They Continue To Tell On Themselves, Part 17 – The Wall Is Undefeated!


Unfortunately, after the slut Brittany Renner has finished being ran through by every dude on the block, they’ll always be a group of braindead simps waiting in the wings ready to wife up broads like this. If more men had a robust and solid code of rejecting slappers like her when the Wall hits ie their options become very limited then Western women in general wouldn’t be walking around with these cocky, brazen, arrogant and haughty attitudes. Just think about it, as long as this chick still looks good, despite her history of hopping from one penis to the next, she already knows full well that she won’t have a problem selecting a desperate simp who won’t hesitate to treat her like royalty when she ought to be dealt with like trash.

What this witch above said is straight out of the Feminist chronicles, and you wonder why more men are opting to deal with foreign women instead. You’ll notice that with foreign women in general the endless red tape and bureaucracy that comes with many Western females is completely cut out. This is because foreign women for the most part are still traditional, whereas there are swaths of Western women who have chosen to abandon traditionalism in favour of liberalism and feminism.

What sirens like the female above don’t seem to understand is the lifestyle of a slut WILL begin to manifest itself in the form of physical wear and tear, in other words women who enjoy living as whores typically begin to look used up, drained, haggard and expired. There are a lot of women who believe that they can carry out certain actions like some men, ie sleep with anybody and everybody they choose to without consequences. It simply doesn’t work like that for women and many will find out the hard way, this is yet another dodgy feminist doctrine that too many women in the West are embracing.

I’ve seen this first hand myself, women who typically stick to having sex with one man as opposed to spreading themselves about like hookers look far more radiant, vibrant, pure and fresh. Your modern day black female can be used as a primary example of what I’m talking about, when was the last time you saw a black woman looking radiant and fresh, I’ll wait?

Your modern day black female is the physical example of what happens to women who opt in to embrace misandrist, feminist, anti male values, their physical features begin changing to reflect the philosophies they’ve chosen to subscribe to and practice. In general most feminists look masculine and are overweight, hence why we’re currently observing a serious dearth of attractive black women within black female society which instead has been swamped and flooded with ugly looking tug boats, wide load cruise ships and fully loaded oil tankers.

I really have to laugh at women like this, she looks average at best(please see this video of hers WITHOUT makeup for confirmation), however she’ll soon find out that embarking upon the slut’s walk will erase those good looks very quickly. For me to be honest her attraction overall is lost because of the janky garbage flying out from between her gums, as a grown man I tend to look past the physical looks and examine what else a woman has to offer as attractiveness will only go so far.

This is one of many things I love about fully embracing the SYSBM lifestyle, I would have absolutely no problems walking away from a woman like this because I already know that there are a ton of other women who don’t subscribe to disjointed ideologies and who are more than willing to be cooperative. SYSBM brothers respect ourselves enough to avoid toxic scraggle daggles of ALL ETHNICITIES like the plague, WE DON’T DO PROBLEMATIC WOMEN PERIOD.

The Wall is undefeated and arrogant chicks like this will be the same ones in 5-10 years times talking that “where are all the good men gone, I now wish to settle down and have a dude accept my beat down, high mileage, used and shrivelled up vagina” talk, however intelligent, level headed men who know and fully understand their worth and value won’t touch this harriet with a 50 foot barge poll.

Gentlemen, continue to give liberal, whore minded women like the above an extremely wide berth as they are absolutely no good for you in the long term, the entire world is your oyster when it comes down to choosing the woman you wish to be with, don’t be that guy who believes that he is obligated to tolerate stank and frowsy attitudes from females, always respect yourself and realise that you can do much better for yourselves than settling for garbage like the ratchet above.

Tattoos, a foul mouth, a slapper’s attitude, no moral compass and this harridan still believes that she’s a catch, smh. She is, only to the incredibly desperate and those men who do not hold any dignity and respect for themselves. Yes, she’s welcome to change whenever she wants, however DO NOT expect decent, upstanding men to accept and adjust to such dysfunctional thinking, stick to bewitching simps and manginas with that harlot’s hog wash and you’ll be ok.

