Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday


Gentlemen, welcome to the first Open Mic Wednesday of 2020, I hope you all had a great Christmas and a saw in the New Year smoothly. It’s time to light things up, let’s get started. Unfortunately the disgruntled harriet removed the video, however most of us here have already seen it(the video in which a wide load cruise ship talks about black women not caring that black men are leaving them). The delusional, obese, fake nail and fake eye lash wearing black siren who goes by the name of Wandar Woman doesn’t seem to understand that SYSBM is a philosophy for LIFE, WE ARE NEVER COMING BACK WITCH! As a 14 year plus SYSBM Knight/practitioner I can tell you first hand that the grass is indeed very much greener on the other side of the fence, never allow these rough skinned, vagabond black females to bamboozle you into thinking otherwise.

Black women are so far gone they still believe they’re a catch even in their current gutter, neck deep in sewage sludge, deplorable state. I’ll ask the question once again, in 2020 what is so great about modern day black women that I should consider dealing with them over other races of women? Are we surprised that none of the pro black female/black women first pundits have been able to put forward any viable qualities to date?

In the video she clearly stated “WE DON’T CARE, BE FREE BLACK MEN”, in other words she spoke on behalf of black women as a collective which obviously includes her own personal opinion and position on black men who practice the SYSBM lifestyle. As the SYSBM brotherhood has been stating for the longest, black women only care about white men or the bottom of the barrel specimens of black male society, Field Mouse, Cheezy Grill, Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Chunky Bruh, Midnight Freddy, Shifty Sizzler, Skimmed Milk, Porridge Oats etc.

You picked the wrong ones Wandar Woman, fully dedicated SYSBM practitioners aren’t the type of black men to return to the muck and filth of the modern day black female matriarchal plantation, only those black men who fail to embrace SYSBM fully and correctly will return to the black witch with their “penis between their legs”(as you put it) and grovel at her crusty, overgrown toenailed feet.

Just look at the state of this daggle, is this who we’re really expected to date marry and procreate with? No thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass. These modern day black women truly look beyond repulsive these days, yuck. You all heard the bewitched and broken simp she owns in the background agreeing with her nonsense(yes honey, smh). We don’t need your permission to leave witch, we simply up and left. In my case you’re over 14 years too late.

Of course as I’ve stated before we already know in reality most black women aren’t about to allow free thinking brothers to ride off into the sunset with their non black female significant others without attempting to either shame us or to run some form of sabotage operation, these heifers aren’t that slick.

Before I forget, for those black men who are still choosing to be blind on purpose talking that “what exactly are you black men saving yourselves from” garbage, I would’ve thought the evidence posted here, here and here would be sufficient enough for the scales to fall from your eyes. However, since we still have many disingenuous buzzards who are willing to pretend that nothing is wrong with black women as a group, allow me to throw even more evidence on the table:

Gentlemen, SYSBM(Save Yourself Black Men) onwards and upwards forever. Don’t allow blind and ignorant Negroes to gaslight you into explaining a position that in 2020 is already evidenced up to the hilt. This year just like the last and many before is one where the SYSBM Knights will once again be making moves without making declarations, we will NOT be arguing with or trying to convince those who refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall.

So many dudes and their black female overlords have been involved in livestreams over the Christmas and New Year periods while I’ve been on a break, trying to talk about SYSBM yet knowing little to nothing about it outside of SYSBM Tenet Number 3 which talks about expanding upon one’s dating options. Anybody who requires the truth about SYSBM and it’s more intricate details must first turn to the originator, founder and creator of the lifestyle Mad Bus Driver.

Failing that one of the original SYSBM Roundtable Knights(myself aka Verbs 2015, GW3 Extreme, The Straight Shooter, Shinobi Knight Gyokushin aka Kirigakure Jones) will be more than happy to answer any GENUINE queries or concerns you may have concerning the philosophy.

I have to laugh really, there are 23 basic SYSBM lifestyle tenets(which can be expanded upon) yet over the last 3 weeks every monkey and his cart horse who has fixed their mouths to talk about the philosophy for some strange reason seem to be fixated on Tenet Number 3 automatically jumping to the conclusion that black men only want white women when the last time I looked, there are so many varieties of non black women to choose from.

Attempting to shame free thinking black men out of liking white women WON’T WORK, you would’ve thought that these anti SYSBM rabble rousers would’ve learned this by now, however we shouldn’t be surprised at the fact that the pro blackity black, black women first squadrons are struggling to keep up due to the fact that they aren’t too bright.

Here is another anti SYSBM flunky who attempted to negate the mountain load of evidence that speaks volumes concerning the gutter condition of black women in 2020 by trying his best to use the “you’re a foreigner” angle. Yet another Negro who doesn’t seem to understand that black female dysfunction is an INTERNATIONAL PROBLEM with the modern day black woman of the United States leading the charge, I told you these guys aren’t that bright.

What does my “thick British accent” have to do with the evidence I bring to the table? These pro black female bootlickers are still struggling to accept the fact that the truth is the truth no matter if the person speaking it is from the US or from the UK. Court jesters such as LoadKast will never understand that they cannot gain any traction by attempting to throw away arguments and evidence because the messenger doesn’t reside in the same country as himself.

Loadkast, trying your hardest to oust me from the black female dysfunction conversation because I am from the United Kingdom is an already tried and FAILED move bruh, it’s a redundant talking point, stop it before you embarrass yourself. Deal with the facts, better still you ought to be slogging away building for “the communitah” you wish so badly to save. You cannot defend the black witch and while your at it please feel free to tell me exactly what I “don’t understand” about black women from the US, I’ll wait.

The real problem with these pro black female/black women first/save the communitah(but haven’t saved anything yet) tap dancing minstrels is they know full well that they cannot defend black women on any level, additionally they have NOBODY in their camp articulate enough who could try to put up a successful defence in favour of their sacred cow, thus they MUST instead resort to clutching at straws hence the popular “you’re a foreigner” elongated mega reach that we’ve all heard before.

Finally, we SYSBM Knights have been chilling over in our own corners practicing the SYSBM lifestyle for years in relative obscurity, it was pro black flunkies such as yourself who decided to put SYSBM on the bigger map at the end of last year by hosting marathon length hangouts and livestreams, NOT US. We didn’t ignite the SYSBM flame thrower, YOUR PRO BLACK FEMALE SQUADS DID.

Anyway, a slightly different opening for Open Mic Wednesday as there are many court jesters and bread and circus lotion boys to deal with. As per usual you’ve got the floor gents, enjoy. #sysbmforlife

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual, Hold Your Passports High In The Sky, SYSBM Onwards And Upwards

Most High Bless

214 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. “When you wrestle with pigs, you get dirty, and besides the pigs love it” – George Bernard Shaw

    Arguing with brass toothed, trauma bonded, lonely, pussy hungry, lazy, child brained, welfare-loving, no ambition-having, extremely low quality black men is a fool’s errand.

    When you can spend 11 (Eleven) hours talking shit about SYSBM, but not use that time for a future investment, then their talking points are only that – talk.

    As for the Daggles, 2020 is going to be brutal for them. Welfare cuts, section 8 cuts and food stamp restrictions is going to hit them extremely hard. Their talk is also just that – talk.

    Roll on 2020 and beyond. Let those who speak evil upon SYSBM be dealt with by the Most High in the most efficient method possible.

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  2. I know I sent you an email about this, but I want to ask you or any other British person here:

    Is it true that “tea” can refer to not only the beverage, but entire meals as well? If so, how would a non-British/non-European be able to distinguish the two in terms of context?

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    • Tea as a meal is called teatime.
      Teatime is eaten usually around 5pm, however it’s a tradition that’s starting to go out of fashion. Usually seniors stick to teatime. Evening dinner at 7pm is just as common, but since this is the West, mufuggas can’t cook no more.

      We also have afternoon tea, which is around 1-2pm and it’s usually tea (hot drink) with cakes and scones (what y’all call biscuits).

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  3. The man is back, guns blazing!

