The Stono Roots Of Silencing Anti-Black Misandry Voices On The Internet By King Sigma – Part 1 ©

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ~ George Orwell

The open rebellion of ANTI-BLACK MISANDRY voices is growing daily but – it’s the rebellion of the common Black man foes never saw coming.
The Social Media Age has propelled the voices of common Black men into the digital marketplace of ideas in a manner unseen since the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power era of the 1960s. This diverse collection of Black men thinking, speaking and writing for themselves in social media spaces is long overdue. Using the power of technology as a weapon and shield against the ever-growing propaganda of Black misandry is transformative in many ways. Proponents of Black misandry are hell-bent on muting these increasingly outspoken Black men. Historically these censors have been empowered in setting the tone and narrative for working class and lower-middle class Black men.

I make the case that policing of Native Black American male voices has its roots in ante-bellum America. Often ignored by mainstream social scientists and pundits; The Stono Rebellion of 1739 and The Negro Act of 1740 for the Province of South Carolina helped create the methods by which policing of Black male speech, assembly and movement could be replicated by today’s Black misandrists.

The Stono Rebellion was a Black slave rebellion that occurred on September 9, 1739 in the colony of South Carolina. At the time, the population of the colony of South Carolina included 40,000 Blacks (nearly all enslaved) toiling alongside a White population of 20,000 (dominated by a slave-holding planter class) producing primarily the cash crop of rice. For some, it is a revelation to learn that enslaved Blacks were the super-majority population in 1739 South Carolina; but completely stripped of any meaningful social, civil or political rights. Enslaved Black South Carolinians of the day were keenly aware of the injustice of their status and used the means of communications available in that day to organize themselves to escape when the rare opportunity arose.

In the 1730s, many enslaved Blacks escaping the plantations of South Carolina fled to Spanish Florida. Between 1738-40, a set of proclamations were issued by the government of Spanish Florida. These proclamations encouraged enslaved Blacks in South Carolina and other Slave states to flee their enslavers. At the time, there were numerous Black settlements in Spanish Florida, especially around the St. Augustine area; specifically, a famous free Black stronghold known as Fort Mose was established. Charted in 1738 by the Governor of Spanish Florida, Fort Mose was known to many enslaved Blacks in South Carolina because it was an area populated by former enslaved Blacks from South Carolina and other surrounding states since at least 1687.

In the late 1730s, the White minority in South Carolina had developed a growing sense of angst, as their Spanish competitors in Florida had aggressively influenced their Black captives to flee. From the British American slavers perspective these actions by the Spanish government meant a loss of revenues, human assets, and increased the threat of rebellion. In this paranoid state of mind, the Commons House of Assembly for the Province of South Carolina passed what was known as The Security Act. The Security Act of South Carolina required that all White men carry firearms to church on Sundays. Back then, most Whites did not usually carry weapons and enslaved Blacks prior to the passage of said legislation were allowed to work for themselves part-time outside of their obligations to the slaveholders.

As grapevine knowledge of free Blacks living in settlements under the protection of the Spanish Florida government spread; further Draconian restrictions on the movement of enslaved Blacks were enacted. As a consequent, more Blacks were willing to risk life and limb, to escape chattel bondage. A revolutionary spirit had taken hold of the enslaved in the areas surrounding Charleston, SC in the year 1739. On that revolutionary day of September 9, 1739 near the Stono River outside of Charleston; fed up with the undemocratic and inhumane conditions of chattel slavery – an enslaved Angolan Black known by Jemmy took lead of a slave rebellion demanding liberty and abolishment of slavery in the Province of South Carolina.

These Black rebels- over-whelmed by a patriotic spirit of freedom- had acquired arms, ammunition and went about killing White slavers whom they considered to be guiltiest of brutality and cruelty. At least 25 colonists and 50 Black Rebels were killed over the course of the short-lived rebellion. Most of these Black Patriots, disregarded by mainstream historians, were eventually captured by the white militia over the course of six months. Unfortunately, the Black rebels of Stono Rebellion were promptly prosecuted and quickly executed never making it to the freehold of Spanish Florida.

Immediately following the Stono Rebellion uprising, the White slave-holding class led by the 29th South Carolina Governor William Bull and the Speaker of the House of Assembly Charles Pinckney; went to work passing legislation to place iron-clad restrictions on the enslaved Black majority. One of the more infamous anti-Black laws passed by the Commons House of Assembly for the Province of South Carolina was The Negro Act of 1740.

Prior to the Stono Rebellion, South Carolina had established its first slave code in 1695. This liberty extinguishing slave code served as the model for other colonies in 18th century North America. Specifically, laws like The Negro Act of 1740 aka “An Act for the better ordering and governing of Negroes and other Slaves in the Province of South Carolina” were passed as a direct and swift response to the Stono Rebellion of 1739.

