The Case For SYSBM – This Is What We’re Saving Ourselves From, Yet More Evidence!


Again, why isn’t the feminist anti SYSBM stalker Aaron Fountain talking about the violence culture that is currently pervasive and deep within black female society? The dude has plenty of fire in the tank talking about free thinking black men being “fringe” and “oddballs” for not wishing to form unions with women who engage in this type of barbaric, uncouth and degenerate behaviour, yet he has absolutely nothing to say regarding the women themselves and the lifestyle of violence they’ve chosen to subscribe to, smh.

At the end of the day regardless of the shaming tactics Fountain uses, free thinking brothers are going to continue voting with their feet and there is nothing Fountain or his black female overlords can do about it. It’s unbelievable that at this stage we still have black men who are either engaging in wilful ignorance or are bewitched and completely blinded to where they “cannot understand” what the problems are with black women.

Just look at these heifers, everyone of them weave/wigged up to the hilt. This is one of the major issues I have with the modern day black female, she talks a black talk yet she doesn’t even represent or walk a black walk. Wearing the hair of European, Brazilian and Indian women upon their heads believing such a practice is normal but then want to have a foul attitude towards any black man who questions their sanity because of it.

Choosing NOT to represent the image of being black on the daily yet still believing that they can talk on black issues. Questioning whether black men who date out can still talk about black issues, however we aren’t allowed to question them regarding the so called “European standard of beauty” they regularly choose to uphold even though on the flip side they constantly complain about it, smh.

With black women increasingly involving themselves in such violent behaviour, can anybody honestly ask the question as to why there is a growing resentment towards them coming from more and more black men, and not just black men mind you, other ethnicities are also growing sick and tired of these black harriets and their violent antics. Again, where is Aaron Fountain on this issue……………………….that’s right, no where to be found as per usual.

The evidence abounds here at Slaying Evil as to why more black men are opting out of dealing with black women altogether, bootlickers like Fountain cannot circumvent the facts as well as the proof, so instead he attempts to limit what evidence can be used against black women as if he is some sort of authority on how black women are to be examined and scrutinised.

Remember the viral article I wrote back in September 2016 in which I condensed down into 12 points the main reasons why black men ought to be walking away from black women, that article can be seen in the link below:

Menstruating, low testosterone, pro black female pundits like Aaron Fountain look incredibly stupid attempting to defend a group of women who are openly illustrating that they have a multitude of problems and in some cases admitting that they are a messed up group of females.

Providing transcripts of videos created by Xanatos Clutch isn’t effectively defending your black queanies Fountain, you won’t be able to mount a successful defence for your lords and saviours until you begin to question and address their dysfunctional antics instead of attempting to shoot down the messengers who are doing the work you should’ve jumped on a long time ago.

You really don’t want this smoke Fountain, however being the effeminate stubborn mule that you are I already know that no doubt I’ll be delivering even more fire straight into your chest cavity in the near future. By the way, I’m still waiting for a proper critique and break down of my book Negro Wars from you. In case you don’t know how to do that, the link below provides a critique of Derrick Jaxn’s book Single Mothers Are For Grown Men Only written by Mumia Obsidian Ali. The case for SYSBM continues. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Bringing That Heat To Fountain’s Pigeon Chest

Most High Bless

125 thoughts on “The Case For SYSBM – This Is What We’re Saving Ourselves From, Yet More Evidence!

  1. That whole pileup probably smelled like stank coochie, bad breath, old weave, and arm pit.

    “With black women increasingly involving themselves in such violent behaviour, can anybody honestly ask the question as to why there is a growing resentment towards them coming from more and more black men, and not just black men mind you, other ethnicities are also growing sick and tired of these black harriets and their violent antics.”

    Truth. Most of the time that I see videos of Asian women getting violent they are defending themselves from the BW in their beauty shops. These chicks will continue to get worse and become more feral in their behavior as the Wall grows and they are increasingly rejected by society. They have already been just about replaced in media by bi-racials and Latinas.

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    • James SYSBM,

      It’s like a Twilight zone dimension we’re living in when we have black women and their sympathisers attempting to shame us for rejecting uncouth, degenerate, reprobate and violent behaviour. The deep mental illness is real amongst the overwhelming majority of black women and their simp flunkies.

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    • Very true brothers they fight all races of women with venom. They will be apart of thier own demise, as walking away leaves them to their own devises which is scary. They are better than men in their minds, so let them have their own matriachy by themselves with women. Let them build their own society, and let us continue to walk away and teach brothers to avoid this community that is burning as we speak. Their mindset will never change no matter how much a brother thinks it will. SYSBM.

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      • SC Talk Media,

        Absolutely. Feminism “freed” black women, but it freed us, too. No longer are we responsible for these ungrateful demons. Especially the “lame,” “boring” black dudes that they didn’t want in their prime. They’re “strong and independent” and “don’t need no man,” I’m taking them at their word. Like you said, let them have their dying black matriarchy. We owe them absolutely nothing. Especially now that Corona is out there. They can run and beg the pretty-boy swag niggas they like for help. LOL!

