Dealing With Anti SYSBM Stubble – 2 For The Price Of 1!

This dude here, smh:

Now, the anti SYSBM bootlicker above opens up by talking about black men going to third world countries in order to seek validation from the women in those respective countries, err no sir, SYSBM brothers are travelling to foreign countries in order to seek out, honest, trustworthy, responsible, accountable, quality, functional, cooperative, feminine, submissive, in shape, natural, CHILD FREE women who are going to be viable and suitable companions bringing those same black men PEACE, teamwork and a family, things that cannot be found amongst modern day black women as a group today.

Now I heavily suspect that 1-Hundred is a Gen X black male, if this is the case then it doesn’t surprise me at all because it seems that as of recent we’ve had a bunch of Generation X black men attempting to shame and steer other Gen X black men as well as Millennials and Generation Z brothers back onto the proverbial plantation in order to save the same black women who have been shouting from the rooftops for the last 60 years that they are “strong and independent” and additionally “don’t need a man”.

He talks about dealing with women in impoverished environments, yet if you’re a SYSBM free thinking brother who has a preference for white women, most of the countries where white women reside are NOT impoverished. Besides, if you apply and hold to the above qualities listed in the first paragraph regardless of the woman’s financial status, you will NOT go wrong.

It’s up to the individual if he wishes to bring the woman over to the US/UK/CANADA/EUROPE etc(I personally am not keen on the idea due to the West having an extremely contagious atmosphere that could easily cause the woman to become contaminated and spoiled, I’d much prefer to spend time with her in her own country and only bring her to the West for occasional short visits), again, what does it have to do with you 1-Hundred? Why are you out here dick policing hard on behalf of these derelict black females who surprisingly have been the ones that have been the least vocal on the SYSBM lifestyle?

Here is the biggest problem I have with this dude, he talks about his own travels, showing off his passports and also mentioned the fact that he has girlfriends in some of the foreign countries that he has visited………………………yet he has a problem with YOU going over to a foreign country looking for a quality female to form a long term, stable relationship with, really bruh???????

Super Simp 1-Hundred talks about America being the richest country in the world, however that still doesn’t take away from the fact that Western women as a whole are not what they used to be and additionally a black man has much more of a chance of finding a traditional woman from a foreign, non Westernised country. The fact of the matter is foreign women as a whole despite their few shortcomings are in a damn site better condition that this modern day black female, compare this for yourselves:

So Ultra Simp 1-Hundred is trying to tell you that if ever raised in conversation you should NOT be vocal about the literal hell you have escaped from that is the modern day black female and her ultra liberal, matriarchal, socialist, marxist and communist regime, smh. He would prefer that you sweep that particular conversation under the rug, however guess what simp, the women in these third world countries you continue to talk about also have the internet, they can see for themselves how Westernised black females have sunk deep into the sewer WITHOUT OUR INPUT.

WEAKNESS is choosing to deal with a female who is rotten and totally dysfunctional instead of cutting your losses and taking your chances elsewhere, it is the modern day black female who looks upon the heterosexual free thinking black man as “weak” and “subhuman”, not the traditional foreign female.

Finally, the dude talked about women not respecting you no matter where in the world you travel if you don’t have money or power, the fact that you have a passport and are able to travel already demonstrates a reasonable level of money, resources and power by themselves, what is this dude talking about? Brothers, don’t believe the hype, there are plenty of places you can visit to escape from the creeping tentacles of the West where women are traditional and will treat you as women ought to treat men.

Finally, just because you’re holding passports in your hand, it doesn’t mean that you’re not dick policing bruh. Remember, Supersly75 used the same Kansas City shuffle last year when the Passport Gate controversy kicked off, he presented his passports to the camera, yet he was still attempting to dick police free thinking travelling brothers on the “sly”. Sly married a single black mother by the way for those who don’t know.

Now onto this dude right here, Phillip Scott aka The Advise Show aka African Diaspora News Channel.–Maria–Sue-Lin-eajh3l

Here we have a case of another Gen X black man attempting to dick police the SYSBM brotherhood, the strange thing about Phil is he’s openly practicing SYSBM himself being married to a white Latina(see photo above), therefore, will Phil apply the same “warnings and rude awakenings” to his wife? Somehow I doubt it. Now, good old Phil opted NOT to post this on YouTube because he didn’t want the smoke that the SYSBM brotherhood would’ve delivered to his chest.

Even in the comment section of the YouTube advertisement for the podcast, he’s already getting questioned as to why he hasn’t yet covered Gayle King and her blatant disrespect of the late Kobe Bryant as well as the fact that black women as a collective are observably in the toilet. Yet again this is another case of a Generation X black man saving himself from the black siren yet according to him we aren’t allowed to do the same, smh.

Let’s go through his rude awakening principle talking point and deconstruct it:

1. Most groups marry within their own group.

And? It didn’t stop you from finding a non black female did it Phil and that hasn’t stopped me either. I’ve been an SYSBM practitioner for over 15 years and I have NEVER had any trouble landing a non black woman despite the fact that most non black women date, marry and procreate with their own male counterparts.

Again, notice how he craftily attempts to intermix SYSBM free thinking brothers with the likes of Field Mouse, 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Spanner Boy, Midnight Freddy, Shifty Sizzler and Cheezy Grill. Nah bruh, you aren’t going to get away with that one son, SYSBM brothers aren’t out here slinging their penises all over the place, where are the distinctions between responsible brothers vs the lower dregs of black male society huh Phil?

Asian women are crying out for black men by the way, Nigerian men are rolling into China and wifing up those women up by the truckloads(not slumming it up as you put it), women from the Philippines are on a serious hunt for black men, what is this dude talking about? Remember as he already mentioned black men who date and marry out are in the MINORITY, therefore what is the point of putting out the stats concerning the rates of marriage between black men and Asian women?

Again, stop attempting to intermix two completely different groups of black men as if they are one and the same. Notice once again how Phil the male feminist attempts to use the same line as the Black Witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G in that black men can only get the throw aways of white female society. I was just on a livestream yesterday with the originator and the founder of the SYSBM philosophy and lifestyle Mad Bus DriverX where this talking point was proven to be false, see for yourselves:

White women who date and marry black men for the majority part pretty much don’t care what other people think about their interracial unions, they just like black men simply get on with their lives and deal with any obstacles as and when they arise. Again, I have to call this dude out for continually attempting to lump in responsible black men with the lower dregs of black male society, what do myself and Slim Sauce have in common, I’ll wait?

Additionally, Slim Sauce isn’t dealing with foreign women in foreign countries, he’s sticking to his own home turf because he doesn’t have a passport nor does he have the vision to expand upon his horizons and travel. Again, SYSBM is for the very FEW not the many, dick police officer Phil Advise Show would do wise to note this.

Obviously Phil hasn’t read the SYSBM Tenets particularly Tenet Number 9 which reads:

9. SYSBM is all about structure, family building and leaving a legacy behind, the modern day black witch on the other hand rejects the building of the family and instead chooses to embrace vanity, feminism and single motherhood which at their roots are all anti family.

Yes Phil, we will continue to choose mixed and non black women foreign and domestic over Westernised black females because the former typically have more of a propensity towards being traditional as opposed to your modern day black female who has demonstrated many times before that she is a staunch ultra liberal feminist child killer who wants absolutely NOTHING to do with the best and the brightest of black male society, yet at the same time she fully embraces the scum buckets, knuckle dragging Negroes of black male society, here is some proof of that:

Black Women, Their Love For Criminals/ Prison Inmates

I expected Phil to bring more fire to the table than this lame nonsense that couldn’t even ignite a barbecue grill, however we have to remember that this is the same dude that has already been caught out and put in his place by Jesse Lee Petersonย on at least 2 occasions, smh. Phil was right to NOT post this on YouTube as the SYSBM brotherhood as well as the Passport Bros would’ve ripped him a new one the same way we successfully dealt with Reverend Bargain Bucket aka Shawn James when he decided to throw on a freshly starched cape for the black witch contingent, which is why now he’ll only talk about SYSBM on his Patreon page.

Brothers, continue to date out and be free, as has been stated many times before SYSBM is an unstoppable force that nobody can stand in the way of, not the interracial marriage “pro black” simps like Phil nor the black witch herself, neither Admiral Frost aka Field Marshal Snow. SYSBM is growing exponentially and is set to grow at an even more rapid pace as black women continue to sink deeper into the sewer of degradation and filth.

