There Is No Snowbunny “Crisis”, Increased White Female Appreciation Of Black Men Is The Direct Result Of Black Female Dysfunction – Deal With It!


Once again the disingenuous buzzard known as Dr Umar Johnson is acting as if he has no idea as to why there has been a sharp increase in interracial connections between black men and non black women, yet we SYSBM practitioners have been stating for the longest while that as black women continue to sink further into the gutter of mire and filth, more black men would begin weighing in the balance, expanding upon and executing their options with other ethnicities of women.

Additionally, as has been mentioned many times before as well as confirmed by black women themselves, your modern day black female much prefers the small percentage of low brow, gutter, knuckle dragging, criminal, thug, gangster type black man(Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse, Midnight Freddy, Cheezy Grillz etc). She openly mocks and despises the upwardly mobile, intelligent, educated, established, non criminal type brother brazenly labelling him as an “educated lame” and a “square”, yet at the same time always has something to say whenever she sees the same men she rejects with non black women, smh, what did you expect?

There is no snowbunny “crisis”, what Dr Umar Johnson is witnessing is simply the fallout(results) of 60 years of dysfunction, treachery, deceit and betrayal wrought by the hands of black women against their own male counterparts. It’s common sense to me, if a group of women express a disdain and non interest in a particular group of men, eventually those same men will move on and seek out women who will show them love and appreciation, this is not rocket science.

The heterosexual free thinking black man isn’t going to wait around to be accepted by a contingent of women who have more than made it clear that they do NOT like nor find him attractive or appealing, very quickly he will begin to weigh up his options elsewhere and execute them without hesitation. It’s only the pro black female simp who will continue to stick around and lick the muddy boots of these black females in the hopes that eventually she will throw some scraps and breadcrumbs in his direction.

I ran across this video on Facebook from Tik Tok of a fake eyelash wearing, cake faced young black female who just couldn’t understand the rapidly growing trend of young black men openly demonstrating their appreciation for white women and vice versa as opposed to her, take a look for yourselves:

You black women did this to yourselves, your tears and your sobbing mean nothing to me and I don’t feel sorry for you at all. Again, if she really loved herself then she would represent herself naturally, she wouldn’t need to use heavy make up nor fake eyelashes(which by the way in my opinion look totally repulsive on any woman). Surely she can look around and see how black women at every opportunity will berate, disparage, mock, ridicule, laugh at and in many cases inflict pain and injury upon black men, it isn’t that hard to understand why more black men are leaving the building.

Besides, black women as a collective don’t believe that they are in the same category as black men, in fact most don’t believe they’re even black(except when it suits them to be ie playing the victim), hence the wearing of European style weaves/wigs, the heavy make up used to lighten their skin, the skin bleaching and the utilising of blue/green/grey/hazel contact lenses.

Black women as a collective don’t want to be black, they don’t believe they’re black but black men somehow are supposed to look past these serious discrepancies and still accept these broads, no thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass and gladly take a mixed or non black female instead. Again, we haven’t even brought into account the serious obesity issue, the STD issue, the astronomically high single mother rate issue, the poor sexual health issue, the totally reckless sexual behaviour including their promotion of the LGBTQ agenda issue, there are so many reasons to list as to why more black men are choosing to reject black women and take their chances elsewhere.

I wrote articles back in 2016 and 2017 detailing how as black women continued to treat black men like garbage, white, mixed and other non black women on the sidelines would use the opportunity to swoop in and scoop up those brothers who black women have already openly rejected. In 2020 this is an all too common theme, white women looking out for the best and the brightest of black male society(those particular black men black women staunchly reject) as well as looking out for unborn black children via their predominant presence at pro life rallies.

Do you see how much the times have changed, before white women would move in like snipers and take black men from under the noses of black women, now the ball game is completely different with white and other non black women brazenly walking into the camp via the front door, picking up those black men they choose, giving black women a smile, turning around and walking off with their chosen prize knowing that there isn’t anything black women can do about it.

As has been stated before, SYSBM will continue to increase exponentially and there is nothing black women, their racist white lord and saviour Captain Snowy or the pro black female/black women first simp flunkies who work under both culprits can do about it. When it was a few white women demonstrating their appreciation of black men, black women could get away with the “fetish” Kansas City truffle shuffle talk, however in 2020 with so many white women coming out of the woodwork, black women talking about white women “fetishising” black men is dead in the water.

As is clearly evident to free thinking black men, black women show us absolutely no appreciation, yet when white and other non black women step up and do, we’re not supposed to respond to it and stay true to the unappreciative black witch???? Get outta here with that garbage, that is totally unrealistic. SYSBM cannot and will not be stopped. In the meantime enjoy some more Tik Tok videos that were sent to me courtesy of TeamWhiteGirls:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Be Ashamed To Go Where You Are Loved And Appreciated

Most High Bless

235 thoughts on “There Is No Snowbunny “Crisis”, Increased White Female Appreciation Of Black Men Is The Direct Result Of Black Female Dysfunction – Deal With It!

  1. “Do you see how much the times have changed, before white women would move in like snipers and take black men from under the noses of black women, now the ball game is completely different with white and other non black women brazenly walking into the camp via the front door, picking up those black men they choose, giving black women a smile, turning around and walking off with their chosen prize knowing that there isn’t anything black women can do about it.”

    Its getting to the point where WHITE WOMEN will openly DARE a black woman to say something to her about being with a BLACK MAN ESPECIALLY if she has children by him (not to be confused with a white woman that is basically a black woman’s bitch, literally and figuratively). As for that heffier crying……..really, you think those are real tears??? Those are tears meant for SIMPS…which are not real, they don’t have to be.

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    • Black women want to be white men and white women so badly to it hurts. They want the white woman’s place in society while having white male privilege. You can see it in how they act, they’ll bow down to white men while arguing and fussing with white women. Then, they get mad when white women love black men. I have long said black men and white women need to squad up. White women get fucked by their men and black men get fucked by their women. We both have taken their shit for years and we both are waking up. It’s time to say fuck these white racists and bitter black bitches and make some shit happen.

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    • Off Grid On Code,

      Black women have lost the battle and the war, they shunned the best and the brightest of black male society and now they’re suffering the consequences of making such decisions. Besides, I keep on hearing black women say that they don’t care about who black men choose to date and marry, however we know that this isn’t true because any opportunity they get they’ll express their disgruntlement over it in various ways.

      The black witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G is one such individual, Paris Milan and the colourism crybaby Chrissie are some others that spring to mind.

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    • “As for that heffier crying……..really, you think those are real tears??? Those are tears meant for SIMPS…which are not real, they don’t have to be.”

      She specifically addresses the video to “all the black girls on TikTok” so those fake crocodile tears (notice no actual moisture around the eyes) are not meant even for SIMPS or ANY black boy or man.

      My 16-24 year old self is laughing at this sh**. This comeuppance is a long time coming. SYSBM FTW!

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    • Fake tears. Just as BW don’t cry when their children are murdered by other Lack People. How you going to continue to live in an area where not one, not two but three of your sons are murdered? But this happens ALL THE TIME.

      Tommy was sent an email on Wed or Thurs of a young brother who was going to help one of these heifers because her baby daddy was in jail. He was going to help her make rent. She obviously told somebody and he was confronted by Shotgun Mike and lost his life over rent money. Apparently he was prepared (gun battle) but he lost.

      This is yet another example to tell you that the only thing that works with BW is to give then the stiff arm and waltz into the end zone with your non-Lack women.

      When you marry a Lack woman = Washington Generals

      When you marry a quality non-Lack woman = Insert Championship Dynasty

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    I say fuck black women, fuck the black community and fuck Umar Johnson because they don’t like the fact that good looking quality childfree non black women in 2020 are choosing decent black men out in the open because it destroys the false narrative and negative propaganda that black men can only get with the bottom of the barrel ugly non black women as the above videos prove that quality non black women are getting with black men. I rather date the former actress Lisa Jakub(the actress who was in the Mrs Doughtfire film in 1993 and in the independence Day film in 1996) then date Beyonce. In London in particular I see so many mixed race relationships between black men and non black women which is so good to see because it puts a smile on my face. 😊😎

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    • Yep, Aaron Fountain Jr., Steve The Quean Williams, Angel Ramirez Jordan, Derrick Jaxn, Jonathan Collier, Mental Dialogue aka Montoya Smith, and others can continue to uplift the daggle for the sake of ‘poor black women, black men haven’t help them’ narrative.

      I was done with black women in college and never looked back. Hell, I don’t even entertain non-black women who have a bunch of black women as friends.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I think this is one of the main issues, the fact that black women can no longer push the “black men can only get with fat, ugly white women and the rejects of non black female society” Texas Two Step. This explosion of white women showing black men appreciation and love has put that false narrative 12 feet under. As I’ve stated before, SYSBM cannot and will not be stopped regardless of the mud black women sling in our direction.

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      • The black community is over. I also agree with you that they can no longer push that black men can only get the bottom of the barrel of other races. When I was overseas every black man that I saw had women Who were like models.

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  3. Fuck em! They have celebrated unions for black women and white men for years rubbing it in our faces. Black men are supposed to sit back and be the punching bag for black women and their insecurities. We have suffered at their hands for years and you get these beta males/simps/male feminists who act like this shit never happened.

    Black men are no longer putting up with black women’s shit. We’re not going to take their verbal and mental abuse anymore. We’re not going to be their clean up men nor or we going to watch them be pick mes for white men while condemning non-black women who see our value. Black men need to enforce the damn wall of silence, stop trying to negotiate with black women, and move on. #SYSBM

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    • SYSBM Rookie and Loving It,

      Yes sir, it’s our time to shine now. Notice that despite the negative propaganda that is constantly pumped out against black men, we still have white and other non black women singing our praises. The black witch is an evil beast who has lost the battle and the war, from this point onwards it is downhill for her and I don’t feel sorry for her in the slightest.

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    • These heifers think they have reached the mountain top with Meghan Markle – The Duchess of Sussex. Wait, hold on a second. Markle actually has a TITLE. The same TITLE that Black woman bestow on themselves for the fuck of it.

      Anyway they sidestep the fact that The Duchess of Sussex is MIXED. That is some mighty fancy footwork that would make Maradona jealous. To anybody with two eyes and two ears understands the level of hypocrisy at play.

