Is This The Best You Can Get? – Another L For Swirl Mountain


The fact of the matter is nobody outside of desperate and hopeful black women are interested in this female’s swirling escapades. You’ll notice that when it comes to these swirling videos that in the overwhelming majority of cases it is the woman who is the one pushing the religious documentation, the exposure of as well as highly emphasising her relationship with a non black man. You won’t however find black men doing the same, black men who are involved in interracial relationships don’t feel the need to advertise them, as far as we are concerned it is just another day walking in the park.

As has been documented extensively by yours truly here at Slaying Evil, very few black women if any at this stage will be given the opportunity to climb Swirl Mountain and of those few black women who do manage to make it to it’s summit will most certain have a Bottom Shelf Brad type white man as their significant other.

Your Chad type white males simply aren’t going to deal with black women seeing as they have an abundance of attractive white women to choose from, however for chaps like Jim Mills in the video above who’ll volunteer to perform clean up services on behalf of the black witch as well as 12 Gauge Mike, Mincy and Cheezy Grill, he has a wide variety of black women to choose from.

I cannot believe that the dude actually put a ring on this woman’s finger, from what I can see she has at least two children that don’t belong to him and I believe they have one child together. It’s actually debatable whether her two older children have the same father, you already know how most black women roll these days.

This is one of the main reasons why thinking black men are leaving the building, we point blank refuse to deal with baby mothers, we have high standards and will not lower them for anybody yet alone a black female with a foul attitude as well as 12 bastard children en tow. Of course black women will turn around and say “why are you hating on this couple’s interracial relationship, if they’re happy what’s the problem”?.

There is no problem and I’m not hating, as I mentioned in Negro Wars I only wish more white men would step up and take charge of these beastly black female monsters they’ve created. The issue I have is a certain contingent of black women constantly talking that “black men who date out can only get with fat and ugly white women” talk, meanwhile as is clear as day I see an undeniable trend of black women who engage with non black men in most cases only managing to snag themselves a lower ground level younger white male or older white male who already has one foot in the grave.

Now, I have to say that Traci is one of the better looking black women, however as mentioned before she already besmirched herself by opening her legs to the wrong types of dudes before meeting her hugely overweight Bottom Shelf Brad.

Now this black woman is one of the fortunate ones to actually be having a relationship with a white man, as in the case of Jason Roger Pope most black women are merely used as sex toys by their white lord and saviour.

Where are the black women getting with young, attractive and quality white men, practically nowhere to be found. Gentlemen, again, the next time that certain black females fixed their mouths to talk about black men only being able to get with the scraps and the leftovers of non black female society ie the women non black men don’t want, be sure to point out that the opposite is the real truth as Mad Bus Driver continues to demonstrate and be sure to show them this article as well as this one here which demonstrate a trend of black women by and large hooking up with senior citizen type white men.

Finally, in time Jim will soon find out that despite the fact that she got with her white lord and saviour, Traci is still dysfunctional and it will only be a matter of time until that dysfunction begins to manifest itself if it hasn’t begun to do so already. Irene Yvette aka the cleavage showing black Jezebel’s ex husband found this out the hard way. Where is the black witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G’s videos on who black women really choose huh?

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Until The Casket Drops

Most High Bless

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  1. Most wealthy people are older. Men like Zuckerberg are an anomaly. If pursuing wealth men is their goal, this is what they’re likely to end up with if successful.

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    • These Muddogs Are Useful Idiots In Their Own Demise Hollyweird Can’t Make This Shit🙄 #ThatBlackBitch #SYSBM #1stClassMafia

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  2. үσυ кησω ωнαт ι ∂ση’т тнιηк ι нαvε sεεη α үσυηg ωнιтε gυү ιη тнε вυяв’s тнαт ωσυℓ∂ вε cσηsι∂εяε∂ εℓιтε ωιтн α үσυηg вℓαcк ωσмαη. ι нα∂ α тεαмαтε тнαт ωαs ωнιтε αη∂ εvεηтυαℓℓү мαяяιε∂ α вℓαcк cнιcк вυт нε ωαs ρσσя αη∂ ғяσм α sмαℓℓ мι∂ωεsт sтαтε αη∂ тσωη. sнε ωαs ғяσм α яιcн sυвυяв ι ∂ση’т ωαηт тσ cαℓℓ нιм α вσттσм sнεℓғ вяα∂ вυт нε ωαs vεяү ρσσя. ησω εvεяү яιcн gυү αт мү scнσσℓ αℓωαүs нα∂ α тнιη ωнιтε cнιcк αvεяαgε тσ вεαυтιғυℓ тнε αvεяαgε σηεs ωεяε яιcнεя тнαη тнε яιcн gυүs. εvεη αт тнε cσρσяαтε σғғιcεs ηεαя мү нσυsε ι мιgнт sεε α ωнιтε gυү ωιтн α вℓαcк cнιcк συт αт ℓυηcн вυт ηεvεя мαяяιε∂ тσ тнεм ιт’s яαяε ιη тнε мι∂ωεsт мαвү ιт ιs ∂ιғғεяεηт ιη cαℓι αη∂ εℓsεωεяε

