Are These Your Queens – No Self Respect, No Decorum In Public Spaces – Part 11


Yep, black women as per usual on their best behaviour, this time they decided to show out and twerk away to their heart’s content at what looks like some sort of wedding function with young children in plain sight, and you wonder how black children become so sexually active at such a young age. Black women are the predominant ones committing child abuse, fiddling with children in a sexual manner, they are also the ones hyper sexualising these black children especially the boys who they begin treating as surrogate boyfriends/husbands.

For those black men here who still want to have children, are these the sexually depraved monsters you want raising your seed? This sort of behaviour in public is absolutely disgusting and deplorable, it isn’t as if they are at home twerking for their boyfriends/husbands in privacy behind closed doors, nope, these black females decided to take their debauchery mainstream but yet these will be the same women who’ll complain about sexual stereotypes being levied against them even though they are the very ones breathing fresh life into them, smh.

Notice the harpy that was nearest to the camera was tattooed up on her right arm to the hilt, this is another issue with modern day black females, they wish to look like rogue pirates, road maps and sewer tunnel schematics, they’ve completely thrown off any sense of keeping their bodies unmarked and untainted, they enjoy graffiting their skin and wallowing in impurity.

Outside of witchcraft and sorcery I really cannot understand why any black man would find these women attractive, this type of behaviour isn’t only prevalent with the gutter stereotypical hood rat type black females, you’ll find that the so called professional, corporate working, so called upstanding black females will engage in this same nonsense. As has been demonstrated many times before, there is little to no diversity amongst modern day black women, they are all pretty much the same in terms of their mentalities, what they subscribe to, embrace and follow.

And to think that we have black men like our resident pro black simp D32018 of the Dangerous News Network who believes that these women are a “catch” and wouldn’t hesitate to wife up one of these broads even if she has 10 bastard children en tow. As I keep on saying it is a turkey wrap for black women as a collective, as they continue to sink further and further into degradation, more black men will opt out of dealing with them, plain and simple.

Twerking is all these black heifers have to offer, they have to shake their behinds in order to attract men because they simply don’t have any valuable qualities beyond things sexually related that can sustain a long term relationship. As David Carroll has stated on numerous occasions, once the sex with most black women is over, it’s all downhill from there.

Another one for the archive folks, the pro black female/black women first squads will continue to swear by their sacred cow, meanwhile more black men will continue shaking out of the trance, break loose the chains and take their chances seeking out love and companionship elsewhere. The future is not bright and promising for black women as a collective at all, yet they have nobody else to blame but themselves for their current predicament.

Please show me white and other non black women twerking at weddings in front of young children, I’ll wait. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Continue To Sinker Deeper Into The Mire Of Destruction

Most High Bless

148 thoughts on “Are These Your Queens – No Self Respect, No Decorum In Public Spaces – Part 11

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t weddinngs supposed to be sacred events? You know, where a man and his wife solidify their love and commitment to each other in front of God and a host of witnesses. I feel you on the hood whore with the tattoo, but the bride herself is showing the fuck out. I understand the reception is where people cut loose and have fun, but this is ridiculous. These women have no respect for themselves, so they can’t logically expect anyone else to. And I’d almost feel bad for the fool who married that trash, if I wasn’t convinced that he’s a thug nigga.

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  3. Any place where there’s a large crowd of Black people (or Black women) congregated, there’s bound to be some kind of minstrel show.

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  4. Boy I swear, this is gonna be the future history of black women in America, being a hyper twerking freak. No wonder why a lot of dudes look at them as just booty-calls. They all out here twerking up a storm in public, plus being too hyper-sexual, walking out here in public half naked and butt naked, like yo, do that sexual stuff behind closed doors, like lord jesus man. How is a woman gonna attracted a man if she’s conducting herself like some pornstar or stripper?

    Just looking at these women in the video, boy ain’t no telling they gonna have some messed up lives later on in their lives, but on top of that, don’t these women know they’re kids in the background, watching them? All of the shit these black women are doing, the twerking and being hyper-sexual, are they really trying to attract a quality dude? NO!! They attracting attention for thirsty ass simps, and probably some unwanted attention too, depending on who they trying to attract.

