Yes, We’re Still Talking About Black Women – Here Are The Main Reasons Why!

Yes, the SYSBM brotherhood has stopped dealing with westernised black women on a dating and a marriage level, however for the overwhelming majority of us we still have to deal with black women in other capacities, this is why we still have the right to talk about black women and why we still do. We still have black female family members, therefore if we’re having or have had negative experiences with them how can we not talk about black women?

This idea that the pro black female/black women first squads are peddling that because we no longer deal with black women in a dating and marriage capacity that we shouldn’t speak on them at all is utterly ridiculous. Black women are still all around us and though they aren’t directly impacting our lives negatively in terms of dating and mating, there are still other areas in which they are.

When I go to the checkout at the local supermarket and there is a black witch behind the counter with a screw face in addition to a nasty attitude, isn’t that me being negatively impacted by a black woman? For this reason as a general rule I will purposely seek out counters that are manned by either non black women or men when and where possible.

When it comes to eating out this is one of the main reasons why here in London I stopped going to Caribbean restaurants, time and time again I was faced with having to deal with Jamaican women with some of the worst attitudes and negative vibes imaginable, in fact last year I featured a short comedy skit on this very topic for those who remember:

The bottom line is as long as we are still interacting with black women in some form then we have the right to talk about them. It’s not like the pro black female/black women first squads don’t know this, they know full well that our dealings with black women don’t stop just because we choose to no longer deal with them in dating and mating.

The real reason why the black women first bootlickers want free thinking black men to stop talking about black women is because they don’t have any counter arguments that they can successfully use to defend the extreme dysfunction black women frequently enrol themselves into. Additionally, the pro black court jester’s case for needing clean up men looks less than impressive when others are able to easily point to the many issues black women have as well as the fact that these same flaws are NOT being dealt with at all.

Another Kansas City shuffle that needs to be dealt with is the idea that talking about dysfunctional black women is somehow old, redundant and that we need to “move on” with our lives. Nobody approaches the maths teacher at the end of the year and suggest that he/she ought to be teaching something new. That is his/her job plus there are always NEW STUDENTS coming in who’ll need the information the maths professor is providing.

Certain individuals have a duty to talk about certain topics because they can articulate them well, just because others in the know or naysayers may feel that the particular subject has been exhausted, this doesn’t mean it is the case. If some people cannot understand why somebody such as myself continues to talk about black female skullduggery and dysfunction, it is because for the moment it is my job to do so, NOT THEIRS.

Another one of the obvious reasons I still choose to talk about black women is the fact that they at the behest of the State are still engaging in brutal open warfare against black men as well as their own people. The abortion aka genocide aspect of this warfare is particularly disturbing, what’s even more troubling is the fact that these pro black female/black women first troopers point blank refuse to address this issue.

Gentlemen, never allow these pro black female menstruating flunkies to shame you into silence, as long as you have black female family members or interact with black women in some form/capacity, you have the right to speak on black women and the abysmal behaviour they too often bring to the table. These pro blackity black stooges ought to be working hard to improve their product instead of trying to silence the critique of their sacred cow of the “communitah”.

In 2020 very few individuals wish to interact with black women as a group and for many good reasons, it is only these pro black/hoteps who defiantly refuse to read the writing on the wall and continue to allow their unbridled false idols to run amuck. In closing, yes, free thinking brothers(at least those who feel the need to)will continue to talk about black women until black women as a collective initiate some sort of change for the better(which we all know will never happen).

Continue to call out black women on their shortcomings(at the end of the day somebody has to do it in order to warn those NOT in the know), keep the Wall up and fortified at full capacity, get those passports, travel the world, meet new people and seek out high quality women. Lastly, an observation, notice how these same individuals telling thinking brothers to stop talking about black women ARE NOT ADVISING BLACK WOMEN TO DO THE SAME WITH REGARDS TO BLACK MEN, enough said.

To the disingenuous buzzards, stop telling us to not talk about black women when you know full well that we still have to interact and deal with them in some way, shape, form or fashion.

The Deprogramming and The Decontamination Process Continues

2020 Is The Year We Take No Prisoners

Most High Bless

122 thoughts on “Yes, We’re Still Talking About Black Women – Here Are The Main Reasons Why!

