Some Lives Matter, NOT ALL – Let’s Use Some Logic And Common Sense!


This is my whole point, how can all lives matter when you have scum buckets like the above in existence? The All Lives Matter slogan created by right wing whites is the dumbest garbage I’ve come across in a long time. All Lives Matter, really? The last video I’m sure many of you may have come across before, a black witch decided to abandon her child in the street, but because of the gathering attention and the agreement by the rescuers to call the police, the evil siren had second thoughts and decided to run out talking about “that’s my baby”.

This is your modern day black female in a nutshell, her no maternal instinct having backside will get knocked up by the local no good black male riff raff, then having realised that she’s been shafted she’ll then seek to take out her revenge on the innocent child by any means necessary and unfortunately some children lose their lives in the black mother’s rage and fury.

All Lives Matter was simply created as a nullifier to black lives, there are too many white folks who have a very hard time facing up to the truth of their bloody, tainted and dodgy history, therefore rather than right the people they’ve wronged, instead they’ll create distractions, detractions and in some cases “challenges” in order to offset as well as remove the focus from black folks talking about the problems we suffer at their hands and how our lives ought to be valued. They’ve also created White Lives Matter which yet again is another distraction from how horribly black folks have been treated by certain contingents of whites in the West especially in the US.

Now the problem here at the same time is there are too many black folks who don’t even value their own lives yet alone their own people’s, just look at black women and how they treat children both inside the womb as well as outside of it. Are we not surprised that many white folks are beginning to point out the incongruity concerning leftist blacks claiming black lives matter vs black women and the astronomical number of abortions they commit on the daily?

What about the retired police captain David Dorn who was recently killed trying to protect a store from being looted, the cold blooded savages that shot him, do their lives matter? What about Dylann Roof, the far right wing white male who was behind the Charleston church shootings in 2015, does his life matter? What about Bill and Melinda Gates, the psycho Eugenicist couple who in light of the COVID-19 hoax are attempting to vaccinate the entire world including having their killer vaccines tested on black folks first as if we’re their guinea pigs, do their lives matter(why do you think the lame stream media has been floating the “black people are X times more vulnerable to COVID-19 than other races” mantra all of a sudden)?

Moving onto law enforcement and how the homosexual movement BLM is calling for the police to be defunded, now I personally am not a fan of the police however at the same time I’m not down for bashing police in the head without a reasonable cause. The appropriate times I would advocate police being ‘dealt with’ so to speak is when they attempt to seriously violate an individual’s rights ie step outside of the law majorly to where your life is being threatened or worse still attempt to enforce draconian and authoritarian measures handed down to them by the State that are blatantly unconstitutional(ie a New World Order type scenario).

Here is an example of the police attempting to violate an individual’s right to open carry:

I’m sorry, all lives DO NOT matter, there are some people who purposely use their lives to inflict pain, misery, suffering, evil and wickedness upon others, those are the types of individuals who DON’T deserve life. With regard to BLM, when they say “black lives matter”, the lives they’re specifically referring to are those of the LGBTQP movement and lifestyle, here is some proof of that:

The lives of 12 Gauge Mike, Midnight Freddy, Slim Sauce and Lil Cheezy as far as I’m concerned DON’T MATTER and to be honest they ought to be the first to get snuffed out, however these so called conservative whites will tell you that ALL LIVES MATTER in their efforts to neutralise the value of black lives as well as attempt to have us accept the scum of black society so that the same trash can continue to destroy what remains of the so called black community, do you see how this works?

I don’t support BLM at all, as a communist/ultra socialist LGBTQP group they hate the heterosexual free thinking black man with a passion and wish to see him completely banished from their vision of a future black society. The black female’s open support for degenerate, reprobate so called ‘alternative lifestyles’ is straight up from the mind of Satan the pit of Hell. At the same time I don’t support All Lives Matter either because as stated before there are too many people who use their lives as an instrument of evil and wickedness against others.

I don’t value the lives of scum buckets and degenerates who seek to inflict harm, death and destruction upon others regardless of their ethnicity, don’t roll up to me with that all lives matter garbage because it simply isn’t true, we free thinking black men can most definitely testify that this is not the case solely based upon our unfortunate experiences dealing with various undesirables within our own race.

At the same time BLM can also swiftly step to the left because we already know what particular ‘lives’ they value and it isn’t those of heterosexual free thinking black men. They only value our deaths in order to use them to continue promoting and pushing their homosexual/transgender agenda deeper into black society.

