UK Black Witch Named Sol Bey/J Doll Calls Out Black Men – They Never Tell The Entire Story, smh!


Smh, using the mainstream media arm of Captain Euro their white lord and saviour black women for the past 40 years plus have relentlessly slated, damaged, besmirched, graffitied and heavily contributed towards the attempted total ruining of the image and reputation of black men(specifically heterosexual free thinking brothers), yet she and the same women of her ilk cannot seem to understand why there is a growing resentment and hatred towards them coming from the corner of black men, really witch?

This is one of the main problems I have with black women as a group, the fact that there isn’t an accountable bone within their bodies. Herein lies the difference between black men and black women, if black men detect hostility and hatred towards us coming from any group, we’ll examine the matter thoroughly including an examination of ourselves to see if we have somehow contributed towards the incoming venom.

Not these black females however, as far as they are concerned they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong to black men historically or in the present(which is complete garbage on both accounts)and therefore in their eyes they are helpless “victims” of senseless hatred and victimisation, yawn. You see , I can show you better than I can tell you as to why more and more black men despise black women and additionally are choosing to avoid them when it comes to dating and marriage.

Black men are beginning to shake off the spells and snap out of the trance that has gripped us for the longest while, we now see black women for the cruel, cold hearted, evil, wicked, vindictive, ungrateful, spiteful, bloodthirsty tyrants that they are, black women because of this are in full panic mode and are still attempting to somehow portray themselves as innocent victims even though the multitudes of evidence speak otherwise:

This is the thing that I love about my website, the fact that it has now become a universal data hub and archive for black female skullduggery, black women who want to pretend as if they are innocent bystanders the evidence here at Slaying Evil more than demonstrates otherwise. As I’ve stated before, if you expect black women to give you the full picture as to why in 2019 they are hated and deeply despised by not only black men but practically the whole world, feel free to wade through the articles on this site as they will bring you right up to speed on the situation, the bottom line is this, BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT VICTIMS BY A LONGSHOT!

I don’t really need to break down this sirens’s video as the evidence on this website more than deals with her disjointed narratives. Gentlemen, according to Sol Bey we don’t have options yet black men here in the UK are dating out at a rate of 55% and growing and in the US I believe the interracial dating, cohabiting and marriage percentage rates are well into their 30s.

We free thinking black men simply don’t get into discussions with delusional black women who are trying to portray themselves as innocent, we’ve moved on, the only reason why I continue to discuss them is to give other black men a heads up. Continue to keep the Wall up and fortified at its maximum level, these black harriets are in dire straits, SYSBM has wounded black women beyond measure and will continue to inflict further and deeper damage.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Fall For The “We’re Innocent” Kansas City Shuffle

Most High Bless

150 thoughts on “UK Black Witch Named Sol Bey/J Doll Calls Out Black Men – They Never Tell The Entire Story, smh!

  1. The religion of peace and the chosen ones strike again:

    Black females’ Lord and Master Working Over-Time to please the Caliphate:

    This is all part of the plan, weaken the West with Satanism (which is the core of progressive thinking and ‘white supremacy’), multiple genders, uncontrolled immigration, mind controlled mass murderers and other failed progressive policies, then strike with China and South Korea who lead the world in STEM.

    The left and it’s black female sidekick are a fucking joke, leave them to Chabad Chev and Slum Lord Shlomo from the block.

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    • Ahh i’m back. Yippee! More great content from one of my favorite sites. People hate Tommy because he doesn’t lie. Especially on black women.
      Black women and their democrat masters are the reason we fight the good fight #SYSBM for life

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  3. Some things never change. The black woman and her Lord and Master are a walking Comedy strip. From assaulting white girls over Trump pins, stealing elections, allowing once prosperous sections of the West to fall into ruin and disrepair and supporting thugs, bums, worthless men, religious extremists and low IQ migrants over decent men and women, all in the name of tolerance, mind you the black witch and the Progressives have shown how unfit they are for leadership. No wonder their incel and thug Negro spawn are so rude, effeminate and disrespectful, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    One thing I’m glad for is that with Trump’s election and the clowns in the regressive left taking L after L as people get sick and tired of woke comic books and other politicaly charged propaganda outlets disguised as entertainment, failing public schools run by the KGB, MI6, Mossad and the CIA, Adderal high edgelords and Shaniqua’s bastards spawn being a nuisance to all those who want to learn in these places, support of bestiality and pedophiles as well as gender dysphobia and other relics from the French ‘Revolution’, the left and it’s black female sidekick are being exposed for the frauds they are.

    Slum Lord Shlomo, Head Chopper Mohammed from the City of London, Chabad Chev and Slim Shady fresh from the gulag can have the hood, the skeptic community, black women and the left for all I care, no clean up men round here.

    I don’t deal with hate preaching religious fundamentalists, entitled shills looking for attention or public school trained domestic terrorists.

    And if the Rationalwiki and Snopes crew have a problem with that they can pound rocks with their alt right and incel creations.

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  4. Funny how she can say that black men can be horrible while ignoring the fact that women of her ilk willingly give up their pussies to those horrible black men. And to sit there and try and call out Tommy Sotomayor is bullshit. Reality TV shows, daytime talk shows, World Star Hip Hop, general public interaction. Black women have been showing their asses for a long time now. Everyone sees it, it’s always been there. Tommy was just one of, if not the first to call it out and produce logical sufficient evidence to prove his claims. She wants to talk about Tommy and his platform, but has nothing to say about the black trolls (mostly FEMALE) who send threatening and insulting messages to him and his daughter. She wants to bring up the basketball player who married a white woman and referred to black women as bulldogs, but has nothing to say about the trolls who attacked his wife first. Fuck this disingenuous, euro trash n***** bitch. Black women haven’t garnered this worldwide reputation for nothing. Either tell the whole story, or don’t say shit at all.

