Black Manosphere 2.0 Is Officially Dead Oshay And You Killed It – Deal With It!

This is exactly what happens when you bring black women into your circles, as I’ve stated before being agents/employees of the State they’ll immediately move in to sabotage and destroy any constructive works you’ve embarked upon. The founders of Black Manosphere 2.0(Oshay “The Muddy Boot” Jackson, Obsidian and Angryman) unfortunately had to learn this lesson the hard way.

This article is more aimed at Oshay Muddy Boots Jackson, for a while now this court jesting minstrel has been taking pot shots at me on the slick and via proxy, however in 2020 I’m going to be kicking butts and taking names, it’s time to clean out the rubbish once and for all. What is the issue between myself and Oshay, the main issue I have with him is the fact that he’s a man of little to no integrity and implores very few if any standards.

As many of you may or may not know, for a short period I wrote for Oshay at his Negro Manosphere website. The oral agreement we made was for me to supply two articles per month for his blog. At the time I was unaware that Oshay had hired me as a result of his falling out with Obsidian. The problem came when he reconciled with Obsidian a short period afterward, he decided to give me the boot on the slick ie not bothering to tell me that my writing services would no longer be required by him for the immediate future.

In response to this underhanded skullduggery, no longer being under the agreement we’d made previously, I deliberately released an article that I had previously written for him on my own website to see if he was still lurking about, low and behold it didn’t take long for the shine to appear and express his extreme disapproval over what I’d done. You have to understand that Oshay is a regular, in the shadows lurker over here at Slaying Evil.

I’ve now figured out that this is the way that Oshay Muddy Boot Jackson works, he’ll hire one person having fallen out with somebody else, however if down the road he puts his differences aside and reconciles with that same individual, the previous person may receive an underhanded, unofficial dismissal. I didn’t have a problem with him no longer requiring my article writing services, the problem I had was him not letting me know about this decision he’d made.

Now again, my website is much smaller compared to his and gets far less traffic, in fact the concept for the Negro Manosphere website came from Slaying Evil. Who do you think Bootleg Jackson came to for advice before setting up his own website? He conveniently won’t talk about this however because that would give Babatunde Umanah some credit and leverage in the creation of the Negro Manosphere blog. When Jackson first launched his Negro Manosphere website it had the exact spitting image resemblance to how my website previously looked, colours, layout etc.

Oshay is a man who feels that he has to be the king and supreme ruler over any and all things black manosphere related. Remember, this was the same dude who a few years ago went after the founder, creator and the originator of the SYSBM philosophy and lifestyle Mad Bus DriverX, at one point the clown attempted to dox MBDX, however because MBDX played it smart and came out private and anonymous from the very beginning, Muddy Boot Jackson’s dox reach failed and fell flat on its face.

Remember, Jackson himself has stated that he specifically came out at the beginning to troll MBDX because he wasn’t and still isn’t fond of the idea of black men expanding upon their dating options ie not exclusively dating modern day westernised black females. Oshay is NOT an SYSBM proponent, he doesn’t support the lifestyle in any way, shape, form or fashion nor does he agree with it.

His recent pot shots at myself and SYSBM either via proxy or directly is the reason why I’m finally going to address this dude once and for all, the Black Manosphere 2.0 creation you helped construct is rigamortis level dead bruh, you are the King of a crumbling empire and you did it to yourself by bringing onto your panels heterosexual black male hating black women at first via the backdoor but later brazenly through the main entrance(who like clockwork immediately began funnelling in their pro black simp flunkies right behind them).

You’ve betrayed the many people who followed and looked up to you, I have no idea how to this day you still feel no way interacting with some of the most putrid, deplorable and rotten black women to ever walk planet earth, even going as far as giving them administrative/moderator rights on your panels with the slim possibility in mind of maybe being able to sniff their leaky contaminated cooches, smh. However I guarantee that not one of those women you’re trying to impress has jumped into your inbox making you an offer for some free snatch. Can’t you see it yet, sly simping doesn’t pay.

Oshay Bootleg Jackson is a triple cream certified simp plain and simple and somebody needs to call him out on it, using so called “open discussions” as a means to lick the greasy butt-cracks of the same black females who wouldn’t urinate on his barren wasteland looking type scalp if it was on fire. Now you’re attempting to spark some new life into your Black Manosphere 2.0 rotting carcass by coming after SYSBM on the slick, however we aren’t stupid over here, we SYSBM Roundtable Knights see and know exactly what you’re doing.

YOU are the pinnacle reason why your Black Manosphere 2.0 is currently floating in sewage sludge as YOU were the first individual to start bringing dysfunctional black females into it. Unlike Black Manosphere 2.0, SYSBM IS NOT A SANCTUARY FOR EUROPEAN WEAVE/WIG WEARINGΒ BLACK MALE HATING BLACK WOMEN AND IT NEVER WILL BE. 2020 is the year where SYSBM free thinking black men will separate themselves even further from scum bucket, unscrupulous, reprehensible, below the bottom of the barrel simps such as yourself as well as the multitude of defective black females you choose to fawn over, praise and worship.

How could you so easily allow women to slip into a sector that you had a major part in creating without them and allow these same defunct black females to undermine, sabotage and close to destroy all of the hard work you’ve put into your creation, smh? You’re in the hotbed for no doubt some of the most attractive, feminine, submissive and cooperative white women on the planet, yet you still choose to take up for these gutter dysfunctional black females, I guess being hypnotised by that decaying and dripping black snatch is very real huh?

I don’t have any beef with Oshay, I’m simply firing cannons back because for the longest while he’s been sticking and moving in my direction. Angryman has already left the Black Manosphere 2.0 because he foresaw its inevitable collapse as a result of recognising his own black female admittance errors, the only ones left keeping the fort going are Jackson and Obsidian(who to be honest for the majority part is doing his own thing over on Mixlr which is going very well).Β Oshay Bootleg Jackson is a straight up shyster who cannot be trusted on any level.

In 2020 it will be very interesting to see in the up and coming months what specific mechanism/out this circus monkey will use to paraglide away from the now derelict black manosphere creation that he one of the main founders helped establish. Having already made it known that he is NOT a supporter of the SYSBM philosophy in any way, shape or form, he cannot even think about embarking upon any attempts to FAKE his way over here(not that he would ever be accepted as genuine to begin with).

By the way, don’t even bother trying to introduce the “you’re a foreigner talking trash about American blacks” Kansas City shuffle, that technique has already been tried by many before you and has FAILED miserably. The intelligent American black man isn’t stupid and won’t fall for that okey doke. Free thinking black men see what particular sectors of black society I speak on and have no problems with it because unlike you they don’t associate with and relate to the below the gutter, riff raff members of that sect.

O’Shine My Muddy Boots Turncoat Jackson, stop trying to initiate beef with me in your feeble attempts to revitalise your dead, maggot infested carcass of a manosphere, SYSBM practitioners don’t get involved in beefs, unnecessary contentions and shouting matches, though we’ll still call you out without hesitation if you prove yourself to be a hypocrite or a degenerate dodgy piece of trash. You’re barking up the wrong tree trying to appease your real audience(B1 pundits, criminals, scum bucket dysfunctional black women and their ultra low frequency sour cream simp flunkies). I understand you’re upset that the comment section on my website is always lit vs yours which is full of crickets and tumbleweeds, but hey that’s not my fault though.

Outside of your website you have nothing of substance to bring to the table for the same black folks you claim to care about, hence why you have no problems allowing dysfunctional black harriets and their black women first pro black simpoid minions to desecrate, urinate and defecate all over your head while at the same time believing that sacrificing yourself to these rabble rousing scum buckets is an honourable deed which will somehow give you access to some 10th hand nuclear radiation level cooch.

Goofy swine, stand on your own two feet grifter, stop trying to step upon others attempting to propel yourself back into the same limelight position you fell from via your own reprobate, degenerate, no standards having practices. You have to be one of the dumbest Negroes on the planet, the very same black females who in April 2017 came for your throat with a rusty chopper and got your YouTube channel shut down before you prostrated yourself before Lord Euro and managed to get it reinstated, are the same bunch of deplorables that in 2020 you freely allow to run roughshod over the same venue they previously helped put in the grave temporarily, smh.

Ironically, this is exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars in the second to final chapter entitled Negro Wars, What Is This All About? A Brief Analysis, how toward the end times a civil war would foment between upwardly mobile, intelligent and educated free thinking brothers and goofy pro black female/black women first, haven’t built anything for the community thus far flakey, limp wristed simps, it’s only fitting that Jackson would finally begin to reveal his true colours and where his loyalties really stand in these times. It’s his own fault that his popularity has sunk into the depths of the city sewer system, had this circus minstrel kept himself clean and pure ie not catered towards the daggle and their drones, he currently wouldn’t be sitting upon a pile of fresh ashes and rubble that once represented his Manosphere creation.

