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Another Open Mic Wednesday is upon us, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? Some of you may want to discuss what contributor SunGodRa brought to our attention the other day, a website called coalfax that has been set up by white incels in order to “track and expose” white women who deal with black men, unbelievable. Anyway, this is your Open Mic Wednesday, you’ve got the floor folks, enjoy.

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    We agree that black women put non-black women on a pedestal.

    Please note that prominent black lesbians often prefer to enter into relationships with white women. (Asian and Hispanic women have yet to move towards being lesbians in significant numbers). Without naming names, look at many black lesbians and note the white women that they partner with.

    Black lesbians enter into relationships with non-black women for the same reasons that black men enter into such relationships. Black women simply note that white women are of better quality than black women and move towards the better females.

    Black lesbians, themselves, decline to have relationships with other black lesbians. Black lesbians note that it is better to have a relationship with one dysfunctional female (the black lesbian) than to have a dysfunctional relationship with two females.

    Gentlemen. Black women, both straight and lesbian, have already put white women on a pedestal.

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    • yes sir
      Black Lesbian relationships have a extremely high rate of violence and a even higher divorce rate 90%.
      unfortunately lesbian relationships have a extremely high rate of domestic violence over 70% end in said Reciprocal violence.

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    • “Black lesbians enter into relationships with non-black women for the same reasons that black men enter into such relationships. Black women simply note that white women are of better quality than black women and move towards the better females.”
      I have also said this, when a black man walks into a place with a white woman, everyone loses their mind, now change the white woman into a white man and watch the homosexual couple get praise.

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      When I first came on here to Slaying Evil I made a comment about this!! I met a black woman when I was in college who said she was always gay!. She dated only gay black women. One day she told me she became straight. I said “How?” she said she was so sick of black women’s bullshit that dating black women HAD MADE HER BECOME STRAIGHT! I was so shocked to hear that coming from her mouth. After walking away I bursted out laughing so hard because nothing could be further from the truth!

      There are probably so many black men who were always straight but became gay because dealing with gay men is far less stressful than dealing with black women. Unfortunately, that was in the bronx where it is majority Black and Spanish (Caribbean spanish not south american ones) population, dealing with spanish women is a waste because Spanish women in the bronx are hyper ghetto and are almost the same as black women. There are no white women or asian women in south Bronx so it is impossible for anyone to realise that they could just “hop the fence”.

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      • A lot of them become lesbian because they’ll try ANYTHING before dealing with a black man. Their choices are lezbo or Chad. Some choose lezbo, some choose Chad.

        Bill DiBlasio’s wife (charcoal black, which means she most likely deeply resented black men for not being attracted to her) famously was a lesbo before she met him. When she found a Chad who would have her, she ended that facade and went straight.

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    • Who knows a black female, better than a black female? A black lesbian’s choice of a non-black lesbian doesn’t surprise me, in the least.

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    • About black lesbians —

      Just recently two got into a big fight in my area. The “fem” (a fat dark bitch) chased the short, mannish “butch” out of the house. The butch was trying to kick her door down. Yes, their relationships are often violent.

      And yes, it’s important to note that black lezzes lust after white women a LOT. Long ago, I read an article on the web by a black lez begging her sisthren to stop pursuing white lezes so much because the white ones get all gassed up about it.

      Black women do ALL the things they accuse black men of doing —

      We supposedly put white women on a pedestal, yet they emulate white women’s hair, and fake obnoxious “valley girl” accents, trying desperately to be like white women, who are obviously the black woman’s highest standard of beauty and femininity…

      We’re supposedly all “down low” gay (slander), yet if you see 100 black women, at least 20 of them are lezzes.

      And when black women get education, or make it in hollywood, they’re JUST AS LIKELY to date and marry interracially as black men do — yet they have KILLED our culture over their pain of seeing SOME black men marrying white women.

      These bitches have zero self-awareness. They’re incapable of self-review. They’re strictly emotional reflexes and self-righteousness, with no thinking process. And they have killed black culture just as if they don’t need a home culture. They’re going to find out that everyone needs a home team — but too late of course.

      Just like the weight thing, just like the weave thing, they’re going to arrive at the same conclusions that black men have been saying for years — but only after hating on black men for saying those things and killing black relations in the process. For example, only now, after decades of being “fat ‘n happy” slobs, they’re trying to lose the weight … And only now — after decades of handing $$ to asians for weave (and getting bloody noses in the process), they’re trying to have a “natural hair movement”… But they have basically HATED black men for decades for saying they need to do those things, and completely killed black love in the process…

      Save yourself black man. We CAN’T care what black women think because they’re never going to be fair or rational, and if you can’t care what a woman thinks, she is clearly not the woman for you.

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    • Lots of Gay Black men preferred White men to partner with. One even appeared on Tommy’s stream last night/this morning.

      Everybody is free to date whoever they want, just not Black men. Why? WE THREATEN THE POWER STRUCTURE.


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      • djfouronie —- Do gay black men lust after gay white men with the same fervor that black lesbians go after white lesbians?

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        Yep, like PBT always says White Supremacy is a pyramid scheme predicated upon Blacks (specifically BM) being at the bottom. This is why some WM lose it when they see a BM doing better than them or dating a non-BW that looks better than theirs (assuming that said WM even have a woman). If they aren’t doing better than a BM, then that throws their whole world view and self esteem into a tailspin, because sub-consciously they believe that they are supposed to be better than us.

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  2. COALFAX —- I gave my humble opinion recently that terms such as MUDSHARK and COALBURNER are given to ALL white females that have relationships with black men. —- My view is that these terms do not apply only to the mythical fat white women that exist in the imaginations of white men, black women, and even some black men.

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    • This is why I never call White Women “Becky”, or Asian Women ‘Ling Ling”, its bad form to adopt the ignorant habits of closed minded people.

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      • Off grid On code —- Yet when Tori Spelling, the actress, used the made up ghetto name of “McQuisha” many black women had a fit.

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    • “My view is that these terms do not apply only to the mythical fat white women that exist in the imaginations of white men, black women, and even some black men.”

      Not only that, But there are no names such as “Rice Chaser” or “Chocolate Eater” for the millions of white men who have relationships with Asian or African women in their continents! White men are not given labels such as weak, self-hating, or race traitor when they decide that white women are too “Feminist”!

      Check out this video!

      If this song was, “WHITE Girlz” By a group of black men with the same exact lyrics of a white girl, there will be civil war 2.0! White men are going the path of black women very soon!

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      • The racist circles do already have a term for white/non-black men who get with black women. It’s “oil driller”. But still, it’s not discussed as mucus as “coal burner” or “mud shark”.

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      • DS,

        But again, these dudes are hypocrites because they’ll dive 12 feet deep into Asian women whenever they’re ready, smh. See how these particular white men are exactly like black women in that they believe they have the right to be hypocritical in their behaviour?

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      • ….go look at my facebook page, I posted up a picture stating just this fact…….guess what happened????

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    • Alex C,

      White women are not going to be shamed out of dealing with black men. These white incels are only going to see an increase in interracial relationships between black men and white women.

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      • Verbs,

        White men can’t keep homosexuals from marrying, can’t keep drag queens out of their schools and libraries, or keep pedos from trying to normalize their perversion. Who are they to keep white women away from black men?

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      • Jack Johnson, Fredrick Douglas & Julian Bond, all connected to the Civil Rights Movement in this country, all MARRIED TO WHITE WOMEN.

        As I’ve said the war has been over for a long time. What remains is the shirkmishies here and there, especially in the media.

        On the ground where it matters, the WAR IS OVER.

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      • @Verbs

        LOL. If white men historically did NOT want white women to even look at black men he would have told them for centuries what nice guys we are. He would not have made us the forbidden fruit. The white man’s envy (hatred) of black men as well as his unconscious sexual desire for black men forbade him from doing that.🤣

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  3. Here are my 2 cents for open mic Wednesday.

    I’m seeing without doubt that collectively the black man thinks just like a woman does. If you have experience with women you’ll soon realize that it’s of extreme importance to them to be acknowledged, particularly their gripes.

    If you get into an argument with your woman, she can be totally in the wrong but have 1 small point of contention that is half way valid and she will go on and on about it until you acknowledge it, and if you don’t that argument can last for weeks.