These types of females only make sense to themselves, don’t get dragged into trying to figure out their way of thinking, just move on to women who subscribe to traditional philosophies and values of sanity. #sysbm

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Wall Of Silence Creapeth Nigh This One

Most High Bless

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  1. Like I said in a previous post: women like shaming men into accepting less (hence “lower your standards and you might find someone”), because they know good and well that if men had standards and the b***s to enforce/stand behind them, a lot of them would NOT get chosen for even casual sex, let alone a legitimate romance, long term relationship, and/or marriage.

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    • When it comes to women, I hold all women to the same standard regardless of their race. The problem for black females is this. The scale of their fucked-upness is unprecedented in human history. The sheer scale of how fucked-up black females are globally, simply bogles the mind. And the percent that even look acceptable is getting smaller and smaller by the day.

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  2. Chicks like the one in the video need to understand this information, if you’re a chick who’s had a history of messing with multiple dudes, acting like a wannabe pornstar, and being oversexual, the odds of them trying to find a “good man” will be super slim, unless he’s a suck-up. Chicks who had multiple dudes in the past, acting like a wannabe pornstar, and being oversexual, I be thinking a lot of times that shit can’t be swept under the rug for them, because A) they might encounter them dudes later on in life, or B) the man they’ll get with now will be embarrassed because of their past, and probably might the dudes to, talking about how good she did this sexually, she’s flexible as hell, or probably called her by a nickname she used in the past. This could happen with any woman regardless of race or ethnicity, but black women are the main prime example of this because of when getting into their 30s and up, talking about this: “Why I can’t find a good man, all these men either gay or in jail, where are the good black men at?” In the future, I do desire to be in a relationship with a woman, but I’m not gonna get into a relationship with a former pornstar. Just like that old saying, “You Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife,” and that’s for damn sure.

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  3. She looks like a completely different person without makeup on; and I can’t stand a broad with a potty mouth or the delusional mindset of living recklessly and then expecting to score a Russell Wilson type of guy.

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    • Ciara gave hope to all these ghetto bustdowns that they too can find a simp with money to wife them up and take on their bastard chirrens by multiple thug niggas.

      As for the foul-mouthed hoe in the video, let her have her fun, she’ll be paying for it in a few years. She is just the type that Chronicles of Judah 144 talks about on YouTube. He’d call her a “concubine,” if that.

      SYSBM, fellas. Keep the wall up.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Most of these women including Renner who rely heavily on make up look completely different when the cake face comes off. Agreed, women with foul mouths are a serious turn off, that’s feminism for you.

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  4. WhItE wOmEn DoEs It ToO!!!!!!!

    I was that SIMP who chased after a hot looking woman, trouble was she was:

    * Getting ran through on a weekly basis by the same black man gigolo
    * Got pregnant twice and aborted (she even asked me for £1000 for the clinic)
    * Dumped off by the same gigolo when she reached 30 and told to look for a SIMP
    * Thought I was a replacement gigolo

    (Un)Luckily I was a total SIMP unable to match her hungry vagina and got pushed off. It took the best part of 5+ years to heal past that emotionally draining and near fatal experience.

    The funny thing was she was hitting up other black men in my circle and almost all didn’t want anything to do with her on a sexual level. That’s how deep my inexperience and naïveté went.

    If you see her now, she’s pretending to be saved by Christ and begging for my forgiveness. She’s currently experiencing her karma: living in a homeless shelter praising the Lord (as a Muslim??).


    I’d rather wank into a sock for the rest of my life and die alone than date any expired narcissist female. Don’t give two shiny shites. There are toys far cheaper and much better for your mental sanity than dealing with hand grenade bitches. Fuck, man…

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    • Michel,

      We’ve all learned harsh lessons from going through some rough experiences, the good thing through the internet we can now quickly pass on the knowledge so that others won’t have to make the same mistakes.

      These chicks especially those post 25 who refuse to listen to instruction and sound advice must be kicked to the kerb and be made to suffer the consequences of their jacked up decisions.

