Question – What Exactly Does This Mean?


This particular picture got circulated quite a bit last year, I’m not even going to write on this one, instead I’ll just open up the floor and you guys can chop it up regarding this sign and anything related. I will say this however, notice it’s the masculine ie heterosexual black male(the number one enemy of the black witch and her overlord Admiral Lime) once again who is being called out and told to “check his male privilege”(whatever that’s supposed to mean), the homosexual black man on the other hand is fine, he can roll into that establishment and do as he pleases.

You’ve got the floor gentlemen, somebody please explain to me exactly what privileges black men have, especially over black women. By the way, here is something else that was recently brought to my attention, you’ve unfortunately still got a band of idiots running around who are trying to convince free thinking black men that black women are our friends, what part? Please show me:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

And They Wonder Why They Remain Single At Such A High Clip

Most High Bless

151 thoughts on “Question – What Exactly Does This Mean?

  1. We have LESS privileges than BW, WM set it up that way. These BW hate masculine BM, until they need us. When Kim Kaphwan unleashes a kick combo on them in the weave store they are looking for BM to protect them, on social media like “WhY AReN’t bM ProTektING Uz?”. Masculine men are the leaders and defenders of their communities, low IQ thugs, homosexuals, and man children is what we have in the Black community thanks to BW’s poor mating choices. BW keep choosing to walk their path of destruction and we shouldn’t get in their way, there is nothing left to be saved anyway except for yourself. Don’t save them. Keep the Wall up and SYSBM.

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    • Lord…they have believed in the lie for so long that they think it’s the truth. If it wasn’t obvious before, it is now…the black community does not like masculine thinking black men around. The black woman IS the black community, and how dare they put up that sign. That’s why the communitah reeks of failure because with the power of welfare and feminism combined…the BW has had this false memory/philosophy implanted in their head about being oppressed by black men. Again remind me, when was the last time black men oppressed black women, I’ll wait. The black woman’s loyalty has already been bought by white zaddy government, I said it before and I’ll say it again: You as a black man have no obligation to save the black community, that is her (BW) responsibility alone. If you still like black women that much, go to South America or East Africa but I would rather get with a non-black woman to remove all the doubt altogether.

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      • Black Tiger,

        The so called community is owned and operated by the black witch at the behest of her handler Captain Frosty, her job as I’ve stated before is to ensure that black men and black society both remain flat on their faces. Thus it is imperative that heterosexual free thinking brothers are excluded from these black communities as we pose the biggest to the black witch’s leadership post.

        The modern day black female is an evil monster who will burn in the lowest depths of Hell for the innumerable transgressions she executed against her own people. As I’ve stated before, black women, pro black female simps and racist white men, 3 sides of the same unholy trinity. The black witch is NOT our friend.

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      • Black Tiger —– East Africa is where the Kenyan women are at the garbage dump looking for fake hair/hair weave.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        I was referring to places like Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Madagascar. Any African country that is not westernized…yet. This is why I was saying at the end why it’s just better for me not to date a black woman anywhere, it still leaves room for doubt and I don’t like that.

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    • James SYSBM,

      If I saw a trailer park Brad gangsta slapping his sheboon, I would say, ‘excuse me I need to get past’. When he moved, I would walk on past and say ‘carry on’.

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    • Twitter musing attacking black men is nothing but a frequent reminder that they are but one of several enemies, despite the disingenuous “Dear Black Man” videos.

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    • @James SYSBM
      Hang on lemme get something for that post.

      I am at the point where I no longer believe that the geechee she monkeys can be good mothers even with good mating choices. Black women simply are the worst stewards of children no matter who she spreads her legs for.

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      • Yeah man, there is no arraigned marriage in the US, women chose who they will have kids for, they choose who fathers the next generation. BWs desire for the bums of Black male society is reflected in the current state of the Black community.
        I think Claude Anderson said “Men are supposed to protect and provide for their families, Women are supposed to make sure that men who don’t do those things don’t reproduce.”

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    • The last week or so Tommy has been talking too and about the next generation of BW that have made poor mating choices and don’t have men (either Father or child’s father in their lives).

      One had the nerve to blame Tommy for showcasing BW behavior, as if she got her talking points in an email from Talking Points Memo.

      Right on que she said White women put Black men in jail more often than Black women do and never sighted any sources.

      Black women are free as a collective to pay a research firm to do a study on such things to put meat on the bones of any contention they have about Black men.

      What they need is a public relations firm to handle their affairs…

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    As a heterosexual childfree black man who was born in the western world, I don’t have any privileges as a masculine black man because the majority of the world hates us because we are not bowing down to the negative propaganda and negative stereotypes that’s thrown in our way. Black women have a much easier time in life because they have better opportunities to get well paid jobs, getting job promotions and getting a good education because the world don’t see them as a threat and these same black women throw their job and education successes in black mens face because they think that they are better than us and that’s one of the main reasons why I refuse to date black women. Black men have a much harder time getting the jobs that they really want because work environments see them as a threat because we speak our minds and we are not gonna tolerate any bullshit or bullying at work by anybody and also society in general feels that black men only deserve shitty low rung low paid jobs because it feeds into the racist propaganda that black men are lazy and that they don’t wanna work hard and that is simply not true because black men in general are not afforded the same opportunities to get decent paid Jobs and decent work promotions like everyone else due to racist social engineering in society.

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    • >Black women have a much easier time in life because they have better opportunities to get well paid jobs, getting job promotions and getting a good education because the world don’t see them as a threat and these same black women throw their job and education successes in black mens face because they think that they are better than us and that’s one of the main reasons why I refuse to date black women.

