Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Slaying Evil continues to provide a platform for free thinking brothers to talk about the issues that we feel ought to be discussed. Notice how even though we are out of the way of everybody else, we still have certain groups attempting to besmirch and graffiti our image and reputation including the latest anti SYSBM squads who have taken onboard the specific duty of attempting to lead thinking black men back onto the proverbial plantation at the behest of their degenerate black queanies, however as we all know in the end the truth shall prevail and we’re never coming back either. You’ve got the floor gentlemen, another Open Mic Wednesday nice and early for you, as per usual enjoy.

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Continues To Grow From Strength To Strength

Most High Bless

228 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. The richest person in the history of the earth was Mansa Musa du mali (Black)
    – The greatest Pop musician was Michael Jackson (Black)
    -The greatest jazz singer “The famous Aretha Franklin. (Black)
    – The greatest footballer was Pèle (Noir)
    – The biggest boxer was Muhammed Ali (Black)
    – The biggest and richest golfer is Tiger Woods (Black)
    – The greatest Basketball player was Michael Jordan (Black)
    – The biggest runner and only world record is Usain Bolt (Black)
    -The biggest female tennis player is Serena Williams (Black)
    – The biggest Hip Hop artist was 2 PAC (Black)
    -The greatest philosophers were Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr (Blacks)
    – The greatest Reggae artist was Bob Marley (Black)
    -The most educated President was Robert Mugabe (Black)
    – The world’s greatest President was Nelson Mandela (Black)
    – the man who successfully carried out the American space shuttle to the moon was called “Arineitwe” a Ugandan (Black)
    – The most famous of the generals was Colin Luther Powell (Black)
    – The great surgeon in the world is Ben Carson (Black)
    – The greatest Medical invention .. The revolutionary robot used in brain surgery by the Franco-Beninese Bertin Nahum (Black).

    The best F1 racer is also Black.

    * The next great person is You! *
    * Stop thinking that white men are superior to Us. * * Black men are not the lowest in this world either! *
    * Start to discover the superiority in You. *
    * Let us wake up African brothers.

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    • ….really, are you lost?!?!?
      Every man of color here that is truly sysbm do not need the achievements of others (the people you gather together to paint a rosy picture of blackness) to validate himself, he is already great………..DESPITE the fucked community he was born into.
      As for thinking the white men is greater….listen ma’am, just because we LOVE WHITE WOMEN, and breed with them, doesn’t mean we think they are better than us, but know what might make a black man think white men is better than them……a fugly white man giving over 600 black woman HIV….that would do something to a black man’s ego….if he gave two fucks about black women…thank GOD, the men here don not have that problems

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      • I know😂😂I just say that to get under their skin, besides, all this hatred of men of color mating with women outside their race originally stems from BLACK MEN being with WHITE WOMEN specifically by black women…specially.

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      • @OGOC
        Amen. Both the black woman and the white man think alike on that subject. What these non black betas are too stupid to realize is that by making us the forbidden fruit for centuries has made us universally desirable. If they really wanted to keep their women away from us they would have done the opposite. So I guess they’re stuck. And no one gives a shit about what black women want to they can go pound weave. 🤣 🤣 🤣

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      • @Off Grid, On Code

        AlI did was list some achievements from black men who are SYSBM and black men who aren’t SYSBM. The list shows only one achievement from a black female. Even white women have invented more achievements than black women. I’m not ma’am LOL. Your message shows how loyal you are to snow queens, if this was a test, you passed. The black Moorish men invented maths and science and was able to build a Moorish empire with white queens for 700 years. We can do it again. Don’t worry mate, I’ve always been #TeamWhiteGirls and always will be

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  2. KOBE BRYANT and BLACK FEMALES —– In recent weeks, the late Kobe Bryant has been attacked for not marrying a black female. The facts are that Bryant, as a skinny young teenager, was not the kind of guy that black teenage girls prefer. Bryant was from a two-parent family. Bryant had spent much of his childhood in Italy. Bryant had a family background and social background that is very different from most black teenagers. Kobe, himself, mentioned many times that as a teenager he was not able to connect with young blacks in his age group. ————— Being shunned by black teenage girls, Bryant was able to put more focus on being a world-class basketball player. — Bryant did have a friend zone relationship with Brandy, the R&B singer. — Bryant wanted to be with Brandy, but the feelings were not mutual. — Bryant, however, learned early that black females did not want him. —- Bryant later married a female that, we are told, has both a Caucasian and a Hispanic background. —–

    NOW WE MUST MOVE TO A CORE TRUTH—– We often state that non-black females get the black males that black females do not want. In essence, black females did not want Bryant when he was a so-called lame teenager. Now, the same man that black females did not want is attacked for marrying a non-black female.

    GENTLEMEN. Go SYSBM. If you are a man of substance, most black females do not want you anyway. Non-black women have large numbers of faults. Black women have an infinite number of faults. —


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    • The facts are that the BW mission is to degrade you and use you . If the BW is not a positive part of your life, she should be released and not interacted with. When I look back in hindsight from birth until now, I have seen mostly lies from the BW, and not effort on being apart of anything successful. I have declined phone calls, text messages, and not reaching out to most of the BW I had interaction with in 2019. They are cut from the same cloth, and amount to not making your life better just taking from it. I use to hear dont date single moms, but women who are single or single with no kids are just as bad. Stay focused on your mission, and dont make any special accomodations for the BW. Live your life.

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    • @Gregory C

      Black women don’t want him, they want his money. This is what black women really means by wanting black men to build. They don’t want the money for infrastructure. They don’t want the money for schools. They don’t want the money for new businesses. They don’t want the money to end black poverty. They don’t even want the money to put a breadcrumb in the starving mouths of their multiple kids.

      They want the money for weave.

      End the cycle of child abuse NOW and breed black women OUT.

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      • Black Caesar — E. Franklin Frazier, a leading sociologist, said the same thing in the 1950s in his book “Black Bourgeois”. Black females care primarily about themselves and not about black men or even their own children.

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      • @Gregory C
        That’s crazy but it corroborates my point that black women were never good women and they only stood by black men because they had no choice.

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    • Emmanuel L —- Wait a minute, my brother. You may want to ease up on saying “Chrissie told no lies.” Chrissie is your mainstream black female and her views are not in your best interests in my humble opinion.

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      • Verbs2015— Emmanuel L is rather suspect if he (or she) is agreeing with Chrissie. As to colorism, black women are quick to talk about black men being too dark or having nappy hair. — I still remember the black Nigerian woman who posted earlier that had a no dark guy preference.

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    • Emmanuel L,

      Nobody asked BW to “fight” for Kobe nor stick up for him. Other people died in that crash and all BW care about is “the bag.” I’m glad his Latin wife who stuck with him through his troubles and his beautiful biracial daughters are inheriting his legacy. You black hoes would only squander it on weaves, tattoos and stuntin for the ‘Gram. Fuck Chrissie and fuck you.

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      • Vanessa Bryant met Kobe on the set of a music video so let’s not pretend that she wasn’t a wannabe video vixen…and a lot of them are looking for a come up in some shape or form so let’s not pretend that Vanessa wasn’t a gold digger herself. She was still in high school when she met Kobe and Kobe was 20 when he met her so he had already been in the nba for a while before they met.


      • “Vanessa Bryant met Kobe on the set of a music video so let’s not pretend that she wasn’t a wannabe video vixen…”

        Let’s not pretend…..look, HERE, let’s make it easy….YOURE RIGHT…… what??????????????????????????????????

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      • “Vanessa Bryant met Kobe on the set of a music video so let’s not pretend that she wasn’t a wannabe video vixen…and a lot of them are looking for a come up in some shape or form so let’s not pretend that Vanessa wasn’t a gold digger herself. She was still in high school when she met Kobe and Kobe was 20 when he met her so he had already been in the nba for a while before they met.”

        If Vanessa was a gold digger then that means she won out over black chicks. You typing at us won’t change that. Please leave this site.

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    • No one here cares what some banana eating (with the peels); Liberty bell-nosed; slow black, slow black, sloe black; She-monkey; National Geographic spread reject Negrangutan thinks.

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    • @Emmanuel L aka Emily,

      Everyone here knows you are a Black Female. Who do you think you’re fooling you stupid Black Bitch? You stupid Black Women love going to places you are not wanted. You idiot Black Women are mad that Kobe married a Latina. That’s all it comes down to. You don’t care about the way he, his daughter, and the other passengers on that flight perished. All you care about is the fact that he chose not to procreate with Black Female Trash like yourself. Something else I realize is you Black Women are fucking broke bums, always mad because you’re not going to ever get a penny out of a Thinking Black Man’s money. Fuck off you Black bitch.


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  3. Gregory Chandler,
    Can you cite your sources on where Kobe Bryant said that black girls didn’t want him. He grew up in Italy and most likely was not around too many black girls so it’s not surprising that he preferred non black women. So I doubt he was around too many black girls for them to be rejecting him. Plus Kobe was 17 when he got drafted so I’m sure no woman regardless of race would have rejected a drafted NBA player.

