Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here nice and early for you gentlemen, I’m sure you’ve all got specifics you would like to talk about today. Don’t forget that you can post unrelated material and links in the Off Topic section and if so desired you can always repost them when the next Open Mic Wednesday comes around. There is no limit to how many times you can repost links and material as long as they’re relevant to the subject at hand or they’re being posted in the Free Topic/Off Topic sections/sessions. Enjoy folks.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

204 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. This court jesting minstrel still can’t keep SYSBM out of his mouth, we aren’t concerned about you dude. Now we know you’re clout chasing, looking for views as well as brownie points from those black queanies gassing your head up, smh. Simping never pays, the so called “educated” YouTube therapist will have to learn that the hard way:

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        Faggles, a blatant play on the word faggots. In typical fashion just like the black witch calling us homosexual because we don’t subscribe to worshipping the black quean of the swamp. This reminds me of an article and video accompanied that I wrote back in November 2016, within the first 25 seconds the black witch labelled the black male behind the counter a “faggot ass fag” because of a disagreement, predictable, smh

        SYSBM are faggots because we DON’T desire to get with a group of females who think and act like men like the black siren below, make that make sense:

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      • Perhaps the anti-SYSBM crowd is getting tired of using the word INCEL. In the same manner, if SYSBM men are getting with non-black women, why are you calling them faggles/faggots, INCELSs, etc.? — Why would you want the so-called SYSBM faggots to get with black females? — In addition, if SYSBM guys are financially broke, why would you want them to get with black females? — We all know about the women that state that SYSBM guys are not “billionaires” in the manner of Steve Jobs. LOL. Steve Jobs is dead so he is not making much money in 2020. —- — SYSBM guys are broke faggots that need to get with black women. [JOKE]

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        I have to laugh at the desperate and pathetic labels these guys pull out of the hat against us, faggots, incels, pedophiles, the slurs and false accusations never end. It just goes to show you how just like the mainstream media, the ultra liberal black witch and her brainwashed maggle goon squads in the same manner will simply throw out false labels and make stuff up hoping that something will stick.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        The dude just like the fake academic is too late to the scene, the whole SYSBM dust up settled months ago. Derailed honestly believes he can prevail where others have already miserably failed, not likely, not at all.

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    • First it was Aaron Fountain, now we have another so-called educated person who wastes his time being concerned with the movements of lesser men.

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  2. BM in the US and UK are rising up against Police brutality and an unfair “justice” system, even going so far as to topple white supremacist monuments, you know what that means, time for the Black plantation mammies to slither from under their rocks and get to work defending the WM. Not much has changed since slavery:
    In some more positive news shout out to the directors promising to not let John Boyega be blackballed (no pun intended) after speaking out:
    Directors are coming out in support of John Boyega after he said ‘I don’t know if I’m going to have a career after this’ in a Black Lives Matter speech

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    • @James

      Yup. I am seeing that. The geechee mammies are coming out in full force to defend their TRUE male counterparts, the white man. That’s for anyone who’s on the fence about the black woman’s historic role. It is reflexive for black women to defend white men who brutalize black men.

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    I am celebrating my 38th birthday today. Last week I had that same ugly overweight fat black woman contacting me from the work programme via email and text to get me to do a telephone interview with her even though I told her back in January 2020 that I wish not to see her anymore and not to go to her crappy appointments and stop going to the work programme altogether because she is always trying to bully me to get to do shitty low paid jobs even I’ve made to very clear to her that I am not interested those types of jobs because I am a highly qualified man with 5 qualifications including 2 business degrees and 15 years work experience. Jesus Lord, its like black women want to control every aspect of your life and they don’t want you as a black man to be happy in life in that having a highly paid job so that you can have a comfortable and easier life to live and that they are jealous of you as a black man especially if you not the stereotypical black man who happens to be childfree, educated with lots of qualifications and who didn’t make any stupid life choices like the majority of these black women do.

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  4. Is June recognized as geechee hood monkey month? All over the news I am seeing the products of the sheboon-white man coalition going around shooting and killing eahh other while the whole goddamn world is out there marching and taking police abuse for them.
    I wish I could round up all the good garbage and either put them in chains or get rid of them outright.
    The only way to fix the black community is to get rid of them and the sheboon and have good black men procreation with normal (non black) women. Period.

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  5. Good morning, SYSBM brethren! Recently, Candace Owens has come under fire yet again for her comments regarding the death of George Floyd:

    When I first heard this video, I had to scratch my head wondering where she heard him being lauded as a martyr or hero; clearly, she is either unaware or is ignoring the many Black women on social media who celebrated Floyd’s death upon learning of his White fiancee and wished for more cops to kill Black men. Also, it lights a fire under me that they decided to bring up his rap sheet at this point as if it had anything to do with his death; okay, he’s not a squeaky clean individual, but to make this backhanded “he didn’t deserve to die, but…” comment as if to justify what happened shows what an insensitive prick you are! Owens has since been suspended by GoFundMe for her comments.

    One thing I notice about Black conservatives in the mainstream is how much they cape for White people and pander to them; another thing I notice about these mainstream Black conservatives is that they love to address these symptoms of dysfunction in Black America, but they never address the source. Isn’t that strange to you?

    I have no words for Candace except the following:

    As MadbusdriverX would say, “let me come back with a P.S. for dat ass”; so, the Lieutenant Lime goober known as Steven Crowder has also spoke about George Floyd’s criminal past:

    The audacity of Caucasity! This guy thinks he has the right to try and tell Black people what they should be marching for right now; Officer David Dorn died trying to protect his business, but do you really think these White guys would be so vocal about him if there weren’t a George Floyd death to compare and contrast with? In all honesty, George Floyd wouldn’t have been so messed up if it weren’t for White men (the State) and Black women working together to keep the Black man down; again, they address the symptom, but never the source! THE BLACK WOMAN AND THE WHITE MAN ARE ONE AND THE SAME!

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    • White conservatives will be the shite folks left laughing their asses off at the end of the day. As blacks mostly chase the white liberal protest carrot stick, yet had no bargaining posture beforehand, and certainly won’t now. Keep in mind, these are the “we’re all in this together” Whites conservatives. I always knew that pandering was BS, especially from Crowder. On the other hand, I don’t exactly give a damn, as I never needed their validation anyways.

      This is again why I say most black Americans need to either relocate to Africa or legitimately die, as the only value from most of them is bitching about the white man and subsequently sucking him off in the same breath.

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      • @afrofuturism1

        “This is again why I say most black Americans need to either relocate to Africa or legitimately die, as the only value from most of them is bitching about the white man and subsequently sucking him off in the same breath.”

