Rapper Coolio Goes SYSBM And Talks About His Rough Childhood – Guess Who Raised Him, The Dot Connector!






Firstly, notice how as rapper Coolio was giving an account of his extremely rough childhood and upbringing that his white girlfriend Mimi Ivey was rubbing his back comforting him. Do you believe that you could ever get that kind of support from a modern day black female in your darkest hours, NEVER! You know full well that a black witch would either tell you ‘get over it nigger, what you crying for, are you a man’ or be more than ready to make up some sort of excuse for the black female abuser as this is what most black women do.

Coolio figured it out, he used his own mother as a model of the type of woman NOT to go for though you’ll notice that black women typically attempt to bully and shame black men into going in the opposite direction. One of the main reasons why black women use the “yo momma black” retort is because they know that outside of black men nobody else will date them en mass, another reason is the fact that black women being the devil possessed miserable miscreants that they are desire to see everybody around them in the same cloud of spiritual darkness.

They especially hate seeing black men happy, in the eyes of a black woman a black man’s happiness is forbidden, this is a major reason why black women will do their utmost to dissuade black men from exploring other dating options, after all they aren’t happy so why should you be? The major part of the puzzle that the Oprah Winfrey Network are refusing to call out is the fact that the violence and profound sexual degeneracy that is festering within black society is coming from BLACK WOMEN.

Coolio talked about when he was growing up seeing his mother shoot her boyfriend in the mouth, being sexually abused by another female family member(most children are abused and exploited by women not by men, remember that) and constantly being bullied because at first he wasn’t a violent person despite the incredible amount of violence he saw taking place around him.

I keep on telling you that the overwhelming majority of black women are violent, sexual deviants who set out to ensure that their children WILL NOT be successful in life, this is completely the opposite of non black females and people in general who typically will push their children to do better than they did as well as set their children up to succeed.

Coolio still has many mental scars and the heavy trauma inflicted upon him by his narcissistic mother, he has yet to deal with a large bulk of them, however moving away from toxic black women is a very good start. I talked about in Negro Wars how black women will not only willingly abuse their children but also offer their children up to be abused hence why we frequently hear about them engaging in strange sexually suspect practices with their children, behaving as if their sons are their boyfriends/husbands, knowing full well that the live in boyfriend is paying their daughter unsolicited visits in the dead of the night but the black witch says nothing, turns a blind eye and even has the audacity to accuse the daughter of lying if she has the courage to step forward and reveal the truth.

See, without going further down the rabbit hole Oprah Winfrey and her stooges are at minimum scheming up ways in order to keep the problem in motion, they aren’t here to solve anything nor to bring balance. This is one of the foundational pillars off which SYSBM was created, free thinking black men noting the incredible dysfunction of a matriarchal black society, desiring to break free from the mental chains and shackles imposed upon them by these malevolent black women in order to start a fresh elsewhere.

As many of us have witnessed first hand, nothing good ever comes from black women, when you mention the words “black women” to anybody regardless of their ethnicity, I guarantee you that they will have nothing positive to say about them. Black single mother households breed nothing but pain, misery, death, destruction, violence and sexual degeneracy, here are just a few videos demonstrating that statement:

Black women as a collective are weave makeup and fake eyelash wearing, heartless, no maternal instinct possessing, cold blooded, sexually depraved, violent, child killing, child abusing mercenaries the likes of whom black females such as Oprah Winfrey, her crew and others who think like her seek to protect at all costs, however if we reversed the situation and black men were the primary ones brewing and festering these dysfunctional behaviours, you can guarantee that black women even now more than before would be calling for us to be tarred, feathered and burned alive at the stake, the hypocrisy indeed.

Black women ritualistically and religiously beat their children black and blue from pillar to post with any weaponry they can lay their hands on day in and day out but then wonder why their are so many black men walking around with mental issues and incredibly violent tendencies wishing to fight and shoot anything and everything that moves. Talking about ‘you black men are messed up’ yet conveniently failing to examine who were and are the primary culprits responsible for raising them that way, smh

The nerve of black witches like Oprah, pretending to want to solve the problem, yet making no real moves to solving the problem at all, smh. Again, those of you who haven’t already I implore you to read my book Negro Wars where I go into depth talking about black women and how mistreatment and all manner of abuse of children by them is too common.

There is a silver lining though, I’m glad to see more younger black men breaking free and dating out at an astronomical rate, this is the direct result of being treated like absolute garbage by their mothers for years and then subsequently by potential black women who they were looking to date and possibly marry.

The message is simple, in order to decontaminate and deprogram from the black female’s witchcraft, you must walk away from them altogether and never look back, black men with sense and intelligence will have no problems doing this, however most black men unfortunately will continue to cleave to their number one enemy to their own detriment.

That isn’t my problem, my purpose is to put the information out there and to show black men that there are alternative paths available that can offer them rest, peace, sanctuary and mental restoration. As has been stated by many contributors here before, with black women carrying out their contractual obligations to keep black men and black society both flat on their faces on behalf of their lord and saviour Admiral Frost, SYSBM for the free thinking black man is no longer an option, IT HAS BECOME MANDATORY! #SYSBMFORETERNITY

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Truly Continues

Avoid Black Women And Single Black Mothers Like The Plague When And Where Possible

Most High Bless

170 thoughts on “Rapper Coolio Goes SYSBM And Talks About His Rough Childhood – Guess Who Raised Him, The Dot Connector!

  1. Yet another successful black man with a childhood wartime story.

    Can you imagine the deep traumatic scars caused by a child witnessing a shooting in the home?
    How about being whipped from pillar to post with belts, electrical cords, wire hangers, slippers, heels, switches?
    Maybe your mother inappropriately fondled you sexually?
    Our she just continually screams at you for no reason other than she hates your existence?

    Coolio’s story is no different than the countless thousands of black men raised by a non-human entity, hellbent on destroying your spirit for their own purposes. The fact that Mimi is his girlfriend is proof alone that he wants deep healing.

    Thing is, white women to a tortured black man represents peace, love and a chance to heal and soothe the soul. It’s wrong to only suggest that SYSBM equals sex, it’s so much more than that. For a black man, it represents a new way of doing life.

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    • Michel,

      Coolio literally went to hell and back. As you stated this type of account is typical with black men being raised in these dark and evil single mother households. The evil these black women engage in knows no bounds, this is why I have no problems calling them Satan’s right hand henchwomen.

      And to think that we have brainwashed and indoctrinated pro black simps and other black female advocates who would attempt to explain away such evil and dysfunction as ‘normal’. I hope Coolio and other black men who have suffered at the hands of the black witch can make full recoveries, it is possible, however that road can be long and hard.

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      • Verbs,

        You mentioned forgiveness as a way to put back men’s abuse in the past. How on earth does one forgive such evil violations on the self? How is it right that the responsibility for healing the absolute worst abuse lies with the victim?

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      • Michel,

        I hear you, however the forgiveness part of the equation is for YOU, not for them. It is beneficial for YOUR healing and restoration journey. See, once you’ve been enlighten to what is going on, now you have to look out for YOUR OWN best interests, even if some of those may involve making extremely uncomfortable decisions. I hear what you are saying, the perpetrators are still evil tossers who still deserve to receive every imaginable punishment in the book as well as rot in hell, however YOU DON’T DESERVE THE SAME.

        The forgiveness part though hard is very important also because by doing so you can put a stop to the possibility of your own derailment and ending up perpetuating the same cycle. It’s all about cleaning up loose ends on YOUR SIDE, not theirs. This is why prayer is also so important because the Most High can effortlessly bring you to a point where you can do that, remember, NOT for them but for YOUR mental health and well-being.

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      • Verbs,

        Whenever I see these videos of mentally and emotionally disturbed black scraggle daggles, I think back to the black male simps. I put a lot of the responsibility for perpetuating this behavior, on the black male simp. Here’s why. The men of no other racial community, not Caucasian, not Asian, not Hispanic, not Arab, not Persian, none, would tolerate this type of behavior from their women. Consequentially, you don’t find women from any non black ethnicity, behaving this way as a collective.

        Having said this, I don’t give a pass to the the scraggle daggle mothers, aunts, older sisters, and peers, of these beasts. They hand this ,behavior down from generation to generation. The simp’s responsibility for perpetuating this behavior, is that he doesn’t reject it, he doesn’t resist it, he validates it.

        To further bring home my point, look at how black male simps attack SYSBM, or any other Black Men, who call out the scraggle daggle’s behavior. Not only does the black simp attack any Black Men who call out this behavior, but the black simp applauds this behavior. He finds it feminine and sexy. This is why I don’t take part in the pathological rituals of the so called Black Communitah. And I can honestly say that from my experience, most black males are simps. Simping is so natural to them that they don’t even realize its pathological.

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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        We’ve said it here many times before that the simps are far more of a problem than the black females they support and uphold. These simps have become a true pestilence and a curse of black society. This doesn’t bother me because I left and have no plans to return and I preach the same message to any other black man with sense and intelligence, walk away from the so called black community and NEVER look back.

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      • @ Michel @Verbs
        On the topic of forgiveness I feel there might need to be a change of terminology because so many people struggle with it. In most peoples mind forgiveness means to absolve, and I feel that is where the hesitation lies. I think a better term is to let go. What happened to abused children is not okay but to remain hung up on it with only hurt you and your opportunities in the long run.

        I think of it this way. Suppose someone owes you a lot of money and it’s stressing you out, you’re calling him several times a day threatening him etc. One day you realize that you are never going to recoup those funds so you right it off and move on. It wasn’t right what they did, you’re not trying to be their friend and you most certainly are not giving them any more loans.

        But you’re also not burning up time and energy obsessing about the wrong that was done to you, and now you start to channel your energy in more positive ways. You’ve written off the debt, but that doesn’t amend your judgement of the person. Just my take.

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      • Upgraydd,

        I cannot disagree with anything you’ve just said. Additionally I personally would still include prayer as a means to ensure that you can have the maximum state of recovery.

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    • “Thing is, white women to a tortured black man represents peace, love and a chance to heal and soothe the soul. It’s wrong to only suggest that SYSBM equals sex, it’s so much more than that. For a black man, it represents a new way of doing life.”

      The opposition who says that SYSBM is only for women / sex really do tell on themselves. Sex is important we know, but SYSBM is much deeper than that. They’re looking at it on a base sex level. It’s scary because you have to ask if these guys are even aware of themselves sexually.

      My ex-gf’s ( the last black chick I dated who was mixed anyways, LOL) aunt was a popular therapist in my area who just retired at the end of last year. She said that usually when people bring up sex in a topic, it’s because it’s been in their subconscious since childhood ( the media does a great job with that with constant images, especially in the 80s and 90s). Or, they were abused at a young age sexually and their natural sexual development was tainted and ruined. (She mentioned homosexuality, but she NEVER publicly discussed this. She definitely old school, but that wouldn’t really go over well with her gay black clients or the APA)

      She said that most of the public point this out when it comes to Industries like pornography. But she mentions is way more common among various groups than most people want to admit. Which is why she emphasized on becoming at least consciously aware of your incompetence.

