Concerning Aaron Fountain’s So Called “Hit List”, Why So Serious, He’s Not!


So, the male feminist/misandrist known as Aaron Fountain has been lurking in the depths of the Black Manosphere for just under 2 years, has radically spoken out against many of the black men within the sector including myself, yet throughout all of this are you meaning to tell me that Mr fountain has yet to stumble across the very reason why the Black Manosphere came about to begin with and additionally why there is a legitimate resentment and disgruntlement with many of its members towards the modern day black female, really sir?

Let’s start here since Mr Fountain wishes to engage in intellectual dishonesty, this deplorable demonstration below unfortunately is the rancid environment in which most black men have to and have grown up in for at least the last 30-40 years:

From the information that has been put out so far, it seems to me that Aaron Fountain’s mother may indeed fit the above degenerate demographic, if this is indeed the case then it’s obvious that Mr Fountain is clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome in that despite being treated like garbage by his mother, Fountain thus far hasn’t been able to break the chains ie confess that his mother is a deadbeat, decadent reprobate of a female.

Fountain has yet to and by the looks of things will never address the irreparable damage that has been brought upon black society by black women through their acceptance of the failed feminist religion as well as fatherless home welfare policies. This is one of the main reasons why I simply cannot take Aaron Fountain seriously, he attempts to berate and scold black men in the Black Manosphere for their hostility towards black women, yet without fail deliberately avoids holding his sacred cow accountable for the historical and documented transgressions she’s committed against her own people.

Any child growing up in a hostile environment where they are being beaten from pillar to post day in and day out by an individual who is supposed to be their first line of protection, comfort, support and love is eventually going to become resentful to that particular parent, this isn’t rocket science. Couple this with the fact that most black women believe that subjecting their children to all manner of abuse is a normal practice and you have a situation where nothing will ever improve for the better unless black men choose to break the chains and put and end to the chaos.

This is exactly where SYSBM fits in, we SYSBM practitioners have duly noted the observable mental instability and the dysfunctional antics of the modern day black female and as a result have chosen to seek out love and companionship elsewhere which yet again is a logical step for any black man with his head screwed on correctly. Mr Fountain however I suspect just like the pro black female/black women first court jesting minstrels believes that such abuse ought to be tolerated and receiving the same is somehow a noble, valiant and honourable act, make that make sense.

Another reason why I refuse to take Mr Fountain seriously is because to date he has yet to provide a thorough and detail critique of my book Negro Wars, a book that Aaron Fountain himself stated in his SYSBM Save Yourself Black Men Is Silly article written on the 22nd February 2020, was “self-published, a poorly written, organized, and researched book that cites YouTube videos as sources”. It’s funny how 2-3 years ago black women used the same arguments but then silently began to refrain from the practice when they finally realised that they were the ones putting the ammunition out there that was and still is being used against them.

As I’ve stated before, Aaron Fountain is still living in a pre internet era, he is unable to process and deal with the “in your face, raw, unadulterated” data, hence why he must somehow always attempt to negate the evidence presented by any and all means necessary in order to save face from embarrassment as well as provide his black queanies with an “out”. To date Mr Fountain has yet to state exactly which parts of the book were poorly researched, inaccurate and poorly written. Here we have yet another case of a ultra leftist, pro black female pundit making bold statements without any backing or quantifiable arguments to bolster his claims.

Yet another reason why I cannot take the right dishonourable Aaron Fountain seriously is the fact that he point blank refuses to appear on any panels to defend his position, citing sexual vulgarities, unprofessionalism, odd questions, profanity, no conversation order etc as some of many reasons listing them in his Supreme King Coon article written on March 16th 2020. These excuses are simply code for the following, “I’m unable to defend my position at all yet alone in real time, therefore I instead choose to evade being placed in the accountability hot seat and possibly being embarrassed, thus I prefer to throw stones from afar and hide my hands”.

Finally, another reason why I Verbs 2015 refuse to take Aaron Fountain seriously is the fact that he has yet to deal with the SYSBM Tenets, for all of the unstable accusations he’s thrown in our direction, thus far he seems to have deliberately avoided diving into the main pillars of the SYSBM philosophy, however this is of no surprise to myself, the SYSBM founder Mad Bus DriverX and our fellow SYSBM Knights. By avoiding the SYSBM Tenets Fountain is able to continue levying false misrepresentations regarding the lifestyle(not that the mud will ever stick).

I personally have no idea why certain parties within the Black Manosphere are running around like headless chickens panicking because they’ve been mentioned in Fountain’s list, even going as far as requesting to be removed from it. These are supposed to be the “alpha males”, the select men, those who women are supposedly fawning over, yet breaking out into cold sweats over Fountain and his “hit list” is far from alpha behaviour.

I am more than ready for any fire that Aaron Fountain wishes to bring to myself, Slaying Evil, the SYSBM philosophy and its genuine practitioners(I honestly don’t believe he has any based upon his many shortcomings up to this point), I unlike others who have already shown their bellies I am NOT afraid of Fountain nor his list. Black men ought to be using Fountain as a test subject in order to sharpen their swords and prepare themselves for the bigger organisations that will come sniffing around SYSBM and the Black Manosphere in the near future.

Until Aaron G Fountain jr begins examining black society honestly from both sides, provides detailed summaries on various criticisms he’s made as well as makes himself available for realistic panel discussions(not silly dinosaur mainstream media outlets who at the present time are laying off staff because they are being rendered irrelevant by citizen journalists), he shouldn’t be taken seriously at all and his list should be looked upon as nothing to worry about. This goes for anybody else talking cash greazy about SYSBM who either haven’t read the Tenets or on the flip side point blank refuse to because in doing so their lame talking points would immediately be shut down and be made redundant. In the words of former UK Prime Minister John Major, “it is time to put up or shut up”. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Dealing With Disingenuous Negroes Such As Aaron Fountain

Most High Bless

144 thoughts on “Concerning Aaron Fountain’s So Called “Hit List”, Why So Serious, He’s Not!

  1. When a mentally damaged Black man survives his upbringing, his mental and physical pain is blocked from the surface. Why? The source of the pain is his MOTHER.

    BM are subjected to a double bind in their abuse: a living “Goddess of the damned” who alternates between nurturing and punishment, parentification and infantilisation, hot and cold, smothering and abandonment.

