Black Men Like This Are Highly Sexually Suspect!


Whenever you encounter black men like this who are continually concerned and harping on about where other black men are choosing to place their family jewels, you have to look upon their sexuality with great suspicion. Now, many of you here have been saying this for a while now, however for the most part I chose to dismiss such a conclusion mistakenly giving these dick police officers the benefit of the doubt………….NOT ANYMORE.

You’ll notice that these dudes who are always so concerned with the SYSBM brotherhood as per usual always go in for the “you just want to get with white women” line even though across the SYSBM board free thinking black men have tastes that span from one end to the next. This above is not normal behaviour, in fact I would go as far as to say that this type of in-depth investigating into who other black men choose to date, marry and procreate with is homosexual at its core.

Now, it is normally black women who throw out the homosexual card, however their reasons are typically unfounded and based upon the fact that you either said something to them they didn’t agree with, you refuse to submit to their matriarchal witchery and constant emasculation trickery, you don’t have a problem dating outside of your race or any combination of the three.

The only men who are concerned about another man’s penis are homosexuals, these dick police officers aren’t too bright at all. Black society really is a topsy turvy world where behaviours that would normally be frowned upon and shunned are instead seen as acceptable and normal, this is exactly what happens when you have black women leading your communities into the sewer, the men who follow them behave in exactly the same manner, smh.

How are we ‘black male feminists’, how exactly does that statement make sense? Because we’ve chosen to give an observably dysfunctional group of females a wide berth, somehow this equates to us being male feminists? Am I missing something here, can anybody else make heads or tails of this nonsense? Do you see this Twilight Zone speech patterning Bradley is engaging in, if anybody can make sense of that statement I’m all ears.

No problem Bradley, you’re quite welcome to remain in the hellhole called the black community. If you believe that you can make something work within it then by all means give it your best shot, however just because you don’t have the testicular fortitude to walk the other way that doesn’t mean that you now get to engage in reverse psychology and project your cowardly nature onto those who are brave and sensible enough to leave for greener pastures.

Again, the dude is carrying on like we’re clammering for non black women, he honestly doesn’t understand the SYSBM dynamic and how once you apply the SYSBM philosophy into your life and hold your standards high, non black women will automatically flock to you by the dozens. The recent Tik Tok phenomenon with white women especially expressing their love and appreciation for black men is one such example.

What makes me laugh about dudes like Bradley is in his mind even though we free thinking brothers are getting attention from non black females from every corner, we’re instead supposed to “keep it real” and deal with “da sistas”, mind you the same reprobate black females who openly berate and disparage the best and the brightest of black male society and at the same time exalt and embrace the gutter trash and the filth of the Negro male contingent.

I wonder if the homosexual dick police detective Bradley has a black queanie for himself, probably not, this is typically the case with the pro black female bootlicking stooges, most of them being the reprehensible simps that they are cannot get the time of day from the very same queanies they worship, adore and fantasise about.

There is no fight with black men when it comes down to dating out, we just do it with little to no effort, nor do we make a song and dance about getting with non black women. It is black women who have great difficulties getting themselves non black men and those few of them that do always feel the need to place their non black male significant others on display for all to see.

Remember, the term “swirling” DOES NOT apply to black men, it amazes me still how certain disingenuous buzzards such as Cynthia G and many black men who think just like her are desperately trying to apply that term to black men when the very person who coined the term one Miss Christelyn Karazin has stated that it ONLY APPLIES TO BLACK WOMEN, smh.

SYSBM never asked for the attention that we received, we were quite happy chilling in the cut and making our moves in the shadows, it’s you homosexual pro black simp dick police detectives who are obsessed with our movements and where we choose to place our private members. Gentlemen, you’re right, these dudes need to be called out for the homosexuals that they are, again, who obsesses over what another man does in terms of dating and mating preferences?

Brothers, continue to do you, explore your dating options and ignore these homosexualite pro black female/black women first simp flunkies. They are the ones constantly attempting to stick their sodomite noses into what we are doing and not the reverse, remember that. We don’t defend the black matriarchy over here, neither do we tolerate single motherhood either. Look at the following photo below, who would you prefer to be with, enough said. #SYSBMTILLTHECASKETDROPS

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Watch Out For Homosexual Dick Police Officers Like Bradley

Most High Bless

113 thoughts on “Black Men Like This Are Highly Sexually Suspect!

  1. No other race of men acts like this. Other men check the women of their race HARD and lust after or give pointers on how to date women outside of their own race. It isn’t racial genocide when a white man does it but when a white women does it then she’s a sellout. White males can never be sellouts if he dates or even marry out. That’s why I don’t get these dudes who dick police other black men. I know several has been exposed as being gay when one went HARD after other black men for dating out but don’t say shut to Black women. He was exposed and ran off the forum like he should have been.

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    • Roy Cos,

      This is why free thinking black men are checking out from black society as a whole altogether, we’ve seen the black matriarchy, how it continues to destroy those around it as well as employ double standards for itself. Then on top of these we have these brainwashed pro black simps rolling around enforcing the janky one sided dating rules and regulations handed down to them by the failed angry and bitter black sisterhood, smh. You’re right, this type of behaviour is homosexual hands down.

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    • As Obsidian says, higher order thinking and abstraction is not popular in the communitah. If it were, we wouldn’t see these dumb musings and memes on social media.

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  2. Nope, I just cannot make sense of it either.

    As an INTJ, I always try to look at it from another person’s perspective on how they concluded their views. If I were someone who is against interracial relationships, I still could not conclude how a man who chooses a philosophy to not deal with women of his own race, especially when he has damning evidence, that SYSBM is the same as the feminists.

    This is simply an emotional ad hominems attack in the most indirect way. It is a way to attack you in a sub conscious way to feel a sense of false logic to get you to disassociate yourself from your own philosophy. It is dishonest at best! This is the same attack they use against MGTOW. So maybe they are in a way assuming SYSBM is somehow a branch of or another version of MGTOW.

    I also believe that simps, homosexuals, black nationalists, and black woman Believe that non- black women are non existent and only black women apply as women. So even if you date , marry, have sex with non black women, their logic (which is fallicious) because you, Black man, are not dealing with black women, you are indeed a loser, Incel MSTOW, Eunuch etc. Because you are not dealing with THEM, even IF you currently have a non black woman.

    I truly honestly think that simps are actually women inside Men’s bodies….