        Keep the wall up!

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    • The scraggle daggle truly hates all black men. The scraggle daggle truly worships all white men, even trailer park Brad who smells like shit. The scraggle daggle believes all non black men are superior to black men. The scraggle daggle believes white men are at the top of the hierarchy. She also knows that no man, except black men, will take her seriously. The scraggle daggle pines to be viewed as mate material by nonblack men, especially by white men. She knows she is not viewed as mate material by nonblack men, so she’s willing to accept being ghettogagger material, if that’s all she can get from them.

      The scraggle daggle knows she has been put in a position to rule over the black communitah, by fetish white beau Brad and Chad. She will kill to maintain the status she believes she has. This is why the scraggle daggle hates SYSBM so much. SYSBM is an existential threat to the scraggle daggle’s dictatorial rule over the black communitah.

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  2. Any black male who speaks against SYSBM can drop dead.
    You may not deserve better than the she-apes in the video but I do.

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      • @Verbs

        It is total witchcraft. I can’t believe there are males out here who are so weak, that a vagina attached to the lowest form of female life can make them completely change.

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  3. Black females say: The European standard of beauty is wrong.

    Black females say: We need our weave.

    (The weave is NEVER in the natural texture of black people)

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      But according to black women we aren’t supposed to be talking about what they do with their hair because it’s supposedly “none of our business”. Yet they wish to speak about who we date which is none of their business, make that make sense.

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    • @Gregory C

      My favourite is the “white women wear weave too!”*

      Even if that were the case, which it is NOT, white women are not about to wear weaves of black women’s nappy hair on their heads.

      *I lived around whites my whole life and have not met ONE single white female who wore any weaves or extensions from the most ghetto wiggers to professionals.

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      • Another topic is the so-called NATURAL HAIR MOVEMENT. —- I saw a photograph of Michelle Obama wearing a pony-tail. A big deal was made about M. Obama wearing natural hair. At best, M. Obama dropped the hair straightener cream by 10% and such hair was viewed, by black females, as natural black hair. — Black females are being reckless with the term natural hair.

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    • I just love referring to westernized black woman as scraggle daggles, especially US black women. The phrase Scraggle daggle, so captures their essence.

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    • Michel,

      This is why I point blank refuse to take the dude seriously, he clearly doesn’t understand the term “show and prove”. Slinging around feminist words, terms, slogans and phrases hoping something will stick simply won’t cut it.

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    • @Michel

      All this to get a slot on MSNBC LMAO! As if white, liberal mainstream media doesn’t always break their tools. They go through black women like used Kleenex. How much longevity does he think he’ll have?

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    • @Michel
      Do you hear fountain had the nerve to say that the reason child sacrifice, aka abortion is so high with lack women is because they have a supposedly exponentially higher incident of dying in childbirth than other women, lmao.

      Do you know of even 3 lack women who died in childbirth? Only machines can kill machines.

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      • @Upgraydd

        Abortion = Death in childbirth?

        Does Fake Academic Fountain have any scintilla of independent statistical proof of his assertion. Our is he pulling that assertion out of his ass?

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  4. Lord please forgive me for saying this, but when I saw that video with those weave headed hoes pulling down each others pants, wailing away in their usual social interacting the only word that came to my mind was sub-species.
    Please forgive me.

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      • How could anybody defend them? Did you see that fat one wearing a belly top?
        I have a new slogan for lack women: Large For Medium Charge

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      • @upgraydd

        How dare you speak against that black queen! 🤣🤣🤣
        Don’t you realize they are all acting that way because black men refuse to build!

        Again, the only black males defending black women are a) homosexuals (because they receive validation for being make-believe females from them), b) black males who are thirsty for the only vagina they can get (they do not have the class to get non-black women), and c) black males who are currently getting black vagina (they got the bag, or rather “the box” and they don’t want to risk losing it.

        Black women do not behave as humans so you shouldn’t be obligated to degrade yourself into loving them just because we think the Bible says so. Those millstones for the abuse of children are long overdue. I refuse to accept that black males are such sinful beings that we were rewarded with the most hideous counterpart out of all species. “Be fruitful and multiply” with what? With this? No thank you!

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      • Verbs,

        Yup. The serial babydaddy with 15 kids all over the neighborhood, the dope boy, the Madden king, the stick-up kid, the prancing elite gay twinks and the swag dude with “nigga juice” and “big dick energy” are not problems in the black community, but thinking black men are. Especially those who date out.