    P.S. I ain’t gone say nothing when these black women get in their 30s and up complaining about why they can’t find no quality black men (I ain’t gonna use the good because that word is so overrated to use, and these black women don’t know a “good man” if one didn’t have to go upside their heads), because if these women came up to me and ask the question they always ask once they get to that 30s and up range, The only thing I’m a say is this, “Look at your track record.” Look at the shit she was doing, and look at the type of men she was attracting and messing with from all that twerking, and hyper-sexual shit she was doing. Plus, if a black woman says she’s said she’s a born again virgin, she goes to church, she’s celibate or whatever, I’m gonna walk away.

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    • D.K. Phantom, there are businesses that are selling training on how to get access to those women, and will call themselves “select/alpha males” because they have access to said women.

      I am not going to shit on anyone’s business model, because I earnestly believe that if a market demand exists for that type of training, then I support the self-improvement gurus who are willing to supply that demand with said training.

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    • @DK

      Again and again and again…
      Follow the bouncing ball!


      Both the black woman and the white man look upon black children, especially black males as adults. They both do not recognize a black child’s innocence.

      This is why these she-monkeys need actual lessons and courses on how to be women. Literally. And only to get white men. As if they can keep up that act for long. As Louis Armstrong once said: “If you have to ask you will never understand”.

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  5. That was like a national geographic clip or something. A group of tattooed up hoodrats perform their mating dance, bending over exposing their buttocks and genital area while gyrating them in a sexual fashion, hoping to attract a male to breed them.

    Tommy joked about this a while back, he showed a clip where lizzo was saying that being a BW is popular today, in the clip behind lizzo was a group of BW facing a wall with their hands on the wall and all of them were poking their asses out. lmfao

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    • “…he showed a clip where lizzo was saying that being a BW is popular today…”

      I can think of couple of persons and thing that were/are popular:

      – Rodney Dangerfield
      – Coronavirus

      All popularity isn’t good popularity.

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    • James SYSBM,

      And to believe that we still have these idiotic pro black female/black women first pundits baffled as to why free thinking brothers are choosing to give Lack women a wide berth. The modern day Lack female has nothing to offer outside of providing the ability for a dude to bust a nut and even then engaging in that particular act with one of these black harriets can be very dangerous within itself.

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  6. Verbs2015,
    Have you ever thought about making a website all about praising and uplifting nonblack and white women? And put as much energy into that website as you do this one?

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    • It’s not our job to “uplift” ANY group of women. Our job as men (as far as uplifting a woman) is to uplift our wives as they support and be in subjection to us. Women tend to be more concerned with their own welfare. That is why so many marriages fail. If we try to uplift them while they undermine our headship and authority, the marriage is doomed to fail. From the beginning BW have no sense of fealty to us. They were brought here as breeding stock for the slavers. They looked on the men as losers. That lack of respect has survived to this day, and has actually grown. BW have a long road to get to where they are worthy of being “uplifted”, and even with non-black women caution should be exercised. Fooled us once…

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    • Emmanuel L,

      Have you ever thought about vacating spaces in which you are NOT welcome? Why you as a black female continue to return here and believe that your input will somehow be acknowledged and valued by us is beyond befuddling. I suggest that you leave before I cancel you myself.

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    • You know what Emmanuel L, I think I’m gonna leave Facebook altogether, and devote a web page for Black men and White women to get together. There are already tons of videos of happily married black men to BEAUTIFUL white women all over YouTube, I can make more.
      See here is the thing, no one here cares about YOU, YOUR COMMUNITY, or YOUR PROBLEMS. We just don’t…
      But CLEARLY, you care about us seeing as you come here so often. Like a psycho ex girlfriend (of course all Lack Women are psycho from the rip) you stalk this page.

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  7. Black women are lack women with less achievements compare to other groups. Not a surprise at all. I don’t know why millions of pookie and ray ray find them attractive. The standards are very low. A part of SYSBM is seeking achievements in life with high standards. Anyone that doesn’t believe it’s part of the lifestyle is not SYSBM.

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      • @Emmanuel L

        Let’s name some of the great black female achievements shall we, Miss Buffarilla…

        80% OOW birth rate…

        60% of that OOW birth rate are multiple nigglets by multiple Pookies…

        80% PLUS obesity rate…

        $0 Networth for black whores…sorry, black females 20- 35 without a degree…

        NEGATIVE $11,000- $0 Networth for black whores…sorry again, black females with a college degree…

        Least dated, married and desired group…

        50% of you black whores..sorry I keep doing it…black females have herpes…

        The biggest abusers of black children both physically and sexually, and 60% of that abuse is aimed at BLACK BOYS…

        And of course you BLACK WHORES abort an average of 1800 babies per day…

        So that’s just a few of the wonderful achievements that you BLACK WHORES have produced for the “communitah”.