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      Again, I was extremely reluctant to call these dude homosexual because I know that black women launch that card out at will, however I simply don’t know what other conclusion to draw. Again, notice how the whole world comes to a standstill whenever it’s a black man who choose to expand upon his dating options, black women slip through the net and nobody bats an eyelid.

      Exactly what I stated in Negro Wars, pro black simps, the black women they serves as well as their white lord and saviour Captain Snowy are 3 sides of the same unholy triangle. Pro blacks just like black women are just as racist as the white nationalists they claim to be standing up against, as Gregory Chandler pointed out they use the word ‘nigger’ against fellow black men just as much or even more than racist whites, smh.

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      • This starts are the very top of the Black Community. Gen X is already becomes the elderstatement and they lament what’s happening, constantly talking about how the 90’s were a turning point for Black women.

        Children of these idiots are now on social media denouncing so-called “Dating Out”; Funny why we have to call it something when White men don’t call it anything?

        I wouldn’t waste my time arguing with these idiots, debating them, etc. Nothing is going to change their perspective on how they believe Black women are unfairly tarnished in media and society.

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    • @Carnio
      I dated a girl about 10 years ago who insisted that I take this test, she sensed I was an INTJ, as she was. Sure enough she was right.

      Now I’m an ENTJ. Interesting huh?

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  3. From a black woman who worries about who the black man is dating, I ain’t standing it because they (black women) just mad that they lost that opportunity to get one, and all that putting black men down and dating dudes they shouldn’t never got with in the first place, but that’s on them. From a black man who worries about who another black man is dating, that’s a huge problem. First of all, that’s a NO-NO all the way amigo. For black men that dick police other black men on their dating preferences of women, all they doing is putting out unwanted homosexual tendencies, and it makes them looks stupid as hell. They do that to the wrong man, don’t be surprised if he done gave them the Deebo Uppercut. I date whoever I want to date. I got my own preferences. Who I prefer and who I have a connection with is really none of these folks businesses. I don’t see just black women out here. Are there just black women in Europe? NO!, Are there just black women in Latin America? NO!, Are there just black women in Asia? NO!, Are there just black women in Middle Eastern? NO! Are there just black women in Canada? NO! Are there just black women in Oceania? NO! Are there just black women in the United States of America? NO! The whole world does not have one race of women. God, These simps are colorblind.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      After all they see concerning how black women treat black men like garbage, they still expect us to deal with them as if there is nothing wrong. That is not going to happen. This is what I talked about in my debate with Amiri Brown, he wants us to “take charge” and lead a group of women who don’t want to be lead by anyone other than Captain Lime or failing that 12 Gauge Mike, smh.

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      • @Verbs
        Isn’t it funny that these harpies apparently don’t want us, and that we’re “lame” “weak” and “corny”? Didn’t our mothers for the most part treat us like shit when we were growing up? As far as I can tell we’re not arguing with them, we just want to leave. I thought they didn’t want us so what’s the problem.

        Is that’s not schizophrenia tell me what is. Pro blacks are certified bat shit crazy.

        Here is a song by Bob Marley, apparently it’s about his wife.

        “Now you got what you want, do you want more?”

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      • Upgraydd,

        This is a strange phenomenon, black women confessing to being attracted to thug Negroes as well as Captain Snowy, yet your average black man who has his stuff together in their eyes is still not allowed to leave the communitah. It’s like he must stick around being a puppet to be hissed at, mocked, ridiculed and laughed at.

        You’re right, black society cannot work without its best and brightest, however since the black witch is in charge and running the show, she chooses to reject the light of black male society to her own detriment and she is now finding out that she and her stooges cannot run the ship without us.

        Oh well, not my problem, they should’ve thought about that before. Let them sink like the Titanic and be a historic relic at the bottom of the sea.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    Pro black men who dick police me for my dating choices in dating childfree non black women I find their behaviour very strange and very weird because it’s some gay shit. What I find ironic is that you never see pro blacks guilt tripping black women for dating non black men or white men. This is double standards hypocrisy at it’s finest. What I find really funny is that you also get black women telling the world that black men are ugly and that they can only attract the ugliest women from every other race of women because they think that a beautiful childfree non black women will never be attracted to black men because these same beautiful non black women have got unlimited choice in the men that they want to date and why in the hell would they choose to date a black man when they have every non black men to choose from because these same non black men are seen in a positive light by the media and in the world in general, but these tik tok videos and mad Bus drivers
    youtube videos destroys the black womens false and negative propaganda because you see beautiful childfree non black women getting with black men all the time and I see beautiful non black women with black men all time especially in London and in particular the area of North London that I live in and some of these black men are not superstars or celebrates but they are just normal everyday black men who got themselves a quality star gate women to have kids with and its a great thing to see because it’s given me hope as a childfree black man at 37 to get with a good looking quality childfree women to have kids with.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women and simps like homosexual simps like Bradley would commonly use the “black men can only get with the gutter trash of white female society” talking point, however this recent uptick in Tik Tok videos with Becky showing love towards black men has since completely shut down that nonsense.

      Again, it’s completely understandable why black women would do anything and everything within their power to stop black men from dating out, however black men engaging in the same behaviour is at minimum homosexually suspect.

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    • Majority of Slavic women are child free and want a husband (that leads) and children (only inside of a relationship)

      That is likely your best solution. That said, you can still find women in the EU who are not as big a problem as Anglo Saxon women can be with the impact of Feminism.

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  5. Christopher Bradley (and other black people) ——— Please note that it is cognitive dissonance to speak out about “white supremacy” while constantly dropping the N-word. Whatever your intentions are, the N-word is a tool of white supremacy. —- In addition, if you must use the N-word, please use the female form of the N-word more. —- Black people do not use the word nig*ress nearly as much as they use the male form of the N-word.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      This is exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars, pro blacks sounding more like white nationalists frequently using racist words, terms and phrases against those black men who hold to a different opinion or view, smh.

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      • Verbs2015 —- Yes for example, many black men follow SYSBM but use the word MUDSHARK. —- Black people need to understand that racist terms are not created to benefit black people.

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      • Including denouncing Jews… Jews might be a frenemy but I wouldn’t put them on blast as Pro Wacks constantly do, they control the media, law and banking, that is not a bee hive you want to shake.


      • djfourmonie —- I cringe when blacks denounce “white liberals.” — White liberals, like us all, have faults. Nonetheless, I do not assign a great deal of blame to white liberals. —- For example, the welfare policy that stated that welfare benefits shall not be given if a man is in the home is viewed by blacks as an evil plot by white liberals. —-

        One view is that black females incorrectly viewed welfare policies as a reason to favor guaranteed welfare benefits instead of having a husband with no guarantee of full employment.


