Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Black women have once again reached a new low. The black female in the video below from the 5:07-5:45 mark was already wearing a lace front weave, but then put a wig on top of it, smh. The ultra lazy nature of the modern day black female never fails to put itself on full display. Remember, I told you before that the weave/wig wearing practice that black women engage in is an outward manifestation of their mentally ill state, yet we have useless, pitiful maggles coming out of the woodwork who are still willing to bat for these fallen creatures, smh.

Notice how the so called educated YouTube therapist is spending the overwhelming majority of his time going in on SYSBM and other free thinking brothers, yet the same mentally disjointed black women currently running around in these streets like mad hatters he has yet to lift a finger to help pull them out of their mentally damaged state. Also, let’s not forget how most of these modern day black women are seriously overweight at an 80% clip, an extremely prevalent issue that was also illustrated in the video:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, make full use of it gentlemen, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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  1. For all you single guys out there, never date a woman (specifically in the US) that has been divorced. In the US most divorces are filed by women and most divorces are considered “no fault” divorces, meaning that there was no cheating, abuse, neglect, etc. Put 2 and 2 together and you can see that in the US most divorces happen simply because a woman got “tired” of the man that she was married to, not because he did anything wrong.
    Millennials’ latest mistake: embracing the ‘starter marriage’

    “What’s troubling about Michaels — and the generation she represents — isn’t that she broke her vows so easily (cheating is hardly age-specific). Rather, it’s the ease with which she broke her marriage — without fighting, without counseling and (most likely) without looking back. The real question is whether her decision will ultimately be without consequence.

    Probably not.”

    “For most of American history, “starter” marriages — and their subsequent divorces — would stain and stigmatize literally until the grave. But today, they’re merely early-adulthood indiscretions (almost) as forgettable as a Facebook status update.

    Like the social media that so rules their lives, millennials’ approach to marriage is all here and now — rather than here and forever. But while marriages may be easy to erase, millennials will learn the hard way that pain and loss are not so simple to swipe away.”

    There are multiple articles discussing the “starter marriage” phenomenon among women of our generation, but specifically when it comes to western women, stay away from the divorced ones. They more than likely kicked their last husband to the curb simply because they got tired of him, don’t be arrogant enough to think that they wont do the same to you. SYSBM and Keep the Wall up

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  2. If I get shot or I kill myself, please don’t fucking mourn for me. I feel like I’m going to a depressive state again. This shit is gonna take a while but if I’m not back before October…well it was nice knowing some brothers who (almost) share the same views as I do.

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      • 1. Martial Law

        2. That Wendy’s that got burnt down? Yea I was near it and that shit traumatized me considering the fact I kind of live in that area.

        3. I’m trying to find media to escape but all these shows/games do is put some political shit (Seriously Activision? You expect me to believe that you care about BLM even though your entire game is known for being called the n word online?)

        4. I’m Apolitical. People are trying to force me to vote either candidate that I give no fucks about?

        5. I’m learning how to invest and I just feel like I’m fucking stuck

        6. My dad was supposed to take me to a South American country on my birthday BUT THANKS TO FUCKING VIRUS I can’t do shit.

        Man 2020 was literally gonna be my year but you know shit happend

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      • 5. I’m learning how to invest and I just feel like I’m fucking stuck


        What type of investing are you trying to learn?

        Where do you feel stuck?

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    • 𝓫𝓻𝓸 𝓴𝓮𝓮𝓹 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓭 𝓾𝓹 𝓲𝓯 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮 𝓲𝓼 𝓪𝓷𝔂𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓷𝓮𝓮𝓭 𝓭𝓸𝓷’𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓴 𝔀𝓮 𝓭𝓸𝓷’𝓽 𝓱𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓫𝓪𝓬𝓴 𝓫𝓻𝓸. 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓱𝓲𝓽 𝓾𝓼 𝓾𝓹 #𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓹𝓮𝓬𝓽

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    • ” 2. That Wendy’s that got burnt down? Yea I was near it and that shit traumatized me considering the fact I kind of live in that area.”

      I use to live near there,in the West End area, (SW Atlanta) I now live in Doraville. Hopefully this helps, whenever I’m stressed out I go to Helen Ga, it’s about an hour and a half north of the ATL..Lots of cabins, bed and breakfasts and open space. It’s a good place to go alone or with your special someone, to clear your head and center yourself.

      Here’s a link:

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    • DeltaWildDog18,

      Hang in there bro, things aren’t bad enough to off yourself. If there was fire and brimstone coming down from the sky then I would understand. Things are slowly getting back to normal, I saw another brother here suggest that you ought to take a small break, I recommend that you look into that.

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 38 and I find it a big turn off when women especially black women wear weaves or wigs on their heads because that in itself displays self hatred.

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  4. Good morning brothers. Sorry I didn’t post no comment on Monday’s article, it was something I really had to think on real hard because of what’s went on with the protest and rioting of George Floyd and the dude who got killed in Atlanta, the whole BLM and All Lives Matter, people wanted to defund the police and all that. Basically of what’s been going on lately, I’m just sitting here thinking to myself like what the hell, like where’s this all gonna lead too anyway?

    First off, with the whole defunding the police, my whole take on this is that it’s not gonna work. The way I’m looking at this is that yes, we got good cops, and we got bad cops, but they’re just certain people that don’t need that occupation to be a police officer because of where their minds be at. On top of that, if the police were defund, what you gonna do when someone tries to rob you, break into your house, assault you, etc?

    Second of all, the dude that got killed by the cop, I mean yeah, the dude shouldn’t got killed, but he did brought that on to himself. You don’t ever fight with the police, they got guns man,and they will not hesitate to shoot. And people said the dude was DWI or DUI, I don’t know which one it was, but dude should’ve took the charge and handle the consequences instead of trying to fight back and taking the cop’s taser.

    On Monday’s Article, when I had look at them WSHH videos, I was in complete disgust. This is why I don’t like to be around the hood, the ghetto, the projects. Plus, This is why I don’t be around a lot of black people (once again, not trying to talk back about black people who don’t subscribe to the black community), because I be surrounded by ignorance most of the damn time. This whole BLM, All lives matter, it’s really bullcrap to me. BLM only matters when a black man is killed by a cop, but they dead ass silent when a black person kills another black person. Seriously? and Then you got All lives matter? Man, I’m done. I can’t take it no more. I’m a tell y’all brothas something right now, and you could probably tell other brothas this who don’t subscribe to the “black community”: If you’re a black man who
    A) Don’t have a lengthy criminal record (I get things happen, but still)
    B) Not really a Street dude or a thug dude
    C) Don’t got babymamas running around
    D) Don’t subscribe to pro-blackness
    E) Don’t do dope or sell it

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    • …………………..

      I that at first that SCAT was being used as an acronym for something related to STEM, but I got the meaning VERY quickly…..

      First off, why was it RADIOACTIVE YELLOW? Did he eat one of the TMNT?

      Secondly, this is even worse than ghetto Gaggers, and at least THAT is an official industry (as bad as that is). This looks like just something these two do for fun on the regular. When’s the last time you’ve seen some “coon” taking a soft served dump on a white/Asian girl, or vice versa? Having seen a good amount of amateur interracial “material”, I can personally say that I’ve NEVER seen anything like this.

