Game(Swag) – NOT A Requirement When Practicing SYSBM!

What is game? Game in terms of dating and mating simply put is a methodology/strategy that men have to employ whenever they deal with women who hold to a dysfunctional westernised mindset. The long and short of it is game is a tool used to interact and deal with contaminated women. Women in the West as a whole have been programmed, trained and indoctrinated to think in a fashion that is not according to the traditions of womanhood.

See, if you deal with women who are traditional, game is NOT a requirement, however as a man you still have to be and act like a NORMAL individual. There are too many men who don’t behave like normal individuals and they wonder why they cannot even land themselves the most feminine women on the planet, the Youtuber Grand Admiral Gamez immediately springs to mind. Here is a guy who constantly makes issue about his struggles to get East Asian women in particular Chinese females.

Non Westernised East Asian women as a collective are the most feminine, receptive and submissive females on the planet, if you’re struggling to get with an East Asian woman then the chances are that the problem lies with you, not them. Grand Admiral Gamez is a black man who is completely defeated in his spirit as a result of a messy breakup with an Asian female in the past, thus the women he tries to get with detect this and as a result are immediately turned off.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination process really does continue. Men unlike most dysfunctional women typically when they get out of a relationship will clean themselves up, make improvements and properly prepare themselves for the next woman so as to not carry any baggage/ dead weight into the next relationship.

Westernised dysfunctional females however are not like this at all, they’ll roll into relationship after relationship not making any changes for the better, nor cleaning themselves up so that the next man is not forced to deal with their previous issues. This is why when dealing with dysfunctional women, dating coaches and their gaming strategies are a necessary requirement because behaving in a normal manner most definitely won’t get you anywhere with those types of females.

There are a lot of women who simply cannot understand that they are NOT long term relationship or marriage material, their only viable purpose is to be pumped and dumped. The feminist loudmouthed Jezebel Je Amore who recently appeared on 2 of 1Master Teacher’s livestreams is one such example. Here you have a mixed race female who exclusively deals with white men, has a massive problem with black men because her black father cheated on her mother, yet and still because of that lingering bitterness and psychological trauma(that she refuses to deal with, I stated before how most Westernised women don’t), to this day she is unable to land herself a Lord Euro for keeps.

With SYSBM dealing with traditional women is the key, applying special techniques and particular strategies are not requirements when interacting with feminine, traditional females. This is why I have to look upon these pro black female maggles with a bewildering stare as they wholeheartedly believe that there is something wrong with those black men who choose NOT to wade through the many obstacles of dealing with modern day black females.

Yes, when dealing with your average garden variety black female and non black women who think and behave just like her some sort of strategy/strategies will be required, why, because they are dysfunctional ie contaminated(in the case of black women on many levels). Pro black female maggles cannot seem to understand, you’re not a hero because you choose to walk into a fiery furnace when you don’t have to, heroism comes in choosing to WALK AWAY from such an environment.

This idea(one that black females have crafted and heavily promoted) that putting up with black female skullduggery and dysfunction exhibits a sign of strength, yet opting to NOT deal with the contaminated black witch equates to weakness is a clear and present example of how the modern day black woman has completely turned logic inside out, upside down and on its face within the pile of ashes and rubble she currently rules over called ‘the black community’.

The game is just that, a game. True SYSBM practitioners who as standard are looking for long term relationships as well as aiming to establish a family automatically recognise that game playing women ie those who hold to the Westernised, feminist, dysfunctional mindset WILL NOT qualify as quality stargates, therefore by default we don’t even consider them.

SYSBM as stated many times before is the only viable and sustainable way forward for the heterosexual free thinking black man, the death of George Floyd just like the passing away of the late Kobe Bryant as per usual in conjunction with other tragic events has confirmed what SYSBM practitioners have been stating for the longest while, Westernised black women as a collective hate black men, have made themselves our enemies at the behest of the State and as a result they can NEVER be considered as viable companions.

Gentlemen, the bottom line is genuine traditional womanhood, ensuring you’re already in a normal state of mind, simply seek out those women who practice as such and you won’t experience any problems nor require any special techniques and strategies. Most of all recognise that it is these pro black female, frying Pan African maggles who are the ‘weak’ minded flunkies as they’re the ones who don’t have the courage to walk away from unfruitful and toxic interactions with black women.

Brothers, don’t ever be persuaded into thinking that dealing with dysfunctional women is somehow a noble and honourable act, IT ISN’T. If the woman doesn’t fall into line with genuine traditional womanhood then she should be rejected immediately. Genuine traditional women don’t need to be taught the virtues of true traditional womanhood, they practice it by default as it was already etched into their mindset by responsible parents.

Additionally, TRADITIONAL WOMEN APPRECIATE GOOD MEN, let that sink in for a moment when thinking about the overwhelming majority of black women and how they pine after and worship the dregs of black male society while at the same time mocking, berating, disparaging, spitting in the face of and laughing at the best and the brightest of the same.

The SYSBM lifestyle is for the very few, not the many. This isn’t a show and tell, brag and boast philosophy, we simply get on with it and make our moves without making them top news. In summary, if you’re a normal individual who chooses to deal with genuine traditional women, you won’t need any kind of crazy strategy in order to find yourself a long term companion. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Practitioners Don’t Play Games

Most High Bless

128 thoughts on “Game(Swag) – NOT A Requirement When Practicing SYSBM!

  1. Great Post.

    “There are a lot of women who simply cannot understand that they are NOT long term relationship or marriage material, their only viable purpose is to be pumped and dumped.” “Additionally, TRADITIONAL WOMEN APPRECIATE GOOD MEN, let that sink in for a moment when thinking about the overwhelming majority of black women and how they pine after and worship the dregs of black male society while at the same time mocking, berating, disparaging, spitting in the face of and laughing at the best and the brightest of the same.”