A black man from the UK who is standing up for American black men more than this fermented cabbage of a Negro from the US himself, any greasy black sirens who attempt to roll up in Slaying Evil with any disparaging remarks concerning black men get shut down with the quickness. Compare this to moonshine boy here who on the flip side regularly allows black women and their worker bees onto his platform who frequently, disparage, berate and go full ham against brothers while this butterball, Elmer Fudd looking jackass sits there in silence navel gazing, smh. Who is allowing American black men to be disrespected again bruh?

Obtuse, sellout, special needs type savage who purports himself to be concerned for the so called community but yet has absolutely no problems entertaining and interacting with the very same types of women who are responsible for putting black society in its current gutter condition at the behest of their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost. Don’t call me out bruh, you’re not ready for this smoke I’ll deliver straight into your chest cavity.

You’re a complete and utter disgrace to black men period, I really have to laugh at your attempts to discuss and breakdown SYSBM, yet making very little if any references to the SYSBM tenets that are clearly posted here, even Supreme King Coon has drafted up the SYSBM tenets in PDF formΒ based upon mine but written for the Black American male’s perspective(due to different spellings of various UK words when compared to the same in the US).

Brothers, the reasons why O’Shoe Shine Lotion Boy Jackson won’t invite any of the SYSBM Original Knights or even the SYSBM creator, originator and founder Mad Bus DriverX onto his panel is because he’s either done some nasty things to us, the members don’t like him because of his severe lack of standards, love of money as well as his profound worship of black male hating contaminated black females or any combination of the aforementioned. So, in turn Oshay instead will get on those who aren’t SYSBM but somehow feel they’re still qualified and equipped to discuss the lifestyle, SYSBM rookies, anti SYSBM pundits, pro black female/black women first flunkies and their black female overlords.

Again, SYSBM is for the FEW not for the many, I’ve stated this so many times on the website, how is it your mongoose diameter sized brain cannot register this? The case has been made for SYSBM for many years, appearances by the “main man” so to speak aren’t a requirement because we aren’t trying to appeal to everybody. We simply put the SYSBM message out there, those few who truly embrace and genuinely accept the message are accepted, the majority however who choose to reject the message we ARE NOT concerned for.

I’ve been informed by multiple sauces that the minstrel O’Shine has been hosting all of these marathon SYSBM critic hangouts in which he’s been talking cash greazy about me but then putting those particular livestreams to private once finished. It seems to me that the butterball is afraid of that fire I would bring to the back of his neck if I managed to catch wind of the contents and the gist of what is being said. Then the shine and his flunkies want to talk about how SYSBM practitioners are broke, yet we are the ones who are able to obtain passports and are currently travelling around the world, make that make sense. I just recently posted up some pictures of my trip to Cartagena Colombia in December last year, a place which I have visited many times before, but we’re broke right, smh.

Broke is something the SYSBM brotherhood is NOT, you ought to be talking to your supporting crew including Taz the Goat Molester literally shacking it up down there in Mexico living on a diet of tacos, beans, rice, corn and nachos. Perhaps you could send a few bucks his way, after all it looks like the dude is going to be in Mexico for quite sometime unless they extradite his blackside back to the US.

You cannot stop the SYSBM message Oshay, you DON’T control the SYSBM sector and you never will. It’s not our fault that you played yourself selling your audience down the river just because some back wash black harridans began paying you some attention, attention you obviously hadn’t been getting before. You’re old news, many of the people who used to follow you religiously have now moved on and set up their own Youtube channels, you’re on your way out and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Let this be a lesson to all those who believe placating to black women(and their simps) is the best way forward, taking such a route will ALWAYS end in disaster.

You, your anti SYSBM supporters and your Black Women First Fugitives and Bandits DON’T get to determine who is SYSBM, who isn’t nor what direction the lifestyle should go in, those decisions are down to the creator MBDX and the Original Knights of which I am one that I now fully understand your disgruntled, angry and bitter behind cannot accept. SYSBM is an international movement that you are NOT a part of, Black Manosphere 2.0 is your domain to rule over and play around in, therefore stay in your pothole riddled lane. ALL SYSBM ROADS LEAD BACK TO MAD BUS DRIVER FIRST AND THEN THE ORIGINAL KNIGHTS, DON’T YOU FORGET IT SUNSHINE.

Stop hiding your true position and feelings behind open discussions, just come out and admit that you are a dysfunctional black female loving pro black side show minstrel, what are you so afraid of? You’ve got so much to say regarding the SYSBM Tenets I wrote back in October 2019 yet neither you nor your scum bucket cronies have the courage to call me out to the carpet to give an accounting because you know full well I won’t have any problems answering any questions regarding them.

You’ll notice that Oshay rarely if ever goes onto other people’s panels, understand this dude, he isn’t going to put himself in a position where if somebody corners him and fires some home truths in his direction, he can’t cancel them immediately in order to save face from an embarrassing moment. The most you’ll find Oshay doing is lurking in other people’s chats. For the majority part he has to stick to his own panels, they are his only “safe spaces”.

The only panel I’ve seen him somewhat jump on here and there are those with SoloTV84. He doesn’t mind going onto Solo’s panels because he knows that SoloTV84 admires him deeply and will defend Oshay if needed. Conversely, Babatunde Umanah has absolutely no problems doing the rounds on different panels because unlike Oshay I’m not a yellow bellied coward who must control the narrative and everything else around himself. I’ve peeped who you truly are and how you really work bruh, you’re not fooling me at all.

Notice how without hesitation Obsidian will frequent Oshay’s livestreams, yet when was the last time Oshay returned the favour and granted Obsidian his presence on Mixlr, I’ll wait? Even when Obsidian was more active on YouTube, Oshay still didn’t have the testicular fortitude to bring himself onto Obsidian’s livestreams, smh. Oshay put simply is a cowardly punk, anything he cannot control he’ll give an extremely wide berth to.

Finally, I once again ask you to think deeply on what I mentioned before, how this US black male will allow his own fellow black American men to be openly disparaged, berated, mocked, laughed at, denigrated and ridiculed by these same reprobate and dysfunctional black female cockroaches he has no problems bringing onto his panels, yet a black guy from the UK who runs a much smaller platform conversely stands up for and is in the corner of functional American black men more than himself and additionally is renowned for cutting the heads of these Medusa black female malevolents, make that make sense.

When has Verbs2015 ever allowed heterosexual free thinking American black men or any free thinking black men for that matter regardless of where they reside in the world to be disparaged, denigrated, laughed at, mocked or ridiculed by black women here at Slaying Evil or any other platform I’ve been a guest on, I’ll wait? Whenever I’ve been on somebody else’s panel and a black witch is running amok, I’m guaranteed to see the following words in the chat, “Free Baba”.

The UK black guy(Verbs) has an impeccable reputation for standing up for free thinking black men, the US black guy(Oshay Duke Jackson) on the other hand has a disgusting reputation for allowing black females to urinate upon the heads of free thinking brothers, smh. Why is the US dude allowing his own brethren to be dogged out by gutter level undesirables yet the UK dude absolutely won’t stand for the same and point blank refuses to allow such disrespect to take place in his presence???

Remember, these are the same cold hearted black sirens who are now celebrating the death of the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant just because his wife is non ADOS, these are the types of heartless cretins that Oshay is licking muddy boots on behalf of and aligning himself with, disgusting. Now you see why I go in so hard on black women, they’re nothing short of evil monsters. Lastly, according to O’Shine because I’m not ADOS I’m not allowed to talk about dysfunctional American black women in conjunction with 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Slim Sauce, Shifty Sizzler and Midnight Freddy, yet this same dude is happy to and has no problems speaking on Nigerian men, smh:

Gentlemen, SYSBM2020 and beyond, we have grand moves to be making this year, one of them being maintaining and widening our separation from those who have demonstrated themselves to be untrustworthy and detrimental towards others around them. Herein lies the difference between myself and Oshay, I’m content with being a nobody, a person of non recognition and no reputation sitting in my own small corner discussing pressing and important issues with fellow like minded, heterosexual free thinking black men, Oshay on the other hand isn’t, he has to be in the limelight, he has to be the star of the show. You come for me bruh you’d better call upon The Avengers as your backup.

P.S: This is how I predict Oshay will respond to this cannonball being fired directly into his pigeon chest:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Shyster And Sellout Negroes Such As Oshay Like The Plague And Equally Avoid Death Celebrating Black Harpies

Most High Bless, SYSBM FOREVER

229 thoughts on “Black Manosphere 2.0 Is Officially Dead Oshay And You Killed It – Deal With It!

