Emphasising The Utmost Importance In Choosing A Quality Stargate!



This is the evil black witch who was beating her child in the background of the video:

And this is the innocent baby she was beating black and blue from pillar to post:

The child that this black witch was physically abusing is currently around 4-5 years of age because those pictures from her Instagram page were taken when the baby was much younger, around 2015-2016. This is why SYSBM Tenet Number 3 is of the utmost importance, all it takes is a momentary lapse in concentration, a slip up in self control, compromising one’s high standards and you could be connected to one of these masculine looking, cold hearted, no maternal instinct having, abusive black harpies for the next 18 years.

Even though from what I understand he’s since recanted his statement, we recently saw a video by the retired former professional basketball player Stephen Jackson on impregnating multiple women as well as the wrong types of women, even Jackson was forced to call out black women as the primary destroyers of black men who have something going for themselves, something that the free thinking black brotherhood has been stating for the longest:

As I continue to say again and again, black female dysfunction is out in the open and those who either turn a blind eye to it or worse still attempt to defend it look foolish and incredibly stupid. The physical abuse video above is exactly what SYSBM practitioners are saving ourselves from, yet in the eyes of black women and their pro black female simp squads, somehow we’re the bad guys for being repulsed by dysfunctional behaviour and those who practice it, smh.

Chinaah Unique is NOT a quality stargate, Chinaah Unique represent your typical single black mother and her behaviour is all too familiar. I have posted many articles dealing with black women and their incredibly abusive nature towards black children. Black women as a group as I stated in my book Negro Wars DO NOT like black children, those who choose to have them only do so in order to use the child/children as a financial tool.

Again, how is this type of behaviour not being highlighted and called out by the very individuals who claim to love black women or those who would call themselves black female advocates and supporters? Mind you, our resident anti SYSBM stalker/fake academic was raised by a black mother who behaviour we suspect wasn’t far off from the woman above, yet and still he doesn’t have the decency to throw up his hands and at least admit that this behaviour is a problem.

This is why I simply cannot take male feminist pundits like him seriously, child abuse wrought at the hands of black women is an extremely common issue within so called black communities, many of us were taught by the same black witches who beat us from pillar to post that such behaviour was normal. As a man who lightly alluded to being abused by his mother, the guy still chooses to be dishonest and give these black female abusers a pass as to date he has been unable to confront that particular demon.

Gentlemen, you don’t have to apologise at all for not wishing to deal with a group of women who present themselves to the world as barbaric, heartless, bloodthirsty savages and child abusers, what is it with black women and beating their children down as if they’re involved in a local street fight? Who exactly in their right mind would choose a woman like this to be the mother of their children?

There isn’t a maternal bone in the bodies of most black women, I don’t want a monster raising my children. My misses would come close to breaking into tears seeing that child getting physically abused like that, most traditional feminine women would. The creatures with the most fertile wombs on the planet are the same ones who don’t deserve such a gift.

Brothers, continue to keep it moving, seek out high quality women whom you know will be good mothers(if you want children) and even if you don’t the same principles still apply. As Stephen Jackson said, DO NOT PLACE YOUR SEED INTO THESE MISERABLE AND EVIL BLACK HARRIETS as they will bring you nothing but strife, drama, trouble and contentions beyond measure. The withdrawal of his statement doesn’t matter, it is still valid regardless.

As I’ve stated before, those who still choose to deal with black women only have themselves to blame when their hands get bitten, that is those who still want a Westernised black female can deal with them at their own risk. Finally, take a look at this short video skit below, doesn’t it look awfully familiar?

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Derelict Stargates Like The Plague

Most High Bless

97 thoughts on “Emphasising The Utmost Importance In Choosing A Quality Stargate!

  1. “all it takes is a momentary lapse in concentration, a slip up in self control, compromising one’s high standards and you could be connected to one of these masculine looking, cold hearted, no maternal instinct having, abusive black harpies for the next 18 years.”

    Every man reading this, tattoo this on your mind.

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  2. As of nowadays, what’s so quality of a black woman in America? All they know to do is to be hyper sexual, spread violence towards innocent people, causing a huge leap of mess, have a fetish for white men (which is dark and creepy as hell), sleeping with everyone but a good black man, putting black men in a box saying “n***** ain’t shit, we don’t build, we ain’t on their level,” doing shit they ain’t suppose to be doing and getting away with the crap, acting masculine as hell, and acting all she’s all that (but she’s really ain’t cuz ain’t nobody perfect in this goddamn world at all). I’m a tell you Verbs, and you brothas that’s on the SYSBM path the truth, I done lost all interests in black women in America due to their stupidity and dumb-ass ways. It’s official: The Black woman in America done lost her goddamn mind to the 10th power on sight. I’m kind of glad I’m a generation Z because I’m starting to see a lot of Interracial couples with black men and non black women.

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    • If you need a partner in a fist fight, a get away car driver, a crime syndicate associate, or sex worker, call on a black woman. For all other matters that require a human, feminine female, call on a non-black woman.

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      • What you are saying is that Lack women are ideal for doing “dirt” IE Blue Collar crime. Black people bungle White Collar crime so they aren’t ideal for that. You need a first class con-person, much easier to find in other communities.

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  3. Black women say: White guys just act better and are of better quality. ———-

    Black women are unable to connect the dots and use logic. —- White guys come from the wombs of white women. Throughout the world children–boys and girls–are primarily raised by mothers. — Therefore, black women cannot argue that black fathers have the dominant role in producing dysfunctional children.

