Meet church beast pastor Tony Spell of the Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When you get your stimulus cheques DON’T bother giving your money to these filthy lucre hungry pastors such as Tony Spell(interesting second name he has isn’t it). This is the moment I’ve been waiting for and wrote about almost 5 years ago in my first book The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure where I spelled out the plan that the Most High would implement in taking down these church beast pastors who claim to believe in the scriptures yet in reality are professional con artists who up until this point have been very successful in fleecing their parishioners.

These same pastors that claim to serve the Most High now all of a sudden are feeling the heat because their true foundation is being tested. What’s the problem Tony Spell, why don’t you call upon the God that you’ve been claiming to serve and rely upon him, why are you turning towards the people for help, don’t the scriptures teach believers to trust in God and not upon man(2 Samuel 22:3, Psalms 4:5, Psalms 7:1, Psalms 11:1, Jeremiah 17:7, 2 Corinthians 1:9-10, Philippians 2:19, 1 Timothy 4:10). These are just a few scriptures I came across though there were plenty more.

Since this decadent buzzard has launched some hashtags, I too will create some of my own:


Just like the black witch expect to see more of these church beast pastors coming out of the woodwork attempting to persuade their members to give them their stimulus cheques instead of spending the money on things that are of immediate necessity(feeding one’s self and one’s family). These church beast pastors are now beginning to show their true colours and who they really rely upon, NOT upon the Most High but their parishioners.

There is no “stimulus cheque challenge” going on here, so called “pastor” Spell is actually low key begging for money like these church beast bankers always do, the line of reasoning they’ll typically put out is that if you give them your hard earned cash then the Most High will bless you in return, however for the overwhelming majority of church beast members this scheme has NEVER worked out in their favour.

If you want to know the true meaning of taking God’s name in vain, this is it right here, using the stewardship of clergy as a mechanism to build yourself up financially to the detriment of the people you are actually supposed to be serving, I broke this down in my church beast book under the the chapter Institutional Church Beast Myths – Taking The Most High’s Name In Vain, The Correct Definition. Let me ask you church going folks a question, those of you who have been made unemployed by this Coronavirus situation, have any of your pastors been helping you by either giving you much needed money or food in your current time of distress, I’ll wait?

Ezekiel 34 gives a grave warning to pastors who feed themselves and not the flocks they are supposed to be serving, in fact the Most High goes as far as to state that he is against the shepherds and will recompense them for their greedy transgressions. I’m just waiting to see who else will come out with these “stimulus cheque challenges”, these church beast pastors have absolutely no integrity nor scruples, this is a pivotal time in history where they should be giving back to the people who have foolishly propped them up, this is NOT the time to be sideways begging for money under the guise of a “challenge”.

Unfortunately there will be some sheeple who regardless will still send this warlock as well as other desperate pastors their money believing that God will reward them if they undertake such an action, to be honest those who refuse to use their own brains deserve what they get. It’s a tragedy that there are so many individuals out there who cannot apply common sense and logic to dire situations and who are prone to making stupid and reckless decisions in times of tribulation.

This so called “stimulus cheque challenge” hasn’t come down from the heavens, “pastor” Tony Spell hasn’t been ordained by the Most High to request money from his parishioners, the reality is he just like many other clergy members have been living high on the hog in their ivory towers/mansions for many years but now in a swift moment their income streams have been cut off and so they are desperately scrambling trying to get some money in, hence the “stimulus cheque challenge scam”.

It will also be interesting to see how black women will respond to their pastors in these desperate times since they have been the ones who have kept the mockery that is the black church afloat. To those folks who don’t allow their pastors to do their thinking and reasoning for them I say this, KEEP YOUR MONEY AND LET THESE PASTORS ACTUALLY APPLY THAT SAME FAITH THEY’VE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR YEARS WILL PROFIT YOU IF YOU HAND OVER YOUR MONEY TO THEM.

Tony Spell the church beast wizard needs to stop with the outlandish nonsense and face the fact that he may have to find a job in order to support himself and his family. These pimping pastors never stop, however just like the modern day black female their recompense has come upon their own heads suddenly out of nowhere, let them now fend for themselves for once.

You church beast parishioners stay perpetually poor because you continue to give your money to wizards and swines like Tony Spell in vain, there is nothing wrong with being selfish and looking out for yourselves and your loved ones over this jack-legged preacher in times of adversity and lack, stop allowing these pastors to SPELLBIND and make you feel guilty about holding onto your cash and using it for your own needs during these desperate times, that’s your right.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual And Use Your Own Brain Before Somebody Else Does It For Their Own Advantage

Most High Bless

63 thoughts on “DON’T BE STUPID ENOUGH TO GIVE YOUR STIMULUS MONEY TO CHURCH BEAST PASTORS – Let Them Rely Upon The God They Claim To Be Serving!

