Emphasising The Utmost Importance In Choosing A Quality Stargate – Part 3


The heavily insecure modern day black female has resorted to some of the most outlandish, foolish and ridiculous measures imaginable in order to try to make herself look more attractive, the problem is though in doing so black women have made themselves look even more unattractive, hideous and ugly looking. Note, not one of these women presented themselves to the dude in a natural state, not one, and this is after we’re dealing with the fact that the only way black women as a collective know how to appeal to men is via putting their breasts and rear ends on display(in this case fake breasts and most definitely fake butts all the damn way).

Remember, plastic surgery was the main reason why the black witch Nylah Says alongside the curry goat Taz Exclusives attempted to defraud another black female YouTuber by the name of Bayou Bunni out of nearly $9000 last year, these black sirens and their maggle cohorts stay scheming and scamming the very people they claim to care about.

Back to the video above, note how all of them were weaved up to the hilt, they were all wearing construction site layers of make up, they all had fake eye lashes, fake breasts and ridiculous out of proportion fake plastic butts straight out of the factory, let’s not forget the road map type tattoos either. Now your average pro black female maggle would still label these women as “queens” and expect you to follow suit, however as has been pointed out many times before true queens wear their own crowns and don’t parade themselves like whores and harlots.

This is why I have to laugh at these pro black pyramid heads when they begin talking “the black woman is god” garbage. She’s god alright however the god of death and destruction, the god of the sluts, the harlots, the whores, the gutter, the swamp, the mire, the filth etc. Again, as has been stated here many times before and by many others, black women and those who think like them outside of their bodies have NOTHING OF VALUE TO OFFER, NOTHING. As I stated before, all it takes is a lapse in concentration, a moment of weakness, a slip up and one sperm for you to be caught up in the system and linked to one of these horrific looking monsters for the next 18 years.

They can’t cook, they can’t clean, they can’t keep themselves clean especially relating to sexual hygiene, they have no maternal instincts, they spray paint themselves as if they are the graffitied walls and buildings near railway lines, they cuss at the same level or even worse than the most gutter black men, they revel in all things grimy and immoral, worst of all they hate and deeply despise those black men who are upright, intelligent, have an education, know their worth and place value upon themselves.

Let’s be honest here, as men once you get past the fact that these females above are practically naked ie moving beyond the sexual base instinct, exactly what is attractive about any of them, I’ll wait? Fake eye lashes as far as I’m concerned make women look extremely repulsive, tranny-esque looking, the weave as stated before looks ridiculous as well as a sign of mental illness, additionally the fact that black women would get butt implants which are well out of proportion to the rest of their bodies indicates even more mental instability. Besides, I thought black women as a group already came with ample sized buttocks(so black women keep telling us).

Younger generation black men especially are looking at circus sideshow freaks like the above and taking a rapidly sharp exit out of the building, they are rightly choosing to opt for a much better quality of woman. At the end of the day all those heifers could do was appeal to the dude via showing their ASSets as well as twerking. Black women by their own deplorable and degenerate actions are openly admitting that they have nothing to offer beyond sex, smh.

You cannot go but 5 minutes without seeing a black female engaging in some sort of sexual, violent or outlandish behaviour in her efforts to garner the attention she never received as a child from her mother. Yes, black single mothers are the reason why most black girls are growing up into ultra ratchet sluts and disjointed harlots and I will continue to place the blame of the breakdown of black society at the feet of black women because that’s where it belongs.

Remember, these are the same black women who are always finding it within themselves to constantly talk about black men being jacked up, yet as per usual conveniently omitting the fact that those messed up black males in the overwhelming majority of circumstances were raised by single mothers. Additionally, the black men with their heads screwed on correctly these same women openly admit that they are NOT attracted to them, what upside down dimension are these delusional black females living in?

These are the types of women the no school producing, Gerbil Faced fraudster Dr Umar Johnson expects black men to date, marry and procreate with. Brothers, the writing is on the wall, black women are destined to be erased from the annuls of history because of their own evil doings, let the multitude of pro black simps they’ve created take up the slack, marry and procreate with the rabble. Finally, how do any of those black women in the video differ in looks from a typical black tranny?