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  5. The funniest thing I’ve ever heard is how women are as smart as men.

    Show me where I can find the male equivalent above.

    The problem is the fact that most males (about 80%) are beta males with zero abundance mentality. Women are just taking advantage of the fact that most men believe that the vagina nearest to them is the only one on the planet. This in spite of the fact there are almost a billion more females than males on the planet. Not to mention beta male inventions like Romance and other forms of female worship like prostrating yourself before a woman to propose marriage. First off, you are not supposed to ask the woman to marry you, you are supposed to ask her father. If HE says yes then you have yourself a future wife if the woman is obedient to her father. Most women today either have full-on daddy issues or come from households where the woman rules (the standards of which set in motion by the aforementioned acts).

    The women themselves are a pathetic joke. Look at the above link and peruse some of the dating profiles they post there. We have women, long past the Best Before date of age 30, 6 kids in tow with the father in prison talking about “you gotta work for this”. LMFAO. The laughable thing about women today and feminism is the fact both men and women both know deep down that women are not, neither will they ever be, equal to men. It seems like this feminism crap started out as the white man’s way of shutting up his women because he doesn’t have power and control over his own women for being the archetypal beta male by nature.

    First off, women today are completely disqualified from receiving any traditional forms of courtship and masculinity, PERIOD. You have to be VIRGIN, PERIOD. Completely obedient to your father to the point where he decides who you will marry, PERIOD. 100% in submission and obedience to the man and you better be 2000% domestically capable (cooking, cleaning, ironing, laundry, etc). Only then are women entitled to a man’s provision and protection. If so much as one point in this list is not met, she is not worthy and any traditional behaviour a man expressed in spite of this is a complete act of extremely unwarranted charity. Women today have deluded themselves into believing their road worn selves and their vaginas with more mileage than a Lincoln Town Car is something that a man has to not only work for but pay the sticker price to rent, not own. Last time I checked, one receives payment for a job. Therefore if a women today expects a man to “work for it” she must provide tangibles in exchange. A threadbare vagina is not a tangible item. Women today, indeed, ought to be grateful for the billions of SIMPS and spineless men out there with no standards, no backbone, no self-respect and no abundance mentality.

    My response to whores like the one above and the kilometers-long queue of men who will no doubt be waiting to purchase her used tampons is and will always be:


    I always set the record straight too when one of these whores approaches me thinking I am one of these female worshipers. She will find out quickly, and also painfully, that I am not. I fully embraced “female equality” in all its aspects. That means the female better be able to take a steady barrage of disregard and the removal of all special treatment just because she’s “a girl”. In the end, I am spending MY time and even MY money however little. It doesn’t matter if it is a dime or a minute, those resources can go to much more productive uses or things that are guaranteed to give me pleasure. A thinking brother once said to me when I was 20 that the top-shelf women are taken. So if a woman is single, especially if she’s past 30, she’s more likely to be not worthy. Remember, there is no such thing as a lonely or reject woman. Only a picky woman. Even the nastiest women (ie: black women across the board) believe they are entitled to the top 10 men on the planet. LOL. I see it as a form of anger management for the fact they can’t even secure a man beneath them so they try to be as edgy and entitled as possible. Women are children. Remember that.

    These are just my beliefs based on what has worked for humans for millennia. I do not subscribe to traditionalism myself because I do not wish to work for a living to give money to a female or live with one for life. As I said earlier, women do not get prettier or hornier with age. Eventually I will just be paying for a bitch. A dog is a better investment. I don’t knock those who do because, well, society wouldn’t exist. The economy would even collapse if all men thought as I do. I pity men who want children because of what they have to put up with to get them. Just be wise in your decision, not desperate, do not affect a woman’s “biological clock” and most of all, be prepared to accept the fact you will not find a good woman in 2020. This is not the age of quality we are in. This is the age of the cheap, the disposable and the soulless.

