They Continue To Tell On Themselves, Peep Their Mentality At Black Men Being Slain – Part 19


The above Facebook and Twitter posts are around 4 years old, this is what black women were saying back in 2015-2016 and even before this time, therefore in light of the recent killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, can we really be surprised at black women and their “we refuse to march for Floyd stance”?

Mind you, these black witches above weren’t even dealing with black men who were killed being in relationships with non black women, they were speaking about black men in general who are unfortunate to be accosted and in some cases shot by the police. At this stage all I can figure is that black women have induced many black men with some of the heaviest witchcraft and darkest spells of sorcery in order to prevent black men from awakening, rising up and cancelling black women permanently.

As MDB puts it, in 2020 there are too many black men who are unable to remove their mother’s breast from their mouths ie they’re addicted to the modern day black female, they’re permanently lost, they cannot be helped and therefore must be abandoned by the wayside. Additionally, as I stated in Negro Wars, many black men will become victims and casualties chasing after the very same black women who genuinely don’t care about them at all.

It doesn’t take a sophisticated and deep examination of black women to observe and conclude that they do not like black men, the signs are there, are all around and are obvious, however as we all know there is always a pro black female supporting maggles lurking in the shadow who at the speed of light will jump to the defence of these malevolent sirens whenever information is brought forward showing them in a bad light.

As I mentioned in the comment section of last Friday’s article, we saw this same behaviour with the recent death of the late Kobe Bryant(another black man who black females didn’t want until he got wealthy and found himself a Latina), black women openly disrespecting a brother just because he significant other wasn’t a black female, how petty can you get?

Yet we’re always being told that ‘black women have our backs’. Black women have the backs of the State, their lord and saviour Admiral Lime as well as the 12 Gauge Mikes and the Slim Sauces they love to frolic in the dirt with and get pregnant by. Most black men unfortunately will never connect the dots and figure out that the modern day black female is their number one enemy.

Under her spell they’ll continue to put up with her endless garbage behaving as if it’s normal, vote for a political party that has done nothing but shaft them every which way from Sunday, continue to hate on Trump even though he has been the only President since Kennedy to put his money where his mouth is so to speak and actually deliver on his promises, etc.

This is one of the main reasons why Trump’s presidency for the past 4 years has been so messy and volatile, there are certain individuals who really don’t want to see America prosper and run smoothly, they wish to see the country in total ruins instead(Democrats, George Soros) and they aren’t about to let a guy come in and undo the boundless death and destruction they’ve put so much effort into building. Just remember, black women on average vote Democrat to the tune of over 90% because they have shown themselves to be faithful to big government as long as they are getting something free in return as well as retaining their rights to rule over the putrid swamp called black society.

SYSBM gents, this is the kind of jack booted mentality that black men all over the world are saving themselves from, avoiding as much as possible dealing with a group of women who have a deep seated hatred and profound disdain for their own male counterparts. These devil black females want us dead and if they had things their own way they’d line black men up at the guillotine just for telling them their shoe laces are untied.

Black men, you can do much better for yourselves than the above, however you have to first believe in and respect yourself enough to recognise that you have a right to access quality women of much higher standards. Abandon these straggs by the wayside and never look back. For those who still require a reality check, take a look at these articles below I wrote back in 2016 where I showcased various screenshots concerning how black women truly feel about us

Remember, how do most black women view black men, they look upon us as SLAVES, therefore in their eyes we are expendable. NEVER FORGET THAT. Again, know who your enemies are and ALWAYS act accordingly:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Recognise Who Your Enemies Are And Act Accordingly

Most High Bless

79 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves, Peep Their Mentality At Black Men Being Slain – Part 19

  1. These black succubus will always be death to us black men. Like those evil black bithches that want us dead. This shy black that went SYSBM have found their replacements. They are also supportive and more happier. The black succubus will drive a blackmen crazy and possible suicude if they don’t escape them.
    Black women are mad because they can’t get no man. They also made because they can’t ger man with resources. Some of them will luck if they can get a low tier whitw man. Even they want them either. Black women got bad and this why we are leaving them alone.
    Black women do not own us and they are not women. Let the whiteman and Femenist movement have. They were ones that create thos monsters.
    Brothas keep SYSBM and stay happy with your non black succubus hyenas.

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    • Antonio,

      Black women are in some very serious trouble and at this stage there is nothing they can do to save themselves from their coming judgement. Everything that is befalling them now has been brought about via their own hands, black women only have themselves to blame for their current demise.

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      • LaDarrion Robinson,

        This guy sounds drunk, he must be high on something. Dating coaches are not a requirement when practicing the SYSBM lifestyle, dating coaches are only needed if you are looking to deal with dysfunctional women. Clowns like this cannot put a stop to the SYSBM Express, it’s moving at full steam ahead and there is nothing these haters can do about it.

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      • @Verbs,

        He not only sounds drunk, he looks drunk; who in their right mind is going to take daring advice from some dude who looks like a bum?

