This Is Why I Despise The Witchcraft Of MakeUp – The Deception Continues!


Makeup is witchcraft plain and simple, women via the use of makeup are attempting to portray themselves as a look that is not truly them. In recent times the use of make up by women has gotten to such ridiculous levels to where many women won’t even leave their homes without first putting on 50 pounds of cake face just to venture across the street to the local store.

In the 21st century most of the women who heavily engage in the practice of makeup are really cowards walking around as if they are confident and comfortable within themselves. If you’re really confident with the way you look then you wouldn’t have any problems showing us your true form. In the case of black females I remember many years ago when black women only used cocoa butter and moisturising creams on their faces, they actually chose to be original and didn’t fall into the European female fad of cake face, how times have obviously changed.

You have to understand that at one stage it was predominantly prostitutes who wore makeup, the everyday woman recognised it for the tart wear that it is and for the majority part kept well clear of the stuff, however the cosmetics industry in its hunger for bigger profits decided to embark upon a long term campaign to make the everyday woman feel at ease with throwing excess powder onto her face and the rest is history.

It has gotten to a point now where women as a collective are so addicted to using makeup they’ll complain about feeling naked if they have to leave the house without at least putting some of it on. Walk your local streets and witness for yourselves how the cosmetics industry has tricked so many women to such a deep level to where they feel completely inadequate and have little to no self confidence if they haven’t painted their faces beforehand.

Having visited many foreign countries I have seen that even some of the women in those lands have also fallen for the “gotta wear the make up, I need the make up” okey dokey. If anything this was one of the main things that separated foreign women from those in the West, they weren’t afraid to show off their natural beauty. This make up trend is a serious problem, and women wonder why there are serious trust issues between the sexes, smh.

The fact of the matter is men themselves could’ve shut this excess use of makeup down a long time ago by simply refusing to deal with women who engage in the practice, however as with many other things in life there are always far too many dudes out here who are so desperate for snatch that they will allow anything to slip through the net in order to jump into the panties of some powder faced heifer.

I don’t do makeup, I don’t do weave or wigs, I don’t do fake eye lashes, I don’t do tattoos, I don’t do fake implants of any kind anywhere on the female body, I like my women completely natural(which aligns with SYSBM Tenet Number 3) from head to toe. Women left to their own devices and the horrible results thereof is the pinnacle reason why they must be ruled over by men, you only need look at countries where patriarchy is still the port of call to see how the women in those places overall are in a much better condition when compared to those who come from feminist, socialist, matriarchal hellholes.

Brothers, don’t feel that you have to settle for makeup fiends, if your walk is such that you have little choice but to find a suitable female elsewhere then so be it. Though I’m a very strong advocate for black men engaging in interracial dating, based upon my own standards looking out in these Western streets I would have to say that things overall are not looking that fantastic, well at least not in the major cities anyway.

Whenever Mad Bus DriverX as well as the Original SYSBM Knights talk about choosing quality stargates, we are dead serious, don’t ever feel that you have to settle for less and never allow ANY women to shame you into lowering your standards just because they’ve thrown themselves into the gutter and wish for you to join them there. Remember, you’re the man, ultimately you have the power of choice, not them despite having a feminist, gynocentric system which caters to their every need. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Keep Your Standards High, Refuse To Deal With Witchcraft Engaging Fakes

Most High Bless

159 thoughts on “This Is Why I Despise The Witchcraft Of MakeUp – The Deception Continues!

  1. Verbs CHILL….I did not need to watch this scary movie while it’s still dark outside. Now every time I try to go back to sleep I kept hearing a demonic voice repeating “WIFE ME UP NIGGHA!!”

    But yea good article as always

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      • Verbs,

        Here’s the thing. I used to try to have rational conversations with black women about the excessive use of makeup and the weave addiction, among black women. I couldn’t get black women, who considered themselves intelligent, to talk rational about makeup and weave. So I stopped trying. They don’t consider it fraud to present themselves to a potential boyfriend, so covered with makeup and weave, that their true physical identity is completely disguised. Now, white women and other non black women do use makeup. But unlike black women, the vast majority do not pile it on to the extreme, where they look like a totally different person. And black females are the only females who sew and glue other women’s hair onto their heads.These black women don’t consider themselves to be frauds. And as crazy as it sounds, they start believing that their true identity is the one wearing tons of makeup and weave. I’ve even heard them say about the non made up and non weaved up version of themselves: “That’s not me !”.

