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These days and weeks seems to be rolling by at such a rapid rate, yet another Open Mic Wednesday is upon us and I’m sure that you guys have got a lot to get off for chests. Verbs2015 and Slaying Evil, always proud to provide a censorship free platform for heterosexual free thinking brothers. We cannot and will not be stopped regardless of what is thrown at us, we have a right to voice our concerns, ask questions, enquire, critique, scrutinise and examine just like everybody else. The floor is yours gentlemen, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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  1. This is why I don’t believe that there is a COVID-19 pandemic, there are too many inconsistencies, anomalies and incongruities, things just aren’t adding up. Doctors and nurses being told to place COVID-19 on death certificates even though the person died of another cause, empty hospitals even though the mainstream media claims they’re full and overrun, the fact that the so called virus was never isolated to begin with and thus couldn’t be proven to be the cause of anything, the fact that a vaccine which would normally take 4-5 years to develop is ‘just around the corner’, the list of problems with this pandemic/scamdemic goes on and on:

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  2. Another Wednesday in the plandemic. Hoping you men are doing well. If you ever need motivation not to mess with these low-level plantation hoes, peruse the Sizzle After Dark page on Fakebook. I stumbled across the page a month or so ago when that video was making the rounds with that big nostril hoe screaming about it takes three “nigg-uhs” to add up to one. I then checked out some other entries on the page, all the hoe and others talk about is dick, dick size, sucking dick, good dick, you get the picture. Even the dyke-looking hoe talking about dick. No wonder these bitches stay pregnant by no-good dudes. Bonus: one of my female relatives “likes” the page LOL.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        The term ‘black doesn’t crack’ does NOT apply to the modern day black female at all.

        Man, please. These hoes out here looking like melted candle wax. To hell with ’em.

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      • >These hoes out here looking like melted candle wax

        LOL! They certainly contain enough fat to burn like a candle for an eternity.


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      • >She must mean 10 cents.
        In Confederate currency. In other words, absolutely worthless.


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    • So the solution is to marry Capt Snow with his wee willy? C’mon these b*Tches can’t be serious, but they are!

      Lack women refuse to see the error of their ways. They remain fat & unattractive with children. Yet we (not us) but Black men in general are the problem?

      Don’t non-SYSBM see hypocrisy?

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      • Bedwenches are willing to lose 3 inches on average messing with Plantation Boss Pete. For a size queen, that’s a lot. LMAO.

        And yes Black men are the problem because we are leaving these hoes single with thug babies, thus making them unattractive. Black men are also keeping them fat while we work out and look good. They have no agency or choice in the matter. Eyeroll.

        Remember, it takes THREE dudes to make ONE “nigg-uh.”

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  3. This is a continuation of my last post from the last article:

    I live overseas, permanently. I have found my SYSBM solution. I am not incel, nor MGTOW! I am temporarily with an Asian girl, she is stuck here with me in Georgia (The country, Sakartvelo) until the airports open up and she goes home. So when I make this statment, I am NOT talking about ME.

    In my last post, I mentioned that there will be some guys who have NO escape or cannot realise SYSBM due to lack od exposure to other races of women, lack if resoirces to travel, lack of education etc.

    And I said that some men, may turn MGTOW, Incel, or create a new Genuine hate group in which black men will Hate black women (or the black community in general) and start killing black women (which would be fine by me). Here are some guys, for an example, that I found on youtube who could potentially be like the black men I am discussing about:

    The guy wanted to sell his soul to the devil because of black woman….smh

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      It’s not our job to save every black man, the seed of SYSBM is wasted on the many, most black men will either reject the philosophy altogether because they are too bewitched and indoctrinated by the black witch beyond redemption or others will turn towards other groups like MGTOW, incel etc.

      I don’t worry about the many who cannot be reached, I just concern myself with the few that can be.

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      • SYSBM is for the true select men of color. In 2020, it is no big feat if you can “pull” a black woman, but if you’re shooting for another kind of woman, you actually have to be about something.

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      • @ Verbs2015

        “One of the hardest lessons we have to learn is that we can’t save everyone, and not everyone wants to be saved.”

        -Dr. Thomas X. Light, Mega Man (Archie Comics) Issue #49

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      • @Verbs
        Interesting to note how youtube doesn’t take down videos of people talking about selling their souls to the devil. I wonder who they work for….

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    • These dudes are losers bro. The 1st three letters of SYSBM stand for save YOURSELF.

      “Now the people gather ’round the beach,
      and the leader tries to make a speech,
      but the dreadlocks can tell them that it’s too late,
      fire is burning MAN PULL YOUR WEIGHT”!

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  4. What ever happened to that madam logic ball? That crazy woman who called me verbs and a few other specific posters here on her channel?

    Did she finally run out of the US to europe like she said she was gonna do? Is she still part of the Anti-SYSBM forces?

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  5. Verbs 2015.

    This whole UK lockdown thing is bullshit because it is the governments way to control people by closing their places of business’s/companies , people losing their jobs and social distancing. This coronavirus thing has caused havoc throughout the whole world and both my auntie and uncle have both got the coronavirus and they are self isolating at their home at the moment.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I agree, please check out the clip I posted below from the tv series The Dead Zone, this whole so called ‘pandemic was staged and has been planned from the very beginning. Like what David Icke says, if you can control the public’s perception, you can control their behaviour as well. Coronavirus = common Cold(as we already know), COVID-19 = Non Existent.


  6. Greetings brother, thanks for this segment, I’ve got my 2cent to add.

    This movement could grow beyond its current state, it existed before the Hashtag and it existed before the loud-mouths criticized and ranted against the trend of Black Men “dating-out”, but what can we do to refine the narrative?
    What’s the future for the Black Patriarch?

    I’m determined that the topic would sway far from the BW, we’ll need to decentralize the conversation from the feminine disruption and return to the Patriarch.

    The Black Patriarch must be the focus, a revival and reform, no matter who the Black man chooses to mate with, he would follow a code of conduct to manoeuvre, survive and thrive in this society.

    – Pro-blackness is a scam,
    – White-supremacy is no longer the major detriment to our “community”
    – Identity politics plays on victim-Olympics.
    – And “preserving the race” is Flawed!

