You Did It To Yourselves – Don’t Blame Free Thinking Black Men For Your Current Single Condition!


I remember stating last year that I would write a brief article on this video, so here it is. That’s right, even very young white girls see exactly what is going on and can speak on it. The hard rhythm and continuous beat of being “strong and independent” is the same old song that black women have been singing and dancing to for the last 60 years, yet the weave wearing black female YouTuber Cerebral has the audacity to state that black men aren’t marrying black women. Well, when black women as a collective began declaring themselves as strong, independent and not requiring a man, what did they expect would happen?

As we all know there is much more to the “black woman being alone” equation than Cerebral is letting on, as I talked about in Negro Wars it isn’t uncommon for black women to purposely omit vital nuggets of information in order to maintain their so called victimhood status. The fact of the matter is black women as a group simply aren’t interested in marriage or having a family, if they were then they wouldn’t be opening their legs to the scum and the dregs of black male society, Spanner Boy, Mincy, Blac Bloc, Cheezy Grill, Trap House Jim, Midnight Freddy etc.

As you all know I have more than documented case after case of black women confessing their love for thugs and criminal Negro men, some of those articles can be seen here, here, here, here, here and here. Westernised black women ARE NOT TRADITIONAL WOMEN, they no longer embrace traditional functions, roles and other attributes associated with being a traditional woman, this includes marriage as well as building a strong family.

Of course black men don’t want to marry you because the very men most black women are choosing to open their legs wide to aren’t built for long term relationships and marriage to begin with, the equation is not that difficult to figure out. Slim Sauce and Lil Cheezy from the block are the most popular men amongst black women because they DON’T have that commitment switch built within them and because they have that criminal swag that black females love so much. Additionally most black women have now gotten to a point where they are ok with sharing men.

Now, free thinking black men noting and observing that black women much prefer to deal with thug/gangster/criminal type Negroes have chosen to exit the building and instead are seeking out love and companionship amongst non black females where there is a much higher chance of finding a traditional type of woman.

Besides, because of black women’s propensity towards dealing with thugs and criminals, their embrace of feminism and single motherhood, the fact that in the US 80% of black females are overweight, the fact that good looking, in shape, natural, feminine, submissive, child free, accountable, honest and responsible black women are practically non existent, these factors have seriously diminished the black female’s value in the dating market to a negative, as I’ve stated before in 2020 black women aren’t even worth a bar of soap at this point.

Keep the wall up gentlemen, don’t fall for this shell game that many black women are playing, they know full well the reasons why so many of them are single with broods of bastard children en tow and why black men aren’t marrying them. Free thinking brothers simply accepted black women’s “strong, independent, don’t need a man” chants and have moved on with our lives, get over it and get on with yours. Yes, continue to walk into supermarkets, restaurants as well as other business establishments with your single behinds and always remember this, you black females did this to yourselves.

Again, just to repeat the point, the issue isn’t that black men don’t want to marry(as more black men in the US are married than black women according to the website Black Demographics), the real problem is the fact that black women have a strong leaning towards dealing with those bottom of the barrel black men who are NOT marriage material, however non black women practice the opposite hence why they’re frequently seen being coupled up.

Abandon the black witch forever, she’ll never examine herself and admit that she is the root cause of her own woes, afflictions and tribulations, smh. The bottom line is Westernised black females as a collective in 2020 ARE NOT marriage material, therefore weave wearing harridans such as Cerebral have no right to question black men on anything. Vastly improve yourself first before attempting to wag fingers in our direction, smh.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Don’t Understand Marketplace Value

Most High Bless

190 thoughts on “You Did It To Yourselves – Don’t Blame Free Thinking Black Men For Your Current Single Condition!

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are always moaning about how black men don’t marry them, but what they fail to mention is that they are talking about the bad thug type black men who refuse to marry them, not the childfree SYSBM type black men because almost all black women love the thug black man because they see him as a challenge and they try to change him even though he is bad for them and he has lots of bastard kids with different baby mothers and these black women know this they still stupidly get with guys without looking into the consequences of their stupid choices in life and when they make these foolish choices especially when they become single mothers burdened with lots of kids all of the sudden they want to date a childfree black man who they rejected and put in the friend zone all those years ago and now that these same childfree black men get with childfree non black women and they are happy with their lives and these stupid black women see this then they will start crying that no decent black man wants them, but bitch you did this to yourself and I as a childfree black man at 37 ain’t coming to rescue no black single mother from her foolish life choices or any single mother of any race. Almost all black women in the black community are single mothers that it’s frightening and its gonna get worse and that’s why you see childfree black men like myself who are turning our backs on black women and start to date childfree non black women because they make better girlfriends, wives and mother because alot of them grew up in a two parent home and I find that very appealing because I want that for my future when I find the right type of childfree non black women to get with.

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  3. This is all true. There’s plenty bm that want to marry but there’s also bm that aren’t settling for pookies leftovers. The majority of us know our worth and aren’t looking back. We have more options than a single mom stuck on section 8.

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  4. Spanner Boy gets me every time.
    I keep picturing a chain of auto mechanics like Speedy or Midas with a 50’s style cartoon guy holding a wrench high. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  5. Black women are not chatting about black men. They’re chatting about black males of pookie and ray ray. They know black men of SYSBM don’t like them at all. Even white women have known this for centuries.

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    • White women BEEN known this, LACK women are the only low frequency fucks around that don’t have a clue. White women know who to look for, approach, and lock down a black man….LACK women know how to get pregnant by a street nigga and then complain no one wants her.

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    • Witwijf,

      They’ll still attempt to put their negative predicament upon the heads of free thinking brothers, they always give Slim Sauce and Field Mouse a squeeze while at the same time try to blame us for their messed up decisions and the consequences thereof.

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  6. These BW are too afraid say what it really is: BM (who actually could provide a stable & secure environment) don’t want to marry THEM and not even a 50 inch ass and a highly overrated (and quite frankly, overused) box can reel these men in. The scraggledaggle simply isn’t marriage material.

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  7. “Besides, because of black women’s propensity towards dealing with thugs and criminals, their embrace of feminism and single motherhood, the fact that in the US 80% of black females are overweight, the fact that good looking, in shape, natural, feminine, submissive, child free, accountable, honest and responsible black women are practically non existent, these factors have seriously diminished the black female’s value in the dating market to a negative, as I’ve stated before in 2020 black women aren’t even worth a bar of soap at this point.”