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      • Is that all these YouTube geechees can do? Give dating advice? How about practical advice that doesn’t involve their pee pees.

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      • They do what they believe will make them money on YouTube.

        I have thought of putting up useful information on YouTube. However I don’t want to answer endless comments and emails when they don’t follow directions to the letter or live in another state without same circumstances or access to programs.

        I’ll have to think about that as I have other plans for my YouTube account.

        The difference that I have observed over the last 25 years is the support network under White men. I have known White men raised by their mother who end up getting in trouble, struggle financially, always trying to find a woman to take advantage of.

        Is that any different than what happens in largely Black enclaves? The main difference I see is that White men are not prevented from getting at least to elite status. He will never reach Blue Blood status but is that really needed?

        Black women blame the system, but benefit from it. They are hitting the glass ceiling which is why they are pushing hard for Biden to put a Black woman on the ticket thinking that it will have an impact on private sector hiring practices.

        It’s also political payback for supporting Biden over Sanders.

        I will push back a bit on what Trump has done which is minimal. The real thing that he’s done is work with the innocence project to free Black men from murder chargers and drug related sentences. To be honest that’s a low bar, there are plenty of donors, pundits and politicians who feel the crisis in our criminal justice system has to be addressed. He also signed the CARES Act which has put money in my pocket during this crisis, I will give credit where credit is due.

        Most of whats happening now was constructed either during FDR or Johnson, so while some blame the social safety net for the position that Black people find themselves in, know that that on more than a few occasions Americans have taken advantage of these same programs to join the elites. So it can be done, it’s not easy and there are many potholes you’ll hit but if you stick to the path it will get you there.

        As long as I don’t attach appendages to myself, failing has much less of an impact. Which is the main reason I am not married today; Not because I haven’t had opportunities, struggle with women, etc, etc.


  2. You are correct, Verbs, that black women view us as their slaves. That has always been their role as given them by Pinkus Caucasus. They are the white-man’s stand-ins. Their job is to do what the white man does to us when he’s not around.

    This is why black women refuse to support black men who are not dating black women. Dating black women has nothing to do with romance, love, marriage and starting a family. What you are doing and what she is expecting is for you to pledge your allegiance, obedience and servitude to her. Why would any human being fail to support the oppressed just because of who he’s dating? The black woman says, I will throw you to the white savages if you don’t worship me. Sound familiar?

    Black women really do believe they are god.

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    • Black Caesar,

      I’m so amazed at how strong the witchcraft has to be for black men to see comments like this and most of them still choose to take up to bat for their black queanies. the black witch is a cold hearted monster, black women as a collective know nothing about love, affection, care, being kind hearted, treating folks with respect(especially black men), they most certainly aren’t interested in strong black families hence why they continue to open their legs to irresponsible louts such as Slim Sauce and Field Mouse.

      Withdrawing support for a black man just because he had a fiancé that was non black, as I stated before that behaviour isn’t even human.

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    I had one black women criticised me on my comments section last night on my latest YouTube video topic on why I support black men in mixed race relationships with non black women saying that I have a massive chip on my shoulder because I am dissing black women even though I am speaking the truth about their bullshit and we all know that black women has been disrespecting good black men for years and wishing them dead but we SYSBM black men are not allowed to speak the truth on their foolishness because they accuse us of bashing them. She threatened to share my video with another black male YouTuber so that he can critique my video because my video is not fare and balanced. I deleted that particular comment because I know that she is talking shit

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    • I refuse to argue and debate with woman especially those that oppose my very existence and well being. They wish to maintain a matriarchy or gynocracy thus we are diametrically opposed to each other. As the great Hardcore Tito stated in detail why he does not argue with females nor debate them. So in short bro you are correct for doing as you did very logical. No more attention cookies given #respect

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      • G1.

        I don’t waste my time arguing with black women because you are never gonna win with them even though what you are saying is true and it’s staring them in the face.

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    • Nah, you shouldn’t have deleted her comment. You should have pinned it, and then replied, “Go ahead, I welcome his critique. This will not stop me from speaking the truth, which is what you truly fear.”

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      • Glen Saxon.

        I always tell the truth about black women and my bad experiences with them and the reasons why I refuse to date them. I am glad I deleted the comment because I don’t waste my time arguing with black women and their foolishness.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I just checked out your video, I see the pro black female maggle/ bread and circus minstrel Falcon Black was lurking in the comment section. Any black man who believes that dysfunctional behaviour from black women or any women must be tolerated and viewed as normal as far as I am concerned is just as bewitched and mentally ill as the black females/daggles he supports.