    We’re not a scarcity in the international scene. Thanks to the Africa population spike, our numbers are not the problem.

    But the state of the Black-African experience around the world is at the bottom of the totem pole,
    it’s up to the Black Patriarch to reform it, whether it’s with a White, Asian, Latino or Black woman.

    With a Woman that deserves our lifetime investment, to bear our children and support us as we support them.
    Black men must remain the head of the household, fatherless black families are a plague in the western world, while the African Patriarch still exists, we must retain the qualities that worked and eradicate the habits that don’t.

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  7. Honestly can we be on lockdown until July? (because you know June is Faggot pride month)

    Last thing I ever wanna see is some parade of cucks licking and doing nasty shit to each other. (Regardless I have a feeling these retards will still do it)

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    • DeltaWildDog18,

      Trump is opening shop as we speak, however certain blue states and their governors are deliberately resisting trying to inflict more damage to an already festering wound.

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      • New York is one of them. I seriously hate Cuomo. The media seems to love him, but he’s a horrific governor, and we despise him despite the approval numbers you see out there.

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      • I’m in the ATL, don’t get me started with these bitches down here, but the governor decided to reopen gyms, restaurants, barber shops/salons and a couple other businesses. I’m in sales for a company that manufactures and distributes construction tools and accessories. Business slowed down around mid March to mid April, but the last 2 weeks sales have definitely picked up.

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      • Carnio SYSBM,

        It’s been like this for a while now, It’s the same here in the UK, June is the month where these sodomite parade the streets engaging in reprobate and abominable acts. Being outside of the West you’ll most probably never see these things and thus won’t know about them.

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      • @Carnio
        Damn brother I really must visit you wherever you live. It must be nice out there. I’m definitely moving from here and I have to give where you are a good look. The fact that you don’t even know about that shows how good you have it.

        I’m not going to pollute your collective minds with a video post, but lets put it this way. In Toronto Shame (pride) parade they had 4 to 10 year old boys in drag twerking in booty shorts and the media and the faggots were beaming as if that was something to be proud of. Even the prime minister applauded it.

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      • Oh GoD! That’s horrible!!

        @ Verbs, Upgraydd

        Oh yeah, you would never see any of that thrash here:

        There is high level of homophobia in these parts (Georgia, Kazakstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia etc.) You would never see this shit out in the open nor in the media.
        Gays are at the very bottom shoes of society. Pedophiles, and criminals are higher than lgbt! They would rather you “Steal their women” than see you as an LGBT


      • Carnio SYSBM,

        I point blank refuse to use the propaganda terms ‘homophobic’ or ‘homophobia’ because they imply that there is something wrong with people who detest and protest against the homosexual lifestyle when there isn’t, the abnormal, degenerate and reprobate behaviour of homosexuality is where the problem is, not with normal heterosexual folks.

        Remember also that there are other dysfunctional behaviours that are intrinsically linked to homosexuality(paedophilia, incest, bestiality) etc. I love the way these Eastern block countries in Europe(especially Russia) as well as the majority of African countries deal with the homosexual pestilence and abomination, they don’t allow it to get a foothold in their lands because they recognise it for the canker and putrid sore that it is.

        Homosexuals through heavy propaganda and legislation have managed to convert more people into accepting their lifestyle, if it was a normal way of life then they wouldn’t have to go to such lengths in order to be accepted. When they get their heads bashed in I don’t feel sorry for them at all, especially in light of the fact that they are teaching their lifestyle to young children in schools as if it is normal. What do 5 year old children have to do with sex yet alone homosexuality, I’ll wait?

        They ought to be keeping their abominable acts to themselves but of course homosexuals get a thrill converting over straight folks as well as the innocent, they cannot help themselves hence why they must be met with extreme hostility whenever they attempt to spread their wings.

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      • @Verbs @Carnio
        I might have to make a change of plans concerning my exodus from Sodom and Gomorrah, I never considered Georgia, but now I will.

        As for this whole homophobic nonsense, I need to see a dictionary from 100 years ago, because I know for a fact that when I was growing up a phobia meant FEAR of, not hate. Calling me homophobic is offensive because I don’t fear homosexuality, I despise it. Huge difference.

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    • When the plandemic is over (if it ever will be) I urge you guys to quietly spend your vacation dollars in places that put a curb on this alphabet shit and do not let this degeneracy take root. Russia, Hungary, parts of Poland, The Emirates, any Muslim country. Beirut is on the comeback. Dubai. Even Nigeria and Ghana.

      While American boys are learning how to vogue, twerk and dress in drag, Russian boys are having contests to see who can disassemble and assemble a rifle the fastest.

      Can you imagine sending President Bootyjudge to stand up to Putin, Orban of Hungary, or Arab Oil Sheiks? Even Merkel of Germany is more of a leader than he is.

      Support countries that align with your value system.

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  8. Gentleman this has been tripping me out since I saw the story yesterday. My goal in 2020 is to destroy all simp pro black women talking points of the communitah once and for all, and make them admit to being the absolute scum they really are.

    The scumbag who killed the security guard for asking his mother to wear a mask, and then SHE SPIT in HIS face and then got him KILLED was named Ramonyea, pronounced Ramone-Yay.

    Where the fuck was he going to go with a name like that, C.E.O. of a fourtune 500 company? Black women intentionally set their children up for failure at birth, as anyone with an I.Q. of over 80 knows that the only environment you could thrive in with a name like that is the place where you can’t thrive at all, the hood.

    With a name like that you are cursed to stay there, it would take a miracle for you get out with a name like that. Black women are either doing this on purpose or are too stupid to see that it is a career death sentence.

    Either way I can’t have them in my life.

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    • “My goal in 2020 is to destroy all simp pro black women talking points of the communitah once and for all, and make them admit to being the absolute scum they really are”

      First, you’re going to need a list. Then methodically break down why the myth is a lie, THEN show what the truth is. Feel free to USE male black youtubers, vloggers, and media personalities to make your case.
      I’m still thinking of doing something like that myself.

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      • Is that really a viable thing to do? If ABC can have a debate about the status of Black women, then how come we can’t have a debate about Black men status? That is mostly because as a culture we don’t care about men.

