Simping Doesn’t Pay – Learn Your Lesson!


If anybody knows what program this footage came from then let me know and drop a link if you can. This was extremely cringe worthy to watch, the woman obviously isn’t attracted to the dude whatsoever, judging from that short clip it wouldn’t be far fetched to say that she’s using him for either cash, entry into his homeland(I’m assuming the US) or both, the dude has no neck, is extremely short and looks out of shape, how much worse can this get, lol?

He asked to kiss her yet this would’ve automatically taken place if the woman was attracted to him from the beginning. This dude clearly refuses to put the pieces of the puzzle together, the woman doesn’t like him and there is nothing this simp can do to change that. If a woman is into you then you shouldn’t have to ask or try to force anything, however this guy can’t seem to figure that out.

Looking at this footage reminds me of the current situation with the pro black simps and their constant efforts trying to please their black queanies yet to no avail. However, the simp continues to remain loyal to a group of women who as in this case only views them as useful idiots there to carry out their personal bidding.

Those of us who once tried to deal with black women were in a similar position to the guy in the video above, maybe not massaging a woman’s feet but in terms of trying our best to satisfy the black witch’s wicked and rotten heart, one we now realise cannot be content. The days of grovelling to black women as part of the “keeping it real/black love” philosophy have long been over for SYSBM practitioners such as myself and will NEVER return.

One thing I love about the SYSBM philosophy is the abundance mentality, if a woman is not interested there are plenty more to choose from, unfortunately short stack above doesn’t have that same mindset and believes that he can make the relationship work even though the woman is not into him at all, her body language speaks volumes.

Gentlemen, since expanding upon our dating options the days of going out of our way to please women are done, as the head of the relationship it is the woman’s job to please you and in turn she is to be rewarded accordingly, however you’ll notice that typically in black male/black female relationships, the roles are completely reversed to where it has now become the man’s job to please and satisfy the woman and her expectations, smh.

Don’t fall into the begging and grovelling trap above, don’t be afraid to cut off any woman who doesn’t play according to your rules, it is all too easy to get caught up in a situation where you find yourself doing things for women that you ought not to be. Too many of us in the past have gotten caught up in disrespecting ourselves for some snatch we believed at the time was worth it.

This is why I stated before that foreign women overall have the lead and advantage over domestic females because of that traditional, family oriented mindset which forms a large part of their cultures. Brothers, look upon this footage, recognise the particular trap involved and aim never to get caught up in it. Let the simps grovel at the feet of the gutter women they view as gold or the women they don’t believe are in plentiful supply, NOT YOU. #sysbm

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Respect Yourself, Don’t Be Simp For Any Female

Most High Bless

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      • I’ve been watching that series for while and much of it is cringy. The desperate women usually over 35, the SOL men usually white men. Also examples of picking the wrong Black man to import from another country.

        Looks of wrong ways to do this. But I believe this is what the production companies and TV channels want you to see, failure or success despite staying together, at least initially. At the end of each season they do a follow up with all the couples.

        There is a right way and a wrong way and what they often show you is the wrong way.

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  1. What is it with these gray haired White men getting with these young Asian girls? This guy probably thinks he can win her over by doing things for her (in this case, massaging her feet); I see old White men like him all the time with Asian women who are considerably younger than him.

    This reminds me of a skit I found on YouTube regarding simping for women who don’t respect you; this was done in jest, but this is the experience of men like ‘Neckless Ned’ above:

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      They know that Asian women worship them, however that is slowly beginning to change with more East Asian women opting for brothers which is really getting these dudes riled up. The dude needs to lose weight and go for groups of women who are more his height.

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      • “The dude needs to lose weight and go for groups of wind who are more his height”

        Tell him Atlanta is open we have plenty off short bwack weens!!

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      • “They know that Asian women worship them, however that is slowly beginning to change with more East Asian women opting for brothers which is really getting these dudes riled up.”