    Most grown men have the ability to see the big picture and focus on that and can let small things pass or as the saying goes, “don’t sweat the small stuff”. For example accidentally stepping on someones shoes. A simple apology would suffice for most men. In grand scheme of things it really is a minor affront, but in the communitah it can be literally life or death.

    I’ve seen some of these guys in the manosphere go back and forth for years and when you trace it’s steps it started over something very minor that one of them felt wasn’t being acknowledged and now 5 years later they’re still beefing. Ever see a kid fall down and get a small bruise? He has to make sure that you acknowledge it and will pout and whine and make noise until you do.

    Black men are attention seeking just like a woman or a child.

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    • Upgraydd,

      This is exactly why SYSBM is NOT part of the Black Manosphere(2.0). We see the circulatory patterns of its reasoning and we want no part in it. I don’t even know what is going on in the Black Manosphere these days, I have to be updated by others. Again, the biggest mistake the Black Manosphere made was bringing in the very same women that through repeated lies and propaganda against black men forced it to create its own platform and voice to begin with.

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      • “Again, the biggest mistake the Black Manosphere made was bringing in the very same women that through repeated lies and propaganda against black men forced it to create its own platform and voice to begin with.”

        This is what brought down the first “SYSBM” forum that I was on back in the early 00’s. Even though the forum was for BM the Admin thought that it was “healthy” to allow BW to come in and go back and forth with the BM on the board. Eventually brothers, myself included, just stopped posting there and it went under.

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      • And when you create spaces that exclude women, you are accused of being gay, despite providing evidence that when you let women into men spaces, those spaces quickly deteriorate. They conveniently disregard that pesky fact.

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        Yang is spitting male feminist liberal drivel….lol. Yeah, he’s soooo smart, but can’t even garner more than single digit support in the Democrat primary.

        The last sentence was a dig. He’s actually a very smart person.

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    • Long drawn out arguments, online and offline, are stupid. I say just enough to get my point across. When I see a clear end, I always offer people the last word.

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  4. Man..the horrible shit these incels do nowadays would have Martin Luther King Jr. turning in his grave. Black simps and bulldog BW harassing a thinking brotha for exercising his FREEDOM of options. As for the white dudes, they have reached a whole new low with the coalfax website. No wonder them white woman acting out against them, the insecurity is strong with this one.

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    • Black Tiger,

      I’ve said this many times before, white men in recent times have promoted everything and anything homosexual, feminist, effeminate and anti masculine, so white women in return have simply looked for masculinity elsewhere. White men who are disgruntled at the fact that more white women are dealing with black men only have themselves to blame for a trend that will continue to increase exponentially.

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      • Yep. Its not our fault that so many young WM would rather play video games, watch anime, and be racist on the internet than to go outside, hit the gym, and talk to WW.

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      • “Yep. Its not our fault that so many young WM would rather play video games, watch anime, and be racist on the internet than to go outside, hit the gym, and talk to WW.”

        Spot on, James. I keep saying they need to be fondling their women instead of fondling their guns. Oh well, not my problem. I’ll take those “fat” white women off their hands.

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    • Absolutely. The more white men being hostile to everything and everyone and extremely violent and racist, the more White, Latina, and Asian women running toward the compassionate and loving arms of Black men. White men are very self destructive even to themselves. Good riddance to those men. No tears.

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  5. Verbs 2015.

    Those racist white incel men who created that coalfax website because they are jealous of the fact that good looking quality childfree white women now are going for black men for long term relationships and marriages. White men should not be incels at all because they are still the number one desired man on the planet on dating websites and in real life to all races of women including black women so they should have nothing to complain about because their lives are much easier than ours and they never have to go through any type of racism like black men go through on a daily basis. Going of topic, this morning while I was going to the shops to buy a few items I walked past this black women and she gave me a really dirty look and this reconfirms the reasons why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 37.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      White incels have no excuses, as you stated white men are still the most desired men on the planet by women overall, how is it that these dudes are struggling to get women, it makes no sense. If they’re having difficulty with western white women then why not opt for Eastern European white women instead.

      A lot of these incels types are just lazy, if the woman doesn’t fall into their lap then automatically something is wrong with the women. These white incels are similar to black women in that they rarely if every take responsibility, examine and scrutinise themselves.

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      • “A lot of these incels types are just lazy, if the woman doesn’t fall into their lap then automatically something is wrong with the women. These white incels are similar to black women in that they rarely if every take responsibility, examine and scrutinise themselves.”

        YES! This is my exact conclusion! This is why I don’t understand these blackpilled folks.Overwhelming Majority of incells and black pillers are super lazy! Alot of them do not go to the gym, do not take care of their health, do not look presentable but demand women to just spread their legs open to them. When they get rejected they want to “Rope”! ok, fine, Let’s say you went to the gym, picked up a nice professional style, take excellent care of your overall health and the girl still does not like you because maybe you are too short, have no neck etc etc. and the women in your home country have standards too high, then the next thing is to simply move to foreign lands! In china, there are places like bars, where men (foreign men) can go for FREE and WOMEN HAVE TO PAY!

        These incels are rubbing me the wrong way..

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      • Carnio SYSBM,

        This is exactly my point, because of the desirability dynamics white incels and white men in general don’t have any excuses when it comes down to getting women, NONE.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. White incel men and black women are fucking lazy because they want everything in life to be handed to them for free for just existing but they have to complete just like everybody else to do well in this life.

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      • Society needs to bring back bullying. When I was a kid everyone got bullied, you could of been the toughest guy but we would just gang up on you. It made us tough and showed you your place in the food chain.

        Not one kid in our area killed himself when I was growing up, and nobody turned out gay, maybe a couple loners but I can honestly say no more than 2%. Now suicide is one of the leading causes of death in children, and the kids who aren’t gay sure look and act like it.

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      • Verbs,

        It’s called “winners privilege”.

        They conquered the white women with the Salem witch trials.
        They conquer the native women through bioweapons.
        They eventually conquered the Asian women through opium.

        Thanks to their barbarian forefathers efforts, “Winners privilege” grants ANY white male with automatic open vagina rights. White racist incels rely heavily on winners privilege so much they’ve gotten lazy.

        Now they have to work for that vagina again and they’ve forgotten how. The only thing their forefathers taught them was brutality and lynching. They definitely won’t fly in 2020.

        Coalfax reveals a lot about white men’s jealousy AND their abhorrent, sick, violent history. One that’s about to end, hallelujah.

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    • Incels complain because they feel White women owe them a relationship when they are ready. Productive “Nerds” who might agree with Incels have turned to dating Asians (Mark Zuckerberg) even when White women are available to them.

      The problem with the idiots that create websites like this (and others) aren’t productive at all. They complain way too much to be higher productive people.

      What their REAL complain is about is not the highly attractive women they never had access too. It’s Sally/Karen/Jennifer average everyday 7-5 level White women that are dating Black men. This leaves them with the BBW’s, women with disabilities, single mothers, etc. This is what Terrence Popp and others complain about, while blaming attractive women for not dating them but dating Black men. Popp still has relative things to say about Feminism but I’ve stopped watching his videos (give him views) because I’ve noticed an under current of bigotry in his rhetoric.

      Why are they blaming Black men? Well if you look at the data, the rate of interracial marriage between BMWW has skyrocketed since 1970, basically doubling every ten years.

      I agree with other post that say it’s because of the liberal crusade against masculinity. These things always have winners and losers.

      The winner of that will be White women. the losers will be White men. You notice that eliminating masculinity is for YOU not for the Elites and their children? This is why it’s important that you find women with traditional values to push back against this nonsense.

      The culture war is evolving you must evolve with it.

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      • I rarely ever watch the WM “MGTOW” types on YouTube anymore. That racist undercurrent in that movement has been there for years.

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      • James SYSBM,

        Yes indeed, I remember writing an article some years back talking about racism in the MGTOW movement and how black men who were MGTOW needed to watch their 6.

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    • @Quincy

      The white man is the most desired man, yes. But he is also the weakest man and historically has never been able to stand up to his woman. THAT is the reason why “his” women are looking elsewhere. They can’t stand up to “their” women so they attack us instead. It’s sort of like how these hoteps are scared of white people and so they threaten other black people to compensate.