      Notice the shade, it’s some dark skinned chick. They have NO self-esteem, self-respect, or integrity. It had to be said, the ONLY way blacks will ever know peace in the west is if they completely breed this THING out of existence. How could you amount to anything if THAT is your mother or wife?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        What viable and valid excuses do black women have for engaging in this sort of activity? Yet as we all know they’ll come up with some excuse as to why she did it, deflect and their pro black female flunkies will do the same. That behaviour is beyond disgusting and they wonder why they’re the least desired on top of all the other jacked up nonsense they’re getting involved in.

        The sad thing is that chick if she hasn’t already will probably be snapped up by a simp who will still call her a queen even after Captain Snowy has taken a live dump in her mouth. What part of queenly behaviour is that, I’ll wait?

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    • I thought I would never see anything more disgusting that the “Two Girls, One Cup” video I saw over a decade ago. The black bitch allowing Captain Snowy to shit on her face surpasses that video on the disgusting scale.

      What did Nutso357 say over a year ago? “…and one more thing: don’t these whores in the mouth. Ha, ha, ha.”

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    • Now I could be wrong, but I’ve never heard of BLACK MEN degrading themselves like this to be with a WHITE WOMAN. In fact, the WHITE WOMEN, I used to be with would have never talked to me if I asked them to do some shit (pun intended) like this.

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      • Really? Never? Bu, bu, but black men are defeated, conquered, and the one’s who date non-black women are in a sunken place.

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      • BA,

        How can black women talk about black men being defeated and conquered when they’re openly allowing Captain Snowy to defecate in their mouths? These women need to stop already, their accusations against us in light of how they deify white men at this stage are beyond pathetic.

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    • As I’m someone who has literally had to burn shit overseas when in the service, I don’t get disgusted too easily. However, I am NOT watching those videos and I’ll take your word on it. These broads have ZERO shame. This is beyond disgusting.

      Leave these broads alone and save yourself. There’s no excuse or reason to even attempting to defend this, and anybody who does I question their mental state of health.

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    • Verbs,

      I hate anti black racists. I don’t compromise with anti black racism or racists and I don’t accept their shit. Whether these racists be white racists, whether they be Asian racists, whether they be Hispanic racists, or whether they be black, doesn’t matter, I’m not accepting their shit.

      Having said all that, I hate the black scraggle daggles and I hate black simps.

      I say all this to illustrate how its complicated being a SYSBM black man. You got to contend with all sorts of racism on a daily basis, and you got to contend with the whole black scraggle daggle-simp cultural complex.

      We SYSBM men must live this struggle on a daily basis. Add to this daily struggle, the COVID-19 crisis and the police killings, and I can see how some of the younger brothers are feeling overwhelmed and depressed.

      I’m planning a getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A nice cabin with all the modern conveniences, surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery, wildlife, clear cold trout streams, a little high quality dank, and some good reading. Nothing but good food, some great hikes, and some relaxing trout fishing. I need this badly. It definitely has a healing effect.

      I have to maintain a good mental equilibrium because we black men must create our own mini environments that will be our refuge from an outside world that is often hostile and just doesn’t measure up to our standards.

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    • Verbs,

      The internet is full of videos of black scraggle daggles eating bottom shelf Brad’s shit. They do it casually. That is why I have no respect for any black male who comes to me with some romanticized ideas about black females.

      When I was younger, I used to do the big booty bimbos, i had enough wisdom to know not kiss them. The things they would do so casually to me, I knew they were doing to others. Now days, I generally don’t deal with black females on a personal basis. I am open to dealing with them, but they must prove themselves to me first. For me, all black females are guilty until proven innocent. Any black man who doesn’t have this point of view is a fool.

      I find that the type of black man who doesn’t hold black females to account, is generally dishonorable in his dealings with other black men.

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      • @AmericanBlackman

        The concept of a romanticized black woman or relationship with a black woman is completely laughable to me when it’s not Ly disgusting me. For something to be romanticized it has to have a pure and natural aspect to it.

        A she monkey wearing the hair taken off a corpse that she either stole or took an Asian beating from, makeup applied with a trowel, fake nails and fake everything, a notch count that would make king Solomon look like an incel, a uterus that looks like the fetal equivalent of the open air infirmary from the movie gone with the wind, who speaks as if she just got off the plantation 30 minutes ago is the opposite of natural and pure.

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    • Verbs,

      One more comment about black scraggle daggles eating bottom shelf Brad’s shit. I’ve been aware of these things since I was a teenager.

      I believe that most black men are aware of the proclivities of black females. They know she eats bottom shelf Brad’s shit and drinks his piss. Many black men know this is happening but just can not bring themselves to admit it.

      Even the simps know this is happening. But their character is so weak that they will tongue kiss a female, who they know eats another man’s shit.

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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        The worst thing is when these women have been ran through, used and abused by Brad, they return to the so called community where they’ll be welcomed with open arms by gutless and no standard having simps who will gladly take them onboard, smh. Since Negro Wars was released in 2015 I’ve always remained consistent with the same position, black women as a collective cannot be trusted under any circumstances.


    • @Verbs

      While this is the exact purpose to which a black woman should be used I laugh at her belief that she’s worth as much as she demands. Imagine a gold encrusted Porto Potty if you will.

      We now also know the origins of the notorious black woman’s breath. 🤣🤣🤣

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  5. Real talk warning:

    Yesterday I quit my job at the local hospital.

    For three months, I needed the call to help out in the community filling in for workers who were self isolating, being happy to serve food to patients, despite the high risk of coming into contact with ill patients on oxygen.

    But now, despite the last lurgy patient leaving, we all now have to permanently wear masks, inside the hospital and on the local transport. In addition to having a heat gun aimed at my forehead before they can clear me for work. That was the last straw, I absolutely refuse to do this.

    10 hours on the job, then 2 hours travelling with a mask? Cut off my own air supply to feed others? Unlike the vast majority, I’m not consumed with terror fear (due to having it daily for 20 years in childhood). I have faith in life and the way life supports all living things. Playing with my health by breathing in my own bacteria and CO² is not on. I will not be participating in the madness any longer.

    Black people know the history of being guinea pigs to whatever Draconian social control tool they feel like unleashing on everybody. Not me. Not my reality. I’m surprised that highly qualified nurses, doctors and specialists are ready and willing to go along with whatever illogical decision the government decides without question. Remember the “scientific” projection of 500,000 deaths? They couldn’t find enough backlogged death certificates to even reach 100,000. Even fiddling the statistics couldn’t make up the numbers.

    I’m done. Ethics are expensive. I’m fully aware of it. But I can’t tolerate and pretend for bullshit.

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    • Michel,

      This entire UK lockdown and everything surrounded it is currently being legally challenged:

      I haven’t worn a ‘slave compliant to the system mask’ on public transport yet and I don’t intend to, it’s easier to get away with it on the trains, a job’s worth bus driver on the other hand will refuse to move the bus unless you put something around your face.