        Oh yeah, these Pinay women want Black men; I remember MBD had a livestream where he and a few brothers were talking about how they want to have a Black man’s baby because they want that dark skin back in their population. I also hear they’re getting tired of Admiral Frost.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    Being a simp and a nice guy doesn’t get you women because they will put you in the friend zone faster than roadrunner. Women will always know within the first 5 minutes whether they find you sexually attractive or not.

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    • Being a nice guy does get you a good woman. The problem is that it does not get you a lot of black women due to their dysfunctional ways. I’m a nice guy and I get plenty of women trying to get with me, I’m married and I say that upfront because I don’t believe in cheating and I don’t believe in adultery. See, many black men believe that being a nice guy don’t work because they always trying to get with hoodrat black women and single mothers with multiple kids.

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    • @Quincy Fitzpatrick

      Even Tom Leykis talks about this, but sometimes he only gives the time in terms seconds and not minutes.

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      • Kameron Brown.

        Yep I watch Tom Leykis all the time on YouTube and he speaks the raw truth on female nature.


  3. Women like to play games especially black women. This is how I solved many problems with them. First step, focus on your resources (financial) and start building safe havens where you can reach your money at ease and be mobile with it. Second step, build your base of command (house, apartment,) and know who your neighbor is (very important especially with this food shortage). Third step, learn how to invest your resources in tangible resources such as food, keeping your car repaired, learning how to escape your city of county, Fourth step, be very watchful of women who always in a bind and need “money”, they’re broke for a reason and half of all black women have gental herpes, learn your STD symptoms, this will help you greatly. Fifth step, insurance is key from car, house, apartment, health, dental, vision, keeping yourself clean and healthy is of the upmost importance. Six step, exercise everyday of the week from strength training to cardio.

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      • Brother, a lot of women been very polite to me especially now the reality of the meat shortage kicking in. I’m an essential employee and I just been working smarter and wiser and keeping my circle small.

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  4. For some odd reason, I don’t what it is with these white dudes that was in the video above with these young Asian women, but it just strange as hell. Honestly, I can tell that chick is not feeling him all the way. Dude is playing himself thinking that chick loves him. He looks old enough to be that’s chick dad or something. I think when I watched this show a bit, It’s said that he’s 54, and the chick is 23, so yeah there’s a little age gap. I get getting with a female that’s a little younger than you, but dude is like 31 years older than her. How about the dude get’s with someone around his age other than someone like that Asian chick?

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    • Exactly; that dude must’ve never learned to read a women’s body language. She looked very uncomfortable in that situation when he asked to kiss her; he should’ve especially known what was up when she pointed to everything but her lips. He’s the type of dude to get targeted by #MeToo.

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      • “He’s the type of dude to get targeted by #MeToo.”

        Man I was thinking the same thing too. He’ll look like he will be on sex offender list for sexual harrassment or catcalling. Like I said, dude is 54 years old, short as hell like a midget, hollering at a chick who is 31 years younger than him, doing all this unnecessary crap just to get in her good graces, like that just gave me clues that the relationships between him and the chick ain’t gonna last longer.

        Also for a minute, I was thinking this because I heard this before that in the dating market, white dudes are first place, dude thought he was white and can attract any hot female, but he played himself big time, HAHA!

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    • D.K Phantom,

      I found some other clips of Rose interacting with Big Ed and as seen before, it was destined to fail from the beginning:

      I had no idea she had a son, dude was taking on a babymother, no standards at all and no self respect.

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  5. I think now i see the core problen with incels. Incels are not really involuntary celebates. They are extremely picky. More picky than Chad and Tyrone.

    Incels have a high standards, they want the best possible while not having much to give back in return. The Pinay is young, he is old, why would she want to be with someone twice her age outside money? He is fat, she is skinny! She is way more healthy than him, he I see he has a neck problem. There are other wwhite expats who are young, tall, and have decent money. He would easily loose competition like he would if he were back (in the US?)