When it gets to a point where you’re experiencing great difficulty in telling the difference between your average black woman and a black tranny, you know that black female society has hit rock bottom and is in dire straits. Lastly, remember these will be the same black women who will try to say something to you in the street because you have a mixed or non black female beside you instead of them, looking at the state of black women in 2020, who can blame any black man for NOT wanting to deal with them? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Empty Headed Plastic Build Women

Most High Bless

67 thoughts on “Emphasising The Utmost Importance In Choosing A Quality Stargate – Part 3

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  2. Weaved up, tatted up, ugly, silicone filled, whores wearing electrical tape likely with STDS and worn out vaginas. This is supposed to be your prize if you are a good man in the Black community? No wonder good brothers are quietly finding the door. These types of chicks are basically living sex dolls with wombs (unfortunately), stay away.
    “Let’s be honest here, as men once you get past the fact that these females above are practically naked ie moving beyond the sexual base instinct, exactly what is attractive about any of them, I’ll wait?”
    They know that no one wants them which is why they have to be half naked and “accessorize” their bodies to such an extent, its the only way that they will get attention. A woman who men find naturally attractive doesn’t have to do these things.
    “Finally, how do any of those black women in the video differ in looks from a typical black tranny?”
    Tommy jokes about this all the time, how he understands how so many BM can be fooled by Black trannies because the trannies look just like BW. lol

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    • James SYSBM,

      These are the same women who are now constantly talking about ‘levelling up’ and ‘divestment from black men’. Where exactly are black women going, what other race of men will accept them en mass, NONE.

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      • Verbs2015 —- Black women, as a group, have a financial net worth in the negative. [Name drop: Stacey Abrams, potential USA vice-presidential candidate] Given the financial status of black women, how can most of them level up? Since no group of men have such a lowly financial status as black women, how in the heck can black women level up? —– Shawn James, during one of his better moments, stated that black women cannot engage in divestment because black women never made an investment in anything of value. [Loose quote]

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        In the case of the black witch so called ‘levelling up’ means using the money of non black men to not only get them out of huge debt but also to fund their ridiculous lifestyles of vanity. The massive problem black women are having is the fact that they’ve plummeted their market value so deep into the toilet, non black men just aren’t interested anymore.

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    • ““Finally, how do any of those black women in the video differ in looks from a typical black tranny?”
      Tommy jokes about this all the time, how he understands how so many BM can be fooled by Black trannies because the trannies look just like BW. lol”

      I don’t think those guys are fooled by trannies. They know they’re hitting trannies. It’s just that any guy who is okay with that tatted up, weaved up look is a bottom-feeder, with standards so low that even a tranny will do.

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  3. First thing, don’t these women know that squats and other butt exercises, and healthy diet can help them get a nice butt naturally? Like black women stay taking the dumb route of putting that stinkin injection into their butts and breasts, not knowing that it’s gonna damage their body. Don’t get me wrong, I like my women with the nice hourglass or the tone pear body type, but in the video above, that crap looks like it could explode in one hit. Lord is their every gonna be a time, just one time, that black women will present themselves other than a wannabe adult entertainer? That’s why dudes stay looking at them like they is because all they stay doing is show their goodies, thinking they gonna attract some quality dude, but they really attracting thirsty ass Steve Urkels (a.k.a. simps, that’s my new nicknames for these cats, Steve Urkels). Once again, now I starting to realize why Quality Stargates matter, and I agree to the 100th power with that. When I be in a relationships/marriage, I want to be in one with a quality Stargate, not some adult entertainer, nor some king kong masculine, strong and independent, fake boujee chick.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      Black women, exercise, healthy diet? Those are words that simply don’t go together. Search the internet and you’ll find hundreds of stories of black women being severely injured or in worse cases dying from getting these butt implants or more time injections. Black women stay plastic yet continually claim that they are looking for real men, smh.