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  5. When I was a kid in my hometown, you had sexy black female R&B DJs on the radio with silky smooth voices. Now I can’t get through 10 minutes of these YouTube hoes. Flat, passionless, lip-smacking, throat-clearing, some even straight up masculine (the “Dear Black Man” videos). This woman Sol Bey sounds horrible. She actually sounds fat, I’d be surprised if she was actually attractive in real life.

    And once again, no self-reflection on these women’s part on how we got here, just victimhood. I love the notion that black men just woke up one day and decided to hate or at least dislike black women for no reason. Nope, just “misogynoir” out of nowhere. SMH.

    I don’t agree with Tommy 100% but I respect that he was the first to actually monetize black female fuckery. He is an aggregator, like Huffington Post, only he curates news items about ratchet black hoes. Just think if these bitches stopped with the Section 8 antics and welfare monkeyshines, he would have nothing to report.

    Kudos to Verbs here at Slaying Evil for providing this platform. Brothers would still be suffering in silence if it weren’t for men like him.

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  6. It’s because they hate us 50. They aren’t our women, and the more we walk away from them the angrier and more hostile they will become toward us. BW will happily attempt make BM the face of sexual misconduct in the workplace, they are covering for the WM (who they hope will date them) who is the true perpetrator of that.

    Who knows maybe he was just trying to be PC about his words.

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    • @James SYSBM
      Well said.
      Even a guy like 50 Cent is waking up.
      2019 is the year of exposure.
      We still got about 2 weeks left.
      Who will be exposed next?

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    • Good find, James. Not a peep about her buddy, Harvey Weinstein. Oprah knows better than to go after her “small hat” paymasters.

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  7. Verbs, you should consider writing a book on Black women highlighting the lack of diversity in their rhetoric, looks, behavior, etc.; the title of the book would be “Negro Wars: Clone Wars” (the title was inspired by an animated show on Cartoon Network called “Star Wars: Clone Wars”).

    This woman is a copycat of all the other naysayers of Tommy; also, I noticed Tommy was in her comments and bet her she wouldn’t come on his show, which she confirmed she would not. How big of a coward is she to call him out on her channel, yet back out of debating him and defending her position?

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      I hoping to go part time next year, that would give me more time to wack out another book. I remember Clone Wars, it was a pretty good animation show. As I stated before, if I’d have joined Facebook before completing Negro Wars, the book would’ve been at least 400 pages long.

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  8. WM hacks a BM and his Latina wife’s Ring security camera at their house, taunts, harasses, and asked them what skin tone their kids are:

    These nerdy WM incel types are a cancer on society, they are the only ones who sit around the internet trying to fuck with people like this. Finding ways to harass people on the internet, watching anime, and playing video games is what a lot of these young WM would rather do than hit the gym or go talk to a women, pathetic.

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    • These stories are popping up all over the place. Ring needs to get their things in order or they’ll be out of business before they know it.

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    • @James SYSBM
      Beautiful home….CHECK
      Gorgeous exotic wife….CHECK
      Beautiful kids…CHECK
      If they have security cams then they must have a decent amount of wealth…CHECK

      I’m surprised that all white male’s heads didn’t explode collectively the minute they turned on the camera! LOL

      That brother’s got everything these little, cheese eating, gaymer, low testosterone, pasty white boys wished they had. Hey, obsessing over us keeps them from breeding so my suggestion is to flaunt your stuff in their faces every chance you get!

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      • I have has similar thoughts about breeding in relation to this topic. Most of these types of WM are probably either terrified of women or have no idea how to speak to one. White dudes like that are probably one of the reasons that white population numbers are in decline. Whole lotta unmarried WW walking around with un fertilized eggs because of these losers. Oh well.

        Watch them flip their lids when a WW (that they likely never even tried to speak) dates a non-WM.

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      • @James SYSBM
        Their mommies told them they were very handsome. And so these little white incel gaymers basically feel entitled to women. I see those types all the time. And they have the sheer stupidity to blame their inability to mate on “white genocide”. LOL
        This is poetic justice. The oh so smart white man is breeding HIMSELF out! LMFAO!

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      • @Anton N
        You’re right, I shouldn’t do that. I remember real gamers from back in the days before 3D gaming. They had nothing to do with these purple haired, wierd, cosplaying commies and alt-righters. Jesus Christ, the more I look around the more I see how progressives and alt-righters are exactly the same! LOL.
        This is some twilight zone shit.


  9. Scraggle Daggles: “You n-words ain’t shit. Black men are weak, effeminate and are beta males.

    Thinking brothers: Aight Imma Head Out


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  10. On one of Sotomayor live stream at the beginning of this month, I use the stat that interracial dating is at 55% in the UK. I also pointed out that is mostly black men and white women interracial couples there. My own experience visiting there. I actually had some guy try to claim that I was making up stuff and that is whatever stat that people use now. I think he said interracial dating stat in the UK was 8%. I also brought up that interracial dating in Europe is rising. Especially in Germany, the Netherlands, and France. Again, this fool bought up a government that that I guess he read on some website or something I don’t know. It’s not even the most up-to-date stat. I guess me saying that hurt his (or her) feelings. I even said you can feel however you want the facts are the facts and I have the experience to prove it. Of course I also reference that I know brothers who live in the UK. After that I ignore him because I don’t waste time with these fools and you cannot win when arguing with people’s emotions. Just a interesting tidbit.


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    • Mack G,

      The dating out ratio for UK black men in 2007-2009 was at 48%. There are a lot of bootlicking simps particularly from the US who cannot believe that stat whenever it is mentioned, either contributor Black Caesar or Michel posted up the latest stats here not so long ago. Interracial dating in Europe especially in Western Europe in 2019 is off the damn chain and will continue to rise as black women as a collective without fail choose to plummet themselves deeper into the sewer of degradation, degeneracy, reprobation and filth.


