Open Mic Wednesday

Another Open Mic Wednesday, another opportunity for free thinking black men to shine a light on those issues and concerns that are important. As per usual these black male eunuchs such as Aaron Fountain are afraid to debate in real time, they love and much prefer lurking in their “safe spaces” ie the comment sections and the chats of videos and livestreams.

Fountain as many of you as well as myself have pointed out is a clout chaser who is seeking nothing of truth and value, only recognition and employment in one of these dinosaur mainstream media news establishments through sensationalism.

Gentlemen, SYSBM continue to grow from strength to strength and there is nothing Aaron Fountain can do about it, continue throwing stones and hiding your hands bruh, we still see you. As per usual you’ve got the floor gents, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

240 thoughts on “Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Aaron Fountain shouldn’t be complaining as SYSBM is rather a small group. Most Black Men (in the U.S. and Carribean) are simps/male feminist unknowingly by proxy via a matriarchal household/upbringing. You would think he should be happy because it would be more Black Women for him. Guys like D32018 & Aaron Fountain are a product of such programming. What they fear (as well as White & Non-Black Men and Black Women no matter the diaspora) is many Black men are awaking up to the misandry and dysfunctional programming that this “liberal, feminist gynocratic free-thinking” society has set for us.

    And will truly form a movement against the tyranny & anarchy of Black culture and society. Many are now aware of Red Pill/MGTOW movements created by White Men. But from 2013-present, Black Men have been creating their own movements with Passport Bros.,SYSBM, Negromanosphere, and others. They fear this small ideology will become something much bigger than what they thought was online ranting and YouTube diatribes. They know once something is the truth and can’t be denied, it will be taken on by the masses creating an awakening.

    Men like Babatunde, Donovan Sharpe, Brian Solonge, David Caroll, Thinking Mans Templar, BlackRam313, King Sigma, and others are creating an alternative platform & voice to counter modern-day Black misandry and dysfunction. Sites like Slaying Evil and vlog sites like FSavenger is setting a narrative & gives a voice to your thinking black men who see current day Black Society & the filth/flaws within its modern day structure. Although I may not agree with a few of this particular vloggers viewpoints, one I would say that puts Modern-Day Black Women on Blast like Tommy Sotomayor in his heyday or Babatunde is Minister Jap.

    His Say No To Single Mothers and M.A.T.E. (Men Against Transsexual Energy) is genius. I thank every Black Male Blogger, Website, Vlogger, and Social media figure/influencer who are saving young and middle aged Black Men from making terrible long term relationship decisions with the current day Black Woman. Many Black Men cannot be saved in the new era we are in but we can move forward with those who see current Black Women and society for what it is and built on forth from there.

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    • @Ryan

      Anti-SYSBM black men are homosexual or down-low. They do not care if there are “more black women for them”. They want the men.

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      • Black Caesar,

        I disagree that all anti-SYSBM black males are homo. I believe that they are trying to score points with their black female masters. Much like house negroes tap dancing and shining to curry favor with the white man.

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      • They can still be homo and caping for black women, this is how it works.
        Black homos on the down-low go hard in the paint for heterosexual men knowing full well this attracts LACK WOMEN like shit attracts flies.
        Now that he has her attention and support, homo man makes his move in using her to help build a house of cards, house, car, etc, a seemingly good black family, only the โ€œmanโ€ in the marriage is GAY!!!

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    • Ryan,

      It’s all good my brother, I’m just glad to be of service to like minded heterosexual free thinking black men. With the abilities and skills that I bring to the table, it would be an abominable transgression for me to stand back and say nothing while free thinking brothers continue to get raked through the coals on the daily.

      I won’t allow the image and reputation of the free thinking black man to be besmirched, tarnished and grafittied any longer. If these anti SYSBM, heterosexual black male hating bootlickers both male and female want war then so be it.

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      • Yes sir. They are caping because they cant do any better. He is a plow horse whether he wants to believe it or not. Those kind of dudes would date a Lizzo and cape for her, while she talks down to black men including his monkey ass. Truth is, no matter how obese these Pick me’s get, they still feel entitled to all the benefits of being a girlfriend. I detach my time from most BW because they are manipulative time wasters unless they are doing work for you, and if they arent putting out your not winning.

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  2. KOBE BRYANT — Final thought. On February 24, 2020, a memorial service was held for Kobe Bryant (Bryant). Vanessa Bryant, widow of Bryant, stated that she was the first “girlfriend” of Bryant. Many black men have explained recently that Bryant was not wanted by black teen aged girls in his early to mid teens. ——
    Bryant returned to the USA from Italy at age 13. Bryant explained that he was an outsider to young blacks. Bryant just did not have the swag of a black teen aged boy. Since black teen aged girls ignored Bryant, he focused on basketball.

    At age 17, Bryant did express a liking for Brandy, a black female singer. At the time Brandy was a bigger name than Bryant. Brandy did allow Bryant to exist in the friend zone. Brandy, a future baby mama, appeared to view Bryant as beneath her in my humble view.

    A few years later, Bryant got his “first” girlfriend who is white/Hispanic.

    At the time of Bryant’s death he was attacked for not being with a black female. Black females just cannot understand that the young Bryant was just not the type of guy that black females want.

    We all know that many of the black men that get with non-black females are not the kind of black males that black females want.

    A non-black female became Bryant’s “first” girlfriend because black female did not want him.

    Bryant probably became famous because of the lack of black females in his life. Bryant did have a strained relationship with his mother, the main black female in his life. Bryant’s mother, it is told, did not approve of her son being with a non-black female.

    Any disagreements ?

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    • No disagreements here.

      The key to black male success is the total removal of black females from his life. Black females, especially mothers, are a living curse. Literally a curse. Just emerging out of a black woman’s womb is a near-death sentence and it’s only the mercy of god that you could come out of that but only if you do as Kobe did and steer clear of niggas and nigga shit. Those niggas you see out there sagging their pants and shooting up everyone in sight are foot soldiers of these black witches. You have to be strong enough to be an army of one to defeat them all.

      That being said, black women didn’t want Kobe and they still don’t want him; They want(ed) his money. Black women are all of ONE demon hive mind which is why they ALL believe they are entitled to one single black man’s money regardless of whether they know him or have access to him or not. It is very very rare for a man to be with just one female all his life which goes to show you the extent of a Latina woman’s loyalty. Kobe was the one who nearly threw it away but was lucky enough to get a second chance.

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      • I totally agree that black females are agents of the plantation owners. But I must point out that the only power that the ratchet black female has, is the power conveyed upon her by black male simping. Black male simps are the biggest enablers on the planet. Black male simping is big business, its big time. Obama was the black simp in chief. That should give an idea of the magnitude of the simping paradigm.

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    • Kobe Bryant was worth more than 600 million dollars. No ratchet daggle gave him a cent. No simp contributed a penny to his net worth. Whoever Kobe Bryant dated, married, fucked, or did whatever with, is nobody’s business but Kobe Bryant’s, period fullstop.

      Personally, I have never been concerned about another man’s sex life or love life, unless it somehow affected me..

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    • Doesnt surprise me of the mind of the BW. Even though her son was happy and in love, she still deep down inside wanted the sisterhood to be blessed with her son. She knew that she couldnt control him with another race being involved, as the sisterhood works together to keep son and husband down. Kobe was SYSBM from the rip, and you can save years off your life engaging less with this Beast.

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  3. Roger Spice dropped a vid on Brandy dating a singer from Boyโ€™s to Men which is who she was enamored with; Kobe did take her to the Prom but she friendzoned him. Brandy dated Wanya Morris in the past, but they broke up on November 24, 1998. Thus when she went on a date with Kobe her mind was on another guy that was almost 10 years older at 24/25 years of age she was 16/17 smh.

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  4. So I went to an argument with a daggle about D Wade’s son situation. These daggles are so dumb she didn’t even let me finish my statement. She accused me of being homophobic. Well bitch News Flash:

    1. I don’t hate the entire LGBT alphabet squad only the extremists, 3rd wave niggas that want to force their agenda into everything

    2. D Wade’s son is too fucking young. Until he grows up and learns the word masturbation then he can have the decision

    3. Since the age of your brain to stop developing is 18 why don’t Wade just wait until he is said age before making decision?



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  5. While I am not one to believe that behind every successful man is a good woman, I have to admit that this is true in MANY cases and good women are oftentimes the main motivator for certain men to be successful.

    So now you know why so many black men are in such a gutter state.

    Who wants to “build” for these weaved-up monkeys?

    Go SYSBM young man!

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    • Truth. A good man will work his hands to the bone for a woman and children that he loves. BW often donโ€™t choose good men, so they end up struggling.

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      • @JamesSYSBM

        “BW often donโ€™t choose good men, so they end up struggling.”

        And vice versa.
        When you have your eyes on a substandard gutter prize, you will not be motivated to do anything.
        It’s like leading a donkey with a turn instead of a carrot.

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    • If black men were to wake up one day and suddenly stop simping, the black female’s power would disappear, like poof ! Black male simping is her only source of power. Even when she swirls, the ratchet black daggle has no power. Its usually a ghettogagger type relationship with Brad and Chad. Brad doesn’t give her power, Chad doesn’t give her power.They make her into a ghettogagger. Only black males give her power.