  1. I believe we’re mourning the deaths of two Black men today. The other is O’Shine. Goddamn, did you have to roast and cook this brother so badly? πŸ˜‚ he definitely your nemesis.

    O’Shoeshine with the Peter Newman toupee, kissing the rotten backsides of BM-hating “women” and running mad game trying to copyright the very concept of the Black manosphere… Here’s what he hasn’t grasped yet concerning so-called movements: they evolve and move on. This isn’t like a cult where everybody has to stay put like livestock. O’Shoeshine can’t control himself, how is he going to steer free Black men into his online domain forever?

    The bootlicker is simply the jealous kid that saw the other smaller guy get popular and is trying to social climb by putting everybody associated with SYSBM down. Coupled with the sneak dissing, it’s usually a sign that you’re dealing with a narcissist.

    Enough of Bobby Dazzler, the real homie who achieved 1000% more than Shoeshiner ever will had his life cut short on a helicopter last night. He was the real MVP and the GOAT.
    Rest in peace, Kobe. You were the greatest, even in the UK.

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    • Michel,

      The dude had it coming, every corner I turn I have brothers coming up to me and telling me that he’s talking cash greazy about me and SYSBM, but when I’d go to check out the concerned livestreams, he’s already made them private.

      I can’t stand these simps, the thing with O’Shine is he is a sly simp, bootlicking for black women via hosting supposed “open panel discussions” all the while salivating over the attention he’s receiving from black women who under normal circumstances wouldn’t give him the time of day.

      You said it, he had a good set up but he ruined it because of you guessed it, the black witch. Exactly, like I stated in the SYSBM Tenets, this is NOT a lifestyle where you have to sign your name in blood, brothers are free to go and come as they please.

      Dude has been sneak dissing a brother for the longest, however now I’ve fire that cannonball straight into his chest. Shoe shine Jackson is a control freak, anything black related he feels he must be the master and ruler over. He doesn’t seem to understand that he cannot remain on top forever, as you stated people and movements evolve and move on.

      RIP Kobe Bryant

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      • Thank you for this article! I’ve noticed that Oshay’s streams tend to revolve around what he himself calls “Nigga S–t”, and usually devolves into an all out brawl after he lets some woman come on spouting nonsense. The way he treats his contributors I didn’t know about. A guy working to write articles that Oshay has already decided to not use! What a slimy way to waste a brother’s time! Too much trouble to act like a real businessman (or even a man) to say up front that he doesn’t need you anymore. Writers may do well to avoid dealing with him.

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      • Hamvak2012,

        This is the problem when you invite a certain type of crowd to your platform, especially with the B1 pundits things are guaranteed to descend into all out chaos. Oshay is an extremely dubious character and people are seeing him for who he really is. Like I said before, I wouldn’t have had a problem with the dude had he let me know that he no longer required my services. However, unfortunately this is the way he works.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    I am very proud to be a childfree SYSBM black man at 37 as I don’t find black women attractive at all. I walked away from the black community a long time ago all the way back in 1998 as a 16 year old because I always knew that it will end in disaster because all the black community supports is bullshit, death and destruction and it never supports anything positive and that’s the reason why black men like ourselves decided to leave the black community, date childfree non black women and create our own mixed race families for a better future and better legacy. Verbs when I found your slaying evil website, it was a god send to me because it all made sense of the reasons why the black community is so messed up and dead and you made me realise that I wasn’t mad and there are other black men like ourselves who have been through the same bad experiences with black women and the black community in general that it is a worldwide problem and your website is a safe haven for SYSBM black men such as ourselves. I will continue to support your website forever because you deliver such great and truthful content and articles about the fucked up situation in the black community. RIP Kobe Bryant 1978-2020.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The black community is a dead duck and it’s been that way for quite some time, this is why I have to look at these pro blacks with a bewildered face when they talk about trying to save it without dealing with the very woman who has been responsible for it’s destruction. Just like I stated in Negro Wars, these pro black bootlickers will get NOTHING off the ground in terms of restoring black society until they deal with black women first and bring them back into line(all the best on that task).

      Black women hate black children therefore it makes absolutely no sense for a black man to procreate with them because they will only despise and bring harm to the very seed that comes from their womb. Much appreciated for the support bro and I’m glad that Slaying Evil has helped you make sense of what is going on in black society. I’ll continue to do my part in diving into the filth that is called black society and exposing its shortcomings so that you don’t have to.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I find it very strange and weird especially in the streets of London when I see a black woman with her black children who is trying her very best to look like a white woman with all that weave/wig, fake eyebrows, fake nails, bleached skin and blue, grey and green colour contact lenses whilst her kids look like normal black kids. The black womens self hatred is on another planet and that’s why I refuse to date them.

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  3. I agree to all the tenates .most of these guys that have a problem with the tenates are cowards. The hard work and dedication you have put in does not go unnoticed. Thanks man

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    • MorpheusTiberius,

      They won’t call upon me to give an account because they already know what the drill would be, they really don’t want this smoke. Appreciate the kind words sir.

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  4. This is fire. I read your blog all the time but I had to comment on this one. To the point, to hell with O’shea butter. Dude is a goofy clown ass simp. And you being from the UK is irrelevant in this discussion because you’re 100% correct. I used to live over there myself and you’re keeping it real bro. Great work.

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    • Jrew,

      Thanks bro. Oshay is losing his top spot, as I stated before many of the guys who used to be regulars on his Sunday Rumble have now started their own YouTube channels and are frequently doing their own livestreams.

      He cannot defend the black female on any level nor refute the facts I bring to the table so he has no choice but to desperately clutch at the “you’re a foreigner” straw, a tried and failed strategy. Like you said, where I reside in the world is irrelevant to the discussion.

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  5. “his barren wasteland looking type scalp”
    “B1 pundits, criminals, scum bucket dysfunctional black women and their ultra low frequency sour cream simp flunkies”
    “10th hand nuclear radiation level cooch”
    ” this fermented cabbage of a Negro”
    “this butterball, Elmer Fudd looking jackass sits there in silence navel gazing”
    “Obtuse, sellout, special needs type savage”
    “O’Shoe Shine Lotion Boy Jackson”
    “your mongoose diameter sized brain”
    “Taz the Goat Molester literally shacking it up down there in Mexico living on a diet of tacos, beans, rice, corn and nachos.”
    “back wash black harridans ”
    “these Medusa black female malevolents”



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    • Comment forthcoming because I have to eat something. I am literally lightheaded from laughing and crying my ass off. πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ 🀣

      HOLY SHIT!!!!

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    • Imagine if NAS, Ice cube and Pusha T got together to write a diss track. It would still be nowhere near this masterpiece. πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ 🀣

      I’ll comment in a bit.
      πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ 🀣
      πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ 🀣
      πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ 🀣

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      • Michel,

        Too many folks are afraid to call the shine out, but I’m not. If he’s going to keep sneak attacking me, I’ll blast down his entire brigandine with one shot. If he’s smart he’ll raise the white flag and back off.

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  7. OK I think I calmed down. πŸ˜‚ 🀣


    I am going to say some things you won’t like, and I’m going to use some bad words. And you’re just going to have to deal with it.

    First off, never call someone “broke” while having your hands out for donations. Imagine a homeless guy on the street doing the same thing. Just because your livelihood comes directly out of the pockets of your sheep-like following doesn’t make you “rich” and much less “successful”. Besides, non-black women more often than not do not care about whether a black man is broke or not. They love him for who he is. A huge strike against the she-monkeys you defend.

    Second, you are a 100% feminized black male. You are in no position to be giving masculine advice. You are nothing but yet another product of the black witch nigga-gin machine. However, unlike the cotton-gin it processes a product twice as soft. The fact you judge black men on the exact same criteria as black women, have the same need for attention, the same need to inject yourself in masculine spaces carrying along female rhetoric and your knee-jerk need to defend the nigger bitch regardless of the fact she wouldn’t let you suck the fetal fragments out of her tampons make you appear more moist than that oversized Glosette raisin head you punish your camera’s lens, and those of us unfortunate to be on the wrong side of that lens, with on a 10-12 hour a day basis.

    Third, I have only wasted a few minutes watching one of your livestreams (where do you Negroes find the time to talk for 11+ hours straight?) and all it was was beta babble. I knew you were a beta male from those few minutes. I forget the topic but it was whining about not being selected for being dark-skinned or something. I am positive you have little to no game. This is why you pander to Negresses. Everyone know the Negress, in spite of what she tells herself and the world, is the easiest vagina to get.

    Fourth, I know and you know that you are banging those fine Polish broads. Don’t front.

    Fifth, any grown adult male invested so deeply in the sexual habits of other grown men to the point where they have discussion panels that exceed a normal workday is a homosexual. Full stop.