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      • Black Caesar,

        I gave up simping decades ago. I believe all men start out as simps, especially black men. We are conditioned from birth. Some of us overcome it, but most men never do. When I gave up simping I really started understanding women. A simp will live his whole life and not understand women. He’s too preoccupied with simping What simps never learn, is that women don’t respect them. Women love simps because a simp will be their doormat and flatter them, and he validate their skullduggery.

        This ratchet from work was trying to seduce me. Now she’s a big booty bimbo type, the type most simps give their paychecks to. She wanted me to come over for a booty call. I told her, I knew she was seeing a frieind of mine. I told her there are too many women in the world for me to mess with my friend’s girl. She was seeing a guy named Leon, who everybody knew was head over heels for her. He was paying her bills, taking her shopping, dropping big bucks. She told me, Leon’s not in your league. She told me she would put me before him any day. I told her I’d take a rain check, because right now I’m living with somebody. I lied, I live alone. The point is, she has no respect for Leon. He’s a simp, and she loves his simping. She sees me as unobtainable. I could make her do anything I wanted, as long as I remain unobtainable.

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      • @American Blackman
        That’s female dual mating strategy in play. She already has the simp to provide and now she’s looking for the man to fulfill her sexual needs. It is very rare that one man fulfills both roles.

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      • Black Caesar,

        There’s another point I want to make about simping. Most black women expect black men to be simps. Now black men own a lot responsibility for this, because most black men do simp. And they simp hard. White men simp too. I’ve had white girlfriends tell me about white simps. But as a collective, white men don’t simp nearly as hard as black men. And white men are generally simping for a better product.

        I posit that one reason why it is so much easier for a mediocre Chad to have his way with black women, than it is for so many black man, is that Chad has an aura of unattainableness to so many black women. Whereas a black man, by being so easy, he diminishes his own value. I try to tell black men, whenever I can, that they hurt their own cause by simping. But for most black men, this is a lesson that will not take. They are determined to be simps for life.

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      • @American Blackman

        “And white men are generally simping for a better product. ”

        Very true. You have a good point there.

        “Whereas a black man, by being so easy, he diminishes his own value.”


        White males won’t even touch a white woman who is even interested in black men. Meanwhile, black men are getting on bended knees proposing to the likes of that #metoo chick, marrying strippers, etc. Black men need to start recognizing their value and stop accepting the slave scraps of everything, especially women.

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  6. The shit these incels do most of the time makes me think we’re in a real life horror movie or something. Insecurity is off the damn charts with them. It’s stupid and it’s dangerous at the same damn time. Pretty soon that website ain’t gonna be up much longer, because all it’s gonna take is one little incident of someone gonna shoot up the mall, school, or whatever, and they gonna investigate his computer and phone as into why the dude done it. I thought white dudes were in first place in the dating market, and we black men are in second, so why are white men acting so damn insecure about the crap?

    Now on to my open topic, a few days ago, I read an article about body types of women (this pop up in my head because I watched a livestream from Mr Fantastic channel, and he talked about Young Jeezy and Jeannie Mai). Of course you know, you have your women that have the hourglass body type, the pear body type, the triangle body type, you know all that. Then of course, It got me thinking because I like my women to be in shape because I don’t like obese women, but I’m also not a big fan of thin women neither. Not hating on thin women, but I be liking my women to have butt and boobs. Sometimes when I look at thin women, I be thinking do these women eat, because people say being thin ain’t all that, which I kinda have to agree with them because I don’t know why some of these women wanna be thin. I did say before I like Asian women, but I kinda picky on them, and most of the time is due to body type because it’s rare to find Asian women who have that hourglass body type figure, a lot of them are just thin. That’s all for me right now. I was just curious because with me, when it comes down to women being in shape, I just don’t like them thin like they don’t eat nothing.

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    • Exactly man, I like my women thick,curvy, and plump with some ass to grab(I am an ass man so I don’t care much for the tits but it’s welcome). Body built for good sex and healthy birth of offspring.

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    • ” but I kinda picky on them, and most of the time is due to body type because it’s rare to find Asian women who have that hourglass body type figure, a lot of them are just thin. That’s all for me right now. I was just curious because with me, when it comes down to women being in shape, I just don’t like them thin like they don’t eat nothing.”

      Then maybe your thing will be Mongolian Girls. Mongolian girls are the most “Meaty” and in shape girls of all of Asia. This is because Mongolian eat ALOT of meat! They have too due to harsh winter climates in the capital. You cannot really be vegetarian there. So most of their diet revolves around alot of meat. Mongolian girls have a different mentality when it comes to gender relations than other traditional Asians. Most Mongols women are very sweet and super feminine. but becareful because some of them have warrior/barbarian mentality like my ex. Of course the men are hyper violent (The Tyrones of Asia) and beat the living tar out of their women. but they most certain expect you to be very masculine!

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  7. This is a little experiment I had did I went to have conversations with different cultures of girls and here are the responses that stood out to me the most:

    After telling them I prefer to stay single:

    White: Oh ok I respect your decision
    Latina: You sure I can’t change your mind?
    Asian: Ahh ok can we be friends then?
    Scraggle: nigga u gay?

    Telling them my goals in life:
    White: I wish you luck!
    Latina: Oh yea I can see you
    Asian: Ah yes the world needs more doctors!
    Scraggle: That seems a lot of schooling for little pay you sure you don’t wanna play in the NFL?

    Telling them what I like in a woman:
    Non Scraggs: **thumbs up**
    Scragg: What’s wrong can’t handle a strong black woman?

    If this doesn’t tell you the difference between a female and a psuedo-female than you deserve every punishment god give you

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  8. These white boys are truly having a difficult time dealing with the inevitable…THERE OWN DESTRUCTION!!! Which has all been collectively induced by them and their DEMONIC ANCESTORS!!!🖕🏾🤬 When you spawn evil and sire those who find it a priority to continue the “tradition”… it’s only a matter of time and circumstances that their evil will do a about-face and consume the very being that created it!!! This overwhelming belief that the only reason WW desire BM is for the ANGLE OF THE DANGLE is one the great urban legends in the interracial relationship dynamic. Little do they realize is that these WW actually and genuinely find BM more interesting and authentic. Where they WW don’t have to be exposed to the toxic arrogance and indifference that proliferate amongst WM!!! I’ve heard this position from more WW then I can count!!! This focus on BM leaving WW to raise the bi-racial children as single mothers is such a blown out attempt to discredit BM as incapable of being responsible fathers is utterly ridiculous!!! Yet!! They continuously fail to mention the countless WM who have abandoned women to become single mothers to pursue their own self-centered agendas. Once, again WW have also shared this fact as well and many of whom I know personally have unfortunately lived through it. With WW utilizing platforms such TikTok to expression their overwhelming love for BM it will only inflame the incel insecurity even more. So brothers stay focused and vigilant…the battle has just begun!

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    • You’re speaking the truth. I heard the exact same thing from many white women at job and also, many white women from Germany say the exact same thing, they love thinking black men who got sense about them. I talked to many of them who married white men in the military and how the men got different women pregnant in other countries.

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    • Their end is at hand. It’s no wonder they’re violent, vile, hateful racists who lash out at everyone and everything. They’re irrelevant to humanity.

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    • Not to defend their positions, but the majority of women online since online has been a think; What I mean is the White women that want Black men do often make the same mistakes in choosing men. Not that I convict them of that.

      There’s a quote that Mike Tyson made decades ago – “Everybody has a plan until they are punched in the face…”

      Some might think that we (and I) are holding BW to a higher standard. Actually it’s much bigger than that for BW they have all the tools at their disposal but they like playing victim. They intentionally have children to punish BM for getting them pregnant. This is a point that Tommy brings up constantly that can’t be defended or explained away.

      Again this is the middle ground, not the extremes. Black women from higher income brackets tend to behave much better, but that nagging belief that society unfairly pushes them down below all other women is why I don’t want to marry one. That belief is instilled in your children, if you aren’t having children then upper middle class BW might be a consideration.