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  6. See…this is the problem with Black Bitches. Life is rather unfair. And one of the rules in life is no one owes you anything. Black Women amongst being delusional & liars, are rather entitled and think everyone owes them something. No one owes them shit!!! Black Women do not have children for love and a legacy nor do they strive to be wives & have a family. Most have children due to an pseudo title, benefits, and the children (once they are grown) a “take care of me when I’m a useless old bitch” policy.

    In yesteryear, it was a common understanding that once a man passed, assuming he was married, his assets would go to the ownership of his WIFE and children if no will or trust was in place. Due to democratic policies, 5th wave feminism, & side-bitch “Get-the-Bag” culture, most will only get subsidized housing, EBT, and child-support if they are lucky. With all the bastard kids they have, they hope one will strike the life lottery via being a rapper or athlete. This is their life insurance policy. This is their retirement plan.

    For bastard Marqarius to make it big and buy his mammy a big house, a luxury vehicle, and live of his coattails in her elder years. And the stupid feminized simp Fuck boy must be obliged to. In his typical feminist mindset, he would think,”Where would I be without my mama๐Ÿ˜ฉ”

    I tell you where. In a less toxic, self destructive environment with less scabs and leeches. Around less mentally unstable individuals who would have you killed for “clout” & internet fame. Its no secret these guys are setup for failure by entertaining Black bitches, having entourages, keeping company around rappers, and aren’t financially astute. Many end up in poverty supporting leeches and toxic family member they should have cut loose prior or at the beginning of their stardom.

    Luckily Kobe didn’t suffer the same fate as he cut off tied with biological his family once he saw they wanted to leech and be a burden to his finances.

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  7. Verbs 2015.

    These simps manginas, pro blacks, black women and racist white men/racist non black men cannot shame me into dating black women because it will not work. I date who I please and there isn’t a damn thing these people can do about it.

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    • I do not permit any members of those groups to even talk to me unless there is an immediate exchange of goods, services or money.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Racist white men have created monsters out of this modern day black female, what they didn’t bank on is a contingent of us free thinking brothers choosing to reject the dysfunction and the same females at the root of it. Lord Euro can have his creation back, I don’t deal with defective beyond repair goods.

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  8. Haha Rashida Strober the โ€œDark Skin Activistโ€ is still crying about Kobeโ€™s money and what his widow will do with it. Why are black bitches hands always in a (dead) black manโ€™s pockets? As if somebody like Rashida ever had a chance with a legendary NBA baller. Smdh

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    • Seeโ€ฆthis is the problem with Black Bitches. Life is rather unfair. And one of the rules in life is no one owes you anything. Black Women amongst being delusional & liars, are rather entitled and think everyone owes them something. No one owes them shit!!! Black Women do not have children for love and a legacy nor do they strive to be wives & have a family. Most have children due to an pseudo title, benefits, and the children (once they are grown) a โ€œtake care of me when Iโ€™m a useless old bitchโ€ policy.

      In yesteryear, it was a common understanding that once a man passed, assuming he was married, his assets would go to the ownership of his WIFE and children if no will or trust was in place. Due to democratic policies, 5th wave feminism, & side-bitch โ€œGet-the-Bagโ€ culture, most will only get subsidized housing, EBT, and child-support if they are lucky. With all the bastard kids they have, they hope one will strike the life lottery via being a rapper or athlete. This is their life insurance policy. This is their retirement plan.

      For bastard Marqarius to make it big and buy his mammy a big house, a luxury vehicle, and live of his coattails in her elder years. And the stupid feminized simp Fuck boy must be obliged to. In his typical feminist mindset, he would think,โ€Where would I be without my mama๐Ÿ˜ฉโ€

      I tell you where. In a less toxic, self destructive environment with less scabs and leeches. Around less mentally unstable individuals who would have you killed for โ€œcloutโ€ & internet fame. Its no secret these guys are setup for failure by entertaining Black bitches, having entourages, keeping company around rappers, and arenโ€™t financially astute. Many end up in poverty supporting leeches and toxic family member they should have cut loose prior or at the beginning of their stardom.

      Luckily Kobe didnโ€™t suffer the same fate as he cut off tied with biological his family once he saw they wanted to leech and be a burden to his finances.

      P.S.- Sorry about the post above. I meant to put this comment under this specific comment.

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      • “Black Women do not have children for love and a legacy nor do they strive to be wives & have a family. Most have children due to an pseudo title, benefits, and the children (once they are grown) a โ€œtake care of me when Iโ€™m a useless old bitchโ€ policy.”


        Don’t forget that black women also have kids so they can keep them in the ghetto around other pavement savages in the hopes they’ll get shot so they can collect insurance, Go Fund Me revenue and also sympathy. Think about it. Why do sheboons put on such an obnoxious act whenever their kids get killed on TV (that is when they do bother to feign grief)? It is because they have none. All they can think about at the moment is the bag but the TV cameras command they hold their mask together yet a little while longer.

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    • His widow sure as hell isn’t going to spend all that money of popeye’s chicken, fake nails and weave after weave after weave.

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      • Black Caesar —- OMG. Vanessa Bryant has the desired hair growing out of her scalp!!! She has no need for hair weave.

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      • @Gregory C

        I think the thing that pisses black women off the most about this situation IS the fact she will spend that money on her kids.
        To black women, that is an offence punishable by death.

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      • But Black Ceasar….”WE NEED OUR WEAVE!!!” As quoted by one of the stupidest black bitches I’ve ever seen or heard online.

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      • @Ryan

        “WE NEED OUR WEAVE! We’re so close to convincing everyone that we’re really white women! The hair is the last hurdle!”

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      • Sigma Jones,

        You’d think that some of these Negroes having seen how disrespectful most black women have been towards the late Kobe Bryant would’ve finally thrown in the towel, however unfortunately we still have die hard, brain-dead drones holding out for their black queanies, smh.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Black sirens once again believing that they own every single Western black male on the planet. The last time I checked Strober was dating a light, bright damn near white mixed dude, she needs to take 20 seats and staple her mouth closed with a nail gun.

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      • Verbs,

        Black hoes’ fixation on Kobe’s money going to his Latina widow and bi-racial daughters is ghoulish. It’s a good thing that many brothers are slowly breeding out the Rashida Strobers of the world if this incessant crybabyism, victimhood and greed is the best they can come up with.

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    • Joe Bryant, father of Kobe Bryant, has a reported net worth of $50 million USD. Given Joe Bryant’s wealth, it is silly for anyone to even suggest that Vanessa Bryant give Kobe Bryant’s family any money. —– Black females must understand that most black men have more money than black females.

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    • Guys I couldn’t link the FB post but go on FB, search “Rashida Marie Strober” and scroll down, you’ll find the post in question.

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    • Rabid Stroker after whining and e-begging about colourizmmm is extremely lucky to find a mixed race boy to date with.

      What Vanessa Bryant and her children do with Kobe Bryant’s money is none of her goddamn business.

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  9. Gentlemen,

    According to the effeminate, bootlicking, anti heterosexual free thinking black male pundit Aaron Fountain black women care about black children, yet in this video taken at the March For Life rally(which President Trump) I managed to spot maybe one or two black females in the crowd with many more black men in attendance by the way.

    Of course, who is the main ethnicity of women representing the lives of unborn children(especially black children), that’s right, WHITE WOMEN, these same women many of us were told to “watch out for and be afraid of” by the same black witch who is an ardent child killer.

    Say what you want about white women, yes they have their various shortcomings, however when it comes down to standing up for children both inside and outside of the womb, they are the top advocates for protecting children’s lives hands down:

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    • @Verbs
      I have to admit, based on my own observations and also countless videos. White women* care more about black children than black women! Remember that Disneyland video when those jungle rats were duking it out all over and the white woman had to come in to protect the kids? LOL

      I say, send all the Negresses to China and let them sterilize them instead of Chinese women who actually produce winners.

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    • Once again, where is the data showing white women and other non-black women aborting babies by black men? These simp drones will have you believe black women raise the best children in the world. Yet a recent CDC data shows black women still lead the nation in abortion by a large margin, even though national levels of abortions overall has decreased.

      Man, I know for a fact my future children will thank me later for choosing a quality non-black stargate as their mother.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        There is no data demonstrating what you’ve asked for ie non black females aborting children by black men, as you’ve stated it’s these black female hooligans who are the ones killing unborn black children at an astronomical rate hands down, this cannot be disputed even though male feminists and black female advocates like Fountain would have you believe otherwise.

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    • Verbs2015 —– MARCH FOR LIFE — I cannot help but notice that those white women are fine. I suspect that there is no fake hair on the white females under age 25.

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      • @Gregory C

        That whole BS about how “white women wear weave too!!!11” makes me laugh like nothing else.

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      • Black Caesar — LOL. A visit to a shopping mall will reveal that, at age five, healthy young white girls have a head full of hair unless there has been a haircut. ———– Black females are just full of envy and jealousy about the hair on the heads of white females. Most young white females, under age 25, do not wear fake hair.