    Addressing the root of the problem is painful as well as diving into decades of traumatic stress.

    Rather than dealing with the internal pain and taking personal responsibility for this intergenerational curse, Mr Fruitarian would rather covertly threaten outside messengers pointing towards his pain with implied violence. No one dare open Pandora’s box for him.

    As far as the dubious hit list, Scraggles employing Pookies and Doogie B to forcibly silence the messengers: those rabbits have guns too…. (Shout-out MBDX).

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    • Michel,

      Fountain is simply proving how even a PHD candidate can just as easily engage in total dishonesty as your average man. The fact that he has nothing to say concerning his own mother speaks volumes, yet and still he refuses to acknowledge the black female side of the equation, acting as if black men began being resentful towards black women for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

      These reckless black mothers have a lot to answer for and so do misandrist simps like Fountain who are willing to defend dysfunctional black females to the hilt instead of standing aside and allowing them to receive their due and just recompense.

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  2. You can’t save the black community without getting rid of the problem of the black community and that is the secret (or not so secret) relationship between then black woman and the white man.
    We do not even have to say a word about how disgusting black females are. There are plenty of videos they they even made themselves to prove our points. But you know negroes. Even after that documentary against Umoist Johnson that was just released we have negroes doubling down on stupid and continuing to allow themselves to be scammed as if this is somehow hurting those who exposed him. Same with negroes and the church. The stupid side of religion (the caricature of pimp pastors fleecing the congregation) will always be associated with black people. No other race is anywhere near this dumb. So we can present all the evidence in the world why NO negress is a suitable or quality mate and they will double down as BROKEBACK fountain has and produce stupid efforts like his little list. I mean, the guy is so dumb that he doesn’t even realize there are platforms for black men to upload content that cannot be flagged or suspended.
    At this point it is every man for himself. There is no black community.

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    • Black Caesar,

      Well said, both parties you’ve mentioned have always been at the root of the majority of problems within black society. I’m sure other races of women look upon these black harpies with disdain and disgust in relation to how easily they are willing to sell themselves as well as their own people out for crumbs and scraps from Lord Euro’s table.

      This severe lack of intelligence being displayed by most folks in black society especially black women is scary and further supports the case for SYSBM as far as I’m concerned.

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      • @Verbs 💯💯💯
        It’s funny how negresses think non black men globally are going to scoop them up, warts (and bastard babies) and all, and form long term relationships with them when they wear their disloyalty on top of their heads. If these females are not loyal to their own men they’re not going to be loyal to others.

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      • The Left (Black Women) and Right (White Men) hands of Racism in the Western World. Both spend their time attacking Black men on all levels, full spectrum. IE there isn’t a waking moment that both doesn’t engage in trying to control your actions.

        We have broken free.

        We really don’t have to address Mr. Fountain but Verbs if you feel you must, by all means. It is like stubble on a black man’s face before shaving, it has to be dealt with or not. You can always grow your beard…

        That said letting them spread lies about the movement it will be any day now that we will be listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website as an Anti-Black/Anti-Feminist movement.

        A bowl full of no good if you ask me and more men will choose to distance themselves from the movement.

        Again it wouldn’t be a bad thing, there is such a thing as becoming too big as the movement runs into obstacles and people run like you correctly said chickens with no head.

        Remain largely anonymous and stop putting your mug on everything (I know Gen W and Gen Y/Z have a problem with overexposure on social media) and you won’t have to run from anything.

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    • You nailed it. I hate the black scraggle daggle and the black simp equally. They are two sides of the same coin. One can’t exist without the other. During slavery, the black mammy would save her milk for massa’s chilluns. Then she would call them ‘my babies’, while her own chilluns went unnourished. No other race has ever disgraced itself this way.

      The white man tried to enslave the American Indian. They did not make good slaves. They refused to be slaves. They would rebel, they would fight to the death. He never knew when they would turn on him. Their spirit was never broken. Many chose death over slavery at the onset. They could not be made into chattel, so they were genocided. The African, especially the scraggle daggle, embraced a chattel existence. The real reason the African so readily acquiesced to chattel slavery, was because Africans practiced chattel slavery themselves. It was Africans who sold their own people to the Portuguese pirates who plundered the African coasts.

      But, the scraggle daggle became something never seen in human existence. She not only embraced slavery, she came to love it. Her rancid cunt became soaked at the sight of her tormenter. The very tormenter who killed her father, her brothers, her chilluns, and tortures her. She actually gets turned on by being abused by massa.

      Simping is so ingrained into the existence of the westernized black man, that Louis Farakhan, during the million man march, went on for hours in an incoherent rant about a day of atonement. I always thought Louis Farakhan was nuts. But I knew he was nuts after that rant. He’s telling Black men to atone to the scraggle daggle, when its the scraggle daggle who should atone to God, Black men, and her chilluns.

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      • @AmericanBlkMan

        Fun fact many aboriginal Americans (i.e. dark to brown skinned peoples) were classified as ‘Indians’ and later as ‘colored’ or ‘negro’. In many cases the children were confiscated and reeducated or placed on the planatation under the negro code system, and thus they lost their ancestral connections and received a legacy of lies and falsehood.

        This again being the policy of the Inquisition basically enslave and overthrow the established peoples of the land and bring them under subjugation to the (Political) Christian powers.

        That being said a study of ancient “American” history shows that there was often tension in war already among these people, which the Europeans exploited (and when I say Europeans do not think just pale people, because at that time Spain and Portugal, etc still had many “mixed” or “darker” skinned humans among them).

        Mind you the institution of “Human Servitude” was always practiced and varied according the custom of a particular group of people, so it is possible that you may have people today who are descendants of peoples with a long tendency of dependency, dating from even before the Europeans conquistadors, priests, pirates, and settlers. My point is there are many variables to factor in that often are not taken into consideration because of “mainstream history” and it often false or distorted narrative.

        Also look into the usage in history of the term “Effeminate” or “Effette” as applied to groups of humans. Sometimes you may suspect bias on the part of the writer using such terms, but in some instances it is worth considering the term in relation to SOME of the matriarchial practices of certain Asiatic/African nations. But again, we must remember that at a point (1500-1700s) there were over 1 million European slaves estimated to be in Northern Africa. So all of these factors must be viewed in context and relativity.