      • The Scraggle Daggles are sending their child support checks to these church beasts as we speak.

        They’re gullible that way…


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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        It really wouldn’t surprise me at all, black women will believe anything their pastors tell them including them needing to be dicked down by him to be healed.

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      • @thebackhandofreality @Verbs
        They’re just paying their membership dues for their feel good, tell them what they want to hear, dick down club.

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  1. First, we had Creflo the Klepto setting up a Cashapp for tithes and offerings; now, we have this guy making a “challenge” out of giving your money to him. These are the type of people Jesus spoke of when he said “My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves” (see Matt. 21:13). They should be the ones giving money to help people; shame on you, Pastor Spell!

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  2. Great post.

    “Let me ask you church going folks a question, those of you who have been made unemployed by this Coronavirus situation, have any of your pastors been helping you by either giving you much needed money or food in your current time of distress, I’ll wait?”

    Years ago I spoke with an older BM co-worker about this topic, he said that back in the day you could go to the church if you needed help buying groceries, paying rent, etc. Now its increasingly seeming like its the other way around, some of these churches have become so large and extravagant, and the “pastors” have become so accustomed to living lavishly that they need your money.

    “It will also be interesting to see how black women will respond to their pastors in these desperate times since they have been the ones who have kept the mockery that is the black church afloat.”

    I’m interested to see this too, now that the economy is slowing down, food banks are empty, and the welfare system is being stretched lets see how useful Pastor Porkchop is to these BW. Like Rick Scorpio said, BW will regret making enemies of good BM.

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    • James SYSBM,

      No matter where you go in this world it is typically the same scenario when it comes to religious clerics. I remember when I visited Medellin Colombia 5 years ago and witnessed a homeless woman with her child sitting down in the street almost outside the local church begging for money. I dispatched a few dockets her way. Where is the help, nowhere to be found.

      Why? Because these modern day churches have nothing to do with the church that Christ established. Once upon a time these churches were a place of refuge as well as reliable institutions where you could seek out help, NOT ANYMORE!

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    This is the reason why I never liked going to church because you have pastors like Tony Spell rinsing churchgoers out of their hard earned cash that they desperately need especially during this coronavirus pandemic that is happening throughout the world. If these pastors are so rich why should they beg people for money because that is so embarrassing and that is the reason why I don’t respect pastors because they are fake as fuck in their intentions in helping people in need because all they care about is funding their lavish lifestyles/money gravy trains which coming to a screaching halt because people are losing their jobs due to the covid 19 disease worldwide.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I fully agree with your bro. Dude should’ve been saving the money he fleeced from his congregation members, these swindlers however cannot help themselves, they feel they always have to “live it up” for the moment, smh.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. These pastors need to suffer the consequences of tricking people out of their money.

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  4. I hope these church beasts are driven to the hell of broke and busted (where they belong). Let their empires be reduced to the dustbin of history. And let the Scraggle Daggles join them.


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    • Glen Saxon,

      I exclusively dealt with the tithing scam in my church beast book, these pastors preach the New Testament yet bring forward the tithe which was under the old covenant, was never money based and and is no longer valid, smh.

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    • Glex Saxon,

      Here is the comment I left under the first Facebook link you posted of this swine:

      The tithe isn’t even a valid process under the New Covenant neither was the tithe represented by money under the Old Covenant. It’s funny seeing you institutional church beast pastors sweating bullets now that your lucrative incomes have been reduced and in some cases cut off, this is exactly what I talked about in my church beast book. Christ didn’t go around begging for cash, he ministered unto those in need. You ought to be doing the same instead of brow beating and pressuring your parishioners for dockets, smh.

      I too am glad to see that folks are using common sense, these church beast pastors are something else, rather than helping the people in a valid time of need they’re out here bullying people for cash, smh.

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  5. What a selfish Bastard! I mean, He asked for their WHOLE Check? Had he said to send him a little bit of money from the stimulus check, I would at least come from an understanding. But the whole checks? Why does he need that much from people who probably have little to nothing to feed themselves and their loved ones? There are people who could literally die without their checks! You don’t really need much money to stay afloat if it’s only for food and basic medical supplies! But imagine if these mega churches with thousands of attenders all gave their checks to him. Is he going to build something in return for them?
    I swear! These Pastors are the exact reason why I went agnostic! These people use the name of God and misuse/abuse the bible into shaming you into submission into what they can get from you! Absolutely evil!

