Chad Is Always Concerned About The BBC!


As has been stated many times before as well as in my book Negro Wars, the racist white man and the black woman are one and the same, two sides of the same rusty, decadent coin, Lord Euro and his black female flunky concern themselves with the same things, this makes perfect sense seeing as the black female has been trained by her white lord and saviour to keep black men on the plantation as well as keeping black society flat on it’s face.

Here we have a situation where a Chad type white male is clearly deep in his feelings because the girl who he’s dealing with has previously slept with black men and he feels inadequate because he can’t match the member size or the performance of those guys. Oh well, that’s his problem, not mine. I have no idea who both of these characters are, however knowing that white men have a rule that they’ll refuse to take onboard any white female who has slept with even just one black man ie “once you go black, we don’t want you back”, I find it very puzzling that this Chad type individual would buck the clearly understood rule of his brethren.

Again, remember that it has been white men as a collective who have had an intense obsession with the black man’s private member since the beginning of slavery right up until this day, they were the ones during slavery and thereafter during lynchings who would regularly castrate black men. To be fair however the Arabs had begun the barbaric castration practice against black slaves many hundreds of years before Captain Snowy.

It could easily be argued that Arab men too are amongst some of the most insecure individuals when it comes down to their women dealing with black men, after all they alongside other South Asian men won’t hesitate to disfigure a woman’s face with acid just for her rejecting them out of exercising her own preferences, nether the less for this article let us continue to examine the insecurities of Chad when it comes down to the BBC.

Remember, black men never invented the term BBC(Big Black Cock), this was invented by white men in their aims to cope with their smaller penis size. Black men additionally didn’t create and make interracial porn(black men/white women) the most popular genre in the adult entertainment industry, again this deed was done by white men who by the way are the biggest consumers of black male/white female pornography.

The relationship between black men and white men is an extremely volatile and strange one, on the one hand Admiral Frost just like the black witch who serves him doesn’t want a black man anywhere near his white female counterpart, additionally just like the black woman he has done anything and everything to hinder and obstruct the heterosexual free thinking black man’s path, yet on the flip side of the coin Lieutenant Lime will have absolutely no problems indulging in porn in which white women are being dicked down by heavily hung muscular black men, make that make sense.

However, even within the controlled confines of porn Lord Euro can still get up in his feelings. I’ve heard MBD state on numerous occasions that when you read through the comment sections of many of these interracial porn videos, Colonel Chilly can frequently be found lurking about liberally voicing his disgruntlement at the fact that a beautiful blonde, brunette or red head is being ploughed by a black man, smh.

Now, I remember years ago when I first began using YouTube coming across a black female speaker by the name of Alexyss K Tylor who talked about the penis having power, at the time I thought that this particular black female was crazy, however now having more wisdom and understanding when I begin to examine the heavy and profound dick policing antics of racist white men, black women and their pro black simp flunkies against free thinking brothers, what she said years ago in the year 2020 makes perfect sense. Here are a few of her videos:

There is something about the black penis that white men as a collective fear but at the same time are obsessed with. In general they don’t mind black men having sex with white women as long as it’s in a controlled environment ie pornography or the practice of cuckoldry, however when it comes down to life outside of those particular areas white men just like black women will rigorously dick police and penis patrol black men until the cows come home.

The black penis is able to penetrate and excite certain areas/regions of the vagina that the white penis on average simply cannot reach. As specifically relates to ample penis size and large numbers of black men in the US, the white man only has himself to blame for this creation as he was the one who specifically picked out and bred certain black men with large packages during slavery.

Remember this article from the Daily Mail that was released back in 2016, it demonstrated that the biggest penises on average are to be found in African countries. Knowing that black folks around the world for the majority part have some African DNA within them, we can see how Lord Euro would view us collectively as a threat.

We can see from the map in the article above that typically the most insecure men are the ones with the smallest private members, along side white men Asian men both from the south and the east equally will attempt to dick police brothers and give us a hard time when we deal with their female counterparts.

However, I believe there is more to it than just the power of the penis, I additionally believe that there is also untapped and monumental power in the DNA of the black man, this is why 20 police officers will surround, jump on and in some cases shoot an unarmed black man, yet your Bottom Shelf Brad type white male can shoot at the police till he’s blue in the face yet they won’t lift a finger to return fire or neutralise him even though he’s presented himself as an obvious physical threat.

The Negro male has the most robust and solid DNA on the planet, this is why the Negro has always been the first target of attack by the European aristocracy since slavery began. This is also the reason why there has been a serious uptick in non black women heading in the direction of black men, they know exactly where the strongest genes can be located:

Remember, the late American comic book writer Stan Lee’s X Men were based upon the Civil Rights era ie the struggles of black people during an extremely racist and hostile period, Professor X represented Martin Luther King whereas Magneto was your Malcolm X. The rest of the X Men as well as other mutants represented the US black population. Mutants have powers beyond normal humans, this is something to think about, did Stan Lee know something about black people that your average Negro today doesn’t have a clue about?

Again, in a confrontation why does it take so many police officers to surround your average black male, could it be that they are afraid of a super Negro or super Negro type black men appearing at some point in the future? Why is it that black folks worldwide are relentlessly persecuted even though we are the poorest people on the planet?

Again, if the so called Negro male was an inferior being then either nature or the European Eugenics intervention would’ve eradicated us many years ago. Now, it doesn’t help the situation that those who breed the most within black society are the least intelligent, the modern day black female in conjunction with Slim Sauce, Mincey, Field Mouse, Chunky Bruh, Midnight Freddy, Cheezy Grill and Trap House Jim.

This is exactly why within black society an extremely wide separation is very necessary, upwardly mobile, intelligent, forward thinking, educated black men need to distance themselves as far as is possible from the scum buckets and the dregs of black society both male and female in order to avoid being infected and contaminated by them.

