The Case For SYSBM – Is This Who We’re Supposed To Be Dealing With?


All the best and Godspeed scrolling through this heifer’s Instagram and Twitter pages, nothing but degeneracy, debauchery and knuckle dragging, low brow, bread and circus foolishness, yet the pro black female/black women first pundits would still label this woman as a “black queen” worthy to be wifed up and impregnated. No problem, which one of you fellas wouldn’t mind doing the honours ie taking one for the team, any volunteers? By the way, she’s got children too, do I hear anybody willing to bite the bullet?

According to this 6 kegs short of a 6 pack black siren, she’s related to Jezebel and this explains why her snatch is allegedly “so good”, I had the link to that particular video up but unfortunately she took it down. In fact, this female went on to say that her entire family bloodline comes from Jezebel who is mentioned in the bible. Where it would be very difficult to prove that she is related to the biblical Jezebel by blood, one thing that cannot be argued is the fact that she definitely has the SPIRIT of Jezebel residing within her.

It makes sense really because all this black harriet ever talks about is money, oral sex, getting her cooch ate out and sexual intercourse, she like your typical black woman has nothing else to bring to the table outside of the above. Remember, this was the same black female that I wrote about back in October 2017 where I featured some of her other crazy video skits including one where just like most black women she confesses her love for thug type Negroes:

I also wrote about the multi colour weave/wig wearing Sukihana last year in an article in which I talked about abortion and how black women are practicing open genocide against their own people:

You’ll notice that with each new generation of black females the degeneracy only gets worse and worse, yet free thinking brothers are looked upon with disdain and hatred not only by black women but also by their non thinking black female first simp cohorts for choosing to walk away from such failures in order to seek out high quality women from other ethnicities. Again, note this black female’s liberal use of the word “nigger” every 2 seconds, racist white men, black women and sacrificial simps/manginas, three sides of the same putrid, reprobate triangle.

Again, for those black female advocates and proponents such as Aaron Fountain and Amiri Brown who attempt to make the suggestion(whether directly or indirectly) that there is still a plentiful supply of quality black women to choose from, why is it these guys can never show you some examples of these “high quality” black females they claim still exist, have you ever notice this?

Remember, hood rat is a mindset, the so called professional black female is no different to this ghetto beast above, the only difference being the so called “educated”, corporate job working black woman will hide her ratchet behaviour behind her profession and education. As has been stated before by contributor Gregory Chandler, there is little to no diversity amongst black women no matter what end of the socioeconomic spectrum they reside in.

Another thing that should be mentioned here is the fact that it is openly observed how black women as a collective will go out of their way to look as fake as possible but then wonder why more and more black men are choosing to opt for more natural looking non black females. Multi coloured weaves/wigs, extra long witch type press on nails, fake eye lashes, construction site layers of make up, tattoos, butt implants, the list of fakery never ends for these women and all of these things as far as I am concerned are outward manifestations of mental illness and mental instability.

Gentlemen, this is precisely what SYSBM was created and set up for, to help black men escape this same beyond the gutter culture that has completely destroyed black societies in the West, be proud, represent higher standards to the fullest and never be shamed and guilt tripped into settling for gutter trash females like the above, you deserve much better and are under no obligation to accept garbage just because she shares the same skin colour.

What is it with black women in the 21st century always wanting to rap, they want to be black men so badly. I remember once upon a time where most black women who went into the music field would typically opt for the singing route, black female rappers were rare. This is so not the case anymore.

Finally, where are the so called “good black women” standing up, separating themselves from and calling out these types of females residing in their camp, I’ll wait? This is why I don’t bother with the “good black women” talk anymore, SYSBM recognises that so called “good black females” have gone the way of the dinosaurs, hence the necessity for free thinking brothers to save themselves. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid the Sukihanas Of The World

Most High Bless

91 thoughts on “The Case For SYSBM – Is This Who We’re Supposed To Be Dealing With?

  1. Verbs 2015.

    These pro blacks and back to Africa type of black men want us SYSBM black men to date and wife up these type of black women especially the black women who are single mothers with multiple bastard kids. It’s no wonder why the black community is dead because these type black people celebrate bullshit while at the same ostracising childfree black men like ourselves because we are non select men in their eyes and we don’t live up to their crazily rigid unrealistic expectations of what a black man should be. I am glad that I am not a select black man and that I have walked away from the black community a long time ago because I want to date a childfree non black women with her natural hair and her natural look as I don’t want to date a black woman who is fake looking from head to toe and unfortunately 99 per cent of black women these days are fake from head to toe and alot of them are single mothers and I as a childfree black man at 37 refuse to another mans sloppy seconds as I have high standards, pride and dignity for myself and I am not gonna be shamed by anyone. This coronavirus worldwide situation has exposed alot of single mothers especially black single mothers for their stupid life choices.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Those Negroes who are trying to bully others into dealing with these types of women are simply bewitched, these black sirens have them under a spell and so in their trance like state the black witch dispatches them to do her bidding ie reel back in those who have walked away from the plantation and the mess that is black society.

