Really Bruh – Is This Dude Serious With That List?


This dude randomly came up in my home feed on YouTube, I read the title of his video and I had to listen in just to hear what the creepy black female merchant Coen Naninck would have to say regarding this subject matter. So, he reckons that white women in general are jealous of black women for the following 9 reasons, I’ll break this nonsense down afterwards.

For those who may not remember Coen Naninck, here is one of 4 articles I wrote about his mincing and fleecing of gullible and stupid black women back in 2017, you’ll also see the comment section chocked full of black harriets who came out of the woodwork to defend Naninck and his wizardry:

Again, here are the main points of Naninck’s above video:

1. White women are jealous of black women’s skin because white women like tanning.

2. White women are jealous of the fact that black women by and large have bigger buttocks than they do.

3. White women are jealous of the allure, confidence, “womanly swag” and “femininity” black women have.

4. White women are jealous of black women’s verbal skills.

5. White women get jealous of black men who only date black women.

6. White women get jealous of black women dealing with white men.

7. White women are jealous of black women who wear a lot of gold and jewellery because white women are labelled as “trashy” whenever they do the same.

8. White women get labelled as wild and tacky for dancing in the same manner as black women.

9. White women are jealous of black women’s hair.

Right, let’s break this all down, this won’t take long at all. As you can see Coen Naninck just like the simp/pimp Derrick Jaxn is still at it, trying his best to swoon and swindle the black witch contingent with smooth words in order for them to part with their money. Black female merchants have clocked onto the best formulas to use in order to get black women to literally throw money in their directions and nobody does this better than your institutional church beast pastors.

1. White women are NOT jealous of black women’s skin just because they like to get tans to give their skin a more Mediterranean olive appearance, there is a clear difference between getting a tan as opposed to wanting to have black skin. I haven’t heard one white woman yet state that she wishes she had black skin, however on the flip side of the coin we have plenty of black women bleaching their skin trying their hardest to look like white females. See, the evidence demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt just who is actually jealous of who:

2. Black women as has been mentioned before DO NOT have the monopoly on big butts, there is a department within white female society called PAWG(Phat Ass White Girls). White women have physically evolved a great deal from the stereotypical flat bottomed females of the 1960s and 70s. Also, as commenter Gregory Chandler continues to point out, most black women today have buttocks that are plain floppy and sloppy due to their lack of engagement in physical exercise.

3. My response to point number 3 is this video below, this is the so called “allure, confidence, femininity and womanly swag” Coen Naninck is referring to:

Did you see anything of allure, feminine and womanly swag in that clip? All I saw were a bunch of confident, masculine, dysfunctional, degenerate black sirens engaging in their usual savagery, and black women as predicted in the comment section of his video are lapping up Naninck’s enchanting garbage, smh.

4. Black women have verbal skills, really:

Notice the continual use of the word “nigger” by these black Harriets, these are the verbal skills that Naninck is referring to, not very good are they, smh.

5. This is straight up nonsense as white women by and large prefer WHITE MEN, this is far from the black witch who is the only woman in the world who prefers other men over her own male counterpart, especially her white lord and saviour Captain Euro. Additionally black women will have no problems allowing themselves to be dehumanised by him. Here are a few articles I’ve written in the past demonstrating this:

You’ll notice that so far the truth actually reveals black women to be jealous of white women by a long stretch and not the opposite. Again, the evidence speaks loudly against Naninck’s hypothesis(more like cleverly crafted lies in order to fleece the black witch’s pockets, that gravy train must keep on rolling).

6. Again, yet another lie because white men in the overwhelming majority of circumstances deal with WHITE WOMEN. White women are confident within themselves, they are the top pick when it comes down to dating and marriage, why on earth would they be jealous of a group of women who are the least desired on the planet? Also remember that it is black women who are going around trying to bully, shame and intimidate white men into dating them. Again, notice how black women are willing to lap up Naninck’s low level sorcery rather than face the truth regarding their current in the sewer condition and additionally how nobody outside of black men will deal with them en masse.

7. I’m not really familiar with white women being labelled negatively for wearing copious amounts of jewellery, perhaps some of you gentlemen can bring me up to speed on this particular stereotype, is this something you have run across before? With regard to black women I more see them wearing weaves/wigs, fake eye lashes, tons of make up and blazed with tattoos from head to toe as opposed to them wearing lots of jewellery.

8. White women for the majority part will exercise some level of decorum, the only time I see white women dancing provocatively and acting the fool in public generally is when they are intoxicated, this is a far cry from black women who will twerk, dance and dress inappropriately anywhere and everywhere in order to garner any form of attention even when they are stone cold sober, take a look for yourselves:

9. I honestly couldn’t believe the dude went there, white women are jealous of black women’s hair, really bruh, really?? This is a ridiculous stretch of Naninck’s delusional imagination, isn’t it black women walking around with white and other non black women’s hair upon their heads? Additionally, aren’t black women so desperate for weaves and wigs that they will steal and in some cases kill for them:

White women and white men need to begin calling the fraud Coen Naninck out as he is throwing them under the bus for a group of women who at this stage aren’t even worth a bar of soap. As you can see the guy is still at it, still trying to work his magic in order to get equally lummoxed and brain bashed black females to part with their cash. What’s your stake in this Babatunde, nothing, I just don’t like it when people lie having an ulterior motive under their sleeves. Also remember, this dude has thrown black men under the bus before, please see the article below:

Coen Naninck, the fat women and black female loving creeper who for some strange reason still doesn’t have a black harpy as of yet. It’s been two years since I covered this guy, seeing as black women love white men you’d think that Naninck would easily be able to snag himself a queenie, however it would seem that either he isn’t having much luck or that my hypothesis is spot on about him being more about the money as opposed to actually taking a liking to the dysfunctional black witch, what do you guys think? As per before I expect this dude to forgo appearing here in the comment section and instead resorting to sending me essay length type emails forming his rebuttals to my article, yawn, stay tuned.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Continuing To Get Hoodwinked By Creepy Lord Euro, Some Things Never Change

Most High Bless

259 thoughts on “Really Bruh – Is This Dude Serious With That List?

  1. Vetbs2015,

    ¶White women jealous of black women skin.

    The biggest bullshit ever told.
    Notice and read between the line.
    U can find dozen article of black women saying this, u will notice she says ”whiter” as reference to ”white women skin”

    I bet u 1 billion dollars that u won’t be able to find 1 white women who say I want to be ”blacker” when talking about her tanning.

    The delusion is so awesome, but what can u expect with a community where women have the highest insecurities in the world and low self esteem.
    Like u said it’s more about having an olivie skin type or mixed women skin type that white women tan and, must we say that they can return to their regular skin after having a tan. Not the same with bleacher addict tough.

    Ur regular Dark skin/brown skin black women in the eyes of non black women and men are the least desired so that’s answer all for u.

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      • 9. White women are jealous of black women’s hair.

        Arguments, so weak it’s become ridiculous.
        Just debunked with these 2 link that u can see below.

        These link are fact, that black women buy hair of indian women or asian women, whose white women got naturallly.

        If u don’t believe this fact, just go outside and tell me which group of women do u see walking around with human hair on their head,who look nothing from the hair their born with. I bet u 1 billion that u would not be able to sexy 1 white women having kinly hair to very kinky hair weave on this head.

        Personally, I never came across those kind of white women with black women hair on their head, if u have seen it please show me the direction.

        Y’all have understand the point.
        White women don’t spend 1 dollars on black women hair but yet black women are broke just because they want straight hair.

        Just thinking about billion hair industry on this stupid ”black hair care” in africa and in western countries is highly insane, and sometime make u feel happy white folks don’t give reparation to the black community, as the black women will spend all the reparation looking like a white women, when in the same time still the least desired to non black despise all their artifice 😬

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      Exactly, I see so many African women here in London walking around applying skin bleaching products to their skin, in places like Nigerian the epidemic of wanting to erase one’s blackness via the use of skin bleaching is even worse.

      The dude’s pimp/simp game isn’t even that good, dude is making up flat out garbage chasing after that black female dollar, he isn’t an Derrick Jaxn by a long shot!

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      • @Verbs

        I just simply left the link to this article in his comments. I didnt even waste my breath with this delusional, mentally disturbed meth head.. .LOL

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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        The dude likes fat chicks but he doesn’t have one, lol. I remember the last time I went in on this guy somebody in the comment section was exposing him even further for the fraud that he is, hence one of the reasons why I refer to the dude as creepy Naninck. Like I said before, the dude can’t even create believable rhetoric, lol.

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      • women in nigeria do not bleach to look like white women that is a big misconception,they bleach to look like light skin black women,incase you do not know,Africans are also light skinned,incase you think its a result of bleaching checkout the light skin males,the do light skin becomes they want attention,light skin attracts attention from men because its different from the norm,not everything is about your white master you slave

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      • bruh,u must look at ur wife and fink she aint black becoz she sits in a bath of bleech every nite and scrubs da black off her feet botttom,i understan innit,its tuff bein nigerian wif all dat chimese mafia money,nuff mafia money for hospitals,roads,railways,chinese dun buy ur nigerians off,dey shud give u more mafia money to pay for ur skin 2b bleech too,chinese mafia r gud people, dey dont teach nigerian kids how to speek chinese in der schools an beat dem,innit

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  2. 𝓒𝓸𝓮𝓷 𝓝𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓴 𝓲𝓼 𝓯𝓸𝓵𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓗𝓸𝔀 𝓽𝓸 𝓼𝓪𝓵𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓬𝓴 𝓦𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓷 𝓼𝓪𝓵𝓮𝓼 𝓫𝓸𝓸𝓴. 𝓕𝓵𝓪𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓻𝔂, 𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓯 𝓭𝓮𝓹𝓻𝓲𝓬𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷, 𝓮𝓬𝓽. 𝓗𝓮 𝓲𝓼 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓽𝓻𝔂𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓽𝓸 𝓰𝓮𝓽 𝓼𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓶𝓸𝓷𝓮𝔂 𝓪 𝓿𝓮𝓻𝔂 𝓬𝓾𝓷𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓰𝔂 𝓫𝓾𝓽 𝓮𝓯𝓯𝓮𝓬𝓽𝓲𝓿𝓮. 𝓟𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓼, 𝓹𝓸𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓪𝓵 𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻𝓼 𝓭𝓸 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓲𝓽𝓼 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓪 𝓱𝓾𝓼𝓽𝓵𝓮. 𝓛𝓲𝓴𝓮 𝓢𝓷𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓸𝓲𝓵 𝓼𝓪𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓶𝓪𝓷 𝓸𝓻 𝓬𝓪𝓻𝓹𝓮𝓽 𝓫𝓪𝓰𝓰𝓮𝓻𝓼 𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝔀𝓪𝓻𝓮𝓼 𝓽𝓸 𝓼𝓸𝓾𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓷𝓮𝓻𝓼 𝓪𝓯𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓬𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓵 𝔀𝓪𝓻 𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓬𝓪𝓼𝓮𝓼 𝓯𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓭 𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓽𝓸𝓷𝓲𝓬𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓬𝓾𝓻𝓮𝓭 𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓻𝔂𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓪 𝓱𝓾𝓼𝓽𝓵𝓮 𝓫𝔂 𝓪𝓷𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓷𝓪𝓶𝓮 #𝓼𝔂𝓫𝓶

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  3. Blimey, haven’t heard from Last Choice Lee for ages! Wow z still at it? Last time he compiled a list of why obese white chicks were better than anyone. Times change, huh?

    The list is complete nonsense of course, but dude is only following the money trail. He ain’t no Pastor Poulet, that’s for sure…

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    • Last Choice Lee

      I think Pastor Chicken George has finally accepted his lot as an incel and is now re-tooling his sermons to appeal to his new audience.

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      • @afrofuturism
        Yes, he’s offering up his seed as a living sacrifice upon the altar of Suicide Girls. 😂

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      • @afrankblackman lmfao
        He’s still going on about beta males as if he’s anywhere near that high in the hierarchy. What letter comes after omega? 🤣

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      • @Michel.
        🤣🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

        I imagine when Snack Pack Moses descended from Mt. Kentucky and saw his congregation worshiping the golden arches, he dashed the Chinet plates, whereby the commandments were inscribed such as “thou shalt always ask for utensils with thine 12 piece buckets” and “thou shall have no other fries before me”, onto the rock.
        I wonder if when he led the children of hotep through the desert (Communitahhh) if his “God” sent down Macaroni salad from heaven.