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      • If white women DO wear fake hair, it is:

        a) The same texture and color as their real hair
        b) Only for especially glamorous occasions
        c) It clips on, not weaved in
        d) It doesn’t destroy their scalp or real hair
        e) They don’t beat themselves upside the head when their scalp itches
        e) They take it out at night, not leave it in for 3-4 months

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      • @schadenfreude

        g) they don’t steal it
        h) they don’t get beat up for it
        I) they wouldn’t line up for a 50% discount on it if the owner of the store was caught beating up a white woman
        j) wouldn’t go on camera professing their need for it
        k) wouldn’t dig it out of the dumpster
        l) wouldn’t kill over it

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  10. Boy, I’m running out of ideas to talk when it comes to Open Mic Wednesday because I don’t wanna keep talking the same stuff over and over again. I burn too much energy for that haha.

    First off, about the Dwayne Wade situation, he straight up needs to dump Gabrielle Union because I’m getting sick of that hoe. I can’t forget that incident where she’s told his sons to value dark skin women and date them. Then she got one of his sons into the LGBTQ stuff like man, Dwayne going out bad. If I was with Gabrielle Union, I would dump that hoe in a heart beat.

    Second of all, Have you brothas got to a point in your lives where it like you get tired of people saying they’re your friend, but don’t act like it? The reason why I say this is because I’m at a stage where I really don’t want no friends because around my 8th – 12th grade school years, they were rough. But my 8th grade and 12th grade school year, was really the worst for me. Around 8th grade school year, A lot of people kept getting on my nerves, calling me all sorts of names in the books, and pulling silly ass jokes on me, and there was moments where I just wanna be expelled and be home schooled for the rest of my school time. Then these fools had the audacity to call me a bully, because whenever I say something back to them, they just put the bully label on me, and act all goodie two shoes, but they were starting shit, and getting on my nerves so heavy to the point where I gonna snap real hard and not be back at the school of where I was going. Now around my 12th grade year, that was the year I started getting some heavy wake up calls because I kept questioning myself who I’m friends with because I just knew a lot of people, but I didn’t knew who I was friends or who was my friend at first. I can tell y’all brothas, I’ve been played with too much, lied too, and use too, but looking back at it, I’m okay with being a loner because that whole saying you my friend but don’t act like it game is getting stale.

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      • Black Caesar,

        I have a small number of solid friends, this is over years of getting rid of the trash. In 2020 is it far more difficult to make quality friends because so many folks have kicked their moral compass to the kerb.

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    • I probably keep in touch with 10 people tops from high school, almost nobody from college, and maybe 20 people from the military; and out of all of them maybe 4-6 of them are black.

      If there is one thing Iโ€™ve learned over the years is I avoid niggas like the plague. So much to the point, my lady even noticed it. Asked me why, I explained it to her and now that her eyes and mind are opened to it, fully understands why I go to great lengths to do so.

      Iโ€™ve all but cut my immediate family off due to their overwhelming dysfunctional, destructive and miserable behavior and attitudes. And I would need an entire open mic Wednesday to get into why I hate and have completely cut off everyone in my extended family save maybe two uncles and four cousins (I come from a huge family). All Iโ€™ll say in that regard is, a death in the family brings out everyoneโ€™s true intentions, and shows how ugly they really are.

      Sure you just outgrow some people, and thatโ€™s perfectly ok. Pretty much in closing, walk away from people (especially family) who make you miserable, are extremely negative, and bring no value to your life.

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      • Correction: I keep up with roughly 20 people overall from those parts of my life, and 4-6 of them are black. I just realized what I said.

        The older, more mature and the more you level your life up, the smaller your circle becomes; if youโ€™re smart.

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      • The only people I talk to are veterans. Pretty much 4 that I knew in the military. I find that American culture is very destructive for relationships. There is an excellent article that describes why it is so hard to have quality male friendships here:
        It is far easier to make friendships overseas, but as you get older and more self sufficient you realize that you do not need very many people. People prey on one another especially in the US. I personally try to stay away from many people in the US simply because they lack integrity, and can not be trusted with anything. Family members are a whole other set of problems.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      Be a loner and travel light, your so-called fake friends and even family will be the first ones to get you hemmed up into some bullshit. Stay focused on your money and grades if you’re still in school.

      As a “lame” and a “nerd” who is okay being by myself, there is no end of bs I avoided. People who can’t be alone are the ones always crawling around in them streets getting up to no good, falling into traps. Us black men need to stay vigilant.

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    • Man I feel you. I severed ties with my entire year group since my graduation in 1996 for similar reasons. Just turned 40 two days ago and my feelings toward them have not changed.

      In fact, I just cut my FB friend list by near 25%, from 200, mostly simple-minded ex-coworkers that still bad talk me years after I left that particular job.

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  11. Good morning, SYSBM brotherhood; if you havenโ€™t already seen it, go back to Mondayโ€™s post on Fountain and read Obsidianโ€™s comment revealing his conversation with Fountain. It helped to put his actions regarding the slander of SYSBM into perspective for me.

    So, I came across this link:

    Again I ask, why not call the police and file a report when the crime happens instead of waiting until a convenient time for you to seek emotional support through your social media?

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  12. Enough With Females on Panels, Already

    I was listening to a male panel the other day and two women got on the panel in an obvious attempt to derail the conversation. And as expected, the women shifted the focus from a constructive conversation to meandering topics to all out bickering. I asked one of the moderators as to why they allowed one such women, whom is an obvious troll, to continue stating her opinion, and he informed me that they encourage dissenting opinions, as they can move the conversation forward.

    However this rationale does not make any sense. The women that frequent the panels do not hope to gain any enlightenment. They do so because they want to know that they have the power to disrupt male spaces and turn attention towards themselves. Their tactics are also quite pedestrian as they employ the same strategy every single time as follows:

    1. Initially they will pretend to be on your side, parroting parts of the discussion that they say they agree with.
    2. Then they will feign ignorance on some topic so that the men (often times ego-driven) will explain to the poor hapless female the point that he or the group is trying to make.
    3. After gathering the attention of the group the woman will then pick some areas in the discussion to disagree with.
    4. As disagreements arise within the discussion the woman will stand firm in a effort to make the men frustrated by her willful ignorance
    5. Finally the woman will start insulting panel members until the conversation devolves into madness.

    It never fails, these are the steps the women take to stop forward progress amongst men. It is time that men stop allowing these females on the panels and in the comment section, PERIOD. These women only slow the rate of progress.

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    • Kravebrazil,

      I agree completely with your analysis, this is one of the reasons why the SYSBM founder Mad Bus DriverX and his Original Knights don’t and absolutely won’t play that garbage. SYSBM recognises the need to put the heterosexual free thinking black man first, debating black women or bringing them onto men’s panels is a complete waste of time.

      We already know where the black witch stands, I’ve already walked away from them, I personally at this point have absolutely no interest in talking to them about anything, some black men however feel differently, they still believe that black women can be “won over” ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ.

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    • @kravebrazil

      There is no reason to bring women into male spaces. The men who do this do it to fawn over a supposed unicorn. Women will ALWAYS use it as an opportunity to seek male attention. When it comes to women, they live, breathe, eat, sleep and shit for attention.
      If a woman does not respect men enough to let us have our own spaces without them or their input then they do not respect men at all no matter what they say. We do not invade THEIR spaces.

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    • exactly I refuse to bring women on the panel, some brothers are stuck in the black box so be it. It is what it is. One point that was missed is (6) They will use shaming language

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    • kravebrazil,

      Women are chaos agents by nature, multiplied x 10 if it’s a black chick. I’ve never been enlightened by anything a black chick had to say, usually the same stale circular talking points. This is partly why SYSBM has taken off. No black female input allowed or needed.

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    • Those dudes who claim that they allow women on the panel to keep the conversation moving forward don’t understand how communication and it’s nuances work.

      Circular arguments do not move a conversation forward. There’s too much over talking and Interruption for a conversation to even have any flow moving. And even when you try to have Exchange of Ideals, people get caught up on the tonality and factors that are irrelevant to the actual issue. Which is what we saw in the comments section for Monday’s article

      I’m just going to be real. They’re just trying to appeal to a mainstream audience and not the “women-hating” audience, as some of us are label. Basically, sneak diss and throw us under on the bus indirectly.

      ” We’re not those guys we’re willing to let you engage in a conversation so we can move forward”.

      And honestly, they may just be used to being in conversations with women and not having deep conversations with their father or a older Mentor. (It’s the biggest thing I can honestly say I Miss more than anything else is just conversations with my father, I digress) It is almost like a rite of passage really.

      On another note, the claim that “I need somebody I can relate to I need somebody that can listen to me”. I believe that’s part of the reason why these guys allow women on panels, it’s something, it is experienced that they can relate to.

      If you think like that, then you probably better off dating Western women. Particularly westernize BW. I say that because most International and foreign women will give you a side eye. If you have an issue or a challenge, you need to go talk with other men. Women shouldn’t be involved. And this is what nearly all of the foreign women I dated have consistently said. The problem is most of these women don’t have enough respect for themselves or these guys to even care to progressed the conversation. The conversation will move forward, in their View, when you guys stop talking about it and leave them to their own vices.

      These people know they’re fucking shortcomings in the issues going on community. They just don’t want you to point it out because that would put the responsibility back on them. And they don’t want to admit that they were wrong and bend the knee to black men. Because “black men ain’t shit” remember. It is in their subconscious deeply embedded and I believe these guys truly don’t understand just how deep it is within them.