      Yet Lack women get away with it. Why? Because of all the economic indicators aren’t in their favor. They don’t understand that they are basically treated like the family pet by the mainstream media. The threat of losing their job by being critical of BW is real. Yeah when Lack women call out Capt Snow on his bullshit, she is the one that is made to apologize or loses her job.

      Isn’t that the same as the dog growling and barking at his master while laying about on the master’s couch?

      As you have stated Verbs and I concur, the WAR IS OVER. Umar Johnson is a clown.

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  4. I have sent this article to a good friend of mines who feel its too late for him. I said look the day you realize that black women are not worth the headache and struggle is the day you will start living. You’re not going to have the women your dad and granddad have, it’s a new day. Get out the black culture and start living, you will not regret it.

    I see so many brothers glowing when they are with non-black women and so many brothers with black women looking sad and miserable. Damn what everyone else says, Aaron Fountain Jr. and his academics feminist bitches can continue to read, screenshot, write poorly written blogs like VSB and pander to black women while putting their head in the sand on the fuckery. Let him deal with his bitter and broken mother who he thinks was done so wrongly by black men, we’re going to go live.

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    • If he isn’t receptive to the message, isn’t questioning what it is he’s holding out for, or says we’re all coons and spewing the same tired, debunked talking points it may be time to leave him in the dust.

      Someone like that (and I’m not saying this is your good friend), will never see anything good, and will drag you down to their level of misery without even realizing it (or caring if they do).

      Best bet is to have these opinions, and keep them out of your personal life and on blogs such as this in the event you two fallout.

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    • It’s never too late. Look up Michael Steele. I was shocked to find out he is 61 and his wife is 34 as during an interview he stated that his first child is only 9 months old. I said to myself “I’m positive that Steele is at least in his mid 50’s”.

      And guess what…She’s White, oh the horror. Not so much as shocked but pleasantly surprised or even expected?

      Even in the highest political circles in the USA, Lack woman are still second fiddle.

      Former NFL RB Marcus Allen (And his brother who was a Champion QB in the Canadian Football League) both have mixed children. Marcus became a father for the first time at 52. Michael Jordan remarried and had at least one more child.

      So never give up.

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  5. I would only date white women from the east of Europe. I’m avoiding all women from the west.

    The biggest enemies to black men when it comes to economical power are French guys, Chinese guys and black male simps.

    The biggest enemies to black men and white women when it comes to interracial dating are black females and Caucasian guys. The same enemies that were against the Moorish empire between Black Moorish men and White European women in Europe.

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    • “The same enemies that were against the Moorish empire between Black Moorish men and White European women in Europe”
      Have you noticed black women HATES the MOOR. I dont know of ANY black woman that has anything favorable about the MOOR, who was with out a doubt some of the greatest black men that walked the earth

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      • Off Grid On Code,

        The white man’s deepest racial memory is of being ruled by us in antiquity, which is why today he is obsessed with genetic purity and would kill himself as long as he killed the black man, too.

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  6. That heavily made up daggle isn’t crying at all; I saw no genuine emotion, her eyes were as dry as an incel’s cock, and it looked like she was about to laugh at certain parts of the video! As Off grid On code stated above, those tears are meant for simps (Black, White, or otherwise).

    P.S. All of those TikTok videos demolish the lies put out by disingenuous clowns like Synthetic G and Godfrey that Black men can only get with the fat, unattractive White girls; all of those snow bunnies are gorgeous!

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Tik Tok has completely changed the game, where are the black women showing black men love and appreciation, that’s right, nowhere to be found. Black men and men in general are going to go with the women that show them love and appreciation, since black women aren’t interested in do that, more and more black men are opting for different pastures and getting fantastic results. Black women as a group are too cold hearted to cry, in fact they don’t have hearts period.

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  7. When I first saw the video of the young Daggle in the car I was on the floor in the fetal position laughting looking at that clown almost getting an aneurysm trying to squeeze out a tear, when that didn’t work she opted for the fake ones😂😂😂

    These black whores stay on TikTok 24/7 bitching and crying about Black guys only dating White girls, White girls(snowbunnies) only dating Black guys, colorism, or racism.

    As usual black whores invade a neighborhood or social media app (TikTok, IG, Twitter ,FB) and destroy it.

    Black females (“Daggles”) are literally the macro version of a VIRUS!

    For a moment, ask yourself, what are the characteristics of a “Virus”.

    1. It invades a host..

    A. Neighborhoods
    B. Social media sites (TikTok, IG, Twitter, FB)

    It begins to replicate (multiply) once it enters the host (neighborhood,
    social media) …

    A. Hatching multiple hood nigglets by multiple Pookies & Ray’s Rays

    B. Replicating their debauchery and whorish behavior (“what would you do for the dick” song)

    It begins to spread throughout the host causing Catastrophic damage to major organs…

    A. War zones
    B. Advertisers leaving
    C. Online community guidelines have to be fortified to deal with the increasing debauchery the VIRUS inflicts
    D. Gangs
    E. Massive OOW births(spores)
    F. Business flight
    G. Property Values plummet
    H. School systems destroyed

    Once The Virus has destroyed the host (neighborhood, social media site) it moves on spreading their infection to other neighborhoods and social media sites.(FB live murders, remember those)

    The “BT1-Daggle VIRUS” is a PANDEMIC the world has been dealing with since the early 70’s and to eradicate this Virus the following steps have to be taken…

    A. Avoid contact with the VIRUS preventing the spread.

    B. Do not visit areas where the VIRUS may be populated.

    C. And last but certainly not least…BREED THE VIRUS OUT, to ensure the physical, mental and financial safety for the next generation!

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  8. Whoever said that there’s a snowbunny crisis, it’s just snowing white girls. I wonder which race of women is next to be snowing, Latina, Asian, Mixed, European, Middle Eastern (Maybe IDK for them)?

    That first video, Black women need to cut that bullshit out, because they knew damn well they rejected them black dudes that they said were corny, lame, square, or swagless. Do I really need to put the dating list of who black women really date? Oh what the hell:
    Who Black women really date:
    1. White Men (They worship them the most).
    2. Other non black men.
    3. Dykes/Lesbos
    4. LGBTQ Men
    5. Bums, Thugs, and Deadbeat black men
    The Good black man ain’t even on their list. So I don’t know why the hell they stay saying “Ain’t no good black men out here” because they never want black men until they get older, had all their fun, or been having a poor ass dating history of who they been around, but it’ll be too goddamn late for them, and that’s on them. That’s just the harsh reality of black women like that (and some other women in America too who’s got a poor ass dating history.).

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    • I agree with your list however…… switch number 5 with number 2 this is how it should read

      1. White Men (They worship them the most). ✟🌹✔️
      2. Bums, Thugs, and Deadbeat black men.⤾ ☑
      3. Dykes/Lesbos ✔️
      4. LGBTQ Men ⬍
      5. Other non black men. ↺

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  9. Black women either just don’t get it, or don’t care to. Black men preferring white and other non-black women has NOTHING to do with skin color, skin tone, or physical attractiveness. Some of you may disagree, but if you put a perfect 10 black woman against a perfect 10 white woman, I would usually give a slight edge to the black woman. The problem is, black women, whether they look like Beyoncé or Precious, have the most unattractive, masculine, aggressive and just plain fucked up attitudes. Black women are angry 24/7. They sleep with boxing gloves so they can wake up ready to fight. They’d rather compete with black men than cooperate with us. They want to be married, but they don’t want to be wives. They wanna wear the pants in the relationship and captain the ship. They can’t, or won’t, cook. They are horrible at raising children. They spend more than they save. Trying to build a family, business or life with a black woman is a recipe for disaster.

    White women are FAR from perfect. And some of them can be downright vicious. But like lions who choose their hunting grounds based on where they’ve had the most success, black men are choosing their mating pool based on where they have the best chance of finding love, affection, cooperation and peace. Unfortunately, most black men will not find those things with today’s modern black woman. And that’s the truth. #SYSBM

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    • Right, no one is saying white women are perfect but they’re highly desired by everyone when data is compared. You have some white women who engage in Becky Fuckery by doing dumb shit but nothing like black women where they are constantly seeking to argue, fuss, fight, and nitpick. Black women are the only women who want to compete against their own men at all costs. Bitch, go compete with other women, oh I forgot you can’t.

      Black women will say black men oppress them, don’t listen to them, don’t let them do anything then say black men are conquered and defeated and we’re running circles around them.

      I don’t get into gender debates with non-black women, they know their place. Black women are quick to attempt to remind you who’s the boss while complaining later how black women always have to save everyone.

      Let these women alone. That is what they wanted us to do, right so plenty of other options.

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    • Their arguments about you dating them for race and other Aesthetics frivolous stuff, are really projections of their own insecurities. They look at white people and think that their Aesthetics is what we attracted to because you know men and women are equal, LOL. (I guess people conveniently overlooked that basic biological science, but we supposed to believe other scientists like those covering this pandemic, but I digress).

      This group really do not understand black man issues in perspective because they don’t care about it. And women in general don’t understand a masculine perspective because it is beyond their pay grade, which I completely understand.

      The BW in this case simply just lack of loyalty that she claims she has. She hasn’t had to because she was brought to the west to be the concubine of the European and breed babies. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, I’m literally stating the intentions from the slave Traders themselves.

      They are loyal to you when convenient. Women are pragmatic like that as quiet as it’s kept. The fact that they bring up stuff as if we’re looking at them as pristine and perfect like they do, says a lot about their own insecurities.

      Basic Common Sense would tell that not all of them are perfect. These idiots act like we don’t have our own experiences and others who are looking at this more objectively and not bringing their biases that they learn from their insecure family members. Who aren’t willing to self evaluate and grow and develop themselves. Just like Pioneers from Booker T Washington to Robert Smith and us on our own scale has had to do.

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    • “Black women either just don’t get it, or don’t care to.”

      BW get it. They’re not stupid. You’re just not supposed to demand anything from them and take them as they are, fat, debt, kids, hostile attitude, stretch marks, STDs and all. And you being a “boring” straight educated black male with no criminal record and a job, are not worth them adjusting their personalities for. Yet they would be submissive for Thug Passion or a bedwarmer for Plantation Boss Pete who calls them “nigger” in bed.