    Black women are telling on themselves. If white guys supposedly act better and are of better quality it just reinforces the common view that white women make better mothers than black women.

    Black women continue to put white women on a PEDESTAL by stating that white women produce better children.

    SYSBM. Follow the advice of black women and stay away from people raised by a black mother. [My admission is that my mother is black].

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    • My mother is human, and she raised me as a human……….the monster who I saw beating her child in this video is a black woman……anyone watching, I said what I said, fuck off.

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      • King Sigma —-

        1. Black females, when worshiping white males, forget that they are proving that white mothers are better than black mothers.

        2. When a person makes a foolish point, you do not always attack the foolish point. Often you agree with the person and then use their point against them. Therefore, when black women complain about black men, the black man points out that males, and especially black males, are primarily raised by females.

        Note that in the Aikido martial art, you use the attacker’s force against the attacker. —- The same concept is used against the weak arguments used by black females.

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    • Bingo! They are telling on themselves. Since the mid 1970’s Black women have been throwing Black men under the bus. Yet Black men still marry Black women at a 90% clip. Why do BW still complain? I am totally unsure now, because the grand middle which what your talking about.

      The grand middle is generally working class on one end and poor on the other end of the two economic extremes.

      When mostly working class and unemployed men are the choices BW have in the Black Community, the outcomes should be obvious. What they then say is there are successful Black men out there, they see them in the newspaper, magazines and the internet. The problem is they don’t have access, at least not directly.

      They don’t live/congregate in the same social circles. The internet largely solves that problem, but then we go to Okcupid who has blogged about this regularly IE asking the question without identifying Black women why are they deeply unpopular on dating sites? But what about sites for Black people?

      Black People Meet should have been the warning that Black woman needed to improve their behavior. If how they are treated in online chats of yore IE AOL Chat Rooms, MSN Chat Room and Yahoo Messenger are anything to go by, they never learned that lesson.

      Fast Forward and they still don’t seem to understand why they are deeply unpopular on dating sites. Actually I think they know the answer, like an alcoholic denies there is a problem until it’s mostly too late. I believe BW are in the same boat. They are in denial and by the time they wake up, one or two generations would have pasted.

      I won’t go as far as to say dark skin women/men will become extinct anytime soon, but the feeling that could happen is possible in the next twenty years.

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      • @djfourmonie
        I honestly think black women have lost the ability to see rationally and use common sense. No sign, no warning has been or will be heeded. You can take that to the bank.

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    • >Black women say: White guys just act better and are of better quality. ———-
      Allow me to complete the sentence:

      Black women say: White guys just act like better SIMPS and are of better quality Bottom Shelf Brads.


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  4. Bu bu [insert non black culture] women do it too.

    Even if non black women do hit their children it’s usually the last resort they use for disciplining their children. But guess what? If it has to come to the point of using physical discipline, THEY WILL DEEPLY REGRET THEIR DECISION AND APOLOGIZE TO THE CHILD THEN WILL GIVE THEM A LIFE LESSON.

    Plus when the scraggs use violence they will literally box them like they’re some random nigga on the street

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    • I have NEVER seen a white woman beat her children like I have seen black women whip their children. Anyone reading this, I said what I said, now fuck off.

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      • And who the fuck wants them…….(still would be better than being with a black woman though….damn)

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      • Actually I noticed something. If the mom is like a 6-10 when it comes to attraction they are the least likely to hit/abuse their children.

        At least they won’t tell their babies to (yes a scragg actually told her child this) Shut the hell up when they cry a lot.

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      • DeltaWildDog18,

        I’ve never seen any Beckies engage in this form of brutality against children whether she’s upscale or bottom shelf, this type of child abuse in the overwhelming majority of circumstances is a black female trait.

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      • It’s not even remotely comparable. I’ve seen white women discipline their children, but I’ve NEVER and I mean never seen any white woman (even if she’s a step above tyquiesha) beat their kids to the extent these BT1000’s beat their children senseless just because they can.

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      • Facts; last I saw a White woman spank her child was one swift pop on the child’s bottom, nothing excessive. There wasn’t even any loud crying made after; it’s not so with this Black witch!

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    • Physical Discipline is normal and natural process of raising well behaved and sane children to grow up to be productive members of society. Actually I am glad when I see when children are physical disciplined IF it is called for it (Disrespectful, throwing tantrums, doing dangerous things that could get him/herself killed etc) The thing is to do it in moderation and make the children understand WHY they are being physically disciplined. As in, Don’t run across the street without an adult, don’t skip school etc. White and Asian women do not really need to physically discipline their children so much because they have fathers in their lives, but if the mother have to, they only do what is needed and Thats IT!

      The problem is black women do it far to much, too often, and overkill it. and they do so not to properly discipline the child, they do out of Anger, aggression, hate, intolerance, and for sport! They do it because it is too inconvenient for mothers to properly raise their children. it is too inconvenient to teach their son/daughter HOW to tie their shoes so that the child can learn to re tie it if it gets loose, instead, the mother gets tired of re tying the child’s shoes so she beats the child into a coma to scare it from loosening it again! Then, just like myself when I was a child, The children become accustomed to the beatings, that they don’t learn anything, they just wonder when the next beating comes! I use to think beatings and abuse was so normal and that I use compare it with my classmates. I guess this is where my deep violent tendencies came from…

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      • Ding Dong…. When you said Anger and Hate, that resonated with me. Not because I experienced any of that, I know there is a ECONOMIC component here. Because most single BW are in difficult financial situations they frequently take their economic frustrations out of their children. FULL STOP.

        This is not about discipline at all.