      It is also a backhanded admission that these guys look at black woman as a sex object and what she can do for him. It’s fucked up but who raised them to look at them as a sex object? Ijs

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    A lot of us black men unfortunately grew up in violent black single mother homes because they ruled by a iron fist and fear and that’s the reason why alot of us black men especially SYSBM black men including myself choose to walk away from the black community for good and choose to date childfree non black women instead. I am still carrying the mental scars from my childhood when my step mum used to hit me and tell me that I wont amount to anything in life and despite all that shit that I have went through I don’t have any kids yet at 37, I don’t have a criminal record and I am not a gangster or thug causing misery on people’s lives plus I am highly educated and well spoken black man with 5 qualifications including 2 business degrees. I will date a childfree non black women over any type of black women any day of the week.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The so called black community(black women) is a cesspool of filth and dysfunction which I want nothing to do with. No matter which direction I look in it’s the same story, black men who grew up being beaten and neglected by their mothers day in and day out and many of them as grown men are still carrying the mental scar of those torturous years.

      This is why separation from these evil black sirens is of the utmost importance and is the first step towards mental restoration. I don’t care what black women say, the overwhelming of them provide clear and present examples of the type of women NOT to go for.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Once things get back to normal I am thinking of going back to counselling to heal my childhood mental scars.

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      • Quincy,

        No need to wait, you can do it yourself right away.

        YouTube has plenty of healing meditations, PTSD trauma meditations are the most effective.

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      • That was extremely painful to listen to. Coolio should be commended for not turning out worse than he did!! Also, peep the OWN network trying to create a perpetual motion engine to be able to garner ratings off of this man’s (and others like his’) pain to keep her show from tanking! Instead of pointing him to either REAL potential healing in the form of an actual certified, licenced psychologist, by which he would need treatment for several years, or even going as far as blaming the abusive black mother, which by extension just might tacitly indict all single, black mothers, as the actual beginning of his sorrows, she’d just rather the pain be laid bare and minimum treatment applied to keep the gravy train rolling! Can you imagine the horror stories that we’d hear about if only ten percent of the B1 crowd were to come clean about the crap they went through growing up because of “MOMMA!!” as Tommy S. would say!? SMGH!! On the flipside, Verbs is correct Michel, the forgiveness is for you not the abuser. Think of it this way, if shecontinues to affect your life decades after you walked away, she wins as having had the MOST continuous impact upon your life! If you don’t want that to be the case, a relationship with TMH and the healing that comes from limiting this creatures impact upon yourself via forgiving the trollop is in order! I pray healing and closure upon ALL who have suffered from this, and yes Aaron Fountain, ironically enough, that would include you too.

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      • Andre,

        Well stated, the OWN machine is in full swing seeking to capitalise to the maximum degree from Coolio’s pain and suffering. Oprah will never point the finger at her motley crew of decadent black queanies, nope, gotta keep the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure off the hook as per usual, disgusting and reprehensible behaviour.

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  3. Stop listening to rap music helps a lot when it comes to healing. Also, this includes to stop having degenerate sex with strange women. Sex is supposed to be loving, not just a one night stand with someone you barley know. For me personally, I got into technology and to video game music and jazz when I was younger. Homeschooling works wonders as well when you have kids. Also, stay away from toxic family members and in laws that always plot against you on the basis of a false lie especially bitter black elderly women.

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    • Trap “music”, degenerate sex and constant fighting are all about lowering your personal vibe, so it matches that of the communiteh.

      Fear, hopelessness and victim mentality are low vibe states designed to keep free thinking brothers in their own plantation mind prison. “Selling out” really means escaping and raising the vibe.

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      • Verbs,

        “That part about not having degenerate sex with strange women is very important because whores and harlots pass on their demons to others.’

        So true, so true.

        Whores and harlots also pass on their STDS to others. In addition to their spiritual depravity, whores and harlots are usually mentally and emotionally disturbed. They are incapable of loving and being loved. Best to avoid all contact with them.

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    • Words to live by. However, As a generation Z brotha, I still listen to Hip Hop and R&B, but I mess with Old School Hip Hop and R&B because that’s when that music actually meant something. All this trap, mumble rapping, Lil Yacthy, 6ix9ine, Cardi B, whoever these people listen too, don’t gets no pay around me. Old School, 90s and early 2000s all day son. I also listen to House, Pop, Rock, Latin, and Reggae music too. Having sex with random women, and one night stands, that’s a big no-no for me. I like to make connections first with women, I ain’t no pump and dump type of women.

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    • Video Games, Electronic music, and Drawing Anime characters was my go to when ever I got stressed. It is like medicine fo me. My mother always tried destroy my hobbies but my passion for them was just far too powerful than her abuse. Video games and drawing is what literally kept me sane. It was what me and my father use to do ALL the time when we were together.

      I have not seen my mother in probably 7 or 8 years and it was the best thing I have ever done in my entire life. I cannot tell you how many people hate hearing those words. “How can someone be happy without their mother? ” they always say!

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      • Carnio SYSBM,

        I have a close friend who hasn’t seen or spoken to his mother in over 10 years for similar reasons, we’ve seen that most black mothers are beyond trash, only those who are brainwashed cannot see why an individual would not want to see the mother who was constantly abusive towards him.

        Toxic family members must be cut off regardless of who they are, nobody is exempt from getting the boot, not even black mothers, in fact more so them as they are the worst and unmatched in their level of evil and wickedness.

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  4. Black women say: Nig*as ain’t shit. I am going to get me a white man.

    Black men say: Do not call me a nig*a. Are you aware that black men come from the wombs of black women? Are you aware that white men come from the wombs of white women? Are you also aware that very few white men want to pass over white and non-black women to be with a black woman? Please answer these questions.

    Black women say: ______________________________________________________

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  5. Just after evidence after evidence after evidence after evidence, the question is starting to raise up is this: Are black women fit to be anything but a savage, sexual misfit? Nowadays, you don’t see nothing good coming out the damn black woman in America. Only a sweet, tiny percent of black woman got some good in them, the rest just OMG man. I trying to figure out do black women love black men like they say they do, or they just trying to gas us up. To be honest, I feel for brothas that got rough childhoods because I can relate. Now that I’m 20, about to be 21 in a few weeks, trust me, after all the beatings I took when I was younger, the threaten to whup my butt, the talking shit behind my back (not from family, but from people who I went to school with), yelling at me, my people thinking I’m still a child, try to do that now, the clap-back will be strong, and Idc neither, that’s just gonna show I’m not playing, and I’m not little or no teen no more. Now I know why I’m not putting my damn seed into no black woman in America. My seed is a no savage policy. If I do have kids when I get older, my kids are not finna be savages. They’re gonna be good people. Of course, I’m gonna teach them self defense, but I’m not finna teach them to be savages.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      I’m glad this information is being put out there so that younger guys like yourself can get to grips with the problems earlier on so that they don’t impede on your life down the pike. These black women have inflicted so much damage on the black youth, they’ll be recompensed in full for their transgressions. Only a brainwashed fool would put his seed into these devils.

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    • @D.K.Phantom
      Good on you bro. When I was your age I was torn between 2 worlds. I was starting to venture out into decent society but I was still physically living in the hood and they do a really good job at pressuring you to remain on the plantation especially when it comes to who you date.

      At 22,23 I was having a very rough time, the lowest that I have every been before or since and I’m ashamed to say I hooked up with a ratchet daggle. Biggest mistake of my life, but as soon as I got on my feet and got my finances together I dropped her like a bad habit, no discussion, no phone call I just ghosted. My life got better in every single category.

      She was what I needed to drop the communitah forever, there was no going back after that.

      I did date a couple upper class black women after that, but I have never been with any hood boogies since.

      Get as far away as fast as you can. It may be rough at first on your own, but you’ll gain strength and will be a million miles away from the hell you came from.

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  6. “There is a silver lining though, I’m glad to see more younger black men breaking free and dating out at an astronomical rate, this is the direct result of being treated like absolute garbage by their mothers for years and then subsequently by potential black women who they were looking to date and possibly marry.”

    True facts right there. On TikTok, you actually have young, pretty white girls flat out saying how much they love everything about black boys whereas with our own female counterparts, the square, productive young brother gets nothing but scorn from his mother on down.

    Even if those girls are trolling for online attention, they’re still being more positive than the typical “niggas ain’t shit” or whiteboy-worshipping black girls of the same age group.

    I am also heartened to see the young bucks break free from the mental plantation at earlier and earlier ages. I’ve even seen comments here and there from black moms who have resigned themselves to their sons bringing home white girls. Generations of unchecked matriarchy and abuse is coming home to roost. As Dr. David Carroll says, “2020 is the year of ‘I Told You So.'”

    Happy Friday, Gents!

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  7. The bible verse “come out of her my people” was aimed at us, both literally and figuratively.

    Don’t hang around her, don’t go inside of her, and definitely don’t cum inside of her.

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  8. Wow; so, “Gangster’s Paradise” is not just a song to him, he actually lived it. I know my imagination pales in comparison to the horrors he described; I wish I could’ve heard the conversation after the video cut off when that Black woman asked him about how his childhood trauma destroyed him as a partner in relationships.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      These black women especially these single mothers have a lot to answer for. This is the problem when you’re raised under the house of a mentally ill, violent, mentally challenged poor excuse of a mother.

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  9. I never knew this about Coolio.. His story hit me, especially because I’m currently reshaping the circle of people that I want around me.. Family wise, I’ve been exposed to manipulation, unhinged sexual behavior (on minors), religious dogmatism to the extreme (yet with a lot of hypocrisy going on), narcissism, hood mentalities and getting downplayed for not participating in the black culture program. Both black women and men did this.

    I’m fighting hard to not let my rage get the best of me and just focus on continuing the buildup of my own life – with my own thoughts, ideas, interests and lifestyle. I’m currently getting psychological help in order to rebuild myself, heal from trauma and be more and more unapologetic for maintaining distance from certain people – family or not. I’ve made the decision to ONLY surround myself with people who not only accept me for who I am, but who are uplifting, decent, creative, inspiring, ambitious, intelligent and caring – and most of my friends are non-black. I focus on my interests like art, culture, jazz (I’ve been ridiculed for loving jazz music – wtf), and build a lifestyle from there.

    If there’s one summarizing fact that one can definitely take from Coolio’s story, is that the ones closest to you – your biological family, can hurt and destroy you the most with their toxic and dysfunctional behavior, and that’s a damn shame because that’s not normal. I’m happy to know that not only is Coolio still around, but that he has a beautiful and supportive woman next to him.

    If you’re aware of the dysfunction, and the uncomfortable feeling family members can give you with their ignorant and dangerous nature – leave and/or leave them behind. You can love them from a very healthy distance. Life’s too short, so shape into something healthy and joyful. #SYSBM

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    • VenomLeon —- OMG. You like jazz? Unknowing black people say: Black folks are not supposed to listen to jazz, rock, or country music. You are supposed to listen to rap music, trap music, and R&B. —— [Never mind the fact that black people played a substantial role in creating jazz, rock, and country music —– Please note that HANK WILLIAMS, the godfather of country music, was schooled in music by a black man].