    I mean, Philippines has a gender imbalance, way more female to males, since he is in that country, he could easily find another woman rather than super simp for this one. If any girl shiwed any kind of hesitation or dislike , I could easily just walk away and find another down the street.

    To make things worse incels have “Scarce Mentality” . Just like black simps do. Black simps limit their options to gutter thrash and these thrashes don’t want the simp. So the black simps are closed off to their mating choice and remain incels or turn MSTOW (Men Sent their own way) when Becky and Katya are standing right there waiting for them.

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    • 😂😂😂great analysis. This is what makes me laugh when black women try to lump us in with white men (incels) because we will not date/marry black women😂😂😂no idiots, we are not incels because we don’t want black women, BECAUSE we do want AND GET the best of white women (I know a lot of you are into other kinds of non-black women, but I know seeing WHITE WOMEN which I do prefer, sends them into WORLD BREAKER HULK mode) the same women TRUE white incels can’t get 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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      • Off Grid On Code,

        I believe it was C Boogie(who has recently been exposed anyway) who first begun to call free thinking black men who want nothing to do with dysfunctional black female ‘incels’. This is pathetic on its face because we don’t have any problems getting women at all, we just aren’t willing to settle for the dregs and the scum which most black women today have become.

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      • Riddle me something. How are thinking Black men incels??? We don’t fuck idiots by choice. That does not mean we’ve never had sex with is prevalent among lncel/Soy Boys crowd. Just because we have sex regularly means we can’t be Incels.

        Maybe they connect us to them because in a perverse way not wanting anything to do with Black women is the same as not wanting to have anything to do with women at all?

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      • Djfourmonie,

        There is no logic or common sense when it comes down to a large number of black folks, I’m still trying to figure that one out myself. I’ve been in a relationship now for almost 8 years, so how do I as an SYSBM Knight and practitioner qualify as an incel? Some black folks are a joke, they believe that they can redefine words at a whim to suit their own agendas, smh.

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      • I believe it was C Boogie (who has recently been exposed anyway) who first begun to call free thinking black men who want nothing to do with dysfunctional black female ‘incels’.


        Yeah, a content creator in the black manosphere, I think it was MOT, alluded to the fact that the self-impruuuuuuvement dude was backbiting another dude in an effort to gain access to some scragg.

        These so-called dom dumb game fuck boys ain’t shit…🤣🤣🤣

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      • BA,

        Unbelievable, executing his “Dom game” for scraps and crumbs. It’s like what MBD keeps on saying, many of these dudes can’t remove their mother’s breasts from their mouths.

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    • @Carnio
      Interesting observation. I noticed years ago that guys that don’t get any pussy CLAIM that they only go for 10’s. I’m not sure when they went platinum or hit the lottery but that’s not happening too often to anybody much less them. Guys that are used to scoring get a variety of girls, not saying that they get ugly girls, but your typical young man in his 20’s and even 30’s will see no problem bagging a 6 or 7, and let’s be honest the occasional 5. And for those men dimes do come along, just not all the time. How many dimes are out there?

      I think incels don’t have the confidence to approach women straight up, are awkward, and are looking to work weak angles with an undeserved sense of entitlement, as if women are just supposed to fall in their lap. And they are supposed to fall in your lap with a little work, and most importantly getting yourself out there and actually talking and interacting with them.

      I think their alleged high standards are just a mask for the fact that they just don’t have the goods, and this way they can pretend that every girl they meet just isn’t good enough. Once you’re used to getting laid it becomes a need not an elective. Think back when you were 20.

      Apparently 20% of the men are fucking 80% of the women. What does that tell you? The guys who are getting pussy are hitting all of them, they are not nit picking having over criteria to death as these incels CLAIM.

      I believe if you put a naked 4/10 in one of these incels bed he is going to town on that. I would put money on it. It’s like when people tell me that they don’t like things that they can’t afford. Maybe they’re telling the truth but we’ll never know because it doesn’t matter, they can’t afford it. I do know that men who can afford certain things usually get them. If you can COMFORTABLY AFFORD to fly first class you are not voluntarily flying coach. Only losers who can’t afford to insist they would, and base that off of something they read, not something they’ve regularly observed.

