Open Mic Wednesday

As you can see even during the COVID-19 ‘plandemic’, black women are still engaging in the same dysfunctional and violent behaviour. This goes out to the bootlicker A Real Nigga who recently decided to bring himself over here attempting to save his queanies from scrutiny and examination. Dude isn’t out here educating and bringing black women into line, no, instead these pro black shines are too concerned with brothers like us who are putting the precautionary message out there as to why black men with sense and intelligence should avoid dealing with Westernised black women as a group altogether.

As I’ve stated many times before, SYSBM cannot and will not be stopped. Again, one of the reasons why I continue to talk about black women is because they are the black man’s number one obstacle and hindrance, though we already know most black men will not see it that way. However, SYSBM speaks to those few brothers(a number by the way which is growing rapidly) who get it. Black women have a full strength, undiluted judgement and recompense to drink down which they will not be able to escape from, this is yet another reason to avoid them lest you be caught up in their judgement too.

Just my two pence for today, another Open Mic Wednesday is here for you brothers, what’s on your minds for this session, as per usual enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

170 thoughts on “Open Mic Wednesday

  1. WHITE WOMEN ARE ALREADY ON A PEDESTAL —– SYSBM men are constantly being scolded about putting white women (and non-black women) on a pedestal.

    The evidence is that such women are already on a pedestal. Such women were not put on a pedestal by black men.

    Black women spend billions of dollars trying to manipulate their physical appearance to look more like white women. Black women proclaim that they want to enter into relationships with white men. Black women fail to understand that white men come from the wombs of white women. In essence, the black women that want white men are stating that the better men come from the wombs of white women. Likewise, black women are stating that lesser men come from the wombs of black women.

    SYSBM men accept the fact that black women have put non-black women are on a pedestal. SYSBM men understand that it is better to be with non-black woman than a black women. Non-black females naturally have a scalp with so-called “good hair.” Therefore, why should a black man get with a black woman that purchases hair or manipulates her hair so that she can look more like a non-black female.

    Gentlemen. Black women have put non-black women on a pedestal. Ignore the statements that black men have put non-black women on a pedestal. WHITE WOMEN ARE ALREADY ON A PEDESTAL.

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      • Hey verbs i just found another Another anti sysbm hater his name is the melochanic tigah i posted the link his comment is on the bottom of the comment section of this video i watched

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      • LaDarrion Robinson,

        The Melochanic Tigah used to comment over here, I didn’t know he was staunchly against interracial dating. I really fail to understand some black men, they acknowledge that black women as a group are done, yet in light of the observable facts concerning black female dysfunction, these same dudes still have a problem with the next logical step ie dealing with women of other races. I can’t stand dudes like this, the berate black men for dating out yet they themselves either don’t present an alternative solution to the black female problem or they still expect you to deal with black women and their dysfunction, smh.

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    • I also want to add to this.

      The only group of people who pedestalize White women more than anyone else in the world are Black women themselves! NOT black Men, not white Women, Not White Men but BLACK WOMEN do this. Black men do not put blonde or hair extension wigs of White woman, white Men don’t try to look like white women and most other races of Non white woman try to look white.
      Black Women are straight up dishonest and liars when they say black men pedestalize white woman because it is BLACK woman who try to become white woman by virtue of their actions in they way they dress and present themselves.

      A black woman will walk up to you, all weaved up, all bleached up with blue eyes, talking about they not tranna be like white woman. Its like a cat barking like a dog and chasing its tail and then the cat says ” oh, I’m not trying to act like a dog!”


      When you ask black women ” why they wear straight blonde weaves, bleach themselves, and wear blue eyes” they’ll then say ” BeCuZ N1gGaz l1Ke Y’@LL l1Ke Wh1tE WyMynZ”. Without realizing that they just admitted they ARE trying to be like white women 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

      Utter Stupidity 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

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    • The noose is getting tighter. Like setting up a good checkmate all avenues of escape are closing in on them. Let’s finish them off, by the end of the year I don’t want to hear another peep out of any of them.

      Keep bringing the heat! No Mercy!

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  2. Good morning, SYSBM brothers! The month of April is drawing to a close, and this year is so not going as I anticipated (so goes life sometimes). I just wanted to bring an article I shared in the ‘Off Topic’ section to the attention of everyone here (followed by my thoughts as shared):
    “Now, I’m going to play the “conspiracy theorist” role for a minute and question the merit of this article. First, this is on CNN, a network with a well established track record of lying to their audience. Second, I suspect this is a fake story put out with the intent to silence those on social media with dissenting opinions regarding the origins of the virus.
    “Third, they show no examples of the conspiracies they say have made this couple a target online; plus, I’m only seeing the name ‘Maatje Benassi’ in a few videos posted recently. Lastly, why would a random female who participated in a cycling competition in China be fingered by conspiracy theorists as the one responsible for the pandemic? That doesn’t make any sense!
    “What IS more likely to make sense is Maatje Benassi was selected by the International Left to be the face of this movement to stop free thinkers online with dissenting opinions through emotional pleas to the authorities; this sets a dangerous precedent for those who share the truth.”
    If this tactic proves effective, it will deal a blow to free speech online; this is why I’m thankful for spaces such as this one here on This ‘plandemic’ isn’t about stopping a virus; it’s about stopping the truth and those who’ve made it their mission to share it.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      The link that Matt M dropped to a downloadable video pretty much explains where this whole agenda is going(what we knew from before, however the creator of the mini documentary has intelligently collated the evidence into one place). I just don’t trust the mainstream media on anything they report whether it be CNN, MSNBC, Sky News, ITV News, Channel Four News, Fox News(though I’ll give Tucker Carlson a little bit of credit as he’s been asking questions that ought to be asked), BBC and the rest of them.

      Unfortunately with this so called pandemic I see that a lot of people have fallen for the banana in the tailpipe just as they were beginning NOT to trust the mainstream media altogether.

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    Those black women who are fighting in the above videos with their shower caps on their heads are so monsteriously ugly that these are the same women that these pro black simps want us SYSBM black men to pro create with and have families with smdh. I swear to god that these pro black simps are smoking crack. I will never ever date a black woman even if she is the last woman on the planet.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Simultaneously you can have earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, erupting volcanoes etc and this modern day black female will still be royal rumbling it out in these streets, buying her weaves and getting her nails done, smh.

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      • “Simultaneously you can have earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, erupting volcanoes etc and this modern day black female will still be royal rumbling it out in these streets, buying her weaves and getting her nails done, smh.”


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  4. And Thank You once again for watching Season 40; Episode 11 of…”Gorillas in the Mist”…NOW… A word from our Sponsor; “Hood Whore Disinfectant Spray”…

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  5. Damn…..I mean damn. Here, when a troll shows up, we are just guessing if its a black woman……..guys, take the time to check out my facebook page; I put up a post and I guess our detractors forgot its facebook and I can actually see what you look like (or maybe they no longer care about being seen as racist) and WOW, the usual suspects showed up like a casting call for an old 70s blackspotaion film. Dark Skinned, CHECK, manly looking, CHECK, weaved up to the hilt, CHECK, pro-wack, CHECK, ignorant as fuck, CHECK CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK. I finally got around to addressing some of them just now, but these black women are really like TERMINATORS with a pre-programed directive to go after any BLACK MAN that deviates from the life path set out before him, a life path created by bigots, racist, and over all evil as fuck people.

