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  1. Verbs you said it earlier on and I struggled to believe it, but I’ve finally come round.

    The whole Rock’n Rolla virus doesn’t actually exist.

    Moreover, the intense fear that the World’s media have put in regarding this has fuelled Rock’n Rolla virus hysteria.

    Spiritually speaking: any idea can take the form of a giant energy bubble if enough people feed into it. Then the bubble starts hooking in those same people that fed into it. If they start thinking that they’ve caught it, guess what? One bad thought becomes two, before it starts descending into a full blown symptomatic condition. People can literally think themselves ill. I fell into that trap back in March before I quickly corrected myself.

    Have you noticed how some of the draconian measures are no longer in force? People are no longer feeding into the Canola bubble with fear, which is why we got the pathetic small scale “terror attack” and “reports of a second wave” thought seeding. The media are begging for your attention.

    The government got your DNA swabs for free, they marshalled you in like a masked flock of sheep and because we all tranced out on Canola fear, we did everything that they told us to. Except they can only try that scale of magic trick once before it gets found out.

    The antidote? Tune out the media, de-stress a bit and sit out in nature for a while. Then ask yourself: Where’s tha Canola at?

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    • Michel,

      As soon as the mainstream media began stoking the fear flame for COVID-19 I knew that this so called killer virus was all fake and this was even before I began looking into the science and the history of it, the only difference this time is unfortunately they’ve been successful in getting the entire world to shut down. I don’t watch mainstream news, thus already I was automatically inoculated from the witchcraft and the sorcery ie the continual propaganda.

      Notice how throughout this entire hoax the police have NEVER practiced social distancing at all, it was only recently that the BTP began wearing face coverings on public transport. The police have always been bunched together spanning the entire period of the so called ‘pandemic’, what, is COVID-19 a respecter of people in authority, “ok, you’re a police officer, therefore I won’t infect you”, are we supposed to believe that?

      One thing people must do is process reality based upon what is actually happening around themselves instead of what the mainstream media is trying to get them to believe, I never saw mass deaths around me at all, from when this plandemic was first rolled out, when I went out into the streets apart from the reduction in people and many shops being closed, it was business as usual.

      There are innumerable inconsistencies with this so called Coronavirus ‘pandemic’, yet the sheeple as per usual fell for the Okey Dokey. I seen so many people change around me for the worst including people I know because of the unfounded fear that has been placed into them by the Lamestream media. Indeed, I see the current distractions that they’ve been conjuring up in their cauldron including this ‘second wave’ garbage, there wasn’t even a first wave to begin with.

      Now I see in the near future according to the scriptures how the overwhelming majority of people will readily accept the mark of the beast thus casting themselves into eternal damnation, smh. This COVID-19 scamdemic is nothing short of a live exercise/experiment on many, many fronts:

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    • To add to what you said on the spiritual aspect, Proverbs 23:7 says that as a man thinks, so is he; scientifically speaking, when we have certain thoughts, the brain will send signals to every cell in our bodies based off of those thoughts. This is why it’s important to abstain from negative thoughts because we’re hurting ourselves the most in the end.

      It really grinds my gears knowing that the lamestream media is continuing to lie saying that cases are on the rise; for example: https://news.yahoo.com/amphtml/record-high-coronavirus-cases-reported-194105184.html

      “Theatricality and deception are powerful agents.” – Ra’s Al Ghul

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        That Ra’s Al Ghul quote is a timeless classic. So many folks were tricked and bamboozled by this COVID-19 hoax and the mainstream media were the main ones stirring the cauldron full of spells and deceit.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    Last night I was in Broomfield Park in Palmers Green and I walked past this black couple and the black woman gave me a very dirty look and I responded back in kind. Black women these days really hate black men and this particular situation justifies the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 38.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      And they wonder why more black men are choosing to date out. Which black men in their right mind are going to deal with a group of women who have no problems openly vocalising and demonstrating their disdain and deep seated hatred for them, I’ll wait? I see the same thing you do, the fallout of these same black women dealing with dickheads but then attempting to project the negative behaviours of those guys onto decent, forward thinking, intelligent black men. Let them continue to deal with Slim Sauce and Lil Gravy because that’s all they deserve, alternatively black women can pick men from the multitude of simps they’ve created.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and that’s the reason why black women are the least picked women on the planet due to their foolish, rude and idiotic behaviours that they put out to the world.

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  3. Good morning, SYSBM brethren; this is a video I had initially watched prior to posting about Candace Owens’ rant on why she isn’t supporting George Floyd:

    I decided to watch this for my own edification due to my father, being a staunch conservative, turning off the video before I had a chance to hear the host’s commentary; the first thing he said was that you never hear Black women like Mrs. Owens speak up in defense for Black women like Breonna Taylor or Sandra Bland because then she’d have to acknowledge that racially motivated police brutality is NOT a myth. We as SYSBM practitioners know the real reason is that the daggle worships Captain Lime and won’t speak on his brutish behavior, but WILL speak on the brutish behavior Black men exhibit towards Black women; Candace did this with bringing up George Floyd’s act of pistol whipping a pregnant Black woman, but ignored the dirt on the officer who killed him or the other officer who had a rap sheet of his own.

    SouFlo also pointed out the plethora of White men bigging her up in the comments on the Facebook video chat; it’s not uncommon to see White men commenting on the videos produced by Black conservatives. The host even had an SYSBM “moment of clarity” in stating that you’re better off dating a White woman if you consistently run into Black women like ‘Coondace Owens’; in other words, SYSBM is imperative for the thinking Black man! Oh, and this notion that Black people are unique in that we uplift the criminal element of our communities is half true; we know very well that it is solely Black women who love these thugs, and they would be marching for George Floyd right now if it weren’t for his White fiancee.

    Candace showed her true daggle self through her talking points in that video, and she is looking more like the Black feminist witch we rail against for her treachery to her men; as SouFlo said, date out if you’re constantly running into this type of daggle, and as always, SYSBM.

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    • It’s not about that black bitch, Candunce Owens. It’s about conservatism and it’s anti-black strain that has infected both white conservatives and black conservatives alike that fuels Candunce’s comments (yes, I know liberals have a less virulent strain of anti-blackism. But the issue is about the conservatism at the moment).

      Although I have more conservative values than liberal values, you will never see me aligning with conservatives or the Republican party, because I can’t apply enough pressure on my nose to withstand the stench. I will stand on the side that says, fuck both parties and ideologies.