        Everybody needs to stop listening to what comes out of the negroes mouth, he is never relocating.
        No matter how much he claims to hate the white man he will

        It’s exactly what David Carroll said, he hates the white man but loves his daughter lmao. But don’t worry the white man is waking up and is about to get rid of his ass. Militias are springing into action and they’re beating back the hordes, even though the media is trying to skim over those stories.

        I honestly believe that black people who rather die than relocate and run his own show. The black man is exactly like the Quebecois, complains but ain’t never leaving. He’s a good slave. Useful idiots.

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    • Some of these “law and order” people don’t even understand how law and order is supposed to work. Nothing he did in the past warrants an extrajudicial execution. It is good to see the pigskins and their mammies on the ropes. They have no power today. It’s great to see.

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    • I never liked Candace Owens, or most “Black Conservatives” tbh, especially the BW ones. From what I have seen they are mostly paid white ass kissers, saying whatever they think their racist white “fans” will like. They are the exact opposite of the stereotypical pro-Black.

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      • Well, that’s the way it looks…

        Shit, I am going to go out on a limb and say that’s the way it is. You have more black conservatives that are fools like Candace Owens, and less who are reasonable like Colin Powell.

        Slight tangent: I refuse to label myself a black liberal or black conservative and toe some party line. I weigh the merits of each issue, independently, regardless of ideology.

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      • @B A,

        That’s the position I am coming to myself; I have no issue with conservatism itself, but I’m content with the labels “SYSBM Practitioner” and “free thinking brother” to differentiate myself from the likes of Owens, Brandon Tatum, Kevin Martin, and others.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Candace Owens and the rest of the alt right squad want to bring up Floyd’s criminal history, however we free thinking black men don’t and have never supported his criminal past or recent activity, our issue is the horrific way in which he was dealt with under police custody in plain view. Since when do the police have the right to execute individuals?

      As I stated before, once upon a time many years ago there were little to no 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Trap House Jim type individuals in black society and the police still came after law abiding black folks at full force.

      The Midnight Freddys and the Cheezy Grillz are a temporary reprieve for law abiding black citizens but at the same time a double edged sword. Even we can be caught up in the claws of blood thirsty/trigger happy police having done nothing wrong because of the police’s dealings with the scum of black male society, some cases in point:

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      • @Verbs,

        After watching this video, I lost all respect for Candace Owens; Black women, whether she is liberal, conservative, or otherwise, does not have the Black man’s best interest at all. Also, did you hear how the story of George Floyd putting a gun to that pregnant Black woman’s belly was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” for her?

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        These black sirens no matter what their political affiliations/beliefs are not and never will be for black men, that deep seated hatred they have for heterosexual black men is built within their DNA. Owens is one of the few black harridans who has successfully climbed Swirl Mountain ie divested(how long for though, nobody knows) from the same Blakistani community that was created at the hands of her own sisterhood.

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    Aaaaaaand Most black Americans really need to be killed off at this point, just a worthless stupid race. Illegals are the main group that keep undereducated, blue collar black men from getting jobs.
    Understand this. I do NOT support most of this protesting and marching because at the end up the day, that’s all most of it ever is with black folks. They never demand actual legal changes, because that’s too logical. They literally just think that if they scream loud enough, people will like them. Sounds like the black woman, doesn’t it? Meanwhile, something that actually would change a law or produce something tangible? Would benefit everyone BUT black people, namely black men.
    This is why I hate the feminist dyke organization known as black Dykes matter, and also refuse to support the protests in general, as they will be lumped in with supporting BLM. Honestly, the protests should have stopped once the cops were charged, since as far as I’m concerned, black people are too little too late. They could be wiped out in America (and that included black men) and white america would sigh a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, if whites all died, the same ones matching would be crying like a bitch like Jesus had just been crucified.
    Only 5% max of black people are compatible with European, asian, and western society, and those are all black men. The same black men that were shunned by the community anyways.

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    • @afrofuturism

      What part of “black” don’t these shines understand? How you know for sure BLM is a black dyke bitch organization that has nothing to do with the welfare of black men.

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      • Exactly, no Black person in their right mind takes the BLM organization seriously. Its controlled by LGBT and Democrats.

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      • FUCK BLACK LIVES MATTER. They do not care for us at all. They never have, and never will. By the time these idiots realize they’re being used as pawns (if they ever do) it’ll be too late. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The black people who are supporting the protests, rioting, and black lives matter, are seriously some of the dumbest people in existence.

        They do not critically think, and have this ridiculous notion that if they cry loud and long enough, people will listen to their nonsensical gripes and opinions. They cannot seem to grasp that they’re being used by Democrats. They’re rallying and fighting to have their jobs taken away, crime increase in their neighborhoods by defunding the police which is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of (anyone who thinks that’s a good idea, take a good look at these democratic ran cities with strict gun laws and crime rates, and then let us know if that is actually a good idea), oh and becoming even more reliable on the government.

        It makes no sense but again, I am a thinking brother who has all but severed ties with da communitah. Not.My.Problem.

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      • @FDC

        Most negros have no concept of power. Power doesn’t “forgive, forgive!”, power doesn’t try to win the favour of its enemies, power doesn’t care if it is hated. Power only cares about one thing and that is exacting its will. Black people are too busy letting others do the heavy lifting and then wonder why they’re always at the bottom. Instead of doing what every other species does and join together. But how can black people join together when our so-called “female counterparts” are the number 2’s of white supremacy? Black men can join together but most have been buckbroken by their own damn mothers and so they are busy crying, screaming and begging white mommy and daddy to love them.

        You do not have to defund the police if you have POWER. And that power is the power to punish everyone from the governors on down to the pig on the beat for any misdeeds against black people. That’s why Joe Biden, the mayor of Minneapolis and other so-called “allies” are telling these shines right to their faces that they don’t intend to do jack shit about the police.

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    • SMH This is why I have been saying from the start that there will be no real change for the betterment of Black people, especially Black men; these liberals have Black people fighting for something that will be their undoing.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Because of the black witch unfortunately black folk continue to go around in circles using the same old model to no avail. If black folks were really that serious then they should’ve dragged Chauvin out of his house and dealt with him as they saw fit. Don’t even get me started on BLM, as you know I’ve already written two article talking about how the movement is a homosexual hub which uses the deaths of heterosexual black men to forward and push their LGBTQP agenda deeper into the black psyche and black society as a whole.

      When you have your female counterparts openly pushing and promoting lifestyles of decadence, degeneracy, abomination and filth, they MUST be abandoned and replacements must be sought out instead. I don’t support Sodomites, their lifestyle nor their advocates.

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    • A black bitch named Archduchess22 had a lot of energy when reporting on Southeast, D.C. black woman was killed by her Pookie boyfriend, or as the black bitches calls him, a Nakker, but has no smoke for Brad, because black bitches, like her, worships him, which is okay.