        So how you going to make the mainstream media listen to our message and expose the hypocrisy? I doubt that you will.

        That also screams of making Black women manageable as if we have no choice but to associate with them. I don’t socialize with Black women and very few Black men and I’m standing around them regularly doing Postmates. The fact that Gig Economy work has a low barrier of entry means I am exposed to the ratchet class of Black People DAILY.

        While the Black men see something is wrong but are powerless to do something about it because of economics mainly and the push back from the Black Church firstly, they choose (as a collective) to do nothing.

        I tend to agree with Carno there are no outlets, though there are outlets lack of self-confidence makes it seem like there aren’t any.

        I’m pretty sure after all the hate most Black men experience from their own mothers, who wants their Black ass anyway? is it only Black women?

        This is why I believe we need more in-depth videos about the options. I mean as Joe Madison would say put it where the goats can get it. Sure you could type Russian Brides in YouTube but who do you trust with your money? You could put how to start a business, again who do you trust with your money because starting a LLC or Corp does cost money, how much do you pay vs how much you do yourself?

        What about the legal system, how do you emancipate yourself without a lawyer? I almost forgot about the various law schools around the country that do pro bono work regularly.

        All you can really do is put water out there for the horse to drink but you can’t force it to drink.


      • Those names are like ghetto I.D. cards.

        Yup and any resume with a ghetto name goes straight in the trash or into the minimum wage service industry. But low-life black bitches do not want their children especially black boys to rise any higher than them.

        Because when a black boy has even an ounce of intelligence, guess who’s there waiting to snipe him off? You guessed it, her mortal enemy, the white girl.

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    • @djfourmonie
      Who said anything about the mainstream media? In the Youtube streets as the communitah likes to describe it, and other internet platforms black bitches and their simps are making alot of noise about us thinking brothers. The mainstream media would never let a thinking brother near a tv camera.

      How many times has some simp like sperm fountain or some fucking heifer ran her mouth off? Too many times to mention. And when confronted with the FACTS of their actions there is always some excuse for it.
      I believe the time has come to take away those well traveled excuse escape routes.

      I have no interest in making black women manageable. Think of it like this. Let’s say you had an employee that you knew was stealing from you, but you couldn’t prove it because you hadn’t caught her in the act or found the goods on her. Every time she was questioned she denied it and became indignantly defensive.

      Ok, so you set up a hidden camera. Catch her in the act several times. When you’ve amassed incontrovertible evidence, call everybody in. Ask her again. She does her usual song and dance, so you play the tape in front of everyone.

      Game over.

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  9. I am sure you’ve heard about the security guard who was shot enforcing the state’s order to wear a mask in public.

    In a nutshell, and having read between the lines, here is how I see it.

    1. She’s another argumentative black bitch who thinks the rules doesn’t apply to her. Surprise, surprise.

    2. The black bitch summoned her husband clean up man and her beta-male son.

    3. Clean up man defends the honor of his black quean, because she felt disrespected by the security guard who simply asked her to comply with the rules. We all know, too well, how the black bitch doesn’t like to comply with anything, right? If you keep wondering why I am calling the husband a clean up man, it’s simple: the black bitch’s son has a different surname than she and her husband.

    4. During the confrontation, the effeminate, beta-male, most likely raised by his bitch of a single mother, shoots the security guard dead. I am willing to bet my last paycheck that she raised the fucking savage.

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    • They look exactly how I thought they would.

      The faces and ghetto names of the new Black permanent underclass. IMO a good 60% or more of my people (Descendants of American slaves) are finished in this country. The BW along with the WM’s welfare and social engineering have taken us out. Its messed up but deep down inside I hope the Coronavirus hits the “hood” hard as hell and takes out a lot of the fat hoodrats before they can have more bastard kids for pookie and ray ray.

      Either way, the combination of the virus, the recession, job loss, and scant/stretched welfare funding and food bank shortages may end up being a “mini purge” in the BW run hellholes called “the hood” if you could call it that, or as Verbs would say, judgment.

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      • There is nothing new about it, when did these ratchet ghetto names start appearing in society? About 30-35 years ago in defiance of the status quo.

        It is generational, sure some people leave, but the vast majority are born, live and die in the same 4 mile square they’ve always been in. It’s not just Blacks but Americans in general behave like that. It is a permanent underclass.

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      • It’s not just Blacks but Americans in general behave like that.

        Then you should have no problem posting a video or news item where anybody white has committed a crime like this.

        File this right next to the black bitch who had her goons waiting at the bus stop to shoot up the bus after she had an altercation with a fellow passenger.

        Or the black bitch who ran her mouth at the bus driver, who stopped the bus to give her an uppercut to the jaw, after which she threatened him with goons.

        Your posts are suspect.

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      • @Shorty Fist
        You’re absolutely right. In any argument of apologetics the unshakeable rule is

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    • Do these ignorant niggas not understand the concept of consequences? The whore mother had this black man killed because she didn’t like being told what to do. Well, what the f*ck does she think’s gonna happen when she gets to prison? She’ll be locked in a cage where people will tell her when to eat, when to sleep, when to shower, when she can use the phone, etc. I mean, how stupid can people be? This is why the black community is in shambles. Women like this bitch are leading the community. There’s no rhyme or reason to the emotionalism of black women. Black boys are being raised, often by violent single mothers, to be emotional and make life-altering decisions based on their emotions. It is madness like this that SYSBM is trying to save black men from.

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      • This is why the black community is in shambles. Women like this bitch are leading the community….


        That is absolutely correct. If the bitch were not leading the community, then this would have never happened, because:

        1. If the man were controlling the situation, then he would not have confronted the security guard in a bellicose manner. A measured man would have asked what is going on? And the security guard would have explained the situation. A logical man would have sided with the security guard and diffused the situation.

        2. Her dumb beta-male son exemplifies that she controls the community, because that dumb n***** would have also assessed the situation and realized that his cunt mother was out of pocket. He, too, would have contributed to the deescalation.

        3. Instead, we know she has fucked up the community, because the off-spring (the husband and son) behaved just like the emotional and irrational black bitch that we all have come to know so well.