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      • Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure had a OVA done by APPP in 1993 that got a dub in 1996. The OVA covers the Second Part of Stardust Crusaders, . Hardcore JoJo fans hate it because it cut out a lot of iconic but unnecessary fights, but to me it’s one of the best anime of all time if you watch the anime adaption of the pre Egypt arc first, to understand it better.

        What I meant by saying that Black women have the mentality of DIO from the OVA, ie they are narricastic sociopaths who will do anything for power just like their Progressive Lord and Savior. Black women’s lust for blood paraells DIO’s sadism and cruelty, he drained the protagonist Jotaro’s grampa’s blood and murdered many innocent people who got in his way, including Jotaro’s friend Kakoyin.

        DIO like the progressive leadership and black hoes also suffered from a lack of empathy towards other beings, when he was still human he roasted a dog in the incinerator, poisoned his adopted stepfather and when he abandoned his humanity, killed his step brother so he could steal his body.

        You’d have to watch Jojo (the anime up until the Stardust Crusader’s reach Egypt, then the 1993 OVA, all dubbed) to understand why I made that comparison, but I hope this explanation is enough.

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      • @Anton N Oh ok I see. to be honest I never really got into the anime scene. It looks interesting I just never got into it because I don’t really watch much TV or movies. The only thing close to anime I remember enjoying was Afro Samurai and Astroboy back in the day. LOL


      • @afrankblackman
        He literally said he was an “alpha” when I asked him if he was a beta male. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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      • Shooting down the block over pussy, wearing black masks and beating up innocent people who disagree with them. The modern left is a joke and needs to go the way of the dodo bird. These people aren’t even worth wasting breath on, just ignore them and walk away. The real world will hit them all soon enough.

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      • Yes indeed. Thanks for the advice.

        The skeptic community can go kiss the ass of pedrasts like James Randi and punks like Richard Dawkins and whine about Neo Nazis and creationists all day. The alt right and incel apocalypse they created is not our problem, let the fake liberals clean that up.

        It’s funny, how these snobs claim to be so diverse and tolerant, when in reality they are just a bunch of egotistical whiny brats looking for attention, bullying others in public spaces because they’re too scared to stand for anything.

        No wonder the West is fucked up so badly now.

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      • @Anton N where have I heard the name Richard Dawkins before?
        And you are right, the “tolerant” crowd are no less racist and intolerant as their white supremacist counterparts. That theory is easily tested by coming to Toronto and hanging out downtown or in midtown.

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      • The regressive left always projects. In the 1830s it was ‘Liberty Equality, Fraternity’ for everyone except the black man and white woman, but because the world wars showed how stupid the Progressive ideology really is, the leaders pretended to abandon ‘white nationalism’ in favor of toxic identity politics. Hypernormalization is killing the West, and creating a generation of narricastic sociopaths who will do anything at all for a joke but who can’t spell ‘Palestine’ or ‘Nicuraga’ or even find these places on a map. The left needs to clean up house and stop trying to hide their racist misdeeds against the rest of us.

        Dawkins the Dork was a early leader of modern skepticism in the early 2000s. A raging jackass with no tolerance for other views except materialism, just like the alt right his movement spawned.

        Do you see how they are all connected now?

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      • @Anton N. Yeah. I think I debated some disciples of Richard Dawkins when I was a born-again Christian way back. They were easy to destroy even without using religious references.

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    • We Wuz Wolvez,

      Truth, Asian women in general are the most feminine and submissive on the planet, they would be the only ones who could get white women uncomfortable. Becky would have much more of a problem with Ming and Kawasaki than an overweight, weave/wig, fake eye lash wearing black tugboat named Shaquanda.

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    • FACTS.
      Jealousy works upward and not downward. Men are only jealous of people with more money, power and status. Women are jealous of women more feminine, domestically capable and beautiful.

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  5. Okay, am I missing something here with this list Coen Naninck made? Number one, yes there are some non black women that like to tan, but are they trying to be like black women, NO! Number two, I do like women with nice curves on them like the hourglass figure body type, but when this dude said black women by and large have bigger buttocks than white women, that’s because black women buttocks be out of place with the butt injection. It be so big to the point where it look like it could explode in one hit or sit. Number three, where did “womanly swag” come from, and when do black women have “femininity”? Number four, have this dude seen how black women typically talk outside from being around white and non black men? Number five, okay, kind of flip that statement around, and let that be black women get jealous when black men only date other races or mixed women, or hell even black women like an Afro Latina or Blasian, and see how black women get jealous. Number six, I don’t kind of buy that statement because black women and white and non black men be insecure when non black women and mixed women mess with us black men. Number seven, white women get label “trashy” because they ain’t trying to look like no hoochie mama. Number eight, white women be acting that way when they be drunk, black women just have that in their nature. Number nine, that’s a complete lie. Black women be jealous of non black women’s hair because they be trying too hard to look like a knock off non black woman, but be playing themselves in the end. I’m sorry, but this dude is the white version of Derrick Jaxn low-key in my opinion. Just telling what black women want to hear.

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    • Number six, I don’t kind of buy that statement because black women and white and non black men be insecure when non black women and mixed women mess with us black men.

      I witnessed this yesterday, when I was hanging out at the wall with a mixed Latina. I think someone in her lineage is black, because she has bronze skin, where the rest of her relatives have white skin. When I questioned whether those were her relatives, she laughed and said her father is a dark-skinned man.

      Nevertheless, as we were just enjoying each others company, the dirtiest looks I got were from white men (American and European); all the while many had a Latina on their arm. I guess we’re not allowed to associate with beautiful Latinas. That’s why I don’t trust many white men. That’s why black men have to form their own analogs to white spaces (i.e., IBMOR, SYSBM, EBM, etc).

      I even saw a black couple, assumingly American, judging by the woman’s hefty and block-like build, and weave. She, too, gave me a dirty look.

      They can look all they want, just don’t fucking approach me.

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      • B Avenger,

        Lord Euro still believes that he is the only one who is entitled to and can garner cream of the crop women, he doesn’t seem to understand and can’t figure out as of yet that because of his current LGBTQ, feminist, anti male agenda, that women are automatically looking elsewhere for masculine men, hence why more non black females are heading in the direction of black men.

        These dudes are all for their own having attractive women on their arms, however as soon as a black man does it, it’s panic stations and the dick police officers must be summoned to deal with the case. Black women and white men are the biggest dick police officers when it comes down to black men.

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      • Verbs,

        Absolute facts. White men believe that nobody should interfere in their business and will defend it with violence, but a Black man can’t even pass wind in public without Lord Euro observing and orbiting him like a bad smell.

        Utter hypocrisy, but then again WM are well versed in it. As the screw is turned on their kingdom by his masters more White women will sense the change of wind direction and turn towards BM.

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      • @B Avenger

        …and that is for anyone who are still on the fence about white men being completely obsessed with the black penis and black male sexuality. I firmly believe that there is a lobe in the white man’s brain that exists simply to process thoughts about black men. The white man is a homosexual BY NATURE.
        The reason why white men don’t want the black man to have ANY WOMAN is because black men will satisfy and stretch out women to the point where he’d have to put Frank’s Red Hot on his foreskin for women to feel it.
        This is why they go after Asians. Not because they are more feminine, not because they’re the closest thing to white women, it is because they are tight and a large proportion of them are virgins. It’s easy to pleasure a woman who hasn’t had it before.

        Continue to piss them off, passport kings!

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      • Black Caesar,

        The penis obsession that Lord Euro has with black men is off the damn chain man, all we have to do is simply turn up and these dudes completely lose their minds, it’s a sight to behold indeed.

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      • And they will tell you Dr Cress was crazy. She knew it then and you are correct now. The black penis stays in their mind

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      • @Verbs. Lol facts. That’s one of the many reasons why their women are leaving them. A woman deserves better than men who are always thinking about black dicks and black dating/sexual habits instead of her. 🤣

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  6. Verbs2015,

    Today is the last day of my vacation. The videos above is a sobering reminder that I am returning to SNAFU (situation normal all fucked up)-type situation soon. 🙄🙄🙄

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    • B Avenger,

      I’m flying out there tonight, arrive tomorrow to start my 11 day vacation. I’m looking forward to that sunlight and heat. What’s going on with the website bro?

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    • Is this dude high on something or what? No wonder we have a epidemic of beta males, captain save a hoes and neo anarchist incels running the West into the ground, while Bi Bi and Xi steal out technology and use it to oppress Palestinian Jews and Hong Kongers. Screw the ignorant toxic progressive movement and the alt right clown show, no field slaves round here.

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    • @B Avenger. Welcome back, king.
      If you are willing would you tell us about your vacation on open mike day? Some of the info might be helpful to guys like me who haven’t been on a plane in many years.

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  7. Is this dude high on something or what? No wonder we have a epidemic of beta males, captain save a hoes and neo anarchist incels running the West into the ground, while Bi Bi and Xi steal out technology and use it to oppress Palestinian Jews and Hong Kongers. Screw the ignorant toxic progressive movement and the alt right clown show, no field slaves round here.

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  8. What a crock of garbage.
    Everyone on Earth and their dog knows black women are the ones jealous of white women and worship white men. Marketing executives and Hollywood producers wouldn’t put out the content that they are now and spend millions if that were not the case.

    1. If white women were jealous of black women’s skin then why is there the concept of “colourism” amongst black women rather than white women?
    2. I personally find the Negress butt to be disgusting. First of all, we know that for the most part they are unwashed. So what’s the point of having a big butt when it is encrusted with fecal matter. Personally, I like a nice, firm, proportionate ass. That’s what they have. not all of them have flat asses.
    3. “Allure, confidence, womanly swag and femininity.” I don’t know where to begin with that horseshit. If black women had allure 70% of them wouldn’t be single and they wouldn’t be scraping the bottom of the SMW barrel. If they had confidence they wouldn’t be fighting, stealing or killing over bolt-on “beauty” attachments. “Womanly Swag?” Whatever the fuck that means. If you mean they lumber about like the pavement monkeys they spawn then he’s correct. “Femininity.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I literally can’t tell the difference between a black woman and a black linebacker with her back turned to me. When someone said years ago they were built like a truck they weren’t kidding. You can almost see the Peterbilt logo when they approach.
    4. Black women for the most part talk like they were still on the damn plantation. Remember that fairy recent Howard Stern clip where he was making fun of some black chick who spoke this way? The number one thing that turns me off black women is their voices. I like women with nice, feminine accents. Not that screeching, cackling, mush-mouthed, country bumpkin nigga-speak that billows out of their filthy mouths.
    5. White women have their pick of men globally. Even if they didn’t they would not be jealous of black men who only date black women. White women don’t complain, they go to the gym and fix themselves up. Black women on the other hand want to brainwash men into finding them attractive as if men were on that torture table in the book Nineteen Eighty-Four.
    6. See above. White women do not get jealous of black women dating white men. There are too few of those couples to make a difference. Again, she is too busy working out at the gym.
    7. I have lived in Canada, a 77% white country all my life and never in my life, even amongst ghetto trash white females, have I seen white women walking about with excessive jewelry, ridiculous nails, horse hair and violin bow weave, and other tacky add-ons. They are smarter with their valuable than that.
    8. As Verbs corroborated above, only the ghettoest trash white women who (surprise, surprise) hang out with black women dance in the same trashy manner. I have been around drunk white women before and they, on average, do not behave like this. In fact, many times I can’t even tell if the white woman is drunk.
    9. No. Just. NO. This is a flat out LIE. Blind Lemon Jefferson can see that there are next to NO black women who wear their natural hair. How many white women have we seen weave, glue or wear wigs of actually black sourced nappy hair on their heads? Go on, tell me! Now how many black women do you see with those idiotic blonde weaves and wigs? As if anyone’s confusing them for a genuine blonde woman. That’s right.

    I am not knocking this guys hustle. The easiest dollar you’ll ever make is the black female dollar.

    I have no problem with white men who genuinely feel this way either. The more of them there are to take these women away, the sooner the process of healing the black community can begin. They were indeed made for each other.

    #SYSBM or DEATH.

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  9. This is WHY black women are delusional.
    White men, (the black woman’s true king, THE WHITE KING) is doing what he is suppose to do, protect his Queen.
    The White King has always put his black Queen up on a high sexual pedestal…let me repeat that, THE WHITE KING KEEPS HIS BLACK QUEEN IN WHORE STATUS.
    At his this man said was black women are sexual animals and all other women are jealous of what whores black women can be…and black women are going to actually high five this man as if he’s lifting them up….

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    • Off Grid On Code,

      Indeed, as David Carroll would say, black women as a collective aren’t the sharpest knife in the cupboard nor are they the brightest bulb on the tree by a long shot.