      The entire facemask protocol is supposed to be for those who are sick, not healthy individuals. It seems to me that the government is deliberately trying to make people sick so then they can turn around and talk about a Coronavirus “second wave”:

      This is the problem, there are too many people who are willing to go along to get along, many of them are in serious debt whereas others were brought in because they’re yes people and will do whatever they’re told without question.

      The sad and predictable thing is I think they’ll expand this mask wearing foolishness to all public spaces including stores and shopping malls, the sheeple(the majority) are going along with it instead of at least asking questions or better still refusing to comply. I already see folks wearing masks going into supermarkets where there is no requirement to wear one, smh:

      This entire COVID-19 so called pandemic has been a scam from the beginning till now, so many things just didn’t add up, this is on top of the fact that doctors were being told to put COVID-19 down on all death certificates even if the person hadn’t died from it, fudging the numbers indeed:

      I’m refusing to go along with the BS as well. If you don’t stand up for what is right you’ll get walked over and trodden on every time.

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    • They’ve deified ppl who change bed pans and who gave no scruples, so when those ppl say nothing against the current zeitgeist, nothing changes.

      When they can help organize protests but you can’t open your business, it’s NOT about your health.

      When the majority of those who died were in old folks home or 79 and older, it’s NOT about your health.

      When KIDS and BABIES are lining the streets and morgues, but you put them in masks, it’s NOT about your health.

      Sadly, for as many liberals as there are, I have seen FAR more whites saying “what the hell?” And refusing to comply with this nonsense than blacks. Blacks have proven why they make good slaves, because again, they double down on all liberal media narratives. Anyone under 40 in moderate health should NOT be wearing these C02 cesspools. The best thing that could happen is that the blacks and liberal whites wearing these things suddenly choked and died, ALL of them, so as to remove them from the gene pool. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m REALLY big in eugenics, now.

      I’ve even seen only a few Hispanics doing this crap, even they have more sense than most blacks. To be fair, I can’t hold this against service workers in restaurants as they are made to do this. Everyone else though, especially those wearing these masks outdoors in the sun, in the HOT ASS SOUTH no less, need to be hit by a bus, no exceptions.

      Wearing a mask alone in your car is like wearing a condom to fap. Dumbasses….

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        At least you have more of a resistance over there in the US, here the government have just made it mandatory to wear masks on public transport and sadly for the majority part the sheeple are complying like the good slaves they are, in fact the people over here are so obedient that they’re wearing masks practically everywhere else even though they’re not required wearing in supermarkets, shopping malls etc.

        This whole thing is a total farce, we were told according to the official narrative that the virus cannot survive hot temperatures, we’ve just come out of almost 2 months of nothing but hot sunny days over here but they’re still telling us to wear face masks, complete and utter bollocks man, I’m not having it.

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      • On top of that, if you come to work and your forehead is above 38ºC (110ºF), you’re told to go home for two weeks!!! It is madness.

        Some are getting smart and are either planning to run around the block or drinking something hot before clocking in to get two weeks pay for no effort…..

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      • In New York (aka eastern California), we have to wear masks in any public setting; yes even outside. I try to push my luck when I go anywhere. We can be refused service or refused entry into places. It’s ridiculous. I only wear a mask when i absolutely have to go in public places. And only put it on when someone who works in said facility complains; not to mention we can get fined if we are caught by police, public safety.

        I take it off the second i get outside because it is ridiculous. All of this is done for a virus you have less than half of one percent of dying of you’re relatively healthy.

        But it’s “for your safety”. Right….

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      • FDC,

        The UK population is currently between 66-67 million, at the moment COVID-19 death stats according to the official narrative stand at just over 42,000, that’s 0.065% of the UK population that according to what we’re being told have succumb to the virus.

        We now have to wear masks on public transport as of June 15th, shops, stores, malls and other public spaces will have the same rules coming soon I predict. This is all over 0.065% of coronavirus deaths, smh.

        Let’s now look at the US, the current population is around 330 million, “official” COVID-19 deaths are currently at roughly around 121,000 rounded up. So, 0.037% of the US population have died from COVID-19, and these blue states continue to hold the public hostage for what exactly, a 0.037% Coronavirus death rate??? This isn’t about public safety, it never was.

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    • Michel,

      I don’t know where you live and I have not walked in your shoes. So I won’t comment on your opinions on COVID-19.

      As for me, I know 3 people who contacted it. Two were over 65, one was 43. They all became very sick, they all recovered, and they all said it was the most painful illness they have ever had. They had different symptoms too. One, an elderly woman, had first symptoms that consisted of extreme itching on her extremities. I believe she was mildly diabetic. None had to go on ventilators, but all spent time in the hospital. One of the elderly women and the 43 year old, spent time in the ICU.

      This disease is real. The 43 year old person I’m talking about is my cousin. He was generally healthy and did not abuse any substances. Yet, COVID-19 knocked him on his butt. I don’t want to catch this virus. I’ve been tested. I wear a mask. I social distance.

      In the US, over 120,000 have died so far. The deaths will be over 200,000 by the end of the summer. I don’t think COVID-19 is a scam. And until they get a vaccine, the only sure way to avoid it, is lots of hand washing and social distancing. And wearing a mask is part of social distancing.

      I don’t doubt that this pandemic is real. But the question I ask myself is this. Is the microbe that causes COVID-19 manmade ???

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      • I caught symptoms back in March way before lockdown. It was hard to breathe for shit. What was the government’s advice for me back then? Was it to mask up and stay back? No. It was “fuck em, let them all catch it”.

        For a “deadly” disease, our government aren’t taking it seriously. In fact they definitely aren’t (see the website on its own downgrading).

        We have inexperienced career politicians giving potentially life and death advice based on inaccurate data and on a whim. The advice is often conflicting – Boris said “let everyone reach herd immunity”, then sharply backtracked on his own advice. The curve MUST be flattened. 500,000 deaths predicted. Second wave. “We will lose loved ones”. The PPE is coming on a plane from Turkey (no it isn’t, yes it is, it’s actually not to our “high” standards). Kudos to the nurses who continue to work despite the chief nurse issuing confusing instructions.

        It may not be a “plan” but there sure are playing fast and loose with our lives. Boris, “Professor” Neil Ferguson (who got it horribly wrong and was caught breaking lockdown rules to have sex with his mistress), the chief nurse of England (who was fired), Matt Hancock (trying his best not to look like a complete Muppet) and the rest of the blundering cabinet can go take a running jump off the White cliffs of Dover.

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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        I have to staunchly disagree, COVID-19 is a straight up fraud, for starters different countries have different social distancing measurements, some 2 meters some 1.5, others 1 meter, that is suspect within itself. Then, telling folks that wearing ANY face covering will help prevent the spread of the virus yet again is suspect, if the virus was real then they would’ve prescribed specific face masks which would’ve already been proven to reduce the spread.

        The people you know probably had a severe case of the flu but got marked down as having COVID-19, the fraud and the questions behind this so called ‘pandemic’ are so many. There are plenty of aspects to this whole pandemic which don’t make sense, as Judge Judy says, ” if it doesn’t make sense it’s normally not true”.