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  3. The L – The best the Scraggle can get.

    Courtesy of L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


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  5. The more Caucasian men that want black women, the better it is for they’re extinction. Both of them can leave black men with white women alone.

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    • Agree 100%

      I might be extreme but honestly part of me just wants black women to drop the “we wuz loyal to you black man” bullshit, and get with the other races of men that they really want en masse so they can leave me the hell alone in peace.

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      • That will never happen because desirable non-black men won’t take black hoes en masse, so they keep messing with us. They know that brothers who date out pull bomb non-black chicks, but their pride won’t let them admit it. So they keep on with the “yALL cAn oNLy gEt fAt wHite wiMMens” delusion. Meanwhile they can only pull old white dudes and Bottom-Shelf Brads. I say just keep the wall up, do not rescue these hoes and let the trash take itself out.

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  6. I just laugh, it’s always some type of coping mechanism, butthurt excuse when they see Black Men with BEAUTIFUL White Women like…

    “they’re only with you because you’re rich”…

    “if you where working at Walmart would she still be with you”…

    “did a black woman hurt you”

    “The self hate is real”

    “his resources will go back to the White community”

    “You couldn’t find a sista”

    “yo mama black”

    “You can’t handle a strong black woman”

    “As soon as they get a little money, they go running to Becky”


    And of course there are MANY MANY more, feel free to add to list gentlemen…LOL

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    • 1. I’m sure black women make it known all the time they’re not looking for money.
      2. See number 1.
      3. Yeah, because the penis does not respond to any other race of women but one’s own except through trauma.
      4. I am not a woman. How can I hate myself by dating a non-black woman?
      5. Not nearly as fast as the black women’s resources will go to the Asian community.
      6. 70% of black women are single. They’re as abundant as green blades of grass. Besides, who says I was looking?
      7. My mother is also 71 years old.
      8. Other things that need to be handled: Various types of dangerous waste, wild animals and the criminally insane.
      9. Sometimes we run to Latinas, Arabs, East Indians, and Asians but thanks for letting us know which women are a direct threat to you.
      10. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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      • @Black Caesar


        Once a woman says something like “You can’t handle me!”, that is the moment when I no longer see her as human, and I would tell her: “Good luck finding a man who is into bestiality, because only rabid animals need to be handled.”

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      • @Kameron

        It’s good when a woman says this because she’s letting you know up front that she’s a bitch to be avoided.

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    • Added to the list —– 1. Most white women are fat

      2. Most white women wear hair weave

      3. Most white women are trying to look like black women

      4. All men in the world want black women. We have remained loyal to black men and do not get with the white, Asian, Hispanic, etc. men that want black women.

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      It’s funny how none of these same statements ever come up when it’s a black witch getting her swirl on though, these black harriets are hypocrites to the core.

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    • “I like my men like how I like my mocha– tall and white” (But the bitch have the nerve to text me that I’m a coon for not wanting to date black girls smh)

      “You niggas ain’t shit”
      “You lame”
      “You gotta be 6ft to even look at my direction”
      “Sorry but you’re too nice”
      “That Latina/Asian just wants you for dick and a green card”
      “Where are all the Good black men? Oh wait there isn’t-” *continues to suck off Brad*
      “I is BLacK QUee reSPEk Me!”

      **Tries to speak Spanish to impress Latino lover**

      “You remind me of that K-pop group” (to a Japanese man)

      “Should I remind you niggas ain’t shit?”

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  7. Anytime a Black woman swirls with Captain Frosty, he is always on some simp ish; this guy volunteered to be the “provider” by paying all of the bills for his wife and her children when she also has a good job where she can assist him financially.

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    • Afrankblackman,

      That isn’t going to happen outside of the pro black female/black women first simp flunkies and any other court jesting minstrels who believe that black women are the be all and end all of black society.