      I have no problem with them sucking, or ghetto gagging on, a pink dick, just don’t use black male dysfunction as an excuse to do so.

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    • Wouldn’t be surprised if this dude was either mentally ill or a drug addict or something. BW take whatever they can get these days, especially if he is non-Black.

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      • @James

        LOL he’s just another white boy. See, these sheboons don’t understand that these white boys that they think worship them have a HUGE chip on THEIR shoulders because they can’t get white women and had to settle for the least desirable of them all. They shouldn’t be surprised when they snap. Don’t these little pigskins shoot up entire classrooms because they can’t get white women? What makes these she-monkey swirlers think they’re safe?

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  7. Aw man, whenever it be Open Mic Wednesday, it be so much to talk about, and I just sit back and think about what the hell can I even speak on. Like I have to do some hardcore thinking about what to talk about when it comes to Wednesday because I don’t wanna say the same things over and over again.

    I have to tell you brothas the truth about something, after Monday’s article, I got to thinking about something. I be thinking about how black women ignore the simple answer to certain things and taking the alternate route of being a dumbass. Like the big butt thing, a woman can get a big butt by working out, do squats and other butt exercises and have a good diet to get a naturally nice butt, but black women take the dumbass route of getting butt injections, and that mess don’t look right, and looking like it could explode in one hit. Then, they cry about why no man (including black men) don’t wanna be around them like that, like the answer is this: A man wants a feminine woman, Period. It’s simple math for the upteen time already:
    Masculine Man + Feminine Woman = Balanced relationship
    Masculine Man + Masculine Woman = Chaos Relationship
    Feminine Man + Masculine Woman = Unbalanced Relationship.
    Can’t the damn black woman go one day without acting like a savage, or like she’s too good for certain shit, or acting like she’s knows everything? You know what, don’t answer that question. It’s like whenever a situation occurs, black women take the route of being a dumbass savage because that’s really in their DNA, to fight back, and to make sure they always right all the time. Also, I really hate when certain people act like they know everything, and they assume something. Before you assume something, communicate with that person first.

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  8. I saw where Michael B. Jordan was basically saying that because of this, Hollywood should commit to hiring more blacks. See, this is why I can’t get with this protesting, nor can I stand or respect most black people. Stop BEGGING the same racists you just complained about for shit! I don’t care if it’s your actual property that they legitimately stole from you, men FIGHT for what they want and do got self, not beg. Jordan even has his own production company, blacks should NEVER be without jobs in Hollywood if he’s so committed.

    You’re telling me that black actors and directors such as Jordan, Boyega, and especially SL Jackson and that short blowhard piece of shit Spike Lee can’t pool their money together to where blacks can’t have their OWN shit in movies, TV, marketing, theater, etc.? Same with athletes, as rich as they are, they REALLY should walk away, poo together, make their own stuff, and have for themselves all the money that otherwise would go to white and Jewish team owners.

    This is why negroes are protesting now, but weren’t when it came to businesses opening: they don’t own SHIT! Tearing down confederate statues won’t keep you from having to go and sit on some white face’s casting couch for a role.

    This is WHY they can bring up Floyd’s irrelevant past and record and use it to basically say, “fuck the dumb dead niggar.” They know that we really have NO bargaining chips, and at the end of the day, many will beg for the right to BEG AGAIN for a job or opportunity from ol racist whitey. And if think they won’t be MORE exclusionary after this, you’re dumb as hell. They won’t wanna hire a black man as a damn janitor, but their newfound “diversity commitment” WILL go towards Asians, H1B Indians, and maybe the occasional corporate mammy. We really have NO damn bargaining posture, and when that’s your reality, beatings from cops are par for the course. No one mourns roaches when they’re stomped, and that’s all we’re seen as. The time really has come for most blacks worth a damn to GET OUT WHILE THEY CAN. Masculinity is never portrayed by begging your bully for one less wedgie this week. Only rabbits beg to not be eaten and get along with everyone perfectly in the jungle, not wolves. There are too many big buff black men that think like women, they view the world like it’s a dumb religion. If they make enough noise and just yell loudly, whatever they want will magically fall from the sky. Let’s not fall into the same Magical thinking mindset as liberals and black women they we complain about so much. And if my over-the-top yellow scrawny ass the one pointing out a lack of logic and masculinity, that’s a problem. Too many black men have been raised by these QUEENIES, who were nothing but professional complainers themselves without any SUBSTANTIAL action (I.e. NOT just marching and begging). That’s why I now say that less than 10% of black men, if even that, can be saved.

    I fully understand the Sergeant Waters character now, and it probably helps that I look like him. Strong black men need to be our own biggest critics, to the point where racists will tell us to go easy on ourselves. Nothing is gained in this world by begging, crying like bitch, and genuinely being worthless, you have to fight. You aren’t worthy because you exist, you’re worthy because you prove it. Proof is in the pudding, it isn’t just because you feel like you deserve it. Lions aren’t feared because people say they’re scary, hyenas fear them because they know lions have actually power and numbers. That’s stuff that my father taught me.

    End rant.

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    • One thing I’ve learned about the Negro (White people especially are aware of this) is that they are too emotional to think in a rational manner; this is why the guilt ridden SJWs are oh so eager to encourage the rioting and looting only for conservatives to come around and point the “I told you so” finger for their conservative White audiences to see.

      Congratulations, communitah; you’ve played yourself yet again.

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      • All they have to do is wind these dunbasses up, get out of the way and watch them destroy their own things and self implode in the process.

        Until they realize this, they’re going to get played EVERY SINGLE TIME, and I have zero sympathy.

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    • @afrofuturism👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

      Thank you!
      Between that actor and a bunch of old civil rights shines talking about love, sheboons doing the same while protecting racist white men, big broken buck geechees crying on camera, faggot negros begging whites and other weaklings, I say most negroes should have never been let off the plantation. Those slave masters 500 years ago knew exactly what they were doing. The Negro in 2020 is still begging massa not to beat him too hard. Still on his knees like the old Kunta Kinte after he’d been broken. These black people are wordlessly pathetic. And the fucked up thing is these weak pathetic shines are putting all of us at risk because their complete and utter weakness is emboldening non-blacks to brutalize us. That white jesus sure did a number of the negro brain.

      I am glad to be a reject of mainstream black society because:

      I DON’T forgive.
      I DON’T forget.
      I’d rather die than beg.
      I’d rather die than depend on my enemy.