    This is becoming a trend across all races of women and is actually a part of female nature. When women are not wanted, she will go out of her way for any attention including being as disgusting and repulsive as possible. The more they are rejected, the more attention they seek because to a female, any attention is good attention. And women need attention more than they need oxygen. This is the case with black women and the Jezebel spirit within them. Think back to the real queen Jezebel. When king Jehu was sent to kill her, she tried dolling herself up in makeup and accessories to try to seduce him out of fulfilling his commandment instead of actually doing to work to make herself righteous. It is the same with black women. Instead of doing the work to make them more marketable to good men they’d rather try and shame men into finding them attractive, which does not work on masculine men. Good, high value, masculine men do not care what women think. Only beta males care what women think because their options are limited. Moreover, if a woman has to shame a man into finding them an attractive then that doesn’t even begin to describe how much of an unwanted loser they are. Good quality, attractive women have their pick of men which is why everyone is going for Asian women non whitewashed, Westernized Asian woman) at the moment as they may be the closest thing to traditional women on the planet.

    Why are black women whining about single mothers with no husband? Who told them to spread their legs and allow Lil Reese, Young Hershey, Blak Smartiez, Curly Wurleez and Sniggaz to nut up in them raw? Why didn’t they wait for marriage to have children as one comment in the first video asked? The reason is, black women have children for completely different reason than every other female of every species. Black women mainly have children because a) it was an “oopsie” pregnancy because ‘that dick tho!!11″, b) to have substitute husbands that they can easily control, c) government assistance, d) attention. And that’s if they decide to bring them to term which they’d prefer not to unless it is a mongrel dirty baby with green eyes and good hair. The men who are considered quality and potentially good husbands are lame only to black women. Other women spend their lives learning how to take care of such a man and, surprise surprise, they have their pick of the best men.

    Black women, and an increasing amount of women today who have decided to voluntarily pick up the black witches demons, really do believe that the best men OUGHT to choose them being in their gutter states. They really do believe that their high mileage vaginas are all they need to bring to the table and that it is not only worth a high value man that they believe will be frothing-at-the-mouth to play cleanup man, but that their shopworn vaginas are worth BILLIONS of dollars! 😂😂😂 Again, I see that attitude for what it is. I’m not impressed I see right through them. They are trying to be as repulsive and entitled as possible like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. Keep ignoring them and eventually they’ll go away and step aside for proper women to come through. I am happy for SYSBM because it will result in less bastard black babies and in turn drastically reduce crime and squalor in the black community. This is literally the ONLY solution to the black communities problems; Total dissolution.

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    • “Black women, and an increasing amount of women today who have decided to voluntarily pick up the black witches demons, really do believe that the best men OUGHT to choose them being in their gutter states.”

      Gotta agree that Western women of all races are picking up on black female pathology through degenerate music, videos, Instagram, and reality shows. “White woman” used to be short-hand for quality, now they’re getting just as fat, loud and ghetto as black hoes, if not worse. Rule of thumb: if they can quote Cardi B or Lizzo lyrics, it’s an automatic wrap, do not pass go.

      And don’t get me started on the fire-breathing, blue haired, always-outraged, white #metoo crypto-lesbian feminazis. If they’ve got too many tattoos and a ring in their nose, again, automatic disqualifier.

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  8. It’s amazing how they complain of having no man, yet are completely unwilling to look in the mirror and examine themselves. This bitch wants to cry about black women shopping alone, but won’t own up to the fact that ni other race of woman has publicly assassinated the character of her man like the American black female.

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    • @Mister P
      All this to please her white Lord and Saviour Major Milk of Magnesium. The black witch got played by both white men and white women into giving up their men.

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    • Exactly they look past the common denominator in that series of observations:

      BW don’t have a man
      BW aren’t being married
      BW make up the most single moms

      Yet if you tell them why you don’t want them (weight, attitude, bastard kids, etc.) they will want to argue and fight with you. Its a waste of time, just keep them behind the Wall.

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  9. With black women poor dating choices in what they choose and mate with, it’s all on them because first for all, they called us lames and squares, but now they complaining about ain’t no good black men? Hello, Black women, there are good black men out there, but the problem is that they push away the good ones or either put them in the friend-zone, and they move on. All that opening their legs to dudes that just wanna get in their pants, letting loose, being hypersexual, done earn them a front seat of gonna have a hard time finding a “good black man.” Once these women done having their fun, now in their 30s and up, they wanna find a good man, but the odds of them trying to find one at that time will be hella slim due to the type of dudes they were sleeping with, all that partying, letting loose, and acting like a wannabe adult entertainer. With us black men when it comes to black women, we’re always last option to them, but it don’t matter though because if a woman picks a good dude last, then that kind of tells me one or two things about the woman:
    A) She’s too focus on being a career woman (which I ain’t hating, if they wanna focus on their careers, then cool then).
    B) She has a history of dating thugs and playas, and probably white dudes, letting them hit raw and doing all sorts of sexual stuff since black women nowadays are hypersexual as hell.
    C) She likes to party or let loose a lot.
    D) She probably wanted to live that single life, but then be wondering the fact why her other girlfriends got either boyfriends or husbands, and she don’t.

    P.S. I hope you black men heard about Gayle King (if I type her name correct) situation. To my saying, she f***** up big time. Like, she just had to bring up Kobe Bryant’s false rape situation back from 2003 or 2004, but news flash, he didn’t rape nobody. They found DNA semen in the girl from different men. Thank god, she got roasted hard from Snoop Dogg. Her and Oprah, and black women like them, need to shut the hell up because the amount of disrespect black men getting from black women, this is why I predict that in the future in America, expect to see less black men black women interactions. I’m a keep saying this, If I ever got with a black woman, the least I’ll get with is either an Afro Latina or Blasian, but the American Black women, no thank you.

