The Case For SYSBM – Is This How Black Women Are Rolling Up On Black Men Now?


The main reason why the Pookie, daggle, maggle supporter and feminist Aaron Fountain despises audio visual content is simply because it typically cannot be refuted on any level, as the saying goes, the camera doesn’t lie. Fountain doesn’t seem to understand(or maybe he doesn’t want to) that the internet has brought about revolutionary new ways of conducting research and bringing forward critical information to the knowledge of those who are not in the loop.

It seems to me that Aaron Fountain is still stuck in a pre internet era, in a time where one was forced to troll through hundreds upon hundreds of books, articles, research and academic papers in order to collate the particular information being sought after.

Times have completely changed since those days, in the 21st Century information is now readily available at one’s finger tips, however as mentioned before Fountain has an extremely difficult time dealing with “in your face” data, and so he strategy instead is to attempt to levy a charge of invalidity against any evidence brought forward that he cannot deal with. As I’ve stated before, Aaron Fountain doesn’t get to determine what evidence is brought forward against his black queanies nor the format it is presented in, evidence is evidence and if Aaron Fountain is unable to deal with this then he ought to be doing the right thing and throwing his hands up in defeat.

As I’ve stated many times before black women continue to make the case themselves as to why free thinking black men ought to be and indeed are walking away from them in droves, the video above is just one example of many illustrating the high octane masculine nature of the modern day black female and how her severe lack of feminine qualities has become a serious impediment in terms of her dating and mating prospects.

Again, what part of this approach is feminine and attractive, I’ll wait? This also brings up another subject, one that women in general and black women in particular love to throw in the faces of men, how we can’t take being rejected. However as seen above as well as in this article I wrote back in July 2018, women in general and especially black women in particular are the absolute worst when it comes down to being rejected.

In reality it is women who are the ones with entitlement issues and who feel that a man should never reject them under any circumstances. For example, if a fat man approaches a woman in this gynocentric society she has every right to reject his advances and exercise her preference for a slimmer guy, however when we reverse the roles and a fat woman is rejected by any man for the same reasons, in the same system the man is looked upon with disdain and viewed as the villain.

In Western culture women are allowed to have their preferences, however men most certainly are not allowed to do the same. We now see this playing out to the extreme in black society where black women as a collective instead of respecting black men’s preferences are now attempting to shame black men into dating and marrying them regardless of their condition.

I remember writing two articles back in 2017 dealing with black women and at the time their newly launched fat acceptance initiative, those articles can be seen here and here. Unfortunately in conjunction with the black witch as is usually the case we have a crate load of simps en tow who as per the instructions of their black queanies are running around promoting observably overweight black females as “thick”.

On a quick side note, again, why isn’t Aaron Fountain dealing with the severe case of obesity in black female society, why isn’t he encouraging black women as a collective to make better choices in terms of their health especially when it comes down to so called reproductive health aka abortion?

The reason why I continue to reference Pastor Childress of despite Aaron Fountain’s unsubstantiated objections and claims of inaccuracy when it comes down to black women in the US and abortion is because this same gentleman was featured in a PBS documentary where the information presented by Childress regarding abortion was proven to be CORRECT and ACCURATE.

Even when we look at the stats for abortion here in the UK, according to the Department Of Health And Social Care the modern day black female once again leads in unborn child killing practices just slightly above mixed women who themselves are most likely black female/non black male derivatives, see for yourselves below(Page 9):

Aaron Fountain would immediately rush in to label this as “whataboutism”, however this phrase should really be understood as “in light of the data presented, I don’t have any counter arguments nor evidence to defend black women and therefore I must deflect in order to save face from embarrassment”. Remember, black women in the United Kingdom only make up 1.5-1.8% of the population here, yet once again just like their cousins in the US they lead in unborn child assassinations.

These are the type of black women that black men who still choose to deal with them have to put up with, masculine harridans who won’t hesitate to impose themselves upon any and every black man they deem a victim. It won’t surprise me when you begin hearing of frequent stories of black men being raped by black women like what has been happening in South Africa as well as other black communities over a number of years especially when dealing with younger black boys.