      I’m like SYSBM Rookie, just leave these hoes alone. That’s what they’ve wanted for decades anyway. And yes I do put white women on a pedestal! 😀

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    • The only place I will disagree is giving Lack women a slight edge. I don’t know why you would give them an edge. In my very anecdotal view, the only negative is the slight raise of the eyebrow when you walk into an area loaded with people. Do you stand out because you have a mixed race union or are fetish stereotypes running through the mind of the other people?

      Black men no longer need to worry about how Anglo society views you. Just don’t make the mistakes that others have made and you’ll be fine.

      Lack women don’t even gin up yawns. It’s very ho-hum to be with a Lack woman. Being with a Lack woman only works in Lack only circles.

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      • difourmonie & Morpheus2275—- I, also, question anyone giving black women a “slight edge” under any circumstances. Perhaps that is an SYSBM guy having a reluctance to favor non-black females. —- Please inform me of the reason for giving black women a “slight edge.”


  10. Morpheus2275 — — “White women are FAR from perfect.” To quote Mad Bus Driver: “It is better to be divorced from a white (or non-black) woman than to be dead after being married to a beast (black woman). —

    Perfect people do not exist in this world. —- Nonetheless, it is better to be with a non-black woman with five major faults than to be with a black woman that has an infinite number of major faults.

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    • I agree. But SYSBM has wrongly been accused of worshipping white women. To the contrary, I’m sure most adult men know by now that all women have their issues. It’s just that some have fewer issues than others, and many of those issues track along racial, ethnic and cultural lines.

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      • Morpheus2275 ——- Yes. Even the lowest non-black women on the planet are not known for covering their heads with hair in an attempt to copy the women of another race. —– Likewise, non-black women are not using harsh chemicals on their hair and scalps to copy the women of another race.

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      • Morpheus2275,

        Those who accuse SYSBM of worshipping white women clearly have’t read SYSBM Tenet Number 21, showing appreciation doesn’t not equate to worship.

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      • The question remains why any black man will give black women a SLIGHT EDGE in any manner that is positive.

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    • They worship them because they’re not used to having women treat them nice and with even a slight level of femininity. They weren’t raised around it. I started to recognize as I’ve gotten older.

      My mom did have some of the typical controlling feminist ways, but she never talk down to me (directly), call me names, and has start fights with anybody who would call me out my name. My dad the same way. Which is a blessing. I expect a chick to be nice, you don’t get no credit for that. You supposed to do that, is called fucking courtesy.

      Obviously, parts of Europe and other locations worldwide have the femininity game down better than most programmed Western women. But we understand how the Dynamics between these women work.

      Portion of white women who came up with the concept of feminism are the teacher. The black woman just happens to be the teacher’s pet. So I don’t know why you would get mad when the teacher wants to make the move to an up-and-coming student who just happen to be melanated. You wasn’t paying attention to that student because well you like the rest of the underachieving class look at that student as just an “ain’t shit” you know what. This shit is fucking basic we have our own relationship with these people. These people sound like children at times really, LOL

      They really have to stop putting these fucking women on a pedestal. They get that shit from mama and Grandma. A black man, no matter how downtrodden he may be, will not ever say no crap like that. At least in my experience.

      It’s another projection because these women worship the European chick more than black men. More than even Asian and fucking white men. Ijs

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  11. I find it somewhat amusing, that Umar Johnson would even create/post a meme insinuating that black women are responsible for upstanding black men dating/marrying out. Something tells me we now have seen a crack in Umar Johnson’s pro-wack armor. Keep in mind, this is the same man that traveled all the way to Japan for a “Black Convention” 😂

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    • Umar Johnson is nothing but a professional protestor and activist. He engages in donation shakedowns for bullshit non-tangible causes. How long has he been trying to build a school? If he spent less time trying to fight on the internet and pander to black women, he could at least had a program going.

      Black men need to stop giving these simps money under the guise of ‘helping out black people/black men’ as we learned this from Shawn James. They want our money to pay them to simp and trick and there ‘help’ is nothing but ‘telling us off on behalf of black women.’

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    • Sigma Jones,

      He knows full well that the black witch is responsible, he’s just sideways saying it because he doesn’t want to upset a large portion of his fanbase. Yep, the same dude who’s been exposed as a drug fiend too.

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  12. S/O to you for putting up that clip with the Asian girl I’m seeing more of them going for us black men nowadays I love me some Asian girls I was on the fence about them before because of the parent’s tendency to teach racist values to their kids but now their younger generation who are my age aren’t subscribing to that old fashioned world view which is good news for me.

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    • Lowani,

      Yep, younger generation Asian women aren’t buying into the racism and the stereotypes that their parents grew up with and openly taught, times have changed very much indeed for Asian female/black male relations.

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    • As someone who has lived in Asia for 3 years (Still living), speak one Asian language, familiar with various Asian cultures, and has only dated Asian girls, I can give you my opinion in the matter. Asian girls view black men as a super exotic, Hyper masculine and in some cases super sexual beings. The “BBC” stereotype is WELL known in ALL of Asia, This includes Iran, All of the STAN countries in Central Asia, the Middle east, Russian Asia, Mongolia, and places you’ve probably never heard of or known to exists on the map. I have met all kinds of people and traveled to much of these places, and when the topic of “Sex and Relationships” come up, This is always the first thing they mention, or ask about about black men. Men and Women in those places have openly told me that most girls would date, and marry black foreigners because of this and other reasons that does not pretain to the “Green Card” or even money. You know how some girls in western countries, their dream boyfriend/Husband is some Twilight vampire esque looking dude. But over here, Their dream boyfriend will be their version of “Chad” or a Black man (and the black men are not held to super high standards as they would place on their own men). When Ever I walk in the room and I happen to catch someone (Male or female) watching naughty videos, You can best believe which Genre they are watching! I kid you not!

      I am not a good looking guy, In fact I am very ugly, at least by Anglo-Saxon standards, however, simply moving to the Eastern hemisphere completely upgrades your looks in that society. I have had girls, Whistling at me, Approach me, Randomly call me “You are beautiful”, Asked me out on dates where they paid, buy me chocolate and flowers, Drive by and beep their cars etc. In these countries, Dating a foreigner is NOT a problem and is in fact encouraged by their parents. maybe only the super traditional conservatives or super religious ones may reject this, but that can easily be solved if you learned their language in culture. Black men in my experience, are well open and welcomed in Asia especially in terms of dating!


      Now about Asian Americans, Those parents are not necessarily racists towards their daughters dating Black men, they are super materialistic (If they are of the North East Asian Stock ie Chinese, Korean, Japanese). And because Most blacks in America are known to be of the poorer class, this is where the discrimination comes from. If black men or SYSBM became well known in the mainstream as individuals who are smart, well educated and have businesses, I simply cannot see their parents giving their daughters a hard time. and once again, in case you do meet an Asian girl with parents are against this Idea, Simply showing your language skills will immediately break any per-conceived notions they have about YOU as an individual because it shows them you have the intellect to study and learn about a language and culture that is radically different from yours (which again shows you have potential to make lots of money). Check out this guy

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  13. Is Umar Johnson actually going public with his awakening? Say it ain’t so lmao.

    Look if he’s putting up that meme now. he’s had that on his mind for a LONG LONG time, but he had to lay it out cautiously so not to bite that hands that feed him donations.

    Look world, white women are just better all around, get over it.
    White women are:
    1.In much better shape.
    3.More feminine
    4.More intelligent
    5.More supportive
    6.More nurturing
    7.More agreeable
    8.More healthy
    9.More likely to desire to be a good wife
    10. More likely to desire to be a good mother
    11. More likely to think for herself, instead of as a monolithic collective
    12. More Likely to present herself the way God made her, natural hair and all
    13. More likely to have an open mind to try the many varied and different things this big world has to offer
    14. More likely to have traveled.
    15. More likely to desire to build a future WITH someone instead of OFF of someone
    16. More likely to have read some books of substance
    17. More likely to think of her personal hygiene as an important perpetual priority
    18. More likely to make physical activity and healthy eating a perpetual priority
    19. More likely to speak proper english with good diction
    20. More likely to exhibit herself with class so as not to embarrass herself, children and mate in public and on
    social media
    21. More likely to stand by her man in the face of adversity and his inevitable temporary setbacks.
    22. Less Violent
    23. Less likely to have an attitude
    24. Less likely to be argumentative
    25. Less likely to bring bastard kids to your table for you to feed
    26. Less likely to go weeks/ months without washing her hair
    27. Less likely to feel the need to scratch her dirty scalp often to alleviate the unbearable itch
    28. Less likely to have a problem swimming
    29. Less likely to forbid you playing in their hair (something men love to do)
    30. Less likely to spend a fortune on hair that came from indian slum prostitutes
    31. Less likely to have had an abortion
    32. Less likely to have/had an std such as herpes
    33. Less likely to be fat or obese
    34. Less likely to defend being fat and obese
    35. Less likely if fat or obese to show it off as if it’s sexy in skin tight revealing clothes
    36. Less likely to live off of fried and fast foods
    37. Less likely to currently have a man on child support
    38. Less likely to use her children as a means of a government taxpayer founded source of income
    39. Less likely to bad mouth her own father or the father of her children if she has children
    40. Less likely to look for a man as a come up or as a means to quick disposable cash, therefore not seeking out drug dealers, robbers and other fast life career criminals
    41. Less likely to bring nothing to the table except sex from a hygienically questionable vagina.

    I could go on but I don’t have all day, I think you get the point.

    Something tells me the prince of frying pan afrikanism might have a Becky in his future. Or already. Stay tuned.

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  14. As I’ve come to realize:

    Don’t stay where you’re not wanted.
    Stay away from things/those that hurt you.
    Always go where you are appreciated.

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    • “Stay away from things/those that hurt you”

      I submit for the court –

      Murdered for helping a ratchet Lack woman.. Let this be a lesson to all of you and there are far too many recent examples of this.