    • Greg,

      I felt the same about “nignog,” which in the US, is a white supremacist term for blacks. If you went on Stormfront right now, I guarantee you’d see it used within 10 seconds of browsing the site. I chide brothers about using that term.

      Black hoes also use it freely online against us, following the lead of racist White Zaddy. As if they somehow got here without black fathers.

      “Mudshark” to me is shorthand for the Mandingoized, fat, black-acting, white trash chick with several brown babies en tow. But knowing its origins, I don’t use that term either.

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      • I’ve NEVER come across a black man (or even anyone pretending to be a black man online) using “nignog”. That’s a corny, bitch-like term.

        I have of course come across black women using it — & I’m not surprised. There’s no low they won’t sink to in their effort to lash out at black men, including parroting white supremacists. It just underscores the fact that they’re not “our” women.

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      • Mudshark and coalburner apply to ALL white women that have relationships with black men. The fat white woman talk is just more propaganda from white men and black women. Do not accept that propaganda.

        Therefore, I disagree about the type of white women that are called mudsharks or coalburners. —- If a white female college student dates a black male college student, she is viewed as a mudshark or coalburner. Her weight, income, behavior, etc. is not a factor in the name-calling.

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      • Schadenfreude — A humble request is that black men abandon the “fat” white woman line. —- This is especially true when the majority of USA black females are fat with and have unwed mother status. — Black men do not need to repeat the same false propaganda that white men and black females use.

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  6. Okay, let me give my take on this simp’s talking points before I start my day:

    1. Male version of “Leaving Blackistan”? Weren’t thinking Black men leaving Blackistan before the movement had a name? Sounds like a standard projection taught to simp Bradley by his daggle overlords.

    2. We’re the male version of feminists? Here is where you know this knucklehead didn’t read the Tenets, specifically Tenet #7 which states that men and women are NOT the same, and that SYSBM rejects feminism and any related branch of dysfunctional behavior.

    3. This is your typical daggle shaming tactic: attacking a heterosexual Black man’s sexuality; you’re much closer to homosexual behavior dealing with those masculine Black hyenas. Also, we don’t overvalue non-Black women to the extent that Fleece Johnson values “boy punany”; we put free thinking Black men first as SYSBM Tenets #10 & #21 explain.

    4. There he goes with the “fight White supremacy” nonsense; in a sense, we are fighting White supremacy by bagging White women! There’s nothing like seeing Chad throw a hissy fit over Ashley taking her Vitamin BBC or having a Black man’s baby. Black Power! *pumps fist*

    5. Lastly, we don’t need to cozy under the White MGTOW umbrella for access to White women; in reality, White and non Black women are seeking access to thinking brothers! Besides, MGTOW wants nothing to do with westernized women, so Bradley’s point ceased to make sense as soon as he uttered it.

    This bootlicker Bradley is a Black sissy much like the phony ‘nigga cum laude’ academic Fountain; he’s going to say or do anything to defend the “honor” of his queanies. In this sense, they are worse than hoteps (at least hoteps low key dig Becky).

    Fret not over bootlicking simps, and as always, SYSBM.

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  7. I have detailed points, so this may be long. This is a case study for those who are academics.

    – this is what a person who is emotionally, psychologically, and mentally underdeveloped looks like. Notice his perspective is slanted towards one side. The feminine, the side that he talks from and his perspective. There’s no balance in this thinking, it’s just empty words, and probably no balance in his life. He is literally speaking from how he feels, which inherently revolves around self. A father will balance your feelings logic, ideally help you become a balanced person. The people who got both of their parents in their life will be very careful about saying certain things. Because you think it out more. Generally speaking of course.

    – Since this guy perspective is slanted towards the feminine, he is automatically going to assume the side of the woman female protective all the time. Because that other side, the masculine, is underdeveloped. This is why it sounds like a woman talking. Unfortunately, other factors could lead into this man being open to exploring his feminine side. Not just mentally and emotionally, but sexually. (Disclaimer, there are other factors that lead into sexuality, including upbringing, certain experiences, abuse, Etc.) In fact I won’t even go into that because that’s a whole other topic. But I believe most of you guys understand what I’m trying to get at

    – of course he’s not going to talk about what the women do. He’s trying to appeal for their validation still. You’re not going to get validated if you’re questioning their hypocrisy, even though it’s logical. But again this guy is too emotionally stubborn to see that. And you don’t win arguments with people who are emotional. Mark Twain once said “no matter how much evidence you have, you would not change the mind of an idiot” he nonchalantly include women in his argument to give off the impression that he’s looking at it from both sides. It’s obvious he’s not just as you read and dissect what he is saying. He’s not able to because he had that been suspected. And seems to lack the awareness of self to even understand this

    – he then dismiss logic, evidence (TikTok for example), common sense, in the right to control your destiny. Because it doesn’t appeal to his feminine emotions. (I say feminine emotions because it is human nature to be emotional. But the stability or lack of always rears its head). It does not appeal to the person who he trying to get validation from. Therefore “you’re saying it because you feel some type of way. Just like I feel some type of way.” But he lacks the awareness of self and does not have an empathetic view of men, even though he is a man. Yes, part of that is men organic competitive nature. But again balance

    – he won’t say nothing about women dating outside of their race directly, because he does not want to hurt his chances of getting validation and being cool with the women and really most of the community for that matter. He’ll bring up obvious targets like obviously mentally, and emotionally unstable swirlers. That’s easy He’ll bring up women dating outside of his race but don’t hardly say nothing about it. It’s just obligatory. Because the feminine usually don’t talk about that aspect when it comes to themselves, he won’t talk about it. The feminist perspective can be very solipsistic. And so is he.

    – he believes men and women are equal. Science, biology/DNA, and facts be damned. Which is what feminist believe. He projects that we are male feminist when it’s him, like a woman. Just because you say “women and men” does not mean you’re calling it down the middle. There is nuance to that, and people who say this are borderline illiterate in my view. I’m getting redundant but you’re starting to get the point.

    – he doesn’t want to hurt his mama’s feelings . I’m not joking, there are brothers who’re hesitant to call out their own mothers and other women in their family. They don’t want to shake up the cart. They will be shamed by the women and others for “bashing” (tonality hurt my feelings) you own experiences and supporting facts (denying reality).