Fountain at the beginning of March this year rushed in to talk about sex tourism and how online black communities allegedly “downplay” such activities, however he has been eerily silent on and has yet to deal with black women and their regular sexual exploitation of children within black society. Yet according to Fountain black women don’t hate black children? Black women as a group have more than demonstrated themselves to be cold blooded aggressive monsters on all fronts, including the way they approach black men for a date, we even have comedy skits demonstrating the same. Black women continue to prove the case for SYSBM through their own actions. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

These Black Sirens Are Rolling Up On Black Men Like Drive By Shooters, Beware

Most High Bless

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  1. First off. What tf kinda shoes was that nigga wearing? 😂😂😂 Skinny jeans and pink sandals? LMFAO.
    Second, I never even seen men push up on women as aggressively as that and I live among hood savages.
    Third, that “female” has a dick, guaranteed.
    Fourth, Umar, pro-black shines, moist black SIMPs who have domineering mothers like Noxzema Nigga (Amiri) and Niggie Howser PhD (Aaron Fountain), come get your QUEENS!

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    • I was watching Angryman,(doesn’t seem he has a beef with sysbm, so why not give him a listen?)and he pointed out the hypocrisy of feminists; he stated women shame men for being the same thing they aspire to be, masculine. In this video, if the genders were reversed, dude would be in jail right now facing a rape case.

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      • @OGOC 💯 💯 💯
        The law better work in the reverse though. When a couple of these broads get MeToo’d they’ll get the picture.

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      • @Verbs
        If the difference between the race being genocided or not is dependent on me joining up with a negress then pro-blacks are not gonna like my choice.

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      • Wife up dem queans, nigga!
        -Umar “Hamsta Face” Johnson.



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  2. @𝕭𝖑𝖆𝖈𝕶 𝕮𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖆𝖗

    η⊕ω ïη αレレ ƒαïrηεšš ï αgrεε ωï†h αレレ ψ⊕ur p⊕ïη†š εxςεp† ƒ⊕r †hε šες⊕ηd, ï レï†εrαレレψ šεεη guψ’š d⊕ †hïš †⊕ mψ ⊕レdεr šïš†εr ωhεη ï ωαš α ψ⊕uηgïη. αレ⊕† ⊕ƒ †hε ƒαšhï⊕η mψ gεηεrα†ï⊕η ωεαrš ïš α† †ïmεš α レレε šuš, ï d⊕η’† ε∀εη hα∀ε α ωψ rεšp⊕ηšε ƒ⊕r †hα† レ⊕レ. ωεレレ レ⊕⊕κ α† ï† †hïš ωαψ α† レεαš† ï† ωαšη’† α gαψ dudε ßεïηg αggrεššï∀ε š⊕⊕⊕⊕! †hα† ïš ï† š†αψ šαƒε #šψšßm #šψßm

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    That black women in the first youtube video has a manly voice and black women act so manly these days that it’s a big turn off for us SYSBM black men who only want to date feminine childfree single non black women. Pro blacks and simp manginas need to realise that it is way too late to save black women from her foolish life choices and her stupidity.

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      • BW are men with vaginas, everyone knows that. Even cops and security guards know that when dealing with a BW you cant have the kid gloves on like with a non-BW, you have to fight them just like a man.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black men who still choose to deal with black women have this to look forward to. Men overall do not like masculine women, the beast who rolled upon the dude in her car was looking to get rejected from such an aggressive approach, what exactly did she expect would happen? I imagine she didn’t look too great either.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        That black women was probably ugly and fake looking from head to toe as the majority of black women are plus that black man was right to reject her. I don’t feel guilty about not finding black women attractive because alot of them are so boring as there is no diversity between black women because they all look the same, act the same and they all have that same feminist communist mindset no matter educational level or social economical background that they come from. At least with other races of women there is alot of diversity between them because they all look so different as they all have totally different hobbies and interests plus that is a big turn on for me as to the reasons why I prefer to date childfree non black women in particularly Turkish women or Turkish Cypriot women, Greek women or Greek Cypriot women, White women with brown/hazel eyes and Indian women and I don’t mind if they have short hair, long hair or shoulder length hair plus they have to be slim build, athletic build or average build, not fat and they also have to be childfree like me and they have to live in London like me as well.

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  4. “This also brings up another subject, one that women in general and black women in particular love to throw in the faces of men, how we can’t take being rejected. However as seen above as well as in this article I wrote back in July 2018, women in general and especially black women in particular are the absolute worst when it comes down to being rejected.”

    Another point you can pull from this video is how these daggles are willing to be a side chick to men who are with someone else; this guy stated he has a girl, yet that didn’t stop her. Reverse the roles, and the man’s behavior would be deemed as some Harvey Weinstein type of behavior.

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    • DeltaWildDog18,

      But you need to be taking responsibility and wifing that up regardless, you’re contributing to the genocide of your own race by looking at women of other ethnicities.