      It’s funny how heterosexual free thinking black men are viewed as so called “non select” by black women and these so called jaw line Negroes, yet as soon as those same free thinking brothers expand upon their dating options they all of a sudden get thrown into the so called “select” category.

      As many have stated on here time and time again, go where you will be loved and appreciated, don’t waste your time with a group of women who will never like nor appreciate you no matter what you do for them.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I go where I am celebrated, not tolerated. I am SYSBM for life man. 😊😎🌟💥💯

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      • Hey man I was in special ed due to my narcissist mother.. I kinda found this post offensive.. I have to live with that shit.


      • James,

        I don’t give a toss about what you found offensive, we deal with the raw truth over here and we learn to overcome those things in the past that have scarred us. If you don’t like what is written here just move on because you’ll get NO APOLOGY from me whatsoever.

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      • Are you serious James? You know Jaws 2 is on ITV4 and I think we should feed you to the Great White Shark because you come with your foolishness. You are easily offended? And you know why these simps will lead nowhere but they let the hoodrats lead. Smh!

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      • James,
        How long have you known about SYSBM? How long have you known about MBD, VERBS? I ask because you sound new here……………………..VERY NEW HERE. I say you sound new here BECAUSE, 1) You should have known better to make an issue of ANY post put up by our host (thank you for all you do VERBS) this is HIS site and we are his guests, WE DO NOT DICTATE TERMS TO OTHERS IN THEIR HOUSE….black women do that; 2) EVEN AFTER Verbs and Michael tried to point you to a site/page that deals SPECIFICALLY with WHAT YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT, you still want to make an issue about it/talk about it/make your emotional state about the situation known to everyone……black women do that….ALOT….see where I’m going with this?????? We just got rid of a black woman calling herself blackman, so you can understand, when you start saying things like, “Looking for support,” and “…you’re just like all the rest..” you can see where WE ALL ARE GIVING YOU THE SIDE EYE now. So what your deal, you come here to commune with like minded brothers, OR…………………………………….?

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      • James,

        Not sure what you guys little rift is about, but that was a very great video and you well described some of the tactics I see being employed in the educational sector with children. Glad to hear you overcame and will continue to overcome and grow much stronger.

        In my opinion, seeing groups of people who are consistently intellectual incompetent as reflected in poor math skills, poor critical reading skills, poor organization of thought is a sure sign something fishy is going in the homes of those people. [Also do some research on the reasons behind the public education system.]

        When you have people who are articulate and know all sorts of social science concepts, but do not understand statistics, logical reasoning, etc then you could suspect brainwashing or deliberate dumbing down is taking place.

        This is a well known slavery technique that has been employed in many civilizations for many generations “shielding the secrets” “keeping the wool over the eyes” to enslave the youth. Now honestly speaking there is usually a need for some authority to assert some level of control over sensitive information, however the level intellectual repression in many so called black homes may rival that of the Roman Catholic church of the Medieval era.

        And this why I say the weave, obesity, bad attitudes are relatively small in comparison to the crimes of ritual human child sacrifice, human enslavement, psychological torture, child prostitution, tampering with nature, unlawful practicing of negro caste systems, etc.

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      • I grew up under a narcissistic mom too. A constant effort to convince you that you’re nothing, and that she is all things good at all times. Jealous of her own kids for stuff other parents would be proud of, like educational attainment or even robust health. Constantly trying to convince you that gloom and doom, death and destruction are right around the corner. Raising you with low expectations of what progress is possible. Constantly telling you that everyone’s going to cheat you and rob you, not as a warning, but because “that’s the way it is, and that’s the way it will always be” with nary a solution ever mentioned — and most importantly, as she would always drawl — “you cain’t do nuthin’ about it”. An ever-present effort to pass weakness along to her kids.

        We act like black people’s subjugation, including slavery, were because of a constant effort on the part of the white man to show you who’s boss. Nope. That shit has ALWAYS been “outsourced” to black mothers, who control your expectations of what’s possible, teach you who to fear, but otherwise tell you NOTHING practical and progressive about life and the world.