      I’ve always said that when White women make a mistake of having a child with 12 Gauge Mike, they seldom double down on it. Other times it’s circumstances that come up (Mike Tyson) and some people react badly to them.

      Unfortunately working class and lower middle class WW have taken a page or two out of typical BW behavior when it comes to being a single parent. They don’t go all the way to say “Only God Can Judge Me” but they get pretty close.

      Just look at dating profiles, who does a better sales job? It can’t be more obvious than that.

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  9. “Once you go Black, it’s too much for Zack!” should be the unofficial motto for such a website; they’ve even gone as far as documenting the men who’ve marries said women as well as those women who’ve yet to date a brother. One commenter pointed this out on Monday’s post, but this racist site does resemble Mr. Fontaine’s website.

    I don’t know what these insecure dudes hope to accomplish with this site, but it will (1) only produce more of what they post: White women going for the “lion with the darkest mane”, (2) gain them notoriety for all the wrong reasons (which they’re already getting), and (3) produce a psycho simp mass shooter who kills an innocent girl because she “burned the coal”.

    In the 90s, there was this Uruguayan-American dude named Ricardo López who’s known as the “Björk Stalker” for attempting to murder the Icelandic singer (whom he was obsessed with) before killing himself on camera; what did Björk do to deserve such treatment? She dated a half Jamaican, half Scottish DJ named Goldie; I can see another dude like this being linked to the CoalFax site.

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    • OK….time to get serious. Its one thing to be able to speak our minds here. Its one thing to be able to network among like minded individuals, but now has come the time to take the next step, and that to make that paper, and thanks to the PREDICABLE nature of losers like white men and black women, for men like us, it will be easy. SO the white boys want to be seen and spread fear, I say WE HELP THEM OUT. First we come up with a phrase or slogan that multi-racial people can rally around, something serious yet lighthearted, I like ” “Once you go Black, it’s too much for Zack!” by Blue Collar Trevor sound good, now come up with a cool ass symbol that can be on shirts, hats, jackets whatever. NOW, by just sticking with US (free thinking men of color) going after these bigots and racists…who finally dares to take the fight to white nationalist? The men of SYSBM do, its a battle that is inevitable ANYWAY, so better now that later. Not only do we take the fight to the enemy, we gain support from the rest of the world, AND no one would dare touch us because we will simply say, either you’re with US, or you’re with THEM, NO-IN-BETWEEN. Going after these fools will make SYSBM into heroes. What say you gents? Ready to take the next step????

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      • Off Grid On Code,

        Don’t wait for others, if you have an idea that you feel is viable then simply roll with it. This is what SYSBM is all about, making bold moves and statements without the applause and the approval of others.

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      • Not only that, But I also say we make Memes, videos debunking and point out hypocrisies and make up our own insults like “Rice Eater” or Chocolate Chaser strictly for white / Incel men!

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      • I’m only 26, so I’m not too familiar with Goldie; you know what the ironic thing is? Björk and Goldie broke up a few days prior to López committing suicide; he was so bent on punishing this woman, he didn’t even bother to keep up with her love life anymore.

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    • They are fomenting violence, you don’t have to look any further than Elliot Rodger. His contention was how could White women pick Black men, especially “dumb” athletes over him?

      Just the fact that he killed his roommates first who were Chinese nationals is all you to know to show you how deep his hate went, he obviously had a problem with his Asian heritage.

      The frustration is building otherwise you wouldn’t make a website like coal fax and dox all these women, remember these are the women they could find their information rather easily. I know they are especially mad at the Australian woman who quite attractive, further debunking the myth that Black men can’t get the best
      White women available.

      WW won’t tolerate it and use the legal and political system to shut down this sort of behavior.

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  10. “a website called coalfax”

    Absolute BULLSHIT! I just checked that website. These white incels went out of their way and listed every single white woman who are with black (or non-white) men and shame them for it. FUCKING HYPOCRITES! I don’t see any white men with black women on there! and while we are at it, I don’t see White men with Asian women on there! Doesn’t that make them traitors too? What about the millions of white men who flock to poor countries like africa, Asia and south america to bang and marry women of those Countries? WHite men can have all the women of races in the world but nobody can touch white women!? GTFO with bitch-assness! Greedy, Stingy FUCKS they Are! Since when do white men feel they have a monopoly on all women but ethnic men cannot touch their own women nor can they touch white women!

    How come I don’t see Mark Zukerberg on that site?! He is with an Asian woman! Doesn’t he count as a traitor? Oh so it only counts when white women do it? I don’t see Black men making websites or Asian men making websites or how traitorous their women are who chose to be with white men! But a white girl decides he wants to experiment the same way white Anglo saxon men had had for the last century with non-white men, and he throws a fit and goes shooting up schools about it!

    Back in pre-civil rights days, black men and asian men were NOT allowed to have any romantic relations with white women. yet white men were free to do the same with any ethnic women! Granted his family and community would probably ridicule him for having any sexual relations with black women, but he would not had gotten beaten and killed for it! White men have raped and pillaged women of foreign lands after bombing or financially raping countries with sanctions and had access to all the women in the world that local men could never had dream of. fast forward to 2020, and they want to throw a fit because a small handful of women chose to be with non-white men! Most White women still date and marry white men, but these incels choose to focus on a very small number of white women that they could never get even if these white women chose only white men anyways!


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    • “How come I don’t see Mark Zukerberg on that site?! He is with an Asian woman! Doesn’t he count as a traitor?”

      No, he doesn’t count; Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew, and these White nationalist incels view them as an enemy.

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      • Being a Jew has nothing to do with him not being on that website. He’s not on that website because White men as a collective see nothing wrong with dating and marrying non-White women. White women in turn don’t care one way or the other.

        That is why White women are the target of MGTOW, Soy Boys and Incels. They only mention ratchet behavior by Black women mostly just to sell that they aren’t racist. When MGTOWS had nothing to say about the mass incarceration of Black men and boys but where more concerned over genital mutilation, I know this movement is not serious about anything only like Black women trying to Dick Police White women and that’s all it ever was.

        Only White men ask White women if you have dated Black men before and I’ve said before that speaks to White male INFERIORITY, not inferiority.

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    • “Most White women still date and marry white men, but these incels choose to focus on a very small number of white women that they could never get even if these white women chose only white men anyways!”

      It is for this reason that regular white folks don’t take these incels and white nationalists seriously. All the white women in the world who only date white men, and these fools are concerned about a small group of white women who rather date/marry a man from another ethnicity? Especially if he’s an upstanding citizen? Wow, it must be rough out there when your social skills are piss-poor 😂

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    • The reason for this is because non-black males fear their women not being able to even feel their little pee pees after a black man is done it with it!

      Sounds funny but it’s the truth.

      This is why the black man is so economically controlled. Finances are the last barrier to us taking ALL the women.

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    • The hypocrisy of the coalfaxers is eerily similar to another demographic how don’t want black men to date interracially, and call them traitors, but yet, if you check their Twitter timeline, you will see them worshiping white men.

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      • But tellingly, BA, that demographic isn’t inventive enough to make a website that “exposes” black men who date out that is comparable to the Coalfax site. Nor would it matter if they did.

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  11. Last week, I commented on how a black bitch’s refusal to follow social distancing guidelines resulted in a security guard being killed.

    Well, gents, we have another one. A black bitch, in Alabama, who refused to follow social distancing guidelines in Walmart, and became belligerent. However, this sitauation ended beautifully, with the bitch being slammed to the ground by an off-duty cop.

    That’s how you deal with a black bitch (and white bitches who do it too…) who wants to get out of pocket– slam the bitch and arrest her, before she calls in her simp drones and gets good people killed.

    KUDOS to the off-duty cop.

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    • 10 on the take down😂and this woman was just a walking SYSBM billboard, listen to all the things she had on her WHILE SHOPPING AT A WALMART!

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  12. I didn’t know that “Mr. Mode One” is engaged and expecting his first child at age 57. Pretty late to be starting a family. Nevertheless, I wish him good luck.

    If, or when, I reach 57, I won’t be raising and kids, that’s for sure. I will be enjoying life free of work and free of child raising. I think it’s safe to say he will be the oldest parent at daycare picking up his child.

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  13. When will these simps ever learn?