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    • He can negotiate with them all he wants.. Most of us don’t even want them around as much as possible. We avoid going anywhere they are as much as we can, especially family functions.

      I would rather sit in a full porta shitter on the hottest day or the year in Iraq for a few hours, before willingly going anywhere near a family reunion, club, anywhere where there is a huge number of these people.

      Yes I’m serious.

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      • Soul Train, Soul food (a bullet train with no stops straight to heart disease, obesity, and an early grave. Not to mention it’s just disgusting), and a daily live action version of Mortal Kombat. And yes it’s “not all” before someone says it. But way too many or this wouldn’t even be a conversation.

        No thanks. Fuck the black community, and fuck the culture.

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      • @afrofuturism
        That sounds like “IBMOR” philosophy as well. Waiting for the most vile female species on the planet to magically have a come-to-jesus* moment.

        *Ask any pastor and he’ll tell you of all the black women who have long since had their come-to-jesus moment. Emphasis on “come”.

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    • O Man is stuck in his childhood where there was a functional black society with black business owners, etc. Even the bitch women knew how to act right. I don’t understand with his mother and 4 homely sisters story along with Aunt Rhonda, the jackass STILL has a soft spot for the niggress.

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      • Afrankblackman,

        That old Stockholm Syndrome I guess. Trying to infiltrate SYSBM in order to attempt redirected the movement towards the daggle was a very wrong move, we’re dead serious when we say we are NOT coming back to the proverbial plantation, however it seems that there are many who just cannot accept our position.

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      • @Verbs

        Some of these Negroes are too bold for their own good. They actually think they have the power and influence to hijack, co-opt and otherwise infiltrate SYSBM. I applaud his efforts like I would a moth trying to defeat a flame.

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      • Black Caesar,

        He picked the wrong group to try that one with. SYSBM is cut from a completely different cloth from the pro black female stooges he’s so used to dealing with. His so called SYSBM “conversion” was very short lived, less than 3 months, lol.

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      • Some of the shines get a whiff of the black vajayjay and they become super stooges. I was very surprised to see Angryman come to the defense. I still don’t trust him as I don’t Minstrel Jap, but I give him his props for this one.

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      • Afrankblackman,

        As I stated before, I have to give Angryman his props, at least he set up his own creation instead of attempting to co-opt somebody else’s. He knew exactly what Obsidian was up to because of previous experiences, hence why he had no hesitation in calling him out on it.

        Between Angryman calling Obsidian out and lighting him up, Mad Bus DriverX questioning his true feelings about SYSBM, his so called SYSBM conversion being exposed as nothing short of a money making scam and additionally kicking him off MBD’s panel, his current anti SYSBM rampage is understandable, what an embarrassment, lol.

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      • @afrankblackman I constantly come across black people that bring up that old Rosewood, Black Wall Street romanticism. They seem to forget that all those utopias were bombed or burned to the ground. Back in those days, Black Men were relegated to certain parts of this country, and it sickens me that you have a lot of Blacks that wanna return to that era. It’s like White Men can travel and enjoy the world but our black asses is supposed to stay put. Us Red Pill men need to thank guys like MLK for fighting for integration, can you imagine being imprisoned in one of these ghettos by law and having to procreate with a bitch like Rasputia from Norbit? These niggas blame integration for the fall of the Black Community when as far back as 1910 articles were written about blacks in poor areas recklessly breeding like they are now. Feminism, Welfare and the Crack epidemic destroyed the Black Community, not integration.

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      • If not for MLK ans the Civil Rights Movement, I, by law would be FORCED to marry and procreate with a fat nigger bitch like Lizzo! To hell with that! I thank MLK for my freedom. Let those old Rosewood negroes stay in the past.

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    • Obsidian’s failed negotiation tactics will continue to be words of hot air. SirTrixxAlot once alleged that Obsidian is really married to his ‘lady friend’ given how much he capes for the daggle. Alan Roger Currie who has dated his young daggle for a minute and kept it private until recently. I don’t blame him for that but for a man who claims black men aint his customer nor spend money with him, he has inserted himself into the gender war to argue on behalf of black women. For a man who claims he can get international pussy from all over the world like Ludacris, why would he go to the mat for black women. Easy, he’s like Derrick Jaxn, he is living off black women. This is why they really hate us. We can take care of ourselves and don’t need black women’s resources to live on like simps and beta males do. We live within our means, we have money set aside, we don’t fund the latest go scam me campaigns nor are we gonna pay people to talk out of both sides of their mouths. We learned a hard but valuable lesson with Obsidian, he played the part when he was broke and struggling trying to relate to us but now that our money has pulled him from poverty, he’s showing he was nothing but a daggle lover all along who is just frustrated that he couldn’t get the daggles he wanted and non-black women curved him.