    “As news continued to come out, the words “sexual” and “assault” began to find themselves next to one another rather frequently. It was beginning to look worse and worse for Brandy’s former prom date. But it was still so hard to believe. I mean, this was Kobe frickin’ Bryant. A ‘hood hero, even though he was a little bourgeois. This was the man our kids were looking up to. This was the man that had that winning smile that Jordan and Magic Johnson before him possessed. In the wake of Kobe’s legendary promise, the ‘hood had finally come to grips with Michael’s retirement. Oh, but we had no idea the dark side that existed behind that smile.
    Okay, let’s cover what we already know. Kobe had a thing for young, white girls. We knew that when he started dating his eventual wife while she was still in high school. When we came to grips with the fact that our hero had allegedly sexually assaulted someone, the fact that she was a young, white girl should have been a surprise to no one. I mean, me and some of the brothas, and definitely some of the sistas, had hoped that Kobe would stay to the darker side. The trip to the prom with the previously mentioned Brandy gave us hope. Unfortunately, that truly was a publicity stunt. Kobe likes his coffee with lots and lots of cream.

    This is an excerpt from: (Peace in my mind by Kelly R. Jackson). So it was Kobe that wasn’t checking for black women not the other way around. Stop blaming everything on black women! Black men love to say that when black women date out they are not obligated to and that the white “zaddy” can support them. So the same should apply for us right. Black women are not obligated to support black men especially when said black man didn’t fuck with black women like that.

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    • @Emmanuel,

      🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Whether or not the late Kobe Bryant said or didn’t say this or if the was or wasn’t checking for these broads can be debated all day long as there is no evidence of either.

      What cannot be debated is how disgusting and reprehensible these sheboons (and not all before you even attempt saying it) acted upon hearing the news of his death, and especially AFTER they found out his daughter and seven other people died in that tragedy as well. Most people would keep their mouths shut without knowing the facts, and once they found out would still keep their mouth shut out ir just plain old decency. But not these bitches you’re throwing your freshly starched cape on for. They don’t know how to keep their mouths (or legs) shut to save their lives. Any and all attention regardless if it’s for the wrong reasons is good for them.

      These lack women celebrated this mans death as if they won the lottery and didn’t have to pay a cent in taxes. How is it none of these broads mentioned that???

      Finally, why is it that any black male public figure is obligated to date one of these oil tankers, and or give back to da communitah; and neither of which in all likelihood never helped them get to where they are? Why is that? Why can’t the hood focus on fixing their shithole communities, raising their children, working and not where another man sticks his penis?? It is pathetic how a good portion of you people attempt to vicariously live through your favorite celebrities.

      Spare all of us your false outrage, and unverified babble simp. It won’t work here.

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  4. Emmanuel L ———- First, you make a rather questionable agreement with Chrissie. Second, you deflect and ask me to “…cite your sources on where Kobe Bryant said that black girls didn’t want him.” Third, you say “Stop blaming everything on black women!” —- I decline to debate with black females or black men that use black female talking points.

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    • Gregory Chandler,
      Watch the video first then we can agree to disagree. If Kobe did say that black girls did not want him why can’t you provide the source?

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      • “Watch the video first then we can agree to disagree. If Kobe did say that black girls did not want him why can’t you provide the source?”

        Listen bitch, you are NOT among the type of LACK men that roll over and play dead because of your skank attitude, check that shit RICKY TICK hoe, or verbs will make you disappear.
        We will NOT brook ANY off the wall behavior from the like of you HERE. be civilized and humble or hit the fucken road….fuck outta here, YOU DONT GIVE ORDERS AROUND HERE, you anit at home with RayRay, Pookie, Junbug, Lil man or some other such Retarded sounding name. We do not respect you, shit we don’t even like you, but we will allow you to say your piece and move on, but don’t ever try that soft Jedi mind control shit here again.

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  5. Good SYSBM morning! So, I was going to start Open Mic Wednesday with a different subject, until I saw this ad for Quibi on Instagram:

    This would make a great entry for Tommy Sotomayor’s “HCBW” series; an “educated daggle” has become president, and the first thing she does when they are facing an asteroid that is 10 minutes away from obliterating them is watch an episode of her favorite show on Quibi? At least weave wasn’t top priority this time.

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  6. I posted this once. I’m posting it again, because I feel so strongly about this.

    Some brothers have posted on this forum, mentioning the shortened life expectancy of the Black Man. I posit that the primary reason for the Black Man’s shortened life expectancy, is the beastly black female. Even when you factor in the homicides, the substance abuse, the lack of finances, all this is intimately intertwined with the Black Man’s continulal involvement with the beastly black female. Her life expectancy is almost the same as a white women’s. What does that tell you ? If Black Men, as a collective, would leave the beastly black female alone, her life expectancy would plummet. She is literally sucking the lives out of Black Men, who have been conditioned from birth to be sacrificial lambs for this beast.

    If you are an educated intelligent Black Man who lives a common sense heathy lifestyle, then your life expectancy is the same as that of a White Man’s, so long as you don’t get involved with these bottom rung beastly black females. And 98 percent of all black females fall into that category. The beastly black female is the primary cause of the Black Man’s shortened life expectancy.

    I started life as a SIMP. Most Black do, because we are conditioned to be SIMPS from birth. Living life, developing my mind, always striving to achieve, and observing the beastly black female over the course of my life, has brought me to the SYSBM point of view. The only way to keep Black Men on the plantation, breeding with beastly black females, is to indoctrinate and brainwash them from birth. That is because any man who looks at the beastly black female objectively, will be utterly repulsed by what he sees. And bear in mind, the black female is degenerating year by year. This generation is worse than the previous one, which was worse than its previous generation, and so on and so on.

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    • Continue to date other races and or native american and latina. I have seen them more cooperative, approachable and available. The BW is difficult on purpose, and her mission is to use you lie and then spit on you once you die. They dont pray for your welfare believe that, and anytime you can avoid giving anything to them you win!!

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    • And let’s be clear, this includes family members.

      My mother took out a life insurance policy on my brother and I in secret to cash in on her hopes of us getting killed by the low IQ pavement monkeys in our neighbourhood so she could cash in. Let’s be clear that black women keep their kids in the ghetto for this reason, for attention and a government cheque, and also the FACT that the Negress cannot survive without chaos. Sheboons cannot survive in a sleepy, white picket fence, “Leave It To Beaver” type of setting. They would quickly turn it into blackistan which is why wherever these savages go, they turn it into a ghetto. They turn it into ghettos because this is the spiritual home of the sheboon. They keep their children in poverty and in the “communitah” in hopes they get killed for attention and an insurance payout.

      The money they spend on insurance could have been split or even put into a saving account to pay for new dwellings so we KNOW that black women purposely keep their kids in the hood for a reason. As I mentioned before, Hardcore Tito made a video about this. Black women WANT black males killed. It doesn’t matter if it is their own kids. The prime directive of the sheboon is to fulfill white supremacist goals even if she has to manufacture a means to accomplish those goals by having kids and then killing them (or placing them in a position to be killed).

      This is why you will see she-monkeys say things like “abort those black babies” in defiance. Why would she get pregnant by a black man in the first place if she didn’t like black men. The she-monkey WANTS to get pregnant with a black child for the purpose of enslaving it, starving it and/or killing it either directly or indirectly. The black woman is a living altar to sacrifice black bodies for the devil (white man). This is where she gets that she-monkey energy that we refer to as BT-1000.
      I will go as far to say that if you are a thinking black man who desires a long-term partner, marriage and ultimately children and a family, then it is your DUTY to go SYSBM. You deserve better black man. In fact, the pavement monkeys that did survive deserve better. I wouldn’t wish such disgusting apes for females on any man. They MUST be bred out. Eugenics is the only way to save the black community and you have to perform it at the source.

      The eunuchs who are speaking against SYSB< are nothing but mindless servants of the black witch. There have already been many cases where thirsty, beta males have committed crimes up to and including murder for pussy. These anti-SYSBM Negroes are no different. They are also servants of white supremacy indirectly by serving white supremacy's most loyal pets, the she-ape.

      SYSBM or DEATH.

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      • Oh boy I remember a newspaper about that exact scenario here in Trinidad. Mothers in known “bad areas” KNEW their son(s) would be killed sooner or later, so they took out TT$1M (US$140,000) insurance policies to cash in when the sons met their violent demise.

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      • @Glen Saxon yup.
        Every child born to a black woman is cursed and his life is in danger. We black men are a special people especially thinking black men because we survived the enemy outside of us and the enemy we were born from and thrive.

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  7. 😂😂😂😂😂I cant!!!!! So while the Pro-Lacks are hunting down sysbm, THIS THING is making our case FOR US😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    She even said, “…why don’t y’all (black men) go look at what WHITE fokes do and act like them.” Well fugly, WE DID, THATS WHY YOU SEE SO MANY OF US WITH WHITE WOMEN😂😂😂😂😂😂
    And who are these thirsty fucks oversexualizing her??????🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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      • …you know, in 2020 where Lack women and their partners in crime, the homosexual black man look and sound pretty much the same nowadays, it possibly could be a RuPaul🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

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    • That’s one thing I hate about this shit generation of women both black and white is that they want to control what kinds of compliments they get instead for being grateful that dudes are checking them out and finding them desirable. Most of these hoes, again both black and white, are 5s and 6s on average. Look at the complaining black hoe in this video looking like Kizzy. She should be lucky any man is complimenting her. In a few years, she will be making videos about how no man is checking for her anymore ’cause she’s old and washed up.