    – this guy’s either curious about the experience ablut dating outside of your culture. Or has had experience and it didn’t go right. Or wish he could date outside of his culture. It is a projection anyway you slice it. Just like the women project when they are talking about i r relationships. Like the feminine, they are jealous. If he had awareness, he would have the ability to see that the women are being raked Hypocrites and are flat out indicting themselves. Which is obvious to us.

    – I’m getting redundant. This boils down to major mommy issues. It’s what I talked about and this guy is a great example of it. It reminds you of some little whiny snot-nosed kid telling you to “leave his Mama alone.”

    I am not a psychologist and not a therapist and you should seek the advice of professional when it comes to stuff like this. I have studied psychology and human nature, as it was a key part of my management and marketing degree. And you better study it if you lead people. It is cases like this that gives us a good chance to see if what we have been taught, education both formal and self, experiences, and principles stand the universal test of time.

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    • @Mack G
      Excellent analysis.
      I bet they won’t address a single point you’ve made and go right back to yelling what they’ve always been yelling. I guess he who talks loudest wins in their warped minds.

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    • @Mack D

      Excellent analysis.

      On the point of not “wanting to shake up the cart”. I will add that sometimes there is the element of BLACKMAIL. One may be hesitant to speak out against a party or faction that holds embarrassing or incriminating evidence against the member. This has been known to occur in the business world, and is more applicable to the family where the individual begins in a rather ignorant state, where they must make mistakes and learn them, as a result, such an individual if not blessed with nurturing humans may be exploited, pimped, and blackmailed from early child development.

      The result is similar to perhaps what they call Stockholm Syndrome. Where the victim begins to identify with their overlord (for whatever reasons….fear….to increase safety…etc).

      And thus we also have a part of the SIMPS psychology. That is to say he is in mental slavery to his past and continues to give his power over to false ideals instead of coming to terms with his past experiences and relating them to some objective standard to produce a reasonable perspective on social realities.

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    • This truly explains the insight of what Verbs posted. Cynthia G said the same thing so he is getting his leadership from a female. You can’t help these guys. They lead some miserable lives outside of social media. Usually they have nothing going on scholastically, financially, or physically. Nothing productive but I am sure he probably watches the same black man with a good looking non-black woman on his arm and he goes home defeated and deals with his low-self esteem.

      It reminded me of the black kids who would fight other black kids or pick on them for literally having a FATHER or coming from a stable household. This is no different.

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      • “Cynthia G said the same thing so he is getting his leadership from a female.”

        And he’s probably proud of that lol I remember years ago some idiot was getting into it with Akwesi 100 because Akwesi told him he was lame for living in his moms basement at 38. The simp came back with “at least I’m allowed at my moms house”

        There really is no hop for them.

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      • AssegaiDevelopments,

        Boom, you hit the nail on the head, SYSBM brothers are being bullied because we do not accept the contamination, degeneracy, destruction and dysfunction of the community currently being headed up and operated by the modern day black female. Black women and their simp defenders see us as defectors who need to be brought back into the fold in order to fix things that the black witch and her feral goon squads will only go and destroy once again, no thank you, I’m good on this side of the fence, I’ll pass.

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    • At this point, there should be a law in place for these male feminists to get castrated. They move and talk like they have no balls, no spine. Even take it a step further and force them into becoming trannies since they’re so confused about their identity and role in the grand scheme of things.

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  8. Something is wrong with this ilk of black folks worrying about what’s going on between a brother’s legs and seeing if said brother is getting any action or not. I thought the opposition would be happy that they have all their queans to themselves but will shame and call you names if you don’t have the access code to their womenzzz. Remember, these queans are the ones that decides (based off of their dysfunctions) the men they want from the men they don’t want. It begins and ends with the queans and the queandom.


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      • B A,

        I will ask The Straight Shooter about that but summer is drawing near so if there’s no known specific date for his release, sometime during this summer (maybe in the month of June) is it. Seeing how certain cities and states like my state of Virginia in fear of being sued is releasing jailers, he could already be out via early release but keeping a low profile in his state.

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      • B.A.,

        In adding, Straight Shooter asked gw3 about Tito a while ago but hasn’t heard anything either. Straight Shooter hopes that Tito already has that early release because of the Corona pandemic. We will see between next month and August.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      Black women, racist white men and pro black simps, 3 sides of an unholy triangle, all of them seeking to micro manage a black man’s dating and mating preferences/habits, this type of behaviour is straight up beyond creepy bro.

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  9. All the white girls in the left image are my type🤤. Anyway, these dudes are the real black incels. If SYSBM was not a big deal then they would SYSBM out of their mouths and go build with queenies. But nooooo, misery always loves company. P.S. that meme with the brotha spraying that BW had me weak😂

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    • Black Tiger,

      The white women look fantastic, the black females however look like multi coloured horror stories, but we’re expected to date, marry and procreate with such women even though they look horrible and additionally have stated in no uncertain terms that they do NOT like educated, intelligent, forward thinking, upwardly mobile black men, smh.

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      • Agreed, I was recently watching MBDs latest videos and it had me thinking. How are these negros gonna beg for money (reparations) Afrom the same hand they’re trying to bite off(white supremacy). As a man in the 21st century it is easier than ever to build your own wealth, yeah you still have to put in the work which the majority of the communitah can’t do. As stated before, the real reparations are these Stargates. It’s time to leave that 20th century thinking in the past especially if you’re in my generation (Gen Z), progressive dating options brings progress.

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  10. >Whenever you encounter black men like this who are continually concerned and harping on about where other black men are choosing to place their family jewels, you have to look upon their sexuality with great suspicion.

    Suspicion confirmed. These black “men” are MOIST.


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  11. I think their dick policing is a tacit admission that they cannot have a cohesive, thriving decent society without us. Every single aspect of black society is pure and utter destruction, I believe dysfunctional is too kind and too inaccurate a word. If I am wrong please provide evidence of my error.

    We thinking black men are the only evidence they can point to, to show that black people are not totally useless, inhumane and degenerate to a degree far beyond any large group on the planet with the possible exception of gypsies.(if you’ve lived around pure gypsies, especially in the south of Europe you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, experience them in their natural habitat before defending them.)

    And I’m sick and tired of people who have clearly lost in life, hence why I apply the term loser to them, hiding behind their “isms”, which is just an excuse for poor performance. Whether that’s feminism, advocating communism, and my personal pet peeve citing this white supremacy shit.

    The majority of the people in power in China are chinese, is that chinese supremacy? Who should the power structure of China be comprised of, Mexicans? Women have NEVER built a government or civilization and they never will! Are the chinese supposed to like you and treat you the same as they treat themselves? Am I supposed to take care of YOUR kids with the same level of nurturing and care I provide my own? Time for people to grow up and face reality.