      These “educated” black women have worthless degrees and a high student loan debt load. And these edumucated sistuhs still lust after Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike, Tyrone Thundercock, etc. who will run through them and leave them with a bunch of bastard offspring – continuing the vicious cycle of dysfunction in The Communiteh. So those black women should tell us how that equates to success?

      To paraphrase Verbs, “We’ll wait…”


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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I agree with every point in your post. I just want to add a point of my own. You made the following statement in your post : “Black women have a much easier time in life because they have better opportunities to get well paid jobs, getting job promotions and getting a good education “.

      Well, here in the US black men themselves have been a contributing factor to black women having greater educational and earning opportunities than black men.

      Until recently, black fathers in two parent households in the US, would save and scrimp so that they could send their daughters to college, while directing their sons to get a job, or at best learn a manual trade. Black people are the only people who ever engaged in this type of thinking and behavior. And these were supposedly ‘good, responsible, church going’ black people who thought this way. Its no wonder that wherever you find black people in a society, blacks as a collective will trail every other demographic in terms of the relative success of their males.

      You will notice that in my posts I am just as hard on black male simping as I am on black female scraggle daggle behavior. This is because I believe that black male simping is every bit as detrimental to black men as black female scraggle daggle behavior.

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      • Americanblackman.

        Thanks for agreeing with my post and I fully agree with you bro. We have it just as bad with black women in the UK where me and Verbs come from especially in London because black women think that they are gods with their high paid jobs and their degrees, but they are racked up with student loan debts to their eyeballs.

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      • Black male political figures have also sold us down the river. Black women political figures agree with the failed NeoLiberal experiment.

        This applies on both sides of the Atlantic.

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    • “Black women have a much easier time in life because they have better opportunities to get well paid jobs…”

      I agree. If you go to any local government building, in any blue-leaning black city, you will find that black female employees outnumber black male employees.

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  3. We are the last bastion of real masculinity.. We must never give in to this crap…imagine having to suppress our masculinity so admiral frost/ theblkshebeast / karens can feel happy in their fallen insecure state?, they gotta come to our level.
    what we got left.. Our innate natural masculinity..we must never give that up..or be ashamed of that to make these idiots feel safer about I gotta act like a pansy so western society can accept me? Fuk that I’ll act natural respectful but won’t compromise…the problem is with them not us thinking blkmen.
    they can opress all they want we won’t bulge.

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    • “imagine having to suppress our masculinity so admiral frost/ theblkshebeast / karens can feel happy in their fallen insecure state?, they gotta come to our level” “so I gotta act like a pansy so western society can accept me?”

      The west is finished bro, I just saw an ad for this TV show yesterday:

      Its called “Labor of Love”, its a “dating” reality show where 15 simps compete with each other for a chance to impregnate the (recently divorced) woman on the show. This is what admiral frost is pushing on TV. Keep the Wall up bro, like I said in a previous post, stay away from divorced women. WW are starting the get the side eye from me more and more these days. They are still a better option than the average BW, but by how much at this point?

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      • “Labor of Love”

        Gee with a word like LABOR I’m pretty sure none of these guys are simps who just want right? Right…? And What’s this? A black simp is tryna hit that too? You got me fucked up!! I hope he gets eliminated so that way he realize there are more beautiful white women in Eastern Europe than in Amerikkka!!

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      • @ DeltaWildDog18

        We already had “Who wants to be a millionaire?” now we have “Who wants to be a baby daddy?”.

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    • Cosmicbodi,

      Many black men unfortunately are not allowed to have their masculinity take root because of a black female or another feminist nut is trying his/her utmost to suppress it or worse still attempting to shame the man out of embracing and expressing it. Just like SYSBM, my masculinity is NOT FOR SALE and I feel sorry for any individual who attempts to determine otherwise.

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    • @cosmic

      I will not alter my nature or my beliefs to fit in with the general (retarded) public who are so fantastically weak that they cannot stand up to a less than 3% global population of faggots. I don’t want to be society’s friend. I want to be society’s enemy.

      @James SYSBM

      General males, and mostly white males, are so weak, pathetic, feminized and “incelish” that they’re actually fighting for a chance to have sex with one used vagina. These things didn’t even happen 50, 60+ years ago when it was way harder to get in a woman’s panties. Now that vagina is a dime a dozen we have men doing this? LMAO. Rest assured, they’re going through these hoops to have sex with the woman not to have a baby. Let society burn. I’m loving it and will proceed to roast marshmallows on it.


      Hope you are doing better, king.
      And yes, a black man doing this is even worse because black men don’t even have to lift a finger to get laid. Is it any wonder why the trash females of today think they’re something special with a global society full of absolute LOSERS gassing their heads up?

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  4. That is new to me and how black men opressing black women. This how dumb this black femicunt bitches are. This bitch is saying stop birthing black males. Does this dumb feminist know with black men her stupid ass would here. She act like black women can give birth without a blackman’s seed.
    This is another black trader black witch that want make black race extinct by murdering black child especially black boys in the womb.
    One again black women are evil and they are biggest our enemy.
    Brothas get another woman and stay away from black bitch like this they are no good.

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      I always advise black men to figure out what is best for themselves as black men, not what is best for ‘The Communitah’ or black females.

      Recently, a black female approached me talking about how great it would be if Joe Biden picked Kamal Harris as his vice presidential running mate. She was gushing about how black men and women need to stick together and write Joe Biden, asking him to pick Kamala Harris. I told her I don’t care to have this conversation, as I only discuss politics with a very few people who very close to me.

      I wouldn’t even try to explain to her my SYSBM philosophy. For me, black men should pursue what they believe is best for them as black men, in every aspect of life, with no regard for what ‘the Communitah’ or black females want or think.