        You Miss Buffarilla, and your horde of WHORES are doing a bang up job, keep up the great work👍👍

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      • @TWG

        That’s that “black girl magic, or black girls rock” they constantly spew from their useless mouths.

        These are the water buffaloes we’re supposed to want to date and marry for no other reason than “yo mamma black”.

        Spare me.

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    • The black men who are attracted to black women are descendants of those plantation Negroes who licked their plates of hamhocks, chitlins, fatback and corn mush clean.

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    • Witwijf,

      The serum for snapping 12 Gauge Mike and Trap House Jim out of the trance of chasing after Lack women is to put them in a non black female environment, many of them will soon realise the raw deal they’re getting. I came across a Facebook post a while back in which a black siren was complaining about Latina women “stealing their niggers”, smh, enough said.

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      • @Verbs

        “a black siren was complaining about Latina women “stealing their niggers”

        Now, who does that sound like historically?

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      • Latinas “stealing their nighars”. REALLY?! So they get to talk all that sick talk over Kobe and his wife, then they’re complaining that Latinas are taking BM?

        Like an abattoir farmer complaining that someone is stealing their sheep. 🐏🐏🐑

        I hope more and more Latinas steal more of us “nighars” for their own damn self.

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      • Michel,

        I agree, I’ve got absolutely no complaints regarding Latina women swooping in and scooping up brothers, they’re only taking the same black men black women said they weren’t interested in anyway, I don’t see what the problem is.

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  8. Now, the fact that there was an actual wedding involved is the shocking part to me. I guarantee that it was probably some older chick that had suckered some old dude into marrying her. Legit, the only black people (read: non-mixed or non-interracial) that I see getting married are old people.

    They’re siting there twerking in what I’m gonna assume is a church or a connected building, but want to talk to others about God. Hell, the fact that they’re acting in such a way with a ritual that is supposed to be sacred and concerning God says a lot.

    Then there are kids there, but are you really shocked? These chicks literally give head and get their backs blown out with the kids watching, they have no shame.

    Where are the myriad of videos where German, Colombian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Filipino, or Greek women doing this?

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    • Black Caesar,

      8-10 years ago I was told that I was purposely looking out for the negative in black women, fast forward to 2020 and black themselves are trying their utmost to enforce the terrible image and reputation that proceeds them. The evidence is being thrown into my lap on the daily.

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      • @Verbs

        “I was told that I was purposely looking out for the negative in black women”

        Finding negatives in black women is about as hard as finding an STD in black women.

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  9. “they wish to look like rogue pirates, road maps and sewer tunnel schematics, they’ve completely thrown off any sense of keeping their bodies unmarked and untainted, they enjoy graffiting their skin and wallowing in impurity.”

    This is why everyone is flocking to Asian women (the non Westernized, non whitewashed ones. Stay away from those). They have the nicest skin and they’re not about to ruin it with ugly infant scribble. I never really seen East Indian women with retarded tattoos either unless, again, they’re Westernized and whitewashed. That meme at the end was on point as well.

    Can you imagine the smell in that place? I hope the person who rented it out to them charged them extra for stench insurance. Probably smelled like slow death, malaria, nightmares and Popeye’s chicken sammiches. Now I know why black women have to twerk. It is because they are so adverse to wiping their asses that they need to loosen up all the crusted over fecal matter in their ass cracks. They just disguised it as dancing.

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  10. This doesn’t make much sense. Italy is actually more tatted that the USA, and you think Black women are the ones who have the most tattoos? It’s white women who do.


      • It’s been a while since one of these sbeboons cried that.

        @Justine Johnson,

        What in the hell does Italy have anything to do with the topics at hand?

        This is your problem. This is one of many reasons why your kind is so pathetically single. Instead of dealing with the issues at hand, you will try to do anything and everything to avoid this little thing called accountability.

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      • @FDC
        The white woman envy is REAL.
        Just face it sheboons, you will NEVER look like a white woman, act like a white woman or have the appeal of a white woman. EVER.
        You look stupid with your weaves.
        Even dumber with your fake blonde hair.
        The pretend white girl accent is lost on a high testosterone creature like you.
        Just go diesel and dyke it up.