  1. I thank the Lord above that Tesco’s sell patties, Reggae Reggae sauce and jerk chicken, because otherwise you’d have to run into the Caribbean Pitbull shop owner just like in that video. (Btw that wasn’t comedy, but a straight up documentary)

    Instead of us justifying why we have a God given right to speak on whatever we like, ask why Goat Molester is on the run from the Feds like a drug criminal, why O’Shine spends 11 (ELEVEN) hours gossiping about other men and why Dr Umar Gerbilface is now back on the block scamming for black dollars and black snatch?

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    • Michel,

      Peppers N Spice in Bruce Grove is one of the worst, I believe there is a branch in Dalston which is no different, but then these same blacks want to complain about white folks opening up Caribbean restaurants where the customer service is 100 times better, smh.

      O’Shine keeps holding these SYSBM discussion panels but then puts the show to private after they’re finished, what is the pro black female chicken necked, spineless coward scared of?

      Taz the Curry Goat, a fugitive on the run, but remember what his handler Nylah told us, how he is no longer involved in criminal activity……………but then why is he on the run in a foreign country, lol?

      Anybody who gives a red cent or a even a mite to Umar Johnson is a straight up fool.

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      • Jamaican women and Caribbean women in general re very disgusting and repulsive..filled with self hate and disgustingly repulsive…jamaica women are absolutely terrible and filled with very negative black man-hating vibes…..they are also voodoo and obeah practitioners and witches…they will put spells on you and destroy you in a heartbeat as a Blackman, I know, I am from jamaica

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      • @paul

        “they are also voodoo and obeah practitioners and witches…they will put spells on you and destroy you in a heartbeat as a Blackman, I know, I am from jamaica”


        And it amazes me that Jamaicans will use all kinds of witchcraft on each other but won’t use it on their colonizers who are taking over their country. How about they use some of that power and take their people out of the corrugated sheet metal shit holes they’ve been living in for the past 60 years?

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    • What happened in the video happened to me in Vegas. I am from the Caribbean and Caribbean service has gone way down. For some reason two times I went into a Caribbean establishment these Black women were very disrespectful. That video was spot on. Why put black women to be the cashiers if their nasty attitudes is going to chase customers off?

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  2. Yes, we’re going to continue to talk about Black women, which brings me to the dick policing, triple cream certified simp comedian Godfrey; in a Vlad TV interview (one where he spouted off the lie that brothers can only bag themselves fat White women) where he mentions asking another Black man why he’s dating a White girl. The guy responds with “Man, Black women–” then he cuts dude off and tells him not to “blame Black women”, but rather say you just like White women.

    Again, this is why we continue to talk about them, because the problem is a continuing problem; the longer these pro Blacks ignore the obvious elephant in the room, the worse the situation will be for them to the point where they will be forced to address instead deflecting to “White supremacy”.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Precisely, black women are a continuing problem for black men even though many black men want to keep their heads in the sand and pretend as if nothing is wrong with them.

      Additionally these simps are a true pestilence because they aim to give dysfunctional black women more room to continue with their skullduggery unabated. Pro blacks are feminists of the worst kind.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor —- “…fat White women” At least in the USA, do any of these people notice that 80% of USA black women are overweight with excess body fat?

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,
      Vlad TV Always Has a Hard-On for Talking Shit About Black People, But Black Men in Particular. Any Famous Black Person that Goes on to His Show is The Real Coon. Godfrey, Nick (Gay) Cannon, Fab 5 Freddy, The List is Endless. All These Male So-Called Alpha Male Famous Negros Going on to His Show is About as Clueless as They Come. They Either go to Him Cause They Wanna Continue to Hold on to Their 15 Minutes of Fame or Go There Simply Because Vlad Knows That These Negros or in his Mind ”Niggers” Are So Thirsty They’ll Sell Their Own People Out at the Drop of a Dime. This Shows Why Dudes like That Are Not to be Trusted, Cause if You Talk in Mixed Company to Someone like DJ Vlad TV. Then by Definition Your The True Sell-Out. #SYSBM!!!

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      • @sHAWN sWINT,

        Facts; all of these Black celebrities are too comfortable discussing Black culture with a Ukrainian-born DJ who comes from a Russian Jewish family.