      Social media and feminism has destroyed these entitled hoes. Save your compliments black man. Even if they weren’t so-called “over-sexualized,” BW wouldn’t appreciate them. Kizzy in the video likes compliments from non-black men anyway and tells you to emulate them. Fuck that broad.


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      • I could not agree with you more, but feminist has done the WORST damage to black women specifically, white women will reach a point of no return (approaching the wall) and do some to improve themselves, Lack Women do not, INSTEAD, Lack women double DOWN and end up looking much older than their counterparts.

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    • Who the hell is this handkerchief head she-monkey with her doo-wop revival glasses talmbout thinking black men. What? because she found those things in her grandma’s attic, that’s supposed to make her a traditional woman? LMFAO
      GTFOH bitch. We’re not in competition with white people. That’s the beauty of SYSBM. We live for OURSELVES and on our terms. It is the NEGRESS that is in constant competition with whites.

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    • Regarding the video above :

      Hold on now !. First of all, this beast described herself as pretty. She is not pretty by any stretch. And her personality is disqusting. Every other word from her toilet mouth is MF. Who do these beasts think they are impressing, when they curse and swear worse than a drunken sailor ???

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    • Here is a compliment “You got a big fucking James Evans Good Time’s Nose” I bet you can smell all types of shit. Does it get in the way when you are brushing your teeth or block your view when you look down to move a part in the factory. I mean its big…..Really big…….Like Huge……and Wide……Oblong!!!!”

      FYI shame on those guys for lowering there standards and hitting on her. We need to have a GoFundMe campaign to get those men airplane tickets to Acapulco or Columbia. #sysbmforlife #theratchetrepellant

      I need a King Sigma We Love Black Men commercial Break after the daggle spoke HIT ME ONE MORE TIME WITH THAT SH(#@ King SIGMA LOL

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      • “FYI shame on those guys for lowering there standards and hitting on her. We need to have a GoFundMe campaign to get those men airplane tickets to Acapulco or Columbia. #sysbmforlife #theratchetrepellant”

        I don’t know the crux of the video, but I have say NO. If they can’t afford plane tickets, then that’s probably due to the choices they made in life. In other words, they are probably fuck boys. Further, the very same men we help via GoFundMe, would be the very men who will start making videos attacking us, like the good pastor-1989 did.

        No more 180s (about-faces), fuck that!

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    • @Blue Collar Trevor

      I said the same thing. This shit has Gabrielle Union’s feminists finger prints all over it. That BOY is too damn young to know what he wants or what he is.

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    • Oh MY God, Don’t let me start on this MF here, goddamn what the hell bro?, This negro Dwayne “wady”, you married this bitch and you let her straight up punked your son. She got him marching in MF gay parade, negro please. You lost your f*cking mind, Got this 12 y.o.calling himself Zaya? WTF! and you co-signing the bullsh*t. Gabby is running that household, btw have you seen Magic’s kid, that negro’s rupaul-light. And Charlize Theron has a little black boy wearing dresses, sh*t Will Smith kid Jaden not sure what the hell wants to be, but mama Jada wants him to express his feminine side.

      #SYSBM 4 LIFE

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      • You got the media calling this simp ass busta a motherfucking “hero”?, what the hell was he gonna do? Set his kid straight with the whole world watching? So naturally he’s gonna approve of this bullshit, ’cause he don’t want the LGBTQlmnop smoke and most importantly he don’t want it from that bitch of a wife. So you fuck up your 12 y.o.child, because you more afraid of others than the health and sanity of your offspring.
        I feel if you want to identify or become someone else, you have to be at least 18 y.o. Because I’m guessing you probably would have had some vagina by then. And if you still want to change after that, then so be it. A lot of these motherfuckers that commit suicide is because “hey I’m a woman now, why don’t straight guys want to go out with me”…BECAUSE YOU’RE FUCKING A DUDE! Now the depression sets in, and the second guessing starts “OMG what have I done to myself, mommy told me I was pretty and that the world would accept me” “I’ve been Zaya since I was 12 y.o. and now I’m 26 and can only get nasty old white dudes to meet them down at the Ramada Inn, but hey at least their white”.

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    • Lol that gay dumbass. Literally, every bit of his story was laughable, namely the fact that during his battle with white rednecks in CHICAGO, he kept his hands firmly on his subway sandwich! Fruit’s gotta eat!

      Worst part is, though it’s ratings were apparently going down already, dude’s antics were definitely the catalyst for it getting canceled. Sad!

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    • Yeah, I’m here in the chi, it’s all political. Kim fox towed the Democratic Party line (protected a gay black man where as a heterosexual black man would have been thrown under the bus) but they miscalculated and now have to show they are bi-partisan….too late. We’ll accept the indictment (doubt it will lead to a conviction) but we (free thinking heterosexual black men are still voting against your ass).

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  8. This fine little Redbone on the Kai element channel was complaining about how Black Women are unsatisfied with Black Men in the area of sex. You always hear Black Women whining and complaining about not being sexually satisfied. She even said that it’s a shame that Black Men can’t perform and that Black Women have to have to sex with each other but let’s be honest We all know that Black Women are only choosing 8 percent of Black Men to give Their Wombs to and have sex with and get pregnant by. And We know how much They Love Thuggo and nem which make up a part of the 8 percent. I thought They were happy with Them but according to Her it seems like Their not. If They are doing all this whining and complaining about Them how come They won’t choose Non stereotypical Black Men? I mean We all know the answer to this question. As a Black Man You must have some Thug swag and if not Your going to have a difficult time with the Black Woman. Black Women believe that Thuggo and nem are superior to regular Black Men but according to this Lady Their not . She’s probably a single Mother and She probably will still make the same fucked up choices in Black Men but this is the American Black Woman. They just won’t choose better Black Men. It’s sad.

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    • Yet every other group of women have sex with black men TO BE satisfied. It probably helps if your vagina isn’t loose enough to hide Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.

      She said black women are being forced to screw each other? BS, they LOVE dyking! The reason that black men can’t satisfy them is that they want deviant debaucherous sex.

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    • That’s cause the brothas saving the good dick for the women of other races.Why waste good dick energy on a scraggle daggle 🤷

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    • @Sean Glenn

      I sincerely doubt black men are the problem. The problem is with all the dicks black women take and all the babies they pinch off, they’re lucky to be able to feel anything if one were to put Tabasco sauce on their foreskin.

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      • Black Caesar,

        I can guarantee you black men ain’t the problem. A white or non-black woman gets some black dick and they act like they found the Ark of the Covenant. The last WW I had sex with said I was amazing. These jaded black heffas take too much dick, then the vibrator, then shit out some thug babies, then go dyke for awhile, then take more dick. No wonder they can’t get off. Oh well, not my problem.

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      • @Scadenfreude


        But billy bob fentanyl’s got the dick of the devil though, right? Uh huh.

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  9. @Emmanuel L

    Ok Mr SIMPtastic/bitter black bitch…black whores aren’t obligated to protect Black Men…FINE, but that door swings both ways CLOWN.

    Don’t expect Black Men to rescue you WHORES when you’re 9 baby daddies in and want us to come back to the “communitah” and mentor your bastard nigglets.

    Don’t expect Black Men to “support” or “protect” you WHORES when you’re Asian Zaddy is karate chopping and drop kicking your “Buffarilla” asses into oblivion.

    Don’t expect Black Men to “support” or “protect you WHORES when you’re getting your masculine unattractive faces caved in at a Dallas parking lot by your White Zaddy….OK…CLOWN!

    Do we have an agreement… CLOWN!?

    Because the bottom line is, that his 700 Million fortune is not going to a Black Whore who would blow his fortune within 24 months spending it on WEAVES, tatts, ass implants, skin bleaching cream and Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches.

    Instead, that hard earned FORTUNE will be going to his beautiful, FEMININE, loyal and CIVILIZED White/Latina QUEEN and his equally beautiful, feminine and civilized Biracial daughters and I know that makes you BLEED in your panties!

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  10. Should black men who left the plantation (i.e., SYSBM, MGTOW, IBMOR, Passport Bros, et. al.) even respond to its critics (e.g., the B1s)?

    To me, and I could be wrong, responding to these low-lives is a variant of trying to convince, seek validation, or explain why you chose the path that you chose.

    In 2020, I would just as well not even acknowledge their pathetic existence or crude barbs.

    We’ve moved on, right?

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    • On one hand I agree, but on the other, solidarity must be shown in the form of openly defending the tenants of SYSBM and challenging the propaganda surrounding it. That means finding these clowns (any sisbem😂) and checking them with facts. That’s just me though, I could be off base. See HATERS, this is how a civilized conversation between MEN is.

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      • I totally agree with engaging people who genuinely misunderstand the various independently thinking black men groups. But engaging people who willfully malign those groups just for views and attention should not be engaged. I say they can go fuck themselves.

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  11. Recently read Africa: China’s Second Continent on Audible, and it’s beyond shocking. The contempt for these Africans by the Chinese is REAL, and it’s especially toward the QUEENIES. One Chinese guy in the book legit married an African chick to get resources and land, and hasn’t so much as touched her in their two years of marriage. He especially says that he refuses to have a mixed child with her.

    Things are not looking great for the QUEENIES across the world. Breed them the hell out.