Gentlemen, the penis envy amongst white men is very real, the archetype Chad in the first video should’ve stuck to the unwritten rule of the white brotherhood and not even bothered taking onboard a white female who had previously slept with black men. These dudes cannot compete on an equal playing field and they are extremely uptight about competing with black men on any level yet alone a sexual one. The white male fears the gene potential and the DNA imprint power of the black man.

Finally, here is a video that was sent to me by contributor TeamWhiteGirls in which an attractive white woman calls out those who would attempt to berate and shame black men for exercising their dating preferences. Of course we already know the 3 main groups who are actively engaging in dick policing antics against free thinking brothers, racist white men, their lieutenant black female sidekicks and the pro black female/black women first simp brigades who are the black female’s heavies. We already know what particular group of women more black men are choosing to exclude and avoid because of their perpetual treachery, betrayal and abysmal track record, enough said:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Penis Envy From Chad Is Very Real

Most High Bless

108 thoughts on “Chad Is Always Concerned About The BBC!

  1. 1. As we have stated, black men, AS A GROUP, have larger penises than non-black men. The capitalization is because many people, of low intelligence, will want to argue about the penis size of an individual. According to these people, a non-black man having a large penis destroys the facts and evidence about penis size between racial groups.

    2. Arabs. This group of people should be known as Arabic Muslims because Islam was and is the dominant political system for Arabic people. Many blacks that follow Islam attempt to claim that the slave traders were Arabs and not Muslims. Such blacks are being intellectually dishonest and are attempting to downplay the racist misconduct that has been engaged in by Muslims. The historical texts inform that Muhammed, the Muslim prophet, owned and sold black slaves. Furthermore, many scholars have explained that the Koran, the Muslim religious book, is actively anti-black. [Your research awaits]

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    • What you said about Arab Muslims is 100% FACT. Islam was well established as the dominant religion in the Arab world at the time of the Arab slave trade, which was 1,000 times worse for black Africans than the European Trans Atlantic slave trade. The Arab slave trade lasted much longer and Arab slave holders were much more brutal, choosing to castrate male slaves so they couldn’t breed, then importing more Africans once they worked the ones they had literally to death. Which is why I find it comical that some black Americans have adopted Arab names and claimed Islam as the black man’s true religion, in an effort to turn away from the white man’s Christianity. They fail to realize that the Arab man hates them just as much, if not more, than the white man.

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      • Morpheus2275— According to Wikipedia, almost all citizens of Saudi Arabia are Muslim. This is the same pattern throughout the Arab/Muslim world. To be an Arab means that one is a Muslim. —- It is incorrect for black people to make a lame attempt to distance Arabs from Muslims. By the way, ethnic Arabs are classified as white people by most experts. These unknowing black people can be called Abd/Abeed (various English spellings) which is the Muslim version of the N-word.

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      • Morpheus2275,

        The topic of black slavery under Mohammed and Islam is one that the Nation of Islam squad is only too eager to skirt around. They call Christianity the white man’s religion yet fail to acknowledge that Islam is the religion of the Arabs who’ve treated black folks far worse than whites and in some cases still do to this day.

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      • It’s funny how when all a white man has to do is so much as say “nigger”, and these prowhacks will start spazzing out like an epileptic strapped to a chair and forced to watch Season 1, Episode 38 of the original Pokemon anime, but they are completely silent when it comes to stuff like this!

        The comments section on stories like this are blank, but let it be a white man using the word “nigger” or a black man dating a white woman, and these clowns will be crawling all over the post like maggots on a dead body.

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      • Kameron Brown I’ve noticed these fools give non blacks especially Latinos and some Asians a pass to mistreat black people, they even give them an N word pass it pisses me off so much hell some encourage their own mistreatment I blame the black female matriarchy for this because they accept mistreatment from non black males which trickles down to their simps who will follow suit an example of this is Tekashi 6ix9ine and some other latin/mexican rappers who repeatedly use the N word in their music without any consequence yet if Eminem, MGK Iggy Azalea or any other white rapper were to say the N word their careers would end overnight especially if a white female rapper were to say the N word.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Truth on both points, black slavery under Mohammed and Islam was many, many times worse than the European form of the same. In fact many Arabs still own slaves to this very day and let us not forget about how black folks are now being horribly treated under a post Gaddafi era in Libya. I have to remind black folks who subscribe to Islam that they are converts ie outsiders to the faith, therefore they must accept the rough with the smooth when it comes down to thoroughly examining the religion and its leader.

      As you’ve pointed out, black men overall in the aggregate have the largest penises of any other group of men, the last time I checked such studies that prove this were conducted by white folks, not blacks.

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    • The Quran does not speak in terms of black or white as a people. Slavery was no new institution. People mentioned in the Quran are described by their principle civil affiliation or by their specific conduct or behavior.

      Example: [b] Romans [/b] (Citizens of the City of Rome and their subjects), [b] Jews [/b] (Judah a people of the nation of Judah then Romanized as the later defunct Roman province of Jehud), [b] Christians [/b] (a general name for those [included many of the ancestors of your modern Europeans] subject to the ecclestastical and civil authority of the Bishop of Rome, later purchased title of Pontifex Maximus, aka “The Roman Pope”)

      As someone who has read the Quran and Bible I can say that they are basically saying the same things, but the rumors about the books are mostly due to misunderstanding and lack of sound principles of interpretation which make parts of critical context seem obscure or confusing. Sometimes there is a lack of historical perspective and other times we find deliberate bias from scholars that colors our ability to view the material as is was intended.

      In fact the most memorable usage of black or dark was the story of Abraham who smashes all of his father Terah’s idols and left only the black/dark stone.

      Mohammed is barely even in the Quran. Most mentions of his name are merely inserts. The Quran is basically a bunch of retellings of stories about Moses, Jesus, Pharaoh, Joseph, and some new prophets we did not hear about before.

      Other parts deal with the conflict of Mohammed’s government with other pepoles and the battles that took place. And he talks about Jews, Christains, idolaters, heathens, fake Moslems according to his perception of their character. That is to say he speaks highly of the ones perceived as doing good, and warns and threatens the ones who break God’s laws.