    Here’s how I think this went down:

    1. Bitch offered sex to get out of ticket.

    2. Simp accepted, and hooked up with woman after his shift.

    3. Bitch reported officer.

    4. You can best believe she will sue the police department. Easy pay day in the #MeToo era.

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  14. More black women degenerate behavior in professional places 😡

    ** Warning** Some of these video has been identified to potentially trigger nausea and sickness for people with photosensitive self respect. Viewer discretion is advised.

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  15. Thank You Verbs and SunGodRa for the heads up on that site.

    Just a few hilarious observations about “coalfax”….

    1. Gentlemen…#SYSBM has clearly won with an OVERWHELMING and decisive VICTORY! These sites are Incontrovertable proof that the work from Verbs, MBD and countless others from the past and currently has paid off with ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR RESULTS!

    2. These white boys jealousy, anger, insecurities, envy and out right VIOLENT HATRED is…WONDERFUL 😂😂. I had a BLAST reading those comments seeing the DEFEAT in their words knowing they can’t stop the Black Man White Woman TSUNAMI. They’re so dumb and pathetic that they’re unknowingly debunking the “black men can only get the fat ugly White Women they don’t want” stereotype. Because if that where the case, then why are they so VIOLENTLY ANGRY when they see Black Men with White Women?

    3. As I’ve mentioned before, TikTok is driving the racist, inadequate, butthurt White boy..AKA.. “FrankenFrost” absolutely crazy along with his equally pathetic, weave wearing butthurt Daggle counterpart…AKA…”Queen Kong”!

    4. Also as mentioned before, racist white boys and butthurt black females are the opposite sides of the same PATHETIC BUTTHURT coin. Just look at their talking points and rhetoric. If you where to list the comments from both groups on a plain sheet of paper in two separate columns, could you tell which comment came from the racist whiteboy and which came from a black female? Are the comments on “coalfax” any different from the comments made by Synthetic G, Paris Milan, Crystal Swirlz, Arch Duchesses ect.? Are the comments made by black females on Bossip, Lipstick Alley, Mediatakeout, The Shade Room, Tikrok, IG or Twitter any different from “coalfax” when there’s a BM/WW couple? The answer is an emphatic NO!!!

    So Gentlemen keep the FLAMETHROWERS pointed directly at their necks because the unrelenting heat of the #SYSBM movement is turning them into mumbling piles of ash!

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  16. I can’t seem to find that site, got a message saying the site was shut down. I’m guessing that story about the girl getting harrassed over a black boyfriend got it yanked…

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    • The site isn’t shut down. It’s “” — not “”. They registered the domain with a Russian service so that it’s harder to get it taken down.

      Here’s their registry data:

      domain: COALFAX.RU
      person: Private Person
      registrar: R01-RU
      created: 2020-04-29T18:44:25Z
      paid-till: 2021-04-29T18:44:25Z
      free-date: 2021-05-30
      source: TCI

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  17. One way to fight back against the Coalfax site is to put “false hits”. Of course you don’t want to put the names of innocent chicks who are just minding their own damn business on there, but you can put the names of racist bitches — to use their white supremacist brethren against them. You can also put the names of the family members of anyone you know is a white supremacist.

    And don’t forget to publicize the site, to unite opposition against it. It will be hard to get it taken down, because it’s registered in Russia (arguably a white-supremacist country by now), but fighting back is necessary.

    These guys want to be able to fuck any kind of woman they want (indeed, many white supremacists are “weaboos”, who go to places like japan and SE Asia to fuck asian chicks who worship white skin) — yet, in their deep insecurity, they want black men to be hated by all kinds of women, including white-supremacy’s right hand, the black woman.

    We need to accept the fact that we are in a war with these devils — (not meaning so-called white people, but the devils who want to be automatically worshipped and deferred to for being born “white”) — and fight back creatively.

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    • Btw, I just submitted an “abuse” report to Cloudflare, to try to get them to stop supporting the site:

      *”A site hosted by Cloudflare — — is a racist site that posts photos and personal information of white women who supposedly date black men.

      Its name is a reference to “coalburner” — racist slang for white women who date black men. The slogan of the site is ‘don’t ask her out until you get the coalfax’, a play on the ‘carfax’ slogan.

      The cowards, in their insecurity, invite harassment of these women and at minimum violate their privacy.

      CLOUDFLARE SHOULD NOT BE DOING BUSINESS WITH SUCH A SITE. My next stop will be to bring this site to the attention of media, with a mention of how Cloudflare is enabling these nazis.”*

      These devils want to isolate you, while they can fuck any kind of woman they want. (Sound familiar?)

      They want to make you taboo, and make nonblack women afraid to show you any love.

      Stand up for nonblack women who date black men! Black women don’t love us — often even our own mothers don’t. … So nonblack women who show us love deserve our support and protection. Use the form here to add your voice to the abuse reports — .

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      • “My next stop will be to bring this site to the attention of media, with a mention of how Cloudflare is enabling these nazis.”

        Mr. Fontaine could do his part in bringing this racist site to the media’s attention, but they haven’t downed BW or the communitah, so I guess that is whataboutism.

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    • From the fact there is a website created to belittle white women for dating black men, disregarding the hypocrisy that numerous white men can date and procreate women of a different ethnicity,the time has come to fight back. Especially since this adds in the dysfunction free-thinking black men receive daily from black women in the west for dating out and realizing the f—ry they created by black women collectively courtesy of the sexual liberation act aka feminism.

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    • Cloudflare will not do anything. Stormfront, Bitchute, Gab, etc use Cloudflare. All they will do is forward your complaint to the hosting provider of the site in question.

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    • The war is over, the numbers support that. They don’t know it or they do and won’t stop. Either way we have to deal with them in the media and social media.

      We aren’t the only ones that notice they are the each side of the same coin, the right and left hand of racism and White Supremacy.

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  18. Queen Kong is mad at Bronny😂😂

    Lebron James Jr (Bronny) and his TikTok famous friend shows who their type is and the “Bitter Black Females of America LLC” swarmed like the roaches they are. Like I said TikTok has driven them absolutely crazy with jealousy and anger and I love every second if it..😂😂😂

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    • One problem with the communitah is that they are too preoccupied with celebrities. Celebrities “got theirs.” Perhaps folks in the communitah should spend more time in “getting theirs.”

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    • So let me get this straight. Aren’t these the same black hoes who gave the lightskin octaroon Meghan Markle a ticker tape parade and honorary black status for marrying Prince Harry, yet they attack a 15-year-old black boy for liking those very same lightskin octaroons? SMH

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  19. I wasn’t spared by the COVID-19-inspired layoffs. I was laid off last week with only a moment’s notice. I guess I wasn’t as essential as I thought. The feeling was weird, because I have never been terminated from a job in my 21 years of being in the workforce. They softened the blow with a severance.

    I had a couple of interviews, received and accepted another offer. The job has less money and less vacation days. Previous job had unlimited leave, so I could travel frequently. Real bummer. But I have put things in perspective. Some people don’t have the luxury of getting interviews and offers. Nevertheless, it still sucks.

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    • Sorry to hear that brother. On the bright side of things regarding perspective, at least you secure another job to continue doing you can and at your best. Speaking from personal experience as I was laid off earlier this year.

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      • Yeah, getting laid off sucks. All we can do is learn from it and take the necessary action, as best we can, to prevent it from happening again.

        Some of it was my undoing. Three people had to be cut from the team. In my opinion, the three who were cut were expendable, because I never attended any after hours functions, the other team member is a very outspoken individual, and the third member was always out sick, or had a reason for not missing work.

        That’s life.

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    • BA,

      I’m sorry to hear this bro, I guess there won’t be a trip back to Colombia anytime soon, well nothing is flying in that direction anyway and flights in the country itself aren’t likely to start till the end of May. I’m glad that you landed yourself another job though, prospects out here in these times are looking extremely grim.

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      • COVID-19 has really changed everything. It’s coincidental that the day I am scheduled to start my new job is the day I was suppose to start my vacation in Colombia.

        As you’ve said, there won’t be any trips to Colombia anytime soon, so that will give me time to build up vacation days.