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  5. @Verbs

    Great points, but the male feminist drones will only deflect.

    The male misandrist is on borrowed time and they know it. These schemers are simply trying to milk the last few $$$ from the faux pas male feminist con game before it fully expires as recession gains steam.

    Oddly enough,even the 4th wave feminists have gone silent since the Wuhan virus national emergency hit the West. See, radical feminism and misandry are ideologies of a lazy leisure culture – a privilege of surplus. Notice how quickly the 4th wave misandry wave has died down as mass layoffs are being announced.

    The male feminist is dead in 2020…

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    • King Sigma,

      All the male feminist flunkies know is how to deflect in order to save their queanies from being scrutinised and thoroughly examined, however that Kansas City shuffle isn’t working any longer.

      Yes indeed, feminist aren’t really being that vocal these days, I guess we’ll get to see just how “strong and independent” these women really are when the harder times begin rolling in.

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    • American feminism demands that men be feminine and women be masculine. The problem black women have when they try to be masculine is, they don’t know whether to be Tyrone or thugged out Tbone.

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  6. I’m trying to figure out what the hell I just watched in the first video. The dude wasn’t dealing with no woman, that was a whole another n**** who just got done smoking weed. This really trips me up about some women (Especially black women because they could happen with any women, but this mainly concerns black women). Why do black women always have to act like they have some big chip on their shoulder? This is one huge biggie understanding that women (especially black women too) need to understand completely, because a lot of their heads out here in the west is getting to big for this: Chicks that come off as manly and aggressive, that’s a major huge turnoff. I don’t see nothing attractive about a woman who
    A) Acts all boujee like she’s runs shit, but she really doesn’t.
    B) Acts aggressive.
    C) Acts like a dude too much.
    Now for simps that like that type of shit from women, since they like women with that boujee “you go girl” mindset, acting masculine as hell, they need to strongly answer this question too, because it’s sad that a lot of black men ain’t got no type of standard at all, and us black men are like the minority of this crap: So it’s normal for a woman to act all masculine as hell, but it’s not normal for women to be feminine and follow behind her man and support her man and do things for him, be down for him? I mean, if these simps like that, then that’s them, but I rather be around women who ain’t gonna challenge your manhood, be down with you, are feminine, and knows what’s up. Don’t I need to put the mathematics back up?

    Masculine (Man) + Feminine (Women) = Balanced.
    Masculine (Man) + Masculine (Women) = Chaos, dealing with a whole another dude.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      But you’re supposed to be overlooking all of that and wifing these women up bro, don’t you know that you’re contributing to the genocide of the black race by looking at women from other ethnicities as better and more viable options? You’re supposed to embrace the negative qualities back women bring to the table because according to black women themselves as well as their sympathisers, rejecting them and their shortcomings makes you weak.

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  7. Even wearing a fake wedding ring will not deter these shebeasts. That’s how bad the dating/mating market has gone for these bw’s. So the best precaution moving forward is for us competent brothers not to show up to any avenue or areas where these shebeasts hunt in packs.

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    • Sigma Jones,

      Yes indeed, also it would be wise for us to avoid bootlicking simps like this who still refuse to understand the below the gutter condition the so called “community” is currently in:

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      • @Verbs
        That shine doesn’t even make sense. It’s idiots like that which the Communitahhh is comprised of why black people are behind.

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      • Black Caesar,

        These guys who are so desperate to save their community(they’re not really, they’re simply afraid to do something different and don’t want to see you be successful outside of them) continue to lag behind, until they deal with the black witch nothing will change in said community. I stated that in Negro Wars, as we can see in 2020 things within “da communitah” have gotten worse.

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      • Another buck-dancing shine who can’t comprehend the concept “Save Yourself”. I just don’t have the patience for those kinds of negros. These negros have this messiah-complex where everyone needs to stick together and suffer until some great leader comes to save them all. Good luck with that. I’m too busy doing what’s best for me and my household.

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      • Can someone please tell me the non black males who beat up black men? I keep hearing that from the daggle & her simps. Non black males are extremely scared of black men & only try something if they’re in groups, has a weapon, or a police officer. I keep seeing comments like that & they’re ridiculous.

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      • @Robert,

        I just did a video about this on FS Avenger. If these non-black men are suddenly going to rise up and retaliate against a small group of black men who date/marry their women, then why are these governments, all across the globe, implementing laws that make hate crimes illegal? For example, if white america truly sympathized with the likes of Dylann Roof, they wouldn’t have been so quick to give him the death penalty. But they did. And to make matters worse, who was the group that forgave him of his transgressions? Negros.