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  5. I just gave the slayingevil article linked in this one a second read. Holy shit. It is even more hard-hitting than when I first read it only a few months ago. It also brought something to light about my own whore of a mother. My mother is a dark skinned sheboon. My father was light-skinned and part German and Chinese. So obviously, everything said about dark-skinned sheboons applies to her. Everything from worship of white men (being a Jamacian that white worship is 100-fold), to abuse (sexual and mental) and neglect of her children. There is a photograph of her we have taken before my siblings and I were both of her babysitting two white kids. On it the two white kids seemed to be engaged in some sort of play fighting, something my brothers and I have never done in our lives. She has probably the biggest smile I have ever seen in that photo as she is sitting on the floor playing with them. No such photo of her and my siblings and I exists! In fact, she have NEVER, EVER played with us like that. EVER!

    Everything said about black women on this website is the truth and black gospel. No exceptions.

    But I am expected to stick with this female garbage for the community?

    LOL. Come right here and make me!

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    • Black Caesar,

      But according to black female sympathisers like Amiri Brown and Aaron Fountain, I’m not allowed to use the mountain loads of evidence that’s been archived on the website, nor am I allowed to reference testimonials from yourself as well as other contributors here, smh.

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      • Black Caesar,

        Indeed. Also, evidence leaves the realm of being anecdotal as soon as more people are included outside of your own personal experience, this is something that most black female advocates seem to forget.

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      • @Verbs
        For a group of people whose standards are so low it’s interesting to hear that our standards of evidence are not high enough.

        BW: Serena Williams, someone she never seen in person has a white man so that’s evidence that all men love black women and they can get Waldo. A fictional character Olivia Pope, gets bent over in a broom closet now and then, that’s evidence that all men love black women and Waldo’s looking for them.

        Thinking black men, hell the whole entire world sees the black women acting like a violent, dirty, ignorant psychopath every day for 50 years! Not valid as evidence.

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  6. Verbs 2015.

    This article is wicked and well funny to the point where I was laughing so hard it hurts. Those black women who were fighting in the above video are fucking savages and its no wonder why SYSBM black men like ourselves are not taking black women seriously and we are walking away from them in large numbers that we ain’t coming back to save their weave manly arses. I have no respect for black male simps who try to shame us into dating black women even though there is overwhelming evidence via TV, you tube videos and Internet forums showing black women in the worst light possible that it makes it impossible for black male simps to refute our arguments into why we SYSBM black men choose not to date black women and single mothers and to date beautiful childfree non black women instead.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Yet apparently we SYSBM practitioners have the problem because we refuse to accept and take on board these violent monsters, do you see how far black society has trundled downhill, to the point where we have mentally deranged individuals attempting to shame us from not wanting to associate with a group of women who enjoy engaging in violent activities, smh? The so called community is done and black women were the ones who brought about its demise.

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      • @Verbs
        I’m still trying to figure out sperm fountain. All of his talking points are so easily refuted why does he even bother. He can’t win any arguments but let’s say he can. We’re out, we’re not coming back! And if we did how does that even benefit him? With us leaving he has all of the weaveheads to himself, why does he want competition?
        Or is it us that he really wants?

        As for that debate, I bet you wouldn’t be able to get him out of hiding with tear gas.

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      • Upgraydd,

        I believe that Fountain is looking for brownie points from black women, out of that maybe he hopes someday he can somehow land one. Additionally he seems to be looking for one of these dying dinosaur mainstream news media outlets to pick him up, therefore in order to attract interest he’ll focus on sensationalism rather than the truth and facts.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. You was excellent in the youtube podcast debate that you had the other day with Amiri Brown and that Amiri Brown is a bloody simp because he is making excuses for black womens foolishness and he is worshipping them like they are gods. 😂😂😂

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  7. I’m guessing these simps must be blind for what we are saving ourselves from. The more shaming and bullying, and the little schemes these Simps and black women try to pull, the more creepier they get. The simps are gonna end up fooling themselves big time by doing what they do best. They don’t do nothing but make the situation even worse, by playing the freakin hero every-time they see their black queens, but is a queen suppose to act like the women in the video? Because last time I checked, women who act masculine are considered unattractive. Dudes like Umar Johnson and Fountain ain’t got no type of standards when it comes down to women, but if they care so much about the black woman, why can’t they fix them up instead of asking us for help? God, Simps gas up women too much, to the point they (the women) start acting like a fake boujee bitch. This is why I always say to myself when it comes down to women: Look for Quality instead of Quantity. Quality and Quantity are two different words, same as Feminine and Feminism, so they better not get it twisted.

    Now as for the Fountain dude, I highly doubt this dude is some PhD or something writing all them silly ass articles. Them simps coming out the blue at SYSBM hard, because of the recent incidents that happen, they really trying to pull something. By the way, remind them simps, and black women too, that the doxxing crap they doing, there’s something called the Law, and they better think twice before doing some crazy shit that’ll leading to some huge trouble.

    Another thing too, just to be silly, If I were to handle bullies, the three little boys from the Malcolm In The Middle will be an example. HAHA!