        The most important thing here is the fact that from the very beginning the virus was never isolated to prove it actually exists and is causing the symptoms and illnesses that are claimed. You need to do some deeper research before you end up taking a vaccine and live to regret it(if you’re still living):

        Additionally, as Afrofuturism1 and Michel have already pointed out, there are numerous problems with the mask wearing within itself, namely breathing back in CO2 as well as other waste materials including bacteria. The so called pandemic is a scamdemic and a plandemic, if the virus was as bad as they say then you would’ve seen the grim reality of it manifesting in front of you with people collapsing in the streets. I’m not going to fret over 0.065% of the UK population dying from this alleged virus.


  6. Employment:

    I officially rebounded from my employment termination, due to the CCP virus, on Monday.

    Normally, I would be excited about starting a new job, but it’s “blah” to me. With the previous job, I worked from home all the time, which improved my health tremendously. The new job requires me to go into an office. Fortunately, amid the pandemic, they have implemented telework. So, I get to work from home for now. Further, my new employer is learning that telework is more productive.

    The time at home will give me more time to get my mind right before having to go into an office.

    My plan to be done with work, within five years, is still my goal. But that goal is dependent on the financial markets– could be less than five years, could be more.

    I know I should be grateful to have a job in these trying times, but the idea of returning to an office is a bummer.


    Yesterday, while laying on the bed, I said to myself, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Who would have thought a Chinese virus would have grounded my travel plans for a year?” Another bummer.

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  7. I hope Savage Shawn’s fuckery are choreographed, because if they aren’t, he’s going to prank the wrong person.

    The weightlifter has too much muscle to run any length of time…LOL.

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  8. Verbs, come on, brother; don’t you realize that she was wearing that wig as a protective style for the lace front? That’s the only way she could’ve protected her hair!

    Now, on to some more serious news; this just happened on Monday:

    Looking back over the past few weeks, I’m glad I didn’t speak prematurely about what I felt regarding the riots over George Floyd’s death, although my initial thoughts have been vindicated once again: nothing will change for the betterment of Blacks in the West. Once again, civil rights have been hijacked by the Left for LGBTQ causes.

    The LGBTQ community now have protection against workplace discrimination under the 1964 Civil Rights Act; this is being lauded as a victory for gay and transgender people, but there’s still no justice for the family of George Floyd.

    My dad’s longtime friend visited my family this past Saturday, and he told us his son (who married a Puerto Rican) called him and said he wants to leave America; I’ve also seen Youtuber Alan Sinclair express the same sentiment on Instagram and asked for suggestions on where he could move to (I offered a few suggestions of my own).

    Regardless of what naysayers say about SYSBM, we have the most sensible solution to dealing with the madness going on in the communitah: save yourself, because nobody else is going to. #SYSBM

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    • I too held back on commenting about the riots and such. Too many “hot takes” that end up blowing up in people’s faces. I will not be out there moonwalking, backtracking and apologizing.

      They know that nobody gives a shit if a tranny gets killed (more than likely they rolled up on a Pookie who wasn’t ready for that Crying Game moment), so they piggyback on George Floyd talkin’ bout “Black Trans Lives Matter.” No they don’t. Quit pretending you’re female and pushing yourself onto straight men and people won’t kill you. Seems simple, huh.

      Again, SYSBM is the best solution. Deny your resources to black females and all the pestilence that they bring.

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      • Notice that BLM is pushing HARD on this tranny thing. That shows you how much they care about blacks and the black family, and they’ve actually come outright and said that they want to get rid of the nuclear family.

        Liberalism sucks.

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      • Yessir, disrupting the nuclear family is their stated goal. Using dead straight black male bodies for fuel. And if you point this out, the hyenas will shout you down or try to “cancel” you, their favorite tactic. Once again, SYSBM is the solution, don’t even entertain the bullshit. Leave them with a hollowed-out Blackistan full of lesbos, twinks and trannies, it’s what they’re fighting for.

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      • Are black transsexuals and homosexual not black? So why are people making such a distinction in the context of “Black Lives Matter?” Well, I will answer my own question: Just look at the founders of the movement.

        I swear by God that black Americans cannot organize preparing PBJ sandwich. They trip over themselves to include others in their campaigns. When homosexuals started their movement, it was about them and only them. When Hispanics begin a movement, its only about Hispanics, etc, etc.

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      • @B A
        This whole ordeal did nothing but solidify my believe that most black people actually want to be literally. killed by white supremacists with kindness. They want a hug from white mommy and white daddy before he/she lynches them. Freedom, independence and autonomy is as a separation frok God himself in the mind of most negroes. I think they’d be happy to return to the plantations if slave owners used a little bit more tact than before.

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      • My take is that this was the plan all along. The reason these families never worked out is because many of these individuals were forced into a famiy unit formation by the social pressures of their times. I “suspect” (lol) that they were secretly planning to unleash their unnatural way of life for some time, slowly biding and hiding behind other movements until it is clear as day to see what they are about.

        The church was the original planning ground…then the civil rights movements and splinter groups.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      The protective style excuse black women use is nothing short of a joke, they ought to call it a hair receding style because that is exactly what happens to the majority of black women who wear weaves and wigs.

      LGBTQP had protection against workplace discrimination a long time ago over here, socialist Britain unfortunately was well ahead of the degenerate curve on that one. That is a complete mockery and a disgrace, these sodomites didn’t even suffer like black folks but yet they get to ride the coattails of progress made by blacks that is supposed be for blacks.

      Black people in the West ought to be disgusted and ashamed, these homosexuals ought to be fighting for their own rights off their own backs, not sponging off somebody else’s efforts and achievements, smh. The Civil Rights movement wasn’t about homosexuals, how have they been allowed to muscle in and take advantage?

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  9. What do you think of this?

    I would’ve left that man behind if that was me. With racists I don’t negotiate and give them no quarter. They get what’s coming to them. Don’t save them I’d say let them face the music. Call me harsh but it is cruel world out there.

    Also what’s your opinion on this?

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    • I, too, would have left the racist behind, because if the situation were reversed, he would have left me behind.

      The mum with the two white sons, and one black daughter should have thought about that before producing the daughter. Did she not know that she could possibly produce a black daughter?

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    • Jon,

      I agree, I wouldn’t have saved the dude either, I don’t know what that black man was thinking, smh. Black people need to learn to be cold sometimes rather than constantly rolling out the red carpets especially for people who have stated that they hate us.

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    • @Jon

      Let that be another black man who looked at him a way he thought was “DiSrEsPeKtEdInG” him.

      You can take the negro out of slavery but you can’t take the slavery out of the Negro.

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  10. Interesting article here. I admire Poland for not letting this pestilence take root in their country. I have nothing against gays in the least, but the old liberal social contract was live and let live, you kept your shit over there, you didn’t hurt anyone, or involve kids. It’s clear that they’ve ripped up the contract and have been pushing to mainstream this perversion to minors. And what’s worse, every sexual freak is now crying for “rights” including trannies and pedos. When quarantine is over, I’m off to Poland to vacation and spend money. Plus they’ve got some of the most beautiful white women in the world.