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    • D.K Phantom,

      They (scraggles) are lazy, period. They can get straight hair, the nice long locks, the big healthy butt if they put in the work. But they don’t want to wait and go through the journey of evolving with their natural hair and body.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        That video is a classic, remember the black siren of For Harriet fame Kimberly N Foster had a lot to say regarding Trick Daddy’s sound advice. Fast forward to 2020 and look at where black women are now, constantly taking issue with the fact that more black men are choosing to kick them to the kerb in favour of other ethnicities of women. Not a month goes by where black women aren’t complaining about black men both older and younger choosing White, Asian and Latina women over them:

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      • Verbs,

        I only made it to 2:03 on that video, I couldn’t listen anymore. The “For Harriet” chick a.k.a. KRS-3 is in denial, BW are in no way the “standard” except for who’s the most angry, most tacky, most likely to be single, most likely to be a dyke, most out of wedlock kids, and who’s rock-bottom in desirability of any group of females on Earth.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        These chicks stay delusional for life, they’ll be celebrating themselves even as they fall head first into oblivion. In 2020 there is nothing positive to report concerning black women as a collective, NOTHING.

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      • Verbs,

        Of course Harriet would quote Malcolm X’s statement about “Black women being the most disrespected group in the USA”. So let me get this straight, BW are disrespectful to themselves and damn near everyone around them, claimed that black men didn’t try to protect them even though black men have attempted multiple times to revolt( but the mammies cut that short), and get mad when Kanye West said that slavery was a choice. Gentlemen, they have admitted multiple times that they would rather be slaves to their demons rather than your righteous authority, yet still demands to be respected. That heifer needs to take a seat under the chair with that BS. Black women had 6 fucking decades (1960s-2010s) since welfare was introduced to figure out where they went wrong!!!…they don’t want to. It’s like telling them 9+10=19, but they keep pulling these outrageous theories out of their ass about why the answer is 21 and you should just accept that. The black man had and still have all odds stacked against him( which is starting to change), the most disrespected even when he prevails these odds even by what was supposed to be his woman. This alone is what non-black women are starting to notice,hence the whole queen of spades thing, etc. To them, a man like that would have to be pretty damn powerful and divine to fight through such BS for years. Choose better, go where you are celebrated black man.

        SYSBM 2020 and Beyond

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid black women like the plague and I will never ever date a black woman because I just don’t find them attractive at all. Black women are not Queens, they are fucking idiots because they always continue to make very poor choices in life like becoming single and with multiple bastard kids from multiple thugs and gangsters. As black men we have the fakest looking women on the planet as significant others and its no wonder why that black men like ourselves are walking away from black women in droves and we are deciding to date beautiful childfree non black women instead.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Exactly what is queenly about hake hair, fake eye lashes, fake butts, fake breasts, tattoos and a face load of thick make up, I’ll wait? I walk the streets of London everyday and see black women using every external appendage they can get their hands on trying their best to improve their looks, however they’re just making themselves look much worse.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I always see black women in the streets of London every day looking fake from head to toe especially when they wear a fake weave on their heads and I always shake my head in discust because they are the biggest self haters on the planet, but they call us SYSBM black men self haters for dating non black women but at least we stay looking black and still look in our natural state.

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  5. This is literally why I don’t even look at BAW. It’s this bizarro combo of “tranny” features and dysfunctional behavior/mental illness or even if they look good it just means they are likely a walking advertisement for borderline personality disorder. Your brain just learns to not even factor them in as an option after a while.

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    • Autodidact,

      Black women as a collective have seriously gone downhill yet they still refuse to put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out why more black men are choosing other ethnicities of women. Again, in the eyes of most black women black men being their slaves have no right to demand better from them. Like you said, it eventually gets to a point where you automatically exclude them from the equation.

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  6. Gentlemen. Please note that most black women, after 1980, have terrible butts. — The stereotype of USA black women having good butts is a holdover from earlier decades when most blacks lived in rural areas and did more physical labor. — USA white women have moved beyond USA black women in matters of having a good butt. ———- Many black people are still holding on to a year 1920 view that black women have better butts. If logic is used, one must note that junk food and lack of exercise does not make for toned gluteal muscles. —- I note that this movement from rural areas to urban areas is also happening to black women outside of the USA. ————- FACTS. Most black females do not have good butts.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      So true, I don’t even get excited or thirsty over seeing a black woman with a big ass anymore. Them white women have surpass them in that, especially Latinas. And not just ass but curves as well. They always joke about how much Becky payed for the ass she got but don’t understand the healthy work that went into getting that booty,lol.