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  8. They all sound like zoo animals in that video, though you’d even find more civility in the zoo than amongst a pack of niggas and niggresses. A look of scorn spread across my face when I saw that one pulling her dress back up after it slid down; Mr. Fontaine may not like it, but I would take this “whataboutism” as evidence every time if it meant saving myself from the dysfunction! It was last week when I had stopped somewhere to buy a drink, and I changed my mind when I saw a daggle, weaved up to the hilt, working at the register; like, the sight of her just turned me off. I pretended like I had to use the restroom and left that place immediately.

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  9. I am reminded of my college years, during the early 90s. I went to a small, predominately white college. The numbers of black students was around 80, out of thousands. Anyway, at some point during my junior or senior year, a large number of black women decided that they had had enough. They wanted answers. Why, they asked, were they not wanted/desired by the available black men on campus. The black men who had their shite together. I still remember the response from one of my black male classmates, “Ya’ll homely”. Shut it all down.

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    • In my short time at college I remember going to BSU meetings and inevitably interracial dating came up which devolved quickly to niggas ain’t shit and are sellouts for doing so 😂

      I just found it so hilarious because a few of the bw there were dating interracially. So rules for thee none for me basically.

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      • When I was in college, I enjoyed parading my white girlfriends around on campus. Holding hands, buying them roses at the local florist. I made a show of it. The angry black heaux blew a fuse. Imagine that Birdman gif where he’s rubbing his hands lol

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    • That race play shit is all over tumblr. I’ve never felt so disgusted.

      On the flip side the amount of porn blogs ran by sissies about bbc and enjoying being cucks are alarming

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      • @Darth
        I’m not disgusted. Why should sheboons be treated like that? I got nothing to do with lack females so I don’t care.

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    • And some of the black scraggle daggles doing this generate shit, have a black simp at home. This same black simp will kill another black man for not calling these daggles ‘Quaens’.

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    • bUt – bUt Bw/wM’s diVOrce rAteS aRe lOweR

      Because black hoes are willing to put up with Cletus’ slave abuse just so she can say she’s got a white dude…and to have a lightskin baby

      They are clearly not humiliated by this, you see in the pics they’re all for it

      When Jim-Bob and his KKK buddies are done jizzing in their face, they’ll be coming back to you trying to kiss you with that same mouth, crying that no black man wants them

      I challenge anybody to post the BM/WW equivalent of that slave play bullshit

      SYSBM family!

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      • I don’t know much about BM/WW marriages. So, I am going to go out on a limb and surmise that their divorce rates are higher, because they endure more societal pressure than BW/WM marriages.

        In fact, I dare say that the very people quick to cite the higher divorce rates among BM/WW marriages are the very members of the society who are responsible for the pressure applied to those marriages (i.e., you have bald-headed bitches stalking them and taking pictures, but fully supports her sister being a baby momma of kids produced with a white man).

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      • @Niggie Howser MD
        But you’re right. I don’t see any black men involved in any slave play with white women. If he does, the woman is the one who is begging to be his slave. 😂😂😂😂😂

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      • I don’t see any black men involved in any slave play with white women. If he does, the woman is the one who is begging to be his slave. 😂😂😂😂😂

        Right, it’s normal dominant/submissive sex stuff, not some old antebellum slave re-enactment.

        I’ve seen BDSM porn where a black guy’s got a dog collar on and is submissive to a dominatrix, but I’ve seen white guys in the same dog collars, too. It’s not specific to black men or slavery.

        Black hoes who like white boys on the other hand want slavery back.

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      • @Niggie Howser MD

        Yup. Hardcore Tito was the very first person to open my eyes to the BS about how all black people with some white blood in them are the products of plantation rape.

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    • None of this surprises me.

      Hell, I saw a flick with my girl at the time. In it, you had a simp, who was black, with his black girlfriend or wife was getting smashed by some white guy. And then this ho give him a kiss after getting “popped” on her face by this other guy. It came on after we watch a flick with a brother smashing a young blonde. My lady at the time (she was Crotian Btw)said that the particular adult Studio has done numerous “films” where there is a black simp and his black chick who is getting smashed by white guys. She thought I’ll be offended at this but I laughed. I told her that I’ve seen this numerous times in college and just in life in general. She told me that white women have known that white guy smashed chicks on the side. Which is why she did not take any of the swirlers or jealous white men criticisms of black men seriously. She also couldn’t understand black men romanticizing black women when they will romanticize THEIR men. This is me paraphrasing her words, not mine words

      One of her closest friends, who is Bosnian and a feminist, but she likes Brothers, said that black women being Mistresses openly with white men is one of the biggest reasons why feminism got started. They don’t talk about BW, because they said that that black woman is either jealous or she is cheating with a non black man and projecting. This Bosnian also said that the BW path always have access to white men. But she said she has gotten pressed for some of the black guys she’d dated, especially among her Black hypocrite gfs.

      All of this, according to the Bosnian feminist friend of my ex. She it said nearly all of her black feminist friends have white and non black men or women. They’d be the first one to claim they’re Pro black, LOL! Typical…

      Now my ex said you have to be a lame not to be able to get a white man. I laughed my ass off again.