      Whenever our self interests intersects with the self interests of black females, we can make common cause. This is just business. But when our self interests diverge from that of black females, we should go our own way. It is a mistake to assume that the self interests of black men always align with the self interests of black women.

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      • All Kamala’s got for Black men is prison. Not to mention the fact that she’s half-Indian (another double agent), and goes home to her white husband at night. How far do you think Obama would have gotten with a white wife? The hypocrisy.

        In fact, I will not vote for any black female for any position in the Executive. These hoes can’t even run the shit they’re already in charge of. Look no further than Blackistan to see BW “leadership” in action. No thanks!

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      • @Schadenfreude

        Kamammy Harris is also a proud and unapologetic descendant of Jamaican slave owners. She is a damn coolie whore. Literally a whore who screwed her way to the top. Anyone supporting her, Corey Bussy or Joe Biden are certifiable retards.

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      • Verbs,

        I believe we all should live our lives by the maxim of first, ‘do no harm’. This is the Hippocratic oath that doctors are supposed to live by. If you can improve it , then improve it, if you can’t improve it, do nothing to make it worse.

        This is why I do nothing to empower the daggle. One of my goals is to get a piece of investment property. I will make sure that the scraggle daggle is not my realtor, is not my banker, is not able to get any benefit of the transaction whatsover. Now, I would make an exception, if the scraggle daggle gave me terms better than anyone else’s. But that never happens. Actually, the scraggle daggle will always try to cheat a Black men in any commercial transaction.

        Its the same with politics. I will never vote for the scraggle daggle running for any office. I believe that free thinking Black men should avoid any type of economic interchange with the scraggle daggle. That is, unless the scraggle daggle gives terms better than anyone else. And this never happens.

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  5. Proof positive that SYSBM is the correct path forward for thinking black heterosexual men.

    Let “The Communiteh” go down with their ship.


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  6. Note that they made sure to underline the word ‘before’ as if to say “you’re not welcome here if you don’t acknowledge that you have privilege as a heterosexual Black man”; give me a break…

    Historically speaking, Black men have never been in a privileged position. If that were the case, affirmative action would be nonexistent, Black men wouldn’t be the face of homelessness in urban communities, Black men would be less likely to be killed by cops and Pookie than Black women, Black men would have the luxury of saying and doing the things Black women say and do online without consequence, etc.; what else did I miss?

    I was listening to the playback of one of MOT’s livestreams earlier this week, and one brother on the panel brought up how Black women’s homelessness stats are never compared and contrasted with Black men’s, because it would show that Black men are the ones in need of resources; rather, they hold Black women up against non Black women so they appear to be in such great need of help. How’s that for Black male privilege?

    So, I checked my privilege at the door, and it is a genuine privilege to walk away from the communitah and never look back. SYSBM

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Only the bewitched and the brainwashed maggles can’t see this modern day black female for who she truly is. In non black female cultures they welcome masculine men with open arms, however everything is reversed in black female society, only Field Mouse or Colonel Lime are welcome into her house, heterosexual free thinking, intelligent, educated black men are looked upon as a curse and a pestilence and must either be kept out or booted out at all costs.

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      • “In non black female cultures they welcome masculine men with open arms”

        Because they know the value of having a good man that can be relied on. Truly masculine men are in control of their emotions and slow to anger and violence, the “toxic masculinity” that the left complains about (bullies, womanizers, abusers, rapists, etc.) is a trait of pookie and ray ray, NOT good BM.

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  7. The “LuxSanKofa” Daggle maggot is the reason why I put #BreedThemOut at the end of my comments.

    They’re the LEAST dated, married and desired group of SEWER RATS on the planet and then wonder why so many Black Men are choosing White, Asian and Latina Queens.

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      The writing is on the wall in plain English, however there are only a select number of black men who will read and accept it. Even in their decrepit state, there are still plenty of maggle flunkies who are more than willing to fall on the sword for Satan’s sirens, smh.

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  8. RE: Black Male Privilege Sign

    I don’t like making assertions, or guesses, before gathering as many facts as possible.

    Here is my take:

    1. The sign was posted at a Sacramento, CA college– American River College.


    2. I am somewhat familiar with the Northern California college, because many black male athletes attend in hopes of getting noticed by a four year institution.

    3. I doubt that a black woman posted the sign, because that college has a black population of 8.2%.


    4. California is an SJW hot spot. However, Sacramento is less liberal than San Francisco. I am going to go out on a limb and say that a white bitch posted the sign, although a black bitch isn’t ruled out. Further, as noted in the above article, black students are outraged and have complained about racism on campus.

    Some people are pleased, or perhaps fooled, by white women marching in the BLM protests. I am ambivalent about them marching alongside black protesters. In fact, I have a contemptuous view of marching. I don’t care about white people marching alongside black folks. My question is what are they doing to change policy? Nothing substantive.

    5. I don’t know why black people think liberals groups are their friends. As a middle-aged black man, I have lived long enough to know that I have no allies. I know that despite all the diversity talk and programs, deep down I am not welcomed.