Finally, BLM as per the edicts of the black witch seeking bigger government and free handouts I’m not surprised at, right leaning white folks and “all lives matter” on the other hand is illogical, I expected better from a group who many times over have declared themselves to be the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Lastly, what is up with all of these Karen types both male and female coming out of the woodwork at a rapid pace? Notice how in the overwhelming majority of circumstances the women are typically in their late 30s upwards and unattractive(in other words past their prime, they’re most probably liberal as well). Here are some videos of some Karens in the wild:

As much as white people as a collective have their various shortcomings, in the 21st century overall they are far more laid back and less extreme with racism than their non white cousins. Go to countries like India, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, China etc and you’ll experience a level of racism that is far worse than any country in the West. Why aren’t BLM talking about the racism black people receive from other non white groups, again, it doesn’t fit the ‘white supremacist’ narrative. This is why I’ll maintain my position, some lives matter, NOT ALL.

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Some Lives Matter, Not ALL

Most High Bless

71 thoughts on “Some Lives Matter, NOT ALL – Let’s Use Some Logic And Common Sense!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Fantastic article Verbs and I fully agree with everything you said. The thing that I don’t like about the BLM group is that they protest when a white man or a white police man kills a black man which is all well and good , but they never protest when black men are killing other black men every day and the BLM group are always silent on the issue when it comes to black on black crime.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      And black men killing each other in the streets isn’t even the biggest taker of black lives, it’s abortion, however these lefties are all for the snuffing out of innocents. BLM is a black female, homosexual organisation with a few black male flunkies invited in to carry out the black witch’s bidding.

      Additionally, as I questioned before, why are BLM silent on racism coming from non whites which in most cases is far worse, I’ll wait. As per SYSBM Tenet Number 7, I don’t support feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism and any and all related branches and I NEVER WILL.

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      • Truth, abortion, heart disease, and HIV take out far more Black lives than Pookie and ray ray, and all 3 of those things are preventable.
        “Additionally, as I questioned before, why are BLM silent on racism coming from non whites which in most cases is far worse”

        Because they are weak, pathetic, and constantly looking for non-Black “allies”. I mostly hear BW talking that dumb, intersectionality, “Black Brown alliance” shit, none of those groups give a shit about Black people beyond being able to use us to get what they want.

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      • James SYSBM,

        Just goes to show you how delusional black women are, as you stated there are no non white groups who care for black folks, neither do any of them want to form any alliances with us at all.

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    • They do hold marches and vigils in the “hood” occasionally when someone (a non-pookie) gets killed. It NEVER changes anything though, because the hood is mostly filled with the bastard offspring of single mother BW who don’t value life, theirs or yours.

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    • @Quincy F

      Agreed. Don’t we already know that white people have the brains of a 2-year-old? If you make it seem like it’s alright to use the n-word they will copy. Likewise, if they see black people devaluing black life which they do more than any other living organism on Earth, whites will copy. Not saying that this will prevent whites from being barbarians but they will look for any excuse to continue up to and including black dysfunction.They simply have no argument for the ongoing genocide in the black community.

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    • These BLM idiots are idiots. Thank to you verbs for point whar BLM really is. Even though I been knowing what there about. Those two BLM women that said they protect trans women. That proven the black women are the biggest AIDS cases. The other is FUCK BLM and the dumb asses the support. They don’t protect hetrosexual black men and they don’t protect black families.
      The all lives matter is garbage just like BLM garbage and full of shit. I can’t stand BLM their real destroyer of black people.

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      • Antonio Johnson,

        BLM might as well be lined up with Pride month as well as other homosexual organisations because that is exactly what it is, a George Soros sponsored homosexual movement seeking to saturate the rest of black society with the LGBTQP doctrine. Too many black folks are rolling along with BLM using their emotions instead of checking out what the group really is all about and what it truly stands for:

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  2. Verbs,

    Excellent Post. Thank you for reminding me WHY I left the US/West in the first place and what I will never go back!

    In everysingle video Posted, from the Worldstars videos to the Karen videos, I saw the toxicity in these English speaking countries. Shooting people for fun? This is some twilight zone crap the Easterners could never imagine!

    And THANK YOU for confirming my feelings! That some lives do NOT matter as there are some people who soley exist to cause nothing but harm and pain and death to innocent people!