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      • I don’t really listen to much of today’s hip hop, I listen to a mix of everything. My thing is, if it sounds good and I understand the message the artist is trying to project, then it’s good music. The fact that they question the music you listen to further solidifies the theory of the black box mindset. When it comes to rock that communitah calls it devil music while at the same time bumping music that disrespects women and brags about killing one their own, smh.

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      • @Gregory C

        “No one is as willing to throw away their culture like black people” -Eubie Blake 1887-1983 Ragtime (pre-jazz) pioneer.

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      • I sort of didn’t want post a reply because music is very personal. That said, I’m a DJ and that’s very public. I don’t have a problem with today’s rap/trap at all, the lyrics are repetitive because that’s what the market demands.

        That is not saying markets aren’t manipulated, of course they are.

        The basis for popular music comes from people of color, full stop. So when Black people want to put you in a box don’t let them.

        Rap and Dance music dovetails nicely with my car audio hobby, not an audiophile at all. I dabble in music theory mainly how what was called danceable R&B in the late 1969’s morphed into everything you see now including Rap, maybe a historian is closer to the point.

        I appreciate all the modern and postmodern eras of music. Jazz is okay, I find many Black people trend toward Jazz as I think there’s a notion that Rap is for young people and as you get older and more responsible you connect more with Jazz than with the rambunctious and revolutionary nature of Rap.

        Since I never matured (If the metric is having a mortgage, marriage and children) I still listen to lots of Rap but I don’t identify with it, if anything I identify with Lil Dickey more than Wiz Khalifa, IE the dichotomy of rap coming from suburban Whites (minus Eminem) vs inner city/rural Blacks.

        Responsible Rap still exist but it’s not on regular radio and it’s not even in general rotation on SiriusXM, I recommend DJ Premier’s show Live from HQ on Tues and Rap is Outta Control on Sun. If that’s what you are missing. I get tired of the Boom Bap though, so my favorite shows are DJ Wonder’s Animal Status where he plays everything and The Drive on Sunday Night which is all Midwest DJ’s usually members of the Core DJ Crew.

        That’s how I listen to music, sequenced, beat mixed, on time, etc.

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    • I listen to a lot of stuff. I got ridiculed for listening to some stuff also. My response was always total indifference. “I love music more than I love fitting in with people. If it came down to it, I’d keep my “forbidden” music and get rid of YOU.”😂💯

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    • VenomLeon,

      I’m glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery, this is another reason why I have continued to talk about topics like this, brothers can come to slaying Evil and talk about their issues, grievances, problems and struggles WITHOUT the ridicule, the laughter and the mocking one would normally expect when dealing with community Negroes.

      As the saying goes, not all skin folks are kin folks and that definitely applies when it comes down to certain family members. Black men in order to maximise their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional restoration must be prepare to cut toxic family members off or at least cut down communicating and interacting with them as much as possible.

      Stay strong brother, continue to implement your plan towards a full recovery and you’ll come out on the other side a new man.

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  10. Verbs,

    Just to add on to that deprogramming part, I’m trying to deprogram myself from saying “nigga”, It just makes me sound like I have limited vocabulary. It’s not like saying “nigger” but it’s still bad.

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    • Black Tiger,

      I’m hearing you on that one bro, that word is hardwired into the Black American lexicon and it was woven into common speech by the same black females who claim to be a cut above the same black men they’ve brought so much damage upon.

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    • Thank you! Now, here is the thing, notice when black men want to let that word disappear, GUESS WHO KEEPS IT GOING??? Clue number one: Whose children are more likely to use the word nigger in its many forms now, WW/BM or BM/BW? Clue number two: SNOOP DOGG once tried to lead a movement to stop saying nigger, and say nephew instead, taking the negative connections away altogether…guess who BALKED at the idea (note how often SNOOP is seen around BW nowadays). Lastly, nigger and niggress once prevalent in the American lexicon….now only nigger, the MALE version is only used.

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  11. I bet his “mother” didn’t hesitate to capitalize off his success, though. Probably didn’t help him one bit to become the musician that he is.

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      • @Schadenfreude
        I got the same thing at home. Basically I’d get insulted and criticized for any interest that I took up that my mother had no hand in. For example. I have been playing drums since I was 9 but I get criticized for that. I get lauded for playing guitar which I started when I was 14 because my mother bought me my first guitar. So basically she only supports me in the things she can take credit for. This is most likely one reason why she sabotages any employment opportunities I had.

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      • BC, your mom is a real sicko. Mine wasn’t that bad, just a simple-minded BW of her days and times who was ill-equipped for a gifted son. She was typical in many ways. If I didn’t look like my mother’s side of the family, I’d think I was an outside baby.

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      • @Schadenfreude.

        YUP. She tried for years in my childhood to get me to hate my dad. My dad was wayyyy better. Even after the divorce he always came on my school trips and to my concerts. My mother, even though she wants to steal credit for some instruments I play, never once came to one of my concerts. LOL. No wonder my dad went SYSBM immediately after the divorce and married a white woman.
        Black women are trash. Yes that includes mothers. Utter garbage.

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  12. Has anyone wonder why some Brothers resort to serial killing of black women? The common denominator: They were badly used and abused by those “queans”. That’s unfortunate but those evil witches pushed them in that direction. I’m talking about serial killers such as:

    Anthony Sowell: Mom abused him, witnessed his grandmother abused and molested her kids and grandkids in 1950s-1970 Cleveland.

    Benjamin Atkins: Abused as a child by his prostitute mother in Detroit.

    Henry Louis Wallace: Severely abused and was made to witness perverted acts by his witch mother.

    Read up on their bios online and in books. The common denominator is black scraggle daggle.
    I can’t blame Coolio for choosing nonblack women. Good for him.


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    • You make a wonderful point! I said that something like this a couple articles ago. That there will be black boys/Men who could start a black woman misogynist group and start killing black women. Or at least there will be black male serial killers who is specialized in murdering only black women due to his up brining. Nothing to do with Inceldom or MSTOW-dom. it is simply motivated by the fact that this is their reaction and response

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      • Black Caesar,

        Yep, this kind of thing is all over twitter too. I even made a separate account to dive deeper the into massive black man worship movement there. Asians, latinas, and even Middle eastern women are in on it. I would leave some screenshots here (more nude and explicit), but that would ruin the fun of discovering how deep their devotion to the black man goes on twitter.😉

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      • @Michel

        “Chia seeds”? The seeds they use to grow those Chia Pets? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      • Well Damn,

        No wonder why white incels are jealous! But hey, They did it to themselves!
        Maybe black mwn should do the same; Make tiktok videos of writing “I love white girls” this time they will be killing two birds with one stone (ie Black women and White Incels)

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      • @Carnio SYSBM
        A campaign in response to that coalfax site should start up.
        Oh, and it looks like the actual coalfax site is down.

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      • Black Caesar,

        Yet Slaying Evil is still going strong, why? It’s because over here we expose the truly evil nature of the modern day black female and in light of this advise free thinking black men to expand upon their dating options. Those Coal Fax dudes were engaging in extremely dodgy behaviour, interracial dating is not evil and it most certainly doesn’t warrant lighting white women up for having a preference towards black men.

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      • @Verbs

        Yup. As the great Hardcore Tito said, “racial purity is the mating call of the undesirable”.
        The funny thing about white guys who preach “racial purity” is that most of them identify as conservative when what they actually want is a form of sexual socialism. How is that conservative? 🤣
        These are just lazy guys.

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      • Racist neckbeard asks WW: have you fucked a Negro before me?

        Racist neckbeard then seeks out Asian women for easy vagina.

        Can y’all see the house of cards made of soybean here?

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      • @Michel
        Let’s be clear. The reason white men go after Asian women is because an Asian woman will squeal like a pig if you stick a toothpick in it. 😂😂😂 They’re the closest thing to a child that the white man truly wants. Why? Because they make him feel like he is of..ahem…normal size. 🤣

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      • @Black Tiger

        THE OBSESSION IS REAL WITH THESE TWITTER CHICKS. Doing my game/Pua days (post-simp days I admit), I have literally tweeted my way into some coochie. It was hit or miss and other obvious factors when it comes to being online. At time, it was easier than going on Tinder.

        Most of these chicks were fit and in shape. IT WAS SO SURREAL. towards the end of the 2000s– early 2010s, they started becoming bold with their moves. Especially on Twitter.

        This’ll make people like the insecure, entitled idiots that frequent that coal-whatever website big mad, LMFAO. (Btw all of this while still being myself and not having to front like a stereotype. Remember #3 #SayNoToWaggles)

        Especially if you are aggressive but confident and seductive. Your aura and energy, even a slight bit gets them going, I bulshit you not. Anybody who has had this experience can so fucking relate. Even if you’re in a long-term relationship sysbm Style. The younger ones definitely go for that and start calling you their “black Zaddy” , tell you that their coochie belongs to you, among other things.

        of course I had a vetting process and a whole scenario I use with these chicks. Unfortunately, most of these chicks we’re fucking crazy. And these hoes low-key kept a few different type of ebony dudes around then, typically. I won’t even get into the ones who were in relationships with non black men. Nothing like them confessing this to you or calling / texting her dude after you just got thru Smashing and she has a after sex glow lol. But is anyone really surprised by this?

        This is how I found out it was common for these chicks to have a brother or a maggle dude in their orbit. This is why I had to come and go from them. Not to mention a few of them dropped the n-word on me and I had to hold my cool let’s just say that. This is the west and I am an ebony brother, so I’m still cautious about the game they run on us.

        And this is outside of the random Hotel parties that the chicks had where a couple or few of us ebony bros ran trains on them. Thanks to Twitter

        It’s almost as if it is as common as putting on makeup for some of these chicks. Once I started traveling and meeting foreign chick, I kind of just gravitated more towards that type. It’s just better

        My point is long story short, the obsession is real with them. But I strongly advise you to use your discretion. Take it from me. This is part of the tenets, particularly number 3

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      • Neckbeard has lost his domain though. No domain, no site.

        Michel, you are partially correct.

        In December, I experienced the same thing as Coalfax.

        When a person register a domain anonymously, especially in another country, most of the time, he/she really don’t own it. That’s the trade off. You have complete anonymity, but some shady domain registrars will not truly give you ownership.

        One indicator of ownership is the ability to transfer the domain to another domain registrar. If you cannot do that fairly simple task, then you don’t own it. I learned that painful lesson.

        You are correct in that he lost his domain. He lost it via something called a DNS hijacking, because he didn’t lock down his domain. How could he? He never owned it. However, he still has a site (most importantly to the owner, he still has the data).

        It will be a pain for him to bring his site back online, because he will need to inspect hundreds of configuration files to update the domain name. That is extremely difficult for a WordPress-driven site. But it can be done.

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      • The domain is still there, the content is not. Maybe the web host acknowledged the complaints they were getting on their complaint form, thought about the legal liability if something happens to any of the women listed there, and told the devil to find another host.