      Black women are delusional, they believe they’re love reproach and that we lowly ‘slaves’ are not allowed to critique, scrutinise and examine them under any circumstances. The black woman’s disrespect of the black man is off the damn chain, can we really blame free thinking brothers for seeking out love and companionship elsewhere, it’s a no brainer at this point, go where you will be loved and appreciated.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Falcon Black was basically saying that all non black women use black men as a fetish and nothing else when we all know that’s not 100 per cent true because we all see that the majority of non black women who are in relationships with black men love black men especially when you see lots of mixed race relationships between black men and non black women throughout the world and especially in London where we live. Black women always hated decent black men and that’s why you see lots of black men like ourselves dating outside of our race with non black women.

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      • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

        I remember a while back I posted some links to YouTube interracial couples, the black men involved in relationships with their non black female significant others aren’t being used as “fetishes”, dude is just another Negro who failed at managing interracial dating and relationships.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. If non black women was only using black men for only fetishes you wouldn’t see a big surge of mixed race relationships between black and non black women throughout the world especially when they have mixed race kids together. Falcon Black was talking nonsense.

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    • The problem is, you are debating low information citizens. Seldom do Black women with any kind of a real education or has been involved with things like Pew Research where they have a metric sh*t ton of data sets to look at would engage in an emotional debate online, much less in the YouTube comment section.

      You are also talking to women as I have said before who are trying to figure out how to reach upper middle class status via marriage and cover all the emotional bases at the same time.

      Most of them feel like that woman video Verb’s posted a few weeks back. They need three Black men (the three/four economic positions of Black People) to make one person. Not true and that particular woman isn’t attractive to many people (that’s her first problem).

      That’s why debating them feels like your talking to children or not fully formed adults.

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  4. Remember when I said the future for black women in America is not gonna look pretty for them, oh trust me, it’s coming. The only types of black women that get more praise is the light skin blacks, Mixed black women (the ones that were born with a black father and a non black mother), and probably some of the foreign black women. This right here is gonna be why we gonna be seeing less black men black women relationships in America, the black women who get with thugs and convicts don’t count. All this disrespect we get from black women in America is making me sick to my stomach. I mean yes, the black man died from that cop, the cop got arrested, but was it necessary to clown him because he had a non-black girlfriend? Are these black women that damn serious? They done the same crap to Kobe Bryant after he died, all because his wife was Latina, and had some Afro Latina daughters. Then they said “Maybe if he’ll got with a black woman, none of this would’ve happen.” First of all, What the hell do they mean when they said maybe if he got with a black woman, none of this would happen? Am I’m missing something here? These black women don’t speak for me, and they don’t run my life.

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    • I concur once the financial system adjust and either the Fed cuts social program spending the whole right of first refusal and feminist 2.0 black ideologies and matriarchal minded persons will soon fade away. I always said feminism is heavily supported by government policies the oligarchies, plutarchs, and the elite. They have no loyalty to any country they will move wealth where they can make wealth.

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    • @DK

      I agree with black women when they said “if Kobe got with a black woman instead none of this wouldn’t happened”.

      If Kobe got with a black woman he would not have been successful and he would have been in jail instead of in a mansion.

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    • D.K. Phantom —- If Kobe Bryant had married a black woman, the helicopter would not have crashed. —That is an interesting theory that black women have. —–

      Perhaps the corona virus matter is because some black men are going SYSBM. [That is not my theory, but perhaps black women will want to adopt this viewpoint].

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    • “Then they said “Maybe if he’ll got with a black woman, none of this would’ve happen.””

      If he had gotten with the average BW it might have happened sooner, the cops might have come to his house and killed him. I was just watching a video about former FSU QB Deondre Francois, his whole career got derailed by dealing with a BW.

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      • James SYSBM —- Kobe Bryant died at age 41 after a 20-year NBA career. Bryant was a very wealthy man when he died. — If he had been with a black woman, perhaps he would have died at age 21 at the hands of her baby daddy. — A loose quote from Mad Bus Driver is “It is better to be divorced from a non-black woman than to be dead after a relationship with THE BEAST (a black woman).”

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      • James SYSBM,

        Black women derail black men, white women help black men progress, the evidence towards this statement speaks for itself. I stand by my statement, black women cannot and should not be trusted under any circumstances.

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      • >white women help black men progress

        Brothers, I am living proof of that!


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      • >If he had gotten with the average BW it might have happened sooner, the cops might have come to his house and killed him.

        If he had gotten with the average BW, he would either be in prison or dead before age 21.


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    • D.K. Phantom,

      Again, how are we supposed to view such open and brazen disparagement and not hold these heifers to account. Anytime a black man gets killed and he has a non black significant other it’s always the same old evil and nasty story with these women. I stand by the statement I’ve made many times before, the overwhelming majority of black women are possessed by evil spirits, there is no way that normal human beings can be this cold hearted, wicked and mean.

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    • They also made fun of Tyrese when he was talking about his struggles with child support. They also didn’t approve of his marriage to a mixed woman.

      You can’t appease these people. At least not in a way that becomes a benefit.

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  5. I am not expendable thus i #sysbm as the great Shi Kiragakure Jones states you have to challenge the Qualified Immunity that said racist cops are shielded under. Rip to the brother George Floyd. I sadly see the same thing happening that always happens.

