They Can’t Listen, They Won’t Listen!


Without even playing the first clip just look at the thumbnail, you already know what’s up. Gordon Ramsay is one of the top chefs on the entire planet, everybody knows who the guy is, when it comes to cooking his name is beyond renown, yet here we have two dumb black sirens raging against him and arguing as if they have the same level of credentials, smh. I seen a few of these clips and every time a black female is involved you can guarantee that at some point she’ll be giving Ramsay some sort of backchat and mouth.

The first 3 and a half minutes illustrate perfectly why more black men are choosing to give black women the middle finger, however remember, the angry black woman doesn’t exist and we free thinking brothers are simply ‘making it up’ when we talk about black women and their heavy propensity towards being prideful, stubborn, belligerent as well as exercising an inability to listen without running off at the mouth.

This is one of the main reasons why I still talk about black women, what have I stated before, that unless you live in a country with little to no black women about, even though you may not deal with them in terms of dating and mating you’ll still have to interact with them in some sort of capacity and restaurants are a very common place where black women are employed.

Here is another Ramsay clip I came across with yet again another attitude ladened dark skinned black cook named Rosey who couldn’t take any constructive criticism, particular clip is from 2:17-2:38:

But we’re making this up right? Don’t worry, I’ve got more for you. I already know that contributor F Da Communitah having recently gone through some very rough experiences with black sirens at some food outlets is most certainly shaking his head in disgust and recognising an all too familiar pattern. Check out this Caribbean black female named Nicole from mark 0:53-1:26:

Now to Nicole’s credit, as you saw from mark 1:27-2:28 once Ramsay confronted her by herself, the penny actually began to drop and Nicole started to realise the magnitude of the problems at hand. This is a very rare moment from a black female, however we also have to remember that Gordon Ramsey is white and thus black women will automatically look upon him as their lord and saviour.

By the way, just to illustrate the point that black men can never be allowed to get any shine by themselves, type into any search engine ‘top black male chefs’ or ‘black male chefs’ and tell me if you can find a list WITHOUT black women being included, I’ll wait. This reminds me of the never ending search trying to find the median net worth of black men(US), the conspiracy to hide any and all information that makes black men outshine black women is very real.

You see how this scheme works, black men always have to be lumped in with black women, however on the flip side black women are allowed to get their shine and exposure BY THEMSELVES whenever it suits them. This is why black women despise the SYSBM philosophy, over here as per SYSBM Tenets number 2 and 10 the heterosexual free thinking black man is prioritised and additionally black women are EXCLUDED(for many legitimate reasons). There is no exaltation of black women over here and there NEVER will be.

Do you think if there was a famous black male chef who was ranked amongst the best in the world that he could do the same thing as Ramsay in terms of revitalising restaurants being ran by black females? To ask the question is to answer it, NO, these black women would argue that black man down until the cows come home, he would be able to achieve nothing with them or their business, in fact I’m pretty sure that these heifers would attempt to get into a physical altercation with such a man.

Just my two pence worth in observing the ever increasing dysfunctional behaviour of the modern day black female and the continued denial by herself as well as the pro black simps who worship her, gentlemen your thoughts. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Black Female Customer Service When And Where Possible

Most High Bless

102 thoughts on “They Can’t Listen, They Won’t Listen!

  1. They have egos beyond comprehension. Most people with common sense know to shut up and listen when the master of a particular skill is talking. A lot of people might not like Donald Trump, but if he came into the room and started giving a free real estate investing lecture they would stop whatever they were doing and start taking notes if they had any sense. There is a term in sports called “un-coachable”, its when an athlete may be talented but has a hard head and won’t listen to the coaches or follow team rules. BW are un-coachable.

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  2. The funny thing about this is that white men could have all the black pussy he wants yet he would most of the time rather be an incel or get a mixed chick😂. You know Verbs, this post and many others before it have me thinking that integration was a blessing in disguise. I this new world, we have the power to disassociate from the dysfunctional black masses. Looking at the world from outside the black box is giving me and many other thinking brothas a sense of self discovery, we can find ourselves again. The dark truth is that, black women have not evolved since segregation!!!. Even before that they were doing so shady stuff, but I digress.

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    • Truth. WM, faced with an overwhelming majority of BF population in a city or state, they rather take either the incel or the gay route rather than having sex with them. They may compete with other men for the few precious White women there. But White women are independent spirits who see through WM machinations and don’t want them.

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    • Thank God for integration. If I had to remain in the communitah I would just buy escorts, I couldn’t fathom having a black woman living in my house.

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    • “The funny thing about this is that white men could have all the black pussy he wants yet he would most of the time rather be an incel or get a mixed chick😂.”

      I have seen that point frequently brought up, its the truth. White incels could easily get a BW if they wanted one, but they don’t. Even the losers of WM society don’t want a BW.

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      • Truth told. Yep. When in a state or city that has a large Black population, WM opt out. They don’t want BW even for sex. They rather stay incel, gay, or import an Asian/Eastern Euro mail order bride. Or they can hold out for the very rare White woman that every successful guy is competing for but cannot get because the women only want winners, not losers.