The Negro Act of 1740 included 58 sections, but I’ll only point out two sections from the Draconian act to better draw a connection between the Act and the ante-bellum roots of policing and censoring free thinking Black men across modern cyberspace. Sections 36 & 45 are worth noting:

Section 36. And for that as it is absolutely necessary to the safety of this Province, that all due care be taken to restrain the wanderings and meetings of Negroes and other slaves, at all times, and more especially on Saturday nights, Sundays, and other holidays.

Section 45. And whereas, the having of slaves taught to WRITE, or suffering them to be employed in writing, may be attended with great inconveniences; Be it therefore enacted by the authority aforesaid, That all and every person and persons whatsoever, who shall hereinafter teach or cause any slave or slaves to be taught, to write, or shall use or employ any slave as a scribe in any manner of writing whatsoever, hereafter taught to write, every such person and persons, shall, for every such offense, forfeit the sum of one hundred pounds current money.

The historical importance of The Negro Act of 1740 cannot be over-stated. Eventually, this law became the legal model and precedent for controlling the mind, bodies, and movement of American enslaved Negroes until the 13th Amendment was ratified by U.S. Congress January 31, 1865 – especially Black American men. The acts stated goals in the words of Charles Pinckney were to “make it illegal for enslaved Africans to move abroad, assemble in groups, raise food of their own, earn money of their own and TOTAL PROHIBITION of teaching slaves to read or write.”

Under The Negro Act of 1740, the state government gave explicit license to slavers to kill rebellious slaves if necessary, to stop future Stono Rebellion type uprisings. Mainstream historians often overlook the role the Stono Rebellion played in motivating the White slaveholding class to create war on other European nations holding jurisdiction on the North American continent during the 18th century. The freedom and land proclamations the Spanish in Florida offered to enslaved Blacks had always been a point of conflict for the British American slavers, and as soon as they had the power and leverage to rid Florida of Spanish rulership – they did so by treaty in 1819. With removal of the Spanish from Florida, the U.S. government led by slave-holders wasted no time making the territory of Florida slave-friendly and officially one of the last three slaves states to enter the Union on March 3, 1845 (Texas – 1845, West Virginia – 1863).

Part 2 Coming This Friday, stay tuned.

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102 thoughts on “The Stono Roots Of Silencing Anti-Black Misandry Voices On The Internet By King Sigma – Part 1 ©

  1. Phenomenal content!
    Excellent work.

    Over the past decade or so, I would find myself becoming cut-off from black history or ignoring the “ramblings” coming from Hollywood/media. I only NOW realize why:
    My subconscious rejected it as bullshit and quasi propaganda (I realize now that these movies were attempts to rewrite history etc.). Anything from Oprah or her S.I.M.P. brigade….12 years a Slave, The Help, Django Unchained, Selma, Bessie, Hidden Figures…just didn’t appeal to me.

    YOUR WORK/RESEARCH… appeals to me. Men standing up for their rights and fighting for them instead of men just silently existing in the background, or being portrayed as sexually abusive monsters, or weak/simple minded.

    Thank you for posting your work AND for your citations as well.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    The racist media wants to silence us SYSBM black men but guess what it ain’t gonna happen because we got our own media platforms to combat their bullshit propaganda and lies.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Precisely, I believe that the mainstream media hyping up this coronavirus nonsense is their way of paying us back for losing faith in them because they cannot be trusted for obvious reasons. Trump called them out as fake news for a reason. We don’t need them, we now have our own spaces from which we can tell the other side of the story they’ve purposely been omitting for years.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I think that this coronavirus disease in my personal opinion is a man made disease and now its fucked up the whole world.

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      • Verbs,

        You are a light in the darkness for Black Men. So is Mad Bus Driver. I am a rank and file Black Man. I’m sick and tired of simp culture. I’m sick and tired of scraggle daggle culture. I am better than this. I no longer pay any attention to the sellouts and flunkies; from Oprah, to Obama, to Sharpton. I use my mind. I do my research and I think for myself. I don’t need simps to tell me how and what to think. I don’t care what their title is.

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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        It’s all good bro, you’re route is the best way to go. These simps are even more of a problem than the black witch herself, they are the reason why the bottom hasn’t fallen out with black women yet.


  3. Great post.

    Meanwhile modern day BW be like:

    Keep the Wall up, don’t let them drag you into the new Black slavery (permanent underclass status) with them.

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    • If the Black Rebels of the Stono Rebellion could see how BW would turn out in the future, they would’ve left them on the plantation to fend for themselves.

