pull that off? ”

    Simple, don’t live in countries where Blacks/Africans or Westerners in general frequent! I can assure you in Post Soviet Union or Almost All of Eurasia, you will see NONE. I have seen some African Men in Tbilisi, Sakartvelo (or ‘Georgia’ in the English language) from Nigeria maybe, but they usually mind their own business as they are often here on (SEX) tourism with locals and Russian women (ALL of the African men I see here have non-African girlfriends). I don’t watch TV or Hollywood nor do I read Mainstream News.

    I am an Asiaphile so I am always watching Korean/Japanese/Chinese Dramas, reading events that is going on in Central Asia, more specifically Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. I met with alot Arabs and Iranians (There are ALOT of them in this country) and just learned how to cook Arab food and I cooked alot of Thaifood with a Thai girl I was recently dating. My Japanese friend and I do alot of Artwork and we talk about traveling in man countries. My Sister, Olga, is Vegan. She taught me how to cook some Russian vegan dishes and now I am eating a hell of alot more healthy than eating fast food. (Unlike the USA where it is cheap to eat fast food and expensive to eat healthy, In Post Soviet Countries, it is a HELL of alot cheaper to eat healthy and expensive to eat out). Now that My Russian has improved ALOT, I am watching old Soviet Movies. My sister, Olga, suggested me to watch a movie called “Три плюс два” which is “Three plus Two”. Now I am looking into other things about Russia that I am taking an interest in!

    I do not keep up too much with what goes on in the west. And now It is like I have completely lost touch with USA and feel like I am an estranged foreigner because of how much I have been exposed to different ethnic groups, languages, mindsets, religions (Ever heard of Tengrism?), and so on. Things that would blow your mind away if you were to experienced them in person. I am also more socially free to be myself! Once you come to the Eastern Hemisphere, you are a blank slate. Your identity is what you make it. You will be far less judged by locals because of what you choose to wear, eat or do that is something different where they expect their kin to act a certain way. So because of this, I have gotten into things and done things that would be considered “Cultural appropriation” by western social justice ice cream warriors. Once I got this freedom, I have grown very far apart from what is considered “Normal” by Western Standards.

    The only exposure to things I have from the west are places like here, Slaying Evil, a blog called “Anglobitch”, my favorite News Journalist “Andre Vltchek” and a small number of trusted sources I have. That is why I was shocked when it was either you or another poster had told me that June, MY birth month, was the month of the LGBTs. I had NO idea that there were massive protests and looting in the USA until I actually spoke to an old friend who lived in my old neighborhood who told me what was happening. If Verbs and other posters did not mention about this George Floyd death, I would never had known up till now. I am completely lost and out of touch on what goes on in the USA with only a few pockets of things here and there that let’s me know only the most important events.

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    • I continue to say that you are living the life. You have totally divested from this bullshit. You are experiencing different cultures. And you are interacting with decent people, who judge you based on your actions, and not your skin color.

      I wish I had traveled when I was younger, and migrated from the West, which is weird, because my parents were travelers. My father lived in Nigeria for a while, studied in London, and died in Canada. My mother traveled to no less than five countries. I took my first vacation in 2013, in my late 30s. I didn’t take my second trip abroad until 2019. Before this Chinese virus struck, my plan was to travel abroad, every six months.

      I got caught up in the American Dream bullshit– go to school, get a high-paying job, strive to climb the wage latter, take on debt (mortgage and car note), and work endless hours. In other words, strive to be a wage slave. Man, I really fucked up by drinking that Kool-Aid.

      If I were not a father, I would have shed my debt and material possessions to become a nomad. In the meanwhile, I am using this time to prepare for a nomadic life after my kid becomes an adult.

      I am tired of the Anglosphere and black American culture. I am sure you can relate having been there yourself.