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    • DK Phantom —- Many black women continue to attack the late Kobe Bryant because Bryant did not marry a black woman. —— I have noted that Bryant, as a skinny teenager, was not the type of black teenage boy that black girls want anyway. — Bryant was raised in a two-parent home. He spent much of his childhood in Italy and lacked the street swagger of other black teen aged boys. Bryant had a friend zone relationship with the R&B singer Brandy, a black female. It is, however, clear that Brandy, a future baby mama, did not view Bryant as her type of guy. Brandy’s preferences in black males are consistent with those of most black females. ———————–

      I have estimated that the majority of black males with non-black females tend to be the type of black males that black females did not want during their teen age years.

      Bottom line: How can black females attack Bryant for not marrying a black woman when Bryant is not the preferred type of man for a black female?

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      • “Bottom line: How can black females attack Bryant for not marrying a black woman when Bryant is not the preferred type of man for a black female?”

        Because he was supposed to remain single until BW got around to liking a guy like him, duh. He was also supposed to reach back and save a black babymama like Russell Wilson saved Ciara.

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      • Schadenfreude —- The evidence is clear. Most black females do not prefer the so-called lames when both the black female and the so-called lames are in their teens and 20s. —– Later, when the so-called lames get with non-black females, black females start to act out and complain about the situation.

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  10. These black females BULLDOGS see the writing on the wall and the MASS EXODUS of Black Men from the communitah and theynknownits not a damn thing they can do about it except bitch , whine and moan as the tweets below so wonderfully proves…LOL

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    • Awwwwww
      Poor Curious Georqu’andi’qua, the lonely, lowly she-monkey.
      The right of first refusal removed so wickedly from her.

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    • Also, note the irony of “non-GMO Chocolate”. I’d say with that hair from another human being outside her race, and all the other unnatural accessories she’s got, she looks pretty genetically modified to me! 😂😂😂😂

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    • I live in Dallas and it’s filled with bedwenches eho praise white men to thier last breath. And these white boys be doing all kind of nasty sh#t to them basically anything they want.

      But peep the irony she doesn’t like the fact that all the black men were in the bar with white women. Yet her best friend is married to a white man!!!🤔

      But we know that LACK women think IR dating is only wrong when Bm do it.

      By the way Dallas is a weird place to live. Sometimes i see swarms of interacial couples here esp Bw-Wm then i can go weeks without seeing too many.

      But at the casinos and other venues that i gig at i see more Bm-Ww pairings than anything else!

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      • Brioche,

        She only pointed out her best friend was married to a white man as a jab at brothers. You know how these hurt bitches lash out. Hell, that so-called “white man” is probably imaginary.

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    • “I do NOT belong her and I feel uncomfortable”

      Who wants to bet money that if she went to this Korean restaurant I go to she’s gonna call it heaven or paradise because it’s full of swirlers and white zaddy and (ultra rare) any black men here?

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  11. Here’s another gem from that same clown.

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    • Scrolling through her feed, I can see why no man of means would mess with a chick like her. Just bitter and evil. Who needs that? I’m glad that it was all black men with white women where she was.

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      • This is why I believe Black women are damaged goods period. It doesn’t matter where they come from, even if they are attractive. At some level they don’t like the fact that in social circles they aren’t considered equals to other women.

        Statistics just back up that contention, they aren’t equals but pretend otherwise. Like to flaunt favorable studies like the increase in interracial marriages between BW and WM. What they gloss over is in that same study it predicted that BM marrying WW will double over the 2010 census data.

        Blacks are the most frequent users of social media (Facebook and Twitter) and it has not benefited them one iota except for these scamming harpies counterfeiting products like Nike and then arguing with people about online.

        The no snitch culture covers that up. When Tommy was talking to that hoe it took everything I had to not drop a dime on her ass.

        Just think of the criminal activity in your own family it’s pervasive. It’s also a financial house of cards, Houston McMiller exposed people bragging about their 800 Vantage scores by being an AU on cards taken out on their children.

        The whole community is a failure and it’s controlled by Black Women, case closed.

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  12. I have a lot of anger about black women. Black women in general have many characteristics (too many to list) that should anger any man, but especially black men. But this post is not about the many undesirable traits of black women.

    What this post is about, is the fact that the black commuintah writ large, has created this large body of mythology about the greatness of black women .From the preacher pimps to the welfare pimp politicians, the black female is described as some sort of selfless saint. Nothing is further from the truth. The westernized black woman is not only destructive to black children and the black communitah writ large, but she is destructive to other black woman, and her self as well.

    The biggest problem caused by the propogaton of lies and myths about the black women, is the disadvantages that it puts black male children at. Most black males are force fed this nonsense from birth. This leads to them starting their lives out as SIMPS, to one degree or another. Often times they waste years of their lives getting involved with worthless black female filth, until they realize they’ve been lied to, and indoctrinated to embrace behaviors that are clearly against their best interests.

    This is why I am so happy to see a movement like SYSBM putting out the truth about the foul, degenerate abomination, that is the westernized black woman. We need many more such voices for the sake of long suffering black male children.

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  13. Why do black women not look at themselves and wonder what’s wrong? Hell, surely losing the extra 400 pounds, bad attitude, and horse ass on their head would help their case?

    In the mall, I see nothing but black men with their kids, black men with mixed women, black men with asian women, or black men with white women. The only black couples I see are hoodrats or dudes trying to sell mixtapes.

    They will soon be bred out in Chattanooga beyond the utmost deject and poverty stricken ghettoes.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      As MBD stated in his livestream today, it’s a straight wrap for these broads. They refuse to compete and they refuse to self examine and improve, thus they cannot be helped. Black men have a much better future without them, oh well, that’s a good thing for us.

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    • Because there is always some busta-ass negro telling her how good she looks or her “girls” telling her how shes got it going on. Why change when your little world validates everything you do.

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  14. The daggle Cerebral Palsy needs to have a seat; if they’re chronically single, it’s Black men’s fault. Everything wrong with the daggle is Black men’s fault! Brawds like this is what made brothers go SYSBM to begin with; she needs to be asking what other races of women are doing differently that keeps them from singledom.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      They always pin it on the black man even when he has absolutely nothing to do with the calamities they’ve brought upon themselves with their own hands.

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  15. I have stated in many posts that I have not copletely written off black women. Do not think that I am naive in the least bit about the abominable state of black women writ large. I am well aware that the sort of black woman who deserves a good man and a good life, is very rare, and few and far between. This type of black woman becomes rarer with every passing year. Its just that in the interest of fairness, I would not hold the extremely rare good black woman to account, for the sins and crimes of the many black women who are foul, vile, and abominable.