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    • “The funny thing about this is that white men could have all the black pussy he wants yet he would most of the time rather be an incel or get a mixed chick😂.”

      The funny thing is, I as a black man could have all the black pussy I wanted. I don’t want it. What, with all the bad bodies, bad attitudes, bad feminine hygiene, and STDS, I’ll pass. I don’t even go for the big booty bimbo types anymore. I’ll admit that I did in my younger days. But almost always, a black woman’s negatives far outweigh her positives. Even the big booty bimbos.

      When I go to a restaurant, I’ll make an excuse and leave if the waitress is black. I avoid checkout lines where the cashier is a black woman. I’ll even get into a longer line to avoid interfacing with scraggle daggles. Lately, I avoid checkout lines with black male cashiers as well. I’ve noticed that black males who work in customer facing retail tend to be gay, or they are adopting the black scraggle daggle’s bad attitude towards black customers. The sad fact is that in general, working class blacks are a lost cause. I know there are exceptions, but I’m talking about the general rule. You can’t school them because they ‘know it all’, even though they truly know nothing. Unfortunately, the working class black male has hitched his wagon to the black scraggle daggle’s. He can rot in the hell they call the communitah, with her and her multiple bastard children by Lil Pookie, Gangster Tbone, Long Dick Tyrone, and Dime Bag Damon.


    • Black Tiger,

      Black women as far as I am concerned are stuck in the Stone Age which is yet another reason why thinking black men ought to be seeking out love and companionship elsewhere.


    • Agreed if the problack daggle likes black men so much why doenst the daggle go amdarry an africna tribe member and relocate to africa but the daggle is a hypocrite who wnat to be the main everything in white country the daggles and pro black junkies are mentally ill indeed

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  3. I mean we have black women refusing to put on masks when entering buildings what do you expect?? I saw an oil tank scraggle get kicked out of a nail salon because she refused to wear a mask. Next thing I saw was a bunch of Asians trying to get her fat ass out 😂😂😂. What’s even more hilarious she was a beast to them but when police officer Cpt Frostbite showed up apparently she want zaddy to take her away from the yella peoples. Shit is crazy out here SMFH. Stay safe brothers!!

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    • DeltaWildDog18,

      Again, here we have another black female willing to put money into the community of another, smh. These chicks know nothing about group economics and keeping things including money in-house for as long as possible.


      • Sistas have all the make-work, double-minority hire, affirmative action city, state and federal jobs, funnel their money direct to the Asian beauty supply stores and nail shops and the Ay-rab corner stores, leaving the hood a shambles, then they accuse us of not “building.”

        The mOst eDuCated gROuP in amEriCa yet their kids are dumb as rocks, while the Korean kids are going to college on their dime.

        I was reading about a Korean prep school that was $80K USD a year just to position their kids to get into college. Wonder where all that wealth is coming from?

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  4. anybody here know about digit ratios? on women’s fingers. their index finger is either longer than the ring finger or the same height as the ring finger(feminine). on mens’ hands the index finger is shorter than the ring finger(masculine) . when i reblogged this article i notice this picture of a black woman used as a thumbnail hxxps:// her index finger is shorter than her middle finger which suggest she is masculine. I check my hands and yes my index finger is shorter than my middle finger. but this black woman’s index finger is way shorter than mine. apparently black women’s digit ratios are similar to men’s hands. (non black women’s digit ratios are more feminine) there is scientific evidence for black men to go SYSBM. a study on feminists called the “feminist paradox” shows that feminist women are more masculinized than the average women they claim to represent. feminist leaders digit ratios are similar to mens hands hxxps://

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  5. Fuck black women arrogant asses, and notice black women are the FIRST ONES to disrespect someone but wants to be respected just because. I love how chef straighten her ass out. But notice something….who else acts JUST LIKE THIS, wants respect for nothing, and quick to get offended especially when they know they are wrong….the maggle.

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  6. Boy, boy, boy. Why does it seems like black women don’t take criticism and resort to arguing? You know what, don’t answer that question, because I kind of know the answer to that question. These black women always think they’re always right all the time, they can’t do no wrong, they all perfect, but why video evidence tell a whole different story about them? A normal human being would fix the problem, and get everything situated if something went wrong, or messed up instead of arguing, because arguing and throwing a hissy fit won’t help at all. They were cooking in a dirty ass kitchen fill with nasty stuff and roaches, and they trying to argue with the dude like hello, when the last time you cleaned up the kitchen? Just nasty. How you gonna served good food in a dirty kitchen? Like ain’t you suppose to clean it while or after you cook? Just EWWW.

    “The angry black woman doesn’t exist and we free thinking brothers are simply ‘making it up’ when we talk about black women and their heavy propensity towards being prideful, stubborn, belligerent as well as exercising an inability to listen without running off at the mouth.”

    Okay, this trips me up. If they (the problacks) say the angry black woman doesn’t exist and we brothas simply just “making it up,” then why the hell they act like bullies towards other people? Am I missing something here?