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    • afrofuturism1,

      This is exactly what happens when you have a community ran by women…more so mentally ill women. Why do you think the majority of blacks act emotional rather than rationally, play checkers instead of chess. I can almost see some of these scraggle bitches of the communitah trying to forcefully affirmative action black men into a relationship with them one day if it gets bad enough for them at this point. On a side note, one brotha from the comments section on MBD’s recent TIk Tok video montage mention that we should use white guilt to pull in more snowbunnies to the dark sidddeeeee #DarkSideofSYSBM. This may come off as non-classy at first, but it’s a good tactic, MBD pointed out that this same dark tactic is used on us all the time in attempt to pull us back into the communitah. Of course they would play the victim if we where to use the same tactic on them (hypocrites), manipulation 101. Don’t beg for reparations, build your wealth online, get a passport, travel to find a new home/opportunities and not just fool around, choose the type of stargate coochie you want (White, Latina, Asian, Mixed, etc.) and call it a day. The world owes black women nothing, and the world is starting to see that it owes the black man everything through non-black women mostly( Worshiping black men on Tik Tok, Worshiping black men on Twitter via QOS, Worshiping Black men in the porn industry, etc) Karma is a bitch, is she not? How much more evidence does a brotha need to see that the grass IS greener on the other side!!!


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  9. ***peeps around the corner looking left to right to see if VERBS put up some pics of FOUL looking females***
    OK, looks like the coast is clear…..
    Good Morning Gents/brothers/and the SIMPS that are most definitely reading YEA!!!! (…like that MBD?)
    Hope all of you are well, I’m going to be brief; if you haven’t noticed by now, ALL black women, straight, or gay, poor or rich, are out CAPITALIZING on the MURDER of an innocent (of ANY crime that warranted MURDER) BLACK MAN. In fact, EVERYONE from gays, Mexicans and white female feminist, EVERYONE is speaking UP and OUT……FOR THEMSELVES with black women leading the way (who are being controlled by WHITE NATIONALIST).
    Be PREPARED for some of the boldest acts of FUCKERY from black women becasue now that they have the world on the ropes (again…off the murder of a BLACK MAN), they are gonna start “feeling themselves” in a very big way. Plus be on the lookout for all of her supporters (feminists, both male and female, gays, ghetto white women, liberal white men, and THE MAGGLE), they are just as dangerous as the hyenas they serve.

    Stay healthy, and keep YOUR women safe and sound.

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    • At the end of the day, I don’t care what black women got to say or do to black men, because they will reap what they sow. The black women in America is done. They’re officially undateable for me, I’m sorry. I can’t take it no more with all that disrespect they’re doing.

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    • Off Grid On Code,

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. It’s safe bro…………….for now, lol. I’m hearing you on these black sirens and their supporters, very interesting and telling times are ahead for free thinking black men.

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  10. I wonder why there hasn’t been a group coming forward politically that’s black men first?

    As far as their goals politically socially and economically. It’s members would only be heterosexual black men.

    I wonder just how long it would even exist even as a normal organization without any political aspirations?

    The splintering in the “community” has already technically happened. Bw left for feminism and social programs, now a split again with the gays, why not seal the deal and let the primary movers work only for themselves and each other. Could such a thing exist on a small scale In any concentration of black cities and towns before its original aim is shifted. How would one control the quality of its members?

    Just something I’ve been pondering

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    • Hello DA,

      It won’t work. It would be like that my brother’s keeper program which was shut down by BW because it was “discrimination ” against women. In college I had a similar experience where a club was formed for BM in STEM. I lost interest in the club so did many dudes after 2 BW vied for leadership positions and were elected.

      That’s why no group of BM only can be formed coz there are too many Simp minded men who believe they are enlighted

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      • So it would damn near have to be a secret order that’s hilarious and yet incredibly fucked up.

        Hmmm if it’s not an official organization but rather an ideology whose believers share a common interest and meet at certain venues to discuss them then they can indeed bar such actions everyone could just collectively leave. Kind of like of how older dudes leave when cigar shops start having women frequent the business

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      • Ellissor,

        This is why black women particularly despise SYSBM, because they aren’t allowed to dictate the day to day runnings of the lifestyle, they have no say over here. As I’ve stated before women have a place in SYSBM, to present themselves as quality stargates and to be chosen, nothing more nothing less.

        Traditional women will be content with this arrangement, your ultra liberal, feminist black witch on the other hand as per her contractual obligation towards the state will ALWAYS feel the need to keep tabs on black men, barge her way into black men’s movements and report back her findings to Lord Euro.

        As King Sigma stated and predicted at the end of last year, decentralisation for heterosexual free thinking brothers is the best way for us to move forward.


    • DarthAmon,

      Such a group would be sabotaged before it even got off the ground, Captain Snowy would immediately order his black female flunkies to send in her brainwashed maggles who would then pretend to be down for the cause with the aims of destroying such a group.

      With so many traitors and deceivers hovering around within our midst, any group that stands for heterosexual free thinking black men MUST be decentralised. This is exactly what I like about SYSBM, even though we have various main hubs and gathering points, if those were to be taken out today, the practice and the momentum of the SYSBM lifestyle would still continue unaffected.

      We unlike other black folks have to learn from the past, centralised groups don’t work because they get infiltrated and destroyed from the inside out.


      • Verbs, agreed. I see SYSBM as a decentralized terror cell committing THOUGHT CRIMES against the matriarchy (anytime you have to express an opinion anonymously, it is a thought crime). It is more a MINDSET than a centralized group, where an SYSBM can more than likely only be identified IRL by his non-black GF or spouse.

        Abandonment of the busted black matriarchy that rejected most of us first is a very powerful weapon, and best of all, we can see the results. D Derell, Aaron Fountain, Shawn James and other maggles constantly going after SYSBM means it’s working. Funny enough it’s only simp dudes trying to go in, no women.

        The maggles talk about US.
        The daggles talk about “leveling up” and “divesting” from that very same maggle.

        Let that sink in.


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      • Schadenfreude,

        That abandonment weapon alone has placed an incurable, putrid wound in the modern day black female’s side, even if black men like us weren’t choosing to deal with other races of women(ie going it alone), just walking away from the black witch herself in her eyes is a transgression unforgivable, worthy of immediate death.

        As we keep on saying, the more black men who walk away from the matriarchal hellhole that black women have created via their own hands, the more of them the simps will have to choose from………………of course it doesn’t work that way, black women don’t like these court jesting simps/maggles either.

        As King Sigma has already predicted, I fully expect a second wave of SYSBM coming under attack but this time from bigger mainstream media outlets, the likes of D Derell, Fountain Top, Shawn James and such like have already given us a prelude into what’s to come down the pike in the near future.

        We have already seen a few non black men begin to fire shots in our direction, if Trump through all of this garbage manages to land a second term(I hope he does), watch and see how Captain Snowy, the black witch and her maggle squadrons will really come out of the woodwork at an incredibly rapid rate and tell us how they really feel about SYSBM, stay tuned.