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    • O.G.O.C.
      That’s right.
      The women who do imitate black women are imitating their whorish nature. That’s why women who act black are such slobs.

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  10. As B_Avenger said, this is why white men cant be trusted, as they are even bigger honey pots and smooth talkers than any pick me woman.

    White men are coming out in force to defend their creature, whether it’s on the low in swirling/pro-black woman propaganda or stuff like this.

    See, I can at least understand why black men would do and say this crap, as they’ve been raised and brainwashed to revere this heifer. It’s when the white man fixes his mouth to say these lies for his creature that I have a problem. Now, black Women feel that black men are throwing them under the bus by dimpling being with white and non-black women. Yet, this dude’s throwing black men and white Women completely under the bus is part and parcel with his praise of his creature. Do you not see yet how white men are the mirror image of black women? This especially is true for the hipster esque, lumberjack looking, Flanell wearing, long beard having modern white man. These men, whether they LARP as conservatives like Gavin McInnes, or embrace their liberalism, are some of the biggest racists alive, far worse than Skeeter and Bubba.

    This dude, and most white men and men in general with eyes, common sense, and self respect, don’t want or feel this way about black women. He’s just saying it to get YouTube bucks, but since everyone can see the hustle from a mile away, and no one buys that a European white Man surrounded by beautiful women would say this, the well is dry.

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    • @afrofuturism I find it hilarious that the white man believes he knows black women better than us who were raised by the creature.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      As per usual Naninck prefers to speak within the shadows of email. Here is his latest letter to yours truly:

      “Hey Bubbatunde(Should be Babatunde),

      Thanks for the continued publicity, I knew a video about white women would eventually grab your attention! Got more coming.

      By the way, I hope you don’t mind that I used your SYSBM acronym on my website (save your selves black mses).


      Mind you, I haven’t written about this guy in over 2 years. Additionally, this form of publicity is a negative for him as it simply illustrates how much of a wobbly fraud the dude is. Making statements that are demonstrably false and he believes that this “publicity” is going to work in his favour, smh.

      Note also how the dude has hidden the number of patrons he has, he ought to be making a killing with his message, yet as stated before his game isn’t smooth as Derrick Jaxn’s or Jacob Michael Mason’s.

      He can use SYSBM acronym all he wants because that will simply bring more traffic in our direction. As has been stated before the Lord Euros of the world are watching us with hawk eyes, meanwhile we are simply getting on with our lives and implementing SYSBM alongside.

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  11. It’s like the King of the Raccoons shouting from top of the Taco Bell dumpster that he just found a gold mine. I don’t even care what they do or with who. I also have never heard in my life any white woman jealous of any black female.

    I don’t know what this white man is celebrating but hey he can dap DJ KID on his way out.

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    • Fellhandedbjorn,

      That’s how we know that the dude is on some game, weak game at that but game nonetheless. This modern day black female is in the sewer, yet another reason why we can believe that the dude is chasing after the money, nothing more.

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  12. Step aside, Folgers; the best part of waking up is a new article written by Verbs2015! I shall now share my .02 on the talking points by this simp:

    “1. White women are jealous of black women’s skin because white women like tanning.”

    I’ve never seen or heard of a White woman trying to look Black by tanning; not even the most devout tanning enthusiast wants that.

    “2. White women are jealous of the fact that black women by and large have bigger buttocks than they do.”

    Like you stated, Black women don’t have a monopoly on big buttocks; if that were the case, they wouldn’t be botching their bodies by pumping Fix-A-Flat into their rear ends.

    “3. White women are jealous of the allure, confidence, “womanly swag” and “femininity” black women have.”

    That may have been true in the era of Whitney Houston and the 90s, but not in 2019.

    “4. White women are jealous of black women’s verbal skills.”

    The best of Black women’s verbal skills sounds like, “B*tch, p*say, d*ck, goddamn, goddamn, goddamn” followed by variations in their use of such terms as “nigger”, “coon”, “Uncle Tom”, etc.

    “5. White women get jealous of black men who only date black women.”

    I don’t need to explain how backwards his thinking is in this regard; Black women are the ones who are jealous of Black men dating non Black women exclusively.

    “6. White women get jealous of black women dealing with white men.”

    How is that when White men choose them before any other race of women? Come on, now!

    “7. White women are jealous of black women who wear a lot of gold and jewellery because white women are labelled as “trashy” whenever they do the same.”

    Weh di bumboclaat ‘im get dat from? The only trashy White women I can think of are those from the trailer parks & those who mimic the ghetto, dysfunctional disposition of the daggles.

    “8. White women get labelled as wild and tacky for dancing in the same manner as black women.”

    As you said, they may act in such a manner while intoxicated, but Black women do the most while stone cold sober.

    “9. White women are jealous of black women’s hair.”

    This was the most ridiculous one on the list; do White women get Afro weaves and wigs in the same way Black women get weaves to look like Becky?

    This guy is the Caucasoid Derrick Jaxn; you could clearly see in his body language that he wasn’t confident in what he said. Simpin ain’t easy.

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  13. What low-tier, bottom of the barrel, beyond beta male Coen Naninck did in his video proves the claim (created by “our” black females of western society) that men from other races and ethnicities don’t bash their women is false. SYSBM.

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    • Exactly, again, notice that these white men will throw black men and white women under the bus. As Anton says, they’re trying to get black men and white women back on the plantation, but the other shoe has dropped and kicking ass left and right.

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      • @Verbs

        This is off topic, but did you get the email I sent you about April Mason’s niece LYING about her attempted kidding napping by 3 Black Men then Mason made a video berating Black Men about not protecting them? Now, the police have arrested her niece for filing a false police report and that CLOWN… April Mason,doubled down on the lie!

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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        Yes sir, I checked all of that out and am up to speed on the situation, smh. Like the chick said, she’s a “reformed hood nigger” which means that she’s still ghetto at heart. These black sirens stay lying their mouths of, nothing changes with them.

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  14. This dude is a hustler, plain and simple, a white version of Derrick Jaxn. BW are so desperate to be acknowledged as attractive and desirable that they will accept it from anyone, even if its a WM who is obviously stroking their egos in exchange for clicks and views. The devil could start a YouTube channel talking about how wonderful BW are and BW would fill that channel up with views and subscriptions. Satanism would (officially) take off in the matriarchal black community.

    These chicks are slowly self destructing as they fall deeper into the permanent underclass. Don’t take them in as they come running looking for a good BM to save them after years of whoring and/or producing bastard kids with losers. Never forget that they are strong and independent and don’t need us, and Keep the Wall up.

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    • I honestly await their imminent downfall. I’ve already noticed a growing number of them begging downtown Chattanooga, bumming for money and cigarettes and outright harassing the growing number of interracial (black man/non-black woman) couples. They’re getting younger and younger. I fully expect black woman and girls to become the face of consensual sex trafficking.

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      • I saw some BW pan handling at an intersection by a interstate overpass the other day. I think they were living under the overpass. I’m not gonna lie and say that seeing that doesn’t hurt a bit, seeing vulnerable and struggling women bothers me. It doesn’t bother me enough to take down the Wall when it comes to BW though, I wouldn’t give them anything unless they were asking for food.

        Strong and independent…………..

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  15. Is this nounce for real? I almost didnt make it through the article because i was laughing so hard. Especially number 9.Have you ever seen non black women,white or otherwise dumpster diving for “black” hair? 😂😂😂😂😂

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  16. teamwhitegirls

    you guys dont know the contextual relationship of these things,a lot of women here a prostitutes,they survive by being attractive and getting the most attention from men,these women are the women that mostly go into these skin bleaching stuff,especially the extreme ones,these girls are not your everyday girl,they are pro whores and there are a lot of them in Nigeria,thats what people dont get,the everyday girls are not into skin bleaching as much as you guys portray,


    • ur women r bleechin der legs and faces an shit dey look like ghost,shameful shit bruh,an we r supoz to beleev u nigerians r better dan us,u must be on de sensei bruh,nigerian ghost faces r prostitutes,i tought dat all nigetian women were gods gift to earf and r pure an shit,u nigerians r con artists,u lov taking r charidee money an buying more skin bleech creem,nivea skin bleech creem is numba1 in de world thanks to u fuckups,rusian mafia must be thinking dees people really hate demselves more dan de western blacks innin,rusian mafia r gud people dey don need skin bleech becoz dey aint dumb idiots.

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      • this is pure wickedness,you guys here are just so antagonistic,so hateful its disturbing,you hate on everything and everybody,even bringing hate of nigeria and Africa to the mix,no wonder western black society is crumbling,if blackwomen are not your women then why you bothering about what shes guys are acting like scorned women


      • Linkysimp,

        Hate is what the black sirens in your country are engaging in, in the form of skin bleaching, why aren’t you reprimanding those unbridled harridans for bringing the image of Africans and blackness into heavy disrepute?

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    • @linkybaba

      BLAH, BLAH, BLAH Kunta,

      Your delousion is obvious, the skin bleaching obsession that your “Queans” have is EPIDEMIC… and nation wide!

      They are NOT prostitutes, you obvisly can’t read or just didn’t bother to read the numerous articles that clearly states…”According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 77% of women in Nigeria use skinlightening products, the world’s highest percentage”.

      Now unless you’re telling us that 77% of ALL Nigerian Women are WHORES, then that wouldn’t surprise me because YOU are a by-product of of them.

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  17. all you guys do is pure hatred of your kind.while worshipping the white female,you guys are evil,you not doing anything to address the ills in your society just hating for hating sake


    • Linkybaba
      Didn’t you get the memo?
      Black women belong to the white man.
      That have for centuries now.
      They are not “mine”.

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    • Dude seriously, fuck off. We don’t want you here linkybaba, go play goose step with your pro wack buddies. China is stealing your nation and Europe from under your fucking nose, and you can’t see it. Just go away, please.

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    • @linkybaba

      Really Kunta, that’s hilarious coming you when 77% of your QUEANS in Nigeria bleach their skin because they HATE what’s looking back at them in the mirror.

      Obviously no one hates Nigerian Women more than…NIGERIAN WOMEN! !!😂😂😂

      So give it up Kunta, you have absolutely ZERO facts on your side…LOL

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    • I don’t understand why these simps come here, and spout their misinformed garbage.

      While the Chinese steals your continent, few good women and resources from right under your nose, Linkysimp wants to argue with us and by arguing, it’s really throw a temper tantrum because he have nothing factual or even thought provoking to say.

      Meanwhile, his mentally deranged women abort a historic and truly horrific amount of unborn children, (and just think those are the reported numbers, and not the actual numbers. Some of your parasites go and get abortions, fix a flat in their asses, etc in some basement somewhere. There’s no way to actually account for those snd I shudder just thinking about it) cut off hair off god knows what animal to sew on their heads, and bleach their skin to look even more ghastly than they do now.

      It’s on you and your ilk to save these broads and da comnuitah. Not us. As I’ve said numerous times, fuck the black community.

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    • @linkybaba

      GTFOH Kunta, you come in here trolling, fully loaded with your little “water pistol of propaganda”, and then bleed in your panties when we pull out the AK-47 OF TRUTH and blow holes in your BULLSHIT!

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  18. And you know what else? Black women are also jealous of mix race/biracial women because they see that light skin is beautiful and dark skin is ugly. But I know that there are some fine dark skin black women but they keep on wearing this weave in their hair which making them broke and bald. And the woman on the video twerking I have seen her on a Facebook video. She’s a Caribbean chick from Trinidad and Tobago who has a dark thick body. I know that black women do which Coen’s videos and they have lust for the beta male say boy and they want to get him the coohie in no time and then chase after the good black man after wards.

    Enjoy your night! Laters!

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  19. this site is filled with demonic hatred,verbs claims to be a christian,so i pray God opens your eyes to the evil you are breeding,


    • i pray for sum of dat charidee money uve bin hiding away,man wants a new beemer,i herd u nigerians got nuff beemers an audis thanks to dem rusians givin u dat mafia money,never mind ur prayer,man prays for a new ride innit,den mayb tap ur nigerian ghost faces for a laff,russian mafia r gud people dey dont make people disappear because man is behind on der infrastructure detts bruh

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    • Linkysimp,

      Demonic hatred, what because we hate the scum of our people and hold black women to account instead of giving them a pass like yourself? Why aren’t you calling out this kind of devil’s behaviour being carried out by your African queenies hypocrite:

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  20. 5. On a global scale, most white women are dating and marrying black men when it comes to interracial dating. But at the same time, there is a lot of white women in the world that have never been approached by a black guy and never seen one in person.