    Exhibit A:

    These are the men that BW choose when they are young, fertile, and pretty. Women are the gatekeepers of reproduction in the west (no arraigned marriage) and BW choose the WORST BM they can find to have children for, the community and the country suffers for it.

    Stay away from them, let the low IQ, pant sagging, tatted up, man children like the one in the above video have them. They are breeding the future permanent underclass, don’t let your genes become a part of that group.

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    • When my wife gave birth to my son. I did not act like that at all. I was very calm and happy and I went to every birthing class with her and made sure she ate good, healthy foods. She had diabetes during pregnancy so I was responsible for a lot of things during that time. Quality stargates matter indeed.

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    • As a father who was present during labor and birth, I know a father’s presence is needed to comfort the expecting mother, not to antagonize her. Yet another iteration of dysfunction.

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    • Yup, James SYSBM. This is exactly who they choose, then much later in life they expect productive black men like us to swoop in and play clean up. How about no.

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    • James SYSBM,

      But according to these pro black female maggles, we’re supposed to overlook these kinds of reckless decisions black women make sexually and still take them and their bastard seed onboard, no thanks, I’ll pass, I’m good. No other women choose the gutter of their male counterparts to have children by, only the black witch, smh.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    I’ve never liked the term Game when comes to dating and relationships because it means that you have to jump through all these stupid and unnecessary hoops just to get with a modern day women just to get to know them better in which I find it very ludicrous. All the women I have dated or got into relationships with in the past didn’t require me to do any of this stupid game stuff because they liked me for me from the beginning. Since my last break up with my ex girlfriend 3 years ago I am trying to get my life sorted out by looking for another job that I like and keeping myself fit and healthy by working out at home and playing football in my local park.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Game is taking onboard dysfunctional practices in order to deal with dysfunctional women, the modern day black female is proof of this. You cannot approach her normally, you have to deal with her aggressively and apply out of the ordinary techniques in order to cease her attention, that isn’t normal, that is a dysfunctional way to relate to a woman.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and that’s the reason I why avoid black women like the plague. I am SYSBM for life man. 😊😎🌟

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  3. The way I’m looking at western society, it’s just goofy as hell. This is why I barely mess with American Women, because nowadays, you got to be a somebody instead of just being yourself. This is finally catching up to me: With traditional women, just be yourself, and have some values, but with Western Women, be a somebody you ain’t, and lie just to be in these women good graces. I guess y’all brothas were right about something, if you want a traditional woman, you gonna have to go elsewhere, because America ain’t cutting it. A lot of folks out here acting like pornstars, getting into relationships/marriages for the wrong reasons, women having babies with the wrong dudes (and also having them just to get a check), but then be wanting a good dude later on when they get into their 30s and up, taking fake femininity classes just to attracted a dude, which I find it super goofy because they should’ve been taught that when they were younger, but nah, they were taught something different, just too much in Western Society. So it’s a crime to just be yourself, but it isn’t a crime to be somebody you ain’t? To be honest, I lost faith in the dating game in America because god knows when these women gonna grow out of acting like wannabe pornstars, because sleeping around with multiple people ain’t healthy, a lot of females in the west showing naked flesh, online and offline, getting money by engaging in sex work and selling their nudity, which I starting to find that sex work is getting overrated as hell, and having unrealistic standards as hell. And you can thank the simps for gasing up these women because they just ruin everything they touch like they Steve Urkel.

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    • GAME —- Black females need to understand that game is not a good thing when wanting to advance in life. Black females, as a group, want game but are quick to shout “nig*as ain’t sh*t” when they notice that men with game are not engaged in building anything.

      KOBE BRYANT — We are still waiting for a black woman to come forward and state that she was Kobe Bryant’s first girlfriend. The bottom line is that Bryant wanted a black female, but black females did not want Bryant during his pre-fame days. —– When Bryant met his Latina/white future wife, he was not yet a famous basketball player. Bryant, raised in Italy, described his life in the USA as one of isolation. Black females, later, made hateful statements about Bryant despite the fact that black females did not want him. Bryant, an educated lame, did not have the game that most black seek.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        In a way it goes back to the whole Alpha vs Beta argument, a free thinking black man is viewed as having no game(swag) when it comes down to dealing with black women, yet the complete opposite takes place whenever that same black man chooses to expand upon his dating options.

        As somebody pointed out previously, neither Kobe nor George had anything bad to say about black women, however the same cannot be said for black women towards them. Just for having non black significant others black women had no hesitation throwing both of those men under the bus.

        These are the women who are supposed to have our backs, where exactly??

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      • As a Gen Z brotha, I’m not hating on adult entertainers, if a person wanna be in the adult industry, be my guest, but I just know that once you get out, that’s stay with you for life, and it will be harder to find another job because they check background on your work history and social media. And for them pornstars that got kids, I’m a feel bad for them kids because they will get tons of bullying thrown at them because of their mother or father being in the industry. Shoot, If I was in the industry, I’ll probably have to stay until I have to retire because once clothes are off and cameras start rolling, that’s it. Plus, I hear too much about pornstars dying from Suicide and drug overdose, and Sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, and stories about how these pornstars living with diseases and how life is after the adult industry, and how terrible they have it, and it kinda tells me that the Adult Entertainment Industry ain’t for everybody. If I did do Adult Entertainment, that’ll probably be my last option if the things I plan for in my life doesn’t go as planned.