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      Damn, thanks for posting this bro. So the dude wasn’t honest with her about not wanting to have more children. To be honest what did he expect? She’s young and comes from a traditional, family oriented background, she’ll naturally want to have children. The dude lied on his height as well, smh. Short stack should’ve kept it real from the very beginning.

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      • I’ve never understood how some people don’t know how they have one shot to get things right. So when this moron marries a woman who doesn’t care about his shortcomings (pun intended) he makes the idiot move to cheat on her, with who I might add? Who else would ignore his height and fuck him? Didn’t get a good look at his ex, the women he cheated with 9/10 looks worse than the wife.

        The daughter isn’t bad looking.

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  6. From the post about the security guard that got killed. It seems now security isn’t playing around no more and so be it, they’re responding in kind.

    If black fefails can act docile around white men, and can’t be for black men then black man have every right to abandon them. Women that have no respect for counterparts get what they deserve.

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    • Jon,

      You should’ve really posted this in the last Open Mic Wednesday or the Off Topic section because it has little to nothing to do with the current topic at hand, I did tell you about this before. Let’s keep to the topics being discussed at that particular moment. If you have something that is unrelated then feel free to use the Off Topic section of the website or the last Open Mic Wednesday.

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      • That being said… I do commend that supermarket cop for a well-executed face plant takedown of that scraggle daggle. If that’s what it takes to check those belligerent harpies, so be it.


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  7. I tell you something. Simping ain’t easy, hey man! Simping is unnecessary. You see the simposphere is growing more and more. And these fools are getting used financially because they are gullible. I know how it feels to be used. When I got used by these scraggle daggles, I was thinking to myself “Hey Money, why did you make these whores use you like that? Can’t let these foolish woman do that to you!” When you see a simp, you will know that he will get used by the girl he is with. Here this. If a man has money and a scragg sees him, if he thirsty for punany, then she can use him and not give him anything in return and she can do it again while she’s getting pressed by a next man. You see the nice guy thing; you can’t do that to these girls out here. None of that chivalry crap man. That can’t work at all. And that this the reason why I did the article Hard To Be Nice when I explained that that you can get played when you play nice and I’m too street for that shit. I’m from North West London; none of us are chivalry type men.

    The fat man on the video, he will get used by that oriental chick. If he brings her to the United States of America, she will use the man. Listen here, in 2015, a man is Scotland spend £2000 to bring a Jamaican woman in the United Kingdom. And when he bring her to Scotland, she told him that she has a boyfriend in Bristol. So she left the Scotty and went to Bristol to be with her Yardie man. I know that in Jamaica, when I touch down on that island, these Jamaican scraggs look at me like I have money or trying to get a visa with my help to come to the country. I know that these foreign women sometimes will use a man to get into the country because that she will use the simp. And these simps are easy to use easy to manipulate and these simps don’t see it.

    Hey guys. Keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night. Whisper words in her ear and make her go weak in the knee. Me, I just open up a bottle of Lambrini Blanc. Wish I can share the bottle with all the S.Y.S.B.M crew.

    Enjoy your weekend guys!


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  8. I don’t mean to crack on the dude, but is that his real hair or is that a wig? This guy is literally head, shoulders, knees, and toes, and his hair just does not match his body. Then I saw another video that he puts Mayo on his hair. like WTF!?

    The guy is so blue pilled that he can’t see that she wants to choke him so badly but there’s no neck for it. Unlike black men, who all have legitimate complaints when it comes to black women, white men are very spoiled and ask for so much and have less to give in return. I can see why White women are turning to black or other non white men. White men, like this guy, are exactly like Black women! Sky high standards, but when you (or white women) want something to reciprocate their demands White Men black women throw tantrums!