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    • Black Caesar,

      This is why I say that foreign women despite their fewer shortcomings are a far better option because in 2020 you’re more likely to find that virgin as well as the traditionalism which can be reciprocated. Somehow I believe that your views will change even if slightly when you start travelling abroad. The devil founded New World Order’s agenda is to drive an irreconcilable wedge between men and women so that in the future there will be no families, no ties, no bonds etc and they’ve been successfully carrying out this plan thus far via contamination of the women especially in the West.

      Despite the horrid direction this world is going in I still desire to have a family, that is hard wired into my system. I don’t knock those who do not wish to take such a route, however they at least ought to know where that type of thinking comes from and who is behind it.

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      • @Verbs
        I do believe that certain Asian women in different Asian countries are the only women left who are guaranteed to be virgins. I have spoken to one. A 39 year old Filipina who was a virgin and in shape I might add. Maybe my views will change when I start travelling abroad. I have been in the west too long. If one trip to Columbia could change B A so deeply then it’s worth a try. To be honest, my reasons for not wanting children have little to do with women. It is because I live in Canada. Canada is a white country. Canada is a LIBERAL white country. They already legalized bestiality in 2017. Guaranteed, this country will legalize pedophilia either within this decade or the next at the latest. That means you will go to jail as a father for trying to protect your children from these disgusting caucasoids. I wouldn’t have kids in any white country. I would only have them in a country where they will kill you for even having the thought. If you don’t believe me have a look at this.
        In another country, this pathetic white whore would have been killed. I hope she dies of aids for talking about her whore life to those poor kids. If any teacher tried this shit with my kids, my kids would only be able to see me through plate glass and anyone know knows that teacher would only be able to see her by looking down at a piece of marble.

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      • @Verbs
        I also believe in the new world orders (JEW) population reduction agenda. But as I always say, you can’t sell to the unwilling. The fact that most women globally were willing participants tells me that they were never that many good women to begin with.

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    • Black Caesar:

      I tip my hat to your post. Me, I’m middle age. I have a son already. He’s grown, and he went to a good law school. He’s doing fine in life. I have no woman problems because I’m a free thinking, fully aware Black man. Like most Black men, I started life as a SIMP.. But I learned very quickly. I started acquiring SYSBM consciousness in my twenties and never looked back.

      I will never have trouble with women anymore. I have had some in my life. But again, I was young, had been conditioned to be a SIMP, and was evolving. I see women as they are, not as they or society want me to see them. This is really all it took for me to get a handle on women. I just looked at them objectively for what they were, and everything became clear. The problem is that most men are so simped out that they cannot look at women objectively. White men and other nonblack men are SIMPS too. Its just that the SIMP disease is so much worse among Black men..

      I am doing what I can to infuse my son with SYSBM consciousness. The process is slow and tedious. That’s because the propaganda and conditioning to make young Black men into SIMPS, is everywhere. It is a continuous battle against the forces of SIMPING. I believe that SLAYINGEVIL begins with the battle against SIMPING.

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        Cheers king.
        I SIMPed things up a bit too before but I always made sure not to lose frame by throwing that “equality” stuff back in their faces. The thing that turned me off the most is time and money. It is becoming increasingly harder to make a buck nowadays. Prices of everything is going up. That makes women (especially women today) a very poor investment. I am 36 and not getting any younger either. I only have one life to live. Time is something you cannot make or get back. So to me, that makes women a waste of time. This was proven when after every relationship, I am more disappointed with the time and money I wasted than the woman’s behaviour. I could have bought things and used to time to do things that brought guaranteed happiness. Women simply cannot make me happy. They don’t have anything in them that can. Sex gets old after a few times. And then I think about wasting time and money FOR life on a woman who gets uglier and less hornier by day (sex being the only thing they have to offer) and I wonder, what exactly am I getting out of this? Because I only have one life and I’m wasting it on a woman who will basically be redundant once her looks fade and the sex stops. I do not want kids and never have so that makes it even more stupid for me to be involved. So I am more of a natural man going his own way though I do not subscribe to MGTOW because that is loaded with a bunch of non black incels and pussies. I am myself. I promote SYSBM everywhere I go though because there are black men who are interested in long-term relationships and they deserve better than black women. Also, it is the only solution to the dysfunction in the black community. No one else has the balls to identify the problem even though they know what it is. To end the cycle you have to go to the source and that source is these bastard babymaking machines. You have to stop them from pinching off their pavement monkey low IQ savages. The black female is an unfit parent by default. Black men who want children need to stop throwing their pearls before swine.