  11. This simp is so delusional. You us faggle when your the real faggle. Yeah he’s a therapist alright. A therapist on how to simp and bow down to hyenas. That ugly mothafucka D Rell is an idiot. Your that can’t keep SYSBM out of your mouth you fuckin faggle simp. This guy saving nobody he’s letting men know he is part of the problem like that gynocentic fuckery.
    I been tire of simps like clown. Everytime we start to tell the truth you this captain save ho simp call us brothas faggles. Which does make but guest he try be funny when Grynch came up with Stragg and maggle. D Rell is the real faggle and your right Verbs he is clout with weak simp. To the faggle D Rell shut the hell up clown.

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      Had it not been for these simps standing in the gap pathetically trying to save black women, these harriets would’ve received their long overdue judgement and recompense a long time ago. The dude truly is a dunce, chasing clout as well as brownie points from a group of women that no men in the world are chasing after nor concerned about, smh.

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  12. The Importance of Choosing a Quality Stargate…

    It’s one thing for a person to kill their mate during a lover’s quarrel, out of a fit of rage. It’s another thing for a person to deliberately, and methodically, kill her mate while he slept, and subsequently use her dead mate’s credit cards.

    I tell you, she had to be on some “extra shit.”

    Mistake #1: Dude hooked up with a single mother.
    Mistake #2: Dude shacked up with a single mother.
    Mistake #3: Dude suspected that this female would kill him, and didn’t save himself.

    Lesson #1: Don’t date single mothers.
    Lesson #2: Don’t shack up.
    Lesson #3: Listen to your instincts.
    Lesson #4: Choosing a stargate can literally be a “life or death” decision.

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    • BA,

      How many times have we come across stories like this, but the black woman has the black man’s back right? This is an all too common theme of black women inflicting harm upon and in too many cases killing black men. Let’s not forget about the countless amount of cases where black women are either setting up black men to be robbed or actually engaging in robbing black men themselves.

      The black female comedian Daphnique Springs has the typical dysfunctional and mentally disjointed black female mindset down to a T:

      Like I stated back in 2017, black women are too dangerous to deal with:

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  13. They are now talking about defunding the police. I both do and don’t want this, for various reasons. I don’t want it cuz they just want the money to go to more bs programs that will NOT work. If they’re coughing up millions for ILLEGALS, what actual blsck people, let alone black men will be helped?

    They’ve tried these programs again and again, renovated schools, gave them computers, new books, advanced swimming and athletic facilities, the whole nine. It did NOT work, because the bad element wasn’t changed. You can throw millions at a chimp all day, he’ll never be a Rhodes scholar. Same with the devil seedlings, no amount of white liberal money will fix their genetic, biological, mental, and spiritual deficiencies.

    I also want the cops to be defunded cuz then maybe just maybe, these lawless animals will kill each other off with the quickness and be unencumbered in doing so.

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    • I also want the cops to be defunded cuz then maybe just maybe, these lawless animals will kill each other off with the quickness and be unencumbered in doing so.

      Only in a perfect world, only in a perfect world.

      Here how it will actually turn out, invariably, decent black men will get killed in the process.

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      • @BC

        That is it right there. The end. If you do not seperate the child from that Satanic Ritual Abuse System they call a “community”, more like “communal sacrifice altar” then you get the same results. No special program later on will cover up the initial programming. They know that of course but hey no one comes out and says “YO WES DOING HUMAN TRAFFICKING AIGHT!”.

        The vultures from other nations sit back invest in prisons and prepare to harvest the organs and other salvage type operations.

        Fuck beef these people are human chefs.

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    • “They’ve tried these programs again and again, renovated schools, gave them computers, new books, advanced swimming and athletic facilities, the whole nine. It did NOT work, because the bad element wasn’t changed. You can throw millions at a chimp all day, he’ll never be a Rhodes scholar. Same with the devil seedlings, no amount of white liberal money will fix their genetic, biological, mental, and spiritual deficiencies”.

      Qoute of the day right there.

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    • So Mildred all of the sudden became Indian-Rappahannock, huh?

      The Pocahantas Exception? Interesting.

      So Negroes have been saying, “I have Injin in my blood” for a long time I see.

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      • @B A

        It is true though of course there is much more to be said too much for a mere post on my part. But you should also reflect upon the story of Pochoantas or Mataoka who was a young dumb girl and heir to the Pohawatan Estate and commercial trade who essentially protected English adventurers and turned over her ancestral lands to the hands of the Englishman John Rolfe and had relations with John Smith.

        Remove your notions of color and history, and I ask does that behavior not sound familiar? Did she marry up or marry down? Oh the story ends with her sailing to England and she mysteriously dies and is thrown off the boat and Mr. John is left as Sovereign over Powahatan estate (Virigina…the international tobacco trade etc).

        Those Englishmen sure knew how to do business…shrewd does not even begin to describe.

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      Lol, the dude blew off one hand and had fingers missing from the other, all because some hot cheerleaders rejected him, lol. These white incels really take things to the next level, how often do you hear of black men going off the rails like that because they’ve been rejected by ‘hot cheerleaders’, I’ll wait?

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      • But remember, they’re taking the “pussy off the pedestal!”

        Please, these dudes really are the mirror image of feminists. If feminism disappeared tomorrow, they’d be out of a job/grievance virtue.

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    • By her actions. Women’s words in general are worth nothing what do they do.

      Even see how they carry on with one another you expect it to be different just because it’s a man?

      Follow her actions bro

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    • DeltaWildDog18,

      The woman in my opinion must be the following: functional, feminine, good looking, in shape, natural(no weave, no tattoos, no fake eye lashes, no body implants), submissive, cooperative, humble, honest, accountable, responsible and CHILD FREE.

      Feel free to add anything else that you feel might be missing from that list. Just like Darth Amon said, it’s all about the woman’s actions, they’ll determine whether she is a quality stargate or a battle-axe straight from the bowels of Hell.

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  14. Good day SYSBMers,

    I want to piggyback a little off of Verbs’ article from Monday, June 8th, 2020 entitled “Emphasising The Utmost Importance In Choosing A Quality Stargate – Part 3” on Open Topic Wednesday.

    I have been pondering on this for the past number of days.

    In the last decade-plus, there has been statistical numbers used against black men on why millions upon millions of black men are missing from your typical black women’s dating pool. We heard the reasons time after time, over and over again on how black men are gay, in jail and dead for the cause of the storage of eligible, successful black men. One thing that’s not being looked at is what are the numbers on how many average black women in western society has fallen completely off (sit out) the dating and marriageable market? If we focus on the late Gen-Xers to the majority of Gen-Y/Millennials, the exact number is somewhere over 80% (million-plus easy). There are numerous of reasons for this high number: focusing all her time on her education, the lack of training on how to be a woman of quality from a young age, finding job/career security and poor finances just to name a few.