      What’s up with the conservative tactic of bringing up a person’s past to justify their extrajudicial killing?

      George Floyd served his time for his violent crimes. As far as I am concerned, he has paid his debt to society (and he did not repeat the same violent crime) and the debt plays no role in his extrajudicial killing, NONE.

      Have you ever noticed that when a black man seeks an opportunity after committing a crime (e.g., Michael Vick), or is killed (e.g., George Floyd), conservatives (mainly white folks) want to deny him an opportunity to earn a living, or receive justice posthumously, respectively? Why is that? Anti-blackism.

      However, these same conservatives have a problem with people who bring up the past of memorialized white men as justification for removing their statues. Can you say hypocrisy?

      I don’t like throwing around the term coon. But that bitch Candunce Owens and her sidekick Brandon Tatum are fucking coons.

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      • B A,

        I agree with everything you said; I just wanted to highlight how Candunce Owens’ rhetoric sounds no different than your typical stragg.

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        But of course she sounds no different than your typical stragg, because just a few years ago, she was the typical SJW scragg. Being the grifter that she is, she switched political ideologies to swindle a buck. Despite her flip-flopping, she was always a bedwench at heart.

        Mind you, there’s a distinction between a black women who dates and marries white men and a bedwench. The former is rare and the latter, in comparison to the former, is plentiful.

        Further, the bedwench is virulently anti-black man; whereas the black woman who dates and marries white men is ambivalent about black men, because she is focused on her life.

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      • George Floyd didn’t deserve to die, but he wasn’t a saint by any stretch of imagination. Both of those things can be true.

        With that being said, Candace Owens should’ve just kept her mouth shut and not said anything.

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      • Hell, I will go as far as to say that Floyd wasn’t even SYSBM. Although I am not SYSBM, I have read the tenets, and I don’t see how SYSBM can even claim him. SYSBM members aren’t out here passing counterfeit money. But I digress.

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      • This isn’t about George Floyd!

        Just because he had a criminal history doesn’t spare any one of us from EXTRA-JUDICIAL executions. The problem is the so-called “law and order” people who do not believe in due process for black people.

        Was Tamir Rice a saint?

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      • “Have you ever noticed that when a black man seeks an opportunity after committing a crime (e.g., Michael Vick), or is killed (e.g., George Floyd), conservatives (mainly white folks) want to deny him an opportunity to earn a living, or receive justice posthumously, respectively? Why is that? Anti-blackism.

        However, these same conservatives have a problem with people who bring up the past of memorialized white men as justification for removing their statues. Can you say hypocrisy?”

        ….oh TRUST ME, we have noticed…and yes, hypocrisy runs rampant within conservative circles.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      Yet more information coming to light which further illustrates just how dodgy and repugnant Black Lives Matter is as an organisation, it was never created by black people to begin with, however it has no problems using the deaths of heterosexual black men to forward its LGBTQP agenda.

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      • I believe I asked someone on KID ORGANICS channel to give me a name of at least ONE BLACK MAN who had anything to do with the creation of BLM……..I’m STILL waiting. I tried to school people on BLM YEARS ago, they ALWASY SHOWED UP, TO SHOW OUT, but nothing real EVER came of all their grandstanding. Well, its 2020, and they are STILL at it, only NOW, people are starting to see the real BLM for what it is, a political wing of the democratic party led by black lesbian feminists protected and shielded by simp ass daggles; all of who are doing the biding of white people who could give a DAMN about real equality, or freedom.

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      • 1000%, when over a dozen mostly Black Men are murdered in Chicago, where is BLM with a national protest about that? They barely had anything to say about two Black men who were hung under suspicious circumstances in the high desert.

        Two Black men snatched off the street, hung in trees and they want to call both of those suicides?

        White Supremacist live in these areas. Conservatives who love to claim they are about law and order sure don’t like to point the finger at the obvious when it looks like them.

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    • This is how you know Negros don’t read; Karl Marx was wholeheartedly against the abolition of slavery, yet they’ve committed themselves to his way of thinking.

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  4. Hello gentlemen. I hope everybody’s been doing ok on here. It seems like forever since I’ve posted on here. Some of y’all might remember me, some of y’all won’t. LoL
    I see a few famillar faces on here & a few new ones.

    All in-all, keep up the good work.

    And like the old saying goes: “The revolution will NOT be televised!!” The SYSBM is a REAL movement. Real cats move in silence..

    That BLM is bullshit… that’s why its being televised LoL…

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      • @ Verbs They can’t stop the truth… Crazy how all of these “queans” that hate black men were out in drones at those protests. In that hot weather not designed for these land whales. Sweating in those ugly weaves, claiming they “just love them some black mennnnns!” Those protests were nothing more than a photo-op for these cum bags, since we all live in the social media era. I guess they took a few selfies with some hashtags & felt like they made a difference haha!!!

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      • 3rd Leg,

        The black witch will cease upon any opportunity that will bring her some form of attention, including and especially concerning the deaths of heterosexual black men at the hands of white folks and the police. Black women just like their white lord and saviour Captain Lime are NOT genuine, they always do things having a dark, malevolent ulterior motive. Where else have you travelled to bro?

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      • Verbs…

        So far I’ve been to France, The Netherlands & a quick un-expected trip to Italy. More on that Italy trip another time, LoL plenty of time for stories.. Havent made my way to London yet, your old stomping grounds LoL. But I plan to see London & maybe beautiful Switzerland. Once the “plandemic” is over with LoL. I’m just glad I got to see the world in 2019 before this all this crap. That’s why I was MIA like that…

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      • 3rd Leg,

        I remember when I went travelling from 2014-2016, two years of a bliss stress free life. And to think we have Negroes out here going out of their way to disparage and discourage other black men from getting their passports and travelling, I’ve already gone up against 2 of these shines in debates. How in their right mind would attempt to shame somebody for getting a passport and seeing the world, only in the so called ‘black community’, smh.

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      • @ verbs

        Only black folks… SMDH

        LoL But for real I felt that hate for many moons just by me talking about travelling. The open-minded brotha’s were 10000% behind me of course, cause they wanted to escape these land-whales also, or they already traveled & wanted to see me enjoy success as well. And they are still proud of me haha..

        Buuuut, the Pookies & Ray-Ray’s were against me, just like the DaQuisha’s & Shannitha’s were.

