Dealing With Anti SYSBM Stubble, Part 2 – Aaron Fountain!


Yes, the pro black female/black women first flunky who wrote the SYSBM hit-piece for the Black Youth Project website back in November 2019 has now decided to set up his own side blog where he aims to “keep tabs” on the rising “misogynoir” being increasingly directed towards black women from black men. Of course Fountain being the disingenuous buzzard that he is point blank refuses to deal with the multitude of legitimate reasons behind the growing disgruntlement more black men are having with black women but hey, this is always to be expected from matriarchal, ultra liberal, low testosterone black male weasels who worship black queanies.

Let us skim through lotion boy Fountain’s latest diatribe on SYSBM, deconstruct the rubbish to see if he has any valid counter arguments or if the bootlicker is simply full of hot air, flatulence and decomposing garbage.

“That’s right ladies and gentlemen. This group is seeking salvation and a piece of mind by pursuing women of other races and ethnicities. A bunch of oddballs on YouTube who hide behind avatars proclaiming they are saving themselves from black women who are mainly responsible for making black communities’ “dysfunctionality” according to Urban Dictionary. Utterly ridiculous, right?”

By the way Aaron, the word you’re looking for is “peace” not “piece”, smh. How is it ridiculous to want to separate yourself from a community which is observably in the sewer? Unfortunately various negative types of behaviours as illustrated here, here, here and here have become the norm and in 2020 are rubber stamped as acceptable practices within black society by the leaders which are these dysfunctional modern day black females.

Yet Fountain will sit there and pretend as if black women are perfect and butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, yet why isn’t Fountain dealing with the horrifically high number of abortions black women are executing in abortion clinics daily, close to the tune of 2000? Are we as free thinking black men wrong for wanting to procreate with women who will actually care about their children as opposed to hating them and wanting to shed their blood?

As per usual Fountain has to come with the “show us your face” mantra which is a typical female trait as it is usually women who need some form of visual stimulation in order for information to be more processable and acceptable to them. Oddballs for choosing to staunchly reject dysfunction as well as degeneracy, so be it then, I don’t have any problems with being a so called “oddball”.

“And who exactly are these men who view themselves as constituting the upper echelon of black society? The ones supposedly in a similar class as Rhode Scholars, award-winning book authors, and CEOs. Who act as if black women are panicking because “high value men” are taking their resources and deserting them”.

SYSBM practitioners come from all walks of life, by rejecting the gutter and filth culture that currently makes up black society, just by that act alone we can be considered as “upper echelon”. Black women are indeed panicking at the fact that free thinking black men are checking out of the building, this is exactly why in recent times they have enlisted and dispatched a huge swarm of simps such as YOU Fountain in their aims to steer free thinking brothers back onto the proverbial plantation primarily through utilising the techniques of fear, shaming language, bullying and intimation.

Aren’t these the same black women who having been ran through and impregnated by the likes of Spanner Boy, Triple Clutch, Gashead, Skeezer, Cheddar Man and Field Mouse now expect free thinking brothers to “step up”and clean up after them? Aren’t these the same black females breeding up the place and thereafter scrambling to find a sucker to foot the bill for children that aren’t his? Of course these women are panicking, don’t forget the article I wrote back in September 2017 in which I illustrated how black women were already begging black men for help, that article can be seen in the link below:

Fountain then goes on to pop cheap shots at the founding father of the SYSBM philosophy Mad Bus Driver as well as the original knights such as myself, he attempts to mock me by stating that I use Youtube videos as evidence to prove my case against black women. Well, if you are trying to demonstrate how dysfunctional and violent black women are then audio/visual evidence is the best format for that purpose in these modern times.

Note how video evidence is used in the court of law all the time, nobody questions the use of it there when it can be and is actually used to convict folks who have been involved in nefarious activities. However, you have to understand Fountain’s technique, he simply can’t argue against video evidence so he instead attempts to unsuccessfully rubbish it as a non viable and invalid source via ridicule, however if he could demonstrate black women engaging in positive activities with video clips, you can guarantee that he would bring them to the table and flaunt them proudly.

Sorry Fountain, you don’t get to dictate what evidence is brought forward against your black queanies and in what format it is presented, evidence is evidence regardless of its form and there is nothing you can do to change that. Can a criminal dictate to the judge what evidence can be used against him/her and how it is to be presented? Exactly, the claim that video evidence somehow cannot be used(only when it comes down to critiquing, examining and scrutinising black women mind you) is a ridiculous one and must be ignored.

Also, with regards to my 2nd book Negro Wars Fountain states that it was “poorly written, researched and organised”, yet where are his articles clearly demonstrating exactly what parts of the book are poorly written, what parts are poorly researched and poorly organised? If what he states is indeed the case then shouldn’t he be able by now to illustrate his claims and thus bolster his case against Negro Wars with ease?

Finally, as per usual just like our resident simp D32018 the rest of these pro black female/black women first drones can NEVER refute any of the evidence presented against these black sirens, so instead they have no other choice but to venture down the road of attacking the messenger believing that such an effort will somehow invalidate the message.

Err, NO, you cannot defend black women successfully on any level Fountain, however I will have a great chuckle seeing you try your best to. You throw the word misogyny around like an amateur wrestler, yet to date I haven’t heard you talk about the barrage of misandry against black men coming from the mouths of these same dark harpies you so wish would pay you some form of attention. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Simps Like Fountain Must Be Lit Up at Every Turn

Most High Bless

149 thoughts on “Dealing With Anti SYSBM Stubble, Part 2 – Aaron Fountain!

  1. Shame

    Three things that cannot stand up against a strong, masculine will. A concept that is completely foreign to a typical moist, tampon sucking shine like Aaron Fountain.

    If I am determined to eat well, especially after seeing the effects of eating poorly, no amount of shame or ridicule is going to get me to stuff a Big Mac in my face.

    If I am determined to get into shape, especially after seeing the effects of having no exercise, no amount of shame or ridicule is going to get me to stop exercising.

    If I am determined to have a quality female, that doesn’t twerk like an animal, doesn’t glue the hair of other races of women onto her scalp, doesn’t bleach her skin, doesn’t abort 2000 babies a day, doesn’t treat her uterus like a clown car, doesn’t get turned on by men who have IQs so low that they do not know how to operate a pair of pants and a belt, isn’t built like a sumo wrestler or linebacker, then no amount of shame or ridicule is going to get me to find black women attractive and suitable mates.

    Discussion closed.

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    • Black Caesar:

      I like your style. Your post is spot on.

      I don’t know why so many black males love being simps. Simping is one the leading causes of premature death among black males. Simps get killed by other simps, usually over some ratchet black daggle. Simps die at the hands of ratchet black daggles. Simps die of untreated AIDS, SYPHILIS, GONORRHEA, and every other form of VD. Simps die prematurely by going thru life too broke, too stupid, too incarcerated, and never once experiencing good pussy. Its hard out there for a simp.

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      • @AmericanBlackman

        Thank you king.
        The only explanation I have is witchcraft and demon possession. You have to be under some kind of witchcraft or demon possession to do all that and suffer all that for the LOWEST FORM OF FEMALE LIFE on the PLANET. Some of these dudes today are mesmerized by pussy, it’s pathetic. And the older you get, it looks even MORE pathetic to glorify pussy.