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      At this stage black women as a collective are beyond being written off, they have little to no standards and as a result need to be automatically relocated to the reject bin. I’m going to leave it to the pro black simps to deal with and try their best to satisfy their black queanies.

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  7. 1. Weave: CHECK.
    2. Nasty attitude: CHECK
    3. Fat (either skinny fat and rotund): CHECK.
    4. Loud: CHECK
    5. Faking an acceptable attitude (e.g. toward end of clip): CHECK

    Typical black bitches.

    Kudos to Ramsey standing up for himself.

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  8. AS A RULE, BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT GOOD AT COOKING. I must disagree with Professor Trick Daddy about the cooking skills of black females. Professor Daddy opines that if non-white women learn how to fry chicken, then black females will be useless. —– In that most young black women are not good cooks, black women are useless.

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    • “In that most young black women are not good cooks, black women are useless.”

      Most young BW cant do anything but spread their legs, their bastard sons are also useless.

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    • Unless these women actually work at a soul food restaurant or cook for church, modern BW under 45 can’t cook at all. If I was waiting for a BW to fix me a plate, I’d be dead of starvation. Meanwhile, Team Ricebunny lives in the kitchen and loves to feed her man, I know from experience. I just don’t know what to tell you brothers, there’s no comparison.

      The next time you get in an online debate with a BW or a male feminist simp, ask them what EXACTLY are BW’s positives that you should choose them over non-BW. That will shut the whole debate down. Try it.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        That is exactly what I asked that non passport holding pro black female simp I debated last Saturday just gone, he stated(I kid you not) that black women were the least likely to date out. I tried to explain to him that black women are the least desired and so this is the reason why they aren’t dating out at such a high rate but of course the simp having that female mindset couldn’t accept the facts.

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      • @Verbs,

        Can you provide the link to that debate? I’d like to hear it (especially after hearing your debate with Amiri).

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      • That shit was funny as fuck😂😂😂😂😂😂I was already laughing right, but when he admitted he didn’t have a passport or been out of America, I just lost my shit😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I had to re-watch because I was laughing so hard after that, I couldn’t hear anything, I didn’t notice VERBS almost broke his professionalism and start laughing himself. But I got D Derells number, he’s looking for low hanging fruit black women. Say you hate SYSBM and wait for the colorist cry babies to come running over to you to give you a pat on the back.

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      • Off Grid On Code,

        Shawn James number 2, another pro black female simp who has never been outside of the US but who thinks he knows all about foreign women and foreign lands. I had to laugh when he started talking about people in 3rd world countries bathing in brown water, that level of ignorance is off the damn chain.

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      • @Off Grid On Code

        “he’s looking for low hanging fruit black women. Say you hate SYSBM and wait for the colorist cry babies to come running over to you to give you a pat on the back.”

        That’s right on point. These women know their shortcomings and their screw-ups, but they use these guys to boost up their crappy ego. They Don’t Really respect the guys are really like these guys. In fact, these women often talked about how these guys are just around them to get coochie and brownie points. It’s a love-hate relationship but they need each other.

        These are also the guys that they bring up whenever they having conversation with thinking black men claiming that black men are jealous of black women when they date out. (As you all know I’m desensitized to it so, I encourage and expect it )

        Which is a textbook strawman because you’re using black man that you don’t find attractive and that you see as chumps. You don’t respect them, you clown them in front of their faces, you get on a panel and dangle the carrot in front of them. (We’ve been seeing so much of that the 2.0 vs 3.0 Wars was unnecessary and just guys who are chasing the same type of woman. But when they claim they’re not. Even though I do like some of the Creator’s in 3.0, they’re being hypocritical. Which is why we have the biggest Targets on our back, because we stay true to what we have said we would do. Sorry I’ll save that for Wednesday)

        They know that don’t describe us. But they don’t know sysbm Brothers well enough to even be able to bond with them. Which is why they get mad when people like CJ King talk. They are beneath these guys oh, so they react like their real man… Lieutenant snow yeti

        “Black women are the right arm of white supremacy”

        Self-proclaimed king of controversy and Mr “stomp that black bitch out in the morning” Tommy Sotomayor

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      • @Verbs
        Where do you find the patience to deal with these idiots?
        He just kept repeating the same shit over and over again.

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      • Upgraydd,

        Usually I don’t engage with dudes like this, however on rare occasion I’ll debate them just for fun. It’s funny seeing them all use the same black female talking points as well as trying so desperately to save their black queanies.


      • @Verbs
        You know what killed me? Right at the beginning and I’m paraphrasing, you told him he was a black female excuse artist, and even though you told him he was, the very first thing he did was make excuses for black females! Hahaha


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      • Upgraydd,

        I’d already peeped his technique from listening to a little bit of his previous debate with Mr Fantastic, a typical maggle, full of excuses trying to save his queanies. This is why I called him out as a black female non accountability specialist.


    • @Gregory Chandler
      Is there anything normal people consider good that black women excel at?
      C’mon man.
      And in other news water is wet.