        When you consider the amount of international reproduction that occurred, it is no surprise the to see the skin complexions of many of the current people of that region, and you have to just LAUGH at all of this talk about “inter-racial dating”. Because history shows that is a BULLSHIT TALKING POINT, that ignores actual human behavior patterns and the fact that it the conditions are right it will simply occur and has occurred MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY times. It is still occurring.

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      • Americanblackman,

        I will NOT be atoning for any black sirens at anytime, they’ll have to pay for their own transgressions themselves. Recompense is a dish best served cold.

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      • You’d rather be genocided than to have a chance to live. You made your point. Thank you. That’s all you needed to say.


      • @ProofInPudding
        Spoken like a true negro coward.
        You know the USA, with all its military might, ever won the war against Vietnam, right? They fought and were ready to die for their little country and beat the world’s superpower. Negroes have no excuse. They are cowards by birth. The only negroes who arent cowards are the few black men on North Sentinel Island.

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      • @AmericanBlackman
        Pure facts.
        Especially about the negress being something never seen before in nature.
        Black females are unnatural. No other species of females has such a low or non existent level of care for their own children and worship of other species children as the black female. Why is it black females are so much uglier and masculine than other females? Why do other races have such soft, feminine, in shape, diminutive, submissive women and why is it when you find a non black woman who isn’t what I listed above , they always seem to mimic the black female? Simps are the ones who tolerate this female behaviour. I used to say the white man was the biggest cuck on the planet but in reality he is only the second biggest cuck. You can tell how cucked a society of men are by looking at the women. Even the lowliest Asian man is not going to put up with no disobedient female. It is only these pathetic black simps that comprise most of the black male population who would literally sleep with anything. Just look at the garbage negresses having bastard babies. Who would want that crap in their beds? Thus is the crap we’re supposed to stuck with and build with. As I said before, women have been motivators to men for centuries to build and become successful. It is even more motivating if the women they are building for are beautiful, submissive, obedient, in shape and clean sexually.
        What do we have as black men to choose from?
        Weaved up, tatted up, hair hatted, loud, obnoxious, bastard baby making, disobedient, white male worshiping, demonic child rearing, thug training, obese, elephant thigh having, lip disc having African bitch ugly, can’t tell the difference between a tranny ugly, looks like no amount of mouthwash could make their breath smell better ugly, money grubbing but failing to provide value for one’s resources, unwashed walking talking neck swirling feral graveyards.

        Sign me up!

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      • The scraggle daggle has committed crimes against womanhood, the scraggle daggle has committed crimes against Black manhood, the scraggle daggle has committed crimes against Black children, the scraggle daggle has committed crimes against human dignity, against human decency, against civilization. Damn, the scraggle daggle has committed crimes against humanity !!!!!! The scraggle daggle has so much to atone for. And yet, you have black nuts like Louis Farakhan saying that Black men should atone for the crimes of the scraggle daggle !!!!!!!.

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      • Anybody with eyes to see can see that we are in the last days, if not the last days of earth, the last days of this current system. All that is done in the dark will come to the light. For years black women were given cover by the media, the government, the black church and the black simps that she ensured would give her cover because she created them. And don’t think for a second that the creation of the simp was incidental, it was deliberate.

        But sin is it’s own punishment. The black women was given a very long leash and she has used it to hang herself. The whole world can now see the stark contrast between the educated, disciplined thinking black man, and the black woman. Oh sure, she can act classy and sophisticated for very short bursts, but sooner rather than later her true nature will surface.

        I present exhibit A.
        I have discovered that utube has purged the original uncut footage,(another example of the media providing the black women cover) but I was still able to scrounge this footage. Please keep in mind that these are doctors, as “classy” as it supposedly gets, as well as this occurs at a public black tie event with other non black professionals in attendance. Contrary to appearances this footage did not take place in the hood. Please watch both videos in sequence. Viewer discretion is advised.

        I could have posted 1000 other videos but I think this says enough. We’re not talking about hood hoes, these hoes have reached the very highest echelons of society, everything else from these is downstream. This is literally as good as the black woman gets.


        “now the people gather round the beach, and the leader tries to make a speech. But the dreadlocks can tell them that it’s too late, fire is burning, MAN PULL YOUR OWN WEIGHT”.

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  3. Next time these pro-black morons open there mouth about fixing the s**thole of a community and wifeing up these monsters in human flesh, here is the best reponse….

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  4. Simping is running more rampant than the coronavirus these guys never cease to amaze me with the buffonery they spew. BW are the problem Aaron until you simps face this problem head on the si called black community will never flourish gee whiz.

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    • Sean Camp,

      This is one of the main reasons why free thinking black men must walk away from the so called community and establish their own environments under their own rules. The so called black community is burnt toast and misandrist simps like Fountain will ensure that things within it remain as such.

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      • The so called black community is a dysfunctional mess. Its full of scraggle daggles, Pookies, and murderous thugs. Its a place where an intelligent, free thinking black man is viewed as a meal ticket at best, and as an easy victim at worse. Its a place were preacher pimps get rich off welfare scraggle daggles, while welfare whore politicians use it to justify their existence. And at the top of the food chain in the so called black community is queen swirl and her king, fetish white beau.

        Now, why would an intelligent free thinking black man wants any part of this ?

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  5. Verbs 2015.

    This Aaron Fountain geezer is a fucking muppet and a fucking simp to the sacred cow weave head black women with her crusty feet and her thug spawn seedlings of her kids. When is he gonna learn that you cannot save the black community because its been dead for a long time now. He is living in Walt Disney fantasy world because he foolishly believes there are lots of quality black women out there that will make good wives and good girlfriends, but we SYSBM black men know that’s a blatant lie because in my personal opinion is that 97 per cent of black women in the planet are all single mothers with multiple kids from multiple baby fathers and they always have kids in the worst type of situation without any sensible future planning with the worst type of black man possible and I as a childfree black man at 37 don’t feel sorry for them because they made their bed with their stupid life choices and now they should lie in it. Fuck the black community because I ain’t coming back to save it.

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  6. They try very hard to silence messengers. There is no such thing as the black community. Doesn’t exist. There is SYSBM communities. Some have white quality stargates that have always existed globally. The coronavirus ain’t going to affect it.

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  7. Two things:
    1) Either this dude had a bad childhood growing up, or
    2) He just plain ol have emotional issues.