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      • In my opinion, the AK47 is one of the best rifles created. It doesn’t surprise me that kids are breaking down these weapons, because, rumor has it that Kalashnikov designed the weapon so that a farm boy could easily use it.

        The only criticism I have about the weapon is its accuracy. Aside from that, the AK-47 weapon just doesn’t fail. I can’t say the same thing about an AR-15 (M-16 and M-4).

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      • While single babymamas in Blackistan USA churn out more twinks, queers, trannies and Prancing Elites, Russian kids are learning how to assemble and disassemble AK-47s in record time to deal with their enemies.

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    • Scadenfreude,

      I always have and always will have a problem with homosexuals and any related branches, now that they are attempting to indoctrinate children with their reprobate and degenerate garbage I say let them burn to ashes. In their day of distress and trouble I most certainly will not be reaching out to help them.

      If homosexuals were being dealt with today as they were in the Old Testament, the LGBTQP movement in 2020 wouldn’t exist. Homosexuals must be aggressively persecuted in order to keep their numbers small and to prevent them from spreading their contaminated garbage to others.

      This is the point, they refuse to keep their reprobation to themselves, they want to force others to accept and possibly convert over to their lifestyle, this is the so called progressive left for you. The Most High was and still is right, homosexuality is an abomination and a extreme pestilence upon this planet especially in the West.

      A maximum salute to Poland and other Eastern block countries for not giving into the pressure and standing against allowing homosexuality to become acceptable in their countries.

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      • @Verbs
        Thats why I say I will not marry or have children in a place where sodomy is legal. Canada is the worst place to raise children. They are coming for the kids right now. Thank God for aids.

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      • Black Caesar,

        The UK is on the same degenerate and reprobate vibe with teaching the LGBTQP abominable lifestyle to children as if it is normal. As much as we make light joke of Indian and Pakistani men with regards to their serious lack of romance skills, over here in the UK it has been them who have been the biggest opposing voices protesting outside of schools trying to get this degenerate garbage stopped. Any country that gives homosexuals the same rights as normal men and women is a failed and doomed one. I fully agree with your stance on not having children in Sodomite supporting countries.

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      • @Verbs
        They already have adults on TV (obviously white) teaching kids about sexuality and sodomy. It was on the CBC who not surprisingly is the most racist anti black network in Canada. When I say kids I mean 6 year olds. I believe the clip is on YouTube still but I will not post it because just thinking about it makes me want to slit that host’s throat. Expect “pedophobe” to be a thing soon and you’ll be going to jail if you don’t allow these white or jew pieces of human filth to literally take your baby out of his stroller and rape it.
        I don’t criticize SYSBM if they’re attracted to white women but I personally despise them and the even filthier kikes. I wish something would wipe them all out tomorrow. They’re the ones pushing this stuff. Especially the kikes.
        Thank God there was no black children on that show. I dunno about east Indians but we have a lot of Muslims here too and they’re not going to bring that shit over to them, guaranteed. Black people will most likely give up their children since the black community is ruled by white supremacy’s number one fans, the black bitch, who is always looking for new ways to destroy black children. God bless africa too for unapologetically jailing and killing these perverts.

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    • The alphabet people have put a “+” on the end. Meaning they are going full steam ahead with legal pedophilia. They better get the “hate crime” charges and my cell set up right now because if I see this happen in real life the pedo is going to die at my hands. Simple as that.

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  11. It’s increasingly funny (read as: annoying) the behaviors of Christians, namely black female Christians, over everyday things.

    Heard a black chick literally go into a theological soliloquy outside of Burger King because they had forgotten her napkins. Now, I get as annoyed at sloppy customer service as the next guy, although black women are the queens of that anyways.

    Still, talking about how evil, selfish and sinful the world is becoming because you don’t have napkins? Really?!!!

    The irony is lost on them, in that they’re calling others selfish, but since THEY are God’s people, they’re entitled to everything going perfectly in life.

    Equally overheard black female relatives going ham because the pastor at their church (the one my mother used to attend back when I went to these hellholes) supports Trump and had the audacity to question a lot of this coronavirus nonsense. I’m thinking, the one time that guy actually talks some sense, and y’all leave cuz it’s in support of Trump? Y’all didn’t leave when he was taking all your damn money and practically wiping his ass with the Bible, or whenever his wife would get up on the pulpit and enact a spiritual orgy of emotionalism? Are we surprised that black churches do nothing in their hoods? Their parishioners ask nothing of them, and only get fed up with them over the dumbest things.

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    • As long as you tell them lies and make excuses you are good. Do something semi honorable or reasonable and you are anathema. It is an obvious criminal enterprise at this point in time. If you want to engage in fraud and need a host…well you know who to call. If you are a criminal in need of a place to stay…well you know the place to go..

      Their father is the Father of Lies.

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  12. If you guys though Black Men/Boys where getting alot of love from White Women/Girls on TikTok before the protests, now the love we’re getting from them has increased 10 fold now!

    I sent these TikTok videos to Verbs, MBD and Kiri but I want you guys to see the unrentlentless savagery that White Women/Girls are inflicting on the jealous, pathetic, inadequate “FrankenFrost”.

    They’re telling them UNAPOLOGETICALLY they LOVE BLACK MEN and they DGAF if “FrankenFrost” don’t like it.

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  13. Actually got to record this show and going to upload it. It was hilarious.

    Also picked up several small arms and also a G.A Precison ordered. Got a new holster for CC EDC and so far so good.

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    • Note the comment from Becky (Molly Ann):

      “As a white woman, I’m tired of being used as a weapon to ATTEMPT to hurt black women…”

      Eh, I have to agree with Molly Ann. There is plenty to critique, on its merits alone, without the need to drag Becky into any grievances we have with BFF. It’s simply not a good look.

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      • Translation: Do not put us in line to be attacked by these crazy, jealous nuts. Which is common sense to anyone who actually cares for another person. Rest assured these characters do not need any external comparison to point out their screaming deficiencies.

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      • “Becky” sounds like a Daggle’s friend or a Daggle in disguise.

        And in terms of comparison, even if I don’t need to bring up the Smart car to showcase how fuel inefficient the Hummer is, it DOES drive the point home.

        Black women are just wanting to soften the blow of the ass whipping that the world is now rightfully giving them. Plus, THEY are always the first to bring up Becky, so why should I feel sorry for them?

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      • Sounds like a black woman or male behind the keyboard for that comment….Never ever have I heard even the most ghetto white woman even say some shit like that. Nice try now get a white woman on camera saying the similar.

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      • “Becky” sounds like a Daggle’s friend or a Daggle in disguise.


        Daggle’s friend? I don’t know.

        Daggle in disguise? No.


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      • @Afrofuturism1,

        I was thinking the same thing; this isn’t the first time I’ve seen straggs pull this kind of stunt.

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    • “As a white woman…”

      “..the same complexion…”

      Yeah fucking right! That is a jealous black bitch pretending to be a white woman. You always know it’s a black woman when they use these words I quoted.