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      • It has to be demon possession because 60+ years ago when there was a higher percentage of traditional, clean, virgin women who were in shape and healthy men were not simping and doing all this BS for punany. They were in complete control. Anyway, even the Bible says that in the last days women would rule over men so this is probably the fulfillment of yet another prophecy. You have to be demon processed to simp for 2020 women. LOL Might as well simp for a graffiti covered dumpster instead.

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    • G1,

      Fountain is looking for some form of recognition, however the way he’s going about it is a day late and a dollar short. Going in on heterosexual free thinking brothers is not the one under Trump, the dude should’ve been doing that during the Obama era.

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  2. Aaron Fountain is just one of the 80% or so shinebones who are 100% feminized by the black witch. Another sheboon success story. His entire rationalization process is distinctly feminine. You will find more masculinity in a Pilates class than in anything Aaron Fountain is attached to. His whole argument boils down to men not being attractive enough to have a point, men not being economically viable to women to have a point, and the belief that SYSBM are leaving to spite black women.

    First off, why does he care what the messenger looks like? He cares because he is a HOMOSEXUAL. Second, what does he care what a certain SYSBM practitioner does for a living? Is he dependent on their income? He cares because he is attracted to men by the same criteria as black women. He is a HOMOSEXUAL. Why does he think black men are leaving black women to spite them? Because doing that is no different than “going on strike” or “boycotting” black women. Two things that are supposed to end if black women meet their terms. SYSBM are not waiting on better terms, they have left completely. That means no negotiating, no concessions, no discussions, no explanations, just the sight of their fast retreating backs.

    I would also like to know what this homosexual Negro thinks his little website is going to accomplish? Is it created with the believe that black men will see this, become so ashamed by this limp wristed shine and choose Negresses over those fine non-black women he’s interested in? Is some SYSBM man going to divorce his fine Asian wife, who cooks, cleans, greets him with a smile every time, adores the children they had after reading this blog and go running into the arms of some hair-hatted club monkey? If another SYSBM man, who travelled down to Columbia and wound up with 3 fine Latinas on his arm going to read this blog, tell those women to gtfo of his bed and catch the first red-eye to Detroit or Chicago and roam the streets following the smell of twerk and yeast infections to the nearest she-monkey? Or is this site nothing but a booster shot for the low self-esteem Negresses and their pro-black servants? I am inclined to believe the latter rather than the former.

    For a moist savage like this Fountain kid, who supposedly is studying for his doctorate, to be this invested in the penises of other grown black men far more than his studies goes to show you the depth of his homosexuality. You don’t see him making blogs about his recent studies, findings or even a site to test his own knowledge on what he’s likely investing thousands of dollars educating himself with. Neither will he make a website devoted to more immediate pro-black threats like police brutality and MUH WHYTE SOOPRUMUSEEEHHHH. Instead, he spent his time making a website against his biggest threat and even bigger fear:

    Black men leaving.

    He does not want the objects of his affection to go.

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    I am not rescuing a black woman from her stupid foolish life choices especially when she becomes a single mother with multiple kids from bad boy trevor because she did that to herself and I don’t feel sorry them at all because they knew what they was doing. No amount of trying to shame me is going to change that. I rather be single for the rest of my life then to get with a black women if I can’t get the beautiful childfree non black women that I want if things got really bad in my life.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women have made some very bad choices and now they are going to have to drink down their judgement and recompense from which there will be no escape. Fountain is a fool if he believes that he can shame the SYSBM brotherhood back onto a plantation that the overwhelming majority of us including myself left years ago. Sorry, that isn’t going to happen. I will NOT be saving any single mothers either, not now, not ever.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro 💯. Black women are foolish into believing that us SYSBM black men are going to save them. I’ve walked away from black women when I was 16 years old back in 1998 and I have no regrets whatsoever. 😎😊

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      • We all wish we had walked away from the ratchet black woman sooner. I know I do. In my case, for years I didn’t want to believe what I saw about black women. There came a point when I just couldn’t deny it anymore. And here I am. It feels good to be free of any desire to ever simp for any black woman.

        I believe black men are conditioned from birth, to be simps for black women. It is how they keep black men on the mental plantation. Black women serve the purpose of overseeing the black communitah, and they report back to da man directly. This is how the black collective is managed and marketed to. This is really wha is happening.

        Take the average simp. As soon as he can, he will get the biggest and fanciest car he can buy. Even if he doesn’t have his own place to live, he will overextend himself for that fancy car. Then he buys all the craziest fad gear he can get. This is all to impress the ratchet scraggle daggles. The ratchet scraggle daggles buy the 200.00 – 600 weave jobs. And she buys the 100.00 – 200.00 nail jobs. She does this even when she’s on welfare. This is all to keep the simp mesmerized and under the control of her diseased and stinking cunt. Her purpose to da man, is to control the simp, and to keep the simp behaving against his own self interests.

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  4. Mrs. Fountain is making the same mistake as his cuck white counterparts; no matter how much he attempts to cover up his homosexuality and desire to be with black men with PRO-BLACKNESS, we know what his true desire is, he wants black men to stay in the garden of evil so he can get a shot at one of us.
    See, a little know fact is homosexual captain colds, pretend to be females who like black men as so they can trap an unsuspecting black man in a catfish scenario.
    Well, Mrs. Fountain is pretending to be pro-black and she’s using her mock hatred of us as an excuse to “keep eyes” on us…………yeah, keep looking, I bet she wants to see our faces as so she can have a clearer picture to jack off to.
    Seriously… this point, ALL OF THESE…….guys, ARE SUSPECT!!!!!
    If you see a group of men doing something for themselves, AS A MAN, you are left with ONLY TWO CHOICES, one, join in if you like what those men are doing, or two, leave them the fuck alone and go on about your business if you don’t like what they are doing……that’s if you are a real man.

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    • Off Grid On Code,

      We have to look at the dude’s actions as homosexual suspect, what grown black man dedicated a large portion of his time to following a separate group of black men who are peacefully doing their own thing and have been for the longest while? I’ve never seen anything like this, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 hour hangouts by some of these dudes all discussing SYSBM, smh. We didn’t ask for this unwanted attention and we we’ll continue smoothly without it.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro but at least you have walked away from black women over 14 years ago and you saved yourself the baggage and drama.

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  5. Well now we know that soyboy stalker Fountain won’t be earning a Ph.D in spelling. Still, where is his story on violence against Black boys, female dysfunction or other forms of Black misandry? Luckliy around here, we don’t wait around for useless Ph. D eunuchs to tell our perspective on current events, politics and Black misandry – we speak for ourselves.

    For example, a few cases that the castrated soyboys will never speak or report on:

    Most Black males in American academia are castrated eunuchs who don’t have the courage or fortitude to speak out against Black misandry and violence against Black boys. Yet, same eunuchs continue to partake in gender racism and open misandry against Black men – oddballs anyone?

    On the bright side, the PC Woke culture peaked back in 2018 and male feminists time is up; which will be clear when Harvey Weinstein aka Mr. #Metoo will be acquited because he is WHITE.

    Anybody wonder why all the PC WOKE over emotional soyboys are being fired from publications???

    #ebm #sysbm #FixbyExit

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    • King Sigma,

      Exactly, the dude has no fire in his chest to talk about the barrage of misandrist attacks that have been originating out of the black witch’s camp but yet has plenty of fruit in the tank to go in on a group of brothers who have been minding their own business and doing their own thing for years.