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    • In some circles, it is said that many African countries have replaced a white colonist with a yellow one. The only difference is the yellow one is more refined and insidious.

      A couple of years ago, I was listening to the Carl Nelson show, a real pro-black radio host, where a guest who goes by the name of “Brother Obie,” a Nigerian-American a new pro-black, supporting China’s encroachment (then again, is it really encroachment?) into the continent.

      He premise is that China is building new (or upgrading old) the infrastructure; something the white colonizer never did; the white colonizer only took (or has he says raped) Africa of it resources.

      As I am listening, I am thinking to myself….

      “Now wait a minute, or as my grandmother used to say, wait a cotton-picking minute, Japan was colonized, actually nuked. Yet, they were able to send their best and brightest to the West, to learn technology, and return them to build out their own infrastructure. Why can’t countries in Africa do the same thing? Some African countries got their so-called independence well over 50 years ago. Is 50+ years not enough time for a country to get its shit together?

      There is something fundamentally fucked up about the leadership leaderSHIT in many of these African countries, as evident by many of their best and brightest getting educated in the West and NOT RETURNING HOME.

      I just don’t get it.

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      • For the same reason some of us are migrating to greener pastures. There are plenty of MEN but the leadership Liz LACKING, and if the rot is from the top down, why go back to the hell you just escaped from? Sysbm.

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      • “as evident by many of their best and brightest getting educated in the West and NOT RETURNING HOME.”

        Trump is fixing that right now with his African Visa cuts and immigration restrictions, and like I said a while back it may end up being a blessing in disguise for those African nations. The more that their best and brightest leave and come to the West, the more they will likely have to rely on the Chinese to do things that those people likely could have done.

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      • @B A,

        Nailed it! The Caribbean countries aren’t much better. They punish you for forward, ethical, progressive thinking an reward tribalism blind loyalty, nepotism and corruption.

        I tell anyone, that if they can leave and make a life for themselves, do not return. You talents are wasted in your homeland. It is gonna burn dwn one day. Don’t bother coming back to save it.

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  12. What can I talk about for Today Open Mic?

    First of all, I wanna say I’m glad I caught on to the Info, because I never knew as a black man, us black men got a lot of potential out here to expand our options, and do big things. I just don’t see what these simps and black women be talking about, because first and foremost, these fools are living close-minded, and living close-minded is not a good thing at all. All this save the black community crap, like bro, We got one life to live, and my life is not dedicated to being someone damn butler. The only thing I can say is to the people of this “black community”, they on their own. If you’re a brotha who doesn’t get into trouble a lot, don’t hang out in the hood, ain’t messing with these chickenheads and hoodrats, don’t do drugs, ain’t got a whole bunch of kids, have common sense, don’t have a lengthy ass criminal record, don’t party and club a lot, don’t drink a lot (I’m a little dead serious about that, because that drinking mess people up), who dress right, don’t sag pants, don’t wear a lot of jewelries and got a lot of tattoos (Not saying ain’t nothing with tattoos and jewelries, but I’m not into women who got a lot of tattoos, and I’m not into gold chains and gold watches and rings and stuff, just Feng shui Asian jewelry type.),and ain’t hood like that, leave the damn black community, and don’t ever turn back! Is there anything good in the black community that’s gonna keep my black ass in there?

    Second, I see these simps got their panties in a bunch about the SYSBM. If they so worry about the black sistas, why can’t they date them and fix them up? The more they try to attack this movement, the more stronger it’s gonna get. They keep on asking that question what are black men saving themselves from, the answer is THEM! If its one thing I’m learning from my mom and late pops, is to not be no damn sucka. Simping does not have no good results at all! Calling us weak because we want to deal with feminine women, but guess what, I rather be a weak little punk than to be a kiss-ass.

    Third and Final (this will probably tie in with the Second a little), can these dudes realize that the quality black woman nowadays is extremely a rare breed? Like finding a quality black woman is like finding a needle in a haystack. If I got with a black woman, the least I would get with would be either an Afro Latina or Blasian. Only a tiny percent of black women are quality, but the rest out-rules them, So I wouldn’t bother finding to find a rare breed. Expand your options brothas! Try something new for a change.

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    • D.K.,

      I was with you all the way up until the quality black women part. There are none. Zero. Even if you find actual pretty ones with no kids, their mentality is still fucked up. You can have bougie Cosby Show black females with both parents in the home, and they still want to emulate the ratchets. They got that thug/bad boy love too and will put a decent brotha in the friend zone with the quickness.

      Shit nowadays you see a cute young BW and chances are she got the nerve to be dyking instead of being a girlfriend to a decent black boy.

      There was this light skinned girl who lived across the street from me growing up. This was 1988-89. Good family, raised by her grandparents, bougie. Supposedly one of the good ones. The grandpa was a cool dude, we used to talk all the time. Anyway, the girl goes away to college, has this big going-away party, the whole bit. Yay! She wasn’t gone a semester before she came home pregnant by some bad boy. She had it all going for her.

      Go under the assumption that there are no quality black hoes, and if there are, they’re reserved for thugs and white boys, not your black ass.

      SYSBM is the way.

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      • @Schadenfreude
        If I were considering a woman black women across the board would be completely ruled out. None whatsoever. Besides, I never met a sheboon that looked better than me and I’m a DUDE! 😂😂😂😂😂

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      • Black Caesar,

        There are attractive black women out there, but they are holding out for their imaginary Brad, Chad, Tupac or LeBron. Normal black guys get the games, scorn and bullshit, and are supposed to be the beta male safety net for these sheboons. I like that this new age of young brothers are clocking onto the garbage early and opting out as early as grade school. We owe these hoes nothing.

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      • @Schadenfreude
        lmfao I don’t find any sheboon attractive. Like none. The best looking ones are still nowhere near other races of women as is. They need pounds of makeup and weave just to resemble a woman. And their fake ass “feminine” white girl voice makes my teeth grit. Always has. I’m like who do you think you’re fooling? 🤣

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  13. Verbs 2015.

    I thank God that I am a childfree SYSBM black man at 37 and I don’t find black women attractive because they are fake from head to toe and finding a decent black women these days is pretty much non existence. I am so glad that childfree non black women are into me and chose me instead because I can have a peaceful life with them.

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  14. Salute brothers man this has been a long week for me. First tip: be very skeptical about black girls working at Starbucks they are basically swirl hunters. Eventually I ran into one, and this girl is not even a daggle she is Satan’s bedwench. My first time went over there asked for a cup of iced water and she put boiling water as a “joke” and told me to fuck off. My dumbass didn’t see the evilness the first time because I actually took that as a joke. Secondly, they had samples out and when I came over she grabbed the whole tray and said for customers only but I’m off so technically I am one….and lastly the final straw she did not serve me water and then prevented the other Starbucks employees not to serve me water and then even threaten to kill me if I don’t move out of the line.

    You know what’s funny you see how I get treated above but when a white zaddy come she blushes…. She became an “angel”… She wanna become the most feminine creature on earth gtfo. When I came to talk to one of them she literally told the white boy not to talk to me and then told me not to touch him when I was about to shake his hand…

    These broads are outta control. Even people don’t know what is wrong with her but I know exactly why… Also she hated this brother I’m friends with for no reason but she said she’ll suck his brother’s dick (I think he’s a pookie/ray ray because the one she hates is more smart)

    Update: She’s most likely gonna be fired but I hope she get arrested too. (Fingers crossed)

    Anyway off to the gym #SYSBM

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    • Holy shit what Starbucks are you going to goddamn! The whole reason to frequent Starbucks is to escape the riff-raff. I hope you called the district manager on her black ass. SMH

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      • These sheboons are getting more difficult to avoid, and will be even more annoying and loud as Trump cuts their benefits off more and more.

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      • The one she works at is connected to our Kroger and there’s one literally across the street but it be so busy I can’t just simply walk over there too dangerous. To be honest if they don’t get her ass I’m definitely taking a dive over at that Starbucks

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    • I try to avoid places where black women are working the reception desk or cash register. For example, there is a LabCorp 10 minutes from my house, which is very convenient. However, I made the mistake of choosing that facility for my lab work. The reception is worked by black women, and as expected, the customer service is shit, as confirmed by the Google reviews.

      Now, when I need lab work done, I travel to the other LabCorp facility, which is 30 minutes away. There are ZERO black women working in that facility, and the customer service is the best. As I was getting my blood drawn, I mistakenly assumed the phlebotomist was a Latina. Turns out, she’s from Nepal…LOL. I told her about my new found love of traveling, and she noted, with a flirtatious eye, that I have to visit her country one day.

      The extra 20 minutes to a farther facility is well worth it. I know, I know, I am WEAK for seeking out better customer service.

      In closing, I suggest you pick another Starbucks, that is devoid of black female employees.

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      • Yea brother BA, I avoid them as well. If I have to interact I will,but im not going out of my way to interact. If you havent watched the Dennis Rodman 30 for 30, i suggest you watch to see the effects of the succubus. His mother put him out on the streets, and a white family believed in him and took him in. She wanted back in after she knew he would go to the NBA. This BW has no aspiration of you ever succeeding in life, due to there life being shit. Dennis got it at and early age like Kobe, and I will definetly keep that in my thoughts moving forward to pick other women before the BW.