      A long time ago I was in an Indian forum. The topic was about Indian woman who have a thing for black men. Then out of no where this “Indian man” said ” as an Indian man, you should love your mother who have the same color of the skin etc”

      NO OTHER RACES say bullshit like this! Here in Georgia, there is a similar issue. In Georgia, Russian/Ukraine or women who are ethnic Slave are considered the most beautiful women in the world.Georgiam men want them, Arab men want them, Turkish Ken and Iranian men all want them. My friend is Georgian, he only chases Russian women, none of the woman from Georgia has ever said to him ” but yo mama is Georgian”

      No one would ever judge you for having a preference for women of other races irregardless if what your own mother looks like.

      Blacks and Africans are the only Dimwitts who have this thought process! That chick ain’t fooling nobody!!

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      • GOOD EYE!!!!! I forgot ALLLLL about that tell!!!! GOOD FUCKING EYE Carino. Here is the thing, know why black women hold on to RACE so much???? Simple…they have fuck all else to offer. Racial purity, headaches, stressed out times and violence, in a nutshell that’s all black women have to offer, that’s why they hold on to that race card so damn much.

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  14. @B A

    And those same Daggles she wants to protect are the same ones calling her “Becky”, “Karen”, cave beast, cave bitch, white bitch & unseasoned chicken.

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  15. The black woman had a wig under her weave? Jesus Christ, this is something new now. Black women are in desperation of looking like their arch rival the white woman. It looks like black women hate being natural because they have a self hate issue and it runs deep in. As black men look at this, they just think about interracial dating because they want a woman that wants to be natural. Black women can’t handle to be natural. The natural black woman is getting rarer and rarer by the minute. You must be wondering what next? Well we have seen every dysfunctional behaviour of the ratchet black women anyway. How can any black man have children with a black woman when she keeps wearing weave? I have no issues of black relationships, marriages and having a black family but how can you have a black daughter and she’s goanna grow up wearing weave just like her mother. And when black men sees this, they just say “No way. I’m not putting up with this!” And they just move on and date out. black men have to go through so much with black women’s ratchetness and they decided to be with non black women.

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe tonight and all night. Whispers words in her ear and make her weak in her knees. My evening got messed up because my team lost against Man City. I’m with the S.Y.S.B.M because if black men can’t find a good black woman which is hard to find they date, be in relationship or marry a non black woman. But here this. I don’t see myself as a married man. I don’t see myself having a family. I’m from a messed up family but I was raised in a two parent. I be surprised if I have one child.


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  16. Please, under any circumstance, DON’T be this guy:

    That girl was being nice to him for the camera; it’s very obvious that she’s not into him. He looks super goofy, he has the corniest personality, his mother tags along as his “wing mum”, he’s too pushy with the romantic stuff, and…why on Earth would you collect belly button lint?!? Why, bruh? I can imagine if Shawn James is as awkward as this Skippy dude? He should just stay in the friend zone for the rest of his days.

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  17. I do not date Black Women and never will but I find this lady very attractive. She is well-spoken, has real hair, and is in great shape unlike the overwhelming majority of Black Women. Thoughts?

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    • “Russo” is an Italian name, so that fits with my theory that any BW who’s got it together to her degree is into non-black men. Good looking, yes, but I don’t even waste my admiration.

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      • Yeah. Everybody knows that they are only as loyal as their options. The ones with the non-black option usually take it with the quickness. If non-black men wanted them one tenth as much as they want them their IR numbers would make Asian women’s look like child’s play.

        That’s why I would NEVER feel bad about not dating/ finding BW attractive. If they could date out as well, they would do it too. The majority of them just aren’t even close to being in that caliber.

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      • P.S. She’s not that great IMO. Too muscular as evident in the bikini pic. Much rather have a Latina or Middle Easterner TBPH.

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      • “Good looking, yes, but I don’t even waste my admiration.”
        She looks good, but you still have to worry about the BW attitude. Probably isn’t worth it.

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      • James SYSBM,

        I do not hand out admiration and compliments to any black hoe who wouldn’t look at me twice. Least of all a bedwench. Compliment a (classic) white girl on the other hand, and she’s blushing and acting like nobody ever complimented her before.

        (Yes we now have to sub-divide classic WW from third-wave feminist, nose-ringed dyke trash and fat, Mandingoized white ghetto bitches.)

        And you are correct about the attitude, but guys like us are the only ones who get it. General Frost and Thug Passion get a submissive geisha girl with all holes open for business.

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    • Shes certainly physically attractive. Her face, hair, and physique are in good condition. I mean God bless her and all the best to her. But like dude below said, I probably wouldn’t hold my breathe in this current timeline.

      Of course the woman’s mentality and morality are of paramount determination.

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    • She, like most black female fitness models on instathotgram is physically attractive. But as others have pointed out, I’d have to see her attitude. No longer complimenting black women on looks alone, their character is what I judge them on…

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    • JW,

      Admittedly, she doesn’t look that bad at all, however I noticed a few other pictures of her rocking different coloured weaves as well as fake nails, based upon that I forsee problems for anybody who chooses to date her. Like others here have stated, she looks like the type that would give black men a very hard time yet give Captain Snowy a gold plated pass.

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      • Yep, also notice the belly piercing and wrist tattoo. Stay away.
        “T&A ain’t worth a nigga DNA.” – Ice Cube

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      • @#TeamWhiteGirls chill bruv lol I wasn’t trying to convince anyone to date Black Women I don’t even date Black Women myself. However, I do think Qimmah is attractive though.

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    • She’s made for the likes of Cam, Colton and ol’ Billy Bob to be knelt over and jizzed in a circle before engaging in 1850s plantation play.

      Your black ass is not getting this for at least 30 years.

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  18. You know I don’t understand this logic:

    You can’t bash black women because your mother is black.


    I can’t bash pedophiles because maybe my mother is a pedophile?

    I can’t bash murders because my father is a murderer?

    I can’t bash ‘X’ because my Y is an X?

    Yet these cunts looooooooooove to slander thinking black men and they NEVER think about their fathers who WERE there for them. Only African Africans and African Westerners think like this.

    I told this to some Georgians and Russians and they thought it was laughable!

    They need to be abandoned at all cost!

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  19. Listen,

    I understand that we are all individuals. I understand we all have our own taste in women and that is fine. If you like black women. Cool! I have no prejudice against you.

    But here lies the thing. Deep within my soul, lies an intense hatred for black women especially western ones. This “hatred” did not just spawn out if thin air. This “hatred did not spawn because the “System”. It spawned from years of Damning terror and fascism from these groups of individuals. It spawned from gynocentrism and black misandry. It spawned from all the silence from the supposed “nuh uh! I’m not like dat” groups, who KNOWS that this is an issue by choose to remain silent because they benefit from it.

    Black women, are my natural born enemies! They will remain this way until the day I die! And no, I don’t give a shit about individuals! Any one, man or woman, especially black men, who blindly defends any black woman will additionally be my life enemy.

    Just like verbs made in his comment earlier about HOmosexuals. Is exactly how I feel about black women. They need to be kicked OUT and ABANDONED by healthy thinking black male spaces and violently beat any one who tries to inject this monstrosity into our groups. I have zero tolerance for them as much as how I feel about HOmosexuals!
    I will never talk to them, or allow them in my personal spaces and even want to be friends or even want them to know my name (this is to black woman apologists).