        Good lord — I could tell you stories.

        Back in the day, we had the myth that the reason black people are many skin tones is because black women were “raped” by slave masters. Now that black women are calling us “nignogs” and “bullet bags”, and bigging up white men openly while denigrating black men — as openly as white supremacists — in virtually EVERY online space they frequent, we know better about their relations throughout history. We understand that the relationships between black woman and white men were way more complicated than “rape”, even in the days when black men would be hung from a tree for just looking at a white woman.

        Now, we need to kick another myth — that black women are somehow the “backbone” of black society. We need to accept that the reason black generations stay in chaos is because of the choices black women make, and the narcissism they prioritize over even their kids. Animals in the wild show more love and care for their offspring than a huge portion of black women do. That’s not hyperbole — that’s the truth. I’ve lived it, I’ve seen it in other households, I’ve read accounts from other black men who have seen the same. And the only people who can even hope to fix black women and get them to do a little self examination are nonblack people — such as white men, who don’t give a fuck about us, and are happy for black women’s weakness.

        For us, the ONLY solution real solution is SYSBM. More and more black men are waking up to that, not with glee but with clear-eyed, two-feet-on-the-ground soberness. It’s not a celebration, because truth be told it’s best to have options, such as a female cultural counterpart. We have no option. Black women are spiritually beyond fixing — and we face a huge challenge to find good women from among the minority of nonblack women available to black men. That’s why you need to focus while you’re young guys — SYSBM.

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      • The great thing about TikTok is younger brothers are literally presented with a better choice and are going where they’re wanted. Once that forbidden door is open, there’s no going back. In the past, black men had literally no access to behind the curtain


      • being kept behind the control systems of millennia (which includes the mass slavery, prison complexes and intense mind control) which are right now crumbling to dust.

        Black Mothers are getting their just deserts, not with the violence they dished out, but by watching their prized chattel literally walk away in the sunset. The enlightened brothers who forgive are sending back all their pain threefold and causing BW judgment.

        We were given the herculean task of finding correction and emancipation within ourselves by being black. Childhood and adult gives us that option. SYSBM in mind body and spirit.


    • If a young black male in your family is a “select” black male with black females, you should take the time to address why he is select with this group of females. —-

      At the memorial service for Kobe Bryant, his widow informed that she was Kobe Bryant’s “first” girlfriend. —- No black woman has come forward to dispute this statement and claim that she was Kobe Bryant’s first girlfriend. — Brandy, the black singer, put Kobe Bryant in the friend zone, so she declined to be Kobe Bryant’s first girlfriend. Brandy then achieved baby mama status with an older man.

      Kobe Bryant spent much of his childhood in Italy. As a teenager and outsider in the USA, he was given the classification of lame by black females. Therefore, black teenage girls declined to become Kobe Bryant’s first girlfriend during his high school days.

      Gentlemen. Being a select black male among black females is not good.

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      • @Gregory Chandler

        It’s to the point with me that if a black female were interested in me, I would take it as a personal insult and be highly offended because the whole world knows that black women get hot in the pants for these low-IQ, knuckledragging street simians. The fact that a black woman would be attracted to me makes it pretty clear that she thinks I am one of these low IQ degenerates.

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      • @Gregory Chandler
        Do you remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah (where I reside in today, renamed Toronto Ontario Canada) when God wanted to destroy the city and Abraham and Lot begged him to have mercy? God said ok if there are 1000 righteous men in the city I won’t destroy it. They couldn’t find that many so he kept reducing the number, and they reached all the way down to 10.

        God said if their are 10 righteous men in BOTH Sodom and Gomorrah combined I’ll spare the city. They couldn’t even find 10 out of two cities.

        I’m willing to bet that you couldn’t find 10 black women in all of America who are married to their first boyfriend. And these fucking black whores were talking shit about Kobe and his wife before his body was even in the ground.

        He should thank God that Brandy rejected him.

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      • Upgraydd & G1 —— Kobe Bryant’s situation is the common situation for black people. Black females push the select black men aside so that they can be with black male knuckleheads or any non-black male with a pulse. —– When a non-black female gets with guys similar to Kobe Bryant, the bitter black females want to start talking nonsense.

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      • Kobe probably saw what real women can be during his childhood in Italy and was horrified when he came to know american black women. No black man who wants to concentrate on any worthwhile goal should make the mistake of having a “sista” at his side. She’ll always make her narcissism the priority and a distraction from what you’re trying to accomplish. Kobe made the right choice, like more and more black men are doing.