    You brothas were right about one thing: The simps act way more crazy than the black women. Why can’t this dude just come to realization that evidence after evidence, the “black community” is done? Whatever we try to do good in that community, there’s always some ignorant black folks trying to destroy it. Just like my granddad ask me this question before he died, “Why everytime when black people try to come together, there’s always some n***** come to mess it up?” And I look at him and said, “I don’t know grandpa.” After watching MBDX livestream, I’m just like dudes like this Fountain dude, They need some serious therapy or something. I don’t see the point of trying to argue back and forth with dudes like him because they still think there’s still hope in the black community, but video after video, article after article, I don’t see the hope.

    The million dollar question I need to ask these simps ass dudes is this: What good is coming out of the black community? Because all I’m seeing is:
    A) A bunch of kids running around without no father figure, doing all sorts of craziness (A lot of them need discipline and male mentors)
    B) A bunch of robbing and stealing, and violence.
    C) A bunch of baby mamas running around with kids they can’t even take care of, and they can’t even afford.
    D) A bunch of chickenheads and hoodrats being all sexual out in the opening in public and on social media.
    E) A bunch of STDs coming from the black women (Which I really wish schools would start making sexual education a requirement, because a lot of people think they pornstars, but guess what, pornstars are human just like us, they catch diseases too. We ain’t invincible. And let this be an important lesson in sexual education, out of the 8 sexual diseases, only 4 are curable, and the other 4 are treatable, but not curable. The 4 that ain’t curable is HIV, Herpes, HPV, and Hepatitis.)

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    • D.K Phantom,

      It’s a wrap for the so called black community, the problem with these pro black female flunkies is they don’t want to recognise the fact that the very people they’re trying to save are working against them, black women and their thug squads. You really have to question the sanity of certain individuals who refuse to acknowledge that black women for the past 60 years have been a liability and a curse towards black society not a blessing, the evidence abounds supporting such a position.

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  8. This is a dire warning, be careful when you go onto his website, he might bugged it in a way to grab your IP address and doxx your identity and location. This is why I never commented on his site. As of yesterday, I stopped visiting his page.

    In other news on the same lines, the wannabe David Carroll and wannabe pupil of Tommy Sotomayor, AkrazyHundred (aka Akweski100) came out swinging on SYSBM in a recent video by using the same talking points of Cynthia G., some beta Mexican dude, Shawn James and others of this mindset. What’s going here? I think he’s compromised. Some people in our group believes that he is in a relationship with a black female YouTube troll that trolled black men’s channels years ago.

    KrazyHundred, if you are going to keep on making overboard, hyper-emotional, huffing and puffing, about to blow off stream worse than the choo-choo trains you conducted in NYC, anti-SYSBM YouTube videos then get off the computer and stick with your day job and that’s HUNDRED. 💯

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      Using a VPN to visit his site in order to collect data is sufficient enough to avoid having you identity being compromised as well as being doxxed.

      In relation to Akwesi 100, I listened to his argument and I have to say that it contains no logic or common sense whatsoever. He states that we should only be using black women to critique other black women, yet most black women are already in the toilet and additionally black women are openly using white women as their standard, hence the weave wearing epidemic amongst these sirens.

      David Carroll has already stated in his 5 mic classic Why White Women Are Better Than Black Women video that any black man looking for a long term relationship/marriage SHOULD NOT deal with the black witch, I’m surprised that Akwesi 100 has either forgotten this or worse deliberately chosen to side step this sound advice completely, smh:

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        I agree with Brotherdanunlimited, I think Akwesi is dealing with a black witch, his argument against black men using non black women to critique black women was not logical and contained absolutely no common sense. Black women themselves use white women as the gold standard of beauty, yet black men aren’t allowed to do the same???

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      • @Verbs

        That would indeed be sad and it would nullify anything Akwesi says about being a man and manhood. I had respect for him but if you as a man are going to change your tune simply because you got yourself a female and she is either influencing your words or you are in fear of offending her then you are NOT A MAN, PERIOD. The man is the influence and the woman is supposed to follow HIS lead. Zero exceptions. Hell, the female is not even allowed to enter into male discussions. The amount of females I see in the comment section of his latest video proves my point.
        Do NOT trust or believe in a female who doesn’t possess the femininity to stay the fuck out of male spaces and male discussions. Black women don’t count because they are practically men anyway. LOL

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      • Black Caesar,

        I believe AkwesiHundred still haven’t gotten over the hurt from he and Tommy Sotomayor’s fallout years ago which started when Akwesi the Hundred sent Tommy a happy birthday message and Tommy didn’t respond. I guess with all the emails Tommy gets, it got pass him.

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      • @brotherd
        If that is true we can add that to the pile of “things that do not define masculinity”. I do not trust Tommy S. He has too much to prove. He exposes black female degeneracy and yet sticks with them. Probably because of pressure from pro wacks.

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      • Black Caesar & Verbs2015,

        Akwesi was a superfan of Tommy Sotomayor. At the time during the feud, I think Tommy said prior to the feud that Akwesi was sending him emails asking him to come to New York and hang out with him and Akwesi came out in a video saying it wasn’t true.

        Notice, first, it was Shawn James that went off the deep end with the passport policing, then it was Brian Solange last month after he went off on the brothers for not speaking about Drew Carey’s ex-finacee being murdered by her then boyfriend and now it’s Akwesi. Now, these three indivduals have one thing in common and that’s they were so-called followers of David Caroll and using his trademark lingos and mannerisms. Those three wannabes.

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      • @brotherd

        Hmm. Good observation between the three of them. Kid Organic will be next as he’s a copycat of David Carroll and others. Mark my words. I only hope hardcore tito and Gw3 extreme don’t go that route.
        Perhaps all three of them found black women.
        See there are three kinds of men. The simp, the bullpen simp and the free man. If these guys changed their tunes because a black witch batted her fake eyelashes at them then these were really bullpen simps. Criticizing women because they had none. The free man will not waver one iota. David Carroll falls into that category. He has been consistent for years. Now akwesi said something in his last video about the concept of black celebrities paying “hush money” to negroes in the form of things like grants, putting money into organizations, etc. Well a female can be a form of hush money too. If a woman in your life gets you to change your tune or message or gets you to shut up period, that woman is providing you with “hush pussy”. That is even for effeminate than accepting hush money because you can actually do something with money.