        It’s also another sign that BW are deep do-do, they can’t get men to take them seriously IE write a check against it.

        I remember a news story about a year ago of a Black man who had to have life saving surgery and he didn’t know if he would make it, so all the BW around him said he should finally marry the woman he had been with for about a decade.

        He did marry her in his hospital room. While some people found that heart warming and it is a nice story, when you look underneath, why did dude date BW for 10 years without marrying her? Very telling if it ask me.

        I don’t see not many Black men putting Becky on the shelf long term.

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    • @DeltaWildDog18
      I have seen white women spank their children but I have NEVER seen one beat their child. And even that ends at the latest at 10 years old.

      I have personally witnessed 100’s of non family members beat their kids in public in my lifetime, most worse than beatings you would see on the streets because for the most part when a fight is over the guy winning usually stops or the people there intervene before it gets out of hand.

      Oh yeah, guess the race?

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  5. “Even though from what I understand he’s since recanted his statement, we recently saw a video by the retired former professional basketball player Stephen Jackson on impregnating multiple women as well as the wrong types of women…”

    So Stax punked out, huh? I am surprised. Threats from the “cancel culture” must be strong. And he has money.

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    • BA,

      He took the video down from Instagram, the black witch contingent I suspect came after him strong as well as their simp flunkies. This is why I downloaded it, I knew it wouldn’t be up for long.

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      • That’s too bad, but not surprising. He doesn’t think he can upgrade.

        This is the problem I had with a recent Solo84TV live stream that called out a rapper I don’t remember the name of is dating one of the cast members from the CBS daytime show The Talk an Asian woman I forgot her name. But anyway one of the dudes in the life stream was saying he trying to stop being a nigger by changing some of his clothes.

        It’s a mindset like this that dogs the Black community. On top of that, it’s Black men like that are still looking for a reasonable Black woman…

        White men frequently drop any semblance of their previous life for a new one in another location. How come Black men largely aren’t afforded that opportunity?

        Steven Jackson response to the criticism he likely received is take down his video because it might threaten his access to Black women in the future. When you have disconnected from the Black Community that is no longer a concern. Steven’s career isn’t over, he should go back to Europe to play and I’m positive some nice looking lady will accept all his warts; just say over there and live a new life.

        This is why we can’t spend our time with saving people. Either they understand what’s at stake or don’t.

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    • @BA @Verbs
      Stephen Jackson may have taken down the video, but it was one of those shots heard around the world. Many people downloaded that vid; I mean it went viral and was the talk of the urban airwaves at that time.
      late 2020/early 2021 a Black male celebrity will post #ebm #SYSBM on a Instagram post.Many Black men are fed up with the double standard applied to them speaking freely about their complaints in relationships. PC Woke culture is nearly dead, as we can see with the Joe Biden v. Tara Reade slow drip rape scandal.
      Let’s not forget what Trick Daddy said
      He warned, but did they listen? Of course not…

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      • They never listen, because they are too fucking hard-headed. A hard head leads to a soft ass rough life, cause them to bemoan, whoa is me, on social media.

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      • King Sigma,

        Yes sir, regardless of Jackson taking down the video the seeds were still planted. Free thinking brothers just aren’t bothering to harsh out their grievances with black women anymore because black women refuse to listen, as far as they are concerned there is nothing wrong with them and everything wrong with the men who have legitimate issues, questions and concerns. SYSBM all the way, let the philosophy reverberate throughout the 4 corners of the earth.


      • One more thing, the articles says that the Internet is undefeated, alluding to the notion that Trick Daddy must concede. Did he concede, and walk a back his comments? If not, looks like the Internet is not undefeated.


      • ICE T has spoken about the virtues of marrying a White woman. Never took said video down and shut down any nonsense when they try to go at him on Twitter.

        That’s how you respond. He doesn’t care about having access to Black women. That is why dudes will say something and then take it down. It’s soften up Tommy as well, it’s powerful, I get it. But if you disconnect it’s not a problem anymore.

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    • Stephen Jackson took down the video because it would have ended up costing him millions of dollars. After all the child support payments who knows how much cash he had left. He’d be an idiot to give up millions of dollars just to make a statement about/against black women, things everybody in the world already knows.

      I work for a whole lot less than he’s making, there’s no way I would fuck up a nice retirement money to make a redundant statement.

      Hey Stephen if you’re reading this, enjoy that 7 figure ESPN cheque and your nice lady with the banging body. Glad you got a second chance at some real money after those black bitches fleeced you in child support without so much as even an ounce of appreciation.

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      • Hmm… I not buying the notion of him risking millions, as a reason for him taking down the video, because what his said was not malicious. It was factual, and based on his experience. Stax is respected and loved by many. A lot of sports shows invite him on for his analysis.

        Now, I can see if he pulled a Sotomayor and “went hard in the paint,” then yeah, that would have been reason to take down the video.

        But what Stax said was mild. I am thinking he took the video down to silence the trolls. Other celebrities have made similar comments and they are still working.

        At the end, we’ll just have to disagree.


      • @B A
        In this politically correct world where everything you say or do is under a microscope, there is no way as a public broadcaster ESPN would not have canned him if the black harpies got to chirping. If he stood his ground and doubled down it would have got to that just as it has got to everybody else.

        He said something against
        1. A group of women
        2. A group of the most officially recognized victim class black women.

        No way he wins that fight and as ESPN being as corporate and mainstream as it gets he would be out, even Stephen A. Smith would be out if he didn’t back down. What do you think would happen once they threaten a boycott of the sponsors? Chik Fil A now supports faggots. If he said something about black MEN yes his job wouldn’t be in jeopardy.