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    I had to stop going to the work programme at my local job centre last Friday because the work coach who I did have who is a overweight black women is so fucking rude to me it is unbelievable and she tried to verbally bully me and fought her back because I won’t allow anyone to bully me and I don’t care who they are. She also accused me of being lazy and not wanting to work even though that I had a couple of job interviews recently, but she is trying to put me in and she is trying to tell me that I should only apply for shitty low paid retail/warehouse/supermarket work to the point where I would really struggle to pay my bills and can’t live the life that I want, this is despite the fact that I have 5 qualifications including 2 business degrees and I have 12 years experience working for 3 law firms as a office assistant, I won’t take a permanent job that pays less than £22,000 per annum and I told her that the only jobs that I am looking for is office assistant jobs, trainee office manager jobs, admin assistant jobs and marketing jobs in London because they pay quite well and the work hours is Monday to Friday 8 till 4 or 9 till 5 because it offers me the lifestyle that I want because I have my evenings, weekends and bank holidays free. She is also jealous of the fact I am a heterosexual masculine educated and smart black man who is blunt to the point and who speaks his mind to the point where she can’t deal with it because she is so used to dealing with people who are scared of her and I am not scared of her. We will continue to talk about black women because they are the worst people to deal with on the planet and we are warning other black men not to deal with them or date them unless they are family members.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I remember when I first landed my current job back in 1997 after being on Job Seeker’s Allowance for around 6 months, when I went into the job center to tell them that I’d no longer be requiring JSA, and when the black witch I dealt with saw the job I’d gotten and the salary it was paying(£17,500 23 years ago), you could see the look of jealousy and venom on her face.

      These black sirens simply don’t want black men to do well at all outside of their control. These job centres are littered with angry, bitter and disgruntled black females who can’t wait to ruin a heterosexual black man’s day, smh.

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      • “These black sirens simply don’t want black men to do well at all outside of their control.”

        This single sentence sums up the black woman’s parenting skills.

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      • Not just bitter black witches but some of the rudest customer service agents at the dole office were the old south Asian women.

        I will never forget one staff member at a JSA not to far from me who actually encouraged my confidence and went through the same difficult childhood I had.

        Guess what? She was a White woman.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I am not on JSA anymore as I am switching to Universal Credit as from today as have ask for advanced payment because it will take 7 weeks to process my application. When it comes to work programmes in job centres, black women are the worst people to deal with because they don’t wanna see a black man happy in the ideal job that he wants, they want him to be in a job that he hates especially if the job pays shit money and he is struggling financially. Every white woman work coach that I had in the job centre have always been helpful towards me to the point where they have supported me for the deaths of my dad who died in March 2019 and my cousin who died 2 weeks ago on 9th January 2020 and his funeral is on the 28th January 2020. I am not looking forward to it.

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      • Funerals are no fun, especially when the person is someone you liked a lot. I attended the funeral of a friend of mine who lost his father, however I didn’t bother with my own father.

        Heads up, dude.

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    • Wow, over 20 years ago, I went through exactly the same thing, I wonder whether it’s the same horrible bitch, or perhaps her bloody daughter, as public establishments love to keep their staff in the family. By then, I already had 7 GCSEs grade C and above, BTEC national and HND (vocational version of a degree) and yes, even in those days, black employees in the job centre used to bully, I mean BULLY, young black people looking for work. It was the black female Job Centre employees who were the worst. I am a black woman by the way, and you guys are precisely correct. Black women who work as council employees treat vulnerable people who are black the very worst. Vulnerable people who are educated but had to leave abusive black homes, usually headed by abusive single black mothers, with by then, pussified step-dads, are targeted with the most venom, especially if by then, we are not drug addicts or mothers with multiple children by different baby fathers etc. Ohhhh, the black female employees haaaated the likes of us and don’t get me started on how they treated young black men, educated with no children, no gang banging, no drugs etc. who too were escaping abusive homes…… Could and will write a whole book about it believe! The cruelty dished out by black women is pandemic. They hate positive progress of young black people, telling us to go for the lowest paid jobs to increase our cances of getting off the dole and threatening to stop our benefits if we dare to go for jobs we are fully or more than qualified to do, just so that we would one day go crawl back to them later, debt ridden and homeless because we were too scared not to listen to them…… I am black and female and certainly do not hate myself, but there are a long line of black women in my life, I can’t stand. All my children have matching DNA, same dad, with him presently for almost 3 decades, clearly made mistakes in life but never went out of way to make peoples lives a misery….these black women, even to this day are getting far worse, but I forgot, the Most High promised not to do certain cleansing techniques of punishment anymore, so how in His name are we going to deal with these disgusting demons any longer????