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      • Black Tiger —- White women have surpassed black women in matters of the physical body. —- Black women had already conceded the hair, face, and every other matter to white women. —

        Black women have ____________________________________________.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        Black will soon have no real identity among-st women if they keep this up. Like Trick Daddy said, “Just wait until they (white women) start learning how to cook fried chicken”. Even in one of MBD’s podcasts, he talked about how even some of these hood type white chicks like Danielle Bregoli (Bhad Bhabie) and Iggy Azalea could possibly band together and replace the black scraggles of the community mainstream.

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  7. Breeding these creatures of the black buffoon out of existence is our only option, not begging whites to give us undeserved shit. If the woman is the bedrock of a civilization, then you understand why black civilization is a heap of rubble.

    I can not stress it enough, all we will ever be is a race of retarded demons if we continue to have THEM as our women. These chicks literally go to back alley “surgeons” to get fix-a-flat and fluffer nutter injected into their big smelly asses. If THAT is the producer, why would anyone respect the product?

    Wanna stop racism? Make black women extinct!



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    • afrofuturism1,

      First off, good to see you back.

      “not begging whites to give us undeserved shit.”

      This here is what shows the weakness of the black community (ADOS demanding reparations). Since it’s ran by the black women, the simps/pro-blacks will follow and beg alongside her rather than using their head and using a machine (smartphone, computer, tablet) that can help generate wealth. There are thousands of resources online that can help them achieve this wet dream of black wealth, but what do they do? Go right back out there, march, pray, yell, scream, or loot businesses and achieve nothing.

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  8. As Verbs said, outside of fix-a-flat asses and fake boobs, what do these have to offer, even in the looks department? They typically have a face like a horse’s ass, and that’s WITH makeup. Wanna know why these dudes always

    “Beat intensifies”

    Hit it from da BACK!!!?

    It’s cuz Face to face missionary Or cowgirl sex with these Beasts is an exercise in horror shock therapy. Real women’s beauty is described in poetry, song, and marble and clay statues. Daggles’ “beauty” is described in a fart.

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  9. I wonder if those four were late for a circus act or if they were late for roll call at the X-Men Mutant Academy!

    lack women are the fake of all fakes! When women of other races use make up, they use it to enhance thier looks in terms of hiding blemishes or other skin conditions. at least most of them. but Black women take it way out of proportions to the extreme! Super fake nails, fake lips, butt, breasts, hair, etc.
    Sooner or later, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to attach a fake penis! Next, WHY oh WHY do these black guys keep picking these nasty she-boons!? Why do they keep breeding with these animals! This is straight up beastiality! Have black men lost their natural god given attraction to actual women and have been perverted into finding Baboons attractive? What kind of voodoo witchcraft is this? sick! oh but finding Becky, Olga, Deegi and Chung-li sexually attractive, makes YOU gay!? This west is coming to an END!

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  10. That poor man; that poor, poor man. What did he do to attract a pack of hyenas like that?

    Those daggles look a fright! Their butts look like they have basketballs surgically implanted inside of their butts; this is Sarah Baartman syndrome. Also, that man looked like he was stuck when they gathered around him and began backing it up on him; imagine if that were a group of men doing that to a single female.

    Save yourself from these artificial anomalies known as the daggle; there is better out there for you.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      The modern day black female’s obsession with everything fake, ridiculous looking and outlandish lets you know that she has some serious unresolved deep mental issues. These black women love mutilating their bodies, sadly when they do so no improvements are every made.

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  11. I have been weighting on this in my mind for the past few days and this article could be a tie-in to it.The subject I’ll bring forth will be a really good one but I will wait until Open Mic Wednesday June 10th, 2020 and plug in my comment then along with the link to this particular Slaying Evil article. SYSBM.

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  12. Notice how they circle around this brother…almost has if to trap him in from running!!! I’m starting to see this more often than not. These whores are starting to get desperate for a real man. Yet!! Having to come to terms with the fact that they lack the necessary mental and emotional skill sets to claim one and even more so…to keep a real man!! I’ve witness how hostile these bitches become when an upstanding thinking BM reject their advances. It can be quite the show i.e. full of drama!! Verbs is spot on with these harlots having to resort to their animalistic nature in order to entice a man to consider them!!! But, it will only get worse. As, those social benefits begin to constrict and/or having to abide by strict standards in order maintain those social handouts…many will falter being unable to support themselves. So, you know what that means…thinking BM will be pursued to such a extent that they BW will turn on each other to get that top spot with a thinking BM. I mean to say a top spot to his resources! Not him in actuality. It’s ever more important that we do not as thinking BM lose our perspective on what is before us and keep our eyes on the prize. A life from these demons, a life free to exist as we personally dictate. Let’s keep that Wall of Silence up and keep building upon it!! SYSBM!!!

