Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

The above as far as I am concerned is the new face of our anti SYSBM obsessed stalker Aaron Fountain. In his latest diatribe against SYSBM he yet again attempts to claims that scholarly research is the only qualification required in order to critique black women, yet to date Fountain has NOT applied nor put forward any form of “scholarly research” and evidence in support of the black women he very poorly is trying his utmost to defend.

When it comes down to black women and their dysfunction, I apply SCIENCE when dealing with and breaking down such behaviour. In the same way that I was forced to put Amiri Brown(of The Great Liberators) straight on a similar argument he made during our recent debate, Mr Fountain unfortunately must also be brought up to speed on the definition of science and how it can be applied to studying and demonstrating black female dysfunction and skullduggery. One definition of “science” according to which fits my line of investigative research is the following:

“Systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through OBSERVATION and experimentation.”

Another definition that could also be applied within this particular arena is the following”

“Knowledge, as of facts or principles; KNOWLEDGE GAINED by systematic STUDY.”

See, with our MIA resident simp D32018, as poor as his efforts were, at least he attempted to defend black women, Fountain on the other hand engaging in his delusions of grandeur believes that speaking against various SYSBM statements without providing a counter argument as well as the evidence to bolster that particular position somehow equates to something substantiative, err no Fountain. Being a PHD candidate doesn’t carry any weight over here, you’ll still have to show and prove in order to be taken seriously as well as deal with BOTH sides of the story(which as a black male feminist you won’t).

Has Aaron Fountain to date put forward any evidence to disprove the astronomically high abortion rate amongst black women, NO.
Has Aaron Fountain to date brought forward any evidence to disprove or counter black women and their propensity towards violence, NO.
Has Aaron Fountain examined and fairly addressed the many reasons behind the resentment many black men have towards black women, NO.
In examining SYSBM and its core principles, has Aaron Fountain even mentioned the 23 SYSBM Tenets(which would be the obvious first place to begin), NO.
Has Fountain in criticising my book Negro Wars to date put forward a thorough review of the work, NO.
Again, where is Aaron Fountain’s “scholarly work” when it comes down to defending this black female, no where to be found as per usual.

These are just 5 of many reasons why Fountain should not be taken seriously at all, as a blogger and citizen journalist I efficiently and effectively apply science as per the definitions above when it comes down to critiquing this modern day black female, however the so called PHD candidate(whatever that means)Fountain doesn’t even apply a counter argument, nor will he defend his criticisms of SYSBM in real time, smh. There is no “rebranding” of SYSBM, the SYSBM Tenets have been on display since October 21st 2019, we are now in April 2020. As a man who claims that he’s been following SYSBM and the Black Manosphere for nigh on 2 years, how have you yet to mention the SYSBM Tenets which have been out there for at least 6 months?

Keep looking for that mainstream media news outlet position when all the while individuals working for various news outlets as well as journalists are being laid off left, right and centre. As I’ve stated before, Aaron Fountain is a day late and several dollars short in his vain quest to save Daggledom.

Finally, perhaps Mr Fountain can provide examples of “scholarly research” when it comes down to black women as a group and their dysfunction since he’s insinuating that I’m going about things the wrong way, I’ll wait. Anyway, another Open Mic Wednesday is here gentlemen, what’s on your mind for this Wednesday? As always, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

83 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs,

    These emasculated, single black mama-raised beta male stalkers are a lost cause. Why a grown black man would stalk other grown black men online and attempt to shame them for their choices is beyond me. Surely it’s not to curry favor with the sacred cow, as she is fixated on the dope boys, tattooed swag niggas and “street soldiers” she loves so much, never the SIMP.

    Thank God in my personal life I am far removed from the regressive, black female-led American negro agenda and beta male stalkers, dick police and would-be slave catchers like Fountain.

    As you pointed out, online media is going the way of the dodo, yet SYSBM is going from strength to strength in my view. Fountain’s on the losing team.

    Stay safe in these Corona streets and as always SYSBM, now more than ever.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      The typical male feminist simp is always one sided, Fountain doesn’t like the Black Manosphere nor SYSBM in the same manner that we SYSBM practitioners don’t like the B1 squads, the big difference is we aren’t over on the B1 network making fake accounts, stalking them from within the shadows and writing about them day in and day out.