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      • Right, if they could fast forward and see BW breeding bastard kids with low IQ thugs and bums, giving them ridiculous ghetto names, living on the WM’s handouts (welfare) and raising the kids to be the new underclass only able to find low paying work and not taken seriously as soon as someone sees their first name. Our ancestors who suffered through slavery, reconstruction, and Jim Crow would be disgusted. BW are leading the Black community into a new form of slavery, don’t follow them, SYSBM.

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    • I am not going to ever use the term “bedwench” again. It doesn’t count if these were not your women in the first place. The black woman IS the white man’s woman. So this video doesn’t bother me.

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      • Black Caesar,

        “Bedwench” is a fitting term as is “bedwarmer.” I will continue to use them as long as they apply. I am not against BW dating out, but the double standards they apply. You couldn’t get one of these hoes to make you a ham sandwich, but they’ll rewire their whole brains for a white boy. Fuck them hoes.

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      • Yup. Actually they are not rewiring their brains for white men. They are rewiring their brains for us, which does not work, hence the treatment they give black men. Again, the white man is the natural counterpart of the black woman. Just because they have the same shade of skin doesn’t mean they are our natural counterpart.

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      • Black Caesar,

        Look at these daggles ! They are not good enough for me under any circumstances. I mean, I can’t consider them a loss. There’s simply not enough quality there for me to even look at them as having any value. Hence, I can’t feel a sense of loss, as in losing something of value.

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      • @BCTrevor There is no level that the white male worshiper will not sink to climb Swirl Mountain for validation and the white seed. Then we see how bad the outcomes can be for these women, as I have highlighted with the Surviving Bottom Shelf Brad series.

        Mark my words, Megan Markle and Serena Williams will be the next to fall from Swirl Mountain.

        Either way, your primary is concern is your own self-actualization and happiness – let their White Daddy save them.

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      • I told my wife when Markle got married that the marriage probably wouldn’t last. Its going to have an ugly end IMO.

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      • @James SYSBM
        You called it right. When they got together I said if that marriage is real and not a p.r. stunt, that Harry is going to be in a lot of trouble.

        Two years in and look at the shit she’s already caused. That’s all it took to get him kicked out of the country of his birth and heritage and now he’s out of a job, begging the joos in hollywood to give her work. Look at this clip of what she’s reduced him to in a mere two years.

        Soon it’s going to be SYS ALL MEN, once the rest of the world finds out how truly evil the black women is.

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      • @Upgraydd

        Wow, guess its starting to get tight after being cut off from the royal family. A British BW that I work with months ago was telling me how much she hates Markle and hates what she has done to Harry. Markle is divorced and even her own father called her mean and controlling. Markle has his baby now so she has him by the balls, sucks for him. Markle is definitely pretty, but she ain’t worth it. Like I said this is going to have an ugly end.

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      • Checkout See what your “Quaen” is about. This is why I hate simps. I hate simps for calling them Quaens. Anybody who will call excrement like this, “A Quaen”, is a simp supreme.

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      • i kind of like Harry. But the guy is a simp. White simping is not as extreme as black simping. That’s because the white daggle doesn’t comprise as high a percent of all white women as the black daggle does relative to all black women. Its also true that neither the white daggle nor the black daggle is as blood thirsty towards white men as the black daggle is towards black men.

        But here’s the thing. Most white simps can recover. They can get off the simptrain anytime they want. And they usually have assets or intergenerational wealth to fall back on. Its also easier for the white simp to acquire wealth than it is for the black simp. Simping is not as fatal for the white simp as for the black simp.

        Harry can get rid of his daggle anytime he wants. And he’ll still be a wealthy royal. He knows this. She should know it. I’d like to see how the Serena Williams swirl plays out. She’s the deep pockets in this household. His alleged wealth is questionable. My guess is he’ll take her to the cleaners. The same fate probably awaits her sister. I won’t be mad at either white boys, if this happens.

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      • I was thinking about what it means by Prince Harry stepping down from his royal position. This might just be a well thought out, very shrewd move. When this marriage goes south, as it inevitably will, there are that many more degress of separation between her and the vast royal fortune.

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    • James SYSBM,

      Typical bottom shelf Brad type character, a white man with his head screwed on straight just isn’t going to deal with a black witch yet alone buy some fake hair for her “bald head: like Big Brody, lol:

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    • @James You already know that there is no standard for Bottom Shelf Brad, and its good you and other continue to share such footage from their own catalog.

      They have no shame, but want to shame you for moving on to more compatible women. Let Brad save them, save yourself…

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    • “Actually they are not rewiring their brains for white men. They are rewiring their brains for us, which does not work, hence the treatment they give black men.”



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    • @Off Grid Thanks for giving the op-ed a read. My first blog, but we are regular men – but we can speak for ourselves better than the Black elites the dominant society chooses for us. Thanks to forward thinking brothas like Verbs – we will have out spaces to speak.