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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        They(black women) love being fake so 15 years ago I decided to just leave them to it. I point blank refuse to deal with any woman who doesn’t represent her true self.

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    • This succubus continues to decieve and bring nothing to the table. Not sure why brothers compromise with this individual. At least make her do it your way, hit, and then be done with her. The lies will continue to manifest when they start off as a lie.

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  2. Combating the “White Women Do It, Too” argument about makeup. When white women use makeup, the goal is not to look more like the females of another race. Even when a white woman uses makeup that makes her look more tanned, she still is not trying to look more like a black woman. Tans, by the way, are normal on white women. A white woman can get tanned, for example, by working in her garden. Black women, however, use makeup to lighten their skin. ————- If we include hair as being makeup, there is really no reason to argue. White women, as a general rule, do not usually wear afro hairstyles to look like another race of females. — I recently read that dreadlocks have been word for centuries by non-Negroid peoples. As a result, black people do not even have a monopoly on dreadlocks. This fact puts severe damage to the cultural appropriation argument that many blacks make about non-blacks wearing dreadlocks. [Wikepedia awaits on this matter ]

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    • These BW wear this make up which hense the deception that they cast everyday. Its starts with the makeup and then it trickles down into life especially dealing with black men. I saw this last year with a stag I dealt with with wigs, body shaping, and make up. When they take it off, its like a lie in every form. They dont feel they are doing anything wrong which is crazy. The facts are if this women is doing that, she is doing other things deceptive that you dont see. If there mindset was diffrent and they added to your life it wouldnt be huge deal. The fact they are obese, and use deception to cover up one lie which leads to a ton of lies. I avoid them at all cost, and I will only fuck them if they submit thats it. Im not bringing nothing when I come over but the obvious. Thats all they are good for is serving sexually if you can get them to do that. Never put money in a BW hand for anything not even a Happy Meal.

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    • This Black Succubus will never take accountabilty for her actions, as in her mind she is not doing anything wrong to anyone. I see more and more entitlement when dealing with his beast, so I defer and dont do anything until my needs and or wants or carried out. I dont condemn all BW, but the majority are delusional single women or single moms. There is no good ending with this kind of woman.

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  3. Beauty is from God. Natural beauty. Women who use makeup are trying to cheat the system. It’s the same as “vaginal reconstructive surgery”. Funny thing is the more they use it, the faster they age.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    Women that wear alot of makeup these days are practising deception and trickery, plain and simple. Like I said before a man especially a black man no matter what life situation that he is currently going through whether he is employed, unemployed, rich or poor should never ever lower his dating standards to get with a quality good looking childfree women and I am also a advocate and supporter for black men that get into mixed race relationships with childfree non black women in the UK and in the world.

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  5. CONFESSION — I actually like breast implants. Breast implants make flat and saggy breasts “look finer than a motherfu*ker.” [Loose quote from Professor Trick Daddy ]

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  6. Damn those African hoes acne so bad, they look like somebody shot them in the face with a sawed-off shotgun. So I guess the solution is to put makeup over the already-bad skin. Why are black hoes so disgusting? I mean over every other race of woman. Seriously. It beggars belief. This is what the unchecked black matriarchy hath wrought. Oh well. SYSBM, gents. Exercise your options. Abandon ship!

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      • “Women are ugly nowadays because they are out of order with the Jezebel spirit. Black women especially.”/b>

        Black Caesar, true facts. Even my beloved snowbunnies are going down the drain in a race to the bottom with black hoes. And you can’t sink to the bottom faster than black hoes. If a white hoe knows the words to any Cardi B, Lizzo or Nicki Minaj track, it’s a wrap.

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      • @Schadenfreude
        I am noticing that too. All these other races of women are copying black women and becoming dusty, ugly, ratchet bastard baby makers. Its as if the brains of today’s women are backwards and they’re trying to be as disgusting as humanly possible. After all, why not since there’s a world full of SIMPs to scoop them up? We do not live in an age of quality and beauty, that’s for sure. Smdh

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      • Yet ANOTHER full reason to go sysbm, the image of black men within the community is so fucked up, non-lack women who want a black man believes she has to act in a hood manner to do so. Plus, AND THIS IS NUMBER ONE WITH A FUCKING BULLET, non-lack women see how lack men SIMP for lack women and think I want that kind of blind devotion to overlooking my fuckery too.