    First, The Fbi is dragging there feet on investigating the crime stating they don’t have enough evidence. Second they will stall the trail so that it becomes a secondary issue for up to 9 months or 2 years. Third, other faux companies fearing theft will put campaigns about said incident ie faux white liberals whom are really racist. These businesses and companies use labor that is almost slave labor levels in Asia and Latin America. With huge profits on overpriced trendy stuff here in the usa. Forth, you will see like here in Michigan in Greek Town in downtown Detroit suburbanites protesting in Downtown (in case you don’t know Chicago and Detroit are two of the most racially segregated cities in the US). When i looked at the papers i said who the fuck are all those white people in a all black city that being Detroit. The casinos are not open, the restaurants aren’t open who are those strangers. After the trail the Vultures that being the pastors, corrupt lawyers and race bater’s will make there money and he will become a million dollar man. Fifth, he will be canonized by groups that are strongly anti black male (you know who im talking about the one with the lesbians running said group)

    So in short people are fed up with the pandemic the stay at home orders and this incident sparked off the tensions. So you have all people under the state upset at the police and everything going on from losing there jobs and the stay at home conditions it is what it is.

    Stay safe bros keep your head up i hope the police that killed George get prosecuted and Qualafiied Immunity gets repealed

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    • G1,

      Well said, this ongoing plandemic is really putting fuel on the fire. I stand by my statement, having listened to various doctors, looked at the evidence, the inconsistencies as well as the the many questions that haven’t been answered, I’m still concluding without hesitation that this so called ‘Coronavirus pandemic’ was one big hoax, experiment and exercise for shadow governments around the world to take even more rights from the public and move us closer to slavery. Governments have always been the same, they get too big and always move to enslave their own people, nothing has changed, there is nothing new under the sun.

      Indeed, SYSBM practitioners having separated themselves from ‘Da Communitah’, we are no longer beholden to the same malevolent black women who didn’t even bother giving us the time of day but who always have something to say whenever they see us with non black females who had no problems giving us love, time and attention.

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  6. WOW Verbs, you know how to make a mother do work, LMFAO!
    Ok, last Saturday, I attended the protest of the MURDER of one of our SYSBM brethren downtown Chicago and as I walked towards the crowd, I could over hear these black female lesbos happily chanting, “Black Lives Matter,” and “stop don’t shoot”, ONLY they were saying it JOKINGLY. The real fact is black women showed up for several reasons, but it WAS NOT FOR THE SUPPORT OF A SLAIN BLACK MAN!!!!!
    NOW, I have tons of pictures and I need to sift through them to delete the out of focus ones and separate the good picture from the bad ones. I work 12 hour shifts so I may not make the Wednesday deadline. Trying to see how I can post pictures directly to here, or I might send the pictures to VERBS directly and let him choose which ones to use. Lastly, Black women are working side by side with white nationalists to shit on the image of black men (again, I have pictures) and I find it disgusting.
    Stay safe brothers, protect what is yours and keep your head up.

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    • @Off Grid On Code

      Please send them to Verbs if you can allow me the permission to use 1 or 2 for a video this week. I will tell you what pictures i will use. It will be greatly appreciated. I will cite my source in the video and description as always bro Thanks

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    • Off Grid On Code,

      You can always send them to me directly and I can post them up in an article or an Open Mic Wednesday. Take your time bro, there’s no rush, sift through the photos and send them when you can. I cannot recall anytime throughout history when black women have genuinely supported black men, we at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable really aren’t surprised by the total disrespect coming from black women towards George Floyd just because his fiancé was white.

      White nationalists, black women and their pro black female maggle flunkies, 3 members of an extremely unholy trinity. Black women will drink down their recompense at full strength, they will not be able to escape the wrath that will be poured out upon their heads.

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  7. President Trump has done more for black people in just over three and a half years than any president has ever done. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.

    These people seriously are incapable of critically thinking. Do you honestly think this is a coincidence that after Biden idiotically said what he said (and everyone was up in arms, some unsurprisingly even defending his stance), the asshole kid beating up older white people in Detroit, the country slowly getting sick of sheltering in place. Then this tragedy which nobody is defending those police officers happened?? Is is so far fetched to think that with even with some of the more liberal states opening back up against Democrats wishes, this wasn’t coordinated??? Come on.

    I swear black people have got to be some of the dumbest people on the planet. Once again, they’re being used to push a agenda, and are too ignorant to see they’re being hoodwinked. For more policies that will do nothing to benefit them by their respective state and local governments. I wish they would get this riled up over the violence that goes on daily in their democratic hellhole cities that they commit on each other for no reason other than just because.

    For your own sake and safety at this point, save your damn self. We’re sick of being lumped in with these idiots because we share the same skin color when we have nothing in common.