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      • Exactly @BA
        I refuse to deal with poor service If i see a black chick at a cash register i leave. I will literally use Shipt or Amazon Whole Food Prime delivery before i go to a grocery store. If i have to go to the Secretary of State or State Library and Archives and Records i only go to non daggle venues for filing of state forms and licenses F that. It is actually alot quicker also bro in and out in mere seconds.

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      • G1, how is Shipt and Amazon Prime Wholefoods? I used to use Peapod, but now I use Instacart. I am tired of grocery shopping.

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    • DeltaWildDog18,

      You see how these black sirens are, being nasty and vindictive for absolutely no reason, smh. Contributor Carnio SYSBM has the best situation, he is as far away from this daggles as can possibly be and good for him.

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    • @Delta

      I hope you plan to escalate this because you stand to gain quite a bit if you win your case.
      As for that she-monkey, aren’t they all the same.
      Breed them out. If for no other reason than to help beautify this Earth.
      The world has enough ugliness within it without black fefails.

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      • @DWD
        I’d like to hear her talk her way out of that one. There is no excuse for that behaviour on a corporate environment. This is yet another reason why I became self-employed. Women (especially black women) are the worst to work around. LOL

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  15. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar…

    Back in July 2019, my alternative medicine doctor detected that I had pre-diabetes through an hemoglobin A1C test:

    Normal: 5.6 or less.
    Pre-diabetes: 5.7 – 6.4
    Diabetes: 6.5 or higher (7.0 and above, you need insulin to control it).

    I had an A1C of 5.8, which was cause for alarm.

    I did Keto for awhile, but I can’t stick with that shit. I just eliminated fast food, sugary drinks and snacks like chips.

    In October 2019, I had another test taken. My A1C was at 5.6. I was a back in the normal range. Good.

    In January 2020, I had another test taken. My A1C was at 5.4, and my weight is down from 248 pounds to 225. It was as low as 221. I had to start eating a little bit of ice cream to get the weight back up.

    My alternative medicine asked what I was doing to affect this significant change. It’s was simple for me. I drink zero calories. I used to go through a six pack of Dominion Ginger Ale (made with real sugar cane) in a few hours. I would drink so many of then in a short span, that I would feel a tingling sensation in my toes (I guess that was the body’s way of saying, STOP before I have to get the toes amputated)

    Since July, I have been drinking Sparkling Ice Water. It’s zero calories, with natural flavoring, and zero sugar, and tastes great. I don’t eat potato chips or Doritos very often anymore. I have replaced them with Blue Diamond cocoa-covered almonds. I snack on fruit occasionally.

    In closing, I earnestly believe that the onset of diabetes is self-inflicted via diet. I also believe that the condition can be reversed without the use of medicine.

    That’s all.

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    • Man, this is one important thing I’m learning about health. Diabetes ain’t nothing to play around with. Half of my family members is diabetic. When my pops died, a few of my family members told me he was Diabetic, because he never put no vegetables in his system. Then my mother is diabetic too, plus she’s on them insulins, and I’m saying to myself as a 20 year old black man, there’s just some food out there that is good, but it ain’t gonna be good until something kicks in. What’s also crazy is that people in my family say I eat good, but that’s because they cook all that damn rich, soul food, and there’s gonna be a time where all that fried fish, fried chicken, burgers, chips, sodas, fast food joints, mac and cheese, yams, greens, and cornbread, and pizza will do something in yo body.

      For me, I eat right, but the downsides of me is that I eat large potions, and I’m like a snack machine. I’ll go to a store, and get something out of a bakery section, then get white cheddar popcorn, flaming hot fires and flaming hot cheddar popcorn, and sometimes cookies. One time I got two boxes of fruit by the foot fruit snacks and eat them up in 3 days quick. But I hope you’ll see where I’m going with this because this is something I’m definitely trying to change of myself because of the fact that I got a half of diabetic family members, and I’m trying to live longer.

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      • D.K. Phantom,

        I have been health-conscious for over 20 years. I started around 19. Sometimes, we slip. The reason I slipped was decadence and career. Information Technology tends to that to a lot of worker, because we sit for long periods of time. The high salaries for some, doesn’t help.

        There is a healthy way to cook soul food. However, many black people ain’t feeling frying in extra-virgin olive oil, and whole wheat macaroni, and whole-wheat biscuits, or gluten-free pizza. I still fry catfish, but fry it in olive-oil.

        Exercise can help, but many fall for the trap that as long as the exercise, they can eat whatever they want. Not true.

        As you mentioned, diabetes is nothing to play around with. But you have youth on your side. But be wary, because 40+ will arrive before you know it.

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  16. I just had the displeasure of getting into it with a sheboon from my bank. At first, I didn’t think it was because I’ll hang up on them, and call back to get someone who isn’t one, I’m that sick of them. But anyway, I completely forgot to pay my credit card bill (first time i was late in almost two years, as well as an unexpected but necessary expense came up), and this dumb broad gave me an attitude over being late. I’m less than fifteen days late, and this broad is basically berating me over 60 dollars (which i usually overpay anyway). This broad legit says she is going to take the money out of my checking account without my authorization (my bank and credit card are the same bank). I’m furious at this point, but whatever. I‘ll monitor my account and see if she is dumb enough to actually do this.

    I try rationally explaining to her what happened, she talks over me is rude as can be, cuts me off. I request to speak to her supervisor because of her attitude, another obnoxious sheboon who had to weigh 500 pounds because she was literally out of breath every sentence.

    After getting yelled at basically over 60 dollars, I finally let them have it. Say my peace, and hang up. This ghetto bitch calls me back, just to continue yelling at me. I’m now on hold with their corporate office filing a complaint. I want these broads fired.

    These lack women shouldn’t ever be in a customer service position. EVER.

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    • Dude, I know how you feel. I had a similar experience with a false fire alarm with ADT. Mind you, it was a fire alarm, NOT a burglar alarm. I said all was good. I just overcooked some food. This bitch get abruptly cuts me off and demands a password to verify the account. For a false fire alarm? I just hung up. The bitch, as expected, calls back. i didn’t fucking answer.

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      • @ B A,

        There’s an official investigation going on now. I have the personal extension of one of this bank’s higher ups, and am promised a follow up call as early as next Monday. They’re not messing around.

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      • F Da Communitah,

        Good, keep us apprised. I am tired of these stupid bitches who can’t even get customer service correct.

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    • @FDC/B A

      The problem with the she-monkeys is they copy everything about the white woman except her attitude. Which won’t work anyway because of the she-monkey’s high levels of testosterone. So it is pretty hilarious how they think they can krazy glue someone else’s hair on their heads, Clorox their skin and believe they can be as good as a non-black woman. Black women cannot survive without chaos and arguments. They feed off of negative energy. Black women are pathetic, lowlife losers. There’s no way to deny this. They are losers in every sense of the word.

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  17. I know why O-Man throws shade at SYSBM. He grew up with an overbearing nagging bitch of a mother (and sisters). Had to deal white several ‘Aunt Rhondas’, the prom story has him fucked up and like many generation x black men, he felt he had to keep it black. He sees it’s bullshit and the fact that the biracial population is rising, he’s in his feelings because he’s not a part of that.

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  18. What’s up DK?
    I going to echo what Schadenfreude stated, and this is coming from a man in his fifties and tried Lack, Filipino, Mexican, Chinese, Austrian, Puerto Rican, Irish (she took dick the best…hold, on, having a moment…ok, I’m back) and it’s a WRAP for Lack women today. Young, old, educated, or street, it’s a NJ (No Joy) for Lack women.

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  19. The Kardashians/Jenners in particular and White Women in general, literally can’t get enough of Black Men…

    Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner split up do to their careers, but they’re getting back together.

    Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner split up and now they’re getting back together

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  20. The Kardashians/Jenners in particular and White Women in general literally can’t get enough of Black men…
    Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner split up and are now getting back together
    And after all the shit that Tristan Thompson pulled, he and Khloe Kardashian have apparently been back together for months…Please excuse THE FLAMING NEGRO in the video below…

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  21. Regarding my post above about Dwayne Wade being proud of his son choosing to become transgender, that made me think back to the livestreams both King Sigma and MBD had recently where one guy named AM1 kept talking about educating young Black males on “skills and resources”.

    This situation with D. Wade just killed his argument because (1) Dwayne Wade, though retired, has a skill (professional athlete), and (2) he has resources as a result of him using his skill set to generate income, yet that hasn’t prevented the dysfunction from infecting his family. So, what happened here?

    I believe the problem lies in Wade marrying a scraggle daggle named Gabrielle Union which has proven itself to be the biggest mistake he’s ever made; since they wed, she wasted no time in dick policing D. Wade’s sons.

    She had a problem with his boys being attracted to lightskin girls only, but said it felt “normal” for Zion to be a flaming faggot! This is the witchcraft that AM1 fails to recognize with his babble about “skills and resources”; I think AM1 is another eunuch who is trying to steer SYSBM into a channel other than what the founder intended.

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    • So, what happened here?

      I think we have to add in the fact that D. Wade was essentially a part-time dad given that the NBA is a very demanding sport (e.g., out of all the professional sports, it has the longest season eight months from preseason to the NBA finals).

      This only gave the mother more influence in the boy’s development.