      She was a cool girl who was about that Fitness life. And yes she was thick like Helena, Kali Muscle’s Croatian wife, but brunette not blonde. Got some stories about her.

      I have had White and especially Latina chicks tell me what they really think about Bw and their worship of non-black men. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had this conversation at this point in my life. I’m sure some of you guys have had the same conversations to. Be interesting to see what your lady said.


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  10. Verbs,

    Did you steal from my story from the last post about the BBW Terminator 350? Because that video came very close how exactly i imagined that scene. Yeesh!

    Was this a group of black women fighting or was this WWE Ghetto Edition? DAMN! did you SEE that Huge Liger in the middle?

    These chicks have so much fighting in their blood, it is so ingrained in their DNA that i don’t understand why we have Mens and Womens fighting sports and not just have unisex fighting. I think if you were to place them in any fighting sport, Boxing Muay thai, MMA, black women would probably not be too far from winning most matches even against men!

    Tyrones are having such a difficult time keeping them down and in place! It’s only a matter of time that black women will go against nature so hard that they will turn into a mutant gender and then NO BODY can beat them in a fight!

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      Like I stated in Negro Wars, sign em up for UFC, black women would do well or even wrestling since they love pulling on their opponent’s hair as well as trying to drag them down to the ground. But we have the problem because we want nothing to do with such degeneracy, no thank you, I’ll still pass.

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  11. I was thinking lately of Akwesi100 and his anti-SYSBM stance and the points made within it. It does nothing but reaffirm my belief that black people are the most cowardly beings on earth. Every single one of his points against SYSBM was rooted in fear. “Don’t move to a secluded place because the white man’s gonna get you”, “don’t pursue non-black women because non-black men are gonna get you”, and such. That good old negro fear of the white man. It explains why he capes for black women and is against interracial dating. He is part of the pyramid of white supremacy and doesn’t know it. It is the black female who instills a fear of white men as the fear of God in every black child she has. I am glad I for one am not infected with this disease. I go where I want, when I want and I do what I want when I am there. I have been to all white towns mainly for work and have zero fears and all the confidence in the world.
    Now this guy wants to talk about building a community. Ok sure. How are you going to build anything while simultaneously being scared of white males? No civilization has ever survived living in fear. That’s why there can be 2.4 billion black people on the planet and for the most part they don’t own shit. They don’t run their own countries or communities. I used the Vietnamese as an example many times. Little Vietnam beat the shit out of the big, bad USA. Why? Because they were ready to die. Even whites do this. They are ready to die before anyone takes their guns. But the negro? Nah. Don’t do this and don’t do that because the white man’s gonna git ya! 🤣
    Without struggle there is no progress. And you will not progress with a bunch of cowardly negroes who only have balls when it comes to another black man’s sneakers, Popeye’s chicken, or fighting over some hair hatted sheboon. See, even the big, scary, pro black titan named Umar Johnson isn’t going to send his gang of trigger happy pavement Scum over to George Zimmerman’s or Amber Guyger’s house. No, he’s sending them over to other black people who “dispespecteded” him!

    I do not identify as SYSBM but I’ll promote it to death. It is an honourable pursuit. The black community doesn’t know how to spell “honour” let alone live it.
    Changing this cesspool of a community, starting a new race, or simply being happy and safe is worth the risk.

    “Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight. Gotta kick at the darkness ’till it bleeds daylight.” -Bruce Cockburn

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      • @upgraydd
        As far as I am concerned, if you’d abuse a child physically then you’d probably abuse a child sexually. I can imagine his school being worse than a catholic school.

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    • Black Caesar:

      You know something Black Caesar, it sounds like you and I have crossed some of the same grounds in this life. I definitely related to what you said about working in all white towns. In the huge multi racial USA, I’ve mostly lived in large cities that have very large black populations. But, I have also worked in nearly all white parts of the USA. I once spent 18 months in a small town in South Dakota. There probably wasn’t 5 black people within a 100 mile radius. I encountered some very racist white people who gave me the sense they would definitely do me harm, if they had the opportunity to do so without consequence. Even the cops would find some reason to harass a black man, if they thought no one was looking. Even then I was never afraid of white people. I kept my wits about me and used them well. I knew I was smarter than most of the white people around me. I was certainly more worldly than they were. Most of them had never left small town South Dakota. Now I have been in other small towns in the northern USA that were 98 percent white, and was viewed as a curiosity. But I never felt threatened. On the contrary, the people bent over backwards to show they harbored no ill will towards me. But in this part of South Dakota, there was genuine hostility to me for being a black man.