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    • Mack G

      That guy didn’t know what the fuck he was talking about.

      55% dating out rate back in 2015. That number is set to ride with the new UK census in 2020. Hell, come over here and see it for yourself.

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      • Michel,

        I was over your way back in October, the West Ham area. I was hanging around drinking coffee and waiting on a taxi. Saw the IR with my own eyes even in that short a time. Plenty of BM with WW wives and biracial kids. I only saw one “black love” couple and the woman seemed mad at the guy. He had his arm around her, but she didn’t reciprocate. He’ll probably end up with a WW himself before long. Hahaha!

        Get those passports, gents!

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  11. Long post coming, sorry in advance gentlemen.

    This video is a load of hot garbage . All black mans fault, no responsibility taken as to why things are the way they are.

    They make it seem as if we just woke up one day and decided to trash them every single day, and ultimately leave these clowns alone at all costs.

    Nothing about how for the last damn near 40 years of kicking the man of the house out (i know this to be 100% true, my uncle has personally told me this happened to him and his ex wife in the 80’s) to get welfare.

    Or most of the 90’s where we heard “I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need no man” destiny’s child garbage. Not to mention the numerous and I mean NUMEROUS talk shows screaming how niggas ain’t shit, they are on the down low and don’t take care of their kids (remember Jenny Jones, Sally Jesse Raphael, Ricky Lake from way back. UK brothers look those one up) in the early to mid 90’s gangster rap lifestyle which celebrates everything wrong and dysfunctional “black culture”.

    While ostracizing the clean cut “lame brother” who like comics, anime, sci fi, respectful and anything that doesn’t emulate the typical nigger hazardous and deadly lifestyle.

    A lifestyle which destroyed homes, communities, and lives all over the country but notably in the New York metropolitan area (where I’m originally from)to the point of practical chaos before Giuliani came and cleaned New York City up; which in turn helped clean up the surrounding areas. But the damage was done, and all the work that was done to clean up, is all but gone thanks to Cuomo, De Blasio and company; which is a story for another day.

    We’re supposed to just forget ALL of that?? That’s what these heifers are trying to say? Not a chance in hell. It’s too little too late. This is why I have absolutely no issue saying fuck the black community. There is zero hope for reconciliation.

    They collectively dug their own graves, destroyed their own communities, had hordes of bastard children, mentally destroyed their bastard children before they even had a chance, are grossly overweight, horrible attitude and a pathetic reliance of these rugs on their heads. They sealed their own fate and we refuse to come in and fix a mess we didn’t create. You’ve hit the wall of silence head on, and we refuse to throw a ladder over, or even listen to your pleas. You’re being systematically replaced, and are too stupid to see it (or don’t care if you do).

    To all of you pro whack lurkers reading this thinking I’m joking about my stance, note that I’m dead serious. I loathe your kind to the point of I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. I am anticipating and looking forward to Trump cutting off all of your welfare and watching you sheboons die out slowly and painfully.

    I’m tired of seeing on the news, social media watching you brain dead, effeminate, barely functioning above Down syndrome (and this is an insult to people with actual Down syndrome who I have zero issues with) inbred (incest is a huge un talked about problem in your hellhole communities) niggers attacking people for damn near no reason other than “he disrespecked you”.

    I hope you clowns realize one day, people will eventually take matters into their own hands and start dealing with you without kid gloves. Meaning sooner rather than later, you’re gonna attack or mess with the wrong person and get your head blown off. And I personally will celebrate as there is one less of you around.

    I’ve been holding this in forever if you couldn’t tell.

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    • Well said. You could apply the same to the Progressives, as during the time of the French ‘Revolution’ they decides that they didn’t want submissive, feminine women. They destroyed Europe and Africa and rewrote history to make themselves feel good, then handed over the Old World to China, the CPSU and South Korea on a silver platter in the first half of the 20th century.

      And now that the beta males and incels they created through corrupt public education, entitlement mentality and neglect of the mentally ill are starting to become a problem, they want to blame us on the right for it.

      No thanks, I’m not a janitor for anyone.

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  12. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are the biggest fucking idiots on the face of the planet. I am remember growing up in the 1980s and 1990s when I used to watch female talk shows like Oprah Winfrey, Rikki Lake and Sally Jesse Raphael, all the black female guests was always slagging off black men with impunity telling the world that we ain’t shit, we are not on their level educational wise, career wise and financial wise plus we don’t look after our kids and so on plus they failed to mention that they are only talking about the bad black men who don’t do anything productive with their lives and the whole fucking world believed in that bullshit that is why there was a lot of hate and racism towards us black guys because non black parents didn’t want their daughters dating black men due to the negative stereotypes that’s placed upon us especially towards the decent ones who did nothing wrong and were rejected by these same black women because we was called educated lame, boring, we had no so called swag while these same black women chased the thug black man and had all his kids and made very stupid choices in life especially when they end up being a single mother with multiple kids and no decent childfree black man is gonna date their arse because all the baby daddy drama that is going on in their lives and we childfree sysbm black men have almost limitless choices when it comes to dating non black women and these same childfree non black women can see for themselves that not all black men are bad as there is many decent ones out there that would make great husbands and boyfriends plus these same non black women are going against societies racist rules in terms of dating and they date black men in large numbers throughout the world and the racist white man and racist non black man doesn’t like it one bit. Now that this the year 2019 going on 2020 and thanks to technology that we have now in the 21st century in the information age era plus we and the whole world can see the black women fuckery on TV, the Internet and YouTube that they have nowhere to hide and that’s the reason why they are the least desired women on planet and nobody feels sorry them because they created the same problems that are talking about and the whole world is getting tired of their shit.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you would say, I fully agree with you bro. Being rejected by black women is a blessing, however admittedly for the longest while many of us who were enchanted by these delusional harpies and chose to deal with them didn’t look at it that way.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and getting rejected by black women in my younger years over foolishness was a big blessing in disguise. I find black women these days a humongous turn off and I can never ever see myself dating them again as I got nothing in common with them accept the same skin colour. My personality seems to suit white women and non black women more plus back 9 years ago back in 2010 even my own dad told me that I should date only white women and non black women because my life will be alot easier and he is right.