      Notice how in typical fashion these pro black female/black women first flunkies point blank refuse to face and deal with the real issues that would actually make a difference and help them head towards fixing the same community they claim to love and care so much about, typical, smh.

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    • Erin Fountain will never discuss the daily abortion rate to the black race, I challenged him to address the 1,800 deaths by his sacred queans, has he risen to the challenge? Has he fuck…

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  6. Why can’t dudes like Aaron Fountain can’t just realize that the evidence is out there? Dudes like him are really playing themselves thinking they trying to save the black community by bullying us into being butlers and cleaning up the mess the thugs and black women created, like no dude. All this shaming, bullying these simps are doing are gonna make shit even more worse. Plus ain’t he supposed to be in studies and trying to get his degree than just to be wondering around in business that doesn’t concern him?

    With these people talking about black men don’t build or shit like that, I get into question mode like hell. First of all, Why are they asking outsiders for help even though they the one who made that mess? Why are they asking for us to come back when they was talking all that rah rah saying, “We corny, we lames, we squares, we ain’t black enough, and all that shit?” What happened to that? Now all of a sudden they want us to build for the community? Like there’s no black community, it’s just a ghetto zone looking for bail out plans. Bruh, all these people in the black community gonna do is use him like a butler, and I’m not trying to be nobody’s utility.

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    • D.K Phantom,

      There is NO reward for looking out for a group of individuals who refuse to look out for themselves. Neither Aaron Fountain nor any other pro black savages will be saving “Da Communitah” anytime soon. It’s a chicken wrap for the so called community, those hanging on to the old school way of thinking at this stage are greatly wasting their time.

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  7. Aaron is just trying to get some clout or being a subject matter expert like Steve Harvey who’s a “relationship expert” despite being married four times.

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  8. All Fountain is doing is serving as an example of what NOT to do. To anyone on the fence, this is what a simp looks and speaks like. Right down to the sweet and moist gay-surprised-eyes Twitter picture, I’m not surprised in the least.

    Ironically his whining is just going to draw more and more attention to the so called “misogynoir” ideas he’s criticizing.

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    • AnotherLurker2020,

      He’s doing us a great service and its all free too. Those who in 2020 still believe that they can cover for black female dysfunction are greatly deluding themselves.

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  9. Guys like this are to the black Negress like Agent Stone was to Dr. Robotnik in the Sonic film:: Regardless of what abuse is visited among them, they still stick around, hoping that their “boss” will accept and like them (go see the Sonic film and observe how Dr. Robotnik routinely abuses his lackey, Agent Stone).

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  10. So I see mr. fruity pebbles is at it again. For someone who’s supposed to be getting his doctorates degree, he sure does have a lot of time on his hands to concern himself whom a heterosexual black man is sleeping with.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: If you’re a so-called man, and you’re worried about heterosexual black men sleeping/procreating with non-black women, at best you’re sexually suspect, and at worst you’re a closeted homosexual. There’s no way around it.

    This just shows you how dumb and stupid black america really is. If you think SYSBM is so irrelevant and that we don’t matter, why create a whole blog devoted to us? That’s just free advertisement they’re giving us. Any rational, free-thinking, open-minded brother will definitely have no problem coming to our side, because the detractors just won’t leave us alone. We don’t go to their functions, but they sure do want to spy and try to infiltrate our circles. Black america is just dumb and stupid.

    My thoughts for the day.

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  11. You’re just making his point alarmingly clear. Only a few in the comments section could avoid the use of pejoratives or ad hominems which negate the few good points some them actually made.


    • Cottrell Evans,

      Exactly what points has Fountain made outside of calling us misogynists, oddballs and fringes? Where no valid points have been made by him we can afford to lay on some pejoratives and ad hominems for fun. Again, why aren’t you questioning Fountain as to why he’s refusing to deal with the more pertinent issues afflicting black female society, an 80% obesity rate for starters?

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      • @B A

        Verbs took the words out of my mouth faster than a black woman stuffs 10 bundles of blonde weave under her shirt at a Korean beauty shop.

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      • I would rather ask him why he hasn’t responded to those in the black Manosphere who have verbally abused him such as Obsidian.


      • Cottrell Evans,

        You cannot transfer the burden of responsibility, Fountain has negatively labelled a group of black men who have opted to separate themselves from those who engage in dysfunctional, degenerate and reprobate antics(black women and their black male advocates) as fringes and oddballs. Since when is such behaviour viewed as normal and thus in light of this why should Fountain be taken seriously on any level?

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      • I don’t actually know if he should be taken seriously. But, you should be prepared to combat those do…


      • Michel.

        Thanks for agreeing with me bro and the reason why I go for Turkish Women or Turkish Cypriot Women and Greek Women or Greek Cypriot Women especially in North London is because that they are quality good looking women who are majority of time are childfree and that you can build a family with them because alot of them come traditional two parent homes and those type of women turn me on sexually with their lovely olive skin and their beautiful natural curly hair and natural straight hair. 😊😊

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      • Guess we have the same taste in women!

        There is nothing better than olive skin and jet black hair. Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Israeli women are the cream of the crop.

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      • Michel.

        That’s right Michel we have the same taste in women and that’s a good thing bro. I don’t feel guilty about not dating a scraggle daggle black women or single mothers because they will destroy my life.

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      • When people talk shit to me online, I never say, “you wouldn’t say that to my face,” because I don’t know who the hell is typing on the keyboard. He could be a wimp, or he could be a beast. You just don’t know without more intel.

        It amazes me how people proclaim how tough they are (i.e., you wouldn’t say that to my face) without first assessing and sizing up potential adversary. I guess that why a significant number of black men come to a premature/untimely demise.

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    • Oh yes I called this Tonality versus reality fallacy
      I guess the guy above is assuming that we have respect for the interlocutor. We don’t. We’re past that point. It’s not like we’re exactly trying to come to an agreement with this guy. Men don’t always have to agree on stuff. This is basic

      These dudes need father’s I swear

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      • You can call it whatever you like. Tone does matter and knowing that doesn’t water down your message.


      • Dude what are you talkin about ?

        I’m not calling it what I want. It is literally what you’re doing. It is a logical fallacy. I’m making a statement. But you’re trying to make it personal and you’re obviously trying to conflate personal and general. Which is the logical fallacy that you claimed I made up. (Like when we may point out the fact that black women 8 out 10 times are fat and overweight and unhealthy, they respond with what about your mama, she’s black…) Not going to work.

        Back to the main point. What I type is very simple. Stop Trying to oversimplify and personalized it. You’re more worried about our tonality, (which is our freedom of speech and practice FYI), than this dude’s actions of slander and putting out people’s information. But we need to talk “nice” to him. Really?

        Do you not comprehend the fact that most of the people on this page do not respect this dude? And do you think we really care what our interlocutor thinks anyway? But you cannot force us to respect them because YOUR sensibilities is disturbed by the harshness of the words. That is not our problem, and we are not in control of how you react to whatever anyone else says. We’re past the pleasantries and being cordial with the interlocutor. Most of us are going to stand behind what we said, this ain’t up for debate.

        You’re more caught up on the tonality. (Just like black women are caught up on the tonality and not the reality of their obvious and embarrassing shortcomings). Not really complicated guy, but you just trying to have the last word so I get it. Go ahead, at this point every time you type a word you prove a point.