    Of course you have these Quasi Christians or Moralists who say “You are no better than criminals in gods eyes”. Or ” you should never harm another even if they harm you because it puts you on their level” BS.

    And yes, those people in those other countries are FAR more racists than whites could possibly imagine. Funny when you tell these BLM fundamentalists about the Arab slave trade or Africans who live in those middle eastern or South Asian countries are far more nasty and lawless.

    But despite all those people in those countries, You will NEVER convince me that they are worse than black women! Black women along with the US alone as a country, will always be my enemy!
    Why? Well, black women have killed more black men (and women) via Abortion, child abuse, rape etc that was intended and racially motivated (cause if the baby father was white, it would had been far less likely to had been aborted). I am sure if we compare statistics to the say Nazi Germany, WWs or even the deaths in USSR, I could probably estimate black women have killed more or even close to the amount that has died in those times.

    And simps, pan-Africans, Beat Pastors don’t want to address this issue and wonder why Black men go and STAY SYSBM!

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      That abortion issue is one that BLM has constantly been skating around. If they really care about black lives then why aren’t BLM protecting the lives of the innocent? Black women I would have to agree besides certain groups of non whites are the most racist and detrimental individuals to black men and have been ever since slavery.

      Abandonment of the black witch is our greatest weapon, we already see where black women stand especially in relation to heterosexual free thinking brothers, they don’t stand with us, they stand against us 100%.

      Like I said before you’re in the best position out of all of us, your stress levels are far lower than ours as a result of not having to deal with the black witch as well as the West and its garbage. Feel free to use the travel page on the website to share any knowledge that might be useful to others in taking a similar route to yourself.

      The Arab slave trade, an extremely hot potato that these nation of Islam cats are afraid to touch, BLM aren’t on the case either.

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      • “The Arab slave trade, an extremely hot potato that these nation of Islam cats are afraid to touch, BLM aren’t on the case either.”

        Arabs are still enslaving people to this day, mostly Africans and Southeast Asians from what I have read. There are a few Southeast Asian countries that have banned their people from working in certain countries in the middle east because of this.

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    • “I am sure if we compare statistics to the say Nazi Germany, WWs or even the deaths in USSR, I could probably estimate black women have killed more or even close to the amount that has died in those times.”

      There was a meme a while back showing that abortion had taken out more Black lives than the KKK did.

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  3. Good morning gents,

    We have seen BLM in history before.
    Anyone remember “Strong and independence”?
    Well, BLM is a continuation of that…..

    …the damage strong and independent woman inflicted upon their children and the “community” has been done, now its time to destroy the next and future generations to come.

    SYSBM is the ONLY sane route to take for heterosexual, free thinking men of color.

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    • “SYSBM is the ONLY sane route to take for heterosexual, free thinking men of color.”

      Off Grid, On Code, I prefer the term BLACK. Ain’t no other “men of color” dealing with what BLACK MEN are dealing with, especially with their women!

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  4. Excellent post.

    “All Lives Matter was simply created as a nullifier to black lives, there are too many white folks who have a very hard time facing up to the truth of their bloody, tainted and dodgy history, therefore rather than right the people they’ve wronged, instead they’ll create distractions, detractions and in some cases “challenges” in order to offset as well as remove the focus from black folks talking about the problems we suffer at their hands and how our lives ought to be valued.”

    Well said, 100%. They know that the slogan “Black lives matter” isn’t diminishing other lives, it is only affirming the equal importance of Black ones, specifically in relation to policing and the justice system. They just want to twist it to turn Blacks into the bad guys, you know, like they have done for centuries. They are projecting.

    WM have been invading, enslaving, subjugating, raping, stealing, etc on a global scale for hundreds of years. They know this, they know where most of their wealth and power came from, but they get angry if you bring that up. They also get angry if you bring up the centuries long economic headstart that whites had on Blacks in the US as well as the social engineering that kept (and continues to keep) Blacks at the bottom. The Blacks who survived all of this and came out the other end functional and unbroken are elite.
    “What about the retired police captain David Dorn who was recently killed trying to protect a store from being looted, the cold blooded savages that shot him, do their lives matter?”

    Sadly we all know what happens to good BM who are proactive in trying to clean up the “community” and keep it safe. R.I.P Captain Dorn
    “The black female’s open support for degenerate, reprobate so called ‘alternative lifestyles’ is straight up from the mind of Satan the pit of Hell.”