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      • @Verbs
        I am thankful I was never attracted to black women. Literally. I can’t even get a chub looking at them LOL. It is extremely rare that I find them physically attractive and then I consider the attitude under there and the attraction goes away. Moreover, I am not about to become some low-IQ thug to impress these diseased up, out of shape, stinky weave wearing slobs. Neither will I bust my ass to finance their needs. I’d rather throw my money down a sewer. It’s cleaner.

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    • @Quincy F
      “Black women are the biggest fucking idiots on the face of the planet.”

      Brother came out the gate with guns blazing.

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      • Just to clear something up,

        Ricki Lake, Sally Jessy, Montel, Geraldo, Oprah, Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones. All of these shows were on primetime network TV in the UK. We saw them just as equally as you in the US and Canada.

        “You go girl, niggas ain’t shit, strong and independent and don’t need no man” found a British audience. And they’re paying for their backlash.

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      • Ugh I remember all those shows. Does anyone else remember the Rolanda show? That loud mouthed black woman LOL. There was a Ricky Lake ripoff here in Canada called “The Camilla Scott show” too.

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  13. All of my exes, only one of them was black British fatty who played games with me. Listen here, black men don’t hate black women. These ghetto hoodrats hate themselves because look how many weave they put in their hair. They put on this blonde weave because they want to compete with the white woman. And also they put on this weave because they are trying to snug up a white man but at the end they get a bottom shelf Brad, the biggest player in the black dating market. You know how much black punany he gets on a daily basis? Black women have a huge hatred for the black heterosexual male so does the white beta male and the simps that defend these ratchet women.

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  14. Just looking at the black woman nowadays, now I know why I lost all attraction for black women. How many times have we heard coming out of the black woman’s mouth:
    1) N***** ain’t ish.
    2) Black men are deadbeats.
    3) All we do is sell drugs and get locked up.
    4) We on the down low.
    5) All these black men are either gay or in jail.
    6) Where are the good black men?
    While they lying up in bed with these thugs and bum black men? These black women stay lumping black men into one category, while not knowing the fact they were just messing with a particular group of black men. Just how long are they gonna keep this up because I’m kind of sick of black women trying to put us black men in a bad light? Them Dear Black Men videos they black women trying to pull, they need to try harder than that because if they so called “love” black men, they would show it instead of just using words. Plus, with them Dear Black men videos, the question that needs to be ask is this: Where was this so called love that black women have for black men when they was calling us ain’t ish, deadbeats, down lows, lame, and all this?

    Once again, in the future, expect more black women to become desperate as hell.

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  15. We free thinking black men simply don’t get into discussions with delusional black women who are trying to portray themselves as innocent, we’ve moved on…

    I wish more would adopt this stance instead of engaging them on live panels.

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  16. ” according to Sol Bey we don’t have options yet black men here in the UK are dating out at a rate of 55% and growing and in the US I believe the interracial dating, cohabiting and marriage percentage rates are well into their 30s.”

    Follow the bouncing ball:

    Their job is to make you THINK you have no options, make you THINK you don’t deserve the best, make you THINK you need them to survive. The black woman and the white man work together to mentally, spiritually and even physically imprison black men. It is the only job either of them take seriously and put any real effort into. The IR relationship figures for black men are slowly catching up to the UK at around 40%. You can’t shame anyone into accepting something of little value. People can call me whatever they want, I will never spend my time and money on that which is evidently of little or no value. Black women have earned the hate and that hate is 100% justified. It is called righteous indignation. Why should black men suppress their feelings for the sake of their enemy’s feelings? Hate does not equal violence. It only helps you remember who your enemy is.

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      • @Anton N
        The only difference between the black woman and the white man is the black woman has more testosterone. 😂😂😂
        #SYSBM for life!

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      • You got that right. Honestly the left is a joke. A clown show of idiots fighting each other for power. Wasting time hating these idiots just isn’t worth it to me. They’ll get their full comeuppance anyways, for their support of child abuse, pedophile, Communism and fascism and other evils. The world always inevitably marches towards justice after all.

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      • @Anton
        I am going to wind up in jail when they legalize pedophilia. I said WHEN not IF. A lot of white men are going to die at my hand.

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      • These fuckers are sick plain and simple. Supporting child abuse because they’re too scared to stand up for themselves, what a utter joke. I can only hope you make it out of Canadiastan before things go that south. Me, I’m going to sort myself out, make some bread then head straight for Florida, then South-East Asia.

        Fuck the left and it’s agent in the black woman. I’m not obligated to play clean up man for poor parenting skills and lack of personal responsibility.

        Progressives created these incels, let them deal with them.

        I’ve got too much to live for to risk my life over some idiot with entitlement problems and other mental issues.

        These Progressives deserve everything that’s coming to them, the blood of all those they sold out for votes and power is dripping from their hands and not even the KGB and CIA can hide it.

        No amount of soloquisms and word games can hide them for their coming judgement, they made their bed when they decided to be the mouth piece for the rich and powerful in order to satisfy their lust for fame. 2 and a half centuries of oppression, historical revisionism and democide and lies, false flag attacks, our nations being under siege by foreign powers using OUR technology,and incompetent leaders obsessed with personal appearance, and all these fools can give us is lies, lies and more damn lies. The first half of the 20th century was betrayal after betrayal to Stalin, Mao and Khrushchev with the latter inspiring Pol Pot and the Shining Path in Chile many years later, yet these clowns portray themselves as some big shots.