      Let him have fun with those continued conversations and negotiations while they berate him during and afterwards. When he finally gets tired, he’ll want to sit with us but since he wants to be a daggle lover, we’er done!

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  8. We all know how this is going to turn out.

    1) She beasts gets her a Kyle who looks, acts and probably smells like he just got out of a dumpster. But she won’t care because that potential future baby will have “good hair and light eyes” along with this low self esteem simp willing to take on her immense baggage; and he won’t care because he can get off without having to go to online porn.
    2) She is going to hide that sheboon attitude we all know and loathe to lock him down (it won’t last, but it will probably last long enough to either get a ring or in all likelihood pregnant)
    3) During this time, she will get off on race play, getting ghetto gagged, you name it all to keep lieutenant snow around and basically be a good wife.
    4) Once she gets that ring, or pregnant she’ll get too comfortable and slowly let Jezebel out of her cage and start acting like a jackass
    5) Jezebel will be out on full display for everyone to see, she may start abusing him verbally, physically, emotionally (if this hasn’t happened already) and she will make her needs, wants and desires the fore front of the relationship and damn everything else.
    6) Kyle will realize he made a massive mistake and will either become an even bigger simp and accept it, or find his balls and leave (not without being stripped of half of his shit and put on child support for their kid and kids that aren’t even his depending on the state)
    7) The she beast will cry racism, colorism, whatever she can to get any sort of attention. During this time, she’ll sink into even worse depths of the hell she created for herself.
    8) After around a year or two she’ll come back out as a pro whack, ADOS, whatever you want to call these leeches, and try to get her a thinking brother (which will hilariously fail) and will have to settle for some simp who doesn’t know any better. All while saying the same old talking points “ im a strong independent woman who don’t need a man, a real man raises kids that aren’t his” blah blah.
    9) When all that fails and she is miserable single and lonely, she’ll be on the “all the good black men are in jail, dead or gay”. All while looking at us with our non black spouses and seething with anger.

    I may have missed a point or two here and there but you get the idea. Let these bottom shelf Brads have them. As Tommy would say (i believe it’s him and I’m paraphrasing) “Come get ya bitch”.


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    • Right! These selfish motherfuckers got the nerve to expect something from us! FUCK THEM!!! They never gave a fuck about decent thinking brothers no matter how good he looks. They’re always selfish as fuck, so i’m about to return the favor!! I’m so sick and tired of these stinking worthless ungrateful whores!!! FUCK THEM!!

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      • Ryo,

        I agree, they reject the best and the brightest of black men but then expect us to come back and fix what they’ve ruined and plan to ruin again if we were stupid enough to return. No sir, not me, NEVER.


    • Michel

      I don’t concern myself with anything a black female does, let them be with whomever they want, just LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE when we’re out with our White, Asian and Hispanic partners.

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  9. Verbs 2015.

    These hoodrat black women are so desperate to show off their white lord and saviour,its not even funny and its beyond a joke. You don’t see black men who date non black women showing off their significant other, we just go about our daily routine like it’s normal. These black women are attention hungry and attention starved because they are butters and no self respecting black man will date their ugly arses.

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  10. Funny thing about these couples is the children they are either out of control or look like some mind controlled drones.

    What’s even funnier is that the black father of biracial children doesn’t care who the child is around just as long as they don’t bring negative influence but the scraggle mother is different. She would rather defend/protect her child from a successful black man than a crackhead looking white man.

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  11. All four of those women in that first pic are probably prostitutes. If I ever see a young woman walking around like that with an old man (especially if it BW/WM) my first thought is “escort”. The only BW that have a good chance at swirling with a decent WM are the bi-racials like Meghan Markle. Most of the dark skinned non-mixed BW will just get ghetto gagged and dumped by WM, then either become hateful black feminists or go the pro-black “Dear BM” route in a last effort to try to get a good BM.

    Jason Black said it well in a recent tweet regarding Kelis’ recent dumb comments about BM, “They can’t get benefits from Black men with resources anymore and the simps aren’t paying ANYTHING so they are now letting their REAL feelings come out.” These chicks know that they have burnt bridges with the only group of men that wanted them and now they are angry because they have no man (thats worth a damn) to turn to.