      Now I have lived in places like Chicago, Washington DC, and Atlanta. These places are renown for their large black middle class populations. I can’t tell you how often I have encountered so called educated black people in these places, who are genuinely afraid of white people. You will find many blacks in corporate environments and other middle class environments, who are genuinely afraid of white people. I can tell you, many blacks who talk the most pro black rhetoric, genuinely believe in white supremacy and genuinely fear all white people. They even fear the lowliest and most unsophisticated white person. To them, its like white skin gives superpowers to its occupants. Many simps who speak the loudest pro black rhetoric and posture as wise elders of the communitah, genuinely fear white skin.

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      • @AmericanBlackman

        Facts. I’ve encountered the same racist white males but the young country girls wanted to “render unto Caesar”. Lol. I also got some of the best customer service up north (north Ontario).

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    • Black Caesar:

      “It is the black female who instills a fear of white men as the fear of God in every black child she has.”

      The spot on truth.

      The black female also instills in her male children the belief that its a sin to view black women honestly. You have to overlook their shortcomings, their defects, and their character fails, and accept them as they are. But you have to strive to be perfect for them. You have to always give them your best or else you are a bad man. But when the black female fails, you can’t judge her because she’s only human. I honestly believe that this is were the roots of black simping originate. Its also were the black female’s unwillingness to take responsibility for her actions originate. .

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      • American,

        Congratulations you have solved the mystery of the day, and have expounded on a part of the so called “Negro Problem”.

        What you have described is straight pimp game. These simps are pimped and slaved by their own birthing units (the male and female who made them). The female pimp then pimps her female daughter into a prostitute, who then aspires one day to become a madam and pimp out her own offspring to society, other men, other woman, corporations, status, etc.

        The boogeyman has always been a tool for societal control. Sometimes it is nature, a disease, a particular group of people, information, religion, etc. In this case the boogeyman is largely pinned on the so called European wite man of the USA, who despite his reign of terror has not inflicted as much damage as those same people do to themselves, or the brutality of the Conquistadors.

        At this point the whole “boogeyman” bit they pull is an obvious Slavehandler Programming Sign. The “Whiteman Stories” is often used a trigger to send children, men, and women into a state of either FEAR or DANGER, triggering a “Fight or Flight” state of mind. In this state of mind the individual is suspectible to suggestions, commands, and with the chemicals running through their brain, their amydala will be impaired and along with it their memory, and cognitive clearness.

        In other words their brain goes from a more reasonable frame to a survival mode, a more animal state of consciousness. The FEELING STATE.

        I rest my case, modern science can trace the chemical reactions to these behaviors on the individual and believe me when I say EVERYONE KNOWS. But hey they got their own problems to solve so, you solve yours!

        Liked by 2 people

  12. Right, here this. As you see the state of black women, all you see is weave, fighting, being single mothers and proud of it, twerking in public, bleaching their skin and all sort of nonsense we are seeing right now. The more black women act like this, the more they are undatable. How can anyone date a woman like a black woman now? Dating a black woman is impossible but having a child is very risky. Because black women will put the insecurities to their black daughters and then the daughter will be like her mother. Things have now gone worse when it comes to black women because of the dysfunctional behaviour of them and these simps like bareback fountain who is against S.Y.S.B.M? This man is a joker. A real joker.

    Liked by 3 people

  13. My mum came back to Jamaica and she said she has to be quarantine for 2 week. She is staying with her worthless husband. Then she says that she was coming to the house and I said no numerous times and then she continues not to listen so I started swearing at her on the phone and hang up the phone. Let me tell you something. These black women are just like our mothers, our aunts, our grandmothers and other family members because of how they are. I have never seen a woman like my mum, dumb in my life. This is the most dumbest black woman in the world. And these simps say that we show wife up these worthless harlots? Really though? Listen, it’s 2020 now and we need to use our heads.

    Hold your white sugar tight this weekend and keep safe. Me, I’m goanna just drink my Bailey’s Chocolat Luxe all night. Not a great time get stressed out!


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  14. One more thing, that Noxzema Nigga, Amiri or whatever the piss his name is said in the debate with Verbs that dysfunctional sheboons are “isolated cases”. Look at the video. How many she-monkeys do you see there? Does that look like an “isolated case” to you?

    Liked by 4 people

    • Black Caesar,

      Amiri would still say that the video above represents an isolated case. It reminds me of when Dr Boyce Watkins ran the same Kansas City Shuffle with Tommy Sotomayor, claimed that only ‘a slither’ of black women were dysfunctional. Even without using the piles of evidence here at Slaying Evil, the streets around us no matter where we are, are speaking the same language.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Isolated case for me, but not for thee.

      Exhibit #1:

      a. Instance of black women fighting in the street -> Isolated case.

      b. Low-seeded Negro, self-proclaimed SYSBM practitioner, post message in unofficial SYSBM group about mistakenly fucking a transsexual (How the fuck to do you mistakenly fuck a transsexual, can you not distinguish a vagina from a rectum??? But I digress). -> NOT an isolated case.

      Isolated case for me, but not for thee. Typical low IQ hypocrisy from Black hillbillies (hat tip to Off Grid, On Code).