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    • How can you not when they say and do NOTHING concerning the behavior or their own sisters?!

      Black men and ray rays are clear cut. Don’t think so then how can all these non bw tell the difference.

      It’s the attitude the behavior the perspective all these things come into play and bw who are so great (all 5% of them) are damned because they refuse to say or do anything to distinguish themselves from such filth Hell most of even them still heavily subscribe to feminism and the black woman is god foolishness even if they aren’t preaching it so because they make no effort to separate from filth and lowkey guiltily encourage it they are deemed filth as well or unfit at best 🤷🏾‍♂️

      What stands out to me for the black men not simps that still hold out hope for bw is they don’t ever prescribe any type of selective measures so they fall victim to chameleons and king talk because it strikes one ego

      Which leads me to my next point if a bw calls you king yet calls herself goddess in her own mind she sees herself as your superior she’s flat out calling you beneath her lmfaooo

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      • @Darth
        Black women rarely if ever call a black man “king” or even “brother”. It’s funny how black women let black men know where they stand, even in the pro black community and that is above the black man but on her knees for the white man. The black woman simply is not genetically or spiritually linked to the black man. Just because we look alike don’t mean we’re alike.


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      • @DarthAmon
        “How can you not when they say and do NOTHING concerning the behavior or their own sisters?!”
        Sounds like the same argument you can use for law enforcement.
        A bw that “comes correct” physically, financially, emotionally with zero kids is pretty much a golden unicorn, not just a unicorn but a golden unicorn.

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    • AmericanBlackMan,

      Why even bother holding out for the Dodo bird “good black female” when she doesn’t even bother speaking out against the innumerable transgressions of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure?

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      • @Verbs


        Like I said, it’s witchcraft and demonic possession.
        That’s the only thing binding black men to black women.
        Black men need a mass exorcism.

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    • Its just that in the interest of fairness, I would not hold the extremely rare good black woman to account, for the sins and crimes of the many black women who are foul, vile, and abominable.

      Funny, the so-called “good” black woman does not offer you the same courtesy, they lump in the so-called “good” black man with the degenerate negro on the daily. ALL men ain’t shit, ALL men are dogs. I’mo git me a white man.

      Do Oprah, Loni Love, or Gayle King differentiate between the kinds of men when they go off on their anti-black man attacks? Or do they just attack black men as a whole?

      You need to check out Zaddy Worship Twitter, where black bitches throw brothas under the bus daily in order to uplift and glorify their former slave master.

      Stop holding out for that unicorn, she doesn’t exist.

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  16. Let them cry. I could care less how upset this makes them. This is nothing. You broads haven’t begun to feel the effects of the wall of silence. But y’all some strong independent woman who don’t need a man. You mommy and daddy right?? Time to prove it AND you’ll eventually have to without welfare because Trump is shutting all that down soon enough.

    No more money to frivolously throw away on weave (more on that in a moment), no more money paying for you to shack up with pookie and nothing all day. No more money to go clubbing, getting high while your irritating rug rats are dirty and starving. You’ll eventually have to make a choice as to what’s more important, and sadly we know what over 90 percent of you broads will choose.

    You broads better change your ways (which we all know probably isn’t going to happen) and soon before all that’s left in your shithole communitah is your little bad, dirty ass rugrats, and lil cheezy who just lives off you eating your food while playing video games and smoking weed all day. Or find some simp who’ll take y’all in, and even some of them are finally getting sick of you.

    Oh before I forget

    I bet you this still won’t cause these broads to stop and think to not get these hair hats installed. They’ll risk corona virus just to not look black. Give it time, this shit is going to spread like wild fire because these broads will do anything to not wear their natural hair in public. Or you’ll see these jiffy pop bags wore out even more so than you see now.

    Keep that wall up gentlemen.

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      • @James SYSBM

        LMAO you beat me to it. These black women are just full of spiritual and physical goodies, aren’t they? A nice bag of demons, herpes, HIV and now Chinavirus. LMFAO

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      • @ Black Caesar

        These are chicks who walk around with the dead hair of other races of women covering their balding scalps. They are like some weird fucked up cult or something.

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      • @Black Caesar @James SYSBM

        I’d rather stick my dick in a blender before willingly sleeping with one of these bald headed sheboons.

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  17. When my wife and I were attending tours and informational classes at the hospital prior to the birth of our daughter WW, Asian women, and Hispanic women were all in there touring and attending the classes with a man and most were married. The BW were either alone, with a group of BW, or with an older woman (probably their mother). I only saw about 2-3 BW with a man, the majority were basically alone. There was one class that we attended were there was only one BW in the class and she was pregnant, no ring, and alone while every other woman was there with their man. SMDH I know she must have felt shame, but then again these are BW, so its up in the air as to whether or not many of them still feel shame anymore. Degeneracy has become normalized for them.

    One girl I almost felt sorry for. My wife and I were in the elevator with a pregnant BW and her mother, the mother was nice and asking us questions about if it was our first child etc. The BW in there with us looked like she wanted to disappear, she had a look of sadness/embarrassment on her face. She was in an elevator with a BM and his pregnant mixed wife and she was pregnant, no man in sight, no ring on her finger, and only kept company during this time by her mother. I’m willing to bet that in that moment she was wishing that she had a good man standing next to her with a ring on her finger rather than her mother.

    Like I always say I think BW have accepted their place as baby mommas and side chicks, they know that a decent man will never want them for more than that, if at all. Isaiah 4:1
    Oh well, keep the Wall up.

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    • Yeah she is getting it pretty bad right now, Its nice to see so many brothers uniting against this old Black feminist and her handler Oprah.

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    • Oprah tearfully says Gayle King ‘not doing well’ in midst of Kobe Bryant controversy

      “Winfrey started choking up during an appearance on “Today” with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager while talking about the backlash against her BFF, Gayle King, over a recent interview.
      “She is not doing well,” Winfrey said as she teared up. “She is not doing well because she now has death threats and has to now travel with security. She is feeling very much attacked.””

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  18. This is a post that I’ve wanted to write for some time. I hesitated because I’m not sure how receptive the audience will be to this hard truth. But I can hesitate no longer. Here goes the truth. May the chips fall wrer they may.