      As for Old Moslem politics which is essentially to say Old World Order Government or Ancient Government. Well to be brief one should simply realize that slavery was a well known human institution and that all nations have been enslaved. If we want to get into the specifics then we really need to lay out all the facts and history and deal with the political relational history between the specific actors we wish to critically examine.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    These racist Chad white guys are jealous about the fact that we black men have bigger dicks than them and it is something that they can’t deal with very well despite the fact that they are still the number one desired man on the planet by all races of women due to the societal, economical and status that they have on the planet plus the positive stereotypes that’s going for them in the world especially in the media so white men should have nothing to complain about because their lives are much more easier than a black man’s. Black women also just like racist white men are also complaining about the fact that the majority of SYSBM black men like ourselves don’t find them attractive and we are walking away from them for good and we decided to date white woman and other non black women so that we non select black can have a peaceful and better lives for ourselves when we date women outside of our race. Black women and racist white men are truly the same side of the overused rusty coin and they both act like fucking spoiled children to the point where both black men and white women are both getting sick and tired of bitching from our counterparts and black men and white women are driven to start dating each other for long term relationships and marriages. Also Verbs I like the fact that you used the X Men analogy when said that Professor Xavier was based on Martin Luther King and that Magnito was based on Malcolm X and also the other mutants was based on black people in the USA because of the racism and negative stereotyping that black people were going through during the civil rights era during that particular time but the racism that black people are going through, throughout the world during these modern times and I also spoke about the X Men analogy when you compare to the black people experience on one of my youtube videos titled Stan Lee Xmen tribute. The last video in the bottom of this particular article with the white woman saying that it is okay for a black man to have any dating preference that he wants and that he shouldn’t feel shamed into dating black women if he doesn’t find black women attractive and that put a massive smile on my face because not only is that white woman attractive, she can also see the bullshit that black men have been dealing with for years from black women and that black men have many dating options elsewhere with other races of women. I am so glad that white woman and non black women these days in the 21st century are waking up to the bullshit and negative propaganda and negative stereotyping that decent black men go through on a regular basis and they are very open into dating us in large numbers as I see this in London every day and it makes me so proud that the dating arena is changing for the better for us decent SYSBM brothers. 😊😎💯

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As contributer BA has stated before, white men have done a bag up job of exporting racism against black folks worldwide, this alongside the other points you’ve mentioned put them at a clear advantage. Yet even with them being huge furlongs ahead of us, they still feel threatened by black men, smh. In relation to that last video, we can guarantee that particular white woman got dragged and savaged by the black witch contingent as well as their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost. Black women and racist white men think on the same hypocritical level, they can date whomever they wish, however black men in particular free thinking brothers must remain on the plantation and wait for a group of women who’ve already made it clear that they don’t like us anyway. No thanks, I’ll pass, I’m good doing my own thing.


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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I don’t give a shit if the black community hates me because I don’t live up to their crazily rigid over the top expectations of what a black man should be as I am gonna live life on my terms as I am a non conformist to the status quo in society as I am gonna date the childfree non black of my choice and I am not interested in black women at all and I don’t care if these black women or pro blacks call me a sell out or uncle Tom because I am putting my happiness first above everything else and I am not coming back to the black community to save black women from their stupid life choices in creating bastard thug kids with their wutless thug baby fathers. I am SYSBM for life man. 😊😎💯

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  3. Dear non black bodybuilders,

    I don’t fucking care that you’re stronger than me so please don’t try to break your back simping to some broads that were looking at mec



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  4. bUt bUt wHitE mEn haVe biG diCkS tOo!

    Hahaha and just think, BW swirlers try to make us jealous flaunting their Bottom-Shelf Brads while at the same time being the biggest size queens on the planet and the most concerned about where the free-thinking BM slings his penis. The contradictions never end with the sacred cow.

    Love the beautiful white queen in the last video. Well said.

    Meanwhile Tariq is on a shaming campaign against young brothas choices.

    Stay safe on those Corona streets, gentlemen. And as always, SYSBM.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      This dude Nasheed, all the while being married to his mixed wife, where do these pro black dick police bootlickers get off? By the pro black own standards Nasheed didn’t even keep it black himself, he only went half way, smh. This is why I’m pro heterosexual free thinking black male, there are too many hypocrites and scrums in the so called pro black sector.

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      • @ Verbs

        I saw you call Tariq Nasheed hypocritical ass out on Twitter…😂😂.

        The Unholy Trinity of the Daggles, Lord Euro and Maggles are absolutely losing their minds seeing all of these Black guys with White, Asian and Latinas…AND I LOVE IT!😂

        Thanks for the shout out. As you probably know I’ve been collecting a VAST amount of TikTok videos (900 & counting) of White girls/women professing their love for Black Men/boys or showing off their Black Boyfriends/husband and I’ve been sending them to MBD and he’s done two GREAT videos on them so far.

        But I’ve also been chronicling other TikTok videos on the Scraggle Daggles which cover the following areas..

        1. DAGGLES who love being degraded by “Captain Ice” ( I sent you the video about this one)

        2. Daggles INSUFFERABLE bitching and crying about Black Guys choosing White girls

        3.Daggles INSUFFERABLE bitching and crying about White Girls choosing Black Guys

        4.Wants to be tied up and called nigger

        5.Crying about BM being more desirable and acceptable than them

        6.Crying about Black boyfriend dumping her for a White girl

        7.Crying about white girls supposedly stealing culture

        8.Crying about popular Black TikTok boys dating white girls

        9.Pro black but only dates white boys..LOL. This Sasquatch looking clown is a true site to behold..😂

        10.Crying about Black guys in high school dating White girls and not them.

        That’s just a few of the categories and videos I’ve dug up. I’ll send them to you and let you create your wonderful and deadly “Word Stew” out of them.

        And for the guys who didn’t see MBD videos on TikTok, I’ve included the links below.