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      • @OGOC

        “non-lack women who want a black man believes she has to act in a hood manner to do so. Plus, AND THIS IS NUMBER ONE WITH A FUCKING BULLET, non-lack women see how lack men SIMP for lack women and think I want that kind of blind devotion to overlooking my fuckery too”

        I wish I could like this comment a thousand times. I have experienced this shit a million times and it is insulting. I have zero tolerance for anyone thinking they can get my attention by “acting black” especially since I never ever subscribed to “black culture”*. This is what’s turning non-black women into garbage. So black male SIMPs are ruining non-black women too.

        *nigga culture.

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      • @BC . Very big, very masculine, and the audacity to be entitled. I get a kick out of thier demands and the games that they play. They always come back after you ghost them because they know it all game. I only deal with some BW for the obvious reason, but I realize the risk and never get close enough to form any bond. This crisis we are going through will be there true test to see how much they bring to anyones life. NOTHING!!

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Yes sir, abandoned ship over 15 years ago and I’ve never look back since. Black women have really fallen through the gutter in recent years, however always remember, they did it to themselves.

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      • No, Verbs, if we elevated our melinated African queens instead of putting other race women on a pEdaStAL they wouldn’t have to devolve into such clownery! iTs tHe bLaCk mAnS fAuLT!!!!! Don’t abandon yalls QUEENS! SISS-BIM ain’t shit! Fuck all y’all KUHNS!




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      • Aaron Fountain Top Jr,

        Here are your black queanies, by all means enjoy yourself. I wish you all the best in taming these horrid looking, overweight, unbridled monsters:

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  7. Yes, Verbs, it Is Black Friday.
    But you didn’t have to put that much effort into a horror article!!

    Already bad enough Coronavirus is finally in Trinidad.

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  8. That is just laziness and mental illness. Sometimes there mindset is so dumb its hard to believe. It would be far simpler to stop eating sugar, etc. But as you know women have a more reactive body and psychology so addiction occurs easier and faster with them on average.

    You see they practice failure relentlessly. I say this because the same witch doctor or voodoo user that they go to for their love rituals, curses, hexes, etc (that often fail and backfire) probably could whip up some natural skin cream (if nothing else). But do they use the witch doctor where they could actually help them? Of course not.

    These simps are straight up GRAVEDIGGERS and gravedigger enablers.

    Remember to drink water and avoid processed sugar to keep your skin healthy at basic.

    And again I reiterate that this is why “trannys” hang around these women, for the possible favorable comparison and because they are hard often to distinguish.

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  9. Dam those were uuglied Black women. The with the greens eyes look like Golem of Lords of the Rings.
    Yep that is witchcraft those black women are doing

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    • Umar knows collectively there finished. He is and advocate for the black race, he can have that to himself. The greater cause theory is out the window long time ago. Building your own, and getting out of life what you want is the real deal. Its my way or no way.

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  10. As someone alluded to earlier, I wonder if a healthy diet would give people better looking skin? Long gone are the day where women applied a little blush. They are literally plastering (or painting) their face. I don’t know which is worse ridiculous use of makeup or an extremely tight girdle.

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  11. Reminds of that old joke (is it really a joke though?)….. Why do women wear makeup and perfume?
    Because they are ugly and they stink

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  12. EWWWW!!!! Are these women or transsexuals? Women who wear a lot of makeup look weird as hell. Ain’t nothing with a little makeup, but too much make them look like a whole another person. I swear if one of these pro black simps tell me to get with that, I will slap them silly because that’s a man in disguise, hell no. Yeah, I said it, Without the makeup, these women look like a whole another dude. With all that high testosterone, unhealthy diets, breeding with thugs raw, twerking in public, fighting, what makes the black woman in America so damn special?

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      You nailed it ! High testosterone, unhealthy diets, and breeding with thugs goes a long way towards producing ugly offspring.