I honestly can’t believe that there are people out here who are still trying to pretend that black women as a group are quality women who are fit for dating and marriage, smh. Dude marries out yet attempts to throw shade on other black men looking for the same, as a Gen X black man I am ashamed at these other Gen X black men trying their best to shame and lock black men into dealing with a putrid and decaying garbage group of women, this type of behaviour is an absolute disgrace and totally unacceptable.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Cannot And Will Not Be Stopped

Most High Bless

249 thoughts on “Dealing With Anti SYSBM Stubble – 2 For The Price Of 1!

  1. His view is that black men in the USA are supposed to limit themselves to the black third-world women in the USA? Given the fact that the typical USA black woman has a net worth of $5.00 (or perhaps in the negative), most USA black women are third-world women. —– At least the third world women in southeast Asia do not purchase hair for hair weave. MOST USA BLACK WOMEN ARE THIRD-WORLD WOMEN.

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  2. These guys are coming out of the woodwork.
    And Phil the advise show black panther looooooooooool isn’t he by default sysbm? With his wife

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    • Yeah he is a hypocrite in that regard, just like many pro-black BM are. They talk about how great BW are yet they are either single or married to a mixed/non-black woman. Black folks trip me out with this Wakanda stuff, I think some of them may think its real. lol The Black Panther movie has a lot of Black folks living in fantasy land.

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    • MorpheusTiberius,

      Indeed, Phil Advise Show saved himself but is highly critical of others who wish to do the same, smh. It’s been said that he cannot stand black women, however when it comes down to merchandising them, they all of a sudden become useful to him.

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  3. Dealing with anti-SYSBM stubble ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‚ yes shave that shit off!

    As a Generation Y’er, both SIMP-100 and Phil Advise Show can both fuck off. THEY don’t get to do what they want, yet close the door on the youth following them. They and the money-grubbing Baby Boomers can go dive off a cliff with no parachute. Shithouses, the lot of them.

    SIMP-100 (coincidentally New York’s number one SIMP music station ๐Ÿ˜‰) is the latest recruit by the black witch to go steer the sheep back to the abattoir. No mรฃs. Pastor Wolf is running out of the wool for pulling over our eyes.

    Like @BlackCaesar said it’s a good sign that Pastor 2-Piece and Reverend Tithe are being pressed into service – they be the last of the brainwashed SIMPs.

    SYSBM – light up dem bloodclaat!

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    • What’s with these generation โ˜“-ers? They’re still clinging to the black power crap their parents believed. That stuff fell apart by the mid 70s in favour of cheap sex, coke and disco. ๐Ÿคฃ
      Even Curtis Mayfield sang about how no one is serious about pro blackness.
      I dunno about these negroes but it’s not a good look to be such a spineless slave for the most undesirable, hideous, ugly ass women in existence. Why don’t they promote septic tanks, used dumpsters or Burger King instead. Smdh

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    • Michel,

      Simp 100 and Phil Advise Show are both barking up the wrong tree, they really don’t understand just how dedicated true SYSBM practitioners are when it comes to forging our own paths, we ARE NOT going back to any black witch nor any of her plantation sites.

      Simp 100 especially needs to stand down now because the SYSBM brotherhood as well as the Passport Bros will not hesitate to light his pimping backside up.

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      • @Sigma Jones

        He’s got so much material on his plate that he wouldn’t be able to cover this until next year. LOL

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      • Speaking of David Carroll, I remember he said a while back that many of these ignorant NigNogs don’t even take the time out to examine what they are critiquing.

        An ignorant NigNog tried to debunk one of his videos (which normally goes upwards of 35 minutes), with a two minute response video. In his words, that is tantamount to writing a one-page essay on “War and Peace.” It cannot be done in one page.

        Case in point, the hallmark of a dumb NigNog attempting to criticize something is the length AND content of the video response. The length automatically disqualifies the video (…the length of the video is short, because his brain is probably atrophied). As far as the content is concerned, well that speaks for itself.

        Democratization of media via social media has one MAJOR CON– any dumb NigNog can crack open a mic and start a fucking webcam. SMH.

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      • @B A

        No one has been able to prove D.C. wrong yet that I have seen and I have watched every single one of his videos currently available online. There is only one thing I disagree with him about and that’s whether or not Donald Trump is a racist which is impossible to determine, even for his close family members. Not saying that even matters because of the positive results he’s having with the black community. Other that that extremely minor thing, h’es been consistently right all the time. SO he doesn’t even have to watch let alone respond to those BS “rebuttal” videos. There are even Negroes in his comment sections who can’t even understand the content they are watching. SMDH

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      • Verbs,

        Speaking of how you all eviscerated him, I have to offer SYSBM and the Passport Bros an apology. Although your criticism was justified, at the time, I didn’t agree with the manner in which you all criticized him.

        Fast-forward five months later, after putting things into proper context, who am I to suggest how SYSBM should respond (or suggest how they should respond) when attacked?

        When someone purchases a ticket to the show, they cannot dictate how the show goes. They have to sit and watch it to its conclusion…lol.

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  4. The reason why most groups date, marry and procreate within their own group is because they haven’t been approached by other groups. Some black men want a woman that has a little melanin. Some have a preference without melanin like myself. It’s reality.

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  5. Regarding Flint fight:

    I used to lament the degeneracy of the modern day westernized black female. But its gone way beyond degeneracy. These are beasts ! Look at these beasts fighting ! One has the body of a hippopotamus and the face of a gorilla. The other one, while not quite as ugly, still looks like a ratchet hoodrat who hasn’t bathed in weeks.

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    • These lowlife negroes really do belong in cages. Not even on a plantation as they’d be completely useless. They need to bring back human zoos for the dregs of black society.

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      • Black Caesar,

        But we’re still expected to date, marry and procreate with such savages, right???? As I continue to say over and over again, NO THANK-YOU, I’LL PASS, I’M GOOD.

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      • @Verbs


        ๐Ÿ›‘ โ›”๏ธ ๐Ÿšซโ˜ข๏ธ โ˜ฃ๏ธ

        They need to have a hot rag or two and sit down.

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      • Gerbil-faced Umi-zoomi says “Wife up dem queans, nigga!”

        No thanks. Pass.


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      • @thebackhandofreality

        I don’t have to wife up anyone because IM A DESCENDAAAAAANNNNNTTTTT of Jesus Christ. I’m a DESCENDAAAAAAANNNNTTTTTT of John the baptist. I’m a DESCENDAAAAAANT of marvin the martian. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

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    • I remember reading a comment from a high school security guard under one of Tommy’s videos. The guard was saying how he is gentle with all girls except Black girls because they will fight you like a man.

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    • Americanblackman,

      This is one of the pinnacle reasons why Westernised black women as a collective have been written off by the SYSBM brotherhood, there simply isn’t enough quality in the group.

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  7. Verbs 2015.

    That black pastor in the above video is chatting shit and is a hypocrite because its okay for him to travel around the world and get himself a foreign non black women,but its not okay for us SYSBM black men to do the same thing and to travel around the world and to get ourselves a quality good looking childfree non black women to date or to get married and have kids with. The double standards hypocrisy is getting way out of control and he sounds like a slave master imposing his archaic rigid rules onto others telling us that there a quality black women to get with and we all know that is a bunch of bullshit because quality black women who look natural these days do not exist as in the black community is well overrun by single mothers and if by miracle do find a black woman without kids, then she looks really ugly, overweight, she always have a fresh weave on or she looks very manly due to the high testosterone in her body. As a millennial black man who is born in 1982 in London, UK I feel blessed that I was born in a time where mixed race relationships between black men and non black women is getting more mainstream and common to the point where it is normal as you see it every day now and when I was growing up in the 1980s and 1990s especially growing up in North London both my primary school and secondary school in Edmonton, North London was so multiracial that every race of people was dating each other that it was a good sight to see and I am so glad that I wasn’t born 200 years ago as I wouldn’t have the opportunity to date beautiful childfree non black women as mixed race relationships back in those days was a big no go especially if you were a black man. I will continue to date single beautiful childfree non black women and I don’t feel guilty about it either.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As per usual, I full agree with your bro, I will deal with who I want to deal with, a dodgy dude in a suit who is already having his fair share of foreign women is NOT going to tell me that I cannot seek out love and companionship abroad, where do these swines get off?

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      • @Verbs

        As soon as I saw the way he dressed, with that big medallion of a cruficix hanging from his neck and the fact he hid his face I knew what he was all about. He’s one of these Negroes who got into pastoring just for the easy black pussy.