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      These church beast pastors have a lot to answer for because many folks have completely lost faith in the Most High due to their unscrupulous mannerisms. There is no justification with this dude asking for somebody’s entire stimulus cheque, in fact in these times he isn’t justified in asking for anything from anybody, this is a time where Spell ought to be giving back to the people, not “challenging” them to split with much needed cash. These church beast pastors know exactly how to take the Most High’s name in vain.

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  6. Nice change in topic.

    Unlike American women, I walked away from the church (and its scum shepherd known as “pastor”), as soon after I became an adult, around 19 or 20 years of age. At the time, I was unaware of the debauchery of the church. I simply left, because I grew up in the church. I attended church in some capacity three days a week– Sunday service (all day into the damn evening), Tuesday service and choir practice on Saturday.

    Quite frankly, I was tired of that shit. Sundays was particularly tough, because my father stayed home, but I was dragged to church…SMH.

    Church is so goddamn phony.

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    • BA,

      This is why I talked about in my church beast book that the individual should walk away from the church and maintain a personal relationship with the Most High OUTSIDE of its gates, these churches are not part of the genuine church Christ established. Having some form of relationship with the Most High is NOT about going through the same boring and mind numbing rituals every week. The best thing you did was to stop going.

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      • I had forgotten that you wrote a book prior to Negro Wars.

        Question: Did you self-publish and self-edit? If so, is it difficult to produce a book and sell it on Amazon?

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      • BA,

        It’s not difficult at all, yes, I self edited and self published both books. It’s not difficult to produce a book at all, the main issue is promotion ie letting people know it’s out there.

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      • The following is an excerpt of a review of Negro Wars, from a user named Social Historian:

        Social Historian

        1.0 out of 5 stars Poorly Done Piece of Work

        Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2020

        I read this book through Kindle in an attempt to understand the author that runs the slayingevil website and proclaims SYSBM (Save Yourself Black Men/Man) vociferously…

        You know that is Aaron Fountain, right?

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      • BA,

        Fountain isn’t that bright at all, he seems to believe that all books must have the same approach to how they are written. No, again, how do you demonstrate for example black female violence academically, I’ll wait? He believes as a so called “PHD candidate” he’s an authority who can dictate to me how my books ought to be written and what evidence I’m allowed and not allowed to use.

        The era of the so called academic is done, evidence is evidence no matter what form it comes in, if it demonstrates and bolsters the points being raised then that’s the end of it. As I’ve stated before, Fountain is a day late and a dollar short in his campaign to defend and save his black queanies.

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  7. When I was a child my father was going to take me to the movies after church to see “Small Soldiers.”he gave me $20. ( Two 10 dollar bills) He said put 10 in the offering plate during sunday school and keep the other so you can buy candy at the theatre.

    When I pulled the money out of my pocket i put one $10 in the offering plate and the other in my pocket. The sunday teacher saw me and said I had to put both $10 bills in the plate because she said all money I brought in belongs to God.

    I told her the money belongs to me because my dad gave it to me. That was the kid sized red pill that let me know these people were full of shit. That old kike was so greedy she saw wanted to take $10 from a kid even though I told her my dad was taking me to the movies after church. Never gave them a dime after that and left the church when I was 14.

    TL;DR If you give these fools money from your corona check you are dumber than a 4th grader.

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  8. Here in the UK, commercials for Cancer Research are running alongside the “stay at home, protect the NHS” government messages. I’m like “really bruh?” You want me to give you my pittance furlough money to prop up that bloated eugenics project?” No thanks, that money is for me.

    Sending church men their government check, what do the citizens get in return?

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  9. These pastors are not only scamming these Christian people but they are hustling them. When these pastors finish scamming these not so bright people, you see that with their nice car and so on. So these pastors are taking people like their fools. And these people are fools because they are letting these pastors scam them. The reason why i don’t go to these churches is because that there is no way that I’m praying to a man who died in a cross. That’s a slavery thing that! And I’m not being pro black but I know about the history of his fake individual who got nailed on the cross. The man is scamming people while this coronavirus is happening? Wow! This man is devil, a big time devil.

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  10. And you know what? These heifers will go and donate to the man as well and goes to his church. Look how many black church women, most of them single mothers go to church. And not only that, these churches are nothing but a weave feast in that church. Listen, not only you should get the bag but to protect the bag. Don’t give idiots your dough. There are some scammers around and they want your paper that you work hard for. It’s very hard time and he’s actually asking for donations. Why can’t help the people who has lost their jobs, help the homeless people? These pastors don’t care!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe tonight and all night. Don’t let these pastor scammers con you for your money. Keep your money!

    Bless. Keep safe!

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      • So that would be a no. I don’t want to see the wrong message/intent in your teachings.


      • Barrie. My last name is Barrie, I’m from Sierra Leone. That’s a good ass way to twist my question around man, good job. You tell me, Michel.