      Add to that list, generations of breeding with thugs and simps. The more beta the male, the bigger the simp he is. And black females do like extreme simps, because simps flatter them, have no standards, kiss their nasty asses, and gladly take their shit with a smile. The more extreme the simp, the more he does all these things. Where else can a ratchet daggle get this kind of affirmation, but from a super simp. But simps and thugs are usually not the most attractive men. You breed an unattractive simp or thug with a beastly ratchet black woman, you get ugly offspring. Repeat this cycle for a couple of generations and you get the gallery of horrors that is today’s black female.

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  13. This is an important topic. I too am not a big fan of makeup. I like women natural. If a woman chooses to wear makeup, I believe she should make sure it closely resembles how she looks without the makeup on. I prefer a woman/women to wear Bare Minerals for their facial skin along with proper healthier skin techniques such as face masks, natural creams and the works. If said woman/women is attractive without the makeup on, them having it on will make these females unattractive to me.

    I also do believe that your top of the line makeup products can clog up your pores and damage your skin.

    I caught this video two days ago of female wrestlers from the WWE talking about how beauty means to them and I must say they look a whole lot different without the prime-time makeup on. They looked unattractive to me because I was used to them having it on that it was painful for me to see them with it off. It’s a problem.


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    • These SYMPathetic Black men who try to protect these BT-1100’s from people like Tommy are pathetic. They film ratchet behavior for the world to see. Think that sh*t is funny and post it on Social Media. Then get mad when Tommy “reports the news” (most of the time is from news cast).

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      • Everybody knows that BW walk around with non-Black hair on their heads, the self hate and envy of non-BW that BW have is obvious to everyone.

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  14. I would rather not look at those images. They look ugly without makeup and also look ugly wearing makeup. No difference to me. I’ll swipe left each time I see black lack women on Tinder.

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    • Good look. Most are on there or bumble with filters and when you see them in person its already a lie. The more this message gets out, the more these women will be throw out with the trash time and time again. Even younger guys are getting some of this message which is outstanding.


  15. First black women wearing this weave trying to compete with the white woman, their bitter arch rival and now itโ€™s the makeup. Listen, I have seen black women wearing weave and makeup. If black women are the most the beautiful women in the world, then why they are showing these insecure on display? Black women have no problems showing their insecurities in public and black men looks at this and think about dating outside their race and marry outside their race and have children with their non black woman. And when I see pictures of black women, they have bad skin. And there are black women that have bad skin and still wear the weave relentlessly and itโ€™s making them lose hair. And I know that there are unattractive women around but you have to take care of yourself, you get me.

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  16. C’mon Bro, jesus I was just about to have dinner, calling those things trannies is a disrespect to trannies everywhere. How delusional are these things that they can meet a guy in makeup and think that he would be so enamored by it, that when it removed it’s “war paint” the guy would see no difference or be cool with the reveal. You have the high heels, spanx(girdle), padded bra or fake tits, padded panties or fake ass, fake eyelash, lip injections, makeup to cover blotches & blemishes, color contact lenses and of course the weave. And there’s the things you don’t see like stretch marks, c-section scars, ridiculous tats, cellulite and in some cases bite marks, bullet and ice pick wounds and a vagina that resembles elephants ears. So picture that, now if I don’t get to eat dinner, none of you mofos do.

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    • @blakstik8

      “c-section scars”
      “in some cases bite marks, bullet and ice pick wounds and a vagina that resembles elephants ears”


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  17. And there are attractive women around but they all have that weave on their head. Listen to me, I will date any woman but when it comes to black women, my standards has to be high now. All this weave business is the reason why I did the Weave Wearing Black Woman anthology because all I see is black women wearing this weave trying to look like white woman but the thing is that they canโ€™t flex their bitter rivalโ€™s hairstyle because the white woman canโ€™t grow her hair naturally and black woman just go to the hairdressers and spend their money on this weave and walk out of the hairdressers trying to be the fake blonde. Yo, fuck it man. These women will cake up her face heavily. We have black women wear weave, they put on heavy and they bleach their skin. What more come to the most insecure woman in the world? Oh there is more and itโ€™s a big list.

    Keep your white sugar honeys warm tonight and all night. And itโ€™s Friday night as well so get that red wine and pour a glass for your white sugar honey, your Latino fire, your Asian butter and your mix honey. And if you have a black honey, then thatโ€™s cool. Iโ€™m with that.

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  18. @Verbs
    This story was long overdue. And the problem is getting worse.

    If you pulled a bait and switch like those shape-shifting demons in any other endeavor of business you would be sued for breach of contract. This goes beyond masking, this is legal fraud by any definition, and in any other situation would be treated as such.