    I Have a prediction. that, just like how black women are unwanted among all race of men, including black men, white men are gonna soon follow suit behind black women. White men cannot compete or rather too LAZY to compete turn incel then go running round shooting people up! Women are gonna turn their backs on white men as they loose their place sexual monopoly market! This of course is gonna cause more white men to throw tantrums and more of them will go Incel or MsTOW (Men SENT their own way) which leads to more shooting and killings. This will be an endless cycle until the world see white Anglo men for what they are! and you know what? GOOD! I am no religious person, but I belive white Anglo men along with black women are gonna face their judgement this way! but for centuries, white Anglo Saxons have destroyed and genocided tribes and cultures by the way of sexually depriving their men by brainwashing their women of “Evil Patriarchy” while they bang their women and abandon their bastard children!

    Non-gang related Black men do not go shooting up places because they are sexually frustrated with their lack of choices. Intelligent black men have an endless ocean full of choices especially if the dude goes to the eastern hemisphere!

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    • @Carnio
      I’m not so sure bro about white dudes turning into the male equivalent of black women. These asian women and indian women are worshiping the ground these white dudes walk on, I see it dozens of times everyday. I’m talking about the most nerdy nothing going for him white dude has a relatively nice asian girl all over him. Not 100% sure why, I certainly don’t get it ’cause lots of them look like bitches to me. But if a white dude wants some pussy and can’t get it from an asian girl, something is really wrong with him.

      And yes you’re right, white women are walking away from them in droves, they’re not having that soft effeminate crap that way too many young white “men” are displaying. Soft of body and will. But with asian women selling their soul for one they have no incentive to change for the time being. We’ll see what the future holds.

      It is true though that if a black man can speak proper English without an ebonics accent and holds himself together, the sky’s the limit for him.

      *MsTOW. Brilliant. Coin that phrase!

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  9. Bro you should go look up Speed Seduction that course will teach you how to get a woman that’s not into you liking you enough to gladly give up the pussy…
    As far as that sorry sack of shit, he has self esteem problems and need to up his game, cause if she wants something out of him then she is willing to do anything and if he can’t even get her to kiss him he needs to stick to buying prostitutes…

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    • “Speed seduction” never heard of it, sounds like a scam. Fact of the matter, “game” isn’t needed for a man following SYSBM; just discipline in who and WHO NOT to choose as a mate.
      …no comment on no neck, he’s not one of us.

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      • I gave you info, soemthing that you don’t know about. Look into it instead of determining it is a scam Just because you never heard about it. Game needs to be developed it isn’t a gift that someone is born with….
        I agree white boys suck at romance the dude may be taking for a ride.

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    • This “Game” you speak of is completely unnecessary. That stuff only works in the Anglo-Sphere where women who are in Hyper-Hypergamy mode and men are condemned for being “Toxic Masculine” (Flirting, etc.)
      If a girl is not into you, your best bet is to simply LEAVE her alone and find another. You are only wasting your resources and time and this will make you no more different than Mr. Potato Head is this video.

      I 100% agree with Off grid On code. If a black man is following SYSBM philosophy, this “game” or ” speed seduction” is a complete scam and a waste of time as dating non-black and/or foreign women is a natural as breathing air. I direct you to, a forum for incels, where this stuff you present will be greatly useful and appreciated by the incels over there.

      NONE of the interactions in Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, China, Georgia (Sakartvelo), Kyrgyzstan between men and women require any of this nonesense of Game! Simply showing up, with good mannerisms and classic professional style, a little bit of ‘Пирвет’ , ‘Сайн мен уу’ , ‘おはようございます’, or 안옝하새오 and you’re good to go!