        He’s getting a 7 figure check, he’s retired from playing, no way he jeopardizes that type of money, no one in their right mind would. A stage of maturity is knowing when to pick your battles. He could destroy the future prosperity of himself and his children over a statement about black women. He can’t be that stupid.

        “Sometimes you gotta fight to be a man.
        Sometimes you don’t gotta fight to be a man”
        – Kenny Rogers, R.I.P.

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  6. My father’s side of the family is from Jamaica, and I can recall one time when one of his cousins visited us and she had her baby girl with her; one morning, I noticed the girl crawling up the stairs. The girl had tumbled down the stairs, and guess what her mother did? If you guessed that she beat her child, you guessed correctly.

    Regarding Stehpen Jackson, he now has himself a non-Black girlfriend (who looks to be Hispanic or mixed); she is totally down for him 100%. Remember Dardanian Duke, the Black dude who had vodka thrown on him for stating his preference for Spanish women? He said they won’t argue with you, and they actually listen to what you have to say; Mr. Jackson now understands that himself, and has vindicated Duke’s words.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Nearly every black child has a history of abuse in some form, this is something that cannot be denied, but yet we’re expected to look past this serious discrepancies and still date, marry and procreate with highly abusive women. I remember not so long ago Obsidian did a podcast on black women and their incredibly abusive nature.

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    • Too many of you East Coasters call Latinas, Spanish women as a catch-all. Just use Latinas please it serves the same purpose. One of my pet-peeves because the reality is much more complicated when you use Spanish as a catch-all.


      • I used the phrase ‘Spanish women’ because that was what Dardanian Duke said in his interview; I normally use ‘Latina’ or ‘Hispanic’, but I personally could care less what term is used because it’s typically understood what kind of woman I’m alluding to.

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  7. @Verbs

    You point out another dark corner of human relationships, specifically child rearing that is hell for many Black children. This is one of those areas of child development and socialization that is another area of silence on the part of misandrists, womanists, and the male feminist contingents.

    Funny that anti-misandrists are the main parties shining light on these darker areas of human relationships that the PC Woke Identitarian Left claim is their area of expertise and advocacy.

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    • King Sigma,

      It’s also funny how the fake academic was himself a victim of abuse at the hands of a reprobate black female ie his mother, yet he’s more concerned with defending such filth rather than calling the abusers out, smh.

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      • I’d imagine one of the least spoken and unique forms of Stockholm Syndrome UNDERSTUDIED by the Ivory Tower Wokearazzi – is that which an abused child would have for their own mother. I’m sure, whole tomes could be written about the sort of consequences for children abused by their mothers the PRIMARY ABUSERS of children.

        Again, the abusive and guilty hands of women are almost completely ignored by faux pas academics, because they lack the cold neutrality to be an academic but are more like position advocates or activists.

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  8. Look, Team Snowbunny, Team Ricebunny and Team Salsabunny got Team Jiffy Pop beat six ways to Sunday, it’s a known fact. Even the scant few pretty in-shape B-Dubs from decent, two-parent families can find new ways to not be shit. Like Verbs says, do not slip up inside one of these black demons and be shackled to her for 20 years.

    At 56 years old, many of my homeboys from back in the day married B-Dubs in the late ’80s, early ’90s and are just now getting out from under now that their kids are grown. A few are now with Team Snowbunny for their second acts. Look at all the time these dudes wasted on those evil, black dream-killers but this new generation is straight going for the gold from grade school on.

    Get you somebody who won’t beat your future male children (because you know they don’t beat their daughters the same way) from pillar to post. SYSBM, young bucks. Keep it pushing! #mondaymotivation

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  9. Who made that last video? The one with the cartoons? Because I swear almost more than half of those lines is the same thing I heard what my mother use to say to me all the time! (“IF you hurt yourself, I’mma beat yo ass”! I never understood that logic! because my mother use to beat me senseless when this did happen.) There is far MORE lines than that cartoon that black woman say collectively!

    I use to HATE when my mother gave me hair cuts because she would GRAB my hair and PULL it with the comb as if she was trying too pull my scalp off! Fuck her!

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  10. Guys, have a serious question. Why do some people, put mothers/motherhood so high on a pedestal, that they are above criticism? WHat I mean is,

    When a father is bad, abusive, absent he is evil
    When a father is good, takes care of children and sacrifice everything, he gets no credit
    When a mother is good, takes care of children and sacrifice everything, she is a superhero
    When a mother is a piece of shit, she is still a hero because she is a mother and deserves respect!

    I mean, here black women across the board are the most abusive women on the planet. yet, when you actually call them out, or call out bad, toxic mothers, everyone tells you ” You should still give her respect because she is a mother”

    WHY? Why do (especially black) mothers have God status, even when pieces of shit mothers like the one on the first video beat their children to death? yet fathers have to always EARN their respect? is it because supply and demand? is it because anglo culture? is it because people just do what they are told?
    Don’t people realize that when you put one person high above status it is going to cause resentment?

    If a son has been beaten to death day in and out like many of us, been left unloved, like many of us and destroyed emotionally, like many of us, but get told that those same evil women deserve respect and we are not allowed to criticise them, that some boys are going to actually hate women and mothers across the board? that it could cause a boys to turn to things like MGTOW and Incels or an actual genuine misogynistic group? Unlike White incels and MGTOWs, SYSBM we have a actual gripes with black women in our childhood to our everyday women.