    Rolling back the odometer on a car is ILLEGAL, changing the best before date on food is ILLEGAL, selling a blanket made with used materials is ILLEGAL.

    If our politicians had integrity and balls, drastically masking your true appearance with makeup without disclosure would be illegal.

    And no woman walking this planet has perfected that science (witchcraft) to the degree of the black witch. Outside of the stench, nothing is real. The term “from head to toe” is usually referenced as a figure of speech, but with black women it is literal.

    From that wig/weave/perm, to the eyelashes, foundation and makeup, push up bra, corset, padded panties, body magic suit, down to even the finger and toe nails. ALL FAKE.

    RUN AWAY! Don’t take a chance, it’s not worth the risk.

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  19. These are extreme but illustrative imagines. The WWE wrestlers aren’t that attractive either with or without. Make up is what it is, we allow less attractive women to make up (no pun) for their lack of attractiveness. Attractive women use it to make themselves even more alluring and it works both ways.

    Men like attractive women, it’s ugly women that get butt hurt when you bring that fact up. If I ever discovered a woman needed that much work to become attractive, she would be a WON and DUN. I don’t play that sh*t.

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  20. I couldn’t resist posting this.
    The video exemplifies everything black women are not.

    Now here is an explanation from a scientist. Yes you heard that right, there are scientific studies now on the black women’s debasement lol. You really can’t make this shit up lmao!

    Click to access Kanazawa,%20Satoshi.%20%22Why%20Are%20Black%20Women%20Less%20Physically%20Attractive%20Than%20Other%20Women%3F%22%20Psychology%20Today,%20May%2015,%202011.pdf

    Use this in your debate with sperm fountain. the verdict is indisputably.

    Go SYSBM or die!

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  21. I couldn’t resist posting this.
    This video exemplifies everything black women are not.

    Now here is a scientist explaining why black women, not black men, black women are unattractive. Yes you heard that right, there are scientific studies trying to get to the root cause of negress degradation lol

    Click to access Kanazawa,%20Satoshi.%20%22Why%20Are%20Black%20Women%20Less%20Physically%20Attractive%20Than%20Other%20Women%3F%22%20Psychology%20Today,%20May%2015,%202011.pdf

    You can’t make this shit up!

    Use this in your debate with sperm fountain. The verdict is in lmao

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    • My last comment left there;
      โ€œJim Falcone see, this is exactly what Iโ€™m talking about. You glammed onto ONE THING (which is misperceived from the rip), run with and consider yourself an expert. Ok, have it your way, you know everything about the SYSBM tenets, how long the philosophy of SYSBM has been in practice (how long is that by the way? I bet you canโ€™t say because again, you have no clue of what youโ€™re talking about), and you know all about why SYSBM exists. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ now I know how a professor at the graduate level feels when some freshman at the undergrad level comes in and behaves in a manner that they are more knowledgeable than the professors. Iโ€™m not saying Iโ€™m a professor who know more than you about everything, but when it pertains to SYSBM, yes, I am your better in being knowledgeable about the subject, and I am again saying, you nothing about it, but you go right on ahead and do your thing……but I do have one question to ask you……the anti-sysbm movement youโ€™re trying to get going, ever wonder why no one else has been successful at it? I mean some people try their hand at it, make a couple of videos (which always seems to disappear) but they never get any traction or real notoriety, ever wonder why that is, because believe me, youโ€™re not the first nor will you be the last person who has come after sysbm…..none of you have been successful and my question to you is…why?โ€

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      • @OGOC He claims to be something like 1/32 Hispanic. It’s just some white boy, I think. You know how white males go hand in hand with black women.

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      • But heโ€™s NOT a black man though….you know, this might be a good thing!!!!!! I have always said Black Queen = White Queen and now here is one using the same talking points and tactics he taught her in the beginning. Damn, if I didnโ€™t have other shit to spend this money on, I would buy this editing softwear and new computer to make my first YouTube video entering the fight. Itโ€™s one thing to have to fight lack women and lack men, BUT BY GOD WHEN A WHITE MAN CALLS HIMSELF COMING AFTER SYSBM……….the kid gloves come off…

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      • @OGOC
        Follow the bouncing ball:


        I dunno how much more evidence I can take proving that fact. The black woman is NOT our women. Period. End of story. But this pigskin, like his she-monkey counterpart, thinks this is 1820 and that we black men will think and act as the white man told her to tell us how to think and act. Once a mammy always a mammy.
        You can probably make videos with your phone by itself, BTW.