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  6. …as for the two videos….how are you gonna attack someone in a hospital bed?????? I was listening to OBSIDIAN and he was right, black women ( just like white men) are nothing more than bullies.

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  7. That first video made me cringe when I heard that bat make a clunk sound; also, there’s no way these straggs are normal if they can get hit by a bat and keep moving towards their attacker.

    Regarding the second video, they are seriously fighting in a hospital? Also notice in both instances that these brawds are not in good physical shape; but we’re supposed to wife these freaks of nature up? No, thank you!

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  8. The Demon Daggles are so desperate, depressed and destroyed by the fact they’re not being chosen and Black Men/boys are choosing White Women/girls in astronomical numbers that they’re resorting to this NEW desperate tactic that’s so pathetic that even White Girls are calling out their BULLSHIT 😂😂…

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    • I must applaud these young Beckies for their boldness in pointing out the hypocrisy of these young straggs; I’m going to join this app and have fun with it when things get back to normal.

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    • I support racism and every mans right to be racist. I’m racist myself.
      So what if that black bitch thinks that Becky’s showing us off is racist (not sure that works but whatever)


      I’d rather be with a racist Becky than a black bitch any day. One thing we can all agree on is that my kids would be much better off raised by her than you. Hey black bitches, IT’S OVER. Get over it.

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  9. After looking at them videos of them black women fighting, I said to myself like it’s official. Black women ain’t got no feminine energy in them at all (cero energía femenina). Plus, they fake the funk on that feminine energy too.

    Now on to what’s on my mind: First off, whenever black women say certain stuff that downgrade the black man, it just makes them look stupid as hell. The reason why I’m saying this is because Idk if some of you guys might’ve heard about this recent event where the two actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker were on ig live talking to some other married couple, and I’m trying to figure out what made Nicole had the audacity to say she’s misses the single and all other nonsense while her husband is sitting next to her. Bruh, this is why I kind of have second thoughts about getting married. The way I see it, it’s just seems like certain people shouldn’t get married in my opinion. When women say they wanna get married and settle down and start a relationship, The question that’s need to be answer from these women is this: Are you being serious about it, and wanna to have someone by your side, and you gonna be down for the man, or are you just saying that just to get something out of a man?

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  10. Once again where are all of the videos of BM brawling in large groups in public like that? BW are a mess, as are many of the children that have the misfortune of being raised by a Black single mother.

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  11. Absolutely ridiculous!!! There is no end to these Beast of Satan!!! Keeping the wall up gents is now more than ever an pure act of self-preservation. Any other action which does not place you in a advantageous position (i.e. to survive the eventual collapse of Blackistan) is a passport straight to purgatory!!! SYSBM FOR LIFE OR NO LIFE AT ALL!!!

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    • Soncerae has supposedly committed suicide? Well, I never followed anything she did online; I only know of a past beef between her and Tommy.

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    • I will always find suicide disturbing. Nevertheless, I don’t see how anyone, other than her, can be blamed for taking her own life. She made that choice. She had the option to withdraw from social media and seek mental help, or commit suicide.

      A lot of the drama in her life was self-imposed– the trolling, the beefing, and sleeping with a married man and having his kid. The latter is most troubling, because she was incredibly selfish to take her own life, and to leave her child to grow up without a mother.

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    • Mack G,

      Suicide is very unusual for black women, they are the group least to take that route out of life. If this is true then I don’t feel sorry for her at all because it was a selfish move owing to the fact that she has children. You don’t ever engage in activities that will put your own children at risk. The witch gets no sympathy from me at all.

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    • Only a matter of time before Tommy and every black man in the universe is blamed for Soncerae’s suicide. I feel sorry for her kids, especially the baby. BW are selfish to the very end SMDH

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    • Nope, this will not be pinned on US…..TRUST ME.
      The blackwomensphere is at war with one another to be bother about us for a change.

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    • I wonder how they are going to represent this Black prince; we all know how they seek to promote an emasculated Black male at every turn.

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      • Oh, they’ll make him gay, for sure. Disney’s first black prince will also be it’s first LGBTQ prince, no doubt. And his love interest will be a white male.

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  12. A few years ago it was my cousin’s birthday and we spent the night at a hotel. The group consisted of 5 brothers 4 White girls and a Latina.

    So anyway we started to Fuck around in the pool and oh god what perfect timing some group of scraggles with their simp boyfriends came over and then invade our space on some indian and Columbus type shit. We decide to just leave because we know what happens when you mess with daggles.

    But what had made me laugh ass off was that one of the daggles dyed her hair blonde and had the nerve to say she’s better than the original.

    SMFH These hoes stay delusional

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    • Yeah, black women love traveling in packs, that way they can bully people more effectively. ONE DAY soon, they won’t be able to pull that shit.

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  13. I have an intresting question. In many religions all over the world as well as traditional societies, Men should have short hair and woman should have long hair.

    If a man has long hair, it is seen as gay and feminine and he should cut it. Non black men, when they grow their hair, and assumimg they take care of their hair with proper routine can be just as lomg and beaitiful as a woman’s hair. However, black men (nor black woman) cannot have this kind of hair ( unless he is mixed) because our hair is usually Curly and it goes UP not down.

    If a black man has an afro and he striaghtens it, it can become as long as other non black men hair. My Japanese friend is a guy and he rocks the Visual Kei style (Visual kei is a popular form of rock/ metal genre which came along with the style) if I were to strighten my hair, it would reach my shoulders (We tried it as an experiment because my japanese friends have never seen an afro before and wanted to just to see what it would look like with straight hair, in return I got to touch the cheeks of the girls for as much as i want). But since 99.9999% black men do not do this and leave their hair naturally curly, where the hair goes UP, do you think this applies to black men in terms of men cutting their hair? I mean,

    Black woman can grow their hair all they want, their hair will also go UP. From afar, you would think she has short hair unless she hot irons it. It a black man with an afro lets it grow, although it *looks* short because of the way it is shaped it is still technically long. Does this apply to black men that it is gay and effeminate that he should cut his hair?


  14. SYSBMers,

    On the final Open Mic Wednesday of this month, I have pondered closely for the last number of days with this African proverb which we here have known for quite a while now, hey, even the Mentaljuggernaut David Carroll often quote said proverb when I used to watch him in the past: “A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Women” or “a race/ culture can rise no higher than the moral position of its women” (David Carroll’s translation).

    When you take a critical look at this African ‘proverb’, I came to a conclusion in my own opinion that said proverb has matriarchy written all over it. I believe many other African proverbs has a similar matriarchal feel to it as well.