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      • And it’s not hard to transfer the site — especially if it’s WordPress. (It’s harder if it’s NOT wordpress than if it is…) If you know what you’re doing, it’s pretty much an automatic process, with a little clean-up.

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      • Looks like our complaints (along with others) were effective. Here’s the message from the loser, now posted to http://thotpatroller.com/
        “We will be back. Here’s what happened.
        About 36 hours before it all went to shit our hosting provider asked us to stop using their services. I had only been using them for 10 days, and this is normally a host who doesn’t give a shit.
        Then while I was looking for a new host, our domain starting being taken offline. The registrar typically doesn’t stop providing service unless Russian authorities get involved. It only took them two weeks to get tired of coalfax.
        The coalfax.ru domain is officially suspended like our .com domain was.
        I tried to expand too quickly and was working on the onlyfans registry while not making sure coalfax was stable enough to exist.
        In only two weeks I went through 4 hosts and 2 domain registrars. Even though I never supported any violence or anything related to Nazi propaganda, they all assumed I was.
        Even 8chan and dailystormer didn’t go through this much censorship. I am not in any way saying I am affiliated or supporting of these sites, they are simply examples of other sites who went through similar censorship.
        Difference is they existed for years before their censorship happened, coalfax existed for two weeks.
        So what was with the hacking/trolling?
        I called it quits. Two weeks, all that work, and hundreds of dollars already invested made it seem like an impossible task so I decided to have fun with it.
        With all that said, I’ll be giving it one more try. The anger from roasties and seeing all the leftists applaud thinking they’ve won has annoyed me.
        I’ll be on a hiatus while I research proper hosting and registrars. We’ll be back by the end of May at the latest.
        In the meantime I see there are many clones already being created. The more of these sites exist the harder it will be for all of them to get taken down.
        If you want a site to be added here while I work on bring coalfax back email me. Be warned that trannies are probably going to read this and target your sites next
        …So when they put new sites up, let’s not forget to attack those too. (Not to mention the email address… Though I believe the asshat misspelled his own email address, writing “.su” instead of “.ru”. I have a feeling that he has eyes on this forum, so watch that error get corrected expeditiously… He probably even posts here. They’re not the brightest bulbs in the pack, and they’re both obsessed by and fascinated with black men, so he likely visits here more than he does stormfront. Watch for suspiciously defeatist sentiments being posted…)

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      • Interesting. The idiot doesn’t even know who to research and plan before creating a controversial site. If he weren’t such a racist douche bag, I would have emailed him and gave him pointers, given that I support free speech.

        By reading his message, he definitely could preempt the attacks. Fuck him. Let him figure it out on his own and on his wallet.

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      • “I called it quits. Two weeks, all that work, and hundreds of dollars already invested made it seem like an impossible task so I decided to have fun with it.”

        This pigskin, by his own admission, spend hundreds of dollars of his own money to track white women who wouldn’t otherwise give him the time of day.

        White. Men. Are. Pussies.

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  13. What else needs to be said? This was painful to watch. The clip was only just over two minutes and it made me furious listening to his story. No child deserves to feel unsafe in their own home, especially by the people they are supposed to count on to feel safe and loved.

    Most of us can relate growing up in a dysfunctional home with dysfunctional parents (maybe not this dysfunctional but dysfunctional nevertheless). We grow up thinking anything that isn’t chaos, grief and misery is abnormal, and we will move heaven and earth to regress to our means; which is dysfunction and definitely NOT normal.

    Seeing loving families who have each other’s backs and support is unheard of for most of us, and when things become too uncomfortable, we shut down, or push people away. Because most of us sadly, were never actually shown or learned how to manage our emotions other than violent outbursts until much later in life. Personally speaking, I’ve had this mindset for years, and it has cost me numerous relationships, a job or two and a few friendships along the way.

    Breaking these mental chains is not easy, but it is necessary for your own sake. It doesn’t matter if they’re a long time friend, or your immediate family. And the closer they are, the harder it will be for you to see in most cases.

    I’m currently in the process of cutting my family off COMPLETELY (I keep giving them chances, and they keep giving me reasons why cutting them off is the right choice). My lady was initially against it and said it wasn’t that bad, but she’s now on board after about six months. She hates them, but is civil only for my sake. I won’t say it’s all their faults, but the blame for why things are the way the are are not even remotely close to being even.

    I’m using the plandemic to cut these people out of your life once and for all. Using the guise of social distancing (they’re all super liberal and have cnn on 24 hours a day, so it makes this too easy) and positioning myself from them as effectively, quickly and strategically as possible. Too many things have happened, too many fights (both physical and screaming), too much backstabbing to apologize away. I’m done.

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    • Let this be a lesson to you.

      I have been talking to the half sister I never knew until the death of my stepfather.

      She never knew her half sister until they had a chance meeting at the hospital she was working at, in the maternity ward.

      My stepfather daughter is ratchet personified; Multiple children by different, no real education beyond high school, grew up in the same era that NWA comes out of in South Los Angeles.

      The woman I’m talking to said she was floored when she saw they had the same last name which is fairly rare.

      Well what this this ratchet daughter do? She asked for money…. A person she just met, didn’t know, what’s happy with only meeting a woman that is her sibling but wanted money from her.

      This thought process hasn’t changed. Think about it. LEAVE THESE WOMEN ALONE, if you have family and any part of them are ratchet, disconnect from them. Unless you like to be disappointed or lose money.

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    • F Da Communitah,

      You’re doing the right thing, I remember Obsidian brought up this very issue on one of MBD’s hangouts, this is the difference between free thinking black men SYSBM or otherwise, we aren’t afraid to cut off family members who have proven themselves to be burdensome stones, obstructions, liabilities and hindrances in our lives.

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    • @F Da Communitah
      Take my advice. RUN

      I have not communicated with anyone I’m related to since October 2017, except the one lapse of judgement when I against my better judgement spent some time with my brother. Trust me, you will have so much peace.

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  14. Not sure how to address yall in and on this topic but uh? I thought I’d throw in my unasked 2 cents….to be sure, some of you may know my unapologetic positions on 99.9% of all western black white hispanic asian and mixed race fefails who practice nothing but radical toxic all wing/wave me too jim crow feminism in all areas….including in the presence of blackmen indeed.

    Now….we all if not most of us can cosign, concur, and relate to the upbringings of one Coolio…because we have to admit, though it never came down to that extent but someway and somehow with somebody we know and/or have witnessed the blood spills, the loud shouting matches, all mental/physical/ psychological unprovoked attacks and abuse of children due to the alienation and visitation rights etc. and the list goes on.

    On the serious strength tip, You know, my rhetorical question still remains unanswered in regards to……”going sysbm” and trust me….I’ll get to it. But how did Coolio “go sysbm”? By talking to a western white female about his a rough childhood? (Scoffing Fiercely) Come Now. Do you really think that white female he’s with even cares about what he went through as a blackman?(Now that’s just one of the rhetorical questions that sets the tone) And I bring this to surface because…..out of all the [token] white hispanic asian including the mixed race females I’ve been with, I poured my heart out passionately about my upbringings and what I had to go thru to get where I wanted to be without serving a day in the slams and still got called:
    “Square” etc. Ecetera. ETCETERA!
    And dumped in lieu of. But the above mentioned went back to the savagery of these scummy dirtbags who were in the slams.
    So….Smmfh….that really doesn’t have a thorough explanation of what it means to “go sysbm” by talking to a white female about having a rough childhood and then some. Indeed, most have jewels and unicorns, but for me, ain’t no white hispanic asian and/or mixed race female got the time and energy nor brain power to listen to what a blackman has to say at all now under the midst of the apocallaptic pandemic SHTF/Fema.

    My heart goes out to Coolio for setting the example of being what I call A Massacre Survivor. I strongly commend him. Like many if not most us, same thing. But…l seriously need y’alls help on this one here.

    Is getting with a western white hispanic asian and/or mixed race female the solution/ narrative/protocol of being and “going sysbm”? Or is sysbm just means simply by saving yourself and not dealing with western females in all areas at all?

    Can anyone help me out with this?
    Because last time checked, “sysbm Philosophy is about helping brothas” Welp? I Am A Brotha! So let’s go ahead and set any and everything aside for just a minute and let’s talk solutions…..shall we?

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    • @Tigah.
      Totally agreed. Females in general are indifferent to men’s suffering. Speaking from the same experience here that you had. They are even indifferent to children’s suffering. They are selfish to the core. I will admit though that to get the bag a woman will transform into anything up to and including a caring individual.
      I don’t identify as SYSBM because I am against traditionalism but I support it because the only solution to the black community’s problems is the total removal of black females. That being said, war stories should be shared amongst men. Women cannot help you any more than they can build you. Men need to stop projecting their nature onto women.

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      • Cosign And Concur! Much love and respect for keeping it Raw in your response. Indeed, those war stories and wounds should’ve been kept amongst brothas within its entirety. That way, we can not only each other’s backs, but to over, inner, and understand to show that one does care about their struggles full of
        compassion because…the same rabid dog who bit that brotha… bit us to!

        A typical western self entitled, self absorbed, self gratified, and slothful female(white hispanic asian and/or mixed race mainly)cannot and will not and do not want to deal with a salt worthy blackman with struggles, trails and tribulations at all! All that’s RSVP served for the “men” their ilk and kind as the above mentioned. Because….that’s whom they always go back to once you express the pain you’re going thru don’t they? I ought to know because I’ve been there first hand.

        NOW! like any non discouraging scenario response depending on the person…”Stop crying like a b*tch and man up! Only the black female does that! She the one who ruins the blackman life!Whatchu need ta do is find you a woman outside the black race. If Coolio did it…so can you! I did it and I’m happy!” Welp? And so they did it! Forget about the ones whose out here today that cant even get a decent to average western butterface female to look any Brotha in the face and say….”Hi! Can you tell me your name?” Nope! These trifling hooker mouths are getting their daily dose of hi’s. Hellos. Etc. From social media in lieu of, only fanning themselves….Na’mean?

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      • @Tigah

        I wanna agree with you about Western women but the truth is the “western woman” is a woman in her natural state. Women have ALWAYS been selfish since Eve. Even in the bible. Over here we have a wife of KING David nagging him because he was celebrating a little too much after a war victory, other there we have a woman nagging Jesus…JESUS to tell (I believe Mary Magdaline) to stop listening to him and help with the feast, etc etc. I don’t believe any woman is the solution to a man’s individual problems. You better be a man and able to dominate and stand up to any woman regardless of her skin colour and not give her any latitude just because she’s not a black woman. I believe black men increasingly entering into such a partnership with non-black women is a solution to the black community’s problem as a whole because the black woman IS the problem with the black community. They are a particular case of a woman in her natural degenerate state given leadership. Other races of women have this nature but that is kept in check by other cultures and laws of other lands. It is ingrained in their brains as much as a speaking accent. It is however, possible for her to lose her “accent” if she is around those who speak differently (feminists).

        Every woman costs. There is no more reason to feel rejection from a woman than to feel rejected from a used car dealership selling lemons at the MSRP. Take the best woman you can find and behind her will be a man paying a premium in more ways than one to keep her. As Minister Jap says, a woman should be like a pet. An accessory. While we wanna believe a dog sympathizes with you when you confide in Fido and he has his ear cocked towards you but the reality is that dog is probably waiting for his next biscuit while you were speaking.