  15. Damn!

    Seeing those videos of those Black guys with White girls makes my heart melt. and I am NOT the romantic type! In each and every single video, picture or media that exists on the internet, Every single black guy seems very genuine and happy! Not just him, But the girl too! I gotta tell you I LOVE seeing images like these! it always cracks me a smile! It even makes me smile harder from ear to ear that this is now becoming more and more mainstream on social platforms like Tik Tok! It won’t be long if we start seeing romantic movies and dramas in which the plot represents White women and black men are the main focus of the show and the antagonist is always some bitter black bitch and a jealous white man (or some jealous non-black simp).

    I gotta tell you, these things are based in the USA/Western countries but wait until you go to the far East Europe! East European women LOVE black men! You will be approached at least once daily as long as you stay out of the main touristy areas! At least this was my experience. And even if they do not approach you, approaching them is super easy, even with the language barrier! EE women are far more loving and caring and sweet than their western counter parts. And NO, there are NO jealous EE Men who are gonna beat you up for “Stealing” their women. It is a complete fear tactic to keep Black men from seeing that the grass is indeed greener out of the western world!

    I will never forget when I was walking to my house and I was walking past this Russian College girl. The way she stared at me, her sapphire blue eyes sparkled along with her baby face. She looked so sweet and innocent and excited to see me, like she wanted to give me a big huge hug, like, as if we knew each other, like we were long lost brother and sisters or lovers. Even when our eyes met, she wouldn’t look away. She so badly wanted to speak to me but I couldn’t speak Russian at the time and I didn’t want to look embarrassing in front of the crowds of people who were also staring. Part of me believes if I stopped and simply said “Hi” or “Привет”, It would had invoked an instant attachment (Like it has with many locals) from both parties and a could had inspired something. but I would had been too embarrassed and wouldn’t had been able to handle it that time!

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      I cannot argue with that at all, Eastern European women are the best white women on the planet bar none, they are far less contaminated than their Western cousins and they are definitely more traditional and family oriented individuals.

      Tik Tok is a God send because it shuts down multiple false narratives that the black witch contingent as well as their pro black simp flunkies have been trying their best to make stick. We can clearly see that non black women ARE checking for black men in huge numbers and attractive women at that.

      Black men as a whole would be much happier dating out, they’d soon see what a real woman is all about as well as experience some much needed peace and tranquillity, however as we already know unfortunately most black men will remain loyal to the devil(literally) they know, sad but a fact.

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      • I’ve always felt that (and i know some dude is going to disagree based on anecdotal bs) that you should never bring women from outside the culture into our culture. Wrong, if you want to change the culture the only way out is to import the women INTO IT. You can beg and plead with the women who control culture they won’t give up control without a battle.

        So you have to wrestle it from them with better behavior. When society sees that being feminine is not weak and not a threat to women’s rights, that is only way to beat them.

        Eastern European women are in the best position for this. Because of the cold war, Eastern Europeans are not trusted so they aren’t allow to get to close to power, haven’t you noticed? That is why politicians aren’t marrying Russian/Ukranian women…

        This allows them to move freely about without much notice. You can organize though the PTA, lots of right wing politicians have got into Gov via this route. IE just being a pillar of the community can get you a House Seat.

        She also represents many of people inside the lower end of Gov, lots of Slavic women at least in California are Social Workers.


      • Djfourmonie,

        Or as MBD says, through SYSBM we can start a completely new culture, one based upon male leadership, high standards and a moral compass as it ought to be, a culture where the women of it are not burdensome stones and stumbling blocks. We shouldn’t have to fight and battle with women under any circumstances, however those black men who continue to deal with black women unfortunately will have to take such a dysfunctional route.

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      • If you find yourself living in a smelly mildewed apartment it’s going to effect the way you and your clothes smell. When you buy new clothes and get out you stay out. You don’t bring new clothes into the same environment that contaminated your old ones.

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    • @Carnio SYSBM
      If you want even more TikTok goodness of Beautiful white girls with black guys go subscribe too MadBusdriberX YouTube channel. Below is just a small sample of the TikTok videos and pictures…ENJOY

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    • It might’ve been 2 years ago when I heard an older guy (who appeared to be mulatto) play piano at a church and he had a Russian wife (blonde hair, blue eyes, sweet smile); When I greeted them after he was done playing, I asked his wife if she was from Russia to confirm what I heard, and she said yes. She then asked me if I knew Russian (to which I responded ‘no’), but I can only imagine her excitement if I said ‘yes’.

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    • Are you sure that’s a good Idea? Won’t you risk getting Doxxed this way? I mean what if some black Simp tries to infiltrate and “Pose” As a SYSBM friend only to be a fake and expose your numbers to the world?
      Do yo guys have a screening test before you let anyone join? Isn’t this a bit risky?

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      • There’s a reason we all don’t use our real names and exact locations (we all have an idea where most of us are from) on here, you think we’re foolishly going give our numbers out to be in a WhatsApp group message???

        Not happening.

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      • Carnio SYSBM,

        You raise a very good point, we know that the fake academic Aaron Fountain infiltrated another SYSBM WhatsApp group, hence why he was able to syphon screenshot to add to his anti SYSBM evidence collection.

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    • No offense, I would be skeptical joining a WhatsApp group from a person’s whose name is very unfamiliar. I have been on this blog for well over 18 months, and I don’t recall “Baro” being a regular member.

      There is no way to control who enters the group. And we know the “monitoring academic” stay perched in groups collecting messages to put on his shitty blog.

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    • IF, if a well known SYSBMer like Black Caesar, Greg C, FDC, Schadenfreude, Upgraydd, or James SYSBM we’re to suggest this, I would be on board. This is a challenging time for SYSBM and we must be on the alert for potential…leaks.

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      • OGOC,

        Thanks for the shout-out. I’m with you. Security is paramount. Black orgs have fallen apart because negroes can’t keep their mouths shut and they gossip like their single mamas. I like that we keep it tight ’round here. Enemies are everywhere.

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      • Though I do agree with being able to communicate with out outside eyes seeing, till the need arises, I’m content with the communication situational as is….for now.

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    • Baro, are talking about the SYSBM group that “SYSBM” on Kirigakure Jones live steam just now is talking about?


  16. — Non-black women “…swoop in and scoop up…” quality black men. — Note the Kobe Bryant video. According to the video, Kobe Bryant was a “dork” as a young man and he liked Disneyland. Kobe Bryant lived his childhood in “isolation” in Italy and as an outsider in the USA. Despite his longings for Brandy, the black female singer, black females did not want Kobe Bryant during his pre-fame teen years.
    When Kobe Bryant, at age 20, met his future wife, he was not yet a star basketball player as he states in the video. Vanessa Bryant became Kobe Bryant’s “first girlfriend” after black females rejected him.
    In summation, black women let a non-black female swoop in and scoop up Kobe Bryant. ————- Now, black women are all over YouTube complaining that Kobe Bryant did not marry a black woman. SYSBM. KARMA for black females.

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  17. for @TeamWhiteGirls

    Where I work, it’s ABSOLUTELY RAINING snowbunnies. I’m sure you know that hospitals have their fair share of Daggle witches, but goddamn the amount of white women (and south Asian babes) is enough to make a brother want to play the field!

    Up until now the Daggle steered clear, but two disgusting wookie witches stood up for their own witch coven by complaining about how I work in “their” kitchen. They are now persona non Grata, to be treated like tuberculosis.

    I say the more white women in the health sector the better. Thy look and behave better, they care and don’t need to wear dead hair on their heads 😂

    #sysbm #whitegirlsforme

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    • @Michel

      Believe me I know, I’m an RN at a private hospital in Dallas. Fortunately there are very few black females who work here and a night and day difference from working at Parkland Hospital. I was able to get the position from my Girlfriend’s( who’s white) aunt who works there and loves me, she has a black fiance and always jokes about us having a double wedding. 😂😂

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      • #TeamWhiteGirls,

        Are you telling us that being with your white girlfriend got you a job?

        Can any brotha on this blog testify as to when was the last time a black female hooked you up with a job?

        I always hear the opposite. If it’s a black female in HR, your black ass is NOT getting the job, guaranteed.

        Seems weird that black hoes are always complaining about “broke niggas,” but don’t put guys on when they’re in a position to.

        But #TeamBecky is putting guys on, it has happened to me as well.

        That’s TRUE leveling up!

        SYSBM for upward mobility!

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      • @Schadenfreude @TWG
        I was arguing with my brother once about how worthless black women are, the same brother who is MARRIED TO A WHITE WOMEN and he was trying to defend and stand up for black women. The same brother who was fucked up after things didn’t work out with his half black baby mama and he had to move back home at age 25, and had nothing going for him until he met his white wife who helped him get back on his feet, and he is now a millionaire.

        I said homie, there are a dozen dudes that we know that came up in life AFTER getting a white or non black women. Name me ONE man that you know that didn’t have much going on for him and he met a black girl and she helped him get back on his feet.


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      • Upgraydd,

        If anything, BW are always in the cut with some negative reinforcement, trying to undercut your confidence and ambition, or outright trying to sabotage you or rip you off. Words of encouragement are meant for their fellow BW only. This goes for your mamas, too.

        Hood-minded white hoes who take their cues from black female trash are also on this trip, lest I be accused of putting white women on a ped-a-stool (black hoes reading this don’t know how to say or spell “pedestal.”). Jealous and undermining. Real white women don’t do this.

        Most of these black bitches are where they are themselves by the grace of God or affirmative action practices. For all the shit they talk, their coattails are short. They are incapable of reaching back and bringing anybody else up. That’s why they shout at us to do it.

        Everything I type has happened to me in real life. I was born smart and talented in one of the blackest, dumbest cities in America. Ground zero for welfare state, gangsta rap, War On Drugs social engineering. So I know what I’m talking about.

        SYSBM, brother.

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  18. This young brother just got drafted to the NFL, basically becoming a millionaire. His White gf hugged him after the selection and his Black mother just about yanked her off of him, embarrassing the both of them on national TV.
    This is one of the places where I disagree with pro-blacks, if this guy hasn’t spoken against Black people or conspired with anti-black groups against Black people, who cares who he dates? Needless to say pro-blacks and many BW (who probably aren’t even pro-Black) are in the comments attacking him.
    I bet his momma doesn’t like his White gf, but would love those tan skinned, frizzy haired, bi-racial grand-babies that come from her. SMDH, keep the Wall up and don’t forget that these are the same women who claim to be “strong and independent” and not need you, but feel that if you become successful you are obligated to date only them.