    In the west we live in the white mans countries, he’s supposed to be dominant here. He planned the cities, he created the laws, and he built it out of the jungle. At best you provided the LABOR. If you think you built the west why don’t you go home and build something for YOURSELF there? Tariq Nasheed sites white supremacy to excuse every aspect of black degeneracy so often he needs a kick in his nuts.

    A word I want to enter in the SYSBM lexicon is GENTEEL.

    genteel: [adjective] having an aristocratic quality or flavor : stylish. of or relating to the gentry or upper class. elegant or graceful in manner, appearance, or shape. free from vulgarity or rudeness : polite.

    Everything the black women is not, and everything that I demand from the mother of my children.

    That is why I don’t want your women Mr. Bradley

    Liked by 2 people

    • Euro man definitely put in labor in the development of the current country, but despite his fairy tells the Congressional Records and all true records show that he came over on a type of international contract similiar to a Rental agreement.

      That being said there was more ancient government that was run by the noble Ancestors of the current stock commonly reffered to as negroes, etc. But over time they probably began to act like how they act today, and their ancestors basically leased the land to the Europeans for development.

      This is an extremely simplified version, but why does Euro man have a Pyramid on the back of his dollar? I am not merely speaking in conspiracy, but this is strange unless he has some connection to the People who such symbol pertains to. Such is the hidden history of the United States of AMERICA.


      • You raise some interesting points, but the points you raise are in relation to any extremely minor point of the the thrust of my post. I never said nor implied that whites didn’t do any labor here, quite the contrary.

        “He planned the cities, he created the laws, and HE built it out of the jungle.”

        Also my post has nothing to do with ancient governments, but modern ones, beginning with America, down through the French revolution which lead to the modern democratic governments of the west that we see today. Though I didn’t explicitly mention it, I didn’t feel I had to, I assumed and possibly incorrectly that it was obvious that the form of government I was speaking of were modern ones.

        And that is in relation to the concept of white supremacy. I cited the Chinese being supreme in China as a natural conclusion to the FACT that the majority of the people there are Chinese and the government and way of life are a reflexion of the culture of the people who created it. As commonsense would dictate that scenario would play out in the majority of the countries in the world, with the exception of where the natives were to an extreme degree weaker and extremely technologically inferior to the invaders.

        I’m aware that many whites came to the new world as indentured workers. I do not believe nor think it is reasonable to assume that the rank and file did the civic planning, formed the government and created and executed the laws. The leadership of any successful society, venture, or enterprise is typically reserved for those in the upper eschelons of military, financial, and intellectual disciplines.

        So in a direct response to persons such as Christopher Bradley and Tariq Nasheed, and every other black person who blames/excuses collective black failure on “White supremacy”, that as it is natural for one to be supreme IN HIS OWN HOUSE, if the main burden of their life is white supremacy here in the west, knowing that it is only natural for the white man to be supreme in his own lands, they should go live in their own lands where they will be
        1. supreme, and from the white mans discrimination against him.

        To counter the argument that white prosperity was only possible because of the black mans contributions to the west, my response to that is since the black man claims it was his work that created the prosperity of the west, he should apply the same work ethic that was forced upon him against his will, that supposedly built America, to build and develop his own lands to a comparable and competing alternative to the west.

        SYSBM brothers take responsiblity for both they conduct and OUTCOMES in life. We are leaving the communitah because of it’s irredeemable failure, and refusal or inability to correct it’s past and current failures. Countering the arguments of Mr. Bradley.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Upgraydd

        In relation to your original post, my input was indeed a minor one but from my perspective an important one to note due to historical distortion that has largely taken place. By ancient, I meant the prior existing government as noted in the Constitution Article 7 “All debts existing prior to this Constitution are valid”, meaning they assumed prior obligations of the previous government.

        I agree with not making excuses or expecting some one else to take care you. But as I am sure you know there is a difference between labor efforts organized under force and compulsion and those that come from internal discipline and order. And here lies the issue… the current mental state of the that group. All of the nonsensical excuses and complaining are a result of that disordered mind state. The same disordered state that even allowed or paved the way for European expansion in the Americas.

        Again agreed, one needs to take responsibility for their outcomes and not look to others. And on that point, I would say that this “failed state” is a part of the reason for the rise modern European politics in general.

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Although I am not SYSBM, let me address the talking points of one dumb n***** Christopher Bradley:

    1. It’s very easy for a dumb n****** to equate SYSBM with black feminism and the swirling movement. But, IF he had read the tenets, he would realize that the two are vastly different. Since Bradley is a dumb n*****, he will never get it.

    2. The dumb n*****, along with other pro-blacks, talk about “fighting white supremacy.” Let me be brutally honest. For the sake of argument, let’s say white supremacy exists. Dumb n*****s like Bradley aren’t intellectually curious enough to defeat fight white supremacy, because they are too busy making dumb memes on social media. The dumb n***** probably haven’t even read Neely Fuller’s books on the topic. I hate to say it, ADOS is in no position to fight white supremacy, because ADOS has no resources, and they live in the backyard of white supremacy (note: dumb n*****s like Bradley equate white supremacy to America). News flash dumb n*****: ADOS ain’t overthrowing America. The only black people who can even remotely fight white supremacy are on the continent of Africa, because they have resources. Alas, they don’t have the intellectual curiosity or effort to do so (replacing a white colonizer with a yellow one, isn’t a plan to challenge white supremacy)

    3. The dumb n***** says that SYSBM is cozy under white MGTOWs. That is hilarious. The dumb n***** hasn’t spent any time on this site, because if he had, he would know that SYSBM (and similar groups) can’t stand white MGTOW, because we know there is a strain of racism that is rampant in those groups.

    4. I cannot speak for SYSBM, but my goal is to leave America one day, not just the black communitah. I am sick of every goddamn body in this country.

    5. Oh, did I mention that Christopher Bradley is the embodiment of a dumb n*****?

    Liked by 2 people

    • @ B A
      I’m glad you touched on these ADOS jokers. Most people name themselves, children organizations etc. after things that signify success. Slavery ended 155 years ago yet this was the best thing they could think of to immortalize in their name.

      When you yourself put failure in your own name good luck being victorious. I admittedly know little about them since I refuse to be associated with an organization that has failure in it’s name, but from what I have seen they do a lot of complaining and demand making.