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  4. @Verbs

    I truly appreciate you posting my first op-ed blog here on 

    I believe it is important that Black men across the globe, at a minimum develop our overall communication skills via the writing, researching, podcasting. Therefore it is critical that we building our own spaces where we can control the narrative and counter Black misandry messaging. 

    Hopefully sharing my thoughts will encourage other amateurs to record their thoughts on Black male agency, Black misandry and help to repel growth of anti-Black male rhetoric. Or at least at a minimum add something constructive to the conversation.

    As Black men, we are on our own so we must depend on our own abilities to thrive and compete; because nobody is coming to save you.

    Please continue to support in whatever way you can.

    Peace and Good Health,

    King Sigma

    #ebm #sysbm #FixbyExit
    Free Movement*Free Choice*Free Thinking

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    • You right brother Sigma. We have to keep educated, encouraging, and enlightening each other. This brotherhood community is very powerful, as you see outside sources coming to be derlect to attack. Thinking brothers will always win in the end, as there will be some resistance. Resistance can be looked at as respect, because when brother set standards we can be respected for the Kings that we are. Keep grinding teaching, and traveling, opening up buisness. People will follow your lead, once they see your vision and or purpose is solid and not giving into irrational behavior.

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    • King Sigma,

      It’s all good brother, glad to offer up this space for you to express your thoughts as well as bring some much needed facts and history to the table. We are indeed on our own, our so called female counterparts for the majority part serve whom they label as “the enemy” whenever convenient and have completely turned their backs upon black society as a whole. Keep up the great work, looking forward to releasing part 2 on Friday.


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      • Thanks Verbs for allowing this springboard to Express thoughts. Brothers should be stepping over those broads who are not about our program. There are cooperative WM and feminine em out there. Most times it won’t be a black female. She will sport fuck until 45, then she wants to be somebody’s wife. Smart women grab men early, and build families and or help men build solid business. The succubus has plans from.massa to derail those plans. Keep the knowledge coming, as we continue to break barriers and get what’s ours and avoid the Succubus demon that is the BW.

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      • SC Talk Media,

        Always glad to help out the free thinking brothers. Agreed, these dark sirens should be avoided at all costs as they do not have black men’s best interests at heart, far from it.


      • @SC @Black @Verbs

        We may not have the approval of the corporate media, the Ivy league or Hollywood but that is a good thing. As you have seen with Snoop Dogg, D Wade, Andrew Guilliam, etc. The only place for Black men in the mainstream is as a castrated eunuch or Yes man.

        We are the common man media and don’t need to be co-signed by the emasculated Black elites.

        ~K. Sigma

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      • @King Sigma
        All real movements start from a small, dedicated core of men who refuse to compromise. I’ve basically been practicing SYSBM for the past 15 years but I always believed I was a lone man among the masses, I had no idea about the SYSBM community until 2019. Experience being the best teacher guarantees that the day will come when ALL men, not just black men will turn their back on black women. We might not have a media platform but I believe a man votes with his feet and his dollar. As more and more of us continue to “vote” it will become impossible to ignore, excuse or hide under the rugs of slander and deliberate misrepresentation.

        “one man a walking, and 1 million men are sparking”

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  5. This article is great. Knowing one’s history, the effects of which establish the environment for mental as well as physical subjugation. This is indeed good to know.

    However the question remains, with all this knowledge what are you doing on a personal level to free yourself today? What are you doing daily to shield your mind from everyday black male inferiority messages? How are you preparing financially to be self sufficient not only for yourself but for your family, if you have one. How are you going to design your life to leverage the opportunities of the West so that you can live free in the location of your choosing?

    Theoretical reasons can be bandied about all day. At this point it does not matter if space aliens was the cause of black male subjugation – What are you going to do right now, today, in the 21st century?

    Hypothetically let’s say that the corona virus kills all “Black Witches”, you find your quality star gate, and you discover a place where you can live free, finally experiencing the peace and tranquility you deserve as a man. How are you going to support yourself financially, psychologically, spiritually, and physically to take advantage of these new liberties?

    Let’s start with some simple goals. As a Thinking Black Man, in one year I will have saved $3,000, and will have completed my research to determine the location I would like to live to maximize my happiness and sovereignty.

    As a Thinking Black Man, in six months I will have researched medical insurance plans that I can utilize when I move to my desired location

    As a Thinking Black Man in six months I will have researched employment opportunities that would allow me to telecommute or work from overseas locations like cyber surety, technical consulting, or programming positions.

    Even if you do not reach all of your objectives, your actions will start moving you towards a life of FREEDOM.