        “Why you wanna go over-sea’s for?? It’s dangerous!!” These recent killing by the cops have proven that’s its not safe for us black men anywhere anymore. Especially in the U.S. Buuuut the hood is brain-washed to set each other up for failure. And in Pookie’s mind: “Fuck y’all niggaz for enjoying life & stepping up to that next level. I cant do it. I don’t wanna do it. So I’m gonna stay stuck in the hood my whole life & hate on any brotha making progress…”

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      I’m not dealing with a woman who can so easily roll the word nigger off her tongue, we call these black sirens out all the time for engaging in this disrespectful nonsense, white and other non black women will NOT be getting a squeeze saying the word nigger either.

      The black dude dealing with her is a damn fool, what’s he laughing for? This is most certainly NOT a representation of SYSBM, as per SYSBM Tenet Number 3, we’re all about forming unions with HIGH QUALITY WOMEN, the chick is not quality at all.

      At the same time when certain white folks see blacks using the word nigger amongst themselves, this sort of behaviour is to be expected. Once upon a time most black people looked upon the word nigger as a serious offence, nowadays the black witch has injected the regular use of that word into the black lexicon, yet the female version of the same(nigress)has purposely been omitted from use, how convenient.

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      • “At the same time when certain white folks see blacks using the word nigger amongst themselves, this sort of behaviour is to be expected. Once upon a time most black people looked upon the word nigger as a serious offence, nowadays the black witch has injected the regular use of that word into the black lexicon, yet the female version of the same(nigress)has purposely been omitted from use, how convenient.”


        I wanted to say that BLACK women use and call black men “Nigger” ALL the time! Yet none of these people EVER make videos or articles about this! Black women openly disrespect black men, calling him faggot, gay weak, and Nigger, and I Never hear these simps, or these modern day internet “montel”s say anything about it. In fact, SlayingEvil was the first and ONLY blog I have seen all over the internet who has called this out! Not even KKK members or racists red necks in the swaps call black men niggers in the number of times black women do. In fact, Tyrones, if they really respect, do not call yo nigger even though it is part of their vocabulary and they fling out the word like they breathe air. But when a Tyrone actually respects you, and sees you are not apart of the degenerate low-class culture, he refrains from calling you that word, as per my experience.

        Oh but NOW when it is a White woman doing, we must stop the whole internet and make a huge stink about it. My beef is not so much that she said the word, it’s the fact that it is ok for black men to be disrespected as long as it is a black woman. When NO ONE should be this disrespectful in this context! This is a low key attack on SYSBM movement. They want closely zoom in or monitor every interaction a black man has with his non-black girlfriend and shriek like crazy banshees for every mistake she makes versus the openly dysfunctional blatant disrespect to black men by black women, and then everyone is as quiet as a mouse inside a church!!!

        I am not saying what she did was right and I am not defending her, but I think they are blowing this way out of proportion when black women INDEED call black men NIGGER ALL THE TIME! and no one, NO ONE has anything to say about this! In terms of their relationship, well hey, it’s their relationship.

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    • I don’t know how the relationship dynamic is between these two, but I personally wouldn’t tolerate my White girlfriend using any kind of profanity or racial slurs; it’s probable that it was said in jest and he saw no issue, but I wouldn’t allow it (especially for a video on a public platform).

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    • There are two types of black men who date and marry white women. Those who degrade themselves and are soooo happy to have a white woman, and those who refuse to tolerate disrespect.

      Having said that, I not going to allow anyone to call me “nigga” or “nigger” regardless of their race. The white woman in the video was a little too comfortable to have said that publicly. Yes, I know she didn’t say it with malice (she actually said it as a term of endearment), but it’s a bridge too far for me.

      A pro-black, such as Phil Scott, should be the last person criticizing the video, because pro-blacks are the ones who made the term “nigga” as an acceptable term of endearment.

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    • he needs to go hug his badly built Mexican he married and call it a night. The same people he was trying to be in line with turned on him as soon as they saw what color his wife is.

      YT is a very hypocritical place not only for whites but ESPECIALLY american black people. I never saw so many 6 figure american pro – black men and so many 10 black women in my life in one place.

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      • “YT is a very hypocritical place not only for whites but ESPECIALLY american black people. I never saw so many 6 figure american pro – black men and so many 10 black women in my life in one place.”

        LOL…thanks for sarcasm. Hey, it’s the Internet. People can be anything they want…

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    • I will make this REAL simple….if the WHITE WOMAN i’m dealing with ever called me that EVEN IN JEST, I’m BANGING HER LIKE A SLUT PORN STAR and then dumping her ass. That’s what you do to white women like that, treat them like sex objects and move on….QUICKLY.

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  5. The black collective writ large hates SYSBM men. As a matter of fact, the black collective hates any black man who rejects the black matriarchal subculture. Black people are the only group on this planet that wallows in, and relishes and glorifies a matriarchal subculture.

    Black people as a group, are dead last in achievement in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Technology, Medicine, Software Development, Government, Administration, Wealth Creation, and Civic Culture, to name a few. Much of the reason for all this, is that black people have decided that they want to exist under a matriarchal social order.

    No group whose culture is a matriarchy, has ever lead the world in wealth, achievement, and power. And no such group ever will.

    White racists, from white liberals to the most virulent right wing white supremacists, promote the black matriarchy. This is because, matriarchy is the most effective and efficient method of controlling the entire black collective. The matriarchs control all the simps and the rest of the collective. The white supremacists control all the matriarchs.

    The black simp enables and empowers the matriarch. Without him willingly accepting his role as a simp, none of this would be possible.

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    • “Black people as a group, are dead last in achievement in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Technology, Medicine, Software Development, Government, Administration, Wealth Creation, and Civic Culture, to name a few. Much of the reason for all this, is that black people have decided that they want to exist under a matriarchal social order.”

      As much as I hate that fact, I cannot disagree with it. It doesn’t have to be that way, because I have come across a few black people who were the smartest person in the room, LITERALLY, regardless of race.

      For example, I work in technology. When I was in the Army, in Iraq, the Army would literally fly a Cisco engineer (CCIE-certified) from North Carolina to Iraq to troubleshoot a network problem, because nobody in the room could fix the problem and there were plenty of smart people present.