    In traditional societies, men are the leaders of their ethnic group but looking at this so-called African wisdom, it deems women as the leaders. Whoever came up with the saying must be from an African community on the continent where is a matriarchal tribal ruled.

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    • @brotherdanunlimited
      I agree with you. Women shouldn’t be deciding what morals to have, it should be dictated to and enforced on them. Men lead, women follow. When women lead, folly.

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    • brotherdanunlimited, I disagree that it’s matriarchal as much as mothers are the first transmitters of culture. Therefore when they have weak morals, in theory, so go the children. If anything, I see the proverb is a cautionary tale for men to keep their women under control.

      WE are supposed to provide the moral position, which we then teach to our women, and then she to our children, which is the correct order, which of course has been hijacked by social engineering, government, etc.

      My .02

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    • From what I have researched and for my own experience, Africans maitrileineal, not matriarchal. The difference is that in a maitrileineal system, the women are the ones who in active culture that the men create, protect, and control. They are the ones in which kinship is decided. Similar to how Jewish communities operate .

      So for example, even though the woman will have say so on who her children should be with and other cultural aspects such as mate selection, maintaining and teaching the household, family gatherings, and marriage. In other words the aspect of kinship. The man controls the politics, the protection and enforcement of rules. The Elder men are the ones who create the laws and policies. They are the ones who create the culture for it. They also help as far as kinship with the Elder women. The key part of a matrileinal environment is that the Elder women are the one who maintain it. And she’ll even ban or disown any women who rebelled against the traditions.

      Matriarchal is literally the woman controls the laws the policies and all the responsibilities that the male would traditionally take, using this system the men protect and serve. The women also control kinship, similar to matrileinal. But the woman is the one with the say so as far as laws, policies, and even the type of protection that she get.

      Now of course everything I said is theory and it’s obviously been practice with some slight modifications according to each culture. I definitely recommend doing research to get more details. This is from top of the head what I know about the concepts.

      As for that proverb, I think is meant that if the woman is not yoked and support and maintain the culture Society, the kids are going to be rebellious. If the woman is not respecting herself or just has more of a solipsistic nature to her, she won’t be ideal wife in order to help maintain your Society. Usually these type of women will betray you. I believe that proverb might have been written around a time in which you had different women who became “War brides” to eitherr opposing tribes or european Traders.

      That’s just my take on it of course feel free to modify or correct anything that I may have missed


    • I have a different take on that particular African Proverb. For me, I look at it through these lens:

      Men create the culture, Women enforce the culture, and the Children transfer the culture to the next generation.

      The problem in Black America, is that the first two positions are reversed. They have the women create the culture, and then the men (ie Simps, Thuggos, and Preachers) enforce the culture. The African Proverb is true when viewed from a matriarchal position. That’s why it is imperative for the men to create the culture, and have the women enforce it.

      Just my two cents on that.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      Not at all, it’s simply a case where the men would hand down the culture to the women who in turn would teach it to the children. The women would be the ones to teach the culture because the men would be away from the home for a large portion of the day for example hunting, foraging for food and being involved in other activities that were necessary in order to provide for their families and thus keep their households in order.

      I do know of some women only villages in Kenya, however as stated those particular villages are women only, men aren’t involved in them at all:

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  15. Here is a Rant that i think many guys here might strongly disagree with me with.

    It referes to the Hair thing. I see pictures back in the 70s and 80s where alot of black men grew their hair and their hair looks so fucking beautiful! It looks exotic and fierce. Somehow down the way, it has almost become like a social taboo to just naturally grow your hair out as a man. If you grow your hair, you’re suppose to cut it off or braid it in some sort of gansta rap style way. What the fuck is up with that? Why can’t black men Grow their hair into an afro and just let it grow as natural as it looks? Black women don’t wanna grow (their own hair) and would rather perm it straight ir wear clown wigs. But black men are shamed into cutting it off bald or style their hair into a low class degenerate look!

    What the fuck is wrong with black men showing their own natural hair?! If black women don’t want to show their own hair, then thats fine, but why does black men have to be damned if he does? In other races of men, white men can have decent amount of hair length and style it in a way that is natural, professional, or even gangsta style if he would like. Asian men, for centuries grew their hair super long because some cultures in asia were shamans or they worshipped their ancestors and felt cutting their hair was disrespectful to their parents. Now adays, many asian men from the far east have beautiful long hair, and no one tells them to CUT IT OFF, assumming they are not muslim or chritsianized. Blacks don’t tell other races of men to cut their hair, but when a non gansta black man wants to grow his own hair like *his* ancestors, he should cut off his hair because it’s “Nappy”!?


    I am ignorant about sports. But there is a black basket ball player named Dennis rodman. He’s the guy who went to north korea and met Kim Jung On.He dyed his hair in all shades of color from what I see. How come black men don’t do the same. I am not talking about bleaching it blonde to be like white men like what black women do to become like white women. I mean, white men asian men, Hispanic men and other non black men all style, and color their hair to different styles and no one accuses them of “Being something they are not”. Hell, many races of men (and women) are fond of black male afro and try to imitate it, and some do, aside from your snow flake SJWs , most people think it is cool when they do, they are accepted. Yet black men want to express themselves in a natural way, he gets gangbanged with accussations of “He is trying to be white, he MUST be Gay, his hair is Nappy, Why don’t he braid it like (Insert Ganster rapper name here) He must be mentally ill, He is acting like a child and needs to grow up, he needs to be a real MAN etc.”

    Why are black men BOXED into a universal identity of one standard way to live when all other races of men do not have to follow this?! THIS is black misandry!

    Ever since i was a child I was alway forced to cut it off like my hair was some sort of annoying wild weeds in the grass. I was not allowed to let it grow more than two inches before I would get called “nappy head boy”. It was almost 100% GIRLs and WOMEN who would do this! I never saw anything wrong with letting my hair grow espcially since I saw those old pictures civil rights activists, actors, musicians etc
    Most of them grew their hair large! I suspect this is black women’s doing. I am shocked black women didnt teach black boys to wear blonde wigs to look like white men the way they shamed their daughters to look like white women!!

    I have an Afro, its not too big but it is long enough to reach my shoulder if someone were to iron it flat. When I came to the Eastern Hemisphere, to the Far East, having an afro was like having having celebrity status! Sooooooo many people ALWAYS came up to me and asked me “Can I touch your hair?” Or just walked up and touched my hair without asking.
    Russian Girls, Chinese girls, Korean Girls, Kazakh Girls, Kyrgyz Girls Azerbaijani Girls, Turkish Girls, ALL loved my hair! Russian girls generally do not smile (its a culture thing), but when ever they touch my hair, they smile so hard
    When they touch it. Some girls rest their heads against my head because they say it is so soft, like a pillow. One girl went to sleep on my hair! Some people asked to BUY my hair for themselves!! I kid you not! They made me feel proud to have my hair as a normal afro and not shape it like some street thug! Or to cut it off. I’ve had students who would give me hugs just to feel my hair!