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    • Black women have horrible diets! Why would they need to cook? In one of Verbs’ oollllllllld post, I remember he made an article of a black woman eating something like Pig anus or some horrible body part! All they eat is fried chicken from KFC and drink grape soda! They do not care about their health! look at who are the most obese (Men and women In the US)! You never see them in the gym, If they want to go to the store, which is a 2 minute walk down the street, They will hop on a taxi cab to the store and back! If she does not love her own body to take care of it with providing proper diet or excercise, why would she need to cook? especially for a man?

      To be fair, alot of urban cities, like Bishkek Kyrgyzstan, Nursultan and Almaty Kazakhstan, Moscow Russia, Most cities in Thailand, Tbilisi, Georgia etc. Women don’t know how to cook. But they at least try! If you ask any of these women to make you something, they will happily ask their mom, a friend or go to a youtube channel and learn to cook something edible for you. I have had this experience many times. and if anything, these women in all of these countries eat far more healthy! Fruits, vegetables, foods with proper nutrition!

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      • @Carnio
        ” If they want to go to the store, which is a 2 minute walk down the street, They will hop on a taxi cab to the store and back! ”

        My friend, while I’m an avid cyclist (another non plantation sanctioned activity that can get you ostracized from the commumitah) I’m also a serious gear head and have had a collection of very nice and exotic cars over the years. I’m not as crazy as I was a few years ago with it having multiple cars at a time,but the car I have now is very nice.

        I was out on my bike and ran into this chick that I grew up with (guess the race) and she asks me contemptuously with a smirk on her face as if it pleased her that I had fallen on “hard times”, what happened to my car? I replied “unless you know something I don’t, nothing”

        “So why aren’t you driving it then”

        I just tapped her on her ample stomach, smiled and said God bless and rode away.

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      • Verbs,

        “It’s a tragedy because black women once upon a time were renowned for cooking up some of the best dishes around, how times have changed so drastically.’

        So true, but I think you have to go back pretty far to get to those days. Black women have been on this precipitous slide for al least 4 generations now. Black women have always worshipped whitey. That goes all the way back to slavery and plantation culture. But it seems like with integration in the west, which started in the 1960s, black women have lost any qualities they might have once had as a collective. While at the same time, the things that were already gone wrong about black women, were put on steroids.

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      • Americanblackman,

        And black women as a collective are so blinkered that they refuse to even entertain the thought that they’re heading down a horrible path of no return.

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      • Verbs,

        While the timing of the western black woman’s precipitous fall coin sides with the beginning of integration, I am in no way saying integration is bad. Her fall also coin sides with the beginning of various welfare programs that the black women sold her soul for. I personally believe that the black woman has fallen so far so fast, because she is a weak vessel, that lacks the strength required to maintain integrity in the western white man’s world.

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      • Verbs2015 — Yes. Young black women, as a group, are not good cooks. — To that end, I must disagree with Professor Trick Daddy’s comments about black women being good at cooking chicken. — Most young black females in the USA rely on KFC and Popeyes for fried chicken.

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  9. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are so fucking idiotic it’s no wonder why the whole world sees them as a laughing stock and its no wonder why SYSBM black men like ourselves are walking away from them for good and choose to date childfree non black women instead. There is no coming back for black women because their negative reputation preseeds them and they are the least desired women on the planet especially in dating websites and dating apps.

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    • >There is no coming back for black women because their negative reputation preseeds them and they are the least desired women on the planet especially in dating websites and dating apps.

      In the words of Verbs: “It’s a wrap for the scraggle daggle!”


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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        Not according to the non passport holding(yep, another one who doesn’t own a passport but thinks he can speak authoritatively on foreign countries and foreign women, smh) pro black simp I debate on Saturday, Mr D Derell. According to him black women are NOT the least desired women on the planet, talk about denial of the facts. It’s a chicken wrap for black women as a collective and nobody can change that, not even Mr Derell.

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      • Verbs, hold on, that motherfucker D derail whatever has never travel out of the country? That Chauncey nigga is disqualified from knowing what the fuck he is talking about.
        Hell, say what you want but the best-looking dark-skinned chicks are in parts of Africa and definitely Latin America. But you can’t debate on that cuz the motherfuker ain’t never been out of country.
        This debate should have never happened. You don’t have a debate on a topic if you don’t have experience with it. This is the speech and debate class 101 basics.

        Fuck it, what do I know I’m an Oreo.

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      • Mack G,

        Derell thinks he can still talk on issues that he personally hasn’t experienced himself because “he has friends who have told him what’s up”. No doubt, East African has some of the best looking dark skinned chicks and parts of Latin America too especially Colombia and Brazil.

        Again, when the dude talked about people in 3rd world countries having brown water baths, the level of his ignorance really became apparent. These dudes without passports believing that they can talk on foreign countries and foreign women as if they are authoritative on these subjects, smh. SYSBM practitioners are now hunting for women in jungles, the jokes with Derell just don’t stop.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I’ll continue to archive and write about the horrible fall of the modern day black female so that more black men with sense and intelligence can troll through the evidence and make a more informed decision with regards to whether they still want to get involved in relationships with these women.