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      • D.K. Phantom,

        The adult entertainment industry is an extremely grim place, there was a former porn actress by the name of Shelley Lubben, she had been exposing the dark side of the porn industry for a very long time, she sadly passed away earlier this year. Here is a book she wrote exposing what really goes down on your typical porn set as well as many other things in the industry. Your average porn video is deceptive because you only get to see a heavily edited, cleaned up version of what took place on set:

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      • D.K. Phanton —- Okay. It is preferable, however, do conduct research instead of using what you “hear” about the porn industry. — PEACE.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      The future most certainly is not looking very bright for black women in the West at all, non black women in the West overall are slowly going down the toilet, however the modern day black female takes the biscuit.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        There is real science behind the destruction of porn on an individual, Shelley Lubben is not the be all and end all of the evidence that the impact porn has is negative, even Black British guy before outing himself as a tranny banger noted a huge difference when he had sex with women after abstaining from porn for 3 months plus, you can go back and read his comments for yourself.

        This talk about porn overall being destructive isn’t a rumour, it’s a fact. If you like porn then I don’t have a problem with that at all, however the adult industry is a very shady and dark place, outside of being able to bust a nut to watching people have sex, you cannot present porn in a positive light:

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      • @Gregory Chandler
        Hate to break it to you my friend but porn is destructive, especially to men and to the intimacy in relationships. That’s why it’s so easily accessible in order to break down and destroy marriage which is the foundation of civilization. It helps facilitate feminism, MGTOW, and all of these anti life(style) moderm movements.
        Pornography effects the brain exactly like a mood altering opiate.

        Do this experiment if you can, if you can’t that is telling in and of itself, and is evidence to back my point of view. Stop watching porn for 1 -3 months. Then one day go to a porn site, doesn’t matter which one, every single thumbnail will be unbelievably off the charts exciting to you.

        That should be a wake up call to how incredibly desensitizing and unnatural it is. Also in the time you’re not watching porn, make a note of how your sex life as well as your relationship with your woman improves.
        The fact that it is being promoted by feminists and academia should be your first clue.

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  4. Good post, but I would like to present a slightly different viewpoint. The definition of “game” has traditionally meant valuable practical information and knowledge that can’t be obtained through a book, but through life experience, experience passed down by well traveled intelligent and qualified elders, and the observation of the successes and mistakes of those that came before. The definition has morphed or devolved into “game” simply meaning parlour tricks to impress mentally damaged women (which is what you’re referring to).

    According to the original definition of what “game” is, I’d say that the fully realized, intelligent and successful thinking Black man, fully aware of the situation that we find ourselves in with “our women”(a misnomer if there ever was one), and the place that our enemies try to keep Black men boxed within, and who has made the necessary adjustments to turn the circumstances of his life to benefit him, living a life of freedom and peace outside of the enemies box, has more game than anyone on the planet.

    Its those men who jump through hoops of fire trying to impress the type of women who are absolutely worthless aside from the hole between their legs, and who think that dedicating their lives and resources to such a foolish and fruitless pursuit is in fact worthwhile, who are the ones with absolutely no game at all.

    Great reading as usual, Verbs.

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    • Artisan 20,

      I hear what you are saying, however in this article I’m specifically dealing with game as it relates to the dating and mating sector. Yes indeed, I understand that there is game in other areas of life, however I wanted to home in on this latest trend of ‘game’ ie what we free thinking black men are constantly being told we specifically lack when it comes down to out interactions with black women.

      I agree, the broader definition of game when it is applied to other things in life equates to wisdom, understanding, knowledge, truth and reality, those are normal for the free thinking black man to accept and apply to the relevant parts of his life.

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  5. Admiral Gamez need to move on. i like him dated an East Asian Woman was a user and an ungrateful liar and likes to say “i am busy” “i have too much work”. other continents, Central and south America, Europe, western Asia, etc have other more cooperative women.

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  6. I never understood this “Game” Business when I lived in the USA. It does not exist anywhere else in the world outside the west.

    If one goes to Russia, Kazakhstan or Georgia, simply just ASK her out. ALL of the locals tell you this. Most of those women do not put up BS like western women do. Dating FSU, Sinosphere and SEA women are dead on straight forward! There is no need to huff and puff and act like you are some tough guy.

    In fact it turns many of Far Eastern women off because the western standard of “masculinity” is seen as barbaric, backwards and village mentality. Some FSU women might like it but you do not need to go the route of PUA or do game because they are far more traditional than their western counterparts and automatically assume you take the masculine role anyways.

    I never understand these guys. They see you HAVE a hot model looking WW or AW but they still want to pitch to you about “Game”. They themselves cannot get what you or I can get as a SYSBM so they want to steer you away from those women into dysfunctional women as if only western women counts as “Women” and foreign women do not. I always thought of the PUAs as some sort of Cult.

    I cannot understand for the life of me how You, a SYSBM, openly HAVE a White girl friend from Russia, holding hands, making out and having sex in PUBLIC, where everyone can see that she is YOUR girlfriend, makes YOU GAY, because you didn’t use “game” to attain this woman and she is not a black woman! Make that make sense!!!

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    • @Carnio SYSBM

      I’ll say it again for the geechee pro-black female negroes who are most definitely lurking:

      If you are attracted to black women, the most MASCULINE WOMEN ON EARTH, you are the one who is most likely sexually suspect.

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      When dealing with foreign or domestic women who are traditional, game isn’t necessary ie you don’t need to apply specific techniques and strategies in order to attract these women, just being yourself is sufficient. Once upon a time dating coaches didn’t exist, dates were set up primarily through friends and family members and things still operate in this fashion when it comes to traditional women especially in non westernised countries.