    These gutter WM that are either looking for easy sex and/or cant get a non-BW know that there are legions of low self esteem, self hating BW that are promiscuous and desperate for a man. Jason Pope probably understood this well and LITERALLY weaponized BW’s self hate and used it against BM by using BW to spread HIV to BM. He said in a series of text messages spreading HIV to BM was his goal and he used BW as the plague bearers. I wonder how many BM and Black children are walking around with HIV now because of the hundreds of BW that he was able to run though and infect. SMDH

    Keep the Wall up.

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  12. Just when you thought this shit can’t get any funnier…

    💀💀💀💀💀💀 for the sisterhood!

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    • Noooo 💀💀💀😂🤣😂🤣😂💀

      These hoes ain’t shit. It would be one thing if she was with him prior to this condition, and the condition is a result of an accident or disease. But this shit is beyond pathetic.

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    • Stephen Hawking Jr there can pull a decent looking African chick from a wheelchair, but your black ass got to be LeBron, 2Pac and Bill Gates all in one body for that same hoe to even sniff in your direction.

      Every post on here just inspires me not only to keep the Wall fortified, but to actively vote Trump in 2020.

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  13. It amazes me when BW get with white dudes, I have to go into brainstorming mode because of the fact that stat says black men were twice as likely to date out more than the black women. Whenever I see Black men with non black women, or mixed women, they be pulling them fine ones, now that’s what’s up. Whenever I see Black women with white men, it’ll be your most of all average looking white men. If I were to be technical about this, only a tiny percent of black women have some high class white men, the rest, just average looking or something.

    “Of course black women will turn around and say “why are you hating on this couple’s interracial relationship, if they’re happy what’s the problem?”

    There is no problem. The major problem is this: Why every-time when a black man get with a non black woman, mixed woman, or hell even an Afro Latina, Blasian, East African, they (black women) have to shit on him, calling him all sorts of names in the book, and claiming he has self-hatred (the black women definitely need to look up the real definition of this term before it comes out of their bloody mouths), but when a black women get with a non black man or mixed man, it’s all jolly, Hercules, Hercules, and backflips, and Partying like it’s 1999 (references from Prince), and saying she leveling up, she’s divesting, f*** all these black men, they ain’t ish? I ain’t hating, or sounding bitter, but why does it seem like when black woman get with a white dude, she got to show it off to the public, putting white men on a pedestal? When I have a non black woman or a mixed woman around me, I don’t need to show her off, all I care is that we respect each other, and we like being around each other, that’s all.They get with white dudes, good, but they don’t have to throw no global ass house party just because they snag up a white dude. Man, black women just act like a whole another person when they get with non black men, and it be kind of annoying tho too. At the end, let them get with white men, while I can get me some fine latinas around me.


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    • @DK
      Lmao Hercules Hercules. 🤣 🤣 🤣 That just reminded me of the nutty professor.

      Anyway, whenever a black woman is showing off her white man (any white man as evidenced by the contributions above) it is mostly for fellow black women and maybe a small percentage for black men. Black women hate themselves and hate blackness so much that access to white genes to them is literally like winning the lottery. When I say literally I mean literally because usually people show off like that when they buy an expensive car or Mansion. To a black woman, the possibility of having a non black baby is like striking oil.
      A secondary part of that showing off is the fact (and I do mean FACT) that the black woman worships white men. Therefore being chosen by any white man (he could be a homeless neo nazi paraplegic meth head) is as being chosen by God himself. These are NOT metaphors and I am not exaggerating. This is actually what is going on in their brains.
      Lastly, they are showing off to black men because they know that their fellow “sistahs” have done all they can to instill white male worship in every child they raise. So the expectation within them is that black men would be jealous that they were chosen by God in the flesh rather than him (doesn’t apply to white women because “Jesus” is not a woman). Black women actually believe black men respond in jealousy as they do, again because the black woman has done everything she can to also feminize black men. This is why they think black men look for the same things in a partner as they do.

      Black women cheer each other on and show off when they snag a white man because the black female collective is a hive mind that worships white men and in seeing one of their fellow sistahs with said white man they believe that they too can be visited by “Jesus” in the flesh.

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      • I forgot to add.