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    • F Da Communitah,

      All of these riots are staged and coordinated, this isn’t about George Floyd, this is about taking down Trump via a civil war, I see through the garbage and have been sent a plethora of videos and photos with police pretending to be Antifa as well as other trouble makers instigating trouble in order bring about a civil war. Again, I smell the Democrats and George Soros all over this planned uprising. Separation from scum buckets Negroes and delusional, evil black harriets now more than ever is of the utmost importance.


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  8. Black women are the new KKK; these demonic beings have earned their negative reputation, and I don’t feel sympathetic when they complain about how the world views them. I’ve seen screenshots from Crystal Methhead’s comments where straggs wished more cops would kill Black men, but they are too slow to realize they have cops beat by a longshot with their abortion track record.

    As you stated, most Black men won’t connect the dots; if they still don’t want to accept the harsh truth that Black women have a deep disdain for Black men (yes, that includes both of you, Aaron Fountain & D. Derell), then let them learn the hard way.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      It’s exactly what I stated in Negro Wars, white supremacy has a new face, the black witch. Racist white folks have down their tools and gone to lunch, they no longer need to lift a finger to inflict damage upon black society and black men because this modern day black female is already so efficient at carrying out that job.

      Most black men unfortunately will have to learn the hard way concerning the true nature of this modern day black female as the seeds of deception and witchcraft are so deeply rooted and buried into their psyche.

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  9. Yes, This is a gender war that Anglo Black women started a long time ago. Anglo Black Women have always hated black Men. Anglo Black Women have already adopted and consumed the hatred of black men from their great white fathers and it manifests within their very soul. It does not matter if a Black man is SYSBM or not! Long ago before social media was a thing, Black women have been bashing black men all over main stream media and it became the norm to do so. Black men were all the butt of the jokes all over national television funded by White men, promoted by black women. The reason why Black women are against black men dating out isn’t just because they will be left alone and that no other man wants him. It is also because they will lose money. White propaganda media and TV hosts like Tyra, Wendy, Oprah and Black Mangina shows like Montel etc. will begin to lost all of their viewers and that is bad for their business. Anything that is positive and good for black men, they MUST destroy it! Ever notice how the only time black men were in a positive light is when he is Gay or a Brainwashed Super Simp 3?

    There is really No reason for the KKK to really do anything to black men. Black Women are KKK 2.0. They do MORE damage to black boy/Men than any white supremacy could ever dream or imagine!Black women HATE black Boys and Men irregardless of weather if black men are SYSBM/ With non-black women are not. They are using “He’s with a white woman” as a scape goat to manifest their hatred for black men. If I hated a group or nation, I would want nothing to do with that group, I wouldn’t waste my time thinking about them , I would treat them as if they do not exist. Michael Jordan, Miles davis, Dave chapelle, etc. All of these successful black men, even if they went eunuch or went celibate, MGTOW etc. Do you think they would still be sparred from the curses of black women? Black women would still chew them up and spit them out alive because they feel ALL black men are less than Dog S*** and we only exist to be used as tampons and toilet paper to them. This is how they see us!

    You hate Black men? Well Black men (the non-bewitched ones) Hate YOU TOO! Black men did NOTHING to black women and this is the evil that they have done to black men. Black women didn’t just stab black men with a knife, They impaled him with hot branding Irons, Rusted Swords, Long used syringes with poison and disease, and other weapons of mass destruction. FUCK THEM!

    The best revenge that I can think of, more deadly than violence, is to complete Ghost them out of black men’s life. Leave them to the white men that they worship and love so much. No need to attack black women (Unless she provokes you and your SYSBM spouse/girlfriend, then you better beat that ass!) Give them the coldest, ICIEST wall of silence and cold shoulder than Antartica feels like a warm day at the beach! LET THEM suffer their own punishment and give no flying fucks if they get raped in the street by tyrone while you walkk by with your non-black girlfriend/Wife!

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      • Mr. Fontaine is lurking, too; he’ll probably draft the nastiest article based on Carnio’s statement.

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        The Fake Academic at this stage is completely irrelevant, as King Sigma stated a while back, Fountain is a many days late and several dollars short in his efforts to ‘save’ black women, he should’ve embarked upon this type of mission when Obama was in office, the same goes for the so called educated therapist D Derell.

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      • @Verbs,

        Indeed, he is; I took a peek at his site the other day and looked at the headlines. This guy has a major man crush on the SYSBM Roundtable Knights (especially Kirigakure Jones and Xanatos Clutch); he even has an article on George Floyd being “claimed as an SYSBM soldier. He’s beyond creepy!

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      “The best revenge that I can think of, more deadly than violence, is to complete Ghost them out of black men’s life. Leave them to the white men that they worship and love so much. No need to attack black women (Unless she provokes you and your SYSBM spouse/girlfriend, then you better beat that ass!) Give them the coldest, ICIEST wall of silence and cold shoulder than Antartica feels like a warm day at the beach! LET THEM suffer their own punishment and give no flying fucks if they get raped in the street by tyrone while you walkk by with your non-black girlfriend/Wife!”