      Now, Fountain would turn around and say that I’m writing about black women day in a day out instead, yes, because black women are engaging in open warfare against black men like US even though we’ve stopped dealing with them on a dating and mating level. There would be no need to write about black women if they weren’t afflicting and affecting black men and black society as a whole in a negative manner. SYSBM will continue to grow from strength to strength and there is nothing that Fountain nor any other disgruntled anti SYSBM pundits can do about it.

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  2. I said a while back that corona virus would run through the Black community and cause damage for a number of reasons, specifically to BW (who are mostly overweight), I was right:

    Why black Americans are at higher risk for coronavirus

    Coronavirus disparity in Louisiana: About 70% of the victims are black, but why?

    “Roughly 70% of the people who have died from coronavirus in Louisiana are black, a striking disparity for a state where African-Americans make up only 32% of the population that experts attributed to entrenched racial divides around economic opportunity and health care access.”

    “For weeks, the state has been releasing data on the prevalence of pre-existing health conditions among those who die from COVID-19. Those numbers show very few of the dead had no underlying conditions, and some had more than one. In Louisiana, two-thirds of those who died from coronavirus also had hypertension, nearly half had diabetes and one in four was either obese or suffered from chronic kidney disease. ”

    Remember, its STILL not your responsibility to save the Black community. These BW chose to be un-healthy, overweight, and slovenly, they CHOSE to be the fattest, sickest, and poorest women in the nation, they chose to separate themselves from good BM and take gov welfare instead of good Black male leadership, they chose to have bastard kids with losers ensuring that they and their children would live in poverty. Now as Verbs always likes to say, judgement is arriving.

    This is Katrina 2.0, only on a national scale. I’m sure you all remember the photos of all of the “strong and independent” BW with their children and the useless pookies that they raised/chose to sleep with all huddled together in the Louisiana heat begging to be rescued. This may be the same, but with morgues and un-employment offices. Its been a game for BW for a long time in this country, but now the WM is cutting them off and even “nature” itself may be coming for them.

    Now natural (or un-natural depending on where you think the virus came from) selection is taking place and just like throughout the rest of history whenever a plague or famine took place the elderly, the un-healthy, and the poor suffered the most. All of those BW who “didn’t have time for the gym”, said that they were “strong and independent”, and “didn’t need no man” will be singing the “Dear BM” blues at the top of their voices as this pandemic gives way to a recession. Tune them out and keep the Wall up. Isaiah 4:1

    And once again if you aren’t overweight and are in good health there is no reason to fear this virus, as the article said “Those numbers show very few of the dead had no underlying conditions”. So stay in shape, keep working, and keep the Wall up.

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    • COVID is basically a societal course-correction. A thinning of the overweight portion of the herd, so to speak.



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      • This is why my attitude is to sit back and let it do what it do while trying to stay as safe as I can. “Strong and independent” black hoes crying for help is music to my ears. BW are known to fucc any and everyone except for normal, decent black dudes, let swag nigga Travion, bottom-shelf Brad or dyke stud Lena save her.

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      • @Schadenfreude

        I’m constantly seeing news clips on YouTube related to the virus where overweight, dark skinned, BW with bastard kids are asking for help and complaining about struggling. They are also shown to be many of the victims of the virus. Nobody cares anymore, these chicks see the Wall and have nowhere to turn. The WM no longer has any use for them, they have served their purpose (destabilizing the Black community) and the relative handful of good BM with resources avoid them, they are screwed.

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    • They’re being left to fend for themselves (my own family is struggling to find some things, and I’m refusing to help even though I could). And before one of these idiotic lurkers says it, just because we’re related by blood, it doesn’t make us family. So spare me.

      If some of us are even refusing to help my own families, what makes these delusional broads seriously think we’ll help them?

      Rick Scorpio predicted this would happen years ago, and they still didn’t listen. You can’t make this up. Oh well not my problem. As you’d say James, Keep the wall up.

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      • F Da Communitah,

        Here is the video in question. It keeps getting flagged down by bitter black bitches but it keeps popping back up like whack-a-mole. Truth cannot be suppressed. Brother Rick Scorpio originally made this video in 2012, he is our own Negrodamus.

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    • James SYSBM,

      The party is over for these Section 8 queans. They should have found a decent man instead of popping out thug babies for checks. Oh well. Let them eat cake.