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    • “This article is great. Knowing one’s history, the effects of which establish the environment for mental as well as physical subjugation. This is indeed good to know.”

      True. The history of South Carolina colony is just as also good to know and explains why it is a “RDA” mecca.

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      • We did an airshow in South Carolina. You could feel the angst, contempt, and lack of progression in the air. That is why I like that video you sent. One of the benefits of travel is that smog of hate disappears in other locations and you can finally relax.

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      • There are very several states in the Union where I will not stop in under my own volition. South Carolina is one of those states. In fact, it ranks prominently at the top of the list.

        There are very few video segments that I internalize. That four minute clip I shared is the one I reflect upon the most. The part where he says that if you don’t like what’s going on in your part of the world, you can just get on a plane and leave. That advice may need to be tweaked amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

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      • B A,

        I am like you, I absolutely hate South Carolina. Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Louisiana are also on my list. To be honest I am not a fan of America or American culture in general, especially after I started traveling. American infrastructure is ok but even that is not as good as it once was. The complete self sufficient village in Dubai puts American sustainable planning to shame.

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      • “To be honest I am not a fan of America or American culture in general, especially after I started traveling.”


        I am actually a fan of American principles (i.e., hard work, meritocracy, individualism, etc). I am just not a fan of many Americans, because many undermine American principles or are outright hypocrites when it comes to practicing them.

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  6. “make it illegal for enslaved Africans to move abroad, assemble in groups, raise food of their own, earn money of their own and TOTAL PROHIBITION of teaching slaves to read or write.”

    Let it be known that it was also the black woman (mammy) who was employed to enforce this. Especially: “TOTAL PROHIBITION of teaching slaves to read or write”. The enforcement method had changed throughout the years to shame. That’s where the whole “acting white” and “educated lame” thing comes in to play. Black women are still enforcing that centuries old act in 2020.

    Fantastic article!

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    • To be honest that is the reason I hate black women more than anything. I’m still triggered to this day about how in my middle school and high school years you had black nigger bitches with 4.0 gpa’s calling people “educated lames” saying we “talked like we were white” and all the while they date nothing but thugs.

      And to make it worse these same bitches will go to college and run the same shit only to turn around a date a peter parker and brag about how educated he is.

      After they all get ran through by pookie and brad they then come back to us and complain that we want nothing to do with her.

      They WANT us to be uneducated and dumb.
      To them white men are the only men who are suppose to be educated. To them a black man getting an education is just a black man imitating a white man the way a black woman imitates white women by wearing blond weave.
      Black women when you think about it have never truly loved or valued educated black men with the exception of MLK and Malcom X. They only like Obama because he married a black woman. Nothing more nothing less.

      I have no desire to be with black women unless they are from Brazil. Outside of my mother and grandmother black women are dead to me. I’m just enjoying their demise as more men abandon them with welfare cuts just around the corner.

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      • @Yours Truly.
        I had the same experience. It didn’t affect me because a) the girls who said this to me where typical ugly, dark skinned Jamaican trash. The only thing I was offended by when they said these things to me was being forced to look at them. B) I learned at a young age to value my own company above all and not give up the things I enjoy for strangers, even if they were paying my bills. C) I’d rather be “white” and smart than dumb and black.
        Black women are the biggest female supporters of white supremacy because the white man’s number one enemy is black men. The negress has helped the white man jail, murder or abort black people. Women are poseurs. They are mimics. They copy the men they are interested in. Black women across the board worship white men (yes that includes your mother). They were never your women. Black men need to come to terms with this. I don’t understand why they have a problem with that fact the least desirable women are not theirs. A black man with a black woman is more of an anomaly than a black man with a non black women. Black men are the most masculine men. Black women are the most masculine women. You cannot put two masculine beings together and expect harmony. Black women go good with white men because white men are effeminate by nature.

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      • Yours Truly.

        I fully agree with you bro and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 37.

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    • Yep. Like I said before I wonder how many slave rebellions and escape attempts were broken up because a mammy/bedwench decided to tell the WM.

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      • @James
        I imagine a lot. But I also imagine they taught the children to worship white men from birth so they’d love their slavery and not fight against it.

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      • James SYSBM, part of me believe that the bedwenching black misandrist is a relatively new creation. I may need to revise my belief on that.

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    • You are right, this is indeed why black women sabotage their kids success. That is why I always tell young men to live in the library, watch Eric Thomas videos, and do not watch TV. You have to counter the narrative that you receive from women and society.

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      • “You are right, this is indeed why black women sabotage their kids success.”

        There is one exception– when the kid is an athletic prodigy. She exhibits just enough discipline to not sabotage his success, because there is a possible “meal ticket” at the of his development.