        Now, I know simps will ask, how can the woman control the community, and isn’t that a testament to the failure of black male leadership?

        To that, I reply, “that is a good question. But the black bitch said she could raise a boy to be a man. And the courts normally awards them custody of the children, regardless of gender. The only way for black men to restore order is to go upside the head of the black bitch, since she is not receptive to civil discourse. But we know that won’t be tolerated. So, instead, he goes his own separate way, AFTER he has made the mistake of impregnating the dumb bitch. The correct course of action is to go his separate way and NEVER impregnate the bitch.”

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  10. The fear mongering propaganda continues:

    The more I pay attention to how this pandemic plays out, the more it feels reminiscent of an *SCP entry log; I personally believe they are making this up as they go in order to maintain the lie. Note that it was the “fear factor” that brought the nations to compliance; how else are they going to keep these angry protesters in line? As the old saying goes, “The end justifies the means.”

    *SCP stands for “Secure, Contain, Protect” (the unofficial motto of the SCP Foundation) or “Special Containment Procedures”; the SCP Foundation is an organization of numerous doctors, researchers, and agents aiming to understand and catalogue anomalous objects and keep them from getting into the wrong hands.

    SCP objects are classified into 3 primary object classes:
    *Safe-class SCPs are anomalies that can be safely and easily contained. Safe-class SCPs have been researchrd well enough where they don’t require significant resources to be contained.

    *Euclid-class SCPs are anomalies that require more resources to contain due to limited understanding of the anomaly or their unpredictable nature.

    *Keter-class SCPs are anomalies that are exceedingly difficult to contain and require more extensive and complex containment procedures to ensure that they don’t breach containment, or else it could bring about an “end of the world” scenario.

    With all of that said, if the coronavirus were an SCP anomaly, I think it would rightly be classified as ‘Euclid’, even if the WHO wants to pass it off as ‘Keter’ like they initially attempted to do; it would make for an interesting read in the Canon Hub on the Foundation website.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      If people are looking for a virus, they need to look towards the vaccine that Bill Gates will administer to those stupid enough to take it, thus the virus is not here…………..yet.


      • I find it funny how Bill Gates, a college dropout who started a computer company, having no medical experience or credentials, is leading the charge for a vaccine, yet YouTube is censoring medical professionals like Dr. Kaufman for using his expertise to inform the masses they’re being duped.

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    I have been following this story since it developed. A doctor and her husband were found dead on UW Madison’s campus. It was later learned that their daughter’s boyfriend killed them. When the story was first reported, the motive was unknown.

    Later, it was determined that the doctor (the mother) has an underlying condition and wanted the daughter and boyfriend to practice social distancing, so she RENTED AN APARTMENT for the two of them. Pookie didn’t like it, so he killed them. Yes, Pookie killed the people who paid his rent.

    Parents need to be extremely wary of who their daughters date pet and feed, because Pookie is one ungrateful motherfucker, just like the black bitch who raised him.

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    • So did the couple adopt this girl or were they fostering her, she looks bi-racial. If so, at what age did they take her in? Either way it was a big mistake, don’t bring the ghetto into your house, and their daughter did that. Inviting ghetto named Blacks into your home and life is damn near like inviting destruction in. Ghetto names are going to become the new “mark of Cain” in society for lack of a better term, that goes double for dark skinned Blacks with ghetto names.

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      • Who knows if she’s bi-racial or not, it’s not really important. There are all sorts of explanations for how someone looks.

        Agreed that the Ghetto is never far away from the child, given the hip-hop culture is pervasive in Anglo countries, that still doesn’t explain what happen.

        A woman, university student (Utath) was killed by her boyfriend who had been charged with statutory rape a few years before they met. There was no ambiguity around how this woman looked, she couldn’t get any Whiter and she was attractive.

        My theory is this –

        The supply of Black men for Non-Black women is low. While upwards of 50% of Black people are single and nearly 90% of Black men when they do get married marry Black women still means that Black men overwhelmingly prefer Black women.

        I would hazard to guess that it’s roughly 3:1, IE three women (black, white, asian or latino) that would date a black man for every one black man.

        The vast majority of those men are some version of pookie/ray-ray/shotgun mike in varying degrees. Warning signs are –

        a) From the ghetto/hood
        b) Ghetto names
        c) Often wears sports or urban themed clothing

        Given the popularity of rap in this country (and elsewhere) 50 Cent/Wiz Khalifa/Future/Chris Brown would certainly wet the panties of many young women so maybe they reach for a clone of those men? That is the same logic in the MGTOW community that young women pick the Thug types.

        We are honest that what drives much of interracial relationships is sexual in nature. That is NOT what keeps relationships together long term but let’s be honest and say that’s where it’s starts, In my experience that would explain infatuations with other popular rap artist like LL Cool J for Gen X women.

        Women often make the wrong choices in mind when they are young, this decision happen to cost their young woman her parents.


    • @B A
      Something has got to give, this story like all the others is outrageous, the time is fast coming when we thinking black men are going to have to come up with something visible to distinguish us from the rest, maybe a particular ring perhaps, because the population is sick and tired of the black community and will eventually push back and hard.

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      • The best we can do is control situation with whomever we encounter. The way I carry myself immediately commands respect. In recently years, I have had to relax a little, because I am a very serious, but professional and courteous, man. However, I do have trust issues, and I come across as very guarded.

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      • @ BA

        Same here, I have had an older BW that I work with compliment me on the way I dress and they way I carry myself. My wife says that I have a slight scowl on my face at times, maybe its the Test haha.

        I would tell good BM who are young and don’t want to be lumped in with the pookies to hit the gym, dress appropriately, educate yourself (college/trade school), be articulate, polite yet firm, stand up/walk straight no slouching, and get a CCW if you can. Also don’t associate with the Black underclass, you will be judged and helped or harmed by the company that you keep.

        Amos 3:3 “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”

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    • These are the guys. Is it me or is one of them wearing lipstick? (And btw, how do you post images and videos in these comments?)

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  12. Is Soncerae dead or not?