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    • Italy????? What the actual fuck!?!?!?!?! Italian women are just plain sexy as fuck, PLUS, unlike Lack women, they tend to gravitate towards MEN, that’s why you see so many of them with MEN of color (some Italians are dark as hell, now you know why). But back to Lack women, it’s a shame that lack women and their faggot white knights come here and try to put all KINDS of obstacles in between MEN of color and their snow bunnies KNOWING full well they are just wasting their time. I mean come on, Italy is actually tatted up more than the USA???? Ok….what about the women in China, Russia, Brazil???? I’ll give you Italy, but what about the women in Germany? Australia? ( ok…wait, those bitches are tatted up BUT they still are sexier than LACK women) Austria, England, Ireland?????? Fuck outta here.

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  11. Happy Valentine’s brothers I’m actually doing a lot better ever since that fiasco I posted on OM/FTW. Going off topic here: Valentine’s Day is just used for shaming single men especially black thinking men. I honestly don’t get it why tf do these couples go out of their way to compete against each other. And the constant asking why am I single bruh leave me alone.

    But anyway I’m adding this to my playlist of: Why I don’t date black girls

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  12. Right, the black woman is nothing but damaged goods! You know why? Is because of the ratchet behaviour which they are not afraid to show on display. We see black women twerking no matter where they are, we see them fighting for a man that has a third woman, they are living off the government, they put a man on child support and spend the money on themselves, they have multiple children and raising them on their own, they are wearing weave trying to compete with their biggest nemesis known as the white woman, they bleach their skin, they feminize black men, they chase after 357 Jimmy, Dirty Rizly, Knife Man Priest, Mach 10 and 12 inch. Now the surrogate boyfriend/husband thing now. I think that black women are having sex with their sons. Look, I know its Valentine’s Day and it’s the day of romance but there is some dark truth behind that. I don’t think these black boys wanna have sex with their mothers or their mother seduce them and make them have sex with them. Look, these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are hyper sexual and that is the reason why these black boys are over sexed. I think that is the reason why when these black boys grow up, they become single fathers and children left, right and centre.

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  13. It’s Valentine’s Day and these simps are getting hurt by these harridans that are playing games with them and not interested with at all. These ghetto ratchet hoodrats don’t care about these men if they something happens to these simps. They are only interested in them worthless thugs that hangs around in the street drinking alcohol and smoking weed. These simps are that dumb and they are still defending these hopeless hoodrats. Thinking black men now, they watch these women burn! To the S.Y.S.B.M crew, I hope you and your non black women enjoying a……red hot valentine’s day. Time to romance your non black honey bunnies.

    Hey keep your white sugar warm and dry. We go light rain tonight. I hope you S.Y.S.B.M man them and your non black honeys enjoying your romantic Friday night.

    Enjoy your weekend! Blessid!

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    • Man, I am so glad I am divorced and single. I can spend Valentine’s Day, especially on a Friday, at home, in peace, not get guilt-tripped.

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      • Yeah man. I have no problem with Valentine’s Day but it seems like them days of romance might be dead. Besides, I’m just chilling drinking coconut rum. And oh yeah. My ex girlfriend from Jamaica called me just now. Just now brother!

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  14. Happy Valentine’s Day to Emmanuelle L. and Justine Johnson. Good to see you spent it trolling a blog under male names, communicating with guys who have stated they don’t want you. Pitiful. Why do you people do that? Try to push into spaces where you know you’re not wanted? Black men do not go anywhere they’re not welcome, but black women try to force people to accept them. We are supposedly “powerless in society,” yet you follow us into every nook and cranny of the internet and follow us around in real life, too. You say you “don’t need no man,” we’re cool with it, but you just can’t leave us alone. Kinda sad. Oh, well.

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      • Verbs,

        I think it’s quite interesting. We are supposedly “powerless,” “ain’t shit,” and “don’t build,” yet here these lack women are, trolling. On Valentine’s Day. Where are their real life men on Valentine’s Day? Oh that’s right, they are the least-partnered, least-desired, least-wanted women on Earth.

        Weird though how non-black females accept us powerless castoffs.

        Oh well. Keep the wall up, brethren.

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    • We must be something special, then. All this obsessive observation and monitoring of a group of “ain’t shit nighars”?

      These BM escaped, better call the stalking troll slave catchers …

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    • @Schadenfreude

      It’s not enough for black women to hate black men. They have to LET US KNOW they hate us. LMFAO She-monkeys are still having a hard time internalizing the fact that we don’t care about them and don’t want them.