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      • …and now the kicker….he just made a video about disabling the comment section on his videos…to get this, get rid of the trolls (that would be US BC)๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚HILARIOUS!

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      • @OGOC just because his little rinky dink soy milk fed ass couldn’t bring evidence doesn’t make us trolls. He definitely has a black bitch. Birds of a feather flock together. He acts just like a sheboon.

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      • @OGOG ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€
        What a bitch made coward.

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    • Off Grid On Code,

      I see the dude turned off the comments, typical Captain Snowy beta male simp, he wants us to stick with a group of women who aren’t cooperative on any level. The usual black female, pro black simp lame and disproven talking points. Again, he’s turned off the comments because he doesn’t want that smoke.

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  22. The way a woman presents herself says something about her.

    Black women are heavy-handed and brazenly artificial. They’re like the rickety old guy with the boot-black hair, or the bald guy with the obviously bad toupee. Their aesthetic makes them look stupid — and stupid is NOT attractive.

    And the lengths they go to achieve an obviously artificial look says something too — they do all that while completely ignoring the #1 thing that makes women attractive: HEALTH. The fact that they’ll pay thousands for weave, but won’t exercise, says something about them. The fact that they’ll run to strange hepatitis-laden white male tattooists to get tatted up — but won’t exercise — says something about them.

    And finally, the fact that they’re so ravenous for ATTENTION — leading all women in dressing sexually ostentatiously — says something about them.

    They think other women’s features are more attractive — thus the weave.
    They’re always going for the quick fix — thus the weave, contacts, bleach creams etc., while skipping exercise and eating right.
    They’re gluttons for attention and validation, and have no sense of subtlety — thus the sexually ostentatious gear.
    They’re uncreative — thus them never figuring out a way to make the most of their natural looks, and instead simply aping the looks of others.
    They have zero appreciation for natural beauty and individuality — thus the blatant, unapologetic artificiality.
    They have no character and prioritize vanity — thus they support a whole “beauty” industry that profits people like koreans, who hate black children.

    Modern black women are a walking advertisement — a danger sign — for decent black men to just stay away.

    All women enhance their looks. I personally love it. But if they do it in a way that says bad things about their intellect and character, I take heed. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of black women present themselves like they’ve never really matured into adulthood. Add to that the way that they hate (and hate on) black men, and there’s really no reason to try to work with them.

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    • yesindeed “…white male tattooists to get tatted up…” I have raised the issue of black people getting tattoos before. — In the 1990s, tattoos were considered as something that white people do. —- Today, many black people view tattoos as something that black people do. In less than a generation, tattoos went from being mainly for white people to being accepted by black people. —– Finally, when a dark skin black man gets a tattoo, one often has difficulty seeing the tattoo.

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  23. Everyone knows that the welfare gravy train that BW ride on after having bastard kids is coming to an end, even BW know, which is why they are either on the Dear BM train or the kamikaze โ€œLets try to attack and take down BM in the media as we sink into the underclassโ€ train.

    Keep the Wall up, Isaiah 4:1 approaches, donโ€™t save em.

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    • @James SYSBM

      Good old “racist” Trump. The only politician on the planet probably who actually cares about black people as evidenced by his actions.
      But negroes hate his because once a slave always a slave.
      You Americans are lucky.
      Trump 2020
      I hope you find someone as good as he is for 2024.

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      • I remember BW getting mad after Trump got elected because brothers on Twitter and Youtube were saying that via the welfare cuts Trump was handing control of the Black community out of the hand of the Gov and back over to the BM. The question is do BM still want the community after BW and the Gov have run a train on it for decades?

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      • @james
        Hell no!
        Just because welfare disappears doesn’t mean niggas will disappear.
        Let the Communitahhh rot.

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    • How Liberal Policies Destroyed Black Families…

      For years, I accepted this conservative assertion/talking point without much thought. Now, I need to rethink my position based on another conservative talking point, “guns don’t kill, people do.”

      So, I ask, “did liberal policies destroy black families, or did black people, who accepted liberal policies, destroy black families?”