    BREED THEM OUT!!!!!!!!

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  20. Though it’s Thursday, I’d just like to point something out to the middle aged, late 30s/early 40s crowd: don’t be afraid to start over
    , if you dislike your career. I’d recently found out as an Illinois military veteran that I still had GI Bill funds and state grants at my disposal. I’m getting certified in a couple fields(network technology and fabrication, in order to cross-polinate into being a technician). Not to mention a heavy vehicle license, because why the hell not? I’d advise any black man reading this to master a long term trade, if not several. Having worked around obnoxious black women and racist non black males in office positions, I just had enough. They typically prefer effeminate males in those positions, so be cautious in those scenarios…

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    • I remember hearing, or reading, the idea that a person can expect to change careers approximately three times in their life. Late 30s/early 40s is a prime time to change careers. I would dare say that men can even change careers in the early 50s (some have a wealth of knowledge and can teach in some capacity– tech school, community college, etc) Further, some people in their 50s, and beyond, have enrolled in medical and law schools.

      I can empathize completely with you about the office environment (I mean what black man cant?). I, too, have had enough. Truth be told, we really aren’t welcomed.

      Yesterday, I posted, here, that I found another job, but it’s requires going into the office. For the past four years, I have been working from home and enjoying it. Then I lost that job due to the CCP/Chinese virus. I knew that day would come, and from day one, back in 2016, I ramped up my investing in the financial markets to avoid having to return to an office. I was hoping to hold on to that job for another three or four years. It didn’t happen, but I am closer now than I was four years ago.

      My first, and very brief (two years) career was accounting. My second and present (19 years) career is information technology. My third and last career, will be financial trading using my own money. I am at a point in my life where I am tired of working for anyone. Hell, I was tired from day one after graduating college in 1999. I remember calling a former teammate and telling him that I am not built for working a 9-to-5. I am think I am going to start investing in stocks so I won’t have to work for someone. That was 21 years ago. Obviously, I have had setbacks and distractions, but I am still chugging along. For the most part, I have treated as a hobby, because the idea of trading for a living is quite scary– there is no guaranteed paycheck. It’s all you. With a failure rate of over 90% among traders, trading is one of the most difficult ways to earn money.

      I, too, have the GI Bill (post 9/11), and have considered using it to getting my CDL and just drive trucks. That is a real possibility if I quickly grow tired of the office environment.

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      • Damn, thought I was the only one. Yeah, I got my CLP, I’m starting at a truck driving school this weekend. I’m tired of working for people also. The welding/IT certs are in case I have to stay working for someone. The CDL is to eventually own my own truck, if possible. That bit about changing careers 3 times is so bizarrely accurate, as well. Keep me informed on your progress.

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  21. Yesterday, I was at a coffee shop working on their ice machine with my work partner, and the thing about coffee shops is that they tend to attract the snow bunnies; now, I’m assuming the ones who frequent these places are liberal minded, but this raises a point I remember hearing Obsidian touch on years ago: liberal White women, for the most part, look far better than liberal Black women do.

    Have you ever seen a liberal Black woman and a liberal White woman sit down juxtaposed with each other? The difference between their level of attractiveness is as different as night and day; regardless of political leanings, you never see a Black placed alongside a White woman where she was equally as attractive.

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  22. For those of you who are (foolishly) still on the fence about the FACT that the nigger bitch’s role is to help white supremacy KILL black people, see if you can guess who white supremacy chose as their face of Tuskeegee 2.0.

    It is ESSENTIAL that any black man who wants children to do so with a NON BLACK WOMAN.

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    • If “COVID-19” really does affect black people the most then why aren’t governments allocating specific resources to combat it to black people? No resources, no help, no testing but black people are supposed to be guinea pigs? All because Bill Gates never got any pussy in school? LMAO

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    • Black Caesar,

      It’s funny you should post that, I was sent this link a few days ago:

      Devil Bill Gates and his equally wicked wife once again looking to line up black folks as guinea pigs. The first one to come at me with any needle gets a hammer straight to the middle of their skull. Gates already offered Nigeria 10 million to introduce the vaccines there but the President had enough sense to refuse it.

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      • @Verbs
        I knew it as soon as they started claiming that black people were disproportionately affected. Now I know for sure this COVID shit is killing mostly whites and jews. They went straight after black people ignoring even Chinese people. They’re slipping at this point. Hope black people can put away their white worship for a few seconds to refuse this vaccine.

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      • Vaccine rushed through development, rushed through approval, and rushed through production and they are saying “Lets give it to Black people first.”
        Nope, not suspicious at all………………………

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      • James SYSBM,

        Exactly. Additionally, they think that we can’t see their abysmal track record and history of mangling and killing people in third world countries through various vaccine programs. Bill Gates is NOT our friend, neither is his devil wife nor is big pharma.

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    • She’s actually shocked that blacks (probably black men) are thinking for themselves for once! Of course it’s a problem, it goes against massa’s orders.

      God knows what these vaccines would do, but sterilization is the most obvious option. Granted, the hood NEEDS to be sterilized, but I’m glad that blacks are calling this out.

      And I was glad to see the Nigerian president saying hell no to Gates. I’d love the chance to meet him in a dark alley. This dude can’t keep Windows from getting viruses, so why trust his vaccine?

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    • I see they found a new BW to replace that Kizmekia lady at the CDC that Tariq exposed. They think we will fall for the same trick if they get a new BW.

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      • @James SYSBM

        Was that the same whore who was found to have a bunch of anti-black male posts on social media? I hear they’ve scrubbed this new mammy’s internet footprint.

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      • Yep that was her. They were propping her up as the BW Stephen Hawking until Tariq exposed her old posts, then the media dropped her like a lead weight. Young Black people (specifically young BM) aren’t falling for that type of BS anymore. They thought that if they put a BW in front of us that they can activate that matriarchal programming in many Black people’s minds and get us to go along with it, only to find out that some of us don’t have that program and others have deleted it.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the learned from their mistake and scrubbed the new “Eunice Rivers'” social media.

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      • @James SYSBM
        Well there it is then.
        If black men want to follow these geechee plantation whores to the grave then be my guest. How come we don’t see white women being used for the same purposes since white women are supposed to be so bad for black men? LOL
        SYSBM is the ONLY solution.
        Without it, the black community will remain on the bottom forever.

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      • I just Googled the whole thing. Just wow. People scoff at Tariq, but he’s out there doing God’s work. This dark-skinned black bitch sociopath “Dr. Kizzy” was actually in a position to murder black men. For all we know, the “vaccine” could be designed to kill us, yet somehow leave BW unaffected.

        Brothers we need to be on guard as the white man allows these black man-hating psychopaths more and more access to power. I for one will not be voting for a “black” (read: Indian) female VP for starters.

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      • @Schadenfreude

        “People scoff at Tariq, but he’s out there doing God’s work. This dark-skinned black bitch sociopath “Dr. Kizzy” was actually in a position to murder black men. For all we know, the “vaccine” could be designed to kill us, yet somehow leave BW unaffected.”