    We in the SYSBM movement have long catalogued the faults of the westernized black woman. In fairness, I must point out something that I see regularly in the large cities in the USA. I have lived in NYC, Chicago, Wash DC, and Atlanta. All are large US cities that represent modern American popular culture. All these cities have large populations of African and Caribbean immigrants. I have observed a great deal of ratchet behavior among African and Caribbean black women, as well as US born black women in these cities.

    There is one area were I believe that US black women are in a more advanced stage of degeneration than African and Caribbean black women. That’s the obesity levels. But when it comes to buying weave, applying tons of heavy duty makeup, and giving the Korean shyster hundres of dollars for Freddy Krueger nails, the African and Caribbean black women are just as bad.

    In these cities, I have observed many of the more attractive Caribbean women having fever for white men. The white men don’t have to be attractive either. I don’t see as much of this with West African women. But then again, I don’t see a lot of attractive West African women among the African immigrants. Among East African women, meaning the Ethiopians and Somalis, the white fever runs very high. Here is the question. Are we to call these African and Caribbean black women, westernized black women. Or do they also behave this way in their native culture ?

    Liked by 5 people

    • Verbs is absolutely correct. Coming from the Caribbean, it has been very sad seeing the degeneration of Caribbean women. I have witnessed this in African Women also. The Thinking Black Man must abandon these women because they have been infected by what I call “the virus”.

      You can not help these women as they are forever lost. There was a time when I did not want to believe a man like Verbs, similar to how in scary movies a character does not want to kill a loved one that has been infected and turned into a zombie. Nevertheless, the current state of BW is untenable. The time has come to let these women go.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I am not about to scrutinize an atlas or globe looking for black women that aren’t a perversion of femininity. I don’t discriminate. I don’t owe them the courtesy of cherry picking the good from bad. I play it safe and write them all off. Globally.

      Liked by 2 people

    • As a Jamaican I must say in their native culture they’re actually worse. In their countries there are few if any child protection laws and beating your kids is probably their favorite sport. Most ass whippings are done in public, and a favorite past time of Caribbean mothers is exchanging stories about how they they beat the shit out of their kids, I kid you not.

      Also the standards of decorum are higher in the west, which is why everyone in the world wants to get here, and those who are here, though they may complain will never leave. So they couldn’t get away with the shit they want to do here the way they would back home.

      Ask any person on this forum of West Indian descent if at some point in their childhood their parent didn’t lament not being “back home” so they could really whip their ass.

      Here in order to keep their job and to pretend to be a decent member of society they have to tone it down, though amongst themselves they often lament it.

      The city of Toronto is about 7% black yet account for over half of all child abuse cases. Virtually all blacks in Toronto are of Caribbean and African descent and no more then 3rd generation as they didn’t let us here until the seventies.

      Here they have to pretend to be classy and educated, in their own lands they do not. There a women’s means of seduction are bending over and shaking her ass as fast as she can.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Shout out to you brother. I am from Toronto too. But they did let people here before the 70s. My dad moved here in 1965.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Okay, were they dancing, or were they making a porno? If I were to see some dancing, I were to see dancers like Les Twins or Fik Shun because they know how to rock the dance floor with some smooth hip hop dance moves.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Black Caesar
        Shout out to you, I like your posts.

        It was in 1965 that they revised the immigration laws allowing mass immigration. It was possible before but it was much harder. The first people they let in were nurses and domestic workers, and then later they were permitted to bring their children up too.

        My father came here in 1972 and he told me there was almost 20 people that he personally knew on his flight that were moving to Canada permanently. So even though the restrictions were relaxed in ’65 the mass movement didn’t start until the 70’s.

        Liked by 2 people

      • There is a video on YT currently featuring a woman dying inadvertently during one of these shows. The Family is now after the other “dancer”


      • @Upgrayyd
        Sorry didn’t see this comment until now.
        I didn’t know that, thanks.
        I dunno what my dad was doing back then but it certainly wasn’t those professions. I do know he was a red-seam in JA.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Yet they STILL blame their CHOSEN fuck ups on BM. Notice how BW make the difference between THUG BM and LAME BM when they are handing out praise or boldly stating their preference in Men. When the THUG fails (as usual) to provide her with a stable relationship ALL BLACK MEN are all of a sudden to blame. An “independent” woman shouldn’t be feeling ANY kind of way or jealousy toward a woman in a relationship. BW sang songs PRAISING thugs, while you had White Women like Sheena Easton singing songs about a Man with a Blue collar job……

    Liked by 5 people

    • Mike Sergent,

      Spot on, declaring their preferences in thugs is the only time that black women will make distinctions between free thinking brothers and the scum bucket dreg Negroes that they much prefer.

      Liked by 2 people

    • LOL didn’t Sheena Easton’s “Morning train” come out about the same time as Donna Summer’s “She works hard for the money”? 😂

      Liked by 3 people

  20. I heard that Philip Schofield is gay. I’m not surprised at all. And I know that Andy Peters is gay as well. I can tell that he looks fruity when he was at CBBC back in the day but it’s their lifestyle and we have to leave them star! Now this black woman who says that she sees Latin women, Asian woman and white women with their husbands at Walmart and sees black women on their own. Let me tell you something. It’s their fault. The reason why is that because of the dysfunctional behaviour of black women and black men just walked from that bull crap! And seconds of all, what does she mean that she sees black women at Walmart with no husband? How does she know that these black women are at Walmart alone with no man. The black woman might have a husband could be at work or at home. So this woman is talking a load of bullshit I don’t understand black women at all, especially black women.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Both Philip Schofield and Andi Peters were our childhood memories of watching CBBC. To think they were on TV entertaining children whilst they were gay. Jimmy Savile was bad enough in our youth without the other stuff…

      As far as the Walmart bitch, who cares? Actions breed consequences, something the heifer pretends to remember… She can advertise her services to Roof Top Trey, B-Blud, Creem Ryzz and Greazy Man

      Liked by 2 people

  21. The problem with black women come down to one simple thing – they are mean, and offensive. If the stereotype of a black woman was that no matter where she was in the world that she would be prone to be the nicest person on the planet; there would not be that much of a problem.