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  21. USA black women had good butts before the 1960s. In earlier times, USA blacks tended to live in rural areas and engaged in more physical labor. ——- In recent years, USA black women have become floppy and sloppy. —– The black woman’s extra testosterone allows for good muscle tone; however, without adequate physical exercise, black women are primarily fat with very little muscle tone.

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      • James SYSBM —- Physical workouts are rough on fake hair and hair that is treated with chemicals or heat. Black women, themselves, tell researchers that they do not engage in physical workouts because of their hair. ——- Black females love to LIE and claim that white women wear hair weave. — The truth is that only a small percentage of young white women wear HAIR EXTENSIONS on a regular basis. —– By age 5, healthy white females have a full head of hair and, as a result, there is no large-scale desire to wear fake hair. — Many white females around, ages 25 to 30, start to wear more fake hair on the heads because of the hair thinning process that takes place in many humans.

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      • @Gregory C and even then I have never in my life seen a white woman or heard of a white woman who wore extensions.

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      • If you ever heard of white women wearing extensions, it’s some blonde celebrity on TV, for a month at a max.

        NOBODY you know in real life does that stupid shit.

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  22. The lengths to which these oil tankers go for validation is sad. There really isn’t anything else to say.

    Nobody and I mean nobody actually thinks white women are jealous of their dollar tree knockoffs; which btw are defective, useless and will get an attitude if you have to try to return them.

    This video is hilariously ignorant and also goes to show the length to which people will go to make a dollar. Pathetic all around.

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  23. When I saw Captain Euro, I just have to laugh out loud! But anyhow, how I though this white beta male have disappeared but it seems that this bottom shelf Brad is still around. He’s saying that white women are jealous of black women? White women are jealous of black woman’s hair? Is this man is serious or something? How can the white woman is envious of black women? To be honest, its the total opposite. It’s black women who are jealous of white women. They are jealous of the white woman’s hair, that is why they are copying their bitter nemesis. This beta male is saying this and making these videos to get some black punany and you know what? He’s the only simp that will get it. I have sad on my two articles The Biggest Player In The Black Dating Market and He Get’s All The Black Pudding.

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  24. Stinkycaca literally just admitted that he and other Nigerians are fine just giving their assholes over to the chinese. Seems these Nigerians are a nation full of Shawn James’, except replace Colonel Sanders with General Tsao.

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      • They will probably start ingesting toxic chemicals in an attempt to induce jaundice or some dumb shit like that. I’m long done with Africa and pan-Africanisim, I hope Trump continues his African visa/refugee restrictions and continues to increases deportation across the board.

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    • He said that in Nigeria they don’t mind selling their nation to the Chinese, ok tell us something we don’t know. Its well established at this point that Nigerians will go to any length for a $, illegal immigration, drug sales, human trafficking, and even selling each other into slavery (just like they sold our ancestors). The politicians are apparently corrupt and will probably be complicit in the Chinese subjugation of their land as long as China keeps the $$ flowing. They should just do us western blacks a favor and stay in Africa once it happens, don’t come over here, we don’t want you.


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      • Yep, and organ harvesting is RIFE, with these Chinese treating the Africans like crap, then imprisoning them, killing them, and harvesting the body parts. You will never hear hoteps or these limp spear Africans bringing this up, either.

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      • Russia isn’t even trying to hide their military incursions into Africa anymore:
        Russian mercenaries fight shadowy battle in gas-rich Mozambique

        “A deployment of Russian guns-for-hire, with links to the Kremlin, has sustained casualties in its fight against Islamist militants in Mozambique, multiple sources have told CNN.

        In another example of Russia’s growing reach into Africa, dozens of private military contractors are aiding the Mozambique army which is battling an insurgency in its northernmost province.”
        Like I have said before its interesting to read about but beyond that idgaf about Africa, they aren’t my people. This is colonialism 2.0. Thankfully Trump is curbing African immigration/refugees and increasing deportation. They should go home and fix the African nations they come from instead of coming over here and trying to benefit from what our people fought for.

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  25. Another entertaining piece on my hands-down favorite blog on the Internet. Nothing more to add except keep the Wall up. These hoes will soon be coming at you single, educated, childless black men like World War Z when Trump’s food stamp cuts finally kick in. Maybe they can cry to Coen Naninck for help.

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    • Its funny how many of these hoes are pinning their hopes on getting Trump out of office and getting one of these Dems in, like that will bring things back to how they were under Obama. LOL That ain’t happening.

      Trump’s election has shifted the Republican ideology farther right and their voter base supports this position, even a large amount of blue collar democrats became Republican for Trump. The point being that even if Trump left office the republican party and voter base shares most of his views at this point, so his policies would still be pushed by the GOP and likely the next republican president.

      I think a lot of these hoes (the smarter ones at least) know that this is the new normal and are now trying to jump onto whatever remains of the relationship between good BM and BW in an effort to save themselves, hence the increase in Dear BM and them pushing for black love. The Gov is slowly cutting them off, society is shunning them, non-BM don’t want them, and they see that the only life raft they have left is the good BM.

      Food stamps are being cut and Section 8 is practically dead in most areas due to the long wait list for vouchers and landlords not even accepting vouchers. The BM that these BW often choose to get pregnant for are broke so they can forget about child support, they wouldn’t get much if anything. Isaiah 4:1 is slowly taking effect in the black community, keep your guard up, don’t be thirsty for sex (which they will be offering freely if you are a good BM with a decent income), and Keep the Wall up.

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      • James SYSBM,

        Queen Kamala just dropped out, so there goes the majority of BW’s last hope. Turns out you can’t shame, nag, guilt and harangue your bedwench candidate past heterosexual black men into the White House.

        Agreed that this is the “new normal.” It has been since 9/11, to be honest.

        If a Dem gets in, we’ll be awash in Drag Queen Story Time, trannies in the military, “trans kids,” no Muslim ban, open borders, illegals running amuck, and the unchecked single black babymama dragging the black community even deeper into the abyss.

        Brothers, listen to James and continue to SYSBM.

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  26. Coen dude is just so manipulative and delusional. As a beta male, he couldn’t get a beautiful woman of his own race, so he resorts to fetishizing and manipulating black women. But most white men, especially in America, doesn’t share his views at all. He should check out the Reddit, American Renaissance, and conservative websites. Those men don’t like black women like that. Vast majority prefer white women, then Asian women.

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    • Reynagirl14,

      I predict that it’s only a matter of time until he starts getting lit up by white men themselves, the dude is peddling the biggest garbage imaginable. More fool those black females in his comments lapping up the trash and hanging onto the dude’s every word, smh.

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  27. Coen is a Meth head imbecile. All of his points were just stupid why would any other race of women be jealous of BW the scumbags of the planet.

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    • Now you see why I despise Progressives and mock the fuck out of them and their alt right/ incel hellspawn. One of them attacked a guy on Deviantart for ‘hate speech’ cuz the dude posted reputable SCIENTIFIC STUDIES that went against the SJW agenda. Two of them spammed my account there, because I called out their ridiculous identity politics bullshit. And these clowns are the first to declare how ‘woke’ and ‘tolerant’ they are but if you happen to oppose them in any way… Woe onto you.

      Some of you might remember the time when I posted the link that showed how SJWs and Neo Nazis collaborated to run a BLACK MAN off Deviantart. And people still claim Hitler was on the right… the only difference between him and Trotsky was that Trotsky openly declared his membership in the ‘tribe’ and had Christians, instead of assimilated Jews in his concentration camps.

      These people are a utter joke, whining and complaining about everything and everyone yet doing nothing to fix the situation. To nobody’s surprise a lot of SJW hangouts are filled with ‘furfags’, tranny supporters and intellectual rejects. These are the types of losers who will lead the West in the next decade… while Bi Bi and Xi rebuild the Axis in front of everyone and no one can see it.

      They and the alt right were really made for each other, and I have no regrets watching the problems THEY created, turn around and destroy them. Payback is a bitch, the intellectual ancestors of these fake liberals justified chattel slavery for as long as they could and even destroyed Europe and Africa as retaliation for abolition, and look at it, now they are the one’s being enslaved by Charley Chan and Massa Moshe.

      Keep the Wall up and let the clown car destroy itself, Becky, Ling and Amiska are waiting on us thinking black men.

      No clean up men here, the regressive left and black hoes can go kick rocks.

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    • I read the abstract of the first link and its pretty pathetic. Its basically just a dissertation complaining about how WM don’t want BW, I’m willing to bet that the BW who wrote this is some combination of overweight, dark, and masculine.

      Kanazawa’s study likely continues to make BW upset, because its true:

      “Kanazawa concludes his argument stating:

      The only thing I can think of that might potentially explain the lower average level of physical attractiveness among black women is testosterone. Africans on average have higher levels of testosterone than other races, and testosterone, being an androgen (male hormone), affects the physical attractiveness of men and women differently… In contrast, women with higher levels of testosterone also have more masculine features and are therefore less physically attractive. The race differences in the level of testosterone can therefore potentially explain why black women are less physically attractive than women of other races, while (net of intelligence) black men are more physically attractive than men of other races.”

      BW will gravitate to grifters like this Colin guy, because in reality WM are saying things like this about them:

      “There are some black women who are attractive. And they aren’t full black. The only black women I find attractive are a mix of black and [E]uropean, black and [L]atino, or black and [A]sian. They end up with the tan complexion, and hair that doesn’t look frizzled or like a brillo pad.”

      “I think black women’s features are too extreme; they are too dark, and they usually are much too large for my tastes. The black women I have know[n] are very aggressive and have terrible attitudes…The only black women I have found even marginally attractive are smaller, lighter-skinned black women with nice rear ends. ala Beyonce.”

      ““I tend to read African features as somewhat masculine. The ‘blacker’ the person, the less femininity I tend to see.””

      BW are done, Bi-racial BW are the new BW as far as dating and media is concerned. BW likely see this fall into the underclass coming and are desperately looking for life rafts (good BM), too bad for them though, while BW were foolishly claiming to be strong and independent bi-racials and non-BW decided that they could use a good life raft and took the few that were available.

      Oh well. Keep the Wall up.

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      • OOPS nevermind. Verbs can you delete these two replies. It was my “no script” that was acting up. LOL


    • I had to examine a few things of what some of these chicks said in this video, pertaining the fact that why a lot of black women are single, because this right here is a trip.
      1) The Chata chick pulled up the black women who had white friends who were married at 25 and had kids at 27, but the black women still single, and I’m like Hmm, I wonder why. But don’t answer that because I already know what the brothas might say, and it’ll be truth to what they said.
      2) The Jakene chick, women with this height requirement like dude, and pull up something about a white man. First of all, most white dudes don’t prefer black women like that. Some do, but a lot of times, they have that chocolate fetish (not trying to be weird or nothing but just saying). The height requirement of these women, are they trying to get with a basketball player or something? These women be saying they want a tall dude who has the height of a basketball player, but they like either 4’11, 5 feet, 5’1, 5’2, 5’3, 5’4, 5’5, something like that.
      3) The Melinda chick said there’s a lot of taboo with black women in the dating market, like you think? I ain’t even gonna get into that.
      4) One of them women (I think it was the Jakene chick) pulled up how some black women be having some guy as the fallback option, which is damn sure though because a lot of black women (including some American Women too because american women got this in their system) got a reputation of having some good guy as the fallback option, which is going bite them in the ass hard because do these women think some guy will wait for them when they hit 30s and up after letting loose and giving it up to them bad boys and bums and thugs? This Wednesday, I got something for Open Mic about this because that fallback option these women be having is not gonna save them at all.

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      • I notice that men typically do not care about a female’s height as long as she is not at the extremes. —– Many runway modeling companies insist that a female be at least 5’8” to be a runway model. What will happen to women–and especially black women–if men start imposing height requirements in the manner of the modeling industry? —————– We have noted that black females are getting shorter compared to black females born a few decades ago.

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      • @D.K. Well said.
        I find it funny. That’s the beauty of SYSBM. Non-black women value a black man as he is and for who he is. Expect that percentage to SKYROCKET in the coming years. Wouldn’t even surprise me if it gets to 90+% by the end of the next decade.

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      • @Gregory C, True.
        Personally I don’t really like short women. My height (5’11”) or a couple inches less is good. I am not into petite women. I like big knockers LOL.

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    • Unsurprisingly, this video doesn’t account for the idiots who have multiple children with multiple men, their addiction to weave, their horrific attitudes and features, the overwhelming debt they’ve acquired, and stds they’ve gotten messing around with pookie and Slim Jim. Not to also mention, did they honestly seem to think we forgot about the last twenty or so years of saying “black men ain’t shit? We’re on the down low, etc”?