    6. The sign in the window doesn’t surprise me, I saw the writing on the wall when I was in my early 20’s, 20 years ago.

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    • 🤦🏾‍♂️👨🏾‍🦱 ✊🏾🙇🏾☝🏾 💯աօա!!!! ɨ ʀɛֆքɛƈȶ ȶɦɛ ʊռƈǟռռʏ ʀɛֆɛǟʀƈɦ ʏօʊ քʀɛֆɛռȶɛɖ ʋɛʀʏ ǟֆȶʊȶɛ օɮֆɛʀʋǟȶɨօռ ʍʏ ɢʊʏ ȶɦǟռӄֆ ʍǟʏ ɨ ʊֆɛ ȶɦɨֆ ʀɛֆɛǟʀƈɦ ɨռ ʍʏ ռɛӼȶ ʋɨɖɛօ. ɨ ֆɦǟʟʟ ɢɨʋɛ ʍʏ ʝʊֆȶ ɖʊɛ ǟռɖ ƈɨȶɛ աɦɛʀɛ ɨ ɢօȶ ʍʏ ɨռʄօʀʍǟȶɨօռ ǟռɖ ʀɛֆɛǟʀƈɦ ʄʀօʍ ǟռɖ ƈɨȶɛ ʏօʊ ǟֆ ǟ ֆօʊʀƈɛ .

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    • @B A

      ” I don’t care about white people marching alongside black folks. My question is what are they doing to change policy? Nothing substantive. ”

      THANK YOU!
      All these shines out here frothing-at-the-mouth because white people are giving them the virtual hugs they’ve been craving for centuries. These whites are only out there to break quarantine. Period. If they were genuine then as you said, they’d be trying to change policy and they sure as hell would not have waited until 2020 to do it. What’s so special about this year than any other year where a black man was murdered by police?

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      • “What’s so special about this year than any other year where a black man was murdered by police?”

        I am not sure if the question is rhetorical in nature. Nevertheless, I will answer it.

        Answer: Nothing and something.


        Cops have always escalated to lethal force faster when dealing with black suspects than non-black suspects.


        1. Pandemic and Economic Lock Down:

        Non-black folks, who normally don’t feel severe economic pain, are now getting a taste of it. During the economic crisis, they will attempt leverage the unrest surrounding Floyd’s death to parlay something for themselves (e.g., DACA and LGBTQ).

        2. Election Year:

        Liberals desperately want Trump out of office. They can’t do it without the black vote. So, they are feigning solidarity to get black folks to the polls. If you remember, before the pandemic, the talk among many black voters was “tangibles (i.e., reparations)” I suspect that “tangibles” will be supplanted by “police reform and racism awareness.”

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      • @B A

        Great points all around. Especially point number 3.
        That applies to the USA though. I suspect the non-USA “allies” are just doing this to get out of the house. I do not believe a bunch of people worldwide all-of-a-sudden love black people. Point 2 can also apply here though.

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      • @BA

        “Liberals desperately want Trump out of office. They can’t do it without the black vote. So, they are feigning solidarity to get black folks to the polls.”

        I’m not fooled one bit and will still be staying home on election day.
        “If you remember, before the pandemic, the talk among many black voters was “tangibles (i.e., reparations)” I suspect that “tangibles” will be supplanted by “police reform and racism awareness.””

        Among Blacks with their head on straight tangibles is still the goal. Police “reform” is a short term goal and tangibles is the long term goal IMO. I saw a picture of Pelosi and some other dems walking around in kinte cloth scarfs, lol. Who tf do they think they are fooling? Im happy for guys like Tariq, TBA, and Jason Black constantly telling Black folks not to be fooled by the dems and their operatives (which in this case would be the BLM organization).

        Dems/liberal White people: “We stand in solidarity with Blacks.”
        Smart Blacks: “Cool. What tangible benefits do you plan to offer to the Black community to make up for the systematic economic disenfranchisement and social engineering that we have gone through?”
        Dems/liberal White people: “Uhhhhhh………………Ummmmmmmmm…………. Black Lives Matter. Have a nice day. (runs to the exit)”

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      • @James SYSBM
        I nearly shit myself laughing when I saw that kinte cloth photo. LOL
        Democrats really do despise black people

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      • Kente clothes, huh? It’s pandering SYMBOLISM.

        Did Congress and the Supreme Court wear sombreros (SYMBOLISM), or did they pass and uphold DACA (a TANGIBLE)?

        The government (judicial, legislative, and executive branches), for forever and a day, are quick to give non-blacks TANGIBLES and give blacks SYMBOLISM. For example, instead of giving free blacks reparations (40 acres and a mule, TANGIBLES) during Reconstruction, they gave black men the right to vote and gave a couple of black men congressional seats (i.e., SYMBOLISM).

        The slight of hand continues…

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      • I agree with this whole thread here; this is why I’ve been saying from the very beginning that nothing is going to change for the Black community!

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      • @B A

        I believe that most of this black thug culture is just over-compensation for the fact black people are really not a threat to anyone but black people. That’s why symbolism works on Negroes. That is when they are not outright telling Negroes “no!”.


        They can re-introduce slavery tomorrow and all black people will do is tweet, march and make videos crying and begging white people to love them and save them (while other Negroes continue to gun down other Negroes simultaneously).

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      • Let this sink into your skulls.

        A 3% global minority of sexual deviants (sodomites) are more of a threat than black people. The same who run around making music videos with guns toting rapping about shooting other negroes.

        And again, a minority of male perverts who like to wear women’s clothes, females who lick up blood, urine and discharge are more of a threat than black people.

        And once more, a minority of limp-wristed men who play up in other men’s fecal matter, talk with sassy lisps like women, and women with crew-cuts are more of a threat than black people.

        Black people will be at the bottom for the next 500 years, and then 1000 years after that.

        The laughingstock of civilization.(TM)

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      • The corporate woky woke and political pandering are at its worst. The Dems know very well they will not toss out Trump and all this Crony Capitalism on steroids admin without the Black vote. There is no mutual exchange here. When you start seeing check being written and programs started with the legislation behind them, then I’ll believe it.