    Here, were are SYSBM group. We found OUR solution. But what happens if there is another group similar to SYSBM, one that is super violent? like for example, KBW (Kill black women) because these guys couldn’t find an escape or a way out and couldn’t find SYSBM? These guys could be back men who were beaten abuused and raped by black women and mothers and because they cannot cry for help because “she is your mother, you need to respect mothers” His solution is to go on a killing spree, Elliot Rodgers style, but he kills black women only. Could they be blamed with the mountain high evidence?

    What do you think?

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    • SYSBM isn’t difficult to find, but you have to be in the right mind.

      1) The Black Community has betrayed you on all levels, you don’t owe it anything and understand that

      2) You have traveled overseas not because of the military. While many servicemen are exposed to other cultures, military life interferes with that forcing one to make a choice and the armed forces usually win.

      3) You are not in denial that other women can be attractive

      If you believe in those three things, SYSBM is easy to find.

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      • The question wasn’t referring to me , it was referring to black boys or men who are trapped, couldn’t find a solution (like sysbm) and took extreme choices due to lack of education, resources, influence, exposure to other races / culture etc. And he will instead choose the Raging Incel way (as their solutions). But I’ll add my opinion on your answers.

        “SYSBM isn’t difficult to find, but you have to be in the right mind.”

        Actually no. You have to be in the right environment and exposure. Guys who are born and raised in multi ethnic areas like NYC, my home town, is easy to self realize the SYSBM lifestyle even if one has never heard of SYSBM. You can travel anywhere in my city and you will see different cultures
        and people and see how they live. Being exposed to them and interacting with them (is their women and seeing the difference between them and black women) is probably one of the only ways one will have a safe route to realize SYSBM. But what can you do if you live in an all black area where everyone thinks the same? What if one lives in an all black (or majority black) country? How can you realize or practice SYSBM if there are no other races of women or access to them when you are stuck? What if you are 13- 17 year old and you literally can’t leave home? Some boys will get beaten, kicked out of their house (like that little boy who got kicked out his home for voting for trump)

        1. Agreed

        2. I may permanently live overseas but I am in the 2% of black folks in America (last time I checked) who owns a passport and probably an even smaller percent who willfully chooses to live in Asia and former Soviet countries. (Most black men I see abroad are African men). But what about the others? Most Americans don’t travel let alone black men.

        Traveling and living abroad for your average black man (from America) is the last thing that comes to mind when they are trapped dealing blackistan issues and are simply trying to find a piece of mind.

        No one I knew personally has ever traveled and lived abroad unless they were going to popular tourist destinations like the Bahamas, Canada or if they are courageous Europe. Most people I knew have never left their neighborhood let alone their state. Even if you paid them to fly somewhere, they would be way too afraid to do so. I have asked and begged my father to COME to China and he always made excuses. I even asked many friends, while I lived in Kazakhstan, to come and I will pay my whole salary for them to come there and go back. They gave excuses. How can you help them see the light in living out of the US? I use to Skype video chat and show them what Kazakhstan life was like and they dragged their feet to even get their own passports!

        3. I love Asian women 105% and 10% East Slavs. ALL of my relationships were with Asian women. My best (Platonic) friend is an Asian Girl, the first girl who crushed on me in school was a foreign Chinese girl!
        My first kiss was Asian, My first ever date was asian. my first girlfriend was Asian. When I walk in the street, if I see a cute pale as milk skinned Asian girl or a tall high cheeked boned Mongolian, I naturally gravitate and start flirting with her. I get along great especially with East Asians women. But I never did with Black girls.I never found black women attractive and I never will.

        The problem is, most black men, cannot break out of their chains! They cannot admit that they might like Deegii the Mongolian princess or Katya the Russian model because of the sheer amount of shame and guilt that has been installed by black women.

        Even if a smoking hot, super sweet and kind white woman came and spread her legs for said black man, he will cope and tell himself, “NO! I LOVE MUH BLACK QUEENZ” and reject all advances, thus cock blocking and dick policing himself.
        All of this comes from shame and guilt because as you said in #1 he does not realize that he has been screwed over by blackistan! He has been culturally indoctrinated by black women, simps, white men, the Church beast etc etc and will feel a deep sense of responsibility and “nationality” for the said group. I know this because I felt like this while I was in the US.

        So he gets sexually frustrated, feels rejected by his peers and community and turns to Incel or mgtow or form an actual black female hating group and go…how do they say in the black pill community?…. Go ER?

        Black boys who are raised in this situation couldn’t possibly think of going SYSBM when he does not even have autonomy in his own mind! Thus Sysbm or SYSBM thoughts couldn’t possibly be realized for black boys who are stuck in this situation.

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      • @Carnio
        What you have to come to terms with is that the average person doesn’t have alot of ambition. Everybody claims they do but watch their actions not their words. Talking about travelling is one thing but, actually doing it is altogether another.

        For example I’ve traveled to over 25 countries, I started when I was 18. All my friends at the time were talking about traveling the world and doing this and that. 20 years later and you can still find them in the same place smoking weed they got from the same guy. Actually traveling entails planning, saving money, getting documents, learning languages or atleast phrases. Not wishful thinking or running your mouth.

        One of the last times I saw my mother she was expressing envy at the fact that I’ve lived in so many places, including Paris. I said to her I’ve been hearing you talk about that shit for 25-30 years. I know because I’ve done it, you can have a good European vacation if you plan it right for $4000. That’s air fare, accommodation, and spending money.

        I said to her, if you were the biggest fucking loser who ever lived (which isn’t far from the truth) and could only manage to save $50 a month, from the time you’ve been talking about going there you would have been there 3 times already, preparing for your fourth trip. Instead 30 years later you still haven’t been once.