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      • Generally, In a normal circumstance, NOT in a COVID Lockdown, You can leave the west, and never have to return even once. Simply do visa runs, get long Business Visas or get a permanent residence. When I was in Central Asia, I would just do Visa runs all throughout the region. If you run out of pages, you can just go to the nearest US consulate, request a Passport Re-newal, pay the $110 fee and come back to pick it up 4 to 7 days later. Official work, tourist and businesses visas work the same but it all depends on the country and consulates of the country you are trying to enter. When I used to cross the border from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan, The whole staff and military knows me and always ask “Ah! Hopping the border again, eh?” .

        but due to bad politics, and this pandemic going on, this is now impossible in 2020. Consulate of other countries are closed or their visa regime is closed until after the pandemic is over because their main concern is to help their citizens of their own country. The extremely bad news is, some Americans may face deportation BACK to the USA because of this COVID-19 ban. As an American citizen, we are banned from Entering the EU. Russia is refusing admittance, (so that means I cannot see my sister this year..) and several other countries in the world are responding to trumps Blockage of foreigners entering the country so those countries are banning american citizens in return.

        Most of Asia, from what I read, are refusing admittance. Nearby Countries, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan are closed because they are apparently undergoing 2nd wave of cases. So I cannot enter and do a visa Run (Visa Run is a term in which one exits and re-enters a country, sometimes on the same day as to not break visa over stay).

        There is a Map from this page Here:

        and here is a bigger picture here:

        in Georgia, you have up to a year visa free. But I do not have much time left. If Nothing opens up before, I will get Spartan kicked out.If I had stayed in Kazakhstan, I would had been deported back to the USA the moment the country opened up. Kyrgyzstan, if I am not mistaken was one of the countries that Trump officially banned foreigners from entering the US because they are largely a Muslim populace. So in retaliation, Kyrgyzstan had banned foreigners from entering without proper visa FROM the USA.

        “*I got caught up in the American Dream bullshit– go to school, get a high-paying job, strive to climb the wage latter, take on debt (mortgage and car note), and work endless hours. In other words, strive to be a wage slave. Man, I really fucked up by drinking that Kool-Aid.*”

        All Citizens, Born in the mainland of the USA, has been brainwashed by this propaganda. USA has the most powerful propaganda machine in the world that no other country can compete with it. It is so powerful that millions of foreigners all over the world have been indoctrinated by this dream so badly that they become radical americans living in foreign soil. Just like you, I have been easily been brainwashed in the American Dream bandwagon. Had it not been for my exposure to Far East Asian Culture, I woud still had been on that bandwagon.

        “I am tired of the Anglosphere and black American culture. I am sure you can relate having been there yourself.”

        Oh trust me, I know exactly how you mean! My worst fear is being deported BACK to the USA and then getting STUCK because of some bogus new Marital Law, lock down, or because far too many Americans are laving for greener pastures and The governments wants to cock-block our freedom to travel and live else where because only “American” freedom Is the true freedom…

        Usually if you get deported from a country, they send you to another country nearby. Sometimes you can choose where to go. You never have to be sent directly back to your country if it is going to cost them an arm and a leg. If it is cheaper to send you across the border by taxi to another country where you can freely enter without a visa, they would happily send you there. But it also depends on WHY they are deporting you.
        But in this case, Since most Countries are CLOSED, where else can you go? And thanks to this pandemic, I have been financially bled dry because my work place got shut down! If you ever get deported back to your home country, you can just leave again some where else provided you have the money and proper visa. but US is showing it’s Authoritarian and Tyrannical self as of 2020, you just never know what will happen….

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      • Good information to know. Thanks.

        Finance are a major concern when traveling abroad.

        So, you sister lives abroad as well.

        Based on what you wrote, it looks like your involuntary repatriation to the U.S. is highly likely. That sucks.

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  9. I have no issues with this at all! It’s nice to see black men standing up for themselves and not taking disrespect. Black men must be respected and it’s time they take it back by any means!

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  10. That is one clap star! So disrespectful. I don’t think that the black guy should defend the man at all but anyway. Listen here. When I was reading the article I was thinking that why the Chinese is is in Africa? And then it hit me. I think it’s financially opportunity. For instance look at how many weave shops the Chiney man has and they make a lot of money of it. Now I know that there are weave being sold in West Africa but if I Chiney ever opens a weave shop, the money he will make. Some Chinese people can be racist and you can’t defend that shit. Now on the article, it says that the Chinese are setting up police stations in African countries. I was thinking what?