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      • @B A

        Bingo. The analytical break down begs the question, “What is the nature of the policy in question?”.

        In this case the policy is directed to availability of services and benefits which are administered on a VOLUNTARY BASIS.

        Basically the demoncrats employed themselves strategically as voices for the incompetent in law. They passed bills that supplied them jobs to administer the provisions they passed. Provisions to help administer their clients essentially destroy themselves.

        However we must be intellectually honest and note that merely receiving funds does not destroy an individual (if no strings are attached). The destructuve use of the funds however can accelerate ones demise.

        One can not intelligently continue to be fake outraged at the ferry boater tender of the River Styx (Demo party) when people voluntarily book trips to cross. That party is VERY OPEN in their literature much like the KKK about their positions toward the so called negro.

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      • @Lurker
        Well said.
        And after this recent campaign where the democrats in so many words told black people right to their faces that they have zero intention of doing anything for them and that the most respect they will show them is pretending to like hip hop and eating fried chicken, if black people don’t get it by now then they may as well accept their lot to be on the bottom and the laughingstock of civilization forever. Which I am sure black people are most cheerfully comfortable with.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Some of these Negroes are so slow that they don’t even realize that they are handing their vote to the dems in exchange for NOTHING. Meanwhile other groups like Hispanics are getting promised policies to benefit them and tangible benefits. I’m not at all scared of 4 more years of Trump, I like some of the things that he is doing and my life hasn’t changed one bit under Trump vs how it was under Obama. For BW concerned about losing their welfare benefits 4 more years of Trump will be like Armageddon. lol

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      • Yep, the policies couldn’t have worked if there weren’t willing participants. Nobody forced BW to start cranking out bastard kids and collecting welfare and section 8.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I was simply drawing analogies. Like crack, guns and cigarettes, just because the policies exists, doesn’t mean people have to use them (e.g., black women didn’t have to choose welfare, thereby forcing the black man out of the home in order to be eligible for said benefits of these liberal policies).

        If conservatives seek to absolve gun and cigarette manufacturers using the personal responsibility argument, then why not absolve liberal policies and put the onus of the destruction of the black family where it belongs– black people, who practice behavior that is detrimental to the so-called black family?

        I had a black family, and it wasn’t destroyed by any liberal policies. It was destroyed by a non-cooperative black bitch.

        At the end, I hate when people use specific reasoning when it suits them, then abandon the same reasoning when it doesn’t suit them, regardless of political affiliation.

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      • As I always say
        You cannot sell anything to those who are not in the market.
        Black women never had any intention of staying with black man and only did because they had no other option. The government is the closes thing they’ll get to a white man.

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    • White liberals —– Do not be so quick to blame white liberals for the ills of the USA black community. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, in his MOYNIHAN REPORT, was a liberal who pointed out that single motherhood was destroying USA blacks. [Research time] —————— I put the current state of black America on black females and not white liberals.

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  24. GEEZ!! Why don’t they ever take care of their own skin?! It only takes 20 minutes to come up with a skin care routine to have very clean and clear skin! This way you wouldn’t NEED to have to wear make up! They will spend 1 hour in the morning trying to wear make up that’s probably super toxic to their face and they will have to clean it off later in the evening anyways, when 15 to 20 mins of cleaning your face properly can have long term health benefits!

    you can simply look up on the youtube how to have proper skin care routine here:

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    • Look at this beautiful woman. It only took one month, 30 days to clean her face and acne! but black woman would rather go dumpster diving for used weaves and blood for make up. absolute sickness!!

      Liked by 4 people

    • Carnio SYSBM,

      It’s been a while bro, glad to hear from you and happy you’re in good spirits. You already know black women, they so believe that they can short cut their way to anything.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Thanks!

        yeah i was having a little bit of a dark time out for awhile but now I am ok. I misssed out on so many great articles! I will be reading them and commenting on the old articles and you will see me soon in the new ones! I have a lot of new insight that I will be sharing Soon!


  25. Sheesh! If doing witchcraft makes one look this UGLY, I would certainly stay away from it if I were a woman. DAMN! And these simp Black men are so jaded that they want to WIFE up manly looking woman like this??
    Yick…. More power to ’em.