      Just like these guys don’t understand just how deep they worship and loathe white women.

      Loyalty ain’t conditional and when you understand that, you will stop accepting bulshit rhetoric tha was and is espoused before most of us was he born.

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  13. Black bitches are the worst when it comes to customer service. This past weekend, I went to Chipotle for lunch while at work, and i had the misfortune of being served by two sheboons. They were all friendly with the two white guys in front of me, smiling, laughing etc. I come up and their entire demeanor changes. I wanted to order a bowl. In the bowl I wanted white rice, black beans, steak, the vegetables, cheese, sour cream and the hot salsa. Easy enough right? For literally anybody else, it would be. Not these heifers. This broad gives me next to no rice, overflows the bowl with beans, gives me old steak (she had no issue giving one of the two white guys in front of me the new straight off the grill steak, but not my black ass), like 4 pieces of vegetables, little to no cheese, drowns everything in sour cream and salsa. Gives me an attitude like โ€œis that all?โ€ I am like, Iโ€™m not paying for this. People behind me are dumbfounded she is giving me an attitude for no reason at all (there was a well dressed brother behind me, we looked at each other and understood immediately what was going on. He shook his head and walked right out).

    Iโ€™m refusing to pay for this, the supervisor comes over (an elder Hispanic guy), sees whatโ€™s going on and is like hell no, remake this. The sheboon rolls her eyes and walks off. A younger white girl comes over (she mustโ€™ve just came on shift), apologizes to me while remaking this to my preference and threw in a serving of chicken as well. She finishes up, and is looking for a cover as they ran out. The other sheboon further down the line at the register comes over and immediately dumps on even more sour cream, and guacamole (which i HATE), and then acted as if oh i thought you said to add that in.

    People behind me are getting impatient and frustrated with them as they are seeing whatโ€™s going on, and the line is getting longer. Finally an elder white lady in line with her pregnant daughter finally just loses it on them, saying theyโ€™re intentionally doing this, etc. So now, one sheboon gets an attitude with everyone and is sent home for the day, the other is trying to โ€œact as if it was a mistake).

    My food is made over again for the third time correctly by the supervisor and the white girl, and got free chips, salsa and a drink. The elder lady apologizes to me for having to deal with that, and actually pays for my food (which i wasnโ€™t expecting, and tried talking her out of it). A five minute ordeal in any normal setting took me almost 30 mins because of two sheboons.

    In closing, I will not go to that particular chipotle ever again.

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    • Damn, it’s like everywhere black women goes, they always bringing their attitude, and dysfunctional ways with them. And no wonder why most men don’t bother with them like that.

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    • @ FDC

      Jesus Christ.

      Some of the stories you guys tell me just find me with my jaw to the floor. I mean, these she-monkeys don’t even hide their daddy issues anymore. Just straight out manifesting their weave-rage on everyone. Were you with your woman at the restaurant? That would explain it. And the part where you looked at the other brother in silent agreement and knowing: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ That’s the kind of thing that will make SYSBM grow organically. So, shinebones like Aaron Brokeback Fountain can gather up all his little army and do whatever he likes. It’s that knowing deep down that spreads SYSBM. And it appears white women know it too. Sounds like you handled the situation with class.

      Do these pro-black monkeys actually think they can shame us into wanting women like this trash?
      They don’t even want them themselves.

      There is literally no organism worse and more unnatural than the Negress. She is a manufactured animal. I wouldn’t even wish them on my worst enemy like white males.

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      • @Caesar,

        My lady wasnโ€™t with me. Thatโ€™s the crazy thing about it. I was at work, and on my break just trying to get lunch and head back.

        That brother saw what was going on, looked dead at me to confirm what was going on, had the look on his face like โ€œoh hell noโ€, and straight up bounced. People clueless to the dysfunction wouldnโ€™t catch on to it, but i damn sure did.

        Theyโ€™re getting beyond ridiculous now, and are going everywhere. Canโ€™t get food, had to change up where I go shopping go because of them (nothing more annoying than trying to check out, and a weaved up silverback arguing over food stamps and six dollars holding up the entire line on a Saturday afternoon).

        These broads make me sick.

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      • **”Nothing more annoying than trying to check out and a weaved up silverback arguing over food stamps and six dollars holding up the entire line”**

        You just explained to the entire Slaying Evil website the reason why I rarely go shopping at Wal-Mart

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      • @FDC

        I am kinda glad more of other cultures are moving here. They have mostly replaced sheboons in customer service except in real ghetto nigga districts. Plus some of these younger east indian, middle eastern and etc females are hotter (and nicer).

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      • ” Canโ€™t get food, had to change up where I go shopping go because of them (nothing more annoying than trying to check out, and a weaved up silverback arguing over food stamps and six dollars holding up the entire line on a Saturday afternoon).”

        F Da Communitah,

        After learning about Instacart a few weeks ago, I haven’t stepped foot in a grocery store. The $10 service fee and tip makes it more expensive than entering the grocer and shopping for food, but it is well worth it.

        It takes incremental steps to structure your life where you have little to no contact with them.

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    • F Da Communitah,

      Dammmmmmmn bro, what the heck man? ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ. Again, notice how the venom, disdain and deep seated hatred for you kicked in immediately from these dark hearted black termagants. I’ve written at least two articles on black women and bad customer service and even invited brothers to share their stories and experiences, the comment section was lit.

      You see how black women love being spiteful towards black men on purpose for absolutely no reason whatsoever, these monsters get triggered just at the sight of a black man just like racist white men who see black men with non black female significant others especially white females, incredible.

      This is the main reason as explained before why we’re still talking about black women is right here, most of us unfortunately still have to interact with these feral hogs in some way, shape or form, smh. Sorry to hear about this foul experience bro, however at this stage we shouldn’t really be surprised.

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    • Aw man, I just knew that the Daggle would sabotage anything the supervisors would do positively for you.

      And again, it’s the white woman who stepped up and performed brilliantly. But “dey gon git ya, nigha”…

      On your lunch break? Damn…

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    • Reminds me of a trip to Church’s Chicken a few weeks ago.

      This is a reverse outcome, I got excellent service in a timely fashion. I actually called to a hispanic guy who looked like the supervisor and asked him, “I bet you have no issues with your staff because there are no women.” He just smiled an nodded.

      No necessary talk, they just did their jobs like a well-oiled machine from what I saw. First time I saw male majority/only staff at a fast food chain.

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      • THIS IS NOT NEW, every single time I walk into a (anything) and there is an all male staff, shit GETS DONE, effectively and efficiently. No slowing down for females, no having to do extra work because females canโ€™t keep up, and no drama because of (ANY woman related problem….long list).

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    • Some bitch almost ran me over and gonna smile and leave I should’ve called the police but then I was in a good mood and didn’t feel like fucking it up

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    • F Da Communitah,

      It’s called constantly updating your patronage database. It’s a hassle, but it is needed. The minute you saw the two at the register, you should have either turned around and left, or see if their are other people taking orders. For example, I HAVE TO GO to the post office occasionally. If there are multiple postal clerks working and if one of them is a black woman, and she says next, I let the person behind me go ahead of me.

      When it comes to lab work, I literally drive to the next city for my blood draw. I refuse to go to the lab that is conveniently located 10 minutes from the house, because it is operated by black women. One day, I looked at the Google reviews for that particular lab, and it rated one star out of five, with the same experiences I had.

      I have had enough.

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      • Same here, I looked at a review for a medical supply store in my area that has crappy service (and is staffed by BW). One WW in the reviews section flat out said this place used to be good until the BW started working there. lol Everyone knows that BW run companies……………………, into the ground.

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      • @B A
        Because black women are so disgusting they have no choice but to revel in that because they can’t be any better. It’s like trying to take control of the fact that they are the laughingstock of female humanity.

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    • Not surprising, that’s the type of “customer service” you expect from a BW. Fast food joints, corner stores, etc. probably hate having to hire them but no ones else wants those jobs.

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      • James SYSBM,

        Their ghetto names (Tray’vonisha, Shaniqua, etc) and to a degree dark skin lock them into the service caste. Not to mention Federal double-minority hiring practices.

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  14. LMAO
    Gayron Brokeback Fountain O.K.A. Doogie Shinebone PhD. just quoted me on his site.
    Not mad.
    But just to forewarn you dude,
    I won gold for the Worst Redditor two years in a row for my anti-feminist content and I was published 3 times for my anti-feminist articles. And all of this happening 6 years ago. I made several feminists cry, one anti-feminist quit (for not being hard enough) and made a body builder scared to tears…all online. Even Milo Snuffleupagus liked my work.
    Hardcore Tito even called me into action when he needed backup.
    I WILL bury you in my sleep.

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      • @Verbs

        Another “look at what they said!” article.
        He’s one of these intellectual midgets who thinks that re-quoting someone is disproving someone. LOL

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      • Black Caesar,

        Exactly, ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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    • Black Caesar,

      Just peeped his article, again as David Carroll has stated so many times, the ones who are engaging in destructive and degenerate behaviours are far worse than those who speak out against them, but shine bone boy Fountain doesn’t seem to be able to grasp that concept.