      • I am from the Caribbean, and Caribbean blacks, in general, are big sellouts and coons, whether it be st Lucia, Barbados, the french islands or even Jamaicans, yes Jamaicans are very big sellout coons,,, a great many are Christians and the women are also self-hating envious and white worshipping..  
        you are absolutely correct!!!!!! black women never really desire black men anyway as the first choice,, they only settle with them for lack of options,,, even in jamaica black women don’t like black men,,, they only get with them for a lack of choices,, that is why they treat black men so badly, for they all want non-black men and ant getting any, they take out their rage in them,,,,, JAMAICAN BLACK WOMEN ARE SOME REALLY DISGUSTING DIRTY LOW LIFE BITCHES  
        you see, black women have always been sellouts, they have always hated their men, always envious of their men and hated their own people and then they pass that down to their male children as well, that is why there is so much envy among black folks!!!!!black females are notorious worldwide for throwing their own people under the bus and disparaging them for white approval…you saw it with the judge, the young jury woman and the cop who combed the woman’s hair,,, LETS JUST FACE THE FACTS AND STOP BULLSHITTING AROUND,,,BLACK AND ESPECIALLY THEIR FEMALES ARE BIG SELLOUTS AND TRAITORS ,,they hate blackness, henceforth, they hate themselves and anything black, especially black males  ,,they are very envious of black men and always try to compete with them and destroy them….not just black American women but black women in jamaica, brazil, the Caribbean, Africans and even in England,,the same!!!  

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  4. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

    Black women rule over the pro-black SIMP.

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    • Black women do not rule over me so I can and will say whatever the fuck I want about them.

      If any pro-black cocksucker’s got a problem with that, they can do something about it.

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    • Michel.

      Thanks for the support bro. Me and my cousin are like brothers as we grew up together plus we was very close and he
      was only 13 months younger than me.

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  6. I find it funny they (black women and simps) say if we ain’t gonna deal with black women, then keep them out of our mouths, but like you said Verbs, we still have to interact with them in certain areas though. Every-time I walk out my door and going somewhere, there’s always some black woman acting like she just lost her man or something, so she’s take it out on other people, like I know you having a bad day, but damn, cool with all that attitude. That’s why one of the reasons why I don’t bother with most black women like that. Even though these people telling us to keep black women out of our mouths, the issues that black women stay doing still needs to be address anyway. All the bullcrap they doing, Yes! It needs to be talk about. I ain’t gonna act like the stuff black women be doing is all fine and gravy, so they can miss me with that nonsense. All the bad mouthing about black men they be doing, the acting a fool in public, dancing and twerking, being hyper sexual, the fighting, the attitude and messed up personalities they have, they don’t think we still see that crap coming from the black women? So that what’s they doing to us brothas, silencing us, and acting like they can’t do no wrong? Man all I say is that someone is still gonna address the issues anyway if they still gonna try to shut us up.

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    • D.K Phantom,

      Yet they want the same free thinking brothers to return to the swamp to save these monsters unconditionally, forget it man, that is not going to happen. As long as we still interact with black women in some capacity and continue to receive bad attitudes and foul treatment at their hands, we still have a right to talk about them regardless of what the pro black flunkies and their black queanie overlords say.

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  7. Why are men who practice sysbm still talk about black women…………….
    One, black women LOVE being the talk of the town, that’s why they show their ass
    Two, everyone else talk bad about black women, why not us
    Three, young black men need to know they are not alone in their mistreatment
    Four, BECAUSE WE FUCKING CAN BITCHES!!!!!! to all the black bitches and 🤬igger simps watching this, YOU DON’T RUN SHIT OVER HERE! Sysbm men are FREE to do as we choose, we whom we choose.