    It seems like colonization like the Europeans did but it’s the China are just taking over. You know that they are taking over Jamaica as well. I was watching a video on Facebook. You know chicken foot soup? Well the chicken foot come in a packet. I heard that the Chinese are kicking out black people out of Africa, so why African people don’t kick the Chiney man them out of Africa?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night, hold her close tonight. You know something. These ricecels are nothing but beta males like these male Karens we see in the street. I love the Asian action movie and the Asian women are beautiful but these ricecels are nothing but bigots.

    Enjoy your weekend guys


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  11. I haven’t handed money to an asian in decades. Recently, I had to go to the dentist. Here, dentist offices advertise themselves with american sounding names, but when you arrive all the doctors are asians. On arrival, my dentist was a korean, and predictably, he had an attitude. Unlike let’s say, white people, the blue collar asian and the educated asian are all the same. I walked out, went home and booked a different dental office.

    I saw all I needed to see of koreans — and their simple minded, white-worshipping notion of what it means to be black — when I was younger. Started with an open mind, and now I would applaud if they all croaked and went straight to hell.

    Of course, the black bitch will take all the abuse she can get from koreans and go back to hand them more profit, for dumb shit like weave. Now, a lot of young black bitches are even into “kpop” — that cheesy, unoriginal, derivative, infantile, soulless shit that is the best koreans can come up with musically. Black bitches “stan” for korean culture precisely because koreans treat them like SHIT, much like they stan for italians. Their favorite kpop stars regularly call them MONKEYS online.

    …But if a black man merely commits the crime of dating out — or even just looking like something some other women might want — it’s all about hate on sight for all black men and #abortblackboys.

    This is just more confirmation that these crusty-footed fat sour tatted hos are NOT MY WOMEN. Koreans can do whatever they want to these bitches as far as I’m concerned. Me — outside of Asians IN ASIA, I don’t hand money to asians. Period. Asians in Asia? All well and good. But in the US, there’s no way I would hand an asian profit on american soil, knowing how robotically and reliably anti-black they are. I ONLY spend money where black people can work — even if it’s just the black bitch working there. I know there’s no future for black people, but I’m still not going against my principles.

    If black people don’t work there, I don’t spend money — and I have ZERO respect for black people ready to spend their money in places black people can’t work.

    You feed it, you breed it. Black people continually demonstrate the WEAKNESS that keeps getting them conquered and raped, by ignoring the evidence of their own eyes when it comes to the nature of white-worshippers, such as these simple-minded knockoff nazis known as asians.

    Big props to the black man that pimp-slapped some sense into that MONKEYISH slant.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Ok Guys,

    No one has said anything so far. SoI guess I will be the one to say it!

    I understand that the topic/context of this post is about not letting Asians and other non-black men disrespect you (Thinking) Black men by letting them treat you with disdain. Arabs, Indians, East Asians and South Americans are certainly far more racists Whites (Anglo-Saxons) and brutal towards black men. I get that and that’s ok, cool, all fine well and done with sugar lumps on top! But if smacking or using psychological attacks is something you are willing to do to non-Black men, Are any of you guys gonna do the same to OTHER Black men and most importantly BLACK WOMEN?!

    I mean, Blacks are the MOST disrespectful and have disdain towards Black men, especially towards thinking black men. You may say that these other non-black men are brutal and abusive and have poor social practices against Black/Africans. But who are the first terrorists that we’ve all encounter in our childhoods? Who are the first people who we really deal with in experiencing extreme forms of racism even before you are born? Black Women! Most especially Black women!What I mean is, Blacks (Women), especially in America (I cannot speak about the UK) and I know for a fact Jamaicans and some Africans, will be the first ones to call you Nigger until their heads explode!