      The reason why we continue to grill him on NOT talking about black female dysfunction is because that is exactly what is destroying what remains of black society, not a group of black men who have chosen to separate themselves from the mess and madness and at the same time speak out against it.

      Don’t hold back lighting Fountain up, release the Kraken on his black side.

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      • @Verbs
        ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ Preach.
        He actually called your points about black females engaging in 1,800 abortions a day a “strawman argument”. One of those trendy pop-psychology buzzwords that trendies, who have never heard these terms before last decade, like to use such as “cognitive dissonance”. By his logic, any highlighting of the sheboons demonic behaviour is a “strawman” as to why we do not worship them but speak against them instead. As if being the number one killer of black people isn’t worthy of hate. LOL.

        That’s another thing.

        This “misogynoir” made up term like “whataboutism” does not exist. Observe:

        “I am going to stick a fork in this socket because it is the right thing to do!”

        “But what about the 120 volts coming out of there?”

        Couldn’t that be defined as “whataboutism”?
        Again, that’s another made up pop-psychology term by intellectually lazy trendies who cannot argue against good, solid and most of all VALID points.

        “Misogynoir” is just pure narcissism. It suggests that black women are the only women and that hatred of them is hatred of ALL women. MISOGYNY is hatred of ALL women. You cannot be a misogynist and love non-black women while not wanting anything to do with black women. That’s another made up term created by low self-esteem she-monkeys perpetuated by white liberals and Negro eunuchs like Niggie Howser PhD over there. Tell me something, Aaron Shinebot, is it “misogynoir” if I don’t like mixed black/white women? How much black blood or what shade does a female’s skin have to be to qualify for protection under that term.

        Don’t mess with the bull shinebone. I’ll leave you hurting more than your white roomate left you last night to the point where you have to carry around an inflatable donut to sit on.

        With NO Vaseline.

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    • It’s chess, man. He’s using your words (i.e., ad-hominens, and epithets) to justify his trolling. It’s sort of like the tactic that the Level-up females deploy– use black male dysfunction as an excuse to suck a white dick. If they want to suck a white dick, just should just do it with, no excuses. The same applies to Fountain, if he just wants to troll to entertain himself, he should just do so and not under the guise of proving the inanity of SYSBM and similar movements.

      Actually, I find this saga pretty fucking hilarious.

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    • I see I made a cameo appearance in the article, as well; he even highlighted where I mentioned how moist he looks and tried to flip it on me (hey, Aaron, if you’re reading this, thanks for the shout-out!).

      This guy claims to be a Ph.D. candidate at his university, but he doesn’t conduct himself as an academic person would; like I said before, his articles read like anything you’d see on a feminist website. Even this recent article where he grabs a few screenshots of our comments and tweets to craft a narrative; he did no in-depth study of what was discussed to present it in its proper context, yet he can write about it? David Carroll was correct in saying that the Negro doesn’t read or study; it boggles the mind how some folks have the gall to talk about something they have no correct understanding of.

      Now, I’m going to segway to another individual who some of you may be familiar with: Cassie Jaye. She is a former feminist who made a documentary called “The Red Pill” where she traveled and conducted interviews with figures in the MRA movement, as well as fathers who’ve been shafted by the system, anti-feminist women, and a known feminist “Big Red”; she didn’t collect screenshots and quote people out of context to present MRAs to the world as “hate-filled” and “misogynistic”. Upon completing the research for her documentary, she made up her mind to leave the feminist movement; she had her eyes opened by listening to the experiences of men who were negatively affected by the very movement she was apart of.

      A. A. Ron Fountain, Jr. could learn a thing or two about journalism from Cassie, that is listening to both sides of the argument before presenting anything related to the subject matter; his blog site and the initial hit piece he wrote are nothing short of propaganda designed to trigger fear in the hearts of those who behold the SYSBM hashtag. As Ra’s Al Ghul said, “Theatricality and deception are powerful agents”, but only to those who are uninitiated (i.e Aaron Fountain’s audience); we SYSBM knights are initiated. To think he can lurk in the shadows for nearly 2 years without being detected and scrutinized shows his lack of foresight; hey Aaron, the shadows betray you because they belong to us! You have no power over here, and it would do you much good to cut the crap and leave us alone.

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,


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  15. Aaron Fountain’s criticism has some value. For example, it forces people to make hermetic arguments in support of Black Manospherean arguments. Also, if forces us to be more precise when communicating. For example, if you produce a statistic, you should at least be prepared to source and defend that stat. He shouldn’t be able to discount your position with evidence contrary to a cited statistic.

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      • In addition to that, he sure makes some goofy arguments:

        1. Paraphrasing: How can black men save themselves when black women are more educated than them?

        2. Again paraphrasing: High-value is an absolute term. If you aren’t in a similar class of that of a Rhode Scholar, esteemed writer, or CEO, then you aren’t high-value.

        Let me be clear, I have never considered myself “high-valued.” I have always considered myself working class, whose income is well above the national average. That can be relatively high-value depending on who is conducting the assessment. But relativism doesn’t count in Fountain’s world.

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      • @B A
        What the fuck?
        Those are his best arguments?
        And this from a guy working on a PhD?
        God help the puppies and parakeets that will be entrusted to his care.

        First off, education means nothing. Education does not change morals, ideals and primitive behaviours. Especially since education for the past century has been deliberately dumbed down. If black women were so educated their net worth wouldn’t be in the negatives. We have already seen video after video of she-monkeys twerking at graduation ceremonies and even surgeons twerking on their patients. A grant, a student loan and a sheet of motorized paper cannot and will not civilize and humanitize the Negress.

        Second, as you said, high-value is relative. Black men are considered valuable to non black women by default for their physical attributes. Something you cannot get at Oxford university.

        It’s funny how this bussy poppin shine uses all female criteria (namely black female criteria) to judge black men. No, mudsil, we are not using ad hominem against you, we are proving a point that the black males who are invested in the sexual habits of other black men, who are antu SYSBM and believe that black women are blameless are indeed homosexuals or have homosexual tendencies. And it is a damn sight more valid than your claims.

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      • Black Caesar,

        How many times have we stated that education and intelligence are NOT one and the same? We’ve given the common example of black women as a collective being educated but yet still choosing to open their legs to and get knocked up by the likes of Fish Trap, Skimmer, Mincey, Skimmed Milk and Cream T.

        Also as I pointed out in Negro Wars(the book that according to Fountain was poorly written and researched amongst other things, yet he still hasn’t pointed towards the actual so called “faults” in the book) black women’s educational status isn’t improving anything within black society, in fact things are getting much worse by the day. Black women have the so called education, the greater spending power yet the communities they run continue to trundle downhill at a rapid pace, make that make sense.

        Again, Fountain refuses to deal with the real issues that are afflicting black society, instead as per the instructions of the black witch he embarks upon the so called mission of “tracking misogyny” as if such an act will somehow bring balance to his community, smh.

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      • @Verbs


        PURE FIRE bro.
        Nothing else needs to be said.
        That lotion shine needs to put his efforts towards something that will actually make a change. SYSBM isn’t going anywhere.

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      • What we call educated black women are usually black females who went to some HBCU and received a degree in something like sociology or politcal science. Believe me, these people are not educated in the classic sense of having gone through rigorous mental exercises, and developing critical thinking skills.

        In Atlanta, for example, you will find tens of thousands of black females with fluff degrees from HBCUs, who have zero critical thinking skills or abilities. These women often get affirmative action jobs in federal, state, or local government. They used to get affirmative action jobs in private industry. But recently, they are being replaced by the Asian and Hispanic affirmative action hire.

        Most of these so called educated black females, don’t have a scintilla of critical thinking skills. Sure they can parrot the latest fads in black group think, they can regurgitate the pro black indoctrination they’ve recieved at HBCUs. But truly educated to think critically ? I think not !

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  16. Here is something I would like to discuss. How we all doing on getting our conceal carry? If you are living in the states are you getting your range time in? Are you armed? Are you working out at the gym regularly?

    How is your mental state black man? How are all of you truly doing? How are we progressing?

    What is it like across the pond for our UK black men?

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    • Fellhandedbjorn,

      Separating myself from the black witch has done wonders for my mental health. As you probably know we Brits cannot even open carry a screwdriver or a spanner yet alone a gun. The government want us to be sitting ducks over here, it’s now come down to improvising in terms of protecting one’s self.
      Hitting the gym twice a week and managing to save up a decent amount of dockets per month.

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      • Absolutely agree, people underestimate the positive effects of staying away from shady people. I live a life now in which I stay away from what I term the trifecta of evil: Racists, Douchebags, and Assholes. Far too many people run toward shady people or RDA’a in an attempt to teach such scoundrels a lesson but Buddha and Stoic philosophers had it right many centuries ago. One must steel his mind against shady people but always try to stay as far away from them as possible. The Black Witch who I place in the RDA category is no exception. Allow yourself to be in her presence for too long and like radiation sickness you will succumb to the affects.

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    • Possessing a firearm is a 10+ year stretch. Not happening.

      Going to the gym, yep up on that.

      Mentally, thanks to being around more feminine and cooperative women at my new work rep is good, which means no chance of a Daggle making shit inflexible and rigid.

      Progression is always mentality be first.