    Sixth, political divisions have nothing to dow ith the global state of the Negress. You know that. Moreover, why are YOU speaking on black issues from an almost exclusively white country? Granted the USA is responsible for exporting their filth to the world so if you want us non-ADOS to stop talking about it, stop exporting your garbage. But the Negress has betrayed the black man long before the slave trade let alone the founding of America. It’s funny, you ADOS don’t like to claim America until a non-ADOS speaks on it. I though America was the source of all your troubles? Aren’t you only 3/5ths human according to the US Consitution?

    Nigger Bitch(es):

    I am going to say some things you won’t like, and I’m going to use some bad words. And you’re just going to have to deal with it.

    You got your cards, we got ours. You are hideous, ugly creatures because that is your curse. Don’t take it out on black men because we have more options than you do. You are being punished for centuries of betrayal and it culminating in being completely bred out of existence.

    You are loud, obnoxious, self-righteous, too ugly for National georgraphic photographers, about as feminine as a coal mine, Summer’s Eve wouldn’t melt in your mouth let alone that commode you call a vagina, you are pedophiles, you are incestuous whores, you are literally the only species on the planet with ZERo maternal instincts, you look utterly STUPID with those weaves and wigs, your self-worth is more inflated than Zimbabwe’s currency, and you have a personality like a Fentanyl addict passed out in their rusted pickup truck. No on wants you for a reason. So it’s no use you gloat over Kobe Bryants death or the misfortune of any other black man smart enough not to couple with you. You’re just mad because his money is not going into one of your “sistahs” pockets. The world knows you’d take a grain of salt out of your own starving kid’s mouths if it would but you an extra set of press-on nails, or another corpse-sourced weave. You’re also mad because seeing a black man with his own children expressing fatherly love causes you more physical pain than the last beat down you got from a beauty shop owner. Just like the white man, black men being happy, being loving fathers, and having wealth causes you BOTH to swap out Kotex faster than a race-car mechanic changes tires.

    SYSBM is part of god’s judgement and it will not be stopped. Anyone who attempts to stand in-between gods judgement will find out how much power they have. You are being replaced, she-ape. There’s nothing you can do about it. The degeneracy in the black community has gone on long enough. The neglect, abuse and molestation of black children has gone on long enough. A verse about millstones comes to mind. Granted it would probably take ten of them to sink your big, fat, greasy brontosaurus built asses.

    Mayonnaise Monkey Brad:
    Fuck off altogether.
    No one gives a shit about you.
    Deal with it.

    So you pro-black shines like O’Bitch Puke Wackson, you she-monkeys and low-to-no testosterone Caucastains can all go pound sand. SYSBM is here to stay. It’s been around for decades if not centuries. Even guys like MLK, Harry Belafonte and other “pro-black” leaders knew better deep down.

    Nature is self-cleaning.

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    • And you my friend just cremated whole sections of O’Shine’s redundant “Black Manosphere” faster than the California wildfires.

      Goddamn, put that shit out! πŸš’

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    • @Black Caesar

      OMG, two BEAT DOWNS of the year all in one article…LOL

      Brother that was a 20 Megaton Nuclear Bomb level destruction.

      I’m going to copy this comment and share it across as many social media platforms like I do with Baba’s articles….I hope that’s ok with you?

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    • Black Caesar,

      You laid the smackdown with this comment right here, nothing more needs to be added. These benighted black females, B1 moonshines and Captain Snowy types think we’re a soft touch over here, not so.

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      • @Verbs

        Thanks king.
        These pro-black shines have met their match with SYSBM and will need more than the black female witchcraft to fight us.

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    • @Black Caesar @Verbs

      When I get home from work, I can leave the heat off tonight and let this post (and article) warm up my apartment for the next few days Holy shit.

      The verbal beat downs here have the heat of a thousand suns.

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      • @F Da Communitah

        LOL. I am still shaking from this article. I bookmarked it. Every time I am feeling down I will read this. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    • “Once you purchase one of my movie tickets, you MUST watch the entire show to its conclusion.”

      A very dangerous man once told me that during a casual conversation. The man was a former Marine who taught something called L.I.N.E. Combatives. His techniques were so lethal that several Special Forces units would fly him in to give instruction. His friend was a commander in the support unit in which I served, and was gracious enough to give us instruction.

      Having said that, Black Caesar, that prose was vicious but justified. If one is going to purchase a movie ticket (i.e., smear Kobe Bryant in his wake), then you must watch the entire show (i.e., the response vis-a-vis your above comment).

      This “B1 ADOS black women, social media mental patient” is particular vicious as demonstrated by her musings on social media. When someone dies, whom I disliked, it normally causes me to pause and reflect on my own future mortality. I surmise that most humans behave that way. But not the aforementioned scummy lot. They don’t pause, reflect and put their own mortality into perspective. Instead, this subhuman lot takes to social media and revel as the survivors mourn.

      They deserve every bit of your comment/assessment.

      In closing, you have to ask, how many of them are in our midst (e.g., co-workers, family members, customer service attendants, et al)? Like the insurance industry, you have to adversely select all of them until proven otherwise. They are truly a pathetic lot.

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      • @B A
        All these she-orangutans care about is the millions he’s left behind to his family that they feel entitled to because “his momma black” and that they should get to buy more weave and nails from Asians.
        These are the same whores who claim non black women only want a black man’s money. Smdh.
        They are advertising SYSBM though so expect an influx of new recruits. We ain’t even done January yet and SYSBM is rising exponentially.

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    • Nature IS self-cleaning.
      That means a group of men who can’t exist outside of those tax dollars, who are incapable of building anything, and who have to blame someone else for their own third world condition, will be the ones β€œcleansed.” The inability to build will be your undoing. As will your tendency to be down low.
      Have you seem these white zoomers? It’s only because of white liberals that you even have what you have. β€œOh the poor plight of the black man..” ungrateful to the women keeping you alive, and white zaddy keeping shoes on your feet.
      In a state of nature, you’d be gone. Replaced by Brad, Jose, Chung Lee, Abdul, Kim, Tanaka, Pierre, Ivan, and a dozen others.

      You certainly insist on doing your β€œSYBM” thing in white countries, which makes sense as black me. Don’t build infrastructure and can’t maintain peace, because of violence and the inability of you shines to be faithful. Yet white zaddy lives rent free in your head. A little too much tea, I know. IJS.

      As for ugly ass Oshay, his sellout ass may be fucking beckies, but I bet against it. Eastern European men don’t play with yall. Bakari Henderson, anyone? Also unlike American Becky, Natasha isn’t a fat trailer trash blimp. She has standards that the β€œthinking black men,” or in reality, bitter black incel, doesn’t meet.

      No one has to love Kobe. He is just getting what he gave out. Millions of black men threw away the most educated and loyal women on Earth, with the best bodies, who yall Beckies imitate. We are wifing them up, and outshining you apes. Yet black women are supposed to feel some type of way at Kobe’s death. I pray for that little girl. If it were a female swirler yall would not give a fuck. So don’t ask bw to give a damn about a bedbuck.


      • See fellas?
        Didn’t I tell you I can smell the cabbage and wet dog spirit of Child Diddler Brad from space?
        See how easy it is to get these Negresses, oops I mean “white men” to snap?
        The black woman IS the white man.
        The white man IS the black woman!
        Three fucking lines about her lord and saviour and I snapped this she-monkey like a breadstick.


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      • Black Caesar,

        Damn, she didn’t like us calling her Lord and saviour “dusty”? πŸ˜‚ Ah well. The true spirit of the demon rears its fugly weave-stricken head.

        “Bottom Shelf Brad” who’s a kiddy fiddler, covered in Doritos and testicle dust is able to get whatever BW she-demon he wants to call her a ni***r during vile Ghetto gaggers race play intercourse. I’m all for it. But they still can’t leave us BM alone!

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      • @Michel

        Testicle dust?

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  8. ***walks into the room***
    Good morning, whats up gents?
    ***sees all KINDS of chaos and destruction from Verbs, BC and others roasting sysbm critics…looks like the after battle of a dystopian future*****
    Ok, then, ***backs out slowly*** carry on.

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  9. Why did he go to Poland if he is not into Polish women? No logical sense whatsoever. The pro blacks and black women are permanently on the under class forever. SYSBM is on the upper middle class forever. We’re not on the lower class and never will be.

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    • Witwijf,

      Exactly, I don’t understand why he didn’t go elsewhere where he would have more access to the black women he loves. In 2020 we have to separate ourselves even further from this B1 clowns and their black female overlords.

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    • Polish women, especially if you meet blondes are the real deal. Blue eyes, natural hair, feminine, open to a brother. Oh man… O’Shoeshine wouldn’t know how to handle a real woman.