      While there is a small percentage of them who are actually all around decent to good women, their unwillingness to hold the ones giving them a bad reputation is causing them to face plant into the wall of silence.

      They’re slowly and methodically being replaced by mixed women, people of all walks of life are sick of them, and in a lot of instances no longer hiding how they really feel.

      Oh well. They did all of this to themselves. Their complaints are being ignored. Time to find all that strength you’ve been screaming about the last twenty or so years.

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    • Stephen,

      I see this as good news. Black women really thought they could do an end run around the heterosexual black man and his concerns, and push their candidate through to the White House without us. Another “L” for the sistahood.

      Oh well.

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    • @Stephen
      That Coolie whore isn’t even fully black! David Carroll is right, “politically re-educating the average Negro requires intellectual heavy lifting.” She is the DIRECT and unapologetic descendant of Jamaican slave owners, she spent her life locking up black men and WOMEN for trivial causes, insulted them by making a mockery of the mockery that is black culture. But these Negroes have a problem with Trump? How many black people did Trump put in jail compared with Kamala Harris? I am no Trump dick licker and again, like David Carroll said in the past, there is something sexually suspect about Negroes wearing the name of another man on their person. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. Trump will win, guaranteed.
      The absolute cheerful stupidity of black people makes me almost ashamed to be black and associated with this level of mental retardation by default. Black people on average are just plain DUMB and cannot be anything but DUMB.

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    • Even brothers in the UK could see from thousands of miles away that Trump wins 2020. The fact that they’re promoting Michael Bloomberg, a businessman worth $20billion (a model socialist…) is a sure giveaway to the Democrats leaning right to try to get votes. Won’t work.

      Kiri Jones said socialist public policy ran out of money last year, with the end of #MeToo and #TimesUp, government has turned even more right wing. No more free handouts.

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      • Michel,

        As Dave Chappelle noted in his last comedy special, the backlash to #MeToo and #TimesUp is and will be a conservative crackdown on abortion. It already happened in Alabama, and is happening in other conservative states. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies and it’s a clear majority-right Supreme Court (brought to you by asshole Bernie-Bots and Jill Stein spoilers in 2016), they will finally make a run at repealing Roe v. Wade, watch and see. There’s nothing that radical feminists love more than abortion. This will hit them where they live. Seeing as I’ve never needed abortion services, I don’t care. Fuck them hoes. LOL!

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    • Well this is the fault of heterosexual black men don’t ya know?! Wait until this line comes out. Some how some way this will always find its way to the lack of “black men in the community or lack of black male participation so the black woman has to go save the day”

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      • fellhandedbjorn,

        As a heterosexual black man, I’m happy to take responsibility for crashing Kamala. Black matriarchal tyranny was on the ballot and it FAILED. No black agenda that doesn’t include law-abiding, intelligent black heterosexual men, NO VOTE.

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      • Oh you better! Cynthia G already said so! And you better leave that white woman alone before I let Coen know! 😂😂😂😂🤣I know a black queen who needs your resources to rebuild the community

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  28. Verbs 2015.

    This Coen Naninck dude is a simp mangina who is lying to black women to get in their pants and telling them what they want to hear. White women will never be jealous of black women because they are the most desired women on the planet and the black women knows this especially when she sees a white woman with a black man and that’s when the black women get mighty pissed off because no decent man of any race who wants to date her masculine manly ass and that’s why they resort to violence and bully boy tactics because they like to bully men into dating them and to me that is a hugh turn off. What also annoys me about black women is that they are always crying about the colourism argument, but you always see black men of all shades and colours all over the world getting with non black women without any problems about their skin.

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    • What also annoys me about black women is that they are always crying about the colourism argument, but you always see black men of all shades and colours all over the world getting with non black women without any problems about their skin.

      That’s because disingenuous BW conflate skin color with looks. It ain’t that you’re dark-skinned, sis. It’s that you’re ugly in the face. Bria Myles or True Mahogany can’t keep the niggas off them.

      Even Leslie Jones objectively got a nice body once you get past that masculine-ass face. Check her leaked nudes if you dare, haha.

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    • This guy has a Tommy Sotomayor vibe going with his videos; I literally laughed out loud at his roasting Serena’s braids.

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        “Coen won’t take to this man because he would get destroyed in a live debate.”

        …says the anonymous faceless keyboard cowboy, who follows another keyboard cowboy who will not do a face to face debate with me because he knows what the consequences will be when people can put his face to his (pen) name. Yeah, you guys are REAL men, lol!

        That said, all the publicity you guys are giving me is most welcome; keep it up!


      • So go talk to your fellow white man who is saying what we are saying. Scared to go up against your own? You are the king of the trash heap. Nothing more can be said. You have to come here to engage us yet we are all over the globe and enjoying your white women and everyone else so go tell your black female lapdogs 🙂

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      • Coen Naninck,

        That’s exactly what black women say, as I stated to you before the internet is a place where people choose to present themselves how they want, some wish to preserve their privacy as much as possible, others like yourself don’t have a problem showing their faces and a little bit of their lives.

        The way you choose to present yourself on the web doesn’t trump another person’s preference, sorry sir. Calling somebody a coward for choosing to preserve their privacy is beyond lame, do better than that.

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      • Coen,

        You do realise that putting your face out there is a huge doxxing risk?

        Imagine what will happen were someone were to identify you and your address…..

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      • Coen Naninck,

        You’re right, I won’t debate you because I only debate those who are my intellectual equals; all others I teach. So, with that said, have a seat and pull out a pencil and paper for your first lesson…

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    • @Verbs215 “Calling somebody a coward for choosing to preserve their privacy is beyond lame, do better than that.”

      I’m all for preserving privacy, “bruh”, but slandering women from anonymity isn’t exactly doing “better”. At the end of the day – and regardless of which side we’re on – guys like Sotomayor, Gunner, me, we show our faces because we stand behind our words with our names and identities, whereas you’re just a anonymous blip on the net begging for (my) attention; it’s honestly laughable.

      And now I’m finally in here after two years but you haven’t changed your tune one bit, still using the same sophisticated lingo in a futile attempt to rebuke someone who saw through you from day 1. LOL

      @fellhandedbjorn “So go talk to your fellow white man who is saying what we are saying. Scared to go up against your own?”

      Instead of crying from behind your keyboard why don’t you hop on a plane and meet me so we can see just how scared I am? Punk.

      “You have to come here to engage us”

      I was ASKED to come here to engage you, by this website’s host. If you had done your home work you could’ve read that yourself, dumb ass.

      “yet we are all over the globe and enjoying your white women and everyone else”

      Good for you. That’s what you SHOULD do. Unlike you though I don’t get all butt hurt when black men date white women.

      And unlike this website’s host I don’t post clips of white women being aggressive in isolated cases to create a narrative. You guys are honestly pathetic.

      Anyway, I’m done wasting my time here. Cheers


      • “Isolated cases” LMFAO

        I love how these Caucasoid males think they know black women better than we do!

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      • Black Caesar,

        Captain Frosty aka Coen Naninck is a joke, he knows full well that there is a serious epidemic of black female skullduggery and dysfunction, however in order to get that money rolling in he deliberately plays dumb pretending that he can’t see what we’re constantly highlighting regarding black women behaving very badly, smh.

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      • @Verbs. Oh he’ll learn and by then it will be too late. Like I always say, the way you treat one person is the way you’ll treat others. And also, you can’t keep up an act for too long.

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      • Captain Frosty 😄😄💀💀

        Coen is a Dutch name, he’s making his videos in Holland.

        Holland does not have fat white women nor black women. The closest you’ll get is black prostitutes. That lets me know Coen is on some major bullshit. He can’t get with a fat chick because THERE AREN’T ANY! Dutch women are the tallest in Europe with Germany next door.

        Coen is a disingenuous snake trying to make a quick buck off the naiveté of the stupidest people on the planet, us unveiling the mask threatens his potential income. He has to come on here and protect himself with passive aggressive behaviour.

        Everybody has a hustle, fair enough, but don’t take us Black men for idiots.

        Coen: We see you for who you are. You can bullshit BW, you can’t bullshit us.

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    • Now, the subject of the article is here commenting. This is hilarious. I guess many of you all are built for bantering back and forth with these people. You all are better than me. Salute Verbs.

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  29. The delusional Naninck has dropped another video entitled 9 Ways Which White Women Imitate Black Women, the dude just like the black witch is really looking for that attention.

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    • @Verbs
      It wouldn’t surprise me if that white dude was being paid by a black woman to say all this shit. I don’t understand how any man can say all that with a straight face. LOL
      Follow the money!

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    • Throwing White women under the bus again. YO MOMMA WHEIT!

      This is actually how the majority of white men feel about his counterpart. With #MeToo, #TimesUp and the female first propaganda, White men are being emasculated on a grand scale, to the point where we have a growth of Last Choice Lee’s, mass shooters and a rise in same sex relations. Lord Euro Nannick responds by retreating to his finest creation and most loyal soldier, the black witch for validation (as well as the $$$)

      I sincerely hope that White women see his video and comment. Hopefully in very “glowing” terms😄

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      • @afrofuturism EXACTLY. The white man is being exposed globally for the being the absolute weakling that he is. I swear the white male brain does not mature past age 3.

        @Michel. I am starting to see a lot of that. In the short while I’ve identified as an SYSBM man everywhere I look I see how everyone already knows that the black witch is the white man’s TRUE counterpart. So now I know that they approach black men a) because they are used up, old and have no other options, and b) to perpetuate black dysfunction to fulfill her role as the white man’s servant. I was never attracted to them anyway but this helps me understand why I wasn’t attracted to them. It’s just instinct in thinking black men that black women will not do you any favours. They live, breath, eat, sleep and shit for the sole purpose of the white man.

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  30. Here’s more:

    Here’s more:

    Roger, a middle class
    male in his 20s from the state of Minnesota, expressed this when he described what he
    likes and surreptitiously what he does not like about black women’s behavior:
    I like the ones who live in the suburbs. Who are respectful of
    other people and who can keep their voices at an average level.
    Who dress like normal people. Who can speak proper [E]nglish.
    Who doesn’t swear every other word. Who doesn’t shake their
    necks when they talk. Black women can be beautiful as long as
    they act like a normal human being. I like their hair, when they
    straighten it.
    Later in the questionnaire, when sharing his final thoughts on black women, he stated:
    To me, there are two very different classes of black women. One
    is the more ghetto, loud, obnoxious group and the other is the
    normal human being group. I am not racist. I don’t like people of
    any race that act like the stereotypical inner city black woman.
    There are plenty of black women out there who I would LOVE to
    have a relationship with. It has nothing to do with their race. It’s
    an attitude thing.

    Another respondent, Gibson, who is in his 20s, is lower middle class, and resides
    in Wisconsin, also identified a “white culture” as the ideal entity, representative of
    certain positive traits. When responding to whether he believes he can find his ideal
    woman in black women, he stated:
    No, they usually have body shapes that I don’t like (usually their
    butts are too big), and don’t value education as much as white and
    Asian women. I have known a few black women who were raised
    around whites, and they don’t have these traits

    Note here this response from Mark, a Michigan respondent in
    his 20s:
    Black women are like black people, which are different tha[n]
    white people. This is not a racist comment (doesn’t that sound
    defensive?), we are just different socially, morally,
    physically…etc. This does not mean one is better than the other,
    just different. I think most of us are attracted to those who share
    similar values, thus I am attracted to white women. Black women
    generally have different morals, values and social etiquette than
    white women, and I don’t find the differences exemplified by
    black women attractive.

    Lee, a Floridian in his 30s who revealed that he has had few interactions with
    black women as well, described what comes to mind of when he thinks of black women:
    Just the term “black women” conjures up thoughts of an
    overweight dark skinned loud poorly educated person with gold
    teeth yelling at somebody in public. I hope that doesn’t make me
    racist but honestly that’s the 1st thing I think of.

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  31. You guys notice how cowardly White males are? Coen won’t challenge another white man saying the same shit or even confront black men in public. Seriously why are they so chicken shit?😖🤑😂😂😂😂😂. They are so fragile they go and shoot and kill one another en masse but still can’t figure out how to take over the world.

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  32. I wish Coen confront his white American men over this because white American men don’t share his simpy views on Black women. But he’s afraid because he doesn’t want to be ostracized.