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    • “This coronavirus worldwide situation has exposed alot of single mothers especially black single mothers for their stupid life choices.”

      Well said, it will be interesting to watch the health and economic fallout that will hit the hood (BW and their bastards) due to this virus. I saw another article today where women were complaining about their landlords asking for sex when they couldn’t pay the rent.

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    • “Pro blacks” are not asking you guys to marry black women like the one in the video above. Some of you guys are kind of reaching with this idea of blame pro blacks for everything mantra. It’s becoming like the same blame the white man thing you accuse them of doing. I don’t know any pro blacks asking me to wife a female with 3 baby daddies because she is black.


      • Osar,

        That’s not true at all, when dealing with the US anyway by the strict definition of the term being ‘pro black’ when it comes down to the women you deal with they must be of an ADOS lineage. African women are NOT allowed neither do black women from Central and South America qualify even though black women in Latin America would be classed as SADOS(South American Descendants Of Slaves).

        Secondly, the majority of these modern day pro blacks use the same faulty rhetoric and shaming language against black men who decide to expand upon their dating options, just like the black witch even going as far as to state that “we cannot handle a strong black woman”. Thus, pro blacks are indeed expecting free thinking brothers to date, wife and marry the black women around them including single mothers.

        Pro blacks parrot the exact same talking points as the modern day black female, they receive their instructions from their black queanies, you need to look harder because I see the constant berating and shaming of free thinking black men by both squads all the time regarding this very issue.


  2. “Finally, where are the so called ‘good black women’ standing up, separating themselves from and calling out these types of females residing in their camp”

    Their primary rebuttal to this statement would be something along the lines of “It’s not my responsibility to correct a grown woman” (I’ve both heard and have been personally told this) or something like that.

    Then they have the gall to cry and whine about being “generalized”.

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    • Kameron Brown,

      But yet they expect us to step up and check other black men(which we do anyway). I’ve got no time for their goalpost moving. Not a problem, these so called “good black women” will be bunched in with the scum, no skin off my nose.

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      • @Verbs unstead of you offering emotional support and great words of wisdom to your fellow brother, you passive aggressively attack my spirit because I mentioned that I was in special education myself. My black female mother is a narcissist and did that to set me up for failure. I’m just saying this post offended me because of that. Why don’t you do your next topic on black mothers that put there children in special programs for money.

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      • James,

        Coming here talking that SJW talk about “being offended” by a post will not get you any emotional support from me, if you want me to apologise for speaking the truth, forget it. We aren’t liberals over here. Besides, we already have the blogger/contributor Michel who frequently speaks on the narcissistic nature of the black woman and women in general. His blog can be found below:

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      • this post triggered ptsd, so I don’t mean to come off like SJW. Just saying to be a little mindful when touching on topics such as this one because you may not know the impact it can have on us black males that was thrown Into such program being nothing wrong with us.

        This is something that a lot of us keep inside due to the shame and ridicule we will receive from society.

        You may not be aware but not only do black mothers put their children especially the black boy in special education to get a pay check and other benefits from the state but they also create such harm as a form of castration for white supremacy to prevent any upcoming black male leaders or Messiahs. Would you agree?

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      • James,

        Stop blaming my post for something that you haven’t dealt with, the reason why you were triggered is because up until this point you’ve failed to deal with the triggering issues within your heart, you’ve chosen not to confront the trauma and the suffering that you went through and currently have scars from. The truth just is, you don’t ask folks to dilute the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel, yours is to deal with the unresolved issues and wounds in your heart.

        That whole avenue of trying to censor people around you in order to avoid being triggered is yet another reason why you are struggling to heal yourself and to get back on track. We can help you over here but trying deal with the problems in the same failed manner that you’ve been doing for the longest is NOT going to help you at all.

        If you are genuinely seeking help the last thing you need to do is roll into a forum and attempt to dictate what the owner should or shouldn’t be writing about. Instead you simply lay out your case and ask for help and guidance.

        Yes, I’m fully aware that black women use their children in anyway possible in order to get a cheque from the State, this is something I’ve talked about extensively in my book Negro Wars as well as on this blog, we SYSBM practitioners are experts in black female skullduggery and dysfunction, we know exactly how these black women roll.

        Yes, something I’ve talked about many times before here is how black women are employed by the State to keep black men and black society flat on their faces, black women do not want to give up their leadership position and so they can and in the overwhelming majority of the time jinx and sabotage the lives of black males from a very young age(as soon as they are born to be honest).