    Truth, they are the main ones pushing homosexuality in the Black community.
    “At the same time BLM can also swiftly step to the left because we already know what particular ‘lives’ they value and it isn’t those of heterosexual free thinking black men. They only value our deaths in order to use them to continue promoting and pushing their homosexual/transgender agenda deeper into black society.”

    Exactly, Tariq has been pointing out for a while now how BLM is trying to hijack this uprising and make it about gays:

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      • Verbs, I think one of the many reasons why BW are so bitter is because their dysfunction can no longer be waved away and brothers cannot be gaslighted anymore that they’re the problem. Like her counterpart, the racist WM, she’s mad that there are now cameras to provide evidence.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Yep, and these same indoctrinated maggles are trying their hardest to dismiss the video evidence, self appointed judges who believe they have the authority and the right to instruct and direct black female critics as to what evidence can and cannot be used against black women, what a joke.


  5. There a lot of inbreed (genetically and intellectually) idiots in America. This is why the the first page of the United States laws clearly states

    “the words “insane” and “insane person” shall include every idiot, insane person, and person non compos mentis;” (Title 1 of United States Codified Laws, Chapter 1, Section 1)

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    • Exactly. You can not have what most deem a civilization when surrounded by people two rungs above gorillas. The hood is especially an example of this: you can’t throw money at a monkey and expect him to invest it, so doing the same to the people who ALLOWED their neighborhoods to become cesspools won’t work either.

      This shows you how all lives don’t matter, because many people, especially nowadays in the west where they’re propped up by social programs, will NEVER amount to a piss in the ocean. I’m actually FOR eugenics, and then some, it’s dysgenics that I have a problem with.

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      • Agreed. Although I have seen documentaries where primates such as bonobos and gorillas have lived far more productive lives than some of these individuals. They lived in functional communities, used natural technology implements, and some were even taught various means of communication. They also showed the ability to learn new skills from observation and very high rates.

        Alas the beauty and trap of modern social media is that people are allowed to identify themselves. All of these dudes promoting BLM look hella dumb when that movement does not even want them around. But like I said last week many of these individuals have no real “race pride” do not care for the honor of the forefathers and desire to be herded into a mass of weaklings. As a collective they are the prostitutes of the nations of the earth. They will give their babies to wolves just for a check or even a pat on the head from some Euro they deem a living god on earth. Fucking pathetic. I for one could not associate myself with such brazen destructive and evil ideological platforms.

        The funny part is the foreigners and fake allies egging them on like they really support them (outside of helping them loot their own neighborhoods and destroy their own families). But hey since they want to be on the “front line”…well you know the dangers of a frontline soldier…But do they?

        The woman supporting this BLM stuff are clearly willing to sacrifice their children to any bidder for social standing or are paid influencers who direct others to drink the kool aid but may not drink themselves.

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    • You know why right????? When people say stupid shit like, “I want to keep my blood pure (white OR black)” I’m thinking , “You really shouldn’t have fell asleep during biology”, when a small group of humans mate within their own community, they run the risk of moving their community towards GENETIC DRIFT and that when you start having babies born looking deformed and mentally disabled.

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      • @Off grid On code

        Healthy actions trump mere ideas. But I think this is a dark problem not spoken of as much as it should be. The problem is not x organization as much as the individuals (really who the fuck are they?) that fill the roster. We know all about the NBA, NFL, NHL, etc athletes and their backgrounds. But some of these regular folks probably are inbred as heck. And drinking the that kool aid that is their collective thought process probably produces further genetic mutations toward some common inbred model. I believe the result spells human enslavement or at least some weird deformed ant colony syndrome.

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  6. I don’t agree with much of what Yvette Carnell has to say. However, I listen to her, because I like the way she thinks. Last Monday, she analyzed how, and asserted, BLM was built on black male bodies, only to exclude them from the movement, and to champion the cause of others. She begins her analysis at the 20 minute mark and it goes for about 15 minutes.

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    • BA,

      We truly have no friends on this planet apart from select non black women here and there. How is it that we can find support amongst non black females before our own counterparts, make that make sense.

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      • She is gay but she doesn’t seem like the type that would support BLM imo. From what I have seen most pro-Blacks don’t support the BLM organization..

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    • “BLM was built on black male bodies, only to exclude them from the movement, and to champion the cause of others.”