    I keep saying it, B1 pro-blackity-blacks can’t even build a doghouse or mend a fence for the so-called “communitah” but they can live stream about #SYSBM for 8 to 11 hours, talking about the “lame, square” black men the so-called “communitah” (read: black women) didn’t want in the first place. Like Anton Nikolaev says, the shoe is on the other foot and kicking ass.

    Those videos above are disgusting by the way. That big nose, gap-tooth plantation heffa screaming into her phone was terrifying. Even disingenuous B1 negroes wouldn’t mess with that but they expect you to!

    Wilkommen zurück, Bruder Verbs!

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Thanks brother, more cannons will be fired in the up and coming weeks, more folks have to be called out included the Brass Tooth Curry Goat Taz himself as well as his non ADOS Afro Cuban significant other Nylah Says. The fire rises, SYSBM 2020 and beyond.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    I’ve had two black women sending me nasty messages on my dating profile on Match. Com telling me that I am a disgrace and sell out because I refuse to date black women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 37 and that I only date good-looking childfree non black women. I ain’t lowering my high standards for nobody especially when to dating childfree non black women. What makes me laugh about these hypocritical black women is that they can have all the standards and dating choices in what man they want to date especially if they only date non black men without being questioned and being accused of being a self hater because they refuse to black men, but let a black man do the same thing, then they lose they fucking minds along with their simp manginas and they call a black man every insult under the sun. This is double standards hypocrisy at it’s finest. I am a SYSBM black man for life and I don’t give a flying fuck on who gets offended.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Keep up your standards high and be proud of them bro, you don’t have to lower anything for anyone including disgruntled black females who’ve made reckless, irresponsible decisions in the past but are now reaping the whirlwind, that’s not your problem. A child free black man has NO obligations to take onboard overweight black women including single black mothers and their devil spawn seedlings.

      We are free thinking black men, over here, we date whoever we want to date and there isn’t a damn thing black women or their pro black simp flunkies can do to change it.


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    • I gave up on Match lonnnng ago. The algorithm is set for BLACK MEN to be with only BW, BUT, it’s not the other way around. Speaking in terms of matching up people of color, BLACK MEN have to “trick” the system to date non-blacks, not so much for BWs. It’s that way for all the dating sites, for white men, dating sites are doable, (I personally know of a white male friend who found his wife on one) but it’s a money trap for BLACK MEN.

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      • Off Grid, On Code.

        I refuse to date black women period because the majority of them look so ugly and manly with their fake horse hair, it’s not even funny plus they are always come preloaded with kids and that I refuse to date single mothers as a childfree black man at 37. Luckily for me on Match. Com on my dating profile I only my dating preference on white woman with brown/Hazel eyes, Indian women, Greek women or Greek Cypriot women, Turkish women or Turkish Cypriot and they have to be childfree, in shape, good looking and they have to live in London like me. I ignore ugly women, fat women, black women and single mothers who look at my dating profile on Match because I made it very clear that I am not interested in them and I won’t be dating them ever.

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      • Black Caesar.

        I fully agree with you bro. I wouldnt date those black women with her devil seedlings of children.

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    I sent Babatunde an email on this, but hell I’m so glad to see “Open Mic Wednesday ” back I want you guys to see this gem as well.

    In the comment section of MBD’s “Black Men living Alternative Lifestyles” video someone replied to me about this CRAZE, PHENOMENON or whatever adjective you want to prescribe to it, about ALL of these WHITE GIRLS on “Tik Tok” PROFESSING THEIR LOVE FOR BLACK MEN.

    So I down loaded the app and went on and in about 2 minutes I found about 4 accounts of White Girls showing how much they love the BROTHERS.

    But the link below to this brothers YouTube channel did an ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT JOB of putting together a VERY LENGTHY montage of “Tik Tok” videos of the aforementioned White Girls showing how much they LOVE BLACK MEN.

    Also, I did even more digging and hit an ABSOLUTE GOLDMINE that shows how FAR and FAST the #SYSBM movement has come, and the future seeds that the #SYSBM movement has planted.

    The “Gold Mine” and the “future seeds”..what do I mean , you might ask!

    Well, I found this Russian White girl who was lip syncing this song called “black guy my type”, and then she show pictures of various black guys. So I clicked on the song at the bottom of the video and the flood gates opened.

    There where DOZENS and DOZENS if not hundreds of WHITE GIRLS lip syncing that song professing their love for Black guys. It’s ABSOLUTELY crazy…LOL
    Links below!

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    • Wow! What a goldmine of a find. I guess black men aren’t limited to only the fat, ugly white women that white boys don’t want. 😏

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    • Bro, the YouTube video you shared complements my comment where I stated that the White man’s beta male can no longer be hidden; with that said, White women’s love for Black men can no longer be hidden, either.

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    • It’s so good to see quality and beautiful looking white woman go for us black guys. This destroys the societal narrative that black men have no options in getting good looking white women and non black women and that the only type of woman that a black man can only attract is ugly fat out of shape woman or single mothers.

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    • What a time to be alive! Tik tok is a major social media app. Social media is the new media. When you have white women especially attractive ones in mass. Saying what they truly like. It almost feels like, and Im not trying gas light here. But it seems like not just because white women liking us more. It seems like the pendulum is going in the direction for us brothers. Maybe we are witnessing the genesis of the pendulum swing back to us? Remember women are precious commodities. Precious commodities bring assets. In saying all that we will be seeing more and more Brothers having a huge upswing regarding their pockets as well. I didn’t me to ramble. Yet there is something in the air. I can feel it. Peace

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    • Those white girls are delivering L’s to the scraggle daggle like L Express!

      More deliveries to come in 2020 and beyond.

      L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


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  6. Good SYSBM morning! It’s great to see Verbs return with his guns blazing; so, I came across this article yesterday:
    Is it any wonder why White women and non-Black women of color are starting to gravitate towards masculine Black men? I bet you that at the end of 2020, YouTube will celebrate this cosmetically enhanced faggot like they did James Charles and Jeffree Star, and still no uproar from the alt-right or the Progressives. These clowns can’t keep up the charade anymore; the world is viewing them for the beta males that they really are.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      The next couple of months are going to be blazing rapid fire. It seems that many of these clowns decided to take advantage of my short break to run their mouths. Verbs is back and is ready to light things up once again.

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      • @BCT
        Truth. That’s why I sometimes call us “free black men” because this whole thing parallels the black experience where there were happy slaves, the mammys who forced them to be happy slaves while sucking massas dick and us the free black men or black men who are runaways. Some things never change.
        #SYSBM indeed is power.

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  7. Welcome back everyone.

    Over the past number of weeks, we have these anti-SYSBM losers giving out their weak arguments against SYSBM and its lifestyle and philosophies. Very most recently, YouTube Steve ‘The Dean’ who has a white wife spoke out against it and got destroyed by MadBusDriver in a video. ‘The Real’ co-host Loni Love is a pile of mess with her commentary. She actually destroyed herself on air with her statements and got exposed. Who’s going to be the next one(s) to step up and speak against SYSBM and get destroyed in the process?

    SYSBM for all eternity.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      I agree that Loni Love could have worded what she said better but she didn’t really tell any lies. It seems like the collective of black men don’t value marriage or a good family structure. Why else is the out of wedlock birth rates so high (70%+) and only 29-32% of black people in the US are married (interracial marriages included). Many of us have no issues pumping up various black women full of babies but will never marry them. You guys say you hate black women so much but are any of y’all married to your white/nonblack partners. A coworker of mines (white female) had a kid by a black man and of course he doesn’t do shit for the kid, no child support, never wants to spend time with the kid. Another male coworker (black male) has been with his white baby momma for 11 years and they have 2 children but are not married?? Us black men need to do better. How much longer are we gonna blame white supremacy and black women for our shortcomings. We are in 2020 now, no one is forcing us to walk out on our children…


      • Emmanuel L,

        You’re not going to roll up in here in 2020 with the same redundant talking points that we thoroughly debunked 2 years ago. Why don’t you ask 12 Gauge Mike or Slim Sauce why they aren’t marrying black women as they are the type of black men black women for the majority part are sleeping with and getting knocked up by, NOT SYSBM free thinking black men.