      Dating coaches, PUAs and the rest have come about as a result of the corruption and the contamination of western women, they see that there is a need for those who are still willing to wade through the prickly bushes to have to hand and use certain tools in order to be more successful with these same contaminated females.

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  7. I never had game in my life. I just spoke normally and being polite to women helped among non black women. I had black women tell me that I’m weak because I’m nice to them so, for years I thought I was the problem until I discovered Mad Bus Driver X four years ago. Now, I’m thriving and learning that “game” is just seduction tactics and basically manipulation (lies). Just look no further than Allan Roger Currie who slept with multiple married women and now in his late age got married and has a son in the way. Ask yourself why would a author who preaches game for decades wait until his mid 50’s to get married??? Simple, he’s in decline and need someone to take care of him.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      From his past I would’ve never thought that Alan Roger Currie would settle down and want to have a family, I was quite surprised when I heard about him having a fiancé and a baby on the way. I guess he’d had enough of the player lifestyle and wanted something different, albeit there is only so far you can go with the player lifestyle before time begins catching up to you.

      We see the same thing with black women giving their prime years over to 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Field Mouse but then later on down the road with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 children en tow wanting to settle down with the same so called “educated lames” and “squares” they ardently rejected in the past. The player life can and does take its toll on a man.

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  8. The best game is not having any game– just be yourself. It’s far easier to be yourself, than to maintain a bullshit facade.

    The above article really puts things in perspective– so-called game is yet another iteration of dysfunction. And people wonder why the black dating and mating scene is a SNAFU.

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    • BA,

      I watched a recent panel with Donovan Sharpe which included Mr Locario, Minister Jap, Solo TV 84, Kevin Samuels and another dude who I’m not familiar with. Minister Jap himself mentioned how when dealing with black women you have to engage in behaviour that isn’t normal in order to get them interested in you and keep their attention, whereas with non black females by and large you can simply be yourself which is usually more than enough to seal the deal:

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      • Well, sensible people tend to think alike.

        I don’t know much about Mr. Locario, and I don’t want to mischaracterize him. But isn’t he a content creator that sells “game” to men who are struggling with “spitting game?”

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      • BA,

        Struggling with spitting game to who……………… that’s right, dysfunctional women of the West. I personally don’t have a problem with those who choose to deal with those types of women applying whatever strategies and techniques are required in order to achieve their goals, however when these same individuals try to call us out because we refuse to participate in the same, that is where I have a huge problem.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I watched that Donovan Sharpe panel on YouTube last night and it was brilliant because they spoke the raw truth on how black men are more desired by non black women in the world and its best to avoid black women altogether because they’re way too masculine to form a healthy functioning relationship.

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      • Is it me, or is a Sunday Roundtable more palatable than a Sunday Rumble?

        The latter seems like it is saturated with niggatry.

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      • Note that Donovan Sharpe is constantly speaking about using “game” to get women. I do not follow Sharpe a great deal. Has Sharpe changed his views about game recently?

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      • Does not Donovan Sharpe constantly speak about using “game” to get women? — I do not follow Sharpe a great deal.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        I don’t follow Sharpe either, somebody posted that video in a recent Open Mic Wednesday, so I decide to take a look at it. Note, I quoted Minister Jap NOT Donovan Sharpe.

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  9. This post is definitely true. Game is only required when dealing with dysfunctional women(majority in the West). Non dysfunctional women only require that you be rooted as a man and firm in your masculinity…that’s it

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  10. 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Pure fire.

    “Game” puts you at the mercy of a female. No matter how much “game” you have you are always playing HER game. “Gaming” Western women is like trying to impress a dumpster with how much garbage you own. Quality women from back in the day did not require this. I never needed more than a sense of humour and a completely indifferent attitude. You don’t even need a dime to your name in spite of the fact all women desire security in the form of resources. A woman can smell desperation a mile away which is why that Grand Admiral dude fails*. Game is for otherwise undesirable men because they are trying to cheat the system with constant salesman tactics to get some punanny.

    *I can’t believe he is still whining. I remember him whining about the same thing on the Return Of Brads (I mean kings) comment sections as far back as 2014.

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      • @brotherd
        I have a feeling it has less to do with me and more to do with his marriage. 🤣

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      • Speaking of D. Derailed, I don’t like him. That’s a given.

        But you know who I dislike more than him? People who flag his channel, because they are offended by his stupid videos.

        Flagging the idiot’s videos only gives his undeserved credence.

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      • BA,

        People like D Derailed need to have his freedom of speech, so that he can continue to make stupid mistakes which I can then light his backside up on, lol. I’m not into that flagging channels route, I prefer to counter the arguments being made by the opposition even if they’re walk in the park to refute.

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      • Brotherdanunlimited,

        The dude’s English grammar and comprehension is extremely problematic, how could he see the word “tenets” but still entitle his video using the word “tenants”?

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      • Black Caesar,

        This is my point, Derailed has other more pressing issues to worry about like his serious lack of English grammar comprehension. What’s even more disturbing is the fact that this is the second time you pointed out a blatant grammatical error in the title of his videos and he’s refused to correct it, smh.

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    • Black Caesar,

      Thanks bro. Let’s look at the past, dates were set up mostly through friends and family members, women were more feminine, traditional and dating coaches practically didn’t exist. Fast forward to 2020, women in the West have turned more dysfunctional, they now take it upon themselves to control their own dating and mating options and the dating coaches appear with the solutions/formulas needed in order to deal with this new breed of woman.

      Dealing with traditional women is a walk in the park, I stopped trying to implement special techniques and strategies in my attempts dealing with black women back in 2005. I refuse to put myself at the mercy of any woman, I might as well emasculate myself if I’m going to go down that street.

      I’m in charge, the woman either sings and dances to my tune or she won’t even get a look in.