      This is the story of the Black man in America in a nutshell, starting from slavery.
      (Blank) was built on Black male bodies/labor, only to exclude Black men from (Blank), and champion the cause of (Blank). I could spend all day coming up with permutations to fill in those blanks.

      America/Prosperity/Black women
      BLM/the BLM organization/LGBT
      The Black community/the household/Black single moms


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  7. Verbs,

    The article epitomizes the mantra “thinking black man.” After reading your article, how can any reasonable person say that “All Lives Matter?”

    Ironically, the very people how utter that shit don’t give a damn about your live or mine.

    Sadistic Note: There is one instance where a street terrorist’s life matter. Why keep him tucked away in prison for life, or on death row? I say harvest their organs for decent people who are in dire need of an organ transplant.

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    • BA,

      That “all lives matter” talk is just as stupid and reckless as “black lives matter”. Like you said, neither party cares about the heterosexual free thinking black man, in fact both view him as an enemy.

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  8. Another slam dunk. A great round-up of the dysgenic young savages who terrorize Blackistan, rolling fresh off the single, ratchet, black babymama’s assembly line daily. The evidence can’t be denied. The same hoe who would abandon her baby is the one who accuses black men of not pRoTeCkiN them.

    Fu** them hoes, they’re skrong black wimmen who don’t need no man and would cape for trannies over their own genetic counterpart. The worst women on the planet bar none and the 70% single rate bears it out. SYSBM is the only solution.

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    • Scadenfreude,

      As I’ve stated before, only a fool or an individual under the heavy influence of witchcraft would still believe that black women as a collective can still make viable mates. These maggles are looking increasingly pathetic every time their black queanies dig themselves deeper into the pit of degeneracy and dysfunction. They don’t seem to understand, you don’t defend scum, you leave scum buckets alone to burn.

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  9. Verbs, you never cease to express my very thoughts in your articles; ever since the ‘Black Lives Matter VS All Lives Matter’ issue resurfaced after George Floyd’s death, I’ve been thinking of how both movements are missing the point. Black Lives Matter is a trojan horse in the Black community for affirming the LGBTQ lifestyle; the only person I’ve noticed who’s still talking about George Floyd is Stephen Jackson.

    As for ‘All Lives Matter’, they only say that to downplay what Black people are saying about how they’re treated unfairly; also, if all lives do matter, explain homeless veterans, homelessness in general, the many men who’ve been alienated from their children in family court, shafted by child support, and incarcerated over false accusations, the many people whose records were tainted by contraband being planted by cops who are sworn to protect the public, etc. I could go on and on and on…

    Both of the above mentioned movements are garbage; it’s too much hypocrisy to take them seriously. #SYSBM

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      I have noticed that certain white folks will pull the same deflective Kansas City shuffle when it comes down to talk surrounding slavery and reparations. They are quick to bring up the fact that white people were also taken as slaves, however they are very slow to acknowledge the fact that an international economy and an upscaled way of living for most countries in the world was forged specifically off the backs of enslaved black men, not white men.

      White men being enslaved doesn’t even compare to the scale of slavery blacks were involved in. Captain Frost’s ducking, weaving and failing to acknowledge his transgressions against black folks never ceases to amaze me.

      Agreed, both movements are incredibly unfruitful. We can understand the all lives matter squads being against black people, however we would at least expect our own to be in our corner, yet alas this is so not the case with BLM.

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      • “White men being enslaved doesn’t even compare to the scale of slavery blacks were involved in. Captain Frost’s ducking, weaving and failing to acknowledge his transgressions against black folks never ceases to amaze me.”

        Also WM weren’t enslaved, the were indentured servants, BIG difference.

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  10. Damn, you really came with the thunder, and brought the receipts. Lord Euro’s barbaric nonsense is on full display, and he honestly has no idea how to rehabilitate his image. It was predicted that huwytes would get more violent and destructive as their numbers diminish. One would honestly think black women would wake up and see that this flawed, petty tyrant of a man is not someone to fawn over, but I guess more swirlers will have to meet their end prematurely. Lastly, I’m not condoning the murder of that man in Georgia recently, but that drunk fool certainly went out of his way to put himself in a no win scenario. While both he and George Floyd were both murdered under racial bias, I’m not gonna make either of them into Malcom X. Black America makes this mistake too often; making martyrs out of Pookies…see Nipsey Hustle for an example.