    When was having an afro DEMONIZED when it was something normal in the past? Or was this always how it was?

    If girls are saying to you that they find afros attractive and their *Actions* show it, why the fuck should a normal straight black man cut his hair off ( unless he personally wants to) for black women, other black men or anyone else for that matter?

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  16. This is a new upcoming game “Bloody Roar 6” for the new upcoming gaming console Playstation 5!

    There are new characters who transform into beings never seen before by man in the wilderness

    Yolanda becomes —> Gorilla
    Laqusiha becomes >>>>> Grizzly Bear
    Shaqita becomes a pig

    Oh… oh my …. some characters are black women who turn into freaks of nature….

    Let’s see here…. hmmm Antonette becomes a transexual…

    Another one becomes a white woman?!?! And her special techniques include hair weave whip, fake nail throw, and…. damn this one looks deadly…. its called the “Neck Crack ”

    This is some mess up game Hidson soft is developing… I’m not sure i could stomach this…

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    • Bloody Roar was the game man…

      In hindsight I think there was a lesson and a message in the game’s premise. Humans who can transform into animals for w/e reason….

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    • First of all…Bloody Roar 6!! I didn’t even know there was a Bloody Roar 2! LOL

      BR was one of my favorite games back in the day. It was years before I realized there was a transvestite character in the game. So these new characters you mentioned would not surprise me in the least.

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  17. I spoke to my father yesterday. And he said that if the Covid pandemic continues, they will continue to recive stimulus checks untill he believes chritsmas time. But the problem will be that the taxes will skyrocket.

    Assuming what he says is true, could this finally be the thing that halts black women on their free sugar from suggar daddy government?

    I mean, its almost like when a situation is about to happen to where black women are finally going to face judgement, their pact with the devil seems to always saved them righr on time!

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    • The federal budget is gonna be toast after its all said and done. Congress will have to find some way to cut back on spending…and guess where the cutbacks are gonna come from.

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  18. I wanted to post this again because I’m trying to really dig deep into the simps psychology, because I see this particularly strong in black men, but also people in general. It’s socially unacceptable for someone to publicly state that they have no ambition so everybody fronts like they want to do this or that or have something big going on, but if you look closely years go by and no progress.

    Most people aren’t doing shit and never plan to. I’ve come to the unshakeable conclusion that most people don’t want to win. I come front a hyper extremely toxic, degenerate, dysfunctional and debased background. I didn’t know where I would end up, but I know for certain that as soon as I got the chance ie: grew up, I was getting as far away from that place and those people as I could. I’ve got free of the vipers and other than a short relapse I have never looked back. Because of that I’ve achieved things and been places that were as far away as the moon to me back then.

    There is not a single person that I’m in regular communication with that I knew before 2002. And every person that I’ve tried to help, including family members have fucked up the golden opportunities I gave them and in some cases hurt me in the process.

    Even after admitting on multiple occasions the environment and the people in it were not only destructive, but had ruined their life they still went back! Un-fucking-believable! I don’t know if it’s Stockholm syndrome or what, but it’s as if they’d rather lose it all with the familiar group than take a chance striking out in the unknown which they can see is a much better option, given how there is literally nothing to lose.

    Black women are disgusting, rotten people from the inside and that shows forth on the outside, even Stevie Wonder could see it, from the way they look, dress speak, and act. Fucking with black women is going to hurt you, everybody knows that, why would anyone but a masochist want one?

    Black women are cartoonishly loud, abrasive and rude, fat, violent, narcissistic, have questionable hygiene, abusive to children, the list of L’s you would take having one is so long it could fill an encyclopedia. If you get a black women you know you’re going to lose, so if you want one you must want to lose in life.

    This is non sexual (since we know these simps aren’t getting much pussy from them) lifestyle 24 hour S&M cuckoldry. If it isn’t please explain to me in detail how it isn’t.

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  19. I’ll comment on THOSE videos… later.

    For now, I just wanna share this FB link and shout out this brother Eugene for properly serving this siren in the comments.

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    • Glen Saxon,

      Black women have turned to feminism because they are devilishly inclined to gravitate towards anything wicked and malevolent, at this stage anybody with their faculties in check can clearly see this observing your average modern day black female in action. In 2020 only black men with low self confidence would continue to deal with a group of women who are constantly using their male counterparts as a punching bag.

      Please note that no other ethnicities of women engage in this type of behaviour and black women wonder why they are the least desired women on the planet. No non black man with sense and intelligence will take on a woman who he sees treating her own male counterparts like utter garbage, these black harriets can pretty much scrap the plan of swirling altogether because their own actions have completely much ruined that avenue.

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      • @Verbs
        I’m telling you their time is coming up. What they don’t realize is that their whole existence is subsidized. They were needed for the last 60 years to destabilize and bring about the moral destruction of society, that’s been accomplished, they are not needed any more. And since we know they’re not smart enough to build anything lasting once the subsidies dry up it’s a wrap. 90% of their jobs are in the public sector or affirmitive action which means nobody voluntarily hires them.

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      • Upgraydd,

        Yes sir. Their lord and saviour Admiral Frost is giving them a cold, hard and fast divorce, they won’t know what hit them. Services no longer required.

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    • I bust out laughing as soon as “Chop” (that’s what the tranny called him) jumped out of the car; on a serious note, these alphabet clowns are selfish and don’t even consider how this makes the man feel. I hope he becomes hardcore SYSBM after this experience!

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  20. Wait a minute. I see one of the harridans swing a baseball bat and we see two hoodrats fighting in a hospital and one of them is naked. We are on lockdown and these heifers are brawling in the street and it’s more then one harridan fighting you know and some of the time, they are fighting for a man that has another woman in the bed. and fools like Aaron Fountain, Umar Johnson and the rest of the other simps say to us that we have to wife up these whores from the ghetto. What the hell! These ghetto hoodrats are causing mayhem and chaos and these simps want us to wife up these whorish hoodrats? Are you mad? There is no way that I’m goanna be with these scrags. And these women have children. Let me tell you something. There is no way that I’m taking care of children who belongs to Cell Block Scrappy, Around The Hood Lee, 3 Shoot Rick and 357 Jimmy.

    Keep your white sugar honey safe and hold you’re boo tight right through the night.

    Enjoy your evening

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  21. Gentlemen, the Man of Tomorrow has received a strike and have a video flag down on his YouTube channel. I’ve been observing people’s reactions to it and it is pretty interesting. Some people are saying he got money he can get another Channel, some people are saying that he made a threat to someone. That’s a very common in the black sector of YouTube hell, they are common in the black community in general. We already know the double standard so we don’t even need to speak on it. And notice, you have a lot of brothers that talkin about game and whatever the fuck the talk about on that side of the social media. This is why I say that just because someone made out or defend sysbm, does not mean that they practice the lifestyle. They do it because it was at the hip thing to do. And I’m glad some of the people have now caught on to other trends. None of it matters in the bigger grand scheme of things because of the fact that taking down his video is not going to change a fucking thing in the community. Just like flagging Timmy Sotomayor, Tariq Nasheed, Umar Johnson, mad bus driver, etc. You will still have another story like the chick who’s already looking for a step daddy to replace her old husband. Which is pretty common. Women are way more pragmatic in their nature than we want to admit. And we will, should I say they will, keep playing on the merry-go-round that is the black manosphere.