      My question to them and their ilk, why not Africa?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Upgraydd,

        Yeah, on the surface, it appears pretty dumb to put the term slavery in the name of their movement. But after listening to the sane people in the movement, I understand why. They chose ADOS as a name to distinguish themselves from other black people (i.e., black immigrants). Their movement represents lineage, and they argue that their lineage began in slavery, not Africa. The term also is a reminder that America has an outstanding debt with them.

        Do the descendants of slavery deserve reparations? That a tough question to answer, but I am going to say yes.

        Is it feasible to pay reparations? No, because 1, we are too far removed from slavery, and 2., the debt is too big to repay. Antebellum black bodies were the genesis and fuel of modern day capitalism. When you put a time value on that contribution, I suspect we are looking at TRILLIONS of dollars, not billions. Transference of that amount of wealth is seismic. Any reparation will have to begin with policy, and not money.

        You said, “My question to them and their ilk, why not Africa?”

        They feel as though Africa is not their home. Besides, ADOS is not fond of Africans. For example, just look how the low-brow B1 bums treat Verbs.

        Liked by 1 person

      • If being labeled a coon differentiates them from me, that’s a label I’ll wear with pride.

        Next time you speak with a hotep don’t forget to remind him that America has already given him reparations. It is much easier for a black to get in college, and every single government position without exception, the standards for him are much lower(easier), even situations of life and death(Med school, fire fighter, nurse etc). Corporations BY LAW have to hire a certain percentage of him, whether they qualify or not and pay him on the same scale as everyone else.

        If he wants a government grant(radio, television, arts, sciences, etc) he will get it easier as well as more money any other group.

        The wording of the bill even said in plain language that these concessions where to compensate him for his experience in SLAVERY. So the happy go lucky dummy who can’t seem to think past this afternoon wanted to make sure he diluted his benefits by going out of his stupid way making sure to include, women, hispanics and faggots.(even if hispanics were enslaved they were not enslaved in America, so America owes them nothing.)

        TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS are spent on him every year, since 1965.

        The muslim slave trade of Africans LEGALLY ended in the 1970’s (we all know we can still buy Africans in the muslim world on the black market, ala Libya) and in the arabic world the blacks, (referred to as the Zanj) are still 2nd class citizens. Yet not one of them is demanding reparations from them, but are openly hostile to the only group of people (white man) dumb enough to give him ANY concessions.

        So when they call people coons, tell them that I say that everything about the black man screams LOSER. Being a loser is so important to him he wants to make sure the whole world knows he’s a loser. You cannot speak to a black man for 5 minutes without HIM making sure to tell you what the white man has either done to him or is doing to him.

        He reminds me of those bum ass niggas standing on the corner always telling you how back in the day they were running shit, but hey could you lend him $5

        Any man whose destiny depends on the actions of another man (white man please give us reparations or we’ll always be losers please kind sir) is a LOSER.

        Tell ’em I said it.

        Liked by 2 people

  13. Told yall about these guys back in ’17 or ’18 (after years of field observation)

    Normal men would not care about having MORE ACCESS to a pool of woman they (SUPPOSEDLY) desire.

    And the talk of “fighting white supremacy” is a diversion or rather a call for unity and conglomeration. Isn’t it easier and more beneficial to build up your own infrastructure (physical or intellectual) than go fight a faceless foe?

    At any rate, dudes like this do not want to be left alone. Because there is safety in numbers (err scapegoats) and they will be left to (ahem) hold down the fort. These characters clearly want more men on their wavelength for various SELFISH reasons.

    A man with a more altruistic mindset would in most cases gladly welcome “insincere” members of a cause to leave, because you generally only want the best and most dedicated on board, unless there is a need for front line canon fodder, or something similiar.

    Liked by 4 people

    • In other words we may generally say that these characters are either

      A) Harbor alternative sexual feelings toward other men


      B) Fill an assigned role/rank similar to a ‘Military Recruiter’ or ‘Slave Catcher’ or ‘Human Resources Retention Officer” and are NERVOUS about the low numbers, desertion, exiting of former recruits and lack of potential new recruits. They of course are in danger of consequences such as

      1) being forced to pick up the slack
      2) demotion for not being able to control the other would be worker bees
      3) having to perform front line duties
      4) any other detrimental consequence for not having another sucker around to scapegoat.

      Liked by 4 people

  14. VERBS!!!!! You KNOW I have a thing or two to say about your, as Doctor Carol would say, “latest masterpiece”, as seeing I’m one of the few people who peeped the connection between Dick Police officers/Race hustlers and down low homosexuality within the black community. There is a reason a black woman would sexualize the argument against Black Men and White Women being together , they are in competition with White Women….but a black man, or ANY man for that matter?????
    I’m at work and won’t be home for another ten hours but I HAVE A HELL OF ALOT MORE TO SAY ABOUT THIS.
    And Verbs, ***in my John McClain voice*** “Welcome to the party pal!”

    Liked by 3 people

    • Off Gird On Code,

      I will admit that I held off from drawing that conclusion, however I’ve had to come clean and be honest with myself, there is no other explanation, these dick police detectives are straight up homosexual. The obsession they have with another black man’s dating preferences so isn’t normal at all.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Damn, having a job that is considered “essential” is rough. We were already pressed during the shut down, now as things re-open up, I don’t know when I’ll be off next so, I’ll be quick. VERBS, so much shit going on I don’t know where to start. This is a topic that needs further breakdown, and I would make it my FIRST post here on wordpress, BUT I’m also dealing with another story that leads right into topics you, KID O, and someone else is tackling. I posted up a picture of a BLACK MAN AND WHITE WOMEN on my page on facebook which read that there are only two types of people that gets mad at this picture, black women and white men…..ANNNNNNN LIKE MAGIC, bitter black women came from out of the wood work ALONG with a female white feminist and male simps. All of the responses are indicative of what is talked about here. I need at least a day to put things together right for a coherent presentation.

        Liked by 2 people

  15. Another one straight to the chest, then stuck the landing with the visual comparison. Hahaha, Verbs, you continue to kill it.

    It is indeed homosexual to be worried about where another man goes or where he puts his penis. Especially the so-called “lames” and “squares” that black women say they do not want.

    When these sexually-suspect beta male Prancing Elite negroes like Christopher Bradley or Aaron Fountain talk or type, you can practically hear their no-good mammy’s voice coming out. Once you begin to notice it, it’s obvious.

    And as a black man, I’m not interested in “fighting white supremacy.” Bangladesh is a city with no white supremacy. Do you want to live there? I rest my case.