        Hardcore Tito and Donovan Sharpe said it best. Whenever you hear non-black men spewing about racial purity and nationalism, that’s usually a tell-tale sign these men can’t get the women they desire, so they want everyone else to suffer along with them. Sounds familiar? If a woman of your ethnicity chooses a man from another ethnicity over you, that is a “YOU” problem. You need to figure out why the women you want aren’t attracted to you, and either fix yourself or improvise with a group of women who are more tolerant of you.

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      • “If a woman of your ethnicity chooses a man from another ethnicity over you, that is a “YOU” problem”
        GODAMN don’t hurt em son, you know they quick to go shoot up a place when reality hit them too hard. 😂😂😂😂

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  8. These she beasts have no shame. None. They can’t take no for an answer, could care less if you’re with anybody (especially if your significant other is white), and will do anything to sabotage your relationship even at the cost of a friendship.

    Years ago when I was stationed in Germany, I was dating this Russian chick. We were out for dinner one night (me, her, and her friend (a sheboon from somewhere in Africa, I can’t recall) who just recently broke up with her ex for whatever reason. She was upset so I begrudgingly agreed to let her come back with us after dinner.

    We get back to my at the time girlfriends apartment, and she goes to the bathroom and changes. My girl was gone for all of five mins, and the witch I kid you not tries to get me to fuck her. Saying all sorts of shit like “why you with that white girl, she ain’t shit, we can keep this between us. Pretty much anything you shouldn’t say to your friends significant other.

    She gets back to the living room and can clearly see something is off. I’m like yo let’s go to bed (mind you it was 10pm on a Saturday night), she can crash out here etc. My girlfriend wanted to get to the bottom of it, so I tell her. This heifer straight up lies to her saying how I was saying and doing all these things, and now she’s furious with me. Doesn’t even listen to what I’m trying to say, nothing. Kicks me out, and breaks up with me over a phone call.

    A few months later, she calls me back and asking to meet. Against my better judgment, I meet up with her at a coffee shop in town. She apologizes to me about how things ended, and said she found out her ex friend fucking her then boyfriend behind her back. They get into it, I somehow come up and the heifer straight up admits she lied to her about what happened between us.

    Her reasoning? I liked him, and if I can’t have him, neither can you. At this point, she’s all but in tears asking for me to forgive her for not believing me and wanted another chance.I tell her, I do forgive her, but we will never be anything ever again in that sense.

    So from that point on, I wouldn’t even acknowledge a woman who has any close friends that are sheboons.

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    • @FDC
      You can tell immediately the control the she-monkey has over her white friend. That’s the nature of any relationship with a negress. Your ex should have believed you for the simple fact that you told her. Why would a man lie about another woman trying to seduce him? Confessing is usually a last resort. Another good reason why men need to stay clear from women infected with negressitis. Do not even look at a non black woman who has black female friends.

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    • I believe it, these BW are toxic and will destroy anything they touch. That BW probably knew her Russian friend had better chances at landing a man than she did, misery loves company so she was trying to wreck her relationships so they could be in the same boat.

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    • I remember you shared this story before; in the end, you made the right choice of not getting back with your ex. This story is exactly why Tenet #22 exists.

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      • I I did. I was younger and much more naive back then, and I still stood my ground. If that happened today? Not a chance in hell I would meet up with someone like that, never mind even responding to a call/text.

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    • F Da Communitah,

      These African chicks as discussed before have a heavy obsession for white men, yet as in the case of the black witch of the West, they cannot stand seeing a black man happy with his non black significant other. The black witch is a grimy, creepy and deceitful savage no matter where she comes from on this planet, as always, avoid these musty black heifers at all costs.

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    • F Da Communitah, what a story. This is exactly why we don’t mess with any white women that hang around black hoes, or have a black female “bestie.” Liberal white women are way too susceptible to the pathology of these sheboons. Good on you for standing your ground and not taking the Russian girl back after her f**k-up. A simp would have caved.

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    • Your ex is the one that now has to leave with the regret, that a budding relationship ended because she let a sheboon get in-between your ex and you. Quality non-black women understand that sheboons are the true enemies of quality black men. And they make sure to have zero tolerance for them.

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      • I think it goes a bit deeper. Unfortunately the stereotypes about Black men front of mind with many non-Black women. They often say to themselves, I hope he’s not this, that and the other. So when her Black friend who she had no reason to disbelieve said he was aggressive with her friend, her worst fears were realized, so she snapped.