    But all is well in the community, everybody will live happily ever after and Skip down the street. Oh I forgot you can’t really skip down the street because of this house arrest, oh I mean quarantine.

    The man of Tomorrow is still a multi-millionaire, people are still jealous of him, and those in the black community who have some type of power will continue to control the underlings in the black community just like the Boulé do. Because let’s be honest, black people believe in classism, even though they may not want to admit it

    Oops! Didn’t mean to say that I’m sorry

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  22. Came across this interesting Twitter feed. The misandry is real among these unhinged black heffas. Scroll down for the “bLaCk mEn aRe kEEpiNg uS fAt sO nO oTheR rAcE wiLL waNt uS” tweets. But I thought “scrong and innependent” black queens who are the backbone of the communitah couldn’t be controlled by black men? How bizarre.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Always the black man’s fault, huh, smh. At this stage black women look extremely idiotic. They honestly believe that other people aren’t looking at them with a sideye and concluding that they simply aren’t right in the head.

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    • I was just thinking that Carnio SYSBM is living halfway around the world, presently, and doesn’t have to see and deal with a stupid black bitch. Life must be grand for him.

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      • B A,

        I can tell you from experience that the stupid, angry black bitch as typified in that Twitter thread is an AMERICAN creation. Nowhere else can she exist for very long, and AMERICA is the only place you see these hoes. But somehow, when you remove a black boy or young man from AMERICA, or at the very least the influence of the black bitch, he thrives.

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    • I clicked the Twitter link in the first image. Man, they sure hate that Tommy guy, especially if he is making money off their dysfunction…lol. I say more power to him. He’s found his niche, and he earning a good living. Truth be told, Tommy Sotomayor deserves it. They man has been putting in work since circa 2009.

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      • B A,

        Tommy Sotomayor is the first person to successfully monetize black female fuckery ™. Nobody else has ever held up a mirror to these dumb bitches, or said out loud how fat and disgusting they are. He was even the first guy to point out that the average black female’s net worth was $5, hahaha! Since his source material is inexhaustible, he should be successful for years to come.

        Hoping he’s paying taxes on his Cashapp and Super Chat money, though. I can see some black bitch reporting him to the IRS and another black bitch being the actual IRS agent that handles the case.

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      • “Hoping he’s paying taxes on his Cashapp and Super Chat money, though. I can see some black bitch reporting him to the IRS and another black bitch being the actual IRS agent that handles the case.”


        …or some black bitch who works for the IRS starting an investigation. With as many black women working in the federal government, I am sure some black bitch as peeked into his tax record by now. So, it’s safe to assume the man is paying his taxes.

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    • I couldn’t even read 2 posts from that twitter! Black woman are the most toxic parasites in which they want black men to give them everything but give almost nothing in return.

      I don’t know how or when feminism had mutated black women into toxic parasites like this but this is so fucking ridicules!

      They are so ungrateful amd litterally see black men (NOT white men) as simply expendable tools.

      Black women are like satan, give them one inch and they will take two miles. Give them a warm tinyhome to call their own, they demand a skyscrapper, counquer a contry, they demand the whole continents, gjve them the moon, theu demand the stars! Any thing short of those demands will have black men end up in mass condemnation. If the same demands were goven to white men bjt white mem fall short, there is no expectation.

      Black women need to be dropped, abandoned and forgotten in the history books! They are ungrateful mutts! Black women are the most free and protected class in the west, and yet black men are still in the worse condition, and black women dare to complain about black men not giving them enough?!

      This puts me in fumes when ever I think about this! 😠

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    • Scha,

      The part about the unwed mothers out of wedlock they choose ducked up me to have babies with in the first place lmao. Then complain about BM who do not want to bail them out I tell you these black
      Hoes are funny.

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  23. @Schadenfreude

    Thank you for posting that Twitter string of TRASH.

    So the evil Black Man is keeping the “skrong”, independent, “I don’t need no man” black queen looking like a fully loaded oil tanker and preventing her from finding the “bottom shelf Brad” of her dreams?😂😂😂

    I get such pleasure out of watching the “Queen Kongs” drown in the very same filth they created!😂

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    • #TeamWhiteGirls,

      What’s funny to me is how they’re constantly screaming to “abort black babies” and “divest from black men” yet they’re still out there climbing on raw black dicks non-stop.

      I also think it’s funny that it’s somehow the evil bLacK mAn who is slandering her image to non-black men when anybody can go to Worldstar, DJ Vlad, Tommy, Shade Room, or anywhere else to see their antics.

      I wonder if the squares and lames she curved in her prime are part of that same group of evil bLaCk mEn she hates so much?

      You are correct, let them drown in their own filth that they created. There’s no coming back for these black misandrists.

      You are also correct to go #TeamWhiteGirls. I myself went #TeamRiceBunny a little while back. Asian women know how to be wives and girlfriends.

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      • @Schadenfreude

        I love those types of Twitter accounts, Synthetic G, Paris Booty Lips Milan and
        Black Men hating social media sites, because it’s WONDERFUL recruiting material for the #SYSBM movement.

        And as you can see between TikTok and the 2020 NFL draft the Queen Kongs and their SUPER SAPPY SIMP Drones have been losing their damn minds seeing all of those BlackMen/Boys with White Women/Girls.

        The #SYSBM movement is more POWERFUL than “the Rona”


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  24. I forgot my lunch today, and so i had to get food before i went to work. So the only thing near me where the lines weren’t ridiculous was Popeyes. I begrudgingly go there, and without fail a dumb black bitch has to take my order.

    Before i can even order my food, I get a “hold the fuck on”. I kid you not. So I patiently hold. This stupid bitch is yelling at someone at the window, doesn’t realize her microphone is on, calling the customer every name under the son. Three mins go by, and i get a nasty “can i help you?” I try to order my food again, and theres another bitch is screaming in the background “Fuck that nigga, I’ll beat his ass, etc”. After she’s done cackling, I finally order my food. Get to the window, this useless cashier is like your total is double the amount i ordered. I’m like no, that’s not what i ordered. She gives me an attitude due to her mistake.

    Yells at me “what the fuck you order then?” I tell her. She gets another attitude and then gives me my corrrct total. Leaves the window, I see her in the background joking around. Five mins later, an elder black woman brings my food and apologizes to me about the wait, the service etc. I get my food, but didn’t get my debit card back.

    The older woman is pretty much doing everything at this point, is in the back making other orders. This broad comes back to the window and just gives me this nasty look. I tell them i didn’t get my debit card back. This broad basically flings it into my truck and walks off.