    They will openly call you Punk, Faggot, Gay, Homosexual, No-Swag, Uncle Tom, Oreo, Acting White and all the names under the sun! They will psychologically attack you and if they don’t like you, they’ll; call their Prison Veteran 3rd baby daddy ‘B1g Gunz’ to come and fuck you up for no reason because you winked at at White girl. Unlike non-blacks, Black women, will Rob you, and your Business, Steal your children and brainwash them to turn against you if yo have kids with her, Slander you, Use the White cops to beat you up, Burn your business down or shoot your business down, #Metoo you and the list goes on. It is a straight up Gender war with black women against black men. Simps are no different. Pastors/Preachers are no different!

    I mean It’s not like Asians and non-Black men are walking around purposely antagonizing (At least not in America) black men by just walking up to you and saying “Yo, Nigger! Yo’ Oreo ass Looks like a Monkey!!” I am 100% with all you all about not taking shit from Non-Asians, but Why stop with them?! NO ONE should be disrespectful towards ANYONE!

    So, If a black woman in this Anime, like this woman here @00:17, spoke to you like this, What would you do?

    Liked by 3 people

    • I’ve called my “mother” a nigger bitch to her face and dragged her deadbeat ass for 20 years straight.
      I got enough smoke for everyone.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Carnio SYSBM,

      It seems to me that you’re predominantly talking about black women, they are the ones who in the majority of circumstances are disrespectful towards black men and this is exactly what SYSBM was created for. Free thinking black men already have tools in place to deal with dysfunctional black females and their pro black female simp flunkies, however black women and their foot soldiers are not our only adversaries, we also have to devise strategies in dealing with the hostile and racist non black element.

      Agreed, dysfunctional blacks(mainly black women are the main ones who will give free thinking black men the most trouble, however racist non blacks don’t make distinctions between good black men vs the trash either, they see us all as one group, therefore they must be taught that there will be serious consequences for following through on such though patterns.

      What about black women, that sounds like “white women do it too”. I understand that you have a fondness of East Asians and their culture, however you have to understand that the feeling is not mutual.

      I have absolutely no love for the Chinese whatsoever, they are the most racist towards black folks out of the East Asian crew, Koreans and others East Asians are can be racist towards blacks, however their racism is not as militant as the Chinese Communists, they are more laid back towards blacks.

      At some stage I want to visit a few East Asian countries, however China will NOT be one of them. East Asian women are cool and as it currently stands overall are the best women to pick as long term companions, their male counterparts however are far from cool.

      Liked by 3 people

      • “I understand that you have a fondness of East Asians and their culture, however you have to understand that the feeling is not mutual…….”
        As an AMERICAN MOOR, I could care less if the feeling isn’t mutual….I really don’t. I like what I like and i go for it period point blank, entertaining the motion that I should care slows that process down….I don’t like slow, I don’t do slow. Its all about the BLACK MAN, full speed ahead!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  13. “I mean, Blacks are the MOST disrespectful and have disdain towards Black men, especially towards thinking black men.”

    Nope. Absolutely not.

    In my long experience, black men are some of the most polite people in society — to everybody. You’ll get the crazies, you’ll get the criminals, you’ll get pookie & ray ray, but drive along slow, you can generally expect a polite response in any interaction with a black man, and I daresay, even nonblack people can reliably expect basic politeness from black men in return for basic politeness.

    That’s been my long experience and long observations.

    Black women, without knowing shit about you, are impolite and spiteful. Asians (men and women), hispanics (men and women), and middle easterners (men and women) are people who you would not be wrong in predicting a negative experience in any given interaction. These groups are petty and spiteful toward black men and believe there’s nothing to lose in being so. (Sadly, they’re mostly right about that last point, with how WEAK, mushy, unresponsive, and easily divided black people seem to want to be under the mindless matriarchy.)

    White men and women are a mixed bag, though that changes over time, where you are, and what ethnic/socioeconomic group you’re dealing with.