        Again to paraphrase Verbs:

        “I’ll wait”

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  9. I actually agree with LuxSanKofa. They should stop birthing black males. Why, you may ask?

    1. They have done a horrible job raising them, despite telling the world they can raise black boys to black men. In fact, they birthed and produced the very black men they are complaining about.

    2. They are already comfortable aborting children (why do you think Hispanics are now the largest minority group?), so targeting black male fetuses shouldn’t be a problem.

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      • That started in the early 90s. I know, because I attended Compton College for one semester before transferring to another junior college.

        However, the displacement, wasn’t terribly violent. The most violent displacement I remember was a black family whose house was firebombed by Mexicans. That occurred in Hawaiian Gardens, CA. I remember it specifically, because I was living in an adjacent city, Lakewood, CA, at the time.

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  10. I see black females struggling daily and weekly…..looking in my face for smiles or acknowledgement and I laugh. They can say what ever they wish but things are going to slide downhill even further economically.

    I see them packed on the bus. Tired on the train. Arguing with themselves or anyone around them but the strangest thing I see is the louder they shout about how horrible black men are 5 fingers immediately point back at them.

    Left them in the dust a LONG time ago and it’s just comical to see. They want black male attention so badly.

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    • They really do, but their pride won’t let them say so. And the few times they do, they sound phony and disingenuous. The fact is, as I see it, that a good amount of Black men have tasted the nectar outside the race and have no intention of looking back. Most Black men will end up with Black women, but that superminority of BM who date out, many of whom BW rejected in the first place, vexes them.

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      • Crisis (there was one before this one) as I’ve said before on here, create strange bedfellow; Ours is the Conservative Upper Class White Female. It’s hypocritical to not want to date/marry/procreate with Black men as to protect your Conservative bonafides they will have all sort of sexual adventures with Black men in similar economic positions.

        There isn’t much we can do about it, they have to come up for air sometime….

        Outside of that we have no real friend/allies, that includes the vast majority of Lack women.

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      This is what black women created their hoards of brainwashed simps for, if they’re so desperate for black male attention then they ought to be turning towards their freshly manufactured pro black female simp products as they’re willing to give these fallen creatures all the attention they require.

      Additionally, Cheezy Grillz and Midnight Freddy are also willing to give the black witch some playtime. They can’t expect the same “educated lanes and squares” they’ve been giving the middle finger to for the longest to now turn around and give them some attention. 😂😂😂

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  11. The elites want to emasculate the men of the west so it can be overthrown Trojan horse style. Women are the useful idiots they need to get the job done. It’s working on the white men and they are putting on dresses and becoming soy boys. Black men on the other hand are far more difficult. Once a black boy reaches the age of about 15 if he has not already been indoctrinated by his mother then indoctrination will be almost impossible.

    This is why masculinity is being attacked on all fronts. They are flat out saying that masculinity is inherently bad. They don’t want men and young boys to have any form of groups be they social or political without female oversight. They are desperate to brainwash you because they need brainwashed drones to survive.

    They need you born to single mothers by the boat load so they can use your body as a means to get their white daddy’s breadcrumbs they hold more dear than their own children.

    They need you deaf, dumb, and blind to the world around you so you can worship your black alien queen of the dammed and be a clean up man.

    They need the young black male fetus ripped out of their wretched chasms to give as an offering to their God so that they can continue to praise him with their absolute depravity.

    They need your body dead and bloated in the streets so they can use you as leverage in the political arena for a party that has done nothing to benefit the lives of black men in their entire history.

    When they see a real man that follows what he knows in his heart to be true rather than what some feminist nut job has to say they become afraid.

    Funny liberals love to bring up harry potter in political conversations and I ask them

    “I read that book when I was a kid. Isn’t that the one where the busybody feminist teacher was secretly working for the dark lord and went out of her way to do everything she could to prevent the young boys from learning any defensive magic whatsoever so when the dark lord and his army arrive at the gates the men will be unable to defend themselves?”

    Funny the actress who portrayed her character in the film adaptation even looks a lot like Hillary Clinton.

    Liked by 6 people

    • “I read that book when I was a kid. Isn’t that the one where the busybody feminist teacher was secretly working for the dark lord and went out of her way to do everything she could to prevent the young boys from learning any defensive magic whatsoever so when the dark lord and his army arrive at the gates the men will be unable to defend themselves?”

      Technically, Dolores Umbridge was working for the then-Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, and the reason why she was refusing to teach actual magic is because Minister Fudge was paranoid that Dumbledore was trying to raise an army to usurp him.

      “Funny the actress who portrayed her character in the film adaptation even looks a lot like Hillary Clinton.”

      That explains why I am so attracted to her…


      • Filin the Blank,

        Don’t let these haters gaslight you. Hillary Clinton circa 1999-2000 was a good looking woman. There used to be a poster here who was into Theresa May, now *she* is hideous! LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      • Schadenfreude,

        After reading this book many years ago, I personally don’t think anybody would look at Hillary Clinton in the same light again if they were to read the same:

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Schadenfreude



        Actually, “Filin the Blank” was just a pseudonym I chose to use for laughs.

        Don’t get me wrong; I do believe that young women can be very sexy, but I am attracted to older ladies–the kind that can NOT get knocked up.

        Yes, it was me who was/is into Theresa May.


      • Nancy Pelosi circa 1969…. Not that I find any of the women mentioned attractive enough to date, I’ll make an exception for the current Speaker of the House not in her current state, HELL NO.

        Liked by 1 person

  12. With all the talk about privileges during this time in western society, it takes me back to the article written by a possible homosexual black male entitled “Heterosexual Black Men Are The White People Over Black People.” In said article it states that heterosexual black men has white privileges so as a heterosexual brother, I will use said white privilege to stay away from these male and female black daggles, keep on doing better and find me a quality STARGATE so my genetics can live on.