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    • Remember the witch mother who got up and walked out on her son’s draft pick? Especially when that draft will put him in contact with white women?

      That right there.

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    • The black mother is a joke. This moment was about HIM making it to the NFL, HIM working his ass off getting up early to workout (at times 2-3x daily) putting in the blood, sweat and tears to get to where he is.

      HE gets drafted in the first round through his hard work, discipline and determination and with the support of his girlfriend; who in all likelihood has had his back more than the useless bitch of a mother ever had in the short time she’s been around in comparison to his mother and family.

      She steals this moment he worked his entire life for, and made it all about herself. And make no mistake about it, it was completely and 100 percent intentional.

      I loathe these selfish broads. All the pain, misery and loneliness coming their way, they wholeheartedly deserve, and I (I won’t speak for anyone else) will do nothing to help them.

      All the crying in the world isn’t making us SYSBM brothers come back to the plantation, and help you out, date and procreate with your useless asses.

      As my name clearly states, FUCK THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Any of you pro black, punch drunk on black whore lurkers on here who think that this mindset is a minority amongst black men, you are hilariously and very sadly mistaken. Our numbers are a lot higher than you can imagine, and continue to grow everyday; while your numbers dwindle and da communitah sinks even further into hell and non existence; where you belong.

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    • James SYSBM,

      I saw that on Instagram, that was disgusting. Black women are the worst man, they think they own black men, ALL black men, even those who have left their cruddy plantation. The mother didn’t even hug her own son, typical black witch, no love nor affection do they ever show their children.

      These pro blacks as per usual are fully fledged hypocrites because if it had been a black witch with her white boyfriend they wouldn’t have said anything, smh.

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    • That was utterly disgusting….AND IT WAS A FANTASTIC THING TO SEE!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 See, we all here knows it was an embarrassment, and the world knows it was shameful…but guess who is cheering and BELIEVES this was an AWSOME display of dominance and protection of the black race???? Guess…and the Democratic Party is thinking of making a black woman Vice President too?😂😂😂this ENSURES Trump re-election trust me men, as stomach turning as this display was, it was all for the best, ESPECIALLY if it backfires on the mother.

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  19. The Twin mating strategy of having a baby by a bum and then looking for a accomplished man to raise said bum’s kids is played out and has gone the way of the dodo bird. Black women believed the white male propaganda that black men are worthless and nobody but fat ugly bridge trolls find black men attractive.

    This made them think they could curb good black men and leave them in the friend zone untill she needs a clean up man in her 30’s. The strange Social media app Tik Tok has singlehandedly debunked this myth as we see countless videos of black men with BEAUTIFUL white women. The white women have gone viral talking about their desire to have “Chocolate” be it dark, milk, white, or caramel flavor. Black women now realize them men they threw under the bus are desired by beautiful non-black women all over the world and these women are snatching up brothas like a fat kid in a candy store with a $100 in his pocket.

    Now she sees the REAL reason for all the anti black male propaganda white men spread all over the world. We are a sexual threat because their women desire us more than them despite all their money and I.Q. Now with the country becoming so liberal that the white man promotes 8 year old drag queens and all other manor of lgbtq insanity non-black women are no longer allowing society to shame them for liking black men. “What your ok with little boys getting sex changes and twerking but I as white woman can’t date a black man?!”

    Black women have ruined themselves with bastard kids, stds, obesity, and their legendary bad attitudes. Now their minions like Dr. Umar are desperate and trying to tell black women that you are chasing these men away but we all know black women ain’t trying to hear that.

    Make no mistake the plan was for all black men to be raised by their single mother who emasculates them and puts them in a dress. But no matter what they do they can’t kill black heterosexual male masculinity. The more they attack it the more black men rebel against it and become any more masculine. They are unintentionally causing non-black women to seek us out because they know we are the only real men left.

    We ain’t out here like kikes raping fucking kids and draining their blood. We ain’t out here like these soy boys injecting 500mg of soy into their bodies every day and allowing their girlfriends to be in these open cuck relationships. In a word we are MEN. And everybody knows it and hates it. Jedi mind tricks don’t work on us. Mind probes? Forget about it.

    funny how a silly app from China brought all this out in the open.

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  20. Late as usual man, but better late then ever. Just finish watching Get Out. Really good movie still. And the white girl in the movie was really nice looking as well. Make me go back in the game again but only the interracial game but anyhow. This Umar Johnson guy never gives up. He’s another dude who is against the S.Y.S.B.M but the thing is that we can defend ourselves because we can back up the facts of the black women’s dysfunctional. But he’s doesn’t wanna see that because we are telling the truth about things. Verbs2015 talks about the black woman’s dysfunction. Tommy Sotomayor talks about black women’s dysfunction. Yo, even me say about it. And when me and everybody else talk about black woman’s bad behaviour, these simps attack us when we talk about the women that they worship.
    But when they are defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, these whorish heifers will got for the thugs, the criminals like Knife Man Priest, Street Mice, 30 Round Sam, Hood Man Ratty, Ganja Smoke, Chappi D, Big Dick Rodney, 357 Jimmy, Rugged D and Bush Man Dennis. And when these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging harridans get breed by these fools, simps like Umar Johnson, Aaron Fountain and all the others simps say that we have to wife them up. There is no way that I’m goanna take care of a woman that has children. And we have more and more black men taking care of children which is not theirs.
    Keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and right through the weekend. Hold her close and whisper to her. And don’t listen to Umar Johnson. He’s just dumb black man simping for these harlots.

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  21. @#TeamWhiteGirls

    WOW! I gotta say, The more pictures shown on those videos, the wider my smiles become! I cannot imagine all the death threats and hate comments he gets on his channel! You have to be really strong to be able to handle attacks from the pictures shown on the video!

    So you live an work in Dallas in a hospital right? I have a question for you, Have you ever been to Eastern Europe? Have you ever been with an EE Girl? What is your opinion? IF you haven’t, will you go to EE? You NEED to come to EE. If we were not in this damned quarantine, I would totally invite you to EE and show you around! I live just a couple hours away from the border of Russia, but it is very easy to travel in EE as an American Citizen!

    I am like Verbs, white girls are not my immediate preference, my number one thing is Asian girls. I gotta have those Monolids, high cheek bones and jet black hair and their Neotenous smile! but it doesn’t mean I would say NO to an EE girl! I would totally be down to dating them! I cannot say from any of my interactions with EE girls (I am referring to Slavs), that I have ever had any bad experiences with them. There is a girl I met in Georgia (the Country, NOT the state) who is from Volvograd, she has shown that she cares more about me than anyone I ever ever met in the west! I always keep in contact with her. I’m actually very happy that we are friends and hope to see her in her city. We were suppose to go out with each other but I was far too busy.

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    • I’m trying to find out where this EE woman who is flirting with me heavy is from. Best guess may be from the Baltics.

      As you may know, the UK has plenty of Eastern European women (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria), certain parts of my ends the only white women there are EE.

      My only fear of going to Eastern Europe is the propaganda of “they’re all racist, they’ll kill you”, especially when the news is about immigration. But I’m itching to take a plane to one of these countries – the Baltics may be the first port of call in the future.

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  22. BW are sad cause they NOW are facing a punishment for their actions. Something that has never happened to them before. All the slamming of Black Men and allying with White Supremacists DID NOT WORK! How long did they think the Universe would allow the disrespect of BM? They are ONLY sad cause they only see value in a Black Man when a WHITE WOMAN wants him. Tik Toc has done a number on the BW’s already plummeting self esteem……..BW are on the ropes…..It’s now time for a good haymaker to put her out for good!!

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  23. @ Carnio SYSBM

    Yes I live and work in Dallas. I’ve been to Hamburgh, Germany and Paris, France and would definitely like to visit Ukraine and Estonia. I’m currently in a relationship so I would only be visiting because my Girlfriend and I love to travel. Glad you enjoyed the videos, also visit a site on reddit called r/BlackMeetsWhite.

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  24. Oh! No brother Verbs you know The Tic Toc Pro Women black chicks have no reply. How can she say we hate her or black females??? We understand them.

    We understand they have a insatiable desire to wear weave.

    We understand they do not want to keep families together ie the 80% divorce rate and out of wedlock rate which is equal to the divorce rate.

    We understand they as most females here in the west enjoy the tangible financial benefits of feminism to be used by proxy against there men as pawns to extract wealth from men. I understand why they would do it so be it. We understand they are agents of chaos

    Thus we #sysbm and wish freedom and liberty for good bros.

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    • G1,

      There is no profit dealing with a westernised black woman in 2020 and beyond, at this stage ignoring common sense and logic and refusing to expand upon one’s dating options is a fool’s errand.

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    • G1, you summed it up. Good to see brothers finally waking up.

      It’s funny when BW want to act all disingenuous as to why black men are leaving them alone at a record clip. All they have to do is scan a page like this one to be brought up to speed. But then us “defeated” black “beta male coons” males aren’t worth changing for, so oh well. Team Snowbunny and Team Ricebunny don’t seem to have a problem with us.

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    • @G1
      The examples and anecdotes of this black bitch are never ending.
      Girl I know, black, very good looking, actress. Gets with some dude all the way in California, thought he had money, or at least he did have money. They get married but at some point he falls on some hard financial times.

      Less than a year after the money runs out, divorce.

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  25. I didn’t know there was a “Snow Bunny crisis” given that most black people marry and procreate each other in overwhelming numbers.

    But get a load of one of this response from a bitter black bitch name, Sarah…

    Apr 18
    Replying to
    BM lag behind ALL races of men in EVERY category, even BW exceed BM in virtually every arena. What reason do we have to care? … serious question. What do they contribute to the community? There’s a new generation of BW who are choosing better & leaving BlackIStand

    But wasn’t it the black woman who said she could raise a black boy to be a black man? So, if black men lag behind ALL races of men in EVERY category (by the way, she provides no proof. Very typical of the bitter black bitch), I asked, “who raised them to adulthood?”

    If black women lead black men in every category, then why do they have a net worth of $5?

    Men, regardless of your preference, do note that Sarah is the norm. She is representative of black women to the core. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Dear Black Man” videos. Deep down they are extremely resentful of black men.

    In closing, I would ask Sarah this: where do black women rank among ALL races of women?