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  11. If you watch MOT’s videos, he addresses this game marketing strategy as something that doesn’t benefit you if you’re a productive man; these old heads who teach game are really trying to sell you a “broken product” in the form of a dysfunctional woman. True SYSBM Practitioners don’t have time for game, rather we go seek feminine women from another culture that doesn’t harbor dysfunctional behavior.

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    • @Blue Collar Trevor

      The same product they likely had a part in breaking. Don’t those slimy OG’s say “you gotta break her in”. Nah accept your liability and take your product back to the manufacturing plant. Cheap ass so and sos.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      I remember when Obsidian was doing his live shows on YouTube and occasionally I had the unfortunate experience of going up against the curry goat Taz Exclusives, I told the curry goat back then that he needed to improve his product(the black witch). I wrote about the same thing in Negro Wars, how these pro blacks don’t bother to improve the women they so badly want us to get with but at the same time they have no problems calling us names and mocking us because we choose to opt for better products. The better products will always dominate the market, it’s a no brainer.

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    • These old dudes‘ lives are in shambles, and they are jealous and afraid of the young dudes doing better for themselves. Thus, they present these dysfunctional TENETS to live by, all of which will only derail these young dudes and typically land them in the same gutter as the old heads.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I can’t understand it, as an older black man I don’t have any problems seeing younger brothers do better than me, in fact I’ll push the younger generations forward in front of me in order to them to get their shine. These older dudes, smh, they’re really trying to send younger black men into a fiery furnace of no return for real.

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      • These are the kind of older dudes I call “street knowledge” niggas. No real wisdom, just “street” BS. I pushed weight in the projects back in the 90s, hence my knowledge is equal to a Fortune 500 CEO out of Wharton. Eyeroll. They’ve taken on old BW’s game of sabotaging the young heads out of jealousy.

        It does my old heart good to see young brothers deftly side step decades of BS early by going SYSBM, hurting these worthless hoes feelings in the process (see: Bronny James and Tik-Tok Gate). My only regret is I can’t openly push for this with the young heads I come in contact with IRL.

        Welcome back, Afro!

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      • Schadenfreude,

        I have to agree, Millennials and Generation Z black men aren’t listening to what these black female loving old codgers are saying, that sellout, coon, Becky lover talk is water off a duck’s back to them.

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      • I’m trying to help these youngsters every chance I get, to impart the wisdom I have acquired from decades of making mistakes. My “parents” both went out of their way to make sure that none of us passed them so they could lord over us and talk shit to feel better about themselves. I notice a lot of black people, most especially black mothers do that.

        I broke out and became successful and then when my success was apparent they tried to be my “friend” and had the nerve to ask me to invest in their hair brained, and I mean hair brained schemes all the while talking the most shit behind my back as if I wouldn’t find out.

        The black way of life is the road to destruction. Running down hoes is NOT the way to go. I’m not saying don’t have any fun but focus on the big picture, running and trying to impress hoes is a waste of time and resources.

        I’m not preaching to anybody ’cause I’m still not married as I came to this conclusion late, but the most important thing you can do is find a good girl with her head on straight who is on the same page as you and get married early, and stay married. That is the single most important thing you can do for your prosperity as well as your mental and emotional health.

        Why do you think they encourage you to wait, play the field, tell women to get that unnecessary education and chase a career instead of a family, and always tell you you’re too young to get married.

        Your grandparents got married when your grandfather was 20 and your grandmother was 16, and humans did that all the way back to the beginning of time, they stayed married and took care of house and home, but now they’re telling you (especially women) that you’re too young at 24. (That’s another reason for all these accusations against men who engage in POST pubescent females but that’s for another time)

        I could write a book on this subject so I’ll stop now.

        Young men, find a good girl to BUILD a life with and marry her. Engaging in a Christian spiritual disciple and regularly attending a non beast structure church she help you along those ends.

        Out do me, please.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Exactly, this is something that isn’t stressed enough. Until the opposite of the modern, liberal family and social mindset is preached from the heavens, and liberalism condemned from all facets, nothing will change.

        This is also why most churches aren’t worth a fart in the wind. They talk about the sanctity of marriage, but when do they ever really train their youth to get married young and stay married? They literally just expect it to happen out of nowhere and then get mad when it doesn’t.

        As much as I have issues with Mormonism’s nutty ass dogma, at least their church actually tries somewhat to emphasize family and how to get their.

        Liked by 1 person

      • “Schadenfreude,

        I have to agree, Millennials and Generation Z black men aren’t listening to what these black female loving old codgers are saying, that sellout, coon, Becky lover talk is water off a duck’s back to them.”

        There are generations of young brothers who have watched their black mamas drag their daddies and everybody else through hell. They themselves may have been victims of BW abuse. Sherry Shepherd the comedian told the story about how her 12-year-old kid said that “black girls are mean.” TikTok alone shows these boys that white girls like them. All that ol’ “keep it black” talk bounces off these new kids like bullets off Superman’s chest. You love to see it.

        Liked by 3 people

  12. BACK!! BACK!! GET THE FUCK BACK!!! **slams door, panting**

    Sorry I’m late y’all these hoes were just desperate to be wifed up.