        And I was not even directly talking about you but well hit dogs holler so…

        and noticed I didn’t have to take any shots or call you a name. Can’t use that against me . (Which is what you’re trying to do with your contrarian responses to others on this page.) Don’t need to, you’re doing a great job all by yourself.👍

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      • Anyone who is here, who IS NOT sysbm is SUSPECT……I mean just like a black woman, here you are, just showing your ass (black fags love doing that shit, that’s why so many young men are walking around with their pants sagging, letting straight men they are ready for easy entry) and as for talking points….miss, no one here is arguing with you, no one is debating you miss; and that’s when you need talking points, when you’re in a debate with someone miss, this is not a debate, this is men talking among one another, and females (like yourself) showing up to show off your ass. So pull up your pants, be quite, or just go away.

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      • Not going anywhere, but you clearly lack a sense of irony because you’re resorting to the same insults black women are known to use …


    • Bruh, you’re another one of these tutti frutti, emasculated simps that reasons like a female; the only who’s point is made alarmingly clear is Verbs (along with the brothers in the comments).

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      • Here go again, my sexual orientation isn’t the issue. You’re seemingly incapable of arguing without hurling insults.


  12. Look I’m against suicide and all but if this fucker wanna keep bothering us he need to go ahead and send himself to Satan… Like now

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    • Simps and BW will keep bothering us because they need us, Good BM are the only thing that could possibly save the black community, they need cleanup men. They have no other options, the more we ignore them and walk away the more they will try to keep us engaged via argument, etc. They can see the Wall and don’t like it.

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      • James SYSBM,

        We left off arguing with those bootlickers in 2018, we’re now moving onto bigger and better things. There will be no arguing with these hopeless shines in 2020, SYSBM is better than that.

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    • DeltaWildDog18,

      They don’t call you “wild” for nothing, lol. Dude Fountain is barking up the wrong tree, his efforts will only serve to exponentially grow the SYSBM movement. Best of all he is providing his promotion services to us for free.

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  13. You leave and so they are left alone
    You left and so did an object of their desire
    The only thing left is to tell you all
    How he really feels
    And try to make a coin or two in the process
    For some you should know that
    The pursuit of fame and notoriety is a reward in itself
    Loneliness is dreary and even Misery loved company

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  14. Who’s mans is this? This weirdo is no doubt sexually suspect; how else do you explain his hard on for stalking SYSBM spaces? Has he never heard of gay porn?

    Of all the simps I’ve seen on the internet, he is the worst by far; one look at his goofy profile picture, and I can see more moisture than a lemon poundcake by Entenmann’s. He’s so moist, I bet you his eyes well up with tears as he reads our “misogynoiristic” comments.

    Also, he stated on one of those anti-SYSBM videos by a daggle that he wanted to conduct interviews as to why SYSBM brothers speak the way they do about the daggles; you’re a special kind of awkward to continually harass a group of men who’ve made it clear they’re not interested in talking to you.

    Why should they want to speak with him, especially when he wrote that sloppily put together article? He did nothing different than what Oprah Wenchfrey and Stale Gayle King did in attacking thinking Black men; that type of journalism is tacky, and disingenuous.

    Simpin never prospered a man, and it surely won’t prosper Cuck Fountain; the clock is ticking until he finds himself in the daggle’s crosshairs and becomes the next #MeToo target.

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  15. For decades, black women have had exclusive access to platforms proclaiming black men ain’t shit. Now, in an era where media has been democratized, black men are able to promulgate counter-criticism. And, now, black feminists, along with their male feminist counterparts (e.g., BrokeBack Mountain Fountain), don’t like it, and have their panties in a bunch. GOOD!

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  16. This Aaron Fountain, I have to find out about this guy. But anyway, the S.Y.S.B.M lifestyle have been attacked once again buy the ghetto ratchet hoodrat harridans, ghetto gaggers and the simps, cucks, captain save a hoes, pro blacks, ghetto soy boys and these oil of olay men. The war has begun and these simps and the ghetto hoodrats are losing big time. These simps should know that these ghetto hoodrats don’t care about them because they want the thugs like Knife Man Priest, 357 Jimmy, Rum Smuggler Don, Street Mice and Long Dick 44. We have warned these fools numerous times to don’t defend these heifers and as they do, these heify broads stabs them in the back.

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  17. Now that Harvey Weinstein has been convicted on 2 separate charges, now BM more than ever have to watch their backs and stay away from the BW or dare I say any woman in the United States. The author with the hit piece against Thinking Black Men is looking for validation from BW above all else. In the US, validation-seeking is sold to American citizens on the daily and the author of that website is a primary consumer.

    The safest place for TBM is a place outside of the US and UK for that manner. The men in the US have gladly giving power over to women similar to how BM gave power over the BW and look how that turned out.

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    • I must say I am utterly shocked that he was convicted on two counts where the minimums are 60 and 18 months respectively. #MeToo is steadily racking up victories…

      Stay vigilant.

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    • I am surprised he got convicted too. I thought this was just another “we whites can get away with stuff you n*****s can’t” show trial.

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      • Quote: “I am surprised he got convicted too. I thought this was just another “we whites can get away with stuff you n*****s can’t” show trial.”

        I think that’s the reason they convicted him. Since they already got Cosby, went after R. Kelly, Tavis Smiley, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Russell Simmons, #MeToo was looking more and more like a racist movement to jail black men. They had to convict him in order to continue the charade.

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      • @Morpheus That makes sense. Maybe if #MeToo were associated with conservatives they wouldn’t care but since it’s associated with the so-called “tolerant liberal” (who are equally if not more racist than white conservatives) they have a mask to upkeep.

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      • White men are continually losing power because they seem to need a group in which they can look down upon. They created a culture, American Culture, that has destroyed the American Indians, it has destroyed African Americans, and now it will destroy white men – the same people that built the system. American Greed has allowed jobs to be shipped overseas, hollowed out unions, and destroyed the American dream. I read a book some years ago that warned Americans that they should treat one another better or that soon they will be the ones holding the short end of the stick. I laughed at the time because I did not think racist white men would be so stupid to give the golden goose away. However if one looks at history. People in power always become so corrupt and short-sighted that they give the golden goose away (it just takes a long time). Weinstein is a perfect example of the hubris and narcissism that permeates American Culture. He had it all but because of his arrogance he gave the golden goose away.

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      • Gentlemen —- Please note that white men will often take a hit for sham reasons. Note that the State of California executed Robert Alton Harris, a white male, after going many years without capital punishment.
        This conduct is called the WHITES FIRST theory.

        The Harvey Weinstein matter was a sham trial to show that rich white males can be convicted of sex crimes. —- I did not follow the trial but it appears that the convictions were based on the testimony of the women with little or no supporting evidence.

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  18. And the simp’s mindset is one thing and that is panany and that’s what it is. That is why I did the article Interview Of The Simp. There is nothing else in his mind. The thirst is very real out there and these simps can’t control themselves. These simps have nothing but a sex addiction and these ghetto hoodrats knows that these simps are hungry for the tun tun. Hey, that is the simp. They have been used to be enforcers for these ghetto hoodrats just to attack thinking black men.

    Keep your white sugar honeys warm right through the night and all through the night in front of the fire place.