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  6. Brittany Renner just received a Valentine’s Day Gift Pack Of L’s.

    Courtesy of L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


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  7. Verbs 2015.

    I will never ever wife up or get into a relationship with a women who has slept around with multiple men in her life because I have high standards and pride for myself that I won’t lower for anybody because I believe in myself even though I am going through the worst time of my life right now due to my unemployment situation and losing my Uncle, Dad and my Cousin all within 3 years (2017-2020) I am trying to get my life back on track as in looking for a new job that I like so that I can build a career from it and that everything else will fall into place after that. Women who subscribe to the feminist lifestyle and sleep around with lots of men will hit the wall at 30 because they will lose their good looks due to them not taking care of their bodies and especially when they become single mothers burdened multiple kids because no childfree man in his right mind is going to take on that baggage and drama and instead is going to get with a childfree women and create his own nuclear family, not take on a ready made family. I thank God that I was born a man and that I am a childfree man at 37 plus that I still look young for my age as that alot of people think that I look about 23/24 and I am going to be 38 in early June 2020 because we all know that men age like fine wine and women age like spoiled milk especially if they sleep around with lots of men.

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  8. And the best part about this? They hate it when a good man who is also attractive goes for like a nerdy/geek shy type girl and they get their panties in a knot. These hoes get very ruthless and actually tried to steal him away from her and not giving a fuck about people’s health. I for one experienced it beforehand when I met my ex. 😂😂😂😂

    Also be aware of nerd scraggles they hate brothers who are actually smart and the fact we can attract non black girls faster before they can swirl with BSB

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    • I would advise all men to not fall for the “lone wolf” female. There exists no such thing. It is a death sentence for a woman to be a social reject. This “nerd/geek” culture is a popular hipster trend. It’s not like in the 80s when they were outsiders. Any woman who is a social reject is going to be royally fucked up and will have a chip on their shoulder. It’s the same principle as the false belief that unattractive women will be nicer.

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      • “This “nerd/geek” culture is a popular hipster trend.”

        These black mofos are only pretending to like “nerd/geek” shit to attract WHITE BOYS. I used to get curbed for liking comics and anything with “star” in the title (Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica) now these hoes going to comic conventions, liking Marvel movies and trying to get cosplay attention, it’s complete bullshit. Same as black chicks pretending to like K-Pop now in hopes of getting an Asian man. Which goes to prove they will rewire their whole brains for non-black men, but not for your black ass.

        Keep the wall up.

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      • @Schadenfreude
        lol true. But oh well. 🤣 🤣 🤣
        I don’t want a black woman. I am disgusted even when they look at me. Do you want the lowest form of female life trying to win you? That means she will be around you, often. 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮

        I remember in junior high this group of extremely ugly, Jamaican girls used to call me a nerd all the time. I was in ESL at the time and there was only one ESL class for each grade while there were three for each grade for English. They also used to make fun of my natural black hair because back then I used to wear it in an “80s fro”. 🤣
        It’s funny, the white girls, and in particular this one cute blonde chick, loved me lol. 🤣 I was a nerd long before it was cool too. I was into the Beatles in a predominantly black school. Thankfully there was another (white) kid there who was a Beatle maniac and l had to talk about them with him in secret. Lol.

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      • Exactly. That’s why all girls, especially these modern black girls who claim to be “alternative” and shit are full of it. They want and like the same thugboy/whiteboy as every other bitch out here.

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    • DeltaWildDog18,

      So called nerdy scraggles are simply chameleons who have adopted that persona in order to bag themselves a white man. I fully agree with you, because of their lust for Field Marshal Frost in conjunction with their deep seated hatred of black men, they’ll rush in to hate on smart brothers big time whenever the opportunity arises.