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    • I gave a nice point by point critique in a comment on his video. He “hearted” it and replied stating,

      “So much questions, I will answer them all. Sit back and relax.”.

      I wait with bated breath, but I’ll probably asphyxiate first. Keep an eye on his channel.

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  8. I mean, what sense would it make for an intelligent Black man to marry one of these beasts ? They are broke, stupid, loud, obnoxious, lazy, filthy, violent, and have no prospects for improvement. And that’s before they have 4 kids by Lil Pookie, Cheezy Blue, Nickle Bag Damien, and Mack Daddy Lamarcus.

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    • None, no sense at all. Even though I follow pro-black media (for a number of reasons) they have always been dead wrong when it comes to the “You should always date BW” and “You should defend BW no matter what” talk. I don’t even think that they believe this TBH, they just say it to retain their pro-black credibility. Out of the 3 biggest names in the pro-black media (Tariq, TBA, and PBT) two are single and one is married to a mixed woman. Where are their BW? lol

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      • James SYSBM,

        I’ve always stated that the pro black doctrine concerning dating and marrying western black women only is out of date because it doesn’t take into consideration the possibility of those same black females going defective which is exactly what has now happened.

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    • AMERICANBLKMAN —– As can be seen by the late Kobe Bryant, an “intelligent Black man” would not even be wanted by 99% of black women in the period before he gets some cash.

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    • >And thatโ€™s before they have 4 kids by Lil Pookie, Cheezy Blue, Nickle Bag Damien, and Mack Daddy Lamarcus.

      Don’t forget about 12-Gauge Mike.


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  9. That idiot pastor is nothing but proof of David Carroll’s points. I disregarded him the minute I heard he was a pastor. Christianity, mainstream Christianity, is for beta males and sexual deviants.
    Phil the Advise show? That Negro sounds like he has one foot on the plantation. Nigga probably drives around in a straw hat and overalls. I don’t know what kind of influence he thinks he has over thinking black men but it’s good to see him giving it a try. That means more exposure for SYSBM on his artificially popular platform. This same negro was a much mouthed Tommy sotomayor clone a few years ago but switched up to pro blackness, again to prove David Carroll’s points. I know where his bread and butter lies.
    I can always tell who is hard up for money by whether or not they pander to black women.

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    • “I disregarded him the minute I heard he was a pastor.”

      I feel the same way, Black pastors are almost always suspect in my eyes. I trust their asses less than a Catholic priest, you only have to worry about your kids around a priest, but with a Black pastor you have to watch your wife, kids, and your money. Black pastors have earned their reputations as con-men and creeps.

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    • Black Caesar,

      Simp 100 is nothing short of a joke, I’m not sure if he is a pastor or not hence why I didn’t talk about that aspect of it, something that I have already talked about extensively in my church beast book. The dude clearly doesn’t understand SYSBM nor its true practitioners and how we are NOT going back to the black witch’s plantation.

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      • @Verbs
        It wouldn’t surprise me if he was. I just got my copy of the book so I will check that out.

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      • @Black Caesar

        I believe Negro Wars is a must-read before any brother can become a true practitioner of SYSBM. If any man can’t comprehend the messages in that book, he’s not ready for SYSBM.

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      • @Sigma Jones

        That was the book I read first and it was a life changing read. It helped me understand the abuse I went through by my mother and ways to undo it.

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    • “Phil the Advise show? That Negro sounds like he has one foot on the plantation. Nigga probably drives around in a straw hat and overalls.”

      Yep, and he spends his time picking cotton in the blazing hot sun and cools off by eating that good ole watermelon.

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      • @BCT

        Youz blak meen sho’n’t messround with dem bekiz, latinz and asaisn’s likes i’s dids. You a coon and not goods for y’naw sho’nuff da rayce, boy i tell you. Stick to yo blak q’eenz and tote dat barge and lift dat bale boy. Massa d’n’t likez y’all messin wit heez weemen any’ol’how.

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  10. 2020 is the year of full clear vision and we’re starting to see many of these brothers are nothing but closeted daggle lovers despite having the status of dating and married out.

    Alan Roger Currie–Daggle Lover (Mr. I just wanna fuck is now Mr. I want a strong black wife)

    Mumia Obsidian Ali-Daggle Lover (Mr. MGTOW who is now Mr. Save The Black Family)

    Phil The Advise Show-Daggle Lover (married a non-black single mother but has no kids of his own)

    C Boogie Productions-Daggle Lover (yet he allegedly is divorced from a white woman and supposedly has biracial children)

    Steve The Queen Williams-Daggle Lover (has a white wife and biracial children, use to bash the fuck out of black women but now wants to advocate for them)

    For the record, I have no problems with any black man who wants a black wife or has a black wife and is currently happy. We’re about brothers getting what they want. The problem is you have cats who preach one thing but live something totally different. SYSBM got them shook, butthurt, and more as now the cat is out the bag.

    Fellas, stop listening to these ‘select fuckboys’ and start doing you!

    Fuck learning game!

    Fuck self-improvement for the sake of HER (Improve your damn self)!

    Fuck the community! If the daggle is divesting, why the hell are you investing?

    All of these frauds are being exposed because SYSBM is making them either walk the talk or just shut the fuck up. Fellas, they are not going to go quietly. They are going to go down fighting on behalf of the African Queans! So get ready, the fighting just only begun!

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    • Actually, Phil Advise has children from a first marriage to a Black woman, but he divorced and is now married to his current Latina wife who gave birth to a girl a few years ago.

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    • Fred Stanford,


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  11. I wonder if these idiots realize that promoting black women and shaming black men into dating and marrying them is nothing but an indicator on how undesirable and unworthy they are.
    If these negroes would get into the used car salesman field they wouldn’t need patreon or cashapp.

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  12. “Even in the comment section of the YouTube advertisement for the podcast, heโ€™s already getting questioned as to why he hasnโ€™t yet covered Gayle King and her blatant disrespect of the late Kobe Bryant…”

    Of course he hasn’t covered it; Kid Organic called him as well as Paris Milan, Chrissie, Synthetic G, and Baba Rahson for not covering the DJ HIV story when it first broke; I used to like Advise Show TV, but I haven’t watched him in years. I don’t think I will be listening to Phil anymore after today.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Phil is bootlicking for these black females as the constitute a large part of his audience. Yet he chose to marry a white Latina, we aren’t stupid over here, we know exactly why Phil doesn’t really care for black women outside of making money off them.

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  13. Lol I’m gonna have fun with this one.

    First off, the so-called black pastor admitted he has some girlfriends overseas. What is with these negros who clearly show signs of doing SYSBM, yet want to deny other black men from doing so? If you’re truly against SYSBM, then you better make sure you’re not living the lifestyle yourself. Secondly, if the black fefails believe having a black pastor will somehow bring us back to the plantation, then da communitah has been dead a long time ago. Religion is certainly not going to bring us back, since black folks are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to religion anyways. The black church, like da communitah, has been dead a long time ago. We’re not coming back to a dead corpse.

    As for Phil, he lost all credibility as soon as it was revealed he is married to a non-black woman. And the negro made it worse when he tried to justify his non-black wife by convincing she has part-native american blood in her haha. So yea, smart of Phil to keep that video under wraps. He doesn’t have a dog in the fight, so whatever credibility he had left, attacking SYSBM is the last thing he wants to fight against.

    That’s my 2 cents for the day.

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    • Sigma Jones,

      These dudes are a joke, having their own fun but then attempt to squelch the enjoyment of others, no sir, not on my watch. Simp 100 simply needs to back down, he’s picked the wrong group of black men to mess with. As for Phil, as long as he continues to preach about black victimhood and white supremacy the folks that follow him will ignore his white Latina wife.

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  14. Guess Iโ€™m the fake/anti sysbm detector๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚, I Routinely go to YouTube, type in SYSBM ,look for the latest video, and lo and behold look what shows up. I knew verbs was gonna cook this guy. Morning gents, keep your head up, eyes open and hearts strong, there is a non-black woman out here looking for you.

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  15. As for that pastor (he’s really a pastor?), that guy can sit down and have a stadium full of seats because he’s the textbook example of the hypocrite Jesus himself spoke of; modern day Pharisee, if you will.

    You are condemning SYSBM and the men who practice the lifestyle, yet you admit out of YOUR OWN MOUTH that you have several girlfriends of your own in foreign countries? Your credibility was destroyed as soon as you uttered those words.

    Verbs, I gotta hand it to you; you killed 2 birds with 1 stone.