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    • Jay,

      Agreed, the constant exaltation of the gutter of black society by the so called black community at this stage is nothing short of a joke. White folks are getting more desperate as they see their kingdom crumbling, however history has shown us that kingdoms built upon blood, rape, murder, pillage, injustice, theft, robbery etc don’t tend to last that long.

      Colonel Double Cream has had his fun in the sun, he needs to accept the fact that his rulership is soon coming to an end, however as we all know he’ll continue to fight to hold onto power even as his ship is rapidly sinking.

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  11. Great article. You’ve given me a different perspective on this “all lives matter” crap. The hood geechee lives DO NOT MATTER and if I had my way I would put them back in chains myself. We should also stop arguing with whites too because Satan is the author of confusion. Arguing with them is like arguing with women. They get a rise out of the confusion. They know what they are doing and saying. As for these Karens. I did listen to a Tariq broadcast recently explaining the situation with them. All the white female has is white supremacy and affirmative action she stole from us. Why do you think the white MGTOW movement is so strong? White women are useless in any other capacity. This is why when they age they start doing things like calling cops on black people for no reason. They’ve lost the only leverage they had (if any) which was their looks. Black people are the punching bags of all down-and-out non-blacks. This is why I tell men everywhere to get the best looking woman you can possibly have or stay single. NEVER EVER consider a even slightly unattractive female or even one above the age of 30. Women lose a lobe or two once she ages past that point.

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    • Yes get the most attractive woman possible i concur @black Ceasar. Yes they stole affirmative action from us true. I however, laugh at the Karen name though first it was Becky now Karen lol. i understand Mary Sue ie a troupe what is next Bethany or Heather you guys with your slang boy. Did you see the teen call the old broad Karen the anger she had and i quote, “My name is KAREN!!!!!!. I remember when i called my ex girlfriend her sorority sisters name she flipped on me, Her name was Karen……💭🤣😡

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      • @G1
        Apparently a young white woman is a Becky.
        a Karen is an older post wall white woman.
        a Susan is a geriatric white woman.

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    • Black Caesar,

      Separation from the riff raff is more important now more than ever. Heterosexual free thinking brothers are being attacked from all sides, we have very few if any allies.

      I too have noticed that many women once they get towards their late 20s and beyond begin to have a few screws come loose if they aren’t already settled down in a relationship or married. It isn’t my job to rehabilitate broken, mentally unstable crackpot females of any race. It’s funny, one of the top if not the most common reason for women losing their marbles is being promiscuous, I’ll just leave that one right there.

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      • My “ex” sat on the same stranger’s penis numerous times and for turned out before I met her. She is now bipolar.

        Another chick that wanted to attach to me had a long distance boyfriend. Only I realised why he was long distance in the first place – she was over 30 and lonely.

        My only mistake was thinking they were both dime pieces…

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      • Michel,

        It’s all about us self improving and upping our standards, most if not all of us have been in that particular moment, letting things go that we ought not to have and believing at the time that we couldn’t find a better quality of female elsewhere.

        As I walk the streets of London I’m seeing a lot of damaged women, however it isn’t our job to rehabilitate them, it’s our responsibility to avoid them and seek out better quality period.


  12. Late then ever, as usual, but what’s happening anyhow, people!?

    This is quite of a long one. The black lives matter thing. I’m not with it but I hate it when an unarmed black man gets killed by police officer. The all lives matter thing I really don’t believe in it. It’s just a white leftist thing. There are racism in China, Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China as well and BLM should go for that. On Saturday, I was at Central London after coming from Brimsdown, Enfield and I saw the far right group protecting Winston Churchill’s statue (Heard he was a well known racist). Then I saw the black lives matter movement. I was just watching really until the police move me and the black lives matter straight down Westminster Bridge. I started taking photos and then continue watching. Then when I was walking down Leicester Square, I saw police officers in front and police officers on the other left side. Then me and other people saw a gang of police officers walking into the square. The coppers who were in front of us charge to the right and a black man got caught in the middle. The cops behind us charged towards us but like an aggressive manner.

    We push forward explaining what the hell is going on. More cops and cops with horses were in the way. A minute later, the cops let us through. Then the police begin to charge like running the bulls in Spain. So I took photos and then yelling “Fuck EDL, fuck EDL, fuck EDL!” So did everyone else. And then the coppers charge after us again. It’s like I’m recording this shit. Piccadilly Circus. Police just stand there. For about less then three minutes. And then as I walk off, the Babylon them just charge again. People start running. As I was walking up regents street, the coppers just charged again. I said “For fuck sake! Again?” My heart was pounding like crazy. I had this adrenaline rush but it wasn’t in a good way because the cops were charging after the protesters. It was the most craziest Saturday in my life. The police are bastards. I’m goanna talk about this on Money Cultural.