      Unfortunately, he is few and far between. Based on the conversations I had with him, and the way he carried himself, I sensed the man wanted nothing to do with the black community. So, guess who he married, and guess where he lives? His choice, which I cannot blame, represents a “brain drain” that leaves the black community in an underachieving lurch.

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      • The brain drain is obvious as the nose on your face. The real economic damage is all the Beckys leaving the middle of the country and deep south for the Northeast and West Coast. That leaves many working class White men with a smaller pool of women to choose from and with that comes violence…

        The main reason for the whining and moaning is the simple fact that Lack women by and large cannot use marriage as wealth creation tool.

        When Umar Johnson and other Pro Blacks ask you to marry a Lack women with kids is to help them become middle class at the very least.

        That is the nice way of asking. They can’t force you to or can they? They use coercion instead…. Mostly through social media.

        I’m not sure if it’s working but none of the less they still try.

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    • Brothersdanunlimited,

      As per usual the black witch contingent cannot be satisfied. These sirens wanted him to go for a used up, ran through, darker skinned black woman because you already know that this is the main group complaining about his choice.

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      • @brotherdanunlimited

        When it’s homos, lesbos and trannies, it’s “Love is love!” and it’s “Nobody’s business!” When it’s a heterosexual black man of apparent faith going for a young, GORGEOUS, lighter skin female, all hell breaks loose. The hypocrisy and jealousy of the disjointed black wench is part of the reason brothers are heading for the exits.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Agreed, everybody feels that they have the right to stick their noses into the dating and mating affairs of heterosexual free thinking black men, the black witch especially, smh. Houston did very very well, unlike the angry and bitter black sisterhood I’m very happy for the man.

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      • @Verbs2015

        It’s as I have said on a Facebook thread: These broads would only be happy if Mr. Houston wifed up some Gabby Sidibe looking troglodyte that has legions of STDs and bastard babies.

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  6. Does anyone have any academic papers or dissertations filed at universities on black woman’s pathology due to her use of weave and perms. I have been studying said behavior i can only find opinion pieces and no scholarly papers of work on the subject. So if it is psychoanalysis, sociology, anthropological, or psychiatric work cited it would help. I looked online at the research portal for scholarly works on black female hair at my library and found nothing, it is closed along with my university library. There is no mention in the DSM 4 or 5.

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  7. I won’t dismiss Corona as a hoax, I know two people who had it and had a close friend pass away from complications from same (blood clot).

    Do I think it’s a pretext to enact martial law, willfully cull the population and push the NWO on us i.e. Agenda 2020, yes.

    I knew even before COVID-19 that America in particular would try to lock down travelers to prevent an exodus or brain drain. I always thought Trump’s metaphorical “wall” was not to keep Mexicans out, but to keep Americans in. Plenty of whites within the desired economic demographic have left America, disgusted with Trump.


    Right when “Passport Bros” and “SYSBM” reached critical mass on social media, the USA stopped issuing new passports, allegedly due to COVID-19, but really to stop the brain drain especially of able-bodied, economically desirable young Black men i.e. trying to force the productive C.J. King types to stay on the plantation against their will to serve as human batteries for a Black Matriarchy that does not even find his type sexually attractive.


    Of course somewhere between the reality and the conspiracy theories lies the truth. I put nothing past the English-speaking West at this point, particularly Satanic America and England.

    SYSBM fellas!

    PS: Excuse me in advance if this post comes out wrong, I’m using HTML paragraph breaks to place the links and you can’t edit on here if you mess up.

    PPS: 3rd Leg, welcome back!

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    • @ Schad

      Hello man!!! It’s great to be back!!!!! 🙂

      Glad to see you’re still doing your thing in this insane world… And I agree with you over that passport thing. I’ve been telling cats for over 6-7 years straight: “Get your passport before something stupid happens!!” Buuut its too late cause most dudes are hard-headed & now must remain stuck in their predicament…

      And R.I.P. to your friend, I’m sorry to hear about that… 😦 😦

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      • 3rd Leg,

        The very cats with the means and wherewithal to raise up, get a passport ($145), and actually fly out of the country ($900-$1500+) are the ones with the resources coveted by broke babymama Shaniqua. In her perfect world she can somehow siphon $$$ from the productive guy a.k.a. “lame” and go on raw-doggin’ 6 Foot Pookie with the tattoos at the same time, eventually foisting her bastard kids on the “lame.” The Black Female Welfare State needs fodder like the CJ King type to survive even if she despises a Black dude with his shit together.

        Too bad dudes didn’t get while the gettin’ was good re: passport, oh well. Everybody’s not gonna make it in this war. I on the other hand can move at will.

        Stay healthy out there brotha. And as always SYSBM.

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      • I’ve had a passport since 2007. The problem was it expired, in difficult financial position, taking care of my ailing parents, etc. So when I was in position to renew it, I read that same story, not on the Time website, somewhere else.

        The State Dept is in Phase One of reopening, taking the oldest request first. I ran into the same thing at the DMV, I couldn’t get an appointment so I waited in line for 2.5 hours….

        Anyway you’ll be able to get it renewed soon.

        You can always walk across the southern border of the US, the problem is returning if you don’t have your passport. Even if it’s expired, chances are you will still be able to return to the country. Hell even if you are stuck overseas, you can go to the US Consulate office in that country and get a plane ticket home. They will confiscate your passport and buy you a ticket. They aren’t looking for the cheapest ticket either, so you’ll have to pay that back, a small fine and pay to have your passport reinstated to use it again.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      The people you know probably passed away from other underlying issues but COVID-19 was put down on their death certificates as the cause of death. I posted this video before, there is a set procedure that must be followed in order to identify any virus and prove that it’s causing the illnesses claimed, these protocols were NOT carried out in the case of COVID-19, thus it was never proven to exist from the beginning yet alone be causing any sickness in people.


      As I stated before, you don’t need a virus to cause people to stampede in fear and panic, the perception of a boogie virus being somewhere out there is sufficient enough to get most people to forfeit their liberties in the names of health, wellness, safety and security. Let’s not forget the blatant fudging of the Coronavirus death figures:


      Presidents and Prime Ministers must continue to act as if it was real because if the people found out that this entire pandemic was staged, countries would literally be on fire and riots would’ve broken out way beyond the ones we’ve just had.

      I’m still going to stand by my position based upon the evidence, it’s a hoax, one on such a monumental scale that has shut down the entire world.