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      • @James
        No offense but you need to strengthen your resolve and grow a pair of nuts. There is no way to shield one self from triggers, they’re all over, it’s called life. For example I’ve chosen not to drink for this year as well as I quit smoking. All my friends drink, and I live in the entertainment district, temptations abound.

        If I fail am I supposed to blame the bar or my friends?

        Get the help you need and deal with the issue head on, there is no safe space in real life. What would happen if two of your co workers were speaking with each other about special ed and you over heard, would you lose your shit and get fired? Not a good idea.

        No matter what happens to you in life, it’s your responsibility. That’s part of growing up.

        Deal with it.

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      • @Verbs
        “Yes, I’m fully aware that black women use their children in anyway possible in order to get a cheque from the State, this is something I’ve talked about extensively in my book Negro Wars as well as on this blog, we SYSBM practitioners are experts in black female skullduggery and dysfunction, we know exactly how these black women roll.”

        In my neck of the woods they used to call it a “crazy check”. Hoodrats would get them if their bastard was mentally ill or mentally challenged. Even back then I knew it was probably a scam to get more government money and that nothing was probably wrong with those kids. I used to hear people bragging about spending their crazy check on Jordans and stuff. SMH

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  3. “No problem, which one of you fellas wouldn’t mind doing the honours ie taking one for the team, any volunteers? By the way, she’s got children too, do I hear anybody willing to bite the bullet?”

    **sees everyone looking at me while I’m writing my book. Looks over**

    What do y’all niggas want? **shows video**. If y’all expect me to wife that up I’m burning every single one of y’all

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  4. Ya remember me linking you that video of this heifer a year back? I made a video on her BLACK WOMEN LACK SHAME PT V on BlackAvenger. In that video, the heifer admitted to selling her soul to the devil and did not even know that she did. Negroes need to wise up and realize you ain’t getting payed till you sellout.

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    • Teacherofisrael,

      Real talk, I remember that video, looks like the witch couldn’t resist the dainty treats of her handlers and went right back into the fold, smh. This is the overwhelming majority of black women in nutshell, they’ve sold themselves out to Satan but in their delusional minds still attempt to claim the Most High and the scriptures.

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  5. Good grief! Not only does she look like a neon hair dyed chimpanzee, she acts like a beast crawling on all fours and moving about like she is hunting gazelles in the plains of Africa; Gerbil Face can have this if he’s serious about “keeping it Black”. Blue Collar Trevor is looking for nothing but pure, unadulterated femininity which the Black woman fumbled like a football only to have Team Becky, Team Maria, Team Jun, and all others pick it up and score.

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  6. Right, most of the time I have approached black women and chatted up some white chicks occasionally but when I saw the hoodrat heifer rapping the video with the P226 automatic in her hand I was thinking? Do we have to wife these women up? I got the simple answer. No! You can’t marry these hoodrats because they will bring problems in the marriage and we also have to have children with scraggle daggles like them? No way. You can’t breed these whores. And they shame us because we don’t wanna deal with these women? But we shame them when these ghetto ratchet hoodrats stab them in the back. And we always warn them about these worthless heifers who live off the system and has more then one baby father. But the question is that do they know the fathers of their off springs?


    • Yea whatever. You attack your fellow brother because I mentioned that I was in special education.. instead of offering emotional support and great words of wisdom to uplift my spirit. You insult me. You and verbs are just like everyone else. All it takes is a word or a topic to trigger you like MK Ultra and you become just like to crowd you condemn.. that’s why I hate groups for the most part because at the end of the day you all are fucking hypocrites !


      • James

        I encourage you to seek counselling from your local therapist. Yes, lockdown, but many offer online and telephone sessions currently.

        Your current repressed anger and rage can be treated. I wish you luck!

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      • Here this now. The reason why S.Y.SB.M, M.G.T.OW, I.B.M.O.R, heterosexual black males, thinking black men get attacked by you simps is because we will never will date these scraggs that you are defending. You simps attack us when we are talking logic but we know how to defend ourselves and that’s what we are doing right now. But here this bro! You see these hoodrats you are defending, they will stab you in the back and betray you while they are getting dick down by Pookie, Ray Ray and Long Dick 44. Keep up the good work!

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      • James, quit whining. It’s not our fault you were in special ed and branded as stupid. Nor is it a bunch of strangers on the internet’s job to give you “emotional support.” We’re men here who deal with our issues. Advice, wisdom from an elder brother, venting, sure. Anything else you’re on your own.