      Repeated for the clarity of you she-boons.


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      • Black Caesar,

        It’s all about the right of first refusal for these hoes. For once, they are the ones who are rejected, and they can’t take it. And to be rejected by the “lames” that they once rejected themselves is particularly hurtful. I get that. But what I don’t get is the undercover spying (posing as men online) and dick policing.

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      • @Schadenfreude

        The answer to that is simple.
        Follow the bouncing ball!


        Understand white male nature and you’ll understand black female nature.

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    • “Black men do not go anywhere they’re not welcome, but black women try to force people to accept them.“

      Are you for real? Damn near every one of you dusties in Europe are not wanted. Trayvon Martin went where he was not wanted. The truth is, these non-black people, no matter if they are white, asian, Hispanic, whatever, DONT WANT YALL!
      Just cuz your desperate dusty ass find some 300 pound mayonnaise smelling, lice having, white mans reject, you think they all love you its white women calling the police on your ass.

      Which i dont blame them for. Most of yall are criminals. Tht is one reason black women and girls have no protection. Smh
      If you dusties only went where you are wanted you would be only at the jails, the section 8 homes of lost mammys, and in the double wide trailer of fat ass becky.

      Ps: Paris Milan has a savage video on you soft, down-low choosing fat ass 400 lb Tammy Slaton lol.

      Also Cynthia G, Who do they really choose series as well.
      Most of yall downlow like Tank and Malik Yoba 🤣😆😆😂😂😂


      • U The Fool,

        You’re dumb as hell rolling up in here with that disproven garbage, most SYSBM practitioners are either married, in long term relationships or are actively dating. You have to be a scraggley headed black witch or an brain dead ultra simp because only those two would continue to repeat the same old lies and talking points that have been deconstructed and rubbished many times over.

        You’re even more of a fermented muppet for quoting powder face/wig wearing Cynthia G after she got knocked up by the same dusty beta male coon she was constantly complaining about, you honestly think that her name would still carry some weight after that whole episode, you’re dumber than a crate of dead fish.

        Don’t even bother trying to reference Paris Milan either, Kid Organic has cut her arguments down on many occasions. Crawl back to the dark, damp and musty catacomb you crawled out from, chasing after dudes who are minding their own business, but we’re not wanted right? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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      • @Ur All Pookie and Ray Ray AKA “NIGGER BITCH”

        Well it didn’t take long for one of you she-monkeys to snap like a breadstick at the commentary here thereby proving Verbs correct in everything he says. You even posted a direct quote and proved it right in the next.

        Allow me to destroy you faster than your weave is destroying your hairline:

        1. Black men are not wanted in Europe? Says who? Your white daddy? Prove these claims.
        2. Show me the law that proves Trayvon Martin was not where he had the right to be as an American Citizen. “My white daddy says” is not legally binding in a court of law.
        3. “FOUR out of five black women are seriously overweight.”

        4. A great deal of black men are in prison because they were put in there by black women through family court.
        5. I want evidence to support your claim that most black men have criminal records.
        6. Black women and girls have no protection because you all are “strong and independent and don’t need no man”. Don’t blame black men because you bought more than you bargained for.
        7. “Most of yall downlow like Tank and Malik Yoba”
        Gay jokes huh? Here’s something to think about. The black woman is the most masculine woman on Earth with exorbitant levels of testosterone. A man is more likely effeminate or homosexual if he IS attracted to black women than otherwise. Masculine men are drawn to FEMININE women.

        1. SYSBM do not want you, period. In fact we’d rather be alone than with a negress.
        2. If a black man would rather a ” 300 pound mayonnaise smelling, lice having, white mans reject” than ANY black woman, that says more about the quality of black women than the quality of the man. If every restaurant in my neighborhood offered me a free, 5-star, 3-course dinner for FREE and instead I’d rather paying for a Burger King combo, everyone’s going to be looking at what is the matter with those restaurants.
        3. The black men you complain about were raised by SINGLE BLACK WOMEN. Do not attempt to go down the road of “De BlAk MayN lEfT hEr”. There are single mothers of all races and yet only the products of black single mothers are exponentially dysfunctional comparatively.
        4. BLACK WOMEN CORNER THE MARKET ON OBESITY. No other race of women is as FAT as black women across the board. Fat white women actually make an effort to lose weight except for the ones who mimic the behavior of black women.
        5. Paris Milan looks like a sea bass that was dried out and mounted by a very unskilled taxidermist, especially without the makeup. She is a swirling failure. She is only “pro black” because she can’t get a white man. Likewise Cynthia G who has decided to become everything she complains about when she became baby mama number 6 to a dusty pro-black shine.
        6. Where’s your white man at?
        7. SYSBM is here to stay.