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  10. To use a term from the fighting game community: Verbs, you just straight up BODIED this guy.

    The same people who are complaining about Kobe Bryant had nothing to say about the likes of:

    Tyra Banks
    Tika Sumpter
    Venus Williams
    Serena Williams
    Maya Angelou
    Alice Walker
    Grace Hightower



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    • Not even twenty four hours after these people tragically passed, and this bald, weaves up sheboon is clout chasing.

      Although she is entitled to her opinions, in this none instance she should have kept it to her damn self. Not out here trying to get a β€œyes girl”. All this does is just send more brothers to our side.

      This is fucking sickening.

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    • Here the deal: No one asked them to mourn. As Obsidian always says, “No one came to see you, Otis!

      They always seeking attention from people who aren’t checking for them. Kobe clearly wasn’t checking for them.

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      • Especially as Kobe’s other half was Latina.

        They too are thorough disgusted and are taking notes. Expect more Rosita and Sarita wanting their own black hero.

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    • I went to show my friend this disgusting video and unsurprisingly, the dumb bitch turned off the comments after she rightfully and deservedly got lit the fuck up.

      These pathetic broads will do anything for attention.

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    • Well, I for one, just LOVE THIS! I hope this video gets a million views. I hope more black women post videos like this. Give black women enough rope and they will hang themselves. They literally cannot help themselves. They are so destructive, they will eventually destroy themselves. And I am just sitting back and enjoying the show. Non-black women around the world are watching. Everyone can see without a doubt how vile and wretched the black woman is. Nothing is sacred to her. They can’t even allow a grieving family, or a grieving nation, to mourn the death of a cultural icon, his child and their friends. They simply have to show their asses, literally and figuratively, whenever the opportunity arises. There’s no better advertisement for SYSBM than the words and deeds of black women themselves.

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  11. This is exactly why I have no sympathy whatsoever for the black bitch & her effeminate drones! Burning in hell for eternity is too good for these fuckin degenerates!

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  12. Verbs,

    I am normally perched on this site waiting for the next article, like an owl perched on a branch waiting for a rodent to emerge. Having said that, how did I miss the “They Weren’t Prepared, They Have No Plan!” article?

    The Cartagena pics are a bit agonizing, because I have a little more than four months before my next trip. I love that place, and the mountainous province of Santander.

    That picture of you in a first class Pod gives an indication that you, your ilk, and your supporters (such as me) aren’t broke. Further, I KNOW you didn’t use Patreon money to pay for the trip and pod? Why? Well, let them tell it, it’s because people who support your message are too broke to support you on Patreon– typical NigNog logic.

    I am sure you watch election campaigns. While watching them, I always say to myself, “Why does Candidate A, have to sling mud at Candidate B? Candidate A should be run on the merits of his/her own platform instead of trashing Candidate B’s message.”

    The reason why Candidate A has to trash Candidate B’s message, is because Candidate A has little faith in the merits of his/her message/platform. Further, Candidate A’s supporters are too dumb to realize that.

    I see a similar instance in the attacks of you, your SYSBM tenets, and MDB. They (the B1s, boot-licks, simps, et al) don’t really believe in the merits of their message and platform. The vote of low-confidence in their message/platform is disguised in the form of attacks of your message and platform. And their supporters are too dumb to see it.

    If their message and platform were so great, then they wouldn’t have time (or the inclination) to attack yours.

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    • B A,

      Exactly, over in this sector we’re actually living out what we’ve been talking about, these dudes keep talking about “show us some receipts” yet at the same time telling us that we’re broke. Which way do they want to play it, if we’re broke then we won’t be able to show any receipts, however really and truly they know full well that this is not the case.

      These dudes are a joke, unlike them we aren’t trying to prove anything to anybody over here, we’re simply showing black men that there is more to life then living miserably around bitter black harriets and their simp squads. We are content with living out our lives in silence, we don’t need the attention nor the limelight.

      They won’t deal with me and the SYSBM Tenets head on because they know they won’t be able to catch me out or corner me on any of them. As you stated, the B1 slackers and pro black female simps don’t believe in their own message, hence why they have no plan as mentioned a few articles back.

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  13. First off, RIP to Kobe Bryant man. Sad that him and his 13 year old daughter is gone. Shamed on these black women for being all happy over Bryant’s death all because he marries to an non black woman? Man, like I said, in the future expect to see less and less black men, black women relationships in America because black women are about, or starting to be the face of loneliness and desperation.

    Now on to Moonshine Jackson, black manosphere 2.0 is buried. This dude is in Poland, where majority of the women are not his race, but he still trying to win brownie points for the black women. At first, I did kind of listen to Oshay a little, but once he starting letting all sorts of people on his open panels and stuff, that’s when I stop listening to him. The SYSBM journey is going to get more and more stronger than ever in the near future. Let me be the first one to say this for brothas on this website and SYSBM. We have a future ahead of us, and it’s not being a butler to the black race. All this 9-12, or 24 hour livestreams of these fools badmouthing about SYSBM, and making a mockery of it ain’t gonna change shit.

    P.S. “Taz the Goat Molester literally shacking it up down there in Mexico living on a diet of tacos, beans, rice, corn and nachos. Perhaps you could send a few bucks his way, after all it looks like the dude is going to be in Mexico for quite sometime unless they extradite his blackside back to the US.” I thinking some Mexican law enforcement, or some federal agent might catch him not knowing the fact he’s a fugitive running from the Feds.

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    • ” β€œTaz the Goat Molester literally shacking it up down there in Mexico living on a diet of tacos, beans, rice, corn and nachos. Perhaps you could send a few bucks his way, after all it looks like the dude is going to be in Mexico for quite sometime unless they extradite his blackside back to the US.””

      LOL..if it is indeed true that he is a fugitive, then why flee to a country with an extradition treaty with the United States? Typical NigNog logic…lol.

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    • D.K Phantom,

      Black women never fail to show their colours when it comes to the death of a black man, especially if that black man was dating or was married to a non black woman. Black women simply proved even further what vile and nasty creatures they really are. Like I said before, non black women are taking notes and are at the same time just as disgusted with black women as we are, however they have to remain silent on it in order to avoid the wrath of the angry and bitter black sisterhood.

      When me and King Sigma appeared on Obsidian’s show back in the summer it wasn’t that apparent back then that the Black Manosphere 2.0 was a doomed ship, however at this stage everybody can see that it’s pretty much a wrap, seeing as Obsidian spends the majority of his time over on Mixlr, really it is only O’Shine My Muddy Boots Jackson who is holding the Black Manosphere 2.0 rapidly sinking fort.

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  14. Serious question (yeah I’m new). Is Oshay still in medical school? Like, he’s been there for the longest. He makes videos nearly everyday so when does he have time to study?

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    • “He makes videos nearly everyday so when does he have time to study?”

      Some people have extremely high IQs, and, as a result, don’t need to study. Some people just got it like that. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of those people. I didn’t study medicine, so I don’t know the intellectual commitment it requires. I studied accounting, then returned to study STEM. I forewent many weekends of relaxation and entertainment to head to the local library to study.

      Just my 2-cents.

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  15. This is what the Daggles and Maggles are so angry about.

    Kobe has a Networth of $770 Million and his Kobe Inc. company has over $200 Billion (yes that’s Billions with a “B”) in assets.

    All of that wealth will be going to his beautiful, feminine and SUPERIOR Latina Stargate and his equally beautiful, feminine and civilized young daughters.

    But we know DAMN WELL, that his hard earned wealth will not be going back to the “communitah” where it will be wasted on Weaves, Tatts, Ass Implants and Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches!

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    • @TWG

      I didn’t know his net worth was and business assets were that high. Holy shit. No wonder these beasts are angry.

      Not a single penny will do these animals, and his wife and children are financially taken care of; although they’d definitely prefer having him and Gianna more than the money.

      I’m still trying to wrap my head around this. It’s a terrible situation.

      RIP to all of those who lost their lives in that crash.

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    • @TeamWhiteGirls

      @F Da Communitah

      Janet Jackson.

      Serena Williams.

      Venus Williams.

      Oprah Winfrey.

      Maya Angelou.

      Alice Walker.

      None of their fortunes went to the black community, but no one has anything to say about that…

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  16. Personally, I’ve never seen what the appeal of Oshay Duke Jackson was. Who wants to listen to someone who constantly belittles and insults their own listeners constantly. Telling their own audience “I don’t care if you don’t like me.” “Y’all don’t read.” “Y’all don’t donate.” It would get tiresome to me.