    It does not take that much to be a nice person. You do not need a degree to be nice, you do not have to be in shape to be nice, you do not have to have job to be nice, and yet BW can not master this simple premise.

    Liked by 5 people

    • @Kravebrazil

      Black women are demonically possessed. Like 100%. Black women are disembodied spirits. Neither joy nor beauty is possible with them.

      Liked by 5 people

      • I would have to agree with this assessment. There seems to be an evil streak that infects these women. You can see it in their eyes. In fact I can see this in most women, but in BW it is extremely pronounced.

        Liked by 5 people

      • @kravebrazil
        This is why black women are physically hideous. Beauty is from god. Like the old saying goes: god don’t like ugly”

        Liked by 5 people

    • I agree with this take because I am a Black woman married to an Asian Engineer and wherever I go people tend to be shocked by my kindness. Most people assume I am from somewhere other than the US or that I have a white Mom who raised me. ImNeither the former nor the latter apply to me. It is a matter of choice and unfortunately the majority of Black women choose to enforce the stereotypes which are acutely accurate. Gail King is an A Class nigger for her recent shenanigans and those two girls who were murdered at A&M are the result of the same thing everyone on this platform always points out, single parent female headed households.


  22. And you know the hoodrats like Cynthia G, the heifer Crystal Swirls, Christalyn Karazin say that black men don’t provide and shit, here this! You know that white man that they love more then themselves, he’s the most laziest man on the plant. Do you think that he will do that jobs that black men are apply for and don’t get? Can he provide? You want prove that the white man is lazy then ask any white woman and she will tell you everything. Let men tell you something about the United Kingdom. We have seen so many racist white beta males saying that the foreigners are taking the jobs away and these ghetto ratchet black women want these men. You know what? Let them have them. Keep your white sugar honeys warm and hold tight right through the weekend. S.Y.S.B.M


    Liked by 4 people

    • @Money C
      Great point. This is why, in my opinion, there is no such thing as an alpha white male. This is one thing pastor Zinger got right. White supremacy is an entirely beta male system designed to remove as much pain, struggle and work away from the white man as possible; A life that women desire. This is why the white man has to copy us. He doesn’t just copy us, he HAS to. Non-blacks who copy us are trying to shortcut their way into the strength and resilience we have by facsimile. It doesn’t work that way. For one thing there is too much history behind them and second, their nature forbids it. This is why non-black women are universally attracted to black men and the only barrier is the trillions of dollars spend on false narratives about us; An entire system designed to create an uneven playing field; Financial security and in many cases the fear of being MURDERED. I can say hands down that the worst people to work with are white males. They are lazy lazy lazy assholes. They seem to believe that black men are still their servants too.

      Liked by 7 people

      • Lol even in white supremacist circles, it’s the women doing much of the communication setup, networking, and promotion.

        Middle eastern men are the same way. Laziest men on earth, and actually come over to western countries and just mooch. What jobs do you know of these guys holding outside of the taxi industry?

        Liked by 5 people

      • The white male is very lazy. You may diagree with me but you can ask any white male about the white beta male’s laziness. When it comes to jobs, black men don’t get the jobs they apply for but when it comes with the white man now, he will refuse to do the jobs and when the white man do the jobs, they will hate it as when it’s the black man doing the jobs, he’ll glad to get one. White men loves living off the system because of it’s free money, black men hate the system because the system has but a barrier on them.

        Liked by 4 people

      • >Non-blacks who copy us are trying to shortcut their way into the strength and resilience we have by facsimile.

        Being a thinking straight black male is not for the faint of heart, the insecure, or the weak minded.

        Strength and resilience are the hallmarks of the Knights of SYSBM. Often imitated, NEVER equaled.


        Liked by 4 people

  23. I shop on Amazon Prime Whole Food’s and if i absolutely have to go to the Grocery store i refuse to go during peak scraggle hours. Like 12 pm through 1 am I usually go to store during early morning hours. Guy’s you know why??? the Shipping trucks arrive between 1 am to 4 am with fresh produce and they stock the shelves between the hours due to very few customers being there.I also do not go to the deli section after a awful series of experience’s with rude scragg’s. I will go to a actual deli in a corner store in my burb before i step foot in a grocery store deli and get rude mistreatment.

    Liked by 6 people

    • I thought Whole Foods was upscale and you go there to avoid the low-income daggle. I guess anywhere they take food stamps the daggle isn’t far behind. There’s no escape from these hoes in America. Horrible.

      Liked by 5 people

      • The second I saw a scraggle at the Whole Foods I frequent, I went to another one almost 45 mins completely out of my away.

        I tried switching it up and going to Lidl and Aldi’s. So far, not terrible. But they’re starting to come to them as well.

        It’s getting to the point where they are everywhere, acting like a jackass for no reason. The only way to avoid them at this point is to never leave your house, and not using any form or social media.. which is unrealistic.

        Liked by 3 people

    • G1,

      I was shocked when some of the US brothers talked about the scrags now invading Whole Foods Supermarkets. The daggles at Walmart is to expected but a higher class establishment such as Whole Foods, what the heck?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Verbs,

        You’d have to live in a gated community to escape the daggle, and even then they’d find their way in. Remember you’re wayciss if you don’t accept them in their lowlife state. You’d have to quit the country altogether to avoid them. Cesspool urban America is the only place they can exist.

        Liked by 4 people

  24. L Express keeps dropping those Ls on the Scraggle Daggle on the regular. L Express will experience tremendous growth in the 2020s and beyond.

    L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.

    As for us thinking black men – SYSBM is the correct (and ONLY) path moving forward.


    Liked by 3 people

  25. I was reading through the comments on that first video, and one comment in particular stuck with me. The comment was made by someone going by the name Bishop Eddie, and he said:

    “The black collective is a slavery created matriarchy and black men can’t thrive in such an environment. We can’t thrive and barely stay alive! We reject the black woman and her blood thirst for power over her men!”

    I think what many of us fail to realize is that, not only is the black community dead, but the fact of the matter is, there never really was a black community in America to begin with. We were literally just a collective of people who were brought here in chains and designated with the social caste of “black”, forced to live together due to slavery, and later, Jim Crow laws. But as we witnessed, once slavery was abolished and Jim Crow was outlawed, the first chance they got, the black people who had the means to leave the so-called community did just that. The ones who could marry white and live in white neighborhoods and send their children to white schools did just that. So there was never really any love for each other. We stood together only in times when it was absolutely necessary, such as during the Civil Rights Movement.