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      • Black Caesar,

        I wouldn’t worry about Hardcore Tito and GW3 using some of David Carroll’s jargon. The problem would be like the three so-called pupils of Carroll that I’ve mentioned is taking on the identity of someone and repeating the same wording without adding your own spin to it as we see currently with Tommy Sotomayor’s internet enemies trying to talk, sound and be like him as if they’re dropping some intellectual knowledge.

        One brother named Handy Mayhem off of YouTube did collaborate with Carroll and do use some jargons of his (Carroll) but Handy Mayhem add some of his wordings to it.

        Brian Solange downfall was dealing with that ugly scraggle dee (from California) that said to him she wasn’t like the stereotypical black women that Brian and so many others was talking about. After all the video warnings by Tommy Sotomayor and David Carroll concerning black women, Brian took the plunge and nearly three years later he still I believe haven’t gotten over the breakup of his relationship.

        GW3 do have some issues with David Carroll and in recent years Carroll was exhibiting according to some pro-black leanness. This leanness came from I think when Doanld Trump announced that he was running for President.

        I stopped watching Carroll and Akwesi about four years now and Solange for nearly two years.

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      • @brotherd
        I only watch David Carroll
        I do not trust any negro who is against interracial dating. Especially when they use fear tactics as if the black community isn’t the most dangerous place for a black man. No one has the right to compel a black man into political relationships.

        Fuck the black community with a Popeye’s chicken sandwich and a pair of Jordans.

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      • Black Caesar,

        Me neither, I don’t understand how on the one hand certain black men can recognise the fact that black women as a group are totally messed up but then on the other hand fail to accept the next logical step that is to seek out women from other ethnicities. It’s like they’re saying yes black women are jacked up but you still must get with them regardless. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

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      • @Verbs

        “Yes, Land Rovers are crappy automobiles but you should still buy one to support the company.”

        That’s basically the same logic.

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      • Black Caesar, Upgraydd, Verbs2015 & Autodidact

        There was once a black male YouTuber named PainlessRisen of whom married to a Polynesian woman for about 10 years and lived in Hawaii. After his divorce in 2017/18, he kinda went pro-black with the ‘Get Out’ movie reference and now wanted to date and marry a black woman from his neck of the woods of Alabama. An SYSBMer and former YouTuber from Tallahassee, Florida named ‘Pay Attention (HD)’ attacked Painless and called him a scared negro.

        PainlessRisen used to run and collaborated with David Carroll as well.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I watched akwesis video. While he made a good point about wealthy black men choosing crap for wives, the other points were textbook.

      Liked by 4 people

    • So even Akwesi simped out eh? lol
      It’s funny how they’re always tough to fight us but they can never find the balls to stand up to their bitch.

      Liked by 3 people

  9. …yet throughout all of this are you meaning to tell me that Mr fountain has yet to stumble across the very reason why the Black Manosphere came about to begin with and additionally why there is a legitimate resentment and disgruntlement with many of its members towards the modern day black female, really sir?

    Black feminists (male and females), pro-blacks, and beta male stalkers never want to answer the above question.

    In my opinion, the black manosphere was born out of the 40 (perhaps 50 year) black men ain’t shit media campaign waged indiscriminately against black men of all stripes. A campaign, mind you, that still continues.

    I won’t engage in “what-about-ism,” instead I will say this– what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander AND every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    If black feminists (male and female alike) have a problem with the black manosphere, then they should look at its impetus (hint: they need to look in the goddamn mirror).

    Having said that, Fountain claims that he has received death threats, and threats of lawsuits if he doesn’t cease and desist. If find his claim of receiving death threats very dubious, because he didn’t offer any proof (i.e., he’s quick to display screenshots to support his criticism of the black manosphere. But he fails to produce like evidence to his claims of receiving death threats).

    As far as members of the black manosphere threatening legal action against Fountain is concerned, if true, I have to say that I find that no different than pro-blacks and feminists calling a black manospherian’s job to get him fired– THAT SHIT IS LAME.

    Liked by 7 people

    • BA,

      The dude just isn’t serious about his campaign to save the black females he loves so much, how can you note and speak against the hostility an increasing number of black men are having towards black women but never look into WHY this is happening? This is the problem with these ultra lefty feminists, they are completely disingenuous and dishonest to the core. Then the dude has a million and one excuses as to why he will not defend his positions in real time challenging the very people he’s been speaking against unless it takes place on a dinosaur mainstream media platform(the same mainstream media outlets mind you who have openly aided the feminist black witch with her 50 year old “black men are deadbeats” campaign).

      So called whataboutism is Fountain’s way of giving black women an out, this would’ve worked during the Obama administration years, however that Texas 2 Step is completely ineffective in this Trump era. As I have stated many times before, Fountain is a day late and a dollar short with his misandry rally.

      Liked by 6 people

      • Verbs,

        You are damn right! His whataboutism retort is just a deflection to give black women an out. I don’t even say, “what about…” anymore. I just state my reason for my position.

        The “whataboutism” tactic is of the same vein as “who are you to judge?” tactic, or “only God can judge me” subterfuge.

        Black feminists (female and male) act like the black manosphere just formed out of the ether with no goddamn rhyme or reason. SMH.

        Liked by 3 people

      • There is no such thing as “whataboutism”. That is a made up logical fallacy that leftists created to silence intelligent debate.

        Liked by 5 people

    • “I find his claim of receiving death threats very dubious, because he didn’t offer any proof (i.e., he’s quick to display screenshots to support his criticism of the black manosphere. But he fails to produce like evidence to his claims of receiving death threats).”

      The actions of Mr. Fontaine can be summed up in 6 words spoken by a famous DC universe villain: “Theatricality and deception are powerful agents.”

      Only the uninitiated will fall for his trickery.

      Liked by 5 people

  10. Isn’t this Fountain guy getting a PhD? If you can’t defend something on “the internets”, how can you be able to argue in defense of your dissertation? Love it.