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  19. Aaron Fountain is just one more simp in a disturbingly long line of simps who seek validation from the Bitter Black Sisterhood by disparaging black men. And in this case, black men who live the SYSBM lifestyle. I think simpanzees (thanks Coach Greg Adams) like Ms. Fountain try to shame, ridicule and disparage SYSBM, not because they believe they can guilt us back to the plantation, but because they believe doing so will prevent other black men from going SYSBM. If they make SYSBM look like a bunch of bitter losers, just like white feminists tried to do with MGTOW, they will prevent more and more black men from leaving the black “communitah”.

    What Ms. Fountain and others like him don’t understand is that SYSBM is an organic “movement”, born out of black men’s own experiences with today’s modern black witch. I put “movement” in quotation marks since SYSBM isn’t technically a movement. We have no (s)elected leader(s). We have no by-laws. We don’t meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month. We really have no agenda other than to live our best lives. We don’t need to shout from the rooftops to let black men know about SYSBM. Thinking black men come to SYSBM of their own accord, because they all, sooner or later, get to a point where even dealing with today’s modern black witch is unbearable. If Ms. Fountain wants to look for the reason why SYSBM is growing, he need not look to MadBusDriverX, or or any of the myriad videos on YouTube promoting SYSBM. He only need look at today’s fat, loud, violent, masculine and aggressive bitter black women to see why we are running for the hills to greener pastures. As long as nothing is done about the modern black woman and her unsuitability for marriage and raising families, SYSBM will continue to grow, whether in its current form or another.

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    • Morpheus2275,

      I notice that Fountain has yet to demonstrate exactly where I have been in error with regard to anything I stated concerning the current, in the gutter, degenerate condition of the modern day black female. He isn’t even bringing any new points to the table, he rehashing redundant black female talking points that were already deconstructed, rubbished and dealt with years ago.

      Since dude has set up his blog site in direct opposition to Slaying Evil, he at least has to come correct when it boils down to refuting the multitude of facts aswell as the barrage of information I have been bringing to the table for years.

      As I continue to state over and over, Fountain is too late regarding his “save the black female” crusade, free thinking black men are leaving the building in their droves and there is nothing the fan boy Fountain can do to stem the tide.

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  20. Obsidian Talk Radio
    9:45 PM (2 hours ago)
    to Aaron

    NEW COLUMN: What Do Incels & Tarana Burke Have In Common? #Negromanosphere

    Hey Aaron,
    Since it’s been a bit since we last talked and since I got word from Babatunde Umanah about your latest exploits, I thought to reach out. How have you been? I see you have a new website:

    I see you’re still fixated on sensationalism over substance. Hmm!

    My latest column over at the Negromanosphere takes up an issue near and dear to you, that of “incels”. This is the first time that I’ve gone on the record on the matter in print and I thought you wouldn’t want to miss the occasion. I also make mention of the #MeToo movement and its founder, and I link incels and #MeToo in a most interesting way. Check it out and let me know what you think – I look forward to the conversation! Thanks and congrats on the new site!


    Aaron Fountain
    10:21 PM (1 hour ago)
    to me

    Dear Obsidian,

    Funny thing is they came across the blog before I made a public announcement, so I’m not even sure how they came across it. I also find it interesting that they have yet to say anything about the latest post regarding GW3 Extreme (

    Anyways, it’s a mix of research and humor. Additionally, it’s an online archive so I can have a record of this material you all are producing. I do find it odd, however, that I’m accused of “stalking” by quoting individuals. Since when did research constitute stalking? The first post was an attempt at humor, but the blog will be largely research based. I will publish another blog post tomorrow about Babs misusing statistics and making false historical claims.

    FYI, the article I have coming out is still going to be published. I’m not exactly sure what’s taking the editor so long to get back to me despite the fact that I signed a contract regarding publication. And I’ll read your latest piece sometime tomorrow.

    Aaron Fountain

    Obsidian Talk Radio
    11:01 PM (55 minutes ago)
    to Aaron

    Not in a position to speak for anyone else in the Black Manosphere other than myself, so I’ll pass on the questions you asked me. However, it occurs to me that since its clear that you and Baba have a kind of back and forth going, why not get together and hash these things out? I’d be willing to use my radio show as the forum and act as impartial moderator. In case you think I wouldn’t be up to the job, here’s an example of where I did just that last year, something that I think you’ll find of interest:

    Obsidian Radio Mixlr – Do Black Men Have A Right To Love – Fri, Aug 30, 2019 FULL FOUR HOUR SHOW

    It’s a full-on debate between Babatunde Umanah and Shawn James on the SYSBM issue. Enjoy!

    Looking forward to your response to my column!


    Obsidian Talk Radio
    11:04 PM (53 minutes ago)
    to Aaron

    By the way, while we’re on the topic of SYSBM, have you read this?

    It was written a dozen years ago and thus would qualify as “history” – which is right in your wheelhouse, yes? I got a copy last month to round out the research for my book and I have to say, that what Jewel Woods presented in the book back then, are the exact same issues that are par for the course today in the Black Manosphere along SYSBM lines. Would be very interested in getting your thoughts about it. Thanks!



    • Obsidian,

      We’ll see if the dude has the bottle to take up the challenge, he’s been lurking in several of MBD’S livestreams which he’s been invited on to speak and has always had an excuse. Fountain is a day late and a dollar short attempting to criticise SYSBM, this is the era of the free thinking black man, free movement and free choice and there is nothing Fountain can do to change that.

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  21. Pingback: Babatunde Umanah continues to endorse pseudo intellectualism – Pookies, Daggles, and Maggles

      • Not realizing that most of us have degrees, finish in the top of their class and some case, are already successful business owners. We are on a higher intellectual level than even most of the white people he’s used to dealing with.

        This fool doesn’t realize that he’s making the same damn academic argument that was made when we were younger. That means we could probably see his side of the argument and in some cases, make his argument better than him. And some of us also were raised in black neighborhoods and experienced this life firsthand, unlike our interlocutor who was raised in a mostly “white” neighborhood.

        Not that I’m bashing him for that, but it’s almost as if he’s trying to relate to a stereotypical black experience like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Nessa, and other liberals who use black people for their votes. As somebody who grew up around that element, this Outsider Ain’t About That Life.

        Don’t trust them new niggas over there!

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      • But but but… We’re broke ass, apparently.

        This fool isn’t an academic, he’s no doctor and he’s certainly no man. He’s not putting any new information out there other than the same rehashed, tired female talking points with a 120,000 word vocabulary.

        He’s not a judge or an authority, he’s a bullshit artist.

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  22. In Brokeback Fountain’s musings, he often poses the question, “From what exactly is SYSBM saving itself?”

    Although I am not SYSBM, I would like to answer that question with the above story as an exhibit, (Exhibit A).

    I, for one, don’t want to in a neighborhood where my kid’s peers can kill her in her own home, without provocation.

    I don’t want to see loud and unruly people roaming the neighborhood. When I leave for and return from work, I don’t want to see males walking around with their underwear exposed

    I don’t want to live in a neighborhood where SINGLE MOTHERS (i.e., Ms Strong and Independent, I Don’t Need No Man) are producing children whom they cannot raise and monitor.

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      • hxxps://

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    • @B A


      I have the right to live in a neighboruhood or walk down the street and not have to look over my shoulder just incase some low IQ pavement monkey feels “DiSrEsPekTeDeD”/

      I have the right to do my errands without being stared down by a group of Negrangutans who spend all day on the street as if they own it.