    Scraggle: You got game niggha?
    Me: Well I usually play RPGs an-
    Scraggle: Wut? No nigga I meant swag money hoes?
    Me: No

    **Scraggle has left the chat**

    Liked by 7 people

      • There is something odd i noticed about black women there is the dysfunctional black women and the alternative black women ie goth black women and geek black women the geeky black women is hard to find for the everyday black guy but the non black guy has an abundance of them have you noticed the everyday black man has access to kiesha

        Liked by 4 people

      • @LaDarrion Robinson

        The geeks exist but they on average prefer (any) Euro type or pretty boy Asian type dudes and likely will still bring psychological baggage from their upbringing, such as low expectations and lack of support for you. At the end of the day you didnt program these woman they parents and experiences did. And they way their minds seem to work, they do not have the sophistication to perceive individual things but rather look at all “new experiences” through old and defective paradigms. Obviously exceptions may exist were such a female had a positive leading father and supportive mother of the same national type.

        Liked by 4 people

      • @Verbs
        I can’t wait until Umar starts threatening to send his goons to pull up on black men who don’t date black women.

        Black women are so undesirable that they require military compulsion to get a date. 💀🤣💀🤣💀🤣💀🤣💀🤣💀🤣💀🤣

        Liked by 1 person

    • Black hoes are only trying to push into nerd culture to get next to white or Asian guys. This is the exact same shit they would clown *you* for being into. Comics, anime, manga, gaming, sci-fi.

      I saw they’re letting a black bitch write Green Lantern now. And some fat black hoe is/was drawing for Marvel. The same hoes who clowned you for being into comics. Good thing I don’t buy comics anymore.

      I can’t think of one positive thing about these treacherous hoes, man. Every sphere they push into, they eventually wreck. If anybody can name any one thing positive that they’ve got over any other race of female, let me know.


      Liked by 5 people

      • “I saw they’re letting a black bitch write Green Lantern now.”


        Liked by 4 people

      • “If anybody can name any one thing positive that they’ve got over any other race of female, let me know”

        – Hello caller are you still there? –
        – D Derell are you still on the line? –
        – B1 squad, hoteps, anyone? –
        – Cynthia G, swirllers, are you still on this call? –
        – Hello? Hello? Hello? –

        – I think we lost them-

        Liked by 2 people

      • “If anybody can name any one thing positive that they’ve got over any other race of female, let me know.”


        Liked by 2 people

  13. Geez man, the ‘Derailed One’ is still on the gonads of SYSBM. Very serious suspect sh*t even for a therapist. I’m calling for a recall on his degrees and licenses. He has a problem with decent, upstanding black men talking about the only type (low quality) of black women here in the United States that he can get but he speaks negatively on foreign, traditional, black women of good quality. Oh, the reason why is simple, the line: “The foreign black woman can’t understand the struggles like our women can in the United States.” And him being a so-called mental health specialist and all of that, he’s counseling black men to go down the road of sadness and a miserable life on whatever time they have left in the short human world of the living.

    Liked by 4 people

    • How can a grown man stand on the fact that he can not articulate his problem (“the struggles”) as to be understood by another rationale human?

      Is there a problem with his ability to communicate effectively? Surely all other women in all other nations can not be defective of cognition. Perhaps there is a language barrier so lets just say all other women of English speaking countries or those fluent in English. Surely of them should be able to understand his “struggles”.

      Let’s be real though. The only struggle they mean is their evil way of living in the world and lack of accountability they seek for their committed sins.

      Notice when a “terrorist attack” occurs groups like Hummus and All Kay-duh (lol) WILL CLAIM CREDIT AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ATTACKS WITH PRIDE. This is Not so with the Negra and Negro. They will abuse an infant and claim the infant asked for it.

      Ancient Troglodytes probably have comparable sense to today’s American “negro”. If Tarzan had been left with some of these so called negroes he would be on America’s Most Wanted or perhaps a successful infectious disease carrying Disc Jockey.

      Liked by 4 people

      • “or perhaps a successful infectious disease carrying Disc Jockey.”

        And in 2020 that’s actually true.

        Liked by 1 person

  14. I respectfully disagree. “Game” in the beginning swallowing the redpill here in the West has been more so connecting the dots and applying these insights and experiences every where else.

    Who says the game begins and ends with physical satisfaction? Pimps pastors politicians all run game just to different degrees.

    While we are exposed to a shitty counterpart here as bm who says game can’t get you into certain circles with higher quality non bw here in the West?

    Especially certain revelations a person with game will outright avoid female nature is still female a mature at the end of the day.

    I believe a great site that expounds on how game applies elsewhere is here for the curious (& I haven’t spent a dollar on some damn dating coach lol)but for me it has worked wonders.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Darth Amon,

      I’m not talking about game in other areas of life, I’m dealing with game specifically when it comes down to dating and mating. As I said before, the so called ‘game’ that free thinking black men are constantly being told we lack because of our negative interactions with black women.

      The key word is quality, if you’re dealing with high QUALITY women then what would you need ‘game’ for? If you have to apply certain special techniques and strategies outside of being normal in order to get a woman’s attention then by default she isn’t quality and is dysfunctional, to what degree all depends on how much she’s been contaminated.

      SYSBM already has redpill inbuilt into the philosophy, hence why the bootlicking shine D Derell is still coming after us even though we’ve long forgotten about him.

      Like I said before I don’t have any problems with game when it comes to other areas in life, however for this article I’m specifically talking about game when it boils down to dating and mating.

      Liked by 3 people

  15. I describe what “game” has “evolved” (de-evolved/devolved?) into as , and I quote myself, “performing like a trained circus animal (such as a seal) in order to get some worthless skank to approve of you just long enough for her to take her panties off”.

    Liked by 4 people

  16. “Game simply put is a methodology/strategy that men have to employ whenever they deal with women who hold to a dysfunctional westernised mindset. The long and short of it is game is a tool used to interact and deal with contaminated women.”