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  16. Dude is a pastor but supposedly HAS several girlfriends across the world? Sounds like ghetto side chick culture to me, that or the girls donโ€™t know about what heโ€™s doing. Either wait, does this sound like any pastor to you? Could you image any non-black, pious ass catholic priest, Adventist pastor, or Mormon priest bragging about this kind of thing? This shows how, despite blacks harping about Christianity the most, they are the ones who live by it the least.

    As for Adviseshow, first off, why is it not called The Advice Show? Secondly, you have yet another negro trying to give life advice and be some bullshit life coach despite living probably in a metaphorical gutter in the south. As Black Caesar said, dude is probably straw hat, high water wearing, pickin and a grinnin shine. Iโ€™m from the south, and even I hate country ass negroes, mainly because they are some of the most self hating on the planet. Most southern blacks will look straight outta Kenya, yet LARP as native Americans like theyโ€™re Elizabeth freakin Warren.

    As for these GenXers, itโ€™s honestly expected. Remember the old fossil ass pensioner that tried to start a beef with Sotomayor? Dude was a fart licking old codger, and still making videos about Nikki Minaj/cardi B to get YouTube famous before he draws his soon to come last breath. If these rejects from Jurassic Park are still out ruining the community and giving horrible ass advice to the youth (mainly out of jealousy for having ruined their own lives), you know that the crack babies of the 70s/80s are gonna be jealous. Itโ€™s sad, but honestly, there needs to be a coronavirus strain that takes out at least 75% of black America, as most arenโ€™t even fit to do grunt work. Just look at the number of older blacks that were too stupid to save up for retirement, and are now either begging in the old age, going to local shelters/food pantries, or working fast food jobs with teenagers. Meanwhile, middle and upper class whites, Asians, and Indians are buying their retirement homes in Tampa, while their kids are either finishing college or exploring Europe. These โ€œeldersโ€ ainโ€™t shit, and itโ€™s because of these sorry ass Graygoyles (in reference to their age) that the QUEENIES have been defended for so long.

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    • “Itโ€™s sad, but honestly, there needs to be a coronavirus strain that takes out at least 75% of black America, as most arenโ€™t even fit to do grunt work.”

      Well if what I’ve heard is true, the weave hats are most likely to contract the coronavirus since the weave comes straight from Asia. So, your outlook just might happen, smh.

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      • Chinese people brought coronavirus on themselves supposedly for wanting to eat wild animals. Black women will inflict it upon the hood because they want to hide the fact that they LOOK LIKE wild animals.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        โ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธ

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      • Coronavirus from China —– One more reason to stay away from black women. Many black women are wearing hair weave from China on their heads.

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      • They did find coronavirus in weave. I read a story on it this weekend, and now that Iโ€™m looking to link it I find itโ€™s been purged from the net. Korean and Chinese are probably being pro-active to protect their business. They neednโ€™t worry though, black bitches would put that shit on their head if it contained h.i.v.

        Black women are a fucking cartoon!

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    • As for Adviseshow, first off, why is it not called The Advice Show? Secondly, you have yet another negro trying to give life advice and be some bullshit life coach despite living probably in a metaphorical gutter in the south. As Black Caesar said, dude is probably straw hat, high water wearing, pickin and a grinnin shine. Iโ€™m from the south, and even I hate country ass negroes, mainly because they are some of the most self hating on the planet. Most southern blacks will look straight outta Kenya, yet LARP as native Americans like theyโ€™re Elizabeth freakin Warren.

      I don’t particularly care for Phil’s videos. I used to watch him years ago, but stopped. His inability to enunciate his words is annoying– get a voice coach, dude!

      Nevertheless, there is a decent amount of good to him. When catastrophe– a hurricane — hit Houston, dude was out there donating food and toiletry items. That was some “alpha male” action there. He saw a problem and did his part.

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  17. Boy, Boy, Boy! Where do I start with this shit?

    First of all, ain’t this pastor suppose to be in church preaching for the black women, trying to save them and make them born again virgins? This dude sounds hypocritical as hell. He got passports in his hands, but he up in here calling us weak, and telling us to stay and do what? Just look at how these dudes talk and stuff. This is one thing I mostly hate, when people say you can’t do this, or do that, but that person is doing that himself. Bruh these simps and black women do not run SHITT!

    Second, I ain’t gonna get into the Phil Advise show. I ain’t really get into Phil Advise Show, but I actually heard about him being with that white latina chick.

    This is one thing I’m extremely trying to figure out about these dudes, they suppose to be from the “black queens”, wanting brothas to get with black women, but how is it that they all for the black sistahs, but they got mixed or non black girlfriends? Like Bro, that just borderline hypocritical. I swear this dick policing black men these simps and black women be doing is getting extremely annoying. These dudes still think they still some quality black women out here in America, but it’s like only a tiny percentage. Trying to find a quality black woman nowadays is like finding a freaking needle in a haystack, and I’m not trying to waste finding a rare breed. Just go try different flavors of women bruh, Trying to be 100%, or trying to be race loyal is a complete waste of time. Get out of that race loyal crap, because black women in America, as I’m starting to see now are not race loyal to black men.

    P.S. I see you Verbs being on that MBD livestreams man. I watching that livestream you guys had yesterday, and when MBD was showing them pictures of black men with non black women, I was like damn! Them pictures spoke a thousand words to me because how the brothas look real happy with their non black spouses. And these black folks wanna talk all that crap about us getting with left over non black women, but look at who these black women choose, and what these simps choose too.

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    • Trying to be 100%, or trying to be race loyal is a complete waste of time.

      Especially, when they constantly say we ain’t shit, or weak. Loyalty goes both ways, and you have only ONE CHANCE to prove loyalty to me. Any attempts after a failed attempt (i.e., the plethora of videos declaring that we ain’t shit) is just disingenuous (i.e., the Dear Black Man videos). The talk shows of the late 90 was the first manifestation of disloyalty. The social media videos and comments are just the latest iteration.

      Given that the life expectancy of black men is around 72. Statistically, I have less than 30 years left on this planet. I have more yesterdays than tomorrows. Who can I maximize my remaining tomorrows catering to some vitriolic black bitch? NOPE, not gonna happen. I am going earnestly enjoy my remaining years, because as the Kobe situation vividly reminds us, TOMORROW AIN’T PROMISED.

      They can go FUCK themselves.

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      • @B A
        My father died at 54 and I usually base my life expectancy on that. So that means I have less than 20 years left. I am not about to waste a minute on any woman least of all black women who have done nothing at all to prove that they will be traditional partners en masse. You only have one life. The axis of white supremacy* believes your life belongs to them.

        *white men, black women and black simps.

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      • Yikes, 54 is so young to pass. You are wise to base your expectancy based on your dad’s passing. My dad passed at 61, so I have to factor that in as well.

        Given that medicine and health awareness are better than when our fathers passed, I hope to live past 61. One way to do that is to keep toxic motherfuckers out of my life, and get plenty of exercise, and visit the doctor at least annually.

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      • @B A
        True. But he was a heavy drinker and smoker and I was in the past too. To be honest, to me it’s not really about quantity of life but quality. So I want to live without any regrets. That includes becoming legally bound to the wrong type of female. I spent enough time being raised by one poorly, I do not want another.

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      • Well there’s a difference between what you expect to do and what you plan to do. And I plan to live at least into my mid-80s, I’m 56, live and eat healthy, I try not to place myself in precarious situations (ie deal with bw, simps, bustas, cucks, thugs, lames, punks, pussies, losers, and male bitches).My father was 47 when he died, I was 12, when I get up the courage one day I’ll tell you how he died.

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      • If you are an educated intelligent Black Man who lives a common sense heathy lifestyle, then your life expectancy is the same as that of a White Man’s, so long as you don’t get involved with these bottom rung beastly black females. And 98 percent of all black females fall into that category. The beastly black female is the primary cause of the Black Man’s shortened life expectancy.

        I started life as a SIMP. Most Black do, because we are conditioned to be SIMPS from births. The only way to keep Black Men on the plantation, breeding with beastly black females, is to indoctrinate and brainwash them from birth. That is because any man who looks at the beastly black female objectively, will be utterly repulsed by what he sees. And bear in mind, the black female is degenerating year by year. This generation is worse than the previous one, which was worse than its previous generation, and on and on.

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    • @DK
      Most people choose to ignore the fact that if a black man is indeed getting the unwanted women of a particular race, that says more about the women of his own race than the man.
      If someone presented a five star plate of food to me and instead I say I’d rather have Burger King, people are going to be looking at what’s the matter with the five star plate, not the one who rejected it.