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      • Emmanuel L,

        The majority of black men are actually CHILDLESS per the CDC. FACT.

        Like Verbs stated, go ask the street, thug and swag niggas why they’re not marrying the women they knock up. Ask the women of any race why they’re not using the 50+ varieties of birth control to keep from getting knocked up by the select dudes they get wet for.

        Fuck outta here.

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      • This argument comes from the same female poster who decided to cyber stalk another poster, calling him ugly and e-shaming him into accepting low quality women.

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      • Well it’s your job to clean up for black women so roll up your sleeves and get to work. We aren’t not interested in saving the black community or “building”with broken black women.

        My stepson is 22 and sworn off black females. He only goes after non Black women and he does quite well. I meet his peers and all of them haven’t heard of SYSBM but they clearly aren’t dating black females

        So go find your black queen go and let her lead you and let us be.

        We are really good over here.

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      • Fellhandedbjorn,

        SYSBM Tenet Number 19 reads:

        19. SYSBM PRACTITIONERS ARE NOT CLEAN UP MEN, we refuse to accept the current decadent and degenerate single mother philosophy being pushed by black women within black society, we will NOT be returning to the so called “community” to clean up anybody’s mess ie date and wife up single black mothers. We have high standards, single motherhood and the janky fruits thereof are totally unacceptable. We solidly practice and believe that a man should start his own family tree/legacy from scratch, NOT take onboard the children of another.

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      • You can miss us with that BS; this ain’t the 80s and 90s where you can get away with the smear campaigns against thinking Black men anymore.

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      • E(wo)manuel

        First off, eat shit and die.

        Second, no woman gives birth unless she wants to. There are too many methods of contraception as well as the fact that no man has any sex, much less unprotected sex with a woman unless she allows it. Black women are 100% responsible for ALL of the out of wedlock babies, ALL the abortions and the death of the “black community”.

        Third, Da Capo Al Fine

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    • Emmanuel L,

      I guess it’s the first time for everything meaning this meeting between you and myself and it will be the only time. I read your comment and I can not agree with you on several points: The out of wedlock birth rates among western black women is not in the 70-plus percentile anymore, it’s 84+%. The percentage of black men as you call them has no problem pumping various black women full of babies but not marry them are around 5% of black males who are the worst of the worse because of the culture where they came from and these same worst of the worse males are the reflection of said stereotypical black women who raised and praised them. Blame them, not us decent brothers. Who says I hate black women? Here we go jumping the gun, I see. It seems to me that you have white women on the brain with your storytelling. When you said “Us black men need to do better”, I know you better not dare speak for me. Speak for your own individual self and your own personal shortcomings. By looking at your following statements, are you hiding something(s) from everyone here on Slaying Evil SYSBM platform? If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have posted here over the past number of times against us. I sense bitterness and anger from you Emmanuel. Get it together by the next time you show up in these parts again. DO YOU HEAR ME?

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    • Mr. Dan,

      That was a very well worded and courteous reply to Mr. Emmanuel.

      I however still refer back to my original observation about such men as Mr. E made several years ago. Namely that as I lurked upon this site, I noticed that many (men? maybe women posing as such) would come on and try to shame you dudes for your personal decisions to leave the “playing field” and not pursuing particular classes of female human specimens.


      1. They partake and have been initiated into the homosexual rites of so called artificial modern black culture.

      2. They do not want to suffer alone and gaze at men living in the promised land (I.e. the bible story of the man in gehena (hell) observing the man in paradise and begging him from a drop of water).

      3. They partake of the communist sex exchange where everyone fornicates with the same individuals over and over and obviously exchange the same diseases.

      4. They claim to be champions for BW or the BC, but never marry said women nor do those loudspeaking individuals actually pioneer any of the enterprises or infrastructure they claim needs to be build.

      5. Conflate facts whenever convenient, ignore cause and effect, blah blah. These negroes need to go work for CNN or MSNBC perhaps their talents for propaganda might find some balance there, perhaps they were born in the wrong era, Goebbels could have used them.

      Now when I first observed this site I was disagreed with some of the name calling and insults, but as through careful observation and without rushing to final judgment I saw many of the problems ailing said population.

      These Enabling Simps and their devil queens are perverts of the highest and OUGHT TO BE HANDLED AS ANY NATIONAL TRAITOR OUGHT BE. They seek to destroy the lives of innocent children through their devilish religion.

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    • Sesame Street Letter Of The Day sponsored by:

      L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


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  8. The thing in the first video is the reason why little black girls run away from home & are never seen again.. No one wants to talk about the abuse the “Black Queeennn!” Dishes out on her children at home. Oh….. By the way! Emmanuel! Please go somewhere with your old shaming tactics. We thinking black men over here have no time for your beta male energy.

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    • Robert,

      I’m going to be on the Prophet Of Thought’s show tomorrow discussing the very same issue, the fact that most of these black mothers are extremely negligent and abusive when it comes to black children.

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  9. Verbs is back. 2020 and so on will be the time for black men to shine, so let’s get the work in brothas. With these pro blacks and black women bad mouthing about SYSBM, we brothas must be doing something right.

    First video, same thing, just from different black woman you see everyday in freakin America. Second video, I can tell that boy is gonna grow up a troublemaker for sure. Third video, another violent nature of black women being exposed again. Once again, that testertone is not for women period. Fourth and final video, boy I had to throw up for a minute seeing that. These people stay saying big is beautiful, but don’t know the health problems that comes with obesity.

    Now, I pretty sure you brothas have heard about the Loni Love mess she was talking about. For my take on this, I’m getting tired of black women low-key dissing black men, because it’s getting to the point where black men are not gonna put up with this macho crap. All them years of black women throwing their weight around black men is starting to make more and more black men not mess with black women. All this black women loving thugs and playas, bad talking about black men, waiting until the last minute to get with a “good black man”, complaining and moaning, acting a fool in public, display their ratchet and violent nature on social media, boy no wonder they at the bottom. I ain’t gonna be surprised when black women gone be complaining all on the internet and on TV saying crazy crap like this: “Why are the non black women and mixed women taking all the good black men, Why I can’t find a good man, Why are black men leaving us with the dopeboys and thugs?” One thing I really learning about black women is that It’s not in a black woman’s nature to be around good black men, but to use them and throw them away, so Idk why they talking about there ain’t no good black men.

    Before I had discover SYSBM, I remember roaming around videos on the Ricki Lake show where they were taking about black men with white women, and all that, and I wondering do you brothas remember that.

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    • OH! Mannnnnnn do I remember THOSE days!!!! Black women were complaining about black men dating white women BUTTTT they weren’t checking FOR THOSE MEN in the first place! They were giving up the coochie to…what did one female rapper call them, ROUGH NECKS…..that was in the 80s and 90s….NOW, those same bitches are GREAT GRANDMOTHERS of a GENERATION of bastard children, overweight, bitter, and ALONE; except for those dumb ass simps FRESH out of prison simping for his room and board.
      MY HAVE TIMES CHANGED….no longer are young black men shamed or and scorned for “dating out”, IN FACT in some sectors, you are celebrated. As for my generation, well I can only speak for myself, at 50+ with the body I had when I was in the NAVY, 15% body fat, 6’0 and still benching 225lbs, I’m banging women 20 to 30 years younger than me, I can NOT fuck with women my age, to fat, to unattractive and when I shave bald, I look like THEIR son.

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      • I wouldn’t even look at women older than 22. I am 36 and women my age look twice my age. Even women in their late twenties look twice my age. LOL

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      • Off Grid, On Code, Verbs2015 and Black Caesar,

        I am 32 as of today, I will turn 33 this Tuesday and I will not date any woman in western society that is in the same age group as me. A decade-plus younger foreign woman is good enough for me. Hey, I know my parents will not agree with my preferences I’ve mentioned above but who cares. SYSBM.

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      • @brotherd

        That’s wassup.
        No one is going to have the right to dictate my preferences either. Not even if it were their time and money being spent.