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    • @Black Caesar
      Well said. I will always maintain that the black community is a self policing force that will apply any tool at their disposal to prevent one of us from leaving the plantation. You notice how if a black woman speaks proper english nobody gets on her case, but if it’s a black man prepare for the ad hominens.

      We’re not even allowed diversity of thought, and this percolates down to our recreational choices. Start playing the guitar or rock climbing and see how black people treat you. Any thoughts, words or deeds that are not ordained in the modern black slave codes will be met with chastisement from fellow blacks in general, but especially black women.

      Case in point, Michelle Obama first lady of the nation, wife of the POTUS the most powerful man on the planet, went to a black school to read to a group of six year olds. A black girl, not a black boy, a black girl put up her hand and earnestly inquired as to why she “talked white”. At six years old she had already internalized the b.s. and felt the need to police the plantation at six years old.

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      • @upgraydd
        Wow, never knew that story about Michelle Obama.
        Of course these mammies are trained from birth and pass it along to their sons that are in the process of being feminized (niggacized). You’ll notice it is the niggas especially who are the black males who also enforce this. This is why I had always said niggas are the real uncle Tom’s. They are the ones who remain where white people tell them to stay and live according to how white people want them to live. This degenerate hip-hop culture of course given to them by joo and white executives.
        Funny you should mention guitar playing or any other “white activity”. I have played guitar for about 22 years. One time when I was younger I made the mistake of bringing home an amplifier (all the way from Burlington on local transit! 🥵) in the presence of niggas. They were ridiculing me because I played guitar. LOL. Of course these were niggas sitting outside in the parking lot doing nothing. You know the type. The black trash who stands around staring other men down. Exactly the feminized type that David Carroll talks about. I had never seen anything more pathetic. Now white men have the same attitude. It’s no use white men try to bullshit us when they claim black low IQ is genetic when they know low IQ negroes are their products. The nigga, or low IQ negro is a manufactured race created by the white man, black woman coalition using only the nigga for his seed.
        The nigga provides the seed, the white man provides the program, the negress executes that program. The result is more niggas.
        A word of caution to SYSBM. There are a bunch of non black women who subscribe to this mindset as well. Let it be known these are whores and you should not pursue anything but a cheap quick one with them. If you are going to pursue a serious, long term relationship make sure the non black woman does not have this mindset.

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      • My experience has been that when you are around black people they try to cut you down at the knees because of their internalized hatred of themselves. When you are able to break free from those people and are then surrounded by white people. White people will then try to cut you down at the knees as well (non black people included). Therefore you are put in a system in which you can not win.

        The only way I have found to surpass these people with what I call ” The Virus” is to design your life in such a way that have the least amount of interaction with such people. I have found that this strategy works remarkably well. For example: Look for work that requires off shift work. Not only will you get paid more for working off shifts, but the majority of people hate working these shifts so you will more time to yourself. In addition you will avoid a lot of traffic.

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      • @KraveBrazil
        You know what gets them every time? Dignity and intelligence. Just the simple act of conducting yourself with dignity in your manner of dress, speech and general countenance is usually enough to keep a buffer between you and the dregs. They may try you a bit, but if you stand your ground they will soon leave you alone since they don’t know how to interact without out ignorance and soon find that they are way out of their intellectual depth.

        When you spend a lifetime engaging in such high intellectual pursuits such as hood shit, hoops and hoes, even general interest topics are much too challenging to attempt. How many times have you heard some hood boogie waxing poetic with insightful philosophy such as “believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see” or some other such crap. I was on the streetcar once and had one of them telling me how he just came back from wakanda, and that speaking proper english was “white man” lol. These niggas watch a FICTIONAL movie and now refer to it as a real factual place lmao.

        When you conduct yourself with dignity and intellect they will start to avoid you because intuitively they know they have nothing to offer and will just look and feel stupid. They’ll never admit it but deep down they know how limited they are. Especially black women, since all they have to offer is sex, but when you make it clear you don’t even want that from them and their shaming tactics don’t work eventually they leave you alone.

        Works for me.

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      • @Black Caesar
        Black people are so limited when you talk to one of them you can almost see the chains. Black people can only do what they’re told, most of which is destructive. Yup playing guitar won’t endear you to them, but if you had pulled out a gun, now that would have got their respect.

        I was hanging out with my older brother, something I don’t do often btw and who happens to be a seerous yaadman and I ordered a roti and he told me “we” Jamaicans don’t eat roti.

        I’m like bro, you and I both know that if Vybz Kartel made a song saying that roti was his favorite food you couldn’t keep a roti on the shelf in Jamaica. You notice that black people all dress, talk, act, and have the same values. They don’t think for themselves. Black culture is destructive and will destroy all those who participate. Unfortunately many non black women are starting to go down with the ship.