        Only the exceptional man travels.

        Liked by 1 person

    • @Carnio

      The matter lies not in the realm of reasoning but in the basic survival instinct of animate organisms. You will notice that broadly speaking there are shameless, spineless, parasitic elements within the human consciousness.

      These contradictions are the animal cries of a life form seeking to prolong its time on earth. As long as other seemingly intelligent beings pretend to understand the meanings of the animal cries (because they SOUND SIMILIAR TO HUMAN LANGUAGE) they will be at a loss because they are trying to interpret that which is merely a MEANS to ESCAPE LIABILITY AND CONSEQUENCES.

      Give parasitic humanoids no quarter, no negotiation room (what have they to offer?) and leave them to fast for they have eaten enough.

      As for the hypothetical violent uprising you spoke upon. I can not say, but people have been known to meet their limits and rise up against tyrants so he/she who seeks to be a tyrant over others must necessarily fear the backlash or the uprising as Mr. Chandler alluded to in an earlier post of “Aikido” practictioners who are able to master and reorder the destructive forces to their command. This intellectual freeing of one’s shackles is an indeed a form and application of the principle of the martial arts.

      I have sincere pity and well wishes for the young girls and boys who are unfortunately raised in whorehouses, science experiments, and psychological torture facilities sometimes called “homes”.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. My NExt important question that is for the silent readers,or rather, what advices to give to silent readers who are in this situation or know someone who is in this situation…

    What can you do, as a black boy, who is too young to live on their own? I am sure there are young readers on this blog who are probably 13 – 17 year old but they literally CAN’T escape as they have no where to go and if they did leave the ass backwards government will force the children to live with their abusive mothers. What advice do you have for these boys who are probably SYSBM aware, but literally CANNOT do anything?

    What about someone you know who is in the situation and they are crying for help! What can they do?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Carnio SYSBM,

      The first thing I would do is point them towards contributor and fellow blogger Michel’s blogs which can help begin the decontamination process of the mind, this is the first place to start:


      There are also some useful posts here at Slaying Evil which additionally can help individuals begin to defragment their minds from the brainwashing and the abuse that they’ve suffered over the years. I’m sure that Michel would also recommend seeking professional help as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      • “I’m sure that Michel would also recommend seeking professional help as well.”

        But here lies the problem,

        These “professionals” are usually bias, biggoted and will usually say BS like, well “she is your mother!, you only have one mother! Maybe she was abused , maybe your father was no good etc etc”

        They make the problem worse than what it is and gaslight you to make you believe that YOU are really problem. Many of them will tell you to “Man up” or simply just tell you to find a gf or marry and raise your own family as of thats gonna solve your deep rooted pain. They will simply rehash pop psychology with their “Phds” and dismiss you entirely.

        How can someone find a trust worthy psycologist without running into these pop cultured advice?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Carnio,

        That is also true, especially when black boys do go looking for outside help and the advice is unhelpful at best and outright ignorant at worst.

        Luckily SYSBM is a thing for young bucks, this very blog and Negro Wars lot a light bulb for me. The information is getting out there.

        Ultimately the black man must come to healing by himself – as per his spiritual evolution. His burden is at once familial, ancestral and spiritual, he chose this path, as all of us have. Tools are online and abound for mental and spiritual decontamination.

        First port of call is PTSD healing, then toxic shame.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Well it depends in what financial shape your in before I can make suggestions.

      Walk across the southern border and don’t look back.

      There are many examples of this from White men, one directly related to the 2008 crisis. He lost his job at Dell, he worked turning signs on the corner but when he was evicted from his apartment, he took a couple of laptops with him, some clothes all in a single backpack and walked across the Texas/Mexico boarder.

      Today he’s a internet copywriter with many clients down in Mexico.

      In between he was able to stay in some hostels but as his money ran out (the last of his unemployment checks) he found a job working as a security guard at a construction site. When he explained to the person hiring him that he didn’t have a place to stay, the employer allowed him to sleep in the contractor’s trailer.

      From there he ended up installing some plumbing even if he didn’t know how to do that before, he watched some videos on YouTube to learn how.

      One thing about Latinos they trust Westerners, IE people from North America. They are not going to spend the money for extensive background checks. If you can fake it successfully before you make it, that is the place to do it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm I’d point them to finding activities that are “white” that will at least give them some reprieve from their environment & steadily show them there are options.

      It would give peace of mind, a hobby if they truly like it, and a break mentally. Plus there is the option of non bw that may be participating as well so dating option off the bat

      Liked by 2 people

  12. Things like this are all too common for black children. They think growing up, getting beat senseless for something a simple discussion or discipline would solve is normal. Dysfunction, violence and overall misery is normal in most black homes, and anyone who says different is kidding themselves.

    While I did everything in my power to distance myself from da communitah when I was young, I still had to go home to a dysfunctional house. So I could never truly escape it for a long time. When I joined the military, I got away from it for a while sure. But even while serving, you still can’t fully escape the dysfunctional ways of da communitah.
    It was just hidden better and for the most part only happened off duty (although one time while deployed a senior officer and a lower enlisted man damn near got into a fist right during a football game. Story for another day).

    Most people don’t realize even once you escape, you still have easily a 5-10 year setback from your peers. Most of these kids have never seen a healthy relationship, don’t know how to be a good friend, don’t know how to maintain a relationship, friendship. They mostly are selfish because that’s what they know. Don’t know how to express themselves other than becoming violently angry, are terrible at school (mostly due to being beaten half to death because they didn’t understand schoolwork right away, and one or their lovely parents who tried “helping” them got frustrated and smacked them around.