        She likely hooked up with another Black man, which let’s be honest that isn’t hard to do and kept her African friend around. Well this time her African friend was successful in having a roll in the hay with her friend’s man.

        Then in the heat of the argument, the Black woman in very typical fashion belted out Ya I did it, what you going to do about it and your ex-serviceman BF was innocent.

        Then on top of all that she though, I can get it him back by being manipulative. When that didn’t work (good on you F Da) she was disappointed, you were wise beyond your years, that was the correct move.

        Too bad lots of Slavic women aren’t highly thought off in Western society when they have grown up outside of Russia/Ukraine. This is why I like to call Slavic people off-White because Anglo/Western Europeans have spent the majority of the cold war demonizing them, so the every person has a hard time trusting them and thinks your foolish for trusting them.

        This is what leads to the backlash with so-called mail order brides even if mail order pride pre-dates Feminism 1.0…

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    • Kinda reminded me of a time when I wanted to date this Vietnamese girl however she had a black bitch as a friend.

      It was my senior year of high school I’ll admit I was considered intellectually lazy so my gpa could’ve been higher but anyway the fact was that I was too focused on work and I never stop and thought about love until I met her. (She would’ve been my first ever gf.) It was the day before Valentine’s and I was shopping so I thought to myself I should give her something to show that I love and care about her. I had a moment where my mind and gut told me no. When both of them agree on something, you better fucking listen. So I bought what I needed and left

      So Valentine’s Day I was angry at myself for not giving her anything but I did notice she had a big smile on her face. So here comes the pitbull was looking at me then at her then back at me. That bitch came over to my desk. Mind you this scraggle knows I have a crush on her too. When she came over the scraggle celebrated and rubbed it in my face that her boyfriend (white) gave her a new dress and that the Vietnamese girl is gonna get a $1.5k ring from a white boy that has a crush on her. Yea I was pissed I was being passive aggressive tbh but I didn’t really give a shit because it’s Valentine’s Day and I hate Valentine’s Day.

      TL;DR/U: The scraggle had told the Vietnamese girl to stay away from brothers regardless of what they are (basically putting the pookies and gay gays and SYSBM/TBM in the same category)

      Now here’s some irony:
      She has a brother (I’m good friends with) and a younger sister who will graduate after her. She had a baby with the boy that gave her the ring however he had cheated on her while she was in Labor and claimed he was in traffic. Keep this in mind his uncle was a Vietnam vet… (Yea you’ll get the picture) he was the one one who told him to cheat on her. So after the baby was born she was angry he didn’t show up. She found out what happend. End of relationship. Her younger sister got a brother as her boyfriend and yet she tried to sabotage their relationship with lies and she tried to flirt with him. Sadly her whole family was against her relationship. You mean to tell me they would rather accept a bastard white man’s child than to take a chance with a good brother?

      Now what does that have to do with me? She asked if I still wanted her after her baby was born. I kindly rejected and then claim that she saw how happy her friend was with the white boyfriend (they broke up because she cheated on him. Ironic) and she gave her the niggas ain’t shit speech and she took every word of it and she was sorry. I forgave her but I told her I wasn’t interested. She was kinda crying but she did her best of holding it in.

      And most white girls asked me why they need to cut their friendships with black girls I just refer them with my story

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    • If I had been in your situation, this is how I would have handled the situation. As soon as the sheboon came on to me, I would have went to the bathroom door and started banging on it and screaming to my Russian girlfriend to come do something about her African friend, because the ‘slut’ is asking me to bang her. I would have definitely made a scene in real time. Why would I handle it this way ? Because you know the African friend is going to lie, if you give her the opportunity to explain it one on one with your girlfriend, after the fact.

      The lesson learned about not messing with wiggers is a good one. The other lesson is, if a sheboon ever puts you in a compromising situation, you have to deal with it in real time. Because the sheboon will always lie, if you allow it to become a your word against hers situation.

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    • >These she beasts have no shame. None. They can’t take no for an answer,

      Which is why mace should be kept handy. The medieval kind, not the spray.


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  9. Good lord BW are gross, I shudder to think about what the BW behind that camera looked like.

    In regards to the first video, we predicted this, and it will only get worse. BW know that no one wants them, they know that they are considered the least attractive, they know that they are considered the least feminine, the more rejection they receive from society the more wild and feral they will become, they have nothing to lose. BW have basically stopped caring about being feminine, and even when they try to be no one wants them.