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  8. That skit at the Caribbean restaurant is gold. One time I went to a gas station and there was an ugly Caribbean (I’m assuming based on her accent) woman working the register having a loud conversation on her phone. I said “Let me get 10 on 5”, most gas station attendants know what that means, $10 of gas on pump number 5, but she got an attitude and shouted “I don’t know what you are talking about, tell me what you want!”. I then slowly said “Let me get $10 of gas on pump 5″ and then she said ” Oh ok, I know what that means”.

    These chicks never miss and opportunity to vent their life’s frustration on another person, and if there is no opportunity to do it they will create one so that they can snap on somebody. These businesses are probably praying for more Latina immigrants and AI automation to replace BW in customer service.

    Keep the Wall up

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    • James SYSBM,

      This is the black witch’s problem, she simply cannot separate her personal frustrations from their work and anybody is fair game to be launched upon. Black women from Jamaica are some of the worst black females on the planet, fake as hell from head to toe and usually having an attitude in the sewer to match.

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  9. “Gentlemen, never allow these pro black female menstruating flunkies to shame you into silence, as long as you have black female family members or interact with black women in some form/capacity, you have the right to speak on black women and the abysmal behaviour they too often bring to the table.”

    That’s the main point. We have the encounters frequently in all facets of life that we cannot control (work, travel, commerce, etc).

    To preempt the NABWALT counter, yes, I know that. The problem is that the negative experiences FAR OUTWEIGH the positive ones.

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  10. Do you need to have contracted coronavirus to talk about how bad it is and warn others of the danger? That’s how stupid Black women’s logic, or lack thereof, is.

    They SHOULD announce black women as being as dangerous as any wild animal or deadly disease. David Carroll is right, being a black woman should be considered a mental disorder.

    Better yet, why shouldn’t ANYBODY talk shit about black women? That’s what you tend to do for running jokes, take the piss out of them. Do you see Ford getting mad that people still talk shit about the Edsel, or DC/Warner Bros. mad about Superman 64 being a punchline in the video game industry? Nope, they know they sucked! The problem is, arrogant black women are just that, ARROGANT, and refuse to bend the knee, unless of course it’s to such a strange dingaling.

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    • These same people have had the lion’s share of television chat shows talking shit about black men. Yet we can’t speak on BW dysfunction? GTFOH with that bullshit.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      We’re not allowed to voice our opinions and concerns regarding black women however when they began doing the same 40 years ago regarding black men, there wasn’t a problem then and we free thinking brothers were expected to give a full accounting pertaining to the issues they raised about us, smh.

      This is one of the main reasons why brothers like myself walked way from these black harriets to begin with, the double standard and the level of non accountability regarding black women as a collective is seriously off the chain.

      Their arrogance and their refusal to humble themselves enough to be corrected is one of the main reasons why most black women will find themselves permanently cast upon the Mountain of Spinsterhood, oh well, their problem not mine.

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      • “black women will find themselves permanently cast upon the Mountain of Spinsterhood”
        That’s some Shakespearian stuff.

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  11. Here’s one dude complaining about us thinking brothers “complaining” about black women and it won’t change a thing for black men and he’s going to tell it like it is tonight on his live stream at 10pm EST. Sad.

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    • “Why pandering to black women won’t increase the revenue of a lazy, self-righteous fat fuck who is too stupid to do business properly.”

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    • I ripped this from Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary Online:

      To criticize means to say that you disapprove of someone or something, or to talk about the problems or faults of someone or something. When you criticize something, you are saying what is wrong with it, or what you don’t like about it. Below are some examples of how criticize is used.

      He’s always criticizing the service [=saying the service is bad] at nice restaurants.
      You shouldn’t criticize [=talk about the faults of] your children.
      She was tired of being criticized by her older sister.
      He criticized her looks so she dumped him.

      To complain means to say that you are unhappy, sick, uncomfortable, etc. When you complain, you are saying that you feel negatively about something. Below are some examples of how complain is used.

      She always complained that it was too hot in the summer.
      The guests complained to the hotel manager about the condition of their room. [=They said they were unhappy with the condition of their room.]
      The kids were complaining (to each other) about how much homework they had to do.
      He complained of a headache last night and today he’s got a fever.