    There are so many good brothers in their 30s who are still sitting on the bench since those high school days and before waiting for these queans to finish their focusing on self-worth/sabbatical of getting themselves ‘RIGHT’ for marriage after said women was doing their dirt in their teens and the first half of their 20s.

    A lot of these black women are facing even more stiffer challenges in this domestic and international dating and mating market. You know white women is on the top of the list, Asian women, Latinas and traditional black women from other societies but there’s one unexpected challenge that may pose a threat to these black females are the TRANSGENDER women (men who live their lives looking and sounding like women). Yes, the white female feminists along with these black ones as co-signers agreed that “transgender women are women” so black women’s heterosexual dating pool grows shorter. We know some black women will so-called swirl, enter lesbianism or end up being alone and die.

    Abortion is a huge talk in our sector concerning depopulation numbers when your stereotypical black woman goes to a Planned Parenthood office and does a child sacrifire, slaughtering her kid that she didn’t want to begin with on that medical table.

    Another form of depopulation in this current generation is when eligible black men who will stick it out with black women and vice versa, both sexes are not finding each other in huge mass here in western society including the United States. This will put a major dent in producing future generations of non- IR blacks in the age of black dating sites and apps promoting BLACK LOVE.

    SYSBM for ALL eternity.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      So called black love is completely dead and black women were the ones who killed it through their tarnished history treachery and betrayal. Those black men who choose to sit on the bench waiting for their “black queanies” regardless of what they see happening around them deserve the unfortunate fate that’s coming for them down the pike.

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    • Verbs,

      The next option for some non-IR black men sitting on the bench won’t be a good one. These men will get so flustered to the point that they will leave the bench to find themselves black women. They will go down a dark, eerie road just for one like at a club. We know some black men of that ilk are attracted to certain body features, skin shade, etc… Unknowningly, they will end up with some transgender woman because you can’t tell them from a real woman apart with the clothes on. After finding out, the man will face a hard dilemma: either singlehood or getting and staying in a relationship with a transgender woman. I believe the latter choice might be the ultimate pick for said men because that would be the closest thing to a “woman” they can ever get, appearence rise, vocal sound, so-called feminine attitude and all since the women from before left them on the bench. This will be another hit to the non-IR BLACK population numbers not growing as much in western society for future generations.

      Either way, it is not looking to good for non-IR supported black people especially black men in particular.

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  15. Seeing all that happened so far with the protesting and nonsense. From a UK perspective.
    In my opinion I was never fan of the left or right, I would say I was in the middle but these days I’m more politically apathetic as both the left and right has used Floyd’s death to further their own agendas and need to be called out. When this man died my reaction was angry and agreeing with calling an eye for an eye. From what I’ve seen so far and from studying history it seems nothing will really change, a lot of people in society seem ok with the status quo, those that were virtue signalling I’m not a fan of. My question to all is this “After all this is said and done what are you going to do ensure that something like never happens again and what change will happen”
    From what I’ve seen talk is cheap, it’s all about action, I will take the other groups protesting at face value, however it means nothing to me. Their actions after this is what I will take into account as I believe there are a lot of closet racists about.

    I don’t want anyone’s pity nor do I need it. I’ll rather die on my feet than live on my knees. There is more that I would like to say but I’ll rather keep it short.

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  16. Singer Lana Del Rey was accused of racism by the sisterhood and Sjws because she name dropping some of today’s top pop artists, most of which coincidentally happened to be black/part black women.

    From what I see, she didn’t drag or criticize them at all. All she did was point out the media only says sex appeal is “empowering” if the entertainer doing it markets herself as a feminist. Isn’t that what the likes of Ariana and Beyonce are known for doing? According to leftists though, whites (or any non-blacks) aren’t allowed to have black women’s names come out of their mouth unless it’s to praise them as “QWUEEAANS”. I think that’s where the outrage truly stems from. Lana is not racist (she apparently a big Nina Simone and Billie Holiday fan so much for “hating black women”), just guilty of being a non-black woman who didn’t bow down to modern queenies.

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  17. Like I said. Some of these geechee mudsils should NEVER have been taken off the plantations. They are obviously comfortable serving whites. Let them have what they want.

    Black people: the laughingstock of civilization.

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    • I am not paying for any stranger’s meal, let alone a cop’s. However, the man in question is free to do so. No, public judgement from me.

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      • @Verbs

        He was thinking like that other negro who fed the police only to have them murder him in return. It’s just another form of begging whites to be nice. Negroes don’t want power, independence or autonomy. They want hugs from white mommy and white daddy. SMFH

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      • Black Caesar,

        You’re talking about the cat from Louisville.

        Right, many Negroes want a hug from white folks. Based on the black Cracker Barrel patron’s build, I’d say he’s middle age, which makes it even more sad, because at that age, you are supposed to know where people stand.

        I am not saying be disrespectful. In fact, as thinking black men, we should be respectful to the minimum extent required. But to go out of our way to pay for a cop’s meal, especially after he declined, is on some “extra shit.”

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  18. This is also why it is important to clarify and categorize. Black PEOPLE are NOT being brutalized by the police, because black men are the only ones taking those beatings. Weeeeeelllllll…..

    They aren’t killing mixed/light skin people either, including the men. When’s the last time you saw El Debarge, Al B. Sure, or Steph Curry lookalikes get beaten by the cops? They aren’t even profiled as much, especially if they hang around normal, non-ghetto white people or Asians.


    When’s the last time they beat a GAY flaming black dude, regardless of shade? They only do this to heterosexual, non-mixed black MEN, cuz they are the threat, not light brights or fags.

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    • Glen Saxon,

      Another delusional siren, they only want you to make more money than them so that they can spend off your cash while at the same time saving theirs. Black women as a group know nothing about the core fundamentals of a relationship, they only specialise in opening their legs to gutter black male trash and getting knocked up by the same. Exactly what did this heifer expect dealing with Roof Top Trey, Midnight Freddy and Cheap Frillz?

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    • I stopped the video at the 0:09 mark. Listening to a black bitch with a valley girl accent is tantamount to listening to fingernails on a chalkboard.

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  19. Also, ISNT funny how blacks tried to say the scamdemic was WAYCIST!!!! A pulmonary/cardiovascular oriented virus mainly killing off people who are known for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and generally the worst health in America? Nah…. it’s whiteys fault. But, mr. whitey, can you plz be givins me some dat good good stuff? Iz sho nuff bees needin it fo’ ma chirrens! Wees bees all in dis togidder, sho nuff!