        The reason why they do not feel the same when a black man gets with a white woman (or non black woman but mostly white) is most likely because that would piss “God” off as the white man believes he owns and is entitled to all women regardless of his desires of “racial purity”. Women are followers and mirrors of their partners. You also become what you worship. This is the reason why the black woman thinks and speaks like the white man. It is the same exact mindset as non black non whites like Asians, East Indians, and also Irish, Italian and Jewish people who like to spout anti black stuff all day long even though we historically had little or nothing to do with those groups.
        At one time, all those aforementioned groups were considered rejects by white men. The way they ingratiated themselves into acceptance into white society was by using the “password” and that password is anti black, particularly anti black male rhetoric. This is incidentally how obsessed the white man is with the black man.
        So the black woman hates it when black men date interracially 1) because the white man doesn’t like it, and 2) the black woman (again like the white man) wants complete control over and the right to dictate black male sexuality.

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      • Matt M.,

        Speak for yourself. I used to have my non-black trophy wife out there on the track like Seabiscuit. We made the scene everywhere. And she showed me off as much as I did her! Family functions were the best. She would scandalize my relatives, especially my ashy female cousins. 😉 😉 😉

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    • Brothersdanunlimited,

      Only foolish, brainwashed and bewitched black men will still choose to deal with black women after this disgusting display. How black women have chosen to purport themselves after Kobe’s death is simply inexcusable.

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      • Verbs,

        I posted what one of these demons said about Kobe in another post last week it was utterly vile and disgusting. But no one is calling out these demons. BW keep showing their evil actions and why people still defend them is beyond me.

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      • Sean,

        Wise black men just need to walk away from these sirens, there is nothing more to say to them especially in light of their blatant disrespect towards the late Kobe Bryant.

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  14. In all seriousness, I had some black men act like they’re better than me just because they’re with a white woman. Or in other cases, they just don’t like associating with black people. Just saying and trying to be fair.


      • Andrew Rogers — In my experience, black men do not put on a show about a white woman or non-black woman that another black man is dating. For example, did Kobe Bryant get lots of admiration from other black men because of his non-black wife? ————— On the other hand, mainstream black women are praising Serena Williams for her white husband.


    • I have never ever ever seen that in my life. In fact, quite the opposite. It was the black guys who were with black women who were the biggest assholes. The ones with white women or other were far more intelligent, laid back and more pleasant to be around. In fact, I said that it was best to have SYSBM coworkers.

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    • Andrew Rogers,

      Both cases sound like a YOU issue. Low self-esteem negroes often project onto strangers that which isn’t there. Perhaps you’re jealous of that hypothetical brother with a white woman? Just saying and trying to be fair.

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    • “Andrew” unlike some of my fellow sysbm practitioners, I have more than a little experience in the scenario you speak of, and that is what you’re talking about a scenario…..created by black women.
      First off, BLACK MEN do not ACT like we are better than anyone else. Black women, do this, gay black men do this, white men do this….black men, not so much.
      Second, you said black men act like their better than you because they were with white women…..(men, really….do I need to drag this on????? Ok, I will…just awhile longer) how do you know it was because they were with white women???? It might have been because he was a brain surgeon, or CEO, or Special Forces commander…see all of those men I mentioned are all ALPHAs and they naturally carry an air of superiority around them, as they should, they are accomplished and paid for their accomplishments….but a woman wouldn’t understand that about men, only a woman would confuse confidence with arrogance, and only a black woman would connect said arrogance with being with a white woman.
      Lastly, what part of sysbm do you not understand, “they just don’t like associating with black people…” you mean BLACK WOMEN don’t you??????

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  15. How do the British guys on here feel about this? I’m on the fence about this type of technology, they have already begun rolling it out in China and they are passing laws in certain US cities to make it illegal for government use. A vlogger in China on YouTube said he was jay walking in China and the FR camera got him and he received a fine via text message. All of this happened within a few minutes of him jaywalking.
    London will use live facial recognition cameras to police the city

    “London’s Metropolitan Police has announced controversial plans to use live facial recognition technology to improve officers’ ability to identify suspects and police the British capital.

    The Met said in a statement Friday the technology will be deployed to places where data indicates people responsible for serious and violent crimes, such as gun and knife attacks and child sexual exploitation, are most likely to be located. Clearly marked cameras will be focused on small, targeted areas to scan people’s faces as they walk by, it added.

    “As a modern police force, I believe that we have a duty to use new technologies to keep people safe in London,” assistant commissioner Nick Ephgrave said in a statement. “We are using a tried-and-tested technology. Similar technology is already widely used across the UK, in the private sector,” he added.”