    Liked by 4 people

  11. Verbs, you brought up a good point, clearly you can see the difference in the black manosphere and sysbm. Because the black manosphere is still tied to lack women (don’t care brothers, you love black women, that’s you, do you) they are running like chicken with their heads cut off…..sysbm is AND ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ANIMAL…because we are not “hooked up,” or “Trapped on the plantation” we take Mrs. Fountains hit piece all in stride…nothing changing, no stress and THAT’S ONE OF THE MANY BENEFITS of going sysbm.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Off Grid On Code,

      Exactly, we SYSBM practitioners aren’t phased by Fountain’s attempts to besmirch the philosophy or the people who support and live it out. The Black Manosphere’s reluctance to let go of the modern day lack female is the reason why it is currently in dire straits. Fountain just like the black witch cannot stop SYSBM regardless of whatever he chooses to throw in our direction.

      Liked by 5 people

  12. @Verbs Good article. Do you think the misandrists will speak on these ABWs speaking for themselves and looking down on hard-working Black men 9-5ers?

    This drop from Kid Organic supports your editorial: “Chicago Chick Says She Doesn’t Want a Man With a 9-5”

    This is the mindset of the super-majority of ABW in the West. Notice that they don’t call the men they deal with men. They call them “n*gga.


    Liked by 9 people

    • Oh, shit, yeah, I’m gonna have to come back after after work and speak on this one! I’m in Chicago and I can tell you….mannn, let me knock this work out first. Soon as I saw Chicago chick, I was like, oh boy, here we go, EXTRA RATCHETNESS AHEAD!

      Liked by 5 people

    • That ghetto conversation embodies so much of the premise for SYSBM, EBM, FixByExit, et al. The conversation sells itself the aforementioned groups.

      Liked by 7 people

    • King Sigma,

      This is a major problem that I have pointed out many times in the past, the fact that the level of disrespect black women have towards black men runs so deep that they’ll continually refer to us as ni**as, smh. Are these the types of females that we’re supposed to get with, no thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      Liked by 7 people

      • @Verbs I noticed that when these type of ABW speak about Black men in their own lives or just generally; we are all ‘n*ggas, but they don’t refer to non-BM as such. Usually, they transform into a another person for the non-BM speaking the Queen’s English and putting Martha Stewart’s domestic skills to shame.

        It’s a level of total disrespect and the gyno-drones cape for this pathology 24/7?

        Liked by 7 people

      • @Verbs.
        Judge Joe Brown told us where that comes from.
        The black woman is the white man.
        They look at us with the same eyes and speak to us with the same mouth.

        Liked by 6 people

    • Black women look at black men like white men look at black men. Through the same eyes. And believe me every one of those negresses will take not only a 9-to-5’er but a homeless man if he were white. In the end it comes to black men choosing mates of the best value. In those terms, black females lose the cost/benefit analysis every single time. I wouldn’t spend a dime on nearly 100% of today’s women but black females? That’s like paying to be irritated and in many cases infected.
      Only a masochist would think that is OK.

      Liked by 8 people

    • Okey doke…where to begin. These are the arch-type lack women in Chicago. Like DC Elseworld or MARVEL What If? stories, their are different versions, like nice lack girl, church lack lady, educated lack feminist, but at their core, all Lack women are like these two. NOW, sadly, these lack women are given clout and respect throughout the community which is yet reason number 112 for BLACK MEN to adopt the philosophy of SYSBM.
      LASTLY, this video needs to go viral, I reposted it on my own personal Facebook page. This is the second posting of it I’ve seen on YouTube (someone else posted it up too, but his name escapes me now), but lack women like these two need to be put out front and center.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Bro I wouldn’t be surprised the next minute, they’ll starting crying and asking: How come I can’t find a good man, where all the good men at, all these men either gay or in jail. I would say, revise what came out y’all mouths about what y’all said about black men ain’t shit and all that. Black women’s mouths be the reason why don’t nobody wanna mess with them like that.

      Liked by 4 people

  13. LOL. I believe “Little Brother” has no intention of:
    1. Actually critiquing “Church Beast” or “Negro Wars”
    2. Addressing the “Tenets”
    3. Putting himself in a situation to be held intellectually accountable (unless maybe if its a mainstream media outlet)
    4. Not making bank/money (includes assets such as mainstream notoriety and other tangibles and intangibles)

    As this would require actual critical analysis and reading of material that is probably emotionally just too much to stomach for the average bBlackistanian.

    Little Brother all about that “paper” he’s just using all of this FREE MATERIAL to pad his pocket, he does not care about woman’s issues or children. If he did had a tough childhood, then thats all more reason for him to bring out the PIMP HAND. All of this you see from, is his PIMP ANGLE. He is just throwing some cooked beef steak at the proverbial dog to get it to do a few $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ tricks.


    Liked by 4 people

  14. He’s going to play dumb as to why the Black Manosphere was created until he’s blue in the face; we already know what’s up, and are able to meet him head on. To my knowledge, we’re not the first all male space he’s tackled, correct?

    Liked by 4 people

    • DeltaWildDog18,

      In the eyes of black women and their simp cohorts, black men who choose to leave behind the chaos and the dysfunction that is black society and additionally seek out love and companionship elsewhere are viewed as lower than the scum of the earth, don’t you know that we’re supposed to accept the abnormal and dysfunctional as a normal part of everyday life?

      Liked by 6 people

      • Far too many BM are on there way to the slaughterhouse, yet they don’t know that. Covid-19 has already hit the prison population. 12 Gauge Mike who might get released because of this is going to go right back into the meat grinder, but don’t notice that either. Only that the opportunities to live conventional lives doesn’t exist.

        I watch the Real News Network on YT, they do some excellent reporting but what they do unknowingly is expose the system for what it is. Total disenfranchisement of Black men via the School to Prison pipeline.

        Who is to blame for this? The Black woman who is mayor of B-More. Not that she caused the damage but didn’t try to fix it and was too busy trying to enrich herself with her White make cohorts. This is typical of what happens in Black controlled cities around the country. They are not at all about fixing the true problems that hurt the Black Economy as that would be pointing the finger at you know who.

        SYSBM is breaking free of that paradigm. That is what the left and right hand of racism is going in so hard on SYSBM.


        Liked by 2 people

    • Mr. Fontaine has raised the bar for the anti-SYSBM crowd; he has devoted his time and energy into a site where he has transcribed videos, took screenshots of our comments to use in his slander campaign against the Black Manosphere, and then wants to hide his hand after her threw rocks.