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    • that racist asshole women from the Cincinnati Reds my brother to this day refuses to go to a Reds Game. He loves baseball even played it in college but will go to a St. Louis Cardinal or Chicago White Sox game

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  8. Grandparents:

    Man, I tell you. I think grandparents love their grandkids as much, if not more, than the grandkids’ parents. Case in point, I got a Father’s Day card in the mail from my ex-wife’s mother wishing me a Happy Fathers Day. I sent a text in acknowledgement of, and thanks for, the card. She replies, thanks for doing a great job raising my granddaughter.

    Speaking of grandparents, I have seen them allow grandkids get away with shit that their own children would have never gotten a reprieve…lol.

    Remember the bitch named Casey Anthony; the cunt who killed her own daughter? Well, it was the deceased daughter’s grandmother who alerted the authorities. Grandmothers care!

    Hell, my daughter’s grandmother checks up on her more than her own mother. Go figure.


    I have been using some type of grocery delivery service for the past two years, well before COVID-19. I chose to pony up the extra money, because, again, well before COVID-19, I seized any opportunity to practice social distancing while in America. The only time I socialize is when I travel.

    Well, prior to COVID-19, most of the people who delivered my groceries were immigrants. Presently, I am seeing more and more black women delivering my groceries. It’s no big deal, because I have a box in front of the garage for them to place the groceries and leave.

    Biden’s VP Selection:

    Word on the street is Biden has pared down his list to two women, black women. Kamala Harris and Val Demings. Biden is ahead in the polls presently (wasn’t Clinton leading Trump in the polls, in 2016? But I digress). I suspect that if he picks either candidate as the VP, the polls will have Trump and Biden in a statistical dead heat.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I had no idea about this incident which took place over a year ago, a black security guard was shot by the police simply for apprehending another man who’d shot up the club he was working at, that’s deep:

    Liked by 3 people


    Thanks to Kiri Jones the Daggles narrative has been nuked back into the stone age.(Link Below)

    Their hilarious, pathetic and desperate narrative is that only Black Females are marching in the BLM protests and “Becky” will never March for Black Men.

    Well of course we have EMPIRICAL evidence to the contrary.

    The numbers show that Black Men participated in the marches FAR MORE than the Daggles. Also, the numbers show there where FAR MORE white people marching than black people.

    The Majority of the marchers where…YOU GUESSED IT…”Becky”.

    Black Men and white males marched more during the night while White Women marched more during the day.

    So “The Transcontinental WHORE…AKA…Synthetic G, Pissie…sorry…Chrissie and Paris”Booty Lips”Milan told the Daggles to hang up their capes, stay home and let “Becky” march for Black Men.

    Well, “Becky” did just that, WORLDWIDE… in extraordinary numbers from the UK to Paris, Germany, Spain, Canada and even Seoul, Korea.

    As we #SYSBM brothers have always said, the Daggles are our enemy, an inferior grade of female and this article backs that up!

    So fellas, the next time you see Lee Pong karate kicking a Daggle in her neck at the weave shop or Bottom Shelf Brad jumping off a lamp post in a Dallas parking lot landing “The People’s Elbow” to the top of a Daggle’s skull like WWE “Hell in a Cell”…SMILE…give them a slow clap👏…AND KEEP WALKING!

    Our capes are hanging in the closet freshly starched and will only be used for women who love and respect us like the aforementioned White, Asian and Latina Women!


    New Report Reveals Demographics of Black Lives Matter Protesters Shows Vast Majority Are White, Marched Within Their Own Cities


    Liked by 6 people

    • #TeamWhiteGirls,

      5-star post right there sir. These black hoes talkin’ ’bout hanging up their capes, yet they are the main ones crying to be pRoTekTeD, make it make sense.

      Like you said, we will protect the ones who love and respect us. My red cape flaps in the breeze for Asian and White women only, and THEN only the one I’m with at that time. “Strong,” “stunning,” “brave,” and “independent” black hoes are on their own. Let the simps she raised, or the Pookie she’s actually fu***** protect her.

      Liked by 5 people

    • #TeamWhiteGirls,

      Grand slam ! You knocked it out of the park with that post. I’m still amazed that a black simp can thirst for these nasty black scraggle daggles. And I know they do, because I see it all the time.

      These simps would tongue kiss these nasty scraggle daggle whores, knowing these whores had their tongues deep to the hilt in bottom shelf Brad’s shitty asshole, just an hour ago. Sometimes I get very graphic. But I’m just telling it like it is.

      I don’t know who is the biggest biohazard, the black scraggle daggle whore or the black simp. The black scraggle daggle whore licks bottom shelf Brad’s ass, and the black simp licks it by extension, when he kisses the scraggle daggle.

      All the young brothers should realize that when they see a black woman who swirls, nine out of ten times, her tongue has been in bottom shelf Brad’s asshole.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. @Carnio SYSBM

    I find it strange and hilarious that Phil “THE SIMP” has never done a video about any of the Daggles below….

    Dreams about white boy degrading her



    Wants to be tied up and called nigger


    Black whores want to be the white man’s slave


    Has feelings for white boy who calls her nigger monkey



    Mixed chick wants to be white mans whore


    Daggle loves to race play with white boy

    Start @5:04 on YouTube Video below:

    Liked by 4 people

    • That was a very high IQ level post you just did! I didn’t even think about that! You just proved my point that this is an attack on SYSBM movement because black women have been doing way dirtier thrash, that is, embarrassing themselves, embarrassing black men and embarrassing black folks overall, but everyone always go “Color Blind” When BW do it. When something does happen, even remotely something so small or miniscule, the whole of the community has to sound the fire truck Sirens when black men do it!

      It is just like the white MSTOWs (Men Sent Their Own Way) and Incels complaining about when Men and women do the same crime, the women get lighter sentences, but when it is with a man, he gets over killed in punishment!

      This just further proves that the black community is indeed very misandric in which when both genders do a “Crime” only the males are the ones held completely accountable and the women will get a lil’ tap on the ass and walks away! in terms of the Tik Tok video about this couple, you probably had to search very loooooong and hard to find something like this. The majority of Tik Tok and even Youtube videos, when it is in the theme of interracial couples between black men and white women 99% of the time are always in a normal healthy relationship. However, you can EASILY find black women/White Men relationships in the same dysfunctional relationship as the norm!