    They know that they are finished and no one cares to save them, like a dying wild animal they will thrash around and try to destroy whatever they can before they go:

    Keep the Wall up, and keep these masculine “women” on the other side.

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  10. WTF?! That first video! I was going to start reading today’s post and after watching that video I just had to skip straight down to the comments to throw my opinions about what I just watched!

    That was not a woman in the car, that was a SHEMALE! Do you see how aggressive she tried to pick him up?! Not even drunk Georgian and Russian men hit on women that hard! Like WTF? Acting like a man! Why couldn’t she hit on him like a normal woman? Had she done that Maybe she probably would had at least gotten his number. In verbs old post here:

    and here:

    we see a white women came up on a black guy, hit on him and with little effort picked up his his number got a date and a kiss on the first try AND HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND! Why don’t black women ever learn from white women? Black women want to wear white women’s hair but don’t want to take the advice on how to pick up and treat black men?! What logic is that? And Do you honestly think, Straight, NOT Homosexual black men are gonna like/take it when a woman is gonna hit up on him like a man??!! You can see how her aggressiveness probably turned him completely OFF and he mentioned his girlfriend. The dude probably lied about having a girlfriend and just said it to get her to piss off!

    Even though we didn’t see her face, we can tell just from her voice she was probably 300lbs, Dragon Ball Z Radditz styled weave and Man faced! I bet you if the shemale in the car got out to rape him, the poor dude would probably get overpowered!

    I mean….. other races of girls, if they are really attracted to you, will hit on you too. BUT NOT LIKE A FREAKING MAN! I was hit on by Russian girls and Asian girls plenty of times but when they did so, they did it in a very feminine way! NOT like the shemale in the car! Damn! In fact, let me provide an example of a woman who hits on a man,

    or this:

    See that? I have been hit on like this before by Russian girls in Kazakhstan. I responded to them very positively even though White girls are not my first preference! Now compare that to the first video in the post! Does the shemale honestly believe anyone is gonna respond in a positively compared to the two women in the videos I posted?? Shhhessh!

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    • BW have no idea what kind of man to look for, how to approach him, how to carry themselves, or how to keep a man. They have become so low that all they have now to get male attention is advertising themselves for sex like the beast in the first video Verbs posted did.

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  11. “The reason why I continue to reference Pastor Childress of despite Aaron Fountain’s unsubstantiated objections and claims of inaccuracy when it comes down to black women in the US and abortion is because this same gentleman was featured in a PBS documentary where the information presented by Childress regarding abortion was proven to be CORRECT and ACCURATE.”


    I don’t know what it was you said in this comment but something just SMACKED me hard after reading this post three times over. Am I crazy or is it that Black women are aborting Black children from Black fathers but NOT white fathers?

    What I mean is, When a black women gets pregnant by a black man, it is a high percentage chance that she will abort the baby, am I right? Now, Let’s say, a magic fairy sends us back in time, and these women who aborted their children instead got impregnated by WHITE men, would these women still abort the children? How many children would be aborted a day if all of the women who got impregnated by black men were instead impregnated by White men? Would these statics decrease or remain the same?

    I think I can guess the answer but I want to hear yours, or anyone’s opinion!

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      No, you are spot on, the overwhelming majority of children black women are aborting are those in which the father is black, they worship Captain Snowy their lord and saviour, additionally we know that most black women really want to be white and so since they can’t be they will instead if impregnated by their master Lord Euro give brith to the mixed child and live through him/her. If the majority of pregnancies black women have involved white men we would see a serious spike in mixed children.

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    • @Carnio

      I take it a step further and my personal belief is, black women are mainly aborting black MALE babies by black fathers. In these urban environments at least here in America, I’m starting see more of black girls and less of black boys. Definitely there needs to be more data. But as time goes by, I’m sure more data from the US Census will bring that notion to the surface.

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    • “Am I crazy or is it that Black women are aborting Black children from Black fathers but NOT white fathers?”

      You are not crazy, you are correct. BW would cherish a bastard child from a WM and hate/abort one from a BM, unless the BM has something that she wants.

      “Now, Let’s say, a magic fairy sends us back in time, and these women who aborted their children instead got impregnated by WHITE men, would these women still abort the children?”

      No. The ghettos would simply be filled with bi-racials, the hoodrats would be better looking, but still hoodrats.

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  12. “It won’t surprise me when you begin hearing of frequent stories of black men being raped by black women like what has been happening in South Africa as well as other black communities over a number of years especially when dealing with younger black boys.”