    Anyway here are some more views by American white men regarding Black women from that feminazi’s dissertation:

    Tyler, an upper middle class male in his 20s who resides in Kansas, extended on
    this notion by juxtaposing black women with white women. He stated, “They seem like
    they are below us. Where black men see white women as a trophy, white men see black
    women as the opposite. Not even good enough for a black man.” In Tyler’s discourse, he
    explicitly placed black women as not only undesirable to both black and white men, but
    clearly as the opposite of white women. His discourse implied that white men get their
    cue from black men, who are naturally “lower” on the racial totem pole, and thus if
    black men do not want black women, then why would white men, who are at the top of
    the hierarchy in power, status, and prestige want them. Tyler, who stated that he has had
    few personal interactions with black women, ascribed certain traits to black women as
    explanation for their undesirability. When asked if he could find his ideal woman in
    black women, he stated, “[N]o, because many black women are loud and lack the
    humbleness required of a [C]hristian wife.” Here again is a perception that black women
    do not engage “proper” feminine edicts (as wells as the continued regard for a certain
    type of femininity) and thus are undesirable as a relationship partner.

    Skip, a middle-aged, lower middle class respondent from Alabama, shared the
    following, when responding to why he thinks the intermarriage rate is low between black
    women and white men: “Because so damn many black women are just domineering and
    bitchy as hell…” Skip, like other respondents, ascribed “bitchy” and “domineering” traits
    to black women, traits by which black female bodies have been historically and
    presently constructed by influential whites, traits that in a racialized patriarchal society
    have further been used to push black women outside the pale of femininity, and thus
    desirability, of all men. In responding to what he believed would need to change for
    more white men to marry black women, he contended that because of black women’s
    traits, they are undesirable all around:
    …The domineering, neck wagging attitudes also would have to
    pretty much disappear. No man wants that, not even black men.
    Marriage in the black community between black women and black
    men is also (comparatively) drastically low. This [is] because
    black men don’t like that neck wagging anymore than white men.
    Skip described himself as having had five or more black female girlfriends, and these
    relationships were mainly sexual. He also stated that for a period of time, he was a sex
    addict and predominantly “sought out” black female prostitutes. Outside of sexual
    relationships, he described his main experiences with black women today as
    acquaintanceships in his current church. Despite limited long-term experiences and
    relationships with black women, he too defined black women as undesirable to black
    men, or any man for that matter. However, despite his belief that black women are
    undesirable as relationship partners, he sought sexual relationships with them.

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  33. Coen, confront your men instead of coming to Black manosphere talking all that nonsense. Here’s more from your fellow white men on Black women you claim to love so much:

    Roger, mentioned in Chapter V, unabashedly expressed this view as well, stating,
    “To me, it seems the average black woman is a ghetto, loud mouthed, obnoxious, bitchy,
    and hateful.” He later stated that this “would be enough to turn any man away.” Skip’s
    and Roger’s description of black women as the domineering “black bitch” makes it
    appear justifiable that any man, including black men, eschew black women as a partner,
    and he makes black women as complicit in that rejection. As Collins (2005) notes,
    “bitch” is a way to “stigmatize” black women who do not demonstrate middle class
    ideals of “passivity” and “submissiveness.”

    Consider also Vernon, a college-educated respondent from New York. According
    to Vernon, black women are predominantly “[l]oud and verbally abusive. Violent and I
    have been near some that had an unpleasant odor.” Vernon, and other respondents,
    described black women as violent and abusive, characteristics more commonly used to
    describe black men but also employed to represent black women. He applied very
    negative characteristics to black women from the conventional deep frame, despite
    admittedly having almost no contact with blacks, as he stated that he has mostly lived in
    neighborhoods with no black families, has no black female friends, has never dated a
    black woman, and has had virtually no personal interactions with black women, aside
    from having sex with a black prostitute. He went on to deem it necessary for black
    women to have a strong racial identity, because as he stated, “[T]hey are not on the
    whole desired among other groups.” In this statement, Vernon explicitly shared his view
    of black women as an unwanted woman by most men in society. Astoundingly, although
    he described most black women as “unattractive,” he stated that he wished black women
    were more open to interracial relationships. It is clear, however, as he expressed
    consistently throughout his questionnaire, that his interest in interracial relationships
    with black women is purely of the sexual nature. He is interested in fulfilling his
    “uninhibited” sexual desires with a black female body

    Max, mentioned earlier, also engaged in a discourse that presents
    black women as sexual edifices. Max did not express the explicit notions of black
    women as violent and abusive like Vernon did, but as stated earlier, he did express
    strong views of black women as domineering matriarchs. Additionally, while Max
    revealed that he is open to forming romantic relationships with black women, he is not
    open to marrying black women, citing interracial children as the deterrent. Like other
    respondents, he stated that he has had rare personal interactions with black women
    outside of work and his only non-work-related interaction with a black woman is what
    he describes as recently having his “first sexual experience with a black woman.” He
    went on to state that what he finds sexually attractive about black women is their “big
    lips and soft round bodies.”

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  34. Here’s more:

    In his questionnaire, he responded to why he would not marry a black
    woman, stating:
    If I marry a woman I want to be part of her family, interact with
    family members closely. I would not want to do this with a black
    family. [I]t would also cause great problems with my family (not
    my children). There are many areas in which I am pleased to
    interact with persons of any ethnicity, but marriage is not one of
    them. I don’t like many aspects of black culture, music, family
    structure, etc. Not necessarily wrong, just not for me. Some
    aspects of black culture are inferior.
    In this statement, James makes it clear that he does not want to be a part of a black
    woman’s family and friends, and he even says in another section of his questionnaire
    that “most white men” would agree with him on this.

    Riley, an Ohioan and upper middle class respondent in his 20s, holds similar
    views as Greg and Andre, yet makes mention of hip hop when lamenting black behavior.
    Responding to what would need to change for more white men to marry black women,
    Riley stated, “Class and culture other then how terrible the white man treats the black.
    Get off your ass and work. Life is not some hip hop game where everyone is repressing

    Lee, a Floridian in his 30s who revealed that he has had few interactions with
    black women as well, described what comes to mind of when he thinks of black women:
    Just the term “black women” conjures up thoughts of an
    overweight darkskinned loud poorly educated person with gold
    teeth yelling at somebody in public. I hope that doesn’t make me
    racist but honestly that’s the 1st thing I think of.

    Engaging in explicit racialized and gendered discourse directly emanating from
    the conventional deep frame and ground in beliefs of natural inferiority as well as the
    more contemporary deep frame that eschews black cultural inferiority is Randy. Randy
    is a graduate-school educated white male in his 30s who resides in Tennessee. He stated
    the following when describing the type of interactions he has had with black women:
    I rode a bus with black females (and black males). My interaction
    consisted of their Rude obnoxious behavior, their foul smell and
    their disproportionate and ugly bodies. This is not a racist
    statement because I do not judge people based on their race. My
    statements are my FACTUAL experiences.
    Later, when asked if he could find his ideal woman in black women, he stated:
    No! 1) smell – a natural musky animal smell that is foul and
    repulsive 2) lack of bathing on their part, BAD HYGIENE 3)
    disproportionate bodies, like some sort of mutants, stove pipe
    noses, grossly obese or disproportionate bodies 4) bad attitude,
    nasty in-your-face, neck breaking argumentative nasty attitude,
    the inability to show compassion or care about others, cultural
    inferiority teaches them the only thing that matters are themselves.
    5) the female negro is completely lacking in any semblance of
    femininity (at least all those I have run into) 6) their HIV/AIDS as
    well as other STD rates of disease is 10 times that of whites! that’s
    a CDC FACT…check it out before dismissing it!

    Lyle, a respondent in his 50s also from Tennessee, followed this same racist
    logic. Like Randy, he stated that he has had almost no personal interactions with black
    women, although he described himself as being raised by a “colored maid.” In
    describing his attraction to black women, he stated, “I have no more attraction to them
    than I would to any primate. They do not strike me as truly evolved humanity.”

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    • Damn, these white men putting it out there. You’ll never get this info from “The Girl Who Swirls,” Miss Christelyn Karazin. I find it odd that the white man’s female counterparts don’t seem to have these same problems with black men and are welcoming them with open arms and legs at younger and younger ages.

      Oh well.

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    • Reynagirl14,

      He won’t do it, he’s too busy sending me private message believing that he can argue against the evidence and the facts concerning black female dysfunction with his feelings and his opinion. He actually believes that he knows more about black women than their very own male counterparts.

      The evidence you’ve posted is a serious thorn in the side for Naninck as here you have white men(his brethren) who are talking about the exact same things we do over here at Slaying Evil. At the end of the day for Naninck it is all about exalting and uplifting black women in order for them to throw money in his direction, plain and simple. Naninck’s assessment of black women is based purely upon money and finances, not upon any truths.

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      • I don’t understand why Coen just won’t confront other white men we just linked on this topic or why is he PMing the owner of this site rather than just talking to the men in this thread? Such a chicken shit. We don’t want black women nor care for them or dysfunction and a white man makes a video co-signing what we say but he won’t talk to that white man but come talk to ya about SYSBM? This guy has to be a faggot

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      • Fellhandedbjorn,

        The dude knows that he’ll get smoked up in here, he moved like this 2 years ago when I lit him up in a 4 part article series, private messaging instead of stepping to us in the public square, the dude is a coward.


      • Can you post his PMs? He must be afraid of his fellow white men who feel the same way we feel. I don’t get it.

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      • Fellhandedbjorn,

        This is the last exchange we had, I already posted some of his previous emails here in the comments if you haven’t seen them already:

        B Umanah Wrote:

        Let’s be realistic and honest here, nobody is going to trouble you for revealing that you are dating a black female, that is an extremely far stretch of your imagination if ever I did see it. 

        Secondly, the nationality of the black woman is irrelevant, a black woman is a black woman regardless of what part of the world she’s from.

        There is only room to be discredited if you’re found wanting. Right now as I stated to you two years ago you are seriously deficient in proving your position is genuine.

        The main issue here I’m observing is the fact that you refuse to accept the condition of black women as is illustrated by people like myself and Obsidian, rather than listen to the black men who are showing you that black women as a collective are in serious dire straits, your manoeuvre is to dismiss our claims by stating that we are only talking about and exposing “isolated incidents( thus most black women according to yourself are stable)”, yet another Kansas City shuffle that brings into question your true motives.

        When I called you out 2 years ago for throwing black men under the bus under the guise of changing the characters mentioned, that wasn’t a misunderstanding, I knew exactly what you were doing, let’s not play games here.

        You talk about black women as if they are a cut above the rest ie your main preference, therefore one would expect you to manifest such an individual at some point. Again, you need to look at your video presentations as nobody after watching them is coming away believing that white women are your first choice of female.

        The bottom line with Jacob Michael Mason is through manifesting a black girlfriend, he proved that his love for black women was genuinely, despite what some people are saying about him regarding pandering to black women. He unlike yourself can be believed when he’s states that he has a love for black women because he brought forward the fruits of his doctrine.

        Most black women today worldwide wear weaves and wigs(a 10 billion dollar industry in the US), weave/wig wearing is a dysfunctional practice therefore how can you even begin to successfully argue the claim that I’m talking about ” isolated incidents”? Most black women are single(especially in the US as well as the UK), if what you’re saying is true concerning dysfunctional black female behaviour being isolated then such a high single rate wouldn’t exist within black female society.

        In the United States black women abort just under 2000 unborn children per day, on the African continent black women abort over 6 million unborn black children per year(the overwhelming majority in Africa are done illegally), but black female dysfunction is “isolated”, right?

        All of the above are facts which I’ve posted the links to time and time again on my website, if you don’t want to believe that what I’m talking about is true then that is on you, however saying that these things aren’t true on a global level and is simply a biased angle doesn’t make it so until you produced the evidence to demonstrate your claims.


        B Umanah

        Coen Naninck wrote:

        “Let’s be realistic and honest here, nobody is going to trouble you for revealing that you are dating a black female, that is an extremely far stretch of your imagination if ever I did see it”.

        You misunderstood me. I was not talking about her being black, I was talking about the fact that she could be targeted JUST BECAUSE of being my girlfriend.

        “Secondly, the nationality of the black woman is irrelevant, a black woman is a black woman regardless of what part of the world she’s from”.

        To you it is, but there are plenty of black men out there who – like you – criticize black women based on origin.

        “There is only room to be discredited if you’re found wanting. Right now as I stated to you two years ago you are seriously deficient in proving your position is genuine”.

        There are two things here where we disagree on.