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      • And you’re right. I seriously don’t believe females are the solution to our individual problems as blackmen. In particularly western white hispanic asian and/or mixed race females. The formula is this…and its expected from us as blackmen, “no! You let her tell you to f*ck off whenever she wants to and put a n*gger behind it because that’s how they see you anyway! So just deal with it, okay?”

        And believe you me. I’m gonna always be a man. First! These punk ass western heifers dont phase me at all. That’s why I don’t even look at nor talk to them. For what? All of their illogic is feminism in all areas and forms. Besides, with all this appocallaptic pandemic SHTF, they’re basically showing the whole world of this nation that “we’ve always been this way! It took this pandemic to turbo boost our nature level about how we really feel about blackmen”

        Quite frankly bruh, I glad that everytime I go out to grab a few things, these stupid rawtarted heifers with masks on, really just shows and proves to me that they ain’t worth a sh*t. Any and everything they do is fake. Any and everything they say is fake. Any and everything they represent is epic failure. But you really wanna know what I hope and pray for? That all this “interracial” couplings and relationships and marriages will become extinct like dinosaurs. If it hasn’t done nothing for me, what makes you think it will last with blackmen who still do it?
        Is….that constructive? Is that freedom? Or is it chattle slavery?
        But of course yes! May sound like I have a problem with white hispanic asian and/or mixed race females. And I rightfully so do. Remember! Black females have trained and ingrained the above mentioned to feel, speak, and act like black females when they deal with us. So even if she “acts and talks like a typical black female” Never labeled a daggle. That’s only RSVP reserved for black heifers. Remember that!

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      • In this universe there is a Yin and a Yang. Two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yin), and one positive, bright, and masculine (yang), whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things…let that sink in.

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      • @Tigah

        It has been repeated here that a thinking black man needs to avoid non-black females who exhibit black traits or who even cling to the worst aspects of black culture. I would even go so far as to say if a woman listens to hiphop, she’s a write-off.

        Inter-racial relationships can work just as any relationship can work if both parties put the time and effort in. Black women do no such thing since it has been evidenced here many times her primary goals are sexual gratification and financial benefits. We see the results in the black community. Black women do not have children for the same reason that every other species does. Likewise, they do not enter relationships for the same reasons as everyone else. When this toxic culture spreads to other women, then yes, they are to be avoided. This is why it is reiterated here many times to find QUALITY women. If you put more thought into a car, house or other big purchase than you do into a female then you get what you paid for.

        This pandemic is indeed taking a lot of power out of their hands. The social distancing thing is affecting their ability to solicit attention. Relationships will not end any sooner than hearing, tasting or seeing will. It is human nature. What will happen is the universe will bend towards normalcy and justice with the abnormals and defectives being purged. We are seeing this with men going their own way and not bothering and also with SYSBM.

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    • Themelancholictigah,

      SYSBM involves choosing QUALITY stargates(SYSBM Tenet Number 3), you’ve told me before that you live out in Las Vegas, therefore DO NOT expect to find QUALITY women out there because the overwhelming majority of women who go to Vegas are either tricking themselves off, there to “have a good time” or both. Again, the solution here is QUALITY, you seem to have a problem with western white/hispanic and Asian women, however understanding where you live I’m not surprised. Like I said before, you’ll be very hard pressed to find quality women in Vegas.

      However, you do have other options, import your woman from another state that is more conservative, move to a different state or deal with foreign women. These women are not going to land in your lap, you made mention of this issue before and here we are at the same point once again.

      The real question here is when are you going to start taking some action ie take some steps forward towards changing your current situation?

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      • Peace Verbs2015,

        Thank you for keeping it Raw in response as well.

        However, you couldn’t be more correct if you tried.
        I seem to have a very non discouraging problem with white hispanic asian and/or mixed race females. And rightfully so. Simply because…like I’ve in my pedigree, they’re literally nothing but radical toxic all wing/wave me too jim crow feminists Period! Not to mention racist misandric. There’s absolutely no other way to describe them these days which makes me hate them in any and all they do…in particularly, to blackmen like myself as a perfect example. Can you blame me?

        You know l…I thought about moving to another state but I’m not sure which states are what you call “conservative” um? Isn’t that code for racist? Like….tomi lahren racist right? Ahehehehe….indeed, its everywhere. I cant picture myself with western female who’s klan minded on that note. However my main focus is leaving the country. Now….as much as I would like to talk to foreign women etc. That has become dangerous. First of all, it costs waaaaay toooo much to talk to them. Second, they’ve been literally drinking that amerikkkan kkkool-aid Plus, nowadays according to them from what I’ve gathered, their eyes are on the white boys. Is that the fact?

        I don’t expect to them “land on my lap”. No not at all. They will only “land on my lap” once the white boys has and gets the best of them. First! Now that’s the guaranteed formula…and I’m not handing out credit cards either.
        Am I blaming them? Nope. However I respect one who has the economical and social clout. And that above mentioned is…white skin. Represents power. Tell Me I’m Lying! Again. Not handing credit cards.

        Now…When am l going to start taking some action ie take some steps forward changing my current situation? The whole entire nation’s goverment is in dire decline and in denial for failing the workers like myself to even want to change. No use mentioning the apocallaptic pandemic SHTF, I’m not gonna use that as an excuse. Because we all know these punks planned extremely well how everything is gonna turn out. It’s been many times I wish I was with a free thinking woman here in the states I could talk to and be with….but like you said, yes sir! I’m back at the same point and has never changed. (Shrugging shoulders) indeed, if I had the resources, I’d be out. But since I don’t, what choices and options do I have? Females seems to feel that all men(blackmen) are n*gger creeps. In order for me not to be what these heifers see, I stay off the radar. Besides, nowadays, you can’t tell if a female shows any sort of interest with a mask on and/or not.

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      • Themelancholictigah,

        Until you manage to get out of that place, your view on women is going to be extremely limited to what you’re seeing around you(which isn’t very good at all). Outside of California and New York, Las Vegas is another area that is heavily liberal. You’re right, I can’t argue against your point of view with regard to westernised women because you’re going by what you see around you, all I can say is one day if you do manage to leave Vegas, you’ll see a whole different world and increase your chances of running into women of real quality, not these vain, empty vessel females which unfortunately frequent your area in their droves.

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      • True indeedy. I long for that day to reach my very own utopia. Of course, vegas is liberal and blue as hell. Extremely democratic. Extremely fully loaded with sexually liberated-frustrated savages and sluts and toilet whores. Yet it has an undercover trump supporter fan base underneath the surface. In fact I dont see white sheeple rocking a maga hat at all! Sure there’s a few trump flag wavers and whatnot, but ain’t nobody out here causing ruckus of any sort because of that. No the main focus is white sheeple’s wants and needs, golden knights, and illegal criminal activity(immigration, cartels, weed, etc.)

        Now this is natural. One must consider that it is powerful and constructive to see how the environment is and its females who do nothing to improve it yet rather much impoverish it with their infantile childlike slutty smutty nasty behaviors that the gov’ment who backs them… helps them to do it. Because fefails are all about their business…..which is themselves. Until and unless they find a man who fits the profile which includes the basic requirements and qualifications. Even during the midst of the apocallaptic pandemic SHTF/Fema, fefails are either by themselves…..with a man(or men) in/out or they’re with someone all together. Hell even if they’re in public by themselves, 99.9% of them are never single. 10 outta 10.How can I tell? Look at what’s on their faces? Masks….which hides and exposes the nature thats fake. You know I hear this preaching with no practice “we will get thru and we need to stick together” slogans and banners and blah blah blah….everyone’s pretty much sticking with their own ilk and kind these days…I don’t see not a single brotha helping another brotha. Why? He’s waaaaay toooo busy quarantine ass wiping white hispanic asian and/or mixed race females and their child(ren). And I rarely even see that these days.

        Like the economical and social clout having white boys, hispanicucks(mainly), I see them with the “women” of their ilk and kind all the time. And if they’re not with them, white boys are with asian females. Hispanic dude are now getting with white females….which is extremely small in the cracks and you don’t hear nor see any outrage outbreaks from hispanic females because hey! They’re literally with white boys now. This is what goes down here where I reside.

        As I…take it a fathom deeper, its getting to the point where I yearning to putting on that Mask….not a covid-19 fearmongering mask. But The Hockey Mask. 💀

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      • @Tigah

        Seriously dude. You need to chill out regarding women. 🤔
        They are no different today than they’ve been in the Garden of Eden and you can take them or leave them anytime.
        And no woman is more anti-black than the black woman. The black woman is literally the right hand of white supremacy. Moreso than the white woman.
        And no you don’t need money. You need indifference and an abundance mentality above all. We as black men already have a genetic advantage.
        It is very easy to make a woman spend money on YOU.
        The day you stop caring is the day they’ll start wanting to climb on it.

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      • “The day you stop caring is the the day they’ll start wanting to climb on it”

        In other words, stop looking to the woman to fill in your self confidence gaps. You don’t NEED a woman or anyone else.

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      • @Black Caesar

        Cosign and Concur. I’m already in that mode. Just black hearted and ain’t giving sh*ts about pieces of sh*ts. I just think that the heifers where I reside make the most perfect candidates for being food for the worms. Granted! Is it because “I cant get one”? That’s irrelevant. And besides, why even “try to get to know” a fefail when she has the potential of practicing radical toxic all wing/wave me too jim crow feminism towards me? Therefore hence, I choose to leave them alone. Indeed however, though they’re candy to my eyes…but ultimately they are poison to my spirit….

        And I have to respectfully disagree with you on the notion when you said “And no woman is more anti-black than the black woman” But you know what? Who put them in decades and decades of rigorous training to become that which they practice?
        White people who practice white supremacy and feminism combined! That’s why I call the black and white female…The Bloods And Crips Of Feminism.

        Why? Because they indoctrinate yet ingrained other black white hispanic asian and/or mixed race females when they deal with brothas…..That Has Been Proven time and time again. Over and over and over and over and over Again!

        Um? “It is very easy to make a woman spend money on YOU.”
        Now wait minute brotha you can’t…just cant be serious. Not sure what area of the world you’re in…but here in the states, in particular where I reside again, the only time a female will “spend money” is when she’s laying up and down with a negro white hispanic savage, and/or another b*tch…maybe her cats…and dogs. That’s the formula. She works a great paying job and car 10 outta 10, she ain’t single. Like I said, laying up and down with above mentioned.
        It’s been 8yrs. since I stop caring bruh…and no female had the courage to “start wanting to climb on it”


  15. I really feel sorry for Coolio. He went through a lot when he was a child. And a great rapper as well. Right, when I saw the video of that heifer beat the living daylights out of her son, that is what these black boys of these black single mothers are going through. And let’s not forget these young black girls as well. They are getting beat by their mothers like crazy and this is the reason why these young girls are so violent. When I was young, I use to get beat by my mother. Well I was a naughty boy but when my mum hit me, I wanted to mass up her face, especially when I was a teenager. I had a bad mouth and very bad attitude and still get it today. And oh yeah, I remember the time when she and his husband trying to steal my land what I inherited when my dad died. I was ready to hurt her at my sister’s house. My sister and other family members stop me. Listen, I will tell you the sorry one day because it will piss me the fuck off if I tell it. And even my friend knows about that and his mum and his sister.