    Liked by 2 people

    • @yesindeed

      I am rarely disrespected by black men, even gangbangers. There are the one or two feminized pavement monkeys who do but they’re most likely copying their mothers.
      Black females on the other hand are the most anti-black male people on the planet. No one comes close.
      To put this into perspective, when I was in school I never had a single white person ridicule my black features (esp hair when I wore a small afro). That came exclusively from JAMAICAN BLACK FEMALES.*

      *Is it any wonder why Jamaica and Nigeria are the two skin-bleaching capitals of the black world? Is it any wonder why Marcus Garvey had to take his operation to the USA after he came to the conclusion out of his own mouth that Jamaicans darker than he was thought they were white? Is it any wonder how the actual Stepin Fetchit had a JAMAICAN BACKGROUND? LMAO

      Liked by 3 people

      • “*Is it any wonder why Jamaica and Nigeria are the two skin-bleaching capitals of the black world? Is it any wonder why Marcus Garvey had to take his operation to the USA after he came to the conclusion out of his own mouth that Jamaicans darker than he was thought they were white? Is it any wonder how the actual Stepin Fetchit had a JAMAICAN BACKGROUND? LMAO”

        Jamaican women are the most evil of all the different breeds of black women, hands down!
        I had no idea that skin bleaching was a popular thing in Jamaica though.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Carnio
        💯 💯 💯

        Oh skin bleaching is huge in Jamaica. I believe there’s a documentary about it on YouTube. Is it any wonder why Jamaicans are still living in the same corrugated sheet metal shacks that you see in those films from fifty years ago? All they do down there is try to kill as many of each other as humanly possible while Chinese stroll in and takeover. If it wasn’t for reggae music which I love I would be completely and utterly ashamed to be of Jamaican background.

        Liked by 1 person

  14. As Black Men we have to realize that we are all we got, and this weekend I read some good news that Black On Black crime has gone down tremendously. The world is jealous of us because we are creative and we love being Black Men, I personally think of ALL the demographics on the planet the Black Man is the only one that 100% genuinely loves being a Black Men which is why we are hated on so much even by our own so called “women” whatever we do the world tries to emulate including these black bitches. My advice to Black Men is to arm yourself and watch A LOT of survivalist videos and buy equipment, shits about to get real in the not so distant future, the only person you should worry about is YOURSELF Black Man, the Black Woman betrayed and left you a long time ago. #SYSBM

    Liked by 4 people

    • Absolutely 100% right. People hate the fact that we’re comfortable in our own skin and have our own often-emulated soul power. They wish we felt the same grudge and envy and obsession toward them that they have toward us.

      Liked by 2 people

  15. @Verbs

    Yes, my comment was geared most specifically towards black women and her simp militia. The black simps are the black men I am specifically talking about among black men hence why I mentioned Simps and Pastors/Preachers. When these Simps see that SYSBM men or general normal black men, who are, not “on code”, they sound and act exactly like black women.

    These are black women apologists who also will start crap with you if they don’t see that you are not walking on your knees behind a 350lb Black Walrus licking her snail trail, so they feel the need to go out of their way to “check your (black) privilege” or “Black limus test” you to fall in line. I think these guys should get knocked out too. In the video you posted in reply to me, 4 black women robbed that shop. I bet if they were caught and arrested, the simps will come out to the rescue and bail them out and condemn anyone who criticised them for their actions. Normal black men wouldn’t .and obviously SYSBM wouldn’t.

    all in all you are correct, this is like the “White women do it too” , and the reason why I feel this way is NOT to deflect from the non-black men who antagonize Black men, at least it is not my intentions. it’s the fact that black women are the first of all groups of anti-black males who has actually done the most damage and destruction and continue to get away with it. At least with non-black men, just like that fella who punched that chinese guy in the face , They can get punished. You can beat them up, you can financially cripple them, you can sue them or what ever it is you like to do with them,ie what ever action it is they do to black men, black men have the power to inflict much more damage to them in retaliation.

    But black women, always seem to undo the good that black men build for themselves. If a black women instigated trouble with a non-black male, for example, she would expect ALL of us to get angry and beat him up. yet, when an actual black male wants to defend his OWN dignity and respect for himself, without the involvement of black women, we do not deserve it without her permission. The second african guy stopped the first guy from beating up the chinese guy. Had this been the reverse, ALL of the chinese would had jumped him. This is the same in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and probably Kazakhstan.