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      • @Verbs

        Not field Marshall frost. 🤣 🤣 🤣
        Do you remember that black nerd chick who hung out with that famous YouTube white gamer. I forget his name. Anyway he wanted to get some nude photos from her and he demanded them like I imagine a slave master would. There is video. There is also video of his buddies calling her the N word and she just sat there quiet as a mouse. 🤣 🤣 🤣 Anything to get bottom shelf Brad! It was the funniest thing I ever saw.

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      • @Black Ceaser

        That was Queen Jelz. Tariq was defending her on twitter and she attacked him and took the white boys side. It was crazy.
        The white boys had her in their creepy RV that they were traveling in and were calling her the n word on camera and trying to get her to get naked for them. When she wouldn’t they kicked her out of the RV. Tariq started going in on the white guys for doing that to her and she attacked him. The white boys were humiliating her (even after they kicked her out) and she attacked the BM that was defending her. Be wary of Black female nerds, a lot of them have that bed wench and ghetto gagger spirit in them. Stay away.

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      • @James SYSBM

        Yeah I saw that video! 😂😂😂
        It was hilarious. Exactly the way these sheboons need to be treated. Hats off to those white boys for doing what the Negro is too weak, scared to do.

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      • @OGOC

        This is the closest I could find. I saw the videos on Twitter.
        Enjoy! 🤣 🤣 🤣🤣 🤣 🤣🤣 🤣 🤣

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    • I remember years ago back in college I was at work and a BW walked up to the desk with a “I love nerds” shirt on. Even in my early twenties I knew that that was BS and nothing but a trap to lure in a cleanup man. lol I casually asked her “Do you really like nerds?” and she responded with a ghetto accent “Yeah I love nerds.” lol Good BM ain’t falling for that shit.

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  9. Oh shit!! I met this chick years ago and I know her pretty well. The fruits of a waggle. Which if you read the tenets, you know that waggles are to be avoided

    She went to the same school as my cousin. Back then, she was more down to earth and pretty country. She grew up in Mississippi with her grandparents and her blonde haired mom. When I first met her, she was dating a euro-american quarterback at a historically black college or HBCU. They called the guy the white tiger. Their mascot is the blue tigers. Yep you guys can figure out the rest. I met her a few other times, last time in Houston about a year-and-a-half ago.

    The only reason why we were cool was because well… People used to say she talks like a Valley white girl, (whatever the fuck that supposed to mean). And she does. She even joked that I didn’t have to talk white to impress her. I ask her what is talking White. Also told her I’m the one to be impressed. She thought I was joking, but I wasn’t. Her feminist ass wasn’t used to that but she kept asking me questions so I’m like whatever. The fact that I challenged her was probably the reason why I was able to keep her attention and interest. (That and the fact that I got a body like I am Michael B Jordan but I digress) So I can’t say that I’ve had a bad experience with Shorty. She is a freak and a perfect pump-and-dump candidate I’ll just leave it at that LOL!

    I think I was the only one that wasn’t fawning and acting like a fanboy over this chick; she is a a 6 at best, without simps hyping her ass up. (You can thank my dad for teaching me how to avoid putting attractive chicks on a pedestal). They’re used to it, but someone who challenges that’s different.

    She’s definitely been ran through. And she was raised as a feminist by her family. She even claimed that her dad is also a male feminist. (Which explains why my “chauvinistic” ass was able to keep her attention.) So he’s definitely not sysbm. About the only good thing about her is that you don’t have to pay to fly her out, she’ll fly herself out to meet with you. I know guys who are in professional athletes Circle who went to school with me. They know about the pump-and-dump and they keep tabs on chicks like this. But she was the old flavor and like Mentos gum she’s lost her flavor. The wall is undefeated

    But I like chicks like this because this is a cautionary tale of what happens when you don’t pick the right Stargate. Not a good look when you’re Stargate a freaking second-wave feminist who’s looking to get her Mandingo on. This is a byproduct of that.

    No Waggles here gentleman and what the Lord Commander MBD talks about if you watch his videos in the past


    PS why is it I seem to attract black chicks that either date white men or talk like a valley girl?