      Hell, I don’t even watch porn, but think of this! When you hear the word “Interracial porn” what’s the first image that pops in your head? Automatically it is Black Men/White Woman! When you type it in a non-filtered search Engine, Even foreign search Engines (Like Yandex (Post Soviet “Google”) and Naver (South Korean “Google”)) You always get images of BM/WW engaging in NORMAL activities. However, When it comes to BW/WM more often than not it is always in the theme of slavery-esque, degrading activities. Verbs posted a video of a skraggle eating the waste of a white man! (I REFUSE TO WATCH THAT CLIP!!)

      Yet NO ONE has anything to say about this? The Hammer needs to me slammed down hard on the Black women non-accountability specialists!

      Liked by 5 people

      • Carnio SYSBM,

        I didn’t watch that defecation clip in its entirety either. I played the first few seconds when he told the heifer to open her mouth and I stopped it right there, I couldn’t go any further. Black women now involving themselves in SCAT activities just to please Lord Lime, smh.

        Liked by 4 people

  12. “Synthetic G Told Becky To Ride for BM …. #RideBeckyRide #SYSBM”

    As I said before White Women have our backs and called the Daggles bluff and are showing The Demon Daggles how to fight for their man.

    BGS did a great job of laughing at that clown. So what will their new narrative be since this one has been blown out of the water?
    #Team ❄🐇

    Liked by 4 people

  13. It’s time to pull triggers. All guns blazing. Right, listen here. When a black man who is heterosexual, ambitious and carry himself, everyone is against him. The white beta male known as Karen is against him, the simps is against him and most of all black women are against him. They don’t want to see the black man happy. But when a black man is feminine, homosexual and fruity, they like that. When they see a black heterosexual black male, they have a huge hate for him but not the feminine black man. But the thing is this. Thinking black men will defend themselves from the hater. They will start on the male Karen who suffers from road rage, the give logic to the ratchet black woman which she hates and they will eat these simps alive.

    Since I become a blogger and created Money Cultural, I wasn’t getting any kind of hate until now because I was talking about the things going on with black women, the simps and other things and we attack for it. My best friend from Kingsbury said that I will get hate and he was right about that. Every time I see a black woman with weave in her hair me and other black man wonders do they even want us if they are trying to get a white man by wearing this weave? Remember, black women spend over seven billion pounds a year on buying weave and they are getting bald from this weave. And then they complain of black men being with non black women.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night. Whisper sweet nothings in her ear and make go weak in the knees. Big up the S.Y.S.B.M as well.


    Liked by 2 people

    • @ Glen

      These BW land-whales are always living in a non-stop fantasy world!! They don’t really want a “good man” they really just want an ATM machine with legs to support her tribe(s) of bastards kids!!

      Liked by 4 people

  14. black misandry on display

    in Kitchener, Ontario about 1.5 hours away by car (2 hours by bus/train) west or north west of Toronto

    Hate crime unit investigating anti-interracial marriage posters circulating in Ontario’s Waterloo Region

    KITCHENER — Flyers condemning interracial marriage have been circulating in Ontario’s Waterloo Region, and police say their hate crime unit is getting involved.

    A photo of one of the flyers surfaced on social media earlier this week after they were reportedly mailed to people living around Wilfrid Laurier University.

    They show a photo at the top of a white woman and a Black man smiling for the camera, but the text below alleges “negative consequences” of interracial marriage.


    Liked by 2 people

    • The Beat Man,

      For some reason that news outlet decided to blur out the words on the flyer, however Verbs did his own investigating and found an unedited picture that folks here can look at. Colonel Oats really believes he can stop the SYSBM Express which is already chugging at full steam, lol:

      Liked by 3 people

      • Ah, the good ol IQ argument– If you can score high on test with puzzles, somehow you will have greater opportunities than someone who can’t solve puzzles.

        The trick to scoring high on an IQ test is PRACTICE and KNOWLEDGE. There isn’t any genetic inherent ability unless you were born with mental retardation, or down syndrome.

        If a culture doesn’t value education and place emphasis on athletics and entertainment, then of course they are going to score low on an IQ test, DUH.

        Liked by 3 people

      • @B A
        I had so many articles and links to peer-reviewed studies, including ones from Yale University, proving that IQ is no measure of intellect that I had to sort them in their own separate bookmark folder in Firefox along with links to BM+WW couples to destroy white men online. 😂😂😂

        It has long since been established that IQ is based on access to education which in turn is based on access to resources. And even then there are exceptions. I by no means grew up even middle class but I never met any pigskin anywhere near my intellectual level. LOL

        IQ to white men is like a firearm. Nothing but substitutes for sexual inadequacy.

        Liked by 3 people

    • @TBM


      Oh these pathetic little soy milk fed white boys.
      Their numbers must really be falling.

      White men
      Black women

      The only two people who have to shame to get a date.🤣

      Liked by 4 people

    • Waterloo region has much bigger problems than being bothered by some small scale mail shots. Better GO train services for one 🤣

      You can tell the Canola virus hoax is over because Captain Maple, Lumberjack Lee and Craft Beer Cam are back wasting precious paper displaying their projections out in the open. They’re truly feeling the heat of being slowly wiped out of existence (just like they did to First Nation tribes everywhere). We’re in this together, right? We can’t blame them for the past, right? Let’s move on, right???

      If Maple Leaf Mike wants to talk science and intelligence, why is it that rallying hard against BM/WW couples gets you exactly what you feared the most? Answers on a postcard to:

      The Interracial Big Bang Theory
      1414 Snowbunny Avenue North

      Liked by 3 people

      • @Michel


        I dunno too many ppl who’d commute from Toronto to the Grand River region. Maybe for UNI but I dunno if GO service there matters. I’d rather they keep bumping up service in the GTA. GRT already has a new LRT. Speaking of that area, I’ve only been through there twice but got a decent amount of looks from girl-next-door type of white girls that you’d find in those places. I can see why Kitchener Kirk and Cambridge Cam are big mad. 🤣🤣🤣

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yeah. Kitchener used to be called Berlin, ON because of the German community there. Since I am 1/8th German that probably explains the looks I got. 😎😎😎🥴🥴🥴🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Years ago I could have snapped up a mostly French speaking QC girl. That is what I keep telling BM that will listen, stop worrying about the small minority of women who won’t date you because your Black. Black women won’t date you because your Black. You can still WIN, ignore the noise and go where you are wanted.

        Liked by 1 person

  15. Here we go again, and to think that we’re told that there are ‘good’ police officers in the force, really, where are they?