      Liked by 5 people

  15. This Bareback Fountain guy is something else. All what he is doing is defending these ghetto rachet hoodrats who don’t even care about the man. Matter of fact, they don’t even like him. All this guy is trying to do is to get some punany for these ghetto whores but they are not giving it to him. These hoes are giving the clit to 357 Jimmy, Mach 10, Pump Action Phil, Dirty Rizzle, Street Mice, Ganja Smoke, Gun Fire, Weed Man Dennis, Rapid Fire Jones, 6 Shooter Derrick, Hollow Point Will and all of the other thugs that they chase after and get breed by them rapidly. These women are not worth dating and defending. They are not worth saving for goodness sake.

    Liked by 6 people

    • 🤣 🤣 🤣 @Money C
      I’d like to know how you build when most negroes are going to want a piece either for free or they will gun you down for it. How are you supposed to being wealth back to the ghetto when negroes would even steal used sneakers off a female? Other races of men can build because their societies for the most part are civilized. Their societies are civilized because their women aren’t popping out babies left, right and centre by Lil Kush, Backwoods Bill, Young Indica and Lazah sight Lennox.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Watch how the SG’s and Simps do with the $1200-$1500 for the next two months from the Federal Response to Covid-19. They can take that money, put it together and really do something. But we all know that just won’t happen. Some muthafucka is going to turn $1200 into $50 bills and flash that online, with the address clearly seen in the video shared on social media.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @djfourmonie

        Lol. That aid is also good news for Koreans because they will receive double through emergency weave sales. 🤣
        On a side note, I hope this pandemic collapses every central bank on the planet. Once that happens these “chosen people” will have to go back to being vagabonds.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @upgraydd
        Lazah sight Lennox or “de Ox” is de original Don Dada.*

        *if you don’t understand this watch Belly (1998).🤣

        Liked by 1 person

    • Money Cultural,

      The dude is clout chasing looking for a spot on MSNBC or CNN, however as I’ve stated before mainstream news outlets are laying off workers because the everyday people are putting the real news out there and exercising citizen journalism. With this coronavirus hysteria the mainstream media are simply attempting to draw folks back into trusting them again, sorry, that isn’t going to happen with me. They’ve been lying to me all of my life, thus I have no reason to trust them at all.

      Liked by 4 people

  16. I’m putting this SYSBM/PassportGate nonsense to fucking rest.
    Oprah the Dark Mother herself is not only close friends with Harvey “If you want that role you better hop on that pole” Wienstin but she is also friends with a man called “John of God” A faith healer in Brazil who raped 100’s of teenage brazilian girls, forced them to have the babies, then sold the babies to rich Europeans for reasons to unspeakable to type. All of the women knew him because Oprah promoted this man on her show. 33% of all rapes in Korea are committed by WHITE MALE SEX TOURISTS.
    But the anti-SYSBM/PassportGate crowd has nothing to say about that. Let them tell it it’s a small handful of black men on fucking Jewtube and that are out here preying on all the poor little children.

    A white man caused a Philippine student to commit suicide after he filmed himself fucking the boys mother and her two friends at the same time and uploaded it to The video went viral and he couldn’t live with the shame and jumped off a building or something. Make no mistake I don’t give a shit about the kid or his mother. It’s just funny how the depravity of the white man goes virtual unnoticed but one mixed black guy who’s dad is a fucking Jew gets caught doing what Jews love to do (rape little boys) some how rings some kind of alarm bell and now all of a sudden people want to shame men for traveling but only black men of course.

    The sexual depravity in absolutely satanic, sadistic, and inhuman darker sides of non-black men are being exposed on a world scale. Women are taking note and noticing a pattern. ALL OF THEIR MEN SAY BLACK MEN ARE MONSTERS THEN TURN AROUND AND DO THINGS ONLY A DEMON WOULD DO.
    They know when the black man comes in town he is just looking to have a good time at the bar/nightclub and get laid. Sure some of the men are ignorant and rude but they ain’t out here on no John of God type shit. The best they have on black men doing this kind of shit is Ray Ray and Pookie related hood rape, and R.Kelly. MJ and Kobe were innocent but were dragged back into the mess by a fucking Muslim film director and evil black witches like Oprah and Gale King. She hyped that shit up so much but had nothing to say about John of God getting arrested in 2018 after over 200 women even his own fucking family came forward.

    TL;DR White men and Jews literally have baby raping farms set up in 3rd world countries, make billions off the suffering of kids, and finally sell their organs but the only thing the world cares about is the black man’s BBC and where he is going to stick it next. But let them tell it the BBC is a myth and we are just imagining things lol.

    Liked by 6 people

    • @Yours Truly.
      If this new disease wiped out every kike in existence I’d be happy.
      Same with muslims and whites.
      The black MAN (never the woman) is the only righteous human being.
      Everyone else is SCUM.


    • Yours Truly,


      The pro black female simp flunky is exactly like the black witch he serves who is exactly like her lord and saviour Captain Snowy. Just like the black siren the white man can do no wrong in the eyes of these pro black female/black women first simps, hence why they refuse to call out things like this, Fountain is no exception to the rule.

      Liked by 5 people

    • There’s a good reason as to why this behavior from Captain Frosty and other non Black men goes virtually unnoticed. When someone is sodomized, it splinters the brain (Multiple Personality Disorder), which paves the way for demonic possession; and then folks wonder why we have so many mentally defunct individuals walking about calling themselves transgender, gender fluid, and all of this nonsense.

      Liked by 4 people

  17. It looks like he was celebrating mother’s day but his mother didn’t give a frigg about him! She must of been dick down by these criminals, thugs, worthless men and wanted men who are on the run. This pro black simp is thirsty for the tun tun and that’s what it is really. He wants that special fruit what these whores have between their legs. You know when Tupac said on Dear Momma “Even though you was a crack fiend momma, you always was a black queen momma!” he must be clapping with joy. Me Against The World album was a great album though from 2pac.

    Keep you and your white sugar honey safe and hold her tight all through the night with the candle light burn bright all night.


    Liked by 2 people

    • As I am reading the blurbs and viewing the pictures, I didn’t see one little Blasian in the lot, only Eurasians.

      They try to paint black men who travel as child molesters, but the numbers don’t support the claim.

      They try to paint black men who travel as traveling breeders, again, the numbers don’t support the claim.