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    • Afrankblackman,

      He’s shortly about to start working for MSNBC, what that means is he’ll be coming after and against the same black men who helped him build up his platform to where it is today. I can’t believe the dude could be so dumb as to take such a position seeing as the mainstream media in 2020 is now dead.

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  17. Dude went to Poland, surrounded by beautiful, conservative white women, yet brought some weave wearing turd? That’s like having money for 55 brand new Ferraris and instead buying a beat up Cadillac from the 70s that gets a quarter of a mile to the gallon.

    Dude is sitting here sucking up to these Sassy-squatches, all for what? They obviously don’t have money to give, they have net worths of $5! If it’s poon tang he wants, again, he’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful white women in the world! He’s seriously passing them up pump his cream of wheat into these demonic gorillas in the mist?

    As for the bitch glad that Kobe Bryant died, know this, you black weave wearing, $5 net worth having, Star Kist smelling cooch having, 8 kids by 9 different men birthing bitch! When YOU finally roll your evil, worthless eyes and your β€œsoul” (or lack thereof) finally flies off to go to the great Weave Tree in the Sky, after the Daggle Fairy gives you your bat wings, not a SOUL will give a damn! You talk about the β€œcum eww itty”, but Bryant did more for it than you ever will, you worthless fat bell pepper nose having whore.

    I can’t wait for you worthless, useless creatures to officially be EXTINCT, and hung up taxidermy style in museums, while paleontologists debate the accuracy of the exhibits due to the stuffed models lack of a WEAVE and bastard broodlings. Black men are BREEDING you out, and white daddy won’t save you! I hope that when trump wins again, he follows David Carroll’s advice and makes being a black woman not only a mental illness, but also makes your ratchet behavior a criminal offense. I also hope that they create a strain of coronavirus that only attaches to weave heads like you, purging you in literal hours. The only value you have in this world is being used to help Pookie and Stank Diddly bust a few nuts in that Dikteon Cave looking nose of yours, you ugly swamp beast. The best thing you demons could do for black men and the world in general is kill yourselves, preferably after leaving notes telling of how unloved you are. Your dating and marriage numbers will continue to plummet, i only hope that the number of you that are alive start to do the same.

    Liked by 7 people

    • @afrofuturism

      ” the great Weave Tree in the Sky”

      This site is going to be the death of me, I swear.

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    • β€œThe Great weave tree in the sky”.


      I’m at work crying right now.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      As mentioned in the article, the dude doesn’t have any standards, I saw a clip of one black chick he dealt with, lets just say that a 50 car pileup looked prettier. This is the problem with these pro black female pundits, any black witch will do, the unattractiveness of the woman is overlooked because “she’s black”.

      That “gotta keep it real/black” brainwashing is very real, I personally couldn’t imagine bypassing beautiful, feminine Polish women just to hike a leg up with a hideous looking creature from the Great Deep.

      Cosign everything you’ve said regarding Kobe’s death and the celebration of it by black female decadents, you’ll notice that even though Bryant gave over $50 million to the black community, it means nothing in the eyes of these ungrateful black sirens simply because he was married to a non ADOS woman, smh. Yet they cannot understand why free thinking black men want nothing to do with the “communitah” nor the putrid women who run it.

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  18. I knew these daggles would be SOOOOOO fucking petty over Kobe’s death. You can’t even celebrate your own life achievements with these hoes. A brother can literally: build hundreds of school across America while revolutionizing education, find a way to end world hunger, hell even found the cure for cancer , but if he don’t have Satan’s bed- I mean a “black queen” all those achievements mean nothing. I bet if a known swirler gets killed by her white zaddy they would do some ritual shit to resurrect her and tell her to try again. Speaking of swirlers and white zaddy, when have you ever hear news about them revolutionizing the world? Let’s compare notes:

    Micheal Jordan Kobe Bryant: becoming the best nba legends in their respective eras; both married to Latina women

    Robert F Smith: donated millions of dollars to pay off college kids’ debt; married to a white woman

    Barack Obama: the first non-white man to become president (even though he did a shit job at it) product of a SYSBM couple.

    Shout out to all the Blasian athletes who are a product of SYSBM because there are too many to list

    Hold on I’m still looking…. No no no…umm They broke up….hmmm her white zaddy killed her….so did hers and….oof don’t want to talk about that one….ahh here we go!!

    Meghan and Harry: Apparently they had the most expensive wedding in the universe that it could cause economic crisis in the country…but hey on the bright side Harry got himself a black queen….except for one thing….JUST BECAUSE THAT BITCH GOT A SCRAGGLE FOR A MOM DOESN’T MEAN SHE’S BLACK… BIRACIAL CHILDREN GET THEIR RACE FROM THEIR FATHER!! SO IN OTHER WORDS MEGHAN IS WHITE!! YOU KNOW THE TYPE OF WOMEN YOU HATE? CONGRATULATIONS YOU JUST CELEBRATED YOUR ENEMY’S VICTORY WHILE THEY’RE HOLDING A BIG L OVER YOUR HEADS BUT YOU’RE TOO DUMB TO REALIZE IT

    And that’s the end 0f my rant I’m so glad I’ve stopped messing with black girls back in 7th grade. Keep your money and wall up brothers 2020 is gonna be a long year!!!


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    • DeltaWildDog18,


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    • Meghan and Harry almost crashed the Royal Family so badly they had to resign and flee to Canada. Imagine being so bad as a royal representative that both of them asked for their P45s?

      So much for WE IN DA PALISSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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      • @Michel

        Don’t get me started on that gong show of a couple. Prince Harry very well may be the biggest cuck in the history of man. Bigger than Adam himself. That idiot gave up a life of luxury for his wife. I guess she got more than she bargained for. Now those two clowns wanna come to CUCKnada. This country is like the beta male equivalent of the large hadron collider. πŸ˜‚

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    • Prince Harry (or “Simp Harry” as I will be referring to him by that name from now on) is still reeling from what happened to his mother, Princess Diana; he’s a mama’s boy, which explains why instead of ruling over his wife and keeping her in line, he’s giving up a life most men can only dream about to “protect” her.

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  19. BLACK GIRLS WERE NOT CHECKING FOR KOBE AS A YOUNG TEEN —– As a teenager in the Philadelphia area, Kobe Bryant was a skinny kid from a two-parent family. — Bryant spent much of his childhood in Italy and lacked the swag of a USA black teen. —- I suspect that the black teenage girls were looking for thug boys. Bryant then entered the NBA after high school. By this time he had probably already been given the brush off by black girls. —- [Note that he did go to the prom with Brandy, the black R&B singer.] As a young teen, it was natural for him to seek out non-black girls because black girls did not view him as the ideal guy. ———- Now black females are talking trash about the type of guy most black females do not want before they get fame and money. —————— Gentlemen. Your thoughts.

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    • Only by NOT being with a black woman was Kobe able to be KOBE. If brandy had stayed, he would still be alive….poor, sad and broken, but alive because he would have been able to afford the helicopter trip….damn, being with a daggle may have save his life….I jest…..too early?

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      • “Kobe spoke perfect Italian. I’m sure they’re mourning his loss too, especially as basketball is popular there.”

        I forgot about that. I also forgot that Kobe was a highly intelligent kid. I remember in 1996, the year he was being drafted, many people were saying, the old “he should get and education instead of going to the NBA” troupe.

        Clearly he made the right decision. He probably wouldn’t be quite the same Kobe Bryant had he attended college. His career developed almost perfectly– people still consider MJ the G.O.A.T., but he’s in the conservation.

        Speaking of the term G.O.A.T. doesn’t one need to have a tremendous accomplishment in life to be a self-described GOAT? One being a convicted felon, and being allegedly on the run, doesn’t count. I am just saying.

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    • “Gentlemen. Your thoughts…”

      Fuck ’em and the swag fuck boys they desire/desired.

      It’s so typical. They want in only when the product is complete, but don’t want to help building the product, then take to social media with their drivel.

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      • “Didn’t Brandy become a single mother?”

        Yup, and probably as a couple of so-called select fuck boys in her past. Typical MO, isn’t it?

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  20. First thing. R.I.P to the greatest basket ball player of all time Kobe Bryant. He will be truly missed. And second thing. The simps have taken over now. I repeat the simps have taken over. The black manosphere is now gone because these simps keep putting these good for nothing heifers on their platform. The reason why these simps allow these ghetto ratchet hoodrats on their platforms is because they want that punany. They are that thirsty for that coochie. Oshay Jackson, Steve The Simp Williams, Shawn James and all of the other simps are simping for that clit. But I know that these simps don’t get the coochie at all. Pookie, Ray Ray, John John and Big Dick Rodney will get the fanny and these simps get empty handed.