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    This Aaron Fountain geezer is a simp mangina who is trying to be the Simp Lord and saviour for black women who made really, really stupid choices in life and these black women are gonna pay the consequences for their stupid decisions in having bastard kids with the worst type of dude and us SYSBM black men ain’t coming back to the black community to rescue these out of control hoes because they made it very clear from the get go that they are strong and independent black women and that they don’t need a man. As the old carribean saying that goes if you don’t hear, then you must feel and black women are gonna feel it big time because they are least married women on the planet, the least attractive women on the planet, the fakest looking women on the planet, the biggest group of single mothers on the planet, the most overweight women on the planet, the most rudest women on the planet and the least feminine women on the planet, but this simp mangina Aaron Fountain want us SYSBM black men to wife up these uncouth bitches smdh. 🤔

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    • Outstanding dialogue on these creatures that have the same skin color as us. These are not our women let’s get that in the open. They are for the most part in un engaging, deceitful, narcissistic, and un trustworthy. This starts from most of our mothers and we get used to dealing with dumb shit. The greatest feeling is walking away and ignoring the fuckery of this creature. We will always lose if we are associated with them. I catch and release, because I won’t no obligation to this creatures habit of fuckery.

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      • SC Talk Media,

        The hardest part for your average Negro to comprehend is the fact that black women belong to the State, as you stated they are NOT our women.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Fountain seems to believe that he succeed where others have miserably failed in saving black women from their due judgement because he’s a “PHD Candidate” and a so called academic. Black women are going to suffer the consequences of the foolish decisions they’ve made in the past and there is nothing that the male feminist Aaron Fountain can do to change that, NOTHING.

      I can see why so many folks are accusing Fountain of being homosexual, what heterosexual male engages in the form of behaviour that Fountain has been involved in for nigh on two years? People I don’t like or have no interest in I leave alone unless they are affecting me in some way, shape or form. SYSBM isn’t affecting Fountain in anyway yet he still feels the need to thrown mud in our direction hoping something will stick, smh.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. This Aaron Fountain imbecile think that he is superior to us because he has a so called PhD. This idiot needs to realise that being academic and being intelligent are two completely different things as you can be very academic and book smarts but you ain’t got no common sense to survive in the real world if you haven’t got basic survival skills and logic to make good choices in life and stay out of trouble. Its obvious that this simp is gay because why is he dick policing us SYSBM black men for our dating choices. I find it very strange and suspect.

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  4. BLACK FEMALES AND TRUMP —- A black female attacked me on Facebook in late March without reason. My only so-called crime was posting some photographs of some white women on Facebook. —-

    On Facebook she is a Trump supporter and engaged to a white male. —- I, like many black men, voted for Trump in 2016 and will again in 2020. —- It is thought that only about 2% of black female voters voted for Trump. [96% of black female voters voted for Clinton and 2% of black female voters voted for a third-party candidates] — — This black female Trump voter has the typical black female dislike, envy, and jealousy of white women. Perhaps she fears that a white woman can easily get with her white boyfriend. It is odd for this black female Trump supporter to dislike white women but be engaged to a man that comes from the womb of a white mother. —-

    Gentlemen. Your observations will be that the few black females that support Trump are with or trying to be with white male Trump supporters. The bottom line is that black females will adjust their outward behavior to be with white men. —– Few black females, however, will adjust any type of behavior to be with black men.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Agreed, true so called red republican black women in the US are about as common as sightings of flying pigs. Candace Owens feigns herself to be a republican, she now has her Captain Frost and no doubt can’t wait to have her mixed children with light skin, so called “good hair” and light eyes.

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      • Verbs2015 —- LOL. I will message you with the name of this female. —– An interesting topic for Exposing Corruption is black women that suddenly become pro-Trump when they enter into relationships with white men. —— At the same time that this female is with a white man, she has the typical black female dislike of white women.

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    • I once saw a video of that guy Prof. black truth it was in general about how black people were not going to support a democrat this election. Which i responded if one of you brothers can go look i forgot the video, due to me not wanting to waste my time. I responded black women will vote 90% democrat maby black men will vote for another candidate, not black women. It literally had me puzzled why this guy would think such foolishness does he not look at statistics, data, and history, and the voting record over the last 60 year’s.

      I remember the Rick Scorpio video it was 100% correct .

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      • G1— As stated above, very few black females will vote for Trump. — The few black females that do vote for Trump are the ones that, often, have a white male boyfriend or husband.

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    • My apologies for not responding to this….. “blackman—- Your response is waiting. It is true that doll tests were conducted in the 1950s. It is also true that doll tests were conducted in recent years. You are allowed, are you not, to quote my entire submission? It is intellectually dishonest for your to just quote part of my submission.”……….