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    • Ger Tzedek,

      SYSBM Tenet Number 23 reads as follows:

      23. THE SYSBM brotherhood WILL NOT BE NEGOTIATING OR HORSE-TRADING WITH ANY BLACK WOMEN ON ANY LEVEL AT ANYTIME, black women have chosen their particular path, in like manner SYSBM brothers have chosen theirs. Both pathways are completely opposite to one another and thus cannot be meshed together.

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  13. What is the majority of black women are now doing? Getting weave no matter what colour it is, fake breast, fakes ass, fake everything. And what makes matter worse for black women that Dr Umar Johnson say that we have to date, marry and have children with these woman? Dr Umar Simpson is damn deluded of what the hell this man is saying. Black women want natural black women, not a fake black woman with everything on her fake. But now black women are becoming less and less natural then ever now. As you see this black women wearing this weave, it says a lot about her that she hates her race and also herself. How can any man date a black woman?

    Not only that we have to deal with their fake exterior which we don’t need to deal with but we have black single mothers that has a whole football squad of children. and Umar Simpson wants us black men to wife up these ghetto hoodrats. No man shouldn’t date a single mother. Why any man would date a single woman with children? These women have weave in their hair and they are losing it because the weave is eating out their hair. It’s really making them bald. That’s how desperately they wanna look white. Right the women on the video. All I see is plastic woman. They look like dolls but with weave and fake breasts and ass.

    And that is the reason why black men are walking away from black women because they will not deal with the fakeness of black women but when black women sees a black men with a non black women, we hear all of the complaints from these ghetto scraggs when they see a black man who is with a woman with another race. They can’t say nothing when black women spend over seven million pounds of buying weave trying to look like their arch enemy the white woman. When black women put on this weave, it’s making the white woman feel more confident about their hair, style and their looks.

    I would say that for black men to date foreign black women but it’s the same result here with West African women wearing weave. The same things with Jamaican women wearing weave as well. Jamaican women are off the chain but the weave and the skin bleaching is heavy there you get me. So black men have no option to date a non black woman because black women are no happy with their natural self. Black women are no afraid to show their insecurities on display.

    Keep your white sugar honey safe tonight, all night and hold her tight. https://moneycultural.wordpress.com/2020/06/08/envious-black-men/


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  14. Most black chicks’ bodies are as natural as a three headed snake with fur. And yet they claim to be the envy of the world? I’d much rather **** a skinny mini, no “body” having asian woman than these hippopottymutants. Hell, most white women have very nice asses nowadays, but they also have a pretty face and a feminine atmosphere to match it.

    Black women are as feminine as a 68 inch hairy nutsack. As Carnio said, the only toxic masculinity is THEM, as they make even a Tyrone seem feminine in comparison. If your women are naturally the disjointed and inhuman, your race will always be effed up.

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    • These dudes are going after SYSBM for views and clout and to get a pat on the head from the daggle. This is how you know we’re onto something.

      These crabs in a barrel don’t want to be left behind in the matriarchal cesspool while guys like us who are smart, worked hard and stayed on point, move on with attractive, appreciative, submissive non-black women.

      Like I said before, these young bucks and young non-black girls ain’t waiting 20-25 years to find each other anymore. When formerly closed-off women like Chinese, Korean, or East Asian (Indian) are openly dating and marrying black boys and men, it’s a wrap for the daggle and her apologist simp drones. I wish them well!


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    • BA,

      The fake academic is up to his foolishness once again. I keep on saying that he’s a day late and a dollar short. The dude is still running from standing up for his black queanies and defending his position in a live debate. Fountain Top is not to be taken seriously, I’ve practically forgotten all about him and his website, these daggle defenders are all the same, tripping over black female dysfunction, saying nothing about it but at the same time are quick to rattle off a long list of what they feel black men should be responsible for, smh.

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      • Verbs,

        I am still befuddled by the occurrence of academic who wastes his time trolling less erudite people. For shits and giggles, I Googled “i am a phd candidate in history” in hopes of coming across candidates with personal websites.