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  15. Good afternoon gents,
    Well it’s official, Lack women are the idiot cuck slave of the low white woman (feminist).
    As some you may know, there is a white female You Tuber named NolaGIRL504 and she’s a beautiful conservative woman……with a black husband.
    She put up a video giving her thoughts on the half time show (which she is entitled to) with J Lo and Shakira. Needless to say, as a conservative woman, she wasn’t impressed, which is cool, so guess who came looking to troll up her comment section????? Hint, Nolagirl is a conservative….you guessed, some multi colored leap femicunt call herself chastising Nolagirl for talking bad about two other women (you can always tell a feminist because they believe they are above criticism) and guess who she brought along with her? You guessed it, A FUCKING LACK WOMAN.

    I believe the Lack woman is named Princess Leia 187 and the Low white women name is Rebecca (shocker) W artist and they both need their asses handed to them, the Lack woman even admitted she going after NolaGirl because she married to a black man (I wonder where her husband and kids are) and then the low white woman makes a vailed threat of send new nazis after Nolagirl….for being married to a black man.
    See how that works??????????????
    Lack woman are now openly working side by side with racist bigots and they are now going after the women who we call mates…..

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    • If I were a content creator, I would disable the comment section. In communications, we call that simplex communication. And as my platoon sergeant used to say, “Soldier this is simplex communication– me talk, and you shut the fuck up. I don’t want to hear what the fuck you have to say. This isn’t a full duplex discussion.”

      I actually found NolaGIRL504 a bit pretentious. I only watched one of her videos in the past. The tag team of the black woman and racist against her doesn’t surprise me.

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    • @OGOC
      I just spoke about this to my brother. Liberal whites and black women are the biggest champions of white supremacy. Conservative white males are maybe a step below them. The white feminist became a feminist originally because she didn’t want black men to get the vote before her. White feminism is rooted in anti-black male sentiment. We know that black women were born to be mammies as well so their kowtowing to white feminism is standard operating procedure. Whenever we think about the image of a happy slave a mammy always comes to mind. Shout out to this conservative woman. SYSBM is driving its enemies nuts. It’s quite fascinating to watch.

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      • BC, you are the first person I’ve met to actually connect the dots between white white supremacy and white feminist. YOU ARE SPOT ON ABOUT THE WHITE FEMINISTS BEING BORN FROM WHITE WOMONE SPECIFICALLY TRYING TO BLOCK THE ADVANCEMENT OF BLACK MEN. Now don’t get me wrong, some feminists just wanted the way cleared so they could have access to black men (PLEASE look up Frederick Douglas last WIVES) but the main stream feminists (gay to the fucking hilt) had it out worst for black men than white men. We still have to be on the look out for them in our search for a quality stargate, as bad as we look out for the scraggle. And yes, Nola is a good example of a conservative white women GOOD for a man of color. Tomi Lauren is another. Those kind of white women are PERFECT for us, non-hood, getto, and they are NOT liberal.

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      • @OGOC
        FACTS 💯💯💯
        Look at who was attacking Kobe Bryant the most. White feminists, white males and their servants, black women. White feminists are like black women in many ways. They are the rejects of the dating world. The absolute bottom of white society. It seems that people who are on the bottom or who aren’t viewed as valuable to white society are anti-black (anti black male) by default. Like they try to ingratiate themselves into white society by hating us. LOL:

        -Asians (male), rejected from white society, anti black (male).
        -Irish (male), rejected from white society, anti black (male).
        -Italians (male), rejected from white society, anti black (male).
        -White feminists, ugly, rejected from white society in terms of mating, anti black (male).
        -Ugly white women (or ugly women period), rejected from white society in terms of mating, anti-black (male). This is why they’re the ones who call the cops on black males, made #Metoo a thing, etc. They’re trying to delude themselves by believing they are irresistible enough to rape and artificially inflate their value. Which leads to…
        -Black women, the lowest of the low in terms of mating potential, rejected from white society in terms of mating, The MOST anti-black (male).