    That sounds exactly like the good black women argument, both fail to speak out against the bad apples of their respective groups making them NO GOOD by default:

    Liked by 2 people

    • I have always said most cops are bad either by action or inaction.

      Show me the “good” cop who reports the actions of a bad cop, unbeknownst of a video of documenting the actions of the bad cop.

      A few years ago, we saw a Charleston, SC cop, shoot a black man in the back, and plant a taser on his deceased body. Another officer, an black officer, probably of the Brandon Tatum type, went along with the lie that was in the police report.

      Liked by 4 people

  16. I just finished listening to two academics, T. Hasan Johnson and Tommy Curry, discuss black men’s thought on the protests. While I was listening, I thought– “Now, that how academics behave. Instead of the History major who makes goofy ass videos about black men to pander to black bitches.”

    The video is pretty lengthy. I suggest listening to it while doing some other activity such as working out:


    Liked by 1 person

  17. Seeing all this and the mess in the world. I just want everyone to understand I wasn’t always a hateful man. Unfortunately the culmination of my life experiences, the way I was treated by society and others like me, even those with the same skin colour as me and much more and recent events has even made more of a hateful man that I would rather walk away and disappear for a few years. In my 22 years of life I’ve seen and experienced a lot to the point I’m not impressed. I’ve always been a doer but there comes a time enough is enough. I’m just going to see how all this nonsense plays out not lift a single finger to help.

    I don’t believe in begging, I believe charity begins at home but unfortunately a lot of black people are brainwashed by both the political left and right who are playing games and we have to deal with traitorous women it seems we have no allies. If I had the resources and what not I would declare war on both the left and the right as they’re 2 sides of the same coin. I don’t know what the future will bring but we have to do right for ourselves regardless.
    It’s shame racism still exists unfortunately I’m not convinced by anyone trying make right the situation because if society wanted to racism would’ve been dealt with decades before I was born. In my opinion society has gone about this policy of whataboutism instead of focusing on the main issues. This is me just speaking from a UK perspective in general.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. Moral Dilemma:

    As mentioned previously, last month, I was terminated from my job with an hour’s notice, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Needless to say, I had a range of emotions from shock to anger, because just the week prior management said our team was safe.

    As I thought about my time with the company, I remembered a year ago people were leaving at a high rate. At that time, I thought about leaving myself, because I could have commanded a higher salary, but decided against it. I later learned that everyone on my team, except me, received a “retention bonus” as an enticement to stay with the company. My supervisor attributed this snafu to a “system glitch.”

    At the time, I wasn’t angry, because they said they were “working on it.” As the year passed, I inquired about the status of my retention bonus. The answer was always, “they are working on it.” It got to the point where I stopped asking, and later forgot to inquire further.

    After my termination, I remembered that I never received my retention bonus, which really made me angry. But what could I do about it? Nothing at this point. I am no longer an employee.

    Last week, I got a call from the company’s IT department to coordinate the return of my company-issued laptop. They sent me a UPS box to return the laptop. When the box arrived, I packaged the laptop and placed it in the corner, with plans to drop it off at the nearest UPS store this weekend.

    Just this evening, my mind returned to the retention bonus that I never received. Then I said to myself, “I got my severance, I got my last paycheck. I really don’t have to send them the laptop.”

    My termination letter states that I am to receive my last paycheck and severance AFTER I settle all accounts and return all company property. I guess they experienced another “system glitch,” Since I received my last paycheck and severance BEFORE returning company property, I am inclined not to return the laptop.

    Liked by 1 person

    • BA,

      “I later learned that everyone on my team, except me, received a “retention bonus” as an enticement to stay with the company.”

      I read your post. On the surface it seems like you have a slam dunk case in court, should you choose to sue. Please explore your options. Consult with multiple attorneys. There are many attorneys who offer free initial consultations.

      Research what governmental entities exist to provide remedies to people like yourself, who have been racially discriminated against. Start with the federal EEOC. Your state probably has an EEOC agency as well. Do not be discouraged if the EEOC is not very helpful. Trump is president and the Republicans control the US Senate. The federal EEOC is more responsive when Democrats are in power. But it cost you nothing to contact them. If you get an attorney, your attorney might be able to get the federal EEOC to adjudicate your case after the the inauguration of a new president.

      There is a world of difference between how federal EEOC cases are handled by Democratic and Republican administrations. Republicans tend to be hostile to the EEOC. Democrats are more likely to pursue justice for you.

      It sounds like you have a very strong case. Pursue getting your retention bonus as well as compensatory and punitive damages against this company. Should you prevail against this company, they will be responsible for any and all legal expenses.

      By all means, return their equipment. You don not want to give them any counter arguments against you, should you pursue a legal course of action against them.

      Please keep us posted.

      Liked by 3 people

      • AmericanBlackman,

        I don’t like letting shit go when I feel wronged and have a legitimate grievance. Having said that, I contacted one of my former coworkers, and he confirmed that he indeed received a retention bonus and was given the choice of receiving cash or stock. I wasn’t given any choice, and transactions such as that requires a signature.

        Having said that, I decided to contact a lawyer.

        I will give updates in future Open Mic Wednesdays.


    • BA,

      I have some more advice that might be useful. You were terminated last month. If you haven’t done so already, apply for unemployment compensation. Do it today. You can do it online.

      Right now, you will get your state’s weekly unemployment payment plus an additional $600.00 per week from the federal government because of COVID-19. If you are in a state like Massachusetts, that can amount to $1400 per week if you don’t have kids. The Massachusetts maximum unemployment payment is $795.00 per week without kids, plus the additional $600.00 per week. If you have kids, the Massachusetts payment can be as high as $1195.00 per week, plus the additional COVID-19 $600.00 per week. You must file before July 31, 2020 to get the COVID-19 $600.00 per week payment.

      It doesn’t matter if your company says that they terminated you. Simply dispute that with your state’s unemployment office, You can claim the termination was unjust, or was done because of COVID-19. You will always be awarded your unemployment claim, unless you were terminated for doing something illegal, such as stealing.