        Once you realize that these Progressives are just a sick little cult of immature women, fame hungry nerds and self important losers, then you see why they could never build much less maintain anything. They have the mindset of a middle schooler and the EQ of a toddler, which explains why their incel and thug Negro hellspawn behave so stupidly. The apple never falls far from the tree.

        All I hope is that the regressive left self destructs soon enough for decent people to rebuild and start making plans to deal with the Reich and the Chinese Social Republic once and for all.

        We stopped the Axis once, we can do it again if enough people put in the effort.

        It must be hard, living in a country where everybody bends over backwards to please whatever minority group the elites make up.

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      • @Anton N
        “I’ve got too much to live for to risk my life over some idiot with entitlement problems and other mental issues. ”
        And jesus christ:

        “Once you realize that these Progressives are just a sick little cult of immature women, fame hungry nerds and self important losers, then you see why they could never build much less maintain anything. They have the mindset of a middle schooler and the EQ of a toddler, which explains why their incel and thug Negro hellspawn behave so stupidly. The apple never falls far from the tree. ”


        “It must be hard, living in a country where everybody bends over backwards to please whatever minority group the elites make up. ”

        You just described Canada to a T. It’s uncanny. That’s where Canada invented its “not racist” facade from. They hate black men here as much if not more than the USA but they pretend to be “not racist” because they swarm the latest and greatest “minorities” to congratulate themselves. That’s why I set the record straight about this progressive cesspool of a country. Our mayor is the worst. Speaking on behalf of the whole city on gay issues as if everyone is in agreement on it. Flying the damn rainbow flag at city hall. Where’s the Jamaican flag at city hall? Where’s a nice Black Lives Matter flag at city hall? Oh, that’s right, that would be “divisive”. People in this country are so fantastically stupid that they don’t remember that 15, 16 years ago our “liberal” mayor ran as a hard core NEOCON talking about how tough he was going to get on crime which we know is white supremacist code for profiling and harassing black men. Even Andrew Scheer the supposedly “great white hope” and trump wannabe tapped out and quit the Conservative party. I’m telling you dude, as dumb as Trump is, no one has that kind of balls. NO ONE. I laughed myself stupid when all these Trump wannabe politicians sprang up in this country after he was elected as if they have a thimble’s worth of testosterone among them.

        I will get out brother. I don’t know where I will go but I’m not spending my life and building my future in this faggoty ass country. These idiots will put more effort, time and money into legalizing pedophilia than they will creating jobs and the progressive degenerates are A-OK with that.

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      • Jesus Christ. I was reading some articles on Gamergate and it turns out it was worse than the Resident Evil movies after the second one.

        Journalists and the gaming industry were deep in bed with each other, using their influence to control the public while beating down the REAL nerds who buy their products. They wiped the data off the net but there were blogs of journalists coming out and saying they were leaving the industry because it had become too corrupt.

        Everybody is screwing each other and paying the vig – in Jamaica we call that ‘eat a food’.

        Everybody is screaming about Trump but do people realize that Tencent and Reddit are being used by China to rig US elections?

        I bet Putin and his KGB buddies are having a field day with the graft they collect from the leaking roof of Hellyweird and Big Tech, when their Communist masters aren’t looking of course.

        Meanwhile Detroit is in ruins and these dumb fucks are too ignorant to see it – too lost in post modernist drivel and pointless issues.

        Dubai and Tel Aviv boom – Cleveland drinks lead.

        The Progressives whine about anti-semitism but there is a video of a prominent rabbi encouraging Jews to wipe out white women – where is the outrage for that?

        Sorry I forgot the left can’t see past It’s own ego.

        The skeptic community is deep in bed with Big Pharmacy and the leadership may have some pagan connections.

        People like Randi and the Rationalwiki staff don’t get away with crimes like that, without some major firepower behind them.

        Here in Jamaica it took a decade for two prominent criminals to be taken off the streets – the PM had to hold them for a assassination charge. The thugs had the best lawyers money could buy – paid from extortion money.

        A couple of thugs assainated a politician and got away unscathed – this is the power of crime down here.

        Lotto scammers wash their cars with champagne and US dollar bills while the favellas suffer. Gun and drug busts are now censored as the finds are too big. Black women love the weave, tattoos and the party but can’t seem to teach morals to youth. Which keeps the Chinese in business but that is a story for another time.

        This will be the fate of the black ‘community’ if Lord Napoleon and his black female sidekick are not overthrown.

        BLM is a commie front group but I get your point there.

        And where was the left on this….notice the silence on and 4chan. I’m beginning to think that FARC/PNAC is running the cartels, the alt right and the Progressive movement through the KGB and CIA. For all their talk about foreign intervention the left has never mentioned Jamaica and the fact that all the drugs and Money flow through here.

        Creating a problem, then coming with the solution.

        The left could bring down AIPAC and the American Workers’ Party dictatorship with ease if they just got off the net and did real protests – but since no one remembers the Seattle Riots and Waco that’s a no no. Hong Kong protests shut down the Chinese economy and the Yellow Vests are fucking up the EU big time.

        Everybody is fighting back against the new Axis and all the Progressives can do is just sit back and whine about a problem they created through poor parenting and socialization.

        Neocon = COMMUNIST.

        Forget any rhetoric they use – all distractions to hide from the real issues.

        Plain and simple.

        German police chief during WW2 Mueller, as well as the US Army officers that ended WW2, tried to warn us about them.

        They use pressure from above and below to mould society into their ideal dream. Smart cities and gulags all over the world are the goal.