    I’ve had it. I’m done going to places where niggas work. The next time i go somewhere and i see more than one, I’m leaving. Regardless if i ordered or not. Niggas ruin everything. Made a complaint to their corporate office, but my hopes aren’t high I’ll get a response.

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    • F Da Communitah,

      Damn bro, where you live and work must be littered with daggles and maggles because you always seem to be running into these scum buckets in some way, shape of form.

      Reminds me of when I dropped the blog post in February 2018 encouraging you guys to share your experiences of black women and bad customer service, of course the comment section was lit with all kinds of horror stories including some of your own:


    • BW have earned their bad reputation when it comes to customer service. At the McDonalds and Taco Bells in my area you can make your order and pay on a tablet, you don’t even have to deal with them.

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    • “I’ve had it. I’m done going to places where niggas work. The next time i go somewhere and i see more than one, I’m leaving. Regardless if i ordered or not. Niggas ruin everything. Made a complaint to their corporate office, but my hopes aren’t high I’ll get a response.”

      I know exactly how you feel. I know that black bitch ruined your mood for at least an hour, if not more. I am surprised you didn’t make the decision much sooner. It’s mainly black bitches who exhibit this behavior. Occasionally I will encounter a black male who shows the same traits. But by and large, it is black bitches.

      My rules are as follows:

      1. If I am standing in line, and a black female attendant says, “Next,” I let the person behind me go ahead of me, and I will wait for the next attendant who is not a black woman.

      2. When calling business for customer service, if a black woman answers the phone, I hang up and repeat the cycle until a service rep who is not a black female answers the phone.

      3. If a business has multiple locations in my area, I will go to the one that doesn’t have black women, regardless of the distance. For example, there are multiple LabCorps in my city. The closest one is staffed by black women, and the customer service is SHIT (Google and Yelp ratings support my claim). I no longer to there. Instead, I go to the location farthest from my house, which is staffed with Latinas and South Asian women. Needless to say, the customer service is always excellent.

      I try my damnest to avoid dealing with black bitches. They are fucking toxic, and can ruin your mood for the day.

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    • Bruh, you are a glutton for punishment. As soon as I heard, “Hold the fuck on,” I would’ve driven the fuck off and gone somewhere else. There’s always a 7-Eleven nearby. That would’ve been a better choice.

      And speaking of black women and bad customer service, there’s one fast food place I’ve gone to multiple times, with a fair amount of black women behind the counter, and the service is always great, and that’s Chick-fil-a. I don’t know how they train or hire people, but I’ve always received great service at Chick-fil-a no matter who’s serving me. But especially when black women are working there, they have no attitude at all. Whatever they’re doing, Chick-fil-a seems to know how to keep their black women employees under control. And the chicken there is a lot better than that greasy shit at Popeye’s.

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      • Sadly in New York, chic fila isn’t quite common yet. The nearest one was 20 mins out of the way, and their service is outstanding. When i do eat fast food, it’s normally one of three or four places. Two were incredible busy, two others were out of the way.

        Next time I’m going to just fast. I’m DONE.


    • At least you guys actually have a choice to avoid places where black women work.
      When you live in a “black” country like Trinidad, well there is just no escaping it. At least the lockdown here has EVERY restaurant closed since the 10 of April.

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  25. Sadly in the New York metropolitan area, they’re EVERYWHERE. There is no way to completely avoid them without becoming a hermit.

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      • Oh i don’t live in the city.

        Per Wikipedia:

        The New York metropolitan area is the city and suburbs of New York City. It includes Long Island and the Mid- and Lower Hudson Valley in the state of New York. It also includes north and central New Jersey, three counties in western Connecticut and five counties in northeastern Pennsylvania.

        For obvious reasons, I’m not going to say where I am exactly but I’m definitely NOT in New York City.

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    • I am orginally from NYC, I sadly confirm this.

      As long as you live anywhere in the metropolitan areas you will always run into or see black women and her damned servants.

      Even if you moved to the nicest areas with all the East Asians, Jews, etc you will still have to deal with and interact with them at least 2 to 3 times in a day. I tried this experiment to see where in nyc I could live that has the least amount of black women (I didn’t have a problem with black men) and there simply was no place I could see where you could not find them.

      And to think , you are having a nice day when you have a small interaction with a black woman bus driver, Metro station attendant, shopping at the Super Market, going to the DMV, going to a clinic, etc a small 10 second interaction with can completely ruin your day! This happened to me countless times! That i eventually stopped going outside unless it was to go shopping for food, Like a self quarantine, just when you thought thay solved the problem then these fucking morons BLAST Beyonce Rhina and those other poor excuse for music so that the whole apartment complex has to hear their music. No doubt they were black women (or Dominicans with their raggaeton).

      And of course you will always be lumped with them!

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      • @Carnio
        Same shit here in Toronto, every government job is full of affirmative action hires so black bitches are everywhere. It’s an infestation. Ask anyone in Toronto, man woman black or white how they feel about lack women streetcar or bus drivers. Renewing your license, anything taxpayer funded is now a nightmare. You have to be ninja nimble to avoid them.

        Here is a funny little rant explaining how these black bitches got their jobs.

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  26. Hey Carnio SYSBM, I have a question for you?

    In your locale, are black men chased down and shot while jogging, because a couple of citizens in the neighborhood think he is a criminal?

    A black man, Ahmaud Arbery, was shot and killed while jogging, in Georgia. Two white males (dumb fucking rednecks) thought he was a burglary suspect and decided they were going to make a citizen’s arrest. By the way, who burglarizes a home under construction with no doors or windows, in afternoon?

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    • I live in Georgia the Country not the state. And no black men do not get shot here. Black men are super rare and are treated as neutral as any other foreigner. If anything it is Russians who are hated and treated with suspicion because Russia had recently annexed something like 20% to 30% of the country near the border with Russia (illegally if I am not mistaken). Plus Russian slavs and Caucasians have long blood sheding history. Georgians are far more likely to hate, discriminate, and attack you if you are Russian than some exotic foreigner.

      I am originally from Bronx New York City, you are more likely to get shot and killed by other blacks due to gang related activity than any whites who may think you are a criminal. I got so sick of living in fear for my life due to where I worked and got tired of the nasty black female misandry that I got irrationally emotional and just left the country altogether and haven’t been back since. I moved to Kyrgyzstan and then lived in Kazakhstan for the longest time. I flew to Georgia or Sakartvelo or საქართველო because i needed to renew my passport since I am out of pages and i need to get my Russian visa and my chinese Visa. Georgia is the best place to get Chinese visa since you cannot get it in most places outside your home country. But due to quarantine, I am stuck here along with thousands of other stranded foreigners.

      Georgians or rather “Caucasians” or Кавказ are an ethnic group of people who live near the Caucasus mountains south of Moscow.

      Unlike Anglo Saxons whites who see all whites as one monolithic group, East Europeans do not lump themselves as one category and find it offensive if you ignorantly label them as simply ‘white’ without first identifying their cultural orgin. Over here, cultural origin is first before your race.