    This is why I hate big search engines like google because I remember reading that there were MANY cases of Black African women raping Men and boys, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere! It’s like they deeply bury information like this and overly promote Male to female rape.

    The information and proof is well out here but hard to find. BUT With the state of American black women are today, Since black women are the leaders of black womenhood worldwide, You can bet that black women on Black boy/man rape cases will increase 10 fold that it will be nearly impossible to hide all this information on the web! And DON’T Be surprised, like they always do, Tell on themselves by recording themselves in their activities, raping boys and men!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Its happening here too to Black boys, its just kept quiet. PBT did a great video years ago talking about how the sexual abuse of Black boys was covered up in the Black community, referencing the Antoine Fischer movie as an example. These BW are desperate man, they will get with any half way decent man they can married or not, they will probably holler at some of the gay dudes as well. Stay away.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Professor Black Truth, I’m almost certain that video has been taken down as it was done a few years ago. Similar to Tommy PBT’s channels have been deleted multiple times and his videos get lost. I’ll look later and see if someone re-uploaded that one.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Well done video, I love the points you made of how can the world be anti-sysbm when clearly its not? The majority of people with a beehive up their asses about sysbm are the bitter lack females and their white male counterparts, and NOW, some Mexican dude I guess. Things is, most people could care less when they see a black man with a non-lack woman no matter what her race.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. Let me tell you something. This Bareback Fountain guy will not stop at all. And I bet you, you see the chick with the Beretta 9mm, that’s his type of woman. And women like her can control that fool in a heartbeat. Bareback want these types of women and he will be in a nightmare when he’s with these women. If he wants these scraggle daggles that Knife Man Priest, 357 Jimmy, Ganja Smoke, Gun Fire and Rum Smuggler Don breed off, he can knock himself out. Black men do not want these type of women because these women will give him nothing but stress, headache and problems left, right and centre. No black man doesn’t want that.

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  14. And you know something. I always wanted a black woman. I always love the black pudding. I wanted to get married with a black woman and have a family with a ebony woman. And most of my former loves are Jamaican and I didn’t want that any more because of the dysfunction of black woman which they are not afraid to show on display. I will date any woman but I have to keep my standards in check and look what I want in a relationship especially with a black woman. I feel so sorry for black men who want to date black women because they see the unattractiveness of black women and its look about looks.

    Keep your white sugar honey safe all night right through the night.


    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m not surprised to see BW going after fresh outs, they know those dudes probably need a place to stay and food to eat so he might date them. That aside we all know BW like thug love, which is why its hard to feel sorry for them when Tommy does videos of them getting killed by their boyfriends and baby daddies.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Note the nuances of said individual’s acquisition methods in relation to the 13th constitutional amendment.

      Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

      New Niggas (equivalent to negroes, nigger slaves or enslaved Africans in various American law) are OUTSIDE (they are literally outside because many are also homeless and poor).

      Conclusion: Here is some modern day operation of the negro slave trade. It would seem that the convicts are being targeted by those who would take advantage of their inferior social positioning. Of course the matter in question pertains to Voluntary Servitude.

      The original video posted by Verbs, in contrast, seems to be approaching involuntary acts of slave handling, which is unlawful.

      Why so many individuals of a ‘certain group’ are so apt to deal with individuals who are closely connected to the prison system? I suspect aside from the thrill it is due to the individual’s lower social position in society that will allow them to prevail against such individual in a case of public examination such as a run in with city policy enforcers, public court cases, domestic disputes, etc.

      Summary: In civilized society criminals are on par with involuntary servants and slaves in terms of social standing, reputation, credibility and so forth. And so a people who raises criminals clearly does so out of necessity or to cover up their own wrong doing and by slandering those who would testify against them from birth by dooming their testimony to have no value as a result of their lack of social standing.

      Liked by 3 people

      • @Lurker
        Brilliant explanation. That makes sense. Thinking black men and no other non-black man would put up with black women’s BS so that’s why they have to resort to prison savages. They’re easier to control.

        Liked by 1 person

    • @Schadenfreude

      “But it’s only a few black women who like thugs!”

      I suppose the nearly 3000 black women who upvoted this are isolated cases.

      Liked by 2 people

    • So, I happen to be friends on Facebook with Amiri Browner (who Verbs debated last week), and I was invited to his group; so, there are daggles in the group, and one of them posted a screenshot of a brawd who said a man shouldn’t ejaculate in a woman if he has no money.

      I then commented, “How come Pookie and Lil Neckbone have so many kids?” One daggle called me “slow”, another one told me I sound uneducated. I should post this in the comments and watch the beehive stir!