        Liked by 4 people

      • @upgraydd
        Facts. That’s why I say the black community subscribes to dysfunctional or degenerate conservatism. They’re not like other conservative societies where working hard, being smart and looking after each other is what is conserved. Instead, negroes conserve the crabs in a barrel mentality, the “having more out of wedlock babies than IQ points” mentality, wear the most idiotic fashion mentality and etc.
        I for one do not desire shower room butt sex so I do not worship jail like these negroes. I have never been attracted to black women and I’ll never be attracted to black women and so I never had to worry about being a thug to impress them. I am not trying to relate to niggas. Being an outcast from the black community may save your life.
        And yes, the only way negroes would ever act properly is if the whites and jooz in Hollywood and the music industry commissioned or produced movies or hip hop songs telling them to act right. But even then they wouldn’t because they have to impress the lowest females on the planet with their degenerate behaviour.

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      • This here thread is great (Ebonics intentional, always…. John McWhorter)…. Black Caes, I play the guitar as well. It is amusing how ignorant blacks are with regard to the origins of rock n roll. Black people are the creators of rock n roll. Mind boggling really. These knuckledraggers would denigrate Hendrix and call him a sellout. I would mention to these intellectual liabilities that one of the greatest blues guitarist was Hendrix (, and the blues is most assuredly not “white”. Or I would tell them that he toured with Sam & Dave, the Isley Brothers, etc. while on the chitlin’ circuit.

        Liked by 3 people

      • @blackman.

        Lmfao. Yeah I got a lot of flak for listening to rock music in middle school by the same low IQ, single mother raised negroes. 🤣
        Music is my entire life and I wasn’t about to give up any of it to fit in with dusty negro trash, or the whites I hung around with. I was a HUGE beatlemaniac back then too.
        Rock and roll is ours. You can hear black music from before 1955 that rocked. We all know that the white man tried to write us out of our own history going back to the days of jazz. It would logically be the black woman who enforced this onto the children, which is where negroes adopted the twisted mindset of believing that which black men created was “white”.
        Jimi Hendrix did suffer because of that. He was always at war with himself trying to prove his blackness. I bet if he trusted in himself and no one else, especially the Scum he signed a record deal with, he’d still be alive today. It’s no use low IQ negroes call the music he, or other black men made “white” when they’d never support him anyway. White people came to his concerts. Why didn’t black people go?
        Jimi was one of many black SYSBM musicians who went against the grain from little Richard to George clinton. He was doing the SYSBM thing long before many of us were even born.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Oh yeah. Here’s a story proving that just because a white person steals black culture doesn’t make them any less racist.
        Jimi was discovered in a club in NYC by a white British woman named Linda Keith (who was smoking hot btw). He eventually ended up dating her. She was actually the ex girlfriend of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. When Keith Richards found out that she was dating Jimi he called her father and told him his daughter was dating a black man! 🤣
        Her father naturally went nuts and came to take her away.
        Keith Richards went on to continue to make black music with the rolling stones. 🤣 Members of the stones btw were sleeping with black women from the very beginning.

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  7. I like how King Sigma used the historical account of the Stono Rebellion as an analogy for explaining the current climate of SYSBM combating anti-Black misandry; MadBusDriverX may have given our movement a name, but the SYSBM philosophy is an eternal principle.

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  8. What a cool article! I was on the bus heading home and this rata man was talking to me and he say that they have hide our history. And he says that the reason why they called it Israel is because of the Hebrew Israelites and I was talking him about the 12 tribe of Israel. And when our ancestors become slaves, the white beta male known as Jesus Christ was forced into them. We have black women going into to this anti black men bullshit and worshiping the white beta male more often now. We have seen more black women wearing weave trying to look like a white woman. It seems like the black woman wants the white man more then the black men and that is the reason why they are wearing this weave. And as they get a white man, it’s nothing but the bottom of the barrel Brad. Oh, yeah. I heard that a 18 year old guy got stabbed to death in Woolwich, South East London. People try to save him but he died on the screen. Damn!

    Keep your white sugar honeys warm tonight and all night. Spring time is coming as well so let’s see we have a good spring.


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  9. Great article Verbs and Sigma. This article touches on how the Moors lost their identity and national estate in the international slave trade between the Moorish and European powers of the time and was regulated under slave code systems like the Negro Act 1740, Code Noir of 1688, the Inquisition Acts of the 1100-1600s put out by the Catholic powers such as the Bishop of Rome, and monarchs of Spain and Portugal, etc.

    Many of these prisoners who escaped from the South Carolina into Florida were also known as “Semino Els” or the Runaways of El. This is known in popular history as the Semino “Indians” of Florida. And if you look at the architecture of some Florida cities today you will clearly still see the Moorish influence. Another point of reference is “The Seminole Wars”.