    This has personally happened to me. While in second grade, I got beaten so bad, I had bruises all over my upper body. The next day at school said I fell (due to being coached up by my loving parents) when asked about.. Once I finally figured out what I wasn’t getting thanks to the teacher, I was so relieved. She went to give me a hug and I freaked out and broke down in tears cowering. Not even ten mins later, I was brought down to the principals office with the nurse, teacher psychologist etc. In so may words, they asked me if I was being abused at home. I lied, and said no. They knew I was lying, but they couldn’t do much. (The 90’s were a different time, and you could get away with much more back then as opposed to now). My father was angry because he hated being with my mother, my mother was angry because my father has cheated on her multiple times and has children out of wedlock (got a story about that for another day).

    My parents for the most parts were assholes, and they know how I feel. Sure they had their redeeming moments, but they we’re far and few between. People who have met my parents all claimed how nice they are and so on, but as we all know they can fake the funk when needed.

    Things got better as we got older and only because we were able to fight back and wouldn’t keep our mouths shut. My siblings to this day (who I have distanced myself from for other reasons) act as if this dysfunctional behavior in da communitah is normal and things weren’t that bad. Unsurprisingly enough, they all fall into the typical talking points we have about these broads and their simp cohorts.

    If you’re a brother on the fence with any sort of drive, ambition, smarts, LEAVE that hellhole. It won’t be easy to break those habits and mental chains keeping you there, but once you do the healing process can begin and you’ll feel better for being gone, and irate for putting up with this nonsense for so long.

    Nobody can tell us these things don’t happen, we know first hand they do.

    Liked by 6 people

    • @F Da Communitah
      “Most people don’t realize even once you escape, you still have easily a 5-10 year setback from your peers. Most of these kids have never seen a healthy relationship, don’t know how to be a good friend, don’t know how to maintain a relationship, friendship. They mostly are selfish because that’s what they know. Don’t know how to express themselves other than becoming violently angry, are terrible at school (mostly due to being beaten half to death because they didn’t understand schoolwork right away, and one or their lovely parents who tried “helping” them got frustrated and smacked them around.”

      I’ve been saying this for years. Even though I’ve put them and the past behind me, and I’ve been fairly successful I feel I still have so much ground to make up I’m pushing myself balls to the wall because in my heart I know that I should be millions of miles further than where I am.

      “Bill I believe this is killing me,
      as the smile ran away from his face,
      ’cause I’m sure that I could be a movie star,
      if I could get out of this place.”

      – Billy Joel. And the soul of every black boy in the world

      Liked by 2 people

    • F Da Communitah.

      I can totally relate to where you are coming from because my step mum used beat me if I wasn’t doing well at school and the irony is that she never helped me with my school work because I struggled at secondary school because I wasn’t academic or if on rare times if she did ever check my school work she would always be critical about my school work and how it wasn’t good enough to a high standard but the other irony is that my step mum is super academic. The crazy thing is that black women are always claiming to be the most educated women but they refuse to help their kids with their school work and it’s no wonder why black kids tend to struggle at school which is no fault of their own especially if they are trying hard in school but still struggle. I will never have kids with a black women because they are the worst type of mothers on the planet because they are always beating their kids.

      Liked by 3 people

    • My parents “weapon of chance” was the extension cord.The “welts” on my back and legs sometimes bled, their remedy to stop the swelling was more pain…rubbing alcohol. Those beating were for coming home late, accidentally breaking something, looking the wrong way(“don’t you look at me like that boy”), not responding to their calls quick enough, low grades, forgetting your chores, embarrassing them in front of company and acting stupid you know being a kid.

      My sisters got usually 3-4 whacks 90% of the time from my mother, the other 10% my father would use this big plastic soft belt 2-3 whacks under the watchful eye of my mother as my sisters would put on a performance that would make Meryl Streep envious. My father would beat me pretty aggressively for a good amount of minutes or he would slap or punch me. But my mother would beat me until she was tired, which wasn’t that long, fortunately she was a big woman (naturally).

      Oh but those were the good olde days, nothing like parental love, patience, gentleness and understanding.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Blakstik8,

        I’m reading yours and the abuse accounts of others here, this is sickening stuff. Yet these pro blacks will berate and disparage us for choosing to rightfully break the cycle, in other words NOT deal with the same devils we suffered at the hands of.

        Liked by 2 people

  13. There’s a special place in hell for Black women who repeatedly beat, scar, whip and mentally degrade their own child for ANY reason. Any BW demon that regularly does this to their own children shall be cremated in the pit of Satan.

    Anyone disagrees with this? Go jump off a fucking cliff.

    Liked by 4 people

  14. Verbs 2015.

    I will never ever ever have kids with a black women because they are worst mothers on the planet because they are always beating their kids over anything. My step mum used to beat me if I didn’t do well in school because she placed so much unrealistic expectations of me to do well in school and the worst thing about it is that she told all of her friends that I was this academic genius to make herself feel good even though I wasn’t even academic at all as I was just a normal kid and if I have fallen beneath her stupid unrealistic expectations then she will tell me off and also she was always comparing me to other kids who was in a better life situation to myself and made me feel like shit and it destroyed my self esteem because those same kids had a stable home life with a mum and dad present with a strong financial plan to afford to bring up kids properly whereas I come from a broken single parent home which was hard because I grew up very poor plus I moved homes alot during my childhood which made my living situation unstable and that’s one the reasons why I struggled at secondary school because I wasn’t settled plus it was a bloody miracle that I managed to achieve 5 qualifications including 2 business degrees despite the fact that I am not naturally academic. Few years ago my step mum said sorry to me for putting me under so much pressure to do well in school and wished she listened to me but I felt that it is a bit to late for that now. If I do have kids it will be a non black woman who is childfree like myself because I refuse to single mothers of any race and black women and I will make sure I will be the best dad in the world and I will never hit my kids because I know what’s its like to get beats and it isn’t nice at all.