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    • BA,

      I peeped that comment when I went to the actual tweet, black women do indeed lead……………………in having the most debt, in having children by themselves(single motherhood), in having the highest STD rates, they lead in being single(the least married), they lead in being the least desired women on the planet, they lead in getting butt implants, they lead in weave/wig/fake eyelash purchases, they lead in obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc, they lead as being the most staunch feminists on the planet, they lead in being masculine women, they lead in abortions, they lead in the abuse of children, so the black heifer Sarah wasn’t far off, lol.

      Yes indeed sir, the average net worth of black women in the US is a measly 5 bucks, the average net worth of black men however is between $6000-$7000, I managed to find a link years ago that said this however I neglected to save it. Additionally, finding this particular information is like trying to get blood from a stone. I challenge you or anybody else here to find and provide a link to the median net worth of black men in the US, you’ll have an easier time finding a needle in the haystack.

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      • I am sure that is true. Many black men work blue-collar jobs where they can achieve the level of journeyman, which bring in more money than job that so-called more educated black women occupy such as (civil servant, case worker/social worker, nursing, human resources, school teacher, etc).

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    • “I asked, “who raised them to adulthood?””

      Ask that question to a BW and you will either get silence, insults, or some Olympic level mental gymnastics in an attempt to clear themselves of any blame. They choose the men, they choose who to get pregnant by, they choose whether or not to have the child (they lead in abortions), and because most of them get pregnant outside of marriage they raise the child alone. 80% of the blame is on them imo, these facts are not debatable, but they will try anyway.

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    • Yeah man I’ve always said for approximately 85% of them it’s like gay sex. And for the other 15%, 90% of them you have to play like you’re going to break them of a little something to hit it, and then after you do you have to get the fuck out of there because she’s going to be shamelessly hitting you up for cash like a common prostitute.

      In 2020 your choice of black women are either she-men or straight up prostitutes.

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    • Afrankblackman,

      I’m so glad to be seeing the younger generations bucking the trend despite the brainwashing, witchcraft and heavy indoctrination placed upon them by these sirens.

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      • The a good portion of younger generation is breaking free of that witchcraft, some of it practiced by the negro church (i.e., you’re SUPPOSED to get with the big church chick because she’s an angel that was sent to to from God).

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      • @Verbs @Afrankblackman
        I can tell you gentlemen with confidence the only and I mean ONLY guys under 30 checking for black women are hood boogies, (and the low level ones at that), white dudes who are just looking for some ghetto gagger type sex, and a recent phenomenon I’m noticing are the lowest level nerdiest loserist white boys out there, ones we would look at and assume are not and maybe even have never had any pussy.

        Because of the hip hop culture that the kikes are using to destroy society the average black youth is swimming in more white and philipina pussy than he can shake his dick at and through observing his rapper and basketball heroes he sees that at the very least none of them has a dark skin woman. Every baller in the public eye is either with a super light skinned chick with “good” hair, mixed chick with in many cases has a negligible amount of black blood, or straight up non black.

        The alpha male hood boogies started seeing the light years ago. Things may be different in America, where I live in Toronto black men being with white women has been the rule not the exception during my entire lifetime, but I’m seeing that even in America they’re starting to catch up. Go to your local mall and observe the alpha male hood nigga, 7 times out of 10 him and his crew are with non black girlfriends, with the black girls playing side kick. NOBODY WANTS THEM!

        And now I’m starting to see lack women with the fucking nerdiest losers out there, and I’m not speaking of the guy who was really smart but socially awkward and he’s now using his intellectual skills to make some serious bank, I’m talking nothing going on for him loser, out of shape, dresses bad, take one look at him and all you can think of is LOSER.

        And I guarantee they’re going to fuck that up too because they are so maniacal that after he gets comfortable with her that knife’s going into his back.

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  26. I ran across this video on Facebook from Tik Tok of a fake eyelash wearing, cake faced young black female who just couldn’t understand the rapidly growing trend of young black men openly demonstrating their appreciation for white women and vice versa as opposed to her, take a look for yourselves:

    Behind the crocodile tears, I bet she’s subscribed to Cynthia G.

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  27. @ Micheal

    DO NOT fall for that propaganda!it is Lies! EE do not hate or will kill you for being a black. It is fear porning. There is a misunderstanding that black bloggers and youtubbers face racism when they go to EE. No this is false! The problem is A. Cultral Difference and B. Most likely it is the way these black indiviuals carry themselves when they gp to such places.

    A. It is always smart to learn basic information about the places you visit as so you do not offend or take offense to interaction with locals. There will be things they do that would be offensive in the west but it polite and respectful in EE and vice versa. If they Stare at you and make demonic faces, they are not doing it because they hate you, they are doing it because they are simply shocked and curious about why you are there, but there is no ill intent. Most EE have never seen a black man and probably do not know how to interact with you so they will have strange behavior as to not offend you. Have you ever met a traditional Mongolian Nomad? How would you act towards him if you came across one? You and I wouldn’t know how to greet them so you would try to compromise by doing something to get a reaction. They will probably think you are strange.

    In Mongolia, if you step on someones shoes, you MUST shake their hand. If you don’t, you have deeply offended him and Mongolians tend to be much more violent than their eastern counterparts. If an ignorant black man stepped on his shoes without knowing this protocol and got punched, the black guy would had came back to USA or UK and told everyone that Mongols hate blacks and will beat you up. This is why I hate reading black bloggers and black travel channels because they always slam the locals as ‘Racists’ when in reality it was probably their ignorance about that culture in the reason why they got treated a certain way.

    Most EE people do not care about your presence and whay you do as long as you respect their culture and laws. If they are racists towards anybody, it would be eachother or their historical enemies, NOT blacks. There is not really any history betweens blacks and EE so they are as neutral to you as you are neutral towards Mongolian Nomads.

    B. Across all countries and cultures there are the lower classes. And of the lower class, it is easy to distinctivly tell who is who based on how one dresses and carries themselves. If you look like a bum, people will treat you like one, if you dress like a thug people are going treat you like one and if you ACT like the degenerate people in the trashy pop media like BET, Hollywood and all other degrading media, they are gonna treat you as such. Foreigners are no exceptions.

    If you come to EE dressed very classy, fashionable or at least dressed decently like an upstanding citizen, then the locals will treat you will bery high respect. Added with prioir knowledge about their culture and basic phrases in their language you will be LOVED. It’s all how you present yourself!

    These idiots who come to places like Poland or Russia, go there misassuming that EE people are the same as Western Europeans or Anglo saxons thinking that they are the same, they think Easterners have the same hate mentality as Anglo whites which is 100% LIE!!! Spreading false information based on their own ignorant interactions with a few locals. They have their noses high up in the air expecting everyone to kiss their asses because they bring their BS identity from the West with them not realizing that once you go out of the west into the East you are a blank slate.

    I have made the same mistake in assuming the same about Russians, only to see that their mentality and how they see you is nowhere close to how Anglo saxons and black women see you. The same goes for all other EE people. Please Micheal, if you can ask that girl what would EE think of you if YOU were to go to EE.

    PS: What is my proof of these claims I made? My own personal Experience.

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    • @Micheal

      Sorry I forgot to add, if that girl likes you, you can best believe there are 100x more girls from EE who will like you too!!

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      • Carnio,

        That’s good to hear! Admittedly most of the racism fear porn comes from the news reports from football hooligans, the propaganda towards Russia 2018 was enough for a whole load of black sports fans to stay at home, however those who did travel said it was the best World Cup ever, with Russians extremely warm and friendly. Also who can forget Philockho?

        Most of my interactions with EE women have been very positive.

        I’ll ask and find out where she’s from since even others have noticed that she’s crushing on me at work.


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  28. @Schadenfreude

    I was at Parkland making great money, but we also treat inmates for the Dallas county correctional center so you can imagine who shows up in the ICU sometimes. Now it’s not like I treated 4 or 5 inmates a day, there’s a special ward for them, however depending on the severity of their condition they could show up in the general public ICU.

    I had my eye on the position I’m in now but the hospital is private and everyone wants to work here because of the location, pay and benefits. However as in life we all know it’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know, and to get that position you had to know someone.

    The state of Texas and Dallas in particular is a great place to live with their low cost of living, I moved here almost 3ys ago but their health insurance SUCKS!
    But this private hospital’s insurance is A1👌.

    As I mentioned my Girlfriend’s aunt loves me and her fiance is black as well. We hang out together because she’s only 5 years older than my girlfriend and as soon as I mentioned that I was ready to leave Parkland she asked If I had considered working for a private hospital. Of course I said yes, she put in the word and within about 2wks I was in their tier1 orientation program. I’ve been here for about 18 months. So YES…SHE HOOKED ME UP!😂

    Side note, since I work in a private hospital the amount of Covid-19 cases have been low compared to if I where still at Parkland. So far I’ve only treated about 5 cases since the outbreak started back in January.

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  29. I wonder if ANGRYMAN knows someone is trying to rip off his style. SYSBM is the new golden touch, use it to get people to RUN to your channel….I’m going to start going in hard on these weak ass SIMPS

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    • Men who are SYSBM and Passport Bros don’t hate themselves. They hate what the communitah has become.

      Why can’t those idiots figure that out?

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      • BA,

        This is why I don’t bother with black women and their simp flunkies anymore, they deliberately misinterpret our reasonings as well as our position. That self hate line that black women frequently use against those black men who refuse to put them up on a pedestal and worship them is laughable and should never be taken seriously at all.

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    • Off Grid On Code,

      More clowns trying to get some sort of traction and clout from SYSBM? I have to laugh really, as if we really care what the black witch contingent and her simps think about us, didn’t we leave off dealing with both ages ago? Why would we care what they think about the SYSBM philosophy?

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  30. Another seemingly good BM loses his life simping, smdh. He was robbed and killed while on his way to bring a BW some money to pay her rent, she probably bragged to one of her fellow BW that she had a lame/square/cornball coming to pay her rent and her friend told pookie and ray ray, now he is dead. The killer was caught, but this young brother still lost his life trying to bail out a hoodrat who apparently had a baby daddy in jail.

    They are nailing it in the comment section, brother know exactly how this went down:

    “She’ll destroy you in the womb, or out of the womb!”