      Criticize puts more attention on the thing being criticized. Complain puts more attention on the person complaining. When you criticize something, you’re saying “Here’s what’s wrong with it,” but when you complain you’re saying “I’m not happy about this.”

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    • A couple of points:

      1. I wonder if people even know the difference between criticizing and complaining.

      2. Dude says that complaining about black women will change nothing for black men? I agree. Further, it highlights the recalcitrant nature of many.

      3. Yeah, complaining about black women won’t change anything. But guess what? Pandering and bootlicking won’t change anything either. Complains (and/or criticism) usually work with normal groups. Some groups aren’t normal.

      4. Where was this push back when black women took to media to exclaim (complain) that black men ain’t shit?

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  12. While we outright refuse to date or even talk to these sheboons, we still have to deal with them in some capacity regardless of how we structure our lives. And when we do encounter these sheboons, they will go out of their ways to make our lives absolutely miserable even at the expense of their jobs, relationships, you name it.

    We will continue refuseing to keep quiet and there really isn’t anything they can do about it.

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  13. You keep talking about black women because it’s profitable and some of you are still mad at your mother or girls who rejected you. Call it a “feminist talking point” or “female tactics,” but for many of you it’s true. It’s even backed by social science research.


    • Justine Johnson/Justin/Shoe Shiner,

      I suggest that you check yourself out of here before I check you out myself. You’ve got no reason being here, you’ve overstayed your welcome, time to leave. I’ve got no time for you bootlickers in 2020.

      No major dockets are being made over here, why aren’t you reprimanding your boy Umar Johnson or your local church beast pastor concerning the same? Typical pro black female pundit, attempt to shame the messenger into silence instead of dealing with the elephant in the room dysfunction that these black sirens regularly engage in, smh.

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      • @Verbs

        I am not even going to waste my time responding to this parasite. Until she comes with some new talking points, she will continued to be ignored.

        She wouldn’t know what scientific research is if a dropped on her useless head. All that education, and can’t muster up an original thought. Must be all the chemicals they use to bleach their skin, or that weave is in too tight.

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      • I love this whole notion that we’re supposed to “step our game up” for the least desired, least partnered, least married, least wanted, most masculine, most obese and most STD-riddled, who actually have MORE CHILDREN than black men.

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    • Justine Johnson,

      Glad to see that you have improved from citing youtube dating experts to mentioning “social research”.

      However it is standard practice to cite the name of the study or a link to the study so that a view could see exactly what you are talking about.

      Social research could mean a peer reviewed study or you were talking to your friends.

      I would appreciate it you provided a link to the social research you spoke about.

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  14. BW gets shot three times and is still talking shit and throwing up gangs signs as she lays on the ground bleeding.

    Any other woman would probably be layed out, clutching their wounds, crying, possibly unconscious, but not our testosterone filled and demonically possessed “sistas”. Yes we are still talking about them even though we avoid dating them, because even still the public still has to deal with them and their bastard kids.
    Keep the Wall up

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    • @James SYSBM

      That’s no way to talk about these beautiful, feminine, in shape (round is a shape) queans. If you weren’t married, some simp or pro wack would be all in your business telling you to “wife that up nigga”.

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      • There certainly is something spiritually sinister going on. I gotta tell the truth, as I have seen it my whole life, having a lot of black male comrades.

        You hang out with black guys, where there are white women, or no women around, they’re normal dudes. Above average actually. Almost always fun to hang out with.

        You put ONE black female around, suddenly there are threats traded by the same black men, and you go from, “you the coolest white boy I know,” to a slavemaster right out of 1863. Even to the same dude you hooked up with a hot white chick the night before, you’re now the “man,” despite being less rich, educated, athletic than said black man.

        I’m just being honest. Don’t mean to down black dudes, just to point out how black women do something to these guys’ minds. Dude will be transformed from the life of the party, attracting hot chicks to the table, to talking about how the same white girls we would have been smashing, are instead smelling like wet dogs.

        My understanding is that the school system is the same way for black boys. Get them away from their female “counterparts,” and they perform on the same level of other races.
        Put in a couple of black females, the black boys’ grades plummet.