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    • Non-black women are “taking” all of the good black men. —– The view of many is that non-black women tend to get the black men that black women do not want.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        It’s not that difficult for non black women to do when black women themselves state that they view good black men as “lames, cornballs and squares”.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      The jig is up for the modern day black female, it has been well established especially via her own mouth that black women as a collective much prefer to get dicked down and knocked up by the lower dregs of black male society, your Shifty Sizzler, Roof Top Trey and Chunky Bruh type Negroes. In 2020 we aren’t rolling with the same nonsense that we spent previous years relentlessly debunking with hard facts and evidence.

      These weave wearing disgraces who dare to call themselves women will continue to throw black men under the bus while at the same Becky, Mey Ling, Lopez, Suzuki and Shazia will continue to run military sniper operations scooping up free thinking black men from right underneath these black witch’s noses. Either way it’s a win win situation for us.


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    • I certainly do remember that but I ignored it for the most part. The best talk show was Phil Donahue and even the old Geraldo show.

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  10. An addition —– Black women, some argue, do not want good black males when the black females are under the age of 35. — It is later, after producing a few out-of-wedlock children, that black females decide that they want a good man.

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  11. So I was watching “All Eyez on Me” the other day and I think overall it is a good movie. I would give it a 7.5/10. The main issue for me is even though Demetrius Shipp Jr. strongly resembles Pac he’s a bit too soft-spoken for that role imo, still I think he did a good job overall. It’s just Tupac is a hard role to play in general. Some people said that in many parts of the movie DSJ appeared to be “too happy”. But if you watch interviews of Tupac there were many times where he was indeed happy, energetic, and optimistic despite having numerous issues he was facing. Btw I think the depiction of Suge Knight was pretty spot on, the actor who played Suge did excellent in my opinion.

    A part of the movie that stood out to me was when Tupac goes to spit game at Kidada Jones (One of Quincy Jones’ Daughters). So he shoots his shot with her but then Kidada confronts Pac about the comments he made about her father. Apparently Pac had said that “Quincy Jones only sticks his dick in White Women and creates confused Mixed-Race kids” (I’m paraphrasing but it was something along those lines). So Kidada said she was one of those “confused” Mixed-Race children Pac was talking about. The scene then shows Tupac sweet talking Kidada and apologizing for his comments. He eventually dates her and at the time of his death he was engaged to Kidada.

    That entire aspect of Tupac and Kidada’s relationship is a reflection of how these Pro-Black Militants act. If you are a Black Man in a relationship with a White or Non-Black Woman these fake Pro-Blacks have no problem calling you out. But then these same cats want the products of Interracial relationships. These fake pro-Blacks love them some Mixed and Light-Skinned Women, even though they bash the Black fathers in interracial relationships who create such women. I’m sorry but we should never see Pro-Blacks with Mixed women. Interracial Relationships are bad, right? Okay then Pro-Blacks should only be dating the darkest, purest African women they can find. But we already know Pro-Black frauds are hypocrites just like the Black Trash females they worship. Fuck em.

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    • JW,

      These pro blacks spend too much of their time focusing on what free thinking black men are doing when they ought to be building for the community they claim to love and wish to save. As stated in the basic tenets of SYSBM, we are NOT part of the black community nor the pro black sector, I don’t give a rat’s behind what any pro black flunky has to say to me regarding who I choose to date.

      Again, notice how these so called pro blacks refuse to call black women out on their swirling but they’ve always got that fire in their chests to go after black men who choose to expand upon their dating options, smh.

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  12. @ Emmanuel L aka Emily,

    “Many of us have no issues pumping up various black women full of babies but will never marry them.” Emily you truly are a fucking retard. None of the brothas on here want stinky, baldhead Black Women. What part of that don’t you understand?! None of us on here date or have sex with those Black beasts known as “Black Women”. You know who does? 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce, those are the people you need to go have a discussion with, not us SYSBM brothas. We brothas on here AVOID Black Women at all costs.

    You also are a fucking clown for trying to defend Loni Love’s comments on Black Men. I can only imagine if a brotha in a relationship with a White Woman went on National Television and called out Black Women. You clowns and your bitchass simps would’ve lost your collective minds. But since it is a Black Woman doing it then it’s fine to you fools. And that is one of the major reasons this very site exists. It is a major reason why SYSBM exists. Black bitches think they can bash Black Men endlessly and not face any repercussions?! Fuck you Emily, Fuck Black Women, and Fuck the Black “community”.


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  14. 2020: what a time to be alive!

    Black men are about to Be bursting From the seems, while white “men” are engaging in this:

    They are also dropping like flies from opioids, but many refuse to talk about how it’s white MEN who are the main people to fall to the drug:

    Meanwhile, black women are using any and everything in their ammo to whine and whinge about being single, while still playing the victim card:

    NO ONE feels sorry for them, and they are well on their way to being bred out. It is a sight to behold.

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    • In 2020, I don’t wanna hear any feFails whining about marriage. The same institution they fought against with their feminism. They need to buy a box of wine, a pack of rechargeable double A’s and stfu.

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      • Fuck me running. You guys need to read that article. Black women are in pain and if black men aren’t checking for you then white men are on a even smaller much smaller scale…….”I want a white family” but she is entertaining this white boy still.

        Man. It’s never been a better time to be a black man despite the strife we face in this country.

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      • I got to a quarter of the way in and wondered who was going to be blamed for their predicament, and, no surprises, it’s us. SMDH.

        We have “unnatural” power in the dating market. And we’re dating paper bag coloured chicks. The article didn’t mention the increasing numbers of us with white women, I wonder why? Don’t want to be giving on the fence nighars ideas, do we?

        The Guardian want your money to support this “journalism”? They can get tae fuck.

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    • Interesting how Asian men are in the same position as Black women (as fast as SMV), but they aren’t writing articles about how bad they have it in the dating world.

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  15. Good afternoon SYSBM and welcome to the twenties! 🥂🍾🎊 🎉
    This time, we can call it the “whoring twenties” because of what this year has in store for us concerning the daggle. Don’t be surprised if this page crashes the WordPress servers at some point. LOL.

    Hope you all have your goals and/or resolutions mapped out. I have, and to name a few, I have quit smoking after 23 years, made my first sale already thereby officially relaunching my reselling business and I am well on my way towards sawing up for a vehicle to help my business. It will suck because I still live among the pavement monkeys and you know you can’t bring anything nice around these damn single mother raised savages. My brother’s car was vandalized by the same no-IQ monkeys. I’ll figure something out because the objective is leaving “da communitahhhh” and these savages in the dust. Which leads me to the subject of this article and the sexually suspect ramblings of that effeminate, stalking Negro “(I left a) LOADKAST (in my red, black and green undies)”.

    I too would like to learn of a single redeeming quality of these black bitches why I should stick with them and risk my life living among the butt of humanity’s joke: the “black community” in the futile attempt to “save” it (as if the pavement monkey hoodscum can even be civilized let alone educated). Negroes like him do not surprise me one bit. If the white Jesus brainwashing could work so well after centuries then surely the “accept the white man’s leftovers and slave scraps prostrate and sobbing with gratitude” brainwashing would work as well. Most Negroes have been trained successfully to accept being on the bottom and worship chitterlings in all forms, especially in the form of black women. If black women were so desirable, 70% of them wouldn’t be single.

    These plantation scum Negroes are gonna learn not to fuck with free black men. Neither they nor their rottencrotch feFail masters have any power or influence on SYSBM. Like I said before: I decide what I want and what I’m worthy of. Not any dog and child fucking white man, not any she-ape and certainly not any no-IQ tampon sucking Negro brainwashed into believing and preaching that eating shit sandwiches is the nutritious thing to do.

    It’s 2020, you pro-wack monkeys.
    Take a bite out of me and you’ll be licking a black bitch’s vagina to get the taste out of your mouth.

    #SYSBM or death.

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  16. Verbs is back, and didn’t disappoint with laying a verbal smack down on these parasites.