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      • Gabrielle isn’t the mother to any of Dwayne’s children, yet she’s doing the most as far as rearing them; D. Wade is a triple cream certified cuckold for allowing her to have her way with his boys and saying nothing to the contrary.

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      • Yea man when a man is gone, the BW will take over and make the children what they want too. A man that is going out to secure the family future, and only to be betrayed by the evil succubus who is more detrimental than any woman on earth. Im sorry this is true.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      AM1 doesn’t want to deal with the psychological damage that many black boys and men are suffering from because that would mean examining the black witch herself which is something the dude is extremely reluctant to do. What use are skills and resources in the hands of black boys with fractured and broken psyches?

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      • Yes the Black Witch has by far been the achilles heel of the Black Man since the beginning. No matter how oppressive racism and discrimination can be, if a BM has a woman that is resolute in being constructive then the family can overcome almost everything, especially with modern technology.

        For example: It is no secret that there is a lot of discrimination in engineering for a BM. However if the Black Witch was content with helping her husband endure sed discrimination until they could save money to move to a less hostile environment then everything would be ok.

        Instead many women brow beat the man, sell out for glorified secretarial positions, and kiss the ass of same evil racist people around her that caused the problem in the first place.

        I personally do not thing the a Thinking Black Man should deal with any woman in America but if he is dealing with a BW in America, that man is not a TBM.

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      • Verbs2015,

        With black dudes like AM1, their only mission is to help/mentor these young troubled black boys out with resources they (AM1 and those of like-mind) built up over the decades and at the same time committing genetic suicide on themselves by not creating legacies sired from their loins.

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  22. I don’t really care about the 2020 election, but since I cannot check the news without seeing headlines about the Democratic primary, I couldn’t help but think of the following:

    In recent memory, there has to be a compelling reason why an incumbent president is not elected for a second term (e.g., assassination– JFK, economy and failed military operation(s)– Carter, or broken campaign promise concerning taxes– Bush I).

    I don’t see a compelling reason why Trump won’t be reelected. The tone and tenor of the seems very supportive of him. Besides, the anti-Obama resentment is still working its way out the system. Also, I don’t see a socialist– Sanders– beating a capitalist– Trump. Ain’t happening in the U.S. of A. I don’t care how many people want free shit.

    Although, I don’t really care about the 2020 election, I am awaiting the blame game to begin if Trump wins a second term.

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    • I can already hear BW complaining now about BM not voting and how it lead to Trump being re-elected. Trump will get re-elected and probably go even harder in his second term. Meanwhile all of these BW who were desperate to get a Dem in so that the welfare wouldn’t be further cut will be enjoying their “America’s Harvest” boxes and living out Isaiah 4:1. We are nearing the end of the “gender wars” and BW are losing, Trump might end up being one of the final nails in the coffin.

      With the current platform that the Dems are pushing (Immigration, LGBT, more welfare, etc.) voting Dem is harmful to the Black community at this point IMO.

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  23. Yesterday some simp by the name of “1-hundred” Made a few anti-sysbm videos. I looked on his channel and he has a vid comparing lady boys and bar girls. Why is this “pastor” in “impoverished 3rd world countries” making videos like this?! that video is a year old and most of his videos outside of the sysbm videos are months to a year old. He joined youtube May, 2nd, 2018, traveled to Philippines and was following lady boys with a video camera in 2019, and now in 2020 he comes out here talking shit about SYSBM using the same tired ass talking points from 12 years ago.

    What is with all these freaks coming out of the goddamn walls attacking free thinking black men?

    He also has another video of himself using “MGTOW” video

    The freaks come out at night and use S.Y.S.B.M., I.B.M.O.R., M.G.T.O.W., and any other acronym they can to try and force their way into our male spaces like a fucking woman. These men make me sick.

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    • I TOLD you.
      These anti-SYSBM shines are SEXUALLY SUSPECT!
      How else can they justify their obsession with what grown black men choose to do with their genitals?

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      • I will be honest. It was funny at first but now it is just outright creepy that we have more men trying to shame us back on the plantation than women!!! WTF!?!?!?

        Lets run the gambit.
        1.Guy who lives in his moms house since 1989
        2.Simp who married a single Black mother
        3.Simp who married a single Hispanic mother
        It never ends.

        And the women are too busy trying to get the “Dark Mother” to cast hexes and curses on free thinking black men.

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      • @Yours Truly

        In the case of Pastor Two-Piece, I don’t even have a problem with him for living at home. NYC is ridiculously expensive. I don’t even have a problem with the fact he hasn’t had a woman since 1989. My problem is his bullshit self-righteous attitude and his belief he is qualified to give masculine advice and relationship advice. WTF?!?! Also the fact that he pushes the BS “black love” but his little romantic fairy tales he writes feature women with OBVIOUS European features. Not to mention his “I’m sent from God” attitude even though he’s never quoted scripture and is a fucking GOTH. That guy is a total mess all around LOL.

        I dunno who the guy who married a black single mother is but the fact he did such a thing writes him off completely. If you marry any single mother least of all a black single mother, you are an idiot. Pure and simple. An idiot.

        Phil the “I just stepped off the plantation a half hour ago” Advise [sic] Show is no different than these other pimps on the digital pulpit. The pastor complex hustle is the easiest money you will ever made because most Negroes are stupid. Why do you think the first place a political candidate goes for the black vote is the black church no matter who they are. Everyone knows how dumb black people are. You don’t have to have ANY integrity to take black people’s money and preach to them. Phil is no exception. He literally is a mush mouthed aggregator of news. He just repeats news stories. He paid for subscribers too! But I digress. If we have Negroes dumb enough to follow people like Synthetic G after she became baby mama number 6 to some crackhead looking savage, listening to Phil after he was revealed to have a white wife, and actually believing that Pastor Wetnap is “sent from god” and otherwise pumping billions of dollars annually into the pockets of the same pimp preachers outside of YouTube (when they’re not pumping billions into fictitious Disney movies) you know why “Da Communitahhh” will be stuck in the 17th century forever.

        Liked by 5 people

    • Earlier, I said he wasn’t a pastor. I stand corrected. He probably is most likely a pastor. And David Carroll has posited that idea that many black pastors are sexual deviants. It wouldn’t surprise me if the good pastor has partaken of the strange fruit known as lady-boys, because he’s grown tired of the women (and possibly men) in his congregation.

      Liked by 6 people

    • @Jon
      I can only imagine the massive drop in crime if they deported most of these jamaican and Somali monkeys back to their respective shitholes.

      Liked by 4 people

    • As an outsider I don’t really know TBH. Countries like Jamaica and Nigeria were former British colonies, the labor and resources from the people of those colonies went into building up the British Empire, so to a certain extent those people have a connection to Britain and should be allowed to be there. But at the same time I understand the need to control immigration, especially when it comes to immigrants who commit crimes.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Gotta agree with Black Caesar, these people, namely the dudes, are known raggamuffins (reggaemuffins?) especially Somalis. Again, blacks have to start asking themselves why it is that they are so unwanted, but groups like the Japanese are never deported? Conversely, most of these dudes feel no Canada whatsoever to American black men, so **** em. If anything, maybe they’ll finally go back and clean their own homes.

      Liked by 3 people

  24. Can a slave be an alpha male? ProfitofDoom88 poses this question in a video. I understand his argument, and it caused me to question this alpha male vs beta male debate going on in black YouTube.

    You can’t have the alpha male vs beta male debate without first asking alpha male (or beta male) in what (what area)?

    If it’s about just sex, then this is a meaningless debate….SMH.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I always thought that the term “alpha male” was subjective when it comes to humans. Its more easily applicable to animals than humans IMO because of how complex human society is. A guy who is an alpha on a football field might be beta in an office building and vice versa. A guy who is an alpha on “the streets” or the prison yard will likely be completely beta when you ask him to get a job and raise a family, you know, ask him to be a man.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Bingo!!!!

        The problem is this low-seeded, scatter-brained individuals in black YouTube is that they can’t even come up simply nuanced thought like that….SMH.

        Dummies polluting YouTube with dumb videos saying he’s an alpha male, because he got sexual access to mediocre women.

        You can’t make this shit up.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Honestly I just laugh at white “alpha” males they basically used that term as an excuse to be sexist.

        I had did a social experiment too. I used to look at their videos about how to attract girls and shit. So two experiments:
        1. I follow every step in the video
        2. I just be my introverted self and don’t do shit.

        The numbers you see below is how attractive I find the girl to be and how many fall in that category

        Experiment 1:
        8-10: 0
        5-7: 4
        0-4: 6

        Experiment 2:
        8-10: 5
        5-7: 3
        0-4: 2

        So I came to the conclusion: Fuck everything what an “alpha male” tell you they only attract ugly bitches and daggles notice the girl they pick for their thumbnail looks like their sister?

        Liked by 3 people

      • @DWD

        I never had a problem attracting women by just being myself. Hell, I was homeless once and I attracted many non-black women with just a sense of humour and not being thirsty (they can sense it). Contrast this with the black woman, the lowest form of female life, and how she expects a man 7′ tall, no body fat, makes 7 figures and drives a Lotus while her black ass has 6 keeeedz by 7 different baby daddies, need a weigh station to calculate her heaviness, somes pre-installed with weave and is infected with HIV. LOL

        Liked by 4 people

  25. I dedicate this song to the simp monkeys who most definitely are lurking.


    Liked by 5 people

  26. Has any of you been to Costa Rica? I ask, because my Spanish tutor recommends that I visit. She’s from there, says it more peaceful politically, economically and security-wise than Colombia.