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  26. Get ready to see more stories like this as section 8 is slowly phased out, with BW as the face of the issue as usual. These stories usually have Black single mothers complaining about how they and their (bastard) kids have nowhere to stay, people are tired of begging BW with bastards looking for a handout. For the folks who aren’t single moms with bastards its unfortunate, but they need to move somewhere that they can afford, but apparently some of them would rather squat and live on the streets rather than relocate to a more affordable area/city/state.

    Californiaโ€™s Housing Crisis Is So Bad, People Are Turning To Rent Strikes And Squatting

    Liked by 3 people

    • I remember when Madame Illogicbomb had her channel, she used to laugh at the homeless black men and their tent cities in her hometown of L.A. Now those black Section 8 hoes will be blowing those guys to share their tents. Hahaha. Karma is flying thick and fast in these last days. Do not save these bitches.

      SYSBM arrived at just the right time in history if you ask me.

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  27. Apparently the main people dying from Coronavirus are those with compromised immune systems (the old and the sick), the unhealthy, and the obese. I wonder what group of women in this country overwhelmingly check all of those boxes???????????

    The Poor and Marginalized Will Be the Hardest Hit by Coronavirus

    “Older populations, and people with preexisting diseases, are at greater risk of dying from COVID-19. Obesity-related conditions, for example, seem to worsen the effect of this disease.”

    Keep the Wall up.

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  28. Worse thing is that they are ONLY women… So we can’t even hold them to account. Because they’re inferior. That’s why they can be manipulated to destroy our community to the EXTENT they have.

    1. Black woman is out there working for the white man AND the white womans feminism openly and happily.

    Its no wonder that in diverse schools the black boys are going for other races’ women. Our women admit defeat before they even reach 10 years old. They got the straightened hair on and all that bossy girl power crap from they fat black single mom and aunties. Then the white female teachers encourage them too so they know what dance white people like them to do from young. Meanwhile black boys can’t grow their hajr/dreads etc. Without getting excluded.

    These women are driving our depopulation. ON THE EQUATOR!!! Black women are working in fields all day in WIGS!!!!!(headscarf if they ain’t got a wig) these sub par white women are coming in and cleaning up (90 day fiance) because these men have little to no choice.

    They don’t compete with their Asian latina and white and mixed friends. It’s really the wigs more than anything. These women really do transform with that wig on. Looking like a fake white girl I hate it personally… How happy the female looks in a picture or video with the wig or weave or sew in or whatever… They make it fit they’re facial shape and it makes me wonder…. How bad must u look underneath all that. Very.

    Underneath she got some basic canerows if ur lucky. Or even worse patches!! Dry or damaged hair!! Taking a black woman home after a club is risky risky business.

    Plenty look good with the wigs but the point is that I can just go get a woman with real hair :/.

    Imagine looking at a fat ass white with swag woman from the back then she turns around n it’s a black woman with lighter makeup and a wig/weave on. What is disappointment!?

    They’re just disappointing. They’ve made themselves lesser in the face of mostly natural women with simple hair products and some powder on their faces (bad ENOUGH). These black women take the game to a whole other level.

    In the United Kingdom, the mixed race population is now more than the black population. I blame single mothers who traumatise their boys subconsciously who then date out the race. I blame every masculine acting black woman who wanted to open her big mouth talking shit. I blame every black girl who took a basic becky and styled her as if she was her own white barbie doll and created a fine ass woman that she can’t even compete with in her wildest dreams lol.

    Most men are simple and the first thing we want is beauty in this ugly world. Black women (as a whole) are committed to not being committed, to whatever black men want no matter what it is.

    Its embarrassing because all other races know about our plight and find us a laughing stock. But because they are ONLY WOMEN, the embarrassment and accountability rests with us black men. Black women don’t care what anybody thinks about their degeneration!! They know theyre doing it and it empowers them to be the unnatractive women in the room. They still raising our DAMNED children (sperm stealers).

    None of these other women are that much better but at least the headache is kinda worth it when u got a fine ass female with her own hair and pretty feet!!

    That’s why these women are single. Cos their hair is fake, they got a big mouth and their non black friend got nicer feet when they sit together shits crazy.

    Imagine having a full black daughter knowing society is pushing her to being double agent for oppression. Spare her life of pain and anguish and self hate. Breed a non black woman and give ur daughter some curls and lighter skin so that she feels more feminine! She will thank you as she gets older.

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