    Theee low iq idiots keep coming over here with the same talking points that are mind numbing and nauseating to discuss.

    No one here wants to even be around these broads never mind date, marry or even sleep with them.

    2020 is off to an interesting start, and it’s only going to get much worse for da communitah, and in turn more hilarious for us.

    PS: I shouldn’t have to say this, but anybody of you lurkers was wondering where I stand, the name should tell you all you need to know.

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    • F**ktheBlackCommunity,

      We aren’t dealing with the same talking points that we’ve dealt with for the past 2 years, black women are pretty much on their own at this point. I refuse to entertain the same old gibberish and nonsense that black women and their pro black female/Black women first flunkies have been repeating again and again. New year, new rules.

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    • You rang?

      By the way, a community implies a common unity or a social compact (Agreement, accord, treaty) between individuals. There is no such instrument in place among the so called black community. The people do not even have black colored skin. It is a mere reference name with no real cohesion. There is a shared bloodline connection, but 100% of those individuals do not acknowledge their bloodline connection because they do not use the names, religion, or principles of the originators of that bloodline, so therefore according to American history…

      The instruments uniting these people into civilized society is the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the United States Constitution. This explanation does NOT APPLY, to so called blacks of the Carribean island nations, nationals of African nations, etc, but only to the so called blacks of the United States of America.

      In short, there is nothing to fuck. It is just a gang of people/taxpayers who are mind controlled by words like “racism” “black people” “white people” “your momma black” “slavery” etc. The condition of this people has been well documented. You can view their Golden Age and their Fallen States, anyone who wakes up from that group typically gets their shit together and gets as FAAAAAR away as possible.

      Remember the basic unit of society is FAMILY. Read the Moniyhan Report and similiar writings and you will see that the family unit of this people is not intact or else you would not have 80% single mothers getting pregnant by in many cases TYRONE the Unparenting. Therefore we see that these words hide the fact that the USA has a large (slave/wild/semi-wild/docile but mindcontrolled) population of human massses whom they have CLOTHED with the priviliges and protections of citizenship.

      I believe I understand your sentiments in the name, however.

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  17. Skinned Milk and Porridge Oats? Still can’t stop laughing. Verbs2015, what’s up brother? Everything criss with me but boy the rachetness with these ghetto ratchet black women continues. This new year and new decade is goanna get more ratchet to bomba claat! Black women are goanna have more and more children from left, right and centre and these simps are willing to look after them. And they are goanna chase after these thugs like Ruff Cut Larry, 357 Jimmy, Pimp L and Bush Man Reggie. And lets not forget Yard Man from Harlesden. These are the men that these black women are sleeping with and having children by. Smh!

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  18. When I saw the first video of the gap teeth baby mother I was thinking who breed this woman off? Oh I already know that it was the thugs who hangs in the street all day doing nothing with their lives and getting harassed by police. I know that I don’t trust the cops but why are these fools are hanging in the street doing nothing? My goodness.

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  19. The black matriarch will not stop destroying the so called black community by breeding criminals and criminals are breeding off these women. And these thugs are breeding other women and don’t take care of their children. Black women, well then have the government to mind them anyway. Oh they get child support as well and they spend it on themselves. Just say no to these harridans!
    Enjoy your Wednesday guys!

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    • BrotherDanUnlimited,

      This dude here, how are we supposed to know what to think about when James keeps posting his anti SYSBM videos behind a firewall? Does he really expect free thinking brothers to pay that $5, why can’t he post the video on FS Avenger?

      He didn’t learn from before and is looking to get himself cooked once again, smh.

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    • That pathetic upside down broom in a circus mirror shaped, suicide girl wanking, goth bitch stalking, KFC coupon hording, text-to-speech sounding, milli vanilli listening, hasn’t seen a vagina since before the fall of the Berlin Wall ass, hasn’t touched a breast since he punched a hole in the bottom of a 15-piece bucket ass, first and last sexual experience was when he poked a hole through the toilet paper 31 years ago ass, weave stroking, stiletto licking, “I’m pro black but my books feature women with obvious European features” ass, 6-train vacation traveling, passport wish he could peel his greasy ass off his mother’s office chair to apply for ass, general failure at every aspect of life ass, couldn’t even get a date at a women’s prison ass, snaggle toothed, bitch brained, pseudo intellectual CUNT needs to shit the fuck up and learn other ways to make money. Because sucking on these black bitches clits by John Holmes and Ron Jeremy ain’t gonna pay the bills whether or not he chooses to hang a “Mind The Gap” sign on his yeast infection encrusted upper lip.

      I’d tell that slob to go fuck himself but even his right hand would reject him.

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      • You’ve been saving up the fire for today, damn.

        Pastor Poulet (tête frite à Kentucky) wants you to pay to hear him talk about “female nature”? For $5? It’ll just cover a tube of toothpaste and a two-piece.

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      • @Michel.
        In NYC? He couldn’t even buy one individual drumstick. 🤣 🤣 🤣
        He should just start a “976” number for thirsty incels like himself. He can do the female voices himself since he’s such a beta bitch. Or better yet, he can charge people $5 to cover his ugly face on camera. 🤣

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      • @BCT
        🤣 🤣 🤣
        I still regret being asleep during obsidians livestream last year that he was on. He’d never be able to show his squinty eyed, grand Canyon toothed, chicken nugget head ever again. 🤣

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      • @brotherd
        LOL true.
        I couldn’t believe it when I first heard of that term. It’s like these beta boys wear being losers as a badge of honour. But this is one reason why I go SYSBM. The fact that a certified loser like Pastor Macaroni Salad has a following allowing his ass to teach them about manhood when the guy is the polar opposite of everything that defines manhood tells me that most Negroes are sheep and can be led by anything from a damn water cooler to a rusted weather vane. They actually believe he is a man of God too! I do not identify with negroes like that. SYSBM is not for the chronically stupid.

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  20. I’ll have to admit, I really enjoyed this video posted by Qes Soul-N-Black. Listening to that black harridan’s pleas for help from black men was like music to my ears. She sounds like a woman who realizes all too late that she and the Sisterhood of Failure have really fucked up. No one is coming to save them in 2020. SYSBM is steady rolling and gonna pick up some serious steam going forward.

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    • OMG that comment section is lit asf! LOL! Needless to say I’m with the fellas, f*ck them black hoes and f*ck them kids. They ain’t mine. Go talk to your baby’s father if you can find him. Maybe they can get those Lena Waithe-looking dyke “studs” to pROtEcK them since they want to replace the black man. I’m all good over here. Hahaha!

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    • @Morpheus

      A man would be a fool to fall for this. Notice how there’s no mention of protecting boys and she rules out protecting wives altogether. She’s just another disobedient ‘boon who thinks and acts like a white man in the belief that black men ought to lay down their lives no questions asked. As General Tito said in one of his videos, black women, like white men, get off on black men dying. This is what she is REALLY asking black men to do by appealing to their provide and protect instincts. Follow a little black girl home to make sure she is safe? Really? She is trying to get black men locked up, hurt or killed. This is literally the black bitch’s default M.O. To help the white man destroy as many black male lives as possible. She wants help, she can ask Brad to save her.

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      • Quote: “Notice how there’s no mention of protecting boys and she rules out protecting wives altogether.”

        And that’s part of the problem. These whores don’t wanna be wives. If black women were marrying the men they have babies with, none of this protection business would be an issue. Men naturally protect their women and children. But she conveniently leaves out the fact that the black witch kicked the black man out of the home decades ago and refuses to accept his leadership in the home and in the “communitah”. Plus, how many black men are paying ungodly amounts of child support while being denied access to their kids? These same men are supposed to protect the children that were taken away from them? Really?

        Black women are delusional creatures, for sure. As Qes Soul-N-Black would say, keep the Wall up. #SYSBM

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    • Morpheus2275 — This video–dated January 10, 2020–presents the Baltimore Ravens National Football League team. On January 11, 2020, the Ravens took a season-ending loss. —- Black females will continue to lose in 2020.