    Really, without our collective experiences of racism and discrimination, real or imagined, what is there really holding black people together? I believe Obsidian mentioned this a while back in one of his videos. Black people really don’t have a unifying culture. We have no traditions, no heritage, nothing that really keeps us together as a people outside of our collective experiences of racism and discrimination. And I’m speaking only about ADOS black people, those who are descendants of slaves. I’m assuming that blacks directly from the motherland, like Nigerians, Kenyans, Ethiopians, etc. have cultural traditions that go back centuries and unify them to some degree.

    But speaking on black women in particular, they were never really ours. BGS made this case a while back when he talked about the history of slavery, explaining that the first slaves brought to the Americas en masse were all men. It wasn’t until much later that African women were brought here, and they weren’t brought here for black men. White men brought black women here for themselves. And ever since then, the black woman has been his woman.

    So, with all that being said, knowing that there never really was a “black community” and that the black woman never truly belonged to the black man, SYSBM seems to be the most logical choice for thinking black men who wish to be free of the Matrix. I, for one, am glad to see that, day after day, more and more black men are waking up to the truth. They are seeing with their own 2 eyes that black men were given a raw deal, but we don’t have to accept it. We can make our own way. And that is true freedom.

    Liked by 7 people

  26. Speaking of black women and their “expert choice in men,” I will leave this little gem, here, by Brian Solonge. In a nutshell, college student’s boyfriend shoots and kills her, her sister and injures a two year old child, all over a relationship dispute.

    This should be a strong reminder that if you decide to date a black woman, you are taking a risk, because you don’t know what violent Pookie Orbiter lurks to merk you!

    Liked by 4 people

      • Off Grid, On Code,

        I am glad I can’t even relate to that. The university I attended, was far, far, far away from ghetto shit. The blacks there were mainly athletes, and we were always on our best behavior, because we were literally in a fishbowl– everyone watching and waiting for one of us to fuck up. And the black academics were naturally on the best behavior, because it was the only behavior the understood.

        I had a unique experience in that I could easily socialize with the black athletes and the black academics/nerds.

        All of the black athletes dated out, because they really didn’t have a choice…lol.

        To make a long story short, there were NO POOKIES, and the Pookie-wannabes knew that coach would kick them off the team with the swiftness had they started acting out.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Bitch probably drove to the preserve to pick him up, and brought him to campus. The lengths they will go to get some “thug loving.” SMH.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Two black hoes on campus surrounded by the best and the brightest black boys to choose from, guys who are going places in life, and they bring a Pookie on campus who proceeds to shoot them down. So much for the “most educated.”

      I feel nothing.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Schadenfreude,

        That’s just it. And they are quick to say they can’t find a man on their level. Now, we know what level that is– the STUPID LEVEL.

        Liked by 4 people

  27. I’m truly grateful for this forum and the lifestyle it has encouraged me to continue to strive for. I’m 56 y.o. and I live in Atlanta (the so-called Black Mecca), I have one son (35), who I raised, on my own, since he was 11 months old and I’m proud to say is doing very well for himself. Like his father, he has never been marriage and doesn’t plan to. I learned a long time ago, that where most of us need the basics (air, water, food and shelter), that’s where we differ from bw, they NEED lots of shoes, an abundance of hair care products, their nails “did”, social media and the most important thing… DRAMA.

    My whole life I heard the bs narrative of the “strong” bw. My father died when I was 12, and I was left in that house with my mother and my THREE sisters. So almost everyday I heard how bm weren’t sh*t and watch out for bm ’cause all they want is what’s in your underwear. All of this was said, to my sisters, in front of or within earshot of me. I saw how my mother was jealous of my older sister and would talk terribly about her to my aunts and other relatives.I saw how my sisters would place sweaters on the heads to pretend that it was their hair and toss her heads back like the ww they saw on tv. I remember the burning smell of curling irons or straighten combs and the crackling sounds when they made contact with my sisters hair. And the yelps and grunts that were made when the irons/combs would touch their exposed skin.

    But I also remember being saved by my uncle (a lifelong bachelor), who lived in New Jersey, who taught me how to fight, handle my finances, smoke a little weed and more importantly how to deal with women. I was raised in NY, so every Friday evening I would go to NJ and return home Sunday night. Even if he was out of town, I had a key and could still stay at his place just to get away from that house. I did that for roughly 6 years till I graduated HS and when to college. I owe him everything. We all know how horrid bw have been, are and will continue to be. I just want to give a shout to all the brothers that are truly “holding it down”, who are changing and saving lives. And I salute all you brothers on this forum.

    Liked by 6 people

  28. So black women’s favorite shining knight (the male black homosexual) has a channel and JUST like a white supremacist, has a propaganda video up about black men. You would expect this of little dick white boys, but a man with black skin on his bones???? Sysbm is not just about getting with a WHITE WOMEN, it’s about separating from people like this…..

    Liked by 3 people

  29. Holy shit, One of the biggest pimps in the LACK community actually has the audacity to speak out against the men of SYSBM!!!! The black church is one of the factors responsible for the downfall of the black community

    Liked by 3 people

    • Only 2:21 and I couldn’t get through the whole thing. Ignorant-sounding negroes are an automatic turn-off. I still can’t figure out why supposedly straight, “alpha” males care about what betas do with their bux. Can’t wait for Baba to roast this dude. SYSBM for life.

      Liked by 5 people

      • @Michel

        The black witch is dipping into her reserve troops to try and fight SYSBM.
        This video is a good sign.

        Liked by 3 people

    • He says he has multiple girlfriends in different countries. Dead to right, this NigNog has a couple of non-black women in those countries. A vintage B1 NigNog– talk black, but sleeps non-black. I would be bet a month’s salary that I am right.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Also, let the above video be a reminder that not all black men who travel share your views. You have to keep your head on a swivel. But you all already know that, based on the number of people have shown their true colors to date.

      Liked by 4 people

  30. Long live SYSBM ! For the past 50 years, beastly black women like Oprah have been waging war against hard working, free thinking black men. This war has gone unanswered by real black men, until now. The black SIMPS and losers have been the toadies to the Oprahs of the world. They agree with these beasts, participating in their trashing and slandering of black manhood, in the hopes of sniffing the rancid cunts of these beasts.