      This is the quote of the day, this is exactly what SYSBM is all about, walking as far away as is possible from the black witch and the failed matriarchal pile of ashes and rubble she rules over called a community.

      Black women are going to be left out in the cold, however they don’t realise just how badly the abandonment by many black men is going to hit them. They aren’t prepared at all for what is coming, they will be caught out unawares.

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  10. I treat black women the same way I treat white people– since I don’t know who is who, I use a concept used by insurance companies– adverse selection.

    Insurance companies know that teen drivers are very risky to insure; that’s why they demand higher premiums to insure them. Yes, there are a few responsible teen drivers. But for the most part, teen drivers are dangerous; thus, insurance companies put all teens into the same boat.

    Like white people, I don’t trust black women. Just think, some black man is laying up with a black bitch who post this type of vitriol on social media.

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    • BA,

      This is what I keep on saying BA, the level of witchcraft and sorcery involved and executed by these black sirens to where black men can read the black female’s evil comments online and NOT batter an eyelid is bewildering to me.

      As the saying goes, you shall know them by their fruits, however it seems that some black men are hard headed and somehow believe it is an honourable and a noble thing to be shafted over and over again by these dark harpies.

      Rather them than me, I don’t trust these black sirens either, how can I when the evidence of their continued skullduggery falls into my lap on a daily basis?

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  11. Happy Monday Gents,

    I have long been separated from the black harpy. I feel sorry for those who still deal with them. I wish I could say that it’s just the poor, baldheaded, butt-ugly LaQuishas who stay mad and evil, but nope, the pretty, in-shape, educated Cosby Show-type bitches from good families bend over backwards to stay on some dumb shit too.

    I see many of you guys put lightskins on pedestals, but they’re actually worse than the darkskins due to sheer arrogance since a lot of you thirsty simps gas her up 24/7. Those types actually MAKE UP reasons to hate brothers even though she’s the one doing the curving. These days, most are either frustrated swirlers, or dabble with dyke and hardcore feminist shit, then they take it out on us when it all goes wrong.

    It’s not news at this point that all black females are bad news regardless of skin tone, even the pick-me unicorns. You see how Ayesha Curry, the so-called “good girl” has now transformed into an Insta-Thot. And all poor Steph can do is shake his head. A 3-time NBA champion is a cuck for a black bitch. AIN’T THAT SOME SHIT?

    Poor George Floyd was an SYSBM brother, but that did not save his life. Be wary out there, young men.

    PS: Verbs, I think you should repost some of your old 5-mic classics on the front page so new members can be brought up to speed. All your articles remain relevant in 2020 as black hoes’ behavior never changes.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Schadenfreude,

      I remember you suggesting the same thing some time ago, I’m actually going to start doing that because you’re right, the black witch’s dysfunctional behaviour fits lock step in line with articles I wrote 2, 3, 4 and 5 years ago.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Maybe once or twice a month re-post a classic. When I’m bored, I go back and read the old posts but not everybody does that. Like I said, the info therein is timeless.

        Liked by 2 people

    • “It’s not news at this point that all black females are bad news regardless of skin tone, even the pick-me unicorns.”

      It sure is looking that way, isn’t it? I saw this a decade ago, and ignored it.


      • B A,

        Brother I have in my acquaintance a pair of BW sisters. Both extremely pretty, literally borderline model status except for the height, in-shape, no kids, intelligent, from a good family with Dad in the home, their own hair, and they have their pick of men of any type, even white or Latin dudes.

        Yet they have nothing better to do than to be on some intersectional black feminist SJW loudmouth bullshit. It is usually sheboons or diesel dykes who take on that garbage. But like I said it’s a race to the bottom for these black hoes. They are ALL bad news and even the so-called “unicorns” and “pick mes” turn out to be disappointments.

        You did not heed the warnings, but we are here to school the younger cats coming up. They are heeding the warnings and side-stepping the bullshit early. We are adding literal decades to these young men’s lives.

        Liked by 1 person

  12. @F Da Communitah, Blue Collar Trevor,DeltaWilddog18, and thebackhandofreality,

    LET THEM see my post!
    LET THEM write a nasty article about me!
    LET THEM make a response video calling my name out like that Madame FUCK BITCH who is too PUSSY to go abroad the way she tells black women to “Find love” in Europe! (Notice how when black women go abroad, it’s to “Find love” with White European men and it is a just cause, but when a Black man does the same, He is a “Pedophile, Seeking prostitute trannies, and wants to go live in mud huts in a forest!)
    LET THEM and All the silent lurkers get butthurt over my comments! I DARE them to prove me wrong!