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      • Loni Love’s narwhal-lookin’ weavehead ass can prOtEck the skrong independent black woman and her chirrens. After all, they the mother and the father and black men always cheat.

        Only 16 days into 2020 and these hoes losing. A second term of Trump will be the death blow for these feminist bitches, white AND black. Cast your ballots wisely, gents. What a time to be alive.

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    • I got a good laugh out of this. This is cause and effect. You caused ALL of the impending hell coming your way by kicking the men out of their homes, all this talk of being a strong independent woman who don’t need a man, when you do finally somehow get a man, you get knocked up by the most useless of men because you wouldn’t know a good man if one fell in your lap in the weave shop, and accepting government handouts.

      The effects are thinking black men leaving you dysfunctional broads alone in droves, and putting up the wall of silence. The effect is you broads being all alone fending for yourselves, getting knocked out by left Hook Harry, the wave shop owner and potentially getting aids from the Jason Popes’ out there (and in all likelihood, there are many more out there we just don’t know about yet).

      You did all this to yourselves. You guys refuse to change your ways, refuse to acknowledge your faults, and even refuse to apologize for the last fifty or so years. But somehow expect us to come back? Keep dreaming.

      All that passion and energy you had trashing us over the years, use all that passion and energy fending for your damn selves.

      You won’t find those janitorial simps and their freshly starched capes around here.

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    • I think some of these women have interpreted the adages of “it takes a village to raise a child.”

      The adage doesn’t mean you can have multiple fuck boys and expect black men, who play by the rules, to step in and clean up the mess. She, and the so-called fuck boys, birth them, so she and the so-called select fuck boys should raise them.

      I am busy raising my own kid. I don’t have time to help another man’s offspring.

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  21. Sorry I’m late y’all here’s my contribution:

    I went to this Mexican restaurant in this plaza and when I say it’s a safe haven for swirlers with their white zaddies I wish I was fucking joking. (Well most of the restaurants here are owned by swirlers with their Lord Euros or any Lord Euro with a non-WW) I was also the only brother that goes to this restaurant so you already know what reactions I’m gonna get.

    Anyway I made waitress’ day by being kind then it felt like I was being watched by demons….. Oh nevermind it’s the Mexican owner he’s just jealous that I made an attractive Latina lady call me her “pequeño bebe” (little baby in Spanish). Even an elder swirler (we need a new term for these types of swirlers) looked at me funny and had the nerve to tell me that those Latino men will kill me if I made their women love me… *breathes in* THIS HALF LIZZO HALF MADEA SABERTOOTH BITCH HAD THE NERVE TO SAY THAT SHIT TO MY FACE WHILE MARRIED TO A LATINO HERSELF???

    Sorry for being dramatic but also I’m making a digital novel for my book but can anyone recommend me a tablet I can draw on?

    Thanks and happy SYSBM!!!

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  22. It’s good to see Slaying Evil back from its brief hiatus.

    We’re in the dead of winter. Five long months before I return to Colombia. The only species l love more than Colombia women are cats. Cats have the most adorable sounding “meow” and Colombiana have the most adorable sounding “mi amor.” LOL

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  23. Happy New Year, gentlemen! May 2020 bring the prosperity you seek.

    So I’ve taken my first step towards my improvement: Started classes in Spanish on a short notice suggestion by a friend. So far, so good. So happens that the teacher is Colombian.
    BA, you better believe that I will be visiting Colombia before year end!

    Fun fact: the word “esposas”, which means “wives”, actually also means “handcuffs!”

    Imagine my shock to learn that a buddy of mine is a SYSBM, Refuses to date Trinidadian woman (for most of the same reasons you guy don’t date American black women) and has had only Venezuelan/Latina women for a while.

    We had a good laugh at his stories of how Trinidadian women scowled at and death-stared at him and his woman in public. It was a glorious conversation. I am motivated!

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    • I was enrolled in a Spanish course at the local community college. Then I dropped it. I just don’t want to do the classroom instruction with 20 some folks. I chose a private tutor out of Costa Rica. I started on Tuesday.

      Good luck.

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      • @B A @Glen

        I had Spanish classes before then I self taught myself and I learned a lot more self taught than in a classroom of 20+ people

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      • DeltaWildDog18,

        Self-teaching is good as well. I believe an approach that incorporates many facets works best for me. I have a tutor. In addition to a tutor, I also have self-teaching material– I use the older version Pimsleur CDs, Ouino, Duolingo, Memrise. When I text my lady friend, I use a built-in text translator that translates while I type. I view NetFiix in Spanish. Every little bit helps.

        It’s a long road for me. Spanish is not an easy or intuitive language to grasp quickly. Yeah, there are some root words, I recognize instinctively, but overall it is not easy.

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    • I know a Dominican lady who moved to my area with her family 2 years ago; I’m going to ask her if she can teach me in the near future.

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    • Pfft, another lame alt-right white boy shock-jocking for clicks. I’ve never watched him but good riddance. That faggot Milo Yiannapoulos is also on the way out. He was recently crying that he’s no longer making money off these suckers. Deport his ass back to England to die in obscurity. These white boys can’t disappear fast enough.

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      • Woah, woah there, sunshine. Milo belongs to you now, just like 21Savage.

        PewDiePie (feel dirty even typing this dude’s name) was a government experiment that worked to influence hordes of YouTube viewers, unfortunately the dude is now obsolete, like an Windows phone, so more effective means are now needed.

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      • Michel, nope. Take Milo back. Piers Morgan, too. And keep 21Savage. We’ll keep Slick Rick The Ruler, and take Meghan Markle back.

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    • @BCT
      It seems obsessing over black men and their dicks isn’t as lucrative a profession as these blankskinned, child fucking white soyboys thought it was.

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  24. When I think about SYSBM, I say to myself that I have been part-SYSBM since I graduated from college and started working in corporate America. Right away, I knew that I didn’t want to die working a corporate job, or die dealing with the things that get on my fucking nerves. Black women, and pro-blacks, erroneously believe SYSBM (or some similar lifestyles) are about them.

    NEWS FLASH: It ain’t about them, It’s about my health and longevity. I know if I had continued living at the stress levels I had previously, that I would die early or succumb to a debilitating stress-induced illness.

    I learned this back in 2012, when I initiated divorce proceeding (yes, men, too, will initiate a divorce). After, my divorce, I felt so much better. Then in 2015, my life changed when I took an opportunity to work from home. Let me tell you, working from home has been a life saver. My health is much better (I can workout every day, in my basement). I don’t have to deal with a stressful commute, and office politics. God, I hate going to any fucking office and dealing with phony and toxic people, and having to listen to their dumb conversations every-fucking-day. If it isn’t some fucking alt-right asshole talking politics, it’s some Negro talking about sports ad-nauseam (for eight fucking hours).

    Now, I came to the realization, I need to have more control of my life. I need to move about when I want, when I want. But I cannot do that if I don’t have the proper economic infrastructure in place.

    I believe the SYSBM lifestyle and similar lifestyles are predicated on financial health. You cannot make moves (i.e., save yourself, or extricate yourself from the bullshit) if you are a wage slave.

    Break free from wage-slavery, and the rest will follow. And to think these people (black women, and pro-blacks) are so presumptuous to believe my quest for a better life is about them. They don’t fucking matter. Wait, they do serve a purpose– motivation. Haters have always motivate me.

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    • @B A

      Leaving the work force, eliminating non blacks and ditching the pro black stiff has done wonders for me. I quit a 23 year cigarette habit almost overnight, have way more confidence than before and I have time to pursue other goals like learning to type correctly (Dvorak keyboard) and shell scripting/C programming. My goal is to write my first little program by this time next year.

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    • тнαт ωαs εxcεℓℓεηт вяσ vεяү нυмвℓε∂ вү үσυя яεsρσηsε #яεsρεcт тнαηкs ғσя αℓℓ тнε ωσяк үσυ ∂σ вяσ

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    Let’s talk about it.

    I remember back when I played junior college football. The goal was to get selected for scholarship by a Division I team. I played junior college football in Los Angeles, so every athlete had the dream of being selected by USC or UCLA. Keep in mind, Keyshawn Johnson played in the same junior college conference I played in; albeit, he played two years before I arrived. He played for West LA College, and was selected by USC.