        I have often observed this with my friends.
        It has to be psychological or spiritual. Maybe these dudes are being brainwashed by their mothers. White women are bitches too, but i suspect black mothers are on a whole new level.

        If I had a black son I would never let him around black girls. I’d tell him to marry a white chick when he was older.


      • There are way too many Caucastains on this board.
        These mayonnaise monkeys follow us around as if we are pre-pubescent boys.

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      • @Michel No.
        There are others and I know who they are. I can smell the wet dog and cabbage spirit of a caucastain from space.

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  15. Late then ever. Right the reason why thinking black men talk about black women is because of their dysfunctional behaviour and they are not afraid to show it on display. These ghetto ratchet hoodrats will not afraid to show their bad behaviour and they don’t care where they are. And when thinking black men including S.Y.S.B.M talk about the ratchetness with these hoodrats, they get their simps to defend them. But we know how to defend ourselves when their enforcers try to take us on when it come to facts. And when these pro blacks simps say “There are good black women around” where are they?

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    • Money Cultural,

      The hoodrats are a good match for the likes of Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike and Midnight Freddy, let them deal with them but they must fall upon the multitudes of simps they’ve created when things go south dealing with thug love, not free thinking brothers.

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  16. The things thinking black men talk about is black women weaving weave, being single mothers, living off on government assistance, loving thugs like Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, Thick Dick Tyrone, 357 Jimmy, 12 Gauge Mike, Corner Boy Ronny, Ruf Cut Larry and 6 Shooter Derrick. When they see a good black man they do not give him a chance but when they have one, two, five, ten, fifteen and twenty seven children and raising them alone, they chase after the good black men but then they get upset when he says that he doesn’t want to date a single mother. Note to black men. You can say whatever you want about black women’s bad behaviour.

    Keep your white sugar honeys warm through the weekend and hold them tight under the blanket.


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  17. Why do SYSBM men continue to talk about black women? ‘Cause black women continue to be a danger to thinking black men and are in league with their lord and master, Mister Charlie aka the white man. Case in point, a black man in Detroit settled an anti-discrimination suit and, as a result, received some checks from his former employer, whom he sued. He went to his bank to deposit those checks, and because the checks were for larger-than-usual amounts, he is suspected of check fraud and the bank called the police. I’m sure you can all guess the color and gender of the employee who called the police on this black man? Who needs racist white men around when the black woman is more than willing to discriminate against her own men? So-called most loyal my ass.

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    • @Morpheus2275

      Exactly. A lot of these sistahs will kill a black man and step over his cold rotting corpse to suck on a white man’s d!ck, which is their choice (but she shouldn’t come back once he has finished Ghetto Gagging her).

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    • I know the story isn’t intended to be funny. But goddamn. The man is award a settlement in an anti-discrimination lawsuit, only to be racially profiled while depositing the check with his local bank. You can’t make this shit up.

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    • When I initially read about this story, they omitted the detail about the bank manager being a Black woman; the one person who had his back was his lawyer, a White woman.

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  18. The same reason we talk about black women is the same reason we talk about any anti-black male flunky. You have a goal to shut us up and shut our movement down but we are going nowhere!!

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  19. Would someone please help Terry Crews find his manhood, I’m sure he lost it somewhere on the set of
    Friday After Next when he played a homo-thug. Here’s a quote from the article: Crews said his wife was the reason he did not feel compelled to support his coworker by issuing a statement. “I believe you should listen to women — you should always believe women — so I asked my wife what I should do,” he said. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Crews is really not doing BM any justice lately, especially after he let Weinstein molest him….in front of his wife. Crews is at this point the opposite of SYSBM…

    Liked by 3 people

      • I think that’s what motivated him to work out and get muscle, if I’m not mistaken. His recent actions though, I doubt they stem from that.

        Liked by 2 people

    • LMFAO
      I actually regret switching to Royal Bank from TD (not because of the commercial). They simply have better customer service. I think they had cheaper high interest savings accounts too. The interest rates are the same as RBC though. Hilarious to see these white cucks screaming “muh whyte ginnocyddeee!!!11”.
      Hey, you pigskinned, microdicked caucastains. Just because you can’t get it up doesn’t make it genocide. It means women finally are free to get some REAL dick.