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  16. Everyone as you may or may not be aware today in the UK is BREXIT. What do you all think about it, do you think its a good or bad thing?
    Also what do you think will happen next?

    In my opinion after the DJ kid situation nothing surprises me no more. When you think black women couldn’t stoop lower they still double down on their foolishness. All I ask of them is to leave us thinking brothers alone and never contact us ever again. As others have said thinking brothers have left the building even years before I was even born. Just glad I wasn’t born in the US.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Brexit will be good … for racists and foreign investors.

      I’m sad about it all. Yes the EU is a gangster squad trying to merge all the member countries into a superstate, however – cheap and frequent European flights, ability to work on the continent and the quality of Eastern European women I liked a lot. I speak three languages so European is my identity.

      Expect Bald Dave to be giving it large about “we got our country back” because the next sentence will be “now let’s finish the job and kick all the polish, blacks and p***s out”

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  17. Tariq has been posting examples of this for the past week or so. BW talking about how they either were or are currently being abused by a WM, yet their timeline is full of love for WM and anger for BM and the WM are raping/beating them. The BW in the first tweet is a single mom with a WM baby daddy, she said the WM only held the child for about 30 min and then abandoned them. But she has so much anger for BM.:

    Its like the more that non-BM reject them and mistreat them, the more hatred they have for BM. Like I said in an above post, these chicks are starting to see that swirling isn’ as easy as they thought it would be, there isn’t a field full of non-BM waiting for them with open arms. BM of means are avoiding them, so most of them have no man, except for pookie and ray ray. This makes them furious.

    Brothers stay away from these chicks, we predicted this, the taller the Wall gets the more hostile and crazy they will become, especially now that they see that they are being used/rejected by ALL men. This is what they wanted though, let them enjoy the fruits of their “strength and independence”.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Yeah man, but like I said we predicted that things would go this way. Its happening just like we figured it would.

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    • Fuck Kelis. Ol’ has-been. I don’t need her to protect shit. I’m glad she got robbed by Pharrell and Chad (who is a friend of a friend from VA). Karma for sticking Nas with $10,000 a month child support. Guess she got “caught out there.” LMAO

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      • A lot of brothers were speculating that the child support from Nas might be running out in a few years and she is becoming anxious about where her future income will come from. She is trying to cash in on the black feminist/lesbian “I was abused and BM ain’t shit” circuit.

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      • Field Mouse,

        Nas was a fool for marrying her in the first place and having a child with her. It was well known Kelis was getting smashed by many people in the music industry and Nas basically married a hoe he should have known what the outcome was going to be. Like the old saying goes you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife.

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    • This is why you never ever date reject women. There is a common misconception that they will treat you better. That is false. Ugly, substandard women will treat you worse because they have little options. Never consider women who have no options.

      Liked by 7 people

      • Yeah, like I said before I have no problem when it comes to interracial dating. But for the brothers who are still dating BW, they had better be extremely careful when dealing with a BW who has dated a WM in the past. They probably let those WM do anything and everything to them and are even more messed up in the head from it. Hell, even if you aren’t trying to date her see will still probably be toxic to be around if you are a BM. Their hatred will grow as the Wall grows and they sink further into the social underclass.

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    • This chick is also aligned with a violent White Supremacist group:

      Like we always say, they are the WM’s lieutenant. They want to destroy us just like the white supremacists do.

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    • Black women are losing this “gender war” badly. Their options with men whether black or white are severely limited. The pool of non-bm willing to date black women largely consists of losers, broke dudes, rejects, psychopaths, degenerates, beta males, incels, etc who see black women as low hanging fruit and/or easier to get. So in their attempt to climb swirl mountain to escape “struggle love” many black women end up struggling in love even more. They’re finding that they’re getting the same results and treatment from non-black men that they claim that they were getting from black men, and often much worse. And now the only black men who are still checking for black women in any significant numbers are bums, losers, rejects, morons, incels, and broke dudes who nobody else wants, these guys couldn’t leave even if they wanted to.

      Black women are stuck with the rejects of all races now. Even the simps who “love their queens” are starting to get tired of the abuse and beginning to pull away from black women. Black women are severely low-IQ, irrational, short-term thinkers who don’t think through their actions and decisions at all and this is why they are so destructive and always lose in the end and it’s why those who associate with them lose. I don’t know what it’s like where you guys live, but I’m seeing an enormous increase of black men with non-black women in my area, it’s epidemic levels. It’s getting to the point to where I see black men/non-black female couples more often that black same-race couples. Black men are really moving on in big numbers and I think we’re only seeing the beginning, I think the over the coming years the number of black men dating and marrying out is going to increase substantially.