    That was a big deal to brag about, because out of the thousands of athletes who play JuCo football maybe a couple is selected by USC. Most aren’t selected to continue playing football at the four year level, and some are selected by lower-division teams (i.e., Division I-AA, Division II, and Division III). The athletes who were selected by Jerkwater State University or Podunk University (note, those universities don’t exist…lol), located somewhere out in the boonies, weren’t bragging about being selected by Jerkwater State. They quietly accepted their opportunity, and moved on.

    With respect to the so-called select dudes on YouTube, one has to ask are they being selected by people and entities that matter (e.g., USC) or are they being selected by people and entities that don’t really matter (e.g., Jerkwater State University)?

    I am really getting tired of self-proclaimed select fuckboys…

    It’s like the slow special ed student who cannot meet the academic criteria to gain acceptance in an elite university, who is trying to establish is own criteria that doesn’t really amount to a hill of beans to make himself appear more accomplished than he really is (assuming that he has even accomplished shit in his life).

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    • From what I’ve witnessed throughout my own life, these so-called “select” dudes who are supposedly gettin’ all the pussy, aren’t fuckin’ 9’s and 10’s. They’re beddin’ 5’s and 6’s, and maybe an 8 every great while. I mean, do you ever see these select dudes with a woman? Probably not. ‘Cause they’re too embarrassed to be seen with the land whales they’re pokin’. I saw that shit all through high school, college and into my adult years. The guys who did all the braggin’ were sleepin’ with a bunch of fat girls. Anybody can do that.

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  26. SYSBM is for weak black men….

    I saw the above cross my smart TV this morning with a thumbnail of Oshay and Steve the Dean Williams. I didn’t watch it. I am assuming Steve is calling black men weak for adopting SYSBM.

    I remember when Steve was a regular on Oshay’s platform a couple of years ago, and he would talk viciously about black people as a group.

    Do people not keep track of their positions and what they say???

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  27. I need to address these no-IQ, skidmarked red-black-and-green g-string sniffing, Kotex sucking Negroes going in on Verbs once more…

    When has Verbs ever singled out American black women? I have only been following this page for a few months and have not seen him single out any particular black women except maybe black women from the “horn of Africa” in a positive light. So where did they get the idea he, being from the UK, has taken it upon himself to solely criticize American black women?

    Since “non-ADOS” blacks have no right to speak on “ADOS” pro-black issues, where then do “ADOS” pro-blacks have the right to speak on SYSBM which is a philosophy practiced by free-thinking black men globally? Where do these “ADOS” pro-blacks get the right to speak to UK, Canadian and other non-American black men against SYSBM?

    See how these pro-black Negroes have the same do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do rationalization process as the black woman and the white man?

    This is why I always say the axis (pyramid) of white supremacy is the white man on top, the black woman just below and the pro-black eunuchs at the bottom.

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    • I find it strange when ADOS blacks say that non-ADOS blacks have no right to speak about black issues, but they give their white massa a pass when he, and Ms. Ann, speaks on black issues. But let’s tighten up the rhetoric a bit– what they are saying is that non-ADOS blacks have no right to speak NEGATIVELY about black issues. Now if non-ADOS blacks, such as Verbs, were fully supportive of black pathology, then they would make them/him honorary members.


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      • BA,

        I remember Taz the Curry GOAT used to hit me with the “are you ADOS” question all the time, come to find out that his handler/girlfriend Nylah is non ADOS herself. The hypocrisy of these pro black female simps is off the damn chain.

        Liked by 5 people

      • @B A

        It’s about defending black pathology. Especially defending black female pathology. Nevermind the fact that black people globally are experiencing the same hurdles.

        Liked by 3 people

      • @Verbs
        Yeah, I was “exiled” from the hotel community for being Canadian. Nevermind the fact that Canada was a place where many American slaves escaped to. 🤣

        Liked by 3 people

      • Hotep not hotel. 🤣 🤣 🤣
        But the Hotep community is sort of like hotel California. Or should I say hotel COONifornia. “You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.”
        Fuck that.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Verbs,

        David Carroll has given me a lot of insight into these B1 folks, mainly their hypocrisy. DC’s analysis is always spot on. Taz exemplifies that hypocrisy. His own damn wife isn’t ADOS, but she gets a pass, because she defends black pathology and the “black men ain’t shit brigade.” But you don’t get a pass, because you critically analyze black pathology.

        I rarely bet on something blindly. But, I would make an exception with respect to Cynthia G. She claims to hate the “evil albanoid devil,” but I would be willing to bet my last dollar that she’s fucked plenty of evil albanoid devils. Think about it, she’s already shown her hypocrisy– criticizing “breeders” but got impregnated by a breeder. If she was a hypocrite in that regard, I KNOW she’s a hypocrite when it comes to the so-called evil albanoid devil– she’s sucked countless pink phalli, and has swallowed its milk.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Cynthia Perkins did have a white boyfriend who later dumped her, so she’s nothing but a failed swirler and now a single mother statistic.

        Michel, so she’s another frostbite victim, huh? And now she’s ornery, because she poured hot water on to the frostbitten area. Any idiot knows you don’t apply hot water to the area. Yet, she’s this supposedly astute intellectual.

        Liked by 3 people

      • ADOS as a group has no legal standing or authority to enforce any such social policies, such sentiments only persuasive calls for donations.

        Please stop calling yourselves descendants of slaves (an unnatural condition). Slaves can not even have descendants in law, because they are considered as the property and therefore attachments of their so called owner.

        I understand the recognition of the need to band together….but look around everyone else has a nationality, dark hued American descendants better stop playing games and get a real national platform and stop calling themselves by silly names if they wish to move as a collective group on the international level.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Lol. I don’t really care, because we don’t have time for the immature buffonry and pointless fighting leftists (including white supremacists) and black women engage in. Trust me, if you think that these incels and alt-righters are bad now, wait until SHFT goes into effect and the powers that be grab the guns from the people. How do you think the lottery scam and the guns for drugs trade started down here in Jamaica?

        The alt-right is simply the Napoleonic Cult of Reason doctrine, rewashed and given a modern look for this time and age. Russian intelligence which is controlled by prolaterian internationalists is the real controller of the whole damn thing.

        Remember the Hegallian dialectic. Thesis – Western civilization. Anti Thesis – Progressvism, its extension in white supremacy and Black Woman Synthesis – ‘Multipolarity’ of regions under Saudi Israel and China, with smart cities for the masses and gulags for dissenters. Or world communism run by the followers of Leon Trotsky under NATO with every thought policed by the KGB and the US Army as world police.

        Black women and regressive leftists are narricastic sociopaths, which means that they are incapable of learning from their mistakes or even realizing that they’re wrong in the first place. They’ll all be dead or in gulags anyways when they realize that they’ve been had.

        Defectors and former cult members warned them multiple times about the plans of the chosen ones over the past centuries and they ignored it for free love, toxic identity politics and kicking black men and white women out of the house.

        Now that the smoke has cleared and all their special interest groups are turning on them, they want black men to clean up the mess.

        Let God deal with the Progressives, black women and white supremacists. Give the Creator what belongs to him and give what belongs to Caesar, to Caesar.

        Politics and religion never really did mix that well anyways.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Good point but remember, black women and the leftist heirarchy are the perfect useful idiots. They are narricastic sociopaths which means that they are totally incapable of remorse or even learning from their mistakes.

        Liked by 2 people

    • I have another ADOS/non-ADOS paradox for you. How many times have we heard ADOS-pro-blacks say, Obama didn’t do anything for black people? I ask, why should he have done anything for black people? He’s non-ADOS, right? SMH.

      Liked by 3 people

    • That’s an excellent way of putting it: the pro-Black eunuch at the bottom is holding up the Black woman who is holding up White supremacy; it’s also like the totem pole.