    Listen, black women treat their children like shit. They are envious towards their daughters because they are growing up to become beautiful women and the black boys. Not only they are now violent but they are violent to their girlfriends because they got abuse by their mothers. They treat their children like dirt. And black women treat their sons like their husbands/boyfriends. That really irritates me. My mum pulled that trick before and I tell her that I’m not your husband. That bum from Jamaica that smokes weed, that is your husband. With all the madness with black women, we are seeing in our mothers as well and that is the reason why black men are walking away from black women and date outside their race. Because they have seen too much dysfunction amongst black women.

    And here this. When a black man dates outside his race, these ghetto heiftys say some salty shit that he’s a sell out, he’s a house nigger, coon, super coon and all that nonsense but then they go to their favourite hairdressers and buy that weave that is making them bald. I’m glad that Coolio is not at a dark place anymore and I hope he makes new music as well.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe, hold her tight Friday night and whispers in her ear soft and make her go weak in the knees. https://moneycultural.wordpress.com/2020/05/15/actresses-of-the-big-screen-and-the-small-screen/

    Blessid people!

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  16. So I see that there are many people here on this forum who are wondering

    ” Carnio, You are all the way at the other side of there world, out of the US/Anglophere/West, ar away from Black women. Why do you still concern yourself with SYSBM forums or on what is going on with blackistan when you live in foreign lands full of traditional or at least super feminine, non-batshit crazy women like in the west??”

    well, THIS is the reason why! Because just like this Coolio guy, I too was beaten and horribly abused in my childhood! Yeah, I remember this guy. He was one of my father’s favorite rapper. My mother use to beat me ALL the damn time for hours. My father, was NEVER violent! He only spanked me once or twice and they were for proper displinical reasons (Like the time when I ran across the street with an oncoming traffic) And I didn’t listen. But he never beat me out side that. He NEVER told me I wasn’t shit. he NEVER traumatised me! MY MOTHER did this. and not just me, My mother would abuse my father the same way! My father was forced out of the house due to government intervention as per her word of mouth and I was left with endless supply of abuse.

    I saw violence, despair, hopelessness, self-hate, self-pity, low-self esteem etc all from that BITCH! and many of these mental problems I still carry with me where ever I go. Dealing with black girls and black women, only perpetuated this problem, until I finally had enough and LEFT out the US of Gay! Even though I don’t see them anymore or deal with them if I do see them overseas, Certain things, certain patterns, certain thoughts causes trigger of PTSD like symptoms, or extreme emotional reactions. SOmetimes, I will evil have violent impulses and want to act in deranged violence when I am faced with danger or threat!

    When foreigners ask me, “Why don’t you talk to your mother?” and when you try to tell them how evil and fucked up Black women are, non-black simps or traditional women who have never seen how evil and low deep women, just like black women,want to defend my mother when they have never met such disgusting women! They say “Maybe you are a spoiled brat!, Maybe your father is abusive, You should love your mother anyways because she brought you in this world, no NOT all black women (To which they have never SEEN a black person before they met me) Even if you show them on video, they act like you are over exaggerating the issue.

    In most of these traditional societies, Mothers are seen as something you must never talk bad about even if she is bad. But they have never seen a situation like how black women are, so me calling out women/mother at all, they take it as offense because they see all mothers as their own. This is why part of my hopes that small dose of feminism just strike in some of these places so they can see my point. So the mere fact that one cannot vent your past childhood trauma without them defending this evil shit, talking as if they are some well travel, anthropologist that they think their culture and women are the same as women everywhere. Their only solution is “Just get a (Insert Nationality) Girl” without taking to the account that how you are raised and abused can affect all future relationships if they have not been dealt with.

    @Verbs and Michael,

    I read your comments earlier. Here is my next question. I understand that you must forgive to help YOURSELF, not the evil trash that destroyed our lives. What can you do when you have such a vengeful spirit residing in you? What if you have so much violent intentions and vengeance in your heart? How can you forgive when this burning passion is all you had to live on when you had to survive? Each and everyday I grow colder and more heartless knowing that this evilness is out, alive and well and there ain’t shit I can do about it other than go SYSBM. although SYSBM is a wonderful solution and a great philosophy to live by and has done exponential healing, It does not cure this vengeance. It does not cure my other mental issue, it does not cure my violent impulses, It does not cure my outlook on how little and little I begin to look at human life with a little bit more contempt each day, because deep down inside, that stupid bitch, my mother, and other black women and it’s death community, has got, is getting and seems like it always will get away with fucking me and the rest of us!!!

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      You’re looking at it all wrong, you’ve already won brother. Where the overwhelming majority of us are still living in the West you took things to a completely different level and moved out of the West altogether. As soon as you made that move that was a 1 up, no sorry a 10 up on your mother and the rest of these delusional black sirens.

      Now that you’re out of the West, yours is NOT to worry about what is going on with those over here per say, you would be better suited to keeping us informed about life over there and passing on information with regards to visiting or wanting to live in those areas on a permanent basis.

      You want revenge on these black harriets, the way you get revenge upon them from where you are is showing black men that there is a better path ie the one you took, you have no idea how bitter, angry, disgruntled and seething with rage black women are with Slaying evil and the free thinking black men who frequent this site.

      You don’t seem to understand how much it burns these heifers to know that you are now outside of their reach and in addition to that ,you’re choosing to pass along valuable travelling information to other free thinking brothers.

      Every time you come here and share a story about what you are doing in Kazakstan or Georgia, smoke billows from the nostrils of these black witches because remember, they want a plentiful supply of victims and your plentiful supply of information regarding living abroad is a very serious thorn in their side.

      You’re giving black men hope every time you speak about your new life brother, that by itself is causing irreparable damage to the black witch’s empire. You’re getting your revenge right now, you don’t need to be so angry, your words are travelling far and wide and having more of a positive impact on the lives of other like minded black men more than you think.

      The black witch is digging her heels in further because things are finally coming to a close for her now, her fun in the sun is done, there are so many elements working against these sirens including Tik Tok as well as your personal testimony.

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      • Black Caesar,

        It’s not death, per se. Death is easy, just like popping out of a car.

        It’s the moments before she will die that will feel sweet. All of the pain she put others through, she will feel 10 times worse. She’ll beg for relief from this pain, screaming in agony. Looking towards you to pass her pain off, whilst you stand there, cold as ice. Main thought in your head is “god done serve yuh raasclaat”

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    • @Carnio
      Don’t try to explain it them. What we have to realize is that our world is so cartoonishly bizarre no normal decent person could understand it. For example every Christmas, and I mean EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS it would be a brawl for all, furniture breaking and guaranteed someone would end up in the hospital.

      How do the hell do you tell that to a normal person without them thinking “what the fuck am I getting myself involved in”? You can’t. Just come up with a story like your parents are dead. If you and a girl start getting really close, you can tell her the gist but do yourself a favor and spare her the details.

      If a girl told you her father used to fuck her for 10 years when she was growing up you’d be thinking what the fuck. You would know that she’s gotta be messed up. Do your healing and crying in private.

      p.s. don’t talk about black issues with non black people period. Compared to decent society our dysfunction is 18 on a scale of 1-10, a normal person cannot fathom nor has the capacity to deal with the extreme levels of damage done to us. It’s the same reason soldiers rarely speak about their experiences at war.

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    • Carnio,

      Every day you live in the East is revenge on the West. Because they couldn’t claim you as a statistic.

      God said “vengeance is mine”. I know you want to teach those evil scumbags a lesson, but that allows them back into your space. Leave them be. Let them eat themselves alive. You get to breathe free air.

      The best revenge is living well. Ask Philockho 😃

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  17. I’ve never had women behave flippant to any problems I had. You can easily find out if the women you are interested are empathic.

    I tend to throw Western women under the bus, but I know it’s degrees not everybody, that’s like saying all women agree with Feminism. Most women agree with fairness but Feminism in its current guise is not about fairness at all.

    Some women recognize that. What I tend to find women farther and farther away from the ideal tend to agree with feminism. Rose Mcgowan is an attractive woman but not the best looking woman in Hollywood and she’s had difficulty attracting a mate.

    She agrees with Feminism 2.0 maybe to her own detriment.

    But many prominent Conservative/Ring Wing women don’t like Feminism 1.0 or 2.0. Of course Liberal women often convict them of having some kind of Stockholm Syndrome.

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  18. 1. Ugly: CHECK
    2. Weave (and or extensions): CHECK
    3. Gross demeanor: CHECK
    4. Deploying violent measures against son: CHECK

    Typical black bitch.

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  19. Some of you might remember this case. This mom of the year tased her own kid on Easter Sunday. Wonder if he’ll go SYSBM when he’s older? They’re in Phoenix, so plenty of white girls for the young man.

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    • @Schadenfreude.
      I refuse to watch the video because it’s bad enough I have to look at a thumbnail of some geechee she-monkey. But let that sink is for a minute how she tased her son to get him to church.
      The bible itself doesn’t compel anyone to believe. Show me the chapter and verse where Jesus compels anyone to follow him. Doesn’t it even say Jesus knocks once and then moves along?
      This she-ape tased her son to go to the mainstream church which is the church of white supremacy. Whose ultimate goal for black people is to keep them weak, servile, effeminate and in fear of the white man. The same job it has had since slavery.

      This is how deeply committed black women are to white supremacy. To the point where she’d injure, maim or kill her offspring.

      Let this shit sink deep into your soul.
      The black bitch is the devil.
      Death to her a thousand times.

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    • After Trump got elected there was a video of a BW kicking her crying son out of the house because he voted for Trump in a mock school election.

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      • Politics over children (their own)…yup, pretty much sums up black women worship of the Democrat party.

        Ninety-eight percent of them came out for Democrat Doug Jones, Alabama’s U.S. senate race. But here’s a paradox– in neighboring Florida, more of them voted for Trump acolyte, Ron Desantis, over Democrat Andrew Gillum, in the Florida’s 2018 gubernatorial race.

        Make that make sense.

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      • BA — BW can move away from the Democratic party when the Democrat is a black man. [Andrew Gillum ] —- Gillum has a black wife. Even more BW would have voted against Gillum if he had been married to a non-black woman. — A theory is is that Barack Obama has a black wife for political reasons.

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  20. Coolio, Trick Daddy, DMX, all spoke publicly about being raised by Black single mothers and probably many more rappers have stories like this to tell. At the end of the day they are all BM who all had the misfortune of being raised by a Black single mother. A lot of brothers are still brainwashed into thinking that they have to deify BW no matter what they went through. Man, I wish I could find that old PBT video where he went off for about an hour straight about how many young Black boys are being molested by BW and no one cares or speaks about it.