        Wasn’t it Dr. John Henrik Clarke who said that everything done is mostly related to sex or sexuality? All anti-black male hatred is rooted in sexual value. If everyone is this threatened by black male sexuality then the logical conclusion is that we are the most desirable men on the planet. The only barrier was economic. SYSBM checks off all points which is why SYSBM will be the biggest target.
        You are right about conservative white women for black men who are upstanding. Tomi Lahren is good looking but my only problem with her is a bit of hypocrisy on her part. She is after all in media and may just be playing up to her audience. Liberal white women are NOT good for thinking black men. Do not be afraid to ask whether or not your potential woman is a feminist or identifies as one. I’ve done it and made it clear that if they bring one drop of that shit over here they’re gone. Sight unseen.

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      • I, too, have noticed the connection between White feminism and White supremacy; it was racist White beta males who gave them their power, so White feminism is a branch of White supremacy. As for Rebecca W Artist and her useful idiot Lack woman Princess Leah, my observation is vindicated once more that liberal White females only defend Black brawds who are utter trash like themselves!

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  16. I think Emmanuel L’s idea of a site dedicated to the uplifting of non-black women is an excellent idea. It could be the SYSWW, flip side of the coin. 🤣


    • Everyone knows the REAL problem and real solution. They will not call it out because white supremacist objectives are being fulfilled. They’ll pay lip service and throw a couple bucks at the problem just to ease public tension and also so politicians can gain support but that’s it. Black male dysfunction is a literal cash cow and they’re not about to stop that gravy train. Black women are basically making the system billions, if not trillions of dollars by having bastard nigglets with the savages. The couple bucks they get from the government is notwhere near the return the actual system is getting.

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    • Indeed, liberals and conservatives alike won’t address the root cause of the dysfunction; drill music is just a symptom of what a broken home can produce.

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  17. Damn! WARNING! WARNING! You can’t escape the Lack/scraggle even in the goddamn strip clubs….went to one of my fave that I haven’t been to in awhile and fuck me running backwards if there wasn’t wall to wall weave up the place. all of the Lack women ran the the white women out and now it’s full of scraggle. now mind you, it USED to be full of tight bodied white girls, now it’s nothing but FAT, NASTY, AND FUNKY ASS LACK WOMEN. Fuck……I’ll have my Merlot and leave….fuck, I used to really like that place.

    Liked by 5 people

    • @OFOC,

      That’s one of the many reasons I avoid strip clubs to begin with. Besides being a waste of money, these sheboons go out of their way to annoy you, and once they see you’re not interested will do anything to keep the actually attractive ones away from you.

      I told a story not too long ago about me having to throw out a pair of glasses because one of these apes went to town on herself, and the stench wouldn’t go away.

      They’re sickening.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Bro…II had to hurt two of their feelings last night straight up. I do agree, Lack women make sure they try to lock you down, and when you rebuff them, they try to black list you, but last night, I could care less about going back to the place so I felt free to speak my mind and leave. I told one that kept trying to touch me, she was short, fat, and wearing a blonde hair hat, and I point blank told her, “I don’t waste time or money on women like her” and you know what, there wasn’t a DAMN thing she could do but take it.

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  18. The beastly western black female is an abomination before the most high, and a desecration of nature. In addition to her stupidity, physical ugliness, and lack of hygiene, her character is rotten to the core. Being the product of generations of bottom breeding between SIMP fuckboys and daggle skanks, she has had all nuturing instincts bred out of her She is the worst mother on the planet. Her kids are bad, because she is incapable of teaching them good character. She has no concept of good character herself. She has zero nuturing skills.To her, kids are simply a means to get welfare payments from the government. When they get older, she requires them to wait on her lazy ass, hand and foot. Oftentimes, she teaches them how to do petty theft and peddle drugs, to bring the proceeds back to her. She teaches her female children to be hoes like herself. Her male children become useless SIMPS, no good to society, the communitah, nor themselves.

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    • Surah 6:50

      “Shall I inform you of something worse than that, regarding the recompense from Allah: those who incurred the Curse of Allah and His Wrath, those of whom (some) He transformed into APES and SWINE, those who worshipped Taghut (false deities); such are worse in rank , and far more astray from the Right Path (in the life of this world).”

      Surah 7:166-168

      “So when they were insolent about that which they had been forbidden, We said to them, “Be apes, despised.” (167) And [mention] when your Lord declared that He would surely [continue to] send upon them until the Day of Resurrection those who would afflict them with the worst torment. Indeed, your Lord is swift in penalty; but indeed, He is Forgiving and Merciful. (168) And We divided them throughout the earth into nations. Of them some were righteous, and of them some were otherwise. And We tested them with good [times] and bad that perhaps they would return [to obedience].”