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  27. Money Cultural said:

    “…Aaron Fountain, Umar Johnson and the rest of the other simps say to us that we have to wife up these whores from the ghetto.”

    Sometimes I question the sexuality of these simps. Black women are the most masuline women on earth. More masucline than some men. A woman acting more masculine than me is a big huge TURN OFF! how would they like if a super feminine man wanted to date them? They woukd think its gay and gross. So why do black women feel its ok to act like men and get suprised when straight men think THEY are lesbians and don’t want to be with them?!

    Simps who want to be with hyper masucline woman is completely their business but ill be damned if anyone is gonna tell me I’m wrong for dating a masculine woman. And i dont care what race she is!

    I know for a fact these simps hace seen or interacted with super feminine white or asian woman. But theu honestly belive dating a black woman who os masuline is better tham a feminine non black woman??? Pffffft they are so lying to themselves!

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    • Edit:

      but ill be damned if anyone is gonna tell me I’m wrong for *NOT* dating a masculine woman. *And i dont care if she is Asian or white*

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  28. So, the OnlyFans side hustle has claimed its first casualty:

    Now, the “victim blaming” Kansas City shuffle is to be expected, but her own personal safety isn’t anyone else’s responsibility; also, you represent the company you work for, so if there is anything questionable you are doing on the low that comes to light, your employer of course is going to consider how it affects their public image knowing that an employee is engaging in said behavior. It’s sad because she had a promising future at this job, and she lost it over doing porn.

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    • This is where white women are just like black women, doing stupid shit, receives the proper punishment for doing stupid shit, then complaining about getting punished. PLUS, THIS IS WHY I DON’T feel sorry for whorish women (the majority of women in the world) she’s making money off of being a mechanic, AND money off of PORN a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY…..there are men out here BEGGING FOR A DECENT SHOT at making money and here this bitch is……mannnnnn, FUCK HER.

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      • @OGOC,

        I’ve seen one White girl’s IG story where she spoke about how one guy actually found the Starbucks where she worked; she also recounted how one guy actually made a collection of her photos on a site and threatened to call corporate and show them the photos (some of which she took at her workplace). Now, those guys are definitely jerks for cyber bullying and stalking her, but what is so hard for these females to grasp about not putting yourself out there like that, especially when you have something to lose?

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    • Maybe she is too young, or too stupid to internalize the idea that you keep your social media life and professional life separate.

      I deleted my Facebook account 10 years ago, when I had co-workers, whom I didn’t associate with, send me a friends requests. Today, the only social media account I have is YouTube. I don’t do any social media that requires my real name, and telephone number.

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      • One more thing. Last year, my team was preparing to hire a candidate. So, a member of our team did a search of the candidate’s IG handle (how he got that? I do not know.) and that led him to the candidate’s Gab and Bitchute accounts. The account showed his true feelings about certain issues which was not in alignment with the team member’s views.

        The team member raised the issue with the team lead. The team lead discussed the issue with his boss. In the end, they didn’t offer the candidate the job. And here’s the kicker, the candidate, to this day, has no idea that his social media accounts/content was the determining factor of why he didn’t receive an offer.

        Social media has sunk a lot of people.

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    • Jon,

      I wrote about these church beast pastors and their various scams in my church beast book. This reminds me of the Jezebel Juanita Bynum and the ’emergency prayer kit’ she launched years ago and I see that yet again she has rolled in with the same rubbish in line with this so called ‘pandemic’:


  29. Word on the political streets is that black women are pushing Biden to choose a black women as a running mate. The black women that have been mentioned are Kamala Harris and Stacy Abrams.

    The last two presidential candidates who chose women as running mates lost the general election. Perhaps, third time’s a charm.

    Your thoughts?

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    • BA —- If the Democrats are going for a 2020 presidential win, Kamala Harris and Stacy Abrams are poor choices. If the Democrats are going to concede the 2020 presidential race to Trump, then these two women will be good choices. I think that the present corona virus situation may actually help Trump because he is viewed as a so-called wartime president.


      1. Black females will vote for the Democrat regardless of who is running. There will be issues of grumbling and low black female voter turnout, but black females will still vote for the Democrat. 96% of black female voted for Hillary Clinton. This black female voting is done in spite of the fact that Clinton is a white woman.
      Note that envious black women tend to have a dislike for white women.

      2. The two women at issue will only motivate black females to vote. Black men will also be motivated to vote but at a less enthusiastic level. No other group will be moved to vote for a black female candidate.

      3. Mainstream white women will not be motivated to vote for a black woman. As a factual matter, mainstream white women, as I understand, voted at the 60% rate in 2016 for Trump. I do not see significant voting changes among white women in 2020.

      4. Harris is from California, a blue state, that the Democrats will win. Likewise, Abrams is from Georgia, a red state, where Trump will win. Therefore, the selection of the mentioned females will not change the electoral map in the 2020 election.

      5. The only possible upside to picking Harris or Abrams is to position the Democrats for other elections in the 2020 political races. For example, the Democrats may attract more voting activity in the so-called “down ballot” elections. Democrats such as Senator Doug Jones of Alabama will probably benefit from having Harris or Abrams on the ticket.

      Other thoughts: Both Harris and Abrams have big issues. Harris is thought to have benefited from having a sexual relationship with Willie Brown, a married man. On the race issue, there is a question if Harris is a black person. Being a so-called “real black” means a big deal with many black voters. Barack Obama, former president, got around the real black issue by having a black wife. Harris has a white husband.

      Abrams lost the election for the governorship in Georgia. It would be strange to run a candidate that lost her or his most recent election. Abrams is also single and overweight. Such factors do not sit well with many voters.

      The third time will not be a charm for a female vice-presidential pick.


      Your thoughts?

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      • I agree that Kamala Harris and Stacy Abrams are poor choices. And let’s keep it real. Aesthetics matter. Abrams fails that test miserably. However, I disagree with the coronavirus situation helping Trump, because polling says otherwise, in key battle ground states. Then again, pollsters lost credibility after the 2016 general election. Wasn’t Trump trailing Hillary in the polls? In my opinion, the sooner the economy resumes, the better Trump’s chances.

        RE: Point #1:

        We are in agreement. Black people, in particular black women, will vote for Democrats to the tune of 90+ percent, and get treated poorly. They are, in essence, the Democrat Party’s mistress.

        RE: Point #2:

        We are in agreement. Especially, when you factor in the “aesthetic factor.”

        RE: Point #3:

        We are in agreement. White women tend to vote in tow with their husbands (or significant others), and most white men aren’t going to be inclined to vote for a presidential ticket that has a black female as a running mate.

        RE: Point #4:

        Hmm, I guess. Further, one of reasons why a presidential candidate chooses a running mate is to bring in more voters– voters who probably would not vote for him otherwise. That is probably why Obama choose Biden. As you mentioned, Harris and Abrams bring virtually nothing to the table.