    Liked by 2 people

  15. The worst thing you can do for a black child is have him/her with a black mother. I don’t believe in corporal punishment, but if employed it should be very rare. But your average single black mother beats her child almost daily. That’s gotta feel like living in Hell for any child. I’m so glad I was not raised by such a vile creature as these modern single black mothers. Now I understand why so many young black men hate their mothers. And we wonder why so many young black men are prone to violence. How can you not be violent when you were raised in a violent household by a mother who taught that violence is a way to get people to do what you want them to do?

    Liked by 3 people

  16. Right, the reason why these black men are violent, especially towards their wives or girlfriend, when I saw this ghetto ratchet hoodrat beat her son, I know why now. To be honest, I knew this from the start. I use to get beat when I was young but I was rude, I swear, I back chat, I curse my mum, I had a very bad attitude. And temperamental! Even though I was raised in a two parent home, I use to get a beating. Now this baby, when he grows up and he meets a girl and falls in love with her, he goanna mess her up because and it’s not goanna be a white girl he’s goanna be a with. It’s goanna be a black girl and the reason why is that he was getting abused by his black mother. They say that the reason why that a man will get abusive to his woman is because the father was abusive to his mother and sometime him but it also happens when a boy is being raised with a single mother. A black single mother.

    Here this now, you know Stephen Jackson said he has five baby mothers, right. Black men, do not breed off a whole leap of women. This child support is something not to play with at all. Over 90 per cent of black men are on child support and some of them are athletes and most of them have five or six children and they are getting broke by this child support. We have warned these men numerous times is not breed these scarggle daggles and these men are suffering the consequences of impregnating them. And these simps like Umar Johnson, Bareback Fountain, Steve The Dean Williams and all of the other simps say that we should these breeders? Them must high! https://moneycultural.wordpress.com/2020/05/04/that-aint-the-case/

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe tonight and all night. Don’t deal with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, the ghetto gaggers and these scraggle daggles.


    Liked by 2 people

    • Security guard at the goddamn Family Dollar where black hair care products are under lock and key. These Section 8 bitches and their goons ain’t shit.

      Liked by 2 people

    • @Gryphon
      Even though they can no longer surprise me I still shake my head every time.

      Something has got to give. If there is societal collapse, which is looking more probable every day, as funny as this video is (alot of truth is said in jest) it might just come down to this.

      The world has got to be sick of us.

      Liked by 2 people

    • At the dollar store where I live they have armed police constables in place of security guards, so as much as this isn’t surprising it’s still disgusting.

      Btw what the hell kind of name is Ramonyea, pronounced Ramon-yay?

      Hey Umar, am I supposed to have a son named Ramonyea? How about this, I’ll wife one up when you do.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Upgraydd – “Btw what the hell kind of name is Ramonyea, pronounced Ramon-yay?” —–

        Names such as Ramonyea, Ramon’Quan, Ramontae, RamonMoFo, etc. are names of East African origin. Since most USA blacks come from East Africa, black people in the USA are simply going back to their East African roots. — [ SARCASM ALERT !!! ]

        Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: People are growing tired of these violent section 8 parasites, and nothing being done about it. If this keeps up, people WILL take matters into their own hands. I hope it doesn’t happen, but the way things are trending it’s a matter of when and not if it does.

      Liked by 2 people

  17. YaLL iS sOme wEak-aSS bEtA mAlE c00ns! YaLL sOme biTcheS! hOw yaLL gOn’ tALk aBouT dA qUeenZ liKe dAt? DeY rAisEd yALL!!!! dEy dA mAmA aNd dA dAddY! iF yaLL wEak-aSS c00nS wOulD **BUILD** blAcK wiMMenZ cOulD bE FemiNinE! wE gOtS ta cOmBine THREE NIGGAS tO make OnE! yaLL ain’T SHIT!!! gO fEtiShiZe yAllS bEcKieS!!!!!!! SISS-BUM ain’T SHIT!!!!! cOOn-aSS NIGGAS!!!!


    • If you can’t have us, no one can, right?

      Why thank you! I will fetish and fantasise over Rebecca, because she fetishizes my Black dick. Thank you very much, Cynthia G!

      PS: Don’t forget to look after your new thug baby, don’t beat it too much and don’t forget, Simp Perkins will cut you a check in the months time.

      Liked by 2 people

      • MiCheL! ShUt yO aSs uP! yO bEckiE gOnE caLL dA PO-liCe on yO aSs!

        aTarA dALLaS wuZ RIGHT! iT taKe tHrEE NiGGaS tO makE ONE!

        YO MAMA BLACK!

        CooN-aSs niGuh!

        Liked by 1 person

      • It takes one of you Scraggles to make three niggas.

        Think on that, whilst you beat the shit out yo’ chilluns when your bored.

        Now go wash your vagina, once in a century.

        Yo daddy Blek!

        Liked by 1 person

      • OGOC,

        It doesn’t take much to imitate them hoes. They all say the same thing. Just cut and paste a bunch of their bullshit and string it together.


        “Bitter Black Betty”


        Liked by 2 people

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