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  10. Gordon Ramsay is to restaurants what Simon Cowell is to national singing competitions; both of them are savage. In that first video, hearing that chick with the wall eye made me think of my own mother; in her own mind, she thinks any time I have raise my voice’s pitch that I’m trying to argue with her. It’s the most annoying thing, especially when she tries to lecture you about “attitude”, when it’s only her that ticks me off like that; she lacks awareness about this that when I hold her foot to the fire, she says i shouldn’t play the “blame game”.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’m at the point where I only engage a select minority of black women and that’s if I have to, they see everything as a competition, even if you are trying to impart some knowledge and wisdom into their thick skulls, smh.

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  11. The way that these restaurants were managed by these bitches are no different in how they maintain their own homes. The overwhelming amount of filthy equipment and work areas is a reflection of their overall living standards. In my early 20’s I came across many BW who kept their homes like it had been subjected to a natural disaster. Unkept kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, etc was the norm. Now in my 40’s imparting my hard earned knowledge and wisdom to the thinking youngbloods of today…many have shared their own experience dealing with the contemporary BW. And, what can I say??? There’s nothing new under the sun!! If, anything it has become even worse!!! So much so that they are actually terrified to enter these bitches homes. So… I’m not in any way surprised that these clips show the true nature of BW…especially when someone is trying to provide them with sound constructive criticism. It’s pretty much a crapshoot to say the least. But…there is a ray of hope on the horizon with these young thinking brothers. Many of them are getting it when it comes to BW and are giving the 🖕🏾with the swiftness and moving on to greener pastures and is finding overwhelming success dating non-BW. The amount of young brothers I see with white, Asian, Latina, and now East Indian women is escalating fast with no signs of detracting. Outstanding!!!!! The fate of BW is being written and it’s not a hopeful one. OH WELL!!! FUCK EM!!! SYSBM FOR LIFE OR NO LIFE AT ALL!!!!

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    • @Ger Tzedek
      I totally agree with you, I’ve had the same experiences.
      My rule is if I go to chicks house and the bathroom and kitchen are tore up, I don’t go back.

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    • Ger Tzedek,

      But according to the pro black simp I debated the other day on the TPOT channel, SYSBM is a small group that isn’t going to go anywhere or gain any traction, yet look at what happened from December last year through to February this year. SYSBM will continue to grow from strength to strength and there isn’t anything those who oppose the lifestyle can do about it.

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  12. XtanotosClutch (spelled his name wrong) pointed out that black americans are separating into 3 groups: the mixed/light skins, Foreign blacks, and the black underclass(the communitah). There is also the 4th group which is us: the thinking black men (SYSBM). Also, I heard on the news somewhere in 50 years there is a horrific financial crisis that we (Black americans) are all headed for if things don’t change, need to research this further…anyway it’s just another reason to build your own community elsewhere.

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    • @Black Tiger

      That description sounds alot like what was already been going on for ages. They would just get together and use the codeword: black and try to scam each other or some other group. Then once the “meal” was over they would go back into their seperate factions and social clubs like their Fraternities, or boules, or J-ck and J-lls, lodges etc.

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      • “That description sounds a lot like what was already been going on for ages.”

        Yeah pretty much, those divisions aren’t new. The only difference now is that mixed/light skin is being pushed more heavily in the media when it comes to women. You rarely ever see dark skinned BW in media and advertisements anymore.

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      • From the book’s description:

        “Now, instead of one, there are four distinct groups: a Mainstream middle-class majority with a solid stake in society; a large Abandoned minority with less hope than ever of escaping poverty; a small Transcendent elite, whose enormous wealth and power make even whites genuflect; and newly Emergent groups of mixed-race individuals and recent black immigrants who question what black even means.”
        “Mainstream middle-class majority with a solid stake in society” – Mostly older Baby boomers, soon to be slowly replaced by mixed race couples and possibly some Black immigrant couples IMO

        “Abandoned minority with less hope than ever of escaping poverty” – Pookie, Shaniqua, and their army of ghetto named bastards, the Black underclass

        “a small Transcendent elite” – Oprah, Micheal Jordan, Byron Allen etc.

        “newly Emergent groups of mixed-race individuals” – The future of the functional Black community IMO

        “recent black immigrants who question what black even means” – African immigrants who are used to identifying by nation and tribe, many of whom may end up receiving a harsh “negro wake up call” if they try to assimilate into the White community

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      • While Eugene Robinson’s book has some merit, it is grossly outdated already. His small transcendent elite comprised of the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Barrack Obama are in their twilight. The reason America created Oprahs in the first place was to corral a black consumer population that had a monolithic mindset. White financial and political interests has always found that the easiest and most efficient way to corral the black masses was to pay a black pitchman huge sums of money to corral the black masses for them. In Oprah’s case, it was to corral the scraggle daggles, knowing that the simps would follow.