        Your shitty black single mama did a number on you. I wish you healing.

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  7. These simps like Bareback Fountain, Shawn James, Monty Woodgrain, Tyrone Thompson, Clifton Rainey, Kevin Smith, Dean The Simp Williams and all of the other simps especially on social media, when they talk, they sound like a scratch up record that skips when it plays on the record player. All they do is talk shit in people’s ear hole. When they on a podcast you go on live on YouTube, they are attacking S.Y.S.B.M but these harridans don’t give a damn about these fools. You see 2020 is a war between the S.Y.S.B.M and the Simps and quess what? Money Cultural is in the frontline defending the S.Y.S.B.M.
    Keep your white sugar honeys safe. Hold her tight right through the night. Have a good weekend as well. It rain today and I hope it wash away the simps and the hoodrats away.

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  8. there is little to no diversity amongst black women no matter what end of the socioeconomic spectrum they reside in.

    Truer have never been spoken. They are ALL like this bitch at heart, it’s just a matter of time before they show their true colors.

    Which half way decent family would let you bring a bitch like that home talking about you’re gonna marry her?
    If you can’t spell, you’re only way to make money is to sell. Ass.

    Imagine take your student to work day lol

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    • I’ve been saying it’s matter of degrees. Growing up solidly middle class meant that most of the behaviors that Tommy highlights are absent but the feeling that you are being slighted by society remains.

      There are millions of woman AT HOME RIGHT NOW constantly logging onto Tinder and other dating sites. Because of the pandemic Tinder has allowed more women from outside of your general area to appear in your feed. While I still get a ton of Russian and Chinese women in my feed, I am getting more women from the Southern European countries and Latin America.

      No reason at all to consider some real life “Troll On Tour”


  9. SYSBMers,

    This ilk of black women for exanple the woman above are so vulgar in the way they speak and how they act. I deemed them hypersexuals and people on the outside (non-black people) wonder why your stereotypical black man/men from that dysfunctional environment are so oversexed. These men got that behavior from said women like their mothers, sisters, aunts and so forth. I will tell you this if your stereotypical BW can’t do any better then her group of men won’t do better. It all begins and ends with the communitah and its queans. Money and f*cking is all they live for, nothing else matters.

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  10. When it comes to dealing with crazy broads like this, fuck the team. Every man for themselves.

    Who the hell finds this attractive? I honestly don’t get it. Any of you pro whack, male feminist, raised by ghetto ass single mother simps lurking on here (we know you’re out there) can you please explain why you think this is attractive?

    Can you please explain why you feel we need to forgo all those beautiful, feminine, in decent shape, healthy, and submissive non black women all over the world (most of whom are childless and have a pleasant attitude and demeanor) who are all but throwing themselves at clean cut, educated brothers with common sense to go back to the plantation and deal with the complete opposite AT BEST????

    I would seriously love to know, but i highly doubt I’ll get an answer. And if I do, it’ll be some ridiculous shaming tactic my friends 6 year old can debunk in ten minutes.

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    • Why do black men have to mollycoddle and “protek” somebody else? If you’re over the age of 21, you’re a grown human adult responsible for yourself. I’m NOT a permanent caretaker to anybody.

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    • Scarcity mindset, most Black People have grown up with this false reality. I liken this to the chicken crossing the road. How many chickens have died trying to cross the road? The one chicken that crossed the road successfully is never heard from again for obvious reasons.

      That is how SYSBM Knights should view the world. If you’ve never been to another country it will seem like crossing the road for that chicken.

      I’m going to be brutally honest here. Most of the time I have spent overseas was chasing women IE women I would contact online via dating sites and then I would go to their country to visit. Has it worked? Well I’m not married if that’s an indication however it’s not pointless and haven’t given up. There are far too many advantages to visiting countries. I would have never considered moving overseas until I experienced it.

      One example –

      If you had dual citizenship, you could have easily escaped this pandemic, at least the lock down rules. There are countries where they haven’t had one case of Covid -19. Granted many of these countries are not high on the list of goto vacation spots. Ukraine isn’t user friendly if you know what I mean. Almost nobody speaks English yet the country is teaming with women 18-45. It’s not an accident that many of the mail-order bride companies set up shop there.

      The takeaway from that activity has shown me the importance of getting my financial house in order. While I have avoided getting women pregnant and coming to term with a child (I have gotten women pregnant…) I have burned up money doing various activities over the years. I have boiled it down to the two things I love the most and turn those into money making machines.