      Deutoronomy 5:8-10

      ” (8) Never make your own carved idols or statues that represent any creature in the sky, on the earth, or in the water. (9) Never worship them or serve them, because I, YHWH your Elohim, am El Kanna. I punish children for their parents’ sins to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. (10) But I show mercy to thousands of generations of those who love me and obey my commandments.”

      So If you are trolling this site looking to change the hearts and minds of these men, STOP and CONSIDER that it is FAR EASIER and more BENEFICIAL as an individual to seek to change your own heart and mind and get back on the right path than one you have no control over and may only persuade.

      However the conspicuous lack of coherent and reasonable talking points means that the power to persuade would only extend to the utterly deceived… and that alone should make any sane individual rethink their alliances to idol gods and lame priesthood in whatever cover they come.

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      • In the USA, the Black male is imdoctrinated with a fiction of the Black female as a goddess, from the day he is born. It begins with his mother, his aunts, and the other women around him. This has been going on for centuries, so the Black males that he encounters in the communitah, will echo the same.

        The media will constantly bombard the Black male psyche with messages that he is to be obsessed with Black female sexuality. This gives the Black female enormous power over such indoctrinated Black males. In the US, the Black female as a collective, is in the employ of the white power structure. She oversees Black male for said white power structure. Many of the comments in this forum are from the UK and Canada. Judging from them, it seems a similar paradigm is being constructed in the UK and Canada.

        I believe it is critically important to make Black men aware of the conditioning being applied to them. I believe that only Black men themselves, can break out of their repeating cycle of failure, misery, tragedy, and premature death. But first, said Black man must disentangle himself, emotionally, psychologically, and spirtually, from the broken and desecrated westernized Black female.

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    • @BCT these are the rejects of white society that I mentioned earlier. She has parlayed the fact she will never have a family into a social engineering agenda. LOL slick but amateurish at best.

      Liked by 2 people

      • “She has parlayed the fact she will never have a family into a social engineering agenda.”

        That’s just what her White supremacist handlers want.

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  19. …..oh, my….fucking god….

    Yesterday, I was in TGI Friday’s (((HELL NO I’M not going to say which one))) and there where three 30 somethings scraggle daggles on the other side of the bar, towards the back, but from how fucking LOUD and OBNOXIOUS as hell, they might as well been right up in my face. They were so loud, before I ordered my dinner and glass of Merlot, I put my headphones on listened to my playlist. Now there was a brother sitting down from me, on my side of the bar; talking to the three Lack women across from us and it seemed as if he was trying to Mack to them at first, and I wanted no part of it, but I was curious, so…I took out my phone and started the voice recorder, I figured as loud as these heifers were, even in a restaurant with a bar, they could be heard…that was yesterday and I’m just now listening to what was recorded….Jesus Christ….VERBS, I believe I can send the recording to you via email yes? If so, PLEASE let me know what email to send it to….brother ((((lowers head, shaking left to right))) BABA, if you get a chance to hear what was said, you will have sooooooooo, much to work with….my god, it’s…you will have to listen…unscripted, public, and very very real……I’m not even joking anymore, I’m dead serious, there is something VERY, wrong mentally with them, and ANYONE I mean anyone that tries to reason, include, protect, enable, be kind to, rational with is playing Russian roulette with his mental and spiritual sanity…and I got fucking proof.

    Liked by 4 people

    • @BCT

      Non black men are cucks. But these are the same men who complain about feminism and how “women aren’t women anymore” even though they want their women to rule over them. LOOOL!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Men shouldn’t legislate what women do with their bodies? Um, what? Wasn’t it Governor Kay Ivey who signed the abortion bill in Alabama last year? And yes, women are responsible for what goes on in THEIR bodies!

      Liked by 2 people

  20. If you hate black women SoOoO much, why are you spending so much time posting about them? This makes zero sense. Clearly you have a deeper issue and experienced something in your life to make you sit at home posting about how much you hAtE black women. Like dude.. get a job, get some therapy, and maybe a black woman will finally give you the love you want so badly because secretly, that’s what it is. Lol


    • Lora,

      The answer is simple, to warn others. That’s what black men with a conscious mindset do, they look out for and protect other like minded brothers.


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