    Keep the Wall up and stay away, your life may depend on it.

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    • EJ’s biggest mistake was not leaving the communitah when he turned 18. Yet, the simp known as Fountain will mock black men who want to leave the communitah. Fountain can go fuck himself.

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    • This is the kind of shit that USED to piss me off, black social patterns are as follows, enable the urban terrorist, put down the righteous community builders; what does happens? Killers are destroying the men that are supposed to be building the community. I used to get mad, or any more.
      Just fuck the black community, fuck it all to hell. This child was on his was to being a producer, an asset to the human race……….and now he’s gone…why? Because he was raised in a community, THE BLACK COMMUNITY, that had his ticked punched THE VERY SECOND HE WAS FUCKING CONCEIVED!!!!!! The black community AS A WHOLE is responsible for that young mans death, as well as the deaths of young men JUST LIKE HIM AROUND THE FUCKING WORLD…..but I’m not mad, just indifferent to the Nth degree…..fuck the black community and SAVE YOUR SELF BLACK MAN.

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      • How much are you willing to wager that the Pookie who killed him was raised by a single mother, and he resorted to crime, because he didn’t have a mentor as a child? But wait, black women said they can raise a boy to be a man.

        Which is it, black woman? Does your son need a male mentor, or can you, and only you, raise the boy to manhood?

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    • What a shame.You know yesterday I when out shopping for groceries and a scraggle daggle begged me for money.Didntbskip a beat and kept on walking

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      • About 2 months ago I had two BW ask me to buy them something to eat while I was out on my lunch break. I said no, they wanted me to buy them something at the McDonalds that was way down the street from where I was.

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  31. @Upgraydd

    As you mentioned…

    “The young black female’s conduct regarding black males:

    Get with the bottom 10%.

    Reject the top 10%.

    Complain about a so-called shortage of good black males.

    Complain about the black males that get with non-black females.”…

    Black Men follow the template below…

    Robert Smith-$5 Billion Networth, White Wife

    Michael Jordan-$2.1 Billion Networth, White Wife

    Kanye West-$1.3 Billion Networth, White Wife

    Notice all 3 where previously with black females.

    -Robert Smith was already a BILLIONAIRE when he married his White wife, he didn’t want to go through that hell again with a black female.

    -Michael Jordan divorced his black wife, she took half of his, at the time $300 million fortune and within 10 years he’s a BILLIONAIRE with a White Wife!

    -Kanye West dumped his black chick married Kim K, was $50 million in debt 4 years ago, his White Wife Kim K constantly stood by him with loving support and as of April 24 Forbes declared that he’s worth $1.3 BILLION!

    They dumped the black females and are now BILLIONAIRES.

    Hmmmm🤔,do we see a pattern here? Stay away from The Daggles, marry White, Asian or Latina women and you’ll have a happy, SUCCESSFUL and peaceful life!

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    • Throw in there Kobe Bryant.

      At the time of his death, his entire assets was worth $2 Billion. And he was only married one time, to a Latina, no divorce.

      Kevin Samuels over on YouTube even mentioned that, of all the brothers he met in the corporate world that are in executive positions, the majority of them are married to non-black women.

      So yep, there is clearly a pattern for brothers wanting to move up in a peaceful life. And it starts with who you have as your Stargate. I’ll just leave it there.

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      • Sigma Jones —- As stated above, black females were not checking for Kobe Bryant. —– After much time in Italy, Kobe Bryant lived in “isolation” in the USA and molded himself into a great athlete. When Kobe Bryant met his “first girlfriend” at age 20 he was still not famous. ———- Kobe Bryant was interested in black females, but the feeling was not shared by black females. ———- Black females had their shot at Kobe Bryant and they gave the situation a NO.

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    • Hell, even the regular black man working a middle-class or upper-middle class job fairs better when he gets rid of his black wife. I can attest to that. I am far better off as a divorced/single black man than I ever was with a black wife, who brought NOTHING TO THE TABLE but her debt.

      Liked by 2 people

    • @TWG
      Fuck you and your facts! When were the facts ever relevant?
      Everybody knows that the men you mentioned above were just too weak to handle a black women.
      They were too weak to handle living in blakistan, too weak to handle having a screaming harpy in their ear all day every day tearing down them as well as their children, especially their sons.

      They were too weak to handle living in an atmosphere of hostility, hatred and confusion. They were too weak to handle living in perpetual debt and poverty. They were too weak to handle the smell of a real strong black womens unbearably overwhelming body, armpit, feet, months old weave and crotch odors. They were too weak to want to gladly take care of another mans kids.

      Way too weak to handle being married to a skrong black wymens kween.

      Being with a non black women, happy, healthy, successful, content, at peace and wealthy is for weak ass niggas.


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  32. Sounds like a bunch of ugly ass rejected niggas on here. Damn, with all the time y’all spend on here dogging sistas you could actually be doing something productive. This is how you lazy good for nothing motherfuckas spend your time? Fucking waste of space, all of y’all. Real mean don’t bitch, whine and dog out others all day long. Sounding like a bunch of little girls.


    • Man, fuck you chest-thumpin King Kong-ass niggas. You don’t run shit here. Go rEbUiLd dA cOmMuniTaH and pRoTecK yO qUeeNz, nigga. Go find your father while you’re at it. Any old man in the street could be him.

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    • A Lame A$$ Nigga,

      Why are you here shine, why aren’t you being a real man and concerning yourself with your pile of ashes and rubble called a “community”? Dumb blockhead Negroes, always rolling into spaces that don’t concern you and attempting to change the nature of the conversation. Warning other black men now equates to “bitching”??? Keep it stepping with that foolishness, go and worship your black queanies bruh.

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    • @Real Bum Ass Nigga
      If we’re wasting our time then what the fuck are you doing here messing with us, is this your way of being productive?

      If we don’t want your bitches that leaves more of them for you, why would you have a problem with that, are you a homo? It’s towards the end of the month, shouldn’t you be wrapped up with your section-8 bitch trying to get her to break you off some of her government cheque?

      Fuck you, fuck niggas like you, fuck your pussy selling stink pussy having section-8 “kweens” and their (your) bastard kids. Go rock on Umar Johnsons platform.

      You’re not welcome here.

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    • Look miss,
      First, you “ladies” need to stop coming up in here with male names thinking you’re fooling someone (the second black women open their mouth, they give themselves away like a flare in the middle of the ocean at night). Second, if people like you were as tenacious and vociferous over thugs getting black women pregnant and leaving them to raise yet another bastard child (maybe a litter) you wouldn’t have time to SEEK OUT and converse with men who would like to have nothing to do with you. See, here we are men, we are not led around by black women like the simps you’re used to dealing with. If we rant and rave about black female fuckery, SO WHAT???? Go try and stifle a white nationalist page and see how well that goes for you. The sad part is you are the only one here without a purpose or reason.

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    • Being rejected by black witches like yourself is God’s blessing. Who wants to be with you, with your miserable, trolling backside?

      You see who isn’t trolling black men online? White women. Your idol. The one you look up to with green eyed envy. Because you’ll never be one.

      And white women are with thinking brothers like myself. Deal with it.

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    • It’s always the feminized, bastard children of single mothers acting all in their feelings, or a dumb ass black bitch who thinks she is fooling someone.

      Let’s look at the what we have here:

      1) YOU came to our space thinking you can direct the conversation. Not happening.
      2) YOU have the same talking points, and absurd shaming tactics that are more worn out than your black queans unclean vagina.
      3) YOU claim we’re lazy and have nothing better to do with our time (which is hilariously incorrect as we are all employed and quite a few of us are essential workers), but you’re here making comments which won’t get you anywhere.
      4) I’ll let you in on a secret: If you have to categorize yourself as a real man (or in your ignorant case “a real ass nigga which is stupid btw), you’re not.

      5) Circling back to number 3, I don’t like to assume anything about people online, but I’m going to chance it here. I’m guessing you’re unemployed, underemployed and/or probably living off dat government cheese and wishing for the days your Obama phone worked; which is probably an expensive alarm clock at this point because you can’t afford an actual cell phone plan.
      5) Even if you are employed, educated, and all those things simps like you seem to think makes a good woman, you still can not refute anything said here on this website.

      We don’t like your kind, we don’t want your kind around, we go out of our way to avoid the hellhole that is the black community and the cretins who inhabit it.

      In fact we would sit by and watch your shithole communities burn to the ground, with a beverage and snack of choice and not even think of helping you; which is already happening just not that literally.

      We would rather drive out of our way, spend more of our hard earned money in more expensive stores, and outright sacrifice some comforts of ours to be around you brain dead, lean drinking, Popeyes sandwich eating, weave addicted, limited vocabulary, violent negros more than we have to.

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  33. Now that I think of the term “Snow Bunny Crisis,” doesn’t the term imply that it is the snow bunny who is in trouble? I think a more apt term is “Snow Bunny Wave” as in where they hell are all these snow bunnies coming from.

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    • B A,

      No it’s a “Snow Bunny Crisis” for single black females because non-thug BM jumping ship has achieved critical mass. Thanks to TikTok a) it’s globally visible and b) black hoes and simps can’t run the NiGGaS oNLy gEt faT, uGLy wHitE giRLs shuffle.

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      • Schadenfreude —- The fat and ugly white females still have no need to use fake hair or hair straighteners. ——– Fat and ugly white females tend to have a financial net worth that is 5 X that of black females. ——–

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  34. @ A Real A$$ Nigga

    Your screen name says it all..”you’re a nigga”, an effeminate, SUPER SAPPY SIMP nigga who has an inability to release his lips from his moms tit.

    So why don’t your EFFEMINATE, crying “Captain Save A Hoe” ass do something productive with your time like..

    -Stop your Daggle QUEENS from being the fattest on the planet at an 82% obesity rate (CDC stats)..

    -Stop your OBESE Daggle QUEENS from having a NEGATIVE $12,000 to $0 NETWORTH(…

    -Stop your OBESE Daggle QUEENS from having a %78 OOW bastard baby birth rate of which 60% are multiple bastard babies by multiple NIGGAS…LIKE YOU!

    -Stop your OBESE Daggle QUEENS from aborting 1,800 babies per day (more than twice as high as any other group)…

    -Stop your OBESE Daggle QUEENS from looking, acting and sounding like the dudes I played Linebacker with in college..