    To be honest, I am not sure. The news site Heavy, reported the death. Heavy is an accurate and reliable source. However, there were scant details in the story, such as:

    1. Where did she die?

    2. When did she die?

    Since those two pieces of evidence are conspicuously missing, I have my doubts. Further, those two missing piece would easily allow someone acquire confirmation, by performing a search on the county coroner’s web site.

    Let me get back to Heavy. Was Soncerae that well-known to compel Heavy to report her death. Heavy normally report news that is beyond the pale, or involving well known people. Suicide is pretty common. Was she well known outside of black YouTube?

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    • Tommy seems to confirm that she is dead, although admittedly, I didn’t watch the video. Tommy is way too long-winded for me now. He’s got hour-long videos where he spend the first 45 minutes singin’, rappin’ or actin’ a fool, then in the last 15 minutes he’ll get to the topic.

      Personally, I think she faked her death. She seemed just crazy enough to do that just to see if anyone would actually care.

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      • BA,

        This is precisely the reason why it is a complete waste to time engaging the overwhelming majority of black women in conversation, they deflect, duck and weave(excuse the pun) all day long and will not answer straight questions with direct answers. You cannot converse with mentally challenged and mentally unstable individuals.

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      • The reason why Tommy does these long, sometimes 4 hour live streams is to selectively pick content from it as he goes. When the stream ends, he’ll pick segments from it and re-post them from the live stream. This means he no longer spends hours editing, encoding video and uploaded it to YouTube

        That’s pretty smart if you ask me. There is a method to his madness. The above violent act by the group of three and the murder of the young man who decided he would help a ratchet female with her rent has allowed Tommy to return back to his 2015 form

        I’m fine with that.

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      • I wouldn’t be surprised if she killed herself tbh. We all know that behind the arrogance and self aggrandizement many BW are emotionally broken and mentally ill. The last video that I saw of her was her having a emotional breakdown in her car and asking her viewers for a few hundred dollars to keep from being evicted or something like that. I think she was having a rough time, she also had a kid with some dusty dude if I recall.

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    • I never listened to her….then this pops off and I go check out her YouTube page…..fuck this bitch. I could care less if shes dead or not, but if she is, I CAN SEE WHY….she admits to getting busted out in a threesome…..then turns around to talk bad about the man who SHE WENT THERE WITH?!!?!?!? She sounds like a straight HOE. Good riddance to bad rubbish

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      • Off Grid On Code,

        I agree, I’m totally indifferent to her death(if it is indeed true). I’ve seen her face without makeup and the sight isn’t good, only a very desperate man with rock bottom self esteem and gravel licking pride would go there.

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  13. I’m seeing the rise of a lot more brothers with non black girls. And ofc the black bitches would give them the dirty looks (even if they have a good looking Brad/Chad in their arms).

    But anyway I think it’s best if I stay off the internet for a while I’m taking nursing classes to be a CNA so y’all wish ya boy some love, support and probably luck, and more importantly #SYSBM

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  14. Will Michelle Obama ever go sit her black ass down somewhere and shut up? Why are we seeing more of her now than when she was First Lady? I tell ya, this woman really loves being in the spotlight. What happened to her high-powered career as a hot shot Chicago law partner? Now that she’s done riding her husband’s coattails, she’s wants to be everywhere. Chris Rock was right. When Obama became President, in her mind, so did she. We don’t even see Barack half as much as we see her now. It’s just insane. All she did was be First Lady. That ain’t a hard job. Why do people even listen to her? Now she’s got a new documentary on Netflix. This madness is just on-going. I haven’t seen nor heard from Laura Bush since GWB left office. But it looks like we’re stuck with Michelle forever. Black women cannot take a back seat for nothing.

    Liked by 2 people

    • That was funny. But I don’t give a damn what anyone says, Chris Rock’s greatest stand up was when he played the comedian Reggie in the movie The Nutty Professor. The stand up and the choreography (he entering the stage) was fucking hilarious.

      Liked by 1 person

      • In the nutty professor movie, the comedian who played Reggie was Dave Chappelle, not Chris Rock, but Chris Rock is the OG though. When he said that line “I love black people, but I hate n*****,” That really got to me because I felt the same way too.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Jesus Christ, I must be losing my memory. Right, that was David Chappelle. DOH!

        Nevertheless, that was funny a shit.

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    • >Will Michelle Obama ever go sit her black ass down somewhere and shut up?

      You mean retired NBA power forward Michelle Obama.

      Michelle Obama’s advice to men: “Be Better”

      WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN??? Continuation of the bullshit feminist narrative.


      Liked by 2 people

      • Obama used to wag his finger at BM too. I think they know that there isn’t any point in pandering to BM, we ain’t voting for him without tangibles being offered, we will just stay home, unlike BW who go racing to the polls for any politician with a D listed next to their name.

        Liked by 2 people


        It means black women are perfect. They are so perfect that a request for them to “be better” is tantamount to ask Usain Bolt to run faster, or to ask a computer program to add 1 + 1, better, despite the fact that it spits out 2, repeatedly.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s funny how us men are supposed to “be better” for the least married, least partnered, least desired, most obese, most bastard kids, most STD-riddled, most in debt, most masculine, most mentally ill, least likely to have their own hair, worst attitude-having women on the planet.

        I’m good the way I am. No thanks.

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  15. I was in a Zoom meeting with a work colleague who happens to be an Asian female. During the Zoom livestream, her husband appeared outta nowhere just passing through, and she made sure to quickly introduce her husband to those in attendance. What struck me weird was that her husband was Asian. The vast majority of Asian females I’ve known or known about were with white men, so it seemed weird to me to see an Asian female married to an Asian male. I know it happens, especially in cities with large Asian populations like San Francisco. But it still seemed a bit strange and out of the ordinary.

    I would love it if one day, SYSBM was so successful in getting out the message, that seeing a black male with a black female seems strange and out of the ordinary. That might actually happen if trends amongst the younger generations continue. So, let’s keep spreading the message. SYSBM is the way!

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  16. What gwaning people, Money Cultural here and I hope that everybody is coping with this lockdown thing, well trying to cope with it. Right, I was watching this clip of Steve Wilkos confronting with a man who was beating up his woman right. The woman is black and the man was is white. We always know that these shows with women getting beat down by her man and so on. I wanna say that you can’t save them. Why? Because at the end, she will go back to the man, you see what I’m saying. They will go back to their abusive simp and stay with him.