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  21. And the good black woman is getting rarer and rarer. Most of the time, I see black women wearing weave, bleaching their skin, being single mothers, making a living on the government, loving thugs, fighting in public like football hooligans, not being in relationship with good black men, loving the worthless, racist white man, etc. In Africa, black women are weaved out and women in Jamaica, the women are just wearing weave. Black women are that desperate trying to look like the white women, they biggest nemesis.
    Keep your white suguar honeys warm through the night under the bedsheets!

    Liked by 5 people

  22. Anyone remember when Janet Jackson divorced that Muslim dude? She got HUNDREDS of millions from that divorce (plus child support), and none of that money went to the black community as far as I am aware…

    …yet no one has anything to say regarding that.

    Liked by 7 people

  23. Verbs came out swinging today! He hit Oshay Puke Jackson with that Deontay Wilder right hand and knocked him out; now, you just need to snap your finger like Thanos and watch Oshay disappear. As for the daggles who are celebrating the death of Kobe Bryant, they are only making a stronger case for SYSBM and why free thinking brothers like Kobe leave for greener pastures; the comments these brawds are making are just evil! Their jealousy for non-Black women is off the chain!

    May Kobe and Gianna Bryant both rest in peace; gone, but never forgotten.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Oshay had been firing shots in my direction for quite some time, it was only right that I returned fire and dropped some home truths into his lap. If he’s smart he’ll back up, continue to do his own thing over there and forget this ever happened.

      Liked by 3 people

  24. Wow!!!! the hatred by black women of Kobes untimely demise sickens me. I am not a fan of the Lakers ie a Laker hater but that was based of loyalty to my local team. I never hated Kobe WOW!!!! they really made fun of his death that is sick…..

    Liked by 5 people

  25. I am here because of Copyright Infringement and unauthorized use of registered property under the Digital Millennium Copy Right Act

    Unauthorized Use of following media(s):
    Media: ETHER – Nas – Stillmatic
    Registered License Holder: Sony Music Entertainment Group


  26. KOBE BRYANT —–Note that former NBA player Dennis Rodman was not wanted by teen aged black females. The story is that non-black females get the black males that black females do not want. — Most black females are not checking for Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, and most other future black professional athletes when these guys are teenagers. Therefore, black females should not complain when these black men get with non-black females.

    Liked by 6 people

    • I remember the interview Rodman gave on Oprah saying the exact same thing. Even at age 12 or 13 it spoke to me because I experienced it at that age.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Most black professional athletes were somewhat lame as teenagers because of their focus on becoming professional athletes. —— Black teen aged girls–typically–do not want black boys with a positive focus. Later, these black men get with non-black females and the black females, who rejected them, then want to get angry.

        Liked by 5 people

    • Are you fucking KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?!!!!
      …..braw, it was time 50 FUCKING YEARS AGO!!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  27. Most black professional athletes were somewhat lame as teenagers because of their focus on becoming professional athletes. —— Black teen aged girls–typically–do not want black boys with a positive focus. Later, these black men get with non-black females and the black females, who rejected them, then want to get angry.

    Liked by 4 people

  28. Hey Babatunde, I listened to that entire live stream that you were on last night with MBD! Obsidian got his duplicitous, opportunistic ass handed to him didn’t he!? First by the Mad One himself by telling him in a respectful (some might say TOO respectful ) but emphatic way, and then by the Angry Man himself in a more brutal vein! He even apologized to you and admitted you were right about someone that you and he had dealings with in the recent past? Now that’s a story I can’t wait to hear! As always, SYSBM ’till the stars grow cold!!

    Liked by 5 people

    • Andre,

      This is one of a few reasons why Obsidian went on a mega rant today on his show trying to deal with MBD and SYSBM.

      1. MBD made it clear that SYSBM is NOT part of the Black Manosphere.

      2. Angryman called Obsidian out as the main instigator behind the destruction of the Black Manosphere via his dodgy connections with the B1 crowd.

      3. Lastly, MBD kicked him off the panel.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, I listened to the livestream as well. So glad MBD is doing them now. I used to subscribe to Obsidian not too long ago ’cause he was, or at least seemed to be, red pilled. But I lost all respect for him, and stopped following him, when he called MGTOW’s losers. Even though his views were very similar. He frequently claimed to be a confirmed bachelor with no interest in getting married. And he would talk about how a woman needed to be attractive, not fat or fugly, and the best thing a woman could do for him was to bend over his couch. He would also reference Tom Leykis from time to time. Tom Leykis is/was a shock jock out of SoCal who’s Leykis 101 is pretty much the progenitor to MGTOW. And yet, despite holding similar views, he shit on MGTOW.

      So, I guess he’s a MGTOW who’s not really a MGTOW. Or he’s a dating coach (I think that’s his schtick now), or he’s SYSBM — who knows? The problem with Obsidian is I don’t think he knows where he stands. What exactly does he stand for? Like Angryman alluded to last night, I think Obsidian is poison. He just shows up to other people’s groups/hangouts to sow seeds of division. It’s no wonder that he’s had beef at one point or another with pretty much every member of the Black Manosphere, from Angryman, to BGS to Oshay, to Alan Roger Currie, etc. Hopefully, MBD will keep him out next time. I don’t think anything positive can come out of allowing Obsidian to participate in SYSBM hangouts.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Morpheus2275,

        I have to say that you’re correct, when Obsidian appeared on MBD’s hangout I sat back and watched him attempt to sow seeds of division and discord, however MBD rumbled him ie caught him off guard when he asked him what he thought of SYSBM members since he’d already determined that MGTOW were a bunch of losers. Obsidian deflected by asking about the relevance of the question instead just answering it, which tells you that he really isn’t SYSBM and merely claimed the acronym for “other reasons”.

        Another reason why many folks have NOT taken Obsidian seriously with his SYSBM claim is because of his continued association with the B1 crowd as well as other anti SYSBM proponents such as Oshay Duke Jackson. SYSBM practitioners don’t associate with scum buckets, bottom of the barrel Negroes and their dysfunctional black female overlords.

        Obsidian was at his best when he was just dealing with black female skullduggery, he had support from black men all across the board including MGTOW. I would have to say that Obsidian most likely won’t get back to the point he was at when he was at the height of his podcasting career, he ticked too many people off and burned far too many bridges at this point.

        Liked by 1 person

  29. sorry for the confusing comment above. (no edit button) it should have included after “emphatic” “….that SYSBM is not now and has never been a part of the black manoshere…”

    Liked by 4 people

  30. This BW dated a tatted up, redneck, meth head looking WM who abused his former GFs and looks for sympathy after he beats and rapes her. She got with a White pookie and is looking for sympathy, even though the man she chose is a POS and even LOOKS like a POS:

    For the young brothers and the single brothers, stay away from these women. Many of them have mental illnesses and emotional issues. Stuff like this is why I would tell brothers to be wary of dating BW who have dated WM, not because there is anything wrong with dating interracialy, but because we see how these BW lust after bottom shelf brad (see the hundreds of BW who had raw sex with DJ AIDS (Jason Pope) as an example). SYSBM tells BM to have standards in dating regardless of the race of women, but many of these BW have such low self esteem and are so desperate that they will accept any WM, even if they have HIV.

    Keep the Wall up

    Liked by 7 people

    • She even looks like she tried to get her swirl on. They typically have a look.

      These chicks will legit be dressed to the nines while on a date with a white dude who looks like he just crawled out of a sewer. 9 out of 3 black Women who date white men have next to NO self esteem or respect, and will be beaten, raped, tortured, ghetto gagged, and even killed by these dudes. I honestly wish that more Brads would get together and just finish the job.

      Liked by 4 people

      • And after they go through all of that they will try to find a way to blame BM.
        β€œBM aren’t protecting us.”
        β€œBM didn’t make us feel beautiful.”

        Same old story:

        Liked by 3 people

    • LEVEL UP!

      Liked by 4 people

      • Haha. Exactly. Who is she going to level up to? What decent man is going to want this ghetto gagged and emotionally disturbed chick, especially after she has been run through abused by some dirty looking, tatted up bum? Good BM don’t want BW after pookie and ray ray have had them, we don’t want them after they have been run through by jethro and cleetus either. That’s why its so important for men dating women (especially if he is dating a BW) to take his time and get to know her before he gets serious, a person can only hold their skeletons in the closet for so long.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Yeah man these chicks are done, she is on twitter talking about how BM hate BW and how much she likes WM, meanwhile she is getting beaten and raped by her white boyfriend. You cant make this stuff up.

        Liked by 5 people

      • @James
        oh well.
        Not my problem.
        Black women are the property of white men. And that’s the way I like it.