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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        The audacity of the dude, Tariq Nasheed himself knew not to get married to a black witch, he put into practice what I’ve been preaching for the longest, either dilute the black bloodline or depart from it completely when choosing a mate. I’ve heard audio of the guy specifically stating that if you go for a mixed race female, to ensure that her mother is white(for obvious reasons), he wife is a product of that same philosophy he was preaching from back in the day.

        I’ve got the list of videos you sent to me, I’m going to be having a field day with that lot, appreciated bro.

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      • Tariq has been a hypocrite in that regard for a long time now, he really shouldn’t speak on the topic of IR dating at all anymore outside of Blacks who degrade themselves (mainly BW) to get a non-Black date.


    • This kid looks to be half white, and I’m willing to bet that his white parent is his mother. So, if “his mama white” what’s wrong with him wanting to be with a woman who looks like his mother? Pro-whacks like Tariq are hypocrites and charlatans, like the black preachers that David Carroll talks about.

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    • Even if that statement is true so what? We’re not worried about the size of another man’s jewels. Ok but let’s assume the situation where statistics show white men do have the biggest junk. Again I’ll ask….WHO…FUCKING…CARES??? Other than whores who else cares? Hell on YouTube there are countless of videos of women admitting size doesn’t matter.

      But let me ask you something: Did a big penis donate money to a college and helped millions of students out of debt?
      Is it gonna help get rid of COVID-19?
      Will it help you get a college degree?

      Seriously these non black men need to focus on something else and just make themselves better

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    • Isn’t that the same dude who used to go to Brazil, back in the day, claiming that Brazilian women were far better than black American chicken heads, or, as he said in his video, ducks?

      Isn’t that the same dude, Nasheed Nashit who said we would “fuck the shit out of Brook Hogan” and “raise the flag of Europe in the bedroom”?

      These YouTube pro-blacks are something else.

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  5. White men know the truth. They can try to deny it ’til they’re blue in the face, but study after study proves that their women prefer black men. From the documented evidence that many white women in colonial America married black male slaves, to the Japanese psychologist’s study that proved men of African decent are the most attractive, and to studies that prove men of African decent have the largest penises, white men know full well that their position atop the Sexual Market Value totem pole is tenuous at best. If not for the western media-driven propaganda that white men are economically superior to black men, and black men are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of economics and intelligence, nary a white woman would reach the age of 18 without having experienced the glory of the black penis. But thanks to the internet, black men have a real voice, and white and other non-black women are listening. Because they now have access to the truth, white and other non-black women are choosing black men, even if that means that white men will never date them again. The younger generation especially, doesn’t seem to really care about the so-called “burn the coal, you pay the toll” rhetoric from white men. They will do what they want and have the men that they want. You can now see it all over Tik-Tok with young white women proudly proclaiming their love for black men. The white man’s worst nightmare is coming true, and they can’t do anything about it. Long live #SYSBM!

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    • Something I forgot to add…

      This is really what school segregation in the southern U.S. was all about. White fathers knew full well what would happen once their white daughters had access to black boys. That’s why they fought so hard to keep black boys out of white schools, even going so far as to beat and/or murder black men/boys. The white man’s racism always boils down to his fear of the black penis and what it will mean for his gene pool, since the DNA of men of African decent has been proven superior due to our genetic diversity.

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  6. It’s so funny how the white males, black simps, and black women are the main ones worrying about the black man’s you know what. The black women, I ain’t standing them, but the white males (other non black males too) and the black simps, a little problem. The white and other non black males: I swear they stay watching interracial porn too much. While them white dudes stay worrying about our private members, did they not forget the fact that they came up with that acronym and that genre in the adult industry?

    “I have no idea who both of these characters are, however knowing that white men have a rule that they’ll refuse to take onboard any white female who has slept with even just one black man ie “once you go black, we don’t want you back”, I find it very puzzling that this Chad type individual would buck the clearly understood rule of his brethren.”

    Okay, I’m kinda of glad you brought this up, because I do remember hearing something coming out of both black woman and white man’s mouth. The black woman’s mouth, “I don’t wanna date a black man who’s been with a white girl,” and the white man’s mouth, “Once you go black, we don’t want you back,” or, “I can’t date chick who’s been around with a black man.” How would black women feel if I said I wouldn’t date one who’s been around with white men,or date a woman got a sorry ass dating history? Oh I know, I’ll get called all types of shit in the dictionary, but I don’t give a rat ass, because I got standards, and they got something which I don’t have, and that’s Ignorance. If I can’t date whoever I want to date, and all I’m stuck with is sloppy women, and these women that have a sorry ass dating of dudes, and I have to wait until in my 30s, 40s, 50s, or until I’m elderly to get with some women, I’m a be real savage and say F y’all, I rather die single, and I don’t care if I get prostate cancer or other medical problems.

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  7. It’s pathetic how these insecure dudes are always clutching their girlfriends/ wives when they see a well dressed in shape, well spoken brother in public. 9/10 we could care less what you’re doing.

    This isn’t even accounting for the brothers who have all sorts of untapped potential, but are being dragged down to the depths of hell by their dysfunctional families. If even a third of them break free (which is already happening), it’s a wrap for Brad, the swirlers and simps.

    It’s even more pathetic when you see one of these sheboons with her bottom shelf Brad in public and she is literally ALL over him when one of us are around. Like she (and I’m very loosely saying she) thinks we’re going to care or be jealous. ninety nine percent of the time, we don’t care.

    They’re driving themselves crazy. Like all this whining is going to stop this from happening, when in reality it’s having the exact opposite effect. But hey, keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working out wonderfully. For us 🤣🤣

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    • As I have repeatedly stated, black women WANT and NEED us brothers to be jealous of their swirling. It’s just another form of power and control over us. That’s why they get upset when we don’t care, whether we say it or show it.

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      • Kameron Brown,

        As I’ve stated in Negro Wars, I wish that more black women could get their “swirl” on, then they would leave black men alone especially those they see in the streets with their non black female significant others.