    Hey, these are the same black folks that will say you’re talking and acting white if you like certain activities that doesn’t fit with their stereotypical norm. This generation of black matriarchal folks “crying” out against WHITE SUPREMACY and WHITE PRIVILEGE really wants it power for themselves hence the worldwide publicity and money in recent weeks. Yep, the stereotypical black female is on FULL display through the LGBT Black Lives Matter movement which is in discussions to become a political party here in the United States. We got the bottom gutter and the worse of us as the FACE representing black society here in the WEST. I don’t want to be associated with that dysfunction.

    Once Black Lives Matter and all of these modern day civil rights pimps started accepting George Floyd in, it was pretty much over.


    Liked by 6 people

    • Yessir, Brother Dan. If you as a straight black man are the “white people of black people,” then logic dictates you use your “white privilege” to “white flight” out of matriarchal, homosexual Blackistan. SYSBM.

      Liked by 2 people

      • The majority of gay Black men are partnered with White men. So let me get this straight, it’s okay for gay Black men and gay Black women to date/marry White gay men/women? Yet as free-thinking hetrosexual Black men we can’t?

        What Da Faq?

        Liked by 3 people

    • So where are the black bitches asking why she couldn’t have found herself a black woman????? And all the dumb simps are asking why she couldn’t have found a black man? I’m like…..ehhhh, WHERE ARE THE HETEROSEXUAL WHITE WOMEN?!?!?!?!

      Liked by 5 people

    • I hit reply too early. 🤣

      And again…

      You will notice that these calls by the geechee she monkeys to “stop giving birth to black (male) children” and to “about black male children” do not include calls to actually stop having baseback sex with black men. So what the niggerbitch actually wants to carry on doing is to keep being whores while simultaneously sacrificing black male bodies to their white gods.
      Black women are 100% demonic.
      Calling them “your women” makes you demonic as well.

      Liked by 5 people

      • …and here lies, the classic double standards of:

        You can’t X because Y is X!

        You can’t hate/bash Black women because your mother is black!

        This half assed logic only applies to black men. But if you or I told this bitch,

        You can’t abort black male babies because your dad is Black

        They’d laugh in our faces, move the goal post and actually feel justified in doing the action.

        This bitch is a straight up troll man..

        Liked by 5 people

  13. This is just wow. Let’s take a look at some of the “male privilege” we have.

    We as heterosexual black men have the privilege of:

    1) getting falsely accused of anything, and we are guilty until proven innocent.

    2) getting killed/ attacked by one of these idiots who looks down on critical thinking as if it’s quantum physics.

    3) being castigated by “our own race” because we are not in lock step with black dysfunction and often speak out about it
    4) having racism and stereotypes thrown out way by white people for “not acting black” because we are well spoken, dressed, and have common sense (side note, when you tell people who aren’t black you’re stereotyping you, they don’t seem to get it most of the time), and by black people for “acting white” for the same reason.

    5) not have the “privilege” of being an affirmative action hire. I have been passed up on by jobs because they went with a sheboon. Only for them to try and call me back less than three months later because they canned her for well, being useless and having the attitude we all know and despise.

    6) being looked down on for simply coming from a two parent home.

    7) if by some horrible mistake some unfortunate soul knocks one of these clowns up, being put on child support, or having that baby aborted because “niggas ain’t shit”. Or they have the kid and turn the child on you when they’re old enough. Seen this happen on more than one occasion.

    8) expected to come in and clean up a community we didn’t destroy, raise kids that aren’t ours, and bow down to the “head of da household”. When we refuse, we’re the bad guys.

    9) have the cops called on us literally for no reason, and the police believe the absurd complaint. This hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve heard stories.

    Theres some of the “privileges” we have. Feel free to add on.

    Liked by 7 people

  14. Any Canadians here who were kids in the 80s and early 90s will no doubt know who this guy is. Hal Johnson and Joanne Mcleod, a long lasting SYSBM couple, have been staples on television for decades and are practically a Canadian institution. But look at the reason why they started. Just in case people are still on the fence about Canadian racism.

    White males are the most sexually insecure creatures on the planet. No one comes close.

    Liked by 5 people

  15. They put a sign of what? Masculine black men check your what? These ghetto scraggs are out of order! When they see a feminine black male, they love that shit but when they see heterosexual black male, they have a huge hate for that. But when they get breed by 357 Jimmy, 6 Shooter Derrick, Rapid Fire Rasta, Cell Block Scrappy, Cheddar Street, Corner Boy Ronney, Double Barrel Richie, Street Mice, Long Dick 44, Fuck All Night Fred and have mixed children by Captain Euro, Sergeant Britain, Homo Nazi Vern, Army Man Rick and Small Dick Dave, then they go after the heterosexual black man or the good black man. but here this though. When the good black man says that he don’t want a single mother, they come after him and put the man down.

    As thinking black man tell the truth of these scraggle daggles and giving them logic, guess who defend these ghetto ratchet hoodrats? Yep, you guess it. It’s these simps like Young Pharaoh, Brother Polight, The Game, Tyrone Thompson, Clifton Rainey, Tyra Moore and Colonel Damien who are defending these women. And when these ghetto harridans turn on them, put their heads in the sand in shame and embarrassment because numerous times black men have told these simps that they should defend these scraggs and they will turn on them.