    Right, you heard the news that Soncerae is dead? On social media, they say that Soncerae has committed suicide. Right, I know this is a lie right. If she did top herself, then why CNN, NBC and ABC do a breaking news report that she killed herself? And if she did kill herself, she meant to leave a letter that she took her own life? The harridan is still alive, full stop. Don’t wanna talk about her no more.

    I was at Watford Town Centre and I was heading home. I saw this think black chick and I was goanna throw some game at her but damn, she had that damn weave in her hair. Every time, you see a black woman, she always have weave in her hair. And you think to yourself, you can’t deal with these women. They have nothing but weave in hair, trying to look white.

    Black men want the natural look on black women and we see that disappearing now because of the high levels of weave black women are wearing. And the number of children black women are having and these women will refuse to marry the father of the baby and refuse to take care of their own off springs. Anyway. I hope you guys keep safe until the lockdown is lifted and stay away from these scraggle daggles.

    Keep your white sugar honeys safe and hold her tight and whispers in her ear.

    Take care, bless!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Money Cultural,

      Get yourself another ethnicity of female bro, stop holding out for these black women over here, they’re damaged goods. I see the same sights you do and the sights are extremely grim. Perhaps you could look at scooping up an East African woman instead as they are a much better option but you might as well forget about these westernised black females.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Black women are just like car wreak you will see in a motorway. These women are gone. The amount of weave them have in their hair, the number of kids they have by their own and they chase after thugs, criminals, worthless men and hopeless men.

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  17. President Trump has passed around the idea that China should pay reparations for COVID-19 outbreak. The more we learn about this pandemic, I am inclined to agree with him. It’s a long shot to get reparations. However, the world can isolate China and impose sanctions– stop doing business with them, create you own products. Then maybe they will get the fucking message.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I agree with him as well, reparations are unlikely, but I do see the world banding together with various economic sanctions against China. For example Japan has already offered to pay Japanese companies that have operations in China to move them elsewhere. And politicians in the US and Europe are looking for ways to divest from China as far as manufacturing goes, these next few years will be interesting. The UK is seemingly coming to its senses and backing away from letting Huawei build its 5G networks, I don’t know why they even entertained that idea to begin with.

      Liked by 3 people

    • BA,

      China produces nothing but rubbish and low quality goods, the West should’ve never built China up to be the production hub of the world. Countries have to start bringing production back in-house as they did previously years ago.

      Liked by 2 people

  18. 𝓘 𝓱𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝓪 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓸𝓻𝔂 𝓬𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓭 𝓽𝓱𝓮 70% 𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓰𝓮𝓻 𝓹𝓸𝓲𝓷𝓽 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝔀𝓸𝓶𝓮𝓷 𝓲𝓷 𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓰𝓮 𝓮𝓭𝓾𝓬𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷. 𝓑𝓻𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓼 𝓽𝓮𝓵𝓵 𝓶𝓮 𝔀𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓴 𝓘 𝓷𝓮𝓮𝓭 𝓹𝓮𝓮𝓻 𝓻𝓮𝓿𝓲𝓮𝔀 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓷𝓮𝓮𝓭 𝓽𝓸 𝓽𝓮𝓼𝓽 𝓸𝓾𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓸𝓻𝔂. 𝓢𝓸 𝓲𝓯 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓹𝓻𝓸 𝓸𝓻 𝓬𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓪𝓷 𝓲 𝓷𝓮𝓮𝓭 𝓫𝓸𝓽𝓱 𝓼𝓲𝓭𝓮𝓼

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  19. Gentlemen,

    Here is yet more proof that this whole so called ‘pandemic’ is staged, was planned from the very beginning and has been in the making for a very long time. A good friend of mine alerted me to a TV series called The Dead Zone that ran between 2002-2007. On July 13th 2003 they aired an episode called ‘Plague'(Season 2 Episode 14) which played out exactly to the letter as this so called Coronavirus pandemic has been unfolding thus far.

    Take a look at various clips spliced together from the that particular episode for yourself and draw your own conclusions, as I stated before you don’t need an actual virus to cause mass hysteria and panic, just the rumour of one heavily propagated by the mainstream media is sufficient enough to achieve malevolent end goals.

    As I stated to another good friend of mine, whether there is a an actual killer virus or not the end results are still the same, lockdown, quarantine, restriction of food, restriction of travel, antisocial distancing(as I call it), people walking around paranoid and in fear wearing face masks and all manner of strange contraptions believing that they are somehow protecting themselves from a killer virus etc.

    This is all about control of the public, the only difference between that particular episode of The Dead Zone and today is we have the Eugenicist Bill Gates pushing for mandatory vaccinations worldwide instead of a drug. By the way, big up Madagascar for creating a herbal tea remedy for what looks like the normal flu and a maximum salute to various African countries for taking that natural remedy onboard instead of opting for the so called ‘solution’ of a killer and a maimer of non whites through his abhorrent vaccine track record:


    • “as I stated before you don’t need an actual virus to cause mass hysteria and panic, just the rumour of one heavily propagated by the mainstream media is sufficient enough to achieve malevolent end goals.”

      As my man Ra’s Al Ghul said, “Theatricality and deception are powerful agents.”

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  20. @Upgraydd

    It is super wasy to live in Georgia. I’d say if you want a good introduction to Eastern Europe, Georgia is the place to start.

    It’s not too difficult to find a job, even if you don’t speak Georgian. Georgia is one of the easiest places in the world to start a business. If you have money, it is straight forward to buy and own real estate! People here are very aggressive but not violent.
    It is easy to get visas if you want to go to, say Russia or China.

    There are many foreigners here.
    I’ve never suffered racism or any kind of discrimination. The racism and discrimination is reserved for Russians due to politics. The most you’ll ever get is just stares.