    If that chinese guy was selling weaves, and then got punched by that african guy, I’m sure black women would had been in there jumping and beating on the african guy. If black men got called “Monkey” by a white guy and the black guy went to attack that white guy, i’m sure there would be a black woman or two who would had jumped to protect that white guy. There was a picture of a black women protecting a white guy who was wearing a confederate flag, while a group of black men was confronting him from what it looks. Every time black men rightfully claims his respect, black women (along with her simp militia) shows up and takes it away!

    Yes, you are correct! Putting up the Antartic-ice-cold Great Wall of Silence is the best and the only way into dealing with black women and only deal with non-black traditional women who love and support you. But to what extent, how long do black men have to keep ignoring black women, who keeps undoing everything positive that they get for themselves, until they finally snap and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”? How many more abortions, incest rape, destroying their sons lives is it going to take before they finally get their due punishment? It seems like each and everytime when something is about to happen where black women are about to get rightfully judged, they seem to always slither away…..Trump gets elected and was going to take away Section 8, they got saved, he re-attempted, they got saved, He shuts down the government, they got saved, COVID-19 happens, they saved yet again.

    My “White women do it too” was a statement backed by frustration in seeing how they are the most protected class of people, along with LGBT, on earth (in the USA anyways) who seem to literally get away with murder while at least with non-black males they can easily get dealt with with a hot iron fist. I am impatiently waiting to see what happens after elections in hopes that black women will finally see the end of their regime!

    PS @Black Caesar
    I agree with you 1000% about your earlier comment in attacking non-black men using psychological means!

    Liked by 2 people

    • @Carnio
      Even though I do not identify as a SYSBM I am glad the SYSBM community exists to distinguish thinking black men from the niggas. I have nothing to do with the black community so by default I have nothing to do with black women. I do not claim garbage like black women just because of the melanin wasted on their worthless asses. Just because we were cursed with such disgusting examples of humanity let alone femininity doesn’t mean I have to accept that curse. Black men have done nothing to deserve such crap. No one will ever shame me into dealing with one. The only purpose they serve is to mass produce the manufactured race known as “NIGGERS” at the behest of her white masters. The pavement monkeys who are nothing but prison fodder. The black woman’s purpose is to perpetuate white supremacy, period. The white woman is nowhere near the white supremacist that the black woman is. Show me the black woman who stood in front of a man man between him and a line of riot police. I can show you at least one white woman (built like a woman and not like a football player like black women) doing just that.

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  16. Glad to see Sum Yung Gai getting his ass handed to him. I’m also glad to see more, but not enough, African countries giving these Chinky Dinks the middle finger, and especially rebelling against these vaccine talks.

    The number of Asians you will see in the hood selling weave and other geechee essentials is astonishing. In Chattanooga alone, there are tons of them selling wings and chicken in the hood, and negroes can’t get enough. Now that’s a damn shame that BLACKS of all people are paying ASIANS, as well as Arabs, to eat CHICKEN. The irony is as thick as a QUEENIE’S weave.

    As mentioned, white racism at this point is a distraction, as the number one groups that poor blacks in the hood will encounter are Asians, Indians, and Arabs. Said groups can’t stand blacks, but use them to name a quick buck. And make a quick buck they will, as blacks are more than willing to give it to them. Meanwhile, a black man trying to run an honest business can’t get a pat on the back. Hell, he could open up a clothing store, and hood boogers would come in trying to buy stuff with food stamps.

    That’s where that “we’re all in it together” crap comes from, non-blacks as a whole are used to domesticated blacks who need them for everything. That’s why they push this unity crap, they don’t need us, but we are useful. Likewise, if we finally admit that we don’t need them and start doing for self en masse, they lose their chattel. Either way, I’m no ones nugu.

    Liked by 4 people

    • afrofuturism1,

      I keep it real about who I am. I am an ADOS Black Man.

      In theory, I should have a greater ability to find common cause with black people from Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Canada, and Europe, as opposed to non black people.

      We all know that this theory doesn’t hold water very well. You see, I can choose to be part of a Pan African cohort, or not. But, being an ADOS Black Man is just a fact of my existence, whether I like it or not.