        The rock band ‘Protomen’ tried to warn us about this. In the prequel album the villain uses the threat of a dangerous killer, as well as linking the public through a giant telescreen, to mould the City into his dystopian dream.

        All sunshine and rainbows – robots do all the hard labor – until someone fights back. Then the hammer drops.

        White supremacy and the black woman are merely extensions of Communism within the West. The white nationalist movement is controlled by the Feds and the ADL. Remember Woodrow Wilson and Robert Byrd who was Hellary’s mentor. The left and it’s legions of street thugs and bored mental adolescents are a distraction they put in place so Bi Bi and Xi can steal our technology and use it to kill Hong Kong Cantonese and Palestinian Jewish converts to Islam and Christianity.

        Khrushchev said small doses of socialism and Gorbachev stated that in order to accomplish that, the Prolaterian internationalists would just turn the USSR into a European Federation and lull the ‘Americans’ to sleep. Hence ‘white zaddy and the trannies’, the migrant invasion and the constant support of denegracy. Sarkessan is most likely being controlled via the KGB – the Progressives were always the most easily blackmailable during the Cold War after all.

        If the Belt and Road fails they have NATO to replace it – run by Russians posing as Americans with the US Army as world police.

        Either way nobody wins.

        The left hates kids – unless they can abort or rape them.

        Hence their love of pedophilia and refusal to call out child abusers in their movement.

        Did you know that the black woman’s Lord and Savior is now teaching- hold your stomach open satanism to kids?

        Now you see why they were so desperate to get prayer out of the schools and kick us and white women out of the house.

        The boomers sold out to the enemy big time and we are still suffering from the results of their treachery.

        A lot of these Progressives are entitled brats who think some Neo Nazi on 4chan making a fucking fool of himself is more important than real issues. Whiny little pricks who never seem to have left middle school.

        These people are so in love with themselves and their IQ it’s pathetic.

        Macron and Maduro abuse their own people these clowns are silent. To these people it isn’t real socialism, because it doesn’t lead to their fake utopia.

        Do they know who Salvador Allende and Pol Pot are? No. And they don’t care because they are too busy circle-jerking and mob moaning to notice.

        But some fool does a lame joke on the net?

        Everybody goes nuts over it.

        They’ll get their just deserts soon enough, the blood of the people they betrayed is on their hands and not even the KGB and CIA can hide it.

        If Brazil can be delivered from the clutches of the Reds, then there is hope that the Progressives and their fronts in white supremacy and the black woman can be defeated.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Michel Faith Goldy is mad because she desperately wants some black dick. Those alt-right tiki torches ain’t hittin her G spot. 😂😂😂

        Liked by 3 people

      • @Anton N
        It’s 2 degrees here and I felt the heat from that post.
        Well spoken.
        Sounds like Jamaica lives up to their movie industry which is comprised of 100% thug gang movies like Shottas where the cartel does kill politicians who were in bed with them.
        I hope you get out ASAP. Many times I wish I grew up there on my parents farm but that was out of ignorance. I’d never want to visit there as heartbreaking as that is to say. I wish I had the money to start some SYSBM relocation programme.

        Liked by 2 people

      • If you live in the rural areas or a gated community you can ignore it but the thugs are starting to invade there too. This is part of the reason why I hate these baizhao useful idiot Starbucks low level progressives. They are fucking up what could be paradise to sate their egos.

        Latin America has been a hellhole of corrupt politicians and hand outs – the communists exploited that to seize power.

        Before Castro and the other Nazi exiles died they set up a poison pill – an alliance of left wing political parties, NGOs, terror groups and pressure groups all united in the purpose of recreating Trotsky’s dream in the Americas.

        It’s known as the ‘Forum of San Paulo’ described by one informer as the CPSU of the Americas.

        Chavez and Bush Jr were a test drive – sensing no resistance the Communists continued to set up socialist state after socialist state using Soviet popular front groups as cover.

        Look at California for example. The place used to be the ‘American Dream’ but the black woman’s Lord and Savior ruined it and let groups like Aztlan run the place to the ground.

        The Progressive Leadership = the black woman.

        The beta white male and the thug Negroes are only their flunkies.

        Once you understand that you will realize why Progressives supported eugenics and Nazism, and fought hard to stop abolition.

        These Progressives fucked up the West for 2 and a half centuries and now that the results of their misrule are turning on them, want us to come deal with the likes to Trenchcoat Tev, Chabad Chev, Lil Grimy and False Flag Fedowitz fresh from the gulag whom they created and supported. No thanks, they can have all the thug Negroes and incels they want.

        As for me, I’m getting out of here once I sort myself out and get a steady stream of income. Florida, then South East Asia.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Anton N
        Be careful in Florida bro. I hear there a lot of “chosen people” down there. Good luck to you king. I am thinking of living in that part of Asia as well. Thailand or maybe the Philippines.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks man. I was binge watching O Connell’s vids and reading some articles and it’s amazing how idiotic the alt media has become. Apostate Prophet and O Connell have done more to bust the Sunni Muslim agenda and the one world caliphate plan than everyone else, yet O Connell is hiding in Malaysia and Prophet had to stop due to stress. And yet the idiots on Bitchute, Know More News, IrrationalWiki, Snopes and RedIce Media promote hate and division – bringing the West straight back into the times before Napoleon.

        A leading Rabbi confessed the chosen ones were using black women and beta white males to destroy the West – the migrants were supposed to wipe out white women and black men.

        Detroit and LA drink lead, Tel Aviv and Dubai boom.

        Chabad and Wahabbis tell their followers to commit jihad against infidels, no one notices.

        People elected Trump, Holness and Bolsanaro because they were sick and tired of Lord Progressive stealing taxpayers’ money and giving away the industrial ability to India and China.