      You made this specious argument, “The doll test was used in the 1950s in USA school desegregation tests. Simply put, people view white females dolls as pretty while they view black female dolls as ugly. Black women who insist that they look good are lying to themselves and the world. Black females and the rest of the world sees black females as ugly. I should note that the white dolls and the black dolls have the same physical body type as to weight and size. —– Modern doll tests show that views as to the physical beauty of black females have not changed over the decades.”…… It is obvious to anyone with critical thinking skills, that you were attempting (and failed miserably) to make a parallel between the video that you offered up from the 50s and today’s modern day black woman. There is no parallel, if you don’t understand the effects of slavery/Jim Crow/etc., then I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe read up on the history of this unexceptional country, and its racist history. As AMERICANBLKMAN stated, why jump through intellectual hoops to justify your positions when the evidence of the modern day black women is obvious.


  5. Hey @B A. If you’re reading this I want you to know that I took your advice about embracing the attention of older women…now these milfs are ruthless (in a positive way) lol.

    Anyway looking back at life and at all the clues from birth to 2020 I think it’s safe to say: My wife is gonna be an Asian.

    *When I was a kid I had went to a hibachi place and one of the Kabuki gave a key ring of a heart telling me how adorable I was

    *I told my dad what I want in a girl and he told me an Asian girl fit that criteria.

    *Speaking of my dad he works as some type of medical transportation I usually ride with him on the weekends. He has an Asian lady client and she will tear me up by pulling my cheeks (for an old lady she got a strong grip lol)

    *I’ve been teased countless of times by the black community for having “Asian Eyes” (even though almond shaped eyes mean you have a very high intelligence)

    *I’ve even had acquaintances told me I belong to an Asian girl

    So yea the reason I made this was because I didn’t feel any type of way talking to white girls (a little bit for latinas but it’s not as high as an Asian tho).

    Anyway #SYSBM

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    • “*I told my dad what I want in a girl and he told me an Asian girl fit that criteria.”

      I should do the same thing with my father and see which ethnicity of females he thinks would qualify as my stargate; I, too, like Asian women and Latinas, but not yet sure who would be the right fit.

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      • He’s kinda pro black (but not to the extreme where he only wants me to date just black women) he told me he rather see me with a Latina or Asian than an American white or black girl

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    • Hey @B A. If you’re reading this I want you to know that I took your advice about embracing the attention of older women…now these milfs are ruthless (in a positive way) lol.


      LOL…🤣 I got some more advice for ya!

      There is one positive about older women, they will take the time out to instruct you on how to satisfy them. When you reach my age in another 20+ (or so years), and if you aren’t married, you can take that experience and pivot to younger women. They will appreciate it.

      I can’t even look at a woman in my age bracket. I have tried. I just cannot do it.

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    • DeltaWildDog18 I just recently joined teamasiangirls too I didn’t have many positive experiences with white girls and I honestly think they’re overrated I broke that spell and noticed I get a lot of attention from Asian girls in the past and present so now I’m going to take them up on their offer

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  6. Once the Covid 19 hysteria has passed and traveling starts up again, this will be the perfect time to start traveling and see the world. Thus this will separate the people who want to improve their lives and the ones that would rather allow society to beat them into submission. The good thing about Covid is that it will scare men that do not have enough gumption (primarily matriarchal thinking men) from leaving places like America to seek refuge in other areas. This will also stop narcissistic destructive women from traveling as they will be too scared to interact with people in different locations. Plus I presume the Covid crisis will lead to more online job opportunities which will allow thinking black men to design a lifestyle in which they can avoid the biggest causes of stress, or as you all know as I like to refer to them, RDA’s (Racists, Douchebags, and Assholes).

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    • KraveBrazil,

      Agreed, I have no problems branching out and will be on a plane as soon as this lockdown clears up and my next annual leave comes up. I was supposed to go and see a close friend in Atlanta at the end of last month but for obvious reasons that visit had to be thrown in the toilet. This coronavirus hysteria pandemic has shown us how unpredictable situations can arise and those who have not prepared will be caught with their pants down.

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    • I suspect that a lot of people (regardless of philosophy) will be financially hampered from traveling immediately after the travel restrictions are lifted.

      I was supposed to travel this June. Looks like I will be pushing this back to Christmas/New Years. Perfect way to end 2020 and bring in 2021.