        As philosophies like SYSBM take root and propagate among black men, it will no longer be possible to mass market a consumer brand, or a political brand, or a cultural brand that corrals all black people. As more and more black men become independent free thinking individuals, it will become harder and harder for the white power elites to manage black people like a herd, thru the use of one high paid black success symbol. the white power structure won’t be creating Oprahs and Obamas in the future, because they won’t get the same return on their investments.

        The SYSBM philosophy teaches black men to think for themselves. It teaches black men to employ their talents, their energy, and their resources in the pursuit of their own happiness and best interests, and not in the interests of those who mean them no good.

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  13. “You see how this scheme works, black men always have to be lumped in with black women, however on the flip side black women are allowed to get their shine and exposure BY THEMSELVES whenever it suits them. This is why black women despise the SYSBM philosophy, over here as per SYSBM Tenets number 2 and 10 the heterosexual free thinking black man is prioritised and additionally black women are EXCLUDED(for many legitimate reasons). There is no exaltation of black women over here and there NEVER will be.”

    That was one of my problems with the Black Panther movie. He was surrounded by bitches including his mama, his girlfriend, the bodyguard chick, and his sister who’s smarter than Tony Stark. If you watch the movie, he couldn’t make a move without them in the frame. The black hero couldn’t get shine on his own.

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  14. Gentlemen this topic is right up my alley. I have been a bar/club owner for years, for my first job was at my aunt and uncles restaurant/club and a lot of my friends are bar/restaurant owners. The story I’m about to relate happened just last year in December.

    There was a restobar that this man ran, and it was pretty decent, and it was the only one in the area so naturally he did alright. He was older and was looking to smoothly segway into retirement, but didn’t want to see his baby end, so he was looking for a partner who would eventually take the business over after learning it and he retired.

    Enter disgusting daggle. Apparently she had gotten money in a settlement and used it to buy 50%. The man was still running the restaurant, but she was around “learning” the ropes. Last summer he retired and she took over.

    Enter destruction. This bitch is fat, very, very sloppy and has evil written all over her face, which always has a contempuous smirk on it, which I can’t figure out seeing how fat and unattractive she is. And the person inside might even be uglier than the outward appearance, a titanic feat indead. Insert every stereo type you can think of, fat, sloppy, sweaty, smelly, disrespectful and very fucking rude.

    A friend of mine opened up a restaurant right across the street from her (his wife is Filipina btw SYSBM fyi). The atmosphere at his spot is great, he invited people from the neighborhood to be involved, got some local artists to display their art on his wall and post them for sale, goes the extra mile and makes sure the quality and the service is top notch.

    Within a few months he’s doing well and nobody, and I mean NOBODY goes to the other restaurant anymore. It’s not far from where I live so I go there fairly regularly, mostly just to kick it with my friend, but when I’m there I can easily observe the decline in the other spot and how dead it is.

    One day I was speaking with his wife and she told me how the daggle came over there and was crying about how business was bad and no customers were coming and she was in a lot of trouble. That actually is not uncommon as we business owners speak to each other candidly and see each other as part of the same fraternity and are not cut throat as most people would assume. (With black business people that’s a different story for a different time). I also noticed that when she sat at the front of her place the smirk was gone and I figured that life that forced her to make an attitude adjustment against her will.

    I forgot the maniacal nature of the daggle.

    One lunch I took a buddy to my friends spot to grab a bite and a beer and saw that he was closed, there was nothing else close by, so I said fuck it let’s go over to the daggle, thinking that the hard times had injected some contrition and humility into her.

    So we go ever there, and she forces out a smile, which looked physically and emotionally painful for her to execute, but to her credit she managed it. We ordered two beers, I thought it was a little rough the way she set them down on the table but I tried not to over think it. I would never eat from there but my buddy not knowing the situation asked for a menu.

    Can you believe (in the year 2020 what wouldn’t you believe concerning the kween mudda eart) the bitch threw the menu at him and turned away and hissed her teeth as if it pissed her off that he asked! Keep in mind that SHE acknowledges that she’s lost customers and is going out of business.

    In that situation I would have rolled out the red carpet for some new customers, maybe even given them the meal for free, anything to get them to see that my place is somewhere they want to be and come back. But I’m normal, the black women is maniacal, even in desperate straights she just couldn’t help but project her disgusting self in her own way.

    We both looked at each other like “what the fuck!” paid for the beers after literally one sip and left. As we’re leaving she had the nerve to ask what was wrong!

    Oh yeah she had to shut down last month.

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  15. Chef Ramsey experienced but a tiny tiny fraction of the BULLSHIT that Black Men have to put up with daily from The Daggle.

    And to your point Verbs, you’ll have more success finding 4K video footage of Bigfoot impregnating a Unicorn than finding information on the median NETWORTH of Black American Men…IT’S RIDICULOUS! I’ll keep searching until I find it…AND I WILL FIND IT… and this machine to protect the Daggles will be dismantled by #SYSBM and our allies…IN DUE TIME!

    Liked by 5 people

    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      The daggle protection machine is running into serious overdrive. Median net worth of black men in the US almost impossible to find, a specific search for top black male chefs strangely includes black women chefs in the mix, smh.