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  8. It’s funny how white men will say, “blacks, as a group, have a low IQ” or “black men, as a group, commit the most crime.”

    But when women say that “black men, as a group, have the biggest phalli, they will retort with, “not all black guys have big cocks.”

    Gotta love how “Chad” moves the goal posts.

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  9. I saw the video of Brad losing his mind last week on an Instagram page I began following; it’s very funny how these White guys can claim to be superior yet they feel some type of way about Sally laying down with Tyrone. Hispanic men are the same way as I’ve had one communicate threats of violence against me for checking out his daughter.

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  10. As far as this gay ass dick watching going on lmao
    Are black men even making bbc shit? Cause it seems to me all the artists and developers of this are white/non black. I mean I know we joke about it and all but damn

    Non black men are literally taking the time out of their day to create this shit and it’s usually packaged with a bunch of stereotypes to go with it.

    Even if one were to say oh not all who’s buying it? Who’s the market? One and the same

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    • Some of the so-called BBC men you constantly see are making their own content. Yes they are creators as well they want a piece of the economic pie. Lisa Ray was representing Black male talent in porn, so she says.

      Here we go again, when it’s time to protect Black men from Chad/Brad, who is i typically? = White Women

      Who is protecting future Black children? = White women

      The paradigm has shifted, Gen Y/Z simply don’t care what bigots think. The Baby Boomers their grand parents are going to be soon depending on grand children to take care of them and it should be interesting, the life long bigots will be left to rot at nursing homes, you mark my words.

      We are moving towards a more tolerant society but the bigots won’t go down without a fight, KEEP THE WALL UP.

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  11. There is an old saying I heard a few times….

    “What is one thing that makes a white man and a black woman wince in pain at the same time? A black man with a white woman”

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  12. Another day, another reason why nobody in their right mind likes these broads. But according to them, were just making all of this up…

    Watch at your own risk and as always,
    keep the wall up and stay away gentlemen.

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  13. Wait, I thought that Chad get all the women with his big muscles and shit but instead he’s shooting up? Listen here, the white beta male has homosexual tendencies in his head. All he’s thing about is the black man’s dick until his girl gets it in her punany. The beta male is obsessed with the black man’s dick during slavery and still obsessed with it today. And these black women are dick policing the black man’s dick as well. Looks like Chad has now becoming an incel now. It also looks like this white beta is not getting the coochie now. I thought that Chad will get the girls but he’s just another beta male. It seems like the black man’s knob is a huge obsession for Chad and he thinks about it every single day when he’s sleeping beside Stacy but Stacy is thinking about the black man’s penis between her legs so she will get the dick on the side. Chad needs to read the art of seduction.

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  14. I guess this is why adult video hosting sites like Pornhub are advertising all kinds of third-party penis enlarging pills in their banners flashing all over their pages for this type of white men.

    Also to add, this ilk of white men in the “spirit” of competition against the BBC brothers are going down the unnatural route by getting penile enlargement surgery and silicone injected in their penises so they can be bigger, thicker and able to hit those walls.

    Now for this ilk of jealous black women and black dyke lesbos, both of them wish they have the brothers’ penises attached to them like LEGO pieces so they can be able to bone their own black women or non-black women and get sexually aroused instead of using plastic strap-ons.

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  15. Chad just gets me worked up! You know something. I don’t think that that Chad knows about seduction. He knows nothing at all. I don’t think that this dude is an alpha male type guy. No alpha will talk about the next man’s penis. When a man talks about another man’s penis, people must be wondering if this man is a faggo? The reason why Chad and the other beta males talk about the black penis is because when they see pornography, they see the size of the black penis. The only thing that Chad thinks about is thinking about black dick, doing nothing with his life, refuse to do the jobs that come up, being lazy and having sex with his sister.

    Keep your white sugar honeys safe and hold her tight. And Chad need to read the art of seduction because he needs it big time.

    Bless everyone!

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    • THE CHINESE DESIRE FOR A BIG PENIS HAS DISRUPTED OUR LIVES — The coronavirus started with wild meat markets in China. — Please note that Chinese men are going to great lengths [no pun intended] to get a big penis. If you have any knowledge of Chinese people, you are aware that many Chinese use all manner of plants and meats for a bigger penis and more sexual vigor. —— Many of the wild meats sold in Chinese markets are thought to increase penis size. There is zero evidence that these plants or animals will increase penis size. ————- Therefore, many men of the world are obsessed with getting a big penis. Such penis goals have disrupted the peoples of the world.

      Liked by 3 people

      • What kind of wild conspiracy do they believe in? Why don’t they just get penis enlargement surgery?


      • Carnio SYSBM —- According to many experts, it seems that there is not such thing as “penis enlargement surgery.” — Unlike the female’s breasts, the penis is actually a working organ. — The experts often inform that the penis cannot be enlarged. — At best, one can have substances injected or placed into the penis. The concept of getting a bigger functional penis seems to be something that does not yet exist.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Carnio SYSBM — If there is an actual thing as penis enlargement surgery, then a large percentage of the men in the USA will add another two to five inches on his penis during 2020.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Gregory

        Actually there is something I found called Penis Lengthening surgery. I didn’t bother to look up because I am not gonna put ANY kind of blade near my penis!but for those Anglo western white silent readers on this site I did you a favor and found a link for you on you tube:


        as for 2020?

        It does not seem like it is possible to do it this year for many men, because some of us are on strict lock down. I was caught by the police during curfew hours and now I’m under House arrest as punishment! Unlike the west, the post soviet police are no joke here!


      • Carnio SYSBM —– Yes. But there is a dispute among the experts as to does this procedure work. Perhaps the surgery just puts a substance onto the penis.