        Tariq is far from perfect, but I agree with him more than I disagree with him.

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      • James SYSBM,

        I don’t dismiss Tariq totally, I just don’t like his pimping of black folks and also attempting to berate black men for liking white and other non black women even though he has a mixed wife himself.

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    Don’t know who else has seen this article before (It seems familiar), but it’s damn funny. Indian men are a race of incels, hell, most white incels look like sex gurus compared to these guys.

    Than again, when cultural you’re obsessed with curry, garlic, and SHIT, not to mention smell like all three but bathed in AXE body spray, how attractive could you really be?

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    • @afrofuturism 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Is it any wonder women have to be ASSIGNED to Indian men. At least white men still have women attracted to them of their own free will.

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  24. White Eastern European women not only make great lovers, they make great family members!

    I met a Russian girl from Russia in Georgia (Sarkartvelo) when we first met we were too shy from each other because 100% language barrier. Let’s call her ‘Olga’. Olga speaks lighting fast Russian and she speaks no English. She also speaks in casual slang in Russian, words you would not learn in language books which made it harder. Yet we still enjoyed each others company. Something about us both pulled us together despite us both coming from two completely different worlds, ie. She is originally a village nature girl, I am a concrete jungle boy, we both look super exotic to each other, different languages, both nationalities that are at each others throats (at least historically) she is a cyber punk or kind of futuristic goth like aesthetics while I am more of an snobbish hipster aesthetic, she comes from a rich family while I came from the poor etc.

    Yet, somehow someway we were just talking to each other like we know each other for a while. Before she left back to Russia (before this pandemic happened) we exchanged something called ‘VK’ (VKontact is “Russian Facebook”) and we chatted each other almost every single day since she left.

    Now, I have a shitty (biological) family aside from my dad and two uncles. But aside from them, I had a horrible abusive piece of shit mother. Most of the women in my father’s family are leeches, your typical black witch and I want nothing to do with them. Like most black men, I also came from a fucked up dysfunctional broken family. And thanks to my mother, she has scarred me. I became MGTOW as coping mechanism due to he fact that I lived in the Bronx and your demographics of that area are mostly your nasty assed black women and Spanish women from Puerto Rico and Dominican republic. The Spanish women are almost as bad as black women minus the weave wearing since Spanish women naturally have long straight hair and most Spanish women do cook.

    When I was MGTOW I was convinced all (western) women were like black women or if not, they will become like black women. Mainly because of the 4th wave feminism and the over whelming power they have over men! I was convinced women are NOT to be trusted. Fast forward to meeting this girl, Olga, has actually healed alot of scars and pain I have experienced for YEARS because of my own bio family. Olga is almost like a long lost sister. She has shown me what having a ‘sister’ is like…

    This is a strictly a platonic friend ship, nothing romantic. Sometimes I joke with her and call her doll face, because she has a complete baby face with emerald eyes but she still has that ‘stone cold poker face’ like most Europeans do. The more we talked and talked , we shared each other’s dreams, our hardships, our experience etc. Etc. I was able to share with her information that I normally could not tell others, and she understands me. I learn so much things from her about what life in post Soviet Russia is like! The more we talk and share our thoughts and imagination, the more closer we get..

    So I decided to “Adopt” her. She was to be my adoptive sister. I told her since we both are “Rebels” we only have each other to understand even though we are like different species of animals to each other. But She said yes! So We adopted each other, and now we are a family! My sister, Olga, my beautiful doll faced sister was probably one of the most happiest events In my life I have ever experienced! I know it sounds silly because it sounds like I am speaking as if we just got married.
    But I actually got to know how it feels. When your own bio family like your ” mother” treats you like you are not even human, Anglo culture which is super misandric and hates you for owning a penis, and your own race who hates you because you refuse to deal with their BS! And now to have someone to cry to when you’re depressed, or suicidal, someone to share your secrets , some one to always call and check up on you when you are miles away, someone to do things (we plan to do alot of kick-ass things next year when the Russian border opens. I guess I’ll be in Russia soon for a bit) together as a family!

    I am not religious, but I believe there is a higher power who destined us to meet and connect like this! I honestly never in a million years could imagine I could ever have the privilege to have such a precious gift like this!

    The purpose of why I wrote this is family does not have to mean your biological one. Anyone can be your family if they bring healing to your life. Those who care about you and take care of you when you are down. THAT IS YOUR FAMILY!!!

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    • @ Carnio

      Awesome glad to hear you establishing some new roots. As the Scripture said something like “you will have friends that are closer than brothers”. It would seem your terrible early experiences have allowed you to be able to appreciate genuine human affection and filial companionship. Continued success and healing to you in your life’s journey.

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      This is typical with most black men, they’ll get to experience what having a true family is like outside of their own blood relatives. A sad situation but one that should be embraced if it ever manifests itself. The commentator Michel I believe said the same thing a while back, dealing with traditional non black women can greatly heal any black man who has come from a dysfunctional environment and background.

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  25. I have a few last things to share before we wrap up this Open Mic Wednesday: famous Black dyke Raven-Symone is now married…to a White woman! Yep, she went SYSBL (Save Your Self, Black Lesbian); all credit goes to Gregory Chandler for coining that term last year. Black women, gay or straight, worship White skin.

    Also, I checked my IG and saw a post on a page I follow called “freespeechforablackman4.0” where a White male sissy (a tranny) replied to a post he made on Twitter about Malcolm X basically saying that racism would be a thing of the past if we listened to Malcolm X and MLK; get this, though: this same tranny (who says they are looking for a “Black king”) retweeted Candace Owens’ tweet where she slammed George Floyd AGAIN as well as the young Black guy who was shot by cops in Atlanta. First off, boom bye bye inna batty bwoy head; Black men don’t want that confused waste of flesh! Second, Candace Owens needs to take her foot out of her mouth before she digests it whole.

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    • >Candace Owens needs to take her foot out of her mouth before she digests it whole.

      Proof positive that black women do not have our best interests at heart, political persuasion be damned.

      Assume black women hate all straight thinking black men unless proven otherwise (don’t hold your breath on that one).


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    • Glen Saxon,

      Sharpe is right on the money, I’m also waiting for the end result because I know that it’s going to get a lot of black women riled up and ticked off, lol. Remember, this is the type of black man black women DON’T want UNTIL he decides to date out. Even then they still don’t want him, they simply want his money and resources.

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  26. Donovan pulled the original link, but he posted it again here:
    I see similar in Trinidad, but it is the Venezuelans who attract the black men. The black women get annoyed by this and accuse the Venezulean women of “bringing AIDS” to Trinidad (when Trinidad has a higher HIV rate than Venezuela!)
    I have a buddy with a Venezuelan girlfriend, and he has spoken of the evil stares he gets! But those same black women scorned and ill-treated him in the past.

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    • Glen Saxon,

      Typical isn’t it, as a heterosexual black man you’re not wanted by black women until you begin to expand upon your dating options. As I stated before, even then they just want your money and resources, not you.

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