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    • In the gym, yes. Iโ€™ve admittedly got some work to do, but Iโ€™m getting it. Conceal carry in New York?? Itโ€™s a year plus wait at the least; and they can care less if youโ€™re a veteran. Not to mention, you can be disqualified for literally any reason without explanation.

      Iโ€™ve improved a lot of areas in my life, some are still a work in progress. Iโ€™m much better than I have been for a very long time.

      How are you other gentlemen doing?

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      • Stuff like that makes me thankful that I live in a red state, as long as you are 21 and not a felon you can get a CCW in about a week or two.

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      • Yeah the CCW class is 2 days (usually held on weekends), once you pass the course you bring your paperwork to the local state police office and in about 2 weeks your permit comes in the mail.

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    • Yes to all of those, I have had a CCW permit for over a decade now. I keep a pistol in the armrest of my car and in the nightstand. If you live in the US you need to have a gun IMO, pookie and ray ray aren’t going to try to rob you or break into your house with clubs and crossbows.

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    • I don’t have a concealed carry permit, but I do attend the gym 3 days a week; I actually plan on adding more to my workouts after this week.

      Mentally, I’m in a good place; I try not to focus on the negative and I keep myself informed by listening to livestreams by SYSBM content creators any chance I get.

      I aim to make more money, and hopefully move out on my own; I would’ve done that sooner, but life sometimes throws unexpected curveballs at you. In spite of it all, I’m blessed to be alive.

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  17. Ok, now the black soy boy/dickhunter otherwise known as Cottrell Evans is all up in ANY sysbm space. Fucking fag is on Black Hearts page trying to bring the black womans point of view into the conversation. Fucking sad.

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    • Yep, I noticed that too. He really doesn’t have much of a counter-argument, he’s just trying to be contrarian. And whenever you call him a name, he’s trying to use that against you and take a moral and intellectual High Ground.

      It’s soft and even passive, because I was raised not to worry about the man’s tonality but the words he says and argue that. Not to get caught up in the emotionalism of the argument. THAT includes not worrying about what that person thinks because you can’t control that person’s thoughts. You can only control your attitude, actions.

      I guess the guy expect us to police our tone for people who don’t respect us anyway. If he actually would take out his own limited and feminine perspective, he will understand why Verbs formed this space in the first place. So we wouldn’t be policed on our freedom of speech.

      You think I would tell my dad, coaches, or mentors that they needs to be nice when he’s trying to correct me on something? That’s that rebellious Spirit you get from a female perspective. Ijs

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  18. You all beat me to it, but SYSBM doesn’t need to have women on the panels. Those who have non black mates, there’s. No reason to have these women on broad. Same shit loser white MGTOWs. No women on the panels. It’s ONLY these goofy ass darkies.

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    • Do not worry. I am creating something as we speak that will be a SYSBM forum. I have been doing a lot of research and I will be the sole controller of it. When it hits you will know and everyone will be claiming they have their hand in it or some shit but you heard it here first.

      Once this is made I am going dark…..because we will all be at WAR. You guys have no idea what is coming. Once this forum is made and can’t be broken, infiltrated or controlled then it’s going to be coming for all of us.

      But just stay tuned……you all will see.

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  19. SYSBM as a topic blew up the Black Youth Project blog, now Fountain is trying to capitalize on that heat with a blog and 2 Twitter accounts. Unfortunately for him, nobody seems to be listening to him.

    My suggestion to you brothers is to ignore him as you would a black chick, because for all intents and purposes, he is a black chick. I don’t go back and forth with females or simp-minded individuals.

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    • “Unfortunately for him, nobody seems to be listening to him.”

      No one is listening now, but many will listen to him in the future. People like him grow slowly and organically. Occasionally, the right (and unforeseeable) catalyst emerges and accelerates growth.

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  20. So instead of the Daggle giving me grief at work, this time it was a bald headed King Kong Thug Negro with tats all the way to his neck and hands. Somebody who looked like he did some jail time. This negro despite me knowing the job indie out shut me down hard like a drill sergeant.

    On the one hand it was good to see a positive masculine role model on the job at long last. On the other hand, he reminded me too much of my overly authoritarian father – even down to the threat of physical violence.

    After that experience, dealing with my Daggle rep who was equally as rigid, I said fuck it and sign with another company. No more assholes.

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  21. Do you think it is worth it for brothers to be a doctor nowadays? To be honest I want to be a Family Practitioner but now everywhere I go the daggle is always there taking the roles. I don’t wanna give up on my dreams but I don’t want to waste 11 years of my life and end up with nothing in return. I don’t know what do y’all think?

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    • Delta, simple. Get your medical degree and move to somewhere there are few to no daggles. They need docs all over the country and the world. It really doesn’t take much to leave the daggle behind since they rarely travel.

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      • Yes move somewhere somewhere there are few to no daggles. However take it a step further an move some where in which you can stay away from what I term the trifecta of evil: Racists, Douchebags, and Assholes.

        Preferably somewhere overseas because I found that American men and black American men in general are treated considerably better overseas. There is no comparison for how you will be treated if you move overseas. Especially as a medical professional.

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    • If you have the aptitude and desire, then sure it is worth it. When you make it to medical school, don’t start making videos and holding livestreams. Use your time wisely by spending every waking moment studying and preparing for your clinicals, to do be the best you can be.

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  22. I got to find out this guy name Aaron Fountain. He’s just another simp being the enforcer for the black ratchet women. We have Steve The Simp Williams, Shawn James and now this guy. We are goanna have more and more simps coming after S.Y.S.B.M. As he finished defending these worthless hoodrats, he will get played by these heifers when they give the punany to 357 Jimmy, Thick Dick Tyrone, Street Mice, Black Thunder, Dirty Rizly, 6 Shooter Derrick and Long Dick 44.
    Keep your white sugar honeys tight right through the night with the bottle of red wine on the living room table. Pour it all over her body. LOL!

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    • The thing I am most puzzled by is that Fountain, a real intellectual, well real on paper anyway, is so preoccupied with the Black Manosphere. Since he’s a PhD candidate in IU’s History Department, perhaps he’s planning a paper documenting the genesis and development of the Black Manosphere.

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  23. This past Saturday,the boxing world witnessed the rematch between Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder and Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury; long story short, Fury defeated Wilder in the seventh round by TKO. But that’s not why I raised this subject…

    As you may know, every boxer has a ring walk ahead of each fight; Wilder’s ring walk is stirring up some controversy for all the wrong reasons:

    Wilder’s ring walk was done to honor Black History Month (as you heard the announcer say), but If you look in the comment section of the video, many White guys are calling his ring walk “racist” and invoked the “imagine Tyson Fury walking out to a song about White power” Kansas City shuffle. Is that not what you call “race baiting”? Yet, they are accusing HIM of race baiting for choosing to honor his Black heritage in this way; we can debate the merit of him walking out to the song (I personally think that is what got these White boys shook), but it really irks me how these alt-right dudes will accuse a Black man of racism because he is proud of his heritage and honors it publicly.

    Do you guys think his ring walk was racist? Also, what do you think about his outfit? It looks expensive and villainous.

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    • Was the ring walk racist? Nope.

      What do I think of his outfit? As I think of all his outfits– bazaar.

      Slight tangent: The alt-right, phony patriots, and “I Stand for the Flag Bigots” were rooting for Fury regardless. Just like they were rooting for McGregor, against Mayweather (they actually thought McGregor had a chance…SMH). With the phony patriots, its race first, and patriotism second. I say they can go fuck themselves.

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      • Right; I also noticed one commenter invoked Colin Kaepernick (as if Kaepernick was honoring Black History Month by taking a knee).

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    • Any white people complaining about not being able to talk about “white power” or white history can take up their complaints with the white supremacists, they are the reason why people get upset and nervous when whites begin talking about their history and heritage, etc. Historically whenever white people began talking about their race, history, heritage, etc. and “white power” bad things started happening to non-white people afterward. Thus terms like “white power” and “white heritage” are linked with slavery, genocide, colonialism, the Nazis, etc.

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      • I agree wholeheartedly; it also irks me how they shame Black people for “playing the victim”, yet they do the same when they are in the hot seat.

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      • We “play the victim” because we ARE victims. We have been victims ever since we set foot in this country. First victimized by slavery, then jim crow, white supremacists terrorists, red lining, etc. and we are currently being victimized by a foul social engineering scheme (section 8, welfare, etc.) that has left our family structure in pieces via the subsidizing of single motherhood. Also we cant forget about all of the crack that “mysteriously” started popping up in Black neighborhoods decades ago. From jump street the system in this country was designed to keep us down, that’s no excuse not to work hard anyway, but it is what it is.

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    • @BCT

      I do not listen to the opinions on race or racial matters from the people who created and distributed racism. It is a conflict of interest. Racism is as much a part of being white as their lack of melanin. A white person trying not to be a racist is like someone trying to hold their breath under water.

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    • Boxing always has a racial superiority complex undertones.
      Tyson Fury could have been any other boxer from any other country. Alt-right keyboard warriors don’t care, as long as the visual is Whitey teaching the uppity Negro his place

      It’s also revenge for Jack Johnson. The thought of the undefeated black boxer tapping white girls asses after his mates still lingers hard in the memory.