        One, speaking positive about someone, something, or some event, does not mean I have to pursue it. I love America as a country, and I continue to praise its beauty to people, but I don’t live there. I HAVE been there, but I don’t live there. Likewise just because I speak positively about black women does not mean I need to date one, be married to one, or whatever. I have dated them, and it didn’t work out. Perhaps in the future it will, who knows. The validity of my content does not stand nor fall by dating or being in a relationship with a black woman.

        And second, even if I should, I have stated from the beginning that I have no racial preference, so whether I’d be dating a black woman, a non-black woman, bi-racial or mixed-race woman, or no woman at all would be irrelevant. There is no statute or law that requires me to reveal my relationship status just because I talk about black women and I will reject such notion each time I am confronted with it because it is absolute nonsense for the reasons I stated. I told you before and I am telling you again that my reasons for not disclosing my status is the same as yours; privacy. Since you are already familiar with the workings of this you shouldn’t have to question me on it. I don’t owe anyone an explanation. I am not ASKING people to watch my content, that’s THEIR choice; no one can obligate or even expect me to reveal parts of my life if I don’t obligate people to my message. Every time someone clicks my video that is THEIR choice, is it not?

        “The main issue here I’m observing is the fact that you refuse to accept the condition of black women as is illustrated by people like myself and Obsidian, rather than listen to the black men who are showing you that black women as a collective are in serious dire straits, your manoeuvre is to dismiss our claims by stating that we are only talking about and exposing “isolated incidents( thus most black women according to yourself are stable)”, yet another Kansas City shuffle that brings into question your true motives”.

        For real bro? Do you know MOST black women? — You know, I’ll admit, the reason why it’s so challenging for me to ignore this bias is because I truly enjoy challenging men like you on it, to produce the evidence that keeps lacking; that’s a character trait I’m working on. — I digress. Have you gone around the world and witnessed black women? I have no problem with people exposing other people’s behaviors, or, if you rather have me put it directly, I have no problem with you exposing black women who misbehave; but that’s not the majority of black women, and you can’t back it up either. You say below you have links, please provide them and substantiate your claims.

        “When I called you out 2 years ago for throwing black men under the bus under the guise of changing the characters mentioned, that wasn’t a misunderstanding, I knew exactly what you were doing, let’s not play games here”.

        Well, that’s your prerogative. The video I made was about lame white ‘men’ and as such I used the words “white men”. How you somehow turn that into black men alludes me. But hey, we can debate this forever. I am telling you that if I spoke about black men I would have said so.

        “You talk about black women as if they are a cut above the rest ie your main preference, therefore one would expect you to manifest such an individual at some point”.

        Black women are not my preference, neither are white women, nor women from other races. I have a body preference which is fat, and that’s it.

        Again, you need to look at your video presentations as nobody after watching them is coming away believing that white women are your first choice of female.

        I look at my videos every time I edit/review them, so I am quite aware of what I say in them and the message I carry out. The problem is that you don’t watch the majority of my videos and as such you miss things like that I don’t have a racial preference. I have talked very positive about white women in my videos on Curvy Shrine, but you don’t watch those videos, not even check the titles, because – again – you have to uphold your narrative. You expect me to critically look at your and Obsidian’s content while you don’t even review mine. I get that my videos are long, and long-winded sometimes, but the least you can do is skim the time line, or, (on Desktop), click the three horizontal dots and select Open transcript so you can search for specific keywords. 800 videos? Fair enough, you can narrow it down by doing a Google search for coen naninck preference and add a space followed by in which case it will return that query with results from only YouTube after which you can search through the aforementioned transcripts. I invite you to scrutinize my content, but you won’t go there because don’t want to “waste time” and because you have an agenda against black women.

        “The bottom line with Jacob Michael Mason is through manifesting a black girlfriend, he proved that his love for black women was genuinely, despite what some people are saying about him regarding pandering to black women. He unlike yourself can be believed when he’s states that he has a love for black women because he brought forward the fruits of his doctrine”.

        Good for him. Angel Ramirez also has a love for black women and after revealing his woman look what happened to him, he got ganged up by a mob. He has since been more careful about his persona. You are indirectly asking me to forego my security so as to substantiate the claims in my videos; not gonna happen. What man would I be if I’d jeopardize the security of my woman? Would you do that? You wouldn’t, and don’t, which is why you operate behind the curtain.

        “Most black women today worldwide wear weaves and wigs(a 10 billion dollar industry in the US), weave/wig wearing is a dysfunctional practice therefore how can you even begin to successfully argue the claim that I’m talking about ” isolated incidents”?

        I was referring to the video of the woman trampling on the child, I should’ve mentioned that, my bad. That said, why do you care what black women wear on their heads? I mean dude, listen to yourself! Why are you bothered with how women choose to present themselves? Look, I do acknowledge that black women gluing a weave to their heads is a health risk, and I recently even asked this on a black woman’s video in her comments section. But I don’t go around and write articles about her being “dysfunctional” for doing it, certainly not devoting an entire website to it!

        Please answer me this: What is it to you that they do that? Is this about black women misrepresenting black people as a whole? Do you feel ashamed as a black man because of black women? Do you want me to list some of the things non-black women do? Do you think that if white women do things I disagree with that I’m going to write articles about it telling white men to “do better” and devote an entire website to it? Do you EVER see white men doing this about white women? You’ll probably say that white women don’t have these issues. White women have issues too. And now you’ll probably say that now I’m throwing all white women under the bus too. White women have their issues, just like Coen Naninck has his issues, and Babatunde has his issues. We all have issues. But unlike you, I don’t dis you for your faults, other than those which you caused by your slander propaganda. I’ve always seen you as a man of logic, but it seems like there are key areas where you simply do not wish to stick to the facts.

        “Most black women are single(especially in the US as well as the UK), if what you’re saying is true concerning dysfunctional black female behaviour being isolated then such a high single rate wouldn’t exist within black female society”.

        Many are single because they do not wish to date outside of their race, and because black men like you don’t want them that leaves them single. I do think men like you are in a minority though, so that begs the question why many black women are still single, if that is in fact the case. How about many black women having trouble seeing themselves as desirable because of how black men talk to them? And, the black women who do date interracially are numerous, YouTube is full of white men/black women couples. The reason why many black women are still single though is also to do with the racial divide, too many stereotypes and misunderstandings stand in the way. That’s where my content comes in.

        “In the United States black women abort just under 2000 unborn children per day, on the African continent black women abort over 6 million unborn black children per year(the overwhelming majority in Africa are done illegally), but black female dysfunction is “isolated”, right?”

        It takes two to dance, Baba; instead of blaming a black woman for not taking the pill you guys can also just wear condoms. It takes a man to impregnate a woman (last I checked anyway). And this is one of those things where you guys refuse to take responsibility and resort to finger-pointing instead. How about the many males who gang-rape black women? It’s funny how black men (not you) always quote Ghetto Gaggers in my comments yet completely ignore their own brothers doing these things.

        “All of the above are facts which I’ve posted the links to time and time again on my website, if you don’t want to believe that what I’m talking about is true then that is on you, however saying that these things aren’t true on a global level and is simply a biased angle doesn’t make it so until you produced the evidence to demonstrate your claims”.

        There are many articles on your website – too many for me to peruse – so I’m not going to ask you to provide me the links from those articles, but perhaps you could provide me with the article links instead wherein I can find said links; three would suffice, if you don’t mind going through the effort.

        Regardless of what you think about me, I AM trying to understand. Are you doing the same?

        I have one more question for you, which perhaps you can address. Do you consider the acronym SIMP to be respectful of women? I mean, forget the SI part, I couldn’t care less what you call me and others with the same mindset as me, but Mediocre and Pussy? Is that what women are to you; pussy? YOU are using this term on your website, so I’m sure you believe in its meaning.

        I do appreciate your time answering my letters. I can’t say the same of Sotomayor, who lost interest in having me on his show after I called him out on my live stream. It turns out when things get hot under his feet he’ll rather bail. Gunner, didn’t even respond to my message. So I guess it’s just you and me. 😉

        Feel free to share the replies in this email thread on your website.


        B Umanah Wrote:

        You’re wasting valuable time going back and forth with me when you ought to be authenticating your true motives, it’s not myself that you have to prove yourself to, it’s other onlookers as well as your audience.

        The bottom line is you’re an outsider, these are not your female counterparts, they’re mine and other black men’s. It’s ridiculous how you believe that you know more about black women than black men.

        I don’t have to know every black female in order to make a determination that black women as a collective are dysfunctional, the evidence speaks for itself and it’s the same evidence I feature on my website.

        If you wish to successfully defend black women then you are going have to demonstrate the opposite, stating that dysfunctional black females are a rarity is blatantly false and something that you cannot substantiate on any level.

        It’s easy for me to demonstrate black female dysfunction on a global level:

        Click to access SLATTON-DISSERTATION.pdf

        You can never ever fix your mouth to tell black men that dysfunctional black women are not a commonality, we’ve lived through the dysfunction, we’ve seen black women change for the worst, you’re simply an outsider attempting to uplift and exalt them for a few bucks.

        This is exactly why Sotomayor stopped going back and forth with you, because he realised that you simply were not interested in the truth because your revenue income would be at stake. At the end of the day I bring the raw facts as well as other evidence, you on the other hand bring your opinion and your feelings. The way you FEEL about black women doesn’t negate the facts and the real truth about them, sorry.


        B Umanah

        Coen Naninck wrote:

        “You’re wasting valuable time going back and forth with me when you ought to be authenticating your true motives, it’s not myself that you have to prove yourself to, it’s other onlookers as well as your audience”.

        I never even attempted to prove myself to you, I simply rebuked your ridiculous statements about me with facts, which you again failed to research. I showed you EXACTLY how to dig up my motives but you won’t even try because – again – you have a narrative to uphold. Weak.

        “The bottom line is you’re an outsider, these are not your female counterparts, they’re mine and other black men’s. It’s ridiculous how you believe that you know more about black women than black men”.

        This right there is the problem with you, you assume I believe I know more about black women than black men; I have never stated such thing nor alluded to it. When I ask you to back these things up you produce no evidence, same as what you accuse me of. I simply am a very observant person, but I have never compared myself to black men. You have a talent for fabricating stories about me, you did it before, you did it recently, and you will continue doing it. You have the audacity to say to me that no one would take issue if I’d show a black woman as my girlfriend or wife, while you’d come up with some bogus story in a heartbeat, that it was you that ultimately pushed me to make the move, “5 years late”, yada yada yada, like you did with the bad type of white men video.

        Here’s the bottom line why we will never get to an understanding; this here:
        Now when it comes down to the black woman, in the same manner as the simp she is merely a tool to be used by the white male to forward his agenda and his agenda alone which happens to be to keep black men and black society as a whole on their faces. Unfortunately because black women as a collective have happily volunteered to sell their own people down the river in exchange for crumbs from their white lord, master, saviour and father’s table, in their delusional minds black women seem to believe that they will eventually gain something extra out of the relationship the more they “put in that work” for their white father, however nothing could be further from the truth.
        is where you are wrong. You guys blame everything on “the white man”, and his supposed agenda. The people who installed that system are not the common day white man.

        You take zero responsibility for your own actions! If you want black women to do better then uplift them for the good things, don’t criticize them for the bad things because that will only create more division.

        You have some nerve to talk about money, you make money on your website just the same, donations or other. Sotomayor is no different, he profits from bashing black women, you like profit from doing the same.

        And speaking of him, he did not stop going back and forth with me, he cussed me out during my live stream which for me equates to no longer being interested in debating me. The guy is a shock jock and a bully.

        As for your links, thanks for sending them. I reviewed them and acknowledge these problems exist, but again they are not the majority and there is no evidence to substantiate that they are.

        We are done here. I have nothing else to say to you

        You can see for yourself how the dude will go to great lengths to try to prove himself via his words instead of through actions, that is the classic signature of a fraud right there. Whether you believe in the scriptures or not Christ was spot on when he stated, “ye shall know them by their FRUITS”. This dude spends all of his time trying to enchant folks out of drawing clear conclusions based upon his actions, smh.


  35. Coen Naninck looks like a straight bum. If he got a Don Draper haircut, wore a jacket and tie, and didn’t tape in what looks like his garage, his donations would increase.

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  36. Would men like Coen ever confront their fellow men over this?
    Answer: Never.

    Here’s a repeat of what the white man named Tucker said about black women:

    “I want a white family.” The words stick with me for the rest of the
    day, weighing me down like a bale of cotton. It brings tears to my eyes.”