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    • I think its bullshit. How can the government even think about raising taxes when people have lost their jobs or have had their hours reduced? Further, how can the government consider raising taxes on citizens, but give grants to corporations? Again, bullshit.

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    • Jon,

      One of the main reasons why I’m trying to get out of this place and why I recommend that people DO NOT COME HERE TO LIVE, a socialist hellhole to the max, Bernie Sanders would love living in the UK.

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      • St. Bernie with his millionaire wealth, 3 homes, SuperPAC (“Our Revolution”) and media company (“Old Towne Media”), is not a “socialist.” That’s just the garbage he sells to know-nothing far-leftist rubes and stupid white kids to get rich. Besides, you’ve got your own Bernie, Corbyn. Haha.

        England is on her last legs, though. Sad.

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    • My taxes in New York about to skyrocket. My state is billions in the hole, and Cuomo idiotically insists on spending money he does not have. So now he’s begging the government for a bailout (which isn’t going to happen), and who is going to get the short end of the stick?? Us taxpayers. Once this plandemic is over, I’ve seriously got to start making moves to leave.

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  20. Ok I took a look these colfax website. This is nothing but a a buch white racsit simp that can’t get white women they want. Mad because blackmen are getting with their women. Last time I check some of these white guys be letting black guys get with their women.
    These men week ass fuck. No wonder white can’t these incels.

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  21. “coalfax” is now in the mainstream media

    Australian teenager is left fearing for her life after she was secretly added to a disgusting ‘race traitors’ database because her boyfriend is black

    Photos of the teen and her black boyfriend were uploaded to website CoalFax
    ‘Chloe is a race-traitor… She is openly dating a monkey called Josh,’ website read
    The 18-year-old said she was terrified after finding her information on the site
    CoalFax claims its to stop men from ‘entering into relationships with whores’
    The website is believed to be US-based but is hosted on a Russian server

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    • Like all obnoxious sites, this site for as long as a white woman isn’t killed. When a white woman is killed by a member of Coalfax, is the time when the site will go away.

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  22. Happy Wednesday guys. I hope you guys are doing well. Right, you know why the reason why we have so many single black men is because that black women always date the worthless men, the unproductive men, the hopeless men and the bums. And when black women have children with these hopeless men, then the chase after good black men. Here this, when a good black man sees a single mother and he rejects her, they look at him as the bad guy. Right, no good black men will never date a single mother regardless of the colour because that there is no way that he will take care of another man’s child or children. When a man says that he will not take care of a woman with children, the simps will attack him because he will not take care of a heifer with children.

    The best thing a black man who has no children is to date outside his race. You can find a black woman with no children but the question is how many black women who don’t have children? That is a rare thing nowadays. So the childless black man may have to date outside his race or just be a player until he finds someone who is good for him but for a good black man or a childless black man, he has to go out and date outside his race. S.Y.S.B.M.

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe, hold her tight and whispers sweet words in her ear to make her lose her mind.


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  23. Hi guys. Good wednesday to you. Sorry I am taking a break from technology but couldn’t help but reply to this one.


    So in the midst of this economic crisis and as hard as it is to make a website, not to mention the cost of operating it, a (or a group of ) white male soy milk fed incels created this site to monitor the sexual habits of white women that they never had a chance in hell of dating?!


    I like how the assumption is that white women would automatically accept them so long as their “coalfax” is clean. LMFAO

    White males are pathetic, limp-wristed, lisping, soya bean chewing, tampon sucking, soft, milk bath taking, cornier than every tortilla in Mexico, sexually infantile twats.

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    • Black Caesar,

      Good to hear from you bro, take you time with that technology detox, we’ll still be here when you return. Now we just have to find out what happened to Afrofuturism1, haven’t heard from the brother in months.

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      • @Verbs yw. I have still been coming here and reading the articles but I am spending most of my time reading and trying to restore what I lost through technology like patience. I had to comment on this though because this is a new low. LOL🤣
        Hope afrofuturism is ok.

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  24. Looks like the site has been taken down. I clicked on the link above and it takes to a white page with the sentence “We’ll be back soon”. Black women, take note. There’s a reason why and FS Avenger are still running strong, but sites like Coalfax only last a few days. Hint: White women have a stronger pull than you daggles 😂😂😂

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      • Yup, we’re such low IQ niggers that you took time out of your day to come here. What does that make you? Less than a nigger.

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      • Lame😂😂😂😅😅😅
        Superiority complex anyone?

        I get it, they’ve been told that they’re superior but we already know that they are a lower class person among their group. They use them like tools, not that much different from how their ancestors were used in Europe.

        There is a reason why their ancestors left Socialist Communist Europe and the economic depression across that continent in the 19th and 20th Century. Created by the fedual ruiling class (i.e. the Kaiser royalty). At least those people stood for something, their offspring are spoiled and entitled and really just sellouts if you ask some of the older European descendants who are not considered wasp back then.

        These guys are using lynching and other scenarios from stories. These fools are not realizing that your own ancestors were lynched and treated just like black people if not worse in the 19th and 20th Century. Especially if you’re Irish, Italian, Jewish, or German (even though the the Bavarians were directly related to WASP)
        This the only Power they have because they really don’t have proxy power like they used to. And they lack the ability to gain power for themselves because well… they are considered to be the lower class.

        They’ve been able to live off the accomplishment of the ruling class. They feel entitled to it, even though their ruling class tell them and teach them specifically that there is a Rite of Passage to success. They lack sense of urgency. IT TAKES WORK. IT’S EARNED. And not everybody will be giving those opportunities. it’s not our fault if we took some of the universal principles and applied them to our lives. Lord knows their ancestors took from people, LOL!

        So they think they have power by using these words. Not realizing that you are around men who are more confident and more stable and have better status than you.

        Classism is colorblind apparently these guys forgot.

        Silly childish comments like that allow me to flex, LOL!

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      • GENTLEMEN of SYSBM, you do realize the girl Fddeq is gone already???? Fddeq, a little girl, barely out of her teens, I would say around 19 is still learning about herself and the world around her. This was just a little tap on our heads to let us know she’s here (still learning how to attract a man’s attention). Had she been awake in school, she would know that, “Time to lynch low iq niggers” is about a threatening as a big blue alien with a funny glove showing up threatening to “blip” me outta existence… factor.


        Maybe this is an older lady who thinks the fear of white people was passed down to every black male child including the ones here……again, no factor.
        But after 50 plus years on this planet, I still get amused at white bitches like Fddeq or whatever thinking they are living in the 1800s…..there are SOME black people that will fear or get angered by what you typed…….here, we just laugh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

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    • Sigma Jones,

      Yes sir. Our approach over here is completely different, we demonstrate black female dysfunction and as a result advise black men to seek out love and companionship elsewhere, this is not bigoted or racist behaviour, we aren’t operating from a racist foundation even though most of us here are not fond of black women at all.

      This is the problem with black women, they aren’t that bright at all, they believe they can report this website as being racist towards them just because we refuse to worship them and additionally point blank refuse to accept their janky behaviour, smh.

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    • Reason #175 Why to marry a White woman if you live in Anglo Culture. She has significantly more pull than Black women do. A few Open Mics back somebody mentioned getting a job from a his White GF’s mother. Name a time any Black woman has helped you get a job besides your mother? I’ll wait… WW will are very encouraging and have several ideas for your own business if you don’t have any. She want you to be successful.

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      • Spot on, djfourmonie. Even my mom never actually helped me get a job, lol.

        WW have hooked me up with jobs and opportunities time and time again. And add Team Ricebunny to the list. If you’ve already got something going on, they’ll give you new ideas and get in the trenches with you to help you make money.

        Having white friends period will help new opportunities come your way.

        BW on the other hand are for BW only. They think they’re their own demographic separate from us.

        Hanging around low-frequency negroes in general will set you back.

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      • @djfourmonie

        I also concur. My mother actually ACTIVELY helped me LOSE jobs. The very first job I got she called the employer and told them I can’t go. Right up to my mid-20s she was doing this. Secretly calling employers by listening on the second line and cancelling jobs.
        Meanwhile a couple years ago I was chatting with a white woman on Bumble and right after she said “white men ain’t shit” she was offering me jobs. LOL. I’ve already told how many white women were on my sack when I was homeless and working at one live-in job. Also, my ex-fiancee from years ago who was Latina (and 18 years old!) got me a job.
        This is why I am slightly in disagreement with the fact you have to be 100% together to get a non-black woman. You can be yourself and as long as you make some effort to improve they will not only stick with you but they will help you.
        Black women will NEVER EVER DO THAT FOR YOU. Period.
        Black women are the reason for the failure of the black community and black men.
        If these black men had non-black mothers, the situation in the black community would change within 90 minutes.