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  7. Good morning brothas. I hope y’all are staying safe from the coronavirus. I’m praying on this to just end like forreal forreal. Just make sure you’re washing your hands, and keeping your immune system strong.

    First off, that Fountain must be at it again. What does this dude mean we need scholarly research to talk about the black woman messed up ways? Do any of these damn simps understand what they talking about most of the time? Like what “scholarly research”? I’m guessing the video evidence, and what we been seeing in front of our faces ain’t enough evidence huh? Just when are these black woman defenders gonna drop down the Superhero S and come to face fact about the black women? They don’t love us, but they want use us like we some butlers or something, because that’s what the black women want us as.

    Now to what’s on my mind for Open Mic Wednesday: Now, I probably sure if some of your brothas might’ve heard about a lot of people that were signing up for Onlyfans and all that. To me, in my all honest opinion, is this where it’s all coming down too, selling x-rated content? Is everybody in America trying to be a pornstar or something? I mean, if that’s what they wanna do, be my guest, it’s their life. My biggest concerns for them people is that:
    A) What they gonna do when money dries up, if they trying to relie on that as their primary income?
    B) What they gonna do when try to get some job, and what will happen when they find you on the internet one day, and you were doing some sex work on the web?
    C) What will happen when you try to get with someone, and they found out you were doing sex work? (I feel that most of the time this will affect women)
    Plus, When I heard the stories about most of them female entertainers die from overdose or suicide, I be like damn. That sex work life wasn’t for them. I mean, what are you guys opinion on stuff like this, because IMO, if people got into sex work, they need to understand once your stuff is out there, it’s out there, there’s no going back trying to fix it, and they’re bound to have people remember their faces once they get out and try to do something different.


    • D.K. Phantom,

      Every other PAWG on my IG feed is pushing an OnlyFans. They’re getting younger and younger-looking and some are full of tattoos. All I can think of is where are/were their fathers. Many of them have kids.

      The real sadness is how these simps are lining up to put money on their books and getting nothing in return, it’s maddening.

      One such white hoe was straight-up asking dudes to put money on her CashApp so she could go to the bar with her homegirls. I commented that she should hit up the dude she was fuccing, that’s his job to buy drinks. She blocked me LOL

      A white BBW on IG was crying about how IG was shadowbanning her and she couldn’t “make a living” with her OnlyFans, CashApp and Venmo. I was like get a job, you fat bitch. Again, blocked haha!

      This virus got all these “strong & independent” hoes and babymamas shook. As you can see it’s not just black ones as these twerking PAWG bitches have taken on the worst aspects of ratchet black hoes. Like I said above, let it do what it do and don’t save ’em.

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      • I have always said to my bro’s that the west, specifically US is a whore nation. Thus I predicted Only Fan’s and other porn app’s would explode. I am not shocked, but here is my question is child support still being circulated? I ask due to not having kid’s and if the so called strong and independent women during the lock down are receiving payment? Which how could they (women) get $ if the host ie a man is not employed and at home with ZERO income. How can you get nothing from nothing? I wonder if they have enough money to pay for groceries or did they spend all the excess money on bullshit. I remember seeing a former inventor paying his ex $50k a month for 1 kid. The ungrateful broad said that was not enough to take care of her kid smh. You know that broad did not save any money.

        Just wondering?

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      • G1,

        You know there is no relief for the black man. Just because we own testicles, we’re supposed to be able to transmute money out of the air. Rent and bills haven’t stopped even though the planet is in lockdown and we’re supposed to get money by magic. Every article and headline screams about the economy and times being rough but that means nothing to hoes, we’re supposed to have money regardless and child support don’t stop for the brothers.

        OnlyFans is the new Backpage for these hoes only this time they don’t have to actually fucc the dudes. It is their mad money on top of child support (for those with kids).

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  8. Good SYSBM morning, gentlemen! Have any of you guys noticed how YouTube is now using social media personalities in a new ad campaign to tell us to stay home to combat COVID-19? This pandemic has shed light on how irrelevant celebrities really are; their recent movements online say it all. I mean, who wants to hear some actor or singer announce for the umpteenth time they’re going to donate money to charity in the midst of a crisis?

    I, for one, am wishing for the end of this lockdown to come to an end really soon; thankfully, I’m still able to work, but I can’t even go for a regular haircut, gyms are closed, Walmart is controlling how much people they allow in their stores, they are taking extreme measures to track our movements, etc.