        The remaining population left from swirling and mass migration would be easier to manage and control.

        Now you see why black women and Progressives support child abuse and pedophilia. They want the youth weak, angry and easily distracted so they can control them easier.

        Sunni Islam = Talmundist.

        The left is merely a distraction created so that Bi Bi and Xi can steal our technology and use it to oppress Hong Kong Cantonese and Palestinian Jewish converts to Islam and Christianity.

        African Catholics sick and tired of the nepotism, greed and racism in the Caribbean revolted against the slave system and ran the Progressives straight to American universities and politics.

        A lot of these people had connections to the blood of Abraham, rejecting the Talmund for Catholic teaching… suddenly the rise of the regressive left makes a lot of sense now.

        The modern left is totally incompetent – these people cannot even make a fucking magnifying glass.

        It’s all handed to them and the Chinese by Isreal, a Nazi puppet state.

        Before the 1840s and 1910s the Progressive movement was nothing more than a bunch of egotistical whiny snobs unhappy that West African Catholics, having no training but that of the secret schools, were creating modern capitalism and building other wonders if the world.

        Even in the days of slavery they were a joke.

        Even the hardcore Charles Darwin crew prefered to hustle their snake oil alone than support the Progressives.

        Then all of a sudden, France falls, other European leaders give up or surrender power to a ‘popular front’ and the dark ages of colonialism begins.

        Sunni Islam and Rothschild laugh all the way to the Bank of England.

        People like Orwell and the writer of Wuthering Heights warned the Progressive leadership not to give into sensationalism and handout mentality – Jim Crow and Weimar show these warnings were ignored.

        Clarey admitted ‘white supremacy’ is a method the bankers use to divide Westerners in one of his books.

        It’s straight out of the Hegallian dialetic.

        Remember KGB global and CIA Slavic ‘active measures’.

        Bezmenov also said something very important.

        “We rarely use guns to kill people and take over their country. All we have to do is support Communist or simply criminal factions covertly and boom..another liberated country. ”

        The Communists have used Big Education and the CIA/MSS run drug trade as a means of weakening resistance to their plans.

        A lot of military and ex intelligence people – the ones who the Neocons call ‘terrorists’ are sick and tired of these thug Negroes, whiny low level narricastic progressives and the white beta males.

        Sick of them.

        To the point where they write entire articles pointing out how stupid these entitled brats are and why the alt right is just another part of the far left.

        The left could stop Isreal and China’s influence over the West dead in it’s tracks if it wanted to – where are the protests on organ harvesting and murder of kids on the Gaza strip?

        Where are the protests on the new German American Bund and Lupercia statues…sorry AIPAC and the Confusius Institutes?

        Nowhere to be found – too busy fighting each other on 4chan and for that.

        No wonder they hate Trump so much – say what you may about the man taking pedos if the streets is one good move.

        The City of London is a money laundering front for world dominating Sunni Muslims and their racist Jewish cronies who preach that all infidels must be destroyed and that every Jew must have 2000 slaves.

        Just like their stereotype loving, family problem filled, ever unhappy pathological skeptic progressive front man and his black female sidekick.

        Modern thug culture came from Jamaica. The drug trade in Latin America is middle managed by Jamaican gangsters.

        Modern day public schools are terrorist training grounds – the black woman’s Lord and Savior ruins the mind of the youth in these places so he can have people stuck in the psychtric system.

        Can’t have people thinking for themselves after all.

        The incels and the alt righters also serve to delegitimize real nerds and otakus who don’t put up with these clowns – pull a troll on a light novel translation forum and see how long you last.

        There is a reason why the worst cyber-bullies stick to the Nature fandom at

        Thug Negroes and the incel crew are signs of a elephant in the room – the experiment with the rat utopia was right.

        Nature abhors a vacuum.

        The progressives threw ethics, morality and prayer out of schools to please everybody and look at the result – a sad little orobous circle of bullies and bullied.

        Psychiatry is utterly corrupt – the movement sold out to the Nazis many years ago.

        Cyber power and cyber security is the name of the game – a computer runs a city, but who controls the computer?

        The black woman and the Progressive are relics of a failed past and should be treated as such.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Anton N
        Damn bro. You are right on all counts.
        ⚡️ ☄️ 💥 🔥 🌪
        ⚡️ ☄️ 💥 🔥 🌪
        ⚡️ ☄️ 💥 🔥 🌪
        Nothing to add.


  17. And this Sol Bey/J Doll, she remind me of a black women who keep chasing after these worthless thugs like Pookie, Ray Ray, Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike, 357. Johnny, Big Dick Rodney, Pimp L, Rizla P, Thick Dick Tyrone and Long Dick 44. After when she gets ran through with thug dick or becomes a single mother, she’s says nothing but bull shit about black men hating on black women. Black women have a huge hatred for black men when they date outside their race. Four of my ex girlfriends are from Jamaica. I will not date a Jamaican woman again but I will not date a black British woman. And I wanted a black woman from the UK but when I see that they take up this feminism shit I was like no way. If I want to date a woman from the UK then she has to be white woman or a mix race woman.

    SYSBM crew keep your white sugar ladies warm tonight.

    Have a bless weekend!

    Liked by 5 people

  18. So this is funny and just sad. I went to an auto parts store this morning to pick up some windshield blades and a air filter for my truck. I knew what I wanted and I was simply just browsing making my way to the air filters and there is this black female in the same aisle. I quickly locate my air filter and she is in the aisle clearly struggling. I grab my filter and she is doing her best to get me to walk over there and assist but I don’t work there nor do I assist strangers in public. I prefer to KIM at all times but if a black man needs some help I will make time.

    So as I am walking up there is a bit of a line so I wait. She walks up and taps me on the shoulder and says “excuse me you know anything about filters”?