    Also note that “In Charleston, South Carolina about 42 percent of free blacks owned slaves in 1850, and about 64 percent of these slaveholders were women”. Also consider “By 1860, there were 4 million slaves in the United States, and 400,000 of them — 10 percent — lived in South Carolina.”

    And here we run into the problem that by calling everyone “black” we are left still searching as to the actual identity of the individual, meaning where did their family originally come from? And then we are left with shapeshifters who can claim to be from X country but look ambiguous and claim whatever is convenient with no obligation.

    And this is still the problem today. You have a group called “black” but there is no gateguard anyone can practically come in and speak on behalf of the group, but have foreign interest and allegiance, sometimes allegiance to foreign nations sometimes to foreign corporations (which are owned by foreign nationals).

    Please perceive the political games at play and drive safely.

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  10. Best Jobs for Thinking Black Men

    In the manosphere I noticed that their seems to be a dearth strategies for Thinking Black Men, especially along the lines corporate strategies that will garner them higher wages, lower stress environments, and better overall medical benefit packages.

    For this reason I would highly recommend that TBM focus on attaining technician or engineering work at the following companies: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and General Dynamics.

    This is because these employers are generally always hiring due to the large amount of capital they receive from the US government. Which by the way, let me include an addendum: When researching jobs for employment, a good strategy is to look for large companies that have generally been funded by the US government – especially military funding. So if you see other companies that fit these requirements, add them to the list. But I digress.

    Usually when BM get hired at these companies they are unaware or ignorant of the challenges they will face so let me be blunt. You are going to face discrimination, and marginalization. You will feel as if you have to act stereotypically for people to accept you, and people will stab you in the back repeatedly because you are black. This is the name of the game however there are some things you can do to mitigate the problems you will have.

    I have mentioned this before but the best thing you can do is pick a position that has off shift work so you will not to deal with as many RDA’s that are looking to sabotage your progress at every turn. This means swing shift or grave shift work. I personally like grave shift work but you want to alternate between swing shift work and grave shift work due to the stress grave shift puts on your physiology.

    Next thing you want to do is become proficient at something that not a lot of people can do. This will give you an ace up your sleeve when RDA’s try to fire you for being black. When there are few people that have your skills in a certain area they will keep you around when the lay offs come.

    Final thing you want to do is you want to look for jobs like satellite monitoring (This job is a cake walk), electrical systems technician, engineering jobs that allow you to work from home. Engineering jobs that allow you to work off shift. Networking jobs that allow you to travel etc.,…

    But Krave what type of training should I get? An electrical engineering degree is always the best. Aeronautical engineering degrees are good as well. There is also electronic technician training you can perform that is less expensive than an engineering degree. A great career field that is blowing up right now is cyber surety and if you have the necessary experience it is six figures right out of the gate. Many cyber surety related jobs can also be performed from home so you can avoid RDA’s altogether.

    The best strategy out of all the other strategies by far and if you do no want to go into the military full time; join the National Guard or part time reserves so you a Top Secret security clearance. Why would I want to do that Krave? A SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE IS LITERALLY LIKE GOLD. You want to get a secret security clearance because companies pay up to $50,000 grand for a secret security clearance so even if you are a black man the fact that you have a Top secret security clearance will put you at the head of the line to get hired. Plus you make more money with a secret security clearance because not many people have one. Generally with a top secret clearance you will earn a six figure salary or close to one. All in all, a secret clearance gives you strategic advantage over other people by increasing your hiring desirability remarkably.

    There are so many live streams with black men pontificating, bickering, and talking about what we need to do and nothing gets done. I hope this information will help someone out there because the time is running out for TBM to get their shit together.

    P.S. If you are able to get government contracting work in the Middle East TAKE THAT JOB. These jobs pay extremely well and most if not all of the money you earn overseas will be tax free. If you want to retire early with contractor jobs save all the money for 5 to 8 years and retire. Do not go on extravagant vacations or buy overpriced housing. Remember the goal is FREEDOM, not seeing who is the best at ballin out of control.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I always keep it real and tell the truth even when the truth is unflattering to me.

      I will never wrong a non black person for being prejudiced or racist against black people. This bitch is having a baby and still not only found to make it all about her, but spent a good amount of wasted money to quote, “feel better about herself”?! Smdh.

      Everything that black people in general do and say is either ignorant or violent, I can’t see how any white or other non black person who was HONEST and of sound mind would like black people as a collective. Liberals claim that they like black people, but they actually hate black the most out of all the white people.

      I realize that I am an outlier and an exception to the rule and when someone sees my black face I have to earn their respect because their default position is they don’t like niggas.

      How can I blame them? Neither do I.

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