      I have the right to feel safe in my own home and my neighbourhood without worrying about bullets coming through my door from the children of these hair-hatted, she-apes.

      I have the right to not have to look at hideous looking creatures with multi-coloured weave, football player bodies and hear their loud mouths at any time of day.

      I have the right to live in a clean neighbourhood and not the filth and squalor that these jungle rats like to live in and carry with them wherever they go.

      I have a right not to live among NIGGAS.

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    Let’s see if Ms. Fountain can explain this. Their names, lack of empathy, and overall indifference to what they are accused of tells us everything we need to know.

    This is the garbage simps like him want us to raise kids that aren’t ours, fix communities and broken homes we hand no hand in destroying. Not a chance in hell.

    These stories may become more common as the wall gets higher, and the cuts get deeper.

    Keep that wall up and fortified gentlemen.

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    • In Brokeback Fountain’s musings, he often poses the question, “From what exactly is SYSBM saving itself?”
      Although I am not SYSBM, I would like to answer that question with the above story as an exhibit, (Exhibit A).
      I, for one, don’t want to in a neighborhood where my kid’s peers can kill her in her own home, without provocation.
      I don’t want to see loud and unruly people roaming the neighborhood. When I leave for and return from work, I don’t want to see males walking around with their underwear exposed
      I don’t want to live in a neighborhood where SINGLE MOTHERS (i.e., Ms Strong and Independent, I Don’t Need No Man) are producing children whom they cannot raise and monitor.


    • F Da Communitah,

      Notice how we come across so many stories like this yet Fountain boy refuses to acknowledge them and instead prefers to focus on the messenger. Remember the black witch back in 2018 who drowned her child in a river:

      What about this black siren bragging about having so many abortions, but black women love black children right:

      The dude really doesn’t want this smoke. I remember Tommy Sotomayor years ago covered a story of a black witch who tried to drive her SUV containing her children into the sea.

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    • See how these she-monkeys employ pavement apes to carry out their bidding? To attack superior looking non-black women because no one wants their ugly asses. They probably killed her for her hair.

      Fuck Aaron Fountain.
      Fuck everyone who thinks like him.
      And FUCK (not literally as it could have fatal results) black women.

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  24. This could be a bit of a ramble, but I’ll make it clear if needed

    You have to love our interlocutor male feminist guy. Who I know is reading this as I type this.

    This guy is using obvious talking point created by feminist that’s been in existence before vast majority of us were born. You put the black woman on a pedestal. But anybody who has even done a basic study gender issues throughout the history of America, understand that putting women on a pedestal is something that feminism were totally against. Call them “sweetie” and “queen” was something that they thought placated them and they don’t like that.

    I don’t know about interlocutor knows that or not. Perhaps he does. But you fighting for a group of women who are basically wanting to punish other men because they weren’t picked by the guys they wanted. Black feminist Barbara Smith is example

    she told the story of her being insecure about her looks as a kid and having to deal with that most of life. She stated that the point of identity politics (a concept from her think tank, the Comahee River Collective or CRC) was to identify issues that pertain specifically to black women. According to them the opposition was not just white women and white man, but also black men. This is right around the time when furner faction in the US took a shift towards women. Also the concept of intersectionality and persons of color also came about doing Smith’s late 70s movement.

    So our disingenuous interlocutor is Championing for a movement which label him as opposition. She wrote a book about it and even formed a think tank. Most of their goals were accomplished.

    But our interlocutor won’t go after that. I suspect because either he knows about it and he works with them or he Clueless to it like most black people. The group of women he defends follow a smaller group of those women who call themselves feminists, (who learnt that Plato type concept from their European counterparts, that they claim they don’t just like the interlocutor). These women have infiltrated the movement by making outlandish claims of abuse and derailing the Black Power movement at the same time. Of course we know it was strategic, because you didn’t have a black patriarchy like they claim.

    Interlocutor can only do at hominem attacks because honestly, the information that we have and no pick apart his whole argument. Not to brag, but I probably know more about his perspective then he does ours and can argue his point. But then again so cut my nephews. Of course he’s going to try to claim and use our words against us. But he is a leftist Communist, so he doesn’t believe in the freedom of choice for men that our ancestors gave up their lives for.( If that’s not a sell-out…)

    The problem he has is that the group he defend he defends has said that he won’t call out that we get use against any argument. So we can play that use all words against us just like we use our words against damn game and it’ll just be a circle jerk argument. And we’ve already stated where we stand, so we don’t need to get into any predictable circle jerk arguments with a PhD student from a middle-of-the-road Big Ten School. The mid-major college I went to ranks higher than his school but I digress.

    We are way smarter and perceptive than he gives us credit for and honestly… We’re smarter than the interlocutor.

    P. S. Salute to King Sigma as he did a excellent video on Friday about black feminism and the CRC. Definitely check that out gentleman. he breaks it down very well. It helped me refine when I learned in school and want to go back and do more research. Salute to him for that.

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    • @Mack G

      I was thinking along the lines of what you just said today.

      Who told Brokeback Fountain that black women needed HIM to defend them?
      Are these women capable of defending themselves?
      So these strong and independent black women need a black man to speak up for them?

      See, Aaron FAGtain? You’re just as big a chauvinist as you claim we are!
      Bet you weren’t ready for that!

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  25. So, I’m currently listening to a livestream from MadBusDriverX from a week ago, and I’m certain that this Fountain dude is an agent reporting back to the enemy; isn’t it funny how everytime there’s a livestream by a thinking brother, he’s there to make his presence known to disrupt the conversation?

    Yet, he is too busy eating, traveling, or whatever excuse he can pedal to join the convo and defend his arguments; then he runs to his website to further write more hit pieces to paint us in a negative light. If you’ve ever read an article on a feminist blog, Aaron Fountain’s article reads the SAME EXACT WAY!

    This has been said regarding the scraggle daggles, but it can also be said of tutti frutti simps like Fountain: know your enemy, and act accordingly. #SYSBM

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      The thing is what SYSBM is about is in the open for all to see, one only need read the SYSBM Tenets(which are public not private) to get a fundamental grasp of the philosophy, Fountain isn’t bringing anything secret or breaking newly discovered data to his masters, he’s simply reporting on information that we’ve already been putting out there for everybody to see.

      Fountain is a straight up black male feminist, he openly licks the muddy boots of the black witch contingent and has no problems throwing heterosexual free thinking black men under the bus. With his overreaching obsession with SYSBM and it’s practitioners, how can the conclusion of him being a homosexual not be drawn?

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    • @BCT

      Welp. let’s distract him enough that he fails whatever tests, exams or whatever else he needs to take to earn his doctorate. We’ll have him pumping gas by 2021. 😂😂😂

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      • @BC

        His academic probably require him to write papers more so than take tests. And likely his social science research and public recognition seeking in documenting you all will be featured as subject matter in his doctoral thesis.

        Something like

        “Running head: Social Media Trends in Misogynstic Male Movements” ETC

        The guy is probably trying to milk these for whatever he can get out of it. He will try to write a book, get some guest spot on CNN or some gossip show.

        Next you will see the “Eunuch Exodus”. Like in many failing empires at some point when things are dire, the eunuch intellectuals and similiar classes are forced to leave or jump ship.

        Many of the eunuch simp priests will seek Crusader success and slowly creep away from their old social circles and living quarters if needed, while still giving lip service to their master.