      • Michel,

        What kind of punishment should black women who beat, abort, kill, torture and sexually abuse their children should be?

        I notice Aziz Troll deftly avoided answering your question.

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    • Ok, here is the thing, no one here cares what is going on with black women…..don’t black women have defenders for them already………no one here cares…

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      • Interesting. No one would be here if the topic wasn’t about them ngl. I ain’t defending them, I was asking Verbs what would be a proper punishment or any way to fix what’s been broken boss.


      • It not interesting, really it’s not….what IS interesting here…is YOU. You say “no one would be here….” STOP RIGHT THERE. You have absolutely no clue of why men are here. If your knowledge of why men were here was a geographical location, it would be on Pluto somewhere, not even close, so with the sociological and psychological break down men here…you look foolish. As to your question to VERBS, again, who cares WHAT HAPPENS TO BLACK WOMEN ANYWHERE BUT BLACK WOMEN AND THE SIMPS THAT LOVES THEM…..miss.

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      • Aziz Troll,

        The proper punishment is to do what we’re doing; abandon these hoes. Black men have far greater options than them. It stabs their heart when we choose others over them. Leaving them with the dregs of black male society while the best and the brightest that they shunned leave them behind is their comeuppance. They put on a brave face for social media but they’re dying. The Atara Dallas video showed you that.

        And let them get ghetto-gagged by Bottom-Shelf Brad, that’s cool too. Just don’t take them back after they’ve been smutted out by Plantation Boss Pete.

        SYSBM is the best solution for the thinking black man.

        Hope this helps, troll.

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    • Chunky,
      If you want to talk, we can talk directly my guy don’t @ shit indirectly. I’m asking the question not you. Go head and Aziz Troll again but @ me though.


  11. I paid my bills with my check and then I had a conversation with the most high, just him and me. I learned a lot about myself that I can achieve my goals and I have a lot of goodness in me than I thought.

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  12. Speaking of stimulus checks:

    I LMAO at this video. There was a mob of BW standing outside of the ghetto tax agency wondering where their stimulus checks were. Apparently they all got tax refund advances, and the IRS sent the stimulus money to whatever account your refund went to, so the bank that they signed their tax refunds over to in exchange for the advance got their stimulus checks. ROFL!

    The owner said that the bank would have to send their money back to the federal Gov and then the Gov would send them a check. So basically they aren’t going to be getting those checks for a long ass time. lol Tommy also pointed out all of the usual findings with BW, they were all fat and bigger most men, loud and entitled af, they were ugly, they had bastard kids, and most of them had weaves on their heads but no masks on their faces. Whatever, we already know that they virus is taking out fat BW, but if they don’t care we shouldn’t either, let the virus have at them.

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    • James SYSBM,

      And these hoes got the nerve to call black men “dusties.” Look at the ashy hoes in the video with their bonnets and Section 8 bebe kids. Just disgusting. I am so glad I fled the plantation.

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    • There’s an old Westside Connection song dissing Cypress Hill, in which Ice Cube has a line, “and Sen Dog is wack he ain’t worth dissing”

      Watching this video made me feel the same way about lack women.

      A man would have to be extremely desperate for sex, dishonest, delusional, under the spell of witchcraft, or all of the above to defend, much less desire these “women”.

      I just felt sick referring to them as women btw.

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    • I’ve had two older White ladies try and tell me about young Black girls they thought would be good for me; one is an adopted girl who I’m not feeling like that, and the other (whom I’ve never met) is in an entire different state!

      There are no available women in any church I’ve visited, let alone young adults in my age group; it’s mainly just old people, the occasional young couple with a child/children, and the tiny tots.

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      • Those old white women were using their “breed em black” slave holder mentality that has transferred from generations to generations (sounds a lot like pro-blacks doesn’t it🧐🧐🧐); else she would have suggested other than non-black women thereby expanding YOUR dating options, and not fixing up another mare with a buck.

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  13. First some dumb nigga try to bring Kobe back to life but needed a fraction of his salary and now this? I swear money can make people do the most retarded things (or in his case evil)

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  14. Truth be told I stopped giving money to the church a long time ago and tried telling my family about it too. Trying to get guidance and end up just giving money away for empty promises. Biggest scam

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    • Another old white Grizzly Adams hillbilly marrying his nurse. And clearly nobody else wanted overweight Ashley and her kid. God bless ’em both.

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    • LoQueesha and Albus Dumbledore from the ‘Harry Potter’ movies; I actually saw this video recently, but didn’t get around to sharing it.

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    • God bless em, now will lack women stop crying about how there are no more good black men left???? Have at the old white men….meanwhile, SYSBM are having, well you’ve seen MBD videos and my Facebook page, you see what black men end up with.

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