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      • You are incorrect about “game” and it isn’t restricted to the Anglo-Sphere and you may say some women are in Hyper-Hypergamy mode. I also find that not restricted to the Anglo-Sphere. The real exception here would be to those women who don’t have the freedom to pick who they choose to be with.
        After vetting the woman and applying seduction or courting techniques and the woman is not into you I agree to simply leave her alone.
        If dating is your objective that fine; the old saying is “dating is for women you’re sleeping with .” meaning there is no supplicating to a woman by taking her out, or buying stuff for her then finding out that she thinks of you as a friend or nice guy. Means you can date her but she won’t have sex with you.
        I have a great time being with mixed, non black and foreign woman they are more suggestible and don’t give you drama.
        I’ll checkout this SYSBM stuff you’re talking about, as I am open minded not to call it a scam because I don’t know of it good mannerism and professional style is good if you have no competition; but there are alpha males out there and if one of them swoops in after your girl, and you can’t compete with them; she will be gone and all the good manners and professionalism won’t help you.
        A woman’s psych is relative the same, one you find out what moves them emotionally, you’ll have them eating out your hand…

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      • True George,

        From an SYSBM perspective game is not necessary because we deal with traditional, family oriented women. I agree with you on dealing with women who have the freedom to choose who they want, under those circumstances game may be a necessary tool, however those women for the most part display dysfunctional behaviours and traits and thus should not be taken seriously if an individual is looking for a long term commitment.

        This is where dating coaches step in, they help those who are inexperienced to wade through and deal with dysfunctional women by showing them how to adjust their behaviour in order to have more success with them. Once again, when dealing with traditional women being yourself is all that is required, these women will automatically fall in line without any tweaking or special techniques being needed.

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      • The problem with this so called I got to be an alpha male to get daggle pussy is that over 50% of them have gental herpes. I have to work out, get abs, make over $199,999 thousand, have a jaw line, and talk in “seduction mode” which is witchcraft just to a hood chick???? Are you kidding me.

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      • He’s new here (as I though) take it easy on him. Free thinking black men or rather men who don’t follow the “script” confuse and or anger new people at first. It something they are not used to and there is a moment of disorientation at first, he will adjust….or he may not.

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      • “Game” is absolutely unnecessary. Does the rich guy with the big house need “game”? Does the guy with the good looks, the nice build and the big dick need game?

        The best “game” of all is BETTERING YOURSELF in whatever way possible and not being demoralized by dumb bitches who aren’t worth playing games for anyway.

        Standard “game” is primarily about telling dumb bitches exactly what they want to hear (or giving them false impressions by other means). Is she a church girl? Then you’re a christian! Is she a corporate bot? Then so are you, and you’re impressed by her degree! “Game” is why so many black women get fucked over by players and pimps. That kinda shit works on the kind of women you DON’T WANT.

        For the women you DO WANT, just better yourself, and it’s a win all around. If you’re the type of guy that a good woman actually wants, you can have just a normal conversation with her, and she’ll signal to you that she wants more. The only “game” you need is knowing if she’s single, striking up the conversation and being genuine.

        To be clear: the problem with black women isn’t that none of them want me (as “game” proponents believe, thus their solution is having more “game”), the problem is THERE ARE SO FEW OF THEM TO WANT. Anyone can get a black woman, if your standards are low enough and you’re willing to play simple games that cater to her narcissism … but who wants an overweight chick in a weave with tats all over, with one crusty foot in the hood and the other in the klan?

        To put is simply, it’s not that none of them like me, it’s that there are so few of them to like, what with the ugly attitude, tats, obesity, ratchetness, stiff corporatism with the degree she wears on her sleeve, weave, hatred of black men, narcissism, hypocritical “christianity”, etc. etc. etc.

        The problem lies in the fact that too many of them are clearly just not worth their asking price in this day and age (eg. the weave, tats, and obesity), and in the fact that they can’t treat decent black male strangers with the basic respect that all humans deserve. Those two things are the gist of the problem. They have become petty narcissists who are too beneath my basic standards of dignity to try and work with.

        I have self-respect — so if I can do better than them, I will do better than them.

        For the women that are actually worth your attention, just improve yourself and remember that it’s a numbers game, so the more you chat up, the better your chances of “clicking” with a few. That’s all the “game” you need.