      Liked by 2 people

  28. I had to give Mr. Aaron Fountain’s article another read (yeah, I do shit like that…lol).

    He says, Black men as a collective group lack wealth, access to capital, and are less educated than Black women, so how can distancing oneself, if even possible, lead to salvation?

    My ex-wife has a masters degree in Finance, but yet I earned more, and had far better credit, than her when we were married.

    Yeah, when I was going to the courthouse to petition for a divorce, I was saying to myself, “how am I going to get salvation by divorcing the highly-degreed, and highly indebted woman.” NOT! Divorcing her has lead to a better life for me!

    Liked by 6 people

    • Well said. Fountain and his buddy Justin are the typical leftist drones who swallow whatever crap comes out of the mouth of the leftist propaganda machine. The alt-right is the same, except they overdose on ‘red pills’ from corrupt leaders controlled by Russian intelligence. In fact the whole alt-right is Napoleonism with Pepe at the forefront and a good bit of anarchism to spice things up. As I have said before, the aim of black women and Progressives is to keep the black community and by extension, the West broken via single motherhood, corrupt education, law enforcement and intelligence and cult crowd control tactics so that China, Saudi Israel and NATO can rule the world in the place of national governments.

      The white man is just an enforcer and trigger man for the modern day Druid cult.

      Black women and regressive leftists are just plain fucking nuts and power hungry freaks.

      Liked by 1 person

    • @B A
      “Black men as a collective group lack wealth, access to capital, and are less educated than Black women, so how can distancing oneself, if even possible, lead to salvation?”

      A hilariously STUPID argument that assumes that black women are cheerful benefactors. 🤣🤣🤣

      Liked by 2 people

      • The argument was sound until he threw in “…and are less educated than Black women.”

        Just today, before rereading Mr. Fountain’s piece, I wrote above, “I believe the SYSBM lifestyle and similar lifestyles are predicated on financial health. You cannot make moves (i.e., save yourself, or extricate yourself from the bullshit) if you are a wage slave.

        Break free from wage-slavery, and the rest will follow. And to think these people (black women, and pro-blacks) are so presumptuous to believe my quest for a better life is about them. They don’t fucking matter. Wait, they do serve a purpose– motivation. Haters have always motivate me.

        I am willing to bet there are plenty of blue collar black men who earn way more than some highly educated black women. Did I tell you the date, a one-and-done mind you, I had with one black woman, a few years ago?

        She was pursuing PhD in Organizational Leadership, while working at the Marriott. She got into the PhD program, because her former employer was the university where she was pursuing the degree. She was let go, due to cuts, but the university gracious enough to allow her to finish. I know she wasn’t making nearly as much as I was, not working at the Marriott.

        Later, I was dating an anesthesiologist, nice lady, a bit chunky for me. Now, with such prestigious job, she was underwater in her mortgage and struggling to sell her house. I am willing to bet that if she earned more than me, it wasn’t by much, and she definitely wasn’t netting more than me. Her mortgage was underwater for Christ’s sake!!!

        Highly educated, huh? Okay…

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  29. Last year, I had posted about the boxing rematch between KSI and Logan Paul which resulted in KSI winning by unanimous decision; Logan took a major ‘L’ which he may never get over for a long time. You may think that’s the end, but, like the late Billy Mays used to say, “Wait, there’s more!” Now, it’s Jake Paul’s turn to go pro against KSI’s friend, AnEsonGib:

    This fight has long been anticipated by fans of the two YouTubers, but Jake was ducking Gib for months (which he denies); Jake is risking EVERYTHING by agreeing to this fight, so unless he wants to join his older brother in the loser’s circle, he better train hard. Gib has 2 wins in previous matches on the undercard for KSI’s first 2 fights; if he wins this one, that would be the death blow to Jake’s ego, and the end of both of the Paul Bros.’ careers. This is going to be interesting to watch…

    Liked by 3 people

      • She was possessed by the ghost of Ol’ Dirty Bastard. The lion at the Bronx Zoo didn’t even want her crazy ass. Animals can sense auras. These mentally-diseased hoes are who the progressive Black man is supposed reach back to and fix. No thanks. Hopefully they locked her up by now.

        Liked by 3 people

  30. latest news from Brampton Ontario, sounds like a case of domestic violence

    a south Asian woman went mission and her body was found on Monday night her ex husband is wanted

    looks like Brampton have a domestic violence problem. the men killing their women and a google search shows similar cases women turning up dead and husbands in trouble


    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh wow another Indian guy murders his ex-wife. I read where this other Indian guy shot his ex-wife with a crossbow. She was pregnant with the new husband’s child. This was in Canada, too. Y’all need a Trump to shut the immigration door on these Pakis, they’re savages.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Another victim of paki “game”.
      “You show me bobs and vagene or I kill you!”
      What do you expect from a breed of males who think it is perfectly OK to pull their pants down and take a shit in public. An arranged marriage is probably like a death sentence to East Indian women.

      Liked by 3 people

      • I was reading in Bloomberg most of those Pakis don’t even have toilets and go out to the fields and shit. You are privileged if you have a working bathroom. Then they come to North America and want to look down on Black men. Fuck those people.

        Liked by 4 people

      • @Schadenfreude
        True. Believe me I know. They’re just trying to ingratiate themselves into whore society. It boggles the kind how they really believe they’re white. 🤣

        Liked by 2 people

      • Shawn doesn’t get it and doesn’t want to. He’s been cucked and emasculated by his mammy. There’s always TWO sides to a story and there’s a reason why his father didn’t stick around.

        Liked by 5 people

      • As the progressive Black man leaves the building, not all can make the journey with us. Guys like Shawn James are obsolete and will be left behind. As far as BW are concerned he is the textbook definition of a dusty or incel. Played out haircut and clothes, no job, lives with his mother, hasn’t dated since 1989, probably stinks in real life. Oh well. I wish him all the best.

        Liked by 6 people

      • He’s stupid when it comes to business and marketing. The fact he even has a following proves that a great deal of Negroes can be led by a damn slot car.

        Liked by 2 people

    • @afrankblackman

      I am more on the side of MGTOW but not mainstream MGTOW. I am more in line with David Carrol’s philosophy in that while I do find some females attractive, I don’t pursue them unless I am extremely bored and horny which is rare. There is the flipside of it with guys who say they don’t want a serious relationship but talk non stop about women, which gets extremely boring after a while. Then there are guys like Pastor Two-Piece who claims to be an authority on masculinity, manhood and relationships in spite of the fact he hasn’t had a date since Tears for Fears were on the charts. To be honest, when I first heard about SYSBM I thought it was MGTOW for black people. I am glad it is open ended enough to accomodate my ideals because mainstream MGTOW is for rinky-dink white beta boys to whine about the system they created and their women whom they could never stand up to.

      Liked by 1 person

      • To expand. The guys who claim to be MGTOW but whine about the state of women and how their nature is “destroying civilization!!11”, praising fool ass religions like Islam because they appear to have their women in check and etc. are not true MGTOW. They are a bunch of beta boys who are sitting in a corner pouting while waitng for an extraordinary set of circimstances to occur that will magically turn the clocks back to 1955 and keep them there while storks drop off Stepford wives to each and every one of their doorsteps. Phonies. I have zero interest in ttraditionalism and that male-female dymamic which says I should have nothing better to do than to provide and protect a grown infant in exchange for meager sex rations. LOL! I prefer it this way where there is no societal pressure to live that way and that I can get sex without having to buy the cow. If a self-proclaimed “MGTOW” doesn’t see how good they have it today as a male then they are not MGTOW, period.

        Liked by 1 person

  31. Hmmm let’s see I’ll take a “fat” Australian woman of EXOTIC descent over a clinically-obese, chicken wing eatin’ weave-wearin’ black American hood bitch. Leticia is a MODEL and is paid to look like that, what’s fat black hoes’ excuse?

    If anything it’s a comedown for Leticia. Out of all the American black men to choose from, she typically picks the tatted, human petri dish with 6-7 babymamas that we know about. Typical for these hoes, but like the BAW she’s trying to emulate, she’ll learn the hard way.

    Liked by 1 person

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