      Liked by 2 people

  18. Late then ever man as usual. LOL! Right, I don’t have a problem with black women being with white men but here this. These women are going for white men, the white beta male for money and to have mix children. I have no issues with mix children but black women have a huge hatred in their hearts. The bottom shelf Brad is the biggest player in the black dating market along side Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, Corner Boy Ronney, 9mm, 50 Calibre Mack, Thick Dick Tyrone and 12 Gauge Mike. The good black man will not get a good black man. Yes, he is an option but he’s the last option. He will get the nice car, and the big house and tones of money and the black women will chase after him when she has multiple children especially biracial. And there is no way that a black man will date a single mother. And when he doesn’t want to date a single mother, all of the ghetto ratchet black women will get mad.

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  19. Here this people. The black manosphere is gone now. So thinking black men, we need to think about getting this money. We need to think about getting this V12 7 Series BMW or a V12 S Class Benz. These simps are thinking about these ghetto ratchet women that they have love and honour for and these women are playing games with them because, they don’t like these fools. But we will defend the S.Y.S.B.M lifestyle because we have people like Verbs2015, Mad Bus Driver, King Sigma, me also and others. So these simps and the white beta males will not have a chance to mess with us when they come at us. And black women will continue to get breed by these worthless black men that they prefer.
    Keep your white sugar honeys warm under the bedsheets and hold her tight. Right through the night.
    Have a great weekend guys!

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  20. Verbs2015,
    The Backwards Swirling With These American Black Broads is Effectively Real. Now For Those of Us Brothers We Have Been Taught at an Early Age ”Watch Out for Becky, Beware of Becky, She’ll Ruin Your Life, She’ll Destroy You” etc. Yet I Can’t Remember a Time Where Black Girls at a Young Age We’re Taught ”Watch Out for Josh, Beware of Jose, He’ll Mess You Up, He’ll Ruin Your Life” etc. This Symbolizes that Theory 100%. These Are Also the Same Type of Broads that Joined White Feminism & Talked All Kinds of Shit About Kobe Bryant. Hell Wanda (Miss it’s Harder to be Gay than Black) Sykes Defended Alison Morris Who Got Caught Openly on MSNBC Saying the N-Word. Loni Love Who Talked Shit About Black Men Always Cheating on Their Mates & She’s Married to a White Man. All the Back Stabbing that Comes From These Women Are the Specific Reason Why SYSBM Exist & Will Continue to Exist. #SYSBM For LIFE!!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Shawn Swint,

      Everybody can see that Westernised black women are NOT the allies of black men, however unfortunately there are only a few black men who are willing to act upon this observation, free thinking brothers. Most black men in the US believe that it is their duty to be shafted, ran through, abused and used by black women, however I’m glad to see that this trend is slowly changing. Black women are always telling black men to beware of white women yet never telling other black women to beware of Lord Euro, double standards indeed.

      Black women have no problems calling out the so called “daughter of white supremacy”, yet they have absolutely nothing to say regarding the godfather and originator of it Admiral Frost, smh.


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  21. I am a Black man in the USA. I have read the 23 tenets of the SYSBM movement. Being abundantly educated, possessing a fully developed mind, well versed in critical thinking skills, I reached these same conclusions years ago thru personal observation.

    Imagine my joy, to discover an international cadre of like minded Brothers who have arrived at the same place. I embrace this movement and the Brothers who comprise it, with great energy and enthusiasm.

    Like most of us, I was conditioned from birth to be a SIMP to the Black female. But after years of experience and personal observation, I could no longer deny what my eyes and my mind showed me. In real life, the westernized Black female bears no resemblance to the fictionalized yarns that she, and her legions of white knight toadies spin about her.

    The sad truth is this. The westernized Black female has become far worse than the biblical whore of Babylon. The whore of Babylon was a moral degenerate. While the the westernized Black female is certainly morally degenerate, she is also something much worse. After generations of wallowing in western sewer decadence, indulging in unrestrained female vices, and breeding from the bottom, she has become a physical and psycological abomination as well.

    The 100 inch waistelines, the muffin tops, the 100 inch butts, the weaves, the heavy duty makeup, the beastly attitudes towards Black people, the slavish devotion to white male mythology, the non existent nuturing skills, the lack of critical thinking skills, all combine to make the average western Black female, a true abomination in my eyesight.

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