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      • Yup, if black men are supposedly dating and mating with a bottom-shelf Becky, instead of the so-called black Queen, then one has to ask is the so-called Queen really regal? Of course they will say, the black man in question hates himself.

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    • D.K Phantom,

      MBD has the receipts and shows them, that talk about black men only getting with the bottom dregs of non black female society has no ground whatsoever, that talk is simply more witchcraft on the part of black women and their simp flunkies attempting to make black men believe that they cannot achieve better for themselves.

      That AM1 dude is all about saving the devil spawn seedlings of the black community, he refuses to tackle the route cause of the problem which is this modern day black female, in other words he’s a lite version pro black.

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      • @Verbs

        Back when I used to troll the piss out of sheboons on Twitter, I had no problem finding pictures of black men with attractive non-black women with simple Google searches, and that’s in spite of Google actually scrubbing those images from internet searches and in many cases replacing them with BW-WM couples. I had no many pictures backed up on disk to beat them down that I forgot my phone was set to upload pics to Google Photos and I ended up maxing out the available space (15GB). Average photo size is no bigger than 500kb. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

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  18. Dude, 1-Hundred, is yet another example of the proliferation of dumb NigNogs in black YouTube and social media at large. I tell you, David Carroll wasn’t joking when he said black men are dumb. In the video, the dumb NigNog says, why would you want to leave the richest country in the world? Another dumb NigNog, Ask Nathaniel, also posed this question a while back.

    Well, let me put the answer in crayon for the dumb NigNogs:

    1. The U.S. dollar goes farther in a so-called third-world country. Simple math NigNog. Charles Tyler provided a example: Use the United States as a logistical and financial hub, but live abroad. With the advent of technology, people can earn money in a place different from where they live.

    2. To piggy back off the above reason, many retirees are retiring in so-called third world countries because they get comparable medical care, and housing at a very low price. No one is berating retirees for leaving the United States. Why?

    I will pose my own questions:

    1. Why live in the richest country in the world only to deal with low seeded NigNogs such as 1-Hundred and B1 NigNogs?

    2. Why live in the richest country in the world if the cost of things are exorbitantly high?

    These labels of first-world and third-world is really overblown. During my last trip, to a so-called third-world country, Colombia, my level of comfort did not degrade one bit. Further, I encountered more first-class people in said third-world country, than I do living in a first-world country. Now, I know someone would say, well, why don’t leave? To them, I say fuck you. I put in three fucking tours to Iraq. I have earned my U.S. citizenship (by birth, and service), and I will leverage it as I see fit.

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  19. Finding out that BW have been Black Man’s clandestine enemy the whole time was very unfortunate.

    I remember when I was young my Caribbean grandmother was extremely abusive. This woman was vile and evil and was able to pass on her abusive traits and failure seeking behavior to her children, including my father.

    On the other side of my family however was a patriarchy led by my grandfather and his children who became successful because he was steadfast in keeping failure seeking behavior at bay.

    It took me a long time to accept that BW despite having been traumatized by racism, BW are easily converted into double agents. Now that I am older and have become very proficient at observing people from a distance, I am increasingly aware at how BW play both sides. Both by soothing black men so they can continue to become canon fodder and still as Verbs would say “lick the boots” of the very men that aim to disenfranchise BM at all costs.

    People have often times asked me what is the solution and after failing several times enacting a solution I have found one, that I employ myself.

    The solution is to make money in the west, find a way to have a monthly stipend coming in equivalent to $3000 plus a month no matter where you live, and then move out of the West.

    If you can not move out of the west move away from city centers and live in a sparsely populated suburb that is not frequented by near-do-wells. This strategy also works for overseas Western countries.

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    • Kravebrazil,

      Another sound plan right there especially the part about having a passive income and moving out of the city centre into rural environments instead if you are unable to leave the West. Black women unfortunately stay throwing black men under the bus using any opportunity that presents itself to them, it’s also unfortunate that we have large swaths of black men who still refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall concerning our defective beyond repair female counterparts.

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      • The passive income method is extremely easy in the US the only problem that stops men for the most part is
        1. Fear
        2. Inability to endure short term hardship for long term gain
        3. Racism
        4. Addiction to women

        There are other reasons but these are the primary obstacles

        What I found when watching Caribbean and African immigrants is that their focus on education and ignoring racism served them well to get a foothold in America. However I found that their major drawback was that their goal seemed to only reach the status quo of American virtue that white Americans enjoyed. This was their downfall as I read about their eventual demise in a book written by a Harvard professor called American Dream West Indian Nightmare. After some additional research I realized that the answer is to indeed focus on education and creating a plan that circumvents racism but only do so if that plan will help you to achieve passive income and early retirement aka freedom. Working until 65 in America for any BM is a waste of life as you will never be respected. This is why the early retirement passive income freedom strategy should be the ultimate end game for any BM. Freedom being the main focal point.

        For example: Most Black Men in America hate the military. However the military is the fastest and ironically easiest way to achieve freedom. However the BM’s approach to the military must be highly strategic. First he must score high on the recruitment test, then he must choose an easy job in the military that will help him gain rank fast and the job must have transferrable skills, lastly he must select a job that allows him to travel all over the world and in doing so if he faces racism at a particular base he can transfer easily to another duty station.

        Therefore a man can enter the military at 18 and retire at 38, having traveled all over the world, earned a degree essentially free of charge, attained the best leadership skills and have $3800 plus a month coming in plus free medical care for the rest of his life. If he is an officer he will make over $5000 a month with free medical benefits. This is by far the best strategy as even the best financial investment vehicles will not provide this steady rate of return plus medical benefits.

        If one does not want to go into the military, one can also perform civilian strategies that require the BM to acquire high income positions in engineering, become a minimalist, and save diligently for 10 years. In those ten years purchase investment real estate only. (three duplexes will be sufficient) One can also invest in dividend stocks but $500,000 will be required to create a cashflow of $3000 a month. One does not have to invest the money saved over the 10 years but the biggest hurdle a person will come across that will wipe out his savings is medical care costs. In this regard it will become extremely advantageous to move overseas in lower cost areas, which should be the ultimate goal as a BM will experience much less racial discrimination overseas depending on location.

        I could go on and on but I retired early at 42 because I performed the strategy above. I hear many BM talk about building a future but I never hear BM coming up with a strategy that will help them reach their goals of financial, psychological, and spiritual freedom. This strategy works for BM extremely well. I was actually taught the original strategy by BM veterans and this strategy continues to work to this day. I just wish more BM would discuss plausible methods to reach freedom instead of ongoing bickering.

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  20. I think I am going to start putting funds into a forum for SYSBM and custom URL so we can have a space where we can talk and be among ourselves….if you brothers have any advice let’s hear it but I am going to put something together. If there is a forum like this out here already let me know

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    • Fellhandedbjorn,

      We had a forum a few years ago, however the owners of it made the unfortunate mistake of allowing Elmer Fudd aka Oshay Duke Jackson to have moderator/administrative rights in it and the rest is history. He saw the site as a threat to his Negro Manosphere website and so subsequently completely sabotaged the website, this is what the dude does which is why I called him an evil dodgy piece of trash who feels that he has to rule over all things black men related. Admittedly it wasn’t till later on that folks figured out that Oshay was behind the destruction of that website. Oshay has always seen SYSBM as a threat, which is why he can NEVER be an ally of the philosophy.

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      • then it’s time another answers the call. I am going to talk to someone who has some resources and has been waiting to set this off with a solid forum. Stay tuned

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    • fellhandedbjorn,

      I’d say a dedicated forum would be the way to go. The IR board I’m on ( is heavily edited and regulated by one ham-fisted white female mod, despite hardly anyone posting there anymore. The sacred cow black woman is never to be mentioned and your posts will disappear. The very few liberal WW on that board who still post have mixed daughters and are uncomfortable with any criticism of the Alien Queen even though it’s their shitty behavior that drives thinking brothers into non-black female’s arms in the first place. Basically over the hill white women wanting praise from thirsty black men and that’s it. And even then, Tinder and Bumble have replaced the forum.

      Slaying Evil on the other hand is a free speech zone and I say the more the merrier in terms of another SYSBM forum. People stay trying to control, modulate and tone police thinking black men’s opinions even on anonymous boards.