    Tbilisi (The capital city) is a low key female sex tourists destination for Russian women! The same way how white mem fetishes asian women in the west and some white women have fetishes for black men, Russian women have sex fantasies and fetishes for Georgian men and even Black men. Georgian men and all the men in the surrounding countries, Iranians, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Armenians etc. Also fetish Russian women. During high tour season, many Russian women come here on long trips. Some have many boyfriends and some men have many girlsfriends. I met one sweetheart who is from volvograd.
    Russian women claim to be conservative (which They are) but compared to the women from muslims countries, they are super liberal (in comparison).

    There are many Asians girls here (Thank goodness) who come from all over Asia so I can have a nice fruit punch variety to choose from.
    I have no intrest or attraction to Caucasian/Georgian women here.

    If you come here, you will have 1 year visa free so youll have plenty of time to find your self before you decide where you want to go away from the toxic west.

    Liked by 1 person

    • @Carnio
      I’m definitely going to look into in it. When I saw that faggot get punched out, and then the police came and arrested the faggot I was sold, count me in lol.

      How about a language barrier? Do most people speak English? And if not how hard is it to learn Russian? I know a few phrases, but what looks to be the most difficult is learning the cyrillic script.

      How have you found it in terms of communicating with the locals?

      Liked by 3 people

      • “When I saw that faggot get punched out, and then the police came and arrested the faggot I was sold, count me in lol.”

        No, The faggot didn’t get arrested, it was a boy who punched him out who got arrested. The good news is, ALL of the country applauded this boy and DEMANDED he was released from jail. From what I hear from the locals, he was shortly released.

        “How about a language barrier? Do most people speak English?”

        NO! and Thank GOD for this! Most Georgians do not speak English, which is a blessing. That means

        A. You have monopoly on English Teaching jobs or any high paying Job that requires you to have high level English. You being an native speaker, you will be choose before their own people!

        B. Them NOT knowing English means they cannot understand our Feminist/ pro LGBT/Pro-“Democratic”/ Pro-degenerate culture that You and I want nothing to do with and getting influenced and bringing that shit over here that we are trying to get AWAY from.

        C. YOU should learn THEIR language, not the other way around! You will be in THEIR Lands, so you should respect them. Do not be another arrogant English speaker that thinks the world must bow down and learn English to suit you. Many locals hates this and you will Not get far. There are many foreigners here from Iran, Middle east, and even Russia who already do this, and you indeed will face a bit of discrimination for this. Georgian people are very sensitive about this. but If you learn their language, even if you are terrible at it, the locals will treat you like a VIP guest! Georgian people Will be *Extremely* happy and you will be treated much better than their own people. I already experienced something like this in Kazakhstan when I attempted to learn Kazakh. I can assure you you will never go hungry here if you take a step out of your way to learn just a few phrases of Georgian.

        “And if not how hard is it to learn Russian?”

        Russian is not nearly as hard as Japanese, Mongolian, Kazakh or any of the languages in the far east. Russian and English are distant Cousins in the family language tree and honestly it’s not that difficult once you past the beginners barrier. Much of the syntax are the same and there are many Engliah words in the Russian language. You can reach about A2 (Pre-Intermediate) within 2 months if you
        have the proper study material.

        Many Russians who come to Georgia, Also do not speak any English, but it is a great practice if you spoke with them. They would be happy to speak to you in Russian, as you are just as a foreigner as they are and there seems to be an unwritten rule that “Us foreigners need to stick together”!

        For you, as much as I hate giving this advice, Even I must admit this has helped me, you should start dating Russian girls who speak very little to NO English. This is a great option, better than dating Georgian women because you are forcing yourself to learn to communicate with her, which I admit has help me improve my speaking, and if she goes home to Russia (Or Ukraine or where ever she is from) Now you will have someone to visit should you decide to venture out and explore to Country “X”. At least you will know someone who will meet you and help when you go to another EE country. (It can be very intimidating if it is your first time traveling alone the way I do). You will be killing two birds with one stone!

        “but what looks to be the most difficult is learning the cyrillic script. ”

        Pfffffffffffffft, Boy, The cyrillic script is least of your worries. Wait till you start learning the cases. Basically they are grammatical functions in how you change certain words in how they can change thee meaning in a sentence. there are 7 of them.

        In the Russian language there is so many exceptions. It is almost like there are more exceptions in this language than there are normal rules. You will have to remember every single exception if you want to speak proper Russian.

        But of course, Russians would never condemn you for improper grammar, as they know their language is not easy for foreigners and they do not expect you to speak very well. But like I said about the Georgians, If you speak proper Russian, especially an exotic black man speaking very good Russian, You will be treated like a VIP guest (as per my experience) and highly liked among Russians, and other native Russian speakers.

        “How have you found it in terms of communicating with the locals?”

        There are three main langauges you will be dealing with:

        Georgian – The national Language
        Russian – The language that was once mandated when this country part of the USSR
        English – Slowly making it’s way as the Lingua Franca to the European union in hopes to help grow and modernize the country.

        When you see someone you want to talk to it is extremely akward to talk to anyone because you do not know what languages they speak. EVERY Georgian speaks Georgian (Where in Kazakhstan not all Kazakhs speak Kazakh) Georgians older than 40 typically are bi-lingual and also speak Georgian. Young Georgians, under 30, some of them speak English because English has been mandated in all public schools. Some older Georgians don’t speak Russian and many Young Georgians don’t speak English very well if at all. So it becomes a very akward situation on which you wonder “I want to buy these shoes, but I wonder what language should I speak….” You don’t know what to say as you don’t know what language they speak and they don’t know what to say to you.

        When I approach a Georgian or a Russian, I immediately speak in Russian first and say “вы понимаете по-русский?” (Do yo speak in Russian?”) If they don’t immediately respond or they make a strange face, then I immediately ask “English”? If not response, then I speak in English any way and they will speak to me in Georgian anyway.

        Many Georgians in the capital come from villages and they only speak in Georgian. To make matters worse, some parts of Georgia speak in a different dialect and from what I understand is NOT intelligible with Standard Georgian. So some of the people come here and there is no possible way to communicate with them even if I use a translator. You can usually tell where they are from based on their appearance in how they dress and they stare at you a lot longer than normal Georgians do.

        But it has never been an issue. I shop in places all the time where the clerks speaks in Georgian, Azerbaijan language (Many Azerbaijanis / Turks live here and I really hate these people) or Persian (Iranian language) only and I get exactly what I need and want without much problem.