      Watch for it. The next outlandish claim is that black men who travel are moving kilos of cocaine…lol.

      Liked by 6 people

      • It all goes back to the claim “Black men have the lowest income” bullshit talk. Ok fine but do you know who have the highest? White men….Now let’s assume both races of men who have good/great income can travel. Even if you take the number of black men who can afford to travel around the world it’s still a fucking small number. Hell you know what? Go to YouTube and count how many white male travel vloggers vs black male travel vloggers you see. But the main question is: If a low % of us can travel how are we high in child molesting and breeding? Don’t believe in numbers? Well look at history and tell me which race of men had traveled the most?

        Liked by 4 people

    • And we’re suppose to date/mate/marry/procreate with the SG’s? While the While Anglo Male galivants across the world leaving his seed on every continent? Talk about a double standard. We’re suppose to be the clean up men for a community that doesn’t want to change. We’re not suppose to explore our options, because they want to continue to hide the truth.

      The FUCKING TRUTH is BLACK MEN are LOVED by ALL WOMEN, not some, not a few. ALL of them, even man created women if you know what I mean. They all want Black men. They desire to have masculine men which what we are, they want health and talented children which happens more often than not. They want to support the Black man because she/they (not the SG’s) understand the racism that is visited upon him the minute he walks out of the house.

      How often do you hear Black women referring to their husbands as Kings, compared to White women doing the same?

      I REST MY FUCKING CASE. #PassportBrothersUnite

      Liked by 2 people

  18. I put this on Money C’s blog:

    I was thinking about the following the other day:

    Why do black women demand money upfront? Why don’t other races of women do this? We know that ALL women want money but black women, even in their gutter state, demand a premium price UP FRONT. Why is this?
    The answer lies in your very own backyard. If you live in a big city, you are probably no stranger to pushy street vendors, maybe even pushy used car salesmen that sell cars at those little dealerships with names you cannot pronounce. What do those street vendors do? Try to get you to buy cheap or inferior products the only way they know how. Through guilt and through pressure. This proves my point that black females wear their worthlessness on their sleeves. The reason why non-black women do NOT have to demand money up front is because they offer a QUALITY PRODUCT. Firms who offer quality products can offer money-back guarantees, 30-day trials, etc even though they may lose time and especially money doing so. The reason is because they have CONFIDENCE in their products. Non-black women retain classical female behaviour. They offer a product so sound that a man would naturally be inclined to provide for her. No man in his right mind would provide for a loud, obnoxious, fat, ugly, weaved up, tatted up, bastard baby machine who for the past 50 years has been saying she does not need a man anyway. And it shows by the fact 70% of black females are single.
    A good deal is a good deal and a bad one is a bad deal.
    Why do you think we have men out here flying across the globe for quality women?
    Because it is male nature to travel as far as he can for a good deal if he knows the return on his investment will be good.

    In summary, no one has to CONVINCE you, SHAME you, INTIMIDATE you, PRESSURE you, COERCE you or MANIPULATE you into accepting things that have NATURAL HIGH VALUE. They only have to do those things for things of LOW VALUE.

    Liked by 3 people

    • @Black Caesar

      “A good deal is a good deal and a bad one is a bad deal”

      That is it!

      And a good deal can be explained and so can a bad one. They call it “full disclosure” in the world of contract transactions.

      Guilt, shame, intimidation, etc are Pressure Sales tactics and are many cases illegal ,unlawful, FRAUDULENT, and cause for cancelling, rescinding, or terminating a contractual agreement and is in some cases an out right offense (such as threat).

      Stop putting bad products on the market. Stop abusing children. Stop practicing slavery and other impractical and unnatural ways of living. Find the right way to live and if you can not be content with a good life then perhaps one should do the only honorable thing left.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Does Rolls Royce have to pressure you to buy a new car or Lamborghini have to shame you to buy there car? Nope!!!!! but a used car salesman must shame you and use puffering to sale you a Yugo or Pinto or Oldsmobile with 170k plus miles a blown head gasket, and fried piston rings and worn out salt filled eroded carpet

      Liked by 5 people

    • @Black Caesar
      Very astute observation. I’ve been saying this for years. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and I can and can say with confidence that there is an underlying commonality among females. Now I don’t believe all races are the same and interchangeable the way the liberal communists portray it. But there is a feminine quality that is universal. Except when it comes to black women.

      A women can be a feminist and act all tough, but nature has not made her so, and sooner or later her biology will cry out for love, affection and the ability to provide nurturing. I’ve experienced those supposedly tough exteriors crumble into a sea of tears.

      But not so with the black women. No nurturing, no tenderness, no warmth whatsoever. Black bitches will just blatantly up front ask you for shit when they first meet you with absolutely no shame in their game.

      Do this experiment. Meet a non black woman and start dating her, and within the first month try to give her a substantial gift. She won’t except it. Because she knows by excepting it she is signifying a deeper commitment to you that she has not earned, and that would give you justification for expecting such. A black bitch won’t even give you a chance to offer, she would have asked in the first week, or maybe even the first date. And I mean demand, not realizing or caring how tacky she looks.

      Believe me nobody likes black women, they only use them for ghetto gagger shit. Even dudes that use them for sex never stick around long, just pump and dump. Black men are their only chance and when they see us leaving in droves their anger and desperation is uncontrollable because they know we are the final lifeboats escaping the sinking ship SS. Community

      Liked by 2 people

      • @Upgrayyd

        “Do this experiment. Meet a non black woman and start dating her, and within the first month try to give her a substantial gift. She won’t except it. Because she knows by excepting it she is signifying a deeper commitment to you that she has not earned, and that would give you justification for expecting such.”

        Hmm. I wonder if the reverse is true because I’ve had this happen to me.

        Liked by 2 people

  19. Salute to Verbs2015 and the rest if the brothas. Just posting this comedy (and promo piece) from SKC. This is related somewhat to this article. Enjoy the laughs lol

    Liked by 2 people

  20. David Carroll just destroyed Niggie Howser PhD in his latest rabbit hole. 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


  21. All of the worst people I know are black women; all of the dumbest people I know are black men. As Tommy Sotomayor once said, consider the famous Tupac line: “Even though you were a crack fiend, mama; you always were a black queen, mama.” What sense does that make?

    Black men are the easiest group of people to control.


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