      There is no reason to consider these Trolls on Tour. I also don’t hear what these pro black harpies say because I largely avoid Black YouTube, Black Twitter, Black Facebook and Black Instagram. That’s how I didn’t noticed the hit pieces or who even Aaron Fountain was. Black internet just seems dysfunctional to me, I used BlackPeopleMeet to find White women and it’s not as strange sounding as you think it is.


  11. You all seen this?

    I think someone posted something about making Africa the face of Coronavirus. In my opinion seeing the figures of deaths, I would say the US will become the face of the virus as more people have been infected and died over there compared to Spain and Italy. Its mainly affecting Western countries the worst. I also think it may be too early to tell to be honest.

    What do you all think?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t really believe the death count estimates anymore. They are probably HOPING that Africa sees 300k deaths if I had to guess. They want to go down there and start testing out those experimental “vaccines” on them.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Jon,

      I’m glad that Trump dumped the WHO model after it was proven to be a crock of nonsense, unfortunately draconian, socialist countries like the UK and most parts of Europe will still go along with the program even though the data has been discredited. This is why I advise outside folks never to come to the UK to live, as bad as the US is, living in a republic is far better than residing in a socialist country.

      I’m not believing any of the figures coming out either, especially as it has come to light that doctors and nurses are being told to put COVID-19 on the death certificates of all deaths. The numbers are being fudged and manipulated in order to justify Martial law type lockdowns and later on the supposed “vaccine”. Like I’ve stated before, I don’t believe there is any killer virus loose, however there will be once the vaccine comes into play.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs,

        What happened to the UK? They had so much power back in the day and they squandered it. The island my family is from is actually an old colony of the UK. All the UK had to do was give some of the colonized countries a decent lifestyle and they could have maintained their colonies for a long time. Now the UK is digging it’s own grave. Perhaps it is karma. I see the same thing happening to the US in the near future. I for one am not taking that vaccine once it comes out.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Kravebrazil,

        The people in the UK for a large part have become lazy and complacent, psychopaths and sociopaths typically move into high positions of power whenever the general public doesn’t keep the government in line. This is exactly what happens when you don’t maintain a moral compass, there’s no basis to stand up for anything and so you get overran with tyranny. The US is heading in the same direction, however because of the republic foundation as opposed to socialism, there is still a semblance of justice remaining hence why folks in the US are beginning to protest the extreme lockdown measures especially in Democrat run states.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs,

        I’ll forward the words of one nurse in a COVID ward when I asked when it will be all over:

        “It’s already over”

        Despite the number of deaths, the wards have never been at over full capacity, the deaths have mostly been elderly people with comorbidities, with those who actually recover and return home.

        Thankfully the virus wasn’t as deadly as the SARS or even MERS. I believe the worst has passed and the lockdown will be eased around mid May.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Michel,

        Yet the UK government will still have us under lockdown for a further 3 weeks. It will be interesting to see what new conditions we’ll be under once they begin to ease the restrictions.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Verbs

        I said it before and I’ll say it again. Trump (for all of his many faults) is one of the very few things keeping us from plummeting into hell.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Trump’s an asshole, but he’s playing an absolute blinder.

        The fact that he’s ready to open up shop next week just highlights how badly the UK and Europe managed this pandemic, which suggests to me that they wanted the maximum number of casualties in preparation for the microchip vaccine.

        Trump knows exactly the agenda and the snakes around him and completely played them off the park.


    • I refuse to read anything else regarding COVID-19; I stopped believing the numbers a long time ago.


    • Whatever the actual statistics are, the US has a higher death rate due to it’s selective response to the crisis. Meaning that Trump called it hoax at first when warnings about it go back to the Fall of 2019. Then when it become apparent it wasn’t a hoax he acknowledged it but continued to find someone to blame or lash out at the “fake” media for asking questions. I stop watching those Covid-19 Task Force updates because last week he actually got mad that the media wasn’t congratulating him for his tepid response.

      Grade One Asshole/Narcissist

      California has largely avoided the high death count. New York has one of the highest population densities in the world, it’s not a surprise at all that death rates would be high with so many people crammed into a small space.

      Many giggle at the urban sprawl of many West Coast cities, ha we got the last laugh.