    Today, I have to unfriend someone quick and fast. The black guy posed on his Facebook page Black Lives Matter. Now, I don’t have a problem with BLM but they need to talk about other issues with black people but then the man posted Black Trans Live Matters. I have to unfriend him quick and fast like I said. Right, I don’t have a problem with a man’s lifestyle because he can do whatever he want but no blud! Money Cultural don’t deal in them things. We see homosexually in films but no way. I’m not on that level. First we have All Lives Matter and No Black Trans Lives Matter? Oh boy.

    Keep your white sugar honeys safe tonight and all night. These scraggle daggles are just good for nothing and these simps will stop at nothing to defend these whores.

    Enjoy your weekend guys!

    Liked by 5 people

  16. “357 Jimmy, 6 Shooter Derrick, Rapid Fire Rasta, Cell Block Scrappy, Cheddar Street, Corner Boy Ronney, Double Barrel Richie, Street Mice, Long Dick 44, Fuck All Night Fred and have mixed children by Captain Euro, Sergeant Britain, Homo Nazi Vern, Army Man Rick and Small Dick Dave.”



    Liked by 5 people

  17. You know, I think this was a white man who wrote this. I think he was referring to masculine black men to check their privledge because how the dating choices black men have been increasingly having.

    After all, who are these white women chasing? They chase, swoop thinking black men off their feet when they enter into professional spaces or other masculine activities!

    Black men are the face when it comes to the masculine male spaces after all. Now that the incel community has been on the rise, many white and white washed rice cels are loosing it and throwing tantrums now that their opportunities are steady dropping.

    Liked by 4 people

    • @blakstik

      White liberals love Obama because he did not do anything for black people. The purpose Obama serves to the white liberal is manifold.

      One, he’s the ultimate “black friend”.
      “I’m not racist, I voted for Obama!”

      Two, he’s borderline homosexual (if not full-on) so he’s not a sexual threat.

      Three, he gave nothing to black people. The white liberal can be likened to the character of “Sonny” from the movie A Bronx Tale. In the movie, Sonny says to “C”, (to paraphrase) “I give my people just enough that they need me but not too much that they forget me”. This is why the white liberal will NEVER fight for or pass any serious legislation that would help black people prosper such as reparations. Much less criminalize police lynching of black people. The white liberal also needs the police to keep black people in line. What’s more is the white liberal would be out of the job if black people became prosperous. How can they hide their own racism through exaggerated altruism if black people prosper? How can they use black people as pets? How can they pat themselves on the back for helping the lowly negro? How can they steal benefits for special interest groups if black people are prospering.

      The white liberal is the same if not worse than the white conservative. The white liberal actively sabotages black liberty and prosperity.

      Liked by 3 people

      • And he didn’t father Black sons with Michelle. Had he had Black sons, he wouldn’t became president back in 2008 because Black man with Black sons or married to non Black women are threats to white male supremacy.

        Liked by 5 people

  18. I am so glad you posted that picture because I have to show this to a bunch “be fruitful and multiply” idiots who believe that all women are mentality stable and can raise children or changes a person to be more “Godly” or “pure” . Let’s see what those idiots have to say!

    (This comment is referring to the black cunt with the birthing of black males)

    Yeeeeessss very smart of her, no other races of men wants to be with black women. The only men who will tolerate black women’s shit is (Non-thinking) black men. So, let’s DECREASE The black male population as to make it even *harder* for black women to find a man. Yup black women and their edumacation!

    This is why I promote forced sterilization! Fuck Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists and Christian nutjobs/Moralists who think it is a “God given right” that all women should birth children!

    Having children IS a privilege, and everyone should NOT give birth or be parents! Especially when they make statements like this!

    It should be mandatory that if one wants children they should be mentality checked and financially stable to bring life into this world!

    But hey, if they want to breed themselves out LET THEM!

    Liked by 3 people

    • And I totally agree with AFROfuturism. They want to defend the police? Let them! They want to abolish the police and live entirely lawless, LET THEM! And while we are at it, remove all hospitals and fire trucks! If they believe they can live in an autonomous Utopia among themselves I’m all for it!

      I’d give it about 2 weeks before the pookie’s and shaniqua population does a complete bass drop in population by then!!

      Afro, what do you think?

      Liked by 3 people

      • Defund the cops, EMT, morgues, detectives, and fire departments. Let them all burn and suffer and within a month at the MAX they’ll be begging for them to come back and crying racism. I don’t blame the cops for straight up walking out, **** em, I wouldn’t help em either!

        Liked by 2 people

  19. It is said that it is never good to be a radical in any particular group but the more shit like this I see, the more of a radical I want to be!

    No , this does not mean I want, promote or am calling for anyone to start shooting people or blowing people up. I mean, the gender war which was started by black woman, has gotten so ridiculously hateful towards black men that my only reaction towards them is to be of the radical kind of SYSBM.

    Like a radical islamists who take their religion and philosophy way out to the extreme, I want to become an extremist SYSBM, but without the Violence. What I mean is, when they say shit like black men have privileges, and to abort black male babies, (unless the baby daddy is a white male), shit like this makes me so angry and offended, that it makes me want to act at the other end of the extreme the way black women unprovokedly act towards thinking black men!

    I seriously want to start making memes and want to be the Madbusdriver 2.0 Eastern Europe edition in they added and call for ALL thinking black men to get with white (or what ever non-black woman of his choice) women! Oh, and not just to piss off black women but to piss off white men all as well! White men “Stole” black women from black men, black women abandoned black men, NOW as of 2020 and onwards, it is Black Men’s turn to stab both bastards BACK!

    As for the black simps and pro blacks, those guys are my enemy! I hate them too and want nothing to do with them! I will only look out for thinking black men and other like minded SYSBM. May the SYSBM stay strong!