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  10. Interestingly enough, she’s actually 100% correct. She has the right to slut around and fuck as many dudes as she chooses. And she has the right to settle down with one man afterwards. What she DOESN’T have the right to do (and this is what so many of these whores can’t seem to grasp) is expect men to roll over and accept it. This whole thing is coming from a place where she’s been checked on her crap and she’s trying to hide behind “freedom” to avoid being held accountable. Men have the right to their preferences and standards.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      Unaccountable women are a serious problem and should be avoided at all costs. As stated before women who refuse to be checked when they fall out of line should also be avoided or kicked to the kerb.

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    • “ What she DOESN’T have the right to do (and this is what so many of these whores can’t seem to grasp) is expect men to roll over and accept it.”

      Exactly, they can have as much sex as they want to, but they shouldn’t expect a man to want to marry them afterward. I don’t think that a lot of them do expect to get married tbh, IMO at this point BW have accepted their status as baby mommas and perpetual girlfriends. BW have basically been labeled as society’s sex objects, not wife material. Instead of fighting this they appear to embrace it.

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  11. I would like to give the women in the video above a standing ovation. I agree, she can change her mind whenever the fuck she wants, and men are allowed to walk away (or save themselves) whenever the fuck they want.

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  12. RE: the above video of the woman who is entitled to change her mind at any time.

    I was thinking of something. On the surface, it appears there is a double standard: Men can have multiple partners and receive little to no criticism. But women aren’t shielded from criticism when they have multiple partners (or as she eloquently states, “sit on multiple dicks”).

    But when you think about the perception of a double standard more closely, there is an underlying assumption that men and women endure the same wear and tear. Men and women don’t sustain the same wear and tear physically (and maybe psychologically) via umpteen sex partners, because the penis is doing the pounding and the vagina is taking the pounding. A vagina will wear out far sooner, from multiple penises, than a penis will, pounding multiple vaginas; not to mention that one is a receptacle and the other is not.

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    • Also women were not wired to have multiple partners because she can only get pregnant once at a time. Men were wired to impregnate as many women as possible. This is just par for the course with women today who wish they were men. It is a health risk to be with a whore too. Especially a black one.

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  13. Hey look another future spinster with 15 cats crying into a blanket wondering why they can’t find a “good man”.

    Sure you’re free to hop dick to dick like musical chairs. That’s your right. It is also our right (and at this point moral obligation) to outright refuse your used up beaten to death vagina, with an even worse attitude to boot.

    This broad and many like her are walking living breathing proof why sysbm exists in the first place. They’re loud, mostly obese, horrific attitudes, multiple children
    en tow, weaved up sloths, and proud of it.

    I’ll take my chances with seriously anybody else but them.

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    • “Hey look another future spinster with 15 cats crying into a blanket wondering why they can’t find a “good man”.”

      And there will be 15 cats crying into a blanket wondering how did they end up with a miserable owner.

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  14. What these women don’t understand is YES. You can “sit on dicks” as much as she likes. That is her choice. And it is OUR choice to not deal with her std infested ass.

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  15. These women will sleep around up, down, left, right and centre. Here this now. There was this woman I know in 2006 and this is the time I was in Jamaica for my sister’s wedding. There was girl I was set up with and she had two children. Me and her did got sexually intimate twice while I was in Jamaica. Then a year later, I seen her and then she played me because I didn’t got her anything from the United Kingdom so she was playing games with me. Then I heard that she got paid for $100 to have sex with some guy. $100 is not much at all. In 2012, I seen for the final time and she was just playing games and I’m moved on and didn’t say goodbye. The girl was a hoodrat from St Thomas, Jamaica and she has a whole leap of men around. I haven’t heard from her since. It was Simp Valentine’s day on last week Friday and I was drinking coconut rum straight. As i was taking a selfie, she called me on Facebook Messenger. I drop the phone in disbelief. I didn’t answer it and I was wondering why she called me? When a woman get ran through with one dick to another all of a sudden where are the good men gone. They were right in front of them but they want the worthless men, the criminals and the bum. And at the end, they get the simp. The one that they didn’t want.