        RE: Point #5:

        Yeah, I can see that. Especially, since black women were the determining factor in getting Jones elected in 2018.

        RE: Conclusion:

        I agree. It would not be wise to select Harris or Abrams as a running mate. But the only demographic pushing this idea is black women, and we know how they lack any kind of strategic thought. Their thought and planning (or lack thereof) is based on how they feel (i.e., feel good bullshit) and optics.

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      • “Abrams is also single and overweight.”

        And in other news water is wet.
        Bro you’re talking about a black woman, it would be foolish to assume otherwise.


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      • I must also add to this thread that Stacey Abrams has not paid off her college debt to this day; not the kind of individual you want as your vice president.

        Also, Tulsi Gabbard exposed Kamala Harris as a hypocrite for joking on the Breakfast Club radio program about smoking marijuana as a young adult, but while serving as a prosecuting attorney, she worked to throw the men from the very demographic she pandered to in jail.

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    • Stacy Abrams defends Joe Biden over sexual assault allegations. Gee, I wonder why she’s defending Uncle Joe?

      Disgustingly hypocritical…

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      • BA — LOL. Stacey Abrams–like most USA black females–has a financial net worth in the negative. Unless she has received some recent monetary gifts, Abrams needs some cash.

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      • Upgraydd and Blue Collar Trevor —- Stacy Abrams. —- Black women being single.

        Black women being overweight. Black women being financially broke.

        —— I constantly say that there is very little diversity among USA black females.

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      • Black women being overweight. Black women being financially broke.

        One can make a strong argument that obesity and financial irresponsibility is a direct indicator of a lack of discipline.

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  30. B A — Polling. A thought is that polling for an election in November 2020 is problematic. First, Joe Biden is a hidden candidate because of the corona virus matter. Second, many people are reluctant to admit to pollsters that they are Trump voters. Hillary Clinton, according to The New York Times in October 2016, had a 92% chance of winning the presidential election compared to Trump having an 8% chance to win.

    I just do not see the public, in large numbers, as being pro-Biden. Biden has a number of issues. Such issues include the Violence Against Women Act that will turn men off. A few females will wonder about the sexual misconduct allegations. There is also the thought that Biden has cognitive decline issues. If elected, Biden will enter the presidential office at age 78.

    I think that the USA economy can only go up. Of course, Trump and his people can attempt to stimulate the economy, in part, for a political advantage.


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  31. SYSBM bros, this literally just happened in front of me! So, I’m sitting in my car catching up on all of the OMW comments when I look up and see a young stragg driving while brushing her weave; I had to stop and stare for a moment because I was in disbelief.

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    • Weird..

      I am familiar with Fauquier County, Virginia, because a former coworker spent part of his childhood in Front Royal, VA. Man, did he have some stories to tell. Let me say this, many whites in Fauquier County are of the backwards, hillbilly, racist type. The coworker would tell me about the tension he would encounter because he was “liked” by white girls in high school. This was in the 90s. Looks like much hasn’t changed.

      I am surprised the son (Levi) killed his mother and younger brother, and injured his father over their racist beliefs, because kids in such environments do one of two things: either they internalize the racists beliefs, or they fake it until they reach adulthood.

      I can’t say I feel sorry for the parents. Actually, I don’t give a shit about anti-black racists. However, the six year old boy should have been allowed to live. But who knows? His younger brother was probably was a staunch racist as well.

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    • “black news” was a red flag from the jump, so I went to the real story at the WASHINGTON POST.
      Black women really have a problem, the POST couldn’t reach the black girl or her mother for comment, SOOOOO the black feminist just make up the story of A WHITE MAN LOVING HIS BLACK QUEEN SO MUCH, HE KILLS HIS FAMILY FOR HER….when in reality, the family was a mess from the rip and the black girl was just there taking white dick.

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      • Interesting. I didn’t even bother to scrutinize the source, nor thought to look at different sources. Good point.

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  32. Carnio,

    Turns out this EE woman in in contact with is from Hungary. Asked her what the country is like, says it’s a beautiful and hilly country. I believe 1MasterTeacher has visited Hungary and had smashed a few chicks. Black men are rare there and have an exoticism to many girls. But there is a language barrier: Hungarian is one of the hardest languages to learn.

    I had an older Hungarian who likes me a lot, so there must be a trail.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Micheal,

      Awesome! Yes, for mostly all of EE black men are exoticized and much of the female populace are attracted to Black men. The way Asian girls will stare and approach you is the same way they will do to you. The BBC sterotype is well known, and black men are more or less seen in a positive light if you are physically IN their country.

      Don’t worry about the language barrier. It has never stopped millions of people from traveling across the globe and dating women all across the cultural specturm. People all through history have dated, had sex with and married people from completely different backgrounds while there was a language barrier.

      When I came to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, i couldn’t speak a word or Kyrgyz, Kazakh or Russian. It certainly didn’t stop me from dating and sex. I’ve dated one girl and we couldn’t speak eachothers language, but the date was great. No problems at all. When you start traveling, you will make lots of friends who date and have girlfriends from different cultural origins where neither speak the other’s language and they have been dating for years! It simply is just a cop-out and a city shuffle when western dick police agencies and jealous white men that tell you your relationships won’t work because “the languahe barrier”.

      I can’t speak Georgian language but I’m living quite fine here. Although life would be so much eaiser if I learned basic phrases.

      I cannot say weather if Hungary is the hardest language to learn or not but you do not have to be ‘near native’ speaking to get by. I’d say if you can get yourself at an “A1” level you can easily survive in the country and communicate with people no problem. And your level of respect there would increase 10 fold.
      I’m about to learn my 4th language. Mongolian. My next destination for long term stay is Ulaan Bator.

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    • I remember there was a post verbs made a long time ago where a carribean black woman taught her son how to go down on women. I remember the video he posted.

      His mom legit stood there watching and they posted it on worldstar. (Which reminds me of that supreme mangina .. jacks was his name? Who made a youtube channel telling black men that they should do the same! )

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  33. Peep the last clip where a black witch gets pied and gets her wig removed. These black sirens really believe it is normal behaviour to come out of their houses wearing weaves and wigs, smh:


    • He better be careful these days. If he pies the wrong person, he may be able to outrun the person, but not a fast moving lead projectile. It’s all fun-and-games until it isn’t. People are crazy these days. Remember that.


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    • @BCT
      Gabrielle Union is 47 and Dwyane Wade is 38?!?!! (*note the spelling of “Dwyane”)

      That bitch is pure evil working witchcraft! Transgender son….

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    • Gabrielle Union is the same bitch that told Wades sons to not be in a room by themselves with white women, because they out to get ya if I’m not mistaken…

      She needs to go away. I cannot stand her.

      Liked by 2 people

      • She said the same about Latinas; she had a problem with his son’s only liking lighter skinned women, but not with Zion being gay or a tranny. D. Wade may have escaped his first wife, but he didn’t go all the way to save himself and his son’s; Gabby must’ve worked some real witchcraft on him.

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