    I was thinking to myself, lady Colombia is tough to beat…lol.

    Liked by 2 people

    • BA,

      I’ve been meaning to check out Costa Rica myself, your tutor is right, it is all of the above, however it’s quite expensive from what I’ve heard. Colombian women are very hard to beat, the only ones that can compare in my opinion are those from Brazil. Here is a black couple who lived out in Costa Rica for sometime:

      Liked by 3 people

      • When I finally pull the quasi-expat button, you can bet my finances will be in order, and the cost of living won’t be an issue. Right now, I am in intelligence-gathering mode, and will be for at least the next 6 – 8 years. I think some people pull the expat-trigger too quickly.

        I have heard of expats slumming in other countries, because they didn’t do their homework. I viewed one YouTuber’s video where he had to kick out fellow expat, because dude ran out of money, and wanted to live up under him…lol.

        Liked by 2 people

    • I have been to Columbia twice, Brazil three times and Costa Rica once. I have also been to the DR, but I am not a fan of the DR.

      I can not stress this enough. Costa Rica has many beautiful women there that are far superior to American women for sure but you still encounter female nature.This is unavoidable. The key when moving overseas as a BM or any man is logistics. When I speak about logistics you always want to move a little was away from every city center. Just far enough were you can receive deliveries but not far enough to were you are in the sticks. You will also need a car in Costa Rica, preferably a car that can handle potholes and such.What I like about Costa Rica is that one can rent a nice contemporary house for cheap. This is because one should never buy real estate in Costa Rica. Many people from the US build these huge estate’s in places like Costa Rica and then they can not sell it. This leaves plenty of cheap houses to rent on the market. Remember when it comes to real estate, ” If the locals can not buy it do not try it”.

      Now they also have some nice apartments for rent in the city center. There was a rich business guy I was told that lives in one of the suites and lives a pretty carefree lifestyle so to each his own.

      Costa Rica to me is what I call a split the difference location. Meaning I would not want to live there full time but rather live there part of the year and live somewhere else the other part of the year.

      Again this is why the military pension is superior to other forms of entrepreneurship and investment. You can pick up an leave whenever you want without having to deal with clients, contracts, and entrepreneurial obligations.

      I like Columbia and Brazil but I do not think I could live there. However there are several men that enjoy living in those places. For example I met a Black Man that loved Columbia so much that he learned Spanish in a year an bought a condo in Medellin. I knew another Black Man that loved Brazil so much that he flew there 4 times in a year.

      The point I am making is most places are better than the west once you find a place that fits your personality. It is a phenomena known as personal environment fit as described here in Wikipedia – You find that location, wherever it is in the world, you will deal with less discrimination, less racism, and less harassment. Remember the key is logistics. You want to use modern technology to be as self sufficient as possible so you can avoid what I describe as the trifecta of evil: Racists, Douchebags, and Assholes.

      Liked by 4 people

      • I agree with what you wrote. I already have plans, after my kid is grown, to live abroad 9 months a year, and return to the states three months a year to handle administrative stuff and visit my adult kid.

        I actually have two places in mind– the mountainous region of Santander, and the beach city of Cartagena.

        I agree, I don’t want to deal with the hassles of entrepreneurship. I don’t want to deal with clients, and trying to sell products or services. I plan to trade the financial markets to sustain myself. I have been trading the market as a hobby for 20 years, shortly after graduating college.

        No pension here. I was in the Army for six years. Had I stayed in, I would be on year 18 with two more to go. You can’t beat a military pension with a bat. One of the best deals around, especially if the retiree was an officer.

        Yes, modern technology can be leveraged greatly in this regard.

        Liked by 1 person

      • If I were you I would make plans to visit each place next month, next three months tops. This is because the longer you wait the more likely life will throw a monkey ranch in your plans. What I recommend men doing is dividing their trips into short 4 day trips and look for deals online. You may find a deal you may not but go anyway even if you do not find a deal. Set up tours with a reputable tour guide before hand so you get a good idea of what each place has to offer. Make sure you do a food tour also. I had a mentor that had been in the Airforce and he told me that you should always strike while the iron is hot. He said that there will never be right time, you will never have enough money, you will never be quite ready. You just have to do it. That was some of the best advice I ever received. He is partly the reason why I rose above my fear and retired early. He unfortunately got cancer and died before his time which proved his point. At any rate, you should take those short trips and determine if you like each place. In regards to your Army Service, were you injured at all during your time in? You may be able to collect disability which can help you considerably. Remember disability collecting vets can now get on base, use the commissary, use on base hotel accommodations, use military vacation rentals, use base RV parks, and even use the golf course. If you are over a certain disability rate you can even get free medical care. I know how to navigate the military disability claim system if you need any help because I got hurt in the Air Force.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I am not a fan of short trips. Four to five day visits doesn’t do it for me. Just when I hit my stride, it’s time to go. Nah, I am good on that one.

        I visited Colombia three months ago for the first time. I spent 23 days there and visited different places and made a couple of friends there. I talk to them almost daily via WhatsApp.

        I am returning in June for a couple of weeks, and will visit every three to six months depending on my optempo. I helps to have know native people there. However, the language barrier gets in the way, but nothing that Google translate cannot handle. However, one vendor, who is bilingual, did offer to be my chaperone, which was a big help. I started learning Spanish, so each trip will be easier, language-wise.

        Yeah, my I was injured. But my disability rating is only 10%, and I don’t feel like going back and forth with the VA. I am good.

        Liked by 1 person

    • @B A

      Costa Rica is nice. I went a few years ago, and had a blast.

      Soo much to do there, next to no serious crimes, and it’s super cheap. Definitely recommend.

      Liked by 4 people

  27. Right, the S.Y.S.BM lifestyle is getting attacked from pro black fatta The Advise Show, 1 – Hundred, Steve The Simp Williams and simp turn coat Shawn James. They are willing to help these ghetto ratchet black women to stop S.Y.S.B.M just to get between their legs. It’s all about punany for these simps but at the end of it they get played by these ghetto black women. Because these B.M.W’s which stands for badly made women (Got that from Coach Gregg Adams) are giving the pum pum to the thugs, criminals and the worthless men like Pookie, Ray Ray, Long Rod Johnny, 357 Johnny, Pimp L, Rizla P, Six Shooter Derrick and Thick Dick Tyrone. And these simps get hurt inside because these hoodrat whores played games with them and won when they get whoop on the bed mattress by Knife Man Priest, One Hand Tom, Dirty Rizly and Rum Smuggler Don. And let me tell you something about the Anti S.Y.S.B.M movement. These dudes are suspects because they are always dick policing another man’s dick just the same thing that these white beta males police dick a black man. No batty man here! And let tell you something. I date any woman but when it comes to black women, I want them to have a natural look and that is the hair. It’s not her dark skin, it’s her hair and the more I see a black women wearing this weave, the more that the natural black woman is a rare thing.

    Keep your white sugar honeys warm and it’s a wet Wednesday night so dry her up and hold her tight, right through the night with the candle light burning bright!


    Liked by 7 people

  28. Verbs, have you seen these two videos? The second one, in particular, shows the problem with black Americans (black men being too spineless or stupid to reprimand degenerate black women) in a nutshell:

    Liked by 4 people

    • Anthony Wilson,

      I heard about the first video, I’ve been wanting to see that. These black sirens are beyond disgusting at this point, it ought to be a crime for any black man to place his seed into one of these monsters. SYSBM is for the children, black women clearly are NOT.

      I’ve already come across the second clip, just as disgusting and yet another illustration of how black women believe that violence is the solution to everything. And to think we have black men who are still willing to date, marry and procreate with these broads, smh.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Personal story:

      My mother, who got frustrated with looking after my bed-ridden late father one time dragged him by his shirt and slapped him up upside the head. As much as an asshole and neglectful he was, that upset me to see. I reprimanded my mother.

      BW acting the fool of on the streets with each other is distateful enough without family doing it to each other.

      Liked by 4 people

  29. @Anthony WIlson
    That is awful how can you treat someone like that? and why did the guy just not take the belt away from the chick abusing the defenseless older broad. Awful just awful from the camera angle he seems alot taller thus probably bigger and more powerful just take the belt away. At least say hwy stop then take the belt if he is recording. Ie to prove he recorded the abuse and showed initiative to stop it. The worst thing that could happen is he may not be invited to the family cookout. Which is good i wouldn’t eat something from someone who hates me anyway

    Liked by 4 people

  30. ” Snoop Dogg, come on down! It’s time for you to play the world’s favorite game! Altogether now!



    LMMFAO! ( this is not really funny, but it is predictable. This negro would have been better off keeping his mouth shut if you cannot stand behind what you say)

    Remember, there is only one…


    Liked by 4 people

    • The Luciferian masters in Hollyweird called the Code Red on Snoop D-O-Double Gizzle. Either apologize or your career is over. The sacred cow must never be questioned. It is telling that 50 Cent has doubled down, though. I’ve got a new respect for Fitty.