    • Upgraydd,

      That scene describes the whole world perfectly right now. The deception these joos have unleashed is unbelievable, how folks have been bamboozled and tricked into believing in this killer virus nonsense. I walk down the street watching people wearing masks and gloves, passing my by widely, paranoid when they have to walk past you in a shop/supermarket, I’m living in the Twilight Zone right now. Social distancing is really antisocial behaviour, at least in the US people are beginning to protest and say enough is enough, not a peep out of these UK socialites yet, smh.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. When you think Blackistan has hit rock bottom, it continues to find new depths of failure as the rate of L’s dropped on the territory accelerates on the daily..

    L’s courtesy of L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


    Liked by 1 person

    • The bitch says, even during quarantine, she’s a 10. Shit, on her best day, she’s a 5, at best, and that’s when she’s faking femininity. In the video, she’s a 4 at best.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Who cares if she’s a 10 or a 5. She is doing what Black women have been doing for 40 years, blaming Black men for their failure.

        She is just laying out the reality, which is why I don’t spend my time talking about Black women this and Black women that.

        This is it, right thurr.

        Liked by 1 person

    • This foul mouthed heifer is nowhere near a 10; maybe she wouldn’t be piecing niggas together if she left niggas alone, but then again, water seeks its own level.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I couldn’t get through this whole thing as I can’t stand listening to these hoes for more than a minute at a time, but I have some words of wisdom for her.

      “Life does not ask what we want. It presents us with options”

      ― Thomas Sowell

      p.s. your options are only as good as your value.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Of course you can’t stand to listen to it, it’s repeated so often it becomes irritating. I started laughing, not at her pe-se but at Black women as a whole. Because like I said her complaint is real. It’s what Black women are doing about it that is disappointing. IE they don’t see a problem with what they are doing as a collective.

        She is not attractive. I really don’t care if that view if impacted by living in the United States, because we live in the United States, assuming you are from the US. That said the UK is similar enough to include Brits. We are constantly shown images of attractive and supposedly attractive White women. Of course that has an impact, but its not what Black women and Pro Black typically think it is.

        Going beyond skin color for a minute because skin color is a problem the world over, not just in Anglo countries. Men are attracted to certain facial cues. Most Black women because of higher level of testosterone tend to look more masculine, it’s not their fault it is what it is.

        I find it funny that for some reason we have to pay attention to the unattractive Black women and sympathize with them. Her plight in life is no different than any other average and below looking women. They all complain they can’t climb into the upper classes via marriage and that frustrates them. At least not without compromises.

        IMHO men compromise too much. Being alone becomes a real problem for any human being, you can’t fault them for that.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. That 44 second video is sheer black female mental illness and aggression.

    In a perfect world, that is EXACTLY the demographic that would be killed off by the ‘Rona. But unfortunately these gutter trash black hoes are like roaches. Unkillable.


      • Michel, I done told ya. Let the ‘Rona do what it do. Natural selection at work. Keeping my fingers crossed the right people go down behind this sh**.


  14. She is just telling the truth. Who cares if she’s not all that attractive or feminine. I’ve had attractive Black women make that complaint.

    They have a choice of Pookie/Ray-Ray/Shotgun Mike, Blue Collar Phil or Rich Reginald. They are really mad at Blue Collar Phil for not striving for more. They are mad at Reggie for building a harem rather than build a relationship/family with one woman. They are mad at Shotgun for obvious reasons.

    So what, they made their bed, now they must lay in it. The world has changed a Black men is only restricted by his own thought process.

    Far too many women out there to choose from.


  15. I don’t know how to spell but I can count that money…gang ish…just plain ol disgusting she should have used the gun on herself


  16. @Chunky Bruh and there it is, another dismissive response. You wish me healing but no tips on how to start a healing process after being hit with something so damaging????

    I’m done with this.. it appears that I’m communicating with wolves in sheep’s clothing


    • James,

      There aren’t any wolves here, don’t forget how you first came onto this platform. Had you simply asked for advice or to be pointed in the right direction then you wouldn’t have received such a hostile reception and response. I came across this video earlier on, it’s in relation to sexual abuse however it talks about therapy which is exactly what you need:


  17. I am afraid that things will get worse and far from getting better anytime sooner. This black crazy woman is more like:


  18. Sukihana has almost a million followers on Instagram, and is a reality star from love and hip hop Miami, Net worth a few million dollars… All success takes hard work, and it’s brothers like myself that will love black women regardless, i do understand this site, I’m not trying to troll, or argue or judge. Just felt like commenting


    • John Doe,

      I wish you all the best in your endeavour loving black women, I hope it pays off for you, however I will not be taking onboad any women with such low standards anytime soon yet alone black women of the same.


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