    And now Bill Gates wants to identify who got the COVID-19 vaccine with “digital certificates”:

    Also, the former British PM is suggesting we need a one world government just to cope with this:

    The end is upon us; this is what it’s all boiling down to, and moving forward, we must learn to live more simple lives and stay informed on world events because this world won’t be the same after this pandemic is over.

    Be safe out there, and as always, SYSBM.

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    • “Walmart is controlling how much people they allow in their stores, they are taking extreme measures to track our movements, etc”.

      This is the free extended trial of communism. Some people (not the ones here, we’re smarter than that) seem to think this is a good idea.

      As for any vaccine, no thanks. I’ll take my chances without.

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      • @F Da Communitah

        Tommy Lee Jones said it best in the original Men in Black film:

        “A person is smart. PEOPLE are dumb panicky animals and you know it.”

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      • F Da Communitah,

        These black sirens as State assets and employees as well as their pro black simp slaves will line up to get themselves injected with who knows what in order to continue getting their government goods and temporary treats. Bill Gates is not my friend, let him take this COVID-19 vaccine himself.

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      • @Verbs
        Yep I remember meeting Bill gates a Kid at the Library when he dedicated A Computer lab to the Main Library and they brought kids from DAPCEP which is a young engineering program for intercity kids for a photo op. He was not my friend then nor now. I hope he takes the vaccine along with the vaccine he gave to Africans in the past that caused many issues to the populous.

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    • This definitely ties to the insanity and idiocy of many people for spending their time worrying about this virus. Despite evidence that confirms that those who are elderly are at risk as well as those who have a compromised immune system. However for the latter, that depends on one’s lifestyle and diet especially if they are physically active and take natural remedies such as sliver refined. That being said, at least it gives free-thinking black men the opportunity to work on other things that are both productive in the sense of income and skill-development.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      They are doing the same thing over here in the UK, where only a few people at a time are being allowed into the big supermarkets. This is straight up communism on its face, having to line up to buy food, food rationing, curfews, travel limitations, not being allowed to gather into groups, police roaming the streets like hooligans throwing their weight around because they can, people walking around in fear wearing medical face mask and gloves giving the person they walk past a wide berth.

      Then you have the nasty snitch culture that has crept in, where people are snitching on their neighbours if they leave the house more than once, police over here have even set up hotlines for snitches to hand over any info they have. You don’t need police and military on every corner to manage the general public, they are professionals and experts at doing it themselves and policing others, smh.

      I have to agree, in situations like this living in the big cities is the worst place to be. The countryside will always be the better place to live in all scenarios whether good or bad.

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      • Yes, moving forward I think the countryside is the best bet for men looking for a better life. With technology today, anyone can build a self sufficient dwelling with a battery/solar power system, water filtration system the whole nine. Even if someone does not want to move out to the countryside they can still move to a smaller lower cost suburb and live very self sufficiently. I believe that the people that endeavor to live in big cities in the upcoming years will come across detrimental situations as were exposed by the Corona virus.

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  9. Good Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday,

    I want to reintroduce a classic Slaying Evil article for those that has never seen it before. Man, the haters in that article’s comment section were in their feelings.

    You have to think really hard why in the world are individuals from the black oversexualized/hypersexualized crowd is worrying about a person(s) sexual history from the undersexed group?

    If have a lack of sexual history, these fools will use the same bullying tactics that you have seen and been through first hand in school, they will make fun of you, call you a dork, lame, gay, retard and so forth just because you don’t have that sexual swag to attract and please their stereotypical women or any women at all.

    The messed up part of this mindset within these folks is that if you can’t get any of their stereotypical women’s bottom-tier garbage pussy then no other women outside of them will want you. So what you’re telling me is that the queans are the gateway, the supposed be all, end all is to determine if you’re going to be successful to get chosen by a woman of quality, any woman for that matter or not?

    I find this to be some serious black matriarchy grade school stuff on where the female schoolmates runs the dating asylum to determine if you are worthy in their eyes or not based on their dysfunctions.

    Once again, these oversexed/hypersexualized folks are past crazy as if they’re on a 24/7 gonads’ security detail to even worry about what is going on between an undersexed male person’s legs and if said undersexed male person is picky for checking out a good woman that he wants then these same suckers will diss you by saying in this exact quote last year on Instagram aimed at me from a hypersexual black dyke lesbo from high school (who brags about getting pussy and claims to be in a 4-year plus relationship with a black woman of whom has kids from a previous relationship(s)): “But the woman that you want… do you got her?? I’m sure you’ve seen her but is she looking at you?”