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  20. Regarding this article, I was thinking about how the pro Black female/Black women 1st crowd say we shouldn’t talk about Black women since we no longer deal with them, but they will have absolutely nothing to say about Loni Love and her bashing Black men on ‘The Real’. She’s no longer dealing with Black men now that she got herself a Bottom Shelf Brad, so by their logic she, too, should keep quiet about Black men.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Not surprised at all. And of course, she’s making excuses, saying it’s because of her bald head and scars. She’s actually not a bad looking woman, and a bald head is 1,000 times better than a head full of wacky weave. She’s either insecure about her looks or she’s hard to get along with. She’s probably a swirler, too. One thing is for sure. She’s never had a boyfriend, but she’s had plenty of dick. Lol

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  21. Don’t know why brothers are still dealing with these black male-hating, white boy-worshipping misandrists in the year 2020. Leave these hoes alone, fix by exit. SYSBM.

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  22. The nurturing, caring, loving black woman is at it again. Why do we talk about them so bad? Why?

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  23. Kobe Bryant vs. Diahann Carroll and others. — Gentlemen. Bryant’s death points to the huge differences in thought between black men and black females. I do not recall black men speaking out against the late Diahann Carroll, or any other black female, for being with white men. — Some black women are showing hate against Kobe Bryant for having a non-black wife.

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  24. I hope the SYSBM movement grows and prospers. I wholly support the concepts and ideas it advances. It will be a wonderful thing if it attracts the best Black men from the UK, North America, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and even Africa.

    That’s a huge vison, but very possible. The Black communitah in North America writ large, is a dyfunctional mess. The pied pipers of this dyfunction in North America, are its present day Black females and their male toadies. I’m hearing that the same pathologies are spreading thru the Black communitahs in the UK.

    I see the potential to establish a new paradigm. One that is founded, defined, and absolutely controlled by Black men, those with the best minds amomg us. If this movement truly flourishes, it will come under attack from all quarters. This is the last thing that the enemies of the Black male want to see. The Black female and her Black male toadies are merely tools used to propogate and perpetuate Black dysfunction. If this movement truly flourishes as it should, it will lead to nothing less than a new Black man. One who is the envy of the world.

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  25. Most Black women in the USA are obese and beastly, with a sense of entitlement. They are usually covered in heavy makeup and wear mounds of hair weave. They tend to worship white masa and have bad attitudes towards Black men. They make grotesquely bad parents and pine to be desired by white men. Even a bottom of the barrell white man..

    Reading these posts is very educational for me. I’m learning that the same phenomenon is occuring in the UK. Maybe there is a pact between Black females and White males, in societies where Black people are in the minority. It almost seems like the Black female fancies herself to be the overseer of other Black people, like she fancies herself part of the white power structure.

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    • They don’t teach their daughters how to wash up. Very poor cleaning habits and hygiene. Walked into a single mother’s house to fix a leak and I could smell funky vagina and hair weave instantly.

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  26. I’m very intrigued to hear about black men’s similar experiences in the UK, France, Africa, Canada and Caribbean islands. Us native African-American brothers are finding out it’s not just our issue.

    Here are my observations. Down here in Orlando FL black women treat VERY AVERAGE Puerto Rican, Arab and white men like royalty. The younger ones in HS and college are swirling at a fast pace. They don’t respect well educated /gainfully employed masculine black men anymore. Unless you’re like a pro athlete making you in top 5% of BW’s desires. 75% of BW were raised by bitter, evil, aggressive, vile and over zealous feminist single moms. Funny how BW respect and adore gay sissy black and non BM. I’ve been forced to date white and Asian women because I can avoid the nasty attitude, poor hygiene and intimidation tactics BW bring. I’m 34 6’1 in-shape almost ready to settle down. The black chicks I have banged were all heartless ratchet prostitutes. My mother begs me to find a good black Christian church going female partner. I refuse to do so because I know the lady will control and boss me around using Bible quotes in every situation where’s at fault. Last black GF I dated was in 2015. She had so much debt. I dropped her. I also know the pro-black ones will swallow white man’s babies then want to settle down with me when out of options. Not having it.

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