    These BW have been rejected by grown men and society in general so now they go after young boys, just like the LGBT child molesters. There will likely be an increase in BW molesting young boys in the future as the Wall grows. I bet the BW that molested Coolio probably looked disgusting, my heart broke when he said that he would go and stick his tongue under a faucet after being forced to eat her out.

    “My moms never let me forget, that I’m a bastard
    I ain’t never been shit, and ain’t gon’ be shit
    That’s why I take shit, whenever I see shit” – DMX

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    • James SYSBM —- (1) Professor Trick Daddy is spot on about black single mothers.

      (2) Great point about Andrew Gillum. The evidence is that Andrew Gillum is a homosexual. (OMG. Barack Obama has been linked to homosexuality). Andrew Gillum’s marriage to a black woman may be only for political show. —–

      Off topic: A view is that Brandy, the singer, was encouraged to get with the squeaky, clean cut Kobe Bryant for image reasons. —- Brandy actually was not checking for black teenage boys at the time that she put Kobe Bryant in the friend zone. — PEACE.

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  21. “There is a silver lining though, I’m glad to see more younger black men breaking free and dating out at an astronomical rate, this is the direct result of being treated like absolute garbage by their mothers for years and then subsequently by potential black women who they were looking to date and possibly marry.”

    BW really shot themselves in the foot allowing WW to lead them by the nose down the destructive path of feminism. At the end of the day WW can still get with other groups of men even if she doesn’t like WM, the WW is still considered desirable by other races of men, meanwhile BW burnt the bridge with the only group of men that wanted them, BM. It sad and funny at the same time to see young BW waking up to the damage that their mothers and grandmothers generations did, seeing them waking up to the fact that nobody wants them, not even BM.

    These young BW are starting to lose it because of this, lashing out, turning to lesbianism, witchcraft, embracing whoredom, neglecting their health, neglecting their appearance (whats the point, nobody wants us anyway is likely the logic), and any attempt to be feminine, all while likely secretly wishing for a good man to want them. Oh well. Strong and independent……………………..

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    • They doomed these young girls over big time, but as they were done in the same. Who shall be brave among themselves and break the chains of slavery?

      And do not think they were not aware of their collective position of peril. Since the 90s I remember hearing conversations and comments reflecting a known concern from women of that time about the issued relating to a belief that the future women would not have men to marry them.

      At the time their concerns did not make sense to me, as it seemed natural to me that a worthy woman should be attractive to a worthy man. But I was yet but a babe and not yet aware of the secret movements of the Order of the Unaccountable Ones.

      In preserving their code of general non liability for wrongdoings commit by the [select] members, they have allowed some of the worst trespassers of the law to guide their destiny and their children into various realms of death and utter debasement.

      But like shouldn’t you want your children to do better and go further? Instead that culture says repeat dead culture and curses those who seek the paths of life.

      Some have said stop sending your young people off to war. I will say stop sending your child down a life of failure, rape, torture and death. Stop passing on death cult rituals posed as legitimate culture. Stop passing on psychological abuse programs and calling it “black love” or some dumb shit.

      These people are like literally practicing the Inquisition torture manual on their own children.

      If you want to know who sold you out then start with your PRIMARY CARETAKERS.

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    • James SYSBM — “…turning to lesbianism…” The black lesbians with some cash tend to seek out white women. ———– LOL. — Many black lesbians have a no black woman policy.

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  22. This is from A Façade of Normalcy: An Exploration into the
    Serial Murderer’s Duplicitous Lifestyle
    Maryann Stone White
    Old Dominion University:

    Henry Louis Wallace

    Henry Wallace is considered an outlier in the current study because he did not
    target strangers as most serial murderers do. Wallace’s victims were all women whom he
    Mr. Wallace told Dr. Sultan that he killed women he knew because it was easier
    for him to get into their homes alone. He said that all of the victims were people
    who had tried to use him, hurt him, or embarrass him, and that they had treated
    him with disrespect.. .He said that he did not kill white women because they had
    not embarrassed him in that way. He said that each of the victims had done
    something that had angered him. (1996:43)

    Additionally, Wallace was both a drug addict and bounced from one job to
    another, never holding steady employment for long periods of time. Both of these
    behaviors also led him to be considered an outlier. “The suspect is a drifter who came to
    Charlotte three years ago, had no permanent address and worked in various restaurants,
    Deputy Chief Snider said” (Press 1996)

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    • Wow. It makes me think about how so many BW complain about BM physically abusing them in relationships. Well for one most of these BW are dating pookies, and two a lot of these pookies were likely abused and neglected by the Black single mothers that raised them. The pookies probably have a short fuse for BW due to the neglectful and abusive Black single mother homes that they come from.

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      • There’s more to this:

        Wallace grew up in extreme poverty; that his father not only rejected him but would have nothing to do with him or his mother after Wallace was born; that Wallace was raised by a mother who had been orphaned as a teenager, that his mother physically and emotionally abused Wallace; that Wallace was exposed to numerous instances of sexual violence and violence against women at a very young age; that Wallace himself was a victim of sexual abuse at a very young age; that Wallace was taught that sexual violence against women was acceptable; that Wallace performed well in the structured environment of the Navy; and that Wallace began a downward mental spiral after the break-up of his marriage. Dr. Sultan testified that while Wallace suffered from five identifiable mental illnesses, he was so mentally ill in so many different ways that there was no way to adequately diagnose him under the standard diagnostic manual used in her field. As a result of the defense mitigation evidence, the jury found the following to be mitigating in all nine murders: that Wallace was under the influence of a mental or emotional disturbance at the time of each crime; that while young, Wallace was an object of ridicule in his family and neighborhood; that while young, Wallace was molested by older girls in his neighborhood; that Wallace was exposed to sexual violence from an early age; that Wallace was raised in an emotionally abusive environment; that Wallace began exhibiting psychological and emotional problems in his early teenage years; that following his discharge from active duty and separation from his wife, Wallace began to experience increasing mental, emotional and psychological problems; that from January 1989 until his arrest on March 12, 1994, Wallace’s life was a downward spiral of increasing psychological, mental, and emotional problems, drug use, marginal employment and unemployment; and that Wallace indicated during his confessions that he was confessing because he knew he needed to be stopped and could not stop himself.

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      • The only people who molest children as much as white men are black women.

        Follow the bouncing ball:


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    Convicted serial killer Henry Louis Wallace was twisted by a childhood of poverty, neglect and sexual abuse, his attorneys said Monday as they tried to persuade a jury to spare his life.

    “You’re going to hear some good things about Henry Wallace’s life, and you’re going to hear some very bad things, ” defense attorney Jim Cooney told the same jury that convicted Mr. Wallace of raping and killing nine young Charlotte women. “You’re entitled to hear it all.”

    The first witness in the trial’s sentencing phase was a forensic social worker from New York.

    Carmeta Albarus told jurors she interviewed Mr. Wallace several times, as well as his mother, sister, estranged wife and about a dozen other friends and relatives from his boyhood home in Barnwell, S.C.

    Defense witnesses want to depict Mr. Wallace as a man warped at an early age by an abusive mother and absentee father, now controlled by violent sexual compulsions.

    Prosecutors, who are seeking the death penalty, do not plan to introduce any evidence in the sentencing phase of the trial.

    They also did not make an opening statement to the seven-woman, five-man jury Monday.

    Pausing at times to show jurors photographs of a very young Mr. Wallace at different ages, Ms. Albarus took the panel on a trip back into his life. She even showed them a snapshot of his childhood home, a tiny shack in rural South Carolina with no indoor plumbing.

    Speaking of his childhood, she said: “It was poor in nurture.”

    Mr. Wallace is the illegitimate son of a schoolteacher who had an affair with his mother, Lottie. His mother would never tell him who his father was, the social worker testified.

    Mr. Wallace’s abuse began early in life, Ms. Albarus said, when his mother beat him during potty training.

    “She (Lottie Wallace) was a harsh disciplinarian,” she said. Mr. Wallace told her his mother would beat him and his older sister, Yvonne, with extension cords, water hoses – even tennis racquets.

    When Mr. Wallace was a little boy, his mother and sister would dress him in girl’s clothing and parade him around the neighborhood, she said.

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    Henry Louis Wallace grew up in a world of women – the most important of whom used, abused and ridiculed him.

    That was the testimony Monday from a New York social worker hired by lawyers trying to keep the serial killer off death row.

    For five hours in Mecklenburg Superior Court, defense witness Carmeta Albarus told jurors more about Wallace – convicted last week of raping and killing nine Charlotte women – than they ever learned about his victims.

    Albarus’ portrait, the first testimony for jurors who will sentence Wallace, was bleak.

    She described a child who never knew his father, was beaten and belittled by his mother, then used by his wife to support an out-of-wedlock child who wasn’t his.

    She said Wallace never lost the sense of being under the control of his mother, Lottie Mae Wallace of Barnwell, S.C.

    Even in jail, when he was planning a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for his own 3-year-old daughter, Albarus said, Wallace feared his mother would ruin it.

    “He reportedly got sick with anxiety that the child was not going to have a Chuck E Cheese party,” she testified.

    Albarus said she was hired – at $60 an hour, $600 a day – to construct a “complete social history.”

    Jurors saw 10 photos of Wallace, from a baby picture to his Navy portrait. Then they heard how the neatly groomed boy in the pictures suffered at the hands of his mother, sister and wife.

    Lottie Wallace beat her son with extension cords, garden hoses and the tracks he raced toy cars on, Albarus testified. She made him empty the chamber pot from the concrete shack they lived in and bring her breakfast from Hardee’s every morning at 6.

    His mother’s strict discipline so unnerved the young boy that he had “bowel accidents” until he was 11 or 12, Albarus testified. Wallace began molesting neighborhood girls at age 13, she said.

    When one of the girls complained, Lottie Wallace’s comment was, “Well, you’ve got to get it somewhere,” Albarus said.

    At Barnwell High School, Wallace was elected the school’s first male cheerleader and worked as a deejay dubbed “Night Rider.”

    But Albarus said Wallace tried out for the cheerleading squad to humiliate his mother because she wouldn’t let him try out for the football team.

    “Deep down,” she said, “he hated being a cheerleader.”

    Albarus also told jurors that Wallace broke an engagement to one woman in order to marry Maretta Brown, his high school sweetheart, in 1987.

    Wallace separated from Brown in 1989 but never divorced. He now is engaged to Rebecca Torrijas, Albarus said.

    Defense lawyers say it will take about a week to present evidence for sentencing. They will call mental health professionals and character witnesses to talk about mitigating factors – circumstances that make life in prison a more appropriate punishment.

    “You’re going to have to call on everything that makes you the people you are . . . ,” defense attorney Jim Cooney told jurors in his opening statement. “The law is not going to tell you; it’s something you will have to find on your own.”

    Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

    They passed up an opportunity to put on evidence or give opening statements, leaving jurors with the information they used to convict Wallace of nine murders, nine rapes and 11 other felonies in a 22-month killing spree.

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    Jurors got a closer look at Henry Louis Wallace on Tuesday, hearing him described as a popular student nicknamed “Bubba” who drove a school bus and shared his earnings with his mother.