    That’s a brilliant statement right there. And games have players. When these silly women get played, the first thing they say is that they hate players but they want some dude that’s going to be good at the “game”. Games are for fun and not to be taken seriously, so it logically does not make sense for them to get mad when they get played. But we’re talking about these scraggles, and logic isn’t exactly their strong suit.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Jrew,

      Let the scraggles play games with Cheezy Sauce and Cheap Frillz, SYSBM practitioners have no time for the gaming nonsense. I refuse to etch dysfunction into my life in order to appease a ran through, rinsed out stragg, that is never going to happen.

      Liked by 3 people

  17. S.Y.S.B.M! Here this. We know that 55 per cent of black men are have made it into a non black relationship/marriage. Why is that? Is because that black men have seen the dysfunctional behaviour of black women so they decided to move on and date non black women. And when black men are with non black women, these ghetto gaggers start sulking and get crossed because black men are not checking them because these ghetto weave wearers don’t want them. My thing is this. If black women don’t want a good black man they why get upset if they see him with a woman from another race? As you see black women hating on black men and envious on black men, you think that these scraggs are good to date? Hell no, you can date a person like that.

    You don’t need game for S.Y.S.B.M! Let me tell you something. If you are a black man and you deal with these ghetto hoodrats, these scraggle daggles and these ghetto gaggers, you have no game at all. Better yet, you have no standards. Most of these women have children. They have three, four, five, eight, ten or even fifteen children with a whole leap of men. And when thinking black men see this now they back off very quickly because they will refuse to deal with a woman with children. In the United States of America, 77 per cent of black women are single mothers and 60 per cent of black women pro create with more then one man add least once.

    You have this mix nut that has a hatred for black men but can’t keep captain euro. We have black women celebrating the death of Kobe Bryant and George Floyd. When you see black women celebrate a death of a black man getting killed under the hands of a police officer, you think to yourself “I can’t date a black woman. I can’t marry this self hater. I can’t have children with her.” So black men give these broads the middle finger and date out. And when thinking black men take on the black women are give her the logic, the black women send their simps to go after these thinking black men. But thinking black men mock them and put them in tears. And when the simps stop crying, the hoodrats are opening their legs to Ruff Cut Larry, Scruffy D, Long Dick 44 and Fuck All Night Fred.

    Hey keep your white sugar safe tonight and all night. Hold her close to you romance her. ignore these ghetto hoodrats. All they do is breed and breed and breed and breed and get their free money from the government.


    Liked by 4 people

    • “My thing is this. If black women don’t want a good black man they why get upset if they see him with a woman from another race?”

      Because they want the “good black man” in cold storage until they get tired of getting ran through and pregnant by Long Dick 44, ghetto gagged and pregnant by Plantation Boss Pete and lapped up by Lena the Lesbo. They don’t want their retirement plan going off happily ever after with Ming Lee, Marisol or Meghan. The “good black man” is despised and does not deserve happiness in BW’s eyes.

      Liked by 4 people

      • “I fully fucking agree with you. Black women don’t want a good black man. They want a worthless ma like Super thug Ron.”

        They only want a “good black man” when they 30-50 lbs overweight with another dude’s kids en tow, full of stretch marks and possibly STDs. Some of these hoes actually be dating while pregnant?! These black bustdowns ain’t even worth a pump-and-dump.

        SYSBM ’til the casket drops gotta love it. Place no one above it.

        Liked by 1 person

    • @Money C

      Just being a black man puts you head and shoulders above all other races of men in terms of “game”. Just be a black man and you’ll get women.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Speaking about game I find it interesting that Brad never needed it but apparently we do. Here is an older documentary showing us just how long “our women” have been betraying us for Brad. I think game is just the black women’s test to find out if you’re as degenerate and ratchet as she is. Brad doesn’t need swag game because with him she can PRETEND that she’s classy.

    There is a lot of b.s propaganda in this doc, but some good historical reference to prove that the modern black women’s behavior is nothing new.

    Liked by 4 people

  19. This whole game crap is just another way to avoid reality and personal responsibility. Check out this mixed chick whose boyfriend knocked her up and then turned her out and eventually she got into porn.

    Notice how she takes responsibility for absolutely NOTHING. She even has the unmitigated gall to cry about him repeatedly cheating on her while she was working for him as a FUCKING ESCORT! You can’t make this shit up! Every time she needed money she resorted to selling her ass, but it was always someone else’s fault.

    Half of the time she was the one who put herself out there, but those times according to her she didn’t understand what she was getting into (after the 3rd, 4th, 5th time!) Then she says the escort and porn work damaged her ability to have a decent man in a relationship. No shit.

    I bet her man had “game”, and if she had met a decent man she would would have dissed him and called him a lame. And you guessed it, she ended up being a single mother. Clean up men apply within.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    Liked by 4 people

  20. Porn? I’m sorry, but there is no need to watch porn on the internet. In fact porn is everywhere in the US and UK. It’s called Hollywood! Modern Television and movies all produce some form of soft core porn. Why do you think children are so easily sexualized? Because sex is pretty much everwhere in your face! But in US, sex (heterosexual Sex that is) is some kind of taboo, sick and unnatural (except to make babies) yet to blast “porn” in almost every channel. It was one of the reason why I stopped watching TV when I was in middle school.

    When you watch a commercial about toothpaste, they always show a half naked chick, as to entice the men that if they buy this toothpaste, they can get that porn model looking woman.

    movies which use to be family friendly, when they “remake” or “reboot” the movie, they always have to include a sex scene in them.

    Ok, let’s say you want to watch YouTube video or surf the web. Maybe you want to buy something? Maybe some clothes? Maybe some kitchen appliances? Suddenly you get ads while watching a YouTube video of a woman in her langerine or under clothes presenting the thing you was watching. Let’s say you want to watch a gameplay of the new Mortal Kombat 11 After story (which was badass!!), The search results gives you the most viewed users which happens to be a lot of gamer girls, all half naked in suggestive poses.