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Here’s another example of Chad obsessing with the Black man’s cock on ‘To Catch A Cheater’:

    As the above video caption says, “once she goes Black, it’s too much for Zack”. Why does this racist cuckold care about whether or not this guy sleeps around? That is very suspect behavior, the likes of which rivals Mr. Fontaine. So, he thought he could get his ex girlfriend to return to him if he sets up her Black boyfriend to cheat with a Brazilian hottie; his plan totally backfired, and he’s left looking stupid after paying for a ring to propose to her when she made it clear how she felt about him. How’s that pizza analogy working out for you now, huh? From now on, Becky’s having chicken (dark meat, too)!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Personally, I do NOT like Brazillian women of ANY race! I find them to be fat, sloppy and unattractive! The same goes for women of any of the Latin-sphere! I wouldn’t give them the time of day!

      But that white ex-boyfriend just cucked himself! He paid for another man to get a free kiss! He could had done that for him self! Plus he just showed how insecure he is to his ex. If the black guy and the white girl were NOT bf/gf then I bet you when she got home, she made sure to establish it! so thanks to the ex, he finalized their relationship!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Carnio SYSBM,

        Brazilian women, fat and unattractive???? You straight wrong on that one bro, Brazilian women aren’t renowned for being out of shape. Brazilian women alongside Colombian women are the most attractive in South America. I know you don’t like Latin American women but let’s not get dishonest at the same time.

        Liked by 3 people

      • QUOTE: “Personally, I do NOT like Brazillian women of ANY race! I find them to be fat, sloppy and unattractive! The same goes for women of any of the Latin-sphere! I wouldn’t give them the time of day!”

        Bruh, we’re all entitled to our opinion, but you must be talking about Brazil, Kansas. Certainly not the Brazil in South America, LOL. Every guy that I know personally, who’s gone to Brazil (or Colombia) has reported to have seen the exact opposite of what you described. Where are you seeing fat, sloppy Brazilian women? Are they over 40? Have you actually been to Brazil?

        Liked by 2 people

  17. 𝓲𝓽’𝓼 𝓪𝓵𝔀𝓪𝔂’𝓼 𝓯𝓾𝓷𝓷𝔂 𝓱𝓸𝔀 𝔀𝓱𝓲𝓽𝓮 𝓰𝓾𝔂’𝓼 𝓰𝓮𝓽 𝓼𝓸 𝓲𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮 𝓯𝓮𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼 𝓪𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓽 𝓼𝓸𝓶𝓮𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓪𝓼 𝓼𝓲𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓾𝓷𝓲𝓶𝓹𝓸𝓻𝓽𝓪𝓷𝓽 𝓪𝓼 𝓪𝓷𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓶𝓪𝓷’𝓼 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴 𝓼𝓲𝔃𝓮 𝓲𝓽 𝓲𝓼 𝔀𝓮𝓲𝓻𝓭 𝓫𝓾𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓲𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓲𝓻 𝓲𝓼𝓼𝓾𝓮 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓮.

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  18. My only response for Mr. Chad is this: Until his kind stop being hypocrites by sleeping/procreating with Mai Ling and other asian women, Becky will always hold that over his head as to why she deals with Tyrone.

    Liked by 3 people

  19. Here is my comment to chad:

    SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU HYPOCRITE! You white Anglo saxon men are the fattest hypocrites on the planet! First let’s talk about how you guys like to spread you “Democracy” by occupying countries, starting funding extremists groups to cause civil wars, or you will use other means by financially crippling that society! After the culture, landscapes and families have been left devastated you come flying to these countries, to come bang as many women as possible, created half illegitimate Hapas who end up hating themselves and go on shooting rampages, while looking down on local men because they are “unpeople” ! Now that their countries are poor because of your doing, you take advantage to “Steal ” Their women because you know “how to treat women with respect” and your culture is better than their evil patriarchy!

    Let’s talk about slavery days in the USA, White men had DOUBLE the Sexual power! White men could have White women AND black women as their own concubines. Some black men WERE Incels because they had no choice! If black men had sexual relations with a white women, he would be brutally killed! If he had sexual relations with a black woman who happened to be a white male’s secret mistress, he would had been castrated and given the bible to remove these lustful sins! and Don’t forget, it was NOT black men who made it a law that interracial laws were allowed. it was a black woman and white man who allowed it to be the law of the land. White men could love and marry black woman because it became legalized to do so, but this was not the case with BM/WW. Black men STILL couldn’t have relationships with White men without risk of exclusion from both white AND black community!

    White men for the century have had Forced sexual dominance in the world with almost all races of women in ways most locals could not comprehend! Now, fast forward into 2020, you are losing that power and you want to throw tantrums!? Good! If you feel that if a white woman who had sexual relations with black men are no longer good for you, GOOD! I hope Classic Black Men and the Tyrones both work together to sleep and BANG as many white women as they can so you can Get NONE! that way you can get a taste OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE! HELL! Many White women go on sex tourism with black African countries or countries/areas of high population of black men! Many of these women become sugar mommas to these black boys and never return back home as they become addicted to the lifestyle!

    Soon, Chad, you will not have the options of the sexual imperialism as you once had! Asian women and white women will no longer be on your menu! The only thing you will have is the nasty rotten turn called Black woman that you shaped, molded and created in the last 60 years!

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  20. This is NO Joke! I Kid you not!There was a black guy in Kazakhstan at a bar who looked like one of those Rastafarian types. He has long hair (Dreads), and was taller than me by a few inches (I’m 6ft 1)! He asked me to translate to him in Russian “I have a big black dick, ” I said to him, say: “У меня большой черный хуй”

    So this dude went up to random Russian girls saying “У меня большой черный хуй,”! “У меня большой черный хуй!!” Can you believe me if I said he picked up 3 girls just from that!? All of them giggled, laughed, and blushed! These were not your poor desperateness types either! They had class, dressed well and were so down to earth! This is apparently the same case in Russia.

    Everyone in the Post Soviet countries know about the BBC! I can most definitely confirm this as a first hand experience!!! Do not be shocked if you came here and some people will ask you “So how BIG is it???”