    As I’ve said many times on here, I bailed out damn near before any of you dudes were born, when the hood was still halfway functional. It is now a failed state that is desperate to stop the brain drain (us). SYSBM for the win, young bucks. You know you got ’em shook when black hoes are now sending their beta male drones to shame us back to the plantation. Hahaha!

    Liked by 5 people

    • One of my coaches told the team a long time ago, “gentlemen, one day, your bullshit will come to fruition.” What he meant by that was– one day, your scholarship will end. Will you have the education to survive in the real world, because many of you will not make it to the NFL?”

      Looks like the simp and black heifer’s bullshit (i.e., simping and chasing thugs) has come to fruition in 2020. Now, they are lashing out on social media. Fuck ’em.

      Liked by 2 people

    • @Schadenfreude
      5 star post!

      “And as a black man, I’m not interested in “fighting white supremacy.” Bangladesh is a city with no white supremacy. Do you want to live there? I rest my case.”

      You truly lived up to your name on this one.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Upgraydd,

        Know what “white supremacy” is? Hot and cold running water, electricity 24/7, toilets that flush, paved streets, cars, trains, planes, buses, mail, air conditioning, heat, internet, PayPal, GPS, shoes, and most everybody’s employment. Otherwise known as the First World.

        Waiting on these matriarchal B1 savages and the “mOsT eDucAteD” black wah-men to create a Wakanda and I’ll show up.

        Liked by 4 people

      • @Schadenfreude

        The closest will will ever come to seeing a real-life Wakanda is if LEGO teams up with Disney and makes a series of kits.

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Verbs,

    I clicked the Facebook link.

    The first thing I noticed on the idiot’s page was an FBA header…lol. FBA stands for Foundational Black Americans, a copycat knock-off of the ADOS movement. You know who’s the founder of FBA, right? That’s right, Tariq Nasheed, Mr. Mack Lessons, who used to travel to Brazil, and married a biracial.

    I have said it once, and I will say it again. People who exalt Tariq as a political leader are just DUMB. Tariq isn’t well read enough, as demonstrated by his horrible performances on Fox News, to operate in any political space. He’s a 50 year old goofball, who acts like he’s 21, still engaging in petty childish arguments, online.

    I rest my case.

    Liked by 3 people

    • B A,

      I like Tariq. I think he’s entertaining. Like anything else you eat the oyster and throw away the shell. But I’m over 50 and don’t fall for okeydoke.

      He fosters the idea that black folk ought not be running to lock arms with these other races and now degenerate alphabet people. They are not our friends. They use us to push their agendas and when they achieve their goals, we’re right back where we started. He pushes this notion and I fully agree.

      I also agree with “no black agenda, no vote.” What agenda can be argued, but I agree with the premise.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Schadenfreude,

        I don’t have a problem with the premise you laid out. Eating the oyster and discarding the shell is an apt term, and Tariq is the shell.

        Liked by 2 people

    • BA,

      Again, just look at the state of the so called black community being run by a bunch of failed women, there is so much work that needs to be done in order to bring it back from the brink of extinction, yet these pro black bootlickers spend the overwhelming majority of their time berating and disparaging black men, black men mind you that have been told in no uncertain terms that they ARE NOT welcome in that same community by the very women running it, make that make sense.

      I can’t take Tariq Nasheed seriously, he himself knew NOT to deal with another daggle and so he decide to mix the black bloodline just like I did, yet on the flip side he attempts to mock and berate black men who aim to do the same or date non black women altogether. He can save his backside but we aren’t allowed to save ours????

      Liked by 3 people

      • Verbs,

        Apparently, he’s the only one allowed to save his backside…lol. CD Fury made a video about Tariq, which as since gone private. In it, there is an excerpt where he is going back and forth with a daggle, using terms, that if I were reading exchange, I would have thought the person talking was SYSBM. But I digress. Dude is a masterful pro-black con man.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Tariq Nasheed is no different from Umar Johnson or any of these pastors. I actually think he’s worse than Umar because as much as I believe Umar is a thief, I honestly think he believes most of what he says, he just figured out if you tell b1’s what they want to hear he can make a career out of it.

        Tariq Nasheed ends every single statement with “white supremacy”. Then he goes and marries a half WHITE woman, and that after having his fun in Brazil.

        Action speaks louder than words.

        Liked by 2 people

    • I liked Tariq Nasheed before he started down the pro-black road. I really enjoyed his Mack Lessons. I actually got a lot of good ideas from them. He gave brothas tips on getting with white women, Asian women, mixed women, Latinas, etc. I don’t know what made him decide to go down his current route. He seemed to be doing pretty well before.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Morpheus2275,

        Agreed, I much prefer the old school Tariq who was telling brothers to ditch black women, get with mixed or non black females or head over seas for foreign females. Tariq Nasheed back in the day and the old school Tommy Sotomayor were very similar.

        Liked by 1 person

      • “I don’t know what made him decide to go down his current route. He seemed to be doing pretty well before.”

        Pro-black talk pays. I suspect the pro-black market is far larger than the black PUA/Macking market.

        Liked by 2 people

  17. When I see the ghetto harridans with their weave, went sick to my stomach. Right, listen here. When a black woman dates outside her race, nothing happens to her but when a black man date outside his race now, everyone goes against him. From the white beta males, currycels, the white ass kissing Mexican incels, right down to these ghetto ratchet hoodrats attacking black men dating outside his race. When someone is dick policing a next man especially a black man, this is some homosexual thing. You beg the question about a man’s sexuality. No heterosexual male will dick police another man, especially a black man. These men are on the down low big time because they are concern of where the black man is putting his dick in.
    These simps don’t even know that these ghetto scraggs don’t want these men because these ghetto ratchet black women want the Dizly Rizly, Rum Smuggler Don, Street Hustler Ed, Cell Block Scrappy, 357 Jimmy, Rizla P, Corner Boy Ronney and Big Black Mike. And when these harridans get breed off, the good black man ain’t looking choosing them for a relationship. It’s these simps are with these breeders of the ghetto and calling them queens and mother earth and so on.
    There was a video from this simp on his channel and there was two black thugs kissing. Yeah, two black thugs and the video was called Tommy Sotomayor and his gay lover I think. It’s a long time video but here this. You must question a man’s sexuality when he has that on his channel. Rick Bown was his name and he had that video on his channel. When a man is dick policing another man, I’m goanna call him out and tell everyone about the man because this is some homosexual tendencies. I’m not judging a man’s lifestyle but no heterosexual man cannot act like this.
    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe tonight and all night. Whisper her ear soft and sweet in her ear making her lose their mind. Forget these dick policing simps.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Oh we got a LOT of currycels in Canada, especially Toronto. Brownies are worse than white males with their sexual insecurity.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Money Cultural,

      These black females have already confessed they they much prefer to deal with your Trap House Jim, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse type Negroes, so what’s the problem with Blue Collar Trevor and White Collar Stephen in light of this choosing to exit the building? Who in his right mind is going to stick around and try to convince a group of women who hate his guts to like him, that’s unrealistic, the dude is simply going to move on. This is what SYSBM practitioners have done and we are having great success free from the the chains and the shackles of the black witch’s plantation.