    They also heard the words the convicted serial killer says he uttered as he strangled or stabbed to death nine Charlotte women.

    The information emerged during cross-examination of Carmeta Albarus, a New York social worker who put together a “social history” of Wallace for defense lawyers trying to save his life.

    Albarus testified that Wallace grew up abused and belittled by his mother, Lottie Mae Wallace, whom Albarus called “sadistically punitive” for beating her son and restricting his activities.

    Prosecutor Marsha Goodenow asked Albarus how restrictive Lottie Wallace was, citing findings Albarus didn’t mention to jurors.

    Wasn’t Wallace in the Barnwell (S.C.) High School 4-H Club? On the Vocational Center Student Council? A photographer for the student newspaper? Didn’t he play basketball, go to cheerleading camp, have a date to the prom?

    Albarus said yes.

    During the trial’s first phase, prosecutors portrayed Wallace as a calculating criminal who targeted women he knew to rape, rob and kill. Jurors convicted him of 27 felonies and two misdemeanor assaults on a child.

    Defense lawyers are trying again to show that Wallace was mentally ill and warped by childhood hardships.

    Jurors must sentence him to the death penalty or life in prison.

    Tuesday, Goodenow asked Albarus if she had talked to Wallace about the nine women he killed.

    “Did you ask him if he said, as he strangled these women: Hurry up and die, b—-. I hate you, you sorry son of a b—-,’ “ Goodenow asked.

    Albarus replied: “What he said was, those are the same words his mother used on him.”

    Testimony continues with another defense expert today.

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    Henry Louis Wallace considered himself “God’s angel,” avenging women who had embarrassed or betrayed him, a defense witness testified during the sentencing phase of his capital murder trial.

    “Did he tell you he was God’s angel, calling his sheep in?” prosecutor Anne Tompkins asked psychologist Faye Sultan on Thursday.

    “Yes,” the psychologist said.

    “Did he tell you he was doing the murders for him – meaning God?”


    Mr. Wallace, who grew up in Barnwell, S.C., admitting killing nine young Charlotte women, all of whom he knew, between June 1992 and his arrest in March 1994. Before convicting him last week, jurors heard all 10 hours of his taped confession.

    Ms. Sultan has testified in Mecklenburg Superior Court about what she learned from 50 hours of interviews with Mr. Wallace. She is one of a half-dozen experts who have testified for defense lawyers trying to keep Mr. Wallace off death row.

    On Thursday, she told jurors that Mr. Wallace demonstrated features of at least five mental illnesses – including depression and severe personality disorder.

    As a result of childhood trauma, Ms. Sultan said, Mr. Wallace developed distorted beliefs about women: that they “secretly have tremendous power over men”; that they “inevitably betray men and therefore are very, very dangerous.”

    Ms. Tompkins turned directly to Mr. Wallace’s words, asking Ms. Sultan to read from transcripts of several of her 24 interviews with Mr. Wallace in jail.

    “Did you ask him why he killed women he knew?”


    “And did he say it was because they trusted him and, in his words, `it was easier for me to get into their homes alone,’ ” Ms. Tompkins asked. “Did he say all the victims found a way to get under his skin?”

    “Yes,” Ms. Sultan said. “It was Mr. Wallace’s perception that each of those women had injured him.”

    Mr. Wallace also said he killed 20-year-old Shawna Hawk because she teased him in front of her mother, Ms. Sultan said.

    Then Ms. Sultan read Mr. Wallace’s description of the hug he gave Ms. Hawk before he raped and strangled her: “It was like a death hug – warm and tight.”

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    • I could spend all day talking about what you posted.

      Its like we always say on here, if you want to know why Black kids are so violent and dysfunctional, look at who is raising them. Being raised by a Black single mother is almost like a curse for a child. BW know this as well, which is why they either get upset or shut up when you hit them with the “Who raised them?” question.

      I also read that this guy’s father was a married school teacher who dumped his mother and moved when he found out that she was pregnant. So his momma was a side chick and a ho who probably though she would be able to handcuff his father with a baby, when his father left she probably took out all of her anger on the child. Pure evil, but probably common when it comes to Black single mothers. Once again Keep the Wall up, stay away from them and their bastard offspring.

      Also on the topic of his father good BM have to be on the lookout for this, as the Wall grows BW will be looking to handcuff good BM with babies if they can, it wont just be restricted to athletes and musicians anymore. Stay away, the sex ain’t worth it.

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    • Shit is pure evil. And it is unfortunately something one might see way too often. Besides who keeps attacking a bear thinking it will not strike back.

      People make fun of European-Americans for unwisely provoking animals into attacking them, but this behavior of abusing children is essentially the idiotic behavior but far more severe. I really do not know what else to say.. Ugh…

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    • WOW. We are lucky the black woman has failed with trying to destroy us as thinking black men. This is why I say to Carnio SYSBM, you have won. You are still alive and not in jail. That is a complete failure in the eyes of black women. Not only this but you don’t hook up with them which makes black women SEETHE. There is nothing more satisfying than rejecting a sheboon and consigning her to being future cat food when she dies. LOL The real work of god is breeding these animals out. SYSBM is god’s work.

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  27. Wait, there’s more. The Michael Madison story:

    The many faces of Michael Madison, East Cleveland serial killer

    Madison engaged in a give and take with detectives, sucking down cigarettes while weaving in and out of stories about his mother, his childhood and his troubled relationships with other adults.

    Two of the 50 witnesses called by prosecutors were Madison’s girlfriends, whom he dated during his series of killings.

    Madison coaxed one lover, Brittney Darby, to move into his apartment in October, 2012, during the time when Madison strangled Shetisha Sheeley.

    Darby said she developed a loving relationship with Madison, who told her about troubles with his ex-wife and at one point confided that he “hates the female species.”

    But right as Darby prepared to move in, Madison devastated her by saying he wanted an open relationship. Around that time another girlfriend, Shawnta Mahone, started showing up.

    Michael Madison struggled to support himself for much of his adult life.

    He lived as a nomad in his late teens, after he left his abusing mother behind, he moved back to his birthplace in Pennsylvania to live with an uncle who joined the teenage Madison in sexual conquests (according to a psychologist who interviewed Madison, he would have sex with the same women as his uncle).

    Madison was in and out of the prison system as a teenager and as an adult. He received a juvenile probation sentence after he touched a high school classmate inappropriately. He was convicted of rape in 2002.

    Madison found a reliable source of income well into his 30s. In addition to his several girlfriends, Madison entertained a steady clientele of marijuana buyers at his corner apartment.

    Before he was a perpetrator of shocking crimes, Madison suffered a nightmarish childhood.

    In an attempt to keep Madison off death row, his defense attorneys presented expert testimony that included references to terrifying reports filed by child and family services agents who visited the Madison household.

    When he was two years old, child and family services agents reported that Madison’s mother – who herself was a victim of child rape and abuse – had stuffed food down his throat, causing him to vomit.

    Soaked in vomit, Diane Madison put baby Michael into a bathtub and filled it with scalding hot water. She tried to stifle his screams by beating him with an extension cord.

    A year later, social services went back at the Madison household, according to attorney David Grant, this time after three-year-old Michael was beaten so severely he vomited and was hospitalized.

    “This individual had no foundation on which to make the proper choices,” Grant told the jury. “The evidence will show that Mike’s life was further influenced by a disturbed family tree, comprised of generations of physical abusers, sex abusers. Literally, a family tree of abuse.”

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  28. Mother of East Cleveland Serial Killer Michael Madison Fatally Stabbed in Her Home

    An 18-year-old man fatally stabbed Diane Madison, 62, and wounded three children in Madison’s home shortly after midnight in Cleveland, according to NBC4. Madison is the mother of 35-year-old Michael Madison, a serial killer now on death row for the murder of three women. He was arrested at his mother’s home in 2013. In Sunday’s incident, the 18-year-old allegedly stabbed Madison in her bedroom—then found two 10-year-old girls and a 12-year-old boy sleeping in the house and stabbed them multiple times. The two girls fled the house and asked neighbors for help. The boy was found hiding in the home. The children are expected to survive. The suspect, whose name was not released, was arrested at the scene.

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  29. I’m sitting here in awe reading the quotes of some of you brothers. Some deep, heavy shit being laid down in here. Sounds to me like many BW have sown the wind, and are now reaping the whirlwind as many Black men are now recognizing them as toxic from Dear Mama on down, and are opting out of dealing with them altogether.

    I have been waiting for 40 years for this reckoning to come. Good black men are finally tired of being shit on by these black heathens at the exact same time that non-black women are now available to BM at a record clip. BM can actually date and marry Punjabi women for example in 2020, that was unheard of even a decade ago. Dating or marrying a Chinese or Korean as a BM doesn’t even bat an eyelash.

    Kudos and respect as always to Brother Verbs for providing this space and keeping it honest i.e. no input from black female chaos agents or their simp and LGBTQIA drones. This is the unvarnished truth that young brothers need to hear.

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    • @Schadenfreude.
      Just about every black man has the same story.
      I don’t believe black women are getting what they deserve at the moment for 5 centuries of abuse.
      SYSBM is a start.

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  30. Am I the only one who thinks they are trying to break these two up? I’m getting that vibe here; also check out the comments:

    Liked by 2 people


    Amid allegations of pedophilia and sexual abuse trailing R. Kelly, his brother revealed more jaw-dropping details about their childhood.

    Carey Kelly appeared on Unwine With Tasha K and revealed that their older sister, Theresa Kelly, molested them for six years when she was left in charge after their mother went to work.

    In the steamy tell-all interview below, Carey said Theresa would punish one brother at a time for petty reasons so that they can stay inside with her. He recounted, “She just took my head and put it down in her private part. She told me to lick her private part. Of course, I didn’t know what I was doing at six years old. She was like, ‘stick your tongue out, stick your tongue out, lick it, lick it, lick it hard, lick it fast.’ And then she started giving me oral sex with her mouth. So she turned around and laid me down and she sat on me. And she took her hand and she grabbed my private part and she put it in.”

    Carey said he hasn’t spoken to his sister since his mother passed away a couple years ago, adding that his mother knows nothing of the abuse because he was afraid he’d be blamed.

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  32. I am not more than three chapters into “Glow: The Rick James Autobiography” before I encounter his early life story how his mother (who had eight kids by 3 men) ran numbers and how his older sister used to “discipline” him physically. And to crown it all off, he lost his virginity at age 9 to a girl of 14 who, by the way he worded it, sounded like she forced him or was aggressive.

    Understand this, black men. The black female has never been any better than she is in 2020 at any time in history.

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    • Black Caesar —– …and the nature of black females does not change based on education, income, or marital status. —- The research is clear that so-called upper-tier black females are not substantially different, in conduct, views, and mannerisms, from broken down hood rats.

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  33. Well, I married an African Arab, middle brother a white woman (went to jail because of a cheating black woman), and youngest is with a mixed woman raised by a white grandmother. BTW, we grew up in the ghetto, poor and surrounded by these women (mother, aunts, cousins). All of us went a different way.


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