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      • @yesindeed
        True words spoken.
        In life you get what you are. Very few black women even think about improving themselves, and the few that do, do so in areas of little importance. Straight men don’t care about her degree (probably affirmative action admission) or how independent she allegedly is (does that mean she doesn’t want/need us?). Throwing that bait is only going to attract homosexuals, losers, and thugs who need something from her such as money, a ride, a beard, a place to stay, or a place to sell/hide narcotics.

        So what do we see in the black community? Single mothers, the majority living off of some form of subsidy in the form of affirmative action hires, section 8, ebt etc. and a group of feminine, suspect, losers and thugs. She’s attracting the exact energy she puts out there.

        Good men are attracted to good looks, gentleness of spirit, and decent character, all things that the black woman steadfastly refuses to even give a token effort to improve, and goes so far as to be proud of not being any of that. A man will marry a pretty, genteel

        waitress any day over a fat, loud, obnoxious millionaire ph.d. And black women average personal wealth of $5.

        No way any man who is working on improving himself would want a black woman, and vice versa.
        We are just not compatible.

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    • Good on Chad.

      I bet the bitch won’t be talking about “divesting” from white dudes though, nor will she go around treating all white guys with contempt.

      She’ll probably even continue to talk shit like “white guys treat me better”.

      I like the fact that more and more people know exactly where to hit them too — in the hair. lol Their depth of insecurity about the hair that god gave them has become a punchline, just as it’s supposed to be.


    • Note how calm and docile she was in responding to his racist comments about her natural hair, yet they’ll spew the most vitriolic words against Black men who tell them not to wear weave.

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      • The same calmness that was noted when Madison Amelia’s boyfriend was telling her to take her ass back to Africa, because she didn’t support Donald Trump.

        Chad doesn’t get the neck-rolling, finger-snapping, aggressive attitude from the black woman.

        Also, take note of how the pro-blacks want to exact violence against the white boy for speaking his mind.

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  10. I’d possibly be a near wealthy man today if I didn’t simp so ignorantly for so long.
    At least i know better now (literally at great cost) but never again.

    Don’t SIMP!!

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    • QUOTE: “I’d possibly be a near wealthy man today if I didn’t simp so ignorantly for so long.”

      Shit…join the club! LOL

      Too bad the internet wasn’t around when I was coming up. I had no access to the kind of information we’re getting now. All we had back in the 80’s and 90’s was blue pill R&B music and movies telling us to treat women like queens.

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  11. SYSBM is NOT a new method to “bag” pussy. SYSBM is not a scheme, game plan, tactic, strategy or any other such social altering of a man’s real personality. At its CORE, SYSBM is about a HETEROSEXUAL MAN OF COLOR feeling, acting, thinking and behaving in a manner that reflects who he is as a WARRIOR, SCHOLAR, HEALER, HUSBAND and FATHER.
    If women encounters a man who follows SYSBM, and she demands, insists, insinuate he alters himself in ANY way as so SHE may feel….comfortable, fuck that cunt and move to the next woman.

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  12. I know a lot of you don’t like TBA but he spit FIRE in this broadcast, talking about how Stacey Dash has been reduced to giving $50 shout outs to people on the internet. He talks about how when she (and other BW) was young and pretty she went after thugs, then she went on to WM, and now that Fox News is done with her and her WM has kicked her to the curb and divorced her she is left out in the cold. Turns out that she and her last husband were living in a regular old $1400 a month apt, and she had a public defender when she went to court for domestic violence, so she probably isn’t rich.

    He talks about how BW who didn’t choose a good man when they were young are going to be falling on hard times because there aren’t many simps left that have the resources to provide for a woman, and the men with the ability to provide don’t want them. Once again, its an excellent broadcast.