    I say “I do”

    She goes “well I need some help before I take off for work and I need to get this air filter and put in my car”.

    I told her “you look quite smart and confident I bet you can figure it out you don’t need a black man to help you. You are capable on on your own”

    Said that shit with a nice wide smile and gave a long pause.

    She clearly was stuck and goes “oh you right you right I had to raise my son all on my own”.

    I replied “well a mother and a father in one”. I turn around and get my stuff and leave.

    Two hours later I had to head back to pick up some Car Wax as well and lo and behold who is still there and holding an air filter trying to figure out how to squeeze it in her 2010 Toyota Avalon. I pull in and don’t even say anything to her. She immediately barks out “. This is why black women hate black men you all don’t help us for shit when we need it.”

    I look at her and smile “how can I help you when you are a mother and father all rolled up into one”.

    Got my wax on sale and few tall cans to enjoy tonight.

    That made my day.

    Liked by 8 people

    • ROFL
      The Wall is a mofo. The sad part is that changing an air filter is easy, they are supposed to be so much more educated than us they should be able to figure it out. lol

      Liked by 7 people

    • Fellhandedbjorn,


      That’s is the way to deal with these “strong and independent” sirens. Notice how she confirmed what free thinking black men have been stating for the longest, that black women HATE black men. These pro black simps are asleep at the wheel man, they’re smoking high grade flakka if they think that I’m going to help one of these delusionals. I know that black witch approached you as if you were obligated to help her with her car, this is how these witches roll. Recompense is a dish best served cold, I love it, lol.

      Liked by 6 people

      • That’s exactly how they roll:

        When they don’t need you, they are “strong and independent”.

        When they do need you it’s “Dear BM, we love you……..”

        If you can’t/won’t help them its, “You niggas ain’t shit!”

        Ever since I have been with my wife I handle all of the maintenance on her car. I’m a decent auto mechanic (I’ve done everything but rebuild an engine or transmission) and not long after we first met her parents were impressed when I changed her brakes and fixed her ac. I kept her old car running until she decided to trade it in, before we met she hadn’t changed the oil in about 2 years. Haha Dear BM is just the beginning, we will eventually see videos of BW breaking down crying and wishing/begging for a good man.

        Liked by 5 people

    • @fellhandedbjorn

      You are a king among men!

      If I still drank I’d ship you a 2-4 of the finest beer I could find.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Yeah that story was pretty savage. I’m not on his level yet, I probably would have helped her, but I feel like the older I get the less f***s I give.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Amen. I don’t give free assistance to ANY women unless they suck my dick first. LOL
        Black women are off limits altogether.
        I’m 36 and I don’t give a fuck. 😂😂😂

        Liked by 5 people

    • Dayum. The Wall is merciless. That strong, independent black queen with her advanced degree should have been able to figure out how to change an air filter no sweat. After all, she is mother and father in one.


      Liked by 6 people

    • @James SYSBM
      And at Chick-Fil-A no less. 😂😂😂😂
      If that sloppy butterhog ain’t the poster child for black women I don’t know what is.
      We must have done something really bad as black men to have been cursed with the most disgusting females out of all creation.

      Liked by 5 people

    • This chick is honestly going to destroy her career just as it starts. Black women have no concept of seniority or paying your dues. You can’t just do whatever you want to when you’ve first busted on the scene. If it was someone of The Rock or Tom Cruise’s clout, who’s been around for years, people would be more receptive, and even then these ghetto disruptions would get old. You think they wanna put up with it from some fat sheboon who’s literally been a celebrity for a little while? Black Women will continue to implode their own image……

      Liked by 5 people

      • “Black Women will continue to implode their own image……”

        That’s basically what happening here and a lot of BW are too foolish or in denial to see it. BW like Lizzo are not good for the already tarnished BW image:

        Keep the Wall up

        Liked by 4 people

    • These bitches no shame. Nobody except the brain dead simp minions wants to see Lizzo shake her fat ass all over the place.

      I hope Chic Fila bans her from all of their locations. Like i said in my previous post, people are getting sick and tired of this behavior. They’re gonna start handling these black bitches and their drones themselves and worry about the consequences after the fact.

      Liked by 7 people

      • BW know that society doesn’t find them attractive or feminine, so BW like Lizzo do anything they can to get attention or shame people into saying that BW/overweight women are attractive. Lizzo might be musically talented, but she is NOT attractive, no matter how much she tries to shame people into thinking so. It’s like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

        Liked by 6 people

      • They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but fat-ass Lizzo did. Verbs can retire. This blog is basically writing itself at this point. Some brother on YouTube said Lizzo and Precious are our choices, black men. Hahaha! SYSBM now more than EVER!

        Liked by 8 people

      • @Schadenfreude
        Of course that’s what the axis of white supremacy, the white man, black woman and pro-black simps WANT you to believe. They WANT us to believe we thinking black men don’t deserve anything better than unwashed sheboon sweathogs. We didn’t get to be SYSBM by following “black rules”.

        Only the best or nothing at all.

        #SYSBM or DEATH

        Liked by 4 people

  19. I keep saying that black females lack diversity in matters of conduct and attitude. —– Lizzo’s ideal of diversity is to twerk at Chick-Fil-A instead of Popeyes.

    Liked by 6 people

    • I think Lizzo’s homo, tiny-hat handlers chose Chick-Fil-A because it’s a known Christian restaurant that does not enable the gay agenda. She was taking a symbolic shit on the restaurant with her obese ass. If not, why not twerk at Popeye’s or KFC?

      Liked by 3 people

  20. Pingback: Colourism/Featurism Etc, The Rejected Black Female’s Guilt Trip Card – You Can’t Shame Black Men Into Dating You, Smh! | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

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