    Liked by 2 people

  21. 😂 I’m Sorry if this sounds mean😂, …..but

    the fat woman on the right in the video “Penis Power – Alexyss K. Tylor” said” …I’m definetly going to be on the watch out”

    I’m sorry 😂, but on a watch out for WHAT?! Woman, you have NOTHING to watch out for! You have NO Worries, NO MAN is going to try to stick their Soul into YOU!!!!😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Verbs,

    Those two videos, you posted. Are you sure she is a pastor? She sounds more like a sex educator than a pastor! During watching those two videos, I felt like I was being Sex Educated! I felt like I learned more from her about sex than what my university taught!

    And did she just mention about these women with DOGS? I don’t know how old those videos are, but it is SUPER relevant to today! In the incel community, there is a new phrase called Dogpill being thrown around which you can take a wild guess what it means! I thought they were just kidding!!!

    and lastly, now this is something I do not understand!If what that woman in the video is saying is true, then PLEASE explain to me WHY the incest rate is so high among black women? WHY do they commit pedophilia and incest??? And WHY don’t they get punished for it?!


    • Geez! over 6,000 Comments?! LOL At the comment section! That place REEKS with insecurities! So many Azure Blue Simps and Angry Black bitches


  23. “There is something about the black penis that white men as a collective fear but at the same time are obsessed with. In general they don’t mind black men having sex with white women as long as it’s in a controlled environment ie pornography or the practice of cuckoldry, however when it comes down to life outside of those particular areas white men just like black women will rigorously dick police and penis patrol black men until the cows come home.”…………….. Yes

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  24. Brampton, Ontario in the news again. police called to a home over a domestic incident a man got shot by the police and died


    Liked by 1 person

  25. One of the big advantages we black men have is that we’re usually more masculine in behavior. This gives us a winning edge in terms of interracial dating, along with the fact that we usually (especially black men who take themselves seriously) know how to dress. Heck, I have a white female friend and I asked her: “Would you agree that black men are more masculine in nature, compared to today’s white men?” and she said Yes. She also noted that sometimes, a white women’s only concern would be in how much a black guy would take a potential relationship seriously (not having more than one lover).

    If you’re serious about having a relationship, along with having a manly spirit, a healthy mindset, gentleman traits and decency.. You pretty much never have to worry regarding non-black women. Because we all know by now that the scraggle daggle hates a decent, intelligent, manly black man that they can’t control — while any decent non-black woman will welcome such a man with open arms.

    I personally prefer and date white women, and I’ve seen insecure white men and black women stare and behave weird as a reaction when out on a date. Definitely 2 sides of the same coin. #SYSBM

    Liked by 3 people

    • VenomLeon,

      And remember, this is despite most black men being raised in single mother households where these same black females open engage in emasculation and effeminisation tactics in the hope that their boys will turn out homosexual or at least have their masculinity seriously compromised.

      Liked by 3 people

      • When white men say stuff like “I don’t wanna date a ww that has been with a bm because it is a sign of low class” was all bullshit.
        it was always about BBC.

        bm have an average penis size of 7inches.
        wm average out at 5.5 inches and am only 3.3 inches.

        When black men sleep with non black women they are streched beyond belief amd can never return to white and asian men. This is why they dick police so much.


        Thats why Zack has to shoot up and try penis enlargment scams.

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  26. I have an ‘out-there’ theory – wondering if you or anyone else has looked into it. Perhaps when the white man went to Africa, the black women were impressed with his capacities, viewed him as chad alpha and sold out black men and ‘willingly’ went into slavery, so they could have access to the new world, even though they would be treated like dirt, it was still a way to gain access. Perhaps that is why to this day, black women are trying to win the hearts of white men as that was their ancestors plan all along.


  27. >Chad Is Always Concerned About The BBC!

    We, The Knights Of SYSBM could give less than two fucks about Chad ThunderCUCK’s concerns. He can go fuck a Scraggle for all I care.


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  28. This is why Brad gives you and your girl that death stare.

    Thus is why Chad clutches his girl tight.

    This is why Taylor looks down his shoes just for existing.

    Captain Mayo is scared of my Black dick tearing up his woman and will never admit it.


  29. Filthy, dick for brain negroes obsessing over one another’s dicks online.
    No wonder you niggahs have zero economy. It’s all that dick for brain you have.
    Niggah dick heads. That explains your dome shaped skulls…
    Nature doesn’t lie.


    • Negroes Need To Be Left Alone,

      In case your miniscule brain hasn’t realised it yet, hardly anybody has an economy at the moment. In times like this it is people like Shea Whitey that will suffer the most, not black folks. The economy of the Negro is soon to come while that of Babylon is going down the toilet as we speak. It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re a black witch either, though Lord Euro, black women and their pro black simp flunkies all speak with the same forked tongue.

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  30. A thought. Black men, according to medical studies, have denser bones than white men. We note that the evidence is about groups and not about individuals. ————– Why is there no shouting of the word MYTH when it come to black male bone density? I note that there is much use of the word MYTH when speaking about penis size. — I suspect that people care about penis size but very few people care about bone density. —- Furthermore, the medical view is that bone density is related to testosterone. White women have less bone density. Black women come in next on the bone density scale. White men are next on the bone density scale after black women. Finally, black males–as a group–have the greatest bone density.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Good article. Not only do these non blacks have penis envy, but I personally believe racism also plays a large part in this black men/other women relationships. Yes even black women can be “racist” against their own MEN.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Violent insecurity of white men:


    Unknown to many citizens of this so-called nation, is one of the most un-well-known coup d-etats that occurred on American soil.

    Another coup d’état, among many, had also occurred in Colfax, Louisiana on Easter Sunday, April 13, 1873.

    The second-most known coup e’tat took place in Wilmington, North Carolina.

    In 1896, Republican bi-racial coalition government of Blacks and Whites held offices in the city of Wilmington. Racist white supremacist Democrats hungered to bring this legitimately elected government down and put in its place an illegitimate government in their fear of a supposed “negro domination” government. In 1894, Ben “Pitchfork” Tillman, who uttered demonic venom towards Black political suffrage, exhorted the blood-thirsty racists: “Be a white man, or be a nigger, you have got to make a choice!”, epitomized White male fear of racial and gender anxiety of the bi-racial government so much that the Democrats used political violence and intimidation to bring down the legitimate government. Thus set in motion was the complete destruction of the government of Wilmington, NC with a coup de’tat.