    Now, I am NOT complaining about this per say, my problem is American Anglo Saxons, throw sex and porn all on your face but then shamed and condemns you for being sexual active or excited! This is Non existing in FSU and far East Asia!

    It is like US society entices men into the porn industry (as primary consumers) but then make campaigns on PragerU, Christian churches, or “Woke” professors like Jordan Peterson on the ‘evils’ of Men watching porn!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Excellent post brother. Of course they make pookie the sex symbol of the so called black community and Lizzo the sex symbol for black women. I don’t believe in game because it’s being something you’re not just to get access to a woman that’s been ran through by many other thug black men and what’s worse is these same rooftop Trey dudes want us thinking black men to wife up their leftovers who has two, three, or four kids by different pookies.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Damn, Bob, next time post a trigger warning or something! MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Black American men have the absolute worst female counterparts on the PLANET

      Liked by 4 people

      • Holy Fuck! You can’t “un-see” that shit, well there goes my dinner, I guess I’ll sleep with the lights on tonight.

        Liked by 2 people

      • A few brothers have gotten the point. We need to practice black eugenics and breed them fat, nasty Shanequas out of the gene pool once and for all. Unfortunately, Raw Dog McGee and Bare Dickerson are out there breeding these dysgenic, low-IQ missing links twice as fast as a smart brother.

        Liked by 4 people

    • Anyone who says something isn’t wrong with black people is lying.

      Detroit was the Paris of America, and anyone who has been to Paris before 2010 (in other words before the muslims and Africans turned it into a shit hole) know’s what a high compliment that is. In 1967 the average black man in Detroit was richer than the average white American, and look what they did to it.

      Now they’re destroying the rest of America.


      We live in such an inverted bizzarro world that the bad literally means good.

      Game? You played yourself.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Sadly, there legit needs to be more racism. Whites needs to become FED UP with 99.9999999999999999999999% of blacks (and It’d honestly be deserved), with the minute, infinitesimal fraction remaining being the smart brothas. That way, maybe just maybe, these negroes will be forced to not only do for self again, but leave civilized human beings the hell alone. No wonder a lot c corporate America black men get the hell away from other blacks. I know I plan to.

        You wanna know why even black people have no respect for most black people? Cuz niggars (a term which I no longer feel bad about using toward them) will call the white man the devil, yet they’re the ones who can seemingly produce nothing but hell on earth, namely for each other. The daggle’s womb is the portal to hell itself.

        Liked by 2 people

      • No wonder a lot corporate America black men get the hell away from other blacks. I know I plan to.


        I got away from many blacks while I was in junior college. I was invited by a group of “Christian athletes,” from several surrounding colleges, to a gathering, at a house, either in Inglewood, CA or Lynwood, I don’t quite remember, because it was back in 1996.

        Nevertheless, the gathering came to a point where they wanted to take a break and decided to drive to a nearby convenience store. At that point, they invited me to tag along. I declined and felt it was a good time to break away (I was tired of all the Jesus talk and shaming tactics to get to to be “born again). Luckily, I drove myself to the gathering, and wasn’t dependent on transportation. So, I drove myself home. The gathering was on a Sunday.

        On Monday, I asked of the whereabouts of one of their members, because I thought dude was cool, and he was conspicuously absent. Turns out he was killed during that trip to the store. Upon returning from the store, and while they were in the vehicle, some savage strolled up shot into the vehicle injuring several and killing one. I thought, damn, I am glad I declined tagging along and decided to go home. From that point, I said, I already have a scholarship to a four-year college; no need to derail it by hanging in seedy neighborhoods.

        Later that Spring, there was an incident at my part-time gig, where a black bitch tried to get loud me. It was one of those telemarketing jobs, saturated with degenerates. The bitch started grumbling about what’s going to happen after work. I didn’t pay any attention the black bitch, or her associates. At the conclusion of work, as I was walking to my vehicle, I noticed that my truck has a several bullet holes in its door and the inside had been ransacked. I am sure that black bitch had something to do with it. Again, since I had secured a scholarship, I decided the job isn’t worth the money, or my life. I didn’t return to the job.

        What’s that saying about n*****s and flies?

        These days, I roll alone, and I am very comfortable doing so.

        Liked by 3 people

      • BA,

        Bulletholes in the truck, that’s deep however this is how the black witch rolls, we shouldn’t be surprised. Remember the story a while back concerning the black witch who got her goon cousins to shoot up a bus because she didn’t like the way a fellow passenger reprimand her about the way she was ‘disciplining’ her child? This is why I don’t agree with the “all lives matter” crowd either, because some people use their lives to inflict evil, wickedness, suffering, pain, misery, death and destruction upon others, those particular folk’s lives DO NOT MATTER.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Verbs,

        The moment I saw the bullet holes, I thought the next ones would be in my body. I was expecting an ambush at any moment.

        I don’t remember the bus incident. Nevertheless, it doesn’t surprise me.

        Liked by 2 people

      • The black bitch (Penny Chapman) was sentenced to five to 10 years.

        It mainly black bitches who pull that shit.

        Earlier this year, in February, a black bitch tried to start some shit because I accidentally bumped her car with my door as I exited the vehicle. I apologized for bumping her car, but, as usual, the black bitch wouldn’t let it go. The black bitch made a call. I told the bitch to go ahead and make the call. At that point, I was in such a trance that I forgot my kid was with me. I snapped out of it and just left, because I didn’t want to endanger my kid.

        Further, I wasn’t armed, which was another reason for me to leave.

        Liked by 1 person

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