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  26. Obsidian Talk Radio
    3:32 AM (0 minutes ago)
    to Aaron

    3:00 AM 2/26/2020 Wed

    Good morning Aaron,
    Replies below:

    AF Feb 25, 2020: Good morning,

    To get it out of the way, no. He has his platform and I have mine. Of course, I’m not totally opposed to dialogue, but I don’t care to do it one anyone else’s platform in that sector of Black YouTube. A radio (not yours) or television show or NPR segment, yes. But until then, I don’t gain to benefit from anything by going onto your radio show or someone’s YouTube channel. And this is mine and Babs first exchange. He has written about me in the past, but I didn’t have an official way to respond.

    MOA: LOL, it’s not like you can’t take the tape of the debate and post it on your now new website. As a matter of course and professional courtesy, I send copies of the show to invited guests so they can do precisely just that, post it to their social media in any way that they choose. This has been the case with the debate between the invited guests, Shawn James and Babatunde Umanah. They both received copies of that show, unedited and uncut. Seems to me that you’re not interested in dialogue or debate, but something else entirely. We’ll get to that in a bit.

    AF: I’ve heard of the book, but I haven’t read it yet (just what’s available on Amazon). My book list is long enough, but I’ll try to get to it someday.

    MOA: Whoa. Now, this is what I mean by my remark above. YOU, young man, are so gung ho about “sex tourism” especially as it relates to the SYSBM movement, something you’ve written about at least once and that was prior to the creation of your new site. Moreover, as an aspiring historian, one would think that if for no other reason, you’d be interested in getting hold of a work that has already been produced that bears directly on the question that you’ve been “examining” for quite some time now. I am not a doctoral student with a bee in my bonnet about the Black Manosphere like you, but I made time to be sure that I knew what I was talking about when it came to SYSBM and its historical antecedents. You, on the other hand, are not. Curious.

    AF: Still haven’t gotten to your latest piece, but I’ll read it today (currently at my campus job).

    MOA: No worries; Obsidian is a very patient man.

    AF: And thanks for the link, I’ve long been wanting to hear that debate.

    MOA: My pleasure!

    Aaron Fountain

    AF Feb 25, 2020: FYI, I did get to the piece. As of now, I won’t comment since I don’t feel like going into a lengthy back and forth nor have my comments published somewhere else.

    MOA: LOL, by now you must surely know that that ship has sailed, right? I reserve the right to do as I will with any communications I engage in with anyone for my purposes. This is in relation to my earlier remarks above about your motivations, Aaron. But hang tight, more coming on that in a bit.

    As for my latest column, again curious: You claim that your entire raison d’tere for being involved in the Black Manosphere is due to what you saw as the looming threat of “Black Incels” – you even have written about this over at the Black Youth Project. Yet, when one of the Black Manosphere’s founding fathers goes on the record on the matter of incels, in writing, siding with the author of a widely published piece on the matter, you again demure. I would think that would be something worth talking about – if not in a piece of yours in the public domain, then at the very least in an email correspondence. Hmm!

    NEW COLUMN: What Do Incels & Tarana Burke Have In Common? #Negromanosphere

    AF: Anyways, what is the target date for you book publication? I know you said it’s wrapping up.

    MOA: Summer, 2020! And, you can support the effort to bring the book out:


    Introduction To “The Book Of Obsidian”: Why Not Me? #Patreon

    Thank you!

    AF: I did manage to listen to part of the James and Babs “debate.” Seem to me to be more of an integration of James. And the conversation bored me because I honestly don’t care to hear discussions about black love. Just don’t.

    MOA: That’s “interrogation” and it’s a central part of what a debate is, you know:

    Strange that you aren’t interested in “Black Love”, given all of your rhetoric in opposition to the Black Manosphere in general. Yet more grist for my mill of suspicion of you. Hang on, I’m getting to that.

    AF: I originally thought it was going to be a debate about sex tourism with folks citing data about individual countries. And I say that as someone with an interest in Latin American history, an area I would study in more depth if I didn’t do American history.

    MOA: And yet, you’ve put what is the most comprehensive text on the matter of SYSBM to date, on the back burner of your booklist. The official title of the book in question is “Don’t Blame it on Rio: THE REAL DEAL WHY MEN GO TO BRAZIL FOR SEX” (My emphasis). The book is ALL ABOUT Black American men going to Brazil for sex tourism reasons, Aaron – something that should be right up your alley. And yet, you’re not interested. Again: Curious.

    At this juncture, especially in light of our recent lengthy email exchange and the events to follow – namely the creation of a David Futrelle-styled website “tracking” the Black Manosphere on your part – I think it’s time that we had some honest conversation between us. I don’t know you personally, but I do a lot of Black male academics and you do not conduct yourself like one. By that, I mean that you don’t seem interested in gaining insight, gathering information or getting answers. You are clearly more interested in what can only be called sensationalist stuff that, I think, serves interests that go well beyond a professional interest for you. This is clearly personal and given your background – coming from a fractured home, a troubled Black mother and a complicated relationship with a now deceased Black dad – how could you NOT have a strong, visceral reaction to a group of brothers online speaking in unvarnished ways about Black women? Black women like your mom?

    This, I think, explains your behavior more than anything else – and I say this based on our interaction. As I said, you’re not interested in dispassionate discourse, or even lively discourse aimed at getting at the facts – you’ve said on several occasions that you’re “bored” with anything that doesn’t reek of the sensational and to be sure, the Black Manosphere, like any collection of individuals, has more than its fair share. Those who are curious and truly intellectual understand this, look past the “Uncle Bob’s” of any group and tries hard to put aside their biases for the sake of clarity and insight. That is the academic way and clearly, you are not interested in that, but something else.

    If you were truly interested about the topics you devote so much energy and time to, you’d be doing more homework and getting more light than heat. Sadly, this is not the case and your actions have proven this. Black men like yours truly and those highlighted in “Rio” are far from “oddballs”, they are in fact very much the norm in mainstream, middle and upper middle class Black American life – and your sudden lack of interest in that, more moderate guys like LAR Movement and even yours truly, doesn’t align with your “oddball” narrative of the Black Manosphere that you’re chomping at the bit to portray. Hey look, I’m not saying that they don’t exist, nor that you shouldn’t write about them; just asking for a bit of balance and honest conversation.

    Seemingly, that’s asking too much from you.



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    • Obsidian,

      Just as predicted, the dude doesn’t want the smoke and can’t cut the mustard. Lurking in “safe spaces” ie the comment sections and chats of YouTube videos and livestreams is his forte, Fountain always has an excuse for not wanting to engage in honest, upfront, real discussions in REAL time.

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      • Just as I stated before and I say it again. Aaron Fountain is a girlfriend and a fake academic personnel. He’s a full-of-shit and a major league stalker. Have you noticed that, he will NEVER write an article on DJ Kid but, he will go out his way to write articles on us. Bitch ass nigga don’t have the stones to call out Black women fuckery what so ever.

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      • GW3 Extreme,

        The dude is nothing short of a joke, using beyond lame narratives in his attempts to defend and negate black female skullduggery and dysfunction, but what else should we expect from black box worshippers?

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    • Obsidian Talk Radio
      1:39 PM (16 minutes ago)
      to Aaron

      1:13 PM 2/27/2020 Thu

      Good afternoon Aaron,
      Replies below:

      AF: Here you go: And of course you would say that about the blog. But I’m not doing this to please anyone you associate with.