      You have rights and you have options. Many times brothers are not aware of their rights and options, so they don’t use them. Look, we play by the rules within the system. We pay taxes to the system. So it is incumbent upon us to use the benefits of the system, when we need them.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Bro I am sorry to hear that I literally was just studying Title 7, Yes the EEOC office locally can help. If you can not find one go to a FHA office and ask for information on job discrimination. They have quite a bit of forms similar to EEOC and they can reference you to a Claims officer. I know FHA is for housing but it also deals with discrimination and can be more discrete than going into a EEOC office. See what they have and if you wish to proceed then do that. Keep your head up big bro. I respect you bro.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Black Caesar,

      Africans walking straight into the fire once again, it’s just South Africa at the moment, I do know that many African leaders as per the article have been very outspoken against the trials, we’ll see if they stick to their guns or change their minds when some money is offered to them. Kudos to Nigeria for turning this garbage down, my people have some sense at least. Here are some connect the dot videos that tie all of this in:

      Liked by 1 person

      • @Verbs

        It’s just so obvious at this point. The “elites” are slipping. As soon as Bill Gates showed he ugly face and then the news started talking about how black people are disproportionately affected by COVID I knew this was BS. I personally believe in the virus but I don’t believe it is affecting black people. It is mostly killing whites and jews. That’s why I believe it is divine judgement. And they’re big big mad. You know white people. If they die everyone else has to as well.

        Liked by 1 person

      • “Kudos to Nigeria for turning this garbage down, my people have some sense at least.”


        I didn’t know you are of Nigerian ancestry. As a kid, my neighbors were Nigerian. They could cook a mean fufu with goat meat..

        Are you Yoruba, Igbo or Hauser, and do you speak the dialect?

        Liked by 2 people

      • BA,

        I’m Yoruba. Unfortunately I don’t speak the language. I used to eat fufu however I stopped years ago when I began eating a lower carb diet. Goat meat is still cool though.

        Liked by 1 person

    • You would think the vaccine would have been administered to the places that COVID-19 curve is very steep (i.e., the U.S.A., China, Russia, and Brazil).

      Do they ever get tired of being dominated, you ask? It doesn’t look like it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • @B A
        Well white people told them to be Guinea pigs. To the average African and Carribean calypsonian, it is as a command straight from the mouth (and hypodermic syringe) of God.

        Liked by 2 people

  19. Hey y’all… it’s time to WIN!!!
    Are your pieces already on the chess board?? GOOD!!!

    Now just play the game. Whether you’re playing an intense fast-paced chess-game, or a slow-paced methodical chess-game. Guess what??

    The end results are always the same: SYSBM victorious!!

    [Mortal Kombat voice]


    Liked by 3 people

  20. Gentlemen,

    This video right here is why I have no problems openly declaring my ultra deep disdain and hatred for homosexuals and all related branches, just like feminism they seek to totally dominate anybody who is not “down” with their program. If the Most High gave me the supernatural power right now I wouldn’t hesitate in bringing judgement upon the sodomite’s head.

    It’s funny though, the same black women who are agreeing with the preacher in 2020 are the same ones aligned to homosexual groups like BLM and are the main ones aborting unborn children at astronomical rates as well as trying their utmost to promote and push the LGBTQP agenda deeper into black society, smh:

    Liked by 2 people

    • @verbs

      I refuse to watch that. I know LGBT is just a stepping stone to their goal which is the ability to rape children from the minute they come out of a mother’s womb. I am letting that community know that if and/or when it becomes legalized, at least one of them will die by my hand. I’m not waiting for god with that shit. I will not stand idly by waiting for god while some poor child is crying because some disgusting European or Kike wanted to get their jollies.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Black Caesar,

        I found it interesting that when the pastor was reading out their Sodomite manifesto, it was mentioned how they would get certain heterosexuals to carry out their bidding, in other words those who are homosexual supporters and advocates but not homosexuals themselves, sounds very familiar doesn’t it?

        I really don’t understand how any heterosexual individual can give this group a centimetre yet alone an inch. I’m in your camp, neither myself nor my future children will ever accept the LGBTQP agenda and anyone of them who attempt to bring that abominable filth in my direction by force once legalised will be ‘dealt with’ by my hands.

        It’s funny, there was a man from the US who passed away in 2016, Jack Chick, author of the world famous Chick Tracts. He produced a tract called Sin City back in 2001, read it and tell me that we aren’t close to what was depicted and written:


        Myself and a close friend years ago were out and about and unfortunately we had a first hand horrific experience of sharing a train carriage with a bunch of Sodomites, we’d forgotten that there was a pride march that day in an area we were passing through.

        Thank goodness we only had to travel a couple of stops. That homosexual spirit is a nasty, vile and extremely evil entity.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Verbs

        I remember those chick tracts! Wasn’t there one about the origins of the Catholic Church and how they’re in cahoots with Islam?
        Anyway, just be glad you don’t live in Toronto. Toronto’s claim to fame is homosexuality. This is San Francisco North! Homos are definitely demon possessed. They have the same demon bugged out eyes that cops and etc have. This is why I will not marry or have kids. I will not have kids in a country poised to make it legal for disgusting white and Jewish men to rape them right there in the maternity ward. Last time I checked, black men did not create nambla. People have a problem with MJ who was totally exonerated but e totally silent on nambla and the Catholic Church. White society adores sodomy and pedophilia. Black women adore it too because they are a pillar of white society.
        This is why I promote SYSBM. Because black women love sacrificing children to demons any which way they can.

        Liked by 1 person

    • When it comes to white people, Negroes will pull out all stops to appeal to their conscience.
      When it comes to another black person who a) has a pair of used sneakers they want, b) DiSrEsPeKtEdeD them, c) looks at another black man’s hairhatted sheboon with 5 kids by 10 baby daddies, d) accidentally bumps into them, it’s the OK Corral all over again.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I didn’t think off that.

        I just saw a bitch trying to go viral by harassing a scumbag. The lowlife will get his day in court. Let the him buy his cookies, milk and whip cream and enjoy them with the little remaining freedom he has remaining, before the court sends him to prison for a year or two.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @B A

        You will notice that just about every one of these videos:
        -Trying to appeal to white people’s conscience.
        -Asking why oh why do white people hate us.
        -Making tearful videos begging whites to love them.
        -Who came up with the “dear white people” crap.
        -Being brought to tears when they experience racism.
        -Cry because they’re not being acknowledged as the “first black x”

        is coming from the BIG, BAD, TOUGH, STRONG, INDEPENDENT black woman who’s carrying the FLAGSTAFF of da COMMUNITAHHH!

        Let that be a black man though.

        Liked by 1 person

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