      Liked by 3 people

      • And when the get breed by these worthless men that they love so much, you think these men are goanna be there for the children? No. You think that these good black men are goanna dtae these hopeless women. That is crazy!

        Liked by 1 person


    Long time no see brothers, life has kept me pretty busy. Since we’re talking about the bootlickers and hoteps who are so worried about who thinking brothers are sleeping with, I had to give you this little jewel of a site. Chad and Brad….well I guess Vlad in this case considering the URL, have teamed up to make an entire “registry” of so called “coalburners”. White incels are keeping actual tabs on the White women of Tik-Tok who choose to express their love for brothers. I’m sure soon they’ll attempt to leak their addresses.

    Once again I’m urging brothers to get their gun permits and take self-defense classes because once again the Cave Man seeks to destroy the happiness of the Moors. And once again, we will give him hell.

    Liked by 5 people

    • “Chad and Brad….well I guess Vlad in this case considering the URL, have teamed up to make an entire “registry” of so called “coalburners”. White incels are keeping actual tabs on the White women of Tik-Tok who choose to express their love for brothers. I’m sure soon they’ll attempt to leak their addresses.”

      Soon, they gonna be in big trouble for that.

      Liked by 4 people

    • SunGodRa,

      You have to be kidding me bro, for real? These dudes are that insecure that they have built a website dedicated to tracking white women who deal with black men, smh. Where is the website created by black men dedicated to tracking, ridiculing and shaming black women who choose to date out right down to the local level, I’ll wait?

      I went to the website and I have to be honest I can see why they are not happy, the overwhelming majority of the white women featured there are very attractive which once again flies in the face of the “black men can only get ugly, fat white women” false narrative.

      These dudes haven’t got a clue, don’t they know that all they’ll achieve with such a site is drive more attractive white women into the hands of black men via the wearing of their own insecurities on their shoulders?

      Liked by 5 people

      • Can everybody please donate $5 for a fund a buy these losers some pussy?
        Please, I don’t want to see anymore innocent people get killed.

        Liked by 4 people

    • Coalfax kinda reminds me of Aaron Fountain’s site. White men and black feminists (both male and female) are eerily similar. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the true incels ends up inflicting deadly violence one of the “registrants” on that site.

      People need to realize that they can’t be loosey goosey with their identity. There are lot of unstable people out here.

      Liked by 6 people

      • All it takes is one. Just let one incel go on a shooting rampage or commit some violence against women. All they have to do is look up his digital footprint and if he has any connections to that site, mainstream media will shut it down permanently.

        That’s why I ask these guardians of Blackistan to answer me this question: Name one incident where a so-called black incel went on a shooting rampage, and his digital footprint is tied to sites like and FS Avenger.


        Liked by 5 people

      • Sigma Jones,

        Indeed, our motto over here is to walk away from black women altogether, to keep as far away from them as is possible and to engage with women of either mixed or non black ethnicities instead.

        Liked by 3 people

    • White men along with black women are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to interracial dating. They make all kinds of excuses and justifications when they date outside their race but shame and ridicule the opposite genders of their race whenever do it. I will never take either them seriously..

      Liked by 3 people

  19. I see the same talking points of black feminist, racist whites ie the axis of evil coined by the great Dr Kirigakure Jones said guy is doing. Sorry Bros about the vid not being up on vimeo i am appealing the locked video here is a unlisted YouTube link for my vid on Mothers day and Simping.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. If these simps love BW so much then they shouldn’t care that BM are beginning to leave them alone, more for them. More Shaniquas for them to knock up, more single mothers with bastard kids for them to raise, they should be in simp heaven. lol

    A lot of these simps are just losers looking for a pat on the head from BW, so they say what they want to hear. Meanwhile BW are out getting screwed and impregnated by Tronquavious and La’Darion, they wont come looking for the simps that speak so highly of them until they are fat, busted, single moms that need a cleanup man.

    Liked by 2 people

    • James SYSBM,

      The monolithic thought patterning that occurs within black society is disgusting at minimum. These simps don’t have the courage to do what we’ve done ie defect from the matriarchal dysfunction so instead they resort to trying to get us to return(which isn’t going to happen) via the use of shaming language, disparagement and berating.

      The fact of the matter is as you said even the simps aren’t wanted by their queanies until they’re overweight, 1,2,3,4 children deep and 6 feet under in heavy debt. Let these black women clean up their own mess, I’ve always stated that those who make reckless and irresponsible choices must be left to crash, burn and stew in the harsh consequences that follow. #NOBAILOUTS

      Liked by 3 people

    • “If these simps love BW so much then they shouldn’t care that BM are beginning to leave them alone, more for them.”

      James SYSBM.

      Misery loves company. And they are desperately seeking company among the legion of simps who settled for less.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Preach. That Derril dude revealed himself when he said he was married. Happily married men who are satisfied with the married life do not have time to host daily 3-hour livestreams trying to shame THINKING black men.

      Shame, fear, intimidation, are all classic salesman tactics that are as old as the profession itself:

      “Make the potential buyer feel inadequate, inferior, and socially undesirable for not having x, then present the solution”

      And then, if the buyer is weak enough to fall for it:

      “Approach the potential buyer as a saviour with the x that he needs”.

      The amount of effort put into the above is relative to the quality of goods being offered.

      If being with a black woman was as wonderful as these simps claim, it would be self-evident. That evidence would come in the form of black women being the most desired women on the planet, extremely low numbers of single black women, black women being the most married and longest married, etc. No such evidence exists. This is why when it comes to black men who are not interested in relationships with black women, the only solution is the salesman tactic above. You will notice that black women are not sold any other way but the above.

      There is one more thing that men need to get through their heads. You do not have to SIMP for a quality woman. If a man is simping, he is trying to appease a woman of LOW QUALITY.

      Liked by 3 people

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