    They are Radicals! They cannot understand Logic and reasoning when you try to use facts in disputing how evil, satanic, and hateful black women are towards black men! Black woman (At least american black women) are extremely dangerous to black men who do not fit the Simp, Gay, or Tyrone mold. US Anglo Black women are the MOST PRIVILEGED class, race and sex in America. A simple accusation can completely ruin and wreck a black man’s life. As much as Normie black Americans love to talk about how racists Anglo Saxons are, ie. Democrats, Leftists, Alt-Rights, Neo Nazis, KKK, White supremacy, or even Greedy Anglocized Korean and Chinese Americans are, NONE of all the previous groups of people can compare to the amount of damage and destruction that has been ans is still currently being done to black Men as Black women have done! It is almost like Black women are born to destroy black men! Like it is their sole mission in life before they burn in hell! Even “rich, edumacated, 6-pack rock-hard ironed,7ft tall, short of a PENIS “I’m a Skrong 1NДePeNDEnt BLaCC WoMON!11!!1!” will fuck up their whole lives, ther career, their health just to fuck up an innocent thinking black man. Black woman’s dying wish, her wish before she dies, is to make sure that she, along with her Anglo-father, is to take away black man’s happiness!

    These God Damned Simps, are so radicalized to have their nose shoved so far up black women’s unwashed asses to see that the very Black woman who they are defending is impaling them in the back with all kinds of weapons of mass destructions (Meaning; Spreading Homosexuality, Simpinization, Breaking his spirit from when he was a little black boy from Abuse, rape, and emotional trauma, Financial Rape, Destroying his intellectual abilities, Internal Dick police [Where he thinks it is sin to be with a non-black woman],etc.) to ensure that he stays a failure. These black men cannot understand that Black women are OWNED by white men! If a black woman has a problem, who does she call? WHITE POLICE! Who does she gain financial need from? WHITE DADDY GOVERNMENT, who does she get promotion to Bash black men on national television, news, Music, Social Media, and unlimited amount of mass media from? WHITE BUSINESS MEN! She wants sex from a black man but he refuses? HE’S A GAY NIGGA! I’M CALLING THE (White) CEO TO ACCUSE HIM OF RAPE!!!

    The Black Eunuch/Gays/Simps want to ignite a black “USSR” where thinking black men are to equally distribute “Responsibilities” in financing, and rasing bastard children that this society did not want NOTHING to do with in them in the first place! They want to impose an imperialists ideology that Thinking black men should be completely Sexless, unhappy, work 27+ hours in one day, 365 days a year to work, raise demon children and pay for THEIR lifestyle While they Chillax, eat fried Chicken and drink Grape soda! Black Women can roll up on black men, demand sex and heaven hopes if he says NO! He will get raped, forced STDs, Forced children (Which means force financial cohesion) AND still go to jail (You know, because women cannot “Rape”)! If She still cannot get sex from him, ah! no problem!, She can rape black Boys at home! because in the Anglo-sphere, Pedophilia is 100% absolutely A-OK as long as a black woman does it! after all, Black woman have that kind of power and priveldge as a poor, defenseless woman!!! These simps are so far gone! They cannot be saved! They are the equivalent of ISIS members! In fact They are Psychological ISIS members! or BSBS the “Black Simps of Blackistan and Simpitry” in which they fuck your mind with witchcraft and Gas lighting!

    You need to be radical against these simps as THEY are the main source of all the Bullshit that is happening now! They are long gone! You cannot win an argument with them! They will not see it until the day they burn in hell! So my response is to go all out and blast them all with the same hatred that they have had for almost a damn century as NONE of them gave a shit about black men until thinking black men started to fight back!! This includes Anglo-black women who claim they are “Not like that”. Even though there are many Racists Anglo-Saxon women who genuinely hate Black men, the numbers are far less, they do far less damage to black men and the way I see it, Anglo Saxon women,even the ones who detest black men, despite the holy trinity of Black Gay/Simps, Black women and White Anglo Men hammering down on thinking black men, White (Anglo-Saxon) Women have done soooooo much more help and healing to black men than anyone has ever done in the Anglosphere!


    Liked by 4 people

    • Carnio SYSBM,

      The simps are not the source, it stems from the black woman’s hatred of the black man. The simps are just worker bees that maintain the matriarchy for the queen as the queen herself is the puppet of the puppetmaster. The puppet master is her white lord and saviour for he can do no wrong…