        I found a couple of candidates with websites. Let’s just say, the ones I found weren’t trolling people with whom they disagree and supporting a dysfunctional lot of people.

        Based on his online antics and his decision to associate with scraggs, I’m willing to bet he won’t do much with his PhD. I think traditional PhD’s pursue tenure, research and write books on serious topics, correct? He will probably end up writing articles for Ebony, Essence, et al, for nickels on the dollar.

        Dude is pathetic…

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      • BA,

        You mentioned something key, the fact that the fake academic wishes to and has no problems with associating with as well as defending dysfunctional black women. He purports himself to be intelligent, however jumping to the defence of degenerate black women hasn’t and will continue to not bode well on his image and reputation which is already questionable. On top of this he chooses to berate and disparage those black men who choose NOT to follow in his footsteps ie those of us who elect to hold ourselves to a much higher standard, smh.


    • That’s Fake Academic Fountain’s video; this Negro sissy just can’t leave SYSBM alone, can he? Where in SKC’s words did you hear insecurity? M.O.T is going to enjoy running him through the ringer when he files his lawsuit against Fountain.

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    • I am confused is he trying to help you guys or what? The video seems rather opened ended other than his graphics. It seems like he got a new program and like finished a tutorial and decided to test it out. The graphics were okay but the content was absent.

      This guy work product is as 1/256 hearted as d3223 and his counter intelligence blog.

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  15. Leading American negrologist Dr. Christopher J. Rock led a million dollar research project delving into the psychology that makes it possible for many members of this group to use the known harmful chemical Sodium Hydroxide for the processing of their hair. The results were shocking.

    One might infer the same psychology that allowed for the decades of misuse of this chemical on the member’s hair was a tell tale sign of a vulnerability to physical alteration. Apparently the mind of many of these members has been infected with a disease. Apparently this disease leads them to believe that they must change their appearance by any means preferably defective ones to achieve some sort of temporary satisfaction.

    This strange and bizzare behavior exhibited by this human group can be described as a remember of divine judgment. I mean who else would knowingly and voluntarily inject cement and unknown oils into their buttox as a means of self-improvement?

    At this point it seems to me that many of these members are aware of their position and the dysfunctional behavior patterns are pretty much the equivalent to begging and circus show antics. Essentially, you have a sizeable mass of population who has given up on natural life and have given themselves over exclusively to entertainment and alternative existences.

    To any young one who may read this, know they are walking a path of slavery and I caution you to heed this warning and do not follow in their foot steps.

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      • Lurker, blakstik8, and others —- Whenever I see a black female medical doctor, I always pay attention to her hair. [Please look at most black female medical doctors]. I notice that most black female medical doctors are wearing the Michelle Obama type-straightened hair. —- The hair straighteners commonly used by black females have been associated with numerous physical disorders and mental disorders. — As a factual matter, chemical hair straighteners enter the body through the pores in the skin. Very little research has been done on the harm associated with chemical hair straighteners. —— Is it not odd that black female medical doctors are using chemical hair straighteners on their hair and scalp? —- Of course the braids, wigs, and hair weave used by black female medical doctors create other negative issues. —– The bottom line is that most black females are wearing a hair style that has a negative impact on one’s physical health and mental health. ————— PEACE.

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      • @Gregory Chandler

        If it was just one person perhaps it would be an isolated incident like perhaps a drug addicted doctor. But in such large numbers one might wonder “what do these people know about health?”

        I believe the was a term I heard in my youth, but not so much these days “Witch Doctor”.

        Who knows maybe the perm juice might unlock some hidden potential in a few, like overclocking a CPU before it burns out. Honestly I have no clue. The shit is just beyond weird.

        And considering how the women of said population care for their CHILDREN and MEN (often dead at comically young ages) one might be reasonably and even justifiably skeptical of said doctors in general.

        If Grizzly bears started opening up Vegan restaurants would you go?

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      • Lurker,

        “Who knows maybe the perm juice might unlock some hidden potential in a few, like overclocking a CPU before it burns out”.

        You really said overclocking a CPU before it burns out, lol.

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  16. Lurker —- Another reason to go SYSBM is hair. With black females, the hair straightener cream may enter her body and impact the health of the baby in the womb. — Medical research is needed, but we cannot expect the manufacturers to conduct such research.

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