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      • “Tyson Fury could have been any other boxer from any other country. Alt-right keyboard warriors donโ€™t care, as long as the visual is Whitey teaching the uppity Negro his place.”

        Fact: Tyson Fury is known as the “Gypsy King” because he’s descended from a line of Irish travelers; his Irish ancestors would’ve been discriminated against by the ancestors of these alt-right clowns.

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    • Those group of men just ain’t got the guts to admit that they are commoners and peasants among their own race. The fact that their so-called women can be used against them to enforce laws is an example of food women loyalty really belongs to. It’s not the rank-and-file white man. All he has is this social and legal construct known as race. All he has is the achievement of men who are in a higher class than him, who would enslave him and his woman.

      Anybody who does in-depth study of history leading up to the Civil War in the United States will see that a lot of the slaves were mixed or white. The complexion of former Duchess Meghan Markle and legend Tom Jones was very common doing the last phases of slavery. The ruling class wanted to enslave most of the population, including new immigrant coming from Europe. This is why the Civil War started. It wasn’t even to free the black slaves, they could care less about them and would have deported them if it was up to Abraham Lincoln . (some of the people who are labeled “black” were indigenous to the Americas. That’s a whole other topic) It was so white people wouldn’t be enslaved like they were in the past in Europe.

      These “white” commoners get mad when I bring up the history and break it down better than they can. But I treat them like I treat these daggles and maggles and limit my communication with them.

      Their cousins and two sides of the same coin if you think about it.

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      • “Those group of men just ainโ€™t got the guts to admit that they are commoners and peasants among their own race. The fact that their so-called women can be used against them to enforce laws is an example of food women loyalty really belongs to. Itโ€™s not the rank-and-file white man. All he has is this social and legal construct known as race. All he has is the achievement of men who are in a higher class than him, who would enslave him and his woman.”

        This is what drives the alt-right and their movement; these commoners are niggers in Whiteface. They don’t like feeling this, never have, and never will; this is all their doing, so they really have no room to complain.

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      • @BCT
        As I have said for years.
        Someone, somewhere and somewhen, lied to the average white man and told him he was a God for no other reason but to gain support for elite global conquest. It’s no different than the shit they pulled after 9-11.
        And what’s the result? Low birth rates, a totally infantilized mind, and zer intestinal fortitude.
        But hey, at least they get to coattails off the achievements of those with more money, power and brains than they do!

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  24. Maria Sharapova vs. Serena Williams ——- Sharapova retired from tennis yesterday. Williams will continue in competitive tennis for, perhaps, another year. Williams, viewed by many as a masculine looking hair weave head, was the better player. Sharapova, considered an attractive woman with her real hair, earned more money than Williams for most of the time they competed against each other. ——- The bottom line is that Sharapova is typical of white females. Likewise, Williams is typical of black females. —————

    For financial reasons alone, a black man should go SYSBM.

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      • @Verbs

        Field Marshall Lime?

        And yes, that’s true. Everything they say about us is total projection.

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    • Typical racist white boy behaviour, once they don’t get their way, out comes the colonial weapon of choice.

      The last shooting in Milwaukee was at a gurdwara where 6 Sikhs were killed. Why Sikhs? Well racist white boy’s high IQ brain thinks Sikhs = Islam = terrorist.

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      • @Michel LMAO
        Muslims are the Sikhs mortal enemies!

        I always say, white males have the brains of a 2-year old. They never progress or mature past that point.

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      • “The last shooting in Milwaukee was at a gurdwara where 6 Sikhs were killed. Why Sikhs? Well racist white boyโ€™s high IQ brain thinks Sikhs = Islam = terrorist.”

        Right, they are fucking stupid. I am not sure if you remember the aftermath of terrorist attack at twin towers of the World Trade Center, in New York, on Sept 11, 2001. Here are some things I distinctly remember:

        1. Racists / Phony Patriots / “I Stand for the Flag Bigots” were attacking Sikhs thinking they were Muslims.

        2. A Muslim woman, from Ethiopia, and a weekend classmate of mine, for the first time removed her headscarf out of fear of being attacked.

        3. Phony Patriots flying those U.S. Flags that you affix to the car window, claiming we all got to come together, but yesterday you were calling me a nigger. Buy the way, the person who came up with those car flags made a killing..

        I don’t trust them any further that I can throw them.

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    • Just like the Black Queen (Lack woman), if the White King can not get his way, he takes it out on EVERYONE around them.
      ALSO, this is gonna be interesting, usually the media doesnโ€™t like to point out a white mans racist affiliation unless they have to, AND THEY HAVE TO because they are still trying to stop President Trump from getting re-elected and they need to keep paining that, โ€œall white men are evilโ€ picture to get the low frequency black men to vote democrat…tough decision.

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      • @OGOC

        Good point. The sheboon is an ugly ass creature and so light skinned or non-black women have to die.
        And another good point about the media and the upcoming election. I found it odd that they saved that little fact about this guy being a white supremacist metalhead for the last line. The line you remember.

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  25. Stuff like this is why I gravitate so heavily to the new Black media (Tariq, PBT, TBA) despite their โ€œAlWays ProTeCt BlaCk WomEnโ€ talk. The new Black media speaks about what is in Black peopleโ€™s best interest, not what is in the best interest of the liberals, democrats, feminists, gays, illegals, immigrants, โ€œPOCโ€ etc. On damn near every news channel anytime they bring on a Black person its usually either a feminist BW or a moist BM talking about how Black folks need to :

    โ€œSupport LGBTโ€
    โ€œSupport Immigrants (many if not most of whom donโ€™t even like us and are looking for honorary white status)โ€
    โ€œFocus on things that will help all โ€œpocโ€ not just black peopleโ€
    โ€œTrump bad, Democrats good.โ€

    The democrats have bought off most of our old civil rights โ€œleadersโ€ and have their hands square up their asses using them like puppets. Young Black people arenโ€™t used to hearing Black elders say โ€œWe only want to do whats in Black peoples interest, we donโ€™t owe these other groups anything (we could however make an argument that they owe us for the civil rights and freedoms that they enjoy), they only want to use us.โ€

    The new Black media is helping black people (specifically BM from what I see) to see just how thoroughly we have been infiltrated politically by the democrats and liberals. Its so bad that you have Black talking heads on TV endorsing things that at best have nothing to do with Black people (immigration) and at worst are harmful to Blacks (LGBT/more welfare).

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    • I get what you are saying, and the aforementioned individuals do report a unique slant that I sometimes can appreciate (there is value to be gleaned). My only truck, which is possible a petty issue, is the term, new black media.

      Yes, they report a unique slant, but I would hardly call them new black media– the implication being that they constitute a radical departure from traditional black media (e.g., Essence, Ebony, Blavity, The Root, et al).

      The above is nothing new. Glen Ford, over at the Black Agenda Report has been doing outstanding work in this arena for years, if not a couple of decades. The man is super-sharp, has the journalism and political bonafides (was a political reporter on Capitol Hill, and started his journalism career at the tender age of 14), and is harshly critical of both Democrats (neo liberals) and Republicans. He eviscerates the black leadership constantly, and pejoratively refers to them as the black misleadership class. His (and others reporters) analysis is a deep-dive into the issues.

      I remember Jason Black touting that he was the only one in black media to predict Donald Trump’s 2016 victory. Every time I hear that, I have to shake my head and say, NO YOU DIDN’T. As early as July 2016, Dr. Anthony Montera (sic) and Glen Ford were discussing the same matter, and Montera made the same prediction based on some obscure poll question that I quite don’t remember now. Ford concurred with Montera’s analysis. Aside from that, Jason Black analysis of issues is pretty damn good.

      In my opinion, Tariq ain’t quite ready for primetime, as indicated by his abysmal performances on Fox News– clearly outmatched by Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingram.

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      • Tariq has always had his own website that hosts his shows and still does, but most of his views likely come from YouTube these days. To his credit he tried to create a social media platform for Blacks “MoorUs”, but it flopped.

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      • “This โ€œnew black mediaโ€ is completely dependent on white platforms.”

        Speaking from experience, I really can’t blame the “new black media” for broadcasting from YouTube. People who broadcast media don’t control demand. They meet it. And the demand is to be entertained (or informed) on YouTube. The eyeballs are on YouTube, so they have to broadcast from there.

        There are very black media people who can broadcast from their own platform. The ones who can do it from terrestrial radio (i.e., Cathy Hughes’ RadioOne, NewsOne and TVOne).

        I would strenuously admonish any “new black media” folks from creating and broadcasting their content from a so-called black platform, because the viewers won’t support it.

        “Why build anything like that, when there is YouTube, Facebook, et al.”

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      • @B A

        You got that right. These “pro blacks” will never support a black business. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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  26. You all hear the news about miller coors shooting? Turns out it was a bunch of racist white men fucking with an older black men for quite some time. The company located in Milwaukee has a history of racial complaints filed by black men. Seems he had actually sued and they terminated him as retaliation when he snapped and shot multiple people.

    My opinion if the leadership at their company had actually done their jobs this would have been easily avoided. Further digging will be done for details.

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    • โ€”- Black females have attempted to claim that Kobe Bryant did not want to be with black females. Vanessa Bryant explains that she was Kobe Bryantโ€™s โ€œfirst girlfriend.โ€ โ€” Black females passed on the chance to get with Kobe Bryant.