    Meanwhile, a typical undersexed brother with commonsense isn’t worrying about what is going on in the diseased, infested laying chamber(s) of his oversexed opposition. The opposition is too much focused on getting not so good pussy (pussy on the brain) and nothing on improving oneself.

    SYSBM for all eternity.

    Liked by 6 people

    • @brodanultd

      The fruits of abuse of the sexual function of humans are often sexual insanity, which has been a major disease that goes hand and hand with the decline of a people or society.

      You correctly pointed out that this system of control starts at a young age. The conditioning is to make so called b-PUSSY the god of everyone’s lives. This is done in order to create the same caste system we so frequently have described where Tyrone, D-Money, J Boug etc impregnate and fornicate FIRST with all the ladies and then the Simp comes and picks up the pieces, while in many cases Tyrone still makes his rounds like Johny Appleseed.

      I say to all young men and women to avoid this fake society and their death traps. They seek to dehumanize, devalue, misuse, discard, and destroy one another. And they get praise and social status from either other for doing so.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Verbs,

        Yep. my junior year in high school is when I first met her. As I stated here before it was that grade is when I started seeing females like her coming out and dating other women, hugged up and making out with them at the lockers when I walked past said individuals in a crowded hallway going to the next class in late 2003-2005, cuddling up in the classroom and all that crazy mess. She even admitted these two things in her own words last year as well: “I’ve never been strapped by a female either… I’m not a penetration needling lesbian. I cum off my pussy being ate…. don’t get fingered” and “Pussy is life.” Oh yeah, she had a problem with me talking about Russell Simp-son’s wife Ciara and accused me of bashing women and it makes me a b*tch for doing it. She was also trying to tell me how to be a man. 😂

        She claims she had been sexually involved with a male before but it didn’t work out. She says she’s neither a virgin on both sides.

        Black dyke lesbos like her are jealous of brothers like certain white men because they wish they can have the power of the BBC in their grasp.


        Liked by 4 people

      • brotherdanunlimited,

        Ugh that dyke looks like young Sammy Davis Jr. These creatures are visually disgusting, neither fish nor fowl. Same with trannies. The decline of the black communitah and America as a whole is evident if it’s producing these freaks and demanding we take them seriously.

        As always SYSBM.

        Liked by 4 people

  10. Very accurate article. From Dr. Carroll’s two recent Rabbit Hole production videos, I am surprised for the individuals who claim to be pro-black, they have not address the problem of the welfare state which was engineered by both American Black Women and White men after the feminist/identity politics took effect not once but twice. From King Sigma’s video I also learned the term “identity politics” basically meant black women first which does explain numerous policies that was focused towards their benefit and not for black men. Which western white women decided to join in and hijacked to what it is now. TRASH.

    That being said, yesterday I watched an interview video with Thomas Sowell on economic disparities which not only he explained that after slavery, functional black families were an all-time high, but after government policies, mainly integration and the black feminist movement during the 1960’s, everything turned to shit as there was an increase of black children raised in single-parent households specifically single mothers and the quality of life really went down the drain.

    Here’s the link to the video of Thomas Sowell

    Along with the Black Misandry video from King Sigma

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  11. Very accurate article as one can try to defend the dysfunction and f***ery of American Black Women, but it is a losing battle as time and time again, they do not care and love to depend on the government to take care of them. Same goes for western women of different cultures, but ABW are inspirations for this dangerous co-dependency.

    That being said, I just listened to the juggernaut of knowledge David Carroll of his two recent Rabbit Hole videos which ties to the economic disparities in the United States from Thomas Sowell. Since during the 1940’s after slavery, black families were quite high. However, during the 1960’s, that number decreased by a lot due to the feminist movement which was basically the sexual liberation/black women first movement which introduce the welfare state and other policies that excluded black men despite that there was no disdain towards black women before the 1960’s.

    For those who are interested, here’s the link to the video of the interview Thomas Sowell made (especially 21:37 – 23:50):

    And King Sigma’s video on Black Female Misandry since it ties in with his research on the subject:

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  12. How is it going over there in the USA? I spoke to my father and he says he i fine but it is a living nightmare in NYC. for those of your in NYC or USA, how is your experience?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m fine, I’m in a relatively rural area. I’m not surprised about NYC. Its well known that big cities are the WORST place to be during an event like this.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Well take care guys! Stay safe! I don’t mean from the virus itself, I mean from the whole panic. Ignorant people are the most dangerous when it comes to situations like these! Take care!