      MOA: Thank you! Although you are off a bit on the fundraising numbers. More on that in a bit and by all means, you have my permission to add what I will say about that to the archive, as of Thu, Feb 27, 2020.

      AF: By the way, are you the punching bag of the Black Manosphere? I watched a video, now taken down, where Donovan Sharpe said in the live chat you dated an obese single mother from Chicago. And others have said various things about your personal life and called you a liar. I won’t go there because I have no official evidence. But I do know you exaggerated about how well your fundraiser was going in a previous e-mail. I looked and the fundraising goal was less than 2 percent. I wouldn’t call that “very well.”

      MOA: LOL. OK, let’s knockout two birds with one stone, shall we? We’ll begin with yesterday’s live show; here’s a podcast exerpt:

      Harvey Weinstein, Tarana Burke, #MeToo & C Boogie Productions #ORadio

      In the early portion of the excerpt, you will hear yours truly give an update about the book fundraiser. One of the reasons for the relatively high fundraising amount was due to getting the money to rent out the various venues, etc. As I say on the tape, I have secured a “homebase” for Obsidian Radio, which will also allow me to arrange for booksigning, etc. venues as per the tour schedule on my GoGetFunding website:


      That will serve to drive down the “price” of my fundraiser significantly, since I’ve saved a heck of a lot of potential money in making the moves I discuss on the tape. It’s all there.

      Second, while the principal way to contribute to the fundraiser is via my GoGetFunding web page, it is not the ONLY way. Indeed, there are at least two other ways to contribute: PayPal and CashApp – in fact, I got quite a bit of contribution monies for both during yesterday’s show. It won’t show up on GoGetFunding for that reason, but trust me, my goals are quite a bit higher than 2% – and, in light of the aforementioned announcement on the tape, acutally puts me a heck of a lot closer to meeting my goal than not. Which brings me to the third point…

      The book is now 98% complete, as I only have roughly three more chapters to write. I hope to have that knocked out by the end of the month, which is a few days from now. I have nearly enough of the monies needed to do a necessary editing of the manuscript; after that, I will need to raise another $4K USD or so to get the books printed/formatted, have the ebooks done, etc., as well as putting together my own personal website, the specs and budget of which I’ve already procured. If all goes well, the book should be released on schedule as planned! Wish me luck!

      Now, to the rumors: as Public Enemy once famously said, “Don’t believe the hype”, LOL. What you heard was patently FALSE. NONE of it is true. Sharpe was indeed invited to my home, and that’s about the only thing attributed to him being said here that is true insofar as my ladyfriend is concerned. And that was the better part of five years ago at this point. Time and a goodly bit of alcohol and God knows what else Sharpe was having that night can really do a job on one’s memory, can’t it?

      As you will hear on the tape, the reason for these “rumors” is because the severe butthurt on the part of C Boogie Productions; when it was clear that he couldn’t win on the merits of the arguments he had brought up, he called himself trying to “out” me for “being a hypocrite” – a clear fail in a debate, as it is Ad Hominem, or “To the man” and not to the claims being made and whether they are true or false. I’m considering going live today, just to have some fun with the whole thing. As Socrates once famously said, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser”, LOL.

      Moving right along…

      AF: By the way, Don’t Blame it on Rio isn’t the “most comprehensive text on the matter of SYSBM to date.” Didn’t you see Mad Bus Driver X video on the two books one must read to understand SYSBM: Guess what, I actually read Negro Wars and left a review on Amazon. I honestly don’t know how any serious person could say it’s a great book when he routinely makes claims without citing evidence. Heck, most sources are links to YouTube videos. Even on his blog, he cites his own blog post that also don’t provide credible sources. I tried really hard to finish the book, but couldn’t and just skimmed the rest. And I really tried, seriously.”

      MOA: Neither MBDX nor Babatunde Umanah are in a position to determine the relative merit of “Rio” for the simply fact that neither have likely read it. Neither have certainly mentioned or referenced it before, as you clearly attest to above. And no serious person would rest his thesis on the basis of a string of YouTube videos, otherwise they would be accepted as scholarly work and evidence. This is one of the many problems with MBDX, which I have gone on record in discussing:

      Thoughts On The Mad Bus Driver X’s SYSBM Summit #ORadio

      SYSBM & The Black Family BBQ #ORadio

      In that he hasn’t bothered to write his own manifesto laying what, in detail, SYSBM is and, as Babatunde Umanah has already taken a stab at it, he is no longer in a position to lay literary first dibs on the topic; it is fair game and open source. To that end, I intend to toss my hat into the ring as per the above podcasts from my live shows as a guide. And yes, it will be in the book. 🙂

      I maintain what I said about “Rio”. You really should read it, if ever the motivation hits you to do so. It really will put the current day SYSBM issue into a proper context for you.

      AF: Lastly, I don’t feel like continuing any further discussion with you. Going to my Facebook page and making conclusions about my relationship with my deceased father and mother was really a low blow.

      MOA: Well, that is certainly your choice, but after having been around the mulberry bush with you a few times, I was left with no other conclusions than the very real possibility that this is more personal for you than professional – certainly nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed by in the least – I just want you to be honest about it. And in any event, you made those remarks public and as such, they are fair game. As I said in the previous email, you don’t conduct yourself as a (Black, male) academic and I ought to know, having known, been friends with and interviewed many of them over the years, from all over the spectrum. Had you done so, we wouldn’t be having this overwrought conversation in the first place, now would we?

      Keep me updated on what you come up with on the MOA archive on your site, would you? I’m very interested to see what you come up with.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Obsidian,

        The dude keeps trying his best limit what type of evidence is to be used to demonstrate black female violence and dysfunction, this is the year 2020, not 1970. Again, why hasn’t Fountain offered up alternative so called “credible sources” to illustrate black female skullduggery and degeneracy? Oh yes, he’s trying to protect the black witch instead. He acts as if the videos that black women themselves upload to social media are somehow staged or choreographed, the dude is living in the past.

        His evidence limitation Kansas City shuffle would’ve worked pre internet, however we’ve all witness the same dysfunctional antics coming from black women at some point in front of our own eyes, I know that I have. Again, I’m awaiting a proper critique of Negro Wars from him, not just “he uses YouTube videos and doesn’t site sources” black female talking points, that certainly won’t cut it, not in the 21st century, smh.

        Liked by 1 person

  27. L Express has introduced their signature SYSBM line of industrial-strength L’s to drop on Scraggle Daggles, SIMPs, Pro-Wacks and their male caucasoid saviors.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


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  28. Please be advised that Mr. Fountain’s latest hit piece on the Black Manosphere is now up over on Medium:

    The Black Manosphere is Not An Ally To Black Women (Aaron Fountain, Jr.)

    My guys are over there representing, but we need more brothers over there making themselves heard. PLEASE KEEP YOUR COMMENTARY OVER THERE THOUGHTFUL. INSTEAD OF MAKING LOTS OF STATEMENTS, ASK READERS QUESTIONS ABOUT MR. FOUNTAIN’S CLAIMS, POSITIONS AND MOTIVATIONS. This will both cast us in a better light AND cast doubt onto Mr. Fountain himself.




  29. Pingback: Asinsine Statements from SYSBM–Part 2 – Pookies, Daggles, and Maggles

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