  16. @Verbs
    I just looked at your prior post “They Don’t Appreciate Your Good Deeds” and was astonished to see that the man even pulled out her chair for her. Looking the way she does I would have thought that she would hold on to him for dear life as he did this for her in PUBLIC ( I would NEVER NEVER NEVER be seen with her).

    The typical black man is a fucking simp ass loser! 90% would never stand up to lack women the way Gordon Ramsey did. I don’t watch other men too closely, but when I realized just how far gone black men were was how casually black chicks would hit me up for money after sex (yes back in the day I would still sleep with attractive black women even though I would never get into a relationship with one).

    And then one day it hit me, if they’re asking me for money so casually and expecting to get it, IT’S BECAUSE THEY’RE GETTING IT!

    And the reason they have so much mouth is because the simps allow it!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Black women will ask for money under most circumstances. In this pandemic they didn’t have to ask. If you are a single mother and have children, you got $1200 + $500 per child. I am not saying that solves a problem but it’s more than single Black men got.

      I was fortunate enough to get another $1,000 hit from the SBA but that still doesn’t put me on par with the average Black women who had two children out of wedlock.

      BW aren’t worth banging even if free.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Upgraydd,

      More black men simply need to adopt the attitude of only dealing with women who show them attention, love and appreciation. It’s no wonder why White women, Asian women and Latina women are making a killing when it comes down to scooping up quality brothers. The black witch puts in absolutely no effort for black men at all but then has the audacity to complain when he’s taken away by a non black female, smh.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs,

        “More black men simply need to adopt the attitude of only dealing with women who show them attention, love and appreciation.’

        You said it. I don’t go to work to meet women. But I make my living working inside of corporate America. I meet a lot of women of all ethnicities, inside of corporate America. I only deal with women who show me attention, love, appreciation, and even respect. And no matter what their ethnicity or sexual market value, I do not lower my standards for them.

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    • Do you think it would be gone for good? Right now it’s a bit of a free speech issue and they are publishing information. A lawyer can say that women posting on Tick Tock are public figures and their information is easily found online.

      I hate to say this and I’ve long said about getting things done you wouldn’t normally be able to do without a crisis that kills people. Well the same is true about coal fax, when a “Becky” is murdered by a deranged WM who regularly visited such sites, you will see the hammer come down on MGTOW and Incels. One of the tropes that that these murderous incels are Black men dating White women which is easily traced to MGTOW, Incels and Racist.

      That is unless –

      Black men come from behind the shadows of the internet. You won’t do it for yourself, but will you do it to protect Jennifer/Maribel/Ming Lee?

      Another thing, nobody listen to single men. You can try and flip the script but most MGTOW/Incel/SYSBM are single/divorced. Society labels you as bitter/undersexed. Which is why Black women will say you must have been hurt by a woman specifically a Black woman to feel the way you do and that you aren’t dating anybody so that must mean you aren’t having sex regularly.

      It’s nice to complain and I enjoy Verb’s post but the reality is, SYSBM can’t just be for Gen Z and Gen Next, their attitudes around race have already been changed by the communities they live in. I suggest everybody read or listen to the audio book of Eugene Robinson’s book, that really explains it from his OWN perspective as a successful columnist for the Washington Post and his own reality that his children aren’t MLK Pro Black growing up in mostly White DC suburbia.

      One frequent posters asked if I was the same person that posted on Happier Abroad. I left that site not because I was asked to leave or banned. I got tired of the complaining and inaction. I don’t want SYSBM to be for others and we just sit around and complain.

      We can’t just celebrate Coolio for seeing the light, while we sit at home with no relationships and none of the horizon.

      I’m out six-seven days a week to make money because the risk of the virus is worth earning the money. I’ve made more money the last three weeks than the previous three months. I’ve already hit my monthly average with 22 days left in the month.

      I have to go but I’ll have more to say about this on Open Mic Wed.

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      • “We can’t just celebrate Coolio for seeing the light, while we sit at home with no relationships and none of the horizon.”

        Speak for yourself, bro. Single by choice. I don’t want a relationship. I was in one for years. I could have multiple women on a string if I wanted to. No “incel” here.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Djfourmonie,

        Mad Bus Driver is married with children, the Straight Shooter is also married and so is Kirigakure Jones who also has 2 children I believe. I haven’t been single since 2012 and GW3 Extreme is also involved in a long term relationship. Again, SYSBM practitioners aren’t here to brag and boast about our achievements, we just simply get on with our lives. We aren’t looking for attention, we are everybody and anybody and that it the way it’s going to stay.

        SYSBM is not a gimmick lifestyle, it doesn’t need to be advertised or sold to people as if it’s a product, those who are interested will take the philosophy onboard, those who aren’t will simply move onto other things. As I have stated before, a complaint indicates that a change is desired in the thing being critiqued and complained about.

        We analyse and critique black women based upon their abysmal track record and incredibly poor choices, that isn’t complaining, these are legitimate concerns raised especially seeing as the reckless choices that black women make are affecting others around them. We have a right to voice concern over that.