      Liked by 3 people

    • @afrofuturism

      And that’s the way it will stay forever. Black people can’t even fight for their own freedom but have to outsource it to non blacks. There are fat more non blacks marching for black lives than black people. Black people do not have the entrepreneurial gene. They also lack the gene of autonomy. The best we as thinking black men is embrace ourselves being the bugs rather than the features of black society.

      Liked by 3 people

    • “The number of Asians you will see in the hood selling weave and other geechee essentials is astonishing. In Chattanooga alone, there are tons of them selling wings and chicken in the hood, and negroes can’t get enough. Now that’s a damn shame that BLACKS of all people are paying ASIANS, as well as Arabs, to eat CHICKEN. The irony is as thick as a QUEENIE’S weave.”

      That’s one of the major things (of many) that alienated me from black bitches once and for all — a full-on army couldn’t stop them from running to hand profit to disrespectful devils such as koreans. That’s a major thing that let me know there’s something fundamentally different about me and these fuckin people. These bitches could watch a korean spit in their children’s face and still go hand the critter profit, for really stupid shit like weave and nails — and then call black men “the weakest link”. That shit is straight abomination. I have no patience or forgiveness for it.

      Liked by 3 people

  17. Why do words bother you so much? How does being referred to as a monkey get you so upset that you want to put hands on people? Some people are assholes and they will be disrespectful with their words. Fact of life. But it’s an extremely feminine trait for a grown man of any race to not be in control of his emotions. As long as people don’t get in my personal space they can say whatever they want. As a matter of fact I prefer they show their true feelings. Get it all out in the open so there are no surprises down the road. My father always taught me that unless somebody is threatening me AND is in a position to be able to carry out that threat that I can just keep my hands in my pockets. A lot of you need to learn to control your emotions instead of letting your emotions control you.


    • Derek,

      It always tends to be the people who don’t have to deal with constantly being disrespected that are the first ones to accuse those that do of acting feminine when they choose to physically deal with those who are disrespecting them and have been for some time.

      That Kansas City shuffle won’t work over here, additionally emotions have their place and are not lost/out of control just because an individual chooses to teach a lesson to a disrespectful individual.

      Trying to shame a group of people who are constantly being disrespected by others out of finally giving their adversaries some just desserts, nice try but you failed.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m Black. As a teenager and as a 20 something year old adult I have been called a nigger. But I know I’m not a nigger. Do you? You refer to your lack of self control as teaching your so called adversaries self respect. But you can dress it up any way you’d like. Your words are empty and meaningless…just like monkey and nigger. People who constantly FEEL so easily disrespected are usually the same people who lack self esteem and confidence. Those are the people whose parents have failed them.


      • Derek,

        If you wish to adopt the position of a good little slave then by all means enjoy yourself, just know that those same Asians if you referred to them using a racial slur would not hesitate to bash your skull in and spill you blood all over the street in order to teach you respect. White people calling me a nigger and monkey is very different from other non black folks doing it especially Asians, there is no white guilt with East Asians.

        Continue to give those who would openly disrespect you a pass, because the favour will NOT be returned, by taking no action you only encourage these racist retards to become bolder and bolder with their insults, disrespect and brazen racism, smh.

        Liked by 1 person

  18. I haven’t had a racial slur used against me in over 25 years. I haven’t been called anything derogatory(in my presence) in over 20 years. So if you’re being constantly “disrespected” then maybe you need to take a long hard look at yourself. As a younger person I carried myself differently and hung around not the best people/situations. But I guess I had to grow up and mature before I learned to drive in the right lane. Maybe once you grow up you’ll stop feeling so offended by total strangers.


    • Derek,

      It isn’t just overt disrespect, it’s also the covert form which from the sounds of it you aren’t experienced in very much if at all.

      You’re too busy focusing on the “nigger” and the “monkey” calling that you’ll completely miss the slick, under the table, not so in your face racism and disrespect.

      This is what being a mature man is all about, noting disrespect that isn’t obvious as well as disrespect that is. I see covert disrespect and racism all the time, I would suggest that you open your eyes and begin looking at the world from a realistic standpoint rather than a fantasy one.

      Liked by 1 person

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