    I call them beasts, because this type of black female is a beast. Oprah has been paid billions by the white power structure. Why do you think this is ? She has no intrinsic value to anyone or anything. She has no expertise in anything. She was paid to be the ring leader in the continuing destruction of the black communitah writ large, to be the ring leader in the slandering of real black manhood, to be the ring leader in encouraging the proliferation of the negative, black man hating, bottom rung, beastly black female.

    Just imagine what Oprah would look like without being covered in the most expensive heavy duty makeup money can buy. Imagine what this beast would look like without the reams of Asian Indian hair weave on her lumpy head.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Everything you said is spot on. Add to that the black woman’s alliance with the LGBTQ movement and its indoctrination of black boys into a degenerate lifestyle that can produce no offspring. For a community already on its last legs, supporting and adopting the degenerate lifestyles of the alphabet people will be the death knell for what used to be called the black community.

      Liked by 5 people

  31. Regarding the youtube video
    “How The Supermarket Tells Me Black Women Have a Problem !”

    The beastly black female who did this video says things like ‘if you black men love us so much, why don’t you marry us’. This idiot thinks she’s making a salient point, when all she’s doing is highlighting her stupidity.
    In 2020, most black women are unfit to be the partner of a real man. The rare unicorn, ‘good black woman’ is probably less than 5 percent of black females. Most black females, and its fast becoming all black females, don’t deserve a man. They deserve Lil Pookey, Big Murder Mike, Cheesey Blue, and the like. They already have kids by these cretins, and that’s all they deserve to be with. I for one, am sick and tired of my hard earned tax money, going to feed and enable these cretins.

    Here’s the thing. Even if these beasts were less abominable than they are, there would still be no rational reason for a successful Black Man to marry them. I mean, these beasts are less than broke. They are wards of the government. They are owned by the government. If a successful Black Man married one of these beasts, he’s already lost. In a few years, this beast has a claim on the friuts of this successful Black Man’s labor, sometimes for the rest of his life. It not only makes no sense to marry one of these beasts, but it makes no sense to marry any broke female !

    Liked by 2 people

    • The beastly black female who did this video says things like ‘if you black men love us so much, why don’t you marry us’. This idiot thinks she’s making a salient point, when all she’s doing is highlighting her stupidity.


      She makes her own point. And she’s right, as far as I am concerned. I don’t love them; hence, I want nothing to do with them romantically. Hell, I don’t even want a one-night stand/pump and dump with them.

      Liked by 3 people

  32. Between sorry-ass Oprah, bitch-ass Tyler Perry, busta-ass Steve Harvey, punk-ass Terry Crews, the Media, every talk show with more than 1 bw, any black female author that owns a dictionary have their sights locked and set on free thinking BLACK MEN. They have no problem lumping all BLACK MEN into one group, but show them an example of a decadent, immoral, scandalous bw, you know, your average bw. The response is “all bw aren’t alike”.

    What I learned in my 56 years is that women hate women, because women compete with each others. Unlike sports when at the end of the game, your competition may win, but you’re still famous and get paid. But for the bw it’s survival, you can’t like someone who might take the food out your mouth. As she hits the wall in her early 30s, here comes a fresh batch of 18 year olds with an over 10 year head start. It’s like when the world trade centers fell everyone was scared and all of a sudden WE were ALL amerikkkans. “WE got to stick TOGETHER y’all”, “THEM foreigners are coming to get US”. That’s how, I believe, it is with bw. Their in constant battle “girl you look good…but I can’t leave this ho around my man” “girl you going on a diet…look at this bitch here” “girl you got a promotion at that job that you don’t do sh*t at…I can’t stand that stuck up ass bitch, oops hey girlfriend!” Thanks to ww they will continue to run in circles (#feminism).

    And I think the ww is the bw’s god not the wm, I believe the wm can make them feel special, but they still have to look in the mirror. It’s been engrained since birth that they are physically inferior to the wm. I’ve known some truly naturally beautiful bw “in my day”(old man phrase), but they would still pull at their hair and cry and say “what are going to do with this, they would place chemicals on their skin. It’s the ww that’s they try to emulate. No matter how the wm may tell them that they are attractive, the bw doesn’t want her lips nose eyes hair and skin. Only if she feel she has been relegated to entertain “4 quarters” “lil wafers” and “lumpi cheez”. Then she accept some weird hybrid of black/white features (hair-weaves, eyes-contacts nose-surgery butt-implants chest-implants piercing tattoos exaggerated nails), you know the “thot” variety pack (depending on her income, better yet some simps income) So yes the wm is her “daddy”, but the ww is her GOD.

    Liked by 4 people

  33. If you want to see how vile the black female has become, take a look at the porn site called GHETTOGAGGERS.COM. These hoes submit to degradations that would boggle the mind. I’m sure they do it for peanuts, if they are paid at all. And these are the most grotesque looking white men who are degrading them. Nobody with a scintilla of self respect would subject themselves to this type of degradation. Not for any amount of money. The sickest part is this. Most of these deranged black females are getting off on the abuse.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. I knew there was a problem going on when they are out showcasing their giant a_ s for everyone to see. Black women just need to stop this pointing the finger nonsense and quit having sex out of wedlock and producing bastards. At least the other races will use birth control most of the time in order to avoid producing Fatherless offspring.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh yea but I had a feeling there was a catch to it like they’re trying to make money off of us lol nah bruh we know your tricks

      Liked by 2 people

      • BA,

        Valentine’s Day nothing but a marketing and money making gimmick. Why should we esteem one particular day above others? No thanks, I’ll pass, I’m good.

        Liked by 3 people

      • I remember as a child there were actually commercials showing women exchanging Valentines gifts with their male partners. There would be ads on the radio aimed at women “what are going to get him on that special day.” Now it’s all about women, and if there’s going to be any exchanging the ads will present the LGBTQRSTuv…community.

        Liked by 2 people

  35. Hey wait a minute. In the video above, Cerebral states that she too finds herself in Walmart alone. But in another video, she claims to be happily married to a white man.

    So which is it?

    Things that make you go ‘hmmmmmm’.

    Liked by 1 person

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