    And Karen? Trashy Karen? Hey Verbs, women like that will make me open my mouth my G. These women will complain on anything and I mean anything. You know these women are looking for attention. I think that’s what it is really. And their husbands can’t handle them. They can’t handle their wives. The Karen women are nothing but attention seeking trouble makers. We got them in Britain as well. Oh boy! These are annoying women and it seems like they will trouble anyone until you put your hands on them. And we have the male Karen as well. These are emotional beta males. And you wonder why people keep recording these fools. I bet you that these male Karen’s are not running the household. I bet you.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and hold her tight all night. BLM is not my thing but these police officers guys. Just have to shake my head.

    Bless people

    Liked by 3 people

    • LaDarrion Robinson,

      The dude is as hood as they come, another C Boogie type character who had a white female but still thought he could bring that hood behaviour into her circle. The father he talked about was rightfully concerned about who is daughter was dating. Slim Sauce knows he has to bring a higher standard to the table when dealing with white women, but because of his hood upbringing, he’s too stuck in his ways and so I reckon he’ll simply stick to dealing with the devil he knows, the black witch.

      It seems to me that black women are the most promiscuous women on the planet seeing as their single mother and disease rates are the highest amongst all races of women. I watched the video in its entirety, however viewing the type of individual we’re dealing with, it was a waste of time.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Pookie, just like the QUEENIES he was raised by and around,is a perpetual victim, and refuses to change for the better when their behavior and reputation are renowned for being abhorrent.

        These dudes know that they are essentially born damned, so they try to persuade other black men from escape the plantation because misery loves company.

        Literally, just let the devil’s children burn. They have no value, save for ruining the lives of others. Most of the black American race is worthless, do to their social and genetic closeness to the black QUEEN.

        This is why God, if he exists can not be infallible or purely altruistic, because I truly believe black men being paired genetically with black women was either history’s biggest MISTAKE or biggest cruel JOKE.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Afrofuturism1,

        The dude had a chance to improve himself and step up to a completely new level, however to expect Midnight Freddy to take advantage of change in the right direction, we only need to look at the woman who raised him to know that this was too much wishful thinking.

        The upside of having the worst female counterparts on the planet is that we still do have the extremely potent and powerful option of walking away from them and choosing from quality women of other ethnicities. From that perspective it could be said that God never dogged us out completely, lol, in his grace he at least gave us some way out.

        Liked by 3 people

      • This is why SYSBM is for the few thinking Black men; this guy refuses to ditch the hood mentality because it poses a stumbling block to him when he meets the parents.

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  13. Verbs,

    Been staying because of the virus, and probably thinking too much. I’m struck by the white millennials in the protests going on. While they are generally less racist than their parents and grandparents, I’ve noticed their women have generally drank the feminist kool-aid. White millennial women are also starting to have soaring obesity rates. They are starting to parrot some of the worse traits of black scraggle daggles. I see the same thing happening with Hispanic and Asian women in the US.

    The powers that be in the US, seek to monetize everything, even relationships. The US popular culture promotes dysfunction between men and women. It promotes relationship dysfunction for all races and demographic groups. There must be an economic gain for someone, by doing this.

    Liked by 2 people

      • I keep saying my once-beloved WW is now in a race to the bottom with BW. Fat, feminist, tattooed, foul-mouthed, stretch-marked, nose-ringed, OOW kids, and nasty. Not long ago WW used to be a come-up. Team Ricebunny is our last hope.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Americanblackman,

      One of the main problems as I see it is the social media culture, the overwhelming majority of these social media platforms are owned and operated by the left, so more white and other non black women via using them by default are being sucked into the degenerate culture as well.

      Despite their shortcomings however you can still find a decent white woman, I’ve always stated that Eastern European white women are the best white women on the planet bar none.

      If the women concerned aren’t traditional then as far as I’m concerned don’t even bother with them. White women who exhibit traits related to black women as per SYSBM Tenet Number 22 should never be considered to begin with.

      Liked by 2 people

  14. Pingback: Captain Euro, We’re NOT Your Clean Up Men Either – We Have Our Own Problems To Deal With! | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

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