    “A lot of these women are starting to find some act right now that times are getting tough, how many of you good brothers with resources are tempted to abuse your newfound power and position in society?” (paraphrasing) – TBA LMBAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Stacey Dash was one of the finest bitches of the last 50 years, and at 53 she is still fine. Let’s see T.B.A.’s wife. (I don’t like T.B.A. btw)

      But this just goes to show you, they can be fine and good in bed but I’m of the opinion that planning a life with them i not a wise life decision. How could a woman that beautiful fuck it up so bad?

      Oh yeah, I forgot, she’s black.

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    • It’s all good. Although I don’t care for TBA, I am mature to know he is highly intelligent and often present commentary makes sense. I will check it out later.

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    • James SYSBM,

      I listened to the broadcast over dinner. A few points:

      1. I agree with the notion of Vivica and the other three broads complaining about black men today is the result of their decisions 30 years ago, when they were chasing the thugs, rappers, and other fuck boys and spat of the decent black men. I love that they are complaining as old hens. Fuck them. Let them eat cake.

      2. Yup, Stacy is looking for a sugar daddy. The competition is tough, for her, because she’s competing against women 30 years her junior. However, there might be hope– Janet found a sugar daddy after her prime.

      3. I somewhat disagree with the idea of “you can’t win, if you don’t play,” because I am not interested in playing in that arena. I will gladly sit out this pandemic. I am standing firm. No American bitches. PERIOD!

      I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you why I don’t care for Jason Black. I think he’s a shape-shifting phony pro-black (you can also throw Tariq Nasheed in that category). I have been aware of him for at least eight years.
      I remember when TBA used to roll with Tommy Sotomayor. In fact, I believe Tommy put him on. Don’t hold me to that, because I don’t know for sure.

      The reason why I will listen to him, because many times he makes sense. If I didn’t know who he was, I would have thought I was listening to someone from the black manosphere.

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    • How do I relate this to the topic above…..AHHHHHHH, NEVER SIMP FOR A BLACK WOMAN OF ANY AGE, because as you can see, even at 50+ black women still play games.
      As for TBS, he’s a PENIS POLICE OFFICER and I don’t deal with pigs. If he shits on black women sure, but when he goes in on BLACK MEN (which is most often than not) I tune him out.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Dude tried to get sex from a blonde weave, fake eyelash wearing, foul mouthed gutter black whore and a jiffy pop bag, fat black siren, smh. He must have been ultra desperate, there is nothing remotely attractive about any of those women at all.

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    • Is this a new category in the Ghetto Gaggers website? is this a new BSDM/Bondage category on Pornhub? This legit looked like it was an intro scene to an interracial reverse gang rape! The guy looked like he was getting turned on!

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  13. Was that Umar’s wife in the jiffy pop?
    Where can I get one to wife up for myself and have kids with, I’ve never wanted anything so bad in my life. Our son is gonna be president.

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  14. Let me relay what I’ve said about simps in the past before:

    Simps (esp. black simps) are still TRAUMA bonded to their mothers through years of demonic narcissistic abuse.

    Rather than go within, find and release their bodily PTSD trauma, black simps seek out sex and attention from their surrogate “mothers”, the BW in order to “right the wrongs” done to them.

    Not every black man is brave enough to stare down their primal wounds in the face and release them. Especially when considering the source of that pain.

    Is it a wonder Fake Academic Fountain has had a violent past?

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  15. Ok, I feel this fits with the topic of discussion. When do or rather when is it time to finally cut black men who are honest to god SIMPS????? How do we address these…men? Because the time that General Tito spoke of is now upon us. So I went to Free Speech avenger looking for a video by King Sigma, Kid O, Sensei Jones (like that one?) or a MUCH WAITED ON SKC VIDEO! “Where the fuck is SKC when you need him!?!?” and who do I see other than Taz….this fool is trying to drag hyenas who can muddy up the waters at the only FREE SPEECH platform which supports videos for heterosexual free thinking men of color. I mean this chick CLUSTER B have him SHOOK, but fuck that dude, he’s anti-SYSBM and I say let the hyenas drag and eat his ass. Simp motherfucker.

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