      Liked by 4 people

  13. Funny how it’s always the ones that look ugly as fuck, inside and out. I looked at the links to your classic articles relating to this issue and boy did it bring back some memories. What I see is years of evidence of self-hatred en mass by black women, everything that’s wrong with the black community are just symptoms of this hatred. Malice manifesting throughout the community through her offspring from the deep rooted hatred for her male counterpart. I don’t give a shit about “But there are exceptions to the rule”, yes but the are not enough black anglo stargates to counteract the black matriarchy. Bitches out here looking like Ganon/Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda series, I’m a gamer so I couldn’t help but make this comparison. Anyway let me show where I’m going with this, for anyone who didn’t play TLOZ: Skyward Sword(the origin of the series) there was a villain that predated Ganon, his name was Demise (The First Demon King). He is Ganondorf’s ancestor who because of his deep hatred for the goddess Hylia who SACRIFICED HER IMMORTAL FORM to save her people (Zelda) and the Brave Elf Boy Knight(Link), cursed them to an eternity of suffering for many generations throughout all time. In this universe, the Triforce is the ultimate source of power granting the wish of whom ever touches it. It’s divided by three triangles. Ganon wields the Triforce of Power, Zelda wields the Triforce of Wisdom, and Link wields the Triforce of Courage. Demise is the white man, Ganon the black woman, Zelda the stargate, We are Link, but with a voice, lol. Anyway, Zelda and Link triumph over Ganon/Ganondorf time and time again. In our reality this is manifesting as well, we can’t save the old Hyrule( the black anglo community) of the past since it’s been destroyed by the black woman’s calamity and drowning in malice but we can damn sure go build a new one and protect it along with our resources. You can find your princess Zelda who will provide wisdom and support to create and raise better offspring for society, but you must have the courage to deliver the final blow to the beast’s head when it lusts for power over you…even if that beast shares your genes.

    Liked by 4 people

  14. I do not trust white people nor let white males into my social circles. I say the same also applies to black females. They are not here to help or save you in any fashion.

    Liked by 4 people

  15. If black women are happy with George Floyd getting killed by the hands of a police officer, then I’m not surprised and his death was horrible. Let me tell you something about these black women. These black women have a huge hatred for black men when they say that kind of nonsense and they have no conscience of what they say especially on social media. And as they say what they say on the internet, they are getting beat up or getting killed by non black men in these relationships or marriages. 25 per cent of black women have been killed in non black relationships while these women are showing hatred towards black men when they see a black man with a non black woman.

    As these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, ghetto gaggers and these scraggle daggles verbally attack black men, the thinking black men, S.Y.S.B.M, M.G.T.O.W and the red pill men will defend themselves by telling the truth of their ratchet behaviour, they send their enforcers the simps to come after us. But the simps are the lambs of the slaughter because we slaughter them in a heartbeat just like we devour the white beta male when he comes and attack us verbally. These ghetto ratchet harridans don’t give a damn about black men. All they care about his having children with more then one man, getting free money from the government, wearing these weave trying to look like their arch rival known as the white woman.

    These worthless harlots enjoy black men getting killed by the cops. This is one sick mentality these harlots have. And these simps say that we have to wife them up? most of these women are single mothers with five, ten, fifteen or twenty five children and simps like Umar Johnson say that we have to wife these hoes up? I tell you, black women are making themselves more and more undatable of the way they are acting and they are showing their bad behaviour on display.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night. And also I heard that Derck Chauvin’s wife his divorcing him. She’s an Asian woman with two children and he has none with her.

    Bless people

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Hey guys. Here’s 2 very important videos from the Reluctant Nabi exposing the Black Womans role during slavery. They made up the majority of slave owners, and these black bitches had more rights than married white women. I see why white women were quick to help us out. Watch and enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Plantations in Colonial America later called States of the Union of the United States of America such as South Carolina and Louisana had substantial slaveholders who were classified as negro, black, or colored and in places like Charleston, South Carolina so called black woman comprised the majority of slaveholding persons classified as NBCs.

    Now when you include the individuals who were not classified as NBC such as those in the original American nations and their splinter tribes, nationals from Africa who had been settled, Europeans of Moorish ancestry, and all other commonly overlooked possibilities for a person having dark complexioned skin and operating under a different name. This is understandable however do to historical cover up and consolidation of peoples under the NBC system.

    My point is that slaveholding is quite the way of life for many of the Old World descended nations and peoples. And so when so called blacks of America complain about slavery they strangely omit the fact that their ancestors have a long history of slave holding institutions. That is not to say that all slaveholding was per se inhumane. Records show that the Chrsitians of Europe prospered under Moorish slave/bondman institutions which in reality was more like military servitude.

    Better question: When and Where Has There Not Been Slaves of Some Character or Degree? I’ll wait..


  18. They produce bastards and then want them to be annihilated. Speaking of bastards I have grown tired of this ridiculous BASTARD TAX where we as upstanding members of society are forced to share in the continued production of said bastards. The welfare policies are no different than the current looting as it is all nothing more than a BASTARD TAX!


    • That is why websites like slayingevil serve a pivotal point as a rallying ground for the disjointed products of such breeding experiments to have a place where they can go and get some reflection and have their corrupted worldview challenged.

      They can breed em but can they keep them loyal to dysfunction when better opportunities are available? I think not at the same rate as previous.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Afakasi808,

      Appreciate the kind words sir. I’ll continue to do my part to show free thinking brothers that they have other options and shouldn’t be afraid to exercise them.


  19. They already exposed themselves on how they really feel about black men when Kobe died.
    Kobe never said one vile thing about black women but because he married a non-black woman they called him every name in the book including a rapist (even though he was found not guilty) Black women are parasites who just want resources but are too low I.Q. to get them so they lash out.

    Liked by 2 people

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