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      • Yeah, I tried to join whitewomenblackmen years ago, but she closed up her ranks I guess, like you said though, I notice no one really posts there any more, too bad, it was a good idea. I working on something similar, looks like some of are trying to exspand SYSBM in his own way…GOOD, let us come at the world from all directions and in different forms.

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      • Off Grid, On Code,

        The only parts of that forum that are still lively are the pop culture/sci-fi topics where it’s only guys and zero females participating. And the Kardashian pic thread. The mod even shut down the Star Wars thread due to “complaints,” (from triggered females) you know it’s bad. Oh, well. Let the site die.

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      • Who was complaining about the straws thread? And why? I use a lot of the media and news pics on my Facebook page. I always wanted to talk to someone who knew what was going on behind the scenes there.

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      • LOL @ “straws.” The guys in the thread were talking about the Mary Sue feminazi takeover of Star Wars and somebody reported the thread. Next thing you know the thread was locked. Now it’s gone. Everything is “hate speech” to these people. Funny thing is there’s this insane right-wing Trumpbot white woman who’s been trolling and arguing with black men for years on there and she’s still going. SMDH

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  21. This is the DAGGLE that the Pastor Pimp wants thinking Black Men to wife up.

    This stripper whore falls 15ft from a stripper pole, and the BT-1000 continues to TWERK as if nothing happened. Itโ€™s like twerking is an involuntary action for them, like breathing.

    Of course the baby mama stripper created a Go Fund page!

    Also, pay close attention to the stripper next to her, she didnโ€™t even move and wasnโ€™t phased by the body that just crashed next to herโ€ฆLOL

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  22. I was reading the comments in the above video. I tell you, ghetto NigNogs are so damn stupid. Take these enlightened comments, for example,

    3 days ago
    Sue Lin will do anything to be with a white guy

    Man in Town
    3 days ago
    Sue li is on corona virus

    Nana Nyantakyi
    4 days ago
    “SYBM” a bunch of simps!

    So, out of all the Asian women in this world, a free-thinking black man CANNOT FIND ONE who mutually wants him?

    Isn’t SKC married to an Asian woman. Is she blind?

    That’s why I don’t go back and forth in the comment section anymore. Ghetto NigNogs are just fucking dumb.

    For a tiny group of black men, who no one cares about, they sure have the B1 NigNogs’ panties in a bunch.

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    • @B A

      You’re killing me over here with “NigNogs”. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

      If they wanna talk about coronavirus let’s talk about hoe 50% of black women have herpes. Let’s also talk about the 700+ and possibly many more black women who picked up HIV from white men.

      Let’s have a talk about it.

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      • @B A
        I dunno who that is.
        There was some British sitcom from the 70s that used it. That’s where I heard it first. LOL

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      • It’s what the regular White men over here used to racially insult us during the 70s.

        It ain’t a happy term over here, much like the -ER ending to the N-word.

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      • @Michel.
        I see. Still, it seemed that the UK was more tolerant of black people than here or especially the USA. I’ve seen some pictures and film footage of black and white London Underground workers. Then there’s that movie To Sir With Love with had near SYSBM qualities to it (if Sidney Poitier had the guts to bang that one chick who was obsessed with him LOL).

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      • ลดร‹ แบ„ร›ลฝ แบ€แนŒแธผแนผแธ–แบ”,

        The name and the pic of the Pomeranian cracks me up….lol.

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      • โ€œNigNogโ€ is white supremacist lingo, at least in the USA. Far be it from me to tone police black men, but why rationalize that term. Iโ€™m like Michel, it is equivalent to โ€œniggerโ€ with the hard โ€œ-er.โ€ Of course, black female misandrists use that term to be closer to their white master, they were the first black people I ever heard use the word, not black men. And the old British TV show that used the term was called โ€œLove Thy Neighbour.โ€

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      • Love Thy Neighbor was Thames Television’s low point in making excellent programmes, however it reflected 70s British life very accurately. This was the era of race riots, National Front, the Rivers of Blood political speech and clandestine Neo-nazi violence, from skinheads who ironically listen to ska music (from the Carribbean, SMDH).

        Anybody caught saying NigNog on TV would be sacked, shamed and made to grovel. It’ll be more likely an elderly racist, who still clings to the memories of Empire, whipping Indians with a stick and addressing their staff as “coolie”.

        In other words, it’s the British N-Word.

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      • Schadenfreude,


        Alf Garnett’s Till Death Us Due Part was another old British sit com that had a lot of racist terminology in it:

        Quite a few of these old British TV comedies contained dodgy racist language and undertones:

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      • Schadenfreude,
        THANK YOU SIR, (and in the future…if you SEE ME DOING SOMETHING WRONG, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO GIVE ME A FRIENDLY…BUMP….I like how you laid out information that may not have been known without making a brother seem less of himself. I didnโ€™t know that about Nig-Nog, and was gonna start using it myself, but not any more now that I know better. Sysbm at its CORE is about us living better, and at this point, we are the only ones we have.

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      • @Schadenfreude Ah ok thanks. I didn’t know it was that bad. They don’t really use that word up here. I first heard it in person from a liberal white man.

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    • Yup, “NigNog” is straight-up Stormfront-style white nationalist dog-whistle lingo in America. They have shortened it to “Nog.” (I often wondered if the character from DS9 was a dog-whistle, but the show had a black captain and was written by Jews so maybe not)

      Like I said before the first black people I ever heard use the term were black bitches who probably learned it from her racist Brad. As if black hoes weren’t “NigNogs” too. I do not tell grown black men what to do but I personally do not use that term.

      “Rahowa” (Racial Holy War), “88” (the 8th letter of the alphabet, “H” = Heil Hitler), and the “circle game”/OK sign are also white supremacist lingo/hand signs. We are supposed to be too dumb to know how they talk about us, so stay vigilant.

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      • Watch out for the term “wog” – from Golliwog, a doll/puppet with exaggerated racist features similar to the pre-war “coon” imagery. Golliwog gets shortened to “wog”, also of the 1970s British racist climate. Australians and White South Africans are particularly fond of the word, they use it instead of NigNog.

        Nothing good comes out of using white supremacist language on ourselves.

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      • @Schadenfreude

        “written by Jews”

        God forbid we believe jews can be racists. LOL. You’ll notice that even Sisko would pronounce Nog differently. I think Avery Brooks knew what was going on in the back on his mind.

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  23. Who appointed these grimy SIMP negroes judge and jury?

    Why am I supposed to be listening to a fake-ass thirsty-ass Pimp Priest talking about staying behind, so he can dip it in foreign women? Man, they really are worried about the new competition, huh?

    Cloaking themselves into “pastor”, “equal rights activist”, “community leader”, so you automatically believe them. That is the black man’s weaknesses.

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      • Especially Black pastors, many of them are basically street hustlers and pimps that put down the dice and pimp hat and picked up a Bible instead.

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      • Pretty much, church is just one big 501c3 tax exemption hustle. Fuck the church…๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ. I haven’t stepped foot in church for almost two decades, and will never return to a church.

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  24. Andriq’uana’niqua Rogers is at it again!

    From the Black Youth Project’s FAILED SYSBM attack piece:

    “This movement seem to have sure blew up once I searched for it in YouTube. It’s amazing how people have diluted the message. It was always about wanting black women to suffer. So, I am going to directly quote some of these guys to demonstrate how crazy they are:

    Mad Bus Driver X

    Blaming black women for violence in Chicago: “Iโ€™m talking about the women that keep reproducing with Nook Nook and Day Day, Pookie and Ray Ray, all of them and keep reproducing children after children by these gentlemen because they got to get that thug loving. These ladies refuse to pick quality men.โ€

    From Slaying Evil:

    “Even though these same so called โ€œeducated black femalesโ€ have since learned that Planned Parenthood(the main headquarters of Abortion country) was founded by an ultra liberal, racist, nazi sympathiser by the name of Margaret Higgins Sanger who actually stated that she wanted to wipe out the Negro population, these 6 kegs short of a 6 pack, not very bright at all, bloodthirsty Negro women still hop, skip and jump to their nearest abortion clinic and canโ€™t wait to snuff out the life of another innocent.” (the historical claim is absolutely false)

    “Most black women have no problems portraying themselves as the biggest whores and sluts on the planet.”

    “Black women are the dumbest individuals on the planet in that theyโ€™ll behave in an unruly manner and an abnormal fashion, yet when the people they are negatively affecting around them decide to clap back, now all of a sudden black women as a collective will attempt the put on their victimhood mantle and completely forget that they were the very ones who brought things to such a turbulent point to begin with. Do you see why I frequently liken the overwhelming majority of black females to grade A retards and spastics?”