        Do not let language barrier be a problem. Millions of travelers travel the world and language barrier has never been a problem. When I first moved to Kyrgyzstan in 2017 I had no Idea what the hell was Kyrgyz and I was Horrified that Russian was the national language. Two completely exotic language to me and When I use to read and see signs in both Russian and Kyrgyz (Which both looked like Hieroglyphics to me at the time) Struck fear in my heart every time I looked at it. But It was never a problem in meeting with people, going shopping looking for an apartment, dating girls etc.

        If you are dead on serious about learning Russian, I can give you a list of links and resources if you want…


      • Yes, the “BBC” stereotype is WELL known in the East! I don;t know if you know any Russian, but if you could you should watch Russian TikTok videos. There are many women in the East who really like black men and yes, I dare say they fetish them for one of the reason being the BBC stereotype.

        but understand this that all Russians or should I say Slavs are not the same. Russian Slavs from Kazakhstan are SUPER friendly and open . Russians from Kyrgyzstan seem to be very closed due to them being a very small population as they only live in Chui Region and the Isskyl Region and they claim to be heavily discriminated against by the Kyrgyz population.

        Russian girls who come here to Georgia seems to be very open and sweet. And yes they do LIKE black men but it’s just that they probably never seen a black man and if they meet you, they do not know how to act or interact with you. They may be very shy towards you or think you are not interested in them. Let’s say you came to Kazakhstan to visit and on your trip to Charyn Canyon and you ran into some Nomadic Dungans (They are ancient Chinese Muslims). Have you ever seen a Dungan before? Do you know how to interact with or how to act around one? Did you even know what a Dungan was before I mentioned it to you? If you seen a smoking hot Dungan woman, Do you know how to date them without any cultural context without doing or saying something offensive that could bring harm and shame to her and her family?

        This is in the minds of many people and ethnic groups in the East when they see a black man. I really wish you could just come here for the summer and experience it for yourself!

        Liked by 2 people

  21. As you guys know, I hate The US, and I’m already against any thing trump or their fake news say. Since you guys are talking about the virus pandemic i wanted to drop this here and see what you guys think.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. @Verbs,

    I agree with you 110%

    This is one reason why I hate my country and their imperialist forces! They want to bring this shit and spread it out into the world in the disguise of “Freedom and democracy”! but they want to spread homosexuality and other nastyness everywhere in the world! Eastern Europe may have some bad things but this is something I am happy for them about

    Liked by 1 person

    • Black people make it easy to become the face of anything negative.
      Here is the thing, NOT ALL NON-BLACKS drink the kool-aid, they know the media is full of shit.

      Liked by 1 person

    • >Seems the UK really want to make black people the face of this virus
      The UK media (and their Labour minions) would probably go so far as to name the virus Black Death.

      History has shown that blacks (particularly black men) have been a readily convenient scapegoat for centuries. Nothing new… same shit, different day.


      Liked by 2 people

  23. My post are suspect? What I meant to say if you misunderstood is that Americans in general don’t move from the same 4 mile area they are born in. They are born, live and die in the same zip code.

    I wasn’t talking about the CRIME at all. I was highlighting that Blacks living for generations in the same area means it is already a permanent underclass, not becoming or was but IS.

    The difference is the middle class has moved out of all Black enclaves two generations ago.


  24. For those of you in the UK, what do you think think about the clapping at 8pm every Thursday?

    I’ve often heard people banging pans and even firing fireworks. It seems to me that anything can happen for the NHS except a payrise. If anything I just think the UK has become culturally engrained with pay in general. It has a culture of low pay and 1st opportunity I get I’m travelling away from here.

    What are your opinions?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m grateful for the applause as a key worker.
      Of course doctors, nurses and consultants would like the pay rise, PPE equipment that works and most importantly, a budget.


    • Jon,

      If this pandemic/scamdemic were real then I wouldn’t have a problem clapping for NHS staff, however since the evidence is showing it to be totally fake, this is more akin to this scene out of 1984:

      I refuse to take part in bread and circus money show entertainment antics knowing full well that I’m bamboozled and tricked.


  25. Can someone explain to me who is this Soncerae and why she off herself (if she did)? I overheard a dark skinned daggle said they are gonna miss her and that shit made me nervous. Seriously she must be one of Satan’s queens if a daggle who is not even related to her said she miss her like a sister

    Liked by 1 person

    • Soncerae came to light via Tommy Sotomayor who made many videos clowning her. He claimed she was stalking him. She got semi-known on YouTube because of that. After that a lot of people started going after Tommy in order to get YouTube famous. She went from booty model in her prime (2013-ish) to “life coach” to graphic designer to “TV personality” to 2-time fat babymama. A lot of lost hoes became her fans. Now people are saying she’s not really dead. This is just what a mentally disturbed, attention-starved black hoe would do for a publicity stunt.

      I clearly know way too much about this chick lol.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Afrankblackman,

      I never saw the video, however from the title alone I can give you the number one obvious reason why black men are shying away from marriage, LAWS THAT FAVOUR WOMEN UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES especially in the event of a divorce/separation. Who in their right mind would walk into a trap knowing that it is one?

      I’m for marriage, however I’m strongly for keeping the government out of it, this is why folks who choose to get married should NOT sign any government paperwork or instead get married in a country whereby in the event of a divorce, the man will NOT be shafted by the system.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. Here’s a video of a preacher addressing the COVID-19 pandemic; he’s confirmed a lot of what I’ve been observing myself, and what you have been saying, as well.



    Here’s the endgame for the planedemic.


    To shut everything down, to bring the economy to a screeching halt, to add a significant amount of national debt for a virus you have less than a two percent chance of dying from if you’re relatively healthy, is asinine.

    They know they have no shot at winning without this, and California is the first state to do this and more will follow I’m sure.

    With everything else going on (I won’t delve too much into it, research and form your own opinions), they NEED this election badly for many many reasons.

    What are your opinions gentlemen??

    Liked by 1 person

    • F Da Communitah,

      I agree, will they be able to pull it off though? If by a fluke they do then the US is finished as these Democrats have already shown their true nasty colours.


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