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    • You mean the same people that deep still fry mutated chickens in canola oil when there are free range and organic chicken available and better oils or even an air fryer?

      But of course the better question is how can a disease [a virus with no brain or personality] entertain notions of preference based on social construct?

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  20. Nice to see and hear that the deadly lurgy has a convenient end date….

    Hospitals barely full, a complete joke of sending PPE to nurses, buses only taking 20 passengers, yet everybody could ride for free and sit close, ministers not knowing their arse from their elbow and Now! All of a sudden it’s all over?

    Never mind, let’s take your antibody DNA profile along with a secret microchip up your backside and we’ll call it quits. Ok?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        The ice on the cake and the seal of confirmation for me that this Coronavirus is a hoax amongst other things is the fact that the police during this entire plandemic HAVE NEVER practiced ‘anti’ social distancing. What, are the police immune from this supposed COVID-19 killer virus, does it know not to infect members of law enforcement?

        Just take look at these videos and you tell me what’s up. Also, I’ve yet to see any police officers in my local area wearing masks or some form of face apparatus. I smell a smelly rat/ set up on both fronts, in relation to COVID-19 and also in relation to these worldwide riots kicking off in light of George Floyd’s death. Nothing smells right on either side of the coin:

        With the second video check out who attempts to come to the rescue of the police in typical fashion, you simply cannot make this stuff up, from the 2:14 – 2:37 mark, doesn’t this look familiar?

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    The article’s title said he’s making room for a Black candidate to fill his spot; how much you wanna bet they’re going to start considering Black women as candidates? Also, am I the only one who finds it odd that his daughter is named ‘Alexis Ohanian, Jr.’? Isn’t that title reserved for male children?

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    Cops can kill every BLM protester they find and piss on the corpses. Hell, nut in the corpses!

    You wonder why these companies are donating to this bullshit?!!! They do NOT intend to help black people, their goal is to further destroy them. Whites (that these idiots are sucking off, hoping for a blessing) are LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF, including the liberals.

    Race relations would literally change overnight if we didn’t have these Marxist mutant negro hurdles.

    Black women suck!

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  23. Also, speaking of white conservatives, I hate when they suddenly try to put virtue signal the liberals state, as usual, “cmon guys, we’re all in this together, the elites just want to divide us.”

    News flash: we’re ALREADY divided, and you don’t give a damn about us until it’s time for us to bolster your ranks. They love to preach this crap to blacks, because they’re used to them coming hither and stepping on landmines for whitey. They NEVER say this to Asians or even Indians, because they know that those people HAVE self-respect, and do NOT need whitey’s help with their battles, no matter how insurmountable the odds.

    As for those that are conservative but don’t want to be lumped in with these geechees, bedwenches, and shines, I have a new term: classicalists. That’s what we are.

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  24. What’s up people? Money Cultural here. You know police brutality is nothing new in not so Great Britain. When you look at Stoke Newington Police Station, how many black people die in that crooked police station? So many black people. And I heard that a black man died in police custody in Devon. So I’m not surprised there. You know how many times I have been stopped by the Babylon them? If I was walking down the street with my friend and the feds come and stop us, who they will question? The black man with the glasses or me? Obviously me. Police officers will stop a black heterosexual male not the fruity black male. Because the black heterosexual male, they see him as a so called threat. It’s just nothing but insecurities with these beta males and it will continue. Smh!

    The heterosexual black male is a target for these beta males because the beta male can’t get women and the heterosexual black male can. The beta male can get a woman but she will turn out to be a undesirable woman that his children like officer simp Derek Chauvin. And the beta male talk about the black man’s penis. Thinking about how long it is. This is some homosexual thing which these beta males talk and think about. Too much black porn and too much being a cuck. I did the article on that called Cuck – A – Doodle Doo! Black men are at target because they show nothing but masculinity. That feminine bullshit is not their thing.

    Keep your white sugar honeys safe tonight and all night.

    Bless people!

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  25. A few months ago I thought that Trump would have been a given for re-election, now I’m not so sure. What do you guys think of Trump’s chances post Coronavirus and George Floyd?

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    • He’s have literally start calling people niggars or something, because only the dumbest liberal thinks that Biden is better. Plus, trump rightfully let these liberal Democrat governors and mayors hang themselves with these lockdowns. I truly think the police funding thing will have the same effect. You think those liberal shitholes were unsafe before? They’ll be nothing but Pookies running rampant soon. George Floyd was the martyr to make several liberals into NRA members.

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      • Barring serious voter fraud, Trump wins but it’ll be a battle. Anyone with a brain can see Biden isn’t healthy, and what the left is doing to him is truly sickening.

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    • @James
      I no longer support trump. He’s an idiot and a pussy regardless of the benefits he brought to the black community. There is no dem candidate. So basically, the political landscape in the USA looks identical to Canada at the moment. You have to choose the turd with the least amount of corn kernels.

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      • My humble view is that the Floyd protests, looting, etc. will die down in late June 2020. My view is also that the USA economy will get better during Summer 2020. Biden, a career politician, was elected to the Senate in 1972. Biden also served as vice-president until 2017. Even a 70-year old USA voter has somewhat foggy memories of 1972, the Nixon era. Biden is, therefore, viewed as a relic of the past. He is view as a relic in an unfavorable way.

        Whatever ills are present in the USA and the world, Biden has been a major player in allowing those ills to exist. It will be hard for Biden to cast himself as an agent of change given the fact that he has been around so long.

        We have discussed before that black women are pushing for a black female vice-presidential candidate. The problem is that most of the black females that are potential candidates are of little help in getting Biden elected.

        The presidential race will be tough in that each candidate will get at least 40% of the popular vote. Unless there are some major disasters that are viewed as Trump’s fault, I predict that Trump will be re-elected.

        I am a Trump voter.

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      • @ Gregory Chandler

        “My view is also that the USA economy will get better during Summer 2020.”

        I was thinking the same, they can’t hold the George Floyd incident against him IMO because the same thing was happening under Obama. When the protests started I knew that the Dems would be rubbing their hands together gleefully thinking about how they would weaponize this against Trump. I’m still starting to think that this race may end up being closer than I thought.

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  26. Aba & Preach react to a snippet of an IG Live by Stephen Jackson:

    Much respect to Stak 5 for not being a simp and leaving that treacherous daggle at the altar high and dry; I believe that she was working in cahoots with that pastor who tried to sell him on marrying without a prenup. The pastor exposed himself when he said he didn’t believe in prenups; best believe he would’ve gotten some of that money from the woman had she divorced Steve and there was no prenup to protect his assets; personally, I would’ve ended it sooner, but he made the right decision in the end.