      Liked by 2 people

  15. “Choosing NOT to represent the image of being black on the daily yet still believing that they can talk on black issues. Questioning whether black men who date out can still talk about black issues, however we aren’t allowed to question them regarding the so called “European standard of beauty” they regularly choose to uphold even though on the flip side they constantly complain about it, smh.”

    Their willful hypocrisy and gaslighting is disgusting. And it demonstrates how little respect they have for black men.

    Liked by 4 people

  16. This is one of the reason why I have such low respect for Blacks who push “intersectionality”, a lot of these non-Blacks and immigrants (including some of the African ones) want nothing to do with you beyond what they can use you for (Money, political/social agendas, etc.):

    BM aren’t even traveling to Asia much AFAIK, meanwhile WM are going there by the planeload to fuck the women AND the children.

    Liked by 2 people

      • It ends if Africans decide that it does, which means it probably wont. Everyone knows that if you want to be respected you have to deal with people on the same level that they deal with you. Many Black immigrants leave Africa and get treated like DOGS in some of these countries that they end up in, meanwhile people from those same countries can likely come to Africa and have the red carpet rolled out for them socially.

        Blacks here in the US are finally starting to wake up, we have been allowing other groups to use us and our history (the civil rights movement, our icons like Dr. King, etc.) politically for too long to push their own agenda and many of these dimwitted liberal Blacks are happy to be their doormats in the name of “social justice” and “intersectionality”. Caping hard for these non-blacks and immigrants that don’t even like us. This shit has to stop. SMDH

        Liked by 3 people

      • @James
        Sorry but I gave up hope that this race will smarten up a long time ago. I am only concerned with my life from now on. It’s too late in the game for the ever-so-slow negro to wake up.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Let’s be honest here. As much as it hurts to say, there is no “Black” nation on Earth that has a legit military to keep outsiders out of their countries. Perhaps Africans don’t want the Arabs, Chinese, and the Europeans in their countries, but they know that can’t stop them because of the other races military.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs2015:

        I long ago gave up hope that black people as a collective will smarten up. As a collective, they will always fall for false equivalency when being compared to other races; they will always accept unequal terms in their relationship with other races.

        This is why I find mad bus driver’s vison so appealing. I’m not trying to make mad bus driver a ‘race leader’. Nor has he tried to make himself one. But, if enough free thinking black men make families with nonblack women, a new type of black person can emerge over time. Sure, they will be multiracial. But a large percent of the black people in the USA have always been multiracial. They are still considered black by the world, and they still suffer from the plantation mentally of being simps and scraggle daggles.

        The vision of MBDx is the best solution I’ve seen so far, for black men. As a bonus consequence, it creates a population of black people free of the simp and scraggle daggle mentality.

        Liked by 3 people

      • “Let’s be honest here. As much as it hurts to say, there is no “Black” nation on Earth that has a legit military to keep outsiders out of their countries.”


        Alright, I will concede that point– no legit military to keep foreigners out. But what’s stopping them from creating an insurgency to make it uncomfortable for foreigners to the point they want to leave?

        For example, the Russians invaded Afghanistan in 1979, but the Mujahideen, not a legit military, but one hell of an insurgency, made it very uncomfortable for the Russians.

        Today, and for the past 19 years, the Taliban has been making it very uncomfortable for U.S. forces.

        Case in point, I suspect African nations want foreigners there, which isn’t much different from many African Americans wanting foreigners controlling the economy in their communities. Yeah, they complain about them, but they continue to patronize their businesses instead of building salons and nail shops of their own.

        Liked by 3 people

    • The moment I hear the term “intersectionality,” I immediately stop the video or change the channel. Although, I am not a fan of pro-blacks, in general, sometimes they are spot on, on some issues.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Everybody’s afraid that the big black wolf is going to eat all the snow bunnies, all the rice bunnies, and all the cinnamon bunnies…🤣🤣🤣

      Ignorance breeds fear.

      For example, on my last trip, I hung out and established friendships with two Latinas who don’t even like black men romantically. They like white men. However, they were intrigued by my appearance and wanted to learn more about me. We hit it off despite the fact that I don’t speak Spanish and they don’t speak English.

      Imagine that. A black man going to a foreign country and establishing a platonic relationship with women.

      Liked by 2 people

    • @Upgraydd

      Damn dude. He just explained black female parenting to a T.
      I will watch the whole video later.


  17. The pandemic has a silver lining. I was just watching Solo TV’s latest video. Since everybody is at home, that includes women, he believes once we’re allowed to go back to normalcy women will be hot to trot and I can’t disagree.

    You can’t find a similar time in history where women had to shut it down for 30-60 days or risk infection. I also agree that divorces will go up as result of this crisis as people who didn’t spend much time with each other have to communicate and faults will be found.

    On the other side of this will be women willing to date men they previously didn’t want to for whatever reason. Earnings have effectively been reset to zero for many people so woman can’t (won’t be able to IMHO) try to clown you for not being up to some make believe standard.