      Liked by 3 people

  15. Annnnnddd, she’s back with another hit piece about SYSBM. So it really doesn’t matter that she’s working with some Hispanic man in a feeble attempt to cast a dark shadow on men who follow SYSBM? I mean I know we here are aware of how ludicrous she looks, but I’m posing my question to any male anti-SYSBMs looking at this page with scorn in your mind about us, THINK! Look at who she is working with…LOOK!!! Now look at us, braw, we are not your enemy, but your girl G is working him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Off Grid On Code,

      Who is this woman in light of the fact that she got knocked up by the very same type of black male she was complaining about? She’s a washed up baby mother(baby mother number 6 I believe to Robert Perkins), old news, she’s trying her best to rekindle her seriously flagging YouTube career and trying to bait SYSBM practitioners into biting as she believes this protocol will be her meal ticket out of the gutter.

      SYSBM practitioners simply aren’t concerned with the likes of Cynthia G, we already know that her real issue is the fact that she cannot date interracially like we can, oh well, her problem, not ours. She still seems to believe that she can soldier through her hypocrisy, no sir, not over here, take that back to the pro black female/black female first pundits.

      Again, she has to bring up black men dating out and SYSBM every 5 minutes, outside of occasional mentions here and there the last time I wrote a full on article on the witch was back in February 2019. Her train derailed very hard and hit the sand drag at full speed when Robert Perkins did his deed, she cannot recover from such a heavy wounding and trying her best to demonise SYSBM and its followers won’t save her either.

      Sit back and watch her promote the very movement she’s trying her best to smear, lol.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Why should black men build for ungrateful, misandrist, hair-hatted sheboons who have been screaming they don’t need no man for over 50 years. Other races of men don’t have their women actively working against them like classic black men do. I’ll be damned if I lift a finger for the likes of Cynthia G.

      And why should we care what Hispanic men think of SYSBM when Trump is steady deporting Pablo and Hector. Trump’s policies actually help black men by neutralizing our enemies.

      Brothers, stay safe as you can from COVID-19 and just stand back and let it do its thing. These loudmouth hyenas are going to get their comeuppance very soon.

      Liked by 2 people

      • @DD

        Truth. As I said before, men in the classic sense build empires just for women. In the past, a beautiful, clean woman was motivation to build such empires. That’s why black men don’t “build”. We have nothing to shoot for. Everyone else has beautiful, feminine, in-shape women and what do we as black men have? Ugly ass, linebacker-built, loudmouthed, hair-hatted, bastard baby making machines. This is why successful black men who have built are with non-black women!

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      • “And why should we care what Hispanic men think of SYSBM”

        Straight up; these White and Hispanic dudes who cry about Black men being with their women are insecure and try to hide that behind invoking negative stereotypes and generalizations about us. I know this from this blog as well as personal experience.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Oh please. Cynthia G is a two faced whore who decided to be baby mama N0.06 for some dusty beta male coon’s dick. Cynthia getting with the Mexican guy is a last ditch attempt to bait SYSBM content creators to make response videos to her and the Mexican so they can claim they are being attacked by evil muh soggy knees black men.

      It’s harassment narrative 101
      1.Throw stones
      2.Hide hands
      3.Call white daddy for help

      Liked by 2 people

  16. I’m sorry, I know this is off-topic but that 3rd video. Did you see that beautiful fine thing…I’m talking about all that toilet tissue, my god what a glorious sight.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I can relate to this. When I was in middle school I was jumped on a bus because a daggle sat next to me and DEMANDED that I be her man. When I said no I found myself being kicked in the balls,punched in the face, and called every name in the book by a bunch of daggles who looked like the fucking lost boys. There was a gyro restaurant I use to go to in college and the daggle who worked the cash register literally would tell me things like “When are you gonna take me out?” “If we had kids they would be so pretty.”
    She would say this stuff right in front of everybody. After I rejected her in the nicest way possible she threated to spit in my food every time I came in. Needless to say I don’t eat gyros anymore.

    Even to this day if a black girl flirts with me I just tell them I’m gay so they will go away.
    Go ahead and laugh IDGAF. From my experience when you reject black women they become violent.
    I have cuts above my eye from being punched in the face by one thus breaking my glasses, I lost a job and almost got metoo’ed by them, I had them threatening to have their cousins and big brothers who are in gangs jump me because I rejected them. If I so much as raise my voice they call they white daddy so I do like Alice in Chains and STAY AWAY.

    Liked by 1 person

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