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      • BC,

        I’ve had white boys throw me work from time to time. More so than anybody black, that’s for sure. Just know white male nature going in, and you won’t be disappointed.

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      • I’ve gotten jobs and advice from White men.There is no need to say “not all” because they know when we call them Capt Snowy we aren’t talking about them.

        BC you don’t have to have your sh*t together. I don’t, I’m a wip (work in progress) as all of us are. I’m not concerned if women will trust me, they will, they have before. I have to go overseas though and I have specific goals in mind that can’t be done here unless I go down market or increase my income dramatically.

        You ask what is the middle? Women around age 34 and we all know if you don’t earn dramatically more than they do, you are getting into the compromise zone, where waistlines grow or age becomes a factor in childbirth.

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  25. Anyone who at the very bare minimum has even a bare-bones knowledge of the Batman mythos should take offense to this. That is all I will say about this video.

    Liked by 5 people

    • And they wonder why their so-called women chase us.

      Taking a traditional fantasy story and putting your unoriginal, politicized, predictable, robotic views before the story. It’s not about you. You are there to perform a job as an actor.

      Talk about narcissism…

      Liked by 4 people

      • This EXACTLY why coalfax exists. Their women ONLY want them for their resources. I know too many dudes plowing thru “lord euros” girlfriends and wives while these cats are at work. Sad really, whiteness is really being attributed to whiny, racist, incel manbabies…

        Liked by 6 people

    • I just read that the dude is around 6′ 1″ and 160 lbs. That’s not gonna cut it for Batman. he needs to bulk up to look the part.

      Liked by 3 people

      • @ James SYSBM

        That is the thing, though. he is REFUSING to. He is refusing to work out for the role, citing nonsense about “body image” and such.

        Which is why I said that anyone who knows ANYTHING about the Batman mythos should be offended: Bruce Wayne is a man who put himself through hell in order to become Batman. This guy is basically spitting in the face of what Batman is I am not a Batman fan, and even I am offended by this.

        It’s not like Captain America, who basically was gifted with his physical status (Tony Stark put it so succinctly in the first Avengers film: “Everything special about you CAME OUT OF A BOTTLE.”). No. Everything Batman is, was all him! He shed literal blood, sweat, and tears (not necessarily in that order) to get where he is. Not to mention how much money he may have blown during those formative years.

        Liked by 6 people

    • You know, I hold British actors in very high regard for their on screen performances, but Robert Pattinson is the first exception I’m making; you are playing the role of the ‘Dark Knight’ who has always been depicted as a massive character, but you refuse to lift weights because of ‘body image’?

      Can you imagine if Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hardy, Hugh Jackman, Jason Momoa, and Michael B. Jordan refused to get in shape for their respective roles? You will have to be in peak physical shape playing the role of Batman, especially the fight scenes.

      Robert Pattinson is a beta male cuckold for using this feminist talking point to evade doing what he must do to portray this iconic hero; I wish I had the kind of trainer these actors have so I can get that physical aesthetic like they have. Thankfully, their workout regimens are posted online.

      I wouldn’t count on Christian Bale returning for the Batman role, so I say give it to someone like Hugh Jackman (who got bigger each time he reprised the role of Wolverine).

      Liked by 3 people

  26. Honestly, I’m glad there are sites like Coalfax out there. Let’s allow these racist neckbeards and incels to expose themselves. The problem with weeding out racists is they fail to reveal themselves, or won’t admit to being racists. Sites like these pretty much make it clear who the degenerates are. And it further proves to white women that the white man is weak, effeminate, ineffectual and impotent. Black men make up only 6% of the U.S. population. If such a small number of males make them feel threatened, then they have much worse problems than black men dating “their” women.

    Liked by 7 people

    • They do have much worse problems, mainly their infertility and declining birth rate. From what I have heard the white population numbers have dipped down to a point that the decline is irreversible now.

      A lot of pro-Blacks are against IR dating because they believe that the reason interracial dating is being pushed so heavily in the media is to combat white infertility and population decline, with the idea that if the bi-racial kids of the IR couple date white people eventually that will correct the white infertility and the subsequent generations will be (mostly) white. They argue that IR dating is lending non-white fertility and ultimately a genetic life line to a declining and infertile white population. I don’t really care if it is tbh, but its an interesting theory.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Morpheus2275,

      Additionally, the overwhelming majority of that 6% deal with black women and black women alone. As you said, it just goes to show how such a minuscule number of black men dating out can have these guys quaking in their boots, lol.

      Liked by 3 people

      • The ruling class conquer the world. Well, not necessarily conquer in most cases. They actually develop trade relationships with other ruling class leaders. In some cases they did try to take over. But throughout the 19th and 20th Century, their imperialistic plans and strong successful resistance by the people in their colonies changed the course of Direction. Of course this has happened throughout numerous major Empires throughout the world.

        This has historical precedent. WTF? My nephew is in the fourth grade and even he fucking knows this.


        Liked by 3 people

      • Chicho,

        Black folks did the same when you look back in history. We’re talking in terms of his 21st century attitude towards dating and mating especially when dealing with black men getting with white women.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Quote: “how can you say white men are weak when they literally conquered the whole world?”

        First of all, China would have a lot to say about that.

        Secondly, the white men who supposedly “conquered the world” as you say, are not the same white men we have today in the 21st century. Today’s western white male has lost total control of his woman (feminism), has low birth rates, suffers from infertility, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone and porn addiction, not to mention high rates of drug/opioid addiction and high rates of suicide, among many other issues. All of this, despite being at the top of the proverbial totem pole in terms of education, jobs, economics and the sexual marketplace. White men are weak because they have all the advantages and still want to pitch and moan like a bunch of spoiled brats like the incels who create sites like Coalfax. If you’re a white male in the west and you can’t make something of yourself, in a country created by and for white males, then you are the weakest of the weak, in my opinion.

        Black men, on the other hand, are succeeding, despite having none of the advantages that white men have. And non-black women, including white women, are taking notice. And of course, white males are threatened by that fact, even though, as you say, they’ve conquered the world.

        Liked by 3 people

  27. Coalfax?

    Reminds me of the efforts to doxx white men who were members of the racist British National Party and the National Front – a whole lot of police men, city bankers and (oddly) teachers were fired and publicly shamed.

    Being doxxed is low down scummy but the reach of that neckbeard website is nothing compared to worldwide instant fame of TikTok. Remember, the WW take notes…

    Liked by 4 people

  28. VERBS, I see you’re going up against D Derell soon. I’ve never heard of him, so I went through his catalogue😂😂😂😂oh, I can NOT, wait for this. This guys is a certifiable, grade A-pro-black SIMP. And if I’m not mistaken, he’s a male hyena to boot (Cluster B’s tribe) which will make him undoubtably….predictable😂😂😂and after ALLLLLL THESE “Ls” black women have been taking over social media of late; Kid Os series of the scamming Nigerian chick, and the Black female sheriffs deputy who gave a white Skin head/ white nationalist a STD while in lock up, to King Sigma’s pieces on surviving bottom shelf Brad….and that just THIS FUCKING MONTH😂😂😂don’t hurt him too much braw………on second though, fuck it, fillet his ass🤷🏿‍♂️

    Liked by 5 people

    • Off Grid On Code,

      Yes sir, I just watched a debate between Derell and Mr Fantastic, Fantastic wiped the floor with the dude’s beard. Derell thinks that racist white men are somehow behind persuading black men to leave black women and deal with other ethnicities of women, the dude obviously hasn’t come across the coal fax website.

      I don’t see white supremacists jumping for joy and performing cartwheels whenever they see black men with white women, I see the complete opposite. The dude called out SYSBM and so he has to get his backside lit up.