    “tโ€™s common knowledge that black women as a whole have stank coochies, why, because in the overwhelming majority of cases they werenโ€™t taught anything about sexual health and hygiene by their mothers due to the fact that they were too busy getting dicked down in the back room by Two Snacks, Field Mouse, Chunky Bruh and Shorty Fist to care anything about the welfare of their children.”

    From Slaying Evil comment section:

    “As a dog goes back to his own vomit, so does the black man to the black woman. There is simply nothing redeeming about them to me. I barely find them physically attractive across the board. While I no longer look at porn, black women accounted for less than 1% of my total, lifelong pornography consumption. I have to literally force myself to achieve a stiffy with them.”

    Pretty insane if you ask me. And this comments from the people in the group who where there way before SYSBM blew up.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • And the rebuttal argument from Judge Sha’naynay’quisha?

      I await Aaron Fountain’s follow up piece entitled “How Aborting 2000 Black Babies Daily Contributed To The White Supremacist Depopulation Agenda”. If he’s got the balls.

      Liked by 4 people

      • @Michel

        He’s not going to go there. I bet he’s had one or more black children sucked out of his vagina as well.๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

        Liked by 4 people

    • Man, you all still following the comments in that article? I stated my piece and moved on. In 2020, I refuse to go back forth with idiots.

      Liked by 3 people

      • B A,

        They have to keep the bullshit going, that hit piece on SYSBM was the hottest article on that site. The other articles are dead in terms of engagement.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Schadenfreude,

        That makes sense. Further, why would a little-known movement cause a PhD candidate to write an article without a clear understand of what he is attacking?

        What type of candidates is IU granting acceptance? SMH

        Liked by 3 people

    • I forgot to mention that out of all the comments out of all the articles on this site, that shinebone Andrew Rogers chose to single out my comment dealing with what? My personal sexual habits!

      I TOLD you these pro-black female Negroes are sexually suspect! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      Liked by 3 people

    • Aaron Fountain actually made an appearance in the live chat on MBD’s livestream; he may actually get on a future livestream.

      Liked by 2 people

    • black youth project is proof-positive that SYSBM is working. They are afraid and desperate.

      I say – GOOD! Let them down with Da Communiteh.


      Liked by 2 people

  25. Meanwhile here is some good news:

    The White House wants to slash billions of dollars from Medicaid, food stamps and other safety net programs for the poor, while largely sparing Medicare

    “Trump’s budget also takes a whack at many safety net programs.
    Reforming food stamps — formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP — would save nearly $182 billion over a decade. The administration rolled out a new rule in December that makes it harder for states to waive existing work requirements for certain able-bodied, working-age adults without dependents. It has also proposed tightening the rules governing who qualifies for aid. These, along with a more minor proposal, could decrease the number of people on food stamps by 3.7 million, according to an Urban Institute report.

    The budget also calls for sending food stamp recipients “Harvest Boxes” of food directly to households. This idea sparked immediate concern and questions among consumer advocates and food retailers when the administration included it in the past.

    Also, the administration would reduce the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families block grant and eliminate the program’s contingency fund, which states use during economic downturns — saving a total of more than $21 billion over a decade. TANF replaced what was known as welfare during the 1996 reform effort.
    The administration wants to require that those claiming the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit and credit for other dependents provide a Social Security number, which would target immigrants. This would save nearly $73 billion over 10 years, according to the budget’s summary table.”


    Trump is cutting the food stamps and about to start sending out those raw vegetable filled food boxes he was threatening to send out a year or two ago. ROFMAO!!!!
    Make sure to keep the Wall up.

    Liked by 4 people

    • The administration rolled out a new rule in December that makes it harder for states to waive existing work requirements for certain able-bodied, working-age adults without dependents.

      I remember being an accountant on the CalWORKS (California Work Opportunity foR KidS) fund, 20 years ago, as a recent college graduate. We basically tracked the money that went to private providers of Mental Health and Group Home services to ensure that it was being allocated according to the memorandum of understanding.

      To make a long story short, I remember the work requirement (i.e. the WO in CalWORKS) being a big problem for able-bodied folks on the system. I see after all these years, able-bodied folks (with the assistance of case workers) are still gaming the system.

      Liked by 3 people

    • James SYSBM—– A man living anywhere near black females will have a difficult time being an incel because of government aid cuts.

      Liked by 3 people

      • The country is going to continue to swing right IMO and the welfare will continue to be cut. I always joke about Isaiah 4:1 but it will probably really come to that. These chicks are getting cut off by the Gov and non-BM don’t want them, a Good BM with resources and intelligence will be like pure gold to BW in the coming days.

        Liked by 3 people

  26. Now I know that I should rest my right hand because I’m suffering carpet tunnel because I type to much, but mi na care! This 1 โ€“ Hundred simp is not keeping it 100 per cent. It’s another dude that is against the S.Y.S.B.M lifestyle. We are goanna have more and more of these simps this year and trust me it’s growing. The war with the S.Y.S.B.M crew and the simps is here. These oil of olay men are coming after the lifestyle because of they are doing this for the ghetto hoodrats which they can’t wait to sleep with them. Let me tell you something, these simps don’t even know that these whores don’t want them. They don’t even like them.

    Liked by 5 people

  27. And this Phil Advise Show. What advise does he gives? Nothing but bullshit. He’s doing this pro blackness while he’s with a non black woman. We have a Steve The Simp Williams who is against the lifestyle while he’s with a white woman with a single mother would you believe it. And we have Shawn James. He just went turn coat and went against black men who travel to other countries to get women but never get a punany.

    Liked by 5 people

  28. When these ghetto ratchet black women stabs these simps in the back, then what? What they goanna do? Thinking black men have warn these simps not to defend these women and when these these simps get betrayed by these ghetto heifers, we tell them โ€œTold you so!โ€ and these simps end up in a world of hurt. But we don’t sorry for them. We have warned them so many times and fools don’t listen.
    Keep your white sugar honeys warm and hold her tight through the night and let me rest my right hand. Frigging hand is in pain.

    Liked by 4 people

  29. I was listening to a podcast where the speaker talked about shame briefly. In a nutshell, she said, and I am paraphrasing:

    “You should not deny your wants and desires. Refuse to be shamed, because of your wants and desires. Shame is your enemy in your quest to acquire what you want. Be wary of those who seek to shame you.”

    I couldn’t help to put her words into the context of thinking black men (i.e., SYSBM, Redpill, MGTOW, etc). Our desire is to live our best life. People will try to shame us in pursuing wants and desires that will allow us to live our best lives. Shame is truly an enemy, because it will conjure doubt, which leads to abandoning the goal of living our best lives. And yes, we must be very wary of, even hostile towards, those who seek to shame us.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Shame is the number one brainwashing and emotional control tool used in millennia by elites, religions, institutions, groups, even family.

      If we’re talking metaphysically – Shame is a low frequency vibe. SIMPs, pimps and the Daggle all live here.

      Free thinking brothers are vibing off much higher frequencies, so shame is used as a weapon to lower and then emotionally control. Regularly notice the trolling ass witches come on here and use shame to attack us?

      Liked by 4 people

  30. David Carroll is 100% correct. Donald Trump is not a racist. Heโ€™s an opportunistic politician that found a base and appeals to it. His rhetoric is tailored to whip up and mobilize that base, and not provide actual results based on his campaign promises. In that regard, heโ€™s no different than EVERY politician. Ebony people just canโ€™t or refuse to think beyond skin color. Iโ€™m from NYC, Iโ€™ve analyzed Donald Trump since his days as a businessman from the early 80โ€™s and heโ€™s not racist. Heโ€™s a politician. No matter how cruel his rhetoric and even his policies, itโ€™s the same game they all play. Play to your base of support. His base of support are dumb, but they vote and thatโ€™s all that counts. People are episodic. Trump was a lifelong Democrat who was Hillaryโ€™s biggest supporter up until 2008. Same as Michael Bloomberg. Life long Democrat untill he ran for mayor. Now after three terms as a Republican mayor, heโ€™s running for President as a Democrat ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†.

    Liked by 4 people

  31. Incels ? Many people call SYSBM guys incels. Calling a man an incel is strange because incel is typically a label of self-description. For example, a person calls himself “pro-life” or “pro-choice.” It is bizarre when other people label a man as an incel. —————– Anyway, if you live anywhere near USA black females, it is difficult to be an incel. With the cuts in government aid, black females are selling sex at heavy discounts.