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    • This is a very common thing. Exes or even one-night stands will sort of file you away for when they can’t get anyone else. That’s why it is important to let go once it’s over. When it’s over it’s over. There is no reason to continue contact with that person.

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  16. Right, now black women. You know they say black don’t crack, here this now. Black women can hit the wall and they can hit the wall hard! Since they put this weave on so many times, they have aged quicker then black men age. There is always a consequence of wearing this weave. Baldness and aging. When I think about feminism, I think about the damage they done and that is they destroyed the family home of the black race. And these feminists are hoes bruv! Proper hoes! They will sleep with any man and they don’t care and these women don’t use no condom at all. I don’t care what colour the woman is, you can’t make a hoe a house wife.
    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys warm tonight and right through the weekend and leave these worthless scraggle daggles.

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  17. women are craaaazzzzzyyyy!!!!! especially this one. I predict this 28 year old chick will be Ciariad by some simp by the time she is 35 with a kid and a body count higher than a AM radio station number.

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  18. Another thing to point out for the conclusion, I wouldn’t be surprised when chicks like her get into their 30s and up, they gonna start acting like this holy god fairing woman, because that’ll be the last resort on their list. They gonna be like this, “I’m saving myself, I’m turning to god, I’m going to church, I’m celibate, I’m waiting for the right man.” My only, and most curious question I wanna ask them face to face: Where the hell was that energy back then when they was jumping from dude to dude to dude that they barely knew, clubbing and partying with, and having all that sexual fun with?

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  19. Choices have consequences, regardless of what these thots and fe-fails want to believe. This nasty whore’s uterus will fall out by the time she’s ready to have kids. Her cavernous, over-used vagina is probably wide enough to fit a grapefruit. She is of no use to any high-value man. Let the simps have her.

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    • This dumbass threw his entire life away over a single cigarette, and a sheboon who isn’t worth the crumbs of a eaten Popeyes chicken sandwich.

      You can’t make this shit up.

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    • I hate seeing stories like this. A broke black bitch started a fight and got a man killed because he wouldn’t sell her loosies, you can’t make this shit up.

      A black bitch will start some shit and then get pookie to come and kill for her, we have seen this story too many times. This is why no one wants to open stores in black communities, not even other black people. Hoodrats and their bastard kids destroy everything that they touch. The retard with the gun will go to prison for life, the black bitch will be back on the street sewing more destruction and breeding more bastards.

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      • People look at me like I have a third eye when I tell them the Lack woman is the major cause of many black men’s 1)early death, 2) incarceration and 3) living in poverty.
        I mean LOOK AT US, we do not deal with Lack women and some of us are established, or on their way. All of us are expected to live long and prosperous lives, now what do we all have in common????????? Come on now, this is freshman algebra, what’s the common denominator?

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  20. How dare you people judge that biracial queen? YOU are supposed to be the so-called beta male safety net for Brittany Renner after she gets done “sitting on dick to dick to dick, bitch.” Yes, YOU are supposed to wait around until her twat is blown out, and pay full price for used goods in the bargain. And she WILL come to you AFTER she’s shit out some bastards. How dare you save yourself, black man?
    Get back to the plantation, mule! Save these rinsed-out, disease-carrying hoes. Or else you’ll be featured in Aaron Fountain Jr’s new Twitter account, “Tracking Misogynoir,” which actually went from 11 followers to 10.


  21. We have discussed this topic multiple times here, “Western” (WM) sperm counts have been dropping for years now. Whites (not non-whites) have also been in population decline for a while now, a lot of WM out there are shooting blanks:

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  22. Lmao this Renner chick is hilarious. She’s best friend with a pornstar teanna trump and has already put out a book detailing all the famous dick that’s been thru her.

    It’s really just a matter of time before she’s shooting scenes because she’ll chase that spotlight when she gets older and more ignored then she’ll be off to all the cam sites and porn shoots 🤷🏾‍♂️

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