        Again, if you’re expecting SYSBM practitioners to start bragging and boasting about what we are doing in life then you’ll be waiting for a very long time because we don’t operate like that. We aren’t seeking out fame and attention, we much prefer to lead quiet, stress free, productive lives.

        We aren’t interested in what society has to say concerning us, we most certainly are not interested in what black women have to say about SYSBM. Any movement that doesn’t bow down to the sacred cow of feminism will automatically be labelled negatively, that is part and parcel of being a free thinking individual who looks out for himself first.

        Liked by 2 people

      • “We can’t celebrate Coolio for seeing the light, while we sit at home with no relationships on the horizon… ”

        Why not? Coolio’s story is horrific enough on its own. I’d be praising him had he simply gone to ABC news by himself.

        Being happy for a brother in a relationship with a white woman *whilst single* not allowed? Since when? It’s that some kind of new law passed during COVID-19?
        Most of us have had non Black girlfriends before. Some are in relationships now.
        Ever had the feeling that you were happy for someone to win the lottery, even though you personally didn’t own $25million in the bank?

        Look, I get making money first but It’s that assumption that SYSBM = bitter black loner incel being made again, which will make a certain Fake Academic Fountain pleased to know.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. In any city that is Black matriarchal dominated, you’ll find plenty of White gay men. Atlanta is a prime example. Heterosexual white men are extremely rare and even then, they rather be incel than to be with BW.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Wow! So this is how UK Black women are? They are extremely Identitcal to US black women. No wonder why the dating rates of black men dating out is as high as 50% to 60%. It’s funny because I told this to a british white guy a few days ago. I told him the reason why we do not have such a high interrcial rate among black men in the US is because 1. Our history and 2. Although it is perfectly legal for black men to marry white women, it is still considered a taboo!

    When I showed him some of the videos verbs posted about the child abuse, his mouth dropped to the floor and even he agreed that it is best for black men to date out!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Carnio SYSBM,

      Black men in the UK just like black men in the US have grown up with horrible mothers, the only difference is brothers over here jumped on the SYSBM Express much earlier because we were sick and tired of dealing with the same old garbage. I’m glad to see more US brothers now beginning to do the same in huge numbers especially the younger generations like Lebron James’s son.

      Black women in the very near future will be relegated into the annuls of obscurity much sooner than they know it.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Ramsey should be thanking heavens that all he got was a few back talks from those good for nothings! Had it been a top chef black male giving the same criticism, even if he was way more softer, Knifes would had been flying straight at him. Black men are seriously just despised in the eyes of black women. To them we are just like the cock roaches that they found in the restaurant! ANY thinking black man who aspires to be or already is an entrepreneur or a business man MUST NOT have any kind of relations with black women, if he wants to be successful! I know some fella’s here on SLaying evil are traditional and would prefer if their wives or girlfriends would not work. But for other’s like me, would also prefer if she had worked or had her own business. Non-black women, especially Far east asians, make great working partners and contribute far more than what your average black women does. I am not saying that there are no lazy Non-black woman or parasitic non black women, but the number of them are far lower than your average everyday black women who only care about herself!

    Look at the faces of the father who owned that restaurant! All I saw in his face were pure hopelessness and shame. On top of that his wife was going to leave him! This just goes to show you how much of a leech black women truly are! Something that could had been lost that was entirely out of his power,due to the daughters, and the she-bitch would had left him. Honestly I wished his business had failed so she would had left him. That way he would had gotten himself a white women and built it from the ground up! It would had been lovely if the ex-wife happen to stroll by to see the same black man she had abandoned with an even stronger business and a beautiful White Wife! I am positive if his business had failed, white woman wouldn’t just up and leave as fast ass black women would!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. The above videos all point to one thing.

    Any man that would wife a lack woman has low self esteem, low standards and low expectations.
    Lack women are for practicing masochists into s&m.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. As I see the videos, are you really surprised? I’m not. It’s like these hoodrats with their nasty homes for Christ sake. The reason why that these black restaurants don’t last is because if of these hoodrats running it. Their attitude is horrible. They don’t smile; they don’t show no charm whatsoever. And when you see these black restaurants closed down, you know why. Now there are just Caribbean takeaways and the last time I have been to one was in January 2020 in North London. When you have black women working in restaurants especially as managers, that business is going under.
    If Gordon Ramsey didn’t save these restaurants, then they will go out of business and now their business is doing well. Because when a white man is around, black women will listen. If Gordon Ramsey was black, you think these black women will listen to him. Hell no. And you wonder why black men are abandoning black women because they won’t listen. They don’t listen at all and they won’t listen. Black women seems like they enjoy this bad behaviour and this bad attitude and that makes them very unapproachable.
    Thinking black men talk about black women’s bad behaviour on display and when these ghetto hoodrats can’t handle the truth, they send their simps to attack thinking black men but thinking blacking will crew these simps alive when we go to battle with them.
    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe and hold her tight right through the night. Cress her body all night long.

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