    Here we see what is the crux of the whole debate. Whites who want to pass their White European genes down to their children, and because they wish to help their race survive and flourish and because they understand the reality that White genes are fragile and easily overwhelmed and destroyed when mixed with non-White genes – and because they prefer that their children and grandchildren look like them – instead of like some bizarre, abnormal looking African Bantu, Somali, Hutus, or Tutsis – in this black woman’s Hollywood brainwashed mind, these Whites are somehow cruel and evil.

    How can anyone dream up a better definition of hard core racism than that? This black female, and probably millions of other black or non-white women, resent the most fundamentally critical and biologically necessary behavior by White Europeans to secure the survival of their species. She clearly believes that Whites (males, in her case) are evil for wishing to produce children only with other White women – which is the only reproductive path that can ensure that White Europeans do not become extinct.

    White racial survival behaviors ‘brings tears to her eyes’? Does anyone think that this black female would have this kind of attitude had she and her ancestors been left alone in Africa and never brought to a nation created by, and intended for, White Europeans?

    The Hollywood gang is responsible for filling this woman’s head full of these kinds of twisted notions. She feels intimidated by having to compete with the most beautiful and desirable women (well, up until feminism, gross tattoos, neon purple hair and disgusting body piercings became a fixation for far too many white females) on Earth? Who’s fault is that?

    Answer: The owners of those slave ships and the horribly short sighted Southern plantation owners who bought those African blacks to be their cheap labor, instead of paying poor White Southern men a fair wage to work on their farms. And, then, following the end of the War of Northern Aggression – the failure to repatriate the freed black slaves back to Africa.

    One final question for this woman, and for every other non-white female who is consumed with bitterness over not being able to latch onto a White male and hijack a few White European genes. At some level, these women are admitting that they find White men to be the most attractive marriage material. Which means, at some level, they either admire, envy or are willing to acknowledge what White females these days themselves seem to be incapable of acknowledging – White males are a valuable resource for marriage and father material, primarily because they are usually excellent resource providers. Not all, mind you – we have our share of White male losers and deadbeats, but in general – there seems to be considerably less dysfunctionality within the White male demographic group when compared to, say, black males. So, here is my question:

    If these women admire and respect White men (and envy White women for their beauty) why do they wish to see White men (or women) flush their racial genetics down the drain and volunteer to submerge it under the continent of Africa or any other non-white demographic of mankind? If we give in to their demands to miscegenate, then within a few short decades, White Europeans will disappear and become extinct.

    If that were to happen, what would women like this black female then have to whine about?

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  37. American Renaissance’s Incessant Obsession over Interracial Relationships

    Is this something bigots got rile up over?

    Why is that even an issue among some race-obsessed people at American Renaissance website when there are greater social problems such as unemployment, the recession, police brutality, racism, sexism, classism, the wars around the world, and famine?

    Tell that to a group of race obsessed people in and around St. Louis metro area and beyond regarding the cover of a multiracial couple kissing by St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    On the cover of today’s Go! magazine, a regular section of Friday’s Post-Dispatch, there is a photo of a couple kissing to go along with the story “The 7 Best Places To Smooch”. The story hasn’t generated a ton of buzz, but the photo has. Why? Because the man is black and the woman is white. The reader comments at the end of the online version clearly showed us that at least some folks out there are not comfortable with interracial relationships.

    Of course, American Renaissance readers always have something snide to say about race mixing, especially racial mixing between Blacks and Whites, in this day and time. The posts concerning Black and White mixing always generate the most comments because many of the readers, deep down, want to keep their race and ethnicity “pure” by not dating and marrying Blacks and Multiracial Blacks. I know there are some who don’t approve of Whites marrying Latinos and Asians, but that doesn’t generate as much hate, no, not even close to the animus against peoples of African descent. Here are some of their gems:

    “Just because people don’t support mixing of the races (there are many blacks and browns and yellows that also don’t like mixing) doesn’t make them racist. Educated? Hardly. She doesn’t even know what the word “racist” means. The mere mention of redneck as a response to some folks not liking or accepting interracial dating and/or miscegenation is typical of an ignoramus. Be advised that many highly-educated whites do not like interracial dating or miscegenation anymore than our like-minded kin in the trailer parks. She’s not only ignorant, she is totally and irrevocably brainwashed.”

    “As a white woman, I don’t have much to say about this magazine cover except “gross”. I can’t even imagine…wait a minute…I don’t even WANT to imagine.”

    “The level of disgusting immorality in the media knows no bounds. In a few years they’ll be two men kissing on the cover and a decade from now it’ll be a woman and some farm animal. What will be even more disgusting is that people will still post in the comments sections to get with the times, redneck trailer trash, etc. if other people are nauseated by it.”
    Posted by John

    “Even though I haven’t lived in St. Louis in the past 45 years,I still follow the daily news.
    The crimes committed by blacks against whites has increased and the violent nature of these crimes would cause most whites with any sense of civility to distrust ANY relationship with blacks, especially black males. Most white women wind up abused or worse,read Nicole Simpson, as a prime example. If people wish to express their outrage, it’s part of of constitutional freedoms. The PC police would like to silence you!”
    Posted by Anonymous

    This one is from an affluent woman named “Lauren”:

    “What frightens me most about the photo, and other images like it, is that it sets white women up as targets. Targets for rape, targets for ‘boyfriends’ who turn out to be enslaving pimps: or maybe they will just be targets for sweet-talking, girlfriend-impregnating highschool jocks, who will turn out to be the kind of worthless husbands who leech off their wives, before finally deserting their families (the usual pattern, it seems, when white women marry black men…you know, like the ‘fathers’ of Halle Berry and Barak Obama).
    I would like to address the assertions of certain posters, that ‘racists’ are people who live in trailers, smoke meth, and are ‘ignorant’. Instead of generalizing about others, I will offer myself as an example of the ‘racists’ who post here.
    My mother was a Debutante, my father was a member of the best fraternity at his college, and our immediate ancestors typically inhabited archetypal Mississippi mansions with third-floor ballrooms. The men were educated in New York or Europe, and the women sere sent to ‘finishing schools’. Our more distant ancestors were Norman Engilsh aristocrats and Swiss Huguenots. Beyond that, we have documented lines of descent from signers of the Magna Carta, Holy Roman Emperors, Senators of pre-Imperial Rome, and the kings of Judea. The likelihood of such an ancestry’s producing stupid descendants is rather low. It happens, but seldom.
    The Kennedy/Johnson ‘Great Society’, following the Civil War, the Boll Wevil, and the Cotton Panics, succeeded in wiping out most of our ‘family money’. However, my parents’ generation, and my own, have recovered our standing to some extent.
    While my house is smaller than I would like (Marble House, in Newport, is what I’d prefer.), it is within the wealthiest city, and the wealthiest county in our state. I have never inhabited a trailer, nor has any member of my family. I take that back: one uncle did rent an Airstream for a semester, while he was in Pre-Med.
    No one smokes crack in our house. No one smokes ANYTHING in our house. Nor do they consume alcohol or eat meat. We are vegetarians, and mostly buy Organic. We have no domestic servants, and maintain the grounds of our home ourselves. We wash our own cars, iron our own clothing, and put an atypically high percentage of our income into investments. We have no pets. Our social life is limited. Our workdays are long. And we long ago severed our religious affiliations, having wearied of hearing ‘one-worlder’ garbage coming from the pulpits.
    When I was a toddler, I went to the most progressive nursery school in the university town where my parents then lived (my Stepfather had taught Chemical Engineering, before opening his first factory). Later, I went to the best of three private schools in our town, and have eight years of college. My husband is in one of the top two professions. Our children have, or are getting, professional degrees.
    I prefer to think of myself as a ‘realist’, rather than as a ‘racist’. But I became a racist/realist as a result of having grown up in an extremely diverse community. I got to observe the differences from close range. I experienced my first persecution for being a white Protestant while in private school, from a marginally-white, non-protestant Principal, who went out of his way to promote students of his own religion/ethnicity, and to discredit Protestant and Jewish students.
    I doubt this will dislodge certain individuals’ preconceptions regarding ‘racists’. But it was worth a try”


    “This is very funny. I usually find from personal experience that most white women that marry black men are usually low class. I don’t often see middle class or upper class white women married to black men.”
    Not anymore. I see more and more black-white couples where they both look well groomed and from good upbringings. It’s mostly white women with black boyfriends. It goes to show just how impressionable females really are. They believe whatever they are shown because they have a need to be seen as nice conformists. It’s a virtue that turns into a vice when the role models are selfish and destructive. First it was Sex & the City, now they all want to make little miniature Obamas, just like they saw on TV and magazine covers. ”


    “There is most definitely something to be learned from these types of relationships and why it seems, celebrity black man generally gravitate towards nordic blonde women. Seal, Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson (of course, we know how that one turned out). James Earl Jones (although I’ll bet his wife was quite beautiful when she was younger), Clarence Thomas, to name just a few.
    Of course, there isn’t an iota of attraciveness in Seal. And I say that because when I look at Denzel Washington, I can honestly say that, although I wouldn’t date or marry him, he is attractive for a black man.
    On the reverse, you have attractive black women who gravitate towards white guys. However, not as many as black men. Halle Berry comes to mind. Here is an attractive mixed race woman, who was married to TWO black men and had no children by either one. She then meets some attractive white model and bingo, becomes pregnant and has a daughter.
    While I’m not a psychologist and couldn’t even begin to explain these relationships, it reminds me of something my mother used to say when I was younger. That black people wanted to be white so bad they could taste it. Why else would they straighten their hair and lighten their skin. They may say they hate whitey and yell it at the top of their lungs but I think that black men and black women who marry whites feel like it the closest they will ever get to actually being white. Of course, on the other hand, my husband says it’s just a way to mutt up our race.”

    The following comments are by several affluent WM regarding Black women/White men intermarriage:

    “I heard group of young, good looking, White males last week in a upscale restaurant discussing Michelle Obama, Anglea Bassett, Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Beverly Johnson and some other Black women they personally knew.
    They were going on and on about how they would have no problem dating or marrying these women. Some of them were apparently involved with Black women. I was digusted to hear such talkand ate my food as fast as I could so I could not have to hear such comments from obviously prideless White men.
    We White often conrtibute to our demise.”
    by Pragmatic Race Man

    “Pragmatic Race Man:
    I live in a area where there is a visible amount of White male/Black female relationships. The majority of them are upper income couples.
    It does make you wonder why this is happening”

    “That will not happen anytime soon. African blacks almost literally worship their half-breed mongrels and know their simian like features do not fare well in international beauty contests.
    One could only imagine the glee of this half-breed’s mother marrying a white male.
    A white spouse is the ultimate status symbol in Africa, meaning less uglier children and the ability to live abroad, and ironically, in the nicer parts of their native country. ”

    “Looks like some white genes died in one of her parents.
    Given this woman’s last name, it appears that it was a white male who has wiped out his family line and devolved back to Africa via miscegenation.”


    “Here’s one White man who instinctively recoils when he sees a White man with a Black woman. He could have created Whites and he chose to create Blacks. Sickening.
    Posted by Anonymous ”

    Last week I was at a local pizza joint having lunch. There were a group of White males discussing Michelle Obama and Black women in general. They went on and on about how they found some Black women exotic, vibrant sensual etc… A few of them are apparently are dating Black women and the like.It was sickening.
    So yes, this sort of miscegenation is happening and perhaps it has been taking place for awhile.

    19 — Samuel wrote at 8:02 PM on March 13:
    All you have to do is look at the number of blogs that talk about how good looking Michelle Obama is. In fact , one White columnist Jack Cafferty wrote a column on his blog talking about how hwe had a crush on her, Robin Givens, Vanessa Williams Kerry Washington, Halle Berry etc…
    The number of White men who responded expressing similar sentiments (one oeven told him to get in line and wait his turn) was disgusting. We are through as a nation.

    These mofos are so bothered by White men dating/marrying Black and multiracial Black women. Too bad! It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. Yes, contrary to some, plenty of bigots out there who are very much threatened by White men dating/marrying Black women and having multiracial children as well. These people are not run of the mill types one finds at Stormfront. They are middle to upper class, well-educated, well-heeled intellectual types. They are far more dangerous, for they are the ones who are running things in American society.
    I hope Evia and her Something New followers read the above posts from such so-called gentlemen.

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    • We need to get Coen Naninck in on this. I mean these White people are really upset at white men dating black women. So if we aren’t interested in dating then why is Coen so upset?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yep. But he’s too coward of a man to face the facts sent by American white men regarding Black women. He’s from Europe, what does he know about American/African Black women?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Wait I thought he was An American born white male! Wonder what his mother thinks of all that race mixing 😂😂😂😂😂?

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