    Liked by 3 people

    • But what if you don’t want what they’re selling? Most of these ghetto hoes can’t even give pussy away except to DJ KIDD. The argument has been made that there’s no reason for white “incels” to be incel because they can date and have sex with thirsty black women. Problem is, those guys want the top-shelf prom queen white chicks. So the question becomes, why should I as a black man dumpster dive for these black heffas? For that same $50 you can take a cute white or Asian chick on a date. No thanks.

      Liked by 6 people

    • I do not believe in “incels”. Anyone can have sex for a few bucks, (or even a few substances). That along with “rape culture” is another means women are using to artificially inflate the cost of their vaginas that they foolishly diminished through feminism.

      Liked by 4 people

  32. I laughed out loud at his talking point about leaving “The richest country in the world”. Of the TOP 25 Richest countries in THE WORLD……. Amerikkka is ranked NUMBER 12. Once gain the detractors of SYSBM Really should study their arguments BEFORE they lead with emotionally based talking points straight from the matriarchal gynocracy

    Liked by 7 people

  33. I think this preacher needs another round of cleansing SYSBM fire, gentlemen. This video came out the next day. But I’ve never seen a preacher flashing money like a rapper before today.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Now you know why the black community hasn’t and never will move an inch. Look how well these shinebones are trained to keep themselves and other on the plantation. All that is coming from white men to keep black men out of the way and out of competition. This mindset was given to the black mammy and passed down through generations. That’s why these are mostly female talking points and shaming tactics that they use. The black woman is your enemy, black man. In 2020 they are still working for massa.

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      • Now you know why the black community hasnโ€™t and never will move an inch. Look how well these shinebones are trained to keep themselves and other on the plantation.

        That is why I am a strong proponent of individualism. Like “Beasts of No Nation,” you must be a man of no community.

        Liked by 3 people

  34. The programming of these drones is very deep. At this point, the scraggle daggle just has to sit back and see how her drones do her bidding. SYSBM is being attacked from ALL sides. They keep trying to shame us with the same regurgitated talking points, like: “Y’all only get bottom-shelf foreign women”. Yet, you’ve got haters (Babatunde already obliterated him in a recent article) living in Europe, and regularly going to Africa to get women who I bet would rather pick a opioids-addicted, toothless “whyte” man over him in a heartbeat.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Zeromax6,

      I refuse to get into any discussions with the daggle or their simp drone flunkies, if they’re unable to bring any new points to the table then that tells us everything we need to know. Heterosexual free thinking black men are checking out and there isn’t anything black women, Lord Euro nor their simp minions can do about it.

      Liked by 6 people

  35. Begun the drone-clone wars has….

    Unfortunately the drones-clones are largely insincere and will only go to battle for show’s sake or to gain something for themself.

    What you are seeing is merely “saving face” activity or attempts to co-opt frequencies and redivert attention into private profit.

    In short these pirates are sailing under the black flag of their lord, but are really looking for independent wealth and following. Modern day Christopher Colombuses.

    You will find out that many of these older cats accusing you guys of traveling for sex in “third world countries” are the ones who HAVE BEEN DOING THIS (I know shocker right….) in exchange for keeping the rest of the dudes in line with “the program”.

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  36. The black family!!!! What about the black family?????!!!!! You can’t show up at the cookout with a non-black female!!!! Culture matters!!!! Becky, Xiao Mei, Lourdes and Kataya can’t understand Soul Train, The Whispers, Teddy Pendergrass, when Michael Jackson was black, etc…

    Liked by 6 people

    • Afrankblackman,

      The problem is nobody wants to face the elephant in the room, the fact that black women are NOT interested in black families period. They abandoned the black family when they chose to take up the mantle of feminism as well as fatherless home welfare policies back in the early 1960s. These dudes who keep on talking about the black family without fail never turn to black women and seriously question them regarding their lack of interest in strong black families, societies, sound principles and values.

      Liked by 7 people

    • Off Grid, On Code —- The old WHITE WOMEN DO IT, TOO nonsense. If “they are all the same,” then most of the ethnic Japanese females in Japan are fat, have bastard kids, and wear lots of hair weave. —- Likewise, we must believe that 96% of USA white women voters voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. SYSBM guys understand female nature. —- The old junk about all women are the same is a complete joke.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Off Grid On Code,

      This dude is many years too late and so many dollars short, yet another muddy bootlicker who believes that he can save his pile of ashes and rubble called the “black community”. He even brought up the fact that the tenets were “written by a foreign nigger”, lol.

      Shoeshine boy doesn’t seem to understand the fact that SYSBM is INTERNATIONAL, it isn’t a localised movement like their pro black, back to Africa, frying Pan African, black woman is god garbage, the dude really doesn’t want this smoke. Besides, Man Of Tomorrow already cooked this fool:

      Liked by 2 people

  37. And on a lighter note, listen to WHAT SHE SAYS, just listen….and if you donโ€™t know, her husband is blacker than me, and Iโ€™m pretty dark, but SHHHHHH, if you look down at the comments section, I donโ€™t think the guys who follow her knows this, but I did spot some old storefront fuckers trying to bring out the fact her husband is black. They are being slick about it (much the way their counter parts, the LACK women is over here). Go head, give her a listen and see what your future looks like.

    Liked by 2 people

  38. Some brothers have posted on this forum, mentioning the shortened life expectancy of the Black Man. I posit that the primary reason for the Black Man’s shortened life expectancy, is the beastly black female. Even when you factor in the homicides, the substance abuse, the lack of finances, all this is intimately intertwined with the Black Man’s continulal involvement with the beastly black female. Her life expectancy is almost the same as a white women’s. What does that tell you ? If Black Men, as a collective, would leave the beastly black female alone, her life expectancy would plummet. She is literally sucking the lives out of Black Men, who have been conditioned from birth to be sacrificial lambs for this beast.

    If you are an educated intelligent Black Man who lives a common sense heathy lifestyle, then your life expectancy is the same as that of a White Manโ€™s, so long as you donโ€™t get involved with these bottom rung beastly black females. And 98 percent of all black females fall into that category. The beastly black female is the primary cause of the Black Manโ€™s shortened life expectancy.

    I started life as a SIMP. Most Black do, because we are conditioned to be SIMPS from birth. Living life, developing my mind, always striving to achieve, and observing the beastly black female over the course of my life, has brought me to the SYSBM point of view. The only way to keep Black Men on the plantation, breeding with beastly black females, is to indoctrinate and brainwash them from birth. That is because any man who looks at the beastly black female objectively, will be utterly repulsed by what he sees. And bear in mind, the black female is degenerating year by year. This generation is worse than the previous one, which was worse than its previous generation, and so on and so on.

    Liked by 8 people

  39. Truth be told, Pastor Porkchop’s foolishness doesn’t surprise me. He has a vested interest in making sure Black men currently under the “communitah’s” spell don’t awaken from said spell. Now Phil aka Advise Show aka “Mr. Swolefat”, OTOH has always been full of shit and always looking to jump on the next bandwagon. He actually started his internet career as bootleg Tommy Sotomayor. Whatever Tommy talked about, he would talk about the same exact subject. He says whatever he thinks will get him views.

    Liked by 4 people

    • โ€œMr. Swolefatโ€

      I’m crying!

      Liked by 2 people

  40. “Itโ€™s up to the individual if he wishes to bring the woman over to the US/UK/CANADA/EUROPE etc(I personally am not keen on the idea due to the West having an extremely contagious atmosphere that could easily cause the woman to become contaminated and spoiled, Iโ€™d much prefer to spend time with her in her own country and only bring her to the West for occasional short visits),”

    Listen to wisdom. If you have a girl in a non western country DO NOT EVER BRING HER HERE!

    I have a close friend who went back to Ghana to start a business there and it was going good (until he came back to Canada and the people he hired were robbing him blind in his absence). Anyways he met this girl there, really pretty and he wants to marry her and have kids.

    He told us he plans to bring her up here. Everybody has warned to don’t do it!

    She has no real skills, no money and besides her looks and amicable demeanor (for now) brings nothing to the table and I can just see her falling into the clutches of the sisterhood. For some reason he doesn’t seem to be listening to us, but this covid1984 might be God’s last warning to save his ass because he went there to bring her up in February but now she can’t get in because of the plandemic. Every man I know who has done it, including my uncle got major fucked.

    Another friend of mine has a wife and kids in Cuba, he spends one out of every three months there, he pays the house and they treat him like a king.

    Leave her where you found her.

    Liked by 1 person

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