    So get your sh*t in order fellas. If you have debt to pay off in order to travel do it. If you need to move out of your momma’s house, do it. If you qualify for the turbocharged unemployment benefits, that is $7800, I would apply even if you are part time.

    I fully plan on being set on the other side of this. I will become a hunter on the other side, I am 49 and still desire to have my own children.

    Liked by 1 person

    • djfourmonie,

      I probably shouldn’t comment on your comments. But here I am.

      “The pandemic has a silver lining. I was just watching Solo TV’s latest video. Since everybody is at home, that includes women, he believes once we’re allowed to go back to normalcy women will be hot to trot and I can’t disagree..—–. On the other side of this will be women willing to date men they previously didn’t want to for whatever reason. ”

      First of all, there is nothing good about this pandemic, And SYSBM is not about men who are desperate to get a date. Its actually about quite the opposite, men who are very particular about who they will date. .

      I relate to most of the tenets of SYSBM. And I have never been hard up for women to date. I turn it down. If they don’t meet my standards, I won’t poke it with somebody else’s stick.

      “If you need to move out of your momma’s house, do it. ”

      Seriously ? SYSBM is not about men who live in their momma’s house either. Most SYSBM men would only be interested in a higher quality of woman than the typical daggle on the streets of the US, UK, and Canada. So its not that SYSBM men can’t get these women. On the contrary, they don’t want these women..

      Liked by 1 person

      • Where did I say there was desperation? I said there was something positive coming post crisis. I am not hard up either, I’ve spent the last 2 years not having sex, I’m sure what that means overall but it certainly does mean I am not trying to find some desperate woman to fuck.

        There are some men who are college who do live at home. Women their age won’t clown them if they are in the same position, it’s a trope and SoloTV used it, I thought it was funny to use not that the actual reality is funny it’s a fact of life in some areas of the country where housing is beyond expensive.

        You are entitled to your opinion.

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  18. Alot of you guys are fretting over this coronavirus plandemic. As I told you all last week, the coronavirus has always been officially classified as the common cold. I had the evidence, but I told you guys to look into it for yourself, don’t take my word for it.

    As I see there is still consternation about it, I’ll do the research heavy lifting and present the evidence to you.

    1. From Stanford.

    2. From the American Medical Association.

    You notice only celebrities and politicians have it? What kind of circles are they travelling to pick it up in their multi-million dollar lifestyles, and we have to take all these precautions to prevent germs, yet your local homeless man who lives in filth on the streets and eats from the garbage is healthy as a motherfucker.

    THINK for yourself, It’s not illegal. Yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Upgraydd,

      Just to add to what you’ve said, I can’t remember if I posted these links before but it turns out that the British Epidemiologist who created the high death rate model which the mainstream media picked up and have ran with for the past month got it wrong:

      People out here in these streets playing Simon Says as per government directives, this is somebody’s idea of a sick joke, a huge experiment to see if people will comply with some of the most ridiculous instructions ever given out in the history of mankind, “social distancing, wearing face masks and disposable medical gloves, self isolation” etc, now folks are having to queue outside of shops because they are only letting a few people in at a time. Mind you, this is on top of the 2 of the same item only rule, smh.

      Liked by 3 people

      • @Verbs

        This is straight communism. If you’ve ever been to a communist country everything is government control, line ups for the most basic items, and rations on everything.

        I wonder what it will take to wake people up, but so many are so far indoctrinated with the tv and the news it could get worse before it gets better. Even though they’re retracting their doomsday predictions the public is still panicking.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Upgraydd,

        That is exactly what is happening over here now and folks can’t see what’s they’re being trained and indoctrinated into. The UK government is using the fear and hysteria of the coronavirus to feed communism into the masses without them even knowing it.

        Venezuela is a collapsed country and right now they are going through exactly the same procedures as the UK, food rationing, waiting outside of supermarkets(not for hours yet however that’s coming), conducting one’s self in public according to government guidelines, the list goes on. I have to leave this place, these people are too stupid to realise exactly what is going on.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Not to sound like we should only talk about solutions, but we all know that lack women are beyond reproach.

    I also said before that it doesn’t matter if Covid-19 is less or more serious, it’s not really up for debate in the mainstream media. The fact is most people are staying home by Government directive and it could be up to 90 days in main population centers.

    There also a few countries that haven’t been impacted by this yet or took care of it quickly.

    All I am saying is that you should use this time wisely. If you have your financial house in order, you can always improve your situation, none of us are in position to buy a second yacht or vacation home.

    One other thing, I know SoloTV84 mainly is talking about women inside the United States when he speaks about women generally. Maybe he’s going after the part of the community that for whatever reason is not really looking to travel outside of the United States and feels most comfortable fishing in local waters.

    The main message was not to concern yourselves with finding women to date, screw or marry just to be prepared when things return to normal (whatever that is). There is plenty of opportunity in a crisis, made up or not.

    Liked by 1 person

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