        Liked by 5 people

    • This is pretty common to see in California. It’s not rare to see a good looking black woman with a extremely dusty white guy. I seen one a couple of years ago in Home Depot & I’m still in shocked to this day. I’m telling you this black woman was a dime & the guy looked like he Just came back from digging in the garbage can. Black women lower their own market value when they do stuff like that.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Like I said the desperate/low self esteem mindset of the modern BW is what makes it suspect when you find out that they have dated WM in the past, there is a good chance that there was some ghetto gagging going on with a DJ AIDS/redneck type of dude. Their self esteem is so low and they are so desperate that they will jump on the first non-black dick that smiles at them.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Same story here in NY. I was at a park with my nieces and nephews, and this dressed to the nines BW was there obviously on some kind of mandated visitation with her biracial son and the dustiest looking wigger I’ve ever seen. Looked like he hadn’t eaten in days, clothes all dirty, tattooed up, messy hair. She looked like she could die of shame any second.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Most of the black women I’ve seen with white guys are dusty themselves so them being with a dusty white dude didn’t change much. In any event, I don’t make it my business to care about black women’s market value. That’s their problem.

        Liked by 2 people

      • LOL

        I’ve seen a black chick with white guy wearing a 1995 Starter jacket that looked like he had it since he was a kid. It was dirty as hell and too small. Probably couldn’t afford to wash it.


        Liked by 2 people

      • Robert,

        As has been pointed out many times before, Captain Snowy according to black females is acceptable in any condition, however black men must meet a robust criteria ie be a thuggo type Negro.

        Liked by 2 people

    • So, I read this whole comment thread, and it’s interesting how she thought his racism was funny until he treated her bad; the axis of White supremacy will let the worst elements of humanity thrive so long as they remain untouched.

      Liked by 6 people

      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        Thanks for the Cliff Notes, because I don’t visit the social media of dummies.

        So the dumb bitch totally disregarded the wisdom of a fellow swirler– Maya Angelou, huh?:

        When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

        There is nothing funny about racism. The DSM needs to be updated, immediately.

        Liked by 4 people

    • My daughter is the tender age of 13. I hope she internalizes everything I teach her, and doesn’t grow up to the be the a dumb black woman. Since, her mother is rarely in her life, she has a chance to grow up as a sane and functioning adult, which is rare these days.

      Liked by 4 people

      • I feel you, I have a young daughter too. My plan is to keep her away from ghetto black kids and ghetto black schools and she should be fine. I will also provide her with all the male attention and mentor ship that she needs at a young age so she wont go out looking for it like a lot of these poor fatherless black girls do. I will also be the one teaching black history. Lord willing I will be there at every turn to keep her on the right track, just like my dad did for me.

        Liked by 4 people

      • “I feel you, I have a young daughter too. My plan is to keep her away from ghetto black kids and ghetto black schools and she should be fine.”

        James SYSBM,

        I totally understand. I hired a private tutor along with home schooling. I don’t want my kid around dysfunctional people. You mentioned ghetto black kids and ghetto schools. You also have to be wary of middle to upper-middle class trash who don’t live in the ghetto, and send their daggles to private school. They are a fucking problem too.

        Two years ago, my kid was suspended from school for telling a young daggle to go fuck herself. The little bitch had been harassing my kid for days, and my kid had had enough. My kid was harassed, because she disclosed that she’s not a religious person.

        After that, I said fuck it. I’d rather just hire a tutor and homeschool her. We are both better off for it. She doesn’t have to deal with the bitchy students, and I don’t have mingle with the little bitches’ parents at PTO/PTA night. DONE!

        Liked by 3 people

    • Apparently she has hidden the tweets that call her out.

      Here they are.

      Stockton, California. Chris Englesby. I’m the 3rd person who filed a restraining order on him. He’s always had ange……— anesia. (@nisixoxo) January 26, 2020


      Liked by 3 people

    • Well, the vast majority of white guys who are into black girls are trash. Drug addicts, pedophiles, ex cons, psychopaths, beta males with mommy issues, closeted gay, Pookie wiggas, perpetually unemployed, racist, mentally ill etc. Dating a black girl is a major L for white guys so only the scummiest of the scummy are usually willing to be seen with a black girl in public or willing to be in a relationship with one unless they’re doing it for clout or financial gain.The reason for this is that black women are trash and like attracts like. It’s not rocket science. I don’t understand why black men even bother arguing back and forth with these women or give them any attention at all.

      Liked by 5 people

  31. Speaking of Kobe…

    Be prepared in the coming weeks and or months there will be wave of Hood Rats Whores coming out the woodwork saying that kobe had their little bastard child and they to get their greasy hands on his estate.

    And their network $ 5.00.

    Liked by 5 people

  32. Black women being joyous that Kobe Bryant and his daughter died is a seriously bad look on them. Black women talking about him not giving to the community despite his $50m charity donations is seriously further destroying their own deep in the Thames tunnel sewer reputations.

    Kobe was an international superstar, fans all around the world would have seen the tragic news on Twitter, alongside the evil, hateful, vile, sick proclamations of happiness from these subhuman species. They would have seen their unbridled joy for a dead Black man and taken notice. They’ll soon find out it’s wasn’t the right black man to be talking shit about.

    The world is watching these women dig themselves into Satan’s pit.

    Liked by 4 people

  33. Am I the only one who can clearly see that Oshay is a sociopath and a grifter? I mean all the signs are there. Quick to anger, excessively arrogant (for no reason), control issues, vengefullness, deceitfullness, hypersensitivity to criticism, toxic, struggles with interpersonal relationships/can’t keep friends/always falling out with people etc. He loves to insult people and hide behind comedy or jokes which is something that sociopaths/psychopaths do, it’s how they get their aggression and hostility out and it’s also how they gaslight others. They’ll insult you and call you names and then claiming that they’re just joking and that you’re too sensitive. No truly happy person is as quick to anger as Oshay is, no truly happy person responds so negatively to any sign of criticism. That anger and hostility is the real him, all the goofiness and “comedy” is just the face he wears to deceive and con people. That bitterness, hatefulness and resentment is right under the surface and he can barely contain it.

    He sneak disses SYSBM because he doesn’t like interracial dating. He’s one of those dudes who have these delusional pro-black fantasies that will never come to fruition and interracial dating is a threat to said fantasies that will never happen. It’s always so funny to me how the most pro-black of pro-black dudes never seem to have black wives or black kids.He’s been studying to be a doctor of 30 years. Who in their right mind is going to hire or go to a doctor who conducts themselves the way he does in public? He can’t hid or erase his antics from the internet. No sane person is going to hire or go to a doctor who acts like him. And you’re right, the black manosphere is trash, it basically consists of low-IQ Negroes (with about one brain cell among them), fat, black baby mamas, ratchet chicks on section 8, felons and pathetic B1s. He’s probably going to come after you and SYSBM, overtly or through sneak diss because of this article. Typical.

    Liked by 4 people

    • NA,

      I’ve already laid out the facts and the history behind our disliking of one another, he can’t come at me with anything of substance so I predict that he’ll come after me with the usual personal attacks. I only wish Oshay was straight up in his position on certain issues instead of hiding his true feelings behind sneak dissing and host so called “open panels”.

      You’re right, the way Oshay berates and disrespects his audience is off the damn chain, the very people who put him on the map and support him he chooses to spit on, openly mock, laugh at and ridicule, smh.

      Liked by 1 person

  34. But I thought that black manosphere could never fail? These were the men you unironically worshipped and kissed the ground they walked on.

    And the black English guy who ended up fucking a tranny?

    Sounds like your black she woman haters club is still unraveling.

    It speaks higher volumes that the mutual issues are breaking the overall movement apart.

    A strong movement doesn’t have the fall out like it does here.

    You’re creating way too many enemies now.

    I can’t wait until it comes out that the guy who created this circle jerk of a movement fucked one of you he she males in disguise.

    Tale as old as time.


    • Black Sirens Already Slain And Forgotten,

      You’re already off on the wrong foot because SYSBM is NOT part of the Black Manosphere 2.0 that failed and crumbled, SYSBM has been around for much long than that particular Black Manosphere, we don’t worship anybody and it’s business as usual over here with no beefs or contentions.

      The Black Manosphere 2.0 demise does not affect SYSBM practitioners in any way, shape, form or fashion. Secondly, the guy who was having sex with trannies was MGTOW, not SYSBM, black women and their proponents are so full of garbage, you guys can’t even get the facts straight to line up a coherent and sound argument, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ironically the guy who was fucking trannies had a strong preference for nigger bitch coincidence? I think not lol

      Liked by 3 people

    • How does it feel we busted up your brain so bad you keep coming back?

      SYSBM cannot be defeated.


      Liked by 2 people

  35. Pingback: SYSBM Practitioners Are Homosexual, How So??? Be Weary Of Men Who Have To Involve Women In Everything They Do! | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

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