        Liked by 4 people

  13. Aaron “Bareback Fountain is just stupid. I just finish reading the book How To Use Your Enemies written by Baltasar Gracian and it says on page 30 that someone who refuse to listen is an uncurable fool. That fool who is uncurable is Aaron Fountain. Great book though just like The Art of War, Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince and Negro Wars. He’s coming to a platform with nothing but vulnerability. He’s coming in with all sort of weakness. Here this. When an enemy comes to me and he’s weak, I will devour him in an instant. If he knows that he’s coming in with a weak mindset, then why is he stepping up to S.Y.S.B.M? Because he loves being an enforcer to these ghetto ratchet hoodrats just to get the punany. This man is nothing but thirsty and he can’t control his sexual desires at all. Listen here, I have no problems with black men loving black women. To be honest, i love seeing black couples but my goodness, the package comes with the black woman and it’s not only being obese. It’s the weave, the skin bleaching, embracing single motherhood, having more then five children, don’t know who the father of her off springs, fighting in the street, twerking in public, chasing after worthless men, whinging on social media, loving the white beta male, showing self hatred, yeah they will show the whole package. Like DJ Quik says in the Hip Hop song I love black pussy but i sure won’t simp. I like black pussy too but I’m not simping! That’s crazy! I don’t mind the interracial thing though!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe tonight and all night. Pour her a glass of red wine and romance your white sugar bunny.

    Bless people!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Money Cultural,

      I too have no problem seeing black couples. When I see an older black couple(s) together, it’s no big deal like a normal white couple, Asian couple, Latino/Hispanic couple and so forth but one thing you won’t hear me saying ‘BLACK LOVE’ concerning that older black couple. I’m all for love is love in a heterosexual way but this generation of “BLACK LOVE” is a money making scheme aimed towards weak-minded, bottom-tier late Gen-X, Gen-Y/Millennial and somewhat Gen Z black folks who still believes in this 400+ year slave narrative, Jim Crow, segregation and all of that stuff from the dark time of the 20th century is present in this day and time and being isolated from the rest of the world. It’s a form of mental illness and mental slavery that this ilk of black folks in western society can be easily and used to being manipulated.

      Liked by 3 people

  14. If Fake Academic Fountain can provide examples of his well researched, independently cited scholarly research on black women in the 20th century we’re open to seeing it…

    We’ll collectively hold our breath.

    Liked by 3 people

  15. Hey brothers:

    Once this coronavirus nonsense is over, I plan to start looking to relocate somewhere within the continental U.S. I am currently living in VA, but I want to move to an area that is SYSBM-friendly. Not that VA isn’t SYSBM-friendly, but I’ve lived here most of my life, and I’m just plain sick of VA. Can any of you recommend some cities or states in the U.S. that you believe are good for SYSBM black men? Other than VA, I’ve lived in FL, TX and GA and I would be willing to revisit those states if there are good places a thinking black man can live his life in relative peace with his non-black woman/women.

    What are your thoughts?

    Liked by 5 people

    • Seattle, WA, or Tacoma, WA.

      People complain about the rain. I didn’t mind it, because it wasn’t like it was a torrential downpour. It was a midst to light drizzle most of the time. The summers are fantastic, the best I had ever experienced.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Morpheus2275,

      I’ve always heard TX is good for SYSBM, specifically Austin and parts of Houston. No state income tax is also good. The legend also is that Minneapolis is an interracial hub from way back, but I don’t know if that’s still true. Plus it’s cold there. Like B A says, Seattle or Tacoma. I’ve heard good things. Portland OR, not so much.

      Liked by 3 people

    • In one hand, I feel bad for these Chinese restaurants but on the other hand, that’s what these guys get for starting businesses in these areas!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Carnio SYSBM,

        Exactly, they deliberately home in on poor black neighbourhoods, therefore they must be prepared to take the rough with the smooth. These Chinese can easily sell their MSG loaded food to poorer blacks because most being raised by careless single mothers don’t care about the quality of food they eat nor their health.

        Liked by 4 people

  16. You NEVER hear about the same genders of other animals being attracted to one another. You’ve never seen two male dogs, sheep, horses, insects, etc screwing one another. Nature is an amazing and wonderful thing. Full of love and life. That particular lifestyle is an abomination of nature. I also hate what they turned the rainbow into.


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