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    • It’s funny how when african american/black makes it outside of an industry that’s not expected of them e.g. sports or music you barely hear anything about them tragic

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    • I don’t play video games like I used to, but I did enjoy it as a minor; you can say that he was the father of the modern gaming console. I also like that he’s a New Yorker like me.

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  27. I always wanted to ask carnio how he lives and travels outside america permanently? Does he teach english or something.

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    • LaDarrion Robinson,

      I didn’t really have a problem with his commentary on B Simone because I’ve already called that black witch out myself in this article below:

      Now, in relation to his comments on opting for Canadian women vs Asian women, I would’ve loved for him to expand on what Canadian women he was talking about, if he was dealing with the black witch(which I strongly suspect he was) then forget it.

      I don’t care what the dude is saying, in terms of femininity, cooperation, submission etc you just can’t beat East Asian women, this is across the Asian female socio economic spectrum.

      Another point is you aren’t going to find quality women “up in the club”. He has to be talking from a perspective of smash and dash or maybe sticking around if the woman is halfway decent. That “up in the club” talk by itself sounds like he was dealing with black women, additionally his mention of dealing with hairdressers also raises those suspicions even further.

      Not every black man who owns a passport is SYSBM or even identifies with the culture. I heard his “coon” talk between the 7:25-7:37 in the Travel to Canada video, again, the dude needs to expand upon who these alleged “coons” are, however I have a feeling that I already know.

      Contributors Upgraydd and Black Caesar can speak more about the women in Canada, however it being a liberal hellhole, I suspect that the pickings up there will not be vast, of course these dysfunctional black sirens are already excluded from the equation.

      We already know the protocol of the average black female, spend your money and drain your resources while saving and stacking up her own.

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      • Thanks verbs i also recalled of him making another video shaming black geeks for going to asia primarily japan
        He said something like black male geeks go to japan because we cant get love in are own country so we travel to asia i know from accounts that canada is a feminist country

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      • LaDarrion Robinson,

        I can’t stand these types of dudes, it’s like they deliberately turn a blind eye to black female dysfunction and then on top of that pretend they don’t have a clue as to why black men are logically seeking out love and companionship with other ethnicities of women. Canada is hyper feminist, all of the Commonwealth countries are in the same feminist state as well as Western Europe, don’t let dudes like this fool you.

        This guy had to be dealing with daggles, only a fool would observe the current in the gutter condition of black women but then still attempt to shame other black men(especially the younger generations) into dealing with them, smh.

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      • Thanks verbs for exposing guys like this i appreciate it i am a young 26 year old black man looking out for sysbm detractors

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  28. a black woman dated a racist man for 5 years and his now trying to come back to black men


    this is the same black girl that appeared in the daily male lin that was posted already


    and in related news black jamaican guy got a russian girl and produce 2 kids with her


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    Black students literally are validating, proving, and justifying racism. They’re literally admitting that they are basically retarded kids compared to whites. Now, this might be a program that’s pushed by white liberals to coddle blacks, but the black students didn’t have to go along with it. If they had any self respect, they would make a stink about basically being insulted.

    This shows you how little value most blacks actually have. Black lives do NOT matter, because blacks are complemented, when they should be insulted by, being told that said black lives are inherently weaker than whites.

    There are very few black youth that can be helped either, at least not those that double down on liberalism. You can not build with a group that views an inferiority complex as pride.

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    • Except:

      “As we already know, women of all races are far less likely to die at the hands of the police than men of any race. This is black women shameless hijacking a male issues. The black women who have made the black community hostile for black men.

      I really hope the police brutality issue can be tackled. I highly doubt a feminist lead BLM is going to be the ones to do it though. I am sure a lot of black feminists will have great pay days from acting as community leaders/charity resource gatekeepers though.

      Now here is a screen cap of a black feminist shitting on black men:

      (Click the link on my main post to see how disgusting a black woman commenting about how black women are 4x more likely than black men to be killed)

      The real conversation needs to be about the black single mother ghettos that black women have created, the high rates of child murder, child abuse and child neglect. That is the real difficult conversation needed to be had.

      Black lives matter, only until the ones destroying them are women.”

      This blog was written by WHITE MEN about black women!
      Even WHITE MEN see the BS black women spit and back stab black men!

      I will NEVER feel sorry for black women! I will Never forget this!😡😡😡

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  30. This has proven to me that the only way to change black society for the better, if they wish to remain in the west, is honestly for racism to get worse. They legit need Jim Crow levels of prejudice back, because only then would blacks go back to having their own stuff, being their own police, own doctors, own landlords, own business owners, etc.

    All blacks do by constantly begging is prove that they just might be a predominately inferior group, and no amount of revisionists pro-black history will change that. Africa is calling, and so is massa. Choose and be judged accordingly.

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    • Blacks at this point are the retards of the world. Being sidekicked (or sidechicked) by homos of all people. The world is a bunch of pretty girls, and blacks are just a powerless version of Carrie. Just made fun of on the (not so) low key. I’d hate to say it, but the LGBTREaFTRCSG235665?($7 crowd actually did a much better job of lobbying for their desired treatment than blacks. That’s sad, those freaks were able to be accepted faster and better than freaking black people. That shows you the number that the QUEENIES have done on the quality of black people.

      The police brutality issue will not and probably SHOULD NOT be solved. It should serve as the ultimate catalyst to get blacks AWAY from whitey as much as possible.

      And all white liberals need only look at how “awesome” places like Jamaica are to see how much their “white privilege” is to blame for the QUEENIES’ devil seedlings sucking at life and deserving to be eradicated.

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    • ““We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement,” the site declares, “by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.” ”

      Bastard baby maker talk. They are basically saying “Its everyone’s responsibility to raise our bastard kids”, and that single mothers are just as good as two parent homes. BLM is a joke run by lesbians and bitter baby mommas.

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      • Yep, why do you think everyone else is suddenly supporting them, just as black men were starting to wake the hell up and stop being so gung-ho loyal to both democrats and black women?

        Black women are born liberals and socialists. With whites women, the blue haired, FUPA sporting feminist says crap against the nuclear family. With blsck women, it’s the NORMAL black chick.

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      • James SYSBM,

        That talk is straight up socialist/communist. No fathers are allowed to be in BLM’s structure, in other words continue to perpetuate the pestilent single mother epidemic currently plaguing black society and get everybody else to foot the bill. What they’re saying isn’t even hidden, it’s there plain as day on their website. Just goes to show you how there are too many black men who typically don’t read.

        Most black men obviously aren’t aware of the fact that they are excluded from BLM’s future vision for the so called black community. Like I’ve stated before, black women are the black community, they DON’T see black men as a part of it, we are deemed ‘outsiders’ in their eyes, flunkies/useful idiots who are there to carry out the black witch’s agenda alone.

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