    Liked by 4 people

    • @Carnio

      I believe it is better to convince other black men to go SYSBM with a rational and sober mind than an emotional one. That way they cannot deduce what you’re saying to “who hurt you?”

      Liked by 4 people

    • Carnio SYSBM,

      The important thing to remember is that most of these black females are not right mentally. At the minimum they are very emotionally disturbed. Its not necessary for you to go down into their rabbit holes. Leave them be .If by chance you meet a unicorn black female who is wholesome, you can allow her to be your friend.

      Notice I said you can allow her to be your friend. It is they who must prove themselves to you. Never get it twisted and think you should prove yourself to them.

      Live your life. Develop your strengths, and meet some classy nonblack females. Live a good life.

      Liked by 3 people

  20. It seems this minstrel is looking for attention and never to stops to think.

    If a black man said this it would be world war 3, bedwenches would be vying for his head. But in this joke she made she kind of outed some women by basically saying that their in relationships with racist white men when you think about it. Black men do not have the privilege to say that freely.

    I’d say if this joke was to be true then why weren’t women doing this before, one could say that women especially black women in relationships with white men condone racism.

    Another reason on top many other reasons to never listen to black women.

    What do you think?

    Liked by 2 people

    • @Jon

      Black women are the right hand of white supremacy. They actively seek racist white men because it helps them fantasize that they are white women.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Jon,

      This scraggle daggle is delusional. I mean she’s quite the average looking black scraggle daggle. But I mean, she ain’t so screamingly fine that a man can’t do without her. But to be honest, most white guys I know, have zero game. And if you saw some of the disgusting shapeless Karens they screw, then Tiffany Haddish is a ten by comparison.

      Liked by 3 people

    • I found that article to be quite disgusting. I guess Tiffany Haddish should know as she slurped white dick to get where she is.

      Black women never add anything of value to any conversation.

      Liked by 6 people

    • After reading the article, I thought, “God, that has to be the most vapid logic from a comedian concerning this issue.” Of course, I was comparing Haddish’s logic to that of Chappelle’s that was displayed in his recently released 8:46.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Bob, the same exact hoes always crying for unconditional prOtEcTiOn are calling for those same black men to be bred out. The disjointed, schizophrenic psyche of black women on full display on Twitter. Who in their right mind would stick their penis into that snake pit?

      SYSBM is the only solution.

      Liked by 5 people

    • @cosmicbodi

      The black woman’s hatred for black men is also similar to Jewish, Irish, Italian, Asian and Latino hatred for black men. All those aforementioned groups are considered “honorary whites”. They were never and to an extent still are not considered fully white. So these groups try their hardest to ingratiate themselves into white society and the white supremacist power structure (mostly for resources) by using the password of anti-black hatred.

      The black woman WISHES she were white. The evidence is on their heads. She hates black men because a) a black man helped make her black and b) to appeal to white men. That whole “you hate yourself” crap they say whenever they encounter a black man dating “outside the race” is nothing but projection borne out of jealousy that the black man can date out easier than she can.

      Liked by 5 people

      • that’s why we gotta save our self’s..the odds are stack too much against us minority TBM..speaking of musclinity we got the most masculine women on earth..just look at our plight..after all the shit these other race men put us through..we are yet further expected to date these masculine women..which further shortens our life expectancy. We can’t win except save our self’s individually simple as that.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Black Caesar,

        “Frankly, thinking black men have beaten the world in my opinion.”

        Not yet, but it’s coming.

        Liked by 2 people

  21. The only people mad at the “Stop Birthing Black Males” rhetoric is the simps who still mess with these treacherous hoes. SYSBM has been trying to replace Section 8 Shaniqua, Babymama La’Fuana, and Colorism Crybaby Ca’Leithia for a minute now. The biracial female is now the face of Black Women in media, the feminine, half-Japanese tennis star is set to replace the cripwalking she-man from Compton. MBD did a video five years ago where he thumbed through a sale paper and all the clothing models were biracial. Keep it up, gents. SYSBM is winning the long race, the results are clear if you know where to look.

    Liked by 5 people

  22. … so frustrating to see some of us actually second guessing who wrote this. Please believe me and others who have already pointed it out…THIS IS A BLACK GAY FEMINIST who wrote this, not a black man, or white person.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Nothing to second guess here. Black women are not your friends. I do not bother with them in any fashion. Once you realize this and avoid them your life will lift it’s burden.

      I will keep saying this as the Jamacian father across the street raising his own sons and when his sons kept brining home white girls I had to ask him what the deal was and this is what he told me when I was 18

      “Do not let an American Black Woman and White Man in your home. They are two of the same dog”

      Liked by 6 people

  23. Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers and future fathers. And remember this, future fathers: don’t make the mistake that I made by marrying and impregnating a black female.

    Should you not heed my advice, then, you’re an idiot…lol.

    Liked by 5 people

  24. Happy Sunday, SYSBM brethren, and a very happy Father’s Day to the fathers who are reading this; you deserve more recognition than you currently receive! So, I decided to check my Black male privilege as a masculine Black man again, and since today is Father’s Day, I wanted to acknowledge how many Black men are robbed of that privilege that is being a loving, committed, PRESENT father in the lives of their child(ren), leaving their children open to bad influences that turn them into whoremongers, criminals, or even “Ph.D. candidates” who cyberstalk Black Manosphere content creators who he disagrees with. Just imagine, the communitah would be a completely different place if it weren’t for straggs who kicked fathers out in exchange for welfare freebies from Captain Frosty.

    Anyhow, here’s a touching song by Luther Vandross about dancing with his father; you don’t hear songs like this putting fathers in a positive light anymore. RIP Luther Vandross

    Liked by 6 people

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