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      • BW will always pass on someone they deem as lame, but then when someone else picks them up and is winning they are jealous and defeated. They would rather be a homewrecker than staying the course. Left to there own devises, they will always be defeated. I cant see how dudes really defend a women who will leave him at the drop of a hat.

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      • He didn’t want to be with black females, but yet he invited his Crush Brandy to his prom? Got friend-zoned by Brandy. But he’s the one who’s not interested in black women?

        Gentlemen, this is classic textbook projection. All we need to do is change black woman to black men. And take Kobe out of it. See, I corrected it for them.

        Nothing more to see

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      • Mack G — Yes. At the time of the prom, Brandy was a star. Kobe Bryant was only a your high school boy with potential. Kobe Bryant wanted Brandy; Brandy did not want Kobe Bryant except as a friend.

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      • Mack G – Brandy–like most black teenage girls–wanted an older guy with more swag. When I was a teenager, black teen aged girls preferred older guys. Brandy’s publicity people, it is said, were pleased that the clean-cut Kobe Bryant showed an interest in her. As a result, Brandy and Kobe Bryant had some photo ops and friend zone time. —— Brandy, however, was interested in guys older than Kobe Bryant. Brandy spent most of her time with Wayna Morris, a singer.

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  27. SYSBM brothers, get a load of this dreadheaded shine:

    He honestly thinks heโ€™s exposed MadBusDriverX as being some guy named Ethan Malveaux; he also mislabeled MBD as being part of the Black Conscious movement.

    Also, I listened closely to the sound clips, and I donโ€™t buy this guyโ€™s argument; also, I discovered that Mr. Malveaux is from Teaneck, NJ while MBD has stated heโ€™s from Buffalo, NY in a livestream he did recently.

    Also, if this guy can prove that Ethan Malveaux is married to a Russian woman, then Iโ€™ll believe him.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      These “I know who you are” dudes make me laugh, they act as if they have found the holy grail or some precious rare ancient relic. MBD has come out from the start and promoted SYSBM, he is not and was never part of the conscious community, this deadhead dread is something else, lol.

      I don’t care for MBDs personal identity, his SYSBM philosophy is what I gravitate towards. Oshay Duke Jackson tried this same nonsense years ago, I’ve never seen what MBD looks like and I don’t need to in order to process the information he brings to the table, these “I’ve identified you” lames, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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  28. What I’m about to say you shouldn’t believe it but I’m sure by this point
    when it comes to black disfunction this panel has seen it all. But this
    one is still extreme.

    Shout out to @Black Caesar since he’s from Toronto too.

    At the DOLLARAMA, yes the dollar store, at Bloor and Bathurst they
    no longer have full time security guards, but full time police officers!

    Yes you heard that right!

    I started noticing that the security guards were gone and their place
    was now being filled by police constables. So one day I approached
    the on duty cop who happened to be a black man and asked him what’s
    up with this. With a pained look on his face he said quote “this is fucking
    embarrassing” They’re there because of theft and extreme violence!

    I kid you not. I have witnessed violence there before, but still the fact
    that they had to go to this extreme says it all.

    And it’s all from those niggly bears and she boons from Central Tech.

    When you’re community needs full time police patrol at the fucking DOLLAR
    STORE you know it’s over.

    Next time you see a black person stick a fork in them, they’re done.

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    • @Urgrayyd LMAO ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      I know all about Central tech. Tech schools are like light prisons for niggas. I know, I used to live close to Borden before (thank GOD) they closed it down.
      Nothing short of a small platoon is enough to keep these niggas in line. I once knew a guy who sometimes worked security at a beauty shop. Yes, weave theft is a very frequent occurrence. LMFAO

      I wish this coronavirus infected mostly weave rats and low IQ pavement savages instead. They need to be removed from existence.

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    • I thought Toronto was a nice place. I guess some pockets are just bad. You account is right inline with what I witnessed in Prince Georges (PG) County, Maryland– supposedly black America’s richest county. Many restaurant chains’ and bars’ security is staffed by PG County police.

      Let that sink in…

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      • Verbs,

        Yeah, it is. Further, why would I want to eat at a place where there is an armed government sentry?

        These days, I have no reason to visit PG County. Four years ago, an MGM Grand Hotel and Casino was built. The establishment was built adjacent to Oxen Hill (yet another instance of a ‘communitah).

        Initially, several fights broke out, and rumor has it that there was a fight during its grand opening. I won’t get into the demographics of the parties involved. But you can guess with a high degree of accuracy.

        I have yet to step foot in that place, and I never will.

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  29. Now I’ve never really listened to Obsidian himself much, but I get the general consensus on him.

    But it seem this man really stepped out of line up for even C Boogie to do a livestream on him and now C Boogie and Donovan Sharpe will do a livestream together (6:30pm EST today) to address Obsidian’s recent statements against them.

    What the hell. Why do BM have to be at each other’s throats as a damn unspoken rule and stereotype?

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    • “What the hell. Why do BM have to be at each otherโ€™s throats as a damn unspoken rule and stereotype?”

      The answer lies in the Rabbit Hole…

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    • Glen Saxon,

      SYSBM brothers don’t get into back and forth squabbles, we’ll call people out but that’s where the buck stops. This is why we didn’t respond when Obsidian went against SYSBM last month, we saw the strategy being played and as per usual opted NOT to take the bait.

      This is what I like about SYSBM, that part of the Black Manosphere regarding beefing is non existent over here because there is no influence from the black witch, thus brothers are free to express their views, sharpen swords and exchange ideas without WW3 breaking out.

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      • @Verbs

        “This is what I like about SYSBM, that part of the Black Manosphere regarding beefing is non existent over here because there is no influence from the black witch, thus brothers are free to express their views, sharpen swords and exchange ideas without WW3 breaking out.”

        Also this is a haven for true, classical masculinity. Only effeminate Negroes conditioned by their mothers would conflict resolve with behind-the-back arguments as they do.

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    • One more thing: Does anyone see the dysfunctional and juvenile nature in holding a livestream to “spill the beans” about what a man’s woman looks like, and other aspects of his personal life?

      Also, does anyone not see the betrayal here? I don’t know about you all, but if I invite a person in to my home, I am investing a certain level of trust in that person. And if that person goes out and divulges information about my personal life, information garnered during as an invitee, then I consider that an instance of betrayal.

      Let this be a cautionary tale– keep social-media people at arms-length. In other words, keep them on social media. There is no need to invite them into your offline space. Now, I know what David Carroll means when he says that he keeps most black men at an arm’s length and feeds them with a long-handle spoon.

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  30. On the issue of homosexuality, the consensus and reality are that the homosexuals are Negro males. Negro males interracially date/breed and are submissive to the white man and his system of white supremacy. For example, negro males have plenty of heat for Black women but none for white men and their oppression against YOU. Negro males are fanBOYS of the white man, cheerleaders (lol). You negroes are disenfranchised. You own nothing. You stand for nothing. You are nothing because you came from nothing, your negro mothers…

    Just exactly when are you going to stop blabbing, blubbering and bitching about Black women who care nothing for you. If you are so satisfied with your Tracy, Su-Ling and Shazia then enjoy that thing and shut the hell up. Because you sound retarded. You negroes don’t own any media but still manage to crawl all over it, even onto BBC radio, bitching and whining about Black women, stinking up the airwaves with your retarded, negro-speak. You are an embarrassment Negro. The white man who you desire to emulate so much, LAUGHS at you.

    And I’m making it clear: Black women HATE NEGROES. Black women do not hate BLACK MEN.

    There are lowly negro females out there as well, who are exactly like you male negroes…. detestable, white worshipping sub-humans. That’s why you negroes hate one another, you are both self-disgusted. Monkey see, monkey do and all that…

    We, as Black people, look down on you degenerate negroes.

    Male negroes fill the prisons, the interracial and interracial gay porn spaces and finally the nut houses before you are terminated (thankfully early) by the white man to whom you all submit.

    So, get someone to fill in the passport application for you and GO. Don’t forget your delusions of grandeur and NEVER come back.

    And try to learn to keep the Black woman’s name out of your pink-dick sucking gob. You make no sense a lot of the time and didn’t your white master ever tell you, it’s bad manners to speak with your mouth full.


    • Mrs Black,

      There is always a black witch who can’t help come into black men’s spaces and spew her vestigial vitriol believing that free thinking brothers asked for, care about and value her opinion. WE DONT. Claims that black men are homosexuals yet black women are the biggest advocates of the LGBTQ community and its rights. You claim that black men are afraid to confront white supremacy yet you conveniently omit the fact that black women are the local enforcement officers of white supremacy within black society and have been for the past 60 years. The abortion stats on black women more that prove that.

      Before you black sirens ever fix your unworthy mouths to talk about white supremacy, why don’t you remove Becky’s hair from your heads first and stop promoting the very same European standard of beauty that on the flip side you complain about.

      This is a media platform dunce, one that your black side found and decided to post a comment on. Free thinking black men will continue to get our passports, travel, date out, be free and warn other like minded black men of the peril and the extreme dangers of dealing with benighted dark sirens such as yourself, adiรณs muchacha.

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