    -Stop your OBESE Daggle QUEENS from fighting like animals in the street…

    -Stop your OBESE Daggle QUEENS from twerking at funerals, weddings, bar mitzvahs, NBA basketball games, walmart isles ect…

    -Stop your OBESE Daggle QUEENS from spending the last dollar on their EBT card to buy a bundle of “wookie weave”…

    ‐Stop your Daggle QUEENS from going weeks without washing her hair under that “wookie weave” and the hair in between her legs 🙀🙀🤮🤮

    ‐Stop your OBESE Daggle QUEENS from being the “BT1-Daggle Virus” and absolutely destroying everything she touches!

    Ok Mr.”NIGGA”, that should be more than enough work to keep your cape flapping in the wind until you die, which will probably be very SOON since you’re a “real nigga”.

    Now run along “Mr. NIGGA” so REAL MEN can discuss creating new, successful, peaceful and productive lives with real FEMININE, BEAUTIFUL AND CIVILIZED White, Asian and Latina WOMEN.

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    • Off Grid On Code,

      I wish a black witch would try to run up in my house like that, she’d be lucky to get away with broken bones, black eyes and a cracked skull. Notice how despite there being a so called pandemic, it’s business as usual for these black queanies in terms of engaging in violence.

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    • I hate to even watch videos like this– a pack of animals attacking one or two people.

      The only sounds missing from the video is “pop, pop, pop.” and the sound of feet running away.

      Just another day in the communitah. And you want me to raise my kid in that shit? No thanks. Fuck you, Aaron Fountain.

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      • I was thinking the same. My wife wouldn’t be out jumping people or getting involved with trash like that to begin with, but if they did run into my house I would be shooting or stabbing with no remorse.

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      • There is a reason why zoos and wildlife preserves have rules– don’t feed, pet or provoke the animals, and keep your window rolled up.

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    • @Off Grid On Code,

      And Thank You for watching Season 40; Episode 10 of… “Gorillas In The Mist”, Now, A word from our Sponsors; “Rent A Weave”.

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    • Another successful L Express home delivery – in this case the recipient was the white king.

      L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365. Virus be damned.


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  35. I seriously cannot stand that guy. Not just because he’s trying to dictate who a black male should choose in terms of partner, but that I find Umar a danger to free thought of any black individual. I personally find him to be someone who’s trying to keep black people in a self-victimizing mindset, effectivily keeping hatred alive within an otherwise even more prospering “community” if it wasn’t for such toxic rhetorics.

    Who’s he to decide who you should choose to date and procreate with? Nothing but just another person who throws a tantrum for something that has nothing to do with him! We have our own minds, and our valid reasons for expanding our options in finding a woman of value, don’t need that hatred-filled geezer to enforce who to be and what to do.

    And like you’ve mentioned: he seems either unaware or extremely indenial that today interracial dating is an everyday thing, which is increasing each year and has done so for decades. Him using the term “crisis” is laughable. If he’s really for black people – he should find happiness seeing us happy, too. Seriously, what a horrible man… #SYSBM

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kirigakure Jones,

      Damnnnnnnn, so the black witch contingent and their pro black simp flunkies are now working in real time to flag down livestreams as they happen, smh. These are the monolithic, hive minded, evil savages that we’re supposed to form an alliance with, no sir, not me, I’m good, I’ll pass.

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  36. I would like to put to this whole black men can supposedly only get fat white women nonsense to bed once and for all. Black women are so stupid that they haven’t realized that whenever they open their mouth they not only tell on themselves, but show how unintelligent they really are.

    They say that we can only get fat white girls (which is demonstrably false btw) as if being with a fat girl is a knock on us.


    If being with a fat girl is a dis, low tier and unbecoming of a man, what they haven’t realized is that choosing a black women carries an over 80% chance of being with a fat bitch you dumb bitch! If all we can get are fat white girls, well practically all the women in the black community are fat bitches!

    And since we already know that white women are better overall they are still a step up. So if what they claim (or used to claim) is true, our choices were fat white girl or fat black bitch. So if a black man leaves lack women alone for a fat white girl, being with fat girls is what he was used to anyways.

    Yet another L for the daggle.

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  37. So, Mr. Fontaine has decided to write yet another article the likes of which would make Supaslime75 jealous:

    Verbs, he spoke a little bit about you in this one:

    There’s a lot more he wrote about regarding the Manosphere and what’s been poppin’ off recently, but as you say, he’s not to be taken serious; this guy must really want the lawsuit sooner than MOT says he will deliver. Honestly, the slander campaign against us has gone on long enough; it’s time to bring the hammer down on this bootlickin’ milk toast simp.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Every time the dude releases another article it solidifies what contributor and fellow blogger Michel says, he isn’t a real PHD academic nor one in the making. Fountain is perfect for today’s mainstream news so called “journalism” because he doesn’t investigate anything thoroughly, he’s only here to push a particular narrative. Firstly, he claims that InfoWars is an unreliable source yet fails to provide the reason(s) why. Secondly, that Infowars article links directly to the UK government website, the link to which is posted below:

      Thirdly, yet again the twitter post has a link in it that Fountain failed to investigate. Also Dr Andrew Kaufman proves that the virus is non existent via that fact that it was never isolated to be proven to be the cause of any ailments from the beginning, the link to that video can be seen below:

      Also, the data concerning COVID-19 deaths is far from accurate:

      Folks who already have underlying health conditions are being marked down has having died from COVID-19 when they die, this is why deaths from other causes have all of a sudden dropped:

      The UK numbers simply cannot be trusted as the below article lays out:

      The numbers are being exaggerated due to the fact that COVID-19 is being put down as the cause of death regardless of the real cause of the person dying. Doctors are being told to put COVID-19 on all death certificates:

      If Aaron Fountain was a genuine investigator then he would’ve come across the information that I’ve just supplied and listed it himself, this is what a proper journalist does, looks into matters to their depth. This is why I cannot take this clown seriously, remember also that Fountain refuses to defend his position is real time because he knows that he can’t, hence his frequent “whataboutism” Kansas City shuffle.

      Liked by 1 person

      • “This is why I cannot take this clown seriously, remember also that Fountain refuses to defend his position is real time because he knows that he can’t, hence his frequent “whataboutism” Kansas City shuffle.”

        He even wrote an article on “whataboutism”:

        P.S. Thanks for sharing the above links and videos; I’m going to share them with by brother (he believes the states that are reopening for small businesses are “test dummies” for the rest of the nation).

        Liked by 2 people

      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        Don’t worry, got an article by King Sigma being released tomorrow dealing with the true origins of “whataboutism” and what it is used for. It will be a very interesting read.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Also, Mr. Fontaine must have an audience of pure numb skulls if he feels so comfortable continuing to pull the wool over their eyes; I doubt they’re smart enough to check out this site and others for their own research purposes.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Man, they try their damndest to link SYSBM and Passport Bros to pedophilia every chance they get regardless of the absurdity of the attempt.

      Liked by 1 person

    • What you pay attention to you give energy to and it grows.
      Just ignore him, I’m not saying this to be funny or insulting but in my opinion Aaron Fountain is an idiot.

      While I don’t agree with Umar Johnson, I understand that he’s working his hustle and is disingenuous but I would never say that he his an idiot. You don’t build up a following that big and continue receiving donations for a non existent school for over 10 years if your stupid.

      I’ve looked at Fountains blog and to be quite frank it’s not well written. His arguments and talking points fall way short and are so easily countered that there’s no way someone could be highly intelligent and continue. Because sooner or later someone is going to pull up his skirt and he’s going to have to defend his positions in real time and obviously he can’t.

      I’ll engage guys like Umar Johnson and his ilk, but personally I think Aaron Fountain is beneath us.

      He’s just too dumb.

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  38. A friend of mine who is a CPD officer thought this was the party he had to break up, but apparently there were more than just A FEW of these parties going on here last night, these are the enemies of free speech and thought, these are the people that want you to STAY BLACK, and WIFE EM UP!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bu, bu, but…COVID-19 is disproportionately killing African-Americans. It must be the long lasting legacy of institutional, and structural inequalities, ADOS is a permanent underclass. Blah, blah, blah.


      Liked by 1 person

    • Gents, this is what’s called the trash taking itself out. So shelter in place, take precautions going out, look out for you and yours only, and let that ‘Rona do what it do. We have been wanting rid of this demographic since slavery ended, it’s a golden opportunity.

      Liked by 1 person

      • People think I’m cold for thinking the same way but fuck it, it is what it is. We save ourselves over here.

        Liked by 1 person

      • “If your enemy is destroying himself, let him.” – Sun Tzu

        Same goes for those bible-thumping Southern white trash rednecks who continue to go to church despite lockdown orders. They want the Rapture, they got it. Just stand back and let it happen.

        If we’re lucky a good chunk of our enemies–white trash and the low-life negro alike–are about to go down.

        SYSBM, brother.

        Liked by 1 person

  39. Seems my comments are still reverberating –

    As I said in the comments thread there, in Brazil Black women are getting a bad rap. Lots of the ratchet behavior we talk about here is largely absent in Brazil. Yet educated BW in Brazil have similar complaints that are all too familar to Black men around the world.

    They have no choice but to date/marry “White” men in Brazil. Black men in Brazil are shiftless, etc, etc you know the rest.

    Of course mentioning Tommy, they’ll say he’s a coon. #SMH is that all they got?

    Liked by 1 person

    • When I clicked the link, I was surprised that the article was in English. Then I clicked the author’s link to read more about him. It appears the author is a dick policing American.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Djfourmonie,

      I peeped the comment section of that article, the commentor Kushite Prince I’m very familiar with, he used to run his own blog posting about black love and black unity, however he was very reluctant to connect the dots and realise that black women as a group were and have been a write off for a very long time. Maybe he stopped blogging because the penny finally dropped, who knows.

      Liked by 1 person

  40. Now…is this True?
    Is it now true that…with all these tik tok videos being posted about white females liking blackmen?

    Quite frankly, the folks in these videos are pretty much young gen x’ers and/or z’ers. Or the age of white females liking blackmen doesn’t matter?

    And if it is true, should I get on board with the trend?


  41. Pingback: Black Men Like This Are Highly Sexually Suspect! | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

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