    Prominent newspapers of the time, Wilmington’s The Morning Star and the Raleigh News and Observer (newspapers which are still in existence) spread lies/cartoons to help along the holocaust of this massacre with fake headlines. Josephus Daniels, white newspaper editor, promoted white supremacy and sold newspapers with his white savage hatred of many, many innocent Black citizens. Always trotted out was the white supremacy campaign to destroy the bi-racial coalition and the ol’ thread-bare, tired, worn-out lie that Black men were raping White women was drummed up to use as an excuse to tear down the legitimate government by white terrorism all across the state of North Carolina.

    A letter written to a white newspaper editor summed it up:

    “North Carolina is a white man’s state and white men will rule it, they will crush the party of negro domination beneath a majority so overwhelming that no other party will ever again dare attempt to establish negro rule here.” (1)

    One of the ringleaders of the anti-black campaign was former Democratic congressman Alfred M. Waddell, who it was said, had become enraged at a recent report that a black attorney had told a white attorney over a dispute in court, “Young man, you have got to got to school again. You are now talking to a lawyer.” Waddell was heard to complain that “nigger lawyers are sassing white men in our courts,” and swore, “We will not live under these intolerable conditions. No society can stand it. We intend to change it, if we have to choke the current of Cape Fear River with negro carcasses.” (2)

    Not to be forgotten in this already inflamed environment of venomous racial hatred was Rebecca Latimer Felton, a white racist supremacist and enslaver of Black women, men and children. Her racist remarks about the supposed sexual depravity of Black men further added a fire that was a catalyst to push insane White men over the edge to annihilate the entire Black population of Wilmington, NC.

    Reb Felton-Geo Senate.jpg

    Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress (Public domain)

    Beginning in 1885 she and her husband published a newspaper The Courant, in Cartersville, GA, and for twenty years she wrote a column about rural affairs for The Atlanta Journal. Felton became sickenedly obsessed with the mentally unbalanced perceived dangers she felt Black men posed to the so-called purity of white womanhood. In an address to the Georgia State Agricultural Society at its convention on Tybee Island on August 12, 1897, she added hell to this monstrous massacre in her talk “Women on the Farm.” The main gist of tenets was the need for White men to provide more security, since Black men with supposed “unlimited access to liquor were now permitted to roam freely.”

    “If it takes lynching to protect woman’s [White woman] dearest possession from drunken, ravening human beasts,” she told the gathered farmers, “then I say lynch a thousand a week if it becomes necessary.”

    Her remarks stayed on in the summer of 1898, and with the upcoming November election caused many Blacks to double-bolt their doors and prepare themselves for the Armageddon that was coming.

    One Black newspaper owner fought against this depravity in his editorial about White male sexual perversity and hypocrisy, and his name was Alexander Manley. Editor of the Daily Record, Manley published unbarred writings to combat the vile racism that engulfed the South.

    Alex Manly

    “Our experiences among poor white people in the country teach us that the women of that race are not anymore particular in the matter of clandestine meetings with colored men, than are the white men with colored women. . . .Meetings of this kind go on for some time until the white women’s infatuation or the man’s boldness brings attention to them and the man is lynched for rape. Every Negro lynched is called a “big, burly black brute” when in fact many of these. . . .had white men for their fathers and were not only not “black and burly” but were sufficiently attractive for white girls to fall in love with them. . . .Mrs. Felton must begin at the fountain head, if she wishes to purify the stream.” (3)

    Manley then addressed the racist raping White men of North Carolina:

    “You set yourselves down as a lot of carping hypocrites; in fact, you cry aloud for the virtue of your women, while you seek to destroy the morality of ours. Don’t think ever that your women will remain pure while you are debauching ours. You sow the seed—-the harvest will come in good time.” (4)

    With this, the Red Shirt Democrats went on one of the most bloodthirstiness of barbarities this so-called nation has ever seen.

    On November 10, 1898, mobs of Whites descended upon the Black community of Wilmington and annihilated them. Blacks fought back valiantly with pistols and shotguns, but they were no match for the heavy artillery of the murderous whites. Manley’s paper was destroyed. He and his brother, Frank G. Manley, co-owner of the Daily Record, barely escaping Wilmington with their lives.

    In the mob were illiterate whites, educated whites, white members of the state’s congress, business owners, school teachers, lawyers, doctors, and even white ministers who were supposed to adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ (but instead committed blasphemy against the Most High)—-all of them flooded into the Black community and tore to pieces so many defenseless Black people.

    Most vile of the murderers were the military types, notably the military veterans of the Spanish-American War. Armed with the most recent technology of white supremacy at that time, these military veterans slaughtered many Blacks with the Gatling gun, a forerunner of the machine gun.

    By the time it ended, many Blacks had been shot down in cold blood, bludgeoned to death, stabbed to death, beaten to death—men, women, children, and infants, with many surviving Blacks fleeing in terror for their lives into the surrounding woods. Some whites were wounded; none were killed. White Democrats took the government of Wilmington, NC from the legitimately elected Black and White Republicans and set up their own racist white supremacy junta.

    A mob of white men posed for a news photographer at the fire-burned offices of the black newspaper Daily Record in Wilmington, N.C. Courtesy of the North Carolina Office of Archives & History

    The casualties reported numbered upwards of twenty-five, but the estimate is that there were at least 250-1,000 murdered Blacks or more. The true amount will never be known. After the massacre, more than 2,100 blacks left Wilmington forever, having to abandon their businesses and properties to the murderous mob, resulting in the once black-majority city (business owners, police force, firemen, dentists, grocers) becoming a white-majority city from white theft. Among those who left were Alex and Frank G. Manly, brothers who had owned the Daily Record.

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