      Dude is a straight up black female non accountability specialist, he is the gatekeeper who jumps to black women’s defence in order to allow them to duck and weave around responsibility and accountability. These pro black simps are such easy work, I’ll looking forward to sending the dude to sleep without any milk and cookies.

      Liked by 3 people

      • “Derell thinks that racist white men are somehow behind persuading black men to leave black women and deal with other ethnicities of women…”😂😂😂😂😂😂are your fucking serious😂😂😂😂ok, ok, ok, I get it, I got it….**in a very sarcastic tone** the black struggle need more soldiers, and by convincing BLACK MEN to marry WHITE WOMEN, the loss of numbers (black sons to die in an imaginary race war) will be the downfall of the black race as we know it…..😂😂😂😂😂

        Liked by 3 people

      • Off Grid On Code,

        The dude is delusional, as I stated in Negro Wars until black women are held to account nothing in these communities that are being ran by them will ever improve, the book came out 5 years ago and it still rings true to this day. Black community in 2020=no improvement.

        Liked by 2 people

  29. 😂😂😂😂😂and I’m looking at his picture for the debate😂😂😂😂why do all these mother tucking wanna bees all try to look like men greater than themselves, mother fucker is trying to pull a Malcom X pose😂😂😂fuck outta her with that fake ass black nationalism shit.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I never heard of that nigga before but I am going to bet his voice sounds like Shanaynay. 🤣
      They all sound like that.
      I’ll put a nickel in a jar for every lip smack. 🤣

      Liked by 3 people

  30. Will the cluelessness EVER STOP with black women???? So Cynthia G just found out about a white female writer who specializes in writing “Black Power” novels…basically, black men are super men who take over the world type shit…thing is, we get rid of all the black women and replace them with sissified white boys. So now, as rulers of a black male world, we procreate with the white women and fuck the sissies….here is the thing Cynthia and all other ignorant ass black women reading this..THE AUTHOR ISNT WRITING TO BLACK MEN you fucking degenerates, SHES TALKING TO YOUR CAPTAIN SNOWBALL!!!! Black men don’t buy her books, YOUR WHITE ZADDY DOES! Black men haven made this white female author rich, YOUR WHITE SAVIOR DID!!!!! Fuck!!!! VERBS, use this info if you have to, black women SAY trying to link real black men to homosexuals while giving the real gays a pass!!!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Let me get this straight. A white female writes a novel where black men are bisexual rulers ( procreate with the white women and fuck the sissy white men), and the black bitches are running with it to support the notion that black men, who reject black women, are gay.

      Am I reading that correctly?

      If that is the case, the author has a twisted mind, and the so-called intellectual baby-momma proves she’s a perpetual dumb bitch.

      Liked by 4 people

      • OH, this shit is deep! The writer has a degree in PSYCHOLOGY and apparently a lot of people like the idea of a world like this, but yep, you got it. It just goes to show how White Women are smarter than black women and why black women stay losing.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Do we expect anything less from These Hoes, they fuck their gay best friend. So they’re dumb enough to think that black men are like their gay best friend. We already know it’s a front.

      This is why they like to brag and put white woman sexual perversion on blast whenever possible. It’s to cover up their own sexual perversion that really do blur the lines.

      Don’t believe me? just ask some of my white friends who hook up with them, LOL. Including one of my college roommate. He is now a decorated professor, but he once told me. In front of his white GF at the time “black chicks ain’t got no problem with me using the n-word, they say I bang them good enough to earn that right” and we laughed. He thought I’d be mad about the conversation, but I was a senior banging a blonde freshman. Who was able to fill a pair of J-Lo jeans at the time. Didn’t really care. I mean PAWG white chicks were pretty common in the Midwest. Especially on college campuses.

      College LOL

      Liked by 5 people

      • “This is why they like to brag and put white woman sexual perversion on blast whenever possible. It’s to cover up their own sexual perversion that really do blur the lines”

        I have always known this, when I was younger, black girls used to say how freaky and nasty WHITE WOMEN were….as I grew older I realized black women were talking about themselves.

        Liked by 2 people

    • 1. Black bitch: CHECK.
      2. A distorted sense of entitlement: CHECK
      3. Impulsivity: CHECK
      4. SIMP accomplice: CHECK

      We have all the elements of communitah fuck shit. No pun intended. You can’t make this shit up.

      Liked by 6 people

    • Hurling poop just like the apes at the zoo. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree as far as the scraggle daggle is concerned. They keep telling on themselves on a daily basis.


      Liked by 2 people

  31. I remembered a Pew Research panel that talked mainly about Millennials. But as we all know what often comes up in Anglo culture is how Black people are doing.

    It was Michelle Singletary who writes for the Washington Post. If I can find the section of the panel discussion where she talks about when she talks to young Black women as apart of her church’s outreach programs.

    I think you’ll be surprised by what she has to say.

    Again like Verbs I don’t come to my conclusions lightly and didn’t expect Mrs Singletary who is an economist to say anything that would expose the Communitah bare, but she did.

    Having lived through the 1980’s, 1990’s and the first ten years of the 2000’s what hasn’t changed despite the changes in laws, despite technology and now three economic downturns, Black women are if anything resilient, but they are also narcissistic to a fault.

    No man in their right mind would put the time, money and energy into finding a reasonable Black woman when there are literally millions of other women out there. It doesn’t even matter if you are broke; If you can rub two nickels together long enough to get through the Fiance Visa process what awaits you on the other side (if you select correctly) = tranquility.

    Can you put a dollar value on that? You won’t write a check against ghetto gaggers but won’t write a check against Svetlana (or Mi Ling or Marabell) either then what are you doing???

    I am a firm believer that things at home must be stabilized for you go out and take your piece of the pie. You also can’t put a dollar figure on the price the right woman provides in companionship alone. I know the transhumanist among us are ready to move on, but that might come sooner than you think.

    Plenty of things afoot that seem back page material but if left unattended I think men will find it easy to throw up their hands in disgust and allow the Feminist and Transhumanist to do a victory lap. Remember both are political bodies as well with the Transhumanist being more technocrats.

    The war between Black men and Black women if the War is over Interracial Relationships then that war is over. Both sides are admitting failure when you have to dox the other in order to get them to stop, it’s become personal.

    See what really makes Tommy’s detractors mad is that despite getting his channels flagged he is still able to generate income largely without sponsorship or Google ad revenue. As long as free speech is held up high in the Supreme Court, that also means unpopular speech must also exist. Of course many on the left don’t see things that way, including calling out those who run around without mask on. They are more concerned about those people than the obviously racist White men storming the various capitals in the middle of the country.

    What I am saying is, you really want Black women, Simps and Pro Blacks heads to explode? Marry a non-Black woman. It’s something all three groups can’t accomplish with regularity (get married) and the thing they are most concerned about, not that you date non-Black women they only get slightly upset there because they know those relationships can easily turn serious.

    The real concern is marriage because they know there’s a price tag for the communitah linked to it. That means continue disinvestment and no money velocity. Remember if they can get your Black ass to marry a Weavable Wobble and stay in the community that means more taxes, higher tax base, money velocity by using services inside the community (such as they are). In other words they are begging the middle class to come back to the hood.

    What they are getting is Millennials and it’s a race against time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • >What I am saying is, you really want Black women, Simps and Pro Blacks heads to explode? Marry a non-Black woman.

      Done and done. And haven’t turned back since. SYSBM is the correct path for the thinking black man, bar none.


      Liked by 3 people

  32. AUTO-IMMUNE ALOPECIA is the black woman’s latest scam. While taking in some news coverage, I saw Ayanna Pressley, US Congresswoman, talking about her recently revealed bald head. Pressley gives the usual claim that her alopecia (baldness) is auto-immune alopecia. —- I suspect that Pressley, and many black females, have traction alopecia. TRACTION ALOPECIA is common when black women have their hair in braids. [ Wikipedia awaits you ] These braids are often in braided hair styles or when a black female is wearing a hair weave or wig. ————- By the way, braided hair is not natural, so do not fall for the scam that braids are part of the so-called NATURAL HAIR MOVEMENT.
    Gentlemen. Do not fall for the auto-immune alopecia scam. Most of these bald black females have TRACTION ALOPECIA.

    Liked by 1 person

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