      Liked by 6 people

      • Yeah, as soon as I heard that threat, I knew EVERYTHING he said before is about to be forgotten and everyone will just focus on the threat. 50 cent was smart, he calmly and logically approach the situation, that’s why they can’t touch him.

        Liked by 2 people

  31. Morning, SYSBM gentlemen; I’m not very big on politics, but I do pay attention to what some of the candidates say and do. After Donald Trump’s recent acquittal from his impeachment trial, I’ve come to the conclusion that he is the Thanos of U.S. politics; all of the Democrats had assembled themselves like the Avengers to take him out of office, yet they failed. Trump has 2020 in the bag!

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  32. Brethren, thanks for letting me tell my old man stories on here. I tell them because I have lived through everything you younger men talk about, it is real. Never let the sheboon and her feminized homo simp brigades gaslight you that you’re the problem. I also want to drive the point home that:

    a) Black women ain’t never been shit in my 56 year history from Mom on down
    b) There has never been a golden age where black women acted right
    c) The idea of SYSBM is also not new
    d) I am so glad I never got one of these hoes pregnant
    e) Even my beloved White Woman is in a race to the bottom trying to out-ratchet the black slave wench

    You are probably where you are in life despite the hood, not because of it, you owe them nothing. Be like Kobe, deny them your wealth and legacy. They more than likely ain’t helping you do shit.

    This is the moment they’ve fought against for generations, where brothers can trade notes and share experiences without the black bitch all up in male spaces trying to edit the story. They bred out the cool uncle, the hip older cousin, even the big brother, any role model for the young black boy who could warn him about the reality of the black sheboon.

    The internet changed all that.

    SYSBM for life, gentlemen.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Fifty six is still relatively young. I will be there in a about a decade, and hope to be having fun traveling and enjoying life. I think it is imperative that we share our mishaps with the younger readers here so they don’t make the same mistakes.

      Unlike you, I made the tragic mistake of impregnating and marrying a black woman, who was a single mother at the time. Then I felt obligated to fight for custody and raise the child after the divorce.

      I could have easily walked away and enjoyed my life; that was the easy choice, because the time and money I spend raising my kid is far more than being a non-custodial parent and paying child support. However, my conscience could not allow me to leave my kid with the ex-wife. That black bitch already demonstrated she is unfit to raise a child as evident by her first child as a single mother.

      Some takeaways that younger readers MIGHT find useful:

      1. If you know you don’t want children, don’t let people shame you into doing so. Get a vasectomy and call it the day. If you later change your mind and want kids, go the “in vitro” route.

      2. The time to start building your life and financial stability starts in your late teens.

      3. Get the skills that pay the bills and allows you to save money. There is an adage that says, pursue your passion when it comes to a job. I say that’s bullshit. Pursue the highest paying job for which you have the aptitude to perform well, even if you don’t like the job. We are trying to save a large sum of money. Fuck the passion…

      4. After you’ve saved a large sum of money, then you can invest. I know there are apps that allow you to invest a couple hundred dollars here and there. In my opinion, they are a waste of time. Okay, you’ve doubled your investment of $500 to $1000. Big fucking deal. Talk to me when you’ve invested $100,000 and doubled it to $200,000. The ability to scale matters.

      5. If you are very young, you might want to consider a four to six year stint in the military. I say this, because it is a great (and disciplined) way to save a lot of money. After serving six years in the Army, I left with $80,000 in my bank account. In the Army, I saw a lot of soldiers wasting their money on dumb shit (i.e., new car, gadgets, partying). The military provides (or gives you a stipend for) housing and board. Further, your healthcare is provided. What the fuck else was I going to spend my money on?

      Liked by 4 people

      • “2. The time to start building your life and financial stability starts in your late teens.”

        This x100.
        A lot of young BM don’t understand that, you start building a foundation for yourself and your future family right after you leave High School. You do that via learning a trade, going to college, joining the military, etc. I see way too many young BM bullshitting in their late teens and 20s and then frustrated and trying to play catch up later on in life.

        Liked by 4 people

      • 6. Don’t let anyone make you feel you are hopeless if you failed to do any of this. Or shame you if you don’t have what they have. Success is subjective and will come in your own time and on your own terms if you work hard and have good ideas. I turned a lifelong passion of electronics and vintage gear into a money making machine at 33. It’s not over until you SAY it’s over.

        7. One dollar earned is one dollar more than you had yesterday. Profit is profit.

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  33. Here’s my Open Topic post (for this week) on a Thursday before tomorrow which is Friday. Snoopy Doggy Dogg has been compromised by his mommy mom. His mom made him apologize to Gayle King because she’s BLACK, his momma BLACK, Oprah’s BLACK, gawd is a BLACK womenzzz and don’t you forget it.

    Next off, Russell Wilson, you better listen to your mama because she’s BLACK.

    Man, those dudes’ mothers are destroying their sons.


    Liked by 6 people

    • Last year, I would have. Today, I am good. SMH. Although I am not SYSBM, when you all are attacked, I feel like it is an attack against me, because our values overlap.

      New Patreon Exclusive video Who Will Save The SYSBM Black Man From White Supremacy?

      I don’t know. My question to the SYSBM folks is, who is/was the biggest source of consternation in your life? Is it White Supremacy?

      Liked by 5 people

      • @B A
        Agreed. I will personally not refer to myself as SYSBM either because I misunderstood its meaning but I will defend it to the death.
        To answer your question. Well, It’s not white people putting my life in danger. I don’t have to look over my shoulder when I am surrounded by “white suprumucahhh”. I don’t have to walk on eggshells worrying about being shot by some low IQ pavement monkey because I looked at his dusty ass the wrong way.

        Black people are the ones who I need to be saved from.

        Liked by 4 people

      • BA,

        The black witch, the devil spawn seedlings she produces as well as her pro black female simpoid flunkies are much more of a threat to free thinking black men than white supremacy.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Dare I say, White Supremacy got me where I am today. The white man is signing checks and making Paypal deposits, Pro-Blacks are not. White and Asian women are f**king, black women are not. Plain and simple.

        Liked by 5 people

  34. I need advice on my current family friend situation. My wife (white) introduced a friend of hers to her brother (she is a black woman) six months ago. I stay on bro code and do not “cock block” another man’s situation but this is one case where I feel the need to intervene and warn someone man to man. Now I did not say anything about his relationship to this black woman for a whole six months. The turning point was that I found out he is now engaged with her. Again, don’t misunderstand me, I am not the type of clown who butts in another man’s dick to police him. I have no issue with his woman either. From what I have heard I think spiritually she is a good match for him and she is a beautiful woman despite being dark-skinned with African textured hair. Understand though why I am reserving caution. My brother in law is the type of white man all races of women would want to be with. Speaking from an objective point of view he has “the whole package” and he is younger than I–He is 28 and I am 36, so you can also look at this situation as an older brother looking out for the younger. His fiance so far has not given any red flags but she is a dark skin black woman (not mixed) and has a black mother. We all know this is a recipe for trouble. I’m not sorry for stating this. My wife has eventually caught on to my discomfort with this situation right now and does not agree with me on this and we argue often. I am also concerned that she has made this aware to her brother which will eventually lead to you know who to find out. This thing is I don’t want my wife speaking on this matter with anyone else and I don’t want her confronting her brother or and his fiance about this. I want to speak with him man to man, not her and not his fiance involved. From the outsider’s perspective, I know this makes me look “petty”. But to men like me when you spent much great energy, time, effort, and money to avoid spaces where black women are abundant, it is spitting in the face to see a black women barge into your life. I want nothing to do with black women. Maybe a few of your brothas know what I mean. I don’t even wanna see a black bitch in thanksgiving, Christmas, easter, whatever family gatherings. I don’t wanna have to deal with putting on a fake nice smile, hug, handshake, whatever when it comes to interacting with one. I am not asking for reassurance so don’t think I’m asking you all “am I right on this”? I KNOW I am. I’m simply asking advice on what to do regarding my wife and the possibility that her brother and his black bitch may already be aware of the situation.

    Liked by 2 people

    • NoNonsense,

      That sounds like a very tricky situation as the black female concerned hasn’t yet demonstrated that she is your typical scraggle daggle, devil spawn black feminist. You may have to somewhat fall back on this one for the moment even though you feel the need to speak to your brother in law or it may be a case where you’ll just have to advise him to keep a basic eye out. Many of these black females will try to hold out and be the so called “good girl” until they get past the wedding, then after all Hell will break loose typically.

      I do understand your concern, I try as much as possible to avoid these black harriets like the plague, however I won’t display resentment towards them unless they show me that fit the stereotypical black witch schematic. That’s a serious bummer, and of all people it was your wife who brought her onto the scene. This is the problem with black women, they’ve done absolutely nothing to improve their dirty image and filthy reputation, in fact they’ve only added more fuel to the fire as to why more folks should avoid coming into contact with them when and where possible.

      With regards to your wife, you may want to point her to some of the evidence as to why you hold certain convictions(if she isn’t already aware of black female dysfunction which I’m sure she is to some degree). If she can at least see why you’re on edge then I believe that the tension between you both may somewhat ease. Other than that at this point it’s simply a waiting game, there is a chance that the black female concerned may be genuine(the proverbial needle in the haystack), she hasn’